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Why is, the Australian, economy, soon. Going to collapse I'm gonna add a few links in the description, and. Today, I'm just gonna be talking off the top of my head because I don't really have time to be making these videos at the moment why, the, Australian economy will. Collapse why. And. I'm going to try to point out to you guys all, of the different, signs. And, signals, that I am seeing within the economy which, tell me this, so. If you want to support me you, can support me on patreon. And, if you like this video make sure you click the subscribe button and the bell icon so, don't miss out on anything so. Today, I'm going to talk about, why. The Australian, economy is going to collapse and. To. Understand that you need to understand a little bit about the Australian economy so I'll give you a little bit of Australian. Economy 101. Australia. Is. Not a very smart country we. Dig holes and. We. Do mining, we put them on boats and we send them north. We're. In isolated, country too so it costs a lot of money to, fuel. These boats. Most. Of these boats our biggest trading partner, is China they. Do say, about. 35% of the entire. Australian, economy relies. On China, buying resources, from Australia. There's. A lot of geopolitical. Problems, that couldn't happen. When. We are sending our, maritime, trade through the South China Sea and through, Anna neva but we won't touch on that today but we're. Just going to talk about, the. Big factors, in the Australian economy and. Australia. Relies on China, and even, the dummies out there they, have just started to realize this. Second. One we, invest a lot in our. Education. System so, we have a lot of immigrants, and. International. Students, who. Travel. To Australia they. Pay exorbitant. Fees, and. They. They, come down here to get a some, sort of formal. Education. So. They're the two main things that drive, the Australian economy now. Earlier. This year. There. Was a new law passed in. The Australian government, where. They. In, a, financial. Crisis. The. Australian. Government, can, take money out of your bank account. Now. When, that happened. The. Smart people around there noticed the, people that see signals, noticed, and they challenged, that and they asked for a thing a. New. Law to be passed called. Glass, Segal. I think. That's how you pronounce it they, have that in America what it does is it prevents the government from dipping, into your bank account in financial, crisis. Now. Earlier, this year the. Australian economy was looking fine even. Though I've been telling, you guys for over a year now that it's not fine and the signs are not good because of, the, changing, geopolitical. Situation. That's. One sign the. The government refused, to pass it that's. A sign and. The. Fact that. They. Then just said all the economy is doing fine we don't you don't have to worry about your bank accounts, the fact, that that happened that. Always happens and the dummies, in. This country just thought okay the economy is doing fine now, I. Want. To let you guys to what's been happening the last two weeks so this is recent we're.

Going To go back to the trade with China I think that's a big factor, the. Tariffs between. America. And China. There's. A big deal that happened where. Malcolm. Turnbull was really happy that he was. Able to convince. The. The. Americans, to not put tariffs, on our steel, exports, well. For. The dummies in Australia they thought that was awesome but. I'll tell you one thing the. Raw materials, come from Australia, they. Go to China it. Gets created, they they manufacture. It we don't do that here it's, manufactured, in the iron ore and then. The Chinese for. Quite, a long time they've, been diluting. The market, with cheap iron ore now. If, China gets tariffs. Put on their iron ore does. That mean China is going to continue to buy the. Resources, from Australia, no they're not going to at all so, we, just got a tariff by proxy. Second. We. We, are going through a. Right. Now this trade, war is a. Changing. Of the, trade structure. So. What's. Happening, is America. Now is trying to convince all of its allies to not trade with China. China. Is also, looking now to emerging. Markets, developing, countries, to try and trade with because it's going to lose trade, with other countries and. If. Australia, is allied with America, why the hell. Would, China. Want to continue, to trade with. Its enemies, best friend, okay. So, right. Now if you, this, last two weeks. Zi. Jing ping has been shaking, hands with. Individually. On. Individual. Little contracts, in Africa. Almost, every. African. Leader. Now. What. Does that mean for Australia, well that, means that their. Resource, is going to come from Africa they're not going to come from Australia from Australia anymore. So. What. We can do now is we can assume, that. 30%. That's. Right, 30 percent, of the. Australian. GDP. Should. Be wiped off the map. As. Soon as China decides, to switch over. That. Means astray. Is going to become 30 percent, poorer. Okay. Another. Thing that happened was Malcolm, Turnbull, he. Kind of got strong-armed. Into. Investing. Australian, superannuation. Into. American. In, structural projects, gee. I think he he, invested. Over a trillion, dollars of that's, right your retirement, in, American. Infrastructure. Projects. Donald. Trump is a good businessman. Australian. Politicians, are spoiled. Little shits that don't know what they're doing so now, your future relies, on these, future. Infrastructure. Projects, going really well in America and if they don't your. Retirement is going to suffer. Now. Recently, the. I. Have been saying this, I'm. Also going to at the end of this video I'm going to, the. End screen. Will. Divert you through some other videos that I've put up over a year ago I was, talking about the, Australian, currency, the Australian, economy. Or, the problems, that we are going to face in the future and how we will, possibly, become, the Venezuela, of, Asia. Now. This. Is where Indonesia comes in, the. New the, new prime, minister which, the Australians did not vote in Scott. Morrison as. Soon as he got elected boom straight, to, Indonesia, to sign a new deal with Indonesia. Why. Because, he's trying to. Diversify. Australian. Trade because they see something. Bad happening, that's, why Malcolm Turnbull also invested, our, superannuation. Abroad, because. We. Don't have any proper. Business, leaders, in Australia, we just have dummy rent, seekers I'll explain that later. So. Indonesia. In a way is a. Trading. Partner of China, and I, foresee. Australia. Trading, with Indonesia, are thinking, that everything's going to go well, there Indonesia. Does have a, history. Of invading. Countries. East. Timor is a prime example, now. If Australia. Was, to be blockaded, in any, way shape, or form. The. Australian economy would collapse within six months totally. Collapse we will become as poor as the Philippines within. Six months, time that's, right, now. What if. Indonesia. Plays. Nice with us and, then. Flips. And goes okay China will do what you will do your bidding and we'll blockade, Australia.

Or. Some pirated. Some pirates, happen, to be taking out our ships keep in mind we are an island all, of our trade goes, by the sea what. If some, unaccounted. For. Some. Unaccountable, pirates. That are taking out our maritime, trade that. Would be very costly for our economy. Also. That. That could be that's a big, geopolitical, problem. For Australia, is just getting, our. Trade, out through, the sea I. Hope. You understand what that really means, and you look at the map get out the map use. Your own brain use some critical, thinking and have a look at what is going on in the world stray, is full of dummies but I don't want my followers, to be dummies, like the rest of this stupid country. Another. Problem is. Singapore. Singapore. Is a good trading partner of Australia. We. Pump a lot of money into them they. Refine, our oil, and our fuel it comes from. Singapore. Now. Singapore's. A long way away I, don't see why we shouldn't have through. This massive. Boom. That we've had over the last 30 years our. Government didn't, invest, in figured. Out how to refine our own oil or. Secure. Our own resources, secure, our own. Energy. Future. Why. Because they're stupid if. Anything. Was to happen between. Australia. And Singapore and, believe. Me China's putting a lot of pressure on Singapore, to become entirely. Pro China. Australia. Would run out of oil if. We ran out of fuel we. Don't have any, sort, of fuel to even. Fuel our boats, to. Go abroad, and. Continue. This, economy. Ticking over. The, economy collapses, now. Right. Now China has now put, money into a. Port. In Malaysia. And they. They promised, the Malaysia they said look if, we build this port in Malaysia, we. Will run a lot, of Chinese. Trade through, this, port which will be on the Malacca Straits side of Malaysia and we, will divert a lot of traffic from Singapore, which will damage Singapore's. Economy. Now this is a way of strong-arming. Singapore. To becoming more pro-beijing. And less. See, Singapore, for, a very long time has been, let's. Just, say the, Switzerland. Of Asia that's, the way I would put it they've been neutral to everyone they've been so. Neutral. And fair to every side but it's coming to the point where they're. Gonna have to start becoming. More Pro Beijing, because America's, although. I don't, care how much Fox News you watch, America. Is losing its power and. Donald. Trump doesn't really have the influence, that people, think, he does. So. Singapore, is a Singapore. Possibly. Becoming, Pro. Beijing, is a threat to our fuel. So. Our maritime trades endanger, our, fuels in danger. Ow. Our, resources, are in danger even just by a Donald, Trump and the trade Wall of China. Now. This. Gets to. The. Other signals, in the economy, the, currency. Now. This week the, currency started to drop and I, have warned, you guys I warned. You guys last year I said the, property market is overpriced. I said. Sell, your, property, and possibly. Start. Diversifying, last year why you still have the power. People. Thought people said I was stupid. Property. Prices are dropping, why. Property, prices started, dropping when, China, implemented. A new policy last. Year and that's why I made that property video saying. That you cannot. Take. More than. $200,000. $200,000. Out of the, Chinese economy and spend. It abroad without, explicit. Permission from. The Chinese Communist Party so, that meant that millions. Of dollars wasn't flowing into our economy anymore. Now. This this is another problem with our economy. There's. No innovation here. In Australia, there's. No smart people running this place there's just, rent-seeking. Parasites. Let. Me explain, 70s. 80s 90s. Well. If you brought property, back then it's gonna be worth a lot, right now and all. Of those rich people squandered. It they got lazy they become rent-seeking parasites. Now. If. You were to, put. A law, out there to prevent like, okay if. You, think of a rich person, in Australia what do you think of do, you think of the. CEO, of Apple do. You think of someone who invented. Something. Some, magnificent. Product, which is a a. World-beating. Product. Can. You think of any Australian. That, has actually, invented, anything. I, bet. You can what. You think of and what, I think of and my friends think of when we think of rich Australians. We think of people. That earn three or four houses. They. Got like five six seven, million dollars, in assets and. The. Cost of rent keeps going up, so. I'm. Going to use the yokota economic, term unity, cost now, the opportunity, cost is. Extremely. Damaging, to the Australian, economy over, the last 40 years a, strong, Australian dollar property. Prices just kept going up. The. The, immigrants. Kept coming to Australia investing, money here, the population, started growing so therefore supply. And demand hit the Australian, property, prices. And they just kept going up and then all of these rent-seeking, leeches, latched.

On. I got. The people buying properties, you got the people, the. Real estate agents, so. 30. Years ago if, you, worked full-time for, three years just say you weren't twenty, thousand dollars a year you could buy yourself a, big, house in a an, expensive. Suburb, in, Sydney, or, Melbourne for. Say. $70,000. Just. Three and a half years wages now, it's. Like thirty five years. Yeah. And it's. Impossible, for someone of my generation of my property now that's. Inflation, the. Problem with, that opportunity. Cost is that my generation has, to spend all their, surplus, money on rent. Instead, of trying, to innovate and create products, and businesses. For the economy, my. Biggest, beef here is that for. So. Many years, you have all of these. Rent-seeking. Parasites. Buying, properties, when. If the government, had have come in and limited, it to say, three, properties, per person, let's, just round it off at three because. That's when you hit a critical mass and you start buying four or five six houses you. Have three houses there, they, are going to still be rent-seeking but. They're going to have a surplus, of money. And what. Is a, rich. Person, going to want to do with that money perhaps, they might even start, up a goddamn business. In Australia, and hire, someone, for once instead of rent-seeking, and being a parasite on the next generation, now. The opportunity cost here is not only two-fold, it's tenfold because. If. I'm, paying rent and I. Am working seven, days a week which was unheard of for the generation. Before me they only worked Monday to Friday I. Don't. Have the money to invest in a in any sort of business, definitely. Don't can't, afford a property but. If these people, had a surplus, of money they might have been able to start up a business they, might have started looking, to invest, in other people's businesses, and. That would not only improve. The economy over the last 3040, years would have been better for the, entire, country. Going, forward and I believe that this is one of the main factors where the Australian economy is struggling right now because we. Can't just be rent seeking parasites, in. The, property. Market as well, as all we do is guard. The, land and dig holes and sell, it as resources. Not. A very smart move, the. Smartest, economies, out there create, something, they, create technologies. And especially when you think about how, strong, the Australian, dollars been over, such. A long, time the Australian dollar. Leaped, over, and was stronger, than the American, dollar at one stage that's, right people the Australian, dollar was stronger than the American, dollar at one stage now. I have, said in other videos that, I believe, that the Australian, dollar will become one, dollar to, one RMB. That's the Chinese money. I've. Said that and I stand by that today. Recently. We have seen that, the, Australian. Dollar has started to behave like, emerging. Market, currencies. That's. Right the, world now sees, us for. The Charlatans, that. We are we. Dig holes we put them on goddamn, boats when we send them through the sea and we. Rent seek at home and, the. Generation, before us is screwed over my generation. And the generation, after ours I. Might. Sound a little bit annoyed with this of, course I am there. Should be big. Companies. Created, in Australia, there should have been. Investment. In new technologies. Why. Can't we have our own Apple, or or. Our own new. Technology. Company, or something like that instead of just digging. Holes and sending. It through the sea so this is my rant for today I want to I just want to point out those points to you guys the. Tariffs, and the trade war between, America. And China is. Directly, going to affect Australia, because our economy relies, China China's, not going to help out Australia, if we are their enemy China's. Going to get their recent resources. From Africa, so. The. Currency has dropped, the. Australian government has obviously, seen that we are in panic mode because they. Have sent our. Superannuation. Funds, to American. Infrastructure. Projects. We. Our, our fuel is not secured. From Singapore, because China's putting pressure on them, we. Are now going to trade more with Indonesia, and, our geopolitical, situation, is, not looking good there either because, we, are now at the whim of. Indonesian. Policymakers. If they decide, to turn on us our economy, would be totally screwed the, Australian government, implemented.

That Law that means that in, financial. Crisis, they can dip into your bank accounts, that's right you if you're in Australia right now and you have an Australian bank account and there's. A crisis, a financial crisis, that they can take the money out of your bank the. West. Park recently, last, week Westpac, put their um. They. Put their interest, rates up and. Another. Signal, I'd like to let you guys know about is, as. Soon as they put their interest rates up which is a sign of inflation, in Australia, okay it's a warning sign that the economy is not going too well because, it's going to be less money flowing around the, economy. For, trade there's. Going to be less money going, into property. As well so the property prices will, drop. Businesses. Will have less money to trade with as well but as, soon as Westpac. Because they were the first bank to move, on interest, rates, there. Was a spike in the. Amount. Of people buying stocks, in. Westpac. Now. What. This tells me is that there's, a lot of people out there with a lot of money looking, for opportunities. Because. There's. Not too many safe, bets, around, and to pump that amount. Of money into West Park. Off. Such. A small thing like increasing. Interest rates tells me that there's a lot of people that don't, there. They're either greedy. Which. Is another warning sign of the economy, or, they're just stupid. I, would. Say there's, a mixture of both going on here and if, you. If. You remember what happened in 2007. Before the global. Financial crisis. That was one of the big, warning factors, was. Greedy. People throwing the money around. Thinking. That they're going to win everywhere, and next thing you know it all collapses, and everyone loses their money, it's. All doom and gloom is it no. It's. Not all doom and gloom right. Now, we're going through a pivotal moment and. I've. Been following it all, obsessively. For years, there's. So many opportunities out, there if. You, if you were to put your money in a smart place right now. Guaranteed. In ten years time you'll be a multimillionaire. I. Implore. You guys out there to put your collective, brains together, and I, hope that the people following me are the intelligent, ones not the fools because. Believe me Australia's, full of a lot of fools I'm, hoping to somehow attract, to the intelligent, ones to my channel from now on, if. You can come up with any, better ideas. Leave. A comment below and we can brainstorm in, the comments, on where, we should be investing, our money if you are an Australian right now my. Theory right now is gold I like gold. I believe, if you're gonna buy gold you believe, that China and Russia is going to win if, you. Invest in US. Stocks and, US, currency. That, means that you believe that US, UK Australia, that. Team's going to win I. Am. Not, so positive about the situation. I, believe, that Russia and China is going to win so I'm investing, in gold. China. Some. People have been saying. It's. Hard to find but. There's there's some conspiracy theorists, yes that's right conspiracy, theorists out there saying. That they believe that the. Chinese are hoarding, gold but they're not being transparent with it so they're they're. Reducing. The supply so, that the, cost of gold increases. And the, plan of that also. So. That the price of gold increases, Russia's, also, transparently. Investing, in gold they're letting everybody know quite, transparently. That they have been investing, gold over the last decade now, the reason, why this is so important, is because. Recently. America. Has just just. Gone to town on Iran. Got, rid of the Iran. Nuclear deal to try and destroy their economy, because, Iran is selling, oil in gold to, China. And Russia. I believe. Gold because. If you do some technical analysis, on the. Charts, Gold, is very volatile, it goes up and it goes down people like, gold, they trust gold so. I believe that that is possibly, a good place to put your money. I believe. Gold because I believe China and Russia will win. America. Will in, turn, try to collapse. The. The price of gold so, that's the, battle that's going on right now, America. Wants gold to drop, Russia. And China want gold to rise so that they can back their currencies, and then the irony, the Chinese are on baby can, become the new reserve, currency, that's their plan. So. You can either buy RMB, or you, can buy gold if you believe that side's going to win if you think America, is going to win invest. Somewhere in America it's easier. To find, investments. In America, especially if you're in an Australian, in a western country you, have a plethora. Of options. So. I'm not gonna just tell, you one or two you've, got so, many options to choose from. Now. If you were to of.

Panicked. And sold your property or. In. My opinion one of the smart people and sold your property, you. Got a surplus of money and you want to invest in property somewhere else I would, definitely, say Sri Lanka in Colombo, because China just is, building, that port up and a lot of trades going to go through Sri, Lanka because I believe that that, Sri Lanka that. Sri Lankan port, might become, as rich, and powerful as, say a Singapore. Or a Hong Kong therefore. The property prices will explode, in the next 10 20 years. Probably. Buying. Property. Or investing, around Malaysia. I think. Malaysia is another, interesting. Situation. Where they've, dealt with corruption for such a long time and it seems like they're cleaning it up and. Building. This port, and getting a lot of trade, from China, and. Would definitely, 100 percent boost their economy, so Malaysia. Not, many people are going to be talking about Malaysia, but I, like, the look of this I like to look at what's going on over there, the. Other option, is Indonesia. If you trust Indonesia, as a country. When. You look at how many Australians, go there every year, 1.1. Million, Australians, travel to Indonesia last, year believe it or not that's how many Australians, travel, to Indonesia and holidays there's. A lot of connections, between the two of us. By. The way the Australian, currency dropped, faster. Than. The. Indonesian. Currency, that's another signal, that you should be taking note of it dropped faster than the Indonesian, currency which tells me that more. People, only. A small percentage but more people trust the Indonesian, economy than, they do the Australian, economy and the projections, for the Indonesian economy is, that the Indonesian, economy will, be the, fifth largest economy, in the world I learned. Them there in the next decade so. Investing. In Indonesia, might, be a good opportunity for you guys if, you're a smart. Australian, you have some sort of technology and some sort of getting. Go in you and you are willing to take advantage of this opportunity, starting. Up a business in, Indonesia. Might. Be a good option for you. As well so there's. So many opportunities out, there I also think, if. We're going to talk about currencies. If. If. China's, shaking, hands with leaders, of say, Zimbabwe. And all of these African, nations. Some. Of these currencies. Are going, to go. From. Worthless. And they're. Going to, they're. Going to times by a thousand. Overnight, so, as soon as China signs, a deal with some of these African countries their. Currency is going to boom. So. This. Is a bit of a risky one but if you were to pick the right one, you could definitely, it's like winning the lotto you could there's, not that many African countries and if you follow it closely.

As, Soon as they sign the deal and the money goes through and some sort of projects. Start up in some of these African, countries their, currencies are going to increase and you can definitely ride, that out pull your money out that's definitely, another option as well there's. A lot of huge, opportunities. Out there so it's not all doom and gloom it's just doom and gloom for Australia. So. If, you liked this video make, sure you click the subscribe button and click the bell. Icon so, you don't miss out on anything make. Sure you let. Me know what you think about this I'd, like some feedback you can link things in the comments as well and. Also if. You like my videos, and. You. Want to help me out I do, have a patreon, and. You can help me out financially, so. That I can obviously. Buy. A better camera and some better audio equipment, so that I can provide you with a, far, higher, quality. Video, than, what, I'm doing today by just, an. Ad hoc type, video like this where I just pull. Out the mic and I just tell you off the top of my head what I think about what's going on but. I'm hopefully, I still, provided. You with enough information, about. What's going on and by. Looks of it this is like a thirty half, an hour video so. I. Better. Go now and. Nice. Chatting with you guys. And I'll. See you guys in the next video don't, let fear stop you.

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Flash news: The wealthy Chinese are buying up all the property in California and in places across the U.S. and also in Vancouver, Canada and other European countries. This is inducing a bubble. What they do is move in and raise the praises and make the area unlivable due to high prices. This looks like a pattern that is going on all across the world as evident in Australia. Bottom line, wealthy Chinese people want to rule the world and the way you do that is to own land across the world and artificially inflate the market.

I don't like if you say Indonesia is invading country (Timor Leste) because Torres Strait Islander (Aboriginal) need freedom to. Since 1967 till now. If you really care about invading country.

Invest on gold if many country sell their gold, the prices will be less. Invest on dollar if many country use their own currency, the prices will be less. Invest on house problem with price bubble. Invest on farm problem with rule or political, like cow export. Secondly the price with strong currency hard to sell. Invest on education in technology age, internet is the teacher now. About country. Singapore is commonwealth country like Australia, even close with china but China not a commonwealth country. Indonesia already hard time with Australia in many area. From cow political (Julia Gillard), spy scandal (John Howard), Timor leste referendum (John Howard), asylum seeker back (Tony abbot). Invest on culture understanding and knowledge with your partner if you wan the best result. Don't forget history and take a lesson from that.

The Aussie dollar has a high chance of collapse! Their reserve bank is trapped.

what can we do. ? I;ve known this for a long time. but I think the gov has put us into bed with the americans.Did you notice that the media just reprted on Barnaby joice s affair while the gov were in usa, doing thye s super deal. I mean the aussie folks are pretty dumb. I think the yanks offer their terrible milliary scare false security stuff and provide selected info to sertain people who the justify their actions. pine gap etc. Like you mentioned the property market, leeches and slaves, maybe the Australian people deserve egg on their face, greed etc. , I feel that micro business models have a method of turning a full circle re money and trading. like tittle tornado's with their own energy ecosystems systems. This is happening at the moment on a platform called dealshaker, and internationally . with a crypto currency.

+Mick Knight Well newbies like you all start out as sinophiles in the beginning. I was a left leaning panda hugger in the beginning too, over a decade ago. Now, as you become more educated about China, your views change. Professor Michael Pillsbury was pro China for almost 40 years until he woke up. I learn faster. Hopefully you will one day too. Before it's too late. The next generation will suffer, it's not going to be pretty.

do some positive research on china because all countries have their positives, just have a look. I just flew out of china.. positives and negatives are everywhere. get some balance. cheers and take care..

You can spread the word that China is the world's most dangerous country. Share this video with people who are smart enough to at least listen. knowledge will change things, when I first started on this journey, most people still thought China was poor. Now people are starting to wake up

Amazing video I have spoken to a couple overseas students working in Melbourne allot of them work 7 days a week to pay for uni and rent so I can imagine how financially stretched most people are if you are renting. Some students group together 3 to 5 students per room just to be able to afford the inner city's rent fees

Gold is good. Silver even better. Cobolt (electric cars and solar panels). Good farmland (farmers are +60 years and we all need food). A sugestion for Australia is to import white smart dry farming experts (good work ethics too). And stop at once muslim garbage importation (they don't work and create violence). To invest in Africa is 100% stupid, nothing has EVER worked in Africa.

The main problem is printing too much money. A country print money when banks issue loans to individuals and companies. You BORROW to much. The fault is Central banks, low rents creating asset bubbles.

I understand your frustration with an older generation of smart people buying houses and earning rent. But you would too if you were given the opportunity. Your know, free markets and capitalism. Communism än socialism is just 100,% shit. Freedom is important. Australia has comitted many other bad decisions but free markets (like buying houses cheaply and net them out) is not one. I beleive in the Austrian school of economics. A small state. Minimum taxes. Free markets. High protection of assets. Not socislists saying "you can't make money by being smart and buy cheap and earning money on houses". Otherwise you got lot's of other good insights. I did not know Australia was so stupid that you don't even know how to reffine oil to gasoline! And you export iron ore on ships to China so they can produce steel is so dumb I cannot beleive it. Your have plenty of white people with average IQ of 100 and some fron south East asia with average IQ of 105. Of course you can do it. Not even my crazy country of Sweden is that dumb and that is saying a lot because we are THE most stupid country in the world.

Agree with you 100% not for all the normal reasons but simply because we're trying to retrofit a hierarchal, debt laden industrial economy onto an emerging flat, sustainable sharing economy which is not going to end well. There's no way to facilitate debt in a new world with peer to peer lending where people will bid for loans or cryptocurrency eliminating rorting middlemen completely. In the spirit of looking for value in the wake of the second crypto Ethereum copping a beating due to not getting the support for it's platform expected. Might be an idea to take a gig at what Stellar in partnership with IBM are up to and some big name ICO's moving over to the platform from Ethereum which is currently listed at AU$270.00 (down from a top of AU$1,600 at one stage) whereas Stella with big backers is great value at only .27 cents

and no one said bitcoin. which is actually the correct answer to these questions.

those who are doing it don't waste their time explaining it to others without some potential future benefit. I doubt i will receive any benefit from further conversation.

Jeez, this guy is a prime example. The market cap of all cryptos is approx 250 billion. . . about a third of Australian debt... You need to start listening to me and educate yourself on some facts... Stop being a dumb Aussie

Australia does have a major economic problems, mostly that something like 70% of our wealth is concentrated in housing, our largest employment field is truck driving (which will be gutted by automation) followed by construction. so our largest employeers is going to roll, and our second largest emplyer will roll when the housing market tanks. All this China shit is irrelevant.

Domestic is different from international trade.

Becaue Xi shakes hands with African's the logical assumption is that they will stop buying from Australia.... Righteo. Then talks about how much Indonesia will grow but doesnt talk about where they will buy their iron and beef from(australia) this is Dunnings Kruger the video.

Shakes on trade deals. Mostly resources deals. 60+ billion. It's ok if you don't get it. Most Aussie's can't understand anything so, all good.

Good job here Dave. I reckon that AUD 1.4 trillion Oz Super transferred to American investments has EVERYTHING to do with why Turnbul the turncoat got out of the way. And I reckon this is another indication that this global debt-whale is about to be rolled Into THEIR all-digital blockchain real soon. Money and top-end managers are positioning themselves. Big money is getting out of the market and the FED IMF BIS are buying the gap so the sheeple don't notice the shift. You gave a couple of your projections ten years or more out, but I didn't hear you factor in Bible prophecies being fulfilled to the letter in and around Israel, Russia, Europe, and China/Kings of the East right now, even though you have seen and called the action on the ground concerning all these power-blocks jostling for position before this thing goes off Apocalypse style. If you are not up with the play in the serious God-bothering department, what is happening with the coalition between Russia, Turkey, and Iran in Syria, is the prophecy in Ezekiel chapter 38 & 39 being set up ready to go as soon as Isaiah 17:1 is triggered with the over-night take out of what's left of Damascus. (Is this building battle in Idlib the set-up for that?) Multitudes every week are being added to those who are so willingly taking a chip in their hand to access and buy/sell stuff is another prophecy heading towards fulfilment. This is not religious nonsense I have listed here. It is every bit as real as the action you have seen from a distance and called out in your video here. 2,018 years ago Jesus split history for the whole world by rising from the dead so convincingly, 500 plus people who spoke with Him then turned the whole world upside-down yelling about that as being a fact, and then sealed their testimony with their martyrs death rather than deny the truth they knew to be so. That Antichrist IS coming with his mark in the right-hand buy/sell global system, and fully 2/3rds of the Jews and Gentiles are going to die. And the beginning of that is what you have just laid out in your video. Read about what comes next in Revelation 13:11-18 & chapter 14:8-12. I strongly suspect the sudden mass disappearance of a certain group of God-botherers is what is going to set this powder-keg debt-bomb off. Soon!

"I don't have time to make videos... Going off the top of my head..." "If you want to support me, blah lbha lbahhblhahbla" LOL

Stir fried zebra

Good on you Dave. Keep sharing your research and ideas.

The problem with technology companies in Australia is that alot of the jobs just get sent overseas

china attempted to buy all your cow farms and flood them with their own laborers .

Why? Becuase Austrilia is anti-China now.

+Dave Lee hmmmm... lets say Trump administration love to do that. Bullying everyone including its own allies . Lol

Nope. Just how the world works. I feel as if the US wants to collapse Australia too

buy a farm work the land safe bet

Where should we put our money if it is not safe in Australian banks? thanks

I've been diversifying. My best tips will be shared privately to my Patreon 's

but how can you do if you are not smart enough? LOL

wow, you are intelligent!

Invest in gold and silver

+Joe Yan I've got a load of ounce silver coins in hand. They are purely a back up plan for trading domestically if the currency hyper inflates. But I'm thinking of big options, people are about to become rich.

I like Silver as well. Like below, Gold to Silver Ratio is currently 80:1. Throughout history usually between 12 to 15:1. Both gold and silver markets are heavily manipulated through futures contracts. Otherwise, you can invest in our tech company if you like! Couldn't agree more though, the average punter in Australia is pretty much brain dead, the country has been gutted. Baby boomers believe they are all wealthy due to the illusion of high house prices and all pick up a new X5 or X6 each year in retirement. I think a lot of people will be in for a rude shock if the AUD collapses.

Dave Lee what do you think

First: you can buy more (very cheap) Second: silver used to be 12:1 ratio against gold (might become the same as it used to be) Third: It’s decentralised (like gold)

Why do you like silver?

Won't do any such thing, pencil neck...

"I told you so" in coming soon

I like platinum and gemstones, but I'm a platinumsmith (I always use as much as I have) who buys gems as an investment with plans to have so many gems that I can be retail hub. I don't like gold because I think the ex-West Papuan mountains that have been taken down were full of gold and there is much more of it in store than we know. Platinum is valued mainly on industrial use and that will increase. It's rare. I'm keeping my property because it's inner city. It won't be affected much (nopting there is a glut and they have dropped and it will get worse) , and I'm playing a dicey game by keeping my cash in the bank while I wait for properties that are slow to move to halve their value. What do you think? I'm hoping my occupation is safe. It should be. I only need raw material. I have to stay solvent in the hard times and I've invested years of work purchasing anything I might need, thinking these cheap prices won't last. I assume the looming Asian Union will keep our housing prices up, but they will dump it first - probably via agreemennt when I think about it. That could be wrong.

Platinum looks undervalued but I went for gold even though it's possibly overvalued. Maybe you're in the best metal. There are valuable-high conducive rare metals that are used in phones and lap tops, perhaps this would be a good bet. If you could actually find a way to buy some. On property, being prepared to jump on some bargains over the next 5-10 years is a great strategy

Dave what are your thoughts regarding Bitcoin? Cheers, Ed

I've heard of a Glass Steagal but what's a Glass Seagull?

As an Aussie who lives in Europe and works in China and had to get out of Australia because of the greed and dummies(I do really miss the beaches and weather), I fully agree with your points here. One of Australia's biggest problems seems to me to stem from all the property speculation that is sucking the guts out of Australia when this capital could be used for business investment. I live on allot less than it costs me in Australia and my life style is so much better, one day I plan to move back(to retire) to good old quiet, warm Australia after the collapse(if it ever happens) and everyone is more humble and less greedy. Best investments; your own education, gold, living frugally while saving your cash, government needs to get rid of tax breaks for investment properties (every tax paying australian is subsidizing some property speculators losses).

they do Not have Glass Steagall in the US, Not since Clinton in 1999, they have dod frank which is a joke compared to glass steagall you might want to research the subjects a little before you start doing videos like this.

googled....haha,,,,that is just a short list off the top of my head dude, i prefer the austrian school of economics over Keynes, which if you had read his books you would know we do not really have keynesian economics as he set out anyway. i am not disagreeing with you and i like the enthusiasm but when you make videos without doing much research you look foolish, Most of my family works in banking & finance for generations, i have worked for the NAB for over 10 yrs, My Father was a Bank Manager for the NAB for over 35 yrs and my uncle was very high up in the credit bureau at NAB House and retired at 38, banking & finance is something i have grown up around& been involved in all my life. all the best with your study......

+Greg Rayner Oh, and the irony of not listening to even a third of the video. Feel free to go through the video to find more errors. I'm happy to be proven wrong and change my position.

+Greg Rayner Well googled. Pippa malmgren was not in the list. John Keynes? Perhaps you should study up on Keynesian economics, seen as the Australian system has been implementing this British style ideology since 2008. This is part of why I fear stagnation appearing in the economy. You don't have to listen to my outrageous predictions by the way. (I'm well aware of how outlandish they must sound). But all the patterns I see, lead me to these conclusions. So far, I am mostly correct. The next generation of Australians will have a far lower standard of living than we did. 100%.

i could not get past the 7 min mark as it was very clear you had no idea what you were talking about. here is a short list of people you might be interested in while studying economics, Doug Casey, Peter Schiff, Alasdair Macleod, Max Keiser, Stacey Herbert Greg Hunter, Mike Maloney, Jason Burack, Doug Noland, Marin Katusa Jeff Berwick, Gregory Mannerino, Danielle DeMartino Booth Bill Murphy, John Rubino, Ken Schortgen, Danielle Park, Chris Marchese David Morgan, Jim Wille, Andy Schectman, Ross Clark, John Williams Lynette Zang, David Stockman, Gerald Celente, Don McAlvany David McAlvany, Eric Dubin, Keith Neumeyer, Eric Sprott James Rickards, Steve Keen, Rob Kirby, Michael Pento, Peter Leeds Steve St.Angelo, Michael Rivero, Nick Santiago, Rick Rule, Bo Polny Harry Dent, Ron Paul, Jim Rogers, Robert Kiyosaki, Marc Faber Martin Armstrong, Michael Snyder, Charles Nenner, Ray Dalio James Turk, Bill Holter, Catherine Austin Fitts, Nomi Prins Karen Hudes, James Wesley Rawles, Paul Craig Roberts Harley Schlanger, Chris Martenson, Chris Duane, Lior Gantz Ann Barnhardt, David Quintieri, Karl Denninger, Jim Sinclair Charles Hugh Smith, Derrick Michael Reid, G Edward Griffin, Warren Buffet, Jeff Nielsen, Carl Ichan, Gordon Long, just to name a few................

Yup I knew that. If that's the only small mistake you can find. Then I did extremely well. Considering the amount of ground I covered in this 30 mins video. Either way, your comment is pointless and the point you make is also pointless. Australians have NO protection from the banks. I would prefer we did. That's the point of mentioning glass steagall. Thanks for playing

Sorry I can't support you on patreon. The economy is about to collapse so must save pennies. Also your conclusions here are a so askew they are laughable. Iron Ore- it will be coming from Africa- good luck with that. OZ has the highest quality iron ore in the world and it is close for transport.Iron ore from Brazil is much cheaper but lower quality but China still buys the OZ stuff. Pretty clueless presentation. Millennial mindset.

