Best LMS Theme To Add Online Courses To Your Website With LifterLMS & Astra

Best LMS Theme To Add Online Courses To Your Website With LifterLMS & Astra

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In this video I'm going to show you the best, theme, for a learning, management system I'm going to show you how to use it I'm going to show you how I am using it on my website, and, I'm. So excited about this new integration, that was added, I think, you're gonna love it it's gonna make things so, much easier hi, my name is Adam from WP, crafter comm. Where I make wordpress, tutorial, videos for non-techies, if you're new you're consider clicking on that subscribe. Button and, YouTube will let you know when I have new videos everything. I talked to will be linked in the video description, down. Below, now. In, 2016. And 2017. And, coming, up in 2018. I've released, every. Year an entire. Video series on YouTube, on how to create an online course and, each. Year I learn from the prior year in. Always, striving, to make it easier. And easier, and, easier and, I know this, year I am going to nail it now, that video is gonna be out in about 10 days or so but this is gonna kind of give you a glimpse. Into what that full tutorial, is going to be and this, video is perfect for anyone that has gone through one. Of my prior. Year's, video, series, so I'm talking about the Astra, theme and they recently, added, integration. For. Lyft, or LMS, now they're also going, to be adding integration. For, other learning, management systems, as well but the first one that they are doing it on was. Lifter, LMS, which is right, here and it just so happens to be the, learning management system that I've used, in those prior video, syriza's. So, in this video I'm going to show you all of the new integrations. And reasons, why the. Free version, of Astra, is perfect, for your learning management system, website then, I'm going to show you some of the Pro options, as well, it is going to be a longer, video thank, goodness with YouTube you can increase the playback speed so, if you want to increase it to a 1.5, or maybe a 2.0, if you can handle that go. Ahead and do is that now but. Every minute of this video is going to be very, valuable and perfect if you're in. The market, for a learning management system. And a theme to power that or if you have followed any of my courses. In the prior years. So let's just, jump right on into it. So. Let's take a look at what the best, learning. Management, system. Theme is for, WordPress, but before we get into the video I just wanted to give a quick overview of, what, we're gonna go over in this video, so, first what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna compare, some, of the various, themes, and now what I'm actually comparing, is these. Styles, so what, we're after is the most painless, way, possible. To, have a. Ready-to-go, learning, management system, from a style, and functionality, standpoint. So, we're gonna see what it what. This, learning, management system, is gonna look like in, these, various, themes, and then, we're gonna talk about a, really. Cool plugin, that's gonna allow you to. Show, a custom, sales. Page, for, your courses, we're gonna take a look at that we're gonna briefly talk about something, called astrocytes. And what's to come with that and then. We're gonna talk about how to switch to the Astra, theme if you're using a different theme. And then, we're gonna go, over some of the Pro, options. Now prior to this. Point in the video we're. Gonna just go over what comes, for in, the free, version, of Astra, not even, requiring. A, purchase. Of Astra, Pro but, there are some additional features in Astra Pro that we are gonna go over and then I'm just gonna try to demonstrate, those. Pro, options. And so that's what we're gonna go over in this video. Okay. So here I am logged, in to, a, wordpress.

