Aufregung um Ferrari | Schrott für 385.000 € ? | So viel kostet die Reparatur | Hamid Mossadegh

Aufregung um Ferrari | Schrott für 385.000 € ? | So viel kostet die Reparatur | Hamid Mossadegh

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Welcome to my YouTube channel, Sunday, 4 p.m. Can you remember one of the first videos with the most comments? It's about Guiseppe's scrap Ferrari. Nothing works here. Manettino defect. The Check Engine lamp stays on all the time. And here it starts to bloom. It is no longer a dream. It's more of a nightmare. I have a big surprise: Ferrari has stirred. We'll have a look at how Ferrari stirred. There is

the car. What I'm interested in: Did anything come along? Did you get in touch with Guiseppe? And is the car repaired now? Yes or no? Comes with! Guiseppe! How are you doing? Guiseppe, I'll leave that here for now. I'll tell you later. I can't read that now? - No not now. We'll take a look at your car first. Oh, the car. I have one. - Yes, there was something.

The first thing I saw: the stickers are gone. Yes, because every second person calls me and asks: You are the one from the video, aren't you? The Ferrari is junk. Incredible! We have over 600,000 clicks. You have the record with me. It's really tough. You wrote us so much: How can that be? Here and there, Ferrari, leasing, and we'll get to that in a moment. Why don't you just return the car? There were also

comments. Why not - I'll explain that to you in detail in a moment. Now let's take a look at the previous damage that we already had back then. Rust is still there. But that wasn't it yet, your heaven. - No. Open up please! We didn't have that, your heaven coming down. Yes No idea. That's okay, but I saw that somewhere.

First here, take a look! This is where your leather comes off. That wasn't it yet. That is new. Awesome! Look here you can see it! Look at this! That is new. - Yes, this is new. Oh my God! It's getting worse and worse. Here are the wheel studs. They have also gotten worse. Take a look at that, the wheel bolts.

Then we had rust here, take a look here! That is also from below, that is not from above. There is corrosion here. And the most important thing of all: How about your four-wheel drive? - zero. Still does not work? - Just show me "wet". May I have your key? Let's take a look at that together. Then let's go inside. Old Swede,

how tall are you? - The biggest. Now let's turn on the car. That is still on. In other words, the car currently only has rear-wheel drive, no all-wheel drive. All-wheel drive is from gear 1 to gear 4. The Check Engine lamp is still on. The heart of the vehicle, after the engine. Why do I buy an FF? So that I have all-wheel drive. And so that I can drive the car, even in the snow and in winter. The car is also on winter wheels.

Then I turn on my rear window wiper for a moment. It's really tough. Now he's in the middle. It was an old Gulf disease. Now let's go in and now I'll tell you what came from Ferrari. Because that's really exciting. Guiseppe, now it's going to be tough! I took several pieces of paper with me. I'll turn this around for now because: There are a few numbers on it, we come to the very end. Now it goes on first.

We shot a video together for the first time on May 23, 2021, where you called me and said: Hey Hamid, that doesn't work anymore, and where we looked at the car. Then we broadcast the video. Then nothing came at first, nothing came at first, nothing came at first. And then on July 1st we thought: Okay, if Ferrari isn't even able to contact us when they watch a video like this, we'll get in touch with them. And all Ferrari people in Italy, all dealers in Germany, all know this video. Because I get asked about it everywhere, no matter where I go. With all due respect: I still love this brand, that's why I still have so much contact with them.

But they still haven't contacted you, as of July 1st. July 1st: Email to Ferrari. Ferrari in Germany is based in Wiesbaden and we sent an email there. For reasons of data protection law, I have specifically blacked out the address to which it was sent. Then nothing comes and nothing comes and nothing comes.

4 days later we thought: They get 80-100 such e-mails a day, let's write to them again, on July 5th. we wrote to them again. Email Ferrari, but here it comes: Includes story and video. The whole thing looked like this: "Dear Ms. ... technical problems Ferrari FF, subject We have been running Hamid Mossadegh's YouTube channel, Hamid Tailormade Cars, for a few weeks. We then listed the shortcomings here, you can see them here and asked for a comment and even sent a link from the video. I would be happy if you contact me by July 8th , as the vehicle owner will then have the outstanding repairs carried out.

That was on July 5th, so we have them again given three days. And then it goes on first, then nothing happens for the time being. And Zack, on July 13th, 2021 an email comes from Ferrari, you can see it here, @ "My colleague ... has kindly informed me ... "She wrote it in English. She pointed out to us: Thank you very much for sending us the video and drawing our attention to it.

We should give you a little time so that they can discuss what s internally you can do there. And finally, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Now it goes on. Now it's getting really exciting.

