Aws Solution Architect Day1 Class | AWS Lambda | What is AWS Lambda |How Aws Lambda works ?JOYATRES

Aws Solution Architect Day1 Class |  AWS Lambda | What is AWS Lambda |How Aws Lambda works ?JOYATRES

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so i'm not starting with the very very basic what is cloud computing what is aws what is aws compute services database services that we are going to cover in next few sessions because in my way of teaching what i will generally do i focused on most of the practicals because practical as a thing you are looking for as of now so aws provides very good documentation on each and every service once you have the good hands on each and every service you can easily relate and what they are talking about so basis on this i would first start with the practicals then gradually will cover basics of every service so that's how we will work in in this entire session so i am going to start on the lambda what is lambda function and i want you guys to contribute what is lambda function any one of you it's a serverless function yeah when it says serverless what it what does it mean yes right so basically what happens with the case of lambda functions aws is when you create your ec2 machine let's say you are creating ec2 machine i hope everybody aware about ec2 c2 instance is an instance where you can work like you need 4 gb of ram 500 gb of hard disk and you are looking for one virtual machine in that case you can do this and by taking a ec2 instance by creating a ec2 instance on 8ws simple [Music] this is your aws and you are asking for ec2 instance from aws how aws is giving this instance to you using virtualization but aws says don't worry about this part do not worry about this part i will take care of this and you only need to work on your execution logic okay that's where the serverless framework comes into the picture it says basically let me just copy it aws says i will take care of each and everything when i say aws is taking care of each and everything that means they are taking care of batching they are taking care of maintenance of systems is okay but in the case of easy to function easy to instance everything you need to do everything you need to do this start of system patching maintenance antivirus these things you need to do over the ec2 but when it comes to serverless aws says we work for you and you only use lambda function and please let us know which programming framework you are going to use so aws lambda gives you multiple options whether you can work with node you can work with python you can work with c sharp you can work with go you can work with many languages okay so you can work with any languages number of languages you will have a good support on so but aws says this is serverless serverless means they will be taking care each and everything internally but you only run to your lambda functions that's the only thing you need to do otherwise internally what aws will do through the they on the ec2 part they were working with the virtualization part but in serverless what will they do through the containerization technology that we are going to learn in next few days through that technology aws is creating machines internally and you are they are giving that machines to you you don't have any access to that machine you just can run your code on that machines you have privilege to choose ram okay you have privilege to use your security groups all these things you can do whatever you can do with the ec2 instance but the only change is in the case of lambda function there is nothing you need to maintain so now simply what i will do i will create my first lambda function this is the use case i am drawing i am creating one lambda function and this lambda function needs to be called from somewhere [Music] so aws gives multiple ways for this mechanism that's one of the ways you can create api gateway and guys who are not able to understand this this is not very basic part okay and i'm i'm expecting we all are working professionals i'm not giving you that so much of very very basic flavor what is cloud computing and all so this is if anybody know don't know about api gateway please let me know that how to code this lambda functions aws says you can call your lambda functions by multiple ways aws gives you trigger point for this the point that you can trigger your lambda function through multiple ways one of the ways api gateway one one of the ways using s3 one of the ways sqs one of the ways sns or iud internet of things multiple trigger points can be there like this okay now the point is which one you have to use between this all trigger point which one you you will use the answer comes with the explanation right if you if you are looking for lambda function through url then in that in that case you need to use api gateway but if you say whenever i am uploading a file on s3 or doing any kind of operation like updating a file deleting a file in that case it should hold lambda should hold then you will use s3 as a trigger but in the new new designs when you were working on the enterprise applications there there is some change with the industry earlier people need to do this like this is the application this is the database simply this is the application and this is your database it can be a mongodb it can be sql server mysql or anything else so earlier people were just connecting application with the database but now the days what is what is happening that there is no need to interact directly with the database because you are creating a single source of dependency here the best design says that please create a application and here is your database but it in between of this there will be another component which is called sqs so why ask us anybody knows what is sqs sqs is a message broker when i say message broker it is creating a connection between these two technologies when application is going to send data it will consume this squeeze will consume the data and it will pass your data to database so in the same way sqs has also support for the lambda function okay sns also has the support for lambda function whatever item you are pushing to the sqs it will be passing to the lambda functions automatically there is no need to do manual anything it's just a configuration change this is one to one but yes is one to one okay thank you but the point here to understand earlier we used to call application to database directly but now you are creating a different layer in between and the benefit of this approach is once your database is going down let's suppose your database is going down in that case you still have the sqs here if your database is down for 30 minutes your sql is still there so how long the messages will be staying in sqs by default it is 14 days okay okay but when let's suppose you are your database will not be down for 14 days right your database is down for one hour or two in that case what is this eco going on you know just can you hear me yes so i was explaining uh there are multiple sources for the lambda function [Music] multiple sources for the lambda function but i i have one question here said i'm sorry