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Baby Monitor Murders | Based On A True Story | New Lifetime Movies 2021 | English |  Latest | HD

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[Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] i didn't even hear you come in you want me to leave get used to this [Music] thank you no problem sir i'm gonna miss you so much no more than i'm gonna miss you call me when you land miss miller as soon as i land [Music] [Music] [Music] ah hmm hello somebody out there wait [Music] clinic i mean we've been trying to get funding for years and she shows up and bam out of the blue me this is me i have to admit i'm not usually one for surprises but i'm very glad that you introduced us so am i i should let you get back inside i appreciate the escort service this this was nothing really really my escort services usually include dinner and dessert i just haven't done this in a long time well me me too as you can probably tell witnessing my poor attempt to ask you out on a date like a gentleman would you uh like to have dinner with me this week any week you'll get to see me at the fundraiser yes but then i'll have to compete with 100 other guys all vying for your attention and i'll admit i'd rather have you all to myself it's tomorrow night too soon tomorrow night it is call me on this number we'll discuss the details [Music] happy birthday oh did you finish that assignment yep olivia did you pull those photos from the file that i told you then these are from a story that we ran three weeks ago i wasn't here three weeks ago i know finn i need the pictures from the wellansky drug bust a story that we haven't run yet is olivia part of the landscape would you please get me the new photos okay anything new to show me nope no no nothing at all i know i've been throwing a latch away if it gets to be too much nope it's not too much i can handle it but if that changes you let me know keep up the good work hey stan i was just wondering if you had a chance to review my story ideas i think that there's a couple in there that i could listen you have been with me since you graduated college you know that i am your biggest fan but there's nothing on that list that says front page you take great pictures there's a reason you get picked off the wire so often but when it comes to print work i need front page got it i will work on that thanks front page [Music] hey it's me hey jill yeah how's work going today fine fine oh danny has to let you out on a date really you're okay with this thing olivia and danny dating yeah why wouldn't i be i mean no i don't think about danny like that it's just you know i really don't think that olivia is right for him but that's just my opinion well why not is it because she's rich and successful or is it long thin never-ending legs listen i'm gonna uh have to go downtown for an assignment to take pics of the mayor's dog and i wanna grab some lunch and swing on by and we can talk about it some more right see you soon i came up with the very easy you think i'm all i'm saying i know you're going to give me the right i'm just saying we follow the plan yeah it makes sense sometimes the plan changes why do you know that as well there's no reason good grief here you go [Music] thank you okay okay can you say that again olivia was in the alley fighting with a homeless man no no i said she was fighting with some guy and this homeless man scared me i dropped all the food and i felt bad so i gave him your salad what were you doing in an alley well once i noticed it was olivia i kind of got a little concerned you know she might need some help but when i got closer i don't know i felt like i maybe shouldn't be there maybe okay well did olivia see you i don't think so oh you know what i'm gonna lose my job over this i didn't do anything wrong whatever olivia was doing out there it's none of your business anyway and i have to go to work and you owe me lunch i got it forget it yes i got it i got it okay bye [Music] where are you taking me you got it just wait you gotta see this my dad used to bring me up here when i was a kid i couldn't afford tickets to the game so it's the next best thing he used to call the games just as if we were on the field i never knew the difference well i'm sure you've more than made up for it since i bet the two of you have season tickets i wish now he uh he passed away a while back i'm sorry that's okay it was a long time ago i still like to come up here every now and then well i'm sure you'd be proud of the man you've become it's i better head back um when can we do this again i want to see you tomorrow night i like that oh i hate that one oh that's awful that one's all right has danny called you yet what no no not he's busy with his chick olivia they've been out on a couple of dates that hardly makes her his chick all right crop out the power line okay you just look her up online you know hell you're with the la post you can have a full-out investigation i'm just saying besides i don't even know her last name so what's the number of jill's clinic what are you doing what's the number of jill's clinic 310-555-0113 women's clinic hi i have a meeting with olivia next week and just wanted to get the pronunciation of her last name correct whitfield well that's what i thought and how do you spell that w-h-i-t-f-i-e-l-d