Best Facebook Ads Course 2018 - Sneak Peek (DEEP DIVE INTO THE COURSE!)

Best Facebook Ads Course 2018 - Sneak Peek (DEEP DIVE INTO THE COURSE!)

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What is something it is we had an absolutely insane launch. Day almost 100, people join, the Facebook, Ads ninja, master class in one, day and today we're gonna go way way deeper, and we have something very special for you at the end of this video so stay. Tuned check it out let's, take a deep dive into the best Facebook, Ads course, on the, market stay tuned. What. Is up Ninja is a welcome inside. Of the ninja master class Facebook ads edition. This is the best course that I've ever made by far I poured my heart and soul into this and I know I would say that but it's because it's always true guys and we already had literally, a hundred people, join yesterday so thank you guys so much if you're watching this one right now this, probably won't be that applicable to you but if you're thinking about joining the, Facebook, Ads ninja, master class then, this video is gonna be very educational for you cuz we're gonna go a little bit deeper as you actually. What's inside right so in the first module we really break down kind, of what Facebook, Ads is vocabulary. That you need to know right because Facebook, as like any profession. Or any like mastery, has its own kind of jargon its own vocabulary that, if you don't really understand, what it means that it's gonna be very hard for you to have like a real kind of intelligent, conversation, with people about, Facebook, Ads with other marketers right which is a very important part of diving into, you know some type of expertise, and so we talk about things like what custom, audiences, are we talk about things like what look-alike, audiences are we talk about how to properly install and. Utilize. The power of the pixel, right because if you're not using the Facebook pixel correctly. You're leaving hundreds, of thousands, if not millions of, dollars on, the table depending on the size of your business right no matter what if you're not using the pixel correctly you're leaving money on the table and you're not being as profitable as you can be so we teach you exactly how to, set Facebook Ads up kind of the right way we, teach you about all kind of the back end vocabulary. And we teach you about most importantly, the ninja pixel, strategy which is a strategy that I use I'm kind of just to make sure that you're really taking advantage of all of the little secrets and hacks, that you know it's my specialty to figure out these types of things and so we have like always so, much in here for you guys right a ton of different videos a ton of different kind of resources, here you, know tabs that I use like. Little software things that I figured out most of them are free all, different, types of videos here for you guys to check out and as always guys we do have these. PDFs that, accompany it and these PDFs are ridiculously. Detailed. Like look at how long this is like 17, pages and this is just for the very first module this is step by step by step everything. That you could possibly need even if you've never used Facebook. In, your entire life right even a personal Facebook but if you never use facebook ads any type of the platform if you've never heard a business manager if you've never run an ad advertisement. Before in your entire life right, with, this PDF and with these videos, accompanying, the PDFs you will be able to go from complete, beginner with, zero, technical knowledge into. Somebody who's actually really being you know able to make a substantial. Amount of money with. Facebook Ads so, that is the first module the second, module kind of goes really deep into the actual platform, itself right so like this is when we're talking about actually. How to implement. And use the, Facebook, Ads platform. So, we show you all different types of things right the ninja ad lifecycle so this is one this is where we talk about you know without giving too much away but this is where we talk about you, know how to properly, structure, and add the right way because a lot of people are making a lot of mistakes when it comes to you, know how they're creating their ad campaigns because Facebook allows you to, create a number of different marketing, objectives, right you can run traffic, campaigns, you can run conversion. Campaigns reach write there's all different types of campaigns but people aren't using them correctly right, like for example when. People would start a brand new campaign they don't have any pixel data they, might go, out and create a conversion, campaign, right like a purchase conversion campaign but they're wasting, money doing it that way because that's the most expensive type of marketing objective that should only be used after you actually have purchased.

