Archangel Gabriel | The Last Pleiadian Leader | 10 A.D

Archangel Gabriel | The Last Pleiadian Leader | 10 A.D

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This, story is the one I sort of mentioned earlier, in the show that, I kept having to look back up and go am I really reading Forbes right now is this really Forbes or am i reading the onion am i reading a joke website but. No this is the story from Forbes com, Iran says, that tall, white, space. Aliens, control, America, documents. Leaked by NSA, whistleblower, Edward Snowden conclusively. Prove that, the United States has been ruled by a race of tall white space, aliens, in. Ancient times, a new, culture, suddenly, exploded, across the vast terrain of Asia Europe and Africa. They. Supplanted. The earlier agrarian, nature, worshipping. Culture, that had featured, the earth goddess, and her son the, green man. When. A new culture, arrived, the, green man acquired, horns, and became. The devil and. The. Pleiades acquired, the association. With a bull and became, part of the zodiacal. Sign of the bull son Taurus. A. New. Complete, culture, known, as the bull cult had emerged. Also. Referred, to as the primeval, shaivite, culture, in India the. Origins, of Shaivism, are unclear, and a matter of debate among scholars, some. Trace the origins, to the Indus Valley Civilization. Which reached its peak around. 2500. To 2000. BC. This, new cult quickly, became a universal. Religion and succeeded. In uniting the Asian, European, and, African, peoples. Known as the Greeks Celts. Anatolians. And more. Within. All those countries, where astronomy. And astrology were. Practiced, during the bull cult the, Pleiades, were said to be the goddess who transcended. In. India. They, associate. The Pleiades, with Maya rügen Karthikeya. The fiery celestial. Warrior. Murugan's. Greek, counterpart. Dionysus. Was also, intimately, associated, with, the Seven Sisters. Dionysus. Followers, on earth regularly. Honored their, deity, as the manifestation of, the bull son his. Bull cult lineage, had arrived on Crete Laval, Anatolia. Crucified. Dionysus. With the seven stars of the Pleiades overhead. The. Association. With the Berlin the Pleiades, was also, known among the Yazidis of northern. Iraq. Their. Autumn Festival was. When the Pleiades, were directly, overhead in the night sky. Another. Reason, they honored the appearance, of the Seven, Sisters with, special, rites at this time was because it was also the court of their primary, deity, the.