phd phd right great thanks you're welcome what like this is the first time you ever stalked a guy before yes no no no i'm not stalking danny that's not what i do it may be inappropriate immoral and objectionable but not however legal okay no you know i i really think this has gone on a bit too far and i am your boss jackpot what what's it usually from uh don't know i mean from what i gather she moves around a lot well then we have a problem search return 922 olivia whitfield well how are we supposed to figure out which one she is oh lots of ways age profession education it'll take some time but i'll find her wow i'm just would go faster if i could use your press credentials then i'd have access to all kinds of information nothing illegal nothing illegal but you didn't say anything about unethical right oh take care of it okay thank you hello hey [Music] okay i've narrowed it down to 76 women 76 how you gonna narrow it down from there cross them off one by one okay olivia marie whitfield born in 1962 olivia kramer whitfield right age oh she's a zoologist that's my phone can you get it i've been waiting at the hot dog stand for 10 minutes i'm about to eat without you hey mel it's olivia um he's a little busy at the moment i'll have him call you back sure thanks who was it oh it was mine actually just jill calling about some paperwork question i told her i'm not in the mood for shop talk that's what i like to hear [Music] where are we going git department oh because why because we have nine more names down on our list so i figured one of the computer whizzes downstairs could help us narrow it down a little bit more so we're asking some computer geeks to help us with our investigation it's not investigation of course not hi henry uh my name's mel we spoke on the phone make it fast i'm kind of busy here we can see that i need you to run a background check on a woman named olivia whitfield so we've narrowed it down to nine possibilities but we're not really sure what to do now date of birth social well she's early 30s and i know her profession sort of sort of you know what she does for a living she runs those free clinics well i know what she does now but i have no clue how she made her money i don't have time for this i can't do anything without a date of birth and a social security number what can you tell from a license plate number i'm gonna address the registered owner well do that then please this is for a story right a very big story wait wait i don't know what department you're working how am i supposed to find you mel dempsey extension 802. now what now wait i gotta get home take a shower and try to beat rush hour traffic to get to my show you're gonna come and help out right yep will danny be there yep are you gonna tell him about our investigation firstly it's not an investigation and secondly yes i will if i can get him alone for a minute lately he and olivia seem to be joined at the hip do you want my advice no but i have a feeling you're gonna tell me anyways tell danny how you feel about him make a move before it's too late you have no idea how i feel about him of course i don't [Music] oh oh thank you who's here thank you so much welcome um so i found those files you were looking for i'm sorry i didn't see anything i swear no it's okay joe um what did you need hi danny uh you know what it's nothing that can't wait until tomorrow we should be getting out of here anyway um so i'll see you guys later right absolutely okay bye you know she's right i'm starving what do you say to dinner what are you in the mood for italian [Music] and having you all to myself you got it there is no film uncle stan [Music] hi mel you look amazing thank you and thank you guys so much for coming really congratulations there aren't any naked shots of me right for the sake of the guest i hope not hey listen you haven't happened to see danny have you ever heard from him i've called and left a couple message on his cell phone but he hasn't called me back i haven't heard from him today well i i saw him a couple of hours ago i think he and olivia are planning on coming you know i'm sure they're just running late okay [Music] [Music] when i was little we didn't have much that was always a big dreamer it's amazing how much you've accomplished sometimes i find myself waiting for everything i worked for the money my work to just disappear and then i'm just this little eight-year-old girl again hungry and scared you're never gonna be hungry again and i promise you you don't ever have to be afraid of me [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] hey danny it's uh 8 15 and i was wondering where you are if you're running late don't worry about it because my show's open until 11. damn it i can't believe i forgot [Music] okay hey mel hope i'm not disturbing don't be silly [Music] i'm sorry about last night i'm a jerk my phone was off i swear if olivia and i would have realized we would have rushed right over so things are going really well between you two huh it's unbelievable mel i've never met anybody so amazing in my entire life one day you're gonna fall in love and you're gonna know exactly what i'm talking about wow love i don't think i've ever heard you use that word before i've never felt like this before i was just talking about you it's so great to see you are you are you joining us for lunch oh