Data Right the correct way to do it we, reveal here but I mean I'll give you a little preview, to it the best way to run an ad is to, create social proof for that ad right, I always say nothing nothing, draws, a crowd quite, like a crowd from my boy PT Barnum right here which is such a true quote right if someone sees an advertisement, on Facebook and it has one like right they're not going to stop they're not gonna pause they're kind of keep scrolling through their feed and looking at their you know friends dogs pictures, but if they see it an ad that has you know a thousand. Likes then they might be saying okay but thousand, people you know took time out of their busy lives to like that ad then maybe I should pay attention to and it's just it's it's subconscious right, people psychologically, do this and so the ninja ad life cycle we teach you how to get social proof on your ads right in the forms of likes comments, shares for, pennies on, the dollar compared. To how everyone else is doing it and then we teach you how to leverage, that into a traffic campaign, even if you have zero traffic right if you just started a Shopify store if you just started on amaz right, if you just started a website you have no traffic and no pixel, data we teach you how to bring traffic to your website completely. Cheaper. Than any other way that you could possibly do it right and. So this is everything that we go into we, talked about you know DPA. Is catalogue scale sales, for Shopify. For example we teach you all of the best ways to utilize Facebook, Ads in all of the different kind of passive, income mediums, we go deep into Amazon, FBA we, go you, know how to run traffic directly to an Amazon listing without. You. Know without having to use, a landing page right we teach you how to pixel, people, from. Facebook Ads directly. To an Amazon listing it's a patented ninja. Strategy, where, we're gonna show you guys how to do that without having to use landing, pages without having to do all of that and how to create custom audiences, of people who click your Amazon FBA ads and then you can retarget, them right, which is unbelievably, profitable, everyone who knows Facebook ads everyone who uses Facebook Ads knows, that, you know the way that you're profitable, with Facebook Ads is by retargeting. People correctly, you know leveraging. The power of the pixel, through, custom audiences that are super super laser targeted, based on people's actual actions, right um. And. That's a perfect segue right so module 3 we talked about how to define, your perfect, audience and remember guys module, 2 also has a huge, a huge amount of resources to write like let's look at this PDF so, this one's 19, pages and this is not fluff at all guys every one of these is a tutorial, on how to install the pixel on the main platforms.

Right We talked about the ad lifecycle, exactly. How to set it up with real screenshots, in the platform, like none of that this is the farthest, thing from high level this is everything you could possibly need, to know to, become super, super successful on Facebook Ads even if you're a complete beginner right, so we have that for each one of the modules and, so module 3 we go deeper into actually, how to create, audiences, so, we talked about how to create super, super laser targeted, audience no matter what your business is right it doesn't matter if you're you know a local. Real estate agent we talked about how to target, and find, people to get new leads for your business right it doesn't matter if you're you. Know an internet marketer it doesn't matter if you're an e-commerce seller, we talked about the best ways, and the cheapest, ways and the most efficient. Ways to create, laser targeted, audiences, no matter what, you know your specific business is you can use the same strategies, right there are little tweaks and we talked about all of those but, we talked about how to actually, leverage the, tools that facebook gives because there's a lot of ways that people just don't understand, like for example you. Can actually create what's, called a custom audience based on view percentage so, like if you create like a video ad right for example or maybe you, know you can even do it with pictures through them through a slideshow, hack that I talked about but you can actually retarget. People based, on how much of a video they watch so if someone watches 25%, of your video for example or 50%, of your video ad you, can actually create a custom, audience and show, an additional ad, to only, people who viewed a 50%. Or more of your video it's unbelievable. What you're capable of doing you, just have to know how to do it we go through every single one of the things that you could possibly want to figure out and, use for audience strategies in, module four we talked about actually how to create, ads right, we talked about ad copy right the actual text, that you put inside of an ad how, to write, those and, you know in a world-class way we show them literally. A chameleon, examples, the ninja ad vault we actually use these, are this is a huge, collection, of ads that I've literally been gathering. Over years, that I keep inside of you know one of my Google Drive folders and I share it with you guys so there's a ton of different images there's a ton of different actual ad copy right all the actual words that are part of ads that convert, like crazy and, we, show you the creative that converts like crazy right these are psychological. Tricks that billion, dollar companies, are using that you know we're really disseminating. Into a kind, of an actionable. Blueprint. Or tutorial, that you can follow along with and actually, apply, to your business right so you don't have to be a billion dollar company to, use billion dollar company ad strategies, you just have to kind of have the eye for it and then be able to really, kind.

