BECKY SHARP, 1935, the first feature film to use 3-strip Technicolor, Directed by Rouben Mamoulian

BECKY SHARP, 1935, the first feature film to use 3-strip Technicolor, Directed by Rouben Mamoulian

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Amelia ! We will miss you. We will never forget you. You were leaving without saying hello? We love you.

Elisabeth. Ode to Amelia, by the students of the Academy. Farewell... Farewell... Sweet friend of our childhood. May our pain Never be extinguished, nor our tears.

We have grown and another day awaits us. My God... Poor little Amelia, she won't hear the end of this poem.

Finally, there is no shortage of bad poems are not lacking. Won't you shed a tear a tear when you leave? Modest people do not cry. No, no tears.

Humility and gratitude are very useful. But all these nice manners for the lack of food and all these beautiful dresses that won't be used anymore. No, Laura. No tears. Better to learn than the luxury of emotion, is restraint.

Miss Pinkerton! Ms. Sedley, as you leave us, to join the distinguished universe universe of your family, know that you are leaving as a virtuous and accomplished woman. Clean qualities, to English girls distinguished girls.

In music, in ballroom dancing, you have made our deepest hopes our deepest hopes. For the principles of religion and morality, you have shown yourself, worthy of this establishment. Receive, then, dear child, this elegantly bound copy, of the dictionary of the illustrious Doctor Johnson.

As a token of my affection. A dictionary! I will keep it under my pillow. Miss Sharp, the time has come... Please answer me in English language. Oh my God, I forgot, you don't speak French.

I thought I was talking for a moment to my dear departed mother, whose language it was. Who could blame us, for considering you as such? Miss Sharp! I was trying to tell you... that you are going to face the world, without any help.

Living from the fruits of your labor. I hope you will be grateful, for the education you received within its walls. What could I feel? Surely not hate. Nor the desire to leave here, nor the impression that you used me. What a joy to teach the youngest music and French. And to have you saving you money.

It was a joy. It really was. So goodbye. This dictionary... For you.

Mr. Joseph Sedley, ma'am. Come in, sir. Joseph! Dear Joseph! My God! But it's really you. Do you have any other sisters? Very funny answer. And cunning.

- Welcome to our school. - My respects. Her things are ready. Great! Checker. Take the trunk away. Let's go and kiss your friends before we leave.

- Goodbye dear friend. - We must part. Yes, separate. What are you going to do? It doesn't matter.

As long as someone takes care of you. This is my brother. My respects. Who's coming for you? The stagecoach.

Public transportation? What to do, I don't have a brother who claims me. My car is asking for you. She is waiting for you. Ms. Sharp's travel plans have already been arranged.

Where are you going? I don't know. I want a room, a broom closet, a pillow to lay my head on. Is it true? She has no place to sleep? No. Not anymore. You will stay at my place, until you get a job. you have a job. I don't want to be a burden. What an angel! Did you hear that? The coachman is looking after your trunk.

I must warn you. I can't leave her. She has no one. She has no one.

Goodbye. Words are not enough. Resume this! In your rooms! Tuesday, 3 weeks spent at the Sedley's. Joseph called me his "soul mate" a dozen times. He will certainly propose to me his proposal tomorrow.

Wednesday, that fat idiot didn't do anything with it! For you. You spoil me too much. I've kept all your flowers. I don't know what to tell you. By the way, - Dare I call you my... - Your what? My dove.

Or something similar? Would Amelia's suitors would call her "similar thing"? I admire these men who don't hesitate to say their feelings. I offer you my heart. I offer you a life of devotion. Now it's your choice. This is so hard for me.

I grew up with you two. How could I choose? To say no to you, that I have always respected? Or to you, whom I have always... - Always... - Loved? Loved? Admired.

So pick it. Pick George. I will always love you. You will be like a sister. A sister married to my best... my oldest friend. Nobody has a better friend.

But, he kisses my sister's hand! He will have to marry her. Too late. The matter is settled. I didn't realize it. It's beautiful. What a beautiful groomsman you will make! But I won't see you there... I'll be far away by then.

But come on, you'll be there. How can I? I offer you endless hospitality here at my father's house. You are too good. But if I stayed, I wouldn't want to leave.

I dream of staying here forever, at your side, among your roses. A nice dream, isn't it? A silly, unattainable dream. I have to face the world, find a job...

No, I... What, Joseph? Does it hurt? If I am in pain thinking about you, without a home? I feel completely responsible. I have some great news to tell you. - George asked... - Your hand. and you accepted! My little bride! Are you happy? You have to love to understand. But I may have already already offered my heart.

You didn't tell me about it. It was a surprise. Joseph is so shy. Poor darling... Poor thing? Would Joseph be such a bad match? Or maybe it would be me. Father wouldn't approve. I know...

