Beyond the Sun Tutorial Playthrough

Beyond the Sun Tutorial Playthrough

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Welcome to the jungkook's games tutorial, for beyond the sun, in this video i'll be teaching you the rules to the game as we play through the first several rounds, now i would like to ask that if you end up enjoying this video, that you please click the like button for it down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel, in addition to that if you'd like to directly support the channel you can do so by going to Support, there you'll find a bunch of ways that you can really help things out and some of them come with nice bonuses like voting on a few of the videos that i film each month. Alright let's jump into the game. Out here the game is fully set up and ready to play for our three different players. Before i move on i would like to ask that you please turn on the klingon subtitles. I might make mistakes as i'm showing you the game and those will let me put corrections on the screen where you should be able to see them, i'd also like to mention that today i am filming with a pre-production, version of the game, and any alignment, issues you see on the player boards will have been fixed in the final production version, well let's start things off with a brief overview, of the game, each player is in charge of a faction of humanity, on the planet earth, and everyone, has just learned basic space faring. This allows us to explore beyond, our solar system, and what we are doing in this game, is trying to, learn, new technologies. While also, exploring, a variety, of new systems, where we can colonize, new planets. Now as we are playing through the game we are going to discover, new technologies, that are going to be in different places, every time you play the game, so we are developing, our own technology, tree together. As we are expanding, our opportunities. To, increase, our space travel as well as build out our infrastructure, at home, on a player's turn they will move their action pawn to take an action, that can either be from the basic space faring board, or from various technologies, that they have already researched. As we play through the game there will also be events, that will unlock new standard actions on the board. After their action a player can produce, where they can either do a resource trade, produce ore or they can increase their population. Now you may have noticed what looks like a dice on the player's board but each one of these is actually a resource, cube, that can be set to a variety of signs, depending on the various actions that you have taken. The final thing a player can do is claim an achievement, if they have reached the appropriate, threshold. And once a certain number of achievement discs have been placed the game end will be triggered. Once that happens we will finish the round and then play one more full round, at which point the game will be over and we can then add up our victory points from a wide variety of spots, and whoever has the most points is going to be the winner, the last thing i'd like to mention in the overview, is the fact that when you are playing beyond the sun, you can either play with the basic boards like this, which play symmetrically, but do have slightly, different setups. Or you can play with advanced, boards like this, which introduce a significant, number of asymmetric, effects, from one player's board to the next. In addition to playing with advanced boards, players can also play with an advanced, technology, market, and i'll describe the details of how this works, at the end of the tutorial. All right i think it's now time to start playing the game, and for today's tutorial, we will be controlling, the purple player collectively. Now we have the starting player token which means we get to take the first turn of the game, and this token will never move so it will stay in front of us for the entire game. Now as i mentioned in the overview, on a player's turn we have to go through three overall phases in order, the first of these phases, is the action phase where we are going to move our action pawn. At the start of the game it's off to the side but for the rest of the game, it will then live on these action spaces. Now at the beginning of the game we only know basic space fairing so we can only select these actions, once we have developed some technologies, we will have the ability to do actions, out here, and once some of these guilds have been unlocked, we can also do actions printed down over there, now as you can see each spot you can take an action on has a gray hexagon, icon. With these in mind the only way you can take an action is if there is a free hexagon, spot on that location. Now at the start of the action phase you have to move your pawn from wherever it is to a new location, but you do not necessarily, have to take a new action, that means if our pawn was here at the start of the turn, we could move it to another, empty spot within the same action, as long of course as there was an empty spot there.

