Audi Think Faster: Episode 5 featuring David Chang

Audi Think Faster: Episode 5 featuring David Chang

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Everybody. How. Are you Sal Masekela, here and welcome to episodes, five and six of think, faster, the world's fastest, AMA, presented, by Audi, and, reddit, and if you have watched, the first, four episodes of this program then you already know what it is we take relatively, famous, people, and we hurl them around the legendary, Willow Springs racetrack. All two-and-a-half miles four kilometres of it and we get them open up about who they are as human beings via. Questions, solely, curated, by you folks, out on reddit I act as the voice of the. Internet, it's all sorts of fun our. First, guest, in episode number five his name is David Chang's an incredible chef a disruptor, someone who's taken something that we all love like, food and help, us to appreciate it, and take a look at the human condition, we're, gonna find out about David, Chang's human, condition, when we throw him into this rs5, at over, a hundred and thirty miles an hour and see, what happens, can he open up with the g-forces, and all the nine turns of joy here, at Willow, Springs does, it sound fun yeah, I know it, does this, my friends, is think, faster. Various. Friends David, Chang the. Pride of Virginia. And. Many other adopted, continents, what's. Up man how are you dude man. This is sort of exhilarating. Getting. Dressed up like this and going. Fast this is going to be a thrill first. Of all it's really an honor to, meet you I love the way that you that you look at life I don't think I've, ever thought, about fried chicken the way I do now, thanks. To you and that's that's the great thing that you do you know you help us take this thing that we all love them food and you. Get us to open up but now we're. Gonna get you to open up it this is not the kitchen no, I'm gonna throw you inside of this rs.5 it's as over, 440. Horsepower with. A professional, racecar driver, he, goes by the letter G he, is AG and he's, gonna put you through some, emotions, and some feelings, in the legendary, Willow Springs racetrack, I'm gonna act as the voice of the Internet facilitating. Questions where, hopefully, you, open up and we get to know each other in a much stronger way are. You ready to bond through fear, I'm ready let's do this let's. Get let's get you inside here, walk. You over to the car. Open. It up say hi to G's a nice, guy what's, up Jerry mm-hmm. Put, on your seat belt as you would and and any other leisurely. Drive that you're gonna take on a Thursday. And then. You'll see a piece of paper that has your name on it that.

Proves That you know you're not some sort of a Westworld, replica. Of yourself, that's actually David Chang I'm gonna get you out to the to. The start line here, what's your emotions feeling like buddy. I'm. A little bit terrified I'm not gonna lie that's good you can put the sign down now we know who you are a. Couple, things if you, want. To go slower you. Know you can give G a sign of. The thumbs down and, he'll pay attention, and if you are completely, like at any time like yo I need this to stop don't, stress out just say hey I want to come to the pits catch my breath you, you are about to experience feelings you've never had before and we're all gonna wash together the whole class are. You ready yeah. I'm pumped this is gonna be great all right G here we go, three. To one. Think. Faster. This. Is turn one it's called casual corner and it's, gonna make you feel all sorts of things first question, if you could eliminate any food from the planet what would it be, oh my. God, pokeballs. Just. Like it intensely, nice. Fried. Chicken with caviar. What. Were you smoking low love your innovative ideas. It's. Actually, an idea that, I barf, half, Wylie Dufresne, who. Had in his restaurant wd-50, had a cold. Fried chicken and caviar and, I. Just decided that, that's. A great pairing, that I'd never seen before so it's. A perfect. Mixture of high and low nice, you're, heading through four four, five and six which are going to like sweep, downward, and give you all sorts of cool feelings in your belly. Alec. Hillel wants to know I think the, most relevant question to most redditors how can we dress up instant, ramen to, make it better I, mean. I think the simplest way to add. Something. To in sera I mean to make it better is a, poached, egg so just crack an egg into the inner ramen and it's, instant, cheap luxury that, was so brilliant and 123. Miles an hour well played, mr.. Tasty, three says David I know you're a big star Wars fan. Should. They have made the solo movie can anyone really be hon other, than Harrison Ford I think, I'd be a pretty good Han Solo, let's. Be honest. You. Behind Solo that, would that be amazing.