I understand. I'm not good enough... Stop.

Father has plans for Joseph. He wants to send him to India. Wise foresight. Don't cry. I will marry, some day, someone modest suitable for my condition. Greet your Father for me and tell him that I am leaving.

Good luck to Joseph the civil servant. The government needs men of valor, men of valor. Mr. Pitt Crawley awaits the arrival of Miss Sharp

to take up her position as housekeeper on Tuesday. Here we are! Don't mind the noise if you want to stay. Those dirty... Are they my students? Naughty kids, that's what they are. If you want to succeed here, don't let your guard down! The children are the law, the work is hard, and the pay is unrewarding. I sent my demands by mail.

Mr. Crawley, had warned you in his letter? Of course not! He would even pray to the devil, to make the deal. Stop this heckling! All Crawleys in position! Stop! Watch your back, rascal. Gotcha! Quiet! Understand? The children, your housekeeper.

Come here. Now, try to make it ladies and gentlemen. This is their brother. The one responsible for all this sloppiness. I welcome you. May you find peace and happiness.

Peace and happiness! Here! Sir. I must not have enough experience for this place. Could you inform the the Baronet? He will. If the Baronet deigns to hear it. Mademoiselle, I am Pitt Crawley Senior and these children are mine.

Stop it! Stay still! This is another one of my sons. The man the most worthless man, who wore the uniform. Don't be incorrect. Little microbes. You're the prettiest, I've ever hired.

Like I said, although I don't have sufficient experience, I'd like to accept it. These darlings have completely delighted my heart. You will regret it! But I am delighted. My name is Becky. How about I tell you a story? And this one is called "The Young Blind Woman". An instructive and moral volume.

That's very nice, but I didn't finish the previous one. So read them both. The reading of these authors enriches the soul.

What were you saying about the soul? Let me have it. Your speeches entertain me. You lack common sense, dear brother, for my sermons. I hope to see you soon.

I have to write my speech on Goethe's society. Goethe's society! How can you support it? Do I have a choice? I have to educate my little brain. This mouth must be used for one thing for one thing: kisses. Unfortunately, a pretty mouth doesn't count, when you have an empty head. On the contrary. Every kiss counts.

I'm going back to London tomorrow. Regimental duty. It's a big city. With so many lips to kiss.

But not yours. These pretty hands... Who will hold them? They will be very busy. Washing Violet, taking care of Rose and washing their clothes. You shouldn't do that. Come to London, and get a job.

I tried but "Queen's Crawley" is my heaven. We should be able to find it. Just a minute... My aunt lives in London. - Young and beautiful. - No, old and cantankerous. I can convince her to hire a lady's companion.

I need a protector. Becky! Becky Sharp! Can't you hear me? Where is that girl? Mrs Crawley, are you calling Miss Sharp? I implore the sky to bring me serenity. Where are my drops? Will I die in indifference? Where has this shameless woman gone? If I can give you my opinion, Madam, she left the house, for an obscure obscure rendezvous. An obscure love meeting? What do you know about it? I have observed it well. A smile at the butcher, one to the baker.

This girl has absolutely no no principles at all! That's what I like about it. What are these herbs doing here? The vegetation makes me nauseous. Your nephew brought them.

The Captain. - A lovely bouquet. - Out! Put my nephew outside too.

And by the way, why does he spending his life here? It's not hard to imagine. Seeing the glances that Miss Sharp throws at him... Are you suggesting that my nephew would have noticed this girl? How dare you? Let him come in. And bring her back to me. Go to her room. Don't come back without her. Oh, my head...

I'm too good with the savages. Madam is waiting for you. Dear Aunt Julia.

So, to what do I owe the honor of this visit? The affection of a nephew. You would have come, shaved and perfumed, for my beautiful eyes? Do you think I'm stupid? Admit that you came for Becky! Answer me! You will not lay your eyes on her anymore! Remember it. She's leading you by the little finger. Auntie, I assure you... Don't assure me of anything, I'm doing it. I have been indulgent and patient with her.

But no amount of legwork will make me change my mind! You must marry a lady. And a lady of principle! How dare you enter like that? I had seen it. She's not in her room, nor in the house, and his trunk is packed. His trunk? Well, where is it? Bring it here. Come on. Come on, come on.

Do you expect me to go myself? Quickly! Who's coming now? I will never have peace. Put that Brandy down. Alcohol is not the answer. Give it to me. Mr. Pitt Crawley.

That damned hypocrite? Don't you dare to let him in. Well, sir, I can already see from here the reason for your coming. Here you are, accompanied the stench of the countryside.

My dear father sent me. That ungrateful old man? What does he want? Father would like to know if Miss Rebecca is still useful to you. I don't think so. But neither is he.