Peacock Angel, the Yazidis son of God who also had, a special, association. With both the Seven Sisters and the bull son. Billy. Meier claims. That he has been contacted, over 130. Times by the ply audience these, multiple, contacts. He says occurred between. 1976. And 1982. With. Billy physically, meeting, with his playa D and contact, numerous, times although was initially contacted. Telepathically. Billy. Has gone on to write a handful. Of books on the subject and, has been to the center of controversy with, an extraterrestrial. Discussion. For years. According. To the Pleiadian history. On earth the, last player, D and leader to leave Earth was in 1080, and went by the name of Gabriel. Apparently. The reason for the playa D ins leaving, earth was because they wanted to give humans, the chance to evolve down their own paths, however. They did leave one playa, daeun behind, an entity. By the name of Jay Manuel. This, manual, was a powerful, spiritual, leader who possessed, a soul that had evolved, far beyond, that of humans, Jay, Manuel was the son of Gabriel. And the daughter of a lurin called Mary. Some. Circles, believe this to be the true origin, of Jesus. Legend. Tells that the Pleiadians, will soon return, to aid humans, on their spiritual, path possibly. At the time of a major crisis. Gabriel. In via, bra hammock religions, is an archangel, he. Was first described. In the Hebrew Bible and, was subsequently. Adopted, by, other traditions, in. The. Hebrew, Bible, Gabriel. Appears to the prophet, Daniel, to explain, his visions. The. Archangel. Appears in such other ancient, Jewish writings, as the Book of Enoch alongside. Archangel. Michael, Gabriel. Is described, as the guardian, angel, of Israel, defending. This people, against, the angels, of the other nations. Many. Christian, traditions. Including. Anglicanism, East and Orthodoxy. And Roman. Catholicism, revere, Gabriel, as a saint in the, Book of Ezekiel, Gabriel. Is understood, to be the angel that was sent, to destroy Jerusalem. According. To the Jewish encyclopedia. Gabriel, takes the form of a man and stands, at the left hand, of God Islam. Regards. Gabriel, as an archangel, sent, by God to various, prophets, among, them Muhammad the, latter-day saints. Hold that the angel, Gabriel, is the same individual. As the Prophet Noah in his mortal ministry. The. Intertestamental, period. Roughly. 200. BC, 250, AD, produced. A wealth of literature much. Of it having an apocalyptic. Orientation. The, names and ranks of, angels and, devils were, greatly expanded. And each, had particular. Duties, and status, before God in. The. Book of Enoch it reads, Gabriel. So much blood, being shed upon the earth and heard the souls and men cry bring. Our cause before the most high in Enoch. Ten-to-one the, reply came from the Most High the holy and great one who sent forth, agents, including. Gabriel, and the Lord, said to Gabriel, proceed. Against, the bastards, and the reprobates, and against. The children of fornication. And destroy. The children, of the watchers from amongst men, send. Them one against, the other that they may destroy each, other in battle for. Length of days shall they not have. Gabriel. Is the fifth of the five angels who, keep watch one, of the Holy Angels who, is over Paradise. And the serpents, and the cherubim. The. Story of Gabriel, blowing a trumpet blast, to, indicate, the Lord's return to, earth is familiar. However. Though, the Bible mentions, a trumpet, blast preceding. The resurrection. Of the Dead, it never specifies. Gabriel. As the trumpeter, different. Passages, state different things, the, angels, of the Son of Man Matthew. 24:31. The, voice of the Son of God John. 5 :. 25:29. God's, trumpet I Thessalonians. 4:16. 7. Angels, sounding, a series, of blasts. Revelation. 8:11, or simply, a trumpet, will sound I, Corinthians. 15:52. After. The rapture starts. The, wrath of God a way in which the earth is totally, cleansed, of any human or demonic opposition. To the government, of God this. Wrath is initiated. When the Seventh Seal, is opened and, the seven trumpets, of Revelation are. Sounded. Revelation. 8 - - and I, saw the seven, angels who, stand before God, and seven. Trumpets, were given to them, revelation. 8 - 6 and the. Seven angels who. Had the seven trumpets prepared, themselves, to. Sound them, the, first four, trumpets sounds. Bring destruction, upon, the inhabited, earth. The, last three, are called woes this. Is similar to the time of Noah's, Flood, people. Were marrying building. And planting. Thinking. They had a future but, instead they have no future earth, is destroyed by, the seven trumpet, blasts, after. The seven trumpets, of Revelation there. Are seven bowls of Wrath which are the consummation, of, the wrath of God. God. Curses the unrepentant, people. With more plagues when. The seventh Bowl of wrath is poured Satan.

Influences. The world leaders, and their armies to gather at meadow, for the Battle of Armageddon to. Fight Christ and his Saints, revelation. 19, 19, but. The devil is no match for Christ, and his armies, the. Leopard beast and his false prophet, are thrown in the lake of fire. Revelation. 19:20. Satan. Is chained, for a thousand, years and the millennium begins. St.. Gabriel's. Festivity. Day was celebrated on. April 7th, for unknown, reasons, in latter-day. Saint theology. Gabriel. Is believed, to, have lived a mortal, life as the prophet nuah. The. Two are regarded. As the same individual. Noah, being his mortal, name and Gabriel, being his heavenly, name. Gabriel. Is one of the primary, Archangels. And is the angel, of Revelation, in Islam. Muhammad. Saw Gabriel, in his full angelic. Splendor, only twice the, first time being when he received, his first revelation, as. The. Bible portrays, Gabriel. As a celestial. Messenger sent, to Daniel Mary, and Zechariah, so. To Islamic. Tradition holds. That Gabriel. Was sent to numerous, pre-islamic, prophets. With revelation, and divine, authoritative. Warnings. He. Is known by many names in, Islam, such, as keeper of holiness, and peacock. Of paradise. Gabriel. Also questions. Muhammad on the core tenets, of Islam. Contrary. To Christian, tradition, Islamic. Traditions, depict, Gabriel. As the warring angel, similar. To Gabriel, in Judaism. Gabriel. Is also an angel responsible. For the acts of destruction of, people. God wants, to be annihilated. Angels. Are described, as pure spirits, the. Lack of a defined form allows artists. Wide latitude in, depicting, them, Byzantine. Iconography poor, trails angels, as having light hair skin. And eyes. The. Yazidis of Iraq consider. Gabriel, one of the seven mysteries, the, habitat to which God entrusted, the world and sometimes, identified. With melek, taus melek. Taus also. Spelled Malik Taos. Translated. In English, as peacock, angel, is one, of the central figures of Yazdi religion. In. Nia's Adi creation, stories, God, created, the world and entrusted. It to the care of seven holy beings, often known, as angel, the. Seven mysteries, in the secret. Of the as Adi religion. To use Malik, his subject, to varied and ambiguous, interpretations. The. Azadi book of revelation. A text, generally, believed to have been written by non Lee as it is along. With the Yazidi black book is purported. To contain, the words of tor use in Malik. The. Azadi considered, to use Malik, an emanation of God and a good benevolent, angel, and leader of the Archangels. Who was entrusted to take care of the world after, he passed a test and created, the cosmos, from the cosmic, egg. The. Acid is believed, to, use Malik, is not a source of evil or wickedness. They. Consider, him to be the leader of the Archangels. Not a fallen, or a disgraced. Angel. But, an emanation of God himself. The, kite whistle book, of illumination. Which, claims, to be the words of tor use and Malik himself, States, I was, present, when Adam was living, in paradise, and also, when nan words through Abraham, in fire I was, present, when God said to me you, are the ruler and Lord on the earth God.