It's like a book. - Yeah, that's really amazing. We have waited and waited and waited and at some point there are always factory holidays at Ferrari, mostly in August, and nothing happens at Ferrari anymore. Even if you have an engine failure, with a LaFerrari, SP2 or a completely normal Ferrari 430: If it's during the factory holidays, you won't get any part delivered. Company holidays are company holidays. Past. The end. There is no longer anybody there. The only ones who are there are the security people who watch over the plant.

Then I spoke to the editorial staff and said: guys, they'll postpone it until we get into the works vacation. Apply pressure again! We did, nothing happened again. After the factory holidays in September we sat down again, because still nothing came.

Then on September 7th we wrote an e-mail that we still had to answer in English, that we have not received an answer to this day. We are in the process of making a second video. Before we do that, we would ask you to contact us by September 14th and tell us what is going on. Then we gave them another week. After that, unfortunately, nothing came back. That means: You only reported once, on July 13th, 2021 and it's November now. In the meantime we contacted them via WhatsApp, we tried so often to call them that either nobody answered or someone answered and said: They'll get a call back. But nothing happened there either.

And today we are sitting here in November, the car still has the damage, there has been damage. Ferrari is unable to report. And no matter how I feel about this brand: This way is not possible. No, really not. That is embarrassing. That simply does not work. We can't sell a car for just under 400,000 euros and then leave the customer there, ignore ourselves, ignore the video that has over 600,000 clicks and then get in touch and then stop reacting.

Then it would be better not to contact you at all. Because then you can say: Come on, it doesn't matter. But to get in touch and to say: We'll get back to you as soon as possible and it is not the case that we will be on July 13th. got an email or received it in early August, no. We are now in November. And the car still doesn't work. The car is not TÜV-compatible. You have to imagine that.

With the check engine lamp on, you won't get a MOT. You don't get a MOT! - Yes. The thing is: This is an absolute catastrophe not only from a customer perspective, but also from a PR perspective. I am approached by so many people and I will tell you again: I have received emails from numerous other Ferrariists saying, "I also have a problem. I also have a problem. I also have a problem." And I left them all out.

I left them all out. And as I said: If you don't answer at all, it's one thing. But if you get in touch and say: We'll get back to you as soon as possible and then don't respond at all, that's disrespectful. It's really disrespectful. Yes, 100 percent. That’s Italian too.

And then a real Italian who drives an Italian car who would actually buy a Ferrari again, right? Actually yes, but ... - this is madness. I don't understand this way. I know other large corporations where I don't want to mention a name now. Even if everything is sold out, they have a very clear policy: You have to answer the customer within 24 hours. Even if a product is sold out. Just like with us in gastronomy. It's the same game. Absolutely. And that is absurd. I do not understand that. And now it goes on.

Now comes the cost. I had the car in a workshop. This workshop did not want to be filmed for fear that they would otherwise not get any Ferrari parts. That's how far we are, which I can absolutely respect, but I have an estimate of what it would cost to get your car back in good condition. So that you can use your car again. But before we get to that, I'll take green

and answer a few questions about episode one. There was also a bit of headwind. There were comments like this: "He is storing the car incorrectly." With all due respect, dear viewers, dear people: When you buy a Ferrari, no matter which Ferrari you buy, no matter which car you buy: These cars are sent as prototypes to various places. Alaska, as far as snow is concerned, sent through the Sahara, heat, cold, rain, everything is tried out. Sometimes cars are driven over curbs at 50 - 50 km / h to see whether there is damage and how the damage is occurring. Everything is checked for everything. And if, in that case, if you, Guiseppe, buy a Ferrari FF, which was advertised very big: We bring an all-wheel drive that is much lighter than Quattro from Audi, we have top speed, you have a Ferrari feeling and now you can you can also drive your car to Kitzbühel.

No problem. You only need winter bikes. What do I do if I take a two-week holiday in Kitzbühel and leave my car outside because there is no more space in the underground car park in the main season and there is so much snow on it? And? You can't store a car like that in the wrong place. For me, incorrect storage means: I forgot to open my windows and the car was outside for 6 months and it was raining, and so on. That is wrong storage. But otherwise putting such a car outside is not wrong. This is very important to me to get rid of that. The second thing: We come to the subject of "leasing".

Before we go to the cost because the cost is really tough. I don't even know how to tell you. I stay seated. - But do you know what we're doing? Do I get an espresso in between? Naturally. - Do you see? We can't do without that. It's really tough. Before that, so that you are fit, otherwise you won't listen to me right away. Now it goes on with leasing, dear friends. Many of you wrote:

Why don't you just give the car back? It's only leased anyway. First of all, I have to say: 80 percent of leasing has become normal, also in my industry, in the luxury segment. You have to imagine one thing: If someone leases a car, I'll just take a number for 200,000 euros, the creditworthiness must be at least 400,000 euros. By "being good" I mean: having a strong credit rating.