so uh so sqs is for the backup purpose like it's a it's a backup backup tool or like it's a load balancer like what is what is the role of sqs exactly this is message broker when i say message broker this is just uh you can say public subscriber model that's kind of thing so did you ever hear about rapid mq oh no never no okay or mq foreign or sqs is sqs is owned by aws okay so it's a manage service when i say sps it stands for simple queue service so everything they are doing creating a item as a queue only whatever will come that will store as a item but in a cube simply i will do a poc in front of you so that you can learn better but my point is if somebody is saying i'm not able to understand this jargons and all uh please bear with me at least for two three days because i'm not believing you that you guys are here to learn on the basics of aws right everybody seems like a working professional we will be focusing more on the technical side and the practical side so if you're not able to understand like sps please ask a question here i don't want to speak for one hour and then you assume something that trainer is only speaking forever not answering on questions please ask questions stop me and ask questions now what i'm doing directly i'm going in aws console if anybody don't have the free account aws provide you free account for this that you can using the credit card or debit card you can create your free account as well i'm simply this is aws management console okay what i am doing directly going in lambda service so you can see this services these are the more than 300 services provided by aws on the containers analytics ervr post management all these things and what we are going to cover in this course let me show you that as well yes remember yeah can you see my schema yes sir yeah this is the part we are going to see okay getting started with aws and identity and access management all these things will be practical guys how to create root account what's the difference between i am user and groups iem rules and policies multi-factor authentication back managing permissions and this is not designed for our college students or a very basic training that you can find over the youtube and other channels because training is something that is easily available for [Music] federation authentication and organization something like that anything like you are able to showcases that i can show that i can show you in your account if you have because creating a federation account is something it's very very chargeable thing correct but i can do in your account and i can go guide you on that part yeah can you can you describe about yourself sorry to ask but uh i never uh i joined late maybe uh i just wanted to uh hear from your words what i could describe about yourself so that i have some knowledge okay sure what we cover as of now just uh basics of lambda functions that how we are going to create a lambda functions no no what about your role currently what you are doing and what is your experience sorry to ask but i just want to do the way your teaching is go is good so i just wanted to know the details background okay okay myself and i have a total of 11 years of experience in the industry and i am currently working as a cloud architect i have three teams to handle one is on working on the aws cloud one is on the azure and one is on the google cloud so my core expertise on the with six years experience on the aws only but from last two years i'm also working with the one of the is your team and from last six to basically six to seven months only i'm working on as a cloud google cloud as well okay so that's my brief about 11 years yeah architect right yeah architect okay okay because i have 20 years of experience just wanted to understand nothing i but yeah i know the things thanks okay this this will be a task but this will be uh not a very basic course that an entire week and everything you will be doing the so once we completed are we able to complete the exam uh as a professional exam or associate exam is there any is no associate exam is uh easy as compared to the professional one but after completing this course i am sure you will be able to understand 50 percent of the things of the professional but still you need a three months of time to do more study because professional is very tough nowadays until unless you don't have the hands-on experience you will not be able to clear so so so do you you have a any certification yes i'm associate certified and google cloud also oh okay okay thanks yeah so coming back to this this will be the course of content the point is this course of content you can learn from anywhere this is very basic things nowadays in aws now if you're going for the interview there will be nobody that is asking questions very very like how to create ec2 machines that you can find more than 1000 articles over the youtube only for creating the easy to instance but in point after learning this all these things whatever i'm going to cover aws route 53 elastic load balancing auto scaling simple notification service simple queue service after covering on this we will jump directly to the assignments part so when i say assignment part this is something that my this is the backbone of the course i would say when i say assignments this is something that we are going to cover one by one when i say that you need to work on this assignment create git actions workflow create deploy aws lambda function that itself has the assignment to work at least for 15 days at least for 15 days that you need to create git actions workflow to communicate with aws when i say write a template to create a file parser lambda with sqs dlq when i say dlq it is a dead letter key i am rose and lambda function so this assignment covers basically what you have to do inside that you need to create a cloud formation template when i say cloud formation template this is iac infrastructure as a control infrastructure as a code everything you need to write inside the template only so that type of assignment will be there my focus would not be on the course my focus will not only be on the post my focus would be after spending 10 to 15 days you will be getting your assignments every day and you need to complete that assignments every day so that you can learn from real experience so after 2-3 months you can say i have worked on 10 assignments and basis on that this this already have been covered there's nothing about it like last week components elastic green web architecture until unless you don't have the working experience on it so i'm giving you that opportunity that you can work on any item like not each and every item we can cover for one guy but we can do like four from our team working on these four points when i say these four points this will take around one month of time to work on it every day two to three hours of time that's how we will work any questions on the content then we'll move to the back to the lambda function again yes please yeah i i can also use couple of uh tasks as well from my prospective to understand you can can as a part of course if it is required you can also