Down Here this last option, functionally has infinity, spots, so you are never blocked from taking this action. Well we can now take our first action and i think we will do this top one up here, after we have selected the action we can then perform it, and in this case that will let us research a single level one technology. We are going to do that by placing, a population, resource, onto that technology, as you can see with that icon. In order to do this we must have a population, available. And as you can see we started the game with two of them with the population, side face up on the resource cube, it's worth noting every one of these cubes, is identical. So we have our population, secured, and now we have to select a level one technology, to research. As you can see the board is split up into level one, two, three and four technology. And at the start of the game we have all four of the level one technologies, face up, now these are the only level one technologies, in the game, so every time you play you will have all four of them but their locations, are randomized, each time you play. So as i said we have to determine, eligibility. And each one of the level one technologies. Has a line that traces back to basic space varying, which is again a technology, that everyone, starts the game with, that means we can follow this line to every single one of the level one technologies. Which means each one of them is actually eligible, for us, now the eligibility, criteria, for some of the other ones is a little bit more complicated. And i'll talk about the details of that later on in the tutorial. So we can now select any of these technologies, to research. And i think we want to research advanced, genetics. So we can put the population, right over there and just like that we have successfully, researched, this technology. Now there is no inherent, penalty, or benefit, to claiming the level 1 technologies, first, but there is a reason to try and claim the level two three and four technologies, first and i'll explain why that is later on in the tutorial. Now that we have successfully, researched, advanced, genetics, we can look down below on the card, and perform, everything that is in the immediate, area, and once again, every subsequent player who researches, this technology, will get the same immediate benefits. In this case the first thing it says is automate, one food disk. The way we do this is we can look down at our player board where you can see we have a food, disk, track, and an ore disk track, whenever we automate we are going to take, one of the associated, disk from the left most filled spot, so we can take this food disk right here, and then we put it into the leftmost, empty spot, on the automation, track. This means we have automated, one step of our food production. And once a disk goes to the automation, track it will stay there for the rest of the game, now it's worth noting if you have all of your disks already deployed when you go to automate, you will instead take one of these placeholder, slash achievement tokens, and put it down onto the automation track instead. As you can see there are victory point symbols, over here, and at the end of the game you will get victory points for every single one of these symbols, that is underneath an automated disk. Now i'll describe why it's a good thing to remove these disks from the tracks, later on in our turn, all right let's now look back to advanced genetics. Where it says we also have to immediately, turn one supply resource, into a population, resource. The way we do this is we find the leftmost column that has a supply resource, cube on it and we then remove any of those cubes, and then turn it over to the population, side, and then we can place the population, back over here, now it's worth noting it does not matter which of these cubes you take and obviously once all of these cubes are gone then we would take from our b column, instead. At this point we have completed, our action, so we can move to the second phase of our turn which is production. In order to do this i'd like to draw your attention to the bottom part of our board, where it says production, phase, choose, one, now there are three different options we can go with into the first option says population, growth, now the way this works is we look down our food track here and for every spot, that is open underneath, a resource, column, we will then turn one of those resources, into a population.

That Means at the moment, just the a column is available, so if we selected, population, growth, then one of these resource cubes would be turned into a population. Now if for example, we had removed, all of these, you'll notice it shows b and c which are underneath these columns. Well now if we did a population, growth action, we would take, one of these supply cubes from each of these uncovered columns, and turn all of those into population. Now if you do a population, growth action and there are no supply cubes in that column, then obviously you won't turn any of them into population. The next option available to us is ore production. This one is quite simple we just gather ore from the supply, equal to the number that are showing on this track, as you can see we would just get one ore at the moment if we did this, and down below you see these little icons, which show you the next steps which unlock more ore, so if both of these were removed, and we did or production, then we would produce two ore. Our final option involves resource trading, and that lets us do any of these trades, as many times as we want and you are allowed to do multiple different types of trades, so you could spend three or back to the supply, in order to turn one resource, into a population. Once again taking from the leftmost, column that has a resource cube on it the middle option lets you spend an ore back to the supply to turn a spaceship, into a population. And i will describe how spaceships, work soon, the last option lets us take any of our population, and we can return it back to the supply in order to take an ore, and even if a column is full. You can still add more supply, back to the a area so if for instance we wanted to place this back here we would just slide it in right over there and it would be associated, with a. So those are our three options. And even though we have three ore already. I think let's produce some more ore, that means we are going to make one which will add into our supply, and now our production phase is over. We've now reached the achievement phase of our turn where we can claim up to one achievement, and then check the game and trigger condition. Now the way this works is we can look down here where there are always going to be four achievement, cards. And you will always have transcendence. And empire as two of them, you can tell this because they have an orange border around the outside, and then the other two were randomly, taken, from a stack of other achievement cards. As you can see each card has a condition listed on it and once we have met the condition of that achievement, we can then place an achievement token down onto the left most open spot on that card, for example, if we have researched, all six of the level two technologies, on the board, we could then take this and place it onto this spot where it will then be worth three points to us at the end of the game, i'd like to point out that right over here this shows, four player icons, which means you can only occupy, this second achievement slot on that card, if this is a four player game so that means in this three player game the technologist, effectively has only one achievement, slot just like the warlord, which always has one slot. At this point in the game after taking just one turn we have not met the requirements, for any of these achievements, so this is not over there but i would like to emphasize. That if you have met the requirements, for at least one then you must place this token down onto one of them, now if you meet the requirements, for multiple, achievements, after a turn you can select which of those to place your token down because you only put at most, one achievement token down on your turn. The final restriction with achievements, is that players are never allowed to claim the same achievement, multiple times within the game. At this point the final part of the phase involves checking to see if the endgame trigger has been met, now this is going to be different with the player counts, if this is a two or three player game, then the game end will be triggered, once there are three, or more of these achievement disks, placed down onto any of these cards. Now if this is a four player game then it is going to take four or more of these achievement disks being placed down onto the cards in order to trigger the end of the game. Now as i said in the overview, once the end game has been triggered, we are going to finish the round and then play one more full round, so that means no matter what the player to the right of the starting player will always take the last turn of the game. Once that happens we will have a variety of victory points to add up but once again i'll describe the details of how this works later on in the tutorial. Now obviously, we were not able to claim any of these technologies, after one turn, so that means at this point our turn is over, and play will move clockwise, over to the orange player.