He must have covered all his expenses, his food, everything covered and then he has a 200,000 euro car. You have a monthly installment of 2,600 euros, right? 2,690 euros gross per month. Then there is rent, electricity, etc. That means: To get such a leasing contract, you have to be really strong.

There are two different types of leasing. There is a kilometer leasing and there is a residual value leasing. With kilometer leasing, it is very classic, as many of you know it.

You go to a car dealership and say: I want the car and I drive 10,000 km a year. Then the dealership comes along and says: 10,000 kilometers per year, 3 years, we can get the car back after 3 years with 30,000 kilometers and your leasing rate is 10 euros. This is all just an example. And then you drive the car for 3 years and then you give it back. The dealership undertakes to take back the car after 3 years. If you have driven more kilometers you pay more kilometers and if you have driven less you may get some money back. And if the car is damaged, you have to stand up for the damage.

Usually this is a Dekra report where you have to pay for the damage. That's the first story. In the case of Ferrari, Lamborghini, Aston Martin, Maserati, etc. there is almost exclusively 95 percent residual value leasing. Residual value leasing means: You can drive as many kilometers as you want, it doesn't matter.

The bank calculates: 24 months, 36 months, 48 ​​months, depending on how you want it and then the bank says: This is a Ferrari FF. After 36 months we see the car at a residual value of - the car cost 384,000 euros again - we see the car at a residual value of 150,000 euros. To be on the safe side, banks usually assume a residual value after 3 years of between 40 and 50 percent, depending on what kind of car it is. From the new car value. Then you drive the car and after 36 months the bank will send you the final invoice. Depending on how much residual value: 40 percent or 50 percent. And you have to pay for it. And with residual value leasing, the car belongs to you right away, so you can no longer return the car.

You have no chance there. So much for your question: why doesn't he give the car back? Giuseppe cannot return the car because he has a residual value lease. This is not possible. The only story how to return the car would be to convert the car with the Ferrari dealer. Everything was tried and they were stubborn and said: No, this is tailored, there is no guarantee. According to the contract, not.

And now it's getting exciting: Now we come to the cost factor. What it would cost now if the car were repaired halfway now. Ey, ey, ey ... It's really crazy. It's really awesome.

Thank god I have a girlfriend. Because I couldn't afford both: a friend and a Ferrari. That is it. But maybe you can't really afford your girlfriend afterwards either. We try to cut as little as possible for you and I don't want it to be so boring for you.

Sadly it is how it is. It's the second part and I still hope that Ferrari will get in touch and now, after the second part, at least say: Come on, we'll find a solution. The door is still open! Please get in touch! or? Yes, please. Because for me it is already the highest level at the moment. Otherwise I'll drive down. To Italy? - Yes. After Maranello? - Yes.

Come on, let's go together! - No, I prefer to drive alone. No come I come with. - You don't want to go to jail. Shall we get rid of that and play the costs now? Because it's so much. It's a lot. I already need a blackboard. Are the Zewa towels included with you? - Yes, that's still in there.

Now leasing comes away for now. Now it's getting really tough. We start with things that have been done before that Ferrari didn't pay for it when your headliner came down. Can you briefly explain how it was? I drove a customer home because we were doing a shuttle back then and I looked in the rearview mirror and couldn't see anything. I said, "I haven't had anything to drink." We both sat in the front.

I looked in the rearview mirror and saw black. I said, "This is not alcohol". Then I had to turn around to see what was going on and the sky hung down. That's why I couldn't see anything. The sky fell down? - Completely. That had to be glued otherwise I couldn't drive anymore. What did it cost? Do you remember that approx. 1,000 euros.

1,000 euros. Now let's start: We'll start with the outside first. The grids that are rusted cost - now hold on - 1,500 euros. All wheel bolts that have to be replaced that are rusted: Wheel bolts cost 600 euros.

Like my spaghetti, roughly. 600 euros. How much does a pizza cost for you? I have to sell a lot of pizzas. And you are only at the beginning. That's nothing at all yet.

Bonnet, there on the front corner rust, corrosion. I'll just write bonnet ... Rust 1,100 euros because that's a special color, a tailor-made color. Windshield wiper partially defective, as we've seen: you turn on the windshield wiper and then it needs a little.

Sometimes he feels like it, then he goes on. If he is not in the mood he stops, if he is in the mood he walks on. Do you always have the problem? - Yeah, but I think it's normal. No, thats not normal. - Because the car only runs halfway anyway. And the windshield wipers only run halfway. Perhaps that was normal with the Fiat Uno in 1991. Partly defective, costs 500 euros. - Yes madness!

