APOLLO 11 - TRUTH PROJECT 2018 | NASA Secrets & Destroyed Moon Technology

APOLLO 11 - TRUTH PROJECT 2018 | NASA Secrets & Destroyed Moon Technology

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You, Forbes join. The search. You. I'd go to the moon in a, nanosecond. The. Problem is we don't have the technology, to do that anymore we used to but, we. Destroyed. That technology. And it's. A painful process to, build it back again we are headed 3,600. Miles above, Earth. 15. Times higher from the planet than the International Space Station. As. We get further away from Earth we'll pass through the Van Allen belts an area, of dangerous, radiation. Radiation. Like this can harm the guidance systems onboard computers, or other electronics, on Orion, naturally. We have to pass through this danger zone twice once. Up and once, back. But. Orion has protection. Shielding. Will be put to the test as the vehicle cuts through the waves of radiation, sensors. Aboard will record radiation, levels for scientists, to study we. Must solve these challenges before we send people through this region of space sensors. Aboard will record radiation, levels for scientists, to study we. Must solve these challenges before we sent people through this region of space and, what. Comes after, the International, Space Station, once its mission is over how, do we ensure the present, of humans, in space. Well. That's a great question. The plan. That nASA has is, to, build. A rocket called SLS, which is a heavy lift rocket it's, something that is that is much bigger than what we have today and it, will be able to launch the Orion capsule with, humans, on board as well, as Landers. Or other, components. To the. Destinations. Beyond Earth orbit right now we. Only can, fly in Earth orbit that's the farthest that we can go and this new system that we're building is going to allow us to go beyond and hopefully. Take humans into the solar system to explore, so the, moon Mars asteroids. There's a lot of destinations, that we could go to and, we're, building these building. Block components, in order to allow us to do that eventually the. Technologies. That we're testing out on space station are definitely, helping us with our goals of going, beyond low-earth orbit, so we have a really robust, exploration. Program at NASA and here's. A quick look at the technology, that we used to, make it to the moon here's. An image of the command, module, being, rescued, in the ocean, this. Made it to the moon and through, the Van Allen belt and back, to earth here's. Video of a command module taking. Off from the moon.

Here. Are some images I downloaded. From NASA's website showing. The module and a close-up, of the, technology, that we sent, to the moon. So. Yeah I was, surprised to hear about the Van Allen belt because we, went to the moon nine. Times and sent 12 men during, the Apollo missions from December, of 1968. To, December, of 1972. Apparently, NASA, lost the tapes that recorded, data of the original, Apollo 11, moon landing in, 1969. The. Tapes included, biomedical, data on astronauts, video. Footage of the Apollo 11 landing, and all, of their telemetry and, engineering. Data but, based on everything I can research it seems that NASA actually, lost not just the Apollo, 11 telemetry. Data but. NASA lost all of the telemetry data from, all of the Apollo, missions that, landed on the moon that's. Well over 10,000. Lost tapes and over, a ton literally, a ton, in weight of, missing. Tapes. Fortunately. Though they, were able to restore the original moon, landing footage that was broadcast to earth we've. Made significant. Breakthroughs, in technology in, the past 45, years so. Imagine today's technology that, NASA could bring to the moon to record and study it imagine. The beauty that they could show the entire world, because. We could have crystal-clear, high-definition. Footage taken directly from the surface of the Moon I mean, 4k, resolution, stuff that would blow everyone's, minds but, instead everyone seems to be okay with not going, back and that's, despite the original, video of our, first ever moon walks during the Apollo 11 mission being, destroyed, but. I guess it doesn't really matter either way since, we destroyed the technology, to, get back to the moon why, does it look like this, flag is flapping, or, blowing in the wind and, this. Module taking, off looks pretty weird, to me. So. Yes a lot, of the moon landings, and stuff surrounding outer, space can. Come across as odd, and yeah. Maybe each odd thing can be explained away it's. Just that when I look at all of the oddities as a whole it's, a bit creepy.