Pennie's OK... Save your pennies. If there are tariffs on iron. Then less will be sold. Australia is in the middle of a diplomatic freeze with China, so why would they continue to support our economy hey? Did you notice that every country aligned with US started sourcing oil elsewhere from Iran become they deal ended ? perfect case which proves my point. I told you so coming soon

You make sense

Why would i support you when the first thing you say is you really don't have time for this?

china doesn't care about your cows they want to own your seafront oil and polk you up the but SOY BOY

What? Those skinny dying drought effected cow? Seriously? "Your land" is full of deserts...….can't even sustain a small population. GET REAL HOMO....more like your criminal corrupted bankers killing and skinny you alive.

You have it wrong with your reference to Glass Stegal, Clinton repealed it in 1999 and it was Hockey at the G8 in Cairns Qld that brought in the Bail in Laws....and that is global not just Australia. Just so you know when you desposit money into a bank it is no longer your money it becomes a bank asset and you are an unsecured creditor....thats how loans work, but to hard to explain to you here. Nice to see you enlightening people, maybe do a little more homework, but keep up the good fight amigo

Thanks Dave for your thoughts. What you are describing is, unsurprisingly, similar to what is happening in NZ e.g. Growth mania, house prices, inequality of income, student immigration business racketeering, Chinese investment in housing and property development, government instability seems to be widespread. this is why our country is going to collapse the lima declaration was signed in 1975 sending 30 percent of Aussie jobs to 3rd world countries that number is over 80% almost 90 they sold us out,,and i have a right my great grandparents and grand did fight in ww1 and 2 for these pricks to make us struggle our electricity is through the rough they keep raising smokes they wont stop,they will make them 100,000.(not to mention jews forcing mass immigration)

Wow! a young fella that actually gets it. Maybe there is hope for us yet.

Your nowhere near the only one bro. We are the silent majority. If any politician including yourself gave the same speech word for word tgat I just listened to they would win in an absolute landslide.

I'm the only one I know who sees it like this though. Here's two years to mark in your calendar. 2022 point of no return, if we continue on this trajectory. 2034 when Australia becomes a third world country like Venezuela. Start to prepare

Lets form cooperatives buy the farms and put ECOVILLAGES and work in groups regenerating the land using PERMACULTURE principles- preping ecovillages

Independent Farmers will be rich in the future

Blockchain will be used by countries and replace the current cryptos. In the future you may be jailed for using banned cryptos. bitcoin might become illegal in some countries. Capital flight can damage a country, they want the average person to stay. Only the people at the top can safeguard their money. Definitely not you and me. I was offered a job as a crypto trader earlier this year, it's addictive. The pattern is clear though. cryptos lost the battle. The market cap is under 200 billion I think. Buy physical gold and silver.

He has no idea what he is talking about, i was just pointing out the ridiculous obvious errors in the 1st few minutes. He looks barely 30 so what would you expect really, no real life experience in finance & economics, He is just obviously just parroting what he has heard elsewhere, thus all the errors Everyone should do your own research & education & Not rely on other people's opinion i am not sure if he is an aussie thou, certainly does not sound like it, My family has been here since the 1st fleet in 1766 & i doubt he is even 3rd or 4th generation. and bank managers & credit bureau is Not Highly credentialed at all, you would be on the board of directors or CEO to attain that title.

Greg Rayner Good observation. Who would I trust? A poor no body Ozzy utuba, or opinion from a long, long line of high credentialed bankers? lol

Jim you sound a typical old cock sucker


Because if you listened to me and take action to safeguard yourself and your family. I just saved you a fortune and possibly your life. 2022 if the trajectory continues, will be the point of no return. 2034 Australia will be a third world country like Venezuela. With support, I can at least buy a new mic

Its not irrelevant

You are a stupid Aussie

Religious nonsense. Stop spreading this Christian horseshit

Btc Ag Au.

Crypto & precious metals in that order!

No more "Lucky country" eh?

coming from anglo-saxon pirate country statement that "indonesia has history of invading" is rich..what dumb analysis..indonesia is afraid of anglo-saxon thugs and not other way around

+Manu Datta You just confirmed why Indonesia is a threat. Plus acknowledge that it may be revenge on white people. Gotta get those white people for the sins of those hundreds of years ago hey

haha part of and loyal to pirate empire which has almost invaded all countries of world and looted them and still looting..yeah sure..

Fear is in the heart of the most aggressive of men

Start with better infrastructures, some faster trains. Unfortunately we can't fight the masses of fools in this country from top to bottom.

We can try have people with Chinese backgrounds be more patriotic towards Australia instead of against us too. Many in Australia are patriotic towards our country but we are having Chinese netizens infiltrate

China is the new Japan. Australia's problems will stem from the economic collapse of China.

Dreamer. Lived in Indonesia for ten years. Business here is impossible. Corruption graft and they dont like or support forieners. You stick to your google you tube and crap. Grow up travel and see the real world.Be grateful you can still buy fresh safe food in oz.As for foriegn investment you sound like you dont have a cracker. If you dod you probably be one us greedy people making hay and keeping it quite. Scare tactics by another uniformed stay at homer..still living with ur mother ?

Very good points

Libor rate ;)

No glass steagall in USA. Bill the Clinton threw that in the garbage back in 1999. Then the economy crashed...

This is a warning to Australia. It's a pattern which is happening here

Hippo in the Room I was an Australian engineer and designer for many years and ran an engineering manufacturing business for years. I have been considered a pioneer in some things. Australian government policies eventually drove me out of Australia. Banks did not want to lend me money to manufacture, but they were happy to lend me money to buy real estate. I then went to America and began a business there. Mistake - I returned here and began importing from China. This was good but I could see it was a short term thing. Manufacturing was my thing, not importing and marketing. I loved creating product and seeing it where ever I went. You are very right and I came to the opinion that we must join with China. It is obvious that we are in the geographical and trade sphere of China who have become the giant of the sphere. It is the only way I can see our future, but I have taken a lot of flack whenever I spoke about it. I have spent a lot of time in China and if I can't convince other Australians to save themselves I will simply save myself. I will never be able to get my head around the fact that highly intelligent people can be so stupid. I resent their ability to attack me for my realistic views. The years of easy wealth have blinded them. I never relaxed in my journey and I certainly never got it easy. Listen up people - China is our future.

Glass-Steagall stopped the banks from conducting speculative market operations which endanger customers deposits. It was law in the America for decades but was finally repealed in the late 1990s which helped create the conditions that led to the GFC. As it stands now the banks can gamble on the stockmarket (or elsewhere) and if it goes badly there is a chance the bank could collapse and depositors may lose everything. Although in AUS (last I heard), deposits were insured up to a maximum of $250k but this is in effect a subsidy from the government to the banks which is unconscionable.

Great video, you should consider buying cryptocurrency like Litecoin and Bitcoin.

You are wrong! Australia is a very smart country, actually the envy of the world even for digging big holes in the ground.

There is only way to win... read the 1611 Bible and put your total faith in Christ. Nothing else is going to save you !

Mate Australia cant even build a new coal fired power station. All our politicians are UN puppets


the economy want collapse, however it might go into recession, the AUD will become weaker against the USD, CHF, GBP, the Aussie dollars will be the new pesos!!

It's all by design, no stupidity on the part of leaders. Canada has reserves of oil but is not known for refining. Also Aus and Can are very similar in immigration policies and growth. That is all planned and meant to be an ethnic dilution and breaking down of living value and living space. Conspiracies aside it is now a current forefront UN directive and had been slowly building in the shadows for 50yrs.

Dave - The Australian Labour / Liberal Party did us all over! Whitlam - Hawke - Keating - Howard - Turnbull - Lima Agreement - Australia Act - sold Telsra, Qantas, Commonwealth Bank, Power Stations, Large sections of Agricultural Land and Queensland Islands. Free Trade Agreements! - Allowed the sale of all Aus Gas - No local supply - Most oversea Companies do not pay tax. As they sold your future - Yes Lazy Aussies will not get off there arses, they keep voting for these grubs.

Lima declaration of 1975 if Aussies new about this Every political partie would be over

Great info DL

Also Singapore does not produce or refine Australian oil! Australia produces 70% of its own oil, however it is priced at the Singapore value. So Aussies are again ripped off

Financial Sector Legislation Amendment (Crisis Resolution Powers and Other Measures) Bill 2017

+Gary Mathew Feel free to link me anything used on facebook. I'll try get the word out too. Together we can change things

I agree with Dave, however not all our generation has been ignorant, I have been discussing this very scenario for over 15 years, to such an extent that friends now actively avoid discussing it with me. They are all ostriches, and we have destroyed 3-4 generations into the future. We have pigged out on credit for 40 years. Btw physical gold not paper gold. And I think it will come sooner than 2022.

Hey me too, but i work in Europe.


The ‘China shit ‘ won’t be irrelevant soon... they are planning to take over the world!......between the Muslim parasite ‘refugees ‘ and the Zionist psychopaths this should be the best circus yet!!

Murat Harman. Mk 10:25 I reckon! And that is because most often the rich have to burn their conscience standing on their lesser fellows to get their wealth. Not for me thanks! Thanks for the 'goose-honk' on our way home. See you there! Maranatha!

+Mark Shirley well said my friend... Mark 10:25 (KJV)

Murat Harman. True, but that is because since Constantine in 325AD wedded his murderous political Empire-building selfish ambition to the Christian doctrines by morphing those doctrines into the Pagan ceremonies and holidays adding Jesus name to them, the catholic institution has NEVER been Christian. Which is why it has shed rivers of blood and been sexually deviant all the way up into this day. Jesus is NOT religion. Religion colluding with politics had Him crucified, but God/Jesus turned that atrocity around to pay the death-penalty He demanded of our sins. "The wages of sin is death = separation from God FOREVER! Take Jesus blood/death and you are home free.

+Mark Shirley you're absolutely right.. what is happening now is written in Revelations... but the Vatican is making sure people ignore the Bible so they won't find their way home through the teachings of Christ.

Beau Wetini. The great thing about this day is you will see Bible prophecies unfold in a way your heart may not survive. That is if you don't get hit by a bus first. Take care today my presumptuous blind friend. Watch Damascus. BOOM!

Lee Turner. A TRUE 'God-Botherer' is someone who has believed and received as fact that God/Jesus death/blood on His cross has paid in full the whole demand He made on us for our sin, which is death = Eternal separation from Him in hell. NOT annihilation. And that WHOLE demand being satisfied by Jesus Himself, enables Him to give the believer His own nature to live out of. And in that new nature we bother Him every day over the troubles we see within and without until He says ENOUGH! and He takes His own up in the rapture so He can judge this wicked world for the next 7 years of the tribulation under the Antichrist. Read it in Revelation chapters 13 & 14. OK?

The ‘mass disappearance of a certain group of god-botherers’ ?????

bluexman1 bluexman1 what veggies do you use?


Dr. Fu Manchu you’d know would you? Living on a farm in fu manchu land are you??

Chris H take it out and keep it stashed away, safe places all over your house and garden! If it’s not in the bank then they cannot take it from you!!

Dave Lee that’s the Aussie spirit!

australias iron ore is cheap and also better then africas our wages are higher but that is nothing because wages are a tiny cost to mining. the percentage of dirt to iron ore is so high in aus that we dont need to dig as much dirt up. but i do agree about the rent seekers and general lack of innovation

What utter Rubbish.

Well worded statement.

Excellent video and very well spoken indeed. We need people like you sir in Canberra as our pollies dont have a clue. Thankyou.

In a worst case economic scenario, might Australia degrade into a US client state?

We have been since the US became the guarantor of our maritime trade security. Previously we relied on the British. The south China sea problem has shown that the US May not be able to guarantee our maritime security in the future. If China controls the entire Asian sea, then every country in Asia will have to do what China says. Simple as that.

The Fed Central Bank of US keeps rigging the precious metal prices reason being they have to sell US bonds, transferring their debts to the world. They knew this is the last rally of the US dollar as all these emerging markets’ fiat currency are tanking, inevitably, it will hit US as well. That’s why Russia sold half and by now, all of their US bonds and accumulating gold. China is staging gold, and JP Morgan Bank has been staging million tons of silver....... what we are seeing at the rigged prices of PM are simply the plays by shorting paper gold and silver by the traders.When US dollar tanks, all bubbles pop, PM will rocket to the sky and then there will be a global currency reset, back by gold to a certain ratio. So this may well be the last chance to protect your wealth by getting some PM while it is dirt cheap. Guess gold miners stock in Australia is worth investing as well.

South Africa would not be a good bet with all the land grabs ongoing....even if they make a deal with China.They will go down the path of Zimbabwe.

Zimbabwe might be a good investment now. New government and about to change from using bond currency. Plus China has moved in with some investments. Africa has a few opportunities now

It’s not so much the rental parasites, which have helped jacked up the property market, it’s the Chinese and Indians who are buying without any restrictions. It’s all due to greed from the government , real estates agents, banks etc profiting from this!

Best investment imo is productive arable farmland. Grow and produce for your own needs, sell the surplus. As little debt as humanly possible, don't just look where you currently live, seek out opportunities. Invest in Australian stocks for tax effective dividends and support your countries industries. Drop your consumption on meaningless shit, you're wasting time working for it that you'll never get back. To sum up-Farmland, no/little debt, save, invest, spend time with family/doing what you love.

Australia's abject subjugation to the Zionist controlled USA is going to be our downfall. Most countries have dumped the US Petrodollar, the only thing besides US government bonds that is holding the USA together financially. It's starting to happen and will slowly build, the next thing you'll know, the American dollar will be worth Zilch. Im thinking about buying Texas for like maybe $14. lol

Gday, great video. It mirrors a lot of what I,'ve been reading over last couple years( nobody wants to hear about it when you bring it up in conversation) but a question- who are you again??

Not cool how you call everyone in Australia "DUMB" and "STUPID" how do you know you are not one of us? Just remember you couldn't pronounce Glass SteGal correctly.

Australia is a 1/3rd owner of the IELTS global human trafficking fraud scam racket. It is therefore 33.3% responsible for the financial compensation payable mostly to citizens of India and China whose life course have been destroyed by IELTS examiner profiteering fraud. I estimate that Australia owes approximately USD$33 billion dollars in compensation to IELTS's (IDP Education) human trafficking fraud victims. Morrison can save money and offer permanent residency visas for the hundreds of thousands of international students who have been scammed by IDP Education IELTS which is owned by Australia's public universities. Concerning this presentation. Too many Australians have purchased second, third, fourth etc homes on credit prior to paying off the home in which they are living as their prime residence. This bubble with burst.

The best way is keep America as good friends (not their PUPPY) and China a trading partner, don’t get involved in South China Sea issues, nothing to do with us, and focus on our own business and country and people and jobs etc

You are so right about Aussie stupid by not developing its on products - It is a obvious fact that you can make way more profit on producing products from raw materials than selling the raw materials itself - The only reason I see why they have done it the way they have is to purposely crash Aussie economy and then they (China) swoop in and rescue Aussie by buying up all the resources (land) ....... guess it is all lose/lose for Aussie and NZ as well by default (Our major banks Aussie owned) - On Gold & Silver, over long term Gold & Silver always pays off - look at historical data. I asked my PM dealer about gold sales couple years ago, they told me that people here NZ, selling real estate and buying Gold. I personally think unwise to buy real estate in this over inflated market - buy Gold, wait for prices to drop (estimated 40%) then sell gold and buy Real estate.

Deport all immigrants .me included.and over take nz . ha ha

What an excellent assessment and well done for the research. This was packed full of information and a pretty accurate account of the status of Australia

Spread the word. It's not too late. We have until 2022 to create huge change in this country. Or our next generation will be living in poverty

China will continue to buy food and other resources from you. Being allied with African countries are having more political impact than economical impact to China. They cannot buy food from Africa. China under xi jinping does not have any real ally around the world. USA, EU, Canada, and many from the west are starting to move away from China. Even Russia's closeness with China is hard to confirm if that is real. China xi jinping, thus look for friends from the third world by paying, paying and paying. This is a stupid way to find allies.

As the Australian currency drops. The food will be very cheap for China. Therefore we will not have much quality fresh produce for ourselves. I made a video on this last year

great info... Australian politician are Zionist puppets....

They are puppets. There is a pattern I've noticed but don't want to expose them because we need to focus on solving these problems ourselves. Our politicians are in trouble because Australians are stupid bogan fools who are the real problem. We need to wake up and fix these problems now. Somehow educate the bogan fools to help us, instead of destroying us. Australians always blame the government when the real problem is themselves. Look at the cfmeu recently protesting wages. The problem is them, they are the most overpriced, unproductive bunch of useless construction workers in Asia. We are surrounded by 3 billion Asians that are building huge skyscrapers em mass and cheap When we are a huge country, with no property, high prices because of supply and demand, yet these bogan fools want more money! Sorry but this makes me so mad. I used to be a construction plumber, so I've seen it from the inside too.

Very interesting video, but it surprises me that you haven`t mentioned Australia`s environmental collapse due to Global Warming. The wet areas are getting wetter with catastrophic flooding, and the dry areas are getting dryer. You don`t have enough water for the cities, you have cut down forests that had supplied your water, and your farms are dissapearing. Surely this will impact "the economy". When you come to the point when you have to import your food, where will you get it from? You won`t be exporting it much longer, I am afraid. Your government should be investing in desalinization plants and irrigation systems. You are right. Your government is very stupid, but so are all the others!

Dennism how will they be able to pay for it? Do you buy coal from them? Maybe asbestos? Also, as the climate deteriorates all over the world, there may cease to be any food surpluses for export--anywhere.

they will be buying food from us New Zealand.

35% of Australia exports is commodities ( not 35% to china) switched off after that at 1:40

a little knowledge of everything economics is also dangerous. It's very easy to sit there and talk on top of your jead.

mate! australians do not vote for the pm.. GET FACTS RIGHT

OZ IS A STUPID NATION! WHITLAM showed the way for OZ by creating a new MARKET. SO what do we do? antagonise CHINA

Your research is fairly good, but you got a few things wrong. 1. Inflation is caused by printing fiat currencies to infinity - refer to G. Edward Griffin 'The Creature From Jekyll Island'. 2. The fault of the real estate boom belongs to the banks, not rent seekers. See the Banking Royal Commission - lending to people who couldn't afford to pay and for manufacturing the 'wealth effect'. 3. Chinese buyers of real estate was a currency flight from China looking for hard assets. 4. Investing in businesses (unless they are Bear businesses) is very risky in the current environment. 5. The reason it is so hard to set up a business these days is because of the uncertain legal environment in Australia, and globalisation, which means the laws here are designed to send businesses overseas. 6. It's hard to buy property because wages are flat and are not keeping up with inflation which is again caused by the banks. 7. Saving for retirement forces people to look for yield in property because the interest rates offered by the banks are lower than inflation. I could go on but this will do for now. Basically its the banks that are the real culprits, not rent seekers.

There's a law in Australia that allows the government to buy your gold for any price they choose in times of crisis.

I care about this country as much as the locals do. Moved to Aus back in 1994, educated and worked here, tax payer for a good 15 yrs. Owned my house with hard work and a good money management strategy and didn't follow suit with the masses in the real estate speculation knowing that it will correct at some stage. But look around you see all the FOMO buyers persuaded to join the herds by their accountant, realtors or even their families and friends. Often than not Chinese buyers park their money here in Aus on the properties hoping to get a good gain, but i don't think majority of them paid in full for those unit and houses, it's the banks that handed out the money. There are way to many stimulus (1st home buyers grant, free stamp duty, low interest rate, negative gearing, capital gain tax etc) from the government over the yrs to keep the property markets from falling with taxpayers money simply because we have no economic diversity to fall back on other than raw material export and real estate. Like you mentioned all our money are locked in non productive assets and less are invested in technology, business, infrastructures etc that will keep the economy going strong in the long run, but we are seeing non of these happening. Hate to admit it but Aus are slipping down the rank compared to other developed countries. Imagine what a high speed train could do to help the country, ppl could live in the affordable regional areas and still make it to the metro for their jobs, have some spare cash saved for some retail spending and holidays instead of save every penny for the mortgage repayments. I truly hope for a change soon or may be only a meltdown will make the masses see the truth.

ENJOYED YOUR THOUGHTS, but isnt the real problem the FRAUDULENT FIAT ROTHCHILD BANKING systom where a doller is debt not astore of value untill this changes [gold backed] and gennie oil is stopped from starting WW3 ,YOU are not going to be able to have a decent future

I laughed out loud "dummy rent-seekers". The world over (except Asia), you nailed it there!

Indonesians kill animals with sledge hammers and eat them ...they are devils ...meat eating devils

australia is leading the way in computing eg QAUNTUM and medicine , yes it does have the really large disadvantage of probally the best reserve of minerals in the world but you are right it does have economic problems HOUSING


Maybe not 20 years ago because properties were still expensive then look back early nineties then property was affordable. Stupid governments are the cause of the demise of this country in favour of cheap imports and too much red tape to setup any sort of business here.

Marilyn Muscat depend on how much money you have, everyone wanna have a lamborghini, end up you still driving your 20 years old corrolla

Same in the UK with housing. My parents generation have done very well out of property, easily got mortgages, saw their wages shoot up, were earning 50-100% of the value of their house within 20 years of buying, were mortgage free at 50, inherited their parents house, retired, bought a 2nd or 3rd home to rent out, in-turn increasing house prices. Financial Crisis of 2008 results to low interest rates and increased house prices too. House prices rise at 7% per year for 10 years.......many millennials who are trying to save for a property at at a lost cause, saving money at this rate, with low interest rates, means, at best, that many young people can only save at that rate house prices are increasing at. Time for a collapse in house prices, please! Way overvalued.

I left Oz back in 97 and i cant believe how they have ruined a once mighty nation.

We can fix this, if we work together

+Dave Lee I totally agree with you re NZ defence budget. we don't spend nearly enough.its frustrating but I have no involvement in this direction.our biggest mistake was getting rid of our air strike force.

Unless we cut immigration. No welfare unless you were born here, prepare our Navy to defend our maritime trade, put pressure on nz to increase their military spending n stop relying on us, make sure Indonesia will pay a huge price if our trade is threatened, prisons should be creating products to subsidize the cost, block wechat and any Chinese social media, bring back patriotic schooling, lock up anyone who works against AU like Sam Dastyari, enforce one language, if someone got into AU by marriage, if they divorce, they go back to their country. Gee the list goes on. But you get picture

+Manu Datta Ad Hominem attacks. I stand by my belief that Indonesia "could" blockade Australia. Even a written agreement cannot change the fact that what I said is possible.

get educated..Australia was willing participant in all war of aggressions in middleast and part of 5 sisters cannot fool anyone and btw wasn't it till 70s you guys had aborigines listed under flora and fauna..history starts in 2015 ? ..amazing you have gall to teach indonesia or any other country about human rights..and i am not indonesian

+Manu Datta You are confusing America and Australia. Close tho

yeah like bombing iraq with "sexed" up dossiers ..destroying 100 years back..everyone is afraid of you anglo-saxon blood thirsty 5 sisters gang and you are doing drama here of ooohh being afraid of indonesia usa is afraid of iraq? ..indonesia who is not even a nuclear power will attack Australia for sure very afraid..drama queens

+Dave Lee Disappointing that you only know the bogans and sex tourists. You really scrap the barrel / stoop by relying on base gutter refference suggesting "most" fellow aussies travelling or living in Indonesia are drunkards or offenders. Anyhow Dave back to your aussie economy. I watched it and commented, i guess thats why you posted it ? To get response/feedback/opinions? No need to be too sensative.

Oh and wearing a bintang T-shirt doesn't make you worldly. Every uneducated bogan I know wears one. And most of them are sex tourists.

I've traveled the world, started out in a housing commission with a single mother who bounced from man to man, this is why I understand geopolitics. I've got money and am no fool, just care about my country, although most Fools don't care about Australia anymore. I'm in the Oxford UK genius, perhaps you should at least look at my channel. Now, you lived in Indonesia hey? divorced and moved there for the young poon hey? Well imagine what a middle aged Indonesian man thinks when he sees old white men nailing young Indo girls... He might hold a grudge? Or you dumb enough to think he is OK with it... We they are not and they would love to put some of these sex tourist bules in graves. Wake up for god's sake. If I was an Indonesian man, hell I'd be planning revenge too

You've been to China right? Me too, many times. We cannot compete with China in anything. Please, help me spread the word. If people won't listen to you, send them some of my video's. We can still change this and save Australia I believe.2034 is the cut off tho

So True! We were sold out to the globalists a long time ago :

It is FDIC secured up to 250K anything above that you are too rich for your own good.

The point of no return has already passed. The depression is locked in.

'Best investments; your own education, living frugally while saving your cash' Yes! Well said! This is exactly what I'm doing! I live in Aus, but regularly travel to Philippines for work.

Chris i do not give financial advice, i would suggest doing your own study & research which by the looks of it you are more than capable of doing. You have alot of good options with those assets thou for sure, Looking deeper into the GFC scam & the court cases in iceland & reading the court doc & all the correspondence from the central banks was very interesting for myself. I think its like any industry you really want to look at the most successful people in whatever industry & pay very close attention to what they are doing with their funds, not so much what they say But what they are actually doing with their own personal wealth etc In this day & age, listening to as many varied sources as you can is always a good thing & then using your own critical thinking to make your own educated decisions is vital. Its a sad fact that most financial planners have their own agenda depending upon who employs them & what products they make the most % from, Not what is best for the so called customer. sad but true. All the best Chris

Greg Raynor In your opinion what do you believe to be the safest bet in regards to safeguarding ones self from the approaching storm? I own 5 properties. 2 in metropolitan Perth, 5 mins from the CBD. One 1000sqm block with 4 units in rural WA near a goldmine. One 50 acre block with house etc near same goldmine and one 30 acre block with house near Bunbury WA.. Perth ones are paid off. Do I sell some and invest in gold/silver?

+jim pratchen jim old boy, put down the Herald Sun and come back to reality

Chris Pike  wow , really great reply, did you think it all up by yourself or did your mum give help? Please explain Mr Vacuous- what the geopolitical landscape is and how it relates. Please explain what YOUR argument is today. What I am expecting in reply is an expletive laden personal attack on me. So I await your reply.

Jim it seems you’re not up-to-date with the geopolitical landscape we’re currently in.. Your views would have made for a good argument 15-20 years ago..

Venezuela is not a third world country? It is suffering under US sanctions and destabilization for not giving up its massive oil deposits to predatory US and Israeli Zionists. Left alone Venezuela would have one of the highest standards of living in the world as Libya once had before The USA, Israel, UK, and France attacked and destroyed the country, murdered its democratically elected leader and turned it into a failed state because it wouldnt hand over its oil to the Zionists.

I don't think Australia have crude oil . Research which nations "import more oil" most and which nations export oil before making nonsense comment. China build infrastructures (tangible trade) USA kills and bomb.

"Human right"? Which nations is killing others under the false flag 9/11 inside job "terrorist attack"? And exactly how is there no censorship in "Western nations"? Did you guys heard about "bailin bills" or did you voted for it? Why u have a "government"(bunch of puppets for private banking criminals) if you are "free"? You the biggest DEBT SLAVE morons in the world (ranked 2nd in private debts) . Free your asses from that moron. China can censor USA or "Western nations" bias shit dumb news because they can....they can make search engines, 5G, mobile network, super computers and nations like u CAN"T and dictated by USA and being spied on everytime …..SUCK ON THAT .

Lee Turner human rights, your big brother america just quit the union

good economy or not food always sells

I enjoyed your video, but have to strongly disagree with your statement that Ausis have never invented anything.... Do you think that the Kangaroo just invented itself?! Come on.... give credit where credit is due.

The main reasons many big businesses doesn’t want to come to Australia is the isolation,we are to far away from Europe and shipments and freight are going to cost more,worst,they cannot sells much because we have too few people,peoples mostly lives pay checks after pay checks,most are deep in debts because they are not taught in school on how to manages money,no savings in their cultures,so ,creative Australian goes overseas,Ralph Sarrich,Poppy Girls.Australia needs 500 millions peoples to operate well,big pond with few fishes hopeless.

"Out of the mouth of babes!"


australia total greed and materialism is the creed.

Stop selling agricultural lands to the chinese. China plans to use Australia as the food supplier for them as they run out of agricultural lands. No foreigners are allowed to buy agricultural lands in China. As for Indonesia, investing in Indonesia is quite risky as the radical muslims are gaining power and influence steadily. Already, there are signs of creeping islamisation of Indonesia. The current President Joko Widodo is a reformist but he is surrounded by corrupt politicians.

In the event of economic crisis, the first things the Australian government will do are: 1. confiscating depositors money from the banks in order to recapitalize the banking system, ie. the bail-in law which was quietly enacted in Feb 2018. 2. raise taxes, at least double the current (already high) tax rates to fill up the government coffer.

My money and I left australia

you don't even have time to make the video and why wouldn't any one support you...

you have a lot of good points, I cant find anything on actual threat of pirates and I have to admit I find it hard to believe in this day and age, also considering australia has a pretty strong navy, especially in comparison to pirates xD also bro just gotta add, theres still quite a few aussie innovators, consider Atlassian, Halfbrick, Hipster whale, to name a few, I know this isnt most of the economy, and I absolutely agree that we are in trouble, especially when the average person wants to get ahead by buying more properties(even negatively geared), just playing devils advocate :P

Am expat here in Philippines.... good ROI here and got different business projects....let me know if you want some insights

OMG......what an informative video realise what l have believed for some time...Australia is totally buy illegal socialist politicians ....your money in the bank is NOT yours and the government can take it.......fucking socialist out of control WAKE UP AUSTRALIA

Thanks for the video mate. First time I have listen to you. I am twice your age, lost everything and starting again. Not easy as I have no time to catch up. One thing I have observed as an older man compared to some people almost half my age. Younger people appear to spend their funds on new cars and an expensive lifestyle as opposed to the baby boomer. They want it NOW. But I have always been against negative gearing on housing, as it has only really served the Government Treasury. Australians have often been treated like cattle into one tax haven while our tax system has never encouraged small business or smart people. And it never will.

The parasites comment wasn't directed at people like you. It was more for people with 3+ properties who increase rent every 12 months. Also I'm not going to pretend to have all the answers. All I know is that something needs to be done now

Good work, thanks.

YOUR A JACKASS . Get off your lazy pathetic ass and put some real effort in like the people used to do in the old days . I used to work 12 hours a day 7 days a week, that’s why I own a house. Your nothing more than a whiny , lazy assed little maggot who wants everything handed to him on a plate and do f. All to deserve it . I’m hearing a lot of “ I THINK “ coming out of your dumb mouth but the truth is you’ve got no real idea . Got to the end and just as I suspected the good old patreon account and the please donate line . YOUR JUST PATHETIC, I never heard you talk about real work once it was all about where to put your money to make more money without having to do any work . THE REAL PROBLEM WITH AUSTRALIA IS ALL THE LAZY , PATHETIC , CRYBABY LOSERS BORN AFTER 1985 . You couldn’t handle it when you got pulled off of your mummies tit and had to go out into the real world and pay your own way . F- - - all of you know how to do a real days work . YOUR ABSOLUTELY PATHETIC AND SO IS ANYONE STUPID ENOUGH TO GIVE YOU MONEY .

Turnbull invested 1 trillion of Superannuation money into US infrastructure??? what are you banging on about. The whole system only adds up to 3.5. The Future Fund only has 100 billion total. where are you getting these statistics from.

This one says 2 trillion I do my own research before making these videos. You are in good hands. I care about Australia's future and the last thing I would want to do is lie. I leave the lies to politicians and the corrupt Australian media

The article actually said 2.5 trillion. All research links in the description. As I said in the video

Dash digital cash mate, obtain from inflationary currency all together! Dash is well on the way to become the primary currency in Venezuela due to the hyperinflation there.

been putting my savings into gold for the last year, its the only safe investment atm

Great video. Yes, Australia has gone down the tubes. Ever since GST was introduced it has been a downhill run. And yes, the place is full of dummies, just greedy self centered, head in the sand dummies. I have to laugh when I mention some of these problems to people and they just dismiss it like there is nothing wong, I mean wrong.

I look at Australia plenty of opportunity & resources, but she fail to make used of it to create value and economic activities. Most people are lazy and demand high income but refuse to contribute. Butter do more and talk less.

Smart people create new techniques to fulfil human needs. For example industrial TN 4.0 with combination of AI, Cognitive Computing System and Logistic Purchase & Supply System.

"Australian politicians/econo-in-the-mists are spoiled little shits" is putting it mildly.

After getting my bachelor's and master's degree in architecture in Australia, right after the bursting of the great property bubble in the US back in 2007-2009. Since then US, EU and Japan (so is most other countries around the world) started QE-Quantitative Easing(which inflated stocks and reflated real estate prices). As my profession has already been in the building industry, and being self-educated in property investing, banking and finance. I realized something very wrong with the Australian property market, as prices have gone thru the roof for the pass decade. The funny thing was the housing mortgage policies (any medium to low income person can loan up to 5 properties simultaneously) and government regulations for income tax deduction for property investments (A.K.A negative gearing). Most people will definitely think this is just wonderful, anyone could literally own a few houses (sometimes no money down)(withdrawing equity from existing property to finance the next property investment). But early on I felt something very fishy about this part which is, if almost anyone who has a job (regardless of your actual annual income) can own up to 5 real estate properties, if so, who are those people left to rent those properties to earn you rental income? (Ratio between home owners and renters are out of balance! OR simple demand and supply ?) Exactly why "property investors" have been struggling to find renters. Back in 2016, when global central bankers started QT-Quantitative Tightening and rising interest rates. I predicted that the Australian property prices will start to fall by 2018 (falling as we speak) especially in many parts of Sydney and Melbourne. This is just a repeat of the property collapse of the US back in 2006. Now the fun part, maybe most people can afford these irrational property investment ventures at close to 0-1% interest rate, what happens when interest rate increase to say 3-5%? when property prices dropped by say 30%, but your housing debt stayed the same? A source I ran into just recently saying that the contribution of housing loans to Australian GDP takes up about 40% (conservatively), if the housing market crashed in Australia, equals 40% of GDP wiped out, if GDP is reduced by 40% means in general all income producing business activities in Australia reduced by 40%. Interests to be repaid to the banks increased by say 3 times. In conclusion, everyone who takes out of a housing loan not capable of repaying them will make you financially insolvent literally OR prepare to be a perpetual debt slave to the banking system. Most well "educated" and professionally trained people do not see the bigger picture at play here, its all a scheme to trick you into getting something "free" today and pay 5 times the price tomorrow. Most people are borrowing the future money earned and spent it all today method does not work at all. My opinion is stay educated financially, think outside of the box, ignore the smog and mirrors, think common sense, see the bigger picture. Better yet change your mindset, nothing is free in this world, if its free it must have some trick up its sleeve. Do not be deceived by these "financial" or "investment" products, they are all designed specifically to steal your true wealth.

