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Everyone. Benjy here from benching and gaming if, I'll try something a little bit different for the video today and actually include myself so please be kind but. I'm today, we're going to be testing this the HD 4550. Specifically. The 512, megabyte gddr3 version, which launched in September 2008. But. Just aside there's another knurled card perform in relatively modern games today stay. Tuned to find out. The. HD 4550. As mentioned, launched in September, of 2008. And as. Part of the same entry-level market, segment is the HD 4350. Of 4570. If. A maximum power draw of around 25, was it ran a core speed of 600, megahertz, if the 512, megabytes, of gddr3, memory, on this version of the 4550, running, at 667. Megahertz. 1334. Megahertz effectively, with. Some using 800, megahertz gddr3. Instead, it. Was built using the terascale architecture, and featured, 242. Million transistors, though, only 55, nano fabrication process. The. Rv7 ten graphics, core and the one compute unit Athey, shading units a texture, mapping units and for raster operations, pipelines and had. 16, kilobytes, of l1 cache with, 64, kilobytes, of l2 cache as, well, this. Version of the 4550, specifically, had the one DVI connector, one. Hdmi connector and also one vga connector, as well but. Given there's a low profile, card you, can actually remove the VGA connector, and fit a will profile, bracket instead for small form-factor pcs. Price-wise. I'm unsure of the exact price but the version we have here to be launched back in 2008. A price of around 55, US dollars which. Is around 65, US dollars today adjusting, for inflation all. Around 52, pounds or 50 euros, - and taxes, etc if. The 256. Meg evasion, of this cart coming in around 10 US dollars cheaper than the 512, megabytes launch phrase as, I. Mentioned though I managed to buy this for almost 4 pounds as cex in the UK and on. in, America for the version of the same video out this is this one EPP. In, $12.99. Before. We get home of the test here's a quick rundown of the system will be tested in the 4550, was its. Features and i7, 6700. K at 4.8, gigahertz and all cores I am. A size F - 70 s li + motherboard, 16. Gigabytes of Corsair Vengeance ddr4. At 2800. Megahertz and Windows. 10 Pro 64-bit. With the games running from mechanical, hard drive so, let's go on of test kicking. Off our test today is a ever-popular Grand Theft Auto 5 and a, 4 year old game on the PC at least that, remains a great game for benchmarking processors, and graphics cards, today. 720p. Was nowhere near being remotely. Playable, in any way so, I decided to run the test at a lowest resolution possible, 800. By 600 I've actually, forgotten about the frame scale in options so the resolution could go down to enough to an effective, 400. By 300 if you'd like I'm. Also using the lowest possible settings, for this test as well to, at least give the 4550, a chance at being playable that. Was nothing more than a distant pipe dream though unfortunately as. The performance was truly awful throughout.

The Say the game could only manage around 13, to 20 frames per second mark and had. Enfield like so how old a really bad that, the driving was made and they were impossible to do it. Did less in the further out of the bow of say areas he got law I also. Lost a fair amount of input locking as well wherever. And that you were doing say turning, left for example which stuck on for a period of time. Performance. Out in the desert area with no bear although, the end up walking wasn't as bad as it wasn't the say but. Overall though the game is completely unplayable, on the state and she'd most certainly, be avoided, at this resolution the, benchmarks. World average one percent with point one percent wall frame rate of 19, 13, and 11 FPS, respectively, a lot. Of frame thing spikes throughout the tests of around sixty to one hundred five milliseconds. In one, of 120. Milliseconds, hope we Furr at least a playable experience, and moved on to csgo, I Counter, Strike global Offensive, given. The age of the game at least seven years ago now and I decided to test the game at 720p. I also, managed to get the game to pick up a custom resolution of 8 for 8 by 4 ft as well before, being run using the worst possible settings, and a hard difficulty, competitive, bot match on the Mirage map, 720p. Was I'd say unplayable, at the worst and uncomfortable, at best FPS. Wrote, the map managed to be around 35, up to 50 FPS, range but, the game had a sawed off story appearance, throughout the test which, I'm certain is due to the frame things being very inconsistent. There. Was also a depth down to 27, FPS just, to the smoke on screen as well. The end consistent, frame things unfortunately also cost some into luck although, unlike, gt5, the nfident, lock which I suppose was nice, it. For 8x4 st though was first mover in 720p, and far, more playable, as well it, managed 59, up there and 105. Frames per second throughout the map and to, my eye at least had no noticeable lashes at all and overall. Was quite enjoyable if you can put up with the water solution. 720p. Managed, average 1%, and pokémon percent all frame raised a 42. 23, and 18 FPS, respectively. With. Multiple spikes and frame times of around 40, to 60 milliseconds, a few, more getting towards 100, milliseconds, it. For a by 480 on the other hand managed. 72-42. And 31, FPS, for as average one percent and point one percent will frame rates respectively, and, had some frame team spikes of around 40, to 60 milliseconds, the.