it's the most romantic little places no no i'm uh gotta head back to the office i was just wondering if you wanted to grab some pizza and beer this weekend catch up i'd love to but we're uh we're heading out to the uh to the lake for the weekend soon though soon definitely okay it was nice to see you olivia you know what i'll walk you out now i just wanted to talk to you okay i know this is hard on you what do you mean me and danny i can tell there are some unresolved feelings on your part oh i really wish people would stop saying that i'm fine really as long as you're good to him that's all that matters oh but i am i'm very good to him i feel sorry for you i'm i'm sorry what did you say i feel sorry for you can't let your best friend be happy it's really sad empathetic a friendly warning let it go i don't want this to get ugly are you threatening me [Music] what's what's wrong well obviously it's something it's it's mal sweetheart there's nothing between us mel and i are just good friends i know you feel that way danny but i don't know that she agrees the woman is in love with you i don't think she cares for me much don't be ridiculous mel's just used to spending a lot more time with me you'll see something's not right about that chick you're right [Music] but it doesn't matter what i know it's only what i can prove and right now i can't definitively approve anything so we get proof easier said than done even henry said he couldn't find olivia without her social security number or her date of birth which we also don't have you can get her social the same way i got your address and you can get her date of birth from her driver's license [Music] thank you hey pam i'm here to have lunch with jill ooh wait a sec they're still in their weekly meeting really mm-hmm oh you know what you're right i am a little bit early is it okay if i just hang in her office absolutely when she comes out of the meeting i'll tell you you're waiting thank you so thank you marv jackie for being here we've assembled a great team and now we need to talk about the budget for the last quarter um so [Music] so i think you can handle that marv and we should have funding by the end of the week thank you all thank and you long as i have a detailed cost report by monday then i don't anticipate any problems absolutely um hey mel and i are going to go grab some lunch do you want to join us oh i'd love to but i have a thousand calls to return thanks for the offer another time then hey you know what we'll have girl talking drinks perfect [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] okay thing you have a pen olivia's middle name is ann and her social security number is five eight five old addresses places of employment why is there an eight-year gap can't say for sure maybe she got married and it was misreported maybe she just fell off the grid doesn't happen often but it does happen but you don't have a record of her graduating from college no and since her maiden name is whitfield the degree would have popped right up but this woman has a phd no she doesn't northwestern had her listed as a student in the fall of 93 but she never finished the semester and then she just dropped it off the radar until six years ago are you sure about this i know what i'm doing ellie post doesn't keep me around because i'm easy to look at i also tracked down the license plate numbers you and finn gave me and both are registered to a company called parlay payment services but the address isn't local both cars are registered to a company headquarters in el dorado county so that would make it hard for me to track him i wouldn't say that your guys gotten six parking tickets in the last two months on the same street so if i had to take a guess i said he's either living or working there it's really good work henry thank you so you were right there is something really shady about olivia's clinics i told you her car is registered to a payroll company i looked up partly payment services looks like they've had contracts with clients all over the country in fact i couldn't find any clients but the clinics well it kind of makes sense i mean if they're trying to streamline their budgets but why is a millionaire getting a paycheck doesn't she spend her life giving money to charity do we have an address way ahead of you the address is in the middle of the sacramento river the number is listed as a cell phone exchange what kind of company is run by a cell phone i'll show you [Music] i'm at the address on all those parking tickets it's a motel well with all those clinics i guess they'd have to be mobile maybe but you think you could afford a nicer place to stay [Music] it's him it's the guy from the alley careful all right i'll call you back [Music] come on come on yeah edward bixler who wants to know i am calling on behalf of olivia whitfield she told me it was very important that you meet her as soon as possible what's the problem it's sensitive i'd rather not say over the phone where meet her at the clinic when as soon as you can get there yeah i'm on my way ben i may just have crossed the line you'll never guess what i just did yeah he's on his way to meet her at the clinic [Music] [Music] so [Music] so [Music] yeah i don't think that's up to code we gotta double check hey there it's a pleasant surprise something wrong um i think there might be [Music] look i i this is hard for me but it's mel is she all right she's stalking me danny what yeah no there's there's got to be some mistake jill was there i'm sure there's a reason it's obvious that she was going through my files and maybe even my purse call jill she'll confirm it [Music] [Music] okay [Music] i'm a little busy finn hey is bixler like 5 10 balding brownish hair a long nose and wearing a brown jacket yeah why because he just parked behind the clinic damn it then i didn't tell you so that you could follow him i'm not an idiot i'll stay invisible and call you when he leaves okay fine listen i'm gonna turn my phone back on vibrate so that the housekeeper doesn't hear it go off again okay okay you really need a plan in place don't you oh oh i gotta take this i'll be right back [Music] hey i'm here where are you what are you talking about i'm at danny's office you said you wanted to meet me at the clinic i'm outside i never called you no some woman called me she said there was some sort of problem that i should come right away someone set you up meet me at your place i'm leaving now i'm gonna head back just i'm hanging out yeah meet me as soon as you can alright where are you going [Music] oh i'm sorry um something just came up is there anything i can do no no uh it's just a work thing but it might take some time to sort out so i'll call you when i'm done okay [Music] come on pick up your phone [Music] where are you olivia whitfield what finn mel finally i've been calling what's better you have to get out of there right now all right i'll call you back no he left in a hurry and i think he's on his way back there okay [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] hey nobody's been here everything's fine that woman is following me i know it look it came up as a block call on my cell phone all right so we don't even know for sure it was this male woman i know it was her come on eddie fix it make it right relax baby don't i always make it right for you come here you take care of me i take care of you when we finish this job i'm all yours [Music] so [Music] you meet me here later tonight and i'll tell you how we're gonna get rid of our little problem oh my god why don't you call me back i was afraid something happened to you but i couldn't call in case he was already in the room was in the room and so was olivia i tell you she has got vixler wrapped around her little finger gross so i i can't figure out what she needs danny for olivia is supposedly loaded so it can't be for the money the key word in that sentence was supposedly we have no proof she has any money of her own yes but we don't have proof that she doesn't either now listen can you run the name fellowship financial down to your boyfriend he is not my boyfriend look henry's only here until 8 o'clock so could you please hurry what are you gonna do gotta run home and see if i can catch up on some work so i don't lose my job what do you want to know about this company anything you can find this is getting messy i say we just cut our losses and go i want her gone and i want it done tonight yeah i don't think that's a good idea she's a reporter she's a photographer she takes pictures of the mayor's dog for god's sakes no one's gonna care if she's the victim of say a botched robbery attempt i don't think it's a good idea do it [Music] what's up we need to talk i suppose this is something important yeah we got a problem your boyfriend's here get out of there right now all right i'm out of here wait for my call yeah can i get you something to drink i'm fine mel this isn't exactly a social call well what are you doing here to ask you to leave olivia alone are you doing this because she wants you to do this or because you want to do that you broke into her office okay you look through her drawers her purse you know no no i talked to jill okay so don't tell me that olivia is uh you know being paranoid you're right i did i did i went through all of her things but i have a reason look i i don't know all the details yet danny but she's into some shady things is that so like what like drawing a paycheck from a charity olivia doesn't need a paycheck well she's getting them all of her clinics are registered to some payroll company in the middle of the sacramento river the same people who write her supposedly unnecessary paychecks and keep her car registered in their name she's also involved with somebody else i saw them together this is ridiculous why are you doing this is it because you're jealous i'm not making this up it's getting late do you have anything on these fellowship people well it looks like a standard corporation you said this olivia whitfield person donates money to free clinics yeah well what's interesting is that all the board members are women seven of them are listed on the company's dba looks like the clinics are their only business venture i wonder why they don't file as a non-profit what's the difference well since the clinics count as a charity if they applied for non-profit status they wouldn't have to pay taxes on any of their donations why don't they i don't know yeah that's the one mel thanks here you go these are ready to go to press right look at you you sound like you work for a newspaper i know crazy right but listen you never called me back last night fellowship financial oh you know what to tell