The First thing orange has to do is take an action, and just like us they have decided, to research a level one technology. Every player starts the game with two populations, so they do have one available. And they have decided to research, narrow beam lasers, which they of course have a prerequisite, for because it is level one. Next up they can gain the immediate effects, the top one says gain one ore from the supply so they can grab that, and the second thing says they can upgrade, one of their ships by one level. With this in mind i'd now like to draw your attention, to the exploration, board. Now at the start of the game every player has a single, level one spaceship, over here on seoul, except for the orange player who has part of their asymmetric, setup, got to have a second, level one ship, now these ships are another, face on the resource, cubes as you can see, and whenever you upgrade a ship you can choose any of the ships out here on the exploration, board, and you simply increase their number by one. So this one will become a two, and it's worth noting that all ships max out at 4, so you can never increase a 4 to anything higher, now they've decided to turn this one into a 2 and they can put that back over here on seoul, and i'll describe, how you move your ships around this exploration, board later on in the tutorial. That's finished all their immediate effects from the research action, and as you can see narrow beam lasers, has an entire action printed on it with the action token icon. Now you are only allowed to take actions printed on technology, cards once you have researched, that technology. So that means on future turns the orange player can move this pawn over here to perform that action, and i'll describe the details of what these icons do, very soon. With their action phase done orange can now produce. And they've decided to increase their population. Currently, the a column is the only one that is available, so they can take one of those supplies. And turn it into a population. Finally orange can check the achievements, and they can tell that they have not matched any of them and i'll describe the details of how all of these work once i've explained the relevant mechanics, that they are referring to. This means orange is done so now blue can take their turn and they are of course going to start it with an action. Now if they wanted to there is space for them to also research a level one technology. It's worth noting that this mini board right here is specific to a three player game, it looks like instead of doing that though they've decided to get a jump on exploration. And they're gonna put their pawn right over here, there are only two action spots there and now they can perform the action listed on the right. The first thing to note is there is an optional, action within these parentheses. And that says they can turn one of their population, resources, into a level one ship. As you can see blue started the game with three population, instead of the normal two, in fact the third one was taken from this c column, and the player boards tell you the specific details, of the varying setups for each of the basic boards, now they've decided they are going to do that so they are going to turn this population. Into a level one ship. Next up we have to look at the exploration, board, because this ship must be constructed, at a shipyard. Now there is a non-controllable. Shipyard, in the sole system which means no matter what you are always allowed to construct ships in seoul. Looking beyond, our home system though you'll notice that there are three other shipyards. Now once again you can only construct, a ship at one of these if you control that system, and i'll be describing how control works, later on in this turn. So they've constructed their ship down here, and then it says they can do two jumps on the exploration, board. With that in mind let's look back over here, and as you can see each one of the locations, on the board is connected, by a line. These are jump lines and for every jump that you have you can move one of your ships across one of these lines to another location. You can split this up as much as you want so the blue player can take this ship and jump twice, or they can move this one once, and the other one once. Now it's important to note that the movement of ships is simultaneous. So you don't do anything with the ships at their destinations. Until you've finished all of your movement. In this case it looks like that is the turn that blue wants to use, so they have jumped twice, and now that they are done with their movement they can check for control.

Now In order to control a system you simply have to have the most power in that system, and power is the number that is printed on that ship, it's worth reiterating. That the distance that these ships travel is not connected, to their power level, that just helps you with control. Now that means they currently have power of one in the serious system, and one in pro cylon. And that is more than any of the other players because of course they are over here alone, that means they actually control both of these systems. And whenever you take control of a system, you can then take one of your ore disks, or food disks, and you put it down onto that system to mark the control. Over here in sirius, it just shows the ore symbol, whereas over here at procylon, it shows ore as well as food, and that means the blue player has to decide if they want to put an ore token down here or a food. When they consider, they have to add ore to sirius, they've decided, they will also add ore to procylon. This means they can remove, two of these ore discs from their board, and after they took the second one off they have uncovered, another, or bonus when they do or production. So they can put each of these discs down over here, and now not only have they increased their production, but these discs, also show who is in control of the system. After taking control players need to check to see if there is a control bonus action. It looks like that and whenever, a player puts down a control disk, they get to do whatever it says, so that means the blue player will now take one ore from the supply, for the serious control bonus, but then they don't get any bonus for pro cylon. So far this is a great turn for the blue player as they now control two of these systems. Now it is possible, for their opponents to take control away from them and the way that happens, is an opponent simply has to have, more power in that system, than the power of the controlling, player, now these discs themselves, don't add any power so that means in order to take control away from blue one of their opponents needs to bring in two or more power worth of ships, that means if you simply tie with the player who is controlling, it you do not wrestle that control away. The last thing to point out is if the blue player decides, to leave here, then they are actually going to stay in control of the system, until, one of their opponents decides, to fly over here with any amount of power of ships in order to take control away, when an opponent takes control, the previous disk is removed, and the opponent places their own disk down and if there is a control bonus then that new player once again takes that bonus.