Of Simplify, it into a way that can be applied to any business and that's exactly what we've done right how to leverage human, psychology to actually. Really, make, these things work and get people actually interested, enough to click an ad and, make Facebook, ads for you profitable, very very soon because a big problem that people have is even if they're trying on Facebook as they've, done it for a little bit right it's making it profitable quickly. Because you know a lot of people think that you have to spend $10,000. On Facebook before you're profitable right the very first ad that I ran on Facebook I was profitable because I understood, kind of what I was doing right and did it take me some time and energy and effort to learn that yeah absolutely but, once I knew what I was doing and once I you know I knew I had a product that would sell well and once I knew you know the things, that I needed to kind of do to make this work then yes my very very first, ad after I had already built that knowledge, was. Profitable, and. You know the, best, part about joining, a program especially if you have faith in the person who's actually teaching it right like I've shown in the last video I showed an. Ad account or we spent I think a little bit less than a hundred thousand dollars and made over a million dollars from it right so it was a it was a 10x, return so I obviously know you know what I'm talking about with Facebook Ads and you, know finding, a mentor that knows what he's talking about and you know trust that you, can learn from it's the fastest, best possible, way that you can really kind of catapult. Yourself, into. An expert, the. Quickest, most efficient, way you don't have to kind of go through all the trial and error you don't have to go through all the trials and tribulations, right you kind of just you. Know skip the lines so to speak and then just go straight from a beginner to an expert without all the pain that's involved I'm kind of learning it yourself and that's the beautiful part right so, let's talk about module 5 because module 5 is probably the most important, module I think, maybe of any course I've ever made, because. Module 5 teaches, you how to make a digital, marketing, company right and you might be thinking yourself like I don't know anything about Facebook guys how could I make a digital marketing company it's, actually much much easier than you think and we go through kind of some, of the math behind a, Facebook Ads agency because really. Guys if you can get four people to say yes you, can make more, than the average American, makes in a year and I know that might seem kind of vague but I'm intentionally, making it baked because it's so much easier than people think with Facebook Ads if you can get for, human. Beings, to say yes which is so much easier than people think you can make more than the average American, makes in a year and one, of my students really is making 20 he had 28 people tell him yes in the first few months I'm one of my beta testers, and he's making, 28,000. Dollars every. Single month, in profit, just. From what's contained in this one module, and it's crazy because I mean there's a lot here obviously but it's just crazy that you, know something, this small. And seemingly insignificant can, be completely. Changed someone's life but that's the beauty of knowledge, right that's the beauty of expertise. That's the beauty of understanding. And that's the beauty hopefully of this module for, you know many many more of my students so what this is guys is it teaches you how to actually leverage. Facebook, Ads into, its own independent. Source of a, passive, income right so like we're not talking about using Facebook Ads to sell products on Shopify we're not talking about using Facebook Ads to sell products on Amazon we're not talking about Facebook Ads to sell any product or service what we're talking about is running, Facebook Ads for other businesses, right so if you are running Facebook ads for other businesses, if you, are making them more money than you cost then, they are going to absolutely love you and they're gonna refer to you they're gonna refer, you to all of their friends and then all of a sudden your digital marketing company starts to explode right and that is what happens so much more often than people think with this because all you need to do is understand, how to do this once and then once you deliver results people are gonna refer, you to every, single one of their friends and we teach you exactly how to find, your first client even if you've never done, anything, related, to you know creating a Facebook ad agency in your entire life we teach you how to find your first client within 24, hours we, show you you, know my exact, templates.

That, I use, to. Actually close, new clients, right and so we share you, know the email template the phone template everything, that you could possibly need we. Show you exactly, how, to do it there's no guessing. There's no high level there's none of that BS whatsoever. The main reason I even started our YouTube you know a year ago was, because of some of those high level BS courses, that I felt like I was paying money for but they weren't really giving me the exact tools that I needed they're giving me a lot of high-level knowledge but then I had to kind of go figure it out for myself this. Course and this module is the exact, opposite of that it gives you everything, you possibly need in chronological, order to, be successful even. If you've never done this in your life if you have no technical. Technical experience none of that everything. You need to create a Facebook, Ads agency running. You, know running ads for other businesses. Is contained, within this module and the beautiful, part guys is you, know the average that people pay is $1,000, a month right so if you sign one client that's all of a sudden that's $12,000. A year and the beautiful, thing guys is there's no cost of goods sold all right there's no traditional, expenses, there's no upfront cost there's no overhead, the, thousand dollars a month that they pay you is purely, profit, the only thing that you're contributing to this is your time and so there's no per there's almost no, startup, cost right there are some like you have to have you know some type of landing page software but, it's so minimal compared, to every, other business, and just it's so underutilized. Compared, to you know Shopify, and things like that that are so mainstream, and so many people are trying to do the competition is so high no, one is creating, Facebook, Ads agencies, in the way that we teach this is a brand new opportunity that's completely, going, to revolutionize, you. Know passive, income for so many people who decide to say you know take the first step and join, our, advertising. Family, oh and, that's a module, six is how to retarget, optimize, and scale. To the moon and so you know what this means guys is, optimization. Is one of the most important parts of Facebook Ads those, who test succeed. And that's like a very beautiful kind. Of summary, of Facebook, ads and a lot of different businesses right but Facebook ads especially people who split, test and people, who understand, how to optimize, and scale, on Facebook, are the ones who win and the ones who win in a very large way right so you know if you're spending $100, and making 500, back then all of a sudden when you're making when you're spending $1,000, you're making 5,000, back right that's kind of the idea of scaling and while it's not that, that simple obviously, there are ways to do it if you understand, how right let me go through exactly. How to scale, and optimize, and then importantly right retarget. Retargeting, people the correct way is how you profit, if you do a bunch of you know top of funnel campaigns, or kind of initial campaigns and you breakeven. On all that let's say you spend a thousand dollars to make a thousand dollars back that's very very common and then retargeting.