Installation, And. I have to default, the theme running, and I have lifter, LMS, already. Installed, and I'm using just the demo course, that, it comes with and so this is how lifter. LMS, is going to look, in the. Default, WordPress, theme, right, here and you can see I have, my syllabus, here and here. Is, the longer. Format, of the syllabus, and you, can see it looks, fine but it's not really, on. Brand. It's, not there's, no real easy options, to change the colors and the styling, so, this is what that looks like and here is what the check out page, looks. Like so, there, it is it's showing the blue, so. Now what I want to do is I want to go. To the, themes, here and activate. Generate. Press now if you saw my how to create, an online course. Version. For 2017. It, was based on the generate, press theme, and so. In. The course, of the. Video series, it. Required, a lot of custom, CSS. To, be added. To the site in order just to get the lift, or LMS part. Looking, good. So, I'm gonna activate this but it's only gonna show you what. It looks like by, default now I'm not picking on generate, press it's a great theme, I am. Just demonstrating, it here I could have just picked any popular. Theme, so, what I'll do is I'll just go ahead and click on the refresh, button here, and we can see how it looks so, it looks pretty much the same it's just whiter and in these categories, and, by, default, generate. Press doesn't work with the lift our LMS sidebar, system you have to modify. Your put in a little snippet of code in, order to get it working here's, the checkout page I'll do a refresh, and you can see this. Is what it looks like here, so this is without any customizations. Or anything, like, that these, are what, it looks like so, now I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to activate, the. Free. Astra, theme that you can download in, the WordPress, theme directory I'm. Gonna just go ahead and click on activate here, and then. I'll just do a quick refresh. Right. Here and we can see how it looks so this. Looks pretty good now. You notice, the colors, change, and that's because, it, now is in, line, with the colors. Of the theme and, you. Can see how the color just automatically. Matched the default, color set in the theme this is something you don't get out, of any other theme. Pretty, much this. Integration. With the colors and you can see we have a different. Look here to the syllabus it's been kind. Of condensed, a bit which I particularly. Like, and you. Can see that and we have this perfect styling, and integration, with the sidebar, you, can see how it's, showing, the lessons in a very compact, way and it. Didn't. Require any custom. Snippet, of code and. Now. Let's go ahead and, refresh, the, checkout page and you can see a dramatic, improvement. Here. This, looks, a lot, more professional, it. Looks a lot more. Clean. Now, let. Me just reiterate we, didn't change. Any settings, yet in the theme to customize, anything this is just directly, out of the, box you. Have it, automatically. Picking. Up the colors a better. Styling, of the sidebar, syllabus, and the main syllabus. As well looks. Just. A lot better. But, then here is where you have that dramatic. Dramatic. Improvement. Now this is going to get more exciting when I show you astrocytes. And how, it will all linked in together but this is just right on the surface of the free theme how. It, gets you pretty much to the finish, line so, now let's take a look at that custom. Layouts, that I was talking about so, if I go to plugins, there, is a free, plugin, that the Astra. Developers, recently. Released, called custom, template, for. Lifter LMS, courses, crazy long name that is the name you, could probably just search for lyft, or LMS, and it will pull right up now, when you download. And activate this, I'm going to show you what. It does for. You now, one, word, of caution what. I've noticed is when I first activate, this I have to reset. My permalinks. So this might be a little bug I'll talk, to the developers, to have them work out but. You will need to reset, your permalinks, it's really simple you, would just go to settings permalinks. Scroll. Down and click on Save Changes, so, what this is gonna allow you to do is here. Is the default, course. Index, page and here's the Buy button right, here and you look at it and it's not a compelling, the sales page right you look at this and it's just some basic, way, of relaying. Some text, and then revealing, your entire course, syllabus, I don't know why anyone would want to do that but. This is how all, learning. Management systems, work by default, so, I contacted, the Astra. Developers, and I said what. I would like to do instead is I, would like to use. A page builder, create. A proper, sales page, and if someone is not enrolled in the course, and they. Go and they look at this course index, page that they'll see that. Sells, page instead, of this see, when you have a full control with a page builder, of your sales page you, can put testimonials.

In There you can make it really. Look beautiful, you can do anything you pretty much want to do and that is, what I wanted, and so. They built it so, when you activate. The plug-in, you're gonna see a new option here. Underneath courses. And it's right here it's called custom templates, now, this, is where you would click on add new you. Would create your sales page so I've already for, the sake of time it did that I named, it learn, lifter, LMS, and I, built. That just using one of the templates from. Elementor. Nothing special and so, what I did is, I went ahead and, built. The page with one of those element or templates, now this. Will work with more, than just Elementor, it'll work with beaver, builder or any, page builder, really it'll work with Divi, builder. Any, of, the various page, builders. Now, when, you have the Astro, theme installed and activated we. Have this Astro. Settings, options, right here and this is basically. To tell the theme. How you want, the. Container. To, work for, this page and so what, I would want to do is I would want there to be no sidebar, and for. The content. Layout that container I would just want it full. Width, stretched, just like that and so let me go ahead and click on update, and, let's. Take a look at this just to make sure it's, looking, right oh and then I want to remove this right here now, there's actually an easier way of doing this. Astra. Theme we'll know automatically, when you're using element. Or if you created, that element, or page, after. You. Have, installed. Astra. So if Astra was installed, and then. I went to create, a page with a page builder like Elementor or beaver builder Astra would have automatically. Known, and set. These settings, for, me right here now because, I am doing, this I, this. Page before I installed, Astra, I have to just go here and change these settings and. I'm gonna show you in the Swit the part of the video where I talked about how to switch to Astra, I'm going to show you a easy. Way to make. This, change, on all of your pre-built, pages, with the page builder okay so no, sidebar, and what I need to do is disable, the, title, and I think that's going to get me there let me click on update so the. First part is to go here and create your sales page for, your. Course and then, when you go and lift our LMS under courses, and then, you click into your course right here it also adds this new option here that says custom, template, and right. Here it just says choose the, custom template we only have that one I created, so I'm gonna go ahead and click on this now, what this is going to do is it, is going to show this. Sales. Page, instead, of the course index, page if someone's. On that. Page and they're not currently. Enrolled let, me show you a quick side a tip, with that if you. Have, so. This is what it looks like say you have your. Different. Enrollment buttons. And when you click on this button it, goes, ahead. Forge you off to the sales page what. You want to do is copy. With. The link, that is in this button and that URL, is what you would use in that sales page to order, the, course so you can create a pretty-looking. Price, table, and this is where you would get the buttons for, actually, purchasing. The course you, would just copy the link and if, you see right here the, way the link is formatted, is essentially.