Now There are some more symbols on these cards down at the bottom and those pertain to colonization. And i'll describe the details of how that works later on in the tutorial. With their action done blue can now produce. And they are going to produce ore, there are two of these symbols showing which means they can take it to ore from the supply. And now they can try to claim achievements, but just like the rest of us they are not even close to claiming any of them, so their turn is over. Which means it's now time for us to go, this means we have to move our action pawn to a new space. And as you can see the technology, we decided to research, does not actually have a new action spot printed on it, this means we are once again restricted, to the actions on the basic space fairing board, and if we wanted to we could research another level 1 technology. But i think instead of that let's research the first level 2 technology, of the game, first things first you'll notice we do have to pay to or to take this action, and then we can place a population, onto a level 2 technology. That we are eligible to research. So we have to pay our 2 or and it looks like we still have 2 left over, and now we can take a population, resource, and use it to research a level 2 technology. So let's focus back on the technology, board, where i would now like to talk about eligibility. In more detail, once again players are always eligible for the level 1 technologies. But now that we look to the level 2 technologies. You can see their lines go into, the level one technologies. Now as you can see we have researched, advanced genetics. And it has a line that goes all the way over here to a level three but we don't actually have any actions in the game that let us research level three technology, yet, and then there is a line that goes down over here, now in order to be eligible to research, this technology. We actually have to have researched. Both, of the previous, prerequisites. So we would need to place this down over here with a level one technology, research action to be able to research this one fortunately, for us there is another option going up to this level two technology, slot. This means we are eligible to research this technology. And in fact this is the only level two technology, we are eligible to research, because if we look up here, they all have prerequisites. For level one technologies, that we don't currently have, this one right here obviously needs both, now if we look beyond, to these level threes, some of them also require two prerequisites. And finally when we look to the powerful level four technologies. All of them require, two, these up here require, two out of the three level three technologies, that are prerequisites, of it, now that you understand how prerequisites, work you can tell that this is the only level two technology, that we have a prerequisite, for, so let's go ahead and research it and this card that is on top of it is not actually the technology. Instead, this is an event. These cards are only flipped over and activated, once that technology, is being researched, so we are researching, this one which means we can flip it over. And then we have to read the card and do whatever it says, in this case it says tyler lee entrepreneur, prodigy, is the event, and right off the bat we are going to get a bonus of one or from the supply, because we are the ones who activated, this event. After that it says then choose and remove a tier 1 guild cover tile below the basic space fairing box, each faction can now access the uncovered guild action for the rest of the game. So let's focus over here, where you can see there are four of these guild blocker, tiles. Now there are tier 1 and tier 2 tiles, and again, this event lets us remove, one of the tier 1 tiles. That means we can make the professor's, guild come online or the terraforming, guild, terraforming, lets us colonize, systems, and the professor's, guild unlocks the ability to research, level 3 technologies. Now we know that we actually have the prerequisite, done for a level 3 technology. So this is way better for us, that means we can use the event, to unlock, this token, and now all players for the rest of the game can use either of these action slots, to spend, four of our ore and remove one population, back to the supply, in order to research, a level 3 technology.