Next Came up in the list the skyrim specifically. The original, version of the game released. Back in 2011, not. The remastered version released back in 2016. And much, like sia school I decided to test the game at 720p, as well, as a custom resolution, of 848, by 480 which, I had to add at the Skyrim prefs that I and I failed to actually use I'm. Also running the game using the wall preset in the games launcher. Performance-wise. 720p. Was pretty uncomfortable to, play and, suffered from the exact same issues as csgo at 720p, and that, the frame times were quite inconsistent which, causes quite and also entered like a Polish through the game and also. Causes it to have a starry appearance forever as well. FPS. Wise I only managed 20 to 29 FPS. On the run and the Riverwood near the start of the game and even. That little was 18 FPS, inside the Riverwood trader making, for some pretty jarring gameplay, 8. 4 a by 4 a steal off manage the far smoother experience of. FPS and the 41 to 55, FPS range, on the run and Trevor would instead above 30 FPS inside, the trader with, highs of 43, FPS, on. The way to 40, falls Barrow and temple, 720p. Couldn't even manage a 30 FPS year and was often in the ultimate, twenties stone often no silly story appearance, caused by the frame things. And em fit like the puzzle on with it, 848. By 480 fared far better on the run towards the temple dropping. No word in the mid thirties and hanging as high as around 51, FPS. And. Say the temple itself as a harder, short for 720p, a figure. That was 14 FPS, at one point it did however manage a high of around 40, although that doesn't make up for just too jarring on experiences, it. Flow rate by 480 again, performed relatively well of, fps in the range of 31, up to the game's hard one of 60fps inside, the temple although. There were movements in which there was some noticeable, starting, which happened when FPS, stepped into the thirties. 720p. Managed 25, 12, in 9f, ps4. It's average one percent and point one percent will frame respectively. For. Huge amount of frame time spikes of around 60 to 90 milliseconds, throughout the game many. More reach in 160. Milliseconds, and one hanging tuned 20, milliseconds, at, 1.8. For a by 480 managed. 48:28. In 21, FPS, for. Its average one percent and point one percent more frame rates respectively, and had a lot of freedom spikes, have up to 60 milliseconds, summer, and 100, milliseconds, and one reaching 120. Milliseconds. Lastly. Before moving on to overclock in the HD 4550. Is warframe, the game initially released in 2013 but, one that continues to be updated a has a massive community of players as well for. This game I'm testing that resolutions, of eight for eight by four eighty and 640. By 360 both. Of which are custom resolutions, and required me to edit the games configuration. File to achieve, one. Thing to watch out for though if you're doing it yourself is, that when setting the custom resolution, to 640, by 360 the. Game can often start up in 640, by 480, giving, you a squashed image although all, tiling out and back-end can fix this that. Aside both tests are running with the wall settings preset, and both were conducted, on a survival mission on Jupiter. To. Start off with Iran about the wonder craft for a bit to, get an idea of how it performs there and it. For 8-bit 480, the FPS was around the factory 880, FPS, mark depending, on where you are on the ship and. There was no noticeable starting, on locking up. 640. By 360 though, managed as high as 100, frames per second with, those around the 47, FPS mark also. A pewter and smooth oil on the planet selection, screen as well 8. For 8 by 4 if they had the starry appearance, and some input luckier probably, earth to end consistent, frame times again, you. Did a machinist fo 8 4 a by 4 a 'they can get to as high as a high 80s fps, wise during the mission and the wished detailed, areas had, very, low school DEP stanislaus 21, FPS, with Northville, infant lag as well, there. Is also one occasion where the empress locked up causing the gun to continue, firing. 640. By 360 could also be quite jarring at times as well but, cut as high as 100, for FPS, during mission and lowest detail areas of, walls around the 29, FPS, mark there. Was also some notable info log as well although I don't think it was as bad as a a 48 by 480 and overall, 640. By 360 the. Big improvement, over what 848, by 480, could manage. The. Benchmark, showed. 40:24. In 21, FPS, for. A 48 by 48 his average, 1%. And point 1 percent more free respectively. With, multiple spikes and frame times throughout of around 40, to 50 milliseconds, with, 110 60, milliseconds. 640. By 360 loop managed. 5432. In 30 FPS for, its average one, percent and point one percent or three respectively, and, that. Spikes in stream themes of around 40 milliseconds, with one hitting 100, milliseconds, as well getting.