This Is the front part of the URL and each. Course has a plan number, and that's, the only thing that's going to change so this link if it was in your, button in the custom-designed, sales. Page it will take them right here so that they can purchase access. To, this course, okay. So. I've selected, it, let me go ahead and click on update and, then. Let me go here, and do a refresh. Of the page and you can see now. What's, being shown is that custom, page and I could have put, that link, to, purchase right here or someplace else now this is just some template, I didn't do anything, special here but you can see how now you, have a way to properly, sell, your, courses, okay, so that, is one, of the big, things that I wanted to demonstrate I, love this new feature and when. Someone, there's, another nice thing about lifter LMS there's this option here that says viewing, as myself I am, not enrolled. But, I can click right here and view it as a student, so, when I click on this this, is what a person. That's enrolled, is going. To see now let me switch. That back of course and we. Will move on let, me view it as myself and we will move on here, okay. So that, is this custom, layouts, now this, plugin will work with other themes however, the theme developers. Would need to add, compatibility. For it you can test it hopefully, it will work if it doesn't you might need to contact your theme developer, and this is just a free gift that the, Astra theme has given out to, everyone, for free so, now I want to introduce you to something called Astra. Site, it's, a free plugin that you can download by, searching for, astrocytes. And here, it is right here Astro, starter, sites now, with this when you have it activated it's. Gonna give you access to, a library, of, completely. Designed. Websites. For, you so, and there's. Some that are premium, and there's a lot of them that are free, so once you've activated it, right there you can click right here to see, library, or the option, is also underneath appearance. And then Astra, sites now, the first thing it's going to ask you is, which. Is your, favorite page builder so they have these, sites, in a beaver builder. Version. And an. Element, or version. So, you can choose the one that you want so. I'm gonna go ahead and click on Elementor, now, you're gonna see some that have this tag that says, premium. Like. This and then when you scroll down you're also gonna see plenty that don't have it so, I'll, tell you how to get access to the premium versions, but, for, the free versions, of these sites and that don't have the tag you can see them here now for any of these you, can go ahead and click on this option where it will say details, in preview, now, what happens, is you can see the full demo. Of this site you can see these sites are beautifully. Made and what's, amazing, about it is number. One everything, is free. You're, not paying for the theme or any of the tools to make this website and, you. Can click this, button here to install. The necessary plugins. And then, you can click the button one more time and it will literally make your site look exactly, like this the menu everything, that colors of the branding, and all, of that it will bring all of that in for you so I'm gonna go back and choose one of these Astra.