He is lonely, Madam. Very lonely. So let him join Napoleon at Elba, they will be alone together! Good! The trunk, Madam. Put it down here. Open it. We'll see. Lord Jesus! What is the use of this? Not to dress a respectable woman.

Hide it. Look at that! My friends! And a wig! Leave that alone! She only obeys my orders. Blush. This is awful.

Give it to me. And this is Becky Sharp herself. Wait a minute! This is her handwriting.

Portrait of my mother. Becky's mother was a dancer? She was a French aristocrat by the name of Montmorency. No, Rawdon. Rebecca told me that her mother's was called Veigner. It says here: Portrait of my mother, by my father. A painter! And I knew from Becky's mouth that her father was a gentleman.

I don't care. I don't believe a word of it. Believe them. Believe everything. Believe all.

These relics, they belong to me. Nobody should have touched them. I remember well that sweet smile. His portrait, painted during the exile.

I always keep it under my pillow to sleep. She was a dancer. She would dance if asked. But she was an aristocrat, believe it. A French noblewoman, a Montmorency. That's why she was chased away by the Revolution and lost her fortune.

Yes, she was dancing. To feed her baby, her only child. To clothe myself. To protect myself.

You can understand why I cherish all these memories of my holy mother? Should I be ashamed of them? Miss Rebecca... No. The pain is lessened when the heart is pure. Apologize to Ms. Sharp. Ms. Sharp... Dear Miss Sharp... Poor thing.

We have been so unfair... Poor thing. A little brandy, please. And send for the doctor. I feel like I'm going to die. We must leave when the time comes.

Come in. Why did you not tell me? Did you think I cared about your background cared about me? Why did you hide these things from me? If you had had my life, you would be ashamed of it. Do you already regret it? Do I regret it? You are my wife. My tender wife.

Your wife? We have been married for 24 hours and you doubt. I just want to know... To know? What more? More? About what? About my father? How alcohol destroyed his talent, his hopes, his wife? He was beating her and I was begging: "Dad, don't hit her. Hit me." What did he do? I'll tell you what he did. He beat me. My sweet Becky, my poor darling. Don't pity me.

I may have made it all up. I don't care. I love you. I wanted to hear it. Love me.

I have had so little love in my life. I've been treated so badly so often. Take me away from here. I can't. I will be disinherited. It doesn't matter. Money is less important than love.

Honey, get us a car. Let's run away tonight. How can I love you so much? You have no money, nor ambition. But we'll get by, my love.

As I have done in the past. We'll have to be smart. Don't look so worried! I don't ask you to think to think about everything.

I will do it for you. Lieutenant Osborne, you're crazy. Don't say those things in my house.

Marriage is too sacred to make fun of it. Did you hear what your husband said? Rawdon would extend our honeymoon to get away from men. George is such a tease.

Yes, you both are. Does this look like like your wife? Beautiful. And so delicate... Is this my only merit? Your husband embarrasses me. He doesn't want to answer me. Don't be too harsh. Your beauty is difficult to reproduce.

What a talent! That's lovely. Don't run away. Come back and play with us. You've lost enough already. Leave it. The men like to gamble. But we have debts.

You know where you are : in the house of debts. I wear old things, you don't. We owe money to the whole of London.

Come on, George. I touch your hand for good luck. - Just 3! - So what? I won. And your wife? She promised me to come and bring me luck. To me too! This is how she prepares the victims of Rawdon.

She plays well of my victims. Your turn. How long has it been have I heard you? It was at your father's house.

How I envied you. And I envied you too much. For what you had, and I didn't.

You, jealous? You weren't interested in me. Too busy with Joseph. Your big brother? As you were afraid I would marry him. Joseph had to go to India because of that? - You know my father... - It doesn't matter. Everything is forgotten.

It's all in the past. You are so generous and forgiving. The Captain told us that Napoleon has run away. - The war? - Yes...

We're being sent to Belgium. It's terrible. This is exciting! What do you say? What luck! What incredible luck! Are you crazy? Yes, crazy with joy! It's a new beginning! What do we have here? Debts, bills. Why would that change? Because we can count on the money! Nice, right? I couldn't resist to buy them.

7. Still 7! I've already used it! You look so scared. They amuse me. They are piped.

But not for us. It's not manners. - Not yours. - That's not.

No, honey. Think of this new life in Brussels! Everyone will be there. The officers and their wives, the richest people in society! A new life, Rawdon.

We should be grateful to Napoleon. I know why we stay in Brussels. We have to to do our duty. Nightmare! Don't make me regret your coming or I'll send you back. Being sent back by the Duchess is the beginning of the social ascension.

It is impossible! I love it here. It's so risky, so bright! Always under threat. No danger.

