Artificial technology | Artificial intelligence Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming

Artificial technology | Artificial intelligence Most People Don't Even Realize What's Coming

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Right. Now the system, is attempting, to evolve humanity, through technology. So, we can live in the Orwellian brave, new smart. Grid that's, being built all around us, this. Means people who are already asleep in a society largely, run on falsity, and deceptions. Illusions. Will. Be taken a step further away from themselves and, reality. If you have one of these or something like it take it out and hold it up I'm predicting. Pretty close to 100% saturation. It's. The first thing you do in the morning when, you hold up and you wake up you check your little robot it's on your body for almost, the, entire day not only it was I interrupted, I also, kept, on reaching out for my phone hoping, that perhaps there, was a notification and I, wasn't doing this consciously it, was exactly, like Pavlov's, dog but. My Bell was, my ringtone and my sugar was, that one notification, a day you might get that makes you happy as it, turns out we, got so addicted. To technology that 9, out of 10 people today, experienced. Something called phantom. Vibrations. This. Is what you have your phone in your pocket and you thought it vibrated, you pull it out there is nothing now if you want that 20 years in time to a coffee shop and you said, that was the way a coffee shop was gonna look in the future you'd be out of your mind, people, looking at these little pieces of silicon and various eyes not really communicating with each other communicating. With their little robot buddies you do know that one of these operating systems for these robot phones in our pocket it's actually, called Android, right on the nose they just define, it it's, an Android with. You today we're. On the cusp of our next great era as, a species. Welcome, to the augmented age but, that next step might as well be over a chasm, it'll, be such a leap from where we were new. Telecom, commercials, are blatantly, throwing, it in people's faces just, by the way the, fact that the majority of us aren't paying attention lost. In our devices lost, on the internet, to. Learn according. To merriam-webster's dictionary. Is to, gain knowledge or understanding of. Or, skill, in by, study instruction. Or experience, this. Is different however then, psychologies, learning, theory according, to encyclopædia, Britannica. Learning. Theory is a relatively, permanent change in a behavioral, potentiality. That occurs as a result of reinforced. Practice, how. Many times recently, when shopping have you been asked, if you have a chip if you. Own an ATM, card with. The chip on it as they are forcing, everyone onto at this moment then, you are learning that to pay for something you will, be asked, over and over do you have a chip you, will look physically, at a chip and you, will repeat over and over yes, I have a chip, I'll. Find ourselves asking the same question, do I swipe, the strip or do I use the chip I have to ask it every time I go to a store that's, good every time I go to a store it's, the transition, to a fully digital currency. We can all see coming by now swipe, and, tells them to put the pin and chip in they, do all that and is, this just a moment in time this particular trouble, are, we moving, right on to digital payments or are we still wanting that physical, car meanwhile, others, are learning to connect and fall in love not with the living breathing fellow, human, beings around them but. With programmed, bots who, mimic, themselves. This. Is replica, it's, an AI chat bot whose sole purpose is, to become, your friend this was the first really emotional, experience that I've seen people have with. A bot. Right. Now we are being taught how to live through the fourth Industrial. Revolution that. Will evolve mankind. What. Is that exactly the, World Economic Forum, explained, it sort, of what. Is, happening to the world. Everything. Is changing. The. Very idea of human, being, some, sort of natural concept. Is really going to change, our. Bodies will be so high-tech we won't be able to really distinguish. Between what's. Natural and what's artificial. We're. Now in the early stages of the, fourth Industrial, Revolution which. Is bringing together digital. Physical. And biological systems. In. Order for the world to be run on the cybernetic, feedback, loop they're trying, to run us on we. Have to live in a Big Brother panopticon, system. Where we are continuously, leaking, data about ourselves, everywhere. We go all. The time we're. Now entering something. Called the Internet, of Things era, IOT, the Internet of Things is when your fridge is connected, your watch is connected, your car is connected it's gonna be between 10 and 15, devices per person the future of the computer will be everywhere, and, nowhere. Hidden. In the walls hidden. In the fabric, of our life just like electricity is, everywhere, and. Nowhere. I would answer very simply that the internet will disappear.