New Zealand is ok----we got a Rock Star Economy!!!!! yay!!!!!

I'm so glad I got out of Sydney. Fuk Australian. 40% of Australians have little or no REMEFISL EDUCATION....encyclopeadia brittanica.

Look at the housing market before we became a central bank in 1960 it was going backwards since 1880 and that meant money was spent elsewhere we actually made our own stuff because we didn’t have this overinflated housing market and our personal wealth was not leveraged to the hilt to pay for a home or electricity

The moment Australia started to kill local production, the beginning of the end became a reality. This is the biggest issue.

Trump will save Australia!!!

I love Bitconnnnnnnnnnnnnnect!

Don’t buy any property in an Islamic country. You will be buying a lease in Indonesia and eventually you will have to sell it back.

I'm buying as much crypto as possible while still paying my bills and living expenses. When the shit hits the fan I'm leaving Australia is done bro.

Ships, Ships not boats.

Reason no 1 - Too many Muslim immigrants and no go zones.

if you want a definite $ boom then buy some crypto. People have been claiming the Australian economy is about to bust for decades. It goes through cycles the same as anything. Right now house prices are overpriced and there will be a correction. Australia is two basic things, a farm and a quarry and always will be unless there is dramatic macro economic and cultural reform

Reduce tax for companys that employ 1000 or more Australians. Keating may be right. We will be the white trash in Asia. Banana republic. These idiots think the American Zionist will come to aid a banana republic.

True dummies that kow tau to the American Zionist.

So a friend of my enemy is my enemy. Since Australia is a friend of the US, it's no problem to ask US to buy your resources, yes or no? If no, Australia should consider realigning with Asia. USA is going isolationist, US first. Look at their changing relationship with Canada, which is a North America version of Australia, and was considered their closest ally. Trump discard the NAFTA agreement and is going to hang Canada to dry; he claims Canada has been taking advantage of the US with the NAFTA agreement and he won't stand for it anymore. Consider Australia has been warned. The way you describe Australia, which sounds the way foreigners thinks about your country, is that you're farmers and natural resource diggers.

Number one rule : No country has permanent friends or families. Each country,only has permanent interests of its own. The US will only protect Australia if it's in the USA's interests. Now.... I cannot think of any reason for a declining USA to do anything for Australia. In fact, it looks like the US only wants to take from Australia at the moment. tpp cancelled, taking our super, using us as a test case, the list goes on. Trump didn't even visit Australia. We are on our own and China knows it.

Support yourself buy Perth gold and silver, you won't need patrion if you stack right.

Global economic collapse does not need to happen. It's all being manipulated and controlled by design.

If I was as rich as some of them. I would want to collapse Australia too. Then swoop in to buy some bargains. The best way to look at things, is try imagine what you would do in their situation.

New Zealand is further up the creek than you Aussies.

There is something you have missed - 2/3s of property rent goes back to the Govt in various taxes - rates, water service charges, land tax, etc.  The people you suggest are "rich" don't have money to start companies either - they are being "bled dry" as well, and are just working as unpaid tax collectors.

I've been looking closely at this problem. If we have more banks. Smaller banks, they will only lend to value creation within the economy because they need to be repaid, this will add the GDP. In turn, making every community more aware of how to create value.

Good vid....but step back even more.......Crypto will be the answer....not so much Bitcoin but the infrastructure of Crypto Assets / Smart Contracts......and any Blockchain Tech that will DISRUPT the current centralisation gig. LINK GVT ENG WAX ELA VET. Fiat is going to wobble like hell in late 2019....Fiat devalues EVERY day.

I was offered a just as a crypto trader. Yes I went deep in the crypto world briefly. Blockchain has a bright future but I feel that the current existing cryptos may become illegal to use. Invest in perhaps gold or silver.

hi im in the uk and over the last week iv had letters from my banks asking how im going to pay my mortgage off in fifteen years and also my credit card has been pestering me to pay off more and more and so on it seems to be true there panicing big time thanks for advice crypto currancy seems to be good to invest in to right now as it very low to buy into

Dave Lee to be honest I want out as we will have more control over who comes in at are borders as have you tried to see a doctor of recent and have you not seen the all these buildings going up to house them iv worked hard all my life for them to give it away of recent iv been under attack in this matter as an enemy of the state as I put a post on Facebook and it said : support Tommy Robinson as the future of are children depend on it what I went through after this was frightening to say the least I sampled what Tommy has been through so I’d look into that look up Tommy Robinson arrest 2018 at Leeds watch this and more and tell me his arrest was fair it wasn’t and he was sentenced to jail within five hours he was in jail he is now out after two months of hell get back to me once you look in to this please I see you are proud of are flag so am I also check out Lauren southern on the matter she got banned from uk for having an opinion this country is messed up when you can’t talk about anything important

+rotors r russ fpv Capital flight can cause serious damage to a country tho. Plus when a country is in debt, they often print money which decreases the value of their currency. Then foreign investors require higher returns to incentivize the risk which compounds the problem. Imagine an angry public discovering that capital flight was happening through cryptos. Jeez, I'd hate to be holding some at that point. Are you for Brexit or against it and why?

the secound they do that it will rocket tooo the moon abit like when they banned alcohol in the proabition era lol thing is your not a presedent so bad luck geeza lol britton cant even deal with brexit let alone deal with crypto

I was a speculator in cryptos last year. A trading firm offered me a job to trade "speculate". But I don't think the existing cryptos will survive. They might become illegal to use. This is what I would do if I was president and wanted to prevent capital flight from my country.

Pirates take on Aussie trade route... Singapore entirely pro-China.... You talk as if there's no other country than China in the world. If the US decides to screw China, they can simply blockade Melacca Straight. In one night, China will be a history, kid.

"China is so powerful, far more powerful than the US right now" You lost it there. China needs another 30 years to catch up US. Economically, you will not see a 20k USD Per Capita Chinese economy in your life. That's not gonna happen, search for "the middle income trap". You need democracy to avoid this and that is not gonna happen in China unless the CCP is overthrown in a revolution. Militarily, China need 50 years to catch up what the Yankees have today. Listen kid, if China starts a war with anyone, the first enemy of it will be the parents of those dead Chinese soldiers. Because of the one child policy, every military casualty means wiping off a family name in China. Do more research and learn before making stupid videos, kid.

Wish I was as positive as you. After watching fox news I always relax a little. The problem is, I'm no dummy and the simple math doesn't add up. China is so powerful, far more powerful than the US right now. I could be wrong, but when people thought China was poor, I went there and came back telling people it's rich. People didn't listen then ,so I don't expect them to listen now. I believe China will start wars soon and millions of people will die. In the end, China will win.

Your comment on Trump was absolutely ridiculous. Bush and Obama were asleep at the wheel. US tariffs are WORKING.

I sincerely hope America collapses China Tonka. But I don't think America has any power anymore, this was a defensive move not an offensive move. China is on the offence and winning at every point. When people start to see China's real power, they will become angry. They will want war. They will blame everything. I'm no dummy, China seems to be the most powerful country on Earth now and has been for 50 years. Sorry, the main stream media has lied to you

Manufacturing in Indonesia is cheaper than in China. YOU ARE A CHINESE BOT.

The consensus is that Indonesia will become a huge economy. Academics from all over the world predict this Tonka.

There is NOTHING we can do to stop Chinese from investing in Africa. But we CAN put tariffs on chinese products and begin manufacturing again.

I love your confidence but the numbers don't add up Tonka. We are on the same side Tonka but I'm no dummy. China is far more powerful than anyone knows

Don't sell your land to the chinese. Do not even do business with them. Not until the communists are gone. They don't like us.

Why can’t we own our resources

Remember empathy my bro, It is a hard earnt lesson we are all required to pass.....

Most smart Aussies have left the country and are working in Asia, I'm an Aussie living and working in Hong Kong. But look on the bright side, good weather, sunny beaches, strayia is a good playground to Asia's wealthy and middle class. Direct some spare investment cash towards tourism and related services.

Don't fear porn. China is looking for new suppliers - but will not abstain from the present steady suppliers.

Invest in Gold and Silver. Stocks to buy would be in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotics.

Because they have gone full libtard. We love the Aussies but they must stand up and fight against political correctness and libtardism.

What are your thoughts on crypto currency as banks are the culprits ?

Firstly - Australia exports up to 70% of its food and has the capacity to increase production Secondly- Australia is an export based economy so as the dollar drops the more we sell and the stronger our economy gets Thirdly- if the dollar drops then our iron ore becomes cheaper which means that China will continue to buy our iron ore. So that would mean your theory that Australia’s iron ore industry is going to collapse is WRONG !!

adrienne nonami Australia uses less than half of the food it produces the rest is exported, so where not going to go hungry Food exports make up less than ten percent of our GDP so where not going to go broke . We do in fact have many desalination plants and aren’t going to run out of water And then there’s lake argyle in the Kimberly region , enough water and arable land to produce food for a hundred million people . So thanks for your concern, but it would appear that you have got your facts all fucked up and nothing you have said even makes sense

When the buying stops, the supply will too eventually.

I disagree with you. China is going to go under.

James Elkins I believe signing the Lima Declaration was the downfall of Aust, along with the Rothschild Cabal. Our politicians havent called the shots for so many years. Our primary industries became unviable one by one, falling by the wayside. Ow we can’t even feed ourselves.

If they can take your supper . Where do we invest than

Australians do not like innovation or the creative people they see them as enemies of Australia.

Kill yourself

forieners brought into work.8.4 tons of meth for the training for real australian kids .indians flooding in .

So Fraud should be considered as a form of ingenuity???

We used to refine our own oil 20 Years ago. We didn't need to 'learn it' we were already doing it.

Africa- it has not yet cleaned up its corruption. China sends in its own people to work there.....

GCR crypto coin is pinned to a gram of gold , have a look at TREOS project , New market place , white paper out in days

so almost all major countries subside their Car manufacturing but the LNP stopped this and replaced it with Nothing .Suicide rates soar under LNP

Makes a Lots of Sense Australia owes So Much Money it is Insane.

He starts by saying he doesn't have time to make this video followed by you are you all doomed, followed by give me money on patreon !!!! All in less than a minute from the start. Really?

Glass Steagal act was passed to successfully prevent the merging of investment banks, commercial banks and it's customers deposits and Insurance companies.

Australia is run by the sneaky over the uneducated It is not a place for any one with real intelligence .

How much gold would you suggest buying? And why not also invest in silver.

One thing that scares me about how our political parties are running the country is that it wont belong and they will say they own our superannuation and use it to pay for their financial mismanagement. Superannuation laws are constantly changing in away that the government has more control over our money???

I believe producing finished goods and manufacturing industries are backbone of any economy. Do you think the higher pay rate in Australia is making it difficult to invest in manufacturing industries?

Many Australians have. " invented " lots of amazing game changers.. Unfortunately .. Australians had to go off shore for investment to get anything off the ground .. Most inventors found it very difficult.. And ended up selling off their ideas for peanuts .. No govt. support or investment.

Because property is seen as a safer investment. Whereas we need to fail in business to succeed. Smaller banks need to be set up to help small businesses

This kid sounds like a communist? I reckon he should move to China and take some GOLD or Malaysia or Indonesia and convert to Islam

+Dave Lee I was joking when i said you were probably a communist but you were putting down Australia and Australian's down early in your video. Your obviously have an interest in geopolitics and financial markets, I am not expert myself but I think your way off on property .I remember several years ago when so called experts were telling everyone to get out of property market in Australia and put it into Superannuations just before to GFC and looked what happened. Remember also that as property prices were increasing as the AUD has been falling,so in real terms AUD@ 70cents. 1 million in property is 700K USD from pre 2012 when we had 1 for 1 parity. So is property really overpriced, has the market crashed? I dont think so.. I will say price and value need to be applied with property. I think cheap property may be overpriced where as a 1 2 5 10 million dollar property could be a bargain,its subjective really.

I'm one of the few patriotic Australians left. Not apologizing for that. And in case you didn't realise, the Australian economy is quite communist already. State saves the banks in 2008, how very communist of us. Milton Friedman would have allowed them all to fail. That's the capitalist way. Also, did you vote for Scott Morrison? because I didn't, hmm what's the definition of communism again? You probably see the west a little differently now hey. What Wall Street would like to call the "emerging markets currency crisis" intensified today and is headed for contagion into the huge global corporate debt bubble; serious trouble is directly ahead. And the nation in the worst crisis, Argentina, is the nation whose government, over the past two years, has carried out the free trade policies of London and Wall Street religiously, sending its economy into hyperinflationary collapse. A global debt crash is looming. At the same time, with agreements of the Sept. 3-4 China-Africa conference in Beijing, China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has become clearly unstoppable. Even as countries in Ibero-America continued in recent days to join the development paradigm of the Belt and Road as a "world land-bridge" of infrastructure, China and Africa merged the BRI with the continent's most ambitious long-range industrial development and poverty-reduction goals, those of the African Union's "Agenda 2063." Optimism for Africa's future "China-like" development was radiating from the 52 heads of state — all but a few on the entire continent — who participated. And as Schiller Institute President Helga Zepp-LaRouche said today, "history will see this conference as the official end of 500 years of colonialism," and 50 years of IMF anti-progress conditionalities. "Africa will be a world economic powerhouse by 2063." Already, poverty, Africa's changeless burden through the colonial centuries, has been reduced by 10% since China became the continent's main trading partner and development investor. If one still believes the well-known fable that "China's Belt and Road is hitting roadblocks," one probably also believes that London and Wall Street have the so-called "currency crisis" under control. They don't, as many economists and even one JP Morgan analyst were warning through the media today. The choice between the two economic paradigms, between "free trade" on one hand, and credit for infrastructure, industrial progress and technological breakthroughs on the other, is clear. Trump Administration officials want to compete with China in fostering industrial development in Africa, Asia, and Ibero-America, by a new USAID Development Bank capitalized with $60 billion, under a new "BUILD Act" the White House has been pushing through Congress. This will not "compete" effectively with the Belt and Road, now the world landbridge, in either infrastructure development, new scientific and technological breakthroughs, or reduction of poverty. How much better would it be, to use such initiatives to cooperate with China on the entire new paradigm! Cooperation could begin with spectacular effect in Central America and Mexico, as well as in Africa, as Texas Congressional candidate Kesha Rogers has proposed. Rogers, running against Rep. Al "the impeacher" Green, is also confronting an African-American constituency with the great optimism of African leaders who are working with China. The United States can't "compete" with the Belt and Road; but it can cooperate with it, and help take it to a higher level. That is why the Schiller Institute is mobilizing an international petition, for four crucial powers — the United States, China, Russia, and India — to form a new international credit system on the model of the 1945-65 Bretton Woods system of President Franklin Roosevelt. Restore its features — Glass-Steagall bank separation, stable currency exchange rates, capital controls, and above all replacing unrestricted global speculation with credit for infrastructure development and capital goods investment — and the looming financial crisis can be stopped. Rapid economic development like that of the 1945-65 period could take off instead.

#officalENDofColonialism HIP HIP HOORAY for #BeltRoad & #agenda2063 BYE BYE EVIL EMPERORS nihilists We don’t want kings anymore. We don’t want your low consciousness warrior sports, or your Hollywood propaganda. We don’t want to worship athletes or movie stars or politicians, and we certainly don’t want to send our precious sons daughters husbands and wives to fight your senseless wars of conquest. But the 1% elites who benefit from all this don’t like our newfound attitudes and higher consciousness one single bit. The erosion of their world is now in rapid decline. So they’re doing what psychopaths do, they’re projecting. They’re gas lighting us like mad. It’s their hair that’s on fire and they’re throwing water on us! They’re doubling down when reasonable people would walk away, setting new records for athlete’s salaries despite the lowest ratings projections EVER for the coming season. They keep upping the budgets more and more and continuing to leverage the farm on one tentpole action movie after another, despite that like 4 people are going to see them.

“Not a very smart country” yet Australia holds the record for the longest number of quarters with no recession. Yeh I guess it’s just by accident.

Digging holes and sending resources to China. As China reduced it's demand for resources, our GDP dropped and continues to drop.

Glass Steagall can CRIPPLE the British Empire!

Australia’s economy may take wrong turn but now it is right back on track. Communist china party will collapse soon.

Please let you be correct. Whenever I feel down and depressed from looking sat real facts. I watch Fox News, then I feel so much better. Until the reality of the world hits again

Smart young Australian with his finger on the pulse. Political and economic knowledge is liberating. Keep it up Dave.

We can turn this around. But time is running out

There's a lot of signs that china's economy is shaky, such as their declining stock market - it was recently overtaken in market cap by japans stock market - and the ghost cities china's built that are completely unoccupied. I also think China's ability to project hard military power abroad is choked by Taiwan - which is essentially an unsinkable US Aircraft Power. I wont be concerned about China militarily until they invade Taiwan. I think the US Stock market is worth investing in if you are prepared to wait out the next market correction - so if youre prepared to hold an investment in US Stocks for at least 5 to 10 years, i think its probably the safest investment. TL;DR I think Chinas strength is greatly inflated and America is still the best bet in town.

The problem is that China wants you to think they are weak. So we are pacified. That's when they strike. Simple eastern military philosophy. Sun Tzu and many other warring states strategies are being studied today in China.

The wealth will flock too Bitcoin as a safe haven


The best in the world....THAILAND

If you get that canal to work, then your economy will grow.

Great informative video dave..............left 1 year ago

Because australia is a commie country.

So much government control here, we get taxed rediculous amounts to basically fund a beaurocracy. Ive been speaking online to a person in china for almost a year. They seem to have less government control in china compared to us aussies especially economy wise it seems. We were just recently talking about online business and selling stuff on ebay. I said its not worth it and sent a copy of the aussie regulations to sell things on ebay, they were really suprised at all the hurdles that one has to jump through for something like ebay. This person is mostly involved in sales and asked me why most aussies that want to order off them say can you wait a few weeks. I said not many people have money saved away and most of us live from pay to pay. They were shocked by this. Then we went into the cost of living in Australia, another shock for them. Its a scary thought that china is a more free country then australia and its citizens are mostly self reliant, in australia most people a sucked into being reliant on our govt and this takes away our freedoms.

Well spotted sir. Most people don't know the definition of communist. I'm glad you do

While Australia's economy is running into collapse the bloody liberals fight each other instead of representing the country

China is in fact behind all the leadership changes. Every leader that annoys Beijing gets replaced. That's the real pattern here.

Your goose mate Australia is a great big mine an never collapse we need to process our own minerals

Indonesia has no resources so I don't think I will place any money there, it has become a filthy place to visit a friend of mine just come back from there a week early because she got sick, muslims have taken over and not the same place it was.

Indonesia is and always been muslim since it was formed 73 years ago.

Dave Lee - You obviously have not do your research, Australia has invented many things owe radar is what America military uses lead the world in weather management and use it to cause drought and floods, we invented the electric firing Gatling gun, they developed the most advanced computer systems, and built the MRI ex-ray technology and many other things, we also have many scientist that work abroad for higher pay, I have seen two man made anti gravity craft built and flown in Australia back in the 80ty's so you could imagine what else they have, and silver is what they say will go up in value predicting up to 300% or more.

You will be surprised of the technology the Australian military has, but I know they want to turn Australia into a nuclear waist dump, owe government are coward scum and don't give a shit about its people look how they left Julian Assange to rot and labeled him a traitor when it them that are traitors, people are nothing but a commodity.

Julian Assange exposed a conversation between Rudd and Clinton which is a huge problem even today for Australia. He is a traitor in my opinion.

Lol this video is a bit absurd. I mean yes Australia will see a decrease in living standards but saying that Australia will end up the same as the Phillipines is just complete horseshit and I doubt you’ve ever seen how the average Filipino lives.

Well we'll end up like Venezuela.

Great video and I agree with most of its content. May I suggest that the banks, stupid federal government policies and then rent seekers are the main reason for our housing crisis at the moment and in that order. I would also put forward the view that Argentina could be a preview of our economic situation in just a few years. Firstly, they have a currency which is worth very little, secondly, they have enormously high interest-rate‘s and finally, they have a crippling drought, sound familiar? We also must factor drought and other weather related difficulties in the discussion about our economy. We appear to be entering a grand solar minimum at the moment and history has taught us that these events always cause massive problems with the weather and therefore huge difficulties in agriculture and grazing industries. Whether we like it or not, these industries are still very important in this country and their collapse will only speed our economic nosedive!

Time for aussies to take back Australia

Taking guns away

It was planned to suppess

Chinese troops to be seen on Australian Soil.........and what's so strange about that but the number that I was shown was just staggering!!!! many??? and then I found out about the International laws that allow one country to send troops to another Country without actually having a many?? Just staggering!!!

Mother Shipton Prophecies appear to agree with you about China and Russia being triumphant in coming you mentioned gold being great investment but Silver was being bought far more abundantly and also has Medical properties of being a WATER PURIFIER and antigermicidal.......something to consider AS epidemics will be raging in our future after an apocalyptic war.......and that event where it is described as being worse than leprosy.

Did this bozo presenter just say Australia has not invented anything? Try this To name a few- WIFI , yes dude wifi! The flight recorder, polymer bank notes,spray on skin etc. Chinese inventions- nothing since , wait for it------------movable printing 960 -1279 AD , so say740 years. Try using facts instead of millennial mantras. This millennial thinks working 7 days a week is new and the previous generations worked M/F??? Did he really say that? I worked 7 days a week for 16 years.Hundreds of thousands did. What a superficial little millennial.

Everyone else reading this today here is your reward..................ELEMENT U is the new Australian GOLD RUSH happening right NOW!!!!! you deserve this Dave.......Money Morning Greg Canavah and your free report from Port Phillip Publishing..........go to it people!!! The people win...........waiting to happen....

2008 all over again.

THANKS DAVE .............SADLY ENOUGH I AGREE WITH YOU.........Jack Ass Idiots.......again another Australian PM and others have betrayed the Australian people the highest levels of Government in their form of complete COWARDICE........

Australian people are real scheming pricks in 2018,I wouldnt trust alot of them, having said that,I read elsewhere Australia is one of the only western countries that hasnt seen any recovery like others have started to see..

Spot on mate! I am 70 so I lived through the good times when everybody had a job a we could all buy a home. What also makes me really angry is that the bastards now in power who got free uni degrees, have now put a massive financial noose around the necks of the next generation. Why couldn’t the trillion dollar super fund be invested in a state if the art NBN so that states like Tasmania don’t have to chop all their rainforests down and cover the state in monoculture plantations? Precious metals and crypto’s are a lot better option than real estate where only those at the top can loot and steal all they want. Great video that addresses a lot of issues... let’s hope we can get some solutions before we do become Venuzalianised! Mind you I do think it goes much deeper than the moronic Australian leadership - the global Cabal actually control everything aka ... Malcolm Turnbull being dumped despite being just a cardboard Goldman Sachs cutout anyway.

Great Video .... What about Australia investing in India ? Also there are lots of Indians moving to Australia ... What are job prospects for them ?

The Euro will crash and it will take out the Ossie dollar at the same time. The times and seasons show a time of 'darkness' is due, and the powers have tried everything to stop you from knowing about it. Its much later than you think.

What you percieve as stupid is actually minipulation of the elites. Yes our pollies r stupid to let it happen. And the general public r lied to by the minipulated msm.... So many layers of lies n stupid. But your right aussie is heading for massive crash.

We have had john Keynes economics help us through 2008. But now we need Milton Friedman style economics. Business is risky, but unless you are willing to fail, you will never succeed. No one is willing to take risks, they just want to buy property because it's the safest spot to put their money. Well that's because they cannot think for themselves. Nor have they researched anything. It's not the politicians fault, they are the poor guys who have to deal with a country full of low quality human capital. That's the time

You are ignoring China’s debt to GDP ratio which is almost the same as America now. China also has a lot of structural problems with its corporate dictatorship government. China also has very significant pollution problems and a burgeoning population. Half the rivers in China are dead with pollution. You are a forgetting how attractive Australia is with it’s empty land, clean air, clean soil and water and its proximity to China. China also has a shadow banking industry.

You are speaking to someone who studied China's economy in Hong Kong university. I don't recommend cnbc as a reliable source. Because the US has stupid human capital that want to know they are winning, when in fact they are losing. We don't want the stupid American people getting angry now do we

Invest in yr health Because when the government has fukd you all over at least you will have yr health.

For 40 years, the property bubble in Oz has been fuelled by 3 factors - easy credit, government intervention/manipulation (e.g. lowering interest rates, FHOG) and human greed. With tightening credit, the ability of the latter two con-factors to fool people has been greatly reduced - then we add rising interest rates - just to see if the proverbial frog noticed that it’s been slowly cooking in the pot as the water got warmer and warmer. Throw in electricity/gas and petrol price rises with normal inflation and the iconic Aussie moron on $50,000 a year with children surviving on government subsidies (at the expense of skilled workers who pay higher taxes to support these imbeciles who reproduce like rabbits!) and owning two properties starts to cook in his/her own juices. Those who were not greedy and just wanted a family house that they could slowly pay off in 25 years while bringing up their kids will also suffer as the value of their equity falls for a decade or so ...welcome to the lost decade, Australia

Good i hope the whole fukd up system totally collapses.

It's time to give australia back to the indigenous people because they know how TO look after the country and not just rape it. AUSTRALIA IS SO NOT THE LUCKY COUNTRY.

Australia will never be run by the indigenous people. I'm sorry to tell you this. But if this is your real goal, then you need to start increasing your population. Encouraging every indigenous woman to have as many kids as possible will help the cause. The having every man fully employed. Only then will you have even a slight chance. This is how the real world works. By the way. If China takes over. The indigenous people will most probably be wiped out. Because the Chinese have done this for thousands of years. The funny thing is, you don't know it, why you ask? Well they are all dead, that's why. There's no one left to complain.

You made a couple of good points in the first minute. The rest of this video was an un edited poorly constructed and non factual rant. You shoukd think about your statements a little more.

Silver is a better bet than gold, once the price manipulation ends.

Lots of countries have laws which means the Govt can rob from people's bank accounts next time the economy collapses. - because they know it WILL collapse, soon!

Lol YouTube experts who say they don't have time. Right! Asking for money. Poq

Yeah I don't. Considering all the revenue from these videos go to support my sick aunty who almost died recently. So I don't earn anything from this. Also, I just completed my second hip replacement. Got my own problems while helping others, yeah how dare I hey. How dare I care for my country too, how dare I try educate the masses of fools out there who are ruining my country. How dare I. Sorry I get fired up when people don't get it.

Malcy Turncoat is a bought and paid for Globalist shill ... he knew precisely what he was doing - all our Political Parties are captured entities of the Globla Elites - that's the way the world works!

I am an investor, and you are wrong about a huge amount of things in your video , I am not going to list them because you will learn for yourself over time.

Dave Lee at first I started to write a very long essay on the points you are wrong in which was all of it , I then changed my mind because you and others who have a mind set of “the sky is falling on our heads “ will not change no matter what you say to them . I have better things to do .

+Michael Wilson Can you discount at least one of my multitude of points. If I'm wrong, I want to learn. No one knows everything. My views evolve with new information.

Dave Lee , as I said you need to learn a lot more what you have said in this video you have made is un-factual. Why do you not go and get some real facts.this whole video you made shows the depth of maturity you have . You can not handle you are wrong and that shows the maturity you have. This video is assumptions buddy you don’t have a crystal ball and you are putting together poorly researched ideas about why you think the economy is going to crash none of your ideas relate to anything that is dynamically happening . You ain’t smart kid if that is what you think you are !

+Michael Wilson Mike. Investors looking at their screens all day, reading and analysing data, plus doing technical analysis on graphs are and will always be seen as the "chosen smart ones" just like you. But only a few saw 2008 coming, hell smart hey. To compound the problem, these smart ones are also the people who panicked like immature school kids and shorted the market which caused a bigger problem. Smart mature investors. Thanks for providing zero counter arguments to mine, just an immature ad hominem remark.

Dave Lee , like I said go learn for yourself you are actually wrong about all subjects in this video. But hey you got all your little doom and gloom merchants egging you on through un-factual ideology it is obvious you are not an investor who analysis markets as I do. You are spreading mis-information that is all you have done, lots of people would believe you of course . You are still young believe what you want, however it is easy for me to tell as an investor you have no idea !

mention one thing?

The gold market is still shorted and thus controlled. The shorting of silver by JP Morgan for the last 13 years stopped officially on Sept 4th 2018. Silver is scarcer than gold. JP Morgan controls 54percent of all above ground silver today. Silver not gold is the better option by far. It has far further to rise than gold. Both short term and longer term.

Yeah. Mate. We. Tried. To. Developed. Woolen. Mills. Here. But. But. We're. Crunched. By. Our. Own. Politicians. Why. ? That. Was. Back. In. 1992. What. Happened. Then. They. Collapsed. The. Wool. In. Australia. Geoff. Kennett.former. Victorian. Premier. He. Actually. Bought. The. State. Of. The. Art. Wool. Textile. Weaving. Machines. At. Auction. In. Melbourne. Then. Mothballed. Them. At. That. Time. The. One. Time. PM. Malcolm. FRAZER. Sold. His. Top. Sheep. Stud. Got. Right. Out. Of. The. Game. In. 1992. The. Hungarian. Ambassadors. Informed. Us. Hungary. Had. 18. Woolen. Mills. & we're. Desperate. For. Wool. Stocks. But. We're. Unable. To. Access. The. Australian. Wool. Markets. The. Australian. Wool. Corporation. Collapsed. Then. With. $20 billion. Dollars. Going missing. From. The. Wool. Tax. Collected. From. Australian. Growers. I. Am. Owed. Still. $160-000-00. Something. Smells. Like. A. Dead. Rat. Here. ????????? Where. Did. All. The. Money. Go. & what. The. He'll. Is. Going. On ????????????

The logistics leave alone the costs of getting resources out of African countries is not a one year or two year solvable conundrum. Roads rail ports and tech skills. Plus the historical political instability. All this is semi generational. I am basing this on 45 years of global business in resources. Agriculture and mining. Not as simplistic as you outlined in other words. You are at least two to five years off the mark depending on each country. China is also debt stressed which inhibits a mass OS spending spree. In other words no country is getting out of this scenario Scott free. Not China. Not Australia. We are tied to each others spiralling debt. But to whom?

The real problem, and it will never get solved, is greed. Greed is what keeps our political parties parasitical instead of productive. Greed is what drives wages down and prices up (like small businesses owners that don't want to pay a decent wage to their workers but somehow think people have $8 for a coffee.) Greed is what blew up the property bubble (woo double your money in two years just pay the interest.) Greed is why we're locked to the US at the teat (hoping to get thrown bones) Greed is why we don't manufacture (costs too much in fair wages) The only way things could ever change would be to start by clearing out 4/5ths of the police force and 100% of the political and finance sectors. And by clearing out I mean public executions. The system is rigged to siphon money out of the pockets of majority of people who work for their money into the pockets of a minority of people who inherited their wealth. 49% of us are blaming the other 49% for it while that rich 2% just keeps getting richer no matter if it's left or right in power. This bloke says quite often Australians are stupid but it's not just Australia, we're all getting screwed and nobody has the intelligence to take off their blinkers and see who's really benefiting from all this. Cui bono. To whose benefit? First question a smart person asks when they're trying to figure out who's fucking who over.

6:24 America's gonna build a wall, and we're gonna make Australian Super funds pay for it! *LNP Voters cheer loudly*


It's good to have a sense of humour during a crisis. It's the Aussie way

Joko Widodo will win again in the next year elecetion, your perception basically coming from media right? Media loves to show those dumbass corrupt and radical groups but in reality they won't ever takes the power. If you look at some data Indonesia improving a lot from corruption index,competitiveness index, ease of doing business. investment grade rating, etc. Around 60%-70% of South east Asia's infrastructure market are in Indonesia. That's why countries like Japan,Korea,China,Singapore,etc keep pumping billions of dollar to Indonesia. Don't believe much what media says because at the backstage both of current government and opposition still keep engage together, they keep talks,meet each other eventhough they looks fighting in media.

Where did you go?

None of you have. Yet I opened your eyes a little. Now you can have a few beers and pretend these are your own thoughts and act smart amongst your mates. We both know these are mine

Atlassian Yup. Pirates. Well, imagine living in Qatar. I bet they never thought it could happen to them either. Australia is marked for colonization, if we don't play ball. Then China will destroy us , then colonize us. Unless the USA can manifest a miracle. Not since I was a young child, did I believe in miracles though.

Feel free to send me anything you think is useful

Good choice

Pat Edwards - GST and inflation hit the poorest harder than the wealthy unfortunately. NZ quickly went from 10 to 12.5 to 15%. Their new Socialist PM has 17.5 on it's way. Aussie too has 12.5 just around the corner.

We can turn this around. Start by trying to secure our maritime trade ourselves.

Interesting hey. I saw this problem. So I created a system on how to live rent free while renting. This is what I call phase two. This helps me avoid debt and the reliance on asset prices.

bahahahaha we dig holes!!!! I love it! Good work mate, keep it up.

Bing bong .

Bit of a drama queen..

China is moving into the Caribbean as well. Jamaicans are seeing boatloads of them taking over businesses and properties. I think it's part of their plan to have bases close to the u.s. for when the time comes for an invasion which they are planning to do with Russia and her allies. They're licking their chops to own the vast wealth and the bread basket States of the U.S. to feed their people. And prophecy says if America does not repent, it will happen. The same goes for Australia for the laws they've allowed to pass over the years.

If they vote Labor or greens the economy will collapse for sure.

Atlassian is one company created by Aussies. But they decided to do the IPO overseas because I believe that Australian laws and company taxes are ridiculous. All our innovation is going overseas and as a young professional and the amount of taxes I am paying, working overseas seems more attractive.

For 20, 30, 50 years your Governments HAVE NOT HAD ENOUGH MONEY to fund: the Aged, Homeless, Single Mothers, indigenes, Vets, or the Disabled and Unemployed. but when hundreds of thousands of FAKE REFUGEES land on your doorstep, suddenly they have BILLIONS OF EUROS/DOLLARS TO THROW AT THEM. How is this so??? You have to write to your politician and ask them.

Now 8 minutes in and confirmed that you are an idiot. Indonesia to blockade Australia so we can't trade. Yeah right.

I got 6 minutes in and realised that you are an idiot. One trillion of our super into US infrastructure? This is just bullshit. Malcolm Turnbull has no say on where super funds are invested as they are independently managed and completely separate from government.

Links in the description. Plus on the screen.

The Oz Federal Reserve (Rothchild's) bank is in crisis...Trump has reset US Fed Reserve, sacked all the CEO's, and replaced them...and that will happen here. All debt will be wiped as it doesn't exist....all loans are fiat money.

Mate the Australian economy has already collapsed. The whole economy is based on mass immigration and houses. Millennials are forced to live with their parents because they cant get jobs, and when they can get jobs their still broke. These millennials cant afford these houses so there's nobody for the baby boombers to sell their houses to thus causing a pullback in houses prices which sends the banks broke, which then forces the banks to steal depositors money. PROPER FUCKED

Buying property in Gawadar port of Pakistan, property is cheap and it will boom soon.

another great piece of advice DON'T TRUST THE MSM there is so much we are not being told and much of what we are being told is propaganda

We should be investigating our money into building quality products ie. High end cars like Italy. Ferrari don't compete with China or Japan but there always selling cars. So compete with them. Other things. Fish farming on land. We dig great big holes let's fill them with water and breed fish to sell. Ummm what else heaps. Investing in small business. Look there is a pleather of things we can do. It's just a case of doing them.