you the truth i don't really care what olivia's doing but you should parlay payment services was owned by that fellowship company a company run by seven rich women who henry thinks should be filing as non-profit but aren't well go tell olivia you know maybe she'll give you a fee for financial advice wait you don't think these women know how to run a company seriously henry thinks the reason they're not filing for non-profit is because you're embezzling or worse i guess the irs goes through charity financial records with a fine tooth comb what could possibly be worse than embezzling from a free clinic i don't know using the clinic as a front to launder money look through this stuff henry should have info on all the board members by the end of the day okay cam i'm just gonna go see jill i'm sorry i just want to go see jeff i can't let you do that what do you mean you can't let me do that why don't you just take a seat right here one second wait wait right over here and i'll call jill and have her come out and meet you why i always go back to her office i can play right now hello hey jill mel's here i'm coming out okay thanks be one second where is she now you'll never guess what's going on pam won't even let me come back to your office yeah i know it's because you're not welcome here anymore i'm not welcome look mel you know i love you but your behavior is out of control you cannot harass olivia because danny's in love with her this has nothing to do with danny olivia whitfield is not who she says she is okay let's calm down because stop treating me like a child she's lying to you she's using this clinic to launder money she didn't even graduate from college let alone have a phd it's all lies is there a problem here nope she was just leaving you can go now mal i know you're upset jill i'm telling you the truth i wouldn't lie to you you know that you really need help this behavior is just it's not normal come on it's time for you to leave i'll be back in a minute get back to work this is the last time this is gonna happen mel or what i know what you are just what do you think you know that i use men to get what i want so what if i do and in the end they get what they want my body i see that as an even trade it's all about you isn't it my clinics will help hundreds of uninsured women this year alone i think that more than balances out in the end so go ahead run back in there and tell them how self-involved i am i'm not afraid of you you should be [Music] [Music] uh so jill told me what happened with mel tonight sorry about that it's not your fault danny i can understand why she's in love with you i know i am and i'm madly in love with you which is why i brought you here tonight i have something for you danny what do you think yes yeah yes so fellowship financial group founded 2 000 undisclosed investors of course they are give me something good henry oh here we go primary board members jessica leeds abigail chance grace miller and olivia whitfield secondary board i know this already mel there's something fishy about these women we've established that henry all the same decade or longer cap in their backgrounds perhaps identity theft common for thieves to erase death certificates from victims around the same age these women are all frauds if there's even more than one of his wife grace miller not pictured was not in town at the time of the home invasion there was no sign of forced entry cooper and tiffany collins miller's business partners say they are stunned beyond words over their best friends miller was married less than a month to new wife grace oh my god why aren't there any pictures of the wives hi um i need a number for a cooper and tiffany collins in dallas texas no i'm getting it sorry i can't what's up mel finn i'm so sorry to bother you at home but i really need your help then you're looked because i'm in henry's office great just stay put and i'll be right there okay [Music] you want me to take a picture of olivia everything you need is in the bag just make sure that she doesn't see you okay now i'm booked on the first flight tomorrow morning to dallas so i'm gonna need that picture first thing well how am i supposed to find her well be creative you have her address you want me to tag along in a little stakeout i work faster on my own besides you need to practice that's gotta be her please please please please please [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] oh man [Music] i hope that's good enough like i said i did my best well i'm sure it's fine all i need is for cooper and tiffany collins to verify that olivia is grace miller these are perfect so you think she's scamming these men for money nope i think she's killing him for money what henry said he thinks that olivia stole her identity now judging from her background check i'm guessing a college student who died in 93 the social security numbers for all four of the major board members were dormant for years until fellowship financial was started in 2000. she's creating identities and then killing her husbands isn't it easier just to divorce them probably but much less profitable she's marrying millionaires so she's like a female serial killer in this case i think they're called black widows come on let's get to the airport are you sure i can't come with you now if you were to come with me who's gonna lie to your