The Prussians are with us. The Prussians! Mrs. Crawley, just a waltz... No dance, no waltz. May I insist? That's what scares me.

This is an indecent dance, too close together. This is the dance of the angels. Fallen angels! Mommy! She hit Dad! She hit Daddy. Don't pay attention to the vulgarity. That slap! So many memories! Mrs. Crawley wins her suitors by hitting them.

How rude. Why do these gentlemen admire her as a goddess? Get out of the way. I am wasting away. It is impossible for me to choose among you. Then choose me. Do you recognize me? Have I changed that much? No, it's impossible. Joseph? This name is familiar to me.

It's good to see you. You haven't changed. Still the same... The same girl, not good enough for you. It's not true. I would have married you if I could have.

This is my father who sent me there. Your dear sister told me everything. So, what were you doing in India? Your son? You're blackening my character. I have collected. Taxes, and butterflies, that I give to the Prince. And where do the taxes go? Come and say hello to Rawdon.

Where is it? Three 8s, a 6, plus 1 that make 7. Lost again, sorry. Same as always. Is it really luck? Nothing but luck. I owe you 30 pounds.

I'm bringing you an old friend. I've already seen Joseph. You kept it from me.

Take me dancing. Joseph prefers cards. You could play pool. I haven't touched a cue for three years! I played a similar game in India, with 1 ball and a mallet.

I want to dance. I want to talk to you. I want to talk to you.

I want my answer. How can I answer without understanding the question? Why did you not answer me? Because only fools write these things. Rawdon could have read it. If he had done so, Amelia could also have been could have been informed of it as well. It is too late to think about her.

- You and I will leave. - We? I love Rawdon, don't forget it. I remember it every day, when I lose money. I'm ready to do anything for you. Champagne, maids, you are expensive. I agreed to lose.

I have nothing left. I am in debt. Try borrowing. That's a good method. No one can help me anymore. But it doesn't matter. You don't care about money!

What a charming conversation! Why deprive Amelia of it? Listen to me. I don't want to go there. I can't stand to see them. Becky in George's arms. George dancing with her or loses at cards with her husband.

I can't do anything. I'll take Becky dancing. What next? She will go to him. If only George understood... Another thing I didn't like: you spelled it wrong. I can spell. Don't play with me.

- Is there anyone else? - No. Who is it? He did me all the honors. A dance, a song. My dear Marquis of Steyne! Dear Marquis, I was looking for you. You were late.

I was with the Polish ambassador. A state secret? No. He introduced me to his wife. She rallied me to the Polish cause. To the better half of the cause. Tell me, what's his name? I want to know.

Your instinct is really perfect. The Marquis of Steyne, and all his millions. Another level. Tell me about Napoleon. I'm so interested in him.

Are we in danger in Brussels? Napoleon is thousands of thousands of kilometers from here. Is it true that the King is ready to intervene? Freddy? Freddy has an army. I would like to tell you what Alexander told me. Preserve our crowned heads.

Just those who still have head on their shoulders. The royal heads must to know what's in store for them. Especially in France.

Many people managed to get in. I was so sorry for your mother. I hope that her operation was successful. How? Going blind at his age...

She doesn't recognize anyone anymore. Are those glass eyes? Perfect! As long as they attract men. Who is this woman? An unsociable lady. Introduce me. I'd like to study her more closely. Allow me to do so. The Marquis would like to to keep you company.

Sir. Would you allow me a dance? With joy, it's a waltz. Really? I would die for a waltz. Some find it indecent I call it the dance of the angels. Amelia is alone outside. Go and invite her to dance.

I need a drink, not a dance. I played for Napoleon. And you, what do you play? Me? Passion. We are endowed with a fortune. We will have much more.

More champagne, foam and bubbles. The head flies, the heart beats. And the glass empties.

Then comes the headache. Migraines can be cured. What about heartache? By drinking more wine.

Another bottle... Another hand to ask. Oh, Sir, I get drunk so easily. Do you also expect a glow in the sky? Let this night end. I'm afraid of the dark.

You can't go too fast. If the light comes too early... Your Grace.

Who is this? The Duke of Wellignton. Look in the distance. Over there? A village. Small village. Waterloo, or a name like that. And he answered me...

It was a... What was it? Did you hear that? - Cannons? - Lightning? - Artillery ? - It must be the beginning of a storm. Lieutenant. Is that a cannon? Can they shoot from that far away? They would like the power. It must be the wind. Just a flash.

I was so scared. - False alarm. - Let's dance! Music, Maestro! Napoleon! Go get my car! Wait a minute. I'll go get my car.

Come quickly. It's still time to go. The call! Did you hear it? The call. This is nothing. Come on.