Me an my brother have been saying what you said for years.

Australia is controlled by USA. That’s why USA can use Australian soldiers to fight its wars

We are the largest banana republic in the world.

its so funny, as a child and adult I would go off to school or do my study or at university and so many older adult/mature age students would say "oh none of what you learn here at university really applies to real life, bla bla, I fought in a war, or I worked in law or something" that made them so jaded! but I was always thinking every day I went to college or whatever , "hey, one day I want to invent something, something that everyone has to use and needs, it can't be that hard, wasn't it an Australian that came up with inventing the wine cask tap? I am not sure I just remember them as a kid. I want to invent something amazing" and off I would go walking and thinking. yeh, I agree with what you are saying when I was studying economics 25 years ago they said india etc would be the hub for IT and they are also for pharmaceuticals but I just wonder what tricks up the sleeve usa have cuz they do seem to always come out high if not on top. if you think history is boring go see a course on how dates revolve around in patterns 1260 and 2520 and some say that futures are often misdiagnosed by forecasting experts and if anything aspects of climate and natural disasters are not taken into account here but based on the patterns history and the future are not random says the teacher of the course. Trends and slow movements don't always show up as huge things but over time turning points do. I think Australia has not been clever about town planning, population and developing citizens it already had rather then falling for every sad sack story from overseas cuz you know its the richer ones that got over here and they bled off our welfare and charities and took over the private church primary schools when we should have been supporting our own first. Don't underestimate USA or china or anywhere's intelligence. That is the worst thing anyone can do! Australian govts and officials only have themselves to blame for this because the warning signs about all this was being said back in the 1980s.

The only parasites i know of are feminist.

Dave ,Cleary Australians are supposed to be clever. When confronted by these realities about the future that's not far off from today, why can't Australians stop siding with international terrorism which you know you're doing as part of NATO that serves the interests of political Zionism and the global banking elite. You can still push back on the bad Karma flooding your way for past indiscretions with the terrorist alliance of the world. Why do you want to or why do you have a NEED to manufacture a world war. You are supposed to be decent and civilized and cool headed and rational. Maybe it's too late. Maybe it's too late for your fake western political leaders that sold you out and completely lost control. Now you have to pay their price as a nation. Stupid -- really stupid. Your strategy can only be in these circumstances to: 1. Realise that USA/ NATO has become fragmented and this will continue. Be a voice of reason and distinguish yourself from them on the basis of international law. Dont be their rubberstamp. So, increase your value because you have non in your relationship with a bully. Win respect for yourself from your friends- in - terror. 2. Decide deliberately not to merely follow US's decisions on trade war. See what's in your interest. It's a no brainer. Continue to trade on your own terms with China and the world. 3. Get out of trade route disputes. You will have to fight the empire's battles for her otherwise if you dont. She will not send soldiers only battleships. You'll lose your citizenry for the disrespectful empire. Hope you can see the need for radical change of mindset. With love from supposedly dark Africa.

By the way China has the full control of Darwin harbour and we do have sustainable levels of Oil for Petroleum spirit but limited refineries . We can be sustainable if only we go back to manufacturing . Construction industry can come back by stopping negative gear , The only people who will argue this point will be property investors …

Australia did once have Smelters and produce Iron for construction ,It did have manufacturing . It also had in every state an Oil refinery when Singapore hadn't . It has had as the old story goes the life giving structure of Farming and still we employ ridiculous , lying and self serving politicians who over the past forty years have done very little for the Aussie bar the One percent who paid very little for their wealth .So who controls how we live are the banks and why did Malcolm cash up while managing his Water portfolio and send his cash to the Cayman isles …. So what is the answer how do we let the Bastards know that we are not going to put up with this any more ???

Australia should ink a deal with India supply them with cheap iron ore in turn refine your oil in india, also secure navy support in the indian ocean.

@ 13:58, if you're a smart Australian, you'd leave.

add to that our greedy refusal to acknowledge that the usas pre-gfc houssing crisis is coming to a street near you... our bubble is about to burst

Your bang "right" brother , and the world wide financial aconomy crashing can't be stopped, it's peaked at the top of the chart and the only way is down down down and it's going to hurt so many people . Jobs will be lost ,small businesses are starting to close there doors ,larger companies are getting out or down sizing and laying people off . And why it's going to be so intense and hurt so many people is due to their large financial mortgages ,where 15 years ago you could buy a affordable house and land package at affordable $80 to $120 ,000 .Today prices are gone through the roof. this is known as spiking up peak pricesand there's no morn is affordable housing with has created a huge housing bubble , Today mortgage is around $500,000 and if you want to live like the (Jones) $1 ,2,3 million. (nuts ) so if your do your home work people the only way is down down down and it's going to hurt. let's hope warrrrr don't' come over it all because each know war there was a financial collapse just be fore and war being added that would be a bummer. ..become a aussie prepper it's the only thing that is going to save us .

Thank you so much for this video

but i can understand your frustration. your landlord may have increase the rent for you.

a house price in 70s were around 20k to 30k. now after many decades it is over 500k. the growth will slow down or just stop or in worst scenario prices will get reduced maximum 5% average only for 1 or 2 yrs. fall of house prices will effect government business. and government will control the economy with increasing demands, means more migrants, specially more boats

Invest in Australia, and time for new fresh politicians who can think long term as well. Water in the north use dams pipe water south all over inland Australia get the Indigence people involved as well. Ports are already there, train lines to ports are already there lets feed the Asian world and others beef, sheep, grown produce. Don't sell oil refine our own, Open up steel making for pipes Australia only if we have the resource use it don't buy it. Soon as there is a loop hole for over seas investors not pay tax change the law immediately to block don't wait until we cant do any thing about it

Australians all let us rejoice

That's our own karma for sleeping in the same bed as the USA

Dutch disease

I have also always had an lust for gold and been stacking for about the last decade, I also put a small percentage of my money in digital currencies which is seen more significant profits but still try to sink some of those profits back into gold and also some silver as silver in my opinion is a lot rarer than gold because so much of it is used in industry whereas gold is basically hoarded in safes. I totally agree with you that the Australian dollar is going to dive, I think this is the Liberal party's goal because then their donors who mainly dig stuff out of the ground will be able to sell it for comparatively more in Australian dollars.

Be careful with cryptos. Gold is overpriced, but still good as a store of value. But it's good you're planning. You are ahead of the pack for even thinking of the future.

Australia is calling on Elon musk to build our power station

get rid of windmills


I am an Aussie

Its not stupidity it is a deliberate global plan . No country must be able to be independent or else you can tell the world government to stick it. Don't be so short sighted this is a plan !!

Sometimes. That's the point here. Figure out the plan and take action on it. Can only work with the globalists, not against them.

You're making an error regarding share ownership and price for Westpac shares. There is no relationship. The price could have risen because share owners decided not to sell at a lower price (because of their increasing revenue from raised interest rates)...

The volume in buyers increased as soon as the news was released. It did happen. Here's a tip. Look at the Australian libor rate which has been dropping even though the interest rate just increased. Make your own assumptions why. I have not figured why out myself. Can't make out a definitive pattern.

John Cadogan the auto expert he has all the answers..

Gold is boring as bat shit! Invest in cocaine, pornography and alcohol....... That's where the money is during a collapse. Get some good sex skills and you'll be set for life.

Dave Lee yeah, it's very sad but it's true. Ive actually bought up some nicorette sprays and tabs when they're half price at Woolworths..... I like being creative about barter for hard times. I don't smoke or drink alcohol but ive got plenty on hand to use as currency. Another thing you can barter if we collapse really badly is salt and spice. The biggest collapse i lived through in Oz was "the recession we had to have." The stock market crashed in 1987 and then by 1991 every second shop/office in the street had a for sale or for lease sign on it. My business partner and I took advantage of this and we started our business, Internode, by moving straight into an office space because it was even cheaper than renting a house. We could get huge areas in the city with great views high up in the buildings for pennies per week. :) that was fun.

I almost went there in this video. In extreme poverty. You need something to barter. So cigarettes , alcohol and drugs can be used instead of a hyper inflated currency. Just like jail. So, I know you are joking but there is real credence to what you said.

There's too many italians here.... Buying up all the houses since the 1950's. I'm actually an entrepreneur who built a business in Australia and emplyed 1000's of people. I'm at my witsend thesedays we have no opportunities anymore. So you're predicting Paul keatings Banana Republic. I'm a person who invested and built a technology company with the intention of creating brand new products..... Americans bought out patents and shelved them. One of my friends and I had a program for analytics of websites in 1996, and it was far better than what exists now because I had sales and marketing experience to add to it. That got shelved. Silicon Valley has too much power, you cant create anymore.

Wow, nice work. Please keep at it. Australia needs more entrepreneurs like this

Donald Trump, or at least his administration, is completely facilitating the rise and domination of china. They're strong arming like mad since they've been in power, trump has stood down in the south china sea. It's all perpetuating the BandR.

While some things you say are true that China is expanding to who it can buy resources from it is acting smartly by not setting itself up to only buy from the west. You need to go up some levels in your thinking and know that if we crash it is because western countries linked to the US dollar have lost their economic sovereignty and so we now find ourselves in a position where all of US foreign policy actions have the potential to ruin our economy. The US is at this time using it's dollar as a weapon against countries that won't agree with their dictates applying sanctions on everyone and any country that wants to exercise it's own countries legal rights. Theses sanctions are going to affect who we trade with which means our economy will suffer. China knows that we tow the line to the US and can separate the politics and is mature enough to keep trading with us. China is investing billions into infrastructure in many countries to build economic ties and the US is in full panic mode as it's economic dominance is being reduce by the might of the Chinese economy. Remember that China is no longer a communist country but has become a secular capitalist nation and will certainly deal a economic blow to the west. So my friend these things you speak of a influenced by a much bigger picture and what more than 120 countries are doing is positioning themselves to dump the US dollar and trade in their own currencies to free themselves from sanctions and US hegemony. All China has to do is cash in their US bonds and the US economy will be destroyed but the Chinese are acting way smarter than the US and will end up being the major world economy in a few short years unless the US can derail the world economy with a major war with China, Russia and Iran. If the US dollar crashes against the might of the Yuan then every country tied to the dollar will go with it and even many like the world banking cartel the Rothschilds have move to investing in the Chinese Yuan and have largely dumped the dollar. What does that tell everyone ?

Some great analysis. I am not an Australian and never been there in my life. I live in Karachi, Pakistan. It's not a real paradise here. Power shortages, water shortages, broken roads and a typical over crowded city of South Asia. Just few hours ago i was sitting in a real state agency, a young guy walked in riding a 70 cc bike trying to assess the value of his house. He already had an offer of half a million US dollars or 5 crore Pakistani rupees. He wanted 6 crore. That's a 600 yards house in an average area. Can you imagine this amount where an average monthly income is $350 a month. I am sure something will happen and soon as nothing makes sense. There is extreme poverty, no public education or health care even clean water and real estate millionaire everywhere. We really need a fix for this real estate madness.

+Dave Lee Chinese are investing very heavily in Pakistan and close to 60 billions in CPEC a huge road and belt project. But not as many Chinese living here. I would guess 100k at most.

Pakistani cities are now populated by Chinese aren't they.

Australia one of the best country to live in even in a global economy collapse.

But if our standard of living decreases, the best people will leave and take their money with them

Disadvantages of free press. May God save Australia.

Fascinating ozzie is as dumb as ireland excellent talk

+Dave Lee very sad but it as this guy says he is on the ball the irish who have infested this barren space are too wonderfully corrupt to direct a pig farm sad isn't it you will soon be a shithole poor you

Yes dear boy you are hopeless it's your irishness

We are in fact your convicts aren't we.

The greenies forced BHP to shut down Newcastle steel works back in the 80s so we cant make our own steel products like we did. We also had a place in melbourne called Coode island that refined our oil but they shut it down as it upset the greenies

cfmeu is using force to demand higher wages. This is one reason why inflation will be devastating. Meat heads holding the government ransom. We are no longer competitive. Time to live within our means or the entire country will implode. Lower wages, more productivity. Welcome to the reality of the world we live in today

Interesting video, I've been in australia for a couple of months and have been researching about the geo politics and economy for a while. It's true that the economy is largely dependent in china. As a matter of fact, the professors and researchers openly admit to it. What are your thoughts on investing in india? I've been working on a proposal.

Talking about no smart people in a Australia. My pet thing, go to SEEK. Look at $150,000 Jobs and see how many are in Science compared to professions. In particular look under Chemistry and Physics, typically there are 40-50 jobs nationally, at any salary level. Yet we want more people, particularly women in STEM. Why? There are no jobs! Average salary Chemist/Physicist $60,000. National average salary $80,000. You don't see scientists driving Ferrari's to their mansions.

Science is as gangsta as it comes. The underhanded theft of ideas, is happening hardcore. You collaborate with another scientist with more funding abroad and they will steal your idea. Next thing you realize, your 4 years of hard work is being published before your eyes and you find out it was because you spoke to the wrong person or helped the wrong lab. Science is gangsta. Can't help you there. It's too gangsta for me to figure out a solution to.

This is a much more accurate and thorough explanation of the effects of the tariff plan.

I can go deep on all these topics individually. Perhaps if I have time, I'll explain what the trade war is really about. No one has explained this online, from what I can see

You need to do more maths and calculation........this more about opinons......

I would say it's more behavioural economics than real data.

great video thank you!


Mate ,we used to refine our own oil. We were a entirely self sufficient socialist Country. Then the conservative side of Politics decided to sell off all of our public infrastructure to their corrupt corporate mates. What you see is the result of the elites who only care about themselves.

Just found you. Subscribed. I’m not alone. Thank you.

I wasted my time listening to your hate speech againt trump

I'm pro trump. Send me a maga cap and I'll wear it with pride

what do you think of vietnam as an investment option ?

US lost the war. China won. That's why south Vietnam is poor. If US won, south Vietnam would be as rich as south Korea. No one benefits from China. And unfortunately, Vietnam is one of the last places I would expect to have success in the near future. If only the US won. Vietnam would be an awesome country

id like to see the central banks try and take my money out of bitcoin and other crypto currencies. blockchain is easyily the next technology boom that any australian with a degree in computer science could create. Venezuela went to shit and has now turned to cryptocurrency as it cannot be manipulated as easy.Bitcoin mimics the properties of gold.

Well they can outlaw it to prevent capital flight.

You were doing alright until you got to the rent seeking parasites,talking about houses being $70,000.00 and insinuating that greedy people got everything for shit while you can't afford a house. It has always been the case that a house is hard to get. Go to work on a pushbike for ten years and live down someone's backyard in a shed for ten years and you would maybe save up for deposit, and become a greedy leech like the rest of us

A 5 bed room house was $70k in some of the best suburbs in Sydney and Melbourne in the 80's. The average wage was $20k. Now the average wage is $50k and the average price for that same house is $1.7 Million. Wish I could be one of those people. My retirement would be so good right now.

I don't think there's any threat of pirates taking out Aussie ships because we don't have any. For an island nation we're weak on the maritime front.

Next video is for you

Aussy politicians act themself as a US servant. So pity, they ruin down their country.

Aussie politicians can move abroad as they have the money. But we have to stay.

I like your theory, but gold is no way to conduct trade settlement in a multi polar world. Read up about Germany's monetary strategy to disrupt the Allied gold reserve standard during WW2. In short a fleet of stealth U-Boats targeted Allied merchant shipping & sunk not only traded goods, but many fractions of total global supply of gold money to the inaccessible depths of the ocean's floor. This consolidated the purchasing power of that now lost gold into the remaining accessible gold supply, of which Germany had amassed most of Europe's gold under it's control. In fact the disruptive nature of this strategy of attack at the heart of what was at the time, the only way to carry out trade settlement in such a low trust economic environment; was so effective that when the US took the global economic reigns from Great Britain, they implemented only a 'ledger side' gold reserve standard operational only out of US gold stores inside heavily defended US Soil. This remain the case right up until French President Charles DeGaul demanded USD to Gold redemption & returned French gold to mainland France in 1971, forcing US President Nixon to close the gold redemption window & take the USD off the gold reserve standard completely. In short, my appraisal of the future likelihood of a neo gold standard in the multi polar world we can all see coming, in an age of AI drone warfare, would mean yet again, an opportunity to disrupt said standard by an actor that feels it labors unfairly under such a standard, such as Germany did under the British gold standard courtesy of reparations from WW1; is this will be an unlikely reoccurrence. No doubt the low trust economic environment of a protectionist cycle, similar to the preceding 50 years before WW1 would demand the need for a sound money standard similar to the gold standard, but one that holds all the benefits of gold's stimulus functionality during the depths of a crisis. Thru to the, you hold it, you own it, certainty gold offers. Whilst out competing gold's secure storage & transit costs. There is only 1 sound money candidate being prepared to fill this void. That candidate is Bitcoin.

Bitcoin may be outlawed

Why you didn't even mention BTC?

Cryptos could be outlawed to prevent capital flight

All countries will collapse, gold is a safe bet in at least retaining your purchasing power.

Anna C silver better bet

Sam is i New Zeland & Canada ,,, money hungry idiots ,,,

You are sooo boring ... you could put anyone to sleep

We don't even dig the holes, we get Chinese company's to do it for us. Its shameful really

I don't think your smarter than Donald J Trump when it comes to business. He is re-industrializing America and has a long term plan. And who cares if we cant get fuel and oil from Singapore, we will just import it from somewhere else for a slightly higher price. What I do agree with is your property analysis, you keep poking a nerve when you address the city situation.

If we don't have access to the northern maritime trading routes. Oil will come from where exactly. Antarctica?

I dont think what you say will happen . atleast during my life time . lol . That is a doomsday scenario which will probably lead to WW3 . and if it does money is the least thing to be worried about . lol .

Im waiting to withdraw my Super . lol. I lived in Australia 97 -2000 The Economy was the same as you describe it today . The problem is that with 18 - 20 million people I dont see how you can create an apple Google Amazon ?Baidu etc. I dont think your parents Generation stole your future either . Any way . Thank you for your view mate .

ww3 almost happened last March. Yup, reality is upon us now. Did you know we almost got nuked last December... lol. Hell funny hey.... Now seriously, this whole Aussie she'll be right crap has to stop right now. Wake up

Malaysia cleaning up corruption? You must be living in a different universe.

So far so good. Malaysian's are hoping for change

Never do a trade deal with a country that has a lower cost base.

people were saving 5 years ago. The Australian government didn't like that people were saving and continually bitched that people weren't spending their money. Even all the stores and mall owners were bitching that no one was spending and they are going broke , and our tenants cant afford the rip off rent. So the Federal added a tax to online shopping and state gov turbo boosted energy prices by closing down and even blowing up power stations . This started 500% increase in energy bills thus starting the flow on to everything else to start the inflation snow ball rolling .


Mate, if you want to be heard and understood make it more coherent. Write it down first

You are right. The funny thing is, I put in so many hours everyday researching Australia's geopolitical problems. Then I have trouble getting everything out in a coherent manner in video form

South Africa and Zimbabwe are the most promising African nations when it comes to future economic growth. They have relatively well educated workforce, and the youth there are all looking for decent employment. Vocational training is needed, but they work diligently.

When the arrogant Aussies learn to be humble and ask cooperation from Japan, it will help willingly. The US will be happy with the Aussie shift as such. Australia gets involved more in the national defence in the South China Sea, which will give Australia a trading advantage for armaments and explosives. This smart move with Japan will kill two birds with one stone: The US will commend Australia for forging strong ties with Japan, the loyal ally to the US, and beat down China. China is hated by most of advanced nations. The Chinese students and business people living in Australia don't like their communist country anyway. The three merits!

Jeez, are we not Co operating with Japan now? It is hard to see exactly what Australia is actually doing. It's as if we are too afraid of China to take any serious steps.

Australia is not an exception; since 1980's, the global economy has solely focused on speculative economy (share/property/commodity/mineral) and has built hollow economy. EU community is not working well, dragged by agriculture based members such as Italy, Greece, Portugal and Spain, South American economy is declining drastically, OPEC is also not showing much significant progress. Australia has relied too long on raw material export. Australia has nothing attractive to invest than properties and shares. Affordable Aussies are all keen for negative gearing and share loss offset to economize tax payment. Australia doesn't have asset and inheritance tax, virtually. The market is not viable with wage earners without disposal income. Sooner of later, Australia will end up like is best friend, USA. Shall we worry?

our side have all the apples we will politically blow up china watch and see china will lose and bad the world runs off our western banking and laws we have all the miltary even russia will be our bitch china job is to make our toilet paper full stop we are now pulling the rug

Lol I live this guy

David, just caught your video. If China imports our largest exports from Africa; Coal, Petroleum and Iron ore, they (Africa) still has to produce the grade, quantity and infrastructure to meet the demand. Although your case sounds correct the reality might still be a few years away. Education (our #4 export). Yep, couldn't agree more. That's a complete house of cards ready to blow over. Our trade routs out of the country, I agree too, are also a big threat from disruption. And Gold... Very well positioned companies with decent margins, cashed up with no or little debt. Certainly a standout sector on paper. You've presented some great insights with Indonesia, Sri Lanka and Malaysia too. Will delve deeper into those economies and potential equity exposures. You might want to check the bail-in laws too. My understanding is the government (via APRA) would only take money from accounts in excess of 250k. Funds under that would be excluded. But will check that myself. Great video.

Yes Africa could be a replacement as soon as the infrastructure is ready. In the meantime, we also need to secure our maritime trade. Wish I had an answer for that. Being so isolated causes so many problems.

australia invented wifi


I am 99% agree with what u said in the video,, as a migrant myself from Malaysia,, at beginning of my first few years here at Brisbane, I always wondering how the Oz dollar can be this high compare to all the hard working Asia countries.. Australia work way a lot less than many Asia countries, like u say , no pioneer big companies, no manufacturer, it doesn't make sense at all..

Living standards, Australia has been the best place to live on earth over the past decade.

Good video. I'm in a strata unit (NSW) in a Duplex (with the neighbours being probably 'the greedy rent grabbers' to whom you refer) and an extremely large money grab is the Strata Act 2015 (which a local woman Sydney MP bragged just before impletmented in 30/11/2016, that it was going to boost the economy by $13B or something). It is a total joke but no Govt is bringing it up or talking about it. All it did was make the Strata Act much more complex, forcing by-laws - some so ridiculous to apply to a duplex same as a small unit in a multi story complex, to be put in place by 30-11-2018 (of course they have to employ a new breed called "Strata Lawyers" yet I believe the Dept of Fair Trading and NCAT are NOT FAIR or JUST (at least particularly in my case and a few others). In this scenario Strata Levies have 'gone through the roof' so rent goes up (there is no cap on Levies). When levies go up," greedy rent grabbers" negatively gear, claiming all their levies but owner/occupiers are slogged also. TOTALLY UNFAIR YET NO CAP OR POLICING. There has not been a (CPI) cap on 'strata levies' so how then could a young person ever afford a unit/villa and hang onto it if any amount of levies can be dictated by a Strata Manager? Dept of Fair Trading or NCAT. Our levies went from $360 to $1125 overnight when NCAT granted the neighbours Compulsory Strata Manager where I even lost my voting rights of a unit I have owned/lived in 23 years. I would not recommend a Strata to my worst enemy. A friend believes Strata Managers are the biggest bludgers of them all. Many seem to be real estate agents also, which makes them by most standards "in conflicting interest". I might be older than yourself but I remember interest rates in late 70s-early 80s going from 7% to 17% in a very short time. I believe the CRISIS you WARN is IMMINENT. I heard somewhere the CPI is much higher than the Govt allege. Its all misleading. I'm not sure about investing in Indonesia since I believe you need to have 49% with 51% with an Indonesian in business there - I lived there for a while many years ago. I know many investors who have lost everything there - its risky if you don't own the whole business.. Thanks for the tip of the Govt being able to DIP into money. Looks like Strata Managers who dont use the money for R & M are doing a good job of that also already, also sending the country broke, holding onto our money with their hot little hands. The banks wont even deal with an owners who wants proof of bank statements, above a Strata Manager - that the money is really in the bank account. We merely have to ridiculously trust that the printed out bookkeeping is truthful/honest I wonder how much of Strata Levies is so called sitting in BANKS for a rainy day when the money should be either spent on R & M or given back to the owner/payer, instead of possibly keeping the Investor (who may be unfinancial with their levies, buoyant - at the moment they seem to only be penalised with interest). It may be that the money is already being manipulated by the money market. I've written to politicians and they seem to just do nothing, have a reshuffle and ignore. Notice Strata greedies, are never mentioned in the news. Its about time the media again and that Strata Law in each State in the country varies. The media and Govt need to address this money, full transparency and put Strata Managers/Real Estate Agents and their bookkeeping strategies under the microscope. I have also suggested to various MPs, etc. modifying the Stamp Duty - if home owners want to scale down or sell - I believe that previous Stamp Duty paid for a owner/occupier property (say for last 30-40 years) should be able to be taken off a newly purchased property for owner/occupier property usage and that any people who turn their Stamp Duty exemption into an Investment property within 10 years or more, sell to buy another investment property or keep it , that exemption should have to be paid back Govt (as well as the First Home Buyers Grant). This way it should free up the market of some of the people hogging/holding onto properties especially the investors using other peoples moneys/concessions for interest only loans. Probably unless an MP thought of it , they would never take on the idea of a mere Ms average. lol. They would rather a 'stale mate' , remain stubborn & greedy and cease the economy. At the moment there is a gridlock in Real Estate because of the costly exercise of going from a larger home to smaller one once the kids have left home, people who buy in the wrong place or their needs change, but them being advised to 'hang onto it'. Real estate agents also charge far too much to sell a property compared to other countries.

Wow! So much for a cashless society the media reports / promotes? It makes sense! Control of our own money by the government in a democratic country!

Too many interest only loans and people with mortgages and no actual money . Liquidity is everything. It's like a business with no cash flow. But there are so many opportunities out there

We need you for Prime Minister Mate!!!

Great video! Subscribed!

agriculture agriculture agriculture.. everyone needs food and world food production is dropping over the next few years they reckon ethanol will be removed from petrol for this reason..

This guy is on the money. In the future "Bankers will be unemployed and farmers will be driving Lamborghini's ".

Take some money out of your bank account and put it into Bitcoin do yourself a favour

Please don't. Buy some gold or silver in hand.

I mentioned Sri Lanka. Perhaps hold some gold and silver

Instead, use your life to defend our country. Too many piss ants have got us in this mess. Time for the alpha Aussie's to man up

+Dave Lee well Ponzis are pretty well organized despite the fact that the caraibean are way closer to the US and the UK they did obtain the technologies like China did with the same room to maneuver. So we must conclude a that of frauds was implemented to maintain the STATU quo of the fraudulent €£$ DOMINANCE

As long as you can rip off the Chinese some how. Do it. But they are the masters of scams and deception, so they'll probs destroy you

link me something

Jeez, Huh? Why did we stop? We need some better leaders in this damn country

Yup, could take a while until they take our sales

Labor is being corrupted by the Chinese tho. Sam Dastyari .... Jeez I hate guys like that. What I would do to a bloody traitor to oz

Almost 700 billion. Austerity anyone

fair enough - in all fairness, you are demonstrating understanding beyond that of a university educated economics degree and a lot of what you said is compelling.

It was off the top of my head. And yes, I have spent thousands of hours trying to help my country online. And just because a few people see this one doesn't mean I haven't been hard at it for years. Maybe it was a sign that this one popped. Very few people care about Australia as much as I do.

We still got smelting plants in WA for making steel.

Australia disconnected herself from China ..that's why.The world economy will not survive without Chinese investment and chinese help.

your bang on with investing in Indonesia, if you can.

invest in electric car companies

Haha you are so stupid it’s not funny. This place is a paradise and we are invincible. F you for spreading lies about your own country you dog.

Zyzz is smarter than that

I see what your saying about China, but, getting involved with the US is a historic partnership and a smart move given what Trump is doing for their economy. Your doom and gloom attitude is not helping anything. I guess the Pommie flag behind your thumbnail says a lot about your whinging.

if you gonna invest in property. invest in Detroit. there're skycrapers in Detroit CBD for sale only ask for $1! look at the potentials!

Because you have NOT bought one of these yet..! Get em quick and GeT iT iN yA..!

Must invest in Crypto.

You only have to look at our electricity supply system to see how fucked we are; i mean, we currently $1200 a quarter for a house of 5 (we have literally had solar running for 4 days now, as it is cheaper for me to pay $180 a month for a solar loan, than paying that much a week onto the power bill). I worked in the CSG industry for 14 years; glad I'm now out of mining. Laid off 3 times in those years. Once it finally all goes to shit, ain't nobody will want what we mine. All the CSG we drilled for, got sent via compressor stations upto Townsville for loading on to tanker boats; where to? China. We probably use 1% of the gas drilled here in Oz, FFS, some of the gas fields have 30 to 50 years of gas sitting there. Australia- the land of Rainbows and Bullshit.

For the past year I have been researching and investing in African lithium stocks. China has been investing heavily to establish suitable infrastructure such as roads to support large scale mineral exports from the area. I chose lithium because of China and India's commitments to reduce their emissions over the next decade and lithium ion batteries are used in many renewable energy applications as well as electric cars. I see a huge win in the mid to long term for investors, now is a great time to accumulate especially because lithium prices have fallen over the past year there are some great bargains available. Interested to hear what others have been looking into.

Lithium is popular at the moment


aus not allied to u.s. its owned by u.s. how many invasions based on lies has aus followed u.s. into. ? aus with u.s. goes to others countries kills smashes infrastructure all based on lies then leaves isn't that terrorrism. ? how many American military /spy bases in aus. last aus p.m. to publicly look into this & wanted to buy back. aus mineral rights was Gough Whitman. ex head of cia. James angleton gave interview explaining why u.s. had him sacked by queens rep. Governor General. the plot thickens so accept this labour floated the dollar broke unions with the "accord". liberals sold aus gold reserve when prices low of course. aus had to sell all the public utilities that made profit. bankers routinely caught washing drug profits none in klink aus like everywhere is run by drug dealing criminal ruling class happily guarded by corrupt police & political class so what do you expect ? international markets are rigged always was

From 10 years ago, I have heard this theories very often. I believe I will still hear them a lot in the future. But again these this has never happened.

I've got far more evidence to provide.

History dictates the future go back and see what happens when there so much tension on global usually ends up in war somewhere it’s always a great way to make money.

Find shares in an overseas arms and ammunition’s company lol I’m not really sure I’d have to look up my trend journal from Gerald Celente. What I did buy was physical gold every year for the past 10 yrs and I own my house and have no debt. I also save 10% of my incomes and put it away as apart from that I’m not a guru so I usually go with my gut feelings.

How will you make money?

Some interesting perpectives .... think broader and look deeper. Yes, we have risk but if we are smart, we also have leverage - Everyone needs Allies.

If you are so sure with your predictions then put your money where your mouth is. Sell everything here and move to China!

+Dave Lee nope, CCTV, lol! Btw, are you full time with CC party or only part time?

What news lol fox?

Not obviouse by the way you talk: "ours resources", "here in Australia " etc. Now, Australia didn't invent anything ...ok ... what did china invent? Houses: with this one well done captain obviouse. For everyone here since two years was clear prices will drop. It was just unsystainable. And as for "parasites" owning 2-3 houses gues who was the driver to double the price in sydney in less than 3 years? China! So ... when realestate will go bust mostly chinese will cry Mining, oil and economic embargo: if that wold be the case then something big has to happen first, like an economic armageddon. In that case the whole europe, america and australia will react and let me ask you smthng: where will china sell it's sh*t? In Africa? How are they gone steal western technology when all the plants will move back to us and eu? Anyway aystralia is no longer so dependant on mining. Still is but not that much; The damage has been done already, see realestate situation in Perth and Queensland. Europe has planty of option for cheap labor in eastern europe. Same US in south America. Ausie and most of everyone else can drive Hyundai no problem. Not so much about chinese who feels good only on BMW and Mercedes. So ... in case of economic war not sure who will suffer the most. Is it gone be a recesion in Australia? Ofcourse it will! But will be mild, same as price drop in realestate. Worst case scenario will be like it was in Spain. Australia done the bigest mistake in 2008 when didn't let the market adjust. And because of that, since then, the index never get back to pre-gfc level. Perhaps a recesion will be the best thing that can happen to Australia. Btw, i am watching the news and i see china kind of begging america to talk about trade deficit.

I've left Australia. Living in oxford UK. Isn't it obvious from the look of my channel

America has the largest military budget, payed by all the countries that use dollars to buy oil, which also got used to prop up silicon valley.

I can explain in detail why US does not have a strong military and i can explain in simple terms anyone can understand

Australia has some innovative pharmaceutical companies.

It costs a lot more money to send iron and coal from Brasil or Africa to Asia Australia is less than 2 week voyage to Asian market around 9 days from Pilbara almost a month from Brasil You obviously are a troll with no qualifications or knowledge you are the dummie my friend

The hills hoist was a good Aussie invention

Thanks for the video, had some really nice points, invest in gold and bitcoin! to protect your wealth before or in the next crash. Open up a CoinSpot Account and just leave your deposited amount in there to protect you when you quickly need to buy crypto currencies in the next Crash, who knows it could happen within 3 years or even tomorrow. Stay safe everybody

I don't care if the government takes my money so long as they give it back

I think it was John Curtin the former Labor Leader who proposed nationalizing the banks. If the CBA behaved properly and invested in local infrastructure projects, a lot of the internal contradictions within the economy would ease. Too many people within the economy do not produce any real wealth. Even if they pay their taxes, they don't produce wealth and surplus value.


you didn't even mention cryptocurrencies what are you doing ?

+Dave Lee not if traded in wall street and held by hedge funds and savy investors. Think of it as the internet not as a weapon of mass disruption.

Blockchain has a huge future.I believe that cryptos will be outlawed

By design.... by the banking cabal who manipulate world currency and polices with the help of government puppets....The intention is a land grab. Most of the population does not have a single clue of the intentions behind the predictive media programming... when the event occurs, the public has softened up, and therefore passively accepts it rather than offering resistance or opposition.“Predictive programming is a subtle form of psychological conditioning provided by the media to acquaint the public with planned social changes to be implemented by our leaders. If and when these changes are put through, the public will already be familiarized with them and will accept them as natural progressions, thus lessening possible public resistance . This is much more sinister then people realize.

China’s economy is collapsing. Australia is better off with America.

The evidence i am seeing, proves to me that the US is collapsing and China is going bigger every second. I can prove it too. Unless you watch fox news of course

Our government is a bunch of dummy that only knows sucking the Americans dick


If you are not aboriginal or aboriginal decent you are a immigrant fact....

