Ben Perkins - Silicon Slopes Lecture Series

Ben Perkins - Silicon Slopes Lecture Series

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Thanks, mark, just. To clarify I only started a few games for, the most part I expect warmer and a few my teammates are here they can attest. To that so thank you for. Having me think not the airship Institute, for. Having. Me here I think the real reason Marquez, would be talking today is I'd, like to show you this, idiot can do it you can I haven't. Done very much but. With that said I'll share with you what I have done and some of the lessons I've learned and. Hopefully encourage you to start your own business. So. If I raise my hands was it anyone, know about one of my calling here who knows. Thank. You phrasing that's about 20% and of that group how many actually. Know misshaped. Okay. Hopefully. We raise that number. And. Can. Someone just explain, that did raise their hand what will sell yeah. Please it's. A sure. It's. Like a dress shirt but it's really stretchy. So. It's. Really. Comfortable actually oh when, I got it through friends. That's. A necessity when we sell thank you what's, your name do it don't I swear, I don't know doing I didn't tell them to say that so. We saw a direct performance dress, shirt so dress shirts made of athletic, fabric. So, I played on the soccer team like Mark said and I just, thought to myself well my, athletic, clothes are really comfortable about my dress shirt is, just terrible why can't we combine the two and. You're just a quick video so we're talking about, was talking about stretchy just. A quick video we wanted to get people to see one, of the features of our shirt. So. I, mean. We don't recommend that people who are sure to pull it as hard as they can but, it is stretchy like Dylan said and. We'll talk a little bit more about the product later. But. Kind, of what I want to break it down today is, time, a little bit about my that, story, and way I got into entrepreneurship, talk about how I got into this brand specifically. Some. Of the lessons I've learned. Okay. One, of the mistakes I've made some. Of the challenges will focus on where we're going this brand so first, like. Mark said I, mean, well, Melanie actually said I want a former member of the soccer team I just, finished some retired though when. I used to play on the men's soccer team here in TV. And. Loved, every aspect. This is the coolest picture I could find so that's why I put it there. And. I. Grew. Up in Asia. As. A business consultant so, I knew. The humidity, I, grew. Up with other. Kids. That all their parents move to Hong Kong specifically. For. Their work and so. That. Was my background, and talking about soccer I played soccer for as long as I could remember. That's. Really all the only memories I have now so having an identity crisis. Talking. About that I. Grew. Up playing and. It. Was a million, degrees outside my 100 percent humidity. And. I loved wearing spandex I know this sounds weird, that was when Under Armour came out if he can remember they, had the turtleneck, that had the you a logo, I thought that was the coolest thing so I'm a sucker for marketing, and messaging and. I thought that was the absolute coolest thing so even though it was super hot outside and we're under ever turn. Full-length eternal and. I have, pictures value on Cheryl. Satisfied. I had one of the sliders, as. My underwear, any lieu of boxers, or underwear I just loved everything about it and, I also loved, expensive. Soccer cleats so I remember my first pair of expensive, soccer cleats that I bought they're called the 19 total 90 lasers if, anyone here, play soccer you'll know what they are Wayne Rooney, more. Than their bright yellow, they're, the coolest things I've ever seen and they had this little circle. On top that would help you shoot harder that, was essentially, the marketing, behind I thought it was the absolute coolest thing, and. I begged and begged my parents about. That piece, of the best cleats there are and begged, my parents to pay for them and so for a birthday present that got me these $200, pair of cleats I was. Super happy and then two months later adidas, came out I was called the f50 today. They. Had, a little stud ring and you could change the bottom cleats I said. Wear metal cleats it's one of our prosthetic, limbs you could change it well I'm gonna have this one now they. Don't want to pay for that and they said when you come up with your own money and, so I did terrible odd jobs to try to raise it and I was really good doing, bad jobs for low amounts of money and.