Gareth, King of goblins, says would, you rather be forced, to wear Jenko. Cheese. Nice. 128. Miles an hour by the way straight away what's--what, Lowe is out again 120. Miles an hour you just went but here's the question would. You rather be forced to wear Jenko jeans for the rest of your life or have a face tattoo, chosen. By reddit. Well. Considering, I don't know what Jango jeans are I'm definitely, gonna go a tattoo, on my face chosen by reddit okay Jenko jeans by the way in the early 90s, we're like those crazy flare, pants rave jeans, like size 44. On. My face just making sure animals. Forever, who. Are some chefs, that you look up to I. Already. Mentioned a while did you frame for sure I think I, just, did something with Gabrielle Hamilton and prune she's literally maybe the coolest, chef she's. Too cool for everyone she's just the best I. Mean. There's so many good cooks right now that. Uh you. Know in LA. I can't, even think about it right now because now it's like wow this is crazy driving this past. Biggie. Crawls wants, to know hi, David why, do you squish your food before eating it i squish. My food before I eat it maybe maybe so I can fit more into my mouth I don't know I've never noticed that. All. Right. How's. Your comfort level right now. This. Is wild, like I think, we have the world's best driver with, the world's worst driver this is going to be a good. Mix all, right here you guys you. Down the, straightaway you can wave to me if you wanna waving to you right. Is. Me name says, David I'm a huge fan I only, have one question. Why. Did the Ottoman Empire, fall, oh. Man. I think, maybe let's try this Ottoman. Empire fell probably because of hubris. Strong. Strong. A. Little. Bit Blackfoot how. Do you get a picky toddler, to eat also my. Gf hates cilantro now. How, can I convince her it's not the devil's lettuce that's a two-parter there man. As. A toddler, I don't, know man like I think you just got to give them what they want. You. Know I don't have kids yet so I got to figure that out myself when I go through that as, far as cilantro, I, also. Not the biggest fan in moderate. Doses that can be fantastic I think, that people can go too much cilantro and, that can be problematic I'm. With you I actually hate cilantro. Jack. App has a great question, on your last lap before you come in and take a breath what. 90s, rap album, would make the best soundtrack, to how you feel right now, Ilham. Attic by NAS. I. Knew we were gonna be friends you just solidified, it. Walk. A seven ask what is your favorite, comfort food to make fancier, for, a dinner guests, something, seemingly impressive, but not too hard to pull off I think, that in, every household, or apartment. You should have some pasta spaghetti and some, parmesan, or Grana, Padano cheese so you can make cacio e pepe it's it's, the simplest thing you don't even have to make it like fancy it's just as delicious, as you can get so. Really, really hard to mess, up yep. Dude. You crushed it wow, this is that was crazy this is awesome. Come. On out sir hey, G thank you sir I'll, see you in a bit. Come. And join me here by. Our. Magic screen of joy. Did. You look exhilarated. That was awesome, you, feeling good yeah. Nice, you. Did well Wow. And yeah it's like my. Body's like. There's. A lot that is going on in that car yeah, it's almost mutual, yeah you were communing, with with the higher powers, we. Have some some, text questions here that we like to ask you from some of your diehard fans. First. One is trouts Bane how do you make a perfect, easy to peel hard-boiled. Egg. Well. Trout's. Bane that's a good name I, think, what the first step is to find old eggs without, doing the science of it it's going to be a lot easier to peel an older egg like I got two, to three week old egg it's. Not it's still fresh, and. Then boil. It in cold water to hot, water for about like eight to nine minutes and then chill it down old, egg start, cold and then, peel. It underwater so crack a little bit and then peel it on the water and let the water sort. Of help separate separate, the egg from that water impregnate, yes egg yes, dude, I'm, trying that tomorrow, all. Right trot Spain tonight we're going for it old. Eggs I love. That Chloe design place. In order of preference mon, Dieu Xiao, long bao gyoza. San Jian Bao, ravioli. Pot, stickers and my, apologies to anyone at home I was I was awesome so that was great position, okay good. There. Is a correct answer right. Here's. The deal this is loaded, because however whatever.

I Answer, it's gonna piss off like, their new some people like 30% of any. I'm. Just saying for me my preference, okay Jen Jen Bao number one. Xiao. Long bao number two. Mah. Kills, mon. Dieu number three because, if i don't say that Korean people get really pissed right there's. No longer one of us yeah, Joe's. Uh. Ravioli. Pot, stickers cuz that's just like that's, just Americanized, stuff yeah, well, played hopefully. I got the correct answer because it's definitely Jenson bow yeah and they will still be hate so yeah. You. Knew that going in dr., David, shallow. It's David, the only things I have in my fridge of yellow mustard coke, green, onions hot, dogs and baby carrots, how, to, impress. A date in one, hour, bro. That's that's, maybe the reason why you're. Not getting a date. Yeah. I don't know I think, you got like. Maybe. Talk to him the camera like give him give him give him your heart. Like. Bro. Actually. Now I'm thinking about it that's what my fridge looks like. You're. Gonna be great I did. Ah nice. You. Want you want you want to drive yeah, all right if. I'm gonna drive as well as g-man well, the good thing is he'll give you some pointers he's already in the passenger seat, just. Get in there thanks, ah no problem, um you. You definitely want to make sure that you put on your seat belt of course first. Thing and then. Adjust. Your seat, for. How you you, feel comfortable, because the, car has more power than you are used to like. I said over, 440. Horsepower and. A, good, thing to know especially, when it comes to the Audi steering, wheel is to, put your hands at 3 and 9 for. Optimum, control not, 10 and 2 10 and 2 is a lie this, is 3 9 3, 9 this. Got. It all. Right when you're when you're ready let her rip and also. Of course I'll be asking you questions Josh, oh. Man. This, is crazy, don't be afraid of the gas hit like yeah I'm looking at the rearview mirror. Oh. This. Is amazing. Nice, now, I'm gonna turn the corner like an old person, no. Pressure, do, you are, cg 333.