Well The event is done which means it's now time to research this technology. But at the moment we don't actually know what it's going to be, now as you can see there is a stack of level 2 technologies. Above this track, and what we are going to do is draw two of these technologies. And then we get to choose which of those two will be the technology, for the slot, which will stay there for the rest of the game, now it's not as simple as drawing the top two cards and choosing from them, because we now have to check the prerequisites. And see what type of technologies. Is leading into this new one, now in this case we have one prerequisite, which is advanced genetics. And this green symbol over here means this is an economic, type of research. That means whatever technology, emerges, from our knowledge of advanced genetics. Is also going to have to be the green economic, type, now it's possible, that you might be researching, a technology. That has two different, research types, that are prerequisites. In that case for instance if we were to be researching this we would have to decide, if this was going to be a red militaristic. Technology. Or a blue scientific, technology, before we moved on, now obviously we don't have a choice it's going to be economic. And now we have to do is start drawing cards from the top of this deck, until we have two cards, that show the green, icon on it in this case the first card that we drew has the green economic, symbol and blue scientific symbol on it since one of these symbols matches our prerequisite. This is going to be one of our options, we can then keep drawing, and the human experiments, has scientific, and military, which does not match so this is not going to be an option, next up there is interstellar, diplomacy, which is just going to be commercial, so that does not match. After that there is space-time, anomaly, studies which has two different colors, which are not green, and, all right we finally found another one that has grain, this is mass cloning, and both sides of it are actually economic. And we can now add this over here. Now we have to do is decide, which of these two technologies. Is going to be the one that we research for the spot on the board. In order to make this decision let's look at the abilities on the cards, for mass cloning we could immediately, automate, one of our food disks and then turn a supply, into a population, which is nice, and then in the future, whenever we took this action, we could choose up to two of these three options. Now it looks like that is gaining two ore, spending two ore to turn two supply cubes each into a population. Or, researching, a new level one technology. It's worth noting for this action you have to choose two different ones down here but i do like how flexible that is, now the other one is biosynaptic. Network, and it says immediately, we choose one of these two options, the top one says we can repeat the immediate bonus of any other, level two technology. That is already revealed which is why there's an eyeball there and we don't have to have that technology. The other option is we can automate a food or an ore disc and then gain to or from the supply. At the moment there are no other revealed level 2 technologies, so this top action isn't great, and automating, is good but i like the idea of having an action that we can go to that no one else will be able to go to until they have researched, advanced genetics, and then mass cloning, so i think mass cloning is going to be the technology, that we go with. After making that decision we then have to shuffle up the card that we did not pick along with any other cards that we've revealed, and then we are going to place these down at the bottom of the deck it's important to note you do not shuffle everything together, you only shuffle the revealed ones that go down to the bottom. Now that we've successfully, researched, mass cloning, we have a single immediate, action which says we can automate, food once, and then turn one supply into a population. So we can remove, this disk and put it up there, and now whenever we do a population, growth action, we have the potential, to turn to supply into a population. After that as part of the immediate benefit we can turn, one of our leftmost supply into a population, so we once again have two, and we have now officially, finished our action.

This Means it's now time for production. And i can't help but feel like maybe we should go with population, since we get two of those resources. Whereas, or would only get us one. Now down here the resource trade, does let us turn things that we don't need into other things that we might want, but i don't think those make sense for us just yet, so yeah let's go ahead and go with population, growth, that means, this supply, is going to turn into, a population. As well as this one here because that token, has been cleared. At this point our turn is over because we cannot claim any of these achievements, which means it's now time for orange to go, now the next thing that i'd like to teach you is how we can colonize, these planets over here on the exploration, board, and if you'd like to see that now then go to the time stamp in the top corner, or you can stick around as we continue to play the game until one of the players is able to colonize. So orange can take their turn and they have decided, to activate their narrow beam lasers, because they have researched, that technology. This says they have to spend one ore, and then they can turn one of their population. Directly, into a level two ship, and then they will get three jumps. So they can spend the ore and then, this will turn into a level two ship that orange can then build at a shipyard. Currently they don't control any shipyards, out here so they're going to build on seoul, and it's worth noting that there is no limit to the number of ships, or the amount of power of ships, at any given location, on the exploration, board. Next up they get three jumps, and we aren't surprised to see them send this level 2 ship over here to pro cylon. And this other level 2 ship over to sirius. And then with their final movement they will send this level 1 ship over to sirius, as well. Now they are finished moving so they can check for control. Over here at sirius so they have three power compared to the one of blue, so that means they take control away from the blue player. And then they can add their own or control, disk, now they will also get an ore from the control bonus on that system. And then up here at pro cylon, orange is also going to wrestle control away from the blue player, so it looked like they had a good start but all of their gains have now been erased. Now this is going to go back to the blue player's board, and now the orange player can decide if they want to bring out a food or an ore disc to put down into that system, the ore would unlock another bonus for them but they have a decent amount of oil already, and they are running out of population, so they've decided, to place the food out there to get them closer to unlocking, the b column. So they can place this right over here. And now they're done with their action, this means they can produce, and even though they only produce one population, they are still going to go for that, so that means that this supply will turn into a population. And they are still not close to any of the achievements, which means their turn is now over, this means it's the blue player's turn and they have decided to research a level one technology. After considering, their options, they have decided to go with advanced, robotics, up here, so they can place one of their population, up onto that spot. And then they can immediately, automate, one ore disk, as well as gain one ore from the supply.

