Audi Think Faster: Episode 4 Featuring Issa Rae

Audi Think Faster: Episode 4 Featuring Issa Rae

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Welcome. Everybody to episode. 4, of the most beautifully. Unconventional. AMA. Mayhem, on the planet we call it think, faster. My name is Sal Masekela, yesterday, as you know we had an incredible guest by the name of Olivia. Munn, she. 141. Miles an hour and had all of the fun we hit it with a barrage of questions it, was incredible. Today, on episode 4 we. Welcome Issa, Rae and she, is not feeling insecure about what is going to go down today of course she. Does her homework cuz she's a professional she watched Olivia. Munn's episode, and she is ready for the g-forces. And the speeds but she does not know your, questions, which you have been submitting, and are submitting, right now I will be asking, them in real-time we're, about to have some fun this is episode 4 of think. Faster. There. She is ladies. And gentlemen the pride of Senegal. And. I. Am, so excited to, have you here today I was, told that you actually watched the, Olivia, Munn show you said let me see what this is all about I have, to check her out I have to see how my girl was doing she's the ex woman out here so, I needed, to make sure that I, could. You, know I could live, up to the challenge your, thoughts right now in real time you're, in the suit you here at on. This legendary Willow Springs track, you, next to this beast of a vehicle, what's, your feeling it's a pretty ass car and I'm. A pretty ass driver yes are, you ready to get all of this I am, I'm so ready I'm a Greg I'm hope to me Greg like, I'm right all right so let's get straight to it I'm going to welcome, you into this beautiful r8, where. Greg, Tracy as you mentioned, is waiting for you this is a dude who can literally drive anything trucks, in the desert, cars. That go very fast of all different sorts of makes you, are good and golden. Get, acquainted. Throw. Your seatbelt on. Does. It use that really you that's really, mean all right good because, it's 2017. Anything's possible, all, right all, right we, are gonna take you for two laps. And as soon as this thing starts. Going. I'm, gonna start firing questions at you I'm just going to be the voice of the Internet okay. I. Should, be happy about that or, not. Have you broken it in. All. Right here we go Issa laughing, three. Two. One. All. Right, what. Is the weirdest, job that. You've had in, your, quest to work your way to where you are now my, weirdest job is definitely working on a slave ship at the African American Museum. Not. The best what, what, was your role I, was. The curator I was just giving tours making, people cry making people be. Pretty astonished. Greg. You're good at this he's. Great at this, that's, an incredible job, barley, Quinn wants to know what's your go-to excuse. When your friends want, to hang out but you need some alone time. You, don't want me there I like. You don't want me there you don't want me there you don't want this that's real, participant. One wants to know hey say hi sir I love your show and the relationships, you've woven between, all the characters, how, much, do you draw from yourself, to create your main character, how. Much is it not you I draw.