So I think I got up to about $80. Describing pools. There's. Gotta be a better way my. Brother who was an entrepreneur I, said. Well how. About me having to start blogging, and. Now as a 13 year old so, 2007. So that's kind of what that the advent of blogging and, so I want. That now but I wanted to be an influencer. They that wasn't a term back then and, so I started blogging about soccer cleats with the help that 19 adidas with one day sent me that 52, or, whatever, they new cleats were so I could just get free product and. So I started blogging every, day single, day. Yeah. I started to start blogging every single day on. Website. My brother set up for $7 called soccer equipment. Calm. And. I love, to have fun I'd write five articles a week I'd. Say well I. Look. Back at the content man it's terrible but I had fun I learned. Lots and, then I remember, the first, company I you know every single company on the planet to, create sporting products, most, of which and who. The. First company that firstly companies I responded, to be about, four months in a, company. Called Tom Kane and, another company called no miss out of England, Australia. So. No mess creator then their, their big red mouse so. But, he they. Specialize in rugby pleased but they're the first people that tend to shower meets anything I would love to have you write about our cleats, they're as desperate as I was. And. So. They their, CEO, was actually flying into homecoming, wanted to meet I was thirteen I thought, oh this is a problem, sorry. My dad dragged me to the hotel and, when I was there I freaked, out well he finds out it's all over so I found a creative way to town just drop it off at the front desk and. So, we got free cleats there and then I started having people write for me and offering, them free products, and got to the they grew, larger the network of thought he had seventeen writers at one point for. Me you're, getting the 300,000. Visits a month of getting all the product more product than I ever wanted, I couldn't, fit it anymore. And. So I I solved my problem but we just we read about soccer stuff and it was really fun and I say it would be featured on ESPN, this is probably my highlight, so. I'm 15 there I debated, painting. Myself or stubble but. We got flown out to South Africa, as. A member of the press for the 2010 World Cup and. There I am the Divas is neat, designers, who created who's called the Jabulani, world, pet ball and. So we got the interview man knows that was. The best experience so, anyways that that, made me realize that I loved entrepreneurship. Everything about it, and. I don't talk about this too, much anymore. But. I was one of the first sponsors, just letting you know, about. Later is I've never monetized, this so, if I look back now the value. We. Should have been making about 50,000, a month but, I was happy with just the product, they're. Getting the free product it's that's one of the lessons I learned from that in. Any ways that happened but. Then I had committed to play soccer at the University in Kentucky, and they thought it might be a compliance, issue if I was getting free product. The. Whole nother can of worms and, so I stopped, it and I ultimately sold, the company which. Was good, for me. And then I decided to serve an LDS mission and. The University of Kentucky would, have hold on to my scholarship, and so I transferred to UVA which was having the first d1 team in. The state so, come. From AUSA's really. Gracious. And let me. Go. On a mission. But anyways they're, super hot in the Philippines that's where I went and, that but. I came home and I thought pays off soccer. Team is awesome up business can I start now UVU, always talks about engaged learning but doesn't seem very engaged if I go to class and then don't do anything beyond that.

What. This was kind of started, there. Was some awful, ideas, so, I wanted to buy, GPS, doesn't think that here there. That's. Like essentially, their bus service and the Philippines I want to buy ten them, but. It turns out, each. Fare is only about, five. Cents so take me 48. Years to return to, see any return on that so. That's that one that, I wanted to buy a property. Here, on GPU and develop, it into student housing turns out I needed about eight million. An, idea I had the same starts off reviews, was. Called witness well you can see how bad this logo is I don't have a pointer but, the shadow I designed this on Microsoft, Paint my family desktop computer. There's. Just, a generic shadow, that our. Figure. Teased me there's, a woman's shadow for some reason feet. On top of the person, on. The other side so. I realize, now it's awful but the idea was I loved spandex, I loved those, fabulous performance. Fabrics, and, about myself well, every. Sunday I'm super uncomfortable the. Shrimp the shirts I wear awful. That I can go outside running and 100, degree temperatures. And be comfortable with the disconnect, there and so I got myself played I should, start. Going to be called witness whether these, dress shirts so, that was as a 13, year old but I didn't have to sort of capital back then and. So I didn't do anything but. The Philippines, I showed. Me that there. Was a reason, and then I wasn't the only one in. Here. Wears dress shirts regularly. And. I don't know what your experiences, have been but I only Warriors the cheap cotton dress shirts that. They say are. That's. Not true and. They were super hot super uncomfortable always come untucked you can't reach up I'll. Take off my suit to, show up oh. Yeah. You can't do anything in there not functional, at all and I, was forced into them so I thought to myself well here's a product there, well here's a problem so, I think that's important. Journey finding, problem if it's not a problem for you it's, not a problem for other people. And. So I found the problem I said well, here's a problem and then the next question I asked myself is there a market and. There. Wasn't back to mark there I lived in Utah where. A, lot of people were interested and. So I thought myself this might be it. But. With that said I actually talked to my brother I said so I don't even get started I. Don't, have any clue, I created. Content, before but. That was all on WordPress on a digital platform how, do you actually make a tangible product. And to get started he said your, idea is fine but honestly, you're probably going to lose about twenty thousand dollars. But. I didn't, have money for my sales Socrates. That fund the new venture, and so that's what I was gonna use for this I said well I made this money let's. Spend it forever. And so he said okay, everybody was twenty thousand dollars but I've been manufacturing, in China and I know people and so. He. Hooked me up with a local company called prodigy, premise if any of you are looking to do sourcing. Overseas. That's, a good start for you they make the, almost. Impossible task starting. To create a product possible, you'll pay you'll pay premiums, but. I went to them first and said hey I want. To create this, essentially. Nike dri-fit treasure, that's the easiest way that I explain it what. Can we do and. So. We went we I told him what the idea was and he said okay you give.