Ask What is your favorite, dish to make that you would never sell, at a restaurant. Holy. Hell. Favorite. Dish to make I would, never sell at a restaurant. I'm. Not a big fan of like, smoked, salmon dishes, because. I think it's just overdone, but I eat, it all the time so I actually I rarely have. Ever put that on a restaurant, I don't know if I've ever have, that's. Great I like, I like that you hear that you're not afraid to open up about your your contradictions. How. Do you feel about being, global, and internet. Sites like Yelp Chowhound, and food blogs telling us what is good and what, isn't. Hey, man it's a democracy so, people. Can have, any opinion they, want and, ate. Listen, it's never fun to get criticized it's never fun to be told, where and how but there's a lot of good information out, there so you just got to decide you. Know what, you want to actually read so it's a free world you can do what you want awesome. Now you're coming over that blind spot of turn six and then, I want you to you, should go as fast as you can going downhill right this is where you can get a lot of speed Wow. 100. Miles an hour yeah I did now it's just willfully. I, got scared you crushed it, alright, in our fast-paced society, we don't have meals together anymore. 53%. Of all meals in the US are eaten alone what, do you think of this new isolated. Eating and is it something we should be worried about that's from home-cooked Inc. I, think. That's the best question I've had all day you. Know in the world where we're busier than ever man like food. Should be communal, yeah I eat by myself all the time but, you. Know fun chicken bread with your friends lunch it's like there's something really great about that punch it punch it punch it punch it. Whoa. 1:18. That. Was great whoa. I'm a single dude and I eat by myself a lot and I got depressed just when, I saw that question I was like oh that's me. What's, the grossest, thing you've seen, go unnoticed, in a restaurant kitchen oh. Man. Well. The thing is I've. Worked in play this is going to be not like this is a true answer. Like. Gross things that happen in the kitchen unnoticed, never I've. Never seen it like hop I mean I've seen gross things happen but it never leaves the kitchen you, know right and I've, seen some pretty you. Know they're, mostly accidents, involving knives. You. Know but, like like. Fingers yeah. So. You. Know but there's a pretty, rare like, if. You work in a really good kitchen I don't think you have anything to worry about.