look into it thank you sure but point is we are not here for like if you are taking this this is this is my real project that i am working with one of the client this is the real project requirement and i have so many things to do in my plate yes but point is if i'm giving some assignments to you guys and you are not able to complete it on time it will be a challenge for me not you need to treat this project as a like you are working in an office and you need to complete up every day sometimes i can give exceptions because i can understand you are working as a working professional somewhere but not each and every day you are coming blank and say to me that i don't have the time to work on it because until unless you are not doing the hand so you will not land on it simple through this so coming back to the lambda functions like i explained you the multiple ways that lambda function can be triggered one is api gateway one is s3 one is sqs one is iot so now what i am doing i am going into the aws console and let me create a very simple lambda function very very simple function so this is aws console i am logging in and writing aws lambda function when i write lambda it says run code without thinking about servers can anybody suggest me why they are giving without thinking about the servers this is called serverless model when i say serverless this serverless applies to only clients when i say clients that means either of these users but internally aws has machines to end all the things but they were using for the ec2 pattern let me go to lambda function and simply create a lambda function create function when i say create function there are multiple ways through that you can create a function one is author from scratch user blueprint container image browse serverless app repository when i say start from scratch you are writing it from the beginning very very beginning user blueprint means that somebody has created a lambda function and that you want to use container image container image everybody knows when you work with docker containerization docker create an image for you and through that image if you want to create a function there is that's also a way also browse serverless app repository that everybody knows whenever you create an image that image you need to host on might be on the you are hosting it on the docker hub that you are hosting on the ecs the multiple ways right in the aws azure so if you want to use that repository then there is the option as well but i am saying it both are from scratch very basic lambda function i'm creating and i'm giving this name as get detailed data now coming back to runtime like i said aws internally is creating the machine for you but it is asking which runtime you want to use tell me i am saying i want to use python internally what aws will do by getting your command they will be creating one machine for you internally and installing python on it rip command you move it so by running selecting this configuration you are saying to ifws please create a machine for me and i want to work with python 3.9 on it okay simply i am saying create function [Music] it will take 30 seconds of time at least to create this function yeah now your function is ready successfully created the function get retail data now if you see this this is very very basic thing hello from lambda right this this if you see the testing you can test this lambda and let me test it for the first time click on test it is successfully executed [Music] what is the common looks action for the aws if you click on this details for logs you will be redirected to cloud watch window when i say cloud vote it is another topic in our course let me go to course once again and if you see cloud watch cloud watch is a central repository for aws logging beat you are working with pc2 sqs lambda anything cloud watch is the point where you will be getting the logs all the logs like in on the internal machines when you work with on-prem or anything generally people use log format and other type of log servers right where they are writing into the databases or the files for the logging for troubleshooting the production issues basically but in the case of cloud watch everything is everything is stored as a logs in the cloud watch only there is another service also in response to cloud watch that that name is x-ray so x-ray is mainly used for debugging purpose i would say when i say debugging it is more granular like in the case of cloud watch we are getting the response like 10 logs for single request but in the case of x3 it will tell you what are the components are involved in the application flow and where the problem is and i say where the problem is let's suppose you are interacting with three components one is web api second is database or anything else in that case it will create a design for you that yesterday that service was responsible responsive was a response time was in one second but today it is taking two seconds of time so that way you can realize that this this is the root point of the error or this is the root point of the latency so access service is used for that purpose but basic is cloud watch and cloud watch is also a paid service whatever logs you are storing on the cloud watch people always confuse about it this cloud watch they store the queue long results of the logs and forget to delete about it so what will happen there will be a huge bill in the cloud watch every month because you are storing the data on cloud watch and everything in cloud comes as a post so coming back to the lambda function that we have created this is our lambda function and this is our lambda function i if i click on the logs i will be redirected to cloud watch window when i am here you can see there is one log stream when i click on this lock screen you will able to see there are three logs created when i say three logs by default when aws one lambda function will be pulled three logs will be created until unless i am not adding more logs okay if i go to retail this one and go to test see there is nothing as of now in this function where we are printing but three lines of code it is giving to us when i say three lines of code so please try to understand what it is saying if this is a start request this is the end request and this is very very critical point this is you need to understand build duration is 2 millisecond and memory size is 128 mb when i say this build duration is 2 millisecond and memory size is 120 8 mb what does it mean [Music] this means when you go to configuration part and go to basically general configuration you will see that memory this lambda function has is 128 mb and timeout is zero minute three second what does these two properties do coming back to memory 128 mb anyone what is 128 mb here is system memory because it has created a back-end one system right it has taken the lambda function execution to 128 mb memory something like that yeah right so simple point you need to understand this will not be your production code whatever we have written this is very very simple right this is not be a function code actually you are deploying to production let's suppose