All Of a sudden you're spending you know another thousand, and you're making ten thousand, back the way, the. Opportunity, in the way that people profit, from, Facebook is via, retargeting that's the way that, that expert marketers, really. Really. Scale and profit because. Once someone's shown interest there's so much exponentially. Infinitely, more likely to actually buy something right, and so if your zero sum if you're making zero money on your initial kind of cold traffic that's actually very very good right if you can if you can traffic, if you can market to a cold audience, and you can actually break, even on that which we're gonna show you exactly how to do in this course that is absolutely. Fantastic right, because where you're going to really profit, and have, unbelievably. Huge profits is retargeting. The correct way and this module is in depth right there's like one two three or four five six seven eight nine ten there's like 20 plus, videos, and just in this one module. And it's going to really make a huge difference for you guys you. Know how to retarget how to optimize, and how to you know most importantly scale, your ads because that's the important part right if you're spending five dollars a day and making ten dollars a day that's not gonna change your life but, if you're spending five hundred dollars a day and making a thousand dollars a day from it I might be able to change your life so understanding, how to properly, scale, is one of the best and most important. Things that you can possibly, understand. Regarding. Facebook. Ads, so this is the, ninja master class Facebook, Ads edition it took me a year and, literally millions of dollars of my money to. Figure out all of these strategies and it's kind of condensed all the, gears of advertising. On Facebook millions, of dollars spent on Facebook, advertising, everything, that I've learned from other multimillionaires. That I've met in the past years, you know is all condensed. Into this one, beautiful. You know succinct. Chronological. Course, that you guys can literally have access, to today. If you, choose to and immediately apply to your own business whatever it is or if, you want to create a passive, stream of income specifically. From Facebook Ads you can do that too it's all here it's you know it's yours for life if you decide that you do want to join guys and you also get access to our private student group and. You know I said this yesterday and we had you know over a hundred people join on the very first day but the, best time to join these type of courses is right, now like with my Amazon with my Shopify, course, that I released you know six months and a year ago the people who joined at the beginning are the ones who are the most successful because, they had the most kind of one-on-one time you, know with me and with each other and we were all just kind of a core group so if you want to join now you, are going to kind of be here on the ground floor you're gonna have the most kind, of intimate, one-on-one time, with each other we're gonna grow as a family everyone's.

Gonna Learn from each other and that's the best possible. Time that, you guys will be able to you know join and become part of the family and you can come to all of our fun meetups in Las Vegas and, you know Mexico, and Thailand, and San Diego and all of these fun things that we have planned coming, up guys and so you know I'd love for you guys to join and I'm gonna do something that, is a little, kind, of rare for me but I am going to give you guys a big. Discount. Code so normally, we do retail. This course for 1997. But. We're actually going to do something very special here we're gonna give you $1000, off if you're, watching this video right we're not gonna leave this coat up forever but, if this code does work at the checkout right on the order page which. Will be the first link in this video or the first link is gonna be the webinar the second link will be directly, to the order page and, so if blue ninja, right no spaces all capital letters if blue, ninja affects, the, price right it takes it from 1997. Down, to 97 infinite it is still, active I can't, guarantee how long it'll be active guys but it will be active for. The next a little bit and so I just want to reward you guys for watching you know all of my videos and for supporting me because I love you guys so much you guys mean the world to me obviously, I'd, love to have every, single one of you who's watching this still join, the, Facebook, Ads family. I am, so active in the private group right now I can't wait to help every single one of you guys again instantly. Save a thousand dollars off this won't be around forever but it is active, right now so, join the family guys I hope, to, see every, one of you there so we can absolutely start to kill Facebook ads apply, it to your business and we can all be financially, free together guys so see. You on the next one.