Sites, That. I think, would work really, good for, what we're doing this, one right here is interesting, the agency. Astro, site so, I'm gonna go ahead and, put. This on the web site now, this, site requires. Contact. Form 7 now, it wants you to install this in it which, is fine if you don't want to use contact, form 7 you can simply remove it, from the site if you have a different, contact form, that you prefer and some. Of what makes up these elements. In the templates, requires. A site origin widget. Bundle, so I'm just going to go ahead and click on, install. The, plugins, and you can see it's just going to install it really quickly and, then. I will install, the site so the reason I'm doing this is to for. A couple reasons let, me click on import this site and then, let me click on ok, now the reason, I'm doing this is because I want you to see how here's. A site with a specific. Brand color and all of that I, want you to see how this and how, it's set in the theme, is, automatically. Pulled, into lyft, or LMS for, you without, having to touch any CSS. Ok. So now it is done. So, let me go here, to the, sales. Page actually, so let me go here to the course index, page and do a quick, refresh. Now. What we're gonna see is we're still gonna see that sales. Page that, we created for the course and you, can see now we have the, menu. Navigation that, is with. The, demo. Site that we created so I'm, gonna go ahead and change it from viewing as myself to, view as a student, and you can see now. The color, scheme, what does it do it is matching the color scheme, set, in the, theme and I'm gonna show you that and you. Could see even the get, started, progress, indicator, it all inherits. That. Styling. Just, like, that, now, let me go, into the customizer, to show you some. Of the options in, the, free, version. Of Astra, and how, it relates to lifter LMS so, I'll go ahead and click on customize. And so, this is going to jump me into the customizer, and I. Will show you where. It's pulling the color from so. What I'm going to do is I'm going to click on colors. And background. And then, click, on base, colors, now, I gotta say this is one. Of the things I like so much about Astra. Is that, it's very simple some, themes offer you, a thousand, different options, and settings and that's okay, but, for, a lot of us it's kind of overkill, I would rather set, it in one or two places and, have it carry, all across, my, website, then have an option. For every, single thing and, now, that's. Why, I like, the simplicity of Astra, so right here is the color that's being, used for here and for here so I can click on select, color and I can easily click. Right there to change it and you're gonna see not only did the button change but, it also changed, all throughout, lyft. Or LMS, that was just with one click, let me go and quickly click on the publish, button because I forgot to show you right. Here so you can see it's using that default. Blue now, when i refresh it it's gonna switch to, the, same styling. Right there which is the red, that, I just set and you can see how easy. It is to. Fully brand, your, learning, management, system. And so. That is where you would set the color now for the link, hover color that, would be the, color that changes, when you hover, your mouse over, and you have full control over, that as well now, there. Are some additional options, that, come in this free, version, of the theme as it relates to lift or LMS if I click on layouts, only. If you have lifter LMS activated. It will show this option, here which i think is fantastic, now, the, same goes for it's, a WooCommerce, integration, if you had woke immerse installed, and activated then. You would actually see this option so. When I click on a lifter LMS the first option, right here is it's, going to give us some options in, regards, to the. Course index, page and that would be how, many of the, courses. Show, in the grid since I only have this one, course it's not going to really be useful. To show that but then you also have mobile responsive, option. So if you're gonna have a website with multiple, courses, on your, course index, page it will show a grid, of all, of your courses and this is gonna give, you the options, for the grid you can actually see that on my, website.

Let's. See here, let me let. Me go here and show you my website in my course grid now I've actually built mine with a page builder, but. This is your course grid right here but like I said mine is built with, a page, builder. Ok, so, let's, go back and look at some of the other options so. For right here where it says container, you, also have, this, options, right here to change the. Container, for. Lift or LMS content. So, by default it's showing full width contained, now, you, can change this to any of these options so here. Is what it would look like if it was a boxed. So, what you can see is now it's, in the box and this, is all your widgets are here in a box as well and that. Would be boxed now let me also show, you back here, where. The sidebar, options, are there's also additional. Options. Here so for lifter. LMS, courses, or lessons, I can remove, the. Sidebar and just choose no sidebar, and you're gonna see now everything. Is just in this one container. Box I'm, going to show you my learning, management system, implementation, of this and a bit and you're, gonna see that this is how this. Is the format that I have chosen. To go after so. Let me just move it back and for. A lyft or LMS right here this is for the course. Index, page where it shows all of your courses and this, would by default have, it not shown now, right here we have the side bar, width, so, for, for. Right now it's 30%, I can increase or decrease that. However, I wanted it now let's go back and take a look again at the container, options, and just see what they look like so here, is the, content, boxed, so, what, this does is it, puts the content, only in a box and then, the sidebars. Themselves or the sidebar widgets, are not in those same boxes. That's, another option and then we have this full. Width stretched. And what, this does and it's, going to be kind of hard to demonstrate in, the video but you can see it puts. It. Basically stretches, the content, from the far left to the far right, of the page just like, this. Okay. And, let. Me go back to how we had it which was full width contained, now, also what I didn't demonstrate is, you, can also move the sidebar, off to the left, instead of having it on the right just. For a lifter LMS, content. So I'm going to go ahead and publish this and get out of here and that pretty much wraps up the, integration. With. The, free, Astra. Theme, and how, amazingly. Simple, that, was now, some of the exciting, news is you, saw when I showed you the astrocytes. Well. Let me see let me get back to it right here so you had all these astrocytes. Well. Astra, is in the process of putting, together a, free. Astra. Site for. Courses. Like this, and they're. Also putting together a premium. One now, I don't have access to them they're being developed but, I do have access to what they're gonna look like and I can give you a sneak preview now, of course this, is all subject, to change so, right here is going, to be the premium. Astro. Site and you can see it's using a transparent, header, you, can see it's absolutely. Beautiful. And right. Here is where you can visually. Without, revealing, your course syllabus, you can show the. Different, modules of content, in your course and. Here's. Like a sales video you, can see it just looks perfect and this is the, benefit, here of having this beautiful. Way, of displaying, your, pricing. Plans and. Testimonials. And whatnot so this right here is going to be one of the premium.