Food security will be the no.1 priority. Aussie politicians are dicks. None of them especially Labor have no idea of how to put Australia in a well off place. When Labor was in power, they just sold soil and made money. The Liberal nuts still want fossil fuels, when Australia has lots of free sunlight and be self sufficient for energy. No manufacturing and bright ideas sold off to highest bidder

It just means Australia is going to have to find new markets e.g. UK, India, USA, Canada etc. China won't be able to drop your imports straight away. You guys will have some time. As a Brit who remembers what things between the UK and Australia used to be like, I can't wait to leave the UK and go back to the way they were. Relations between the UK and Australia went down after we joined the EU because it meant that we couldn't do our own deals. Australia felt left out and turned to the US but things look like they're going to go back. The Commonwealth is a strong force if we work together.

australia belong to the queen!

We need each other more than ever now

I disagree with you about UK, Australia, and USA being on the same team. USA is heavily investing in energy production, and is now the largest oil producer in the world. Fracking has supplied the USA with inexpensive natural gas. This in turn has caused electricity to be the same price as it was 15 years ago, or less. Compare this to Australia. I think in Australia electricity would cost 3 times as much or more than 15 years ago. To sum up USA has moved away from following the globalist line. America first is what Trump says. He pulled out of TPP. Pulled out of the Paris agreement. Renegotiated NAFTA with Mexico in USA's favor, and backed Canada into a corner. The UK people would like to move away from globalism, as evidenced by the Brexit vote, but it seems that it will be a soft Brexit now. Australia seems to be stuck with globalism. Worships the God of Global Warming, as evidenced by the construction of thousands of Eco Crucifix Wind turbines, which do not work, while blowing up base load coal powered fire stations, and all while coal is Australia's largest export industry. A lot of the coal goes to China. So it is okay for China to have inexpensive electricity, but not Australia. I am glad that I left Australia, and I have been reducing my investments in Australia, and putting more into USA and Asia.

I know the country is up shit creek thanks to those Crapberra assholes! I live in Thailand and 5 years ago I got 32.5 baht for an Aussie$ I get 22.5 baht. Thanks you assholes...not!

Australia's population is much.much to small for independent development. Australia is empty.

You be good to China....China be good to you.

China has never been good to anyone

Residential properties should be guarded against speulative predatory investors- foreign &domestics.Where are the UNIONS? Fight against this 21st Century SILENT ABUSE Of UNION WORKERS who are increasingly not able to afford to live within reasonable commuting distance to work. WHERE ARE THE BLOODY UNION LEADERS when it really matters? Busy accumulating residential properties to be parasite landlords? - nahh!!

I'm ready, make my day.

Your putting your trust in shit hole countries. Invest in the west. I don't want to be ruled by commies

Us an lsrael abetter place 2 invest in

Its pretty easy to turn oil and condensates from the north west shelf into diesel fuel. Many mining trucks and ships are being converted to run LNG. Petrol cars can be easily converted to run LPG. I think our gas, oil and condensate reserves will be key in a pinch although the transition period will involve pain till production rates and logistics issues are resolved. If people know their survival and their nations depends on it they will quickly get behind it.

Wow. Even though I agree with your outcome, many of your arguments are incorrect. No innovation in Australia? Bluetooth, Atlasian, Google maps... Even mixing up iron and steel (we export iron and import steel). Rent is good for economies as it enables a mobile workforce.

+Philip Leitch I love my country and don't want to be forced to leave. So, let's rebuild it together

+Philip Leitch We are also a very successful ship building country. But I needed to generalize for the sake of this video.

Also, people are driven to but investment properties because Australian Government tax incentives. We are, however, the lucky country: we have been successful in spite of our government and leadership. Successful by luck alone and luck runs out. Oh, we do make our own fuel except for a few far north east rigs. We simply benchmark off Singapore. The exception is independent fuel stations that frequently import fuel (this is petrol - I'm not sure for other fuels).

Eventually the one that know how to cook from woods and survive from the street will last, and those driving a ferrari and living it up are begging for foods, everything turning backwards. Let's do this, when does the storm hit? When are we going down hill? Kkkaaa get ready folks, the next train to a fk up critical situations are soon arrived, pls be patient, and you can all aboard.

Ive got 24% of my portfolio in gold, 45% in silver, 27% in crypto (speculative and not recommended for everyone but its money I can afford to lose) and the rest in cash. I have everything out of the banking system as well as the bail in laws scare the crap out of me. Good video mate.

Australia has a lot of smart people over many years what they do is take there business overseas so they can pay less taxes cheaper labour and make more money for them f♡ck'n greedy self"s .So f♡ck them & f♡ck you. China Russia & America can suck my anzac dick.

RENT SEEKING PARASITES... OZ's new third world economics.

HI Dave Why any purported economy will enviably collapse is in one word "INTEREST". What most if not people can't or refuse to see is any rate of interest acts much like a double edged sword that is quite frankly terminal. On one side the added cost of interest steals all that much further from us in compounding price inflation just spending money. The other side is by however much interest you pay above the sum of principal in fact perpetually deflates a volume of circulation comprised of only some remaining principal at most. What this simply means is you have artificial price inflation & circulatory deflation happening at the same time. It is what it is, you cant have one with out the other so long as you're paying any rate of interest & you would be a fool to delude yourself otherwise. In other words the more you pay today under the present ruse of banking the more deflation you have in relation to the remaining circulation always available to industry & commerce. I could go further articulating why banks don't ethically, rationally or even lawfully loan us the principal to begin with in private debt & how every increase in government debt is merely *reflating* (not inflating) a forever deficient monetary circulation with already stolen money, however I will only go there once an individual concedes to the reason why interest is inherently terminal. Moreover you don't want to be quoting GDP figures either, simply because the GDP formula is basically adding the sum of deflation instead of subtracting it. Purported growth today based on non-existent inflation is only pretend growth -- merely sustained by an irreversible multiplication of falsified debt caused by unwarranted interest. In truth we only have negative growth, artificially sustained by every increase in debt that can only ever service the former sum of debt but never the new again, hence the very reason why the overall sum of debt or the ever greater escalation of falsified debt (private & public) is mathematically impossible to pay down. Regards David Ardron. Advocate / mentor, Co-founder, Co-director – Mathematically Perfected Economy™ (au)

Should change it from dave lee, to real news channel !!!

Why don't you invent or produce something? No? You just want to invest in gold, just like the generation before invested in real estate. Inventing or producing takes hard work....

she'll be right

They will get through it, just like us here in the US in 2008!

Through years of banking greed and complacency, Australia is living on borrowed time. It has no manufacturing base because of its high labour costs. Australia’s household debt has reached 200% of its GDP. Highest in the world. And the majority of people still think they live in the lucky country. Look at what China is doing with Africa. if she switches to importing resources from Africa and unloading everything through Gwadar in Pakistan, who is going to save Australia then? A. Grandpa Trump B. Indonesia C. politicians; or may D. China

Australia is going the same way as the uk did. The house prices are ridicilous and buy ro rent has gone crazy which has made it even harder for young people trying ro buy a home. We have also used the last recession to keep wages low, creates zero hours contracts, and pay no overtime rates. This country is screwed and then the idiot public go and vote to leave europe. The only way out of europe was to never join! We cannot afford to be an island on our own. We cannot support ourselves. This country just like yours is run by muppets. I wanted to move to Australia back in the 90s. Pity its now a nanny state with a failed motor industry which is run by vegetarians.

go back to inland mate, free Aboriginal freedom!!!!!!!

Invest in gold...

Thanks mate very interesting but there is one major thing you forgot to mention and that is the whole world is fucked financially. The world economic decline started way back in1971 when Nixon took the world off the gold standard and the world started printing fiat money like crazy with nothing backing it. The world has about $250Trillion debt and the world economy is going to crash sometime soon.So rentals, manufacturing high tech whatever no country is safe it’s all going down the tubes.A global reset, great depression and new digital currencies to replace fiat is all on the cards. Apart from that everything will be rosy in 5-10 years if we don’t have a world war.

Invest in bitcoin.

If China wins, Aussies will all become commies?

Depends on the color of your skin

Underwater habitats and research labs

Isn't Victa Lawnmower invented in Australia? That's world-beating product mate! Another world-beating product invented in Australia is the Aussie utes!! And I believed that the meat pie was, originally, made in Australia.

Buy Bitcoin & Ripple

Blaming the older generations for being rent seeking parasites is as bad as us blaming your generation for not being able to do anything useful. It is a divide and conquer strategy. The banks and Government policy set it up for people to take the opportunities presented to them.

Buying land in Sri Lanka is not so easy if you are a foreigner.

Gold yes, but silver too. Silver is consumed and used in all electronic devices.

She'll be righteo mate. Dont worry about it aye.

this alliance is geopolitally necessary.

Lol im doing this from oxford uni. Yeah just left haha

Next one is going to be far more controversial

Australia lost it's industrail base nothing left to work with.

Government is greedy , Bob hawke lives in a Mansion Sydney harbor . How did he earn it sponge off tax payers and small business owners capital 80s

Big Government take more of your money 50 yrs , My Dad was a Civil Construction owner 35 yrs , But Government stole 50% of his turnover when he made $50000 a few days in Profit . Gough Whitlam was the first parasite to tax assets , so Retires buy investment property to retire on

Councils greedy on landlords , most landlords are in Middle class idiot , why rent prices go up moron

Bill shorten is Anti business since 2012 , In 2012 he accused business of price gouging hmm , what about 10% - 25% tax on goods we buy , cars taxed 18% -51% this left cunt attacks Dealership owners . Bmw m5 in Usa is $120,000usd , but here in Australia same car is 210,000 aud , 70000 in tax who is gouging the Consumer Bill shit Stain

Australia economy will inevitably collapse because of their stupid Aussie bogan mentality of relying on China and concurrently showing White racism against the Chinese. They are sending a distress message to the world White Australia is too inebriated to think sober.

Bitcoin, XRP will eat Gold for breakfast!!

we don't just dig holes  ... we also brew beer  m8   ;)    lol  ;)

Union leader greed and left party polliticans 30 yrs on Business


what a fear peddler you are. reflect on your country action and position before trying to point to others for your country fails

You could lead the world in clean water and fertile land regeneration, sucking water out of air etc. Fresh water is the next oil.

Dick smith globalist

Yep... you know..... right......

ive worked in and around manufacturing for 40 years . what the government has done is pure evil .

you fail to paint an even slightly coherent picture of what is going on and take every opportunity to vent in the most petty fashion. Australia's problems are a demographic bomb, a government that spends way to much, and the smartest people leaving for USA

Between your comment and my video. Perhaps the picture has been painted quite clearly

The US will go back to gold. The Chinese are hoarding gold btw. The fed will end under trump.

Very sad to hear what's going on, but Australia isn't the only place lacking in innovation. Europe is pretty devoid of technology innovation from what my Euro friends tell me. Either move to Asia, North America or convince your politicians to apply for statehood in DC. You are wrong about China winning. As long as they're export driven, they are exposed to tariffs. While I don't like Trump as a person or his antagonism, I do believe the tariffs will bring China in line. They export 500 bill to US. We export 100 bill to them. That's leverage. In the long run, we could end up still losing, but in the medium turn, China must deal. Africa is not going to absorb that 500 bill. The gold thing is um... no. We have too much leverage. The world owns too much of our debt. Any hint of us threatening to default on our debts will get the gold bugs back in line. When they hold a little of your debt, you owe them. When they hold a lot of your debt, they owe you. Unless China finds a sucker to buy our debt off of them, we've got them by the balls. Russia is a banana republic. No one cares about that tiny economy, esp since they're way past peak oil. Africa isn't going to be able to absorb the goods being sold to the US now. I could be all wrong, but this is how I see it currently. What is very clear is that the conflict between the two biggest economy will hurt the small countries the most.

I can't wait to see it ha ha.... its we'll deserved and i will be laughing

This whole thing is part of the reset. China and Russia will run the banking system. This is why the US are in perpetual war. It will happen in the US on a long weekend. Trump is trying to reset back to a gold backed system. Trump doesn’t care about anything outside the US. I’ve been wRning about property for 5 years. 80 per cent will come off it when the reset happens.

Australia never collapse. God loves Australia and it's great hearted, kind people

The world has been destroyed by criminal Jewish bankers and their system of usury.

Our economy is going to collapse because our country is run by Jewish scum.

I hope we won't get Australian refugees in America

Just drive UBER. There's no shame with that.

a wise australian, rare breed.

We used to be a very smart country, now our best go overseas where they do very well. Cause? Excessive influence of activists plus weak politicians and a gullible public.

High taxation is why they left , it was Labor party that tax assets to hell 45 yrs

Yeah right, we should follow our supreme World leader, thank you for letting us feel so privilege for your tariff free bribe on Australia steel while others suffering from your wise creation. We will do as you said and we will keep our month shut for your next war with China or whichever other countries you have got in mind.

It is wise not to invest your assets in one type of commodity or investment; gold or whatever - do not put all your eggs in one basket, if you cannot afford to lose much. Spreading investments, limits losses. Read other financial experts opinion to avoid high risk investments.

Its all very well to say the Australian economy is going to collapse, what if anything can we do from our limited situation as individuals, families for things beyond our control.

I gave some advice at the end. Limit your exposure to debt. Work on having some cash flow. If you have ancestry in another country, try organize dual citizenship or a long term visa as a backup plan, buy something in hand like gold or silver, limit spending on frivolous things, invest in your teeth as this can become expensive in a downturn, talk to your friends and families to brainstorm. Then finally, hope that I am incorrect with my analysis. Because I hope I'm wrong too.

Trump will subsidise Australia. And bail out if Australia economy collapse.

Australia need more young people like you who are highly educated, very informed and full of entrepreneur spirit.

Very pessimistic view of Australia. We are a very small populated country that is blessed with natural resources and highly educated people..... Even if we lose 20% of our living standards we are pretty much still in the top 5 best counties.



+tyamada21 That's not too bad. We are in over 700 debt which isn't that bad either. I'm concerned with being blockaded and not having the money to repay. Then having to become slaves to China


+tyamada21 What New's? link


My fingers are crossed. I'd love to be wrong

Since when did you stopped doing tech reviews. Even your subscribers got reduced.

I believe this country should invest in new technology in the area of power production and waste solutions maybe combine the two.

Australia has a strong navy

It will be tested soon enough

Australias economy has been going down the drain long before Trump declared a trade war, really be honest about it. We dont need these trade deals with asia, We need to just manufacture our own stuff. People have been saying it for years. We actually have everything we need here for ourselves but the government wont let us do it. These trade deals have just given us the poopy end of the stick accross the board, i dont care if we dont have them anymore. We are going to end up a communist shytehole at this rate. Also if you invest in a particular way because you believe they are going to win, you are also actually HELPING them win. And if indonesia is about to become the worlds 5 largest economy, then why on earth are we sending millions in foreign aide over there and training their military? Why are the chinese buying all our farms, you talk about gold but surely in any crisis FOOD is more important.... The government is deliberately screwing us over. This isnt just stupidity, its DELIBERATE! Its just flat out getting taken off us and given to everyone else with little to no benefit to us. Dont invest in who you think is going to win, Invest in your own, empower your own to win.... you talk about stupid people, but all you effectively did there was act like a bookie hedging bets on whose going to win out of this global turmoil, how is gambling 'innovative'? And not just that but hedging your bets with the people who screwed us over in the first place ultimately winning .... just giving it all over to them, that just denotes a complete lack of backbone in my opinion

Bob hawke 80s

var australia = 'independent'; asia.appendChild(australia);

Perceived work vs real productivity, Aussies only seem to hire sports people or sports fans that talk like sports people, work is treated like a prolonged footy game. Most disposable income is spend on illegal drugs so starting a business is the last thing on people’s minds.

industry in NZ has been demolished like the 911 twin towers,big GOV dont mind paying off there voters but when a viable company like cadburys in dunedin decides to close losing 500 jobs which also includes top training facilities for engineers,plumbers,sparkies etc,it was not just a job it was a life for many people. the irony of it all is cadburys payed tax from the top down,this tax base is gone for good ,,its evidence both NZ and Ozzie economy is a demolition job

Au, must have their own manufacturing, technology, etc... make one or two region of the country as an industrial state. You got dairy, livestock etc.. AU will become a powerful industrial nation.

Refugees sucking the welfare dry at the tax payers expense,  EU must send those refugees to the RICH ARAB NATIONS and other MUSLIM nation so, there will be NO or LITTLE  RELIGIOUS and Cultural CONFLICT.


The regional politics here is pretty wrong. Indonesia is actually very anti China and always has been, guess everyone forgets the Ethnic Chinese fleeing Indo 20 years ago. Even teaching Mandarin was illegal in Indonesia until recent times . Singapore itself does walk a fine line, but they also expanded Changi 10 years ago to be deep water so they can take Nimitz class carriers, which they do regularly for Indo-Pacific transits. Not to mention the 5 Power Treaty. Malaysia is even more complicated and has gotten itself caught up in the Chinese debt trap. But on the whole there has never been good relations there beyond recently $$. Malaysia also has Bumiputra rights, which in effect place Chinese Malaysians as second class citizens. (Which is basically how Singapore become a nation as the Ethnic Chinese were kicked out of the Malay Federation.) It is also complicated in the region further because of the "Mainlander issue". Ethnic Chinese across the region see themselves as completely different to mainland Chinese. HK is just one example, but that becomes even more extreme across SE Asia. It is not even the same as say family/historical ties between say Aus and the UK, since China itself took a totally different path with communism so mainland Chinese and SE Asia Chinese have almost zero in common. [Spent 20 years living and working in the region].

The leader of Indonesia is in fact ethnically part Chinese. Jakarta is run by the indochinese. Either way, a country can change its stance depending on its own interests. Geopolitics and economics 101

I thought Dave lee that makes tech video suddenly talk bout economy

+Michline Al Australia is still a safe place to invest. I'm really showing people the possibilities win geopolitics and behavioural economics. Fingers crossed that my crazy Armageddon predictions do not come true

Dave Lee haha..yeah he’s kinda famous in tech channel, but this is not the main reason I watch your videos, I was kinda interested in Australian economy, ever thought of investing into that country, so, is it not safe to do so?

He produces video's for short sighted fools. That's why he's so big. People would rather play video games to avoid reality. I talk truth to power. Not many people use their brains these days.

you lost credibility with the whole pirate comment would have to be nation state anything less would not be a threat

Pirates are in fact state run. That's the point, stupid people think pirates act independently. Yet, in fact the are a way for the attacking country to pretend they are not responsible. I thought people knew this lol. where do you think a huge ship would dock. It might be a pirate ship but it will dock with the Indonesian or Chinese Navy. Sorry, I thought that was common sense.

Do not invest in diamonds....

glass seagull lol

Why don't you fuckin run Australia ? Even countries like Japan and America are collapsing but trying to survive by printing money. There is a global financial crisis coming so stop your bullshit theories.

There is a war coming. We will be in our first direct war in our history. We most likely will lose.

hey guys i re edited my comments it a good read.

east timor used to be part of indonesia...aussie millitary is some can assume that you are the one being the invader...they are not a sovereign state at that time...not a what part makes it into invading a country...indonesia millitary is not even capable to defend its own border... also theres no so called pirate within our maritime...between two countries implementing a strong coastal patrol...many illegal fishing being capture...their ship is shot down...aussie also concern with illegal immigrant...theres never any news comes up about cargo ship being hijacked and stuff...indonesian even kick back china fishing boat...many clash happened with china sea patrol (they call it)...also indonesia mostly having a trade deficit with their trading partner...we import your beef...many fruits and meat is imported from your country...our wine majority comes from you...we are major tofu consumer and yet we import the soy bean as well... with property...the problem many selling it openly abroad...they even offer package with permanent residence status that comes along when you buy the property (mostly appartment)....their selling citizenship openly like that...all your gov need is population...means production...but aussie cant simply copy paste china...their labour is ready to work for long hours with cheap income...meaning they can built pyramid way faster and cheaper than population really do matter though ? the top 3 most populated nation is the top economy player: china...usa and soon comes india...indonesia a so called 3rd world country on the 4th position already play its part in global economy by joining g20... europe and the making of euro (also their open immigration policy) must be made to maintain their power in global economy...even need england to join in still...many want to replicate china at the cost of their citizen living condition... thats why usa implementing tariff on china (their own company there)...otherwise they as nation cant compete...

When the Dutch left, 9 days later the Indonesian military invaded.

because stupid aussies bite the hand that feeds them to show aussies are loyal lapdogs of US. dont worry Trump will throw them a bone when they start starving

It's malice ; not stupidity

So Mr. Goldman Sax accomplished his mission for the Vampire Squid. He was sent here from Wall St. to raid our pension funds.

Australia will crash certainly But you have a badic understanding Your too young and inexperienced to understand....your talking shit Your the defacto dummie your are calling others

What did u expect? When u feminize ur economy that whag happens

you wrong at couple of points-- There other emerging markets as well like South Afrixa,Brazil,India.. to supply Australia Raw material. So even if china stopped byuing we have other customers/countries ready to buy. Secondly Scott morrision went on Indonesia trip planned by Malcolm turnbull,which was 5 nation tour.But Scomocut down to just one coutry.

Very insightful and also quite scary

I belive that Australia should invest in Graphene as it is our future, ill let you guys find the deposits !

the previous generation was extremely short sighted and selfish I completely agree they screwed us over and the coming generation after us

Today I finally convinced my parents to sell, houses in my neighbourhood are selling well over 1.4 Million when 2 years ago they were only 650k Tbh we cant blame Chinese investers blame some of the Australians who are buying into these inflated prices.

Aussie inventors ..yes wi fi.

Foreigner cannot buy houses in Malaysia. Only for Malaysians. I guess same in Indonesia

It came out in todays paper the Australian that public sector spending has been one of the reasons for a growing economy , along with housing and that being financed by borrowed  foreign money being a major contributor to economic growth as well , borrowings are down to about 18 billion this year to pump the economy and so they are gloating how small the figure is this year compared to the past ten years ,  this is the sort of economic crap and stupidity that Australian politicians get excited about , all the state governments now rely on stamp duty from housing sales to stay afloat , its any wonder that Australia has to flog all its natural resources off to pay their way in the world and support the millions on welfare , we will just sit back on our drug fucked lazy arseholes and let all the slit eyes make everything for us while we go to the beach after a hard night on cocaine and booze and not worry about a thing because Bill Shortonbrains is going to pump the economy with more borrowed money and look after the down trodden suffering little descendants of the Irish Potato Diggers because that is FAIR isn't it .

It's called Keynesian economics. A throw back to the early 1900s. The problem is. No smart economists have adapted it to the modern era. Neither have they accounted for geopolitics. I can see extreme danger in our near future

Dave, Stick to what you know... Glass Stegal is the law which separates a commercial bank from the bank.. Hence they can not spectate with depositor deposit.. it came about after the Great Depression.. your analysis on the Geo political issues are not exactly right..

No expert on glass steagall. But geopolitics is my thing. And geopolitics is why we are in extreme danger. 2034 is only 16 years away. You've been warned to prepare. That's the best I can do for you

+samdee sam No country has ever benefited from being allied with China. North Korea, north Vietnam, Mongolia and the list of poor countries goes on. You've been reading too much global times and watching too much cgtn. Brainwashed you

+Dave Lee African countries are thankful to China cause we build their infrastructures.The western countries are only interested in making moñey out their poor countries.Germany now realised working hand in hand with china will bring economic benefits.Many countries are running away from America.Australia will realise their mistake for not having a serious relationship with future for Australia.

China has been supported by the world. China would still be poor if it wasn't for the help of us. Now China wants to kill us and destroy our economies. We regret helping China now

+Zyzz Yes I believe China wants to destroy Australia. Then colonize us. 100%

Dave Lee I’m not a fan.. I knew him personally. It’s not way more serious. You idiots don’t understand how regulated Australia is. The economy can’t just collapse. We have far too many resources the amount of liveable space we have is insane. You think China wants to see its Australian residents fail?

+Zyzz Zyzz never had the she'll be right attitude. That's why I know you aren't a real fan of his. Zyzz embodies being proactive in every aspect of life. I'm warning you, this is far more serious than anything Australia has ever faced before.

Dave Lee we cant fail because we just pump up immigration at an sign of economy slow down. Trust me we are bulletproof.

+dizzystj Very smart. You are prepared. I've been searching but cannot find a solid theory. So I'm pretty much doing the same as you. If you find something, please share it

I hope you are right

Nah. Just get more Javanese to migrate to Australia and set up a new nursery industry there. There are just your next door neighbour and Indonesians are well known maids all over the globe. In the process, they will help Islamise that sparsely populated Continent which is a wet dream of many Wahabi proponents.

Australia is run by the Crown. Wake up.

The crown. Duly noted sir

Uneducated video, Glass-Steagall separates investment banking business from commercial banks. It doesn't stop government from stealing your money. Man u need to go back to uni.


Australia need to cap the profits any business can make. One of many reason we are going broke is "TOO MUCH GREED".

Wants the Australian Government to restrict Aussies on the number of properties they can own i.e. The Government tells you how you can spend your own money

Err...Property Markets and Economies have ebbs & flows. Yes, we‘ll probably have a recession of sorts over the next few years... but it’s not Armageddon.

5000 years ago a gold coin is still a gold coin today nuff said

his is Ozzie soft News... tell it like it is i ISLAME Cunt..... being busted.... change the LAWS kick them out befor austrail have more NO GO ZONES its islam LAW on our own street... stop it now be for its to late and the media hide the CIVIL WAR ABOUT TO START ITS NO JOKE in Europe Germany and more... refugees rape Epidemic... Kick them out and save Australias. Vote one nation in NOW she is the only one making a stand that can work.... Fake news has us Fooled... To whats really going on right now in our lifetime..... history will look back on the millennium Generation that was born is to eazy living and Invited our arm open to Islam.. do u think the uk and Germany london will be safe for u to travel there.. its being over populated thats to the NEW WORLD ORDER shadow gov forceing them on them youtube it i dear u... LONDON NEW YEARS 2016 MASS Muslam islam Gang rape and to Rape young at 10 the fake news is hiding from u.....

I'm so bloody glad that i have finally heard a millennial speak some sense about our future.

LEGITTTT Rich people is OZ are parents who have properties its all in houses. Back in 2010! I WAS 10 parents used to say getting rich is easy! BUY HOUSES! That was 8 YEARS AGO. So yeah its all CATCHING UP ON US. Because as TYPICAL AUSSIES we SAT BACK and got LAZY!!!!!! The boom wasn't gonna last FOREVER! MILENNIALS R FUCKED MAN

You are so right. We have had a massive boom the last 30 years and we haven't been smart with it. RIP.

The tsunami will strike Australia before Australia's economy collapse!

Ah..globalism and free trade agreements...selling out our people for the profit of major corporations.

Australia should stop gst. Back to sst like b4. Many nations ve done this. Malaysia change their govt after 60 yrs and the 1st thing they did was - no more gst. Gst is killing all!

How can these pseudo Prime Ministers be allowed to take Office?.. Surely when one gets kicked out, that should trigger a general election?. Perhaps if that scenario was in place, it would make them perform better ?. I found your vlog a bit of an eye opener.. I (wrongly) assumed that Australia's mining industries were our one asset that staved off poverty. Just as a point of Order: Australia has vast oil reserves in Bass Straight.

Another thing which is going to destroy Australia is the buying up of farming properties by countries like China and Canada. All the Barely and Wheat is not staying in Aussie anymore.. it's all going overseas.

+starquant If Australians wake up. It can change. We have so much power now if we stand united against China. But I'm afraid Australians will most probably tear themselves apart instead of working together in a united front.

Dave: You just conjured up an image of Aussies behaving like Lemmings all following each other off a cliff. ( Which is a paradox in itself because Lemmings never behaved like that at all, but thanks to a Disney documentary, no one challenged that belief) ☺ So in essence, when the ball starts to roll, it will simply gather momentum and as you have rightly pointed out, it has already started. The instability of government is a breeding ground for a giant vote of "No Confidence".. makes people nervous.

+starquant Yup, China is doing everything in their power to destroy us. When they can without external pressure, they will cut off all trade to Australia at the crucial moment that can cause the most pain. Believe me, you haven't seen nothing yet.

Dave: When governments lack basic stability it also places pressure on Markets. If the Politicians can't get all their "ducks in a row" so to speak, there is only one way the economy can go.

My theory is that the prime ministers are doing their best for our interests. The problem is, they are under extreme pressure from Beijing. So the strategy so far has been to keep doing what's best for us, Beijing threatens us, then we switch leaders to divert the blame. Most people are unaware of the pressure the evil Chinese are putting on our government. Only people like me can openly discuss it. The media, through to all levels of Australian society cannot speak out or their livelihoods would be at risk. This started when Kevin Rudd was kicked out. He was removed because that traitor from wikileaks Julian Assange released secret doc's of Rudd warning the USA that China is preparing for war with us.

Cause we sellin most of our shit to china..and we borow money thats printed out of thin air..go figure..we are slaves

Printing money is an amazing privilege we have. In fact, we are lucky to be able to do it. Zimbabwe tried this strategy, google how that worked out for them. You are getting close, yet far off. My video is complex and touches on many topics. Each topic is as deep as the other.

5th is far fetch. Some say in the tenth on 2030. Ill be pragmatic bout that. There are risk about the SCS, but i think Asean is still a good opportunity. Malaysia and vietnam are intresting to explore, but you are risking china moves in the future. Commonwealth really needs to be "ressurected". I think in the future it would be wise to choose reps/party that have a vision for commonwealth economic block. As for investment. Id say US market for short term, and definitely prec. metals. Im torn about crypto. It still is money, and money only worth as much as it is used and how. Otherwise it becomes something else like how it is used like some sort of stock.

Get the facts straight. In 1996 you could find a 1 bedroom unit in Cabramatta, NSW for 70,000 a place no one wanna go with high crime rate. In 1987, the middle class suburb Epping and Eastwood, NSW would cost 200,000 for a 3 to 4 bedrooms house.

70k bondi junction late 1980's. Now they sell for 1.7m. Fact

Here is are opportunities for superior international investments in 21st Century rail, green buildings and floating solar: , and

Parliament has to many sneaky jews. Who are driving up the prices.

I would say invest in Thailand. 17 car manufacturer's and you cannot buy land their. Third largest aluminum smelter in the world. China is investing in production like japan.

it sounds like I AM THE GENERATION BEFORE YOUR GENERATION let me correct you as a fact on a few things Noteable Australian who invented anything... can't remember his name, but an Aussie Invented WiFi, he is rich in saying that, i understand what you're saying on that topic . so .. fair enough as for ... My generation only worked 5 days a well... BULLSHIT, BULLSHIT AND FUCKING BULLSHIT MATE, My generation worked 7 days a week, if we could do 6 we consdiered ourselves lucky there were people that did 5 days, we looked at them as being lazy to a degree so.. you are incorrect in saying that working more than 5 days was UN HEARD OF. no mate, IT WAS ACTUALLY COMMON PLACE AND INSTILLED INTO YOU BY YOUR PARENTS aka.. Work Hard, be good to your mother

Next time try separate emotion before replying. We are supposed to have a debate on how to fix this country. Not tear each other apart. Now, I don't think we can. Aussie's never act rational and work together, this is why the next generation after mine will be living in poverty. Aussie's chucking a tantrum is estimated into my behavioural economics theory here. We will end in civil war, millions will die. Then China will do a peace keeping mission to save the idiots down here. Then only the Chinese will have jobs. The rest of us will be homeless,unemployed or in gaol. All because Aussie's cannot even have a mature discussion about what action to take.

So it's just those old bastards being greedy, right? If you've paid off your house and finally have some cashto spare, what do you do the the cash? Drink it? Do a world trip every six months? Buy shares? What is the only real investment available to the little bloke? Real estate. There are tax advantages and the chance of capital growth. Until there's no more capital growth. There are also tax disadvantages when you consider that the govmnt encourages negative gearing, which is great until the market goes south. What then? The banks take the lot. The boomers are doing nothing different from what you'd do in their position. They are trying to protect such assets as they've been able to acquire to ensure they have a comfortable old age. They'll fail, as will you. In the end, the govmnt owns all of us, and our only purpose in life is to pay taxes.

Instead of spending the cash on a holiday every six months, sending our money abroad and weakening the dollar. You could start a small business up. If all those people with cash actually saved it, didn't get greedy with yet another loan, started a small business in any niche. We would not be in this mess. Chinese immigrants own more businesses in Australia than the rich fools on holiday's. Which means that they choose who works and who doesn't. Which means they have more control over our country than Aussie's. Wake up Australia. We will end in poverty, our next generation will be poor and homeless. After the civil war of course.

I live in sydney and i dont have much money to ivesting some other countries Please tell me as a first home buyer what should i do!! Should i buy or i should wait? Thank you

Such Wisdom !! Your knowledge surpasses everyone else's in this wide land (who are, as you repeat often, mostly dummies and stupid) Have you divined this theory all by yourself ? WHY does nobody listen to you !! HOW can I become your follower and disciple !! A prophet in our midst !! What are you....18,19?

Start an oil refinery, its a big business. Youll have fuel security.And many jobs will be created. Like SASOL in SA. Invite the whites there to come to your country and use their expertise, the blacks are working whites out of SA. They are very valueble for Aus. In the breakdown of oil into petrol and Diesel there are many many useful by products like plastics that can also be used instead of being imported. An alternative fuel like hydrogen should also be considered. The more Australia can refine themselves, the richer it will be and the less dependent it will be on other countries. Even refining iron ore and your own gold will stack up on your own metal reserves. You wont need as much fuel to transport them out of the country to be worked. So trade can be more focused on food and created goods. I cant believe a first world country is not doing this. This was the first thing SA did that made it a strong country in the 70s and 80s. Now the infrastructure is starting to fail as we are suffering a brain drain. All the people are leaving as we have serious political problems and land expropriation policies going to be implemented. Many skilled people will lose their property and I think you guys should invite them to come and develope your country in the areas you need it. Like energy independence, fuel independance and food security and exports. This will make your country as strong or even stronger than America.

Wow, you just said what i have been thinking. Tip: buy silver NOW its dirt cheap, and at a 10 year low


I am in Brisbane and I am growing food in urban spaces. Invest in my community focused business learn how you can do it in your suburb too. Cut the food mileage and buy better quality thought lesser in volume with the same $$. So much produce goes to waste in our fridges....its terrible! Food is a necessity for life. Malaysia is not LGBT friendly and still messy.

Made me laugh at how at the beginning of the video you said you don't have time to make these videos. But your video is over 30 mins long.

These students come to a dumb country, how fucking dumb are these students. Malcolm Turnbul runs my super fund? WOW please tell me many insights

population growth in Australia (prodominately immigration) is a promotion of DEBT infrastructure which is real bad!!! not all infrastructure is good or worth making

After the Reserve Bank of Australia was established in 1959 the economy was doomed.

High taxation killed middle class , Income tax 30% -48% ' New cars taxed 18% - 51% ' homes taxed 20% stamp duty ' Small and medium business turnover tax 50% . Government corrupt 50 yrs . New Bmw 340 m sport usa $58,000usd , Australia same car is $100,000aud / tax 24000

Where do we hedge our money?

bitcoin..its safer than gold and other currencies. but it is very volatile though.