On To overclocking, and with GT 5 the 45 50 managed a maximum clock of 721. Megahertz on the core and 800. 60 megahertz on the memory effectively. 1720. Megahertz an, increase. Of 121. And 60 megahertz respectively. The memory was unfortunately, quite water I don't have much I get increased the clock, that. I said there was a massive, improvement over what stock fox managed, FPS. Was now in the 18 to 28 FPS, range for LC which, may not seem great but the emperor was massively reduced, although there was though some loss of input lag there as. Well as a little input locking, left over two different. Teams were unfortunately. Still quite inconsistent which, led to a study, appearance throughout the test again once. So in the desert area of the map there was again still some notable input locking although that only happened occasionally. Benchmark. Wise the 45-50, managed 23, 16, and 13 FPS for. Its average 1%. And 0.1% or frame rate respectively. Despite. The old benchmark, figures considered, an improvement over stock I'd argue that this was actually, no, cang of playable if you can fit up with the law FPS, moving. Onto csgo and there was quite a lot of improvement, here as well clockwise. At manage speeds of seven hundred fifty megahertz, on the core, 860. Megahertz on the memory and given. How you limited the card like this as in terms of memory bandwidth, I have, a feeling that the 60 megahertz increase, in memory clock despite, how small is where the majority of the performance, boost is coming from it's, talk 720p. Had a pretty noticeable story, appearance, throughout the map and. Can be uncomfortable to pull yet tapes and despite still having issues with this the overclocked managed to muscle do away with it, the. FPS was know around the 45 to 70 3 FPS, park depending, on where you are on the map as, well as the appearance, still be noticeable at times the, results of some noise will make restarting when turned in the camera as well it. For 8 by 480 on the other hand can they manage 72. 136. FPS, format, depending, on where on the map you are and, as. You can imagine it was far smoother than 720p, could manage to be there. Were no signs of any kind of input lag or locking nor, was there any kind of start or locking, up either they. Were dips down into the mid-60s though when they were smoked on-screen but that wasn't really any issue at all, 720p. Managed, average one percent in point one percent all frame rates of, 53 29, and 22, FPS respectively, with, multiple spikes and frame things throughout the test of around 40, to 60 milliseconds, it's, so more around the 70 to 80 millisecond, mark I'd. Like to point out though that literally, the movement the benchmark ended the game black screen so you may have to reduce the clock a well as it seems it as an entire loss table was this overclocked, eight, for eight by 480 managed, 89, 52. And 39, FPS, for. Its average one percent in point one percent frame, rates respectively, which, is a huge improvement over what stock. There, were also multiple, spikes and frame times of up to around 40, to 60 milliseconds, although these were unlawful, for. The penultimate game in today's test is back to Skyrim eight. For eight by four eighty is where the biggest improvement, came after overclock in speaking of which the, HD 4550.