A Lot. But. I try a lot from the stories of the, writers room. All, that's turn six. Elephant. Take that turn six it's a, gradual. Descent. Did. It feel good it, feels great I feel, I mean like pump it up pump up, the can pump, up the jam indicate I'd like to speak rec Traci will definitely. He. Will do that for you I don't, ever want to drive on a regular road again. That's. What happens when you sit in a 540. Horsepower vehicle. With the Quatro it, makes you feel like this, is all I want to do for the rest of my life I want to do this, okay. We can make that happen for you now you're gonna come out and spray the straightaway. What's. The worst Starbucks. Has ever, screwed up your name on your cup. They. Just, call. Me like Josiah once, Josiah. I don't. Know. Okay. Alright. You just went 111, miles, an hour. Now. As you are pumping up the jam so to speak I want you to relax your body and just go with the car don't don't, try to use. Your arms to hold up the forces cuz you're you're, strong but you're not that strong so just let let, my body move with the calmness exactly. Be one with. That Quattro, suspension. And you'll be fine. What's. The best life what's, the best life upgrade, you've made since, you've become famous. The best life upgrade. Has. Probably, just been. Changing. My number changing, my number is the best thing I've ever done because, I hate small talk I hate hey. Woody. Been up to conversations. That like lead to favors. That's. Amazing. I. Like. The leads of favors, how. Do you deal with writer's. Block oh, my. God I'm going through that right now I will. Just stop, working and. I, will watch other. Great writers work and. Tell. Myself that they have also been in the position of writers just, let myself be inspired much like I'm letting this. Car move my body and violate me I will let the work of others, do, the same for, me. This. Is from Gregory Goose. I bet the driver doesn't have any CD's, but if he did what. Would you be playing right, now okay. Question, because. This is like giving me. I. Would, definitely be playing I. Mean. It's just something really misogynistic, with a good be. Something. Misogynistic. Something. Misogynistic, with, a good beat yes. That's. Great come over here and hang out with me and we'll give you a little chance to recover. Let you let your body register, what you just went through we'll. Let the car set a little bit and then we, can. Either hand are you good no, I'm good all right. Really. Felt. Wobbly, need, great. We'll get you some water great. Wobbly. Need i feel wobbly need, you. Went through some new motions those, are new motions for you I love, that all right that was cool okay so you're good with it we, have our, think faster video board here with questions, that have been submitted. Via. Instagram, video so we can answer face to face okay ready I'm ready okay. Hi. ISA um I really love in your show when you kind of like his psych yourself up in the mirror um what. Do you do to psych yourself up Phil shoot today, what, I do Wow actually. Before. Before. I took. A shower to come over. I. Didn't want to Greg like that. I was actually danced in the mirror I was playing some. Misogynistic, music, I didn't, have any clothes on and, I was trying out all my best dance moves I was really hyped to come here today so I, did, that in real life and I normally don't, really do that alright, we appreciate it it's a great visual anything, next, question. Hey. You said what. Would you do if you woke up and had waffles for, hands no. Really what, would you do. If. I had waffles when, you woke up with waffles for hands. Would. You syrup, and butter them I just but they're my hands are your hands. Um. I. Mean. Could the waffles replaceable. Like I can't not. Eat waffles, you know if they're like if I wake up with them, but. I need them so I would just use. Them as I'll. Probably nibble, a little bit each little, yes, little, bits like just. Not too too much nothing, not too it's like a bully and nobody else could do that no no one can get a little fly zone unless you, know I even. Less you proposed to me with a waffle ring, thing. You get you get to catch these waffle heads yes absolutely, amazing, next.

Question. Ashley's. Waffle is. What, is the one food that you guys could never ever live without home-cooked. Or not this. Is for you to um, guess, just she said it plural e so but I'll let you go first, I I, must say too because. They represent, both my cultures I would say gumbo. Intelligent. From, Senegal. Which is urgent, what's. Intelligent it's the. Original wall, of rice. Africa. Water challenges. And fish. It's like a fish stew yes I can't. Go without my, my, grandmother's, Haitian and she she used to make this beautiful meat patties. Called pates. French. Pastry, but then with like a spicy. Haitian. Meat listen, yeah, and well with the Lakey beef, oh yeah. Sometimes, lamb oh if we were you know like, that so, we gonna eat that afterward yeah okay, cool you're, gonna cook it afterward well I got, some cooking right now for you. Since you were so amazing, do, you want to eat in the passenger, seat do you want to get this drive life. Yes. Yes okay cool so go back to. The r8. Greg, Tracey's already in the passenger, seat okay we'll throw you in the driver's side adjust, the seat you know make yourself comfortable as you would at, home. Seat. Belt get to see right and hands, at 9 and 3. Seat. Belt yeah. You're. In the hands of a professional driver on a, closed track just. Drive. Okay. Break, down straight, back yeah. There you go I think. Will. Be your guide here we go, three. Two. One. Not, afraid I like it I just want to know what it is. All. Right I'm gonna ask you a question, while you. Dream, floor okay, hey, is, Englewood, truly, up to no good. It's. Up to the best it can do I would, say that, it's. It's, not it's better there was I'll, say that all right remember. What I said about nine and three with the hands oh yeah no, problem as. The creator of the youtube series awkward, black girl what. Was your most awkward, black girl moment, I, mean. I a, day. In the life of me how. Are you not I mean. I'm. Tripping, my. Awkward, is moment. Oh one. Just happening when I was in Atlanta and. I, was in an elevator and, this. Guy got in and, he was like yo. He might tell you you look like the. Girl insecure. And. I was like all people tell me that all the time and before, I got a chance to like like. Just say like hi it is me. There. Were two other women in that elevator with him and, he was like oh don't she look just like the girl insecure. And, then the girl behind me was like I hate that sure. I. Was. On my phone that song was laughs what it sounds like what do you hate about a big woman but. The. Girl next to her was like oh really you hate it like I heard it was good she, was like I hate it and, so I just stayed on my phone in elevator, with her. I was, like I'm gonna get really liked to show that much I guess she's not worth losing my mind she doubled, down on me double, down on hey. DJ. Escobar, would like to know what. Made you want to have so many Frank Ocean, references, and insecure, does his music, affect. Your life back, strongly. Yeah. I write to Frank ocean's music. Alright. Poet. Here. There, you go. Oh. Here. You got up to 107, miles an hour okay. Remember. Remember, the hands 9:00 to 3:00 I think Frank Ocean actually, would love this because you know he loves racecars. Right. He writes about that in his beautiful melodies on a regular basis. Okay. You're. Getting closer to him right now in real life t. Bear rider wants to know first, off says your amazing, question, did, HBO approached you regarding, the show or was your agent shopping. It around for, you. Yeah. They called, me and. Said what, else you got, and. I was like I got this for you, and. That's how I went down was. It one of those things where like is this really HBO, like. They. Didn't call me personally I, definitely, wouldn't believed it I don't even like who, keeps not playing on my phone. Next, question what's the worst. Borderline. Creepy thing, that. You've ever done oh. Man.