Now the proverb fools build houses and aise men live in them should be changed to fools borrow money from banks remortgage to infinity and pat their backs calling themselves owners of many houses but they forget every inch of their properties is bank property and wise men hire their houses for pittance and live in them and the fools eventually become property less destitute begging with a hat in front of church porches in Sydney Canberra etc for alms in the name of kind Jesu ha ha ha

"Indonesia has a history of invading other countries" U wot m8?

Only Donald Trump could fix Australia's self made shit.

Complete biased video. It's less about Australia & more of China. Even speaker doesn't seems to have enough background knowledge.

Enlighten us with your vast knowledge then

No Australia will kiss China butt and give our resources away for a few yen a tonne. Tgen dump all the coal and ore out at sea. Then tax the Australians because tax fixes everything. Ebola, tax, planet X , tax, global warming, tax. You get the picture.

The Chinese will oppress australians worse than they have ever experienced before. 2034 we will be living in hell on Earth.

We manage our stupidity trading raw materials with corrupt financial services system. Rent is shot too at the moment. There has been over investment in residential projects while we gear up for the mass immigration. Got to add those heads and show the growth numbers! Don’t worry about your standard of living. Australia is a democratic socialist country and the immense amount of tax we pay goes towards giving useless cunts a job in the public service for life. The rest is for welfare.

the Devil and the other demons are but a part of the angelic creation, and their natural powers do not differ from those of the angels who remained faithful. Like the other angels, they are pure spiritual beings without any body

Glass Steageall , stops banks from using public’s money I any high risk speculation investment , business and personal banking is separated

Better idea = cryptocurrency Least risk = bitcoin Gold = old school and outdated. Bitcoin is now digital gold. The elites now understand that.

"Australia is not a very smart country we dig holes" I laughed so hard cause that's actually what i'm doing and i feel stupid (i'm a geologist)

+Dave Lee No absolutely I get it. I'm not even from Australia.

Don't take it the wrong way. It's worded to explain in a simplistic way

BRICs nations have announced crypto trade currency. The West is being sidelined. China and Russia just need to bide their time for the 'firesale' if they don't do it militarily which is also a likely outcome! Our econ is shot to smithereens so something 'new' will need birthing - maybe on a crypto base like BitsharesEOS (All the others are dubious including bitcoin)

Australia is the dog of american idiot zionist gay race there are no brian in Australia never was or will be they always picking on the migrants look at Canada how loveable English people live there Australian are the most idiot racist junkie gay race the only thing ever Australia invented was on the 1800 Aussie gras which's the fist gay parade in the world and they are so proud of it.. Why Australian people are so much the dogs of england and america ? America and England sucking this country for centuries and what they give you instead hatred fake terrorism ISIS which is running by UK Israel and America alcoholism drugs prostitutes homosexuality hatred debt and so much more so why we should follow the gay zionist people????? We can be friends with everyone with China Russia and the world we are not the dogs of American terrorist zionist gay race.

It should be easy to prove that banks in Australia create money (ie. deposits) when they lend at interest. All one has to do is calculate the following two Australian dollar values, A and B, and show that A equals B. A = The sum of loans on the assets side of the balance sheet for the four major banks, being: Westpac National Australia Bank Commonwealth Bank Australia and New Zealand Banking Group This is loaned principal outstanding or loaned principal owing to the banks. B = The sum of deposits on the liability side of the balance sheet for the four major banks, being: Westpac National Australia Bank Commonwealth Bank Australia and New Zealand Banking Group It sounds simple, except that you will find it very difficult to find balance sheets for these four banks all reporting as at the same date. If you try to make these calculations based on the balance sheets in the 2017 annual reports of these banks, the balance sheet for the Commonwealth Bank is as at 30th June, 2017, whereas the balance sheet for Westpac is as at 30th September, 2017. I tried to make these calculations based on the balance sheets in the 2014 annual reports of these banks and the reporting dates of the balance sheets didn't match in this year either. Same for 1999 and 1997. This is the kind of tedium one encounters when investigating the Jewish fraud of banks creating money when they lend at interest. Following is what I came up with for the balance sheets in the 2017 annual reports for which the reporting dates don't match. Westpac, NAB and Australia and New Zealand Banking Group (ANZ) have balance sheets as at 30th September, 2017, whereas the Commonwealth Bank has a balance sheet as at 30th June, 2017. AUD $m Loans as at Westpac 684,919 30-Sep-2017 NAB 540,125 30-Sep-2017 Commonwealth Bank 731,762 30-Jun-2017 ANZ 574,331 30-Sep-2017 Total 2,531,137 AUD $m Deposits as at Westpac 533,591 30-Sep-2017 NAB 500,604 30-Sep-2017 Commonwealth Bank 626,655 30-Jun-2017 ANZ 595,611 30-Sep-2017 Total 2,256,461 Notes: 1. The sources of the numbers above are listed at the end of this email. 2. I accept that the numbers above include business that these four banks conduct in countries other than Australia. 3. One possible reason that deposits are less than loans (ie. loaned principal outstanding) is that loan repayments made from deposits comprise a principal repayment and an interest payment. Therefore, for any given loan repayment made from deposits, loans (ie. loaned principal oustanding) are reduced by a smaller amount than deposits. The difference is the interest payment which is credited to the bank's equity account of interest revenue. By this approximate reckoning, as at 30th September, 2017, the four major banks were owed $2,531 billion by their customers in loaned principal outstanding, while their customers held $2,256 billion in deposits with these same banks. Irrespective of the explanation for the discrepancy between these two figures of $275 billion, it is manifestly obviously that banks in Australia do indeed create money when they lend at interest. However, only the principal of the loaned amount is created; the interest owing over the life of the loan is never created. Australians battle it out amongst themselves to earn the interest they need to pay down their debts to the banks. It's a game of musical chairs. With insufficient money in circulation to repay both principal and interest, it is inevitable that a certain percentage of customers default on their loans each year. When a bank lends a customer money, it increases its loan account (ie. loans) on the assets side of its balance sheet by the amount lent in order to keep a record of its loan to the customer as a representation of the obligation of the customer to repay this loan. This is recorded in the general ledger of the bank via a debit entry for the amount lent. This loan account does not contain what we know as "money". It is a record-keeping account designed to keep track of money owed to the bank. The bank also increases the bank account of the customer (ie. deposits) on the liability side of its balance sheet by the amount lent. This is recorded in the general ledger of the bank via a credit entry for the amount lent. As a result, this bank account of the customer contains what we know as "money". The customer can use this money to transact. When a customer makes a loan repayment to their bank from their bank account (ie. deposits) on the liability side of their bank's balance sheet, their bank account is reduced by the amount of this repayment (which is recorded in the general ledger of the bank via a debit entry for the amount of this repayment). (This repayment comprises a principal amount repaid and an interest amount paid.) The bank reduces the customer's loan account (ie. loaned principal outstanding) on the assets side of its balance sheet by the amount of principal repaid via this repayment (which is recorded in the general ledger of the bank via a credit entry for the amount of principal repaid) and increases its equity account for interest revenue by the amount of interest paid via this repayment (which is recorded in the general ledger of the bank via a credit entry for the amount of interest paid). When principal is repaid, bank deposits decrease by the sum of the amount of principal repaid and the amount of interest paid. The principal repaid ceases to exist as "money". The interest paid is credited to the bank's equity account of interest revenue. By necessity, this interest revenue must retain the character of "money", seeing as the bank uses it to pay its employees. This interest revenue also forms the basis for the profit that the bank earns on its lending and which it distributes to its shareholders periodically as dividends in the form of "money". This is a fraud that affects every Australian's life by virtue of the obligation to pay interest on money lent by the banks when only the principal lent is created as money, not the interest. This fraud has inflicted incalculable damage on many millions of Australians over several decades. Many farmers, who should be the most respected and privileged members of our society by virtue of their provision of our food, have terminated their own lives as a direct result of this fraud, often using whatever violent means they have at their disposal in their depressed and despairing state. This is not an Australian fraud. This is a worldwide Jewish fraud and it's time to banish it from our nation. Sources of the numbers above: Westpac - Page 124 (annual report) / Page 126 (PDF) of: NAB - Page 61 (annual report) / Page 63 (PDF) of: Commonwealth Bank - Page 88 (annual report) / Page 90 (PDF) of: Australia and New Zealand Banking Group - Page 68 (annual report) / Page 68 (PDF) of:

Truth to power Millennial checking in

Wait 100% Not the best time to get in debt

100% my own theories

I hope you are correct

Wrong guy. I talk truth to power and focus on the real world. Not a nerd who plays video games

like I have replied earlier Our export economy is in great shape.over 60% is agriculturally based with World leading Industries plus Tourism will be taking a greater role in our general Income. almost 4 million visitors for 2018.

Gold my ass ... BITCOIN !!!!!!!!!!!! Thats the new gold ...

In my perspective, Melbourne died years ago. It has no future in my view. The houses are stupidly priced. Though I do like the beaches from Sydney to Brisbane. Australian women are stupefied by the fluoridated water.

I only watched 2 minutes of this. Mining accumulation is only 10_15%

As a matter of fact, Australia has long been very close to the US and very very tightly closed up by US politicians and thus the life time professional sucker to and monopolized by the US and its politicians. Not really isolated. But one has to give it to you that you are among the infinitesimal minorities of the minorities, that not only look like normal human being, but also think like a normal Homo sapiens, which literally means 'human of wisdom.'

I hope we remain close

Campaign for Bank Separation! Robert Barwick talks with Glass-Steagall activist Alison Zerk CEC Report for activists: Robert Barwick talks with Glass-Steagall activist Alison Zerk about the importance of everyday people taking action in the campaign for bank separation. Get involved in the campaign: Call the CEC to discuss and receive key material: 1800 636 432. Email:

Australians are not dumb,they invented the Boomerang and the BBQ :-)

So you say they've invested Australian super in American infrastructure -But you say Donald Trump doesn't have influence? What lead to the arrangement?

Influence over Australia. Not so much over Asia

Excellent review.

Boring, Boring, Boring. Australia has a lot more going for it than you are reporting. Your predictions are based on flimsy analysis and undocumented information, not facts. The bottom line is you're full of Kangaroo shit. Prey for Brexit and the return of a major trading partner.

i think everyone likes gold but i think you were onto something when you mentioned australia ought to have been looking at making their own refineries etc... I reckon if you were going to invest in something I reckon investing in a refinery in Australia would be least then Australia could stay on it's feet when the SHTF.

Its nothing to do with a “generation” and say its a generation’s fault. No, its the fault of politicians , Fault of Canberra!! That is where the system got rigged. The baby boom generation only enjoyed that. I agree we are in the shitt.. we will sell out to the Chinese and Fuck off to Mars

your being overtaken by Islamic finance. Australia needs to watch out as you will become Venezuela. Non-usury banking is communism.

Dude, your best bet with Westpac shares is to short them today

Hmmm.... who do I believe, Businessman Dave Lee, or businessman Donald Trump. Boy, thats a tough one!

Weird statement. Where do I disagree with Trump?

Don't worry Australia will adapt to anything they throw at us. Fact is China wants the cheapest minerals and we're the best at producing them. Also agriculture is going to be massive once again and this is how Australia became rich in the first place. And as for a few pirates, one ex SAS soldier can defend an entire ship from whatever those Muppets can throw at us. Australia's main problem is the apathy of its wealthy citizens completely stupid and unaware of the reality of the World. Over half are stupid champagne socialists who think they are morally superior but are atrocious hypocrites, utterly useless and damaging in many ways. Unfortunately they are the spoilt children we are stuck with. But there are many Aussies who are well-grounded and will rise to any challenge and out perform everyone else. There is a lot of innovation in mining and agriculture and these key areas are our bread and butter and where we maximize returns and will continue to do so in the future. Invest in these areas and you'll do okay.





im investing in crypto

Gold and silver. I believe most cryptos will be outlawed

Yup, that's exactly what I said.

I'd rather he does than the Chinese

I'm an Indian, and don't agree with a lot of things you said. And you claim yourself as intelligent so I have a lot of question,but I'd ask one how investing in Srilankan port is big business opportunity for Australians...Anyway I don't have any problem with you fooling your own people.

Check out this cash magnet. Hasn't got time to make a decent video but wants financial support? Dean on Plonker.

There is no collapse here. The hand that feeds is well in control and knows exactly what its doing. Nice try.

Aust supplies 1 million live head of cattle to China per year. Heavy reliance is now apparent upon our dairy. Particularly powdered formula.

Australia cares not. Iron coal gas copper zinc sheep cows wheat. Doesn't matter. Trainloads roll to the coast daily. China nor anyone else can NEVER sell us the same back in manufactured crap. We just don't need that many T - shirts.

The whole key is the British economy. The single most liberal. The Chinese are pumping goods through the Brits at a rate of knots. London being a major exchange for Beijing.

China has created a stockpile of Iron ore. To drive the price down. Unfortunately they can't use it while its stockpiled. So the tariiffs force the old choice once again. Buy at the set rate. Or use your stockpile. The whole reason for China stockpiling is because they CANT buy off anyone else. There is no one.

Millions of people have learnt the English language AND recieved a decent education in it through Australia. That is no bullshit mate

Australia is THE greatest educator in ENGLISH in ASIA ! You bloody nit wit !

And frosty just loved the offhand dismissal you gave of the foriegn student system. " They come here to get some sort of formal education" your words ! Yeah. IN ENGLISH ! Its the only place to get one for thousands of miles around !

35% of the Australian economy relies on trade with China. ......And the other 65% ? Certainly not foreign students. The Coca Cola company pays more yearly tax than the entire education system makes in a bloody decade ! Your kidding mate !

Tarriffs are nothing unusual for the US. This is the umpteenth trade scuffle between the two. It used to be Japan. Keating was correct in disengaging and floating the AUD. Our dollar rides well.

They have and have always had the power to take just about anything. As long the constitution allows an act of Parliament. The NSW Government owns 12 superannuation companies. Super is invested and returned to the contributor. They always use your money. You just don't realise it.

The banking legislation is to separate banking from other commercial activities. Something the government won't do because it still has a huge slice of the CBA whilst taxing the rest.

Crypto. The only safe place right now is the riskiest one. However, I wouldnt buy up right now, I would wait for the collapse of US-China markets first, buy the dip, and watch it recover.

We dont need a new Apple mate, we just need another stupid reason for a public holiday. its all good.

It's ok. The next generation can pay for your incompetence. But you will pay for it too. The retirement village you are destined for, will mistreat you. You will suffer torture until you die a miserable death, alone with no one who's cares about you around. Enjoy the grand final weekend and make the most of your fabulous public holiday's. 2034 it will all end though. Your life of misery will begin in 2034. This guy had the vision for his people..but sadly the west didnt like it

I initially thought. No way this is crap. But after I heard your first point I completely agree with you. The Australian economy does have some technology but it's too small. I agree that the currency will get affected in the medium turn.

The general overarching theories i have had over the past 10 years have been 100% correct. People can point out tiny inaccuracies with minor things yet those tiny things don't affect my larger picture theories.

I believe this is what the leftist elites wanted. You know the ones that want to save all the Africans and muslims and hates the Chinese but loves making money off of them.

bitcoin will be outlawed

Where does the other 85%-90% of Australia's GDP come from? Give me some credible links, I feel like you are about to blow out minds with this new data

I love the optimism.

boy, steel is made from iron ore, not vice versa

Even when you do get into the property market you still have to pay rates. Both partners now have to work to pay the mortgage and that's putting younger people off having families. And young families are the biggest spenders. So the government is bringing in migrants to prop up the economy. On a different note a main residence could sell for millions and incurs no capital gains tax and a little investment property incurs capital gains tax.

Of course... This will be like that... Politic in Australia... Are doing this

If I was in Aus? With extra money? Invest in renewable energy. Gold is good, but I would rather invest in tech and Cryptocurrencies with solid use cases and real world utility. Invest in land in emerging markets (not near the coast ). Invest in an oil refinery to wean out dependence on singapore. ( state invested therefore will not take advantage of prices ). If government will not loan or give money, go to the biggest cooperatives and rich aussies to invest in an oil refinery.

No, do not wait, just buy, I do not think that the property will go down so much, even in Germany people are buying property and to live all life as a tenant will be hard, in Melbourne the prices are predicted for 2050, the house should cost around 4 mil. AUD. I do not really trust to all these predictions, but using commonsense and observation skills, any expert is not able to tell you what will happen in 10 or 20 years, but definitely the money as such will loose the value so I always saying I will invest in the things what I need for living and house is one of this things, so you can't go so much wrong, better than to someone else paying the mortgage as a tenant. When I came to Australia from Germany in 2006, I have bought first house in 2009, sold in 2015 and for the money bought another house, so I do not need to worry about accommodation anymore and in Melbourne it might be a nightmare if you looking to rent, the agents even organizing auctions to rent the property, the highest bidder will get it.

Prophecies unfolding world

1st....comes the trade war 2nd...comes the war

Hi mate, Enjoyed your take on the economy. I`m interested why you are derogatory toward House investors. Who would you like to provide rental properties. Large Corporations? Would that be more ethical for you? Or Perhaps Gov owned accommodation should be increased? My personal view is investors need renters and renters need investors in a capitalist system. Interested in you response. Again keep up the good work.

All America can come up with is warmongering, bullying and threats.

XRP is the future

Agree 100%, we sacrificed generations of entrepreneurs for bricks and mortar! National disgrace!

why does Australia not trade with Canada ? we have TONS of oil !! and …. we like you. we hate Trump.

I liked it but you lost me with the pirates.

Human civilization as we know it is coming to an end.

If america stop subsidizing chinese economy means??~

I have been warning about this since 2006, you reap what you sow. Greed is not good.

LOL, is this a black comedy channel? Obviously this rubbish is not mean't to be taken seriously.

When the SJW, Greenie, Inner city Trendies, and commies realize that their welfare is under threat.... then they will turn a blind eye to coal, nuclear, oil refineries.... etc etc etc.... because where else does their welfare come from?

State run Pirates who are in fact Navy which is in disguise as a private pirate. Just my thoughts

Hopefully they do. Then China will not have the money to expand militarily.

Limit the amount of investment properties to 3 three per person or family. Then they should have liquidity to invest in more beneficial to GDP ventures. If we are heading for a property bubble (many economists believe this) a larger than expected amount of these property investors will default. Some have multiple properties with low liquidity.

you can tell......

Pls let invest in Gold to help

This makes me angry

It's time Australians start acting united. Instead of divided.

Australia copies the mistakes of others like housing bubbles and wonders why the outcome is the same.

Turnbull be gone.

Too many idiots with degrees. As if a piece of paper will make u more intelligent. Not enough qualified tradesmen. Theyre all from overseas dont haveta train them. Allowing fuckwits in from middle east & Aftica. Leaders without balls see Trump....and the global warming myth.....the UN do this do that fuck what you gotta do. MAGA

It will only affect existing borrowers. , investors; banking lending policies in real estate. It doesn’t affect business loan, car loan etc

Good. They have been bombing the Middle East region to smithereens murdering millions of innocent civilians. Karma.

Look at the price of everything houses food power and really low wages can only end in one way disaster.. Back to eating rabbits soon like grandpa joe

the lima declaration 1975

learn to speak before uploading video..

Piss off jason bond

Just buy property .

The report is China is accumulating gold in order that when the fiat dollar system collapses they can back the Yuan by gold and thus establish concrete faith in the Yuan and become the new world reserve currency . Since 1971 when Nixon closed the gold backing of the dollar all major currencies are fiat I.e. paper with no peg to physical assets and therefore no restriction on central banks printing however much thry like.

If Australia has enough defaults, the banks will be in trouble. Apparently there isn't enough liquidity in Australian households to absorb any interest increases

The reason the haven't invested in any infrastructure is the Lima Decloration 1975 , all party have signed this over the years the name has changed a few times ! Our Corrupt corporate UN puppet government all should hang!

It sounds more like Westpac is being shorted by opportunists who will make off like thieves in the night if Westpac is the first bank to fail of the Big 4. Westpac is the most over-leveraged bank which is why it makes sense that they increased their rates first. That is a leading indicator. Love your video by the way.

You are fucking retarded, all your points are wank. I believe that the Aussie economy is fucked bt everything you say is absolute bollocks

Logic would be to invest in or with the country that one trade the most with.

You let a tick on your back and it lays eggs .

Then tell your government to stop borrowing from China.

I agree with what you are saying about the Australian economy and basically that we have sold our soul to the devil. However I believe it is not just an Australian issue, Yes we are in for a terribly rough ride that is for sure and everything you say here is absolutely true and in no way exaggerated. However I do see this as a global problem and not just Australian, The world is in a terrible state economically right around the world and I dont believe any economy is going to escape from the greed circulating the world. Everyone is grappling for survival and No country is going to be left unscathed, There is a lot more to this than meets the eye and there is a bigger problem at hand than we think. The world is an Amoral place their is no concern for anyone anymore and there are no longer any moral boundaries. The basic care of neighbour including our neighboring countries is all but gone as everyone tries to desperately seek their own survival. Economies have been collapsing all over the world there is no security for anyone and with dictators that have no concern for anyone except their own power, security anywhere is hard to come by no matter what you think is the solution.

I wrote about that on Facebook when I heard a Hong Kong expert on finance...then solar starting falling ,the house prices too but rents went up up to the moon wrong move from real state agents and landlords it's late..

What a load of croc!

Typical bogan response lol. Got any counter arguments? No? OK then, well stupid, you can explain to the next generation why stupid bogans like you ruined the country

I don't know how I found myself watching your video, but I found it greatly educational about Australia's vulnerabilities in the changing world economy. It helped build a cohesive view regarding Trump's trade war with China and how it might begin to impact certain Austrailia, but other countries as well. The piece on gold was also enlightening. Thanks for following all of this - hard to make sense when all you see is coverage from the US.

To understand what's really going on, takes copious amounts of research. We are vulnerable from within as well. Please watch my next video, I'll be trying to explain how we've been infiltrated

Maybe Trump is Americas last "trump". He's exuding confidence at the highest level and economy is a lot about confidence. The US are smartly using every possible trick to get hold of money, also thanks to Trump. The tax reduction is a thing I really can't judge, as I am all for tax cuts but I am also for government austerity - we will see, if those cuts can be upheld. The US have also reentered the arms race, which they anyway lead by very far. I see it largely as a tool to intimidate Russia and mostly China. China is expanding peacefully in all the world, but the west is mostly protected by the US alone, as they have the only viable fleet to have a large geopolitical impact. I am also not for tariffs, but then I was surprised how big tariffs are on US goods in the EU and in Asia. Maloney got it right though when he says, state interventions are often helping the other side.

Dave so good to hear someone with a brain. I totally agree with you. Australians haven't seen anything yet. The Pacific Peso is on the way!

together we can rebuild Australia into the first southern superpower

Wow you started off so well and then you went all Scfi Talking about a blockade and Pirates seriously? "...We refine crudeoil at the Kwinana Refinery in Western Australia. ... The remaining 37 per cent of demand ...met by imports."

Blockade and pirates. I stand by these as realistic tactics the Chinese could use against Australia

If you have leaders changing every other year, what hope have you got in forming good operating policies. Even in Howard's era, He was more worried about his own popularity and party's popularity than good operating strategies.

At lest the tuition fee will decline.

If Australia is smart, she better be on good terms with China and NOT USA. And by the way, be assured that Singapore will never be a vassal state of China or a puppet controlled by China. Singapore is very rich and China need Singapore as much as Singapore need China. So, China is very careful in her relationship with this little red dot. You may not realize this, China's prosperity and progress economically was to a good extend due to Singapore's help. So, no way will Singapore fall into this so called debt trap that other SEA countries are falling into. Australia can trust Singapore as a friend that will not betray Australia.

China's economy grew from the support of all the western countries. We built you from a poor third world hole. Now you are attacking the very countries that helped you rise. I'm shocked how arrogant Chinese are these days.

Are Australians armed? Canadians are.

No, we have no way to protect ourselves

Yes it's a rant.... a bullshit bitter one. Forget youtube and speaking crap mate, and go and get a job... and then you might become rich like those you seem to hate.

Yes, the boomers have shafted their children and yes they sit on all the realestate and feed of their own who pay them rent... but so what? Have you read "A Generation of Sociopaths. How the Baby Boomers Betrayed America"? Great book, and it makes you understand it's not just Australia with this issue of narcissism. So it's not that I wont listen, it's that your ranting is a waste of time. Your generation wont have to clean up anything, just speak Chinese. Once upon a time we never spoke english in this country either, and has it gone on to become a better place? I think so.. Doom and Gloom is all horse shit. Things are like this because life is too good and Aussies have it very very good. The most pressing thing on most Australians minds is how the bachelor didn't pick a women. Sure you might well call that stupid people, but naivety is also happiness... and it is isolation and that naivety that make Australia a great place to be in the world. And as you point out, we are dependant on trade... but even from settlement Australia couldn't survive without Britain and if 200 years later if it's China, well again, so what? The key for you is working out how you get your finger in the pie.

I'm doing fine sir. If you won't listen to me. You are the reason we all will be a third world slave of China. You can explain yourself to the next generation for your inaction and utter stupidity. I love this damn country but I hate the lazy, weak baby boomer pricks who are the spoiled little shits of their tough parents. Now my generation has to clean up the mess idiots like you have left. 2034 this country will be China's slave. Wake up stupid Australia

So how can we save our money If the housing pricing and currency is dropping?

+Min-Jing Hsieh I've been following all of that closely. Please listen to me. China is so damn big and powerful, it cannot fail. China is coming and it will be devastating for everyone in their way. USA has no answers to China

I just felt weird. I don’t know much about the economy. Tell you one thing that Chinese channel also think US will win. China’s stock market has dropped badly when US raise import taxes on Chinese products. Us tried not to sell some particular Components with high technology. China dropped their currency to support outport. Many factories need some key Components or essential materials from other country. There are many factories are closed down these days. Plus they build a lot of properties and created some ghost town. It contains many problems too in China too.

+Min-Jing Hsieh Gold and Silver. But something seems dodgy about even those safe havens to me. Something is up, I bought loads of gold and silver but something isn't right. Can't put my finger on it.

I’ll buy gold

Screw America! They mess with my country and makes its' allies suffer as well!

Look mate saying we arnt a smart country is ridiculous. Yes, we have a trade deficit but we are world leaders in alot of fields. Mining accounts for 7% of gdp and exports of that are slightly smaller. Saying we dig holes is correct but thats not all we do.

Our number one export is by digging holes. If by 7% you are only counting south Korea, ok. 30% of our economy relies on exports to China. China also has malevolent plans for us. The ccp would love Australia to become a third world country and gaol every white man. Reality is tough to hear I know

Your pretty right on the money with most things, but stupid people don't like being called stupid, lol. Without domestic manufacturing makes your country a very poor country. Thats why Australia will be going to the shitter.

Yup most people have not stuck around. My views are quite novel at the moment but will become mainstream soon enough

Don't sell your properties people! Let me say this again: DO NOT SELL YOUR PROPERTIES

We have no arts anymore since the Libs took the funding away about 15 years ago. Innovation and growth in science has become stagnant because the majority of people are vehemently against stem-cell research and GMO's. Therefore we can invent nothing.

A country of drunks... what u aspect.

They can kiss my ass...I took all my money with me. The only problem for me is that AUD is worth shit and will stink even more.

Australia is a Crown Colony (Slave Farm)!!!

Australia is a joke our government just wastes our money on stupid things

Dave Lee your surname tells me your ancestors are from Canton... China helped ourselves

Screw China. They have never helped anyone

If you can't accept different opinion and go all defensive and insulting about it then you shouldn't be running a channel. By the way, not all Australians own an apartment in Sydney Harbor so don't insult rest for being stupid and dummies. I bet you haven't earned that apartment you poser!

How are you going to help someone who is too stupid to understand?

+M A I've tried to talk to you here. Using my precious time. Doubt you will appreciate it tho. But I cannot waste my time talking to the wall. If you think you are able to see the future for Australia, then start up your own channel. Get some skin in the game. Not some fake profile and talk crap. I've said my piece. Take it or leave it. I'm trying to help stupid Australians

+M A All my video's explain everything. Perhaps my latest video will help. Also the Australian maritime trade is in danger video might help. If not, it's ok. I know how little my countrymen listen to smart people like me. This is why politicians have to lie, because people are too stupid to hear the truth

+Dave Lee so you don't even live in Australia but you are telling us to sell our properties in Australia and invest in a port in Malaysia while calling us dummies numerous times... well we are much smarter then you think. When the shit goes down in Europe and US the capital from there will be transferred to Australia as one of the rare peaceful places. In the meantime enjoy occasional terrorist attacks and rapes conducted buy Muslim "refugees". P.s. your are always welcome to change your mind and buy a property in Australia

+M A I'm back in Oxford UK

+Dave Lee let me know when you kick yourself for selling out and leaving your country. Enjoy Muslim dominated Indonesia/Malaysia, bring a rug.

Just did. I'm out. Enjoy your sinking ship. Let me know when you want to sell up for 20% of what you bought it for.

Hahahahah doubt it. Tafes will probably close

There is nothing wrong with digging holes. The problem is that Australia gives our resources away Saudi Arabia sold less gas then us last year they made $680b off there gas. Australia who sold more gas made only $69b. We are run by morons who have sold us out for their own personal gain.

Australia is f#ked .time to leave

Hello, a friend told me to watch this!! Your motto is don't let fear stop you! However my delemma is because I am a 65 year old single woman with only a small amount of Super 100grand and no experience whatsoever in the digital world and buying shares etc, Also the who do you trust factor!! I immediately go into fear because of the afore mentioned things(it's my life savings with No Way of earning it back) What route would you take if u wherein my position??

Okay Dave Aussie Dollar now right NOW!!! you called it!!

in regard to inventions, O'Sullivan was credited with the invention of WIFI. In 2009, O'Sullivan was awarded both the CSIRO Chairman's Medal and the Australian Prime Minister's Prize for Science. In regard to the housing issues deposits are covered up to $250,000 under the Financial Claim Scheme. FCS.. More on inventions go to .. More on FCS go to https

What you expect China invests up to $40 billion dollars into Australia. The same thing is occurring and has happened to Zambia who have lost complete control of their country which is now at the hands of Chinese corporations. Australia needs to be careful otherwise we might become the next Zambia.

hi dave great great vid ,where will thailand be placed when it all collapse's ? l live here but have a house in N.E thailand and a wife.


Some of this video is misleading

We dig holes. Dying lol

good let it collapse

Hopefully it is not too late for Donald Trump to put a stop to China stealing America's intellectual property. They did not learn how to build stealth jet fighters from behind the water buffalo and wood plow from 40 years ago. Our short sighted politicians allowed wall street and the mercantilists to shake our Country down. Australia may end up as a pawn in this geopolitical struggle before this is sorted out. Unfortunately your Country still behaves like a colony of the UK. Your solar subsidized power grid that requires high priced peaking power generation plants keeps industry from locating there. Coal plants cost 1/10 the amount to operate. Instead you ship your coal to China where it is burned, so your politicians can feel good about being in lock step with 'progressive' Europeans. Americans love Australians but it is hard to understand why you would want to go from a European colony to a Chinese colony exporting raw materials while the Chinese manufacture with them and use the proceeds to buy your Country! What special right does China have to burn the coal when you are prevented from using it? This is the same conflict Donald Trump supporters want to do something about before we end up in the same boat as you. Liberals will destroy you.

hi dave l've just sub to your site l'm 65 and will retirer there next year ,l hope l will be ok there thank's again .

Heard of the Thai canal? If Thailand finds a way to build it, Thailand's economy will get a huge boost

Here's what will happen to our fresh produce in the future.

Invest in Malaysia. Government is stable now after the current election. A lot of investment from China. High speed rail that links the Silk Road is in the pipeline. Many global companies are moving their manufacturing operations there. Plenty of natural resources.

Huge city being built above Singapore too

is there any hope for the Aussie economy?

Yes and I have a road map

Sydney has needed a new large dam from 1980, leftists (that's Labor and Liberal and now the Nationals) won't build it. We came very close to running out of water last time and now that is looming again for this summer, 2018-2019. We can't build nuclear or coal power stations, why, lefties (again with the Labs, Libs, Nats) telling us we can't. Australia has been demolished by lefties and closet lefties (Fraser and many others on that side since him). Even the Nats have been 'intruded' upon. Infrastructure across most of Australia is poor and you know why. Labs built 3 desalination plants across Australia (all effing useless) and a good waste of $3 billion of our money. T'bull gave $434.5 million of OUR money to some tiny outfit in Qld saying they want it for the reef. T'bull was a Goldman Sachs man and the GS man at that outfit will handle our money carefully I hope. Not much chance of us getting it back, then there's the billions given in foreign aid by some of those people called politicians. When will you people learn that Lab. and Libs are NOT FOR AUSTRALIA - they are against us, they are UN, NWO types masquerading as lovely, sweet, loyal politicians. STOP voting for them. Find someone else. There's Cory Bernadi, Pauline (poor speaker but we know where her heart is), the little known CEC - Citizen's Electoral Council and others I can't think of here. Vote them. Stop voting FOR the people who are destroying us.

Indonesia did not invade East Timor intentionally. Sounds crazy? Read your history book. President Suharto owed the US for helping him to the throne. When US gave instruction to invade East Timor, He did it immediately (+/- in 24 hours). US purpose was to eliminate communism (chinese influence in the region). Indonesia also tried to free Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei from the hand of UK because UK and Dutch separated Malay people for more than 200 years. Take note Lee Kwan Yew (the founding father of Singapore) was an Indonesian. China is not going to mess around with Indonesia. Don’t think china will build its base in Singapore. Singapore is still a Malay island. Indonesia and Malaysia will not tolerate that kind of threat. US will not mess around with Indonesia either. You have to understand Indonesian Christians are among the strongest in the world. Go figure, why USA is having strong bond with Indonesia. Do your own diligence, research, and see how Christians in Indonesia became key players and prosperous. Australia needs to learn Christianity from Indonesia! Your problem is complacency. Indonesia never bullied Australia; on the other hand Australia has been the worst country in the world when it comes to condemn Indonesia. Never think Indonesia will take over Australia. Indonesia is way too busy taking care of its own territory. Australia’s issues are the result of its own bad policies. In my opinion Australia has been a real slave to the illuminati. By the way Indonesia has also its own issues. One of them is corruption. Never invest in Indonesia if you are not ready to pay some bribe. I know it is sad and bad but I have to tell the truth rite?

I'm pretty sure some journalists died to prove they did

Australia is in Asia-Pacific so it be, being Pro-west Australia will loose everything.

You really don't have a clue.  You have all the facts but you refuse to let them influence the conclusion you had reached before you before you began your research.

What was my conclusion?

Don't just blame but comment. It is not academic paper but Youtube. He seems to catch the nerve of problem.

lol... refugees suck the blood.. stop refugees.. and by the way, the people born in this country are highest in the centrelink queue.. .. BEST STOP CENTRELINK.. easy does it..