Me A little bit more than that and. So I went. Around and I got every single fabric that. I want they cut. My pet shirts and. Some. Of my favorite, yes. Under Armour products, and, I compared them to normal dress shirts and I said okay I want this fabric, in this construction in this bill. And. He said over to China and great so we we traded a tech pack we, did. Sizing, we said this is going to turn out awesome this is our first sample the first. I. Don't. Know if you can see it but it's obviously not it's, a terrible sample, this is the first one we have I. Said. Well at, the very least let's create a product that I like. So. This was first sample and, it's just. That you know it's not proprietary so, if any of you want to try that yeah it's. 85 percent polyester 15%. Spandex that's what we were told by China for, this one. This. Is the second sample, they also said this was the same material, yeah you can it's, not it's, pure, spandex, so, this one really is the invertible, shirt say well I don't want that neither and, so it's kind of a Goldilocks thing, where you say well this is too much this it's. Too part of this way it's, too far this way can we find something in between and, so we ended up on this was our final, sample. And. I'll go ahead and pass out actual. Product. And. Just to show you it's actual properties, to, show performance, I've had it in my backpack all day so. You can see how it actually performs go ahead pass, it around I think there's something to. Tactile. Feel. And. So we finally created a product that I liked, which. Was great. Total. Sample piece ended up running me about five hundred dollars, and. If you want to do smaller. Products, and maybe less than that that's to give you a ballpark figure, that's, probably more information than I should be giving very seriously interested I think, it's worth it so I have a product that I was finally happy with that's what I'm wearing right now. And. I said it was great this solves all my problems but how do you actually form a company and bring it. Doesn't do much good good, to just have a product, they always say on Shark Tank we doesn't product. Or. Brand or company and so, I went to my. Sister I but. I went to my sister because. She was a nearby. University that, shall not be named. Appala and, it's an award-winning advertising, program. Her, and her team aka, friends, had, won quite a few collegiate, awards and I said well this is the best relay break yeah, I. Want, you to create me a logo and, let's kind of work on messaging, and marketing how do we want. What, do we want to be how do we want to portray ourselves, to. Consumers so that's, my team and, these are some of the initial logos we worked on. Actually. Showing. The. Caller, some. Abstract, and so we look through a whole bunch of things that we did test marketing, which, wasn't great test marketing because it's my friends and they told me what I wanted to hear, and. So that's. One of the things I've learned. Get. A good honest feedback from playing surround yourself with people I'll tell you the truth this, is our bottom little bit here. And I'll explain why. That's actually, our brodo so the, samples going around on the top button this. Is one of the problems we faced how to market a dress shirt and I, wanted a blue button around here so. You can differentiate, yourselves, so, that's. Actually the reason for that logo there, so. Far form the brand blue my collar filed, with. The state of Utah's limited, liability, company. And. That was the brand so we have product we have brand the question, was heavy selling. It. Doesn't do much good for me to have a product or a brand even, if it's great if I can't sell it I. Greatly. Respect or door salesman I'm not one. Well. How'd you start selling that my brother again he's been here in, case you can't tell he's been here oh wait. He. Said try Kickstarter, I didn't know anything about crowdfunding back, then but, he said it's good way to validate. Your concept see if people actually want the product you're selling or, if it's just to you and. It's, a way to actually, sell. It to new consumers, outside of your current reach and. So we did that and here's the video we created, for. Our first Kickstarter. The. White gesture. What, can you really say it's. White it's, got a collar buttons, that's about it they're. Hot uncomfortable. And somehow always wrinkled, why. There's. Nothing in the white shirt handbook that said it has to be that way that's. Why we a blue and white collar decided, the classic dress route needs an upgrade, first.