The, Compassionate gave. Me seven Earth's and, throne, of the heaven. Yes. Adi accounts. Of creation differ. From Judaism. Christianity, and. Islam. They. Believe that God first, created to, use Malik. From his own illumination. And the other six, Archangels. Were created, later God. Ordered, to use Malik, not to bow to other beings then. God created the, other Archangels. And ordered, them to bring him dust from the earth and build the body of Adam then. God gave life to Adam, from his own breath and instructed. All Archangels. To bow to Adam, the, Archangels. Obeyed, except, for to use in Malik in answer. To God to, use Malik, replied, how, can I submit to another being I am, from your illumination. While Adam is made of dust then. God praised, him and made him the leader of all angels, and his deputy, on the earth. About. Ten ad the last ply adian leader called. Pledges, left, hearth, for good because, ply Rd ins finally, achieved, peace back home in the Pleiades, they. Felt it was time for humans, to evolve on their own before. Leaving Earth the. Pleiadians left. A spiritual, leader chords, manual, who later was known as Jesus. Jay. Manuel was a very evolved, soul whose, father was Gabriel. Of the Pleiades system. And Mary who was of Larrin descent, earth, continued. To evolve on its own without direct. Party and leadership, till our present, time in the, very near future as, Earth, enters, the Photon Belt the, plaid Ian's are going to help bring all humans, on earth into. The light. The, name playa D ins and the pleiades is now becoming known to many humans, on earth. Iran. News article, about tall, whites controlling. United, States on January. 2014. Forbes released this, article, iran, says tool white. Space aliens, control, america, the, article, cites a Fars news agency, report. Based on supposed, documents. That whistleblower. Edward. Snowden leaked. The. Documents, supposedly. Identify. The two whites as an alien race that is the real ruling, government of the u.s.. Bruce. Fenton author, and, a guest presenter on the science, channels popular. Show the unexplained. Files. And esteemed. Researcher. Speaker. And author, stephen. Strong reveals. Several mysterious. Ancient sites, located, in australia. They. Lead an exhaustive, search for evidence to support the claims made by indigenous. Original. Australians. Far, in the past in his remarkable. Book supported. By numerous photos, and images we, are introduced. To the incredible, physical evidence of a lost civilization, having. Existed in Australia, one, that held advanced, knowledge and high technology. This, civilization seemingly. Proclaimed, for itself and out of this world origin 1, somewhere in the direction of the so-called Seven, Sisters or the, Pleiades, constellation. Interestingly. Long. Before the current ideas, of, extraterrestrials. Popped up, HP. Lovecraft, set, the Pleiades, as the home area, for his fictional, great, old ones, Clea. Liu earth earth and, all, those fellows. HP. Lovecraft created, a number of deities. Throughout. The course of his literary career. Including. The great old ones and aliens. Such, as the elder, things with. Sporadic, references. To other miscellaneous. Deities, for, example, notice an. Ongoing. Theme, in Lovecraft's. Work is the complete, irrelevance. Of mankind, in the face of the cosmic, horrors that apparently, exist, in the universe with, Lovecraft. Constantly, referring to the great old ones a loose, pantheon. Of ancient, powerful. Deities, from space who once ruled the earth and who have since fallen into, a deathlike sleep. This, loose pantheon. Apparently. Exists, outside of, normal space-time. Although. Worshiped by deranged. Humans, and in human coats these. Beings, are generally, imprisoned, or restricted, in their ability to interact, with most people, beneath. The sea inside. The earth in, other dimensions, and so, on in.