Astrocytes. And here's the homepage of, the. So. You can see it, has, this. Look. And feel that's perfect, for an individual. Coach or expert, in a particular, area, now, you're, gonna easily, be able to change the color so it might look a little on the feminine. Side, well no I mean this color could go both, ways but. You can see it. Just already looks, beautiful. And this, is gonna be free. So. This should come out within the next week or two and actually just. To give you a little inside, information, this. Is what I'm gonna base my. 2018. Version, of how to create, an online course it's. Going to be based on, Astra. This, astrocyte. Lifter. LMS, and it's, gonna be, insanely. Simple. And easy to. Do and it's. Gonna help a lot of people actually create. Their, online course. Now let me go back to the, course syllabus, here so there. Are still, some things you can do to enhance the. Look, and feel based. Upon, adding, a little bit of custom, CSS, now, I'm gonna be providing, all that custom, CSS, as well in that video that. I'll be releasing on how to create an online course but. I wanted to show you what, I've personally. Accomplished. So, right, here, is one. Of my courses now I've chosen to go for this box layout. You can see you can kind of barely see, it right there and, have a large image and now this is what it looks like when someone's enrolled, and you can see I've, changed, the, colors, of the background of, the syllabus, the font, I made white and I made it my brand color and then, I changed, the color of each of the lessons, in the background, to, match the color that I wanted, to us trying to get away from all those Browns, that you get with lyft or LMS so you can see right. Here we. Have these Browns, as, the background here, in the background there and then you have this hover, color which is kind of a different brown or a gray whatever it is and so. I just wanted to make, this all kind of look, different, and match. I brand in my brand colors I'm going to share all the CSS, that I used for that now, there's actually one page I will forget, to show you that. The free, version. I didn't actually demonstrate. It in the other themes I should have I kind of goofed there and that is your members, dashboard. And this is where your members are going to go in order, to access, their. Activity, in your learning management system, and so, here's what the members, dashboard, improvements, are you, can see the Astra theme adds these really, cool little. Icons, next, to the various, areas and your styling, carries over in there so, you can, see right here we, still have the same button, styling, like that, I haven't, enrolled in any of the courses or anything like that or they would show here. As well and, that feature and the customizer, where you chose, how many courses would show in the course grid also carries, over to here. Ok, so now that I've. Gone over all. Of this the. Question is if you followed the 2016. Or 2017, version. Of my online course series is how. The heck do you switch, themes. To Astra, and it's actually very very simple. Traditionally. The biggest, challenge, when, switching from one theme, to another, if. You've been using a page builder, is the. The, new theme, knowing. That the. Particular, page you created, was, built, with a page builder, and to, make adjustments like, hide the page title, make it full width and stuff like that and, Astra. Saw this as a potential, challenge, for people to switch to Astra, so, what they did was they created a, plugin. Named, switch, to Astra, let, me show you I already have installed it here and it's just in the WordPress, directory, you, can type, here you, can go to add new and induce. A search, for, switch to Astra, and I have it installed right here switch to, Astra. So, essentially. What this will do is you would on, your website you would install the Astra theme and you. Would probably look at all your pages of content and it's probably, going to be. Not looking, how you want it the full-width the title removed in all of that and here's, how you fix that you just download, install activate, this plugin, and all, you have to do is click, this button right here that, says go, full, width, now, it's always a good idea to have, a backup of your website, I have videos on using, updrafts.

