Az UTOLSÓ igazi LOTUS? - Lotus Exige Sport 410 vs. Nissan Skyline R33

Az UTOLSÓ igazi LOTUS? - Lotus Exige Sport 410 vs. Nissan Skyline R33

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Hi, welcome back! Last week's episode has been silent, but today, amazing petrol cars are coming! Sadly, one of them is a right hand car, but I hope you'll manage to drive it. The weather got really hot, but we enjoy it! Let's begin with the Nissan on the slick tires. It only has slick tires on the front. Yeah, you are right.

It was hard to start it, so very probably, the engine is not in stock condition. -Yes, but the tuning is not too aggressive, the car "only" has 400 HP. The original, 2.5 liter engine had 280 HP. I've also met 800 HP versions of this engine. OMG! -Well, it was impossible to drive it, it was only capable to accelerate like a rocket. Does the car have the 16-gear cylinder, like in Fast and Furious? Yes, of course... There's always a gear left.

And every car can fly... Speaking seriously, the suspension has also been replaced, it was one of the last great improvements the owner made, it has almost reached his dream-state. The goal of the car is to use it on the track, so the owner knows that power is less important than engine characteristics. It has 8-valve

breaks, they are also brand new. Inside, nothing superfluous is left, It's like our Megane, but even more race-car alike. We've already driven a Skyline R33, the result was 47.743 seconds. So that's our target. Csabi, what do you expect?

The slick tires on the front with different tires at the back is rarely an optimal solution, mostly, it's only good for drifting. With the rear-wheel drive system, it's rather for playing than going straight fast, but I'm curious, the result mainly depends on the condition of the car. As we know, the car has not been used much, most parts are barely used or brand new, so I'm curious how we'll be able to drive it.

Let's see who begins! Of course, you'll have to warm the tires up well, especially the slicks. I begin! It has the classic safety belts! Like in the Astra Cup! With a left-hand version, you could have huge fun! A real tuning car! It smells nice! It doesn't start like in the movies, when they only jump in and start immediately. I can see Vin Diesel jumping over the hood of the car, without touching it, and as soon as he lands in the seat, he is already in 6th gear. I remember my Mitshubishi's exhaustion pipes, they were very similar! Wow, nice start! It emits some blue smoke sometimes. Well, Golfs has produced much greater white smoke here.

Some blue smoke is no problem. Wow, the slicks! He failed to shift there. He shifted like a truck-driver. I'm not laughing, I'll do it the same way... Some slips over there. János was having fun rather than choosing the optimal line.

I think he was happy to find the right gear. First lap time: 49.621 seconds. Full time: 1.33.937 seconds. 370 Z slick. Not bad! We should start a right-hand car list, it would be one of the best! The Astra F had a similar result! It has beaten the M5 Lumma and the SQ7.

The result is not bad, 49.651 seconds. We know that you suffered a lot, and that your chicane was embarrassing, but we liked it! The owner warned me that the braked block sometimes, but I didn't expect it to happen right in the middle of the chicane. I could barely stay on the track. Although it was a right-hand car, you drove it well! The locking differential was great, but sometimes it started to bounce. The engine is also amazing, but shifting with my left hand is still a problem for me.

2nd gear was the best, sometimes, the 3rd was also required. We have to admit that we don't have experience with right hand cars, so my shifts were quite poor and slow. We drive right hand cars once in two years! -Yeah, and often with automatic transmission. The car is great, but we should get used to it. And try to shift smoothly, but it blocked the tires. Csabi, it's your turn! The result is close to the 370 Z with slicks, the Astra F, the Macan Turbo, one of the M5s, etc.

The tires form an interesting combination, the front sticks to the asphalt and steers the car, but the smallest gas can make the back slip and drift. -400 HP is very probably more than enough. Yes, of course, it's perfect for playing! My first lap could be better by almost 2 seconds! I left a nice black line on the asphalt driving slipping straight through the chicane. My start was not perfect, either. The viewers liked it! The applauded loudly when you returned! I knew that my laps were quite poor, so I wasn't interested about the last lap. Csabi is already having fun! He is going to drift through the entire lap. It's easy to steer the car with gas.

Yes, it's an important feature of a race car. It's too hot probably. He braked better than you did, but it was still not perfect. He is going to drift here, you'll see! No, he didn't! It's bouncing really hard there. It emits blue smoke quite often. He shifts back earlier.

He has started to play. The viewers are clutching! First lap time: 49.218 seconds. Full time: 1.35. He has beaten you by 0.4 seconds.

He was only aware of the first lap. 49.2 seconds, not bad! It has beaten the i30M, the Stinger GT, etc.

You are professional, you could beat Jani on the first lap, so you had time to have fun during the second! Yeah, I was more focused during the first lap. -The result is 49.218 seconds, you improved the result a lot, you've overtaken the 370 Z. Obviously, you are still struggling with the right hand drive, and your chicane was poor, too, but as a whole, it seemed to be a great car and you enjoyed it a lot! Yes, during the first lap, I managed to shift to 3rd gear, I was happy about it! But I was concentrating so strongly to shift back that I braked too strongly at the chicane. I tried to keep calm during the first lap as I felt that the car is great and that it's capable of reaching a great result.

It's has enough power in 3rd gear, too, but only at higher RPM. During the second lap, I was slipping more often, but I didn't really care anymore. Do you think that your result would be much better with left hand drive? Well, yeah. The shifting was the biggest problem for both of us, which should be a natural movement with the right hand.

After a short brake, we'll continue with a different car. I was lucky enough to try this car with János, it was a huge fun! This is the reborn of the Lotus brand in Hungary, it's available again! Although it's not the strongest version, it has enough power. This is the comfort version. Tell us more about the car! The Lotus returned to Hungary with this model, this car is the predecessor of old Lotuses with real race-car abilities.