I will desert, we will leave far from the guns. There is still time. Take your wife with you. Remember that you are married. My dear, I was so afraid for you. You only think of yourself.

Don't take it away from me. You won't get it! You are upset. I don't want your George. Goodbye George.

Take care of my dear Amy. I will greet you from the balcony. Where have you been? With Wellington. I waited a little while. I have so many things to tell you before I leave. I was happy.

I played, drank but still, I loved you. We love each other. Do you understand? Both of us. Take this money. I sold my watch, everything. I leave you with so many debts. - Sell my horses. - Don't think about money. I will pay for you.

But come back! I love you. I will never love anyone else! I have to go. But remember. Never forget: I love you from head to toe.

What am I going to do? How will I get out of here? Answer me! Answer me! No horse here. All to the army. And now what? Will I stay here? Why did I leave India? Why did I leave India? There are no more horses! Is this the end of Joseph Sedley? I can sell you a horse. Even two horses. For 1000 pounds each. Are you looting me? - 2000 per pair. - No, 500.

You prefer war. You, so fragile... 750, for a horse. The proposal is valid for both.

2000 for the pair. 2000 pounds... I'm broke. We sell elephants at this price.

Where are the horses? In the stable. They will recognize you! The drums, the troops... They are going to die for their country. Dying for their country... I die for my breakfast. TO THE MEMORY OF LIEUTENANT GEORGE OSBORNE JR.

Who fell on the battlefield for his King and Country on June 13, 1815, day of the glorious Victory of Waterloo. Lady Selfter, do me the honor. Lord Devicourt, take a seat.

Mrs. Sittens, please. Your Grace, Mr. Shelly. My dear brother. Could I sit on your right on your right? The loser challenges the winner with a gun. You will be sitting near Lady Selfter. And you near the famous Mrs. Sittens.

What would they have thought of seeing me between you? Caught in the act! You can't be caught when you whisper. Marquis of Steyne. I yell "Housa" because I have the impression I'm in the House of Lords. Or in Westminster Abbey. Why did you bring me here? The atmosphere is immoral. The man sitting next to this woman...

This woman is your sister-in-law. Remember she is very pious. Before we met, she and I were reading seedlings.

Everything about you is so charming. Are these family portraits? Ancestors. Your own or the Captain's? My own. The Duke and Duchess of Convenay. Lavinia and Alistair.

I bought them a little while ago. 5 pounds each. Good for you. You have kept the upper hand.

They will respect you. You got there. Lord, this is not St. James' Palace. Patience, Becky. Patience...

The Prince presents Mrs. Elizabeth Portley Cooper. Mrs. Joseph Hamilton. Let's wait for Mrs. Crawley. She made me bet 150 pounds that the Prince would talk to her. Unthinkable! The court will not stand for it.

Maybe not, but it doesn't matter. The Prince presents Mrs. Rawdon Crawley. - Did you get it? - Yes, I have the address. And I was assured that it cost 10 pounds. The Prince presents Mrs. Simon Stray. Very nice, Becky.

I'll keep it. This is crazy! As if we were paying cash here! What an outrage! Should I get off? Be our savior, and pay the bill. 25 pounds? That's a lot of money for such a fantasy. Listen to this. When I come here, it costs me a lot of money. Borrow, or I should stop coming.

- Why do you come? - For advancement. Didn't you promise me that Steyne would offer me a job? He told me that you would make a very counselor abroad. When? I need to know when! Promises are not enough.

Do I have a sword? Will I be on English soil? No! I'm afraid not. Yes, I am. It's fixed. You will go to Sierra Leone. Sierra Leone? Sierra Leone... But, Becky... They are cannibals.

Will they accept me? They will learn to love you. Piece after piece. You've got to be kidding... Oh, honey... Hello.

Where were you? I've been worried. You didn't have to. I was at the club. At the club? Admit that this is just nonsense. Come on, confess.

Will you come back tomorrow? I'm here now. Shouldn't you go and buy your sword? Yes. Otherwise I will be devoured piece by piece. My respects, Becky, Rawdon. I repeat: Nonsense.

A bill for 37 pounds for delivery. And one for 800 pounds for silk. A trifle! - What's wrong with it? - Everything is wrong. It was awful. The Duke came after me. We had to be separated. Why? He kept asking me for the money the money I owe him.

He wants it now. But we don't have a penny. That's the problem. I am indebted to the club.

A debt of honor. I was required to pay. In a few days, everything will be arranged. No. They're not just anyone.

If I don't pay, I'll be excluded. Dobbin has to harvest it. Who? William. He represents the club. The Duke? He came here and didn't say anything about it.

We played. At what? - At the dice, and I won! - You... Simple dice. Relax. A promise is a promise.