People not born in Australia should not have access to public funds. Full stop. No medicare, no welfare, no pension. If you want to immigrate to Australia, you should become useful to us, not a parasite.

I'm editing my next video on this topic. Wait a few days

Agree Dave we are doomed, gold kept outside the banking system is always the investment of last resort, China already have close to 20K tonnes the west have been leasing it out for years to manage the price down , silver is also an option to consider.

I hope you get onto some of the real concerns. The first bit is not likely. Australia's biggest economic problem is our overinvestment in realestate, and our massive private sector debt levels

This video is ahead of all the real estate problems. That's the point, I'm seeing the moves far ahead of everyone else. China is out to get us and it's bad. My next video is scary, please watch it. Should be live in the next day or two

I was interested to hear you speak about the importance of the waterways for our trade. There are videos by RAN admirals lamenting the fact that many Aussies don't understand that, and regards our navy(and military as a whole) , as a waste of money. The aggressiveness of Xi in this decade means Australia's naval modernisation plans need to be accelerated, and perhaps the numbers increased. It may also provide an industry which can support our iron ore industry to an extent. So, is everyone taking all their money out and putting it under their bed?

We are too stupid to do enough

+M A Good question. We may be screwed.

Its been collapsing the last 12 odd years ... the dollar was strong before that You are definitely wrong about America losing its international power .. the opposite is happening.

Well i am not gonna live in australia for too long anyways. Im "using" australia as my "pit-stop" to japan. I'm from malaysia btw, and no im not that overly obsessive japan fan. There's good for the STEM career.

Plenty of businesses in Australia and startups. The top motivational company I know in Australia I love this company and everyone on the globe knows them. You have small businesses still trading and hiring. Regarding no one of your generation, I think we are the same age? I own 4 properties. I don't buy anything I don't need. I work 60 hours week. I invest across a diversified income and work in IT support as my "main" job. And put all my income into investing greater income streams. All on the plan to start a business. Agree with your complaints about Aussie government it's been a joke for years.

Have a look at: Everything happens in cycles. Gold in all the depressions dropped severely in price so that is the last place I would invest.

40 years ago I was earning $200/ week as a carpenter, now Im earning $2500 doing the same job. 30 years ago interest rates where 18%. I bought a house, with the banks money. Worked 55, 60 hours a week. Now I own it. Interest rates now are 3%. Rent is the biggest waist of money.

Whatever the case or fact may be, Irrespective of that I love Australia ❤and my Australian Friends as well..That's it !! I mean its the voice of my heart,nothing else,love from India ❤..Long live Australia !!

Do you guys even think its true? I mean i am an Indian, and I have talked to many Aussie's they are one of my best friends,and i don't think this ever will happen to Australia,this seems rubbish to me...What would you guys say? Guys and girls from Australia,Do you really believe this guy??? Its rubbish,isn't it?

Trump, Putin will shake hands on a handshake-peace-accord that gives way to a number of wars. Russia will assault the EU and collapse the banks and the Euro. [there will be a setting aside of alliances with Mr Putin setting aside his alliance with Iran, and Mr Trump setting aside his alliances with the EU] and Israel will assault the nuclear assets of Iran while the pilots refuel in Saudi Arabia on their way back home. So just as the EU is entirely ruined when the Euro collapses, and the Russians take the valuable artefacts of the Vatican and the churches to support the Russian Rouble; so also the Middle East is bombed by Iran; which is also then bombed by the US + allies. In addition to this, the Arab states are all inflamed with wars within and among themselves, due to the original strike on Iran's nuclear assets, when the pilots refuelled in Saudis Arabia. This creates a Sunni- vs- Shea wave of violence worldwide. This is why prophecy shows the entire world involved in conflict at the time of a financial crash that proves to be total in nature; with all financial instruments being lost at one time. Isaiah 2: 18- 20 Ezekiel 7: 19. That is the reason why prophecy also shows a change of worldwide government, with the appearance of Christ Matthew 24: 30 following this tribulation Matthew 24: 29 and the political system pays the price for introducing the Great tribulation to mankind, Revelation 6: 8 so that an intervention by God is promised and necessary. Matthew 24: 21, 22. God's Kingdom under Christ appears worldwide. Revelation 11: 15 Matthew 24: 14 And there are a very large number of survivors to this time of violence, pestilence and famine Revelation 7: 9, 14 Psalms 37: 11, 29. But it is the wicked ones that are 'no more' Psalms 37: 10. We will build a Paradise together Luke 23: 43.

Rent Seeking Parasites? Every time some Young Dickhead says that... I put ALL the rents up. When the Tenants and Their Pissed Minda Friends back chat... I put the rents up. Your Problem is your Mum n Dad were Playing while we were buying the houses. Sucked in Stupid

Jimmy Carter wrote the cheque

New Zealands 2nd largest export is oil to Australia. We refine it in nz

Civil war

Wow, great video, I have only watched one third (will watch the rest later) but I love the candid, 'tell it as it is' narrative, with NO stupid background music to tart it up and take away our attention. Good visuals too and well spoken, not too fast like yanks are and other wannabe instructional presentations. One of the better videos I have seen for a while.

I couldn't agree more with most of what you said, the idiot puppets that are attempting to run our country, couldn't find their way to the toilet .. much worse they have virtually made enemies of the rising power China. I am nearly 60 now and haven't got so much to loose , but my nostradamus forecast is, in the next 20 years Chinese will be basking freely on our beaches, and the good news is, we will have jobs attending to them pulling sanpans ..and polishing their shoes. The big mouths of the past will be deported or put into re-education camps. We are so totally vulnerable its unbelievable,, the Chinese will turn the deserts into oasis , and have more room for food and accommodation of their large population. Also re invigorating the things our clowns could not do or let waste such as oil refining and water de-salinisation.

The last time Australia had a recession - they sold of our Great Barrier Reef and our national parks - this time they will sell off our green and no go zones which is a lot larger - the oceans around Australia will be owned by unesco in 5 years.

Australia need to build stronger relation with their ASEAN neighbors. more JV partnership in resource industry such as iron refinary could bring benefit for both sides by developing these ASEAN countries & diversifying Australia export.

Gotta build more houses to tackle unaffordable house price issue. Stoping immigrant isnt the solution, its same like killing people to tackle food supply problem. Gotta increase the supply, not decreasing human resource. some Australian might not be happy with immigrant. But realise this, those immigrant straight away work & pay tax contributing to Australian economy. Instead of 18 years plus of every Austalia born kids took money from centerlink. If unemployment is an issue, its because the gov is idiot dont know how to find way to stimulate the economy growth. Then they blame immigrant for their own uncompetency

develop more green energy. ie solar & wind power. highly depending on coal put Australia in big risk in future. I dont know why there's some foolish Australian sentiment wont accept sea water desalination plant. such a big potential wasted by Australian themself.

Australia do have lot of potentials. Agricultural & lifestock could generate lot of revenue if Australia be able to find more market. Dont be too depending on big brother such as US & China. more bilateral trade & Investing abroad especially in rising 3rd world countries could be great option.

you've hit the nail on the head mate. appreciate the clear, unflinching tone in regards to "rent-seeking parasites"

Australia is 100% controlled by the j-ews who control the UN and also America Look into who is ruling this world and controls 100% of our media

Wow, great video, I have only watched one third (will watch the rest later) but I love the candid, 'tell it as it is' narrative, with NO stupid background music to tart it up and take away our attention. Good visuals too and well spoken, not too fast like yanks are and other wannabe instructional presentations. One of the better videos I have seen for a while. Except at 13:54 "if you brought property". That's a primary school kids mistake. Bought is totally different to brought.

So..does anyone love Australia or what? Live overseas and come back one day.? Why? That is what Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull did You seem to assume that we are all fools.I am a grandmother, love my country, and am no fool!

What about investing in Silver and Medicinal Cannabis industry?

We need to have Australia's Apple, DJI and Huawei. The new tech sector should be invested heavily, currently I have a startup in AR, augmented reality, plus the block chain tech. We need innovation here, and free the young from renting burden. Leave a comment if you want to start businesses in the AR, block chain or any high-tech.

Never invest in RMB -- a currency that can be manipulated by a tyrannical dictator that mercilessly crushes any dissidents and critics. I'd rather invest in selected decentralized crypto assets (with proper research of course). Nothing to do with racism, I'm Chinese by ethnicity myself.

Australians must share some of the blame. Generally, Aussies don't become involved in politics in any way. So those that they elect are political puppets, career politicians failed solicitors or unionists. We elect these fools and we do not stand up for our beliefs, so we have had decades of fools planning our lives and now we and our kids will pay the price.

There are many great businesses to buy in Australia, for some go to

Magdeline, now is your time to take action. Become politically active, try spot Chinese interference, try tell your fellow Australians that their children will become unemployed slaves unless we join forces. Magdeline, whatever mistakes your generation made, it is now in the past. Think of the terror your grandchildren will face if they don't start to wake up to the problems we face today.

Australia has its own oil reserves.

Australia is just an outpost for the #IslamicCaliphate

There is only 1 reason, millennials.

Time to become politically educated and active

If I hear "rent seeking parasites" anymore, my head is going to explode!

If one was to invest in organics, free range cattle, sheep, poultry, without all the antibiotics that are pumped into their livestock you would become a millionaire very quickly. Pure water (distilled) no additives would be another good investment as 95% of so called healthy bottled water is full of additives (read the super small fine print on their labels) pH7 not good pH9 is better, Bicarbonate, Chloride, Fluoride, salt, magnesium, calcium, potassium and additives?

11:07 the building in the background is awesome.

End of commodore and falcon is a sign.

Australia: Is it really a nation of knockers, naysayers, and self-loathing no-hopers hooked on beer and boo-hoo? Are overtaxed over-fined middle class Australians just “rent-seeking parasites”? That is a serious slander my friend. Invest in Zimbabwe, you say, where they killed their productive white farmers, have runaway inflation, and suffer corruption and starvation beyond belief? Is Communist Russia and Communist China going to win over the West? Probably not, even though the dark angels would like to “make it so”. Is the cup half empty? or half-full? And what happens when we come to the end of the story? Is the Chinese dragon and the Russian bear going to carry the day over the lion and the eagle’s wings? The sky is not falling, yet. Time get out of the alarmist anarchistic leftist and greenie mind control spreading in Australia and the West. Time to get out of the moral tailspin. Time to grow a spine. Yes, there is hope, Hope beyond being a government tool of Orwellian group-speak, No matter what happens, we don’t have to be another “brick in the wall”. Time to smarten up. See

Hi David, I listened to you for the first time. Unfortunately it's all true every word you stated. I thought it would be tremendous of the Australian government have created an oil company like petronas and pertamina from both Indonesian and Malaysia. I'm an Australian have been living in Indonesia and Malaysia for the past 15 years you are a hundred percent correct when you discussed Malaysia and Indonesia as an option for business. I have created an ultimate company innovation technology and a zero risk business model I flew back in business after 15 years is finalised to franchise such a business to all end users leaving it to be A zero risk. Would love to hear from you do you know what you were doing in the future and maybe bring lots of. investors. Thank you and keep in touch Dr. Ralph Michael Quantum Petroleum

Prov.3 Verses 5 to 6. [5] Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. [6] In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

AUSTRALIA > We have a lot of SUN and a fair amount of RAIN = Photosynthesis is the process by which every living thing on Earth gets life.

Give Thanks to God for every good gift from above. SUN and RAIN = Photosynthesis is the process by which every living thing on Earth get life. JESUS can to give life and life more abundantley

Proverbs 16:16  How much better is it to get wisdom than gold!  and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver!

Luke 12:15 And he said unto them, Take heed, and beware of covetousness: for a man's life consisteth not in the abundance of the things which he possesseth.

Proverbs 15:16 Better is little with the fear of the Lord  than great treasure and trouble therewith.

Proverbs 10:22 The blessing of the Lord, it maketh rich,  and he addeth no sorrow with it.

We here in Manila has gold. Search the gold of the Ex Presidents Ferdinand Marcos.

Awesome. Best show on you tube.

In the first 3 minutes and 38 seconds of this video there were too many inaccuracies. I didn’t watch any more,

the economy is collapsing? your about 10 years late to this party, in the meantime you may just have to get a job to ride out the storm, congradulations on predicting the tail end of the economic crash at the 13th hour sherlock

+Dave Lee Good luck with your journey into the pit of despair, can you do some research into the zombie apocalyptic economy next im sure your subscribers will lap up whatever fairy tales you can imagine up, im going to get back to the reality of living in the real world now, good luck with your channel I hope your content improves and you can bring some relevance to this subject in the future

If I started 10 years ago, it would make me look stupid, any fool can do that. I could address your simple spelling and grammar mistakes but I won't. Everyone here can see how silly you are for themselves. Now here's a prediction no one in the world has, except me. 2034 your children will be economic slaves to the Chinese Empire. But someone with your bad attitude won't listen to me until the 13th hour and then you will call "late to the party and Sherlock". Stupid Aussie's are the real problem here

Both the American and Australian banks are printing money out of thin air. The collapse is guaranteed. It's only a question of when. Every country is on the cusp of a financial collapse. Huge corps in the U.S. buyback their own stocks to make it look like the economy is booming. One can only do that for so long. People still have to eat. Gold is only an insurance policy. Go buy 50kilos of rice and beans. You can't eat gold or silver. Nor would you be able to extract it's value for some time after a collapse.

Also legal marijuana would be a huge boom for both production, tax revenue, and jobs.

We already have too many stupid idiots in this country. Why the hell do we want more deadshit drug addicts? What a stupid idea

Start drilling. Build your own steel mill. Refine your own fuel. Make superior products. Don't follow America off the financial cliff, although it's probably already too late. Get your government to stop selling treasury bonds.

You get the picture

If our economies collapse... No one will care about organic food. No one will care about the environment either. When you're poor, these conservationist ideals are the first to go.

You had me for a second, then lost all your credibility when you linked the great economist and financial genius of the modern era.... Jordan Peterson

Australia is always the best country. That is why the reach Chinese move their families here. This is a smart slow steady moving country, but solid step , one by one. Just like food and toothpaste, we always hard goods for the whole world. What ppl need, food steal energy. We got two and half. If China can get them easily, they would got them before instead of depending on Australia resources


Invest in Green Gold = Cannabis ! The future.

Finally, everyone is awake to this. Great Video.

Mel Gibson, in the early 80,s, tried to wake Australia up, about how we have all our own natural resources, we should have no overseas debt. Turnbull, investing superannuation, in America, what a scumbag. ggrrr

You are no t having that kind of innovation and tech companies because of regulations and taxes. Too much power in the hands of politicians.

Bet you have strong regulations on property, where you can build and real estate in general. That is also contributing strongly to higher real estate prices and rent price.

The Australian government are week traitors pathetic rats feadìng of the UN EU elites. That's why the place is fucked up. It's not hard to work that out. And because we don't make every thing any more here. !!!!!!.

Indonesia and China have a mutual aggression policy. So China will come to their aid to take us out!!!!!

Very well said Dave.

What a joke! You need to rejoin uni mate..

We have rent parasites here in America. Rent parasites, vultures, its happening here too.

I’m intelligent because I’m part of the BEST gold opportunity on the planet! Join us!

If anyone wants an easy way out, check out the last two videos on our channel. G00gle does not allow me to post comments with links, but a brilliant solution exists but not many people know about it or they simply don’t look at it and thus completely miss the opportunity to get free.

Invest into Gold or silver for stability. Invest into cryptocurrency, bitcoin , xrp, icx , neo, Zilliqa when usd dollar goes down BItcoin goes up. So it would be a decent portion of your portfolio into it

The Australia has invented heaps of world changing things like ultrasound, low frequency radar for starters and not to mention the csiro invented wifi which the government receive royalties for. You have some good points but you also make too many assumption. Were an exporting nation so we don't want to have parity with the us dollar. Also my super is not sent anywhere by the government. My private super fund invests it for me and its not putting it in American infrastructure projects. Also gold is used in most new tech devices that's why the price is up.


'Indonesia has a history of invading countries'. Really? Apart from the single example of East Timor, who else? I'm curious to know.

Australia is one of the very few which has permitted Foreign Corporations to buy property and existing profitable businesses & companies, usually for the patents they own or to get a foot hold on our shores, all then becoming completely foreign owned. Most of the businesses end up with either a name change or all assets sold & the company wound up, importing product rather than manufacturing it. This was a rare occurrence prior to the 1970s, when it escallated, assisted by law changes by successive governments from both major parties. When I was young, much of the east coast was farm land, mostly dairy & fruit, the perfect soil as it was sub tropical rainforest prior to English settlement & subsequent land clearing. Since then our farms have been pushed into the desert (where the cities should be) while the highly productive farmland has been covered in concrete, bricks, steel & bitumen.

It is just a matter of time ....but it will be soon the crash will happen.

Do a video on why the Commonwealth of Australia is registered on the U.S Securities and exchange Commission.???

Invest in yourself only! Look after your physical and mental health and invest in your children’s education, via private education or home-school, but most importantly tell your children the truth!! With surplus, buy things that you like and need, and will need, materials tools and equipment for your business. Live below your means.

Our current Prime Minister was NOT ELECTED

So if a student comes to aus for stdies will it affect his or her prospects

Silver is so cheap IMO. Long term insurance in this crazy world.. What about the Dinar potentially in the future if they get left alone. $1/$1000 round abouts

individuals have no control over the current geopolitical climate we can only try to capture any opportunities to be better off i think educating yourself in areas like economics, politics and finance is the best investment you can make now, hopefully will enable you to weather the coming storm

It seems to me that Australia has generated vast profits exporting raw materials, mostly to China, and it looks like the Australian government has followed the UK model of frittering away this money on short term political vanity projects rather than investing in something more like the Norwegian model of building a sovereign wealth fund that will provide returns long into the future long after the stuff that's dug out of the ground has run out.

Australia had a proud Culture. Then these Globalist GREEDY Do-gooder Politicians sold the country out, including its Culture by saying we Must adopt Multi Cultures. We'll become like the USA, divided bcuz there's no unity, no one culture & CULTURE is our Values Grouped together. If i visit another country, i'll be sad for them if their culture is destroyed by multi-culturalism. My point, it starts with the value of Love for ones country & similar values. Now anything goes & everyone's comfused & even receding from society bcuz of fear. We're lacking soul. This country needs a major overhaul, & the corprate media who's making more money than ever is Loving it...stop believing their Lies. They are the Poster Boy of head in the sand. Ppl will listen to media before a wise Church Minister. Ps. I bet there's more Aussies ready for revolution at home than to fight a Rich mans War overseas!!!

This video was uploaded September 9th 2018 - 1 : The first week in October 2018 the Australian stock market had one of its largest corrections in recent history 2 : The Australian dollar collapsed against the USD in October 2018 Most people say i am an idiot, but the facts speak for themselves. The amount of times i am correct, should definitely make people sit up and listen. But they won't....

I’d like to believe stupidity is the reason they have made us into pansies. Pansies educationally, morale, financially, economically, militarily , psychologically and socially. I fear however that it has been the product of cunning,greed, evil, tyranny, despotism, dehumanisation and separation instead of unity all to make it easier to continue same in ever more rampant and virulent forms to achieve an agenda for the cabal of old money elite of OUR world that these last generations of disgraceful self enriching brown nosing storm troopers in positions of political power manipulation and perversion fool themselves will make them rich enough to escape WHAT IS NOT COMING NOW.... ITS BEEN HAPPENING EXPONENTIALLY ALL MY FUCKING LIFE....WAKE U DOZY CUNZ... BURN YOUR BANKBOOKS OR COOK EM SLOW AS YOUR GREED DESIRES. The poor people are coming to eeeeeaaat you.

The real world is tough

'Rent seeking parasite to the next generation'.. you expect property owners to let renters live in a house for free and deny themselves the ability to pay the mortgage?

Why "support me" when "I don't have time to do these videos"??? Helloo???

I can travel all over Australia riding a Solarized walk assist device that costs $2500-$4500 and never buy a milliliter of gas, no insurance etc. I can put up a shingle, painter for hire, under cut the people using gas guzzlers, get 10 jobs, ride to the hardware store, haul the paint, brushes, rollers, drop sheets etc, what did it cost me to do the jobs. Same with plumbing, electrical, construction. I can use the Solarized walk assist device to gather materials and charge cordless tools to build Solarized walk assist devices. Go camping in a Solarized walk assist device (camper style) and save $ on rent. Invest the earned $ into an electrolysis system to convert water into H2 and O2, sell H2 in stead of propane. Instead of sending $ off island to the personal gas guzzling machine industry, fossil fuel industry, interest industry, keep your wealth on the island. Solarized walk assist devices = Free Energy Machines

Watch on utube, Solarized walk assist device - camper build Also, Solarized walk assist device. Low cost solarized transportation Start building them, create a new business.

Australia went done the sh!t shoot when it signed the Lima Accord (Agenda 21) We signed away 30% of our manufacturing and that equates in today's loss of 80%. This was to boost 3rd world countries economy. We are now becoming less fortunate than the countries we supported. People, you need to Research this!!!

Indonesia may have 5 largest economy in the world but don't assume just because 1 million Australia holiday there doesn't makes Australians their friend. Indonesians care nothing for the Australian people or our culture, they only care for our tourist $$. Asians have a separate mind set to westerners

Indonesia blockading Australia ? With what? Maybe China could... buy they’d be seriously overextending... you underestimate our navy my son.

aquaponics is cool check out Rob Roy. good work mate

Get your fact right look up mother load gold Australia

Interesting point about "what do you think of when you think of a rich Australian"?......I instantly think of Politicians...right from the Local Council mayor up to the Federal Front Bench .....I may be wrong but the bulk of these parasites are Lawyers and Union Delegates with the exception of Dutton who's a cop. Almost the entire top group of people running the country are solicitors !!!. Now when a grade 12 student finishes grade 12 and get good results and decides to become a lawyer, what is that kids motivation ? I would say in 99% of cases to MAKE MONEY and screw who ever they have too along the way. To not innovate or sweat, basically to parasite of the situation.

the reason is simple... governments and the people behind them are showing you who they are, the modern day highway robbers rapists and killers...and its business as usual. you get what you vote for, slave masters and rapists.....time to wake up people.

China he’s the one will slave more countries ..,China hes the one elite behind.

Found out i cant go get my super i earned as a NZ'er for 5 years for another 20 years now, just passed. Before that it was something like if I go grab it I cant earn in oz anymore, I forget, it changes yearly. (snif) never see my super now.

A N T A R T I C A IS A M A J O R C H I N E S E G O A L A problem I have with your presentation is that you seem to think all in Aus. are too silly or don't work hard enough compared to others in the east asian region. This is just nonsense. The system in the west is being deliberately taken down and has been under sustained attack for decades. Its hard for your average Joe to know all this when the entire media apparatus and paid off politicians are working against him and persistently lying to him 24/7. You need to give your viewers a little more credit I think.

Great video.  Writing from Canada...exact same here mate. Check out the NWO sock puppet we have at the helm.  We do as you mentioned Dig holes and sell them abroad.for cheap!!  What they have allowed regards deforestation is nothing short of criminal, again sold abroad for cheap!!  No value added employment, just beautiful raw logs again for cheap!! Used to be sent to Japan, now China. The token tree planting operations are meant to appease those without intelligence as most of the mono culture does not survive without nurse logs and shelter from the elements. I don't think rent seekers are the problem entirely, it is the banks lowering interest rates and increasing the amount of years to pay off the mort (death) gage (contract)  and of course copious money printing schemes.  Also, I moved to Canada  from the UK (big mistake) and worked seven days a week for years in the  oil field service industry so not 5 days a week as you mentioned.  But my first house was 70K, now we have to pay that for a stupid truck!!!  I'm with you on the precious metals , however I still think risky in terms of confiscation and "Windfall tax". I have been studying best options for years and the bottom line seems to be there is nothing out there that is not ultimately controlled by the bankers and big corporations.  Forget Prime Ministers they mean nothing, just someone to divert everyone's attention away from the real dirty business going on behind the scenes.  Who else could become Prime Minister with the Resume of Part  time Drama Teacher and Ski instructor?????   Cheers.

Absolutely agree with you mate...what’s your thoughts on buying crypto currency rather than holding Australian dollar

You like gold? Ha ha ha. In time of deflation, as we're in (only money printing is temporarily keeping us out of this) the USD will be king. This is already proving to be the case and the AUD is falling (as at Oct 18). Gold is priced in USD so its value will fall, at least in the interim term. Gold is only good if inflation sets in NOT deflation. Your advice about the Chinese port in Sri Lanka is okay, but it's such a shit of a place to go. Been there down that. Who could trust Indonesia as a country? Australians didn't travel to 'Indonesia' but to Bali. Okay that's in Indonesia, but Bali is now a mini Australia for ockers and bogans. Going there is NOT like going to Indonesia, trust me.

At least the past generation didn't let women kick our butts like the present soy boys and manginas.

Stop whining you snotty nose kid. At least you didn't get whacked at school and then shunted off to fight in Vietnam. How many times have you held a spade in your hand? What's a spade you ask? Ha ha.

Typical Millenial crybaby point of view lol. For as long as there have been houses, there has been landlords . Please look up the things that Australia has given the world as far as inventions go. May just blow your small mind.

The Saints have the lowest amount of premierships per return of investment. An Australian economist crunched the numbers. So I'm not surprised with your narrow minded opinion

The fact is that without the "rent seeking parasites" many more Australians would either live in tents or living on the streets as it is the case in America (North, central and south) and Europe.

There has always been risks out there, Aussie economy rolls on , stop the fear mungering. Yes, there will be corrections but it would have to be a world economic crises.

This is a smart video which speaks the truth. Certain Australia politicians are so stupid, by being so anti China in their speech and policies . The moment China stops importing from Australia, Australia's economy will collapse dramatically. Only an idiot (eg certain Australia politicians ) will offend their biggest + most important customer (China ) .

China's plan all along

Our Navy is aware of what I said. 2034 that's all I will tell you.... "son"

We have no gold. You heard it here first by the sounds of things. Believe it or join the other emus.

cryptocurrency is the same as gambling

USD is about to drop. Then the speculators will put it in gold. I told you so coming soon.

+Dave Lee dont blame hardworking australians for working hard and getting more than one property. Blame the government for allowing masses of chinese and indians to flood the country with hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars and causing property prices to skyrocket.

Rent is overpriced to add equity to the parasites. I stand by what I said because I am 100% correct

Wasted a few seconds reading your patronising comment.

Dave Lee You’re definitely no idiot Dave, unfortunately too many people are brainwashed sheep who blindly believe whatever the lamestream media and our corrupt politicians tell them.

Mr Lee are you applying an over intensive Asian mind-set to the casual laid-back she'll-be-right attitude that makes the West more successful? Personally, I think your view of the world is too naiive and your criticism of the Australian psyche not warranted. Oz is part of the Anglo-American alliance, we are cousins and brothers in arms. London and New York money controls the world, and Western dominance of global finance will never be relinquished without the biggest fight ever. Oz is part of that cartel. Yes there are periods of the orchestrated economic cycle which fill the coffers of the banking network at the expense of the masses, but that is the game we are in. People can opt out of the game by not being part of it by not borrowing. As for China; the string of pearls acquisition strategy will be short lived; command economies do not work; Asian society can copy good ideas but inventing something new has not happened since the invention of gunpowder 800 years ago; Asian education systems do not encourage people to think for themselves; the collective group is conditioned to act like a mindless robot; both South American and African people will quickly grow intolerant of Chinese bully-boss mentality; Africans use physical conflict to solve problems; overseas Chinese military bases in places like Djibouti can be wiped out in half an hour.

The U.S. would not allow a blockade of Australia and definitely has the ability to do so.

+Dave Lee Thank you :)

+Dave Lee Let's see which party does the best in the US mid term elections. If it's the Republicans, the US economy will continue to improve and the USD will lift against the AUD. I see no upside for the AUD right now, especially if the Democrats do well in the coming US elections.

+Phil Osophical Who voted the government in ? Who allowed the nsw government to be labor for twenty years. Who is responsible for taking action now? we are all responsible. Time we make some good decisions for our future, starting today, before it's too late

Just colonise like the great brits

I'm investing in mostly silver and a little gold.

So happy to know not everyone is a fool in Australia. Keep up the aussie content. There is way to much land in Australia for the price to be so high. I know my parents house went from being $160,000 to 1.5 million hahah My dad also brought 60 arces of bush for $20,000 now worth about $350,000. Time for all the dumb boi's to do some smarter investing.

Ive been hearing this shit for 20 years..... Dosent happen.

Full of inaccuracies. Some good partial information, but very simplified and scathing. Australia has much more going for it that what is portrayed. Yes too much investment is put into property, but there is loads of innovation, amazing manufacturing and smart service industries developed and run from Australia. World leading bio-tech companies, world leaders in quantum computer technologies. What about Atlassian and many others world leaders. We had our own fuel refineries, but these were not competitive anymore against overseas state sponsored ones so ours were decommissioned. I agree that our politicians are an embarrassment and only seem to care about is their next payrise, rorting benefits and maximising their superannuation.

EVERY POLITICIAN since keating, no matter which side, has done nothing but sell off everything this country worked for, and stood for. Every one of our infrastructures is now owned by a different country. Every product we made famous is now owned by a different country. We are now a true asian country. It was not supposed to be this way. Oh, and what about our politics, can anyone tell me the last time we VOTED someone in? There is no going back now. Not without blood.

You have absolutely no idea what your talking about....

gold is what i was thinking....also creative arts....

Because they dopy tattooed bogans coffs harbour is full of em..

We need to slow immigration now so we can at least catch up. Stop handling out houses like lollies! And stop importing things we already have here!! Ffs

Yeah right! what if What if? What if!! Are you serious? If ! If if! You are simply off the planet! Any fool can regurgitate the boofhead doomsday prophets! Get real!

I honestly cannot think of a worse trading partner than Indonesia, look at their economy, the price of their currency, and the overall industrial sector in Indo!! Terrible!!! We need to start processing our own ores and rare earth minerals, THAT ALONE would increase our GDP extremely significantly! My personal financial plan is also to invest in Gold, Silver, Platinum and other rare earth minerals, Look at the spot prices lately!

I dont see myself as a fool and am aware of what is going on but im a single 60 yr old that is stuck in the rental market with not a big income so how can i make money?

I have a very hard erection just thinking about the Great Australian Property Crash

+Joe 2022 economic trouble. 2034 colonization of Australia. Here's some new news from me personally. None of these fools told you that. You are welcome

I have you know. Over and over. Its very old news.

no you have not. There's a real analyst here.

Please research your material better to avoid over-simplification and inaccuracies. Yes, I agree Australia has had it very easy and it shows. That said, Australians can be very clever and enterprising. Many inventions have come from Australia that have changed the world. Simply do a web search on Australian inventions and Australian innovation and you will see. Even your WIFI wouldn't work without patented tech from the CSIRO that now Microsoft, Google and others now pay licensing fees for (though after a costly legal fight because they "borrowed" the tech and didn't want to pay). Hey, what a breakthrough Google Maps is. Well, they had to purchase a Sydney based company first to get much if the initial technology to start Google Maps back in 2004. Ever used an electric drill, yep, invented here. How about a petrol lawn mower. Don't forget the perfect solar and wind powered clothes dryer, the famous Hills Hoist. Cochlear implants, electronic Pacemaker, and numerous other breakthroughs started in Aust. Australia even has world leaders in developing tech for Quantum Computing. Check out the software company Atlassian for a hugely successful software company, founded in Aust. Aust punches above its weight with amazing R&D, but does lack in commercializing many of our great ideas due to fat and lazy investors and govt. NB: We even had our own major fuel refineries, but these were no longer competitive against overseas state sponsored ones so ours were decommissioned. It was a complete failure of our National Security to let our refineries shut down. It's documented that our military only holds a small fraction of the mandatory fuel stores required, so if our supply lines overseas were blocked, our army would fail to defend against any serious attack - Out of Fuel.

Giles, I'm well aware of the corrections you made here. Thanks for the feedback, fortunately or unfortunately i do make these videos very simple. I have access to the same info as every other analyst, this is how i see patterns and push my story. Giles, 2022 our economy will be hit hard and by 2034 our freedom may be in danger. This is how i joined the dots on all the data i consume. Hopefully i am wrong

Isn't Austria a major gold producing/mining country?

Thats because its not going to happen and your welcome. Go have a cup of tea and calm down.

Invest in silver. Silver is greatly undervalued and used more then gold in industry. Silver is also not hoarded in masses by other countries, America could easily dump its large masses of gold as a counter measure for those that oppose the american dollar and trade in gold such as iran. America owns 8tonnes of gold which is 75% of foreign reserves. If china and russia add both of there gold stockpile together it wouldnt equal half of americas gold. Silver is the way to go.

Watch out Africa, asian domination is coming to your door..

Gold, silver, crypto, metals companies, US/Canadian cannabis also shorting the Australian banks (or the entire ASX 200), Nasdaq and DOW but not just yet

"Rent seeking parasites" - well said! Subscribed.

Turned in their guns, guess they can turn cannabalistic.

Hi @Dave Lee... What can you say about overseas professionals / skilled workers that come to Australia? How can they help Australian economy while at the same time securing themselves and their family's future? Is there a win-win solution both for immigrants like us and the Australian economy in the advent of this "worldwide phenomenon?"

Anyone is welcome to share their views. Thanks in advance.

Why is LYNAS plant in Malaysia. Please take it back to Australia

Well if some of the infrastructure project money is related to Tesla, full confidence in that. If it's more coal's probably a mix anyway. Australians have always been afraid. This land has everything needed, so if economic separation occurred then manufacturing would restart, probably taking little more than a decade. Plenty of pain however during that restarting period. Need to maintain national defence and immediately act on climate. The Climate change threat is more dire than any 'economic' concern

Let the land down under go down under.

Next time you do a video would you be willing to do it without music in the background, although faint I can hear it and I find it distracting.

Labor party since Bob hawke borrowed money to fund democratic socialism devaluing our dollar

hang on...... im just going to watch tv for a bit

Higher taxation since Gough Whitlam kills our purchasing power the consumer

My Dad earned 10 million turnover Civil engineer owner , but after paying wages , high regulations , high taxes , expenses he took home $275,000aud

Crypto currencies like bitcoin and xrp. Cardano and horizon state are 2 Australian projects. Horizon state has developed a decentralized voting protocol and cardano aims to connect the world.