Particularly. With the customers, you know right Wow, if you if you're a great chef and. You. Haven't cut yourself are you a great chef you got. To cut yourself I don't know anyone that hasn't cut themselves okay that's, how you learn not to cut yourself right, oh. This. Is a great question from Pixy, be. You HP if you weren't a chef what oxy what occupation do you think you would have right now and would, you be as good as it at it as you are at cooking, you. Know III think about this a lot and this is gonna be a completely, crazy answer. I like, I. Would. Do iron rock gates I would do welding on that stuff you. You'd. Be a welder I would. Make those iron rock gates oh yeah yeah yeah yeah, that's. Strange I thought oh you're strange I thought that's it's it's so uncool, no one wants to do it so I could just be left alone that's. Great. Last. Question before you come in and pit bro. You're. Curious and exhaustive, approach to learning and growing is really, inspiring, what, is something that you still want to learn about. Man. I want, to learn about everything, all, the cultures I want, to know about every, kind of group. That's out there because uh, that's. That's just gonna make me a better person more, empathy. Are. You running for office because I just voted I just voted for you that's. The truth that's. Beautiful. Wow. You. Love her you like. You're. Gonna you're gonna switch seats please. I know, it's weird you gotta press that button the park. Whoa. That's. A. Thank. You man I. Wasn't. Sweating before but I started sweating driving. You. Were sweating dry. Balls. Driving I was like sweating bullets all. Right so that means that on this next lap with G you're just gonna cool right on off yes. All right we're. Gonna get you back out on the track with G you're gonna get two more laps this, first, lap will be standard. Questions, and then, we'll stop down and we're gonna ask you sort of like rapid-fire, like, questions. To see as as many, as you can get to try and get a number that holds. Okay. This is this is awesome and, if you haven't done this you should do this because this is a this is way better than I thought it was ever gonna be so ah that, makes me so happy all, right, here we go Greg whenever you're ready, let's. Turn it up a little bit for David Chang. Alright. Here. We go David if. You had to eat another, celebrity chef, who. Would it be and. What, do you think they might taste like. That's. A good question man. I wouldn't. Guy Fieri. Because. I think I would be doing the world a favor oh. God, there's suddenly so much shade on this chat. Where. Did you put Luke, Tyler wants to know where did you put my pants I could have sworn I was just wearing them, what. Was up a pen where, did you put my pants I could, have sworn I was just wearing them. Pass. On that one, Wilson, 17 eight nine one says who. Did you look at what did you love look up to as a child. Honestly. Bruce Lee. Why. Yes there was like no other Asian, people anywhere. There was no reflection of me and anywhere in, the world and Bruce Lee was still it's. Still like made one of the coolest people and, martial. Arts kung fu films was something I just devoured. As a kid and he was just like stillest, to me like the coolest one, of the coolest people ever and, an. Artist really yeah. What, was the hardest thing for you growing up as a Korean. American I think. The hardest thing growing up as a Korean American was, the fact that I didn't, fit in with the Koreans and I didn't fit in with Americans. So. I'm like always, being in that purgatory, can be difficult. At times mmm. That's. Real in Virginia no less yeah, that's. A whole that's a whole nother show. All. Right David now, we. Are gonna go into the speed round, and we're going to, have. You experience, something. Unique. To Audi, which is the launch, control of, this sq5, what's. That well you're about to find out I don't want to say too much but, um it's. Gonna kind of feel like what perhaps a SpaceX. Launch would feel like except. In a car well, it makes sense on the Korean Han Solo so let's do this let's do this. And just. Answer as many questions as you can as fast as you can we're gonna be counting the numbers all, right yep, all, right G here we go 5 4.

3. 2. 1. Nope. Jonnie or Laurel, oh man. I have, no idea I haven't even listened to that thing yet what's. Your go-to karaoke song. Don't. Stop believin, would, you prefer to take a long walk on a beach full, of tacks or eat, a never-ending bowl, of Bert lasagna, per. Lasagna, what, is your favorite guilty pleasure food. Chicken. Tenders what. Do you think the next big thing or otherwise very trendy, food will be. Food. From Turkey. Squab. Or duck, doc. What's. Your favorite restaurant in North Carolina, if you have one, I'm. Gonna say Lantern, by Andre, yeah. Lantern in Chapel Hill chef roosting amazing which. Would you rather wear for the rest of your life fashionable. Crocs or Healy's I. Picked. The most relevant, question, the most predators how can we dress up instant, ramen to make it better. Nice. What, is the most underrated, misused. Herb in your own opinion. Underrated, herb is mint these. Domino's, really your favorite pizza it's. A good pizza man I don't say it's like it's, not my favorite it's something, I thought wasn't really good when I was a kid hey I'm just a messenger bro let's not fight this, racing, suit this racing, suit or David, chose all red suit. All. Red suit by Cho what, is the best hot sauce. Man. Krystal's. Nice. Work. Okay. Man. I could do this all day that was amazing, quote. Of the day I. Could. Do this all day this, was amazing, Thank, You G you. Got everything. Whoo. So. Would you call yourself a fan of the rs5, yeah, man that's a that's. That's. Got a lot of power yeah yeah gonna see you mopping around and win now listen. Honey. We, got to talk yeah I did this thing today but did, you crush it and more importantly like you really opened up and. You. Answered from the heart that's all that's all people want thank, you sir no problem you got 15 questions in, the speed round. Which, is great is that good that's good 38. Total questions answered, which is amazing and you. Won 120, my mouth 129. Miles an hour for. The top speed I'm competitive, was that faster than the other competitors I think. That might be our fastest, speed all, right let's, work Elizabeth, Banks was was near you if, you see you in the streets you'd be like your banks I. Own. This thing faster, thing, it. Was a pleasure thank you thank you thank you all the redditors and, thanks. For having me on am a nice, man we'll do it again absolutely make you a recurring guest go, get out of that hot suit man. And. There you have it David. Chang crushes. Think. Faster, in the, Audi rs5. And we're not done today we're, just getting started he, has warmed up the track for, comedian. Liza Koshi she will be episode. Number 6 that happens at 2 p.m. Pacific. Time so go, do some things give. Us some questions for Liza and come on back at 2 o'clock for, episode 6 um think faster.

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