So This disk will go up there and now they have five ore in their supply. And that's finished up their action. Now they can produce, and they have decided to increase their population. So that means one of their supply resources, will turn into population. They can't complete any achievements, so that means it's our turn again, which means we have to move our action pawn, and i think let's go over here to mass cloning. This means we get to do two out of these three options but we cannot double up and i think we are going to do a and c. Currently we have four populations, so i don't think we need to make more, now a is going to give us to or from supply, right now, and then c lets us research a level one technology. This means we can take one out of our four population. And put it down onto terraforming. The narrow beam lasers, or the advanced robotics. Now we could go to where somebody else is and there's no penalty or benefit for that but i think we should probably go down here and research terraforming. The actions on here are pretty good i'm sure we'll want to use them in the future, but a big reason we are doing this is because we will then have both prerequisites. For this level 2 technology, slot. In addition to that one we will also have the prerequisite, for here, so having multiple slots where we can research level two technologies, and gain the benefit of events, does seem like a good idea. So let's focus on terraforming. And it gives us two new action options. The top one says we get to jump four which will make us very nimble on the exploration, board, and the bottom one says we can spend three ore and then move a population, back to supply, in order to do a colonization. Now once again i'll talk about colonization. Relatively, soon, and at the moment we immediately, can turn our leftmost, supply, into a level one spaceship, and put it into deep space. So we can grab this supply, and put it out onto the board. And as you can see in the middle of the exploration, board there is deep space which is non-controllable. Now this gets to place right over there and this is adjacent, to most of the systems on the board, but not sole or a couple of the shipyard, systems. Our action is done so now we can produce. And we have a decent amount of ore as well as population, at the moment, now instead of doing either of these we could do a resource trade, this one right here might not seem great it says you can spend three or in order to turn your leftmost supply into a population. But the reason this is good, is because you don't necessarily, have to have removed, the, food disk over here in order to get access to it so that means if all of these were gone we obviously would not be able to use the population, action, but down here we would still be able to remove this one and turn it into a population.

Likewise, If we have more ships than we need we can turn those into population, which we can then use in other ways, and of course we can just turn excess population, into ore, i don't think any of these make sense right now so let's just activate, ore production. And that's going to give us one more ore. We can't complete any achievements, so our turn is done and now orange can go. And it looks like they've decided to research another level one technology. In this case they want to research terraforming. So they can place one population, over there, and just like us they can then turn their leftmost supply, into a level one spaceship, in deep space. That's going to be this one here. Which will go down right next to ours. Now that their action is done they can produce, and they are going to increase their population. Which means, just, one population, is going to be made, they can't complete any achievements, which means the return is done and now the blue player can go. After considering, their options they would like to research a level two technology. That means they have to spend two ore. Which they certainly have and then they can place this population, out onto the technology, of their choice. At the moment the only option for them is right up here because that is connected, to their advanced robotics. So they can place this over here and then read the event. So they can flip it over and it says black market industries. You gain, one ore immediately, so that means blue is going to gain this right now, and then it says you display, this event, near the achievement, cards. They can place it right over there and it says down below that each faction may once this game, move, one of their food, or one of their ore discs onto this card to increase its production level, this can be done at any time during their turn and that faction is going to lose two victory points, at the end of the game. This means blue could do this right now if they wanted to but there is no rush, each player can do it at most once per game so you are never going to be blocked from your one black market action. With the event done blue now has to find, two of the blue scientific, technologies, from the top of this deck, the first one is psionic research and it does have blue on it and the next one is modular, fleet which doesn't.

After That the terranova, cruises it does not, and the plasma cannon does not either. They can keep on digging, to the supply, outpost. And then the multi-colony, symposium. Does. So that means all of these will be shuffled in with the one that they don't choose from these two options. The first one of these says you can immediately, automate one food production. And then for an action, you can spend two war and then send one population, back to the supply, in order to move another population, over, and research, a level three technology. This is very similar to the professor's, guild, but instead of spending, four or, the cyanx, research lets you do it by spending, two ore. The other one is a multi-colony. Symposium, which does not have an immediate benefit, it says for an action you can spend two ore, and this also lets you research a level three technology. And then you skip your regular production phase of this turn, unless you have two or more colonized. Systems. Now it's not too surprising, that both of these let them help with research, because if we look at the cheat sheet for scientific. They let you research, do automation, and give you various ore bonuses. The cheat sheet also tells you other things that are inherent to the other types of technology. Now the main difference between these two, is this one does not need a second population. But you will lose your production phase unless you've colonized, a bunch, and currently blue is not in a position to colonize, at all with that in mind they are going to go with cyanide, research, so they can shuffle multi-coloring, symposium, to the bottom of the deck. That's going to go down there with the rest of them that we got to see so those can get shuffled up and, now the blue player, is going to immediately, automate one food disk. They can place that up here and that gets them closer to unlocking their b column for population, growth, speaking of production they can now do that phase. And considering they have a bunch of ore and not much population. They are going to do population, growth which will give them one more. At this point they cannot complete any achievements, so the turn is done and now we get to go again. So we can move our action pawn and i think let's research the first level three technology, of the game. We have the prerequisite, going through there and we can do so by going to the professor's, guild, unfortunately, we cannot go up to cyanx, research, because we would first have to research advanced robotics, and then psyonix research for that to be available to us, fortunately, for us we can still go to the professor's, guild, and we then have to spend, four or as well as one population. In order to send another population, to a level three technology. So we can spend, four or, and then send one of our population, back to the supply. They will go into the b column because, that is the rightmost, column that has an empty slot, and then we can take another population. And send that to the technology, board. When we look out here obviously, this is the only level three that we have a prerequisite, for at the moment. In order to unlock this one we would also need that level two technology, which at the moment we are not close to getting. So let's research this technology, which means we can now reveal the first level three event of the game, and that is the galactic, census, it says you choose one, a we can discard this event with no effect, or b we can turn one of our supply, into a population. And then display this event near the achievement, cards, for the game and effect. Between these options i think let's go with b. Which means we will turn one supply, into population. And then we can place this over by the achievements. Now down in the bottom it says at the game end every faction gains one victory point for every two population, that they have left, so this is a new conditional, victory point scoring goal that everyone has for the rest of the game. All right let's now research the technology, and the prerequisite. Is economics. Which means we have to draw until we find two economics-based. Technologies, in the stack, and it looks like we hit two right off the bat. The top one is wormhole, technology. And it says we could immediately, turn one of our supply, into a level two ship and gain one ore, and then we can jump two of our ships, to any locations.