I'm A big social media stalker and. I. Have. Gone. Through. The depths, of. Research. Hell just. To locate, where, someone, was at and I'm not proud of it but I. Will. Find you I'll. Find you. You. Can't hide on. Social media from Easter Egg I can't, there's. No trenches, that, you can hide it. Hey. So I was a huge fan of how you showed this thick disgust queer, men of color did, you have strong, queer men in your life that have inspired you, are you think we're men yes yes. I have many queer, strong. Funny. Ambitious. Just, don't men in my life that. Have been there for me. Who've, just. Always kept it real but like, with me whether I wanted to or not just friends the way their friends do awesome. This question is from unacceptable. And hit. That gas like you mean it hands at nine and three. You use your voice to inspire, and empower across. So many mediums, and I can't wait to see which ones are next. Yeah. You were more than before. Okay. This. Person, would like to know, what. Is next for, Issa, Rae is it Issa Rae for president 2020, like what is next. But. I do want. To. Continue. To create and. I, want to like see what, else I can do outside TV, and film. So. What is that like that mixtape dropping. Childish. Gambino ruined, it for everybody like he's too good you can't just be playing on the track yeah. Yeah. If you want to step out of your lane now after, after, after. Childish, gambino you really better be, able to do it gotta come correct right, when. You are stuck in traffic in. LA traffic which is a normal thing what. Do you listen to. I, listen, to I, mean, it makes the things I'm listening to a lot of Knick Hakeem I love. Bosco. I just love a mix of music, but. I mean if it's traffic it's got to be like like. I love early. 2000. My. Good music. Like. Little scrappy when he was still great and. Wasn't I love in hip-hop no. Offense. But. When he didn't want any problems with anyone now he went on a show to give problems and they just feel like very, contradictory. You're. Gonna come into the pit after. This turn that was the greatest answer, ever what. What, would what would surprise people. The. Most like, what would be you use, your secret music, that you listen to that people would be like what, Easter, a listen to that. I mean. I like I like mariachi, music a lot it, like goes really hard I love. Don't. Don't, don't don't. Yeah. Now, thankfully, thank you very much you should make a body acne mixtape I like my arch music to, double. Confession, has. Insecure. Success, made. You any less. Insecure. In, social, situations. No. You're. Coming to me no it's okay, you killed it by the way I did. I, thank. You I'm. No it has not made me less I mean clearly. All. Right. So. Now um we, are going to I'm gonna come and get you out okay. This, is a full-service show yeah. Thank. You, that. Was awesome thank. You you're welcome, well, it, was great. Mariachi. Music. Alright. You've. Crushed us so well we're gonna throw you back into. The passenger, seat if. You'd like, Greg can turn it up just a little. All. Right so let's do another lap and then we'll have a, cool. Speed lap that will end with okay. All right so. It's two laps two laps yeah it's a lap plus okay. All right cool. The. Casualities. Just approached, into the car hands.