uncle about why i'm not back from lunch for six hours okay i see your point will you lock up before you leave okay thank you [Music] good luck [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] geez [Applause] ugh [Music] hey lady you okay yeah yeah i'm fine i'm fine it just it won't start just give it one more try it could be flooded try it again [Music] [Music] so you're gonna stay here all day [Music] that was kind of my intention [Music] really [Music] what else do you intend mr keegan to have many more mornings like this safe for the rest of my life really interesting so you know i only make those kind of commitments to my husband one more day are you sure you're okay with eloping hmm i seem to recall that that was my idea no i know but i just want to make sure you don't have any requests as long as i get to marry you i get no regrets i tell you that i never knew that my shirt could look so good [Music] so [Music] sir finn it's me what's wrong you sound upset pixler just tried to kill me what did you go to the police ladies and gentlemen we're about to take off please turn off all cell phones no i didn't know listen i'm gonna have to hang up i just wanted to call you and tell you to be careful if you followed me from the house and i'm guessing he knows about you too i'll be careful i promise call me when you get there okay bye okay here we go i failed chance just colleeds gracie miller is there a reason you're here so early thank you i don't have a computer at home what about you i saw your car as i was leaving thought i'd say hi don't tell me you've been here all night trust me the couches in this building are much more comfortable than my bed i'll take your word for it [Music] now you might want to log in as a guest what's it to you nothing but if i was doing questionable research on company property wouldn't log in as myself that's all you've got a point you're welcome so what are we looking for ladies and gentlemen welcome to dallas-fort worth international airport we will be landing momentarily please make sure your seatbelts are fastened i thought you were gonna call me when you took care of it i tried to you never answer your phone i wasn't about to leave that kind of message i'm engaged remember i was a little busy myself she put up a fight or what didn't go exactly as planned i managed to run her off the road but a couple of guys stopped by to help and uh i couldn't exactly shoot all of them and she saw me she saw you how the hell could you let that happen look these guys came out of nowhere all right by the time she saw me it was too late there was nothing i could do all right come on let's just pack up and leave right now now the plan's all shut to hell anyways we got enough money to last us the rest of our lives it's just it's a little sooner than we thought that's all come on think about it just you and me a couple of mai tais sitting on some beach in aruba yeah no more lying or sneaking around yeah we leave right now we could be at the airport in an hour okay really yeah go put a few things together and let's get going hey you remember that little place in eagle beach we could even get that same bungalow that would be perfect i love that bungalow [Music] oh [Music] [Music] that's her all right her hair's different but that is definitely the same woman what name she going by these days olivia whitfield soon to be olivia keegan until a new hubby kicks the bucket two weeks after the wedding at which time she will liquidate his assets thank you abandoned whatever charity she started and we the state i never did trust her coop not for a minute something in my gut's all i can say because i told my darling wife you cannot put a woman behind bars just because you don't approve of her by the time we had real suspicions it was too late so olivia grace could never be tied to the crime oh she had alibis receipts hotel bills you name it we even hired a private investigator to look into it there was even actual security footage of her in boston at a hotel at the time of the murder yep what was the charity that she started here in dallas it's a woman's thing we never did get all the details free clinic that's right yeah and if you're writing a story about her i'm just guessing there must be other victims besides lucas there's only one that i know of a hotel magnet named scott chance abigail his wife of one month was similarly out of town with a rock-solid alibi during his murder and i'm sure there's not a picture of her to be found absolutely right but now you're going back home to danny and olivia i fly back home tonight well then i think i should take you back it's gonna take some time anyway to explain the situation the proper authorities well i don't think that you understood i'm not driving back tonight it's a two-hour flight well that's why i was planning on asking my dear husband if i could borrow this jet please as long as you bring it back in one piece okay you sit tight will i go square things up with the pilot i'll be right back where have you been you're supposed to get there two hours ago i thought you'd been kidnapped or killed i know and i'm sorry i should have called earlier but i found cooper and tiffany collins and they confirmed that olivia is grace miller her real name is denise ferris well how could you have possibly found that out because i'm a genius because