After That it says from now on your ships only need one jump to travel anywhere. Except when leaving soul or deep space, so this doesn't have an action on it it just has a permanent effect for us with this technology. Likewise, the android rights movement, also does not have an action, the immediate effect says you can automate, one food disk, and then move the rightmost to supply, to any supply columns of your choice. After that it says from now on if an action has you send a population, back to the supply as a cost, you can replace, one of those in an action for an ore. Now both of these seem pretty darn interesting, and considering, we haven't really done anything on the exploration, board, i think wormhole, technology, is probably a good idea, because it should really ramp up our power, in that part of the game so we are going to send android, rights movement to the bottom of, the, three technology, stack, and now we can immediately turn one supply into a level two ship and gain another ore. That's going to be this, one, here. Currently the only shipyard, we have access to is seoul, and now we can jump two of our ships to any locations. In this case i think let's jump our level two over to tz, artists. And then let's send, this level one ship, over to, the shipyard system up at the top of the exploration, board. When we focus over here i'd like to point out that luton's, star, is not visible, until, you have at least two level three technologies. And currently we just have one. All right we are done with our movement which means we can now take control. Up here at this shipyard, system we can either, place, a food disk, or an ore disk. And i think we will place a food disk, this means we control this system, and since it has a shipyard, that means in the future whenever we make a new ship we can build that ship right here as long of course as we still control, this system. Now we can see that we also control this new system here, that does not have an option for us we are going to place an ore disk down on top of it, and unfortunately. It does not have a control bonus action. Well that finished up a very impactful, action for us so now we can produce. So we have these three options and i think let's take ore, it's true that we could have placed this ore disc down onto the shipyard, planet instead of a food disk, that means we would have taken an additional ore in this round, but i felt like it made sense to try and get more food discs out when you consider how many supply cubes we have missing currently in our columns. So we'll take one ore and that's going to finish our turn. This means orange gets to go and they have decided, to do the first colonization.

Action Of the game. Down here at terraforming, it says they have to spend, three ore, and then send a population, back to the supply to do this colonization. And they just happen to have exactly three or in front of themselves. Now they can send this population, back to the supply which means they'll place it like that into the a column. Next up they have to choose a system to colonize. And they must control it which means they have a disk down on it and you can only ever colonize, the systems that are these cards, you cannot colonize, at the locations printed on the exploration, board, with that in mind we can see the orange player currently controls these two systems. And now the next thing that they have to consider, is that they can only colonize, a system, where they have a strength value in that system that is equal to or greater than the colonization, value that's printed in the bottom left, so over here at pro cylon the colonization. Level is four and orange has a strength of two, so they cannot colonize, over here or as at sirius, the colonization, level is three and orange does have three power over here, so this is a system that they are able to colonize. In order to perform this colonization. The orange player now needs to settle in the system, and the way they do that is they are going to remove, strength, from the system, until they meet or exceed, the colonization. Level, now you do not get change which means if this had been two of these twos, they could remove both of these which would be four, and that's more than three but obviously in this case they did have three power so they can discard these three in order to settle. Next up all of the ships removed, for the saddle step, are then returned, to the supply. Now whenever you return things to the supply you fill from the right over, and currently the only spot for them is here in their a. Column. Once settling is complete, all of the remaining ships in the system, including those of the colonizing, player will then be exiled, over to deep space. After that the exploring, player can remove this location, from the exploration, board. And then immediately, replace, this card with a new one from the appropriate, stack. As you can see the bottom two locations, are associated, with the a stack, and the top two locations. Are associated. With the b stack. So we can draw the top card from here, and, this is epsilon, indie. After that discover step the final thing the colonizing, player has to do, is exploit, their new colony. Now the first thing that they do is they can grab a new disk, of the appropriate, type that is printed on this colony, and remove it from the track and put it down onto this card, now there is no choice here which means they have to take an ore disk, but if this was a colony that had two options, they could choose to have two of the same, or two different disks placed onto this card, now these disks will never be removed from this card for the rest of the game so that means the colonized. Sirius, is helping them out even more with their ore production, the final part of exploitation. Involves taking the colonization, bonus, that is printed on the bottom of the card, and these effects differ from one card to the next, in this case it says they can upgrade up to two of their ships by one level. Currently they only have two ships, so they will upgrade this two into a three, and this one into a two, and they have finally finished their colonization. Action. This means it's time for production, and they want to produce ore, it looks like they will take two and add those into their supply. After that they have to check their achievements. And let's now look at the other ones in more detail. Up here transcendence. Says you can claim this achievement, once you research your first, level 4 technology. Next up warlord, says you have to have 4 or more power, in 3 locations, at the end of your turn in order to claim this, lastly, empire says that you must have colonized, at least 4 systems. Unfortunately, for orange they are still not able to complete any of these achievements, which means their turn is over, that means it would normally be the blue player's turn but at this point i think i'm going to stop playing through the game, and i would now like to talk about where we are going to get our points once the game is over.