For That it's always a good idea so. You just go ahead and click this button go, full width go ahead click on OK, and it's gonna automatically. Adjust, all of your content, that you made with the page builder it's. Gonna go ahead and adjust it so, that it will carry, over that beautiful. Page builder layout into Astra, now, once. You have gone through this process you, can just go ahead and deactivate, the, plug-in and, then, you can delete the plugin there's no need to keep it installed, on your website, so this, will make your homepage look exactly right, now obviously, there. Are some additional things you're going to need to go through and that is to, reassign. Your menu in the customizer, but that's really simple reap. It, in your logo it's, already obviously been uploaded, to WordPress you just need to select it and that's, one of the things I like the most about, Astra's. It's very simple. So you would go to site, identity. You, could put your logo but it also has a feature to put a retina logo this would be essentially, double. The size of, your normal logo, and it even has this way here, of adjusting. The width, so essentially, you can adjust the size of your, logo, to make it look exactly how you want it to look, and then, you can put your favicon here, all of, that good stuff as far, as assigning, the menus all you would do is go to menus. And then, you would see a list of your menus right here on your, site you would click on a particular menu, and then you can assign it to your, primary. Or your footer menu you, have those options right. There then, of course you'd want to go right, here to colors and set. Your base colors, your, footer widget colors your footer bar you, have full control over all, of that and make your typography. Vacations now if it's content, made in a page builder don't even worry about that your page builder probably already has that all set so, it doesn't really take but maybe 10. Or 15 minutes, to make the switch from, a different theme, so, now is where it actually gets really. Exciting. So, not only did you just get all this for free they. Also have, a pro, add-on, that adds some, it. Adds a ton of new features of course, to what you can do with the Astro theme but it also adds some new, integrations. And enhanced. Integrations. With, lifter. LMS, so, here is a snapshot of them all so I'll just go, through the list of these Pro options, now if you're interested, in this I do have, a specific. Link for it you would go to WP, crafter comm. Slash, Astra. I also have a bonus. Program. And for it so if you go to that link WP, crafter comm, slash Astra, it'll. Show you all of the bonus options I have available, if you, were to purchase astro, these are just things I give you for free if you purchase it through the link on my website so. Let's look at the, the first, version, of the, additional. Pro, integration. And I need to go through this so I make sure I don't miss anything I think this actually has the pro and the. Free. Integration. Features. In, it so here's that course, grade I was talking to you about this was in the free version where. You can change the amount of columns.

In, This grid, here but what's really amazing is you also have control over smaller. Devices. This, is something you didn't get by, default the. Colors, that, you said in the customizer, already, pull in automatically, to lifter LMS elements, that's in the free version of Astra. Here's another example this, one has the multiple, instructors. And. You. Can just see the colors just all carry in also, the button settings there, is actually specific, button settings in Astra I didn't, show you and, that. Is where these button settings can be changed as. Well down here we have Google font options, so you can see how and I tell you man all this had to be custom, code all of it was custom, CSS. In, any. Other theme except, Astra, and so you can customize the fonts right here here's where it talks about the dedicated, container, options. The. Dedicated, sidebar, options, the. Check, out designs, right, here now this is the check out design, that, comes in the free version but check this out, when you scroll down here in the. Pro add-on, there's an additional. Distraction-free. Check, out this is basically, conversion. Booster if someone goes, to your checkout, page it. Removes, all of the options all they're seeing is the checkout page in your logo, so they can stay focused on what you want them to be focused on which is checking, out and purchasing, your course this, is part of the pro add-on, here's another Pro add-on, it will show the. It'll. Display, the. Gravatar. Image, of the student, in the top right corner I really. Like this feature, right here actually you can see it on my site. So here I am you, can see there it is a picture, of me on the top right when you click on it it takes you straight on over to the, members, dashboard. So this is another Pro feature, that. We can enable or disable in the customizer, and I'm gonna actually show you all this you. Have the vertical tab option, this is in the customizer, in the pro version only. You, can see you'll, have the options, there now, I also have that, enabled, on my site you can see in action, so, when someone clicks on members dashboard, you can see here are the. Vertical. Options, instead of the horizontal, options, it's, just something a little different I like it I enabled, that on my site and this is only in the pro version and, the. Horizontal tabs, that is in the free version right, there, we've already looked at the course page, customizations. The syllabus, enhancements. And, let's. See there's one more thing I want to show you and, that, is right. Here it's the distraction. Of free learning, environment. So within this enabled, it removed. All of what you would see here in, the, header all those menu items and I actually have that enabled here it is, distraction, free so if I jump into one of the courses you can see it removes, any, distractions. That there would be on my website and, it, just it, eliminates. All of the menus and everything, and it, just shows, the course, content. I really like that feature I enabled, it that's only in the pro version right. There now here it is talking about it distraction, free so, let me show you how, to add, that to your site, so. What I need to do is go. To my plugins. Astra, Pro activate. It and then. What I'm gonna do is go to appearance. And then, Astra. And then. Right here where it says add-ons. Now I didn't go over all, of the awesome things that Astra. Pro adds. So, they, add custom, layouts this is pretty, amazing feature. Right here. Different. Blog grid, additional. Colors and background, options, additional. Footer, widget options, header. Sections. Lifter, LMS this, is what I need to activate, page, headers, you can also do transparent, headers like that and have, it dynamically, show site. Layouts sticky header spacing. That is very cool the, scroll, to top transparent. Header typography. Options and a special. WooCommerce, integration, so, I'm gonna just go ahead and, why not just activate, them all I'm gonna click right here to activate, all options, and you can see everything, is now, activated. So. Now what, I can do right here is I, can, go into, the, customizer, and we can take a look at some of these new options and how easy it is to enable. These options, okay, you can see by default it, enabled. The distraction-free learning. I love. This feature, but you can turn it on or off and, you have lots of options, for that I believe that's going to be under layouts. And then a header, and let's. See I think it would be primary. Header I'm going off of memory. All of this now and I think I went to the wrong spot that's okay let, me go back I know where it is now it's, under layout and then lift or LMS and now we have general.