there is some interaction you are doing with the dynamodb and reading the data from dynamodb and doing some customization and giving back that data to dynam db let's suppose this scenario in that case in that case whatever configuration you provided that will be used as a memory to execute that function 128 mb but if you think your core portion is very very time consuming it is reading the data from multiple sources and giving writing back the data to multiple sources in that case your this memory will not be limited right this will not be uh easy for you to execute all of the code in 128 mb of ram only in that case you have an option to go and edit and choose a configuration like i am saying i want one zero to eight mb of ram i can do that but the only limitation aws is giving that you can choose configuration between 128 mb and 10 gb basically [Music] 10 to 40 mb and this is one of the interview question that what's the maximum limited ws is giving nowadays so it is 10 gb earlier it was 2gb prior to that it was 250 mb but now nowadays every like year 8 of this is extending this limit so coming back to cloud watch you are able to see how much memory it used 128 mb is the size but it only used 37 mb that way you can once you are deploying the application to production you can check the logs that how much max memory this function is going to used if it is saying it is using 120 mb so you should increase that memory size but in our case i am giving 128 mb and it is using 37 mb i can't do anything in that case because we can't take more less than 128 mb of space but this is very useful when you are going to calculate your expenses for this lambda function [Music] how you will calculate it once you are working in the industry project you are giving a design that i am choosing this lambda function let's suppose just i'm getting one of the project only retail project basically that is available on the github this is very very good project on database i am still working on it this is the design right here you have used so many sources if you are representing this design this is basically a retail store this detail store if you are going to represent your project manager or the higher management or your client they are going to ask questions why you choose this services amazon personalized amazon cognito or you have any service like lambda functions in this that case they will ask a question why you just choose this service and what was the considerable points what will be the post so in that case eight of this gives you calculator basically go to aws calculator and click on create a estimate data estimate for weight service i am saying lambda but i am sure in your design they will not be only single service they will be multiple service but i am calculating a post for aws lambda when i click on configure they will ask you name simple name i am saying lambda hosting us east ohio that is fine including free tier no i don't want to include without free tier because in the free tier there is a there is a free free options as well i think that is 1 million or something every month that architecture is fine number of requests i'm saying there will be 50 000 requests every day so it will become 600 000 request no six not six thousand if it is fifty thousand requests per day or let it take twenty thousand and in that case it will become six hundred thousand request per month duration of each request in millisecond how you can enter this figure [Music] by using cloud watch in my case it is 2 milliseconds but i am giving 100 milliseconds because in 2 milliseconds we are only printing hello world and that will never be a scenario in your real production application how much ram i want to use i want to use 256 mb of ram and if you click on the show calculations it will show you what will be the cost in your case the cost will be 0.37 us dollar so that cost you need to list with your design that basis on my design there will be a cost of this lambda function every month 37 us dollar and every component wise you will mention the cost got it guys any questions till now sorry no sir no questions okay now i have one question like a runtime environment we chosen python right yes but we have some other thing like c sharp something yes yes lambda function if we execute with some other run time the cost may reduce as well right due to the back end or how it is uh maybe i may be wrong i got did you understand my point yeah i got to you but the pro here the only thing you need to understand is th this is the perception market as python is five times better than the c sharp and other languages it is enough that is enough right thank you very much yes and so that is basis on that execution time your code expenses will be different perfect perfect enough i mean that is fine so coming back to where we started like aws lambda has different trigger point as of now what i did just tested a function randomly but if you if you go back to your lambda function get retail data you will find a option here see trigger when i say trigger i am talking about these triggers api gateway s3 sqs sns iot if you open that list click on add trigger and open that list you will find there are multiple sources available alexa skills smartphone home apache multiple support one of the option you can think of code commit i am sure you all work with the aws like [Music] get repository right private repository so get code commit is same thing [Music] whenever a developer is checking a code this lambda should trigger that is one of the use case you can do that any item is being added into aws dynamodb that lambda should trigger that is the case you can do whenever item is added to the kinesis kinases is basically for streaming architecture so any item is being added to kinesis that lambda should trigger there can be multiple sources for lambda function for now i'm what i'm doing i'm choosing s3 and which bucket bucket you already know let me create one bucket for you simple create bucket let me do so what my use case is that whenever a file is coming to s3 that lambda should trigger i will create this bucket in shorter steps don't worry about it i am going to teach you that how to create this bucket separately but for my this assignment or this you see completed i am just checking my testing or i'm saying retail just copy it simply i am doing nothing no configuration change and creating a market your bucket has been successfully created coming back to lambda function i am refreshing it and saying i want to work with this bucket retail web virginia bucket whatever i have created with now event type this is very interesting all each object create events means everything you are doing like copying deleting the file or any operation you are doing lambda will be called but if you are specific that whenever a file is being copied in that case only lambda should trigger then you will choose one command but as of now i am build all object should create file [Music] that's it i acknowledge and click on add now if you see there's no there's a s3 mentioned here okay now what it says this lambda will be triggered basis on s3 now let me do one