Lovecraft. Stories, the, benevolent, deity is, called no dance no, dance or, lord. Of the great abyss or Nuada, of the silver hand, is a fictional. Character in the clearly, mythos, based. On the Celtic deity, Loudon's. He, is the creation of HP. Lovecraft, and first appeared in his short story the, strange high house in the mist. 1926. No. Dance is a Celtic, deity, associated with, healing the sea and hunting. He, was worshipped, in ancient Britain, most, notably, in a temple, complex, at Leiden E Park in Gloucestershire. And also, in coal. He. Is equated with the Roman gods Mars, Neptune. And Silvanus, and, his name is cognate, with that of the Irish mythological. Figure Nuada in. Irish, mythology, Nuada. Known, by silver hand was, the first king of the Tuatha dé. Danann he. Is thought to have been a god and is related to the British and Gaulish, god no Daan's who is associated, with hunting, and fishing. Narada. Was king of the Tuatha dé. Danann for. Seven years before they came to Ireland they. Made contact with, the fir bog for, them inhabitants. Of the island, and Narada, sought from them half of the island for the Tuatha dé which, their king rejected. Both, people's, made ready for war and in an act of chivalry allowed their numbers, and arms to be inspected, by the opposing, side to allow for a truly, fair battle, during. This first great, battle at, mag two I add new. Heart a lost an arm in combat, with the fur bald champion, ring, Nuada's. Ally and giver, of norway then, fought swing, sustaining. A mortal, wound while the d'Agata protected, new order. 50. Of the diagonal soldiers, carried, new order from the field the. Tuatha dé gained the upper hand in, the battle but, Strang later returned, to challenge, Narada to single, combat, Narada. Accepted. On the condition. That Strang fought with one arm tied up Strang. But. By this point the battle, was won and the furball, goal but vanquished. The. Two avatar then decided. To offer Sarang, 1/4, of Ireland, for his people instead, of the one half offered, before the battle, and he chose Connacht. Having. Lost his arm Narada. Was no longer eligible for, kingship. Due, to the to either tradition. That their King must be physically, perfect and, he was replaced as king by Brea's 1/2. From Orion, Prince renowned, for his beauty and intellect. The. Far more Ian's were mythological. Enemies of the people of Ireland often. Equated, with the mythological opposing. Force such as the Greek titans, to the Olympians, Bres was removed, from the kingship, having. Ruled for seven years and Narada, was restored. He, ruled for 20 more years prayers. Aided. By the from Orion Bella of the evil, I attempted. To retake, the kingship, by force and war, and oppression followed. When. The youthful, and vigorous, Lube joined, Nuada's. Court the, King realized, the multi-talented, youth, could lead the two Arthur against, the four mauryans and stood, down in his favour. The. Second battle of mag two I had followed, Narada. Was killed and beheaded in, battle by Bala but, Luke avenged, him by killing Bala and led the Tuatha to, victory. The. Present-day, town, of Maynooth and County, Kildare is named after new order it's Irish, name is new ad meaning. The plain of new order. Nuada's. Name is cognate, with that of a Welsh figure, Ludlow. Arraigned. Or, blood. Of silver, hand the. Norse god TR, is another, deity, equated. With mars who, lost a hand. Say. BAE's ears is another, indo-european. Deity, associated with. A sacred hand. The. Legendary, British King, Ludd may therefore ultimately, be derived, from Loudon's. Traditionally. Associated. With the City of London, Londinium. The. Fisher King of Arthurian, legend, is therefore, proposed, as a survival. Of this deity. The. Mythological cycle. Is a conventional. Division, within Irish, mythology. Concerning. A set of tales about the god like people's said, to have arrived in five migratory. Invasions. Into, Ireland and, principally, recounting, the doings of the Tuatha dé Danann. It. Is one of the four major cycles. Of early Irish literary. Tradition, the others being the elves to cycle, the Fenian cycle, and the cycles, of the Kings, examples.