Managed Clocks of seven hundred twenty one megahertz on the core and eight hundred 60 megahertz on the memory, the. Run into Riverwood the start of a game in, about 720p. Hangs high is 57, FPS, with. Walls of 27, there. Was also some noticeable starting, minor on fruit trees and been, turned in the camera as well it. For eight by 480 though never drops below 40, FPS, on the run and taro root and we'd, get as high as the games hard' one out of 60fps, but. You often had throughout the test at. This point there was no input lag or starting of any kind at all we're best resolution, the. River were trader showed a small improvement is 720p, with FPS now around 24, to 30 FPS mark although, the worst are no supply story appearance to the game here nor, stole some and food like here to it. For a by 480 could manage 43. 253, FPS, here now and unlike, 720p. There was an unlawful starting, or lock it up in any way getting. Towards police force barrel at 720p, that winter is was 21, FPS, some. Pretty noticeable starting it. For a before HD managing to hit the sex the FPS, limit with flaws of 43, FPS and again, there was no starring or locking up you're either. Inside. Bleak falls tempo, is where it starts to get even worse at. Least for 720p, as their word ups as bad as 21 FPS, and it was also some very noticeable starring, as well as steps bold 20 FPS, by no reserve significant, amount of fire on screen, to. Make it even worse there was also a noticeable, amount of input lack in the temple to due to very inconsistent, frame times if. Worried by 480 thankfully. Fared far better in the temple it. Was on the games 60 FPS limit quite a lot but, there were however moments, where it with depth is 39, ft s with. Very noticeable, make restarting when it happened. 720. Piece benchmarks showed average, 1%. And point one percent will frame rates 32. 16 and I was an FPS respectively, which, was just a bad the starting go at times along. Was the huge amount of spikes in frame times about the 80 milliseconds. Multiple. Heading 100, milliseconds, and some, more of 120. To 140, milliseconds. 720p. Also had the same issue here as a dead end csgo in that, the game black screen the moment the benchmark ended so, a reduction, in clock speed would be needed to have the game be completely stable not, that the performance, would be good enough to be comfortable anyway, 8. For 8 by 480 managed, average one percent in point one percent or frame rates a. 56:31. And 25, FPS, respectively. Multiple. Free in time space throughout the test of around 50, to 60 milliseconds, a couple. Hitting 80 to 100, milliseconds, and one of 120.

Milliseconds. To. Speed the issues it remained there was a decent improvement, over stock and would often be on the game 60fps hard, woman lastly. Is back to warfarin which managed, stable clocks of seven hundred fifty megahertz, on the core and 860. Megahertz on the memory much, like sia school -, a black screen at the end of the benchmark, 8. For 8 by 480 showed unnoticeable, improvement, overall until. In extent so that 640. By 360 although, that, resolution did in fact she was slightly worse star according, to the benchmark figures, on. The wonder craft the overclocked fish to FPS up to noodle 100, frames per second at 8 for 8 by 480, or even, higher is 640, by 360 at, 120. FPS max, was. Here heard around 46, and 55, FPS respectively. The. Planet selection screen was first mover at 8 for 8 by 480 now although. There were still some issues here with infant luck the, same being true for 640, by 360 minus. 2 n fit lag as I ran with no problems, at that resolution of stock flops already, maybe. Not to the mission itself thought and both still have issues with Northville micro starting in the most intense scenes as lots of enemies are smoked around you with a 48 by 480 is being quite noticeable which, also may have had a slice halt down and how fast the game is running there assured a fire rate of the weapon seems flawed and it should have been 640. By 360 never, had this full-time no. FPS. Wise wolf it's told that both 30fps, and intense, scenes with, highs around 150. To 180, s8, for a by 480 and, almost 130, frames per second at 640, by 360 in, those detailed, areas of the game 8. For 8 by 480 also has some fairly lost one flag during most intense scenes as well 8. 4 a by 4 a they managed average 1%, and point one percent low frame rates of 46. 27. And 25, FPS, respectively, the, frame team expects of up to around 50 milliseconds. Throw in some, of 60 milliseconds, of small. Improvement over stock clocks but not enough to make it completely comfortable to play. 640. By 360 another, hand kid manage relative or playable. 5833. And 28, FPS, average 1%, of point one percent or frame respectively. Some. Frame times takes around 40, to 60 milliseconds, in one, of 70 milliseconds, they, were also pretty much no spikes at all in the latter half of the test other than one of 60 milliseconds, this. Was a slight improvement over, stock clocks but at times a star was actually a bit worse. So. There you have it the HD 4550. Can in fact play some relatively modern games I'll, bet you're pretty well resolutions, but given their only cost me four pounds five points 50 with posters and packaging it's, actually not that bad overall, because, to me you don't need great graphics or the best of hardware to still enjoy games. Reducing. The frame scale and option the GT 5 with hopefully make it more playable, csgo. At 8 for 8 by 480, ran reasonably, well - with an overclocked, war. Freedom can be play about 640, by 360 display, is Romanian issues and. Skyrim ran remarkably, well as well it for 8 by 480 with an overclock despite, the remaining issues, if. You enjoyed this video please consider leaving a comment and the like and subscribing to my channel if you'd like to see more content like this and maybe. Even sharing the video with people you think may enjoy it and although. There's no obligation to do so you can support me in creating these videos for my patreon, Slash benching gaming or, free coffee coffee, comms flash benching gaming but, thanks for watching my video it means a lot Iria takes the tank to watch my content hopefully, Oh see you in the next one. You.

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