thing let me go to s3 and my bucket my notes virginia pocket where is my pocket retail web just one right marshmallow here retail web this is my bucket go and upload one of the file add files and click on desktop and any file you can choose like cover to open and upload okay now your file is uploaded if you go back to your lambda function now and click on monitor and click on view logs in cloud watch you will see your function has been executed with this whenever you are adding a file your function will get called see there are two log streams now one is at 8 38 that we used earlier now it is for 8 55 47 if you go to this your lambda has been executed right again if i am going and uploading one more file to this bucket docker practice i'm uploading upload now if you refresh your this part cloud search part you will see multiple errors six not errors basically logs this will be six now see now i have no triggering lambda function manually this is coming through s3 [Music] got it like this we have multiple configuration that we can do inside the lambda function so that is why i am saying lambda is heart of it aws nowadays and billing cost is very very high oh sorry low so whenever you are working with the dotnet application or node application or you are creating simply a web application or web api basically you can host that api without the need of any server and the posting will be very very less you already see the bill right any questions guys that way let me remove this s3 trigger click on this and delete and add api to this like i told you there are multiple sources that we can call the lambda we have already seen there forest now let me see for api gateway for api to be very very simple what you have to do go to s3 trigger and click on basically and click on create an api i want to build rest api security i'm giving open as of now otherwise you can add i am open api key in the in the case of api key user needs to pass a key before calling an api in the case of im user need to enter an im user but i am seeing it open as of now just to make a call on it click on add once you click on add it will that api gateway will create our wrapper around this lambda function give url to you this is the url if you click on this url you will able to see that your lambda function is being called hello from lambda if you go to s3 logs now you will see there will be nine logs see this has been executed using api gateway now but this is the shortest step i have taken just click on add trigger and api gateway but you when you will move in the next sessions we will see how to create an api gateway by ourselves because that that on that api gateway we don't have much of control but once once you create starting api gateway from this starting there a lot of configuration you need to do for according to your apis that we are going to cover in next sessions yeah guys now you can ask your questions any question on the content because we are starting from tomorrow for the weekdays patch and for the who's over who are interested for the weekend we will be starting from 19 [Music] probably 19th it's more than 45 days okay and also for uh weekends what will be the time for weekends it would be around 6 00 p.m to 8 pm ist 6 00 pm 2 8 pm ist saturday 2 hours sunday two hours so i'm very new to aws so is the class good for me uh how much yes experience you have in industry like seven years well i was focused on oracle mostly okay so you're mainly interested for the db part or you're open for long oh i'm overfall okay in that case my suggestion would be because you are new to this concepts like lambda squares all these things you need to spend more time on landings so this is good for you but you need to spend more time on learnings okay maybe i can have your so i can have your number so that i can know what i need to learn on my own or my personal time yeah that you can see this number is mentioned here you can call or whatsapp on this number basically i will suggest you basic services because as an industry professional when you go for the aws they will be very basic things like what is compute what is storage okay so when it comes to iem you need to understand how to create roles how to create groups policies multi-factor authentication you need to work with s3 creating like i create a s3 bucket right how to give the permissions how to host a static website how to enable the encryption how to create the life cycle rules so this small part you need to do first before jumping to the project statement so project part so once you are good with this like two three months you need to spend on this after that you can move to the assignments part this is stuff this is little tough for it to interest you so you whatever you said so those concepts will be explained tomorrow onwards sorry so which we explained that concepts like basic everything so that will be covered from tomorrow onwards yes okay thank you uh uh even i wanted to ask you something sir yeah uh yeah actually uh i'm a college student right now means i'm in my last year in bcs and even i want to make a career in cloud architect as well as in devops so uh what would you suggest me to do um being a fresher i would suggest don't just go with two technologies as of now because aws devops is completely a different platform or a different thing and solution architect is completely different when it comes to aws devops there's a lot of tools extra like chef puppet and civil that you need to do and to be frank there is no such demand on the devops on the very very fresher level with this tools everybody is requested for [Music] basically experience so my suggestion would be as of now you can go with the solution architect after one year or two years you get a job but then you can ship to the aws devops so you can add devops in your portfolio as well uh and uh even i just gone through the profiles of cloud architect and all this cloud regarding but they are asking for an experience in an industry so how can i get into it no no that is experiences everybody is asking nowadays but the point is if you are still a college student or learning aws and you have put hands on they definitely they have to give a chance to you until now you don't have any experience on any of the platform like google or cloud or like aws or devops you will not get a job trust me on that part everybody is looking for practicals nowadays did you done the practical means we have to do a certification i mean certification is just for just a paper certification is nothing nice it is nothing certification is nothing [Music] always knowledge is everything once you have the good working knowledge like you have done so many practicals in three months using s3 api gateway and sql sns lot of services you have used that way is good but if you are going basis on the certification i have the i am aws certified please hire me this is nothing nothing [Music] nothing will add you in in your knowledge certificate on this level do it or no do it it will not add any value for you on the fracture level and whosoever is saying certification is a good for the pressure to a dump in the industry basically