And Works from the cycle, include, numerous, Bros tales, primarily. The Liebherr Gabler wren commonly. Called the book of invasions. Mayor modern, histories such as the annals of the four masters and Geoffrey Keating's, history, of Ireland are also, sometimes, considered viable, sources. Since, they may offer additional, insights. These. Gods, of the successive, invasions are, described, as having dwelt, terrestrially. And ruling, over Ireland in, kingship, the, two other are, said to have retreated into, the Ferryman's. Cloaking. Their presence, by raising the fairy mist. Having. Disappeared, but not died the, deities, oftentimes. Make, guest appearances in, narratives, categorized. Under other cycles. For. Example, Luke's, appearance. As the divine, father and the Morrigan as nemesis, to the elves to hero huh killing the. Tuatha dé Danann can, be linked to the same origins, as the gods in greek mythology. He. Soybeans. The, Greek gods, the golden race but, similar, attributes are seen in Celtic gods, in. Irish, mythology, Ireland. Was subject, to six, invasions. The. First. Five, were from otherworldly, beings, and the, last was from my legions, the. Two other were, known to come from the heavens the, ghouls were thought to come from underneath, the earth this. Information. Had been passed down from druids from dissipator the, god of the underworld, earth. Was thought to be a woman at the time so, this was thought to be a metaphorical. Birth not, ascending, from Hell, the. Earth Moon. And Sun were thought to be created, by druids much, like how brahmins, posted, the same cosmogony. Story, these. Stories, stayed in the oral, tradition because. The Irish had not been invaded, at the time like surrounding. Countries, in, conjunction, the. Druidic schools, wanted, to maintain the stories, in verbal, form this. Kept the stories, in circulation. To the culture, and public. You.

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ArchAngel Gabriel was sent to save Jerusalem and not destroy it. That is why I told you, She, ArchAngel Gabriel is a Good Being. The Pleaidians are Good. Noah is NOT ArchAngel Gabriel. ArchAngel Gabriel was a Girl and a Midwife helping in pregnancy and child upbringing. She was a Girl. You need to stop misinforming People. Stop it.


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Esther doesn't want cake, she wants cock.

This is who mormons worship and say will return to the midwest to take them home. This is the reason why Jesus is depicted as white in religion because hes a pleadian, not because of religous oppression. This is the reason mormons keep record of lineage, to keep there race pure (Aryan). is owned by mormons.

@OOWK MEDIA I just spark the thoughts but I will subscribe to see where the journey takes you.. "logic is the beginning of wisdom, not the end"

Wow can i ask how you know all this ? just so i can add to a future video

@OOWK MEDIA just to elaborate, Judah=Yudah=U-tah the holy lands is in America. Utah is where the mormons settled when they arrive and other midwest cities. If you ever google earth Utah you will see all the biblical landmarks in that state i.e. Mt. Nebo. Supposedly there is a stargate/portal there that will open for the return of the pleadians. Great video by the way

Great comment David I didn't know that, Thanks

Gabrielle appears when a human soul has to progress to it's next step of evolution while the human being is alive. As in not incarnating from birth and staying stagnant spiritually throughout the life span in that body. There are times the soul will update while the body is still alive and when that happens gabrielle will appear and guide the person through it.

What that shit happened to u?

Gabri-Elle? Is a female consciousness. Those ancient beings were a-sexual but would carry either a more male or female type of personality and Gabrielle was always more towards the female. And Noah? No. Noah was not the arch angel gabri-elle. Where the hell did that idea come from?

Latter-day saints talk of Noah being Gabriel

What a load of bullshit

Crazy iran made that statement, even crazier is the sanctions trump just put on irans central bank......connection?

Aliens, Myth and its best...Thank you!

Excuse Me Mister but the Pleaidians are Good. The Evil Aliens are not from Pleaides.

@Latoya Beir Hello, but the Pleaidians are Good. You need to accept Those Facts or else you can irritate them.

He never protrays the Pleadians as bad

I didn't say they were bad?

No they are not the good guys but that's Lucifer and his brother

Oh God, ArchAngel Gabriel is a Girl. She was a Girl back then. She is already back on Earth. Keep praying.

I don't believe none of this. This sounds like a deception for human kind to accept these demons with open arms. I bet these are just fallen angels and demon spirits.

I hate when you do the computer voice on your videos. I like your natural voice.

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Good story...too bad the Pleiades star-system is an open cluster of about 1000 very hot and fairly young blue-white stars that put out far, far too much radiation for anything to live there.

The deception is convincing idiots and simpletons of demons and fallen angels, Not telling the truth of other intelligent life from other worlds. and they didnt fall, they descended!!.

I had a vivid dream last night in short; Gabriel told me “he is coming?” He showed me a 3D map like no other of the universe distant from ours an a ship or something of like was speeding towards Earth. This dream is the first of an Angel to me in a dream or any time I have visioned

@TheWarriorArts yes, you my friend are correct. I believe that at the end of days you are I are gonna be fighting for our lives and hopefully there are more of us but it doesn't look good.

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