We. Change the construction, by adding four-way stretch meeting. The circle moves the way you move no matter the situation, next. We, made the shirt preview after. Extensive research experience. We found this blend of material will keep you cooler drier. And more comfortable. And. With. Our superior sizing, system you'll know exactly how the shirt will fit every time you. Want that I want, everybody. Well. You're done with the shirt for the day simply. Toss it into mush, pull. It out of the dryer and you're back in business no, dry cleaner no iron needed, but. Also donate, a portion of every purchase to, come in house a nonprofit. That helps homeless teens get back on their feet we. Don't want you to sweat the key you the, interview the, date or. Whatever important life moon and they beat we. Made a product that's more versatile, better-looking. And most importantly, more, comfortable, than. Any dresser you've ever met the. White dress shirt is life's uniform, and with, blue and white color we, aren't just practically. An institution, you might. Say it's a clothing revolution. Some. Of the video we have super-high plans we wanted to. Be. Able to sell enough to these alright, we're not gonna be able to make enough of these TV. Superheroes. Like we're gonna be in 300,000. That been sales within one month. Turns, out we did. 22,000. Which. One which are still good they exceeded. Our goal and a lot of you to place that order but. It wasn't as high as but. It turned out well and, that got us our start and just, as tall you know it's not quite as glamour. There's. An unglamorous sights here behind the scenes. That's. How we filmed. So. He had a truck in neutral. Is. About 90 degrees that day have a stream shirtless. And. Don't want to pay police to coordinate we've not done every single that's it hey just filming and so he pushed this truck I take like 30 takes a neutral. You're pushing the truck with five people on the back with, this little rig. Filming. All the guys walking out to you so a, lot. Better because you can't see how sweaty we are here but. We're pushing that truck and do people so you can actually hear the guy speaking so. There's an unglamorous side, so, we did a Kickstarter. And. Then we sold that and. We. Have continued to grow so. Now I'm talking about some of the challenges we've had it's, one. How do you market dress shirt to him demarcated, restroom first the house so, I wanted to create a dress shirt. That. Could look like you know regular. Dress becomes the whole point I wanted a performance. Fabric and a, normal dress, but. I mean you can put a big swoosh on here because then a lot of people won't wear it well. I guess if you have the sushi might work okay. But again whatever your logo is people aren't gonna wear it so how do you market it so one, of the ideas yeah, this remind you to do. So you can hide it with the tiger a really formal. Occasions. But it doesn't happen, well thank ideas if you can think of better ways. But, that was one of the things so how. Do you market a dress shirt and so we really. Hoped it will have to bid on four things so. Our our. Features and then the benefits, so you hear a lot about that really focus, on the benefits the consumer, so that four features re really goes to go. Our. Rico. Resistant so I got married and I was so happy that I didn't have to iron my dress shirt on my wedding day that's. One of the things I've always had problems with that I wanted. A shirt that breathe. And. So our dress shirts derive 50% faster when you air dry compared to 100%, cotton dress shirt I wanted. A shirt that would stretch so I can raise my hands up. Or. Do other things. And. Comforters. Those, are really other, things we wanted to focus on but. Then include you market to whom you market a, dress, rated and so the. U.s. dress shirt market, that, in 2019, is 4.25, billion, dollars so it's huge, I'm. Wearing a dress shirt. We. Can just mark it to everyone that's, not the right marketing. Strategy, I can tell you that now you've. Got to focus in on who, your target, demographic, is and so with. Some mentors, we were I'm. Not driving that idea we said well one we're going to be this really hit, brand that does awesome, packaging, but, in terms of people. That. Actually care about the packaging, and want these fancy, dress shirts are willing to pay more. -, the paint brands so, they've done a question and, so we said what, we're going to be the cheapest of the cheap we're gonna we're.