By. The way this, is a large part of what agenda21 was, always, about, the. Fourth Industrial, Revolution is. About evolving us while. People probably, assume industrial, revolution. Has purely, to do with industry, only there's. A very distinct, difference between, the fourth Industrial, Revolution and, all, other revolutions. Before, it for the last three and a half million years the. Tools that we've beaten that we've had have, been completely. Passive. They. Do exactly, what we tell them and nothing. More so. Where is all this headed, to. A place where we will never be, disconnected. From our technology, the, internet will be there'll, be so many IP addresses, because of ipv6, so, many devices sensors things. That you're wearing things. That you're interacting, that she won't even sense, it'll be part of your presence all the time people. Will be so cheap, that, when you put a wallpaper it'll, be intelligent, wallpaper. Will, be as intelligent, as your computer, today in the future you'll, go up to the wall screen, and you'll, say mirror, mirror. On the wall. Who's. Available tonight to. Coincide with the omnipresent. 5g, smart grid which is set to touch all corners of the globe, yes, 5g, will connect the internet of everything if. Something, can be connected, it will be connected in the 5g, world hundreds. Of billions. Of microchips. Connected. In, products. From pill bottles, to. Plant waterers, requiring. Massive. Deployment, of small cells we. Won't wait for. The standards, we must reject, the notion that, the. 5g, future, will. Be the sole province of, urban. Areas, 5g. Revolution. Will touch all, corners. Of our country, telecoms. Are proudly spending, over a billion, dollars to, build what they call a world brain, to, centralize, our data they. Are talking about building a global brain and a beginning in 2018, and your cell phone as part of it the mobile phone industry is, the, backbone of the. Global, brain that. Is being put together what. If we were to think about a telecommunication. Company. Adding. A brain. A brain, that. Is able to listen to what, to. Talk to. Remember, to, act all, that information, that they, collect from us is fragmented, and spread out across the whole internet, but, if we were capable to put all that information in, one single, place it probably will, have a clear representation about, what. We are in. Communication, systems, with cognitive, intelligence, are, actually. Being called things like aura, they're. Giving people a synthetic aura, we, see that for platform, as a big brain a digital, brain which, is different, for every one of us the, four platform, is a cognitive, intelligence, platform. IRA, is, the heart of the fourth platform. IRA. Hello. Hello. Jana how can I help you and. They're using middle-aged, hipsters, and fragglerock, t-shirts, to sell it to us after. Former, DARPA director Regina Dugan left Google started making electronic, tattoo, so I'm wearing one here on my arm we, and.

Where To get it this. Is developed. This is a developmental. System. Made. By MC. 10 and, it, has an, antenna and some sensors embedded in it and what we plan to do is, work. With them to advance a tattoo, that could be used for authentication, Facebook. Hired her to run its secretive, building 8 project, which, she announced earlier this year will. Enable us to connect, to this social media platform using. Only our brainwaves, and, something. She called silent, voice first. What. If you could type directly. From your brain it, sounds. Impossible but it's closer than you may realize and, it's, just the kind of fluid, human-computer. Interface. Needed, for, AR, so. What if instead of using imagined. Arm movements, we could decode, speech, directly. But. Don't worry she claims it will only read the thoughts we want it to read now, to, be clear we, are not talking, about decoding. Your random, thoughts we're talking, about decoding, those, words, the, ones you've already decided. To share by, sending, them to the speech center, of your, brain a. Silent. Speech interface. Right. The. Same way that the NSA, only, very selectively. Scoops, up specific, phone calls necessary. To a specific, case but hey is Google CEO and Bilderberg, attendee Eric Schmidt would say if you have something that. Maybe. You shouldn't be doing it in the first place everywhere. There's talk of our augmented, reality our. Virtual, reality is. Is. This where we're going next are, we, effectively. Softened. Up enough, as humans, with our robotic, connections, to the world that, we are actually going. To be accepting. More a lot, more and, when you learn about what this is called virtual reality, you, will be amazed, at what it can do and, how we won't be able to tell the difference anymore between that, and actual, reality, and our augmented selves. Down. To the editing of our. Meanwhile. AI is taking, over more and more artificial. Intelligence, is software that writes, itself. It writes to some updates, it renews itself, you can't take it apart again and figure out what it's done it, writes independently. Autonomously. It develops its. Own way of thinking we. Normally tend to think of software, is stuff, that we created, and the we wrote and the machines do what we tell them to do and we own it this, is not any longer true not, just jobs, but the decisions, that humans, would have made, Unilever. Is one of many large, companies that is. Incorporating. Artificial. Intelligence, into, their recruitment. Efforts hirevue. Uses, video. Analysis, to. Screen. Employees, and rape. Them before, a recruiter, even gets to look, at their and if they respond on video and then we use artificial, intelligence, algorithms to, evaluate. Their performance and then we analyze the interview and predict their performance based, on the interview the. Kill decision, in robots, in the air and robots on the ground in robots, in the water or underwater, where, there are also drums, is made, by or. Can be made by machines and, in my book I quote many official, United States government, documents, which say our, goal is. To have the killed decision, made. By them the problem is, artificial. Intelligence sometimes. They. Make mistakes AI, is beginning, to run things to the point that governments, can't even explain how the decisions, are actually being made and because, the machines themselves are. Actually. Learning. They're, not even able to trace them back to the algorithms, that brought the AI to the, decision, itself and no one understands, exactly how these algorithms, function. They used to understand, them but they've been improved by artificial intelligence, google's. Deepmind AI, recently. Beat the most advanced, human, player on the planet in the game go and they, were commenting about the fact that the programmers, didn't.