henry helped me wait there's more um denise ferris and edward bixler were arrested twice for small-time con games are you sure that it is the same woman henry found some of the mug shots i'm sure wait i aming me oh my god what bixler's dead what do you mean bixler's dead police have identified the dead man as edward bixler bixler was shot twice in the chest in what looked like an attempted robbery or possible drug-related incident okay finn i want you to give everything that you have to the police i'll add to it when i get back we should be landing sometime this afternoon we tiffany collins is coming to identify olivia i'll explain everything later okay [Music] bye what is it mel danny listen we have to talk it's about olivia okay enough you gotta stop this i've heard enough of your crazy accusations no no you don't understand she's my fiance that's what she is i asked her to marry me and she said yes and i can't let you say these nasty things about her now if you're still my friend i hope you can be happy for me danny listen to me i'm gonna hang up now and i'm asking you not to call back come on honey the flight's running for us come on i want to introduce you to this female pilot she's just something else you know what i mean okay i cannot believe you guys are cheating us out of a wedding so when you get back we'll definitely have to throw a reception that is so sweet but i i really don't have any family and not so many friends both of which are about to change to my favorite brother i'm your only brother well that's why you're my favorite as i was saying to my favorite brother and his beautiful future wife i wish you guys nothing but the best okay tiffany you just wait here just wait here okay this has gotten completely out of control sit down i'll handle this mel what are you doing you need to leave i am not leaving not until you hear what i have to say we've all heard what you have to say what did i ever do to you mel i mean honestly i was hoping that we could be friends i know that you're in love with danny but nothing ever happened you know what you're right about that olivia i have been in love with danny since the first day we met i guess i was always just too afraid to admit it it almost doesn't really seem to matter now and it's for you olivia i have a feeling that's the first time that you've told the truth in months this woman that you all believe in who you've all trusted she's a black widow she seduces rich men into marrying her and then she kills them danny it's happened twice before and you are next on her list stop it mel stop it do you hear what you're saying if you do not believe me there is somebody here who can prove that i am telling the truth tiffany well there hi sugar or gracie or whatever the hell your name [Music] don't do this put it down [Music] drop the gun olivia please get an ambulance [Music] now [Applause] there you go darling wait a minute wait a minute not only that but we are all glad that you were able to get better quick enough to write your first front page story look at that and you managed to turn my niece into a semi-responsible member of society i don't know which impresses me more you are going to take a well-earned vacation but you have to promise us to come back because i cannot afford to lose my top photographer and reporter line up everybody you know i'd be angry that you lied to me about being a reporter but it turns out to be for a story after all well there wouldn't have been a story without the two of you and i am more than proud to share a byline with you most people wouldn't have shared that credit thank you you know i really hope that you decide to stick around because somebody told me that i needed a wing girl oh i'll be waiting you could just pack lighter here let me help you i gotta figure out how to do this with one arm until this thing heals okay i can sit on it for you hey hey i'll be waiting in the car hey mel i'm so sorry i think so okay you go first because i heard a sorry in there i just i'm sorry i am so sorry that i didn't believe you or listen to you and i won't blame you if you don't want to talk to me for a while if ever now if i didn't talk to you that would kind of defeat the whole best friend thing wouldn't it i don't know what to say i'm sorry too what are you sorry for because you got your heart broken i'll get over it eventually that makes me feel a little better you tried to tell me i i should have known that you would never do or say anything except to no i i can't do this right now i can't i understand okay bye mel oh wait i thought you just said no i can't do this right now because i have a plane to catch i'm gonna take some time for myself i'll be back in a few weeks how about you call me when you get back maybe we can grab a bite to eat a chili dog with the works maybe i'd like that i miss my friend me too [Music] yeah okay we're off to the airport actually what am i gonna do on a beach about myself for the next couple weeks i could have told you that so what next boss new destination let's go pay a visit to the mayor's wife why when i was over there taking pictures of their dog i noticed the mayor's wife was trying to cover up a shiner with some makeup so where's the story i don't know sometimes you just gotta follow your gut so [Music] [Music] you

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