certification will not add any value for you on this stage until unless you don't have the basic knowledge of aws certification will do nothing for you [Music] oh and uh even i did a course from an academy uh regarding aws and i have some basic knowledge regarding sqs and sns and all these stuffs i don't know about means in advance like kindnesses these all terms are neutrons no kinesis is something that you should know not know as this stage of time because kinase is just timing architecture uses streaming architecture you should only familiar with the sqls that is fine as of now but when you say i don't have the express expertise knowledge on the sks make that knowledge see the use cases of spl see the use cases of sns see multiple use cases of sps go with the aws documentation guys this is very very useful when you go with the awf list sqs faq see how many questions they are giving understand these terminologies why what is fifo queue what is the security reliability compliance part limit restrictions queue sharing sharing access all these things you need to understand server side encryption client-side encryption that only you can know i i know about sqs but by learning only squeeze basic that you added one item in sqs and lambda is being triggered this is very basic that is equivalent to the knowing one of the feature in word nowadays word excel basically so you need to be advanced when you are entering into the market market is very competitive so you can't go with the basic explanation of sqs and learning the basic principle of sqs do some research on it each and every topic after two months then enter into into the market go for the interviews okay sir thank you yeah guys questions uh sorry i am not able to be very well okay can you hear me now yeah much better okay no no again your voice has gone it was good for couple of seconds but now it is again good [Music] can you come little closer to the mic no is it for all right this is for not for me yes for all okay so we can go with next question kiran will come to you later any questions guys any questions related to projects certifications how we are going to do assignments there will be lot of questions right so when will we be capable of approaching to this assignment i think after 20 to 25 days i will start giving you high level assignments then like the way i do teach people let me just show you as of now we are working on one project and how we do you can check out the details let me share with you if you go with this that currently we are working on the project and we have created the assignments accordingly we have distributed the task in 15 number and then one is there is working on it and other guys are working on it so that's how we have distributed the project into 15 tasks and let's save this task this task will automatically i would say take four to five days this task will take two to three days this task will take five days that's how we have planned like this way whosoever will be joining this patch will get the assignments with the name that you need to complete and for that i will be letting you know in the morning that this is the high level step like create a dlq that letter q what will be the steps so i will first let you know how to create a dead letter queue then you need to create that letter q according to our requirement basically project that way will you will uh you will get to know that what what is the real use of the dlq does it answer your question but in case in case we are not able to do the assignments definitely the solution will be discussed from your side right yes that will be discussed the point is if you are not learning it there is nothing i value i am adding in that right yeah that is fine that is fine i can give you entire piece of code of this application i can give in a minute and that is right yeah my question is even though if you have uh yes yes that is my um that is my task because you are getting paid off for this record but my point is if i'm giving you that assignment might be you you are busy for one day or two day or three days but you need to work as a team here that is what i am selling in the market that you need to work on the real project so that after two months or three months you can see i have worked on these parts and i know how to work with the aws production things otherwise there are tons of things available over the youtube how to create a lambda how to create a sql lambda but when you comes to project you need to check in the code as well when i'm saying this is the code you need to check in the code on the gate repository or code from it my com my issue is sometimes you don't have all the uh infrastructure like github and sometimes aws we don't have it you know that i will help you to create okay that i will help you to create i when i'm saying aws free account use there might be a situation where you need to use some of the paid services and that you have to bear the post that is that will be there anyway yeah spending three to four dollar in a month for the learning that is completely fine for me on the aws so whenever you are free that like your create your resources has been created and there is no use of it then you can delete it but in terms of setup you are saying you don't have the git account i will create you will create a github account right i will do a mapping for your account and then do you will do a check-in that's that's that is where you will raise a pr for me code review request i will review it in front of all of you so that you can learn what mistake you are doing [Music] i will give you one assignment and give you one thing to think about what will be the options in case of aws but what what are our options and why you are choosing this design this is happening in the industry right you are very aware about the clients if you are representing one client one design to the client they will ask so many questions to you so treat me your client you will come up with a design you will come up with a task i will ask you why you are doing this but what if we are doing this way that way you will learn more basically i just paid the number okay okay that is okay okay i got okay this is your number fine friend you got it sorry your name i'm not sure who amit i am the other my name is [Music] any anything else we can do otherwise i'm good for the day if you have any questions please thank you to this thanks for that okay so this is your this your number is the one uh sending what that is on the whatsapp group sorry what you say your phone number is the one on the whatsapp group right yes right okay so my question once again is for me to perform effectively in this class i want to know the thing i need to learn on my own yeah that is fine you want to learn some of the things by your own i can guide you on that daily basis i will be giving uh creating a separate plan for you that this is the things you can learn because not each and everything we can learn right the point here is if i'm opening this ppt or something you need to choose five to six concept only in a month five to six months concepts in a month and design your goals accordingly ask your question on a daily basis i am doing this and i need help of yours to create a real-time assignments around this topic i will help you on that okay so you're gonna have on the restroom as well sorry are you going to help me on the right to me i'm not able to get you what you're saying on the resume wrestle me like if i want to look for a job resume i can update for you after two months okay because if you are going for the job or interview with this knowledge or very basic knowledge you will be struggling to answer so what i want that please learn basic aws service for one month then 15 days at least grasp a knowledge of high level project tasks then made a cv or update your cv then enter into the market and for first few interviews i will not be sending you directly to the market i will suggest you i will take your mock interviews three to four interviews i will be taking [Music] okay for you so after that you feel comfortable and then go to my i mean i'm in the u.s or india sorry are you in the u.s no no i'm in india