These production of these models, the Elise, the Exige and the Evora is going to finish this year, the Emira is the new one. We couldn't take that here, but the other three models are waiting to be driven in Laptiming! Final Edition models exist, too, but only for marketing purposes. This is the 410 Sport version, a real race car, which is the test car of Lotus. What do we know about the engine? It has a 3.5 liter compressor engine with 410 HP and rear-wheel drive. The car is built upon an aluminium monocoque, just like classic Lotuses.

The monocoque has some further reinforcement elements which can diffuse crash energy. Almost all other elements are made from plastic. The engine, the gearbox and the suspension are all connected to the monocoque, so the car is a massive, integrated piece of engineering artwork. Every Lotus is made by hand, they resemble the classic race cars from older eras.

The Elise is a bit smaller, this model, the Exige is the bigger one. The car is often used at official races, too. It's perfect for fun driving, but it's different from mainstream sport cars, for example, it doesn't have a servo steering. The seat position is very low, and the chassis is very light: 1110 kg.

Csabi, Jani mentioned to me that he has some experience with Lotuses at the Lotus Ladies Cup. You participated in this event, too, as an official instructor. What do you expect? What memories do you have? Yeah, at the Ladies Cup, we've driven the Elise's quite much. It only had the smallest, 1.6 engine, but we've also driven the Evora with the same, 3.5 liter compressor engine.

Back than, it only produced 300 HP. It was rather a comfortable journey car, not a track-orientated race car. I expect this car to be a real sport car, middle engine design always makes the cars like huge gokarts. 410 HP with 1110 kg seems to be fun! Let's see who begins! It has Michelin Cup 2 tires. -Great news! János, who begins! He should warm it up.

It's a wonderful car! If you see the episode you might be too late, the Exiges might all be sold. This is the last year of this model. In everyday traffic, such low seat-position race cars are almost dangerous. You are on the same level as truck tires.

It's only optimal for track usage. The Evira is going to feature a brand new chassis with more advanced technologies. The Evija is going to be the electric model of Lotus.

With 1000 HP... But it's going to be very expensive, and only a very limited amount is going to be produced. It's always difficult to warm up the front tires, due to the low weight on them. Weight shifts onto the front axle only during braking, but until the front is not warm, it's very hard to turn with the car. OMG! The sound is brutal! Nice, it slips exactly like it's required. He had to wait quite long for accelerating.

He passed the photocell at 106 km/h, which is brutal. It's still pushing the front. It almost lifts the front during accelerating. First lap time: 46.141 seconds. Full time: 1.27.311 seconds. 46.141 seconds.

It's just behind the Datsun. What could I compare it with? Look for some street-legal race cars. It has beaten the M5 2018, and it's just behind the R8 V10 Spyder. The M5 Competition is faster. It has beaten the Trophy R by 0.2 seconds,

and the M2 Competition also by 0.2 seconds. Your result is 46.141 seconds, which is great, but it's hard to compare it with anything. The R8 V10 Spyder was only faster by 0.3 seconds, the M5 was faster. The 991 GTS, the Trophy R and the M2 Competition are by 0.2 seconds faster.

I expected an under-47 seconds result, but you almost went below 46 seconds. -The car could be faster, it was hard to drive it. -You had to wait quite long before starting to accelerate. Well, not really, but power only arrives after a certain RPM. Basically, the turning of the front was the hardest task. During the second lap, I almost left the track, it didn't want to turn.

It was really exhausting to drive it, like a classic race car, it doesn't resemble modern sport cars. János, it's your turn. It can be driven precisely, but it's not an easy task. It was not as brutal as the historic race car, though. You can't lay back in the car, relax and enjoy the journey.

So the result could be improved by some tenth of seconds. The tires started to reach the optimal temperature, but you really have to get used to the car. It's a very special car.

Here, it lifted the front tires when you started accelerating. Yeah, but you always have rear traction, which is enough in most cases. The sound is great, also inside. You can't see anything in the middle mirrors, but you can see the butterfly valves opening when pressing the gas pedal. Not a bad start, but you shifted much better. Despite the harsh style of the car, the engine characteristics is very smooth.

It's not at all like a tuning engine. 410 HP for this chassis is mad. I think that this car is for wider tracks. Did you need the 4th gear? No, only the 3rd. The biggest advantage of the car is the 1110 kg weight.

The low weight has a positive effect on almost every component of the car. Braking and turning is also much easier with low-weight cars. First lap time: 46.476 seconds.

Full time: 1.27.737 seconds. You've beaten him by 0.3 seconds. It's a great result! Yeah, it must be amazing to own such a car. It's just behind the R8 V10, right? The first Fabia R5 has barely been faster. It was only faster by 0.2 seconds. And it has also beaten the M5 2018.

The M5 Competition was only faster by 0.1 seconds. That's amazing. You've been beaten by 0.3 seconds on the first lap, your start wasn't perfect. That wasn't the problem. I thought that the front has more traction, but I was wrong.

I slipped in the first few corners, that's where I lost time. It has also pushed the front during the second lap. It's a great car, but steering is very difficult.

Sometimes, it jumps on bigger potholes. It always lifts the front wheels when accelerating. Yes, it's strange. After starting turning, the car gets unpredictable. I didn't dare giving gas in the corner. The back is much more stable than the front.

Great! We shouldn't be sad about the 46.1 seconds result, it's amazing! Thank you for watching, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Youtube, bye! The Skyline reached 60 km/h in 3.735 seconds. The top speed was 117.61 km/h

during the first lap in Jani's lap. The maximal acceleration was 0.79g, and it decelerated over 1g! The top side-acceleration value was 1.37g, which proves the quality of the tires.

2021-11-23 10:49

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