Fortunately. There is a nice cheat sheet for end game scoring, on the back of the player aid, and the first four things have to do with technology. As you can see a level one technology, research, is going to be worth one point, same with the level two and three technologies. And then the level four technologies, will provide a variable, amount of points. In order to show this better here are four of the level four technologies. Now as you can see some of them are simple this one says at game end you get an additional six points. Then this one says at game end you get an additional point for each of your first seven automation, levels, another example is the parallel, universe generator, which says at the game end you double all victory points that you gain from achievements. And then others can be a little more complicated, like the mega fleet construction, that says at game end choose a location, other than soul or deep space, and get victory points equal to your total military, power there up to a max of seven. Obviously you will only gain these victory points, if you have successfully, researched that technology. After this players can gain two or three points respectively. For private level two and three technologies. Now i haven't described this specifically, yet but there are ways in the game to get private technologies. For instance, the colonization, benefit for price island, says you draw the top card from the level 2 deck as a private technology. Which means you simply take it and put it face up in front of you where only you get access to it so you get points for these just like you would technologies, that you've researched, out on the board. After that players will gain victory points for their automation, track, if the game was to end at this moment we would get one victory point, but if instead we had some stuff, like this as well as potentially, these placeholders. Then in that case we would get one plus one all the way over to this two, and then every additional, automation, token over here is worth one additional, point. After this players can gain any victory points showing in the bottom left corner of systems that they have colonized. Next up players will gain one victory point for every controlled location, which effectively, means you count up the number of your outpost discs out here on the exploration, board, so if the game was to end right now we would get two points for these two controlled locations, and orange would get one, after that you could gain one victory point if you have the most power at seoul, as well as one point if you have the most power in deep space. Next up players will get points for event cards, which could be either in front of them attached to various cards, or over here near the achievements.

Now We only see these over at the achievements, right now, in this tutorial, we found the galactic, census which will give every player one point for every two population, that they have left. There's also a black market, and this will cost two points to any player who has a token printed on this card. The final thing we will score points for are these achievements. And we simply take the amount of victory points that is listed above our token, so in this example, we would get four points for transcendence. And three points for warlord. Once everyone adds all of this up the player with the most points will be the winner, if there is a tie then the player with the fewest, food and or discs left on the board will break the tie, if there is still a tie then we check to see who has the most population. And if there is still a tie then we check to see who has the most or, if there is still a tie at this point then all players will share in the victory. At this point i would now like to introduce you to the expert, technology, tableau variant. Now it's suggested, that you do not play with this until you are quite familiar with the game, and when you play with this you will then put these tokens out and as part of setup you will draw cards from the level 2 stack until you have one in each of these columns, which match up with the different technology, types, now the technology, tableau, is used in place of the mechanic, where we drew cards from the top of the appropriate, deck until we had two of the matching type like we talked about earlier in the tutorial. Instead, you set this tableau, up and whenever you are researching, a technology. You can take a technology, from the appropriate, row, that is in the associated. Column, that matches up with the prerequisite, that you have, now if you don't like a technology, that matches up with that prerequisite. Then you can always go random from the top and you keep drawing until you find an applicable, technology. Once one of these is taken you will then draw from the top of the deck until you find something that matches, and you can then fill this slot in, and when you are using this variant, you start off by just showing level 2 cards, once players unlock the ability to research a level 3 technology, we will then, fill this row in according to the normal rules, and likewise, once a level 4 technology. Action is available, we would then fill this row in. So as you can see this variant lets you plan ahead for specific, technologies. But you can always go random off the top if you don't like what you see, well at this point i have covered just about all of the rules to the game which means this tutorial, has come to a close, i hope that you've enjoyed learning how to play beyond, the sun. As always i'd like to thank everyone who's been supporting this channel, including these producer-level, patreon supporters. If you would like to directly support the channel in the creation of future videos like this one then please go to, drongetsgames.comport. Also if you enjoyed this video, please click the like button for it down below as well as the subscribe button for the channel. Thanks for. Watching.

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