I think silver is better

Yeah, gold is good for value creation and at the least, value retention, especially with the falling value of the Australian dollar. But looking at the value ratio of gold/silver, which is presently at an extremely low rate, when the coming crisis occurs, which it will, that ratio will likely adjust to more usual levels, thus the value of silver will far outshoot the value of gold, for the amount invested in the metal. Another advantage of silver is that it can be purchased in much lower nominal denominations, meaning that it is much easier to trade with, ie. it is more fungible. Another good investment in a crisis would be works of art, but only if it is by previously recognised artists that have a history of their art being sought after. Reasons not mentioned for the coming crisis are that Australia is currently the world's most privately indebted nation, per capita, at +190% household earnings to household debt. With 90 day debt arrears rising fast. And with households in mortgage stress approaching 35%. This is a major problem as the US is currently raising interest rates and if Australia follows suit then those in mortgage stress and those in arrears will rise dramatically, both factors leading to a glut of houses on the market, forcing house prices into a major correction. If we do not follow the US with interest rate rises, the Australian dollar will fall dramatically, importing inflation, especially on fuels and electronics. Rising fuel prices especially will impact household consumption hence reduce GDP, further reducing GDP. If we reduce interest rates, to take pressure off housing stress and stop the housing market from falling, as it is currently doing, some Sydney and Melbourne suburbs falling 20% already, then the Au$ would fall precipitously, importing even more inflation and hitting the GDP that much harder. The Reserve Bank has done itself and all Australia a massive disservice by allowing the ramping up of house prices the way that it has done by having both credit [monetary policy] so loose for so long, and by allowing the lax [to the point of criminality] lending standards to be continued across Australia. This situation makes you want to laugh and cry simultaneously. And, as the Royal Commission into Banking has shown, Australian banking and lending institutions are riddled with corruption and criminality. Anyone with a house should sell promptly, very promptly, unless they have a dire need to keep it. And those with wealth in Au$ would be foolish not to trade it for other currencies, or preferably precious metals [I say preferably as other currencies are also ripe for massive devaluations].

Big Government our downfall since Gough Whitlam 70s

New cars are $10000 cheaper under Liberal party

Big percentage of landlords in Australia are part of middle class

+Dave Lee Councils put cost on landlords

Democrats are parasites

Nailed it high regulations and taxes kill small business part of middle class

Union leader greed strikes

China didn't invent anything significant either, just fireworks. The rest is just Copy and Paste.

My comments here are for fun readers, I am not talking about anyone or any country the incidents here are by nature of facts: Politicians worry about their Party's seats. Big, long-term projects to develop the country are not in strategic, the other Party will not support just to gain seats, people do not support politicians who have ambitious to follow goals that need a little sacrifice, and people can't tolerate dignity of achievement they see it as arrogance, people are extremely conservative, resources are kept well out of reach, never known evolve are ways of creating new task hence new jobs, resources became expires, has no vision of new concepts, be safe of old use, no new, too complicated, risky. Any change poses as threats of their settled lives. And, cannot take any criticises. Remember not going forward is already moving backward.

What a load of shit. 30% poorer won't happen!

I feel the same way brother , glad to know I'm not alone

Why would you say that ?

+clayton shaw I purchase silver at my local bullion shop in Brisbane 'Imperial Bullion' normally you find good bullion close to spot at most good bullion shops.. you can also buy online but i like to support my local small business.

Hi Spain , where is the best place to purchase Silver ?

Kate , any golf we do have is stored in the Bank of England . This has not need audited in years , not even sure it is there

The colony deliberately created the people to be naive. This is a country where the government formed the people NOT the other way around.

A lot of what you have to say has merit, however it is not just Australia that has a large portion of rent seeking lazy people. I think the issue truely lies with those that try to make money from money rather than money from labour or innovation. I believe the best option going forward is to go back to basics, getting paid for something that has actual value, produce, manufacturing etc. not hedged funds or trading stocks or betting, or even renting properties for passive income. Take bitcoin for example, people making money from something that is actually worthless, eventually this has to fail. Let’s produce something.

Housing boom is caused by low interest rates and lots of buyers including overseas buyers! The banks in a way dictate the market. Lots of vacant home, being bought by rich Chinese doesn't help. Property boom is ending world-wide, including Australia. If China devalues their currency because of Trumps' trade war, may cause a big upset in the economy. We are in the longest bull run in stock market history, which can't last forever.....

you dont know anymore than anyone else

You're on the mark Dave, but l will say Australia is a haven and that would have to be the trump card .good work with the aussie scenery. Australia has the most fascinating landscape, it's a shame l not proud of its business sense

Another meat head here

China isn’t going to get its raw natural resources from there , that it gets from Australia . The real reason he met , all the African leader’s was they have borrowed ridiculously heavily to the point . They have put there airports and power plants up as collateral . Although China has built hospitals , schools , roads In the same country’s .

The only things that come to mind, that've been invented in Australia, are Vegemite, Wi-Fi and a fucking wind-up clothes line.

It all started in 2001 when John Howard was kissing George w bush ass he follow USA in war on middle east countries at the same time he was selling parts of Australia to China then he gave CEOs more power plus the Gst 10% but everything went up by 500% after that evertime the Lib party r in power good bye Australia from work to living buy a house they made deals with China and other countries now Australia is in detpt we copy USA rules and lift the banks put rates up every 3 months now u got one nation Pauline Hanson who goes on news. To make Australia look bad and blames everything on middle eastern people

i don't think Australia is in Debt Trouble... If you look hard enough the current Debt Country is United State of America $14.3 Trillion dollars - China $5.7 Trillion Dollars - Japan $5.4 Trillion Dollars - Germany $3.3 Trillions Dollars France$2.6 Trillions Dollars -United Kingdom$2.3 Trillions Dollars - Italy $ 2.0 Trillions Dollars -Brazil $2.0 Trillions Dollars - Canada $ 1.6 Trillions Dollars -Russia $ 1.5 Trillions Dollars

ideology and reality are very different. wait. don't speculate too much.

pirates = BS you should think critically you dummy

I always say Australia is the World's Dumbest Country...

put your money in silver and gold grams quarter ounces.... ounces .. just a bit a month is good you dont need to go over board 10% of your earnings .. you can not miss especially silver

join the club brother all commonwealth countries are like emerging markets today .. the collapse is just around the corner

this is full of bs. I told you so

Indonesia blockading Oz. What a load of shit. What are you? some kind of total fuckwit? Yeah, we are all stupid and you are the genius. What are you, about 19 years old? You can't even string together enough words to make a sensible sentence. Dickhead.

Also can you stop saying we are dummies you dummy. Ta

if you don t have time don t do the videos bro. Talk about Julian Assange if you wanna talk about something real. Innit


I think that you are worrying too much we have got plans to backup all sorts of situations my good friends come from China saying the Chinese leadership a scared s******* of Trump we have got eyes on China 24/7 they can't do much without us noticing that and all the talk about Australia can't survive without China it's a load of s*** the good trade Partners that we can trust I quite sufficient and Wi-Fi was invented in Australia

Glass Seagull. Good one. Glass Steagall howevwer is, if I am not completely wrong, not about the government "dipping in to your funds" . Glass Steagall is about separation of Commercial and Investment banking. i.e banks that deal with savings accounts shouldn't also gamble in the financial markets. i.e. it's a banking act. Australia does however have bail in laws and IMF has also been preparing nations for a one-off wealth confiscation.

Not agree what your talking about...

Good video with sound reasoning. Thanks for your thoughts. Hope some Kiwis can see the same trends over here.

Invest in weapons

Refrigerator, Wifi, dna cutting, the owin gun and many more.


Lol bend your knee and Seek help from big brothers in USA

The country make it better for economy is the population what code and investment investing the builder economy in minute factoring pooed and not sit down in behind the door like Australia so many people Seat down Close the door and they can see what coming

Australia economy downpour already down for already for couple years now and Australia it’s not money and with breeding of people the boss of the boss sit down in the backside the supervisor that then CEO on all the people sitting down and see what coming You

Malaysia has a currently low currency has the largest growth potential. But take note that a minimum of RM1 mil for house purchase. That's AU$300k. Pretty good deal.

What is this? Propaganda made by Cgina?

dave lee. hang on a minute, mate. What other countries did indonesia invade and annexed other then East Timor? And when the Dutch gave up it's colonies in the Dutch West Indies including West Timor in 1949, it recognised West Timor as indonesia. So it's only natural for the indonesians to think the same as regards East Timor, as also being indonesia. You said Indonesia has a history of invading countries. You mean America, don't you? A slip of a tongue, maybe? As reported by the Guardian Newspaper in 2000, according to secret documents released, Australia let indonesia invade East Timor, knowing in advance and given a nod by the australians and I also think had the backing of britain and america, otherwise do you honestly believe the indonesians would've been allowed to? Quid Pro Quo with the support of Suharto in the overthrow of Sukarno and the dreaded communist infiltration?

There has been some covert oppression of the Papua New Guineans. Also in geopolitics we start with two sources of data. one : capability two : interests Then we prepare for the worst and hope for the best

no that's not it people just get failed in test and qualifications one to many times & they just give up that is the signal of the death spiritual of the economy.

Autralia is one of the lowest IQ developed/ educated countries in the history of the can thank sport for most of this mess..Australians are obsessed with sport and put it before everything.. in the next 20 years asian men will be coming to australia as sex tourists... yes...That's what i said... and i will eat my hat if im wrong.. i like silver.. it has more industrial use then gold and i like bitcoin and a lesser known coin called particl that is a privacy platform with dapps the first being a decentralized marketplace(a real decentralized market with a governance system not moderators and escrow agents.. 10000% decentralized never done before.. been with team since 2014 and they are hitting asia especially philippines for addoption we have multiple partners including miguel cuenta who is a big player in asia when it comes to cryptocurrency and bitcoin he is co-founder of phillipines is going to be interesting...i think we need to stock up on some peso's... i was there 4 mon ths ago in Manila and the expansion of urban development is insane... sky scrappers everywhere being built... greetings from NSW btw... buy silver/gold and crypto with usecase like DYOR!

Sorry Glass/Stegal is no more in the USA.Banks have access to all your money.

Not that you need validation from me, you are correct in your thoughts in relation to australia. I am seeing a time were once again commenwealth countries will be trading between one another. This will cause our economy to shrink dramaticly. You are completely correct in relation to rent seeking parasites. This in no way helps an economy. I immensely appreciate your efforts and am glad to hear that somebody else can see what is happening. There are no innovators in australia, we are infact in a desperate situation.

You like Gold and not the AUS currency, and not the US economy , well when Gold goes up which is measured in US dollars , the US dollar goes down and the Aussie dollar goes up against the US also because we are rich in resoutces and Gold so which is it .... If you’re that good , you’d be retired already like I nearly am ... so who’s the dummy?

We are fucked

From experience, buy your first home in the country, plenty of houses for 150k in places where there are jobs, invest together with your partner or friends or family, stay away from the major cities. I started my own business my parents emigrated from a 3rd world country. Watch less YouTube, manage your time better.

Do you think you will be the new George sorios bad mouthing the Australian economy

just wondering who did we borrow from and USA is it China what happens when the debt is called in

It wont collapse. See u after 5 years.

The Royal Australian Navy has a Net of Protection over the entire country, with only 6 ships, they can destroy any incoming missile,plane or pirate ship that dares enter our zone, hope i didnt just say too much

Asia is a Huge Market on Australia Doorstep yet we do NOT take advantage of this...we should be supplying Asia 100%

Wollongong Uni survives off Asian Overseas Student Fees

Excatly we do NOT process our Silver and gold we send the ore to Asia who then process it then sell it back to us at an inflated cost..?? and we pay for the Logistics

I've known about the inevitability of GFC II for 10 years now. I've been talking to everyone I know about it. I became that weird friend who is in to conspiracy theories that people politely put up with. Only now, about 5% of them are beginning to listen and believe because the mainstream media is giving us a last minute warning before it actually happens. This is going to hit everyone hard. The Islamic banks will weather the GFC II better than all others because they have been avoiding the practice of fractional reserve lending which all western banks use. They played the long game and it's going to pay dividends when the economic reset happens. Look out, Europe.

Go consult a doctor, you brain is very sick.

If your feeling really ambitious form a political party. Team up with like minded YouTubers and ask all subscribers to become members with a modest $5 a month membership fee. Kind of like a union. *And embezzle the money a skip the country. Haha NO!* Use the money to hire intellectuals, ex bankers, lawyers etc. As advisors and form a party model that represents the people, is transparent. All major party decisions are poll tested among all party members officially via member website and unofficially for all Australians on social media. It would be the biggest undertaking ever, the sacrifices, commitment. Just thinking about it is exhausting. Of course this is just _romanticizing._ The other option is we eventually have had enough of our current political parties and rebel. Then, round them all up and set them adrift towards Antarctica. *Goodbye Friend!*

this bloke is a terminal wankes

Dude you are so dame lucky. it only takes 35 years for a wage earner to buy a house here, in China Shanghai, it takes 100 years.

Get rid of negative gearing !!

Critical thinking is not your strength because you do not have the historical depth to make foreign policy statements !!

Yet this video was extremely accurate

Wrong !!The USA got rid of Glass-Steagal first by Clinton and then Bush .The Fed even got rid of the Volker rule .

Yeah ok. Go start up your own channel genius. How about you reply to me in video form. Then send it to me for critique

you lost me there mate when you said Trump can't hack it when its clear that the US economy has never been this good in a while

+Dave Lee do yourself and the rest of us a favour, and stop making videos, our $ like the USA has been worth nothing for ages... and your biases are abysmal,,, hope your are prepared to be accountable for all the people you lead astray with false information... Silly Boy better grow up into big boy pants

7.35 he say Venezuela of Asia

Yes. This is what happens when you continue to ignore me. I could have prevented all of this.

Recently Trump Government helped Australia regarding defence. Present time China vs USA Regarding South China Sea .

China's big plan is to put other economy's in a default position.. they will then buy up anything else up like old churches, maybe even make us communist, like we will have a say anyway...

I love this idea. But we differ on the China theory. Mine is that the globalists will buy us up. I could talk for ages on this theory

I just did a draw on the big 4 banks... not looking good at all! NAB has a target of $12.30 ANZ, $8.50 Westpac & CBA are weak also! The debt crisis of 2019

+Joel Flynn Just send to my facebook. Cheers

+Dave Lee Im a trained student from Francis hunt HVF methodology. The method is very reliable. Look up the reset sniper, also market sniper (separate channel) on youtube. He has a very interesting take but his method actualy gives a signal well in advance. Australian banks are in big big trouble. I can email you a few charts if you like..

Did a draw?

Go to malaysia...

She be right mate the government will just increase taxes on tobacco booze and every thing else all that hard work then they will give them selves a pay rise

We could diversify by buying some Foreign Minted Gold, Silver, and Platinum Collectable Coinage along with some in the Asian Development Bank issued Chinese Yuan Bonds, some in the Asian Development Bank issued Indonesian Rupiah Bonds and some in Malaysian Ringgit Bonds along with some in the Indonesian and Malaysian Property REIT's and maybe also some in Physical Properties located in major Indonesian and Malaysian cities and towns.


It's a little hard to believe when the narrator sounds like he's in his mother's basement on the old squeaky couch.

well you can always rely on the new upcoming superpower of the world.. INDIA.. If any Australian is listening tell your PM, get all the investment in India because India is the only country who is neither an enemy nor an ally of the US or China or Russia and this is called Non alignment policy

Never bet against America.......many have and failed...... I not being boastful........ but we deal with adversity everyday......and succeed........ we are energy independent and we do have our own resources and technology..........our trade unbalance funded China rise in a short time...... relatively...... as white Christian Australians you may not want to side with Asians...... they’ll probably make you their slaves..... and ps...... they see Russians as non Asians too and I believe the Russians recognize this. China doesn’t want to play fair. They steal whatever they can get their hands on ......especially technology. China imposes domestic trade barriers and their government strong arms foreign investments and forces technology transfers or access. Is that the world you want........ and their government is a communist dictatorship. Maybe the guy explaining these facts is part of Australia’s problem.

+dadon big call. The out of control corruption in Asia and the submissive nature of the majority of its population will always hold it back. Crypto I hope rises but being pragmatic the greed and corruption of people that run it and the banks will pay people to sabatoge will slowly erode the confidence in it

The day australians realise we are not in wonderland they will change themselves and start supporting immigration but tbh Australia will never be able to become like US untill it gives priority to family immigration. Creamy layer will only come if they can sponsor there entire family and that is what US did. Also get rid of your penalty rates including weekend or evening rates.

I've seen primary producers struggle and fall for years trying to compete with imported goods. lately the fishing industries have been under attack from both imported seafood and international investors buying control of my industry Today I woke up worried,I made a coffee,opened YouTube and searched 'Australian Economic crash' and I found your video,GREAT VID BRO! I'm just a fisherman and don't know much about economics but I can see something corrupt going down in this country .My thoughts- "If imported goods rise and local produce falls,then that looks like the opposite of a sustainable economy.I don't think our leaders are blind,but may have an agenda to uphold."

Really no innovation is Australia, just one example Atlassian. Stop whining and get off your Millennial backside and do something!

Its nearly December 2018.. when's it gonna happen? Everybody always believes the end of the world is gonna happen in September of nearly every year!!!

Australia is the largest exporter of commodities in the world. Australia has the richest mine in the world at Olympic Dam in S.A . Its minerals in the ground are worth $5 trillion .

China is not the be all and end all, mate. The long term contracts still need to be honoured. There are plenty of countries who can buy our minerals.

Bruv, u r incoherent and u say 'dummies' too much. U need to link ideas better.

You would do well to educate yourself before making just uninformed comments.

Alternative Investment FX Managed Accounts by good short term daytrader 3 different strategies I have developed and manage day to day

Glass Stegall act is worthless in America


Don’t have time to make videos. Then don’t.

You are full of Sh--. You do not know what you are talking about. You have contradicted yourself many times. Shaz 38b Oat Street, East Victoria Park, Perth, W.A. 6148

China trades with Australia not because they like us but because it's very cost-effective. Huge tankers carrying Australian raw materials have a direct and uninterupted route from Australia to China. That makes it cheaper to buy coal from Australia than it does from their closest Ally which is Russia.

Dumb farmers have destroyed Australia.They destroyed industry in favor of wheet and wool. The government has destroyed education: this equates to dumb people.

I almost subscribed...until you said the U.S. President was a "good businessman"...but go ahead...continue...

You don't have to like the guys methods, but he seems to be a winner. I judge successful people by their results, not their personalities or appearance. Steve Jobs was known as a dick too. Wouldn't want to be friends with either but respect their results. That's the problem with these stupid diversity targets, they judge someone on everything other than their competency. Sorry if this is too rational for you

It's Glass-Steagle.

I dug holes for 8 years in construction. Been on the tools for years before I decided to use my brain more

Plenty of time to watch though hey... And be a smart arse in the comments.

Lost value.

2022 and 2034 there's my dates

+Dave Lee Yeah well MMmm but still you sound like a kid and totally unbelievable. And if you're so smart with finance how did you ever become homeless? Credibility....LOW

I'm no doubt older and wiser than you. Been Homeless and fought my way out of poverty. Had two hip replacements and need a knee replacement. I'm the ultimate Aussie battler.

Paper Making 105 A.C. Movable Type Printing 960-1279 AD. Gunpowder 1000 A.D. Compass 1100 A.D. Alcohol 2000 BC-1600 BC. Mechanical Clock 725 A.D. Tea Production 2,737 BC. Silk 6,000 years ago. etc etc etc to enhance your education try,

Greg Wootton I welcome your criticism, cause I take it as a learning curves. Perhaps you can educate me (I mean it in sincere way). Please tell me what China had invented in term of technology.

doesnt have time to be making these videos but makes a 30 min vid on absolutly crap thats repeated through out the entire clip realisticly could of been 4 mins long so clearly you do have time to make these clips and cos u pretend you dont tells me your just a fukwit telling storys from ya own tiny mind.. just say your here to get as many views you can borderlining click bait and then say a few links to garbage affiliated sites should be a dozen or so links in the doobly doo (while you speak nonsense) and praying ppl just click those few that suit your pocket... Dave (Fake'N'Bake) Lee - Australias habitual fibber

Why don't we refine our own oil, Australia could become a self-sufficient country if we got rid of the idiots in government and pull out of the un. Blow the rest of the world, we are going to destroy our selves if we keep going down the road we are currently on. If everyone wants gold then flog it off the Vatican. They have more wealth then any country on the planet. Just with their wealth alone could end world poverty 10 fold over. Maybe every country should just invade the Vatican instead. That's where most of the control is coming from, that's the original source of the problems with this world is.

This is total garbage . Australia's economy did not even have a hiccup during the big melt down in the USA . OZ economy is smaller but more robust and better manged and in far less debt per gross domestic product than most other countries and they have a future fund that could pay off all debt or fund a war . You will be surprised to know that Australian treasurer warned the US about it's home loan lending fiasco that would land them in financial trouble but they did not listen . All economies have their problems and good and bad times but the US will go broke way before Australia ever will . Even if they never sold a thing to China they can still feed and look after their population . The US can not even do that now with tent cities growing and people sleeping in the streets , minimum wage a disgrace and health care not affordable . There will always be countries that want , iron ore , bauxite , copper , coal , uranium , diamonds etc. even if China slowed down , India is firing up . Oil exploration in Australia is young and yet to find huge fields but they are there . If the Australian dollar goes down it just means they sell more export minerals , it does not kill the economy really we have survived plenty of corrections . Even if the whole world crashed and burnt financially Australia would be better of than the bigger countries with more mouths to feed . It's greenies who are trying to stop coal production but all it will mean is eventually they will have no choice but to go nuclear power . Which they can do easily because they have large Uranium deposits and an already contaminated place to dump spent fuel rods . In caparison of debt to GDP Australia is traveling ok and that's what the Chinese trolls in this thread hate , they can't get Australia in huge unpayable debt to them .

Indonesia is a muslim country, not to be trusted.

Why cant we have new innovation and new technologies in Australia?? Because of "Tall poppy syndrome". If your smart and you have good ideas Australians pull you down.

Hmmmm! Waffle waffle waffle

If China thinks it’s going to be smooth sailing by getting there resources from Africa they have another thing coming. Long supply lines are the greatest weakness for any country.

So how does one prepare for the economy crashing outside of moving countries?.. Seems like it's a wave we've gotta ride..

A lot of Australian innovation ends overseas apparently because we do not have population base to support it. But some do not want a massively growing population because it stuffs up the environment. Intelligent approaches as you say could solve many problems. My common sense says our per capita income from resources would be greater the smaller our population. As an older Aussie I would back the Yanks right or wrong. Their systems of law are more in accord with ours and many Asian countries are still pretty bad on human rights and freedom of information, but I agree we still must get on well with our neighbours.

Well, thanks for your information. I fully agree. I live on the other side of the globe but analyse the entire economic situation. And yes, we will face a big wealth transfer on earth. Real estate, stock markets are highly overvalued and will have to correct - followed by a worldwide recession... -> so only strong national markets will not be hurt that much. countries/regions depending heavingly on exports (as European Union, US, China and Australia etc.) will suffer a lot - especially that ones at the base. And not only in AUS the government will touch your bankaccounts or put governmental-mortgages on your real estate... - so it's 5 before 12 to setup your strategy and prepare yourself for this period... and yes: there are many opportunities to diversify and in 10 years you will be on the sunny side. If you invest into some appletrees, you will constantly have something to eat and drink... gold doesnt feed you on short term, but in longterm it's good to have it (be aware the government wont confiscate it too...) - be as independent as posible (your own little farm with renewable energy supply etc.)...

O.K. it´s now 3 months since this post. When is this great crash going to happen ? Methinks you are another Max Keiser. He has been predicting collapse of the world economy for years. If you constantly predict this then of course at some stage you will be right.

Wifi is australian invention

ive never understood this from our nations leaders policy , we have some of the most valuable resources on the planet, we out source all our valuable resources to overseas manufactures, who intern sell it back to us as a final product at maximum profits , we missed the industrial revolution by a long shot in this country, we could and should manufacturer at least our own resources ourselves, the infrastructure is modeled after an antiquated systems and a real misunderstanding of what could have been a real economic boom and a nations freedom, that has been lost by the idiots in power that sell out for a quick profit and no long term goal to reinvest in the welfare or the country , the gold standard has long passed in the monetary system and gold can be something the government can be use against you by investing in, and owning privately . as they will converscate it from you in hard times if they determine it necessary to help save the economy it has been done before , money is not currency, and a lye that is just a piece of paper costing more to print than what its worth and doomed to fail, what to invest in then? maybe invests in yourselves, and our ability to understand how to utilize there system for your own gain, use there system against them, you`ve been scammed and blindsided for so long it has become normal and accepted , stop, reeducate your self its the only way to defend your self and gain financials freedom and live free...!!

Feel very LUCKY I have so many Aussie friends are not narrow minded like you.

Try not to work with China... very smart move. What real benefits did you get from your so-called allies. Australia has its own advantages in this area to work with China, and , by the way, you really don't know real economic strength of Australia. Also, talking about history f invasion, pls stop trade with US and Japan... otherwise, you just slap in your own face...

Dual citizenship, engage politically, reduce expenses now to prepare.

Since I posted this our economy corrected. Then I predicted the next one. It's all here for any fool to see. That's the problem... I can put it in everyone face and they still talk shit in the comments. Jeez

Yeah yeah

This is total garbage . Australia's economy did not even have a hiccup during the big melt down in the USA . OZ economy is smaller but more robust and better manged and in far less debt per gross domestic product than most other countries and they have a future fund that could pay off all debt or fund a war . You will be surprised to know that Australian treasurer warned the US about it's home loan lending fiasco that would land them in financial trouble but they did not listen . All economies have their problems and good and bad times but the US will go broke way before Australia ever will . Even if they never sold a thing to China they can still feed and look after their population . The US can not even do that now with tent cities growing and people sleeping in the streets , minimum wage a disgrace and health care not affordable . There will always be countries that want , iron ore , bauxite , copper , coal , uranium , diamonds etc. even if China slowed down , India is firing up . Oil exploration in Australia is young and yet to find huge fields but they are there . If the Australian dollar goes down it just means they sell more export minerals , it does not kill the economy really we have survived plenty of corrections . Even if the whole world crashed and burnt financially Australia would be better of than the bigger countries with more mouths to feed . It's greenies who are trying to stop coal production but all it will mean is eventually they will have no choice but to go nuclear power . Which they can do easily because they have large Uranium deposits and an already contaminated place to dump spent fuel rods . In comparison of debt to GDP Australia is traveling ok and that's what the Chinese trolls in this thread hate , they can't get Australia in huge unpayable debt to them .

China could hurt the economy but China would also be hurt and have trouble feeding their people AU would not . If that happened AU would stop all Chinese goods coming in and so would others . If China does not buy then India will. You are way over estimating the effects of stock market variations in Australia during the US melt down our stock market went down badly but the average Australian never noticed . It is good management because we had regulations in place to stop toxic mortgages and they are even tighter now . China thinks it controls everything you don't . Most of the news about such things is grossly exaggerated and is not anywhere like the US problems . China is going down the same path as US running up huge debt and if they keep going the way they are in places like the South China Sea then that could lead to a boycott of Chinese products which is bad for everyone but it will hurt China a lot more . India will be the next big manufacturer and take a lot of China's business .

+Juan Batista Market rallied when the trade war 90 day truce was announced. Why? China has the ability to collapse the AU economy by withdrawing. 08 was not good management, it was china buying our resources. In fact Keynesian economics always ends in stagflation.

Debt has risen since 2008 and that is a worry but it's still only about 41.9% of GDP . That's still very manageable , compare that to the US which is approaching 100 % of GDP . China ? somewhere between 50% and 300% of GDP . So at the moment it's ok but debt does need to be capped and brought down .

Gee this guy thinks it's still 08. He probably is a politician. Is that you Wayne Swan?

+Dave Lee I don't talk crap sorry your the best at that poo breath

Then some fool talks crap in the comments like he's a genius. start your own channel and show me up then you idiot

Yup, doesn't mean I don't know what it means

cheers mate

because it has been fucked by greedy unions and labor scumbags

Chinese crypto currency, and precious metals. . Hey, mate. Any more info on this? Thanks

at least australia have u

physical gold will buy houses #Tulip?

if Aussie's can produce their own and support their nation first, you will not need to be dependent on your internatinal standing to get through anything, this is where Trump is dead right, self sufficiency first, sell to foreigners later, good luck :)

Goff Whitlam doing in manufacturing signing the Lima Declaration years ago, fucking us, he should of been imprisoned

Need to learn how to refine our own fuel?? We used to refine 90% of our own fuel, from about 80% of our own oil. We had protectionist policies to maintain manufacturing. Successive governments are deliberately turning us into a net importer, and then sell off whatever we have left to try to balance foreign debt, caused by the increase in imports. The snowball has gained unstoppable momentum.

Its called Glass-steagall you fool and was brought in after the stock market crash in the 30's. And if Australia is reliant on China so what. Most countries are rliant on another. America is reliant on Mexico and Canada and vice-versa. Europe on one another. The only nation on the planet that has not been in recession for 33 years. Receession here we come!

David if your going to do videos on this subject you need to know what your talking about. The Glass Steagall act was repealed in the US in 2012. Indirectly it helped cause the GFC, so your statement that "America has it", is incorrect.

Trump is NOT a good businessman Hes like Aussie politicians he screws up grabs his profit and lets others pay for his stuff up. Indonesia Hates Australia and australians they demonstrated this throughout history so we cant deal with them and survive. Any mug (except our leaders) can see that Australia is just a consumer that gives away its resources without any value add yet we pay the value add of other countries for our goods. We give everything away, save nothing and we are doomed.

if our economy collapses then the government can take our cash for our accounts so don't put ur cash in the bank anymore Hide it good or Bury it in ur backyard or somewhere it up each week and one day wen it collapses..u can dig it up and buy camping equipment and other things then start a new life on the Murray or Murrumbidgee River.if u hav guns legal or illegal u can hide them by burying them in the ground .Cover them nobody finds or takes them.ucan fish and Hunt .there r also snakes u can eat etc.ucan swim in river and bath .or boil water ovr a fire and out it in a plastic bathtub ucan buy cheaply a water filter torches and lamps and anything solar.also buy a compound Bow to hunt .u can't go wrong big boxes of matches .they r cheap .wrap them tightly in glad wrap and seal them in a box so they r kept dry.ul also get more experienced each day with fishing and hunting.ucan make traps to catch yabbies and shrimp.shrimp r tasty and Shud b fried in a hot pan with oil.u can buy heaps of seeds to create ur own vegy garden.herbs too.5 or 6 chooks for eggs .ul hav heaps of water from the river to grow things and for the chooks.and to drink once u boil it and put it thru a purifier .I can teach any of u how to survive just ask if u want to know more.ilike to help and I dnt like to see good peple suffer unnecessarily.we Shud all unite and help eachother.we cannot rely on our government's anymore theyv let us down and lost trillions in investments that went bust .keep.ur money out of the bank from now on and Bury wil b safer andone day the government will Rob our bank accounts to fix the debts they created but they will realise most peple hav no money in.the bank ... because they hid their money haha.we dnt owe them or b forced to pay for their mistakes or stupidity or greed.if the government cannot use our tax wisely and lose it's their fault .think about the trillions they stole off. us and lost or spent on pointless things and yet they still steak our money and raise taxes .we r just slaves to them .we r the money bank and they take watvthey want .so Hide or Bury any money usave cos one day the government will force the banks to take our money without our permission.if u hav thousands $$ saved and then found out its gone u wud b angry and probly homeless .The governments here do not care about our them we r cash cows.

if malcom wasted that much then he screwed us all.we poor bastards can do alot with that much $$$.buy up lots of land and all good peple can get 2 acres of land each to build a cabin grow food chooks eggs.cows for milk and make things and swap with other people and help eachother out.we don't need the government'.they r sinking us with them but many r millionaires si they don't care about us .this will leave alot of homeless

Why being so negative about gorgeous Australia. Maybe it’s just me, but their infrastructure rivals that in Europe as well as the US. I love how beautiful everything is there, pleasing the eye. I feel Canada can learn from Australia in many ways.

We proved you POM's wrong on this money issue go back to brexit

The US no longer has the Glass-Steagall Act. It was repealed in 1999 during the Clinton Administration and replaced by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA). The Glass–Steagall legislation was enacted by the United States Congress in 1933 as part of the 1933 Banking Act, amended as part of the 1935 Banking Act, and most of it was repealed in 1999 by the Gramm–Leach–Bliley Act (GLBA).We're poised for a bank run also without any protections.

i found a interesting philosophy that they like to use is that when they have problems themselves, they blame on others. we China never blame. we only interested in what we need to improve. and you guys like the robber philosophy teached by the USA terrorist political party.

Invest in Chaos sell your property and buy back at 60% off ! America will collapse in 2019 but it always recovers. Even with Trump and his #maga minions, US will return stronger. Personally I think Germany is well prepared when the $hit hits the fan.

We invented the lawn mower and Hills Hoist , property prices where influenced by overseas investors mainly.

"Greed Is Good" - Australia's national motto

We have had 20 years of politicians (Lib and Lab) and even folks calling themselves economists saying, with a straight face, that we can and should replace manufacturing with "financial services". This is apparently a "modern economy" (ffs!) We hear Free market justification for labour market (ie. wages) all the time...but have entire FS industries created using mandatory wage garnering: $B goes to insurers we don't want (fined via tax if not) and our savings are confiscated and controlled for profit until we are almost dead. This "Super" is a really expensive and structurally dangerous adult daycare mechanism that is just another government enforced gift to an "industry" that makes nothing. It is dangerous because our share markets, bond markets, etc can now not be hedged...if Super gets out (as a smart investor in control of their own savings would do) then the whole lot tanks. There is robustness in diversity. Even education has been turned bad: useless courses, massive debt upon graduation, then 20 years of stagnant wages in an environment where 200% home inflation isn't even counted in official inflation figures. This home inflation is seen as a good and righteous way to make money, lathered with tax benefits and adored by smarmy get-rich-without-work fans everywhere! (These smarmy pricks think they are sooo smart for stealing from children!) Utilities that benefit the economy, paid for by our grandparents, are mostly sold off to foreign interests for ROI (ie. gouging). Our media is used by vested interests (Murdoch's agenda is pretty obvious now), our foreign policy stays in eerie lockstep to US and UK. It stinks! So fake "industry" sucking capital, denuded utilities, deceptive media, corrupt government and absurd, dishonest "experts"(shills) controlling information the public needs to make rational decisions. I'd say it worse than you point out. Thankfully there *are* some cluey folks around with resources, and efforts like Sundrop Farms gives one hope. What a shame we waste most of our potential feeding parasites...even the parasites (most anyway) will lose in the end.

For any government to write a law to make it convenient to dip into people's bank accounts when the government has financial or evonomic difficulty, it sounds very much like govetnment turns bandits to rob its people with the law in place so then the entire robbery is legal and fits into the facade of "rule of law" perfectly, because there is officially made law that authorizes the government to rob its people.

Gold and Silver has been a store of wealth for over 5000 years my money is in Silver.

Australia needs to invest in technology with the raw material we have. Unfortunately it’s uranium. The future with uranium is endless in so many ways. We have no other choice. Just think if we were the energy providers of the future. Lots of countries wouldn’t be happy including our allies. Ow dear me!

China have more than five thousand years of human culture and wisdom. For thousands of years, we are on the top of human culture. what do you have? ! All you have is robber philosophy from you robber father.

Um, there are controls in place and levers the government can pull to stop a “collapse”.


Property bubbles destroy industry they RIP the heart out of the economy and the resulting depressions are worse than normal

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