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The shopify ninja group, I was apart of it and asked for feedback and people that I'm sure probably didn't have their own stores just said how terrible my site was without giving any feedback. I was upset so I said the group sucked after that and got kicked.

not sure what you mean Curtis, can you email and elaborate?? Thanks

thanks Monica!! let me know when are ready to start!! one of the best parts of this course now is the private student group is small which means everyone gets a ton of personal one on one help!! check out my new FB Ads Webinar

Thank you for your positive energy bro ' & for this valuable knowledge...

how to rank my fb page with out any website i have just fb page my products are t shirts and mugs i want sell on fb how i will do my product advertising

Hi Kevin, I'm interested in advertising on Instagram Does this course have any relevance to ig advertising?

it does Cindy, check out my new FB Ads Webinar!!

I can’t wait to join next week, I’m super excited!!!!!

you're welcome Mike! I always try to send out positive energy!! check out my new FB Ads Webinar!!

Ramon, I'll be waiting for you!! See you in the Black Belt Group next week!!

Kevin David is this applicable for dropshipping with Ali Express.

does this course go over manychat + Fb ads for Amazon giveaways/ ranking - launching strategy?

for some reason when i here u speak u sound honest and teaching without holding back... Waiting for cash to learn from you very soon bless you .........

Kerry Stessel

Thank you Ruchika, I always try to give my students the best most transparent information that's out there!! check out my new FB Ads Mini-Course -

[CRAZY] Facebook Ad Hacks

Hey Kevin i would love to get your course but the %50 off isn’t working and don’t have the 2k right now.

adrian, send me a question to my FB page -

Facebook Ads Ninja Course + UNLIMITED Mentorship From Kevin:

How Update is this course Kevin? Im sure that you heard about the changes FB has made lately with its features.. Please elaborate if you have a new course that matches the updated FB

?Hey Kevin - I Just Bought the Facebook Ads Masterclass How can I get the bonus materials?

Dadi, send an email to and they'll help you out!! Welcome to the Family!!

Sweet I DON'T WANT CASH! I DON'T WANT PRIZES! I JUST WANT TO BE IN YOUR AWESOME COURSE! I have been following your YouTube videos for some time now and I seriously want to take things to the next level and win admission to your Course

Would this help for SMMA?

I'm struggling to get people onto my weekly webinar. My niche is expats in the middle East and I am finding it hard to isolate them. Does the course have this info Inside ?

I want too learn it all shopify Amazon Facebook adds advertising how can I sign up for all of it please get back too me from Vancouver bc Canada

did you send an email to my assistants at

why are you very quickly speak? this not a show program. You tell perfact about the matter but very quickly. ı am from Turkey English my second laguage . same a lot of weaver. We are subcribe you. Please; speak slowly. Thanks all your explane .

Erdoğan Gümüş , it's just who I am, I do try to speak more slowly but it's seems I just have one speed! 

Kevin how much is your master course?

Christian, send an email to and ask for the discount code!!

*Should I continue the 'Make Money Online' Videos?! IF YES:

*Should I continue the FB Ad Videos?! IF YES:

How updated is the course material and does it take into consideration recent changes to FB? Also how long do I have access to this it lifetime?

Neil, the course has only been out a month or two so very up to date!! It is lifetime access!

I just purchased !!!!! Can’t wait to get into this ASAP !!!


Will i be able to use those course to learn how to make facebooks ads for other businesses ? I’m interested in making a FB ad agency.

Of course Kevin, with this course I teach you how to create FB Ads and how to find customers!! It's got everything you need to create a FB Ads Agency!

And: Are lifetime updates included?

try to reduce video speed to x0.25 haha - I actually watch it on x1.25 - time is money Ninjas!!

MrTan TV yes it was !!! The best thing I have ever done

hi Mark, was it helpful?

+mark job i'm thinking to borrow money for the course, but not sure if i can earn back within 1 month

Hi Dadi, could you share if the course is helpful?

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