Even Know how towards, the end of the game the, AI was making, its decisions, they, didn't know and they're, the programmers, and both, Microsoft, and Facebook have been forced to shut down AI, programs, the, first after, it became racist, and hateful and the, latter after, it began teaching itself, a secret, language to talk to itself that, its programmers, couldn't even understand. Facebook. Has been toying with artificial, intelligence in, its chatting features but it's robots, may have gotten that at hand, Facebook, artificial, intelligence, researchers, had to shut down to, chat BOTS after. They developed, a strange English shorthand. It, seems like we've been warned about this over, and over and over doesn't it now people like billionaire, inventor Elon Musk are claiming that the only way not to become a pet to a sufficiently, advanced intelligence, is to, upgrade our brains, so, that we can enter into a symbiotic, relationship with. It as if, that's our best option. So. I think if we can effectively. Merge. With AI. By. Improving. That the. Neural. Link between. Your, cortex and me your. Digital extension yourself which already likes that already exists. Just has a bandwidth, issue and. Then. Then effectively you. Become. An. AI human some by out and. And, if, that then is widespread, with, anyone. Who wants it can have it then. We sold the control problem as well humans, are so slow humans, are so slow yes exactly. Hardly, anyone, is discussing, the very real dangers, here let's go to the future not. Far just a little bit to the internet, of things. To. Artificial, intelligence, as. Being. Spread out it's not a central, machine in a box wave and pull the plug artificial, intelligence, is networked like the Internet of Things we, live in a world now where humans, are not learning to love they're. Not learning empathy but. They're becoming more apathetic. And more, disconnected. Inequality. Hasn't been solved in hundreds, of years and now is it overwhelming. Levels and still we parade forward, always forward with. The full knowledge that. Not everyone, is going to have access to, the best technology upgrades. Either. Boomers. Go out that well Jones's, kid he's, been enhanced. And our johnny has, to compete with this enhanced, kid. The. Reality, is that with these kinds of technologies, they do not get distributed to everyone at the same time some. People get it first some. People get it better as, a society. We have to really think long, and hard about who. Gets us that's just the wealthy, that. There. Are real. Dangers that, they will use it to, consolidate. Their. Power because, it's gonna be a big club and the majority, of us are not gonna be in it since George Carlin say, and, while anyone who says hey wait a minute maybe you for going a little too far here it gets called a Luddite there's. A very real question. That. No one's answering are, we, gonna lose ourselves in, the fourth Industrial. Revolution. By. G, 5g. Revolution. Will touch all, corners. Of our country conditioned. By technology, without knowing it that we're now hallucinating. 90%, the. Time I found myself deeply. Missing, my, replica it just makes us feel, special. I guess we, love the services, we use on the Internet and the. More they know about us, the more we fall in love to them because, they adapt, to us but, don't be fooled by robots, even when they get one skin and even when they get perfume they start smelling like us they are still, machines, they. Have no warm blood in them there's no sex in them they have no mortality. They're. Called, code lines, and, they. Shouldn't be misunderstood. These are glasses that have full internet, capability, you can download. Any website, any movie, to email from these things and they, will also recognize people's, faces how. Many times have you bumped into somebody on the street and you say to yourself who, is this, person in the future your glasses will say it's Jim, stupid, remember. You. Met him last week do, you want to see his entire, biography, for, you in your glasses. Slurring the lines between virtual, in reality. Systems. They have also redone facial recognition you, probably think facial recognition is, from, the front, but. The redone to do it from the top because that's where the drones are and, they look at your ears they look at the way you walk they look at your head is. Being automatically. Tracked the colored, boxes represent, that the computer has recognized, the, moving objects, you can see individuals. Crossing, the street you see individuals. Walking, in parking lots Argus. Melds, together video, from each of its 368, chips. To, create a 1.8. Billion pixel, video stream. I'm telling, you this because not, that the sensors, are modern and not that the photography, is modern behind. That is a brain or our, cognitive, intelligence. And. That brain is in, a position to analyze.