that will not be a challenge for you time and all these things okay anything else people who are not asking questions richard [Music] basically i think uh i've gone through some part of this um on my own that's why i want to see how we are going to implement project yeah that is what i'm saying object this content you can learn very very easily this is available over the you know 350 rupees only 500 rupees only exactly that is what i am not selling this is just a course of contentness when i am saying project when it comes to this part you need to create an emi you need to create a data migration strategy that is what where you will learn actually right if you are a working professional like 10 15 years of experience yeah and that's what my actual role is yeah migrating databases from exact cloud to our cloud and i'm basically dba manager right right i can understand when you create a data migration study this is not a simple assignment guys it will take more than one month of time if you are working continuously four hours in a day then it will take more than one hour one month of time this is not seems to be busy or easy thing [Music] but you are thinking this is not a course that's what i am repeating again this is not a course that this is a commitment of four three to four hours every day that you are going to learn this thing nobody will give you any job basis on the plane knowledge this identity access management how to create role this is super easy guys super easy the only thing comes when you are working with real environment how to create a vpc how to create security groups like this rda how to create automatic backups working with subnet private subnet how your web server will communicate to database machines internet gateway when you are implementing it and like showing it in a project like let me show the current architecture this is the architecture like we are one of the student created this is very plain this this is not architecture this is very very plain basic architecture it didn't mention about disaster recovery lot of things heil failover switching plan then lot of things when it comes to design lot of things there will be a lot of things into this but what i am trying to save until unless you are not doing it practically you will never ever love it [Music] hello sir can you hear me yeah i'm sorry my mic was not working earlier so i have a uh i have a question uh related to aws i mean i'm new to aws and uh i'm working in machine learning areas i'm a beginner there and i'm trying to migrate into aws machine learning so i just want to know um i mean this how how how useful this course could be for me to migrate into aws machine learning or any other cloud related machine learning uh areas for the machine learning i need to talk separately with you okay probably we can talk over the website okay okay yeah but but do you think this course can help me uh no not entire things not entire things but it would be good if you know that all of the basics of aws but not all things will help you like if i talk about data migration or ami or efs not each and everything will comes your way because data data machine part or ai part is completely different okay yeah because when i go into some interview they were asking about this particular basics so i am not familiar with this one um so when it comes to like like what i said not eat and everything will come to your way but when you are going for the basic things like i am iem is a service which applied everywhere in aws whether you are working with machine learning ai or efs or storage im is a very very good candidate to know you can learn about iem you can learn about ec2 because you are you are going to deploy this services simple storage service you can use database service i'm not aware i don't think it will be come your way bpc is must for you bpc part but if it comes to elastic load balancing auto scaling there is no use of this without 53 there is no use of it like this you need to identify you need a customization plan actually my point is to say if you are a data scientist for working with on the data science things that you need a customized aws part okay so okay and that is basically designed for developers and solution architects okay yeah we will chat over the phone and then thank you thank you we will close by 9 13 next five minutes till the time anybody has any questions please ask one more thing like what was the timing you said for the weekend batches uh timing is six a six pm to eight pm do you want another time no no six pm ist right yeah six pm to eight pm ist okay okay if you're looking for another time to let me know there is another patch eight two ten so this this very class is just the weekend right no no this there are two options one is you can go for the weekdays and weekdays will be every day yes the two options one is weakness 8 a.m 9 a.m ist [Music] weekend 6 p.m to 8 p.m

[Music] oh if you have any challenge 8 p.m this is a standard but if you need another time at least talk with a myth and for this might be we can skip wednesday i'm not doing this for myself i am doing it for you because i will be giving assignments to you and if i start giving assignments to you on the daily basis you will be struggling with your office so that is why i am giving one day so that you can utilize that time does it answer your question yeah yeah thank you very much and uh so you and i wanted to ask something yes uh how will a red hat help me in aws solution architect you you are fresh here right as of now uh yes so i don't think it will help you means if i uh do a course in red hat and as well as the certification of system admin as well as system engineer so how would it help me in my suggestion to you whatever you do just do single technology don't mix up all the things earlier you were asking questions about devops and aws now you are asking for red hat so these things are connected to each other now connected is fine but you need to expert on one technology when you are saying devops devops has lot of things i told you chef puppet ansible terraform are you aware