You. This, is Gemini 4 that, was completed in June of 1965. That, was well before the Apollo 11 mission, this. Is the first, American spacewalk. Recorded. Using an 18, millimeter, lens camera, and it, recorded at 6 frames, per second. You. A turning. Helmet, appears. To be only happening, during this first-ever, spacewalk. Because. The thing is is, that my, research showed that the helmets, couldn't turn or swivel, because they're fixed, to an airtight ring base and once, the suit is pressurized, it all, becomes extremely, stiff, and I don't see the helmet turning again in any of the video for, this spacewalk, or any others but. There's, a lot of footage, available that's, been taken from. The International, Space Station the ISS. This. Is it here of course. A lot of live interviews, and videos. Have, been done and recorded. From the ISS, and that's, resulted, in a lot of footage to look at, you. Look like you're in a studio maybe in Omaha, Nebraska or something the shot, is so clear is this a hoax are you really in space still yeah. I don't know we're gonna have to do something for you. It. Looks like this guy is grabbing, a wire attached. To the guy next to him he's. Not grabbing air and there, is no reason why any of these guys would. Be wearing wires in space. You. This, guy with the red shirt looks like his shirt is being pulled by, a wire. There. Are lots of these instances out there that you can research but, it's not exclusive, to the ISS, it, also happened on the moon itself and I'll show you that in a moment but. Look at the guy in the middle of these men he. Looks like he's actually wearing a harness this. Was a live interview with Boise, State and. Look at how awkward this is look. At this astronaut, who turns with his back to us pay. Attention to his back heels it seems, like there may not be enough, slack so his heels stay off the ground okay, maybe that's hard for you to believe or see but. Look at this awkwardness this, astronaut, looks like he's being yanked up by a cable so, how does he get up like this on his own I mean, the other astronaut, did not pull him but it looks like he was lifted by some external. Force, outside of him and it's. Not the guy next to him straight. Up it appears that these astronauts, are attached to cables, or some kind of harnesses, at times because. It pulls the astronauts, in unnatural, ways it. Even prevents, them from falling, all the way down sometimes. They look like puppets on strings, due, to the way that they're being pulled or, moved along but, how else could they be doing this well. It could be more special effects and likely, something called augmented, reality and, or. Green screens and this. Is what it looks like. This. Is an actual video that NASA did they, meant to do this this. Is an example of augmented, reality and, then, there are chroma key screens so. Outside of green screens there, are also blue, screens and that's, what you're seeing right here you're seeing the former president, being. Pushed, through, this. Nasa area and behind, him, is Tim, Peake an astronaut. With. What looks like a blue screen a chroma, key screen right, behind him and you, see the. Green ball I, mean. We can compare, footage, around that same time. Compared. To what was caught on camera you, can see it's the same background. It. Looks like the same deal and I've. Only ever found, one other video that's, ever shown, this, chequered, blue screen this. Is that one other video that I'm showing you right here but, how coincidental is it that they use this blue checkered, background, which is extremely. Similar to, or add virtual set, technology, I mean. This is the kind of stuff you can do on a budget right here this video. Now. Here's something else from the ISS. Look. At this card floating, this. Is directly, from NASA's YouTube channel. This. Card, it just doesn't look real is, there. An air-conditioner, on up there I mean. Look at it it looks like they're doing everything they can not to laugh. Next. People, say that the spacewalks, may have been recorded, underwater and not on the moon at all because.