I don't even know where they are. What's that look for? What do you see? A liar? But how can you not to worry? We are living far beyond our means. Who cares? We live in in elegance. Look at these splendors! This will not last. We pay dearly for our soul. It is worth it. The women who used to despise me envy me today.

I worked hard on it. Don't ask me to give up. Honey, enjoy it with me! I can't forget our troubles. We'll get the money together. I'll borrow it from...

Steyne? No way. It doesn't matter where it comes from. No Steyne. London would think... So this is what you think of me? No, honey.

I drink your words and reject what you deny. Then know that I am your Becky that I love you and nothing else matters. Don't worry about it. Dobbin can agree to wait. I am a brother in arms of your husband and I'm trying to help him.

He must pay promptly. It's a debt of honor. We have no money. Could we have a delay for these 400 pounds? I can't tell you. And you owe 500, not 400.

Really? 100 interest or for emotional damage? I will try to explain to explain. The Duke came to talk to me to speak to me in private, away from the club. He would have lost 1000 pounds playing dice with you. Really? I don't remember that. At home. With silver dice.

Piped dice. He could have taken them. After the game. I've never seen them before. Will you use them? I hope not. Why don't you have fun? Here I am! Amelia's bad guardian angel.

You hate me. You have me. I don't. I'm trying to help Rawdon. Of course I am.

It's not personal? So, I'll leave it to you. Would you help me? Will you give me a delay? Impossible to convince him. I thought so. I was coming to offer you a deal.

I brought something that you're going to be interested in. I can't... Wait and see. I have it right here. I was sorry to hear that Amelia had rejected you... Poor Amelia, she still thinks she owes loyalty to the ghost of George who respected her so much.

I don't want to... Talk about the way how he broke her heart? What a noble sacrifice. George had written to me.

Not very literary, but direct. In summary, he said that he, and I, you know... Do you remember the ball the Duchess' ball? She would be so useful to you for your court. Imagine Amelia's reaction! For sale: 500 pounds! Women like you... - When do I have to pay? - Tomorrow morning. What generosity! You'll get the money.

I was wondering, if I were Amelia, would I respond to your charm? I was walking back and forth in front of the hotel, without daring to enter. But how could you resist knowing that you were there? You didn't tell me anything. What's going on? Tell me.

No, you were already so nice... My darling, my dear little sister, tell me everything. I must know. I am the head of the family.

Why are you forcing me to do this? It's so humiliating to talk about money. You must be right. Your secrets are your own. Why would I admit that I need 500 pounds or I'll kill myself. You shouldn't. And I can't afford it.

I know. You were always generous. And someone offered to help me. Somebody? Who? A friend. All in all, you'll get them, dear sister.

My brother... But, on one condition. Let me save you from a vile company. The Marquis of Steyne. Promise me, dear Rebecca, my conscience warns me... Your conscience kisses my hand.

Simple brotherly love. Remember of our sermon readings. Let's do it again soon. The Marquis is lucky. He has no conscience. As for brotherly love, there is none.

And what will you do with these 500 pounds? My pounds. Why are you singing? It's so prosaic. I sing because I am embarrassed and I hate to beg. I am sorry for the situation. The money is yours, of course. What will it be used for? Pretty ribbons, toasts? To save my name? For charity? That's it.

I help an unfortunate man and his deserving wife. You must know the Crawleys? He had an unfortunate misadventure mishap at the club. A gambling debt. I am delighted to be able to help you.

If I give you the money, would you see the possibility of offering me the dinner that you promised me? I was very patient. I'm sorry but, we have plans for tonight. Will he not run to the club to pay this unfortunate debt? Maybe. It will have to be. Won't it? Thank you my dear.

Now, go on. You sing nicely. No such luck. Did you ask everyone? Everyone. Come on up. Sit down.

Close your eyes. Isn't it wonderful? Wonderful. Where did you get it? Steyne? Nonsense.

Joseph came. You knew that he owed me 500 pounds. When did you know? When he sent it to me! Didn't he come? Both. He came and sent Fifine with the money. Take it, darling. There's no time to lose.

I guess not. What a miserable day. You must be entertained. Would you like to stay play pool? How about money? I almost forgot about it.

But you have to go. Tonight? It would be more serious to go. Tonight. I agree. This is our last debt. We won't have any more once this one is paid.

Did this really happen? I'm sure it did. No sugar. Thank you for remembering that.

Your heart is on fire. And my head is flying. Your senses are floating. Continue. In a sea of happiness. What am I doing?

I'll tell you: you're going to eat a strawberry. I saw you watching me kiss you. Are you doubting my feelings? On the contrary, I am flattered that the visit of a wolf is so exciting for a lamb of your coolness.

Sorry to disappoint you but the lamb is far from excited. He thinks there is good in every wolf. Poor optimistic lamb.