about it if you're just going with the very very basic thing terraform is this then there is nobody giving the job go with the things where more opportunities are there like aws more jobs are there go with the aws azure google cloud google cloud is the future now in the next few years google cloud will be good so go for that technologies where demand is good don't go with that where demand is not there like i told you for the devops they will be asking devops means automation in short devops means automation and you can't do automation of things on the fresher level this is the industry mindset and this is the truth until unless you don't know the in and out of the system you can't automate so many things exactly don't rush yourself go slow and learn one then enter into the market don't go with all machine learning ai red hat aws azure and then you are nothing [Music] i respect your dedication but go slow [Music] so which one is which one can you recommend guys most uh demanded in the market now as of now demand is with aws only because you can see this is not i'm suggesting because i am a ws expert i am working as a aws expert also on the azure also on the google cloud but the demands is if you go with the clientele 10 out of 10 generally my client recommend me that go with aws phone 8 8 out of 10 clients is go with aws without asking which is the best techno cloud vendor in the market there is no doubt on it aws for next few years but like i told you that we should not dependent on one technology [Music] aws is a good as of now but might be after two years google cloud will be on the top because considering they are giving very good amount of services in very good manner especially in the india and other regions they are opening lot of data centers and support so there will be huge opportunities in the google cloud but that is something after one and a half year or two years till the time if you're not learning aws and you are getting ready for only google cloud that is again a mistake only technology boom is there in the market for next four to five years only technology booms will go might be though might not be go for aws but as of now demand is very very high for the aws then that is why i am saying if you are getting 10 job opportunities in aws you will get four opportunities in as your two opportunities in google cloud then where do you think you have the more chances obviously aws because you are appearing for 10 times in the interview then you have that what about what about hadoop and oracle now that is something they don't have so much of scope in the market even people are using ibm cloud alibaba cloud the percentage is very very less so you will get one opportunity in a month if you're going for oracle if you're going for the ibm but if you go with the aws you will get 100 opportunities that's that is where you need to automatically see demand and surprise rule this is direct principle of the i would say economy right if you have that good good demand definitely you are going more for the interviews and better the chances is oracle and ibm they are clouds we are giving good services but demand is nothing point is that we are looking for job we are looking for entrepreneurship we are looking for business right we are not sitting we are not doing this course for sitting idle that is what my perception is right so i may go don't go with all the things at one time my suggestion to you you are a beginner at the beginner stage i can't do so many things for you to be frank but trust me go slow go with aws why i'm saying it obvious picket is had a lot of opportunities if you go with the job portals there are eight to nine jobs in aws itself out of ten nowadays be it you are working on the dotnet framework java python any programming language now they are asking for aws even microsoft products are asking for aws so i'm not denying on this fact you should only go for the aws if you have interest on the azure go for it but do one only at a time learning technology takes time and then design your cv in that way then enter into the market please don't go with that model i know devops five percent i know cloud two percent i know dotnet one percent i know this two percent [Music] then you will get two percent only okay next question yeah you have any questions uh yes sir actually uh even i want to to uh share you that weather uh means at this level only i should go for cloud and uh take the job or should i take more industry experience because i have done with my placement uh in cognizant and i got placed in that uh so is there any uh chance of getting an experience from there and then going to cloud or directly just giving interview into the cloud company so this is now uh comes in here and trust right so when i say cognizant you are not sure about the cognition in which role they will ask you to join right they can give you mostly pcs cognition these companies are doing this part only they are delivering a job where candidate is not liking to be frank so might be there will be a situation that you you're an entrust into the cloud but they are giving opportunity to you as a sales force or some other platform crm erp where you don't have an interest in so in that case it is completely your decision that you want to work with with cognigent or you want to work with your interest i would suggest you if you have the good backup as of now you are not married simple rule if you don't have so much of burdens on yourself go for the open market learn a ml and go for the cloud don't go go with the cognition if you are not getting the work you like comments they are offering as a programmer train so means programming but to file their game uh that is not sure because uh i didn't receive any of that ask it and join the company if possible leave the company if you don't like the profile there's nothing going to be happening next six to one year six month to one year if you don't like the joke you can leave any time but once you learn the technology okay my point is if you're leaving the job and searching for another job with the dedication that i know about this and i am looking for a career on this field only then you are completely okay others will give a chance to you basis on that technology but if you are saying i left that company and i'm looking for job on this part only and you don't have good control on that language or framework then you will be in trouble [Music] what my point you seems to be looking confused you can take my number and discuss separately with me okay my number in separate chat you can talk to me yes others please you can ask questions if you have any reticle you have new forms since beginning i hope you are not surveillance hello yes please uh i have just knowledge only linux only and i really want to my career in clouds so how this course will get me help to change my career into cloud only that all the requirements we discussed that was irrespective of platform with windows linux or whatever you are the commands will be different only but concept remains same okay so uh just uh to be good in aws i don&#

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