As You, can see here, astronauts. Are definitely, trained underwater, so, a lot of folks believe that they may have faked the spacewalks, by doing it underwater, as well and. That seems to make a lot of sense when you study a lot, of the, spacewalk, videos. Because. You're. Gonna see what looks like a lot of bubbles, go. In all these different directions. Who. Knows which direction the camera was actually pointing when. These were recorded, but, they look like air bubbles. Escaping. Maybe. From underwater pools. Where, some of these things were recorded, or faked. Last. There. Are zero-gravity, planes. The. Only way right now that we can simulate the gravity. On moon Mars asteroids, is parabolic, flight so, yeah there is likely hours, of video of real weightlessness, that, people have experienced. But. You can't do that all the time so, there needs to be other options, especially. For the longer videos like, I showed before. Okay. This. Is a time-lapse video, of earth recorded. From the ISS, but I want to step off the space station right now I want. To look at the Apollo 11 crews, first, public, appearance after, returning, from the moon. Was. Our pleasure to have. Participated. In, one great, adventure. It's. An adventure that took place not just in. The month of July. But. Rather one. That took place in the last decade. We. All here. And the people. Listening. In today had the opportunity, to share that adventure, over. Its developing, and unfolding. In. The past months. And years. It's. Our privilege today, to. Share. With you. Some. Of the, details of, that. Final. Month of July. That. Was. Certainly. The, highlight. For the three of us of. That. So. A lot of people question that video and the, emotions, that they showed at this press conference especially. Neil. Armstrong, who. Was in the middle but, yeah it looks like maybe they were impacted by being on the moon that could be a significant. Moment just. As a heads up this news conference occurred, on September, 16th, 1969. And these, astronauts, returned to Earth on July, 24th. 1969. So. Yeah it's less than two months for them to get their bearings but. It turns out that they did forget, a lot, in that short timeframe. When. You looked up at the sky could, you actually see the, stars and the silver thread in spite of the death we, were never able to see stars from the lunar surface or, on, the daylight side of the Moon by, eye without, looking through the optics I, don't. Recall during, the period of time that we were photographing the so deferral of what what, stars we could see I can't, imagine that he was debriefed and that, kind of question, wasn't asked, what. He saw what he felt what he experienced, while on the moon and, now, listen to Mike Collins who, was sitting to the left of, Neil Armstrong. I remember. Seeing any. Neil, you were a little. Bit concerned you said. So. Now Mike doesn't remember seeing any, stars either we. Have to remember that the reporter asked, about them looking up at the sky and if they could see the stars based, on their circumstances. So, Mike Collins answer, has, got to apply to his experience, in the command, module itself, because he didn't walk on the moon or go down to its surface but, let's look again at Neil's response, to what Mike said. Notice. His body language and it, looks like Neil even whispers, something under his breath - Mike was. He telling him to simply shut up I don't know but the interaction, looks really odd to me all.

Right Here, is another interview, with Neil Armstrong, and right, after I show you this quick piece I'll immediately, share, a few more statements, made, by other astronauts, who, shared what they could or couldn't see while, in outer space. Stahma. Song I do realize, that when you were on the moon you had very little time for gazing upwards but could you tell us something about what the sky actually looks like from the moon the Sun the earth the stars at any and so on. The. Sky. Is, deep. Black. When. Did from the moon as it is when, viewed from cislunar. Space the, space between the Earth and the moon. The. The. Earth is the only visible. Object, other than the Sun that can be seen although they've. Been some, reports, have seen planets, I myself did, not see planets, from the surface but I suspect they might be. Visible. Mark. Hammering, this is from our camera whilst, in space have, you ever looked away from Earth into the black void. Yeah. So, you can, see as, you can see the stars oh yeah. And pretty, much all the time you can see a star, the. Sky. Is. Deep. Black. When. Dude from the moon as it is when, viewed from cislunar. Space the. Space between the Earth and the moon face. And you're on the Sun side of the orbit the, Sun light washes out all the Starlight so you can't see any stars just like peer on earth there's although there's all the stars in the cool thing is about you can see it during the day yeah you can't and there's more than stars you can see planets. Rising. Moons you, see the get the gas. Magellan. Clouds up yeah yeah pretty. Much all the time you can see the stars then when you look out into deep space away, from the Sun it's the darkest black you can imagine, the. Cost of the three moon Rovers, in 21st, century currency. Nearly. Sixty million dollars. Each. Though. They had fewer parts than a jeep where. Was all this money going. Then. There's the flag, blowing. In the wind at. Least twice on, the atmosphere.