Going To compete with Costco, Kirkland, Signature Brendan and say we're. Better than those guys but. It turns out the, people that's wanted a cheaper, price tag so what we've. Found. Is grilling our perfect, market, is people. That don't want to wear sugar, so. That includes. LDS. Missionaries, which is very, saturated market, here and, also twenty to thirty year olds so people in here that's. One of our consumer segments, and the other one is the mother of those people mother's. An 18 to 22 year olds that by the assurance of both and, now that when they're with it would. Really starting to see success, and, it's, actually with Dalton's, family, with. His their, help that we were able to narrow it down and say this is who we want to sell to let's, nail this one and then we can scale it if. It's working and, so. That's. That was one of the challenges we have a. Neckl. Another one is how you ensure quality, and. You look at that sample that is terrible. And. I didn't want my name associated, with a bad product even if it was choose I said well, I wanna make sure we have a good quality product that people don't. Ever walk away with buyers regret or remorse. And. I want a district that performs, as well as we say so, we we've. Made a premium to make sure there's a good product but. It turns out one of the challenges, was I should, instead cannot like the very first batch dinner then we had a batch that, turned out kind of a yellow, and. Off-white, so it's not even a color it's somewhere in between it's just too awful color, and. That. Was nightmarish, and so we, don't want to ship those up to people and, how you ensure quality for, Black Friday we. Have 200 orders come in one week and, how. To make sure that Johnny, and Florida, gets, the right shirt, and. So, it, was this the, challenge has been. Streamlining. Our supply chain and really. Focusing, on what we're good at and simplifying. The. Part of the problem and. So here's a picture of the new manufacturer, we're going with in China just to show our fair trade, we. Do not support, child. Labor or any unfair. Labor practices, so we've tried to make that holiday to, make sure we get exactly the product you want. So. How you store those, 3,000, sure exciting sort of streamline that supply chain I said, the first picture you see is in Melanie's, garage. And. So we we had 3000 shirts and. I, had no. Complex. And. So, she. Earned. Her roommates were very nice and let us use, their garage but this shirts in and he did see I'm six foot four six, five on their roster that's. A six four and it's about as high as I am and, it goes about 15 feet and, says well where, do you put these and so she was put in her garage and there. She is moving boxes, I heard moving shirts. But. The problem was that she. Moved out if she moved out to be my roommate. And. So we're waiting. Pritchards, now and, so we hadn't under a whole bunch of different roofs and not looked at some of the quality control issues I. Had. Some, ski or some type, of products, of some of these skiers so I'd like medium slim fit large long sleeve. But. Then someone else has a small, regular fit, you know short sleeve that's not actually a product you have so they, don't have that when. I did the blue shirts kind. Of down and so we were going for all these different places. And. Led to shipping, problems, so, we got a storage unit just, recently. Where. We do all our fulfillment and have all the storage so that's something we're going. So. Where. We are now so, we. Are just about to hit 100,000, in sales which is great it's all been word of mouth which. Is really. Awesome paid advertising. So. It's it's been great, here's some of the assets. We've made it will be the image issues. So, you just to show you that we, didn't know about markets we're catering - we've got all these different things we've got guys show they can play basketball that.