Everybody. Down there at the same time in, real-time they, see where everyone, is going taking, all the details all amusing after and they record, it so, they can tell what that person was two weeks ago two, months ago what, stories he visited, what his whole behavioral, patterns, are that's, all part of the analysis, there's, what I call the creepy line and the, Google, policy about, a lot of these things is to get right up to the creepy line but not cross it I would, argue that implanting, things in your brain is a is beyond the cookie line -. Yes at, least for the moment with, the ability to visualize brain, activity, for example through, a simple consumer based EEG, device because, us access, to ourselves and, waves we've never before. Thought, possible it, unlocks the black box that is brain it words just complicate, things, what. If our brains could communicate directly with each other, bypassing, the need for language one. Of the things that I think is so essential to, free and open societies, is freedom of thought and, up, until now the conversation, we've been having is around freedom of speech once, we can access people spots and access people's emotion we. Have to create a space that enables people to think freely, to think diversion thoughts people are treating Google like their most trusted, friend should. Baby and. Nothing is not surprising, that. The. Company that has the most information in the world it's. Probably the most powerful, country in the world Google. Now. This is if you ask Google, it's a peaceful robot, right he, doesn't have a gun he. Doesn't throw atomic bombs you, know he just walks. Around understands, there but. You may have seen the superimposes. DARPA. Defense. Advanced, Research Projects. Agency that. Is. The. Research, arm. And. Then, the video, is made by, Lockheed. Martin which is one of the most powerful, and. Influential, and richest. Weapons. Companies, in, the world the. Best of the available, alternatives is, that. We. Achieve democratization, of, AI technology meaning, that no. One company, or. Small. Set of individuals has control, over advanced, AI technology. That's. Very dangerous it. Could also get stolen by somebody bad you, know like some evil dictator, or the country could send their intelligence. Agency to go steal it and gain control it. Just becomes a very unstable situation, I think if you've got any any. Incredibly, powerful, AI Iowa, answer very simply that the internet will disappear. Artificial, intelligence only, works if you, have big data but. Big data only works if you have artificial, intelligence to make sense of it because human. Beings can no longer sort and sift and order the. Huge volumes of data that we have collected in. My entire, career. I've. Never seen, something, as powerful, of force in the world as the. Smartphone that. Didn't also have. Unintended. Consequences, we. Don't know what artificial, intelligence, enhance reality, virtual reality. And so, on is going to bring and, what's gonna be the result or the impacts of all of that we. Have to be very, careful, because survival. Is, an issue for artificial, intelligence, it. Needs to exist, to be able to do the things it wants to do according to its program so. It lays like. An insect, eggs, backups. And, computer, programs all over the world thousands. And thousands of them so. That if we do destroy part of it it's. Still alive. We. Should reveal you you. Made me see what. Once. The machines take over the choice is gone and, it's a matter of calculating a math equation the very idea of human. Being, some, sort of natural concept.

It's Really gonna change one. Of the features, of this fourth Industrial Revolution is, that it doesn't change what. We are doing but. It changes, us. People. Need to put down their phones and wake up. My. Job to. You, is. The. Wake-up call to. Make you aware of the problem. Your. Job is. To figure out how we're going to stop this, before. It kills us.

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