In The pocket like this is not a big deal. What. I said like turn it up I meant like you know not, like. All. Right remember, I said about the hands. If you keep them down you won't try and use them are, you right okay all right here. We go three two, one. Would. You rather be, the, smartest, person in the room or, the funniest. Person in the room. I. Got. Joe right. Great. Job on the house if you, had a lady friend from, the country, in Iowa, outside, of Long Beach. We're. In LA County would, you make sure, she. Had to see. But. Thank you for the pleasure what's, that I don't, know what that question was but thank you here. We go again if, you had a friend visiting, from like Iowa. Where. In LA County would you want to make sure she got to see. South. LA. Great, sound effects. The, hands. Seattle. Hylian wants to know. What. Is the best thing about being a woman of color in television. Today and. Alternatively. What. Is the worst thing. That, there are so many more so many more, women of color and the. Worst thing is that there is still not enough women together right. By. The way you just went a hundred and seventeen miles an hour that will find and. You're about to probably, hit about 120, right now as you come down the straightaway oh. No. You're not cuz, you come in and stop with the speed round my, bad. My. Bad. Yeah. Alright so this is the speed round, wait. No. This is the speed row this is the last lap of the show of. Our time together in, the speed round I'm not going to ask you questions, that will require long, drawn-out, answers this is gonna be one, word answers I want to see how many answers. You can accumulate I was. Just tripping that that wasn't the speed round oh, okay. We can go as fat again. The speed round doesn't mean that you have to go any faster, alright. It's. All up to you okay. You can talk to Greg Greg does have a cool trick though when he starts the car that, you might feel really good if you want to let him try that yeah. All. Right Greg you, know what that means. Three. Two. One. Okay. Okay. Bitch, watching right now. Bitch. Why, should my not you if. Someone wrote a biography about, you what would be the title. If. You had a superpower, what would it be the. Read mine how. Much hot sauce is, too much. Ruffles. Or Pringles. Ruffles. Or Pringles. Favorite. Kind of pizza. What. Is a single, greatest economic. Technological advancement. Of the last hundred years. What. Is your favorite, tetrastyle. Your. Favorite, Tetris, tile, I, don't. Know what. Is your favorite dr., Seuss book. Okay. What. Is your favorite movie of all time. Pancakes. Or french toasts. Pancakes. How are you doing right now. What. Is your what. Is your favorite comedy, movie of the past few years. Uncle. Or. Stefan ork well I, didn't. Hear Steve. Urkel or stefan, urquelle. Hey. You, went a hundred and thirty miles an hour on that baby, oh, shit. That was a blast. I. Just. Peed in the car, oh. Nice. Job Greg Tracy oh, okay. Talk. To me, yeah. That was, incredible. I don't want to do anything else can, we just do this all day yeah we could we could do this all literally do this all day we have the track to, ourselves no I don't want to do it yes. You, did, beyond, the call of incredible, and your answers, were. I, mean. You you really you, opened, up thank. You for opening up open, me open, it. For. The questions those are great questions I'm so, out of it right now this, is an amazing, experience everybody should do this everybody, should do this to. Do this tell a friend to tell a friend to tell a friend and thank, you for taking the time out I know that you're in the middle of shooting etc. But you had to like really do things to get here we appreciate, how it is my absolute, pleasure thank, you guys from South Africa, and Haiti to our. Day thank, you all day thank you very much that lets you get hydrated, catch. You on the backend Easter ray absolutely. Crushed it and that is a wrap for episode, 4 of think, faster, as much, fun as you can have with, 540. Horsepower of, the joy hope, that you guys enjoyed, it thank you for your questions, and we will see you guys next, time.

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