Lifter. LMS. Customization. Options, and ones. Specific. To courses, and lessons let's. First take a look at the general options so, before we just have the column, option, there but, now we have the distraction-free check, out and we, have that option for the, members. Dashboard, to show the tabs vertically, or not so I'm gonna go ahead and enable both of these just. Like that actually let's save, this and then demonstrate them, real quick so. Right here is my check out now when i refresh the, page it's, going to go distraction-free, and, there, it is it's distraction-free, this is a much better, way. For. You to go by, a mile for. If you're selling, courses, let. Me go to that actually. I think I have it up right here okay so let, me refresh this and you're, gonna see it's gonna be a lot tighter, and cleaner you, saw how now it's very, tight and very clean, I really. Like this layout, right, here okay, so let's go back in here, and let's, take a look at some of the course and lesson, options, that were not there before so. Here's the tap to enable the distraction, free learning, if you, didn't want that you can just simply uncheck it, and it, will make it the way that it was just, like this but I like, that it gives your, website a more dynamic feel, and then, there, are and. This is the student view in the visitor view actually let's just go down to visitor view now if you didn't want to use that custom, sales. Page, layouts. Plug-in. That I talked about earlier in the video and you just like the default one well, this gives you options of, what, shows here, so I can, choose to enable. Or disable the featured, image the course description, the course meta. Information that's, this right here the. Instructor detail, right here in the syllabus I can just with one click remove, these elements, so, if I didn't like this meta right here I can just uncheck there, and it's, just going to go poof it's going to be gone well. I don't know why I didn't disappear but, I might I think I know why. And then here's for the instructor, details I think it's because in, the, customizer, it didn't dynamically, change it the way it looked so I can demonstrate.

This, In a moment, and you can enable. Or disable the syllabus and I'll show you that it actually did do that but it dish doesn't reflect in the, customizer, let, me go here and then I'll show you go. Through these student view options, and I'll show you how. This actually did work okay so we've got that distraction-free learning the same options, of the featured image course, description, course meta, detail, and progress, indicator, I wonder if it's actually showing me as enable. As actually. Enrolled, in the course so, if I go here it will, get rid of that, that's, what the problem was actually so when you're with lyft or LMS if you're in the customizer, it's, showing, you the view as someone, actually enrolled. It doesn't show you the, dynamic, view of someone not enrolled, and that's, why when I uncheck these you didn't see it disappear here, if that makes sense so. Let's get rid of the instructor, detail, and that's, actually good if there's multiple instructors, you see how it's already getting a lot cleaner here, just. With that and I really love how they made this a progress, at bar so, anyways, you have this, and you. Know it just couldn't be easier these options, here now, let me show you how I did, my. Course, layout I went. To the, container options. And for, lifter LMS, I made it boxed. And then I got rid of the sidebar, like, this I went to sidebar. And for. The lifter, LMS course lesson, I went no sidebar, like this and then, it just shows everything, in this a very, clean. Distraction-free. Environment the. Only difference between this and what I did is I added that little bit of custom CSS, to, change some, of these colors and I'm gonna give, you that custom, CSS, but you can see how, beautiful. This ended, up turning, out I mean it couldn't have been any easier and, this is why I've decided for, the 2018. Version, of my how to create online course, to. Reduce all the friction, just. Using. Astra, is gonna make it so much easier for, people to actually, get. Their course up and, running get, the tech to move out of the, way so. To get to the Astro page visit, WP, crafter comm, a slash Astra, it's gonna take you to a page on my website where, I go over some bonuses. That I have if you were to purchase Astra. If you did want that this is only if you wanted the pro. Features, but it adds so, much more than just the WooCommerce, features. Now, here. Is their website you can see the demos here let's take a look at the pricing, of Astra. Now, let's. Scroll down now for, a limited, time they also have lifetime, licenses, available so if you're, the type of person that knows when you buy something you're going to want to keep it and you want to save some money in the long run you, can purchase a lifetime, license, so let's just quickly, glance. At the pricing, so, the base theme, is free I showed you everything it does the Astra, Pro right now is $59. Per year, and there, is a 20% renewal. Discount and that's so you can get updates and support after that first year now, if you wanted the. Premium. Astrocytes. You're, gonna want the agency bundle. And it's a little bit more expensive but it comes with all of those premium. Astrocytes. And that's, not all it comes with a suite, of additional, plugins that brainstorm. Force or the developer, of Astra, makes it's. Going to come with the, pro, add-on, the, premium, sights that I showed you convert pro so that's kind, of like an opt-in monster for generating. Leads and capturing, the leads on your website it's very powerful I do have a review video all in one schema Pro that's amazing, I use that on my website, ultimate. Add-ons for beaver builder, but they're also coming. Out with the same version, of that but for Elementor. It's gonna include that an, amazing. Portfolio, plug-in I think, that's pretty amazing and any future plugins, that they make and and you get of course access to all the pro features here's the lifetime, pricing, right, now Astra, Pro 249. The agency, bundle $6.99, you buy it once you don't have to renew, anything, in the future now, I will say this. Price of 59, is. Going. To be the price for a while but. I do know that these prices are going up as they keep, enhancing. The theme and the, agency, bundle they will be increasing the prices and I know for. A fact this agency, bundled, a lifetime, price of $6.99 that. Will be going away in, 2018. For sure I think, in the earlier, part, of 2018. As well and I'm not sure about the theme itself, that might go away as well but, you can see it is a bargain for just the theme at $59. It is a huge, bargain, considering. All the, time and aggravation that, you don't even have to go through because. They made, this custom integration. They, have integrations, coming to other learning management systems, other event, plugins, WooCommerce. They just launched their, integration with that it's pretty amazing I have, a video coming out on that, so anyways, I don't want to make this video any longer, than it needs to be I'm.