- What was that? - Nothing but a street fight, or a love scene. Are you afraid of intruders? The returning husbands are not intruders. What if he had been held by force? You sound confident. I am. Curiously, Mr. Crawley has been arrested upon his arrival at the Club.

Arrested? I have reason to believe, but I wasn't there, that this is an unfortunate mistake. Everything will be solved tomorrow morning. The case will be an unfortunate joke. A joke. So let's enjoy the wine! And thanks to your charm, it will be easy to forget everything.

Not everything, Becky. Don't forget your ambitions. My ambitions? I wanted to move up in your company. And what did I get? The honor of dinner with boring people. Every answer is boring. I should have married a pastor.

But you're not. Would you have cooked, darned? No. I wish I had flatten the earth. Enjoy the life that you have.

Don't be a hypocrite. Otherwise, what will happen of our evenings? These innocent little evenings? Sir, you are always so generous. What beautiful pearls.

Did you hear? It was your little heart. How do you do it? How could you seduce me without kindness and gentleness? This is your secret. Wait! Let's make a toast to your vision of me, to your understanding, and to... The Marquis and I... The Marquis and I... You weren't at the club.

You did not go to the club. A trap? Mr Crawley returns unexpectedly. He doesn't go to the club. How much is the blackmail? Tell him I'm innocent. Innocent? By way of input, I have already paid 500 for your absence. You'll pay for it.

Until the end of your life. Why fight for something that didn't happen happened, and that I do not desire? Listen to me. - If I did... - Take off those pearls!

I have nothing to hide. From anyone. Don't hit me! Leave them alone. I don't want them. I love you. You won't go away! I will fight.

What else could I do? I had to do it I had to do it, for us. Don't hate me. Understand me! I am yours. Nothing else matters.

My love for you is all I have. Don't take it away from me! Don't go away. I am your wife. Not my wife.

Someone I wanted to marry. But it's over! They'll all laugh at me. How they will laugh...

Cancellation of the membership of Captain Crawley AUCTION SALE Large selection of goods for the benefit of creditors Dance numbers by Misses Nelly and Windy Selected Songs by Ms. Rebeque (first appearance) I love Windy. And I love Nelly! Come to Windy... Higher, Windy! I knew that heaven existed. This is the Garden of Eden.

The Garden of Eden? And here are 2 Eves. My eyes are playing a trick on me. Is it Becky? She has left England. Either it's her, or my eyesight is failing. That's enough! I don't want to hear you anymore.

Don't bother the lady. If she wants, I will show her show her how delicate I am. Delicate! That describes me pretty well. Come on. Get out! You are dismissed! You have disgraced my establishment! A pigsty, held by a mutt. And you? A lady! That's right, my dear, read the cards.

Ask them where to get the money for the rent. Pay up, or he will throw you out! Tell him I'll pay tomorrow. And he'll believe it? He knows what happened to the singer last night.

I'm waiting for some money from my brother, a rich man, a Baronet. Your brother? I used to call him my cousin. I had a deputy and an earl.

You wouldn't know it when you see me. I was a dancer. I had my apartments, my jewelry, my car. Now I have my broom and my scrubbing brushes. There will be no brushes or brooms for me.

It is not written. The king of hearts. We are close.

The king of spades steps in. The king of spades. It always separates us. We can forget if we drink enough brandy.

Superstitions, nonsense! I'm not the queen of hearts. I don't care. The cards won't bring him back. Why do you sit around sitting around hoping? Because I dream and I don't want to dream. I don't want to see him neither dying nor dead.

The ace of spades. Do you think he is dead? The cards never lie. Damn it! We are not wanted? Here. Enter! I had a hard time to find you. Where did you go the other night? Did you fly away? Don't look down. How how can I look at you? Joseph, my good friend.

You're not going to throw me out? This brush was not very cordial. What are you doing here? And why? Nothing could have stopped me. When Joseph told me he saw you... I said, "Amy, I just saw Becky."

She said no. I said yes. We had an argument then Dobbin came in. Is he with you? Are you married? He was just passing by. He's been passing for years to keep Amy company.

He is waiting on the first floor. He's keeping my beer company. He doesn't want to see me. He remembers. No, Becky.

We have to forget the past. It's so messy. I've been too sick, to take the time to tidy up.

This is nothing. We always chatted on our beds. Come and sit down. I still have your little bear. I'd like you to take it back. I offered it to you with all my heart.

You can't stay here. Come with me. This is a dream. A dream? Well, no! Leave us, go join Dobbin. Your foreign ears must leave us.

Foreign? But they are the same ones for 40 years! Did you think so? Do you know that you save me from myself from all this, from Pitt, from his charity and his wandering hand. I asked him for money. You don't need it anymore. No, I'm going with you. I breathe. You did this for me.