There's. Superman, well, we, couldn't get the trademark silver there, is a guy that looks like Superman as you, can see so. Where ever happen a nose we're hoping that unveil the Clark Kent the, Superman Clark, Kent Oh hopefully not unveiled Superman, underneath. And. Really show. That. We can be profitable, and grow and, so that's. Kind of where we're at now but. What. Makes me excited is where we're going, and. So. 25 percent of our total sales have come in the past two months and it's still trending. The right way. Melody's. Been nice and let least lets me stay up every night talking. To, manufacturers. In China I have to get our cost of goods sold and so, things are going well we're projecting to do 500,000 in sales this. Year were. Fingers. Crossed really hoping to land our. First investor, she's. Wonderful, and knows, everything this seems like and so we think we can hit that optimistic, I, didn't. Put any numbers that. We. Think we can get in the orange line with. Her so we're trying to get into with, an investor, and, we've narrowed, it down and we've got three distribution, channels. So ecommerce or online and, we're about to open our, Amazon, said. Customers. To buy on their easy prime there's. Something, pretty, said about selling on Amazon. So. Ecommerce, is one with gentlemen totally. Today we, want to get into wholesale retail so, there's a lot, of stores. That sell your. Shirts here and we're. Working with them. And hopefully going to be in there by the end of this quarter so in a couple of months and they have large purchase orders and then. We. Actually, were, approached. By a, dealership. In Cincinnati. And. Said hey we want our car dealers. Our, salesmen in these shirts and, so that opened up our eyes and so we're, working on creating a branded, business product. So. We can work that market as well and so it's. It's been a narrowing process, and a funnel but we're very confident, and excited about where we're going and also Melanie, was very nice and is, letting me pursue this full-time so now the soccer is over I had. A few good, leads, and job offers from, consulting. And. Lobbying. Firms I said. Well I spoke, give this a try. It's. Really daunting it's that ski jump that I think mark showed you in the first day of class and. She, great. Very. Kindly has, let me and her pursue. It and. She. Her. Official, title was intern with benefits. So we're, excited about where we're going just. The last few things before I'm. Sorry. Well what, have I learned in this process because, when I started at the home as you remember the whole point was that I wanted to learn I think it gates learning, there's something to that but. It's it's. Nona so the students, it's up to us to actually engage ourselves so I wanted to learn so. The first thing the first two are my dad at, home so, he was paid lots of money to help companies, but the. Advice I want but. The two he always gives us focus focus focus to build a spreadsheet so. I. Didn't invite him here today because it would be a knock on my ego if I he, was right so, the first is focus focus focus focusing. On the product what was the actual product we are focusing. On the market to, whom are we marketing you can't be everything to everyone. And. Focusing, on our messaging what, distribution, channels are working what are let's. Focus on what it is the. Second is build a spreadsheet you, need to know your numbers and. I, don't, care if your finance, or a computer. Science. Major whatever you are you. Have to know exactly, what's happening with your company with soccer, reviews I had a product people, were willing to pay for it there. Was an intangible product, and I didn't monetize it and, so this one has been about increasing, profitability and. So building a spreadsheet nobody your margins are how can we increase. Those margins, build, a spreadsheet to know how much infants were you know we, ran out of inventory in. September. Because, it, wasn't moving as fast as I. For. Some reason the word of mouth, people. Started buying all of our short sleeves which no one black first, so, I ran out of that I wasn't keeping track so, now we have a, sophisticated.

Spreadsheet. For that which, lets us know what's working. What SKUs are performing whatever the, next one is one hurdle at a time day, traders in this cluster areas, but they're blonde, one. He. Has, born that's a deliverables, board so he guesses overarching. Goal that's what we need to do and, then underneath you. Break it down into deliverables, we, can achieve this if we do this this missing this and I found that was successful, when I took, it on myself to solve supply. Chain, product. Development, marketing all at once it. Was all very subpar and honestly garbage, but. Now that I've. Started to focus and say well we want to fill their referral. But. By doing it one at a time it turns out to be very profitable and, successful and, the last is take risks, this. Is Thomas Edison in one of our shows. Just. Like because he's an investor but Thomas Edison is a hero of mine and. I love I don't know if it's misquote it or not but, he. Didn't find. 1999. Wage he. Didn't fail, 1999. Times, he. Just found one hundred thousand. Ways. To do, something different. He. Eventually succeeded so. I think it's, worth take the risks you know it might set me back twenty, thousand dollars might think about four hundred dollars might send you back thousands. Of hours I don't know what your currency is or what you're measuring, in but. It's worth taking risks, and I think the best thing a student can do is, start a business. And. So I'm grateful to mark for, helping me through this and honestly he's one that pushed me off the edge I, don't, think I was ready to push me, and so I think taking. Risks, and whether that's building the product or service that you. Whether. That's actually sending. The message to down the Mitchell to where our ships we haven't heard back but we're waiting, or. Just. Making risks, doing what you want to, do. It. Takes some courage and, by surrounding yourself with people who don't push you and help you along the way that, things that ends up being worth it. So. The last question is should you buy a shirt. And. So if you didn't go give to you and I discount a check out for blue, and white color comm will, do 25%, off so that's our biggest discount, hopefully.