Now we're getting inside and this is getting violent now! Various tailor-made fabrics are peeling off. Doors, center console, seats, lower part of the cockpit. The whole thing has to be completely redone by a saddler using the same leather and fabrics that you sometimes only get from Ferrari. Lies roughly ...

Interior for 19,000 euros. Now it goes on. Rear leather shelf is coming off completely, we've seen that, it's new. Rear leather shelf costs 1,100 euros, still on top! The leather has to be made very thin, warm, drawn, glued and then what has happened now must not happen: to contract. Then it goes on: the seat heating switches on automatically.

Yes. In the summer at 30 degrees, it is full. To repair that, we are at 800 euros. That's a free gift! - In contrast to the other. Oh god ey! Actually, we shouldn't even laugh about it. It's so sad again that we have to laugh about it. It still wasn't. It goes on. Because now comes technology. With technology: all-wheel drive system complete failure.

You have to imagine it this way: You buy an Audi Q5 Quattro. You think you have all-wheel drive and then you drive the car and the car has no all-wheel drive at all. It only has heck. And you say: what is that supposed to mean? And Audi does not react at all.

Just as an example, really. That means: The car now has completely rear-wheel drive, no all-wheel drive. To fix that ...

I write AWD for "All Wheel Drive" All-wheel drive costs, what do you guess ? 4,800 euros 4,800 euros? It's good! That’s very good. the whole thing about times 5! We are at 22,000 euros! - What? Say! I didn't want to buy a new car. Yes, and there is more. Manettino. You say yes, when you turn on the car ...

Manettino is the gearshift on the steering wheel, where you have snow, rain, sport, you can change it that way. If you stand it all works. As soon as you drive it automatically goes to wet. In other words: it does not bring its full power to the road so that it protects the car and the driver. Manettino Manettino with two tons , the repair costs a further 3,000 euros. Oh dear! Here it comes! Engine control light. This is madness. The easiest way to extinguish an engine control light is with an OBD plug and a computer. Zack, zack - delete errors.

But then it works again! - That's exactly what it is. It always comes back to you with you. That means: It can be from to. And that's now an estimate from the workshop, because they can't really say that until the error has been rectified. They approached 2,000 euros very carefully. But that can easily be 4,000 euros. That's one thing we can't really judge. That has to be tested. And then through the electrical problems that the car has,

various electrical and control devices, brackets, etc. must be checked. And there we are for electrical problems at 2,000 euros. This brings us to a total of 53,600 euros. I think it's a shame, I think it's sad. And we're talking about a loss of around 53,600 euros.

And Ferrari is not able to contact us to help us. You have to keep in mind that I've been driving the car in this condition for 2 years. So this is not new. I pay the leasing rate, I hardly drive anymore because it's not fun.

Do you have a calculator with you? - Yes. Please do the math. - My calculator doesn't have that many numbers. Yes, it is an Italian calculator. Please do 24 x How much do you pay per month? - 2,690 euros. 64,560 euros 64,560 euros so far installment paid for a broken car.

For a broken car, yes. Do the whole thing plus 53,600 euros in damage to 118,160 euros. 118,160 euros. 118,160 divided by 24 = 4,923 euros. That would be a monthly installment, so to speak, and for the money you get a Bugatti Chiron. Just for you by the way.

That would also be an idea. That's insane. I have to laugh because I can't cry. For a monthly installment of around 5,000 euros, you can partially get ... - I'll get two friends and a Ferrari. Yes. You definitely get a Ferrari F40, definitely a Ferrari Enzo. No, at this moment Ferrari is close to the end for me. Because that's not possible.

That's exactly what I don't want because I really appreciate this brand. It's an icon. And that is exactly what Ferrari cannot do. And I'll tell you again: Please dear Ferrari people: Get in touch now. You have our e-mail address, you have our telephone number, you have my contact details, you have the contact details for the editorial team, you even have direct contact details for Guiseppe in your customer portfolio. You have all contact options. Get in touch and solve this problem. You're welcome! I'm sticking to the story. I don't know if there will be a third episode.

There is only a third episode if Ferrari takes care of it. If you don't watch any more episodes, you can always assume that Ferrari has never contacted us again. Giuseppe, thank you very much for talking to us about it so openly. Thank you and your team. I think that also protects other Ferrari buyers.

Definitive. - In any case. It can happen to any car. It's technology. It can happen to any car. The door is open, get in touch. I hope you enjoyed the show. We'll see you next Sunday next week. Comment on what you think of it now: 53,600 euros only damage and they still do not report.

What do you think about it? Don't forget to subscribe, don't forget to comment and please also leave a like there. See you next week, Ciao!

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