You are a real sister to me. Enter. You're finally up. Joseph told me that you had asked... It was too good to last! Is she coming to live with you? He said the truth. Becky is my only friend.

She never was. It doesn't matter, what would be the use of forgiveness? Forgive her, help her, but don't take her away. She needs it. She is selfish. She will use you. I am your friend. Promise not to do it.

I have been devoted to you. I have never asked you I never asked you for anything. If you deny me, our friendship will end. I must do it. So goodbye.

You love it! You cannot live without him for it would break your heart. I am not coming. I won't do that to you. I don't care about my situation. Don't give up on love.

Don't let it be taken away by anyone. Fight it. It doesn't happen often. But you...

Don't worry, I'll be all right. Go ahead, he must be waiting for you. Ask him to marry you! No. I will never marry him. Why not? Because of George.

I have to respect his love. Silly girl, he never really never really loved you. - I'll prove it to you. - He loved me. He was never faithful to you. He was courting me. Your husband, in heaven! There she is! Do you recognize the writing? He sent it to me under your unsuspecting little nose. You know.

You can forget the past. Join the man who loves you, marry him! Go ahead and do it! Did you and Dobbin had a fight? Joseph, you're drunk! Drunk? I am drunk! What an injustice! Am I his only brother? And likewise, is she my only sister? Also... Where is she running? To Dobbin. She is going to marry him. I think it's... Beautiful. What's wrong? What did you lose? I have lost my heart and my drunkenness.

Seeing my sister, I am a little jealous. What's the point? They didn't steal all the happiness in the world. I think they did.

Couldn't you be be happy? Okay. Do you like brandy? I'm going to add some beer to it. Perfect.

Cognac. And we have cookies to go with it. Do you mind sharing? It is an honor to share your bottle. I only have a knife. I am ashamed.

It's lovely! Lovely. You're lovely too, you're lovely. Drink heartily. Centuries have passed since the last time we drank a drink at the same table. Exchanging glances with each other, smiles.

Or gorgonzola. To this happy couple, to the memory of the past, and to the joy of the present, to the reunion of 2 people. That's it, okay. To our Assumption, Becky! Imagine a small cottage, with trees, and stars. To the stars! And to the memory of the languid winds and to the fragrance of flowers.

To you, my dear friend, so cheerful. You are the cheerful one. Cheerful and... Brave! Come close to me.

You're scaring me. This is so intense. Intense but honorable, Becky.

Tell me, are you a winner? Yes or no? Because you will become my good number! Later on. We'll talk about it again. Help me pack. We are leaving! Leaving? Where to? To India or anywhere! Away from it all. No way, I have no money.

No money? Are you poor? Are you accusing Joseph Sedley of living in poverty? No, I just don't have no cash. You have to wait for my next pension. I can't. I'll be in jail by then.

Speaking of bad luck... Who is that? It's me, Rebecca, and Jane. They're here! They have come! What to do? Make them leave. Wait for it.

To something, is good. My sister? My brother! The money, I'll get it from Pitt. My darlings, wait. I'm coming to open you up.

Just a moment. I must make myself presentable. Go that way. If he sees you, I won't get anything. Come on! I can't. That cheese made me sick.

Almost ready! Now! Quickly! What a bliss! What happiness! My Jane... Indulgent friend, it's good to see you again, to feel my hand in yours, at last. Our hearts were deeply touched touched by your letter. My prayers have been answered! We have come to save you. To get you to the family the family home. Queen's Crawley? I can't believe it...

Before that, my dear, you must purify your soul. Do you want to come to the church with us - before anything else? - I would gladly go! After seeing the landlord. He won't let me leave without paying.

The peace of your soul is not more urgent? Yes! The landlord is also in a hurry. That's a lot of money. 200 pounds... You will have 45. - 150 ? - Make it 50.

Give me 100 and we'll go to church. What was that? - Are you alone? - Always alone. It must have been a mouse. Take your things and come to find peace. Find...

Peace... Peace... Winning back... Finally... What's going on? My heart... He is dying to see you again.

How? Maybe I'll feel better if I rest. You rest. I will stay take care of you. I wouldn't forgive myself. Go ahead. I'm used to being alone. Come back later. She's right. She'll get better soon.

Here is a free of moral principles. Read it when you get better. Its title: The Rewards of Virtue. See you soon, my poor child. Have a good rest. 100 pounds! And I don't owe the landlord anything. Don't stare at me like that!

But it's love! This is not the time. Get my trunk ready! We are leaving! India, wealth, taxes to collect! Butterflies.... Minerals, rubies and gold! The book! Pitt! Brother! All my gratitude, brother! But virtue is not the only reward! © BF-WATCH TV 2021

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