Just To get more people in, this room and so, now we're gonna go minutes. For. Questions. And. By. The way I will give you free blue dress shirts. All. Over email phone call I, would. Recommend, if, you have the budget going over, so we're finding the manufacturer, now and. I'm hoping soon. To go, over there but there's all the in Oliver's. So. That's something we're working on right now whether. Or not we yeah we sell in our anyways send in our inventory. So. Answers. I don't know yet. But. I think eventually one, do FDA. Yes. So. That was part of the focus focus focus my, dad was, getting on me because I had I love. This idea Jaden, is in the class he, shared, his idea, with me and I want to be in on that one then I heard another one I won't get on that one. So. Not not. At. The current time but I understood, you see, myself selling, this hopefully in three, to five years and then exit, and using that to start something. Yes. Yes. So, that's actually one of the challenges I, didn't test market blue we have that's, going around I love, that blue but some people hate it and it did stop quite as well as we wanted and, so we were bringing it back to focus, in on the core, market that we know our. Repeat buyers electricians. But. Hopefully in 2019, we'll expand our skis and offer a gingham, set, other patterns, and, we've gotten, a lot of feedback about path so there are things we can't expect it but. For the first six months we really want to do what we have a great. Question. That's. An interesting, question so at first it was always going to be overseas, and. All. The beginning of January I wanted to find manufacturers, because we control, issues and I wanted to increase our margins. And. So I called almost every single apparel, manufacturer, in the US they said they'll, be quicker turnaround times, the question earlier I can actually visit LA or. Wherever it is and. It. Turns out it just wasn't sustainable we'd, have to sew, our shirts I didn't, even say $55. In 54, the short sleeve, it. Would have cost almost that much just to make them. Here. In the US so, that's one of the reasons. They said, these. Were you first - were, they just skipped. In here as far as like it's like, what the material, actually was or what was a big deal like because, he said it was supposed to be something yeah, I. I, don't, want to use the word skip I want to give them the benefit of the doubt I think it was just this, new product that they weren't sure about and, they also have a little bit of a different cultural values they they, and, then this is me saying, that growing up my whole life over there if, they can say to me to sense that this is great, that. It turns out their product is slightly, off-white, and. So I don't think they purposely do it if that answers. Your question and they're. Very gracious, but they're there's. Something to finding, the manufacturer, job will communicate with you right away and has. Been English. We. Want to that, we're. Hoping to do trade shows and hopefully. I. Really. Want this shirt. I, tell, myself you know what I'm. Gonna end up paying $500. That's I think that's what I said for all the samples one. Of maybe $500. I'd better I just want to shoot at least vacuum it'll, be the most expensive. For me. But. But it was I really wanted to and I thought we, could find, something, so it was promising, they at least changed, they, might all the way this way and it, may be a little easier to communicate with them and say okay, well.

The Last thing is they're okay, this one is awful, this one's just Pierce backpacks, just go somewhere in the truth and so they, at least show that they could respond, to change they. Just kind, of overcompensate. So mostly I really wanted the product yes. What, kind of social media forms how do you how, do you mark it over so for me especially doing this who. Said so that's one of our problems right now I'd appreciate it if you followed us. Help. Part. Of our social media presence has just been terrible. Frankly. Put, 400. Followers on Instagram, about. The, same on Facebook, and, so I can't. Give you advice time back that's something I'm not good at and, we're trying to work with the group, of micro influencers, and influences, to, hopefully send them product, and how people. Invest. But right now primarily. Instagram, and Facebook with, very little. Yes. So. That, school, competitions, have come since it was all with Socrates but, it's that first business I sold I use, all of that. Towards. That's. Where the Kickstarter, crowdfunding, works if, you don't have money they're fun they're just. Create a prototype for five hundred dollars I think if, it's your priority you can get five hundred dollars and then, see if you can get them out to fund the rest of your round will, do one more okay. Right. So. We. Use Shopify, if. You're familiar with that and, we pay for the professional, one, which. Is very affordable I want to say it's. So. So, there are resources and I'm happy. You, know guys how many resources there are that. Are affordable, and how small. And few the barriers to entry are now to. Start a business so particularly. Okay. You're going to give a set of code word for a sentence.

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