Wondering What you think how do you think the, Astro theme is, going. To make, creating. An online course easier, for you and is, there any feature that you don't see, that it has that, if it did have it would get you over the edge to actually switch to, using Astra. Those are my questions for, you, in, a week's time or so I'll have a full, tutorial from, beginning to end on how to make a beautiful online, course website, using. The free version of, Astra, and lyft, or LMS, and I, will also go through the design everything, it's going to be an impactful. Video and I'll also be sharing all of the custom CSS that, I have that will allow you to change those little bits of the, customizer, I'm, sorry of the syllabus, to, get rid of those Browns and grace, so that's all that I have for you in this video thanks. For watching if you enjoyed it go ahead and give me a thumbs up and other than that I'll see you in the next video.

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Amazing video Adam but I have a quick question, if I already have another theme oceanwp, will adding Astra theme cause any challenges for my website? Thanks for all you do, peace!

Thank you for your videos. A little comment though! After switching to astra, my lessons are empty as there's no "header" option anymore (where we used to paste the video links). Is there any way around is, or will I just have to go with it and paste the videos on the video tab?

I recently encountered a serious problem with Elementor. I noticed that MySQL 5.6 is the minimum for Elementor to function correctly and my site is at 5.5.5. It is too expensive for me to move to a dedicated or VPS server, which Is the only way to upgrade MySQL. I found it out when i emailed Inmotion hosting. Elementor also would not let me edit the courses page made by LifterLMS. I tried getting help from Elementor support but it didnt solve anything, even after I increased the memory in my PHP settings. I spent several weeks building a site and putting courses on it, then I tested out the site and the middle sections did not show up, only the header and footer. Needless to say, I am now trying Beaver Builder with a new theme called "The Core" which is a recommended theme from the LifterLMS website and Beaver Builder is more complicated than Elementor but my site actually DOES show up now when viewed as a public site. Moral of the story, be careful which themes and plugins you get, they do not all function correctly as far as what setup you have. I'm bummed out because I really liked Elementor it was extremely easy to use and now I have to start over. However I am still thankful to Adam and all the great videos he puts out. They have been extremely helpful.

Hello Adam, I have heard you saying your 2018 version of creating an LMS from scratch is to be released soon. I have looked at every playlist on your site but haven't found it yet. Any thoughts as how soon will it be released?

Adam thanks for your reply. This is the only video I can see which is on LMS and astra. It would be great if you can paste the link to the playlist of your video series on creating LMS based website for 2018. Appreciate your help.

Released it 2 months ago. Just look through my list of videos, you can't miss it.

OK. I was looking for a Playlist like it was in 2017 but you had gone for a single 5+ hour video. I found it now. Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

Is it possible to translate it?

Yes all of these.

Great video Adam! Please tell that how you make the layout of the page when we click on any lesson and then which page open Looking Very nice Please tell how you make it There is Fixed left sidebar and besides how you play video with full stretched Thanks in advance! Need Help.

How to monitor users registration ex: student registration, teacher registration, purchase items and live classes

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