'less Moon here. The editor cuts to a still shot of the flag just. As the effect becomes noticeable. Here. It is unchecked, this. Rare clip attained. Decades, ago was never re-released, with the inevitable, increase in experience, and scrutiny. To. Demonstrate, one-sixth, gravity a, bouncy. Floaty feel, to the astronauts, moons would be similarly, achieved, with relative, simplicity. Slow. Motion, you. Are viewing the scenes as they aired more than thirty years ago, now. Let's look at them with the speed doubled. It becomes, discernible, that they are in fact in Earth's gravity, and are. No more leaving the ground, than they would on earth. It. Is. Clear from these rarely seen color, television, pictures that, the crew of Apollo 11 brought, a high resolution, color, video camera, with them on their mission yet, the only pictures, broadcast, live from the moon's surface were, these from, a low definition, black-and-white. Camera, in fact. The network's complained, because in addition to this they, were forced, to shoot the images, second-generation. Off of, a projection, TV, of the technology. Of 30 years ago and, were not even allowed to take a direct feed, which, further degraded, the quality, and clarity of the images. Perhaps. This was precisely what NASA and the federal government, had in mind, after. All it was the first, regardless. Of where they were better. To open up their debut mission with, fuzzy pictures and numerous, blackouts, rather. Than show too much revealing, detail of a false scene that, was yet unproven. And finally. The element, that seals their fate of, all. The footage of Apollo 11 requested. From NASA over a five-year, period, one. Gem was discovered, just before. The completion of this documentary an, old. Reel received. By mistake. It, contains, the raw or unedited. Footage of, the crew of Apollo 11, michael, collins edwin. Aldrin jr., and neil armstrong, staging. Part of their mission for, nearly an hour in living. Color with. Exceptionally. Clear behind-the-scenes. Audio, of conversations. Discussing. The techniques, used to achieve a disingenuous, picture. Depicting. The earth at a distance, in order. To falsely, demonstrate, their far journey from it and their. Ability to survive, passing. Through the Van Allen radiation belts. It. Cannot, be misconstrued, that this staging was done for some other reason, prior to the mission for, the real itself, is slated, and dated, July, 18th, 19th. And 20th. 1969. The. Very days of the mission when, they were said to be approaching, and achieving, lunar, orbit. Understand. Turn but, only about 20 seconds, of this raw footage was, ever broadcast to the public and these, conversations, discussing. Their deception, were, believed to be private. Until. Now. Here. They discussed, that these television, transmissions, were, in fact not broadcast, live as everyone believed they. Were first streamed and edited, for, playback, later. The. Weekend when we get to playback we can go to correlate, what were you paying thank you very much. Here. They discussed the fact that they have turned out the lights and have blocked out sunlight from. Entering the space breath through the other windows as, to not cause any reflected, light to fly onto the spacecraft's. Wall in the foreground. 2a up. Number. One window under any reflected. Light, and. We only have one window, that has. A view of the earth and, it filled, up with the Big D camera.

This. Is where the astronaut, is back in view but the lens was supposed to be on the, window. Is. It legitimate I don't. Know there's just so many weird things about the Apollo missions, when, you research them and again. I'm not vouching for a funny, thing happened on the way to the moon but, it does address, a few questions that seem to make sense that, seem to be worth asking and. Then. There are the space shuttles, which, are supposed to be gliders, when, they reenter our atmosphere. And they land. So. Space shuttles don't have the appearance of what you would think is a glider and, they. Make, what appears to be lots of crazy, loud, jet, propulsion, noises. When, landing on runways, just. Like regular jets, do when they're landing. Baby. Charlie hobaugh blaring up the shuttles, notes or landing, in, as. You can see the main. Gear of. And. Since. We're talking about jet propulsion let's. Go back to the moon for a moment because, some, have pointed out how there's no crater underneath. The lunar module landing, the. Jet propulsion would, have likely created, a crater or at. Least some type of big. Marking, from, its landing there, isn't any dust anywhere, though not, even on the legs or feet of the module I would, think that some kind of duster rocks should, have been blown around from, the lunar module landing. On the moon keep, in mind that the module had a 10,000. Pound thrust, engine, except. It seems to have left no, disturbance, underneath. It also. Neil, Armstrong, is sitting on top of that engine when it's initially, landing on the moon but, he's heard clear as day when, they're landing. Within. The. Potential, for the disastrous rise. Of misplaced power, exists. And will persist. The. Very word secrecy is, repugnant in a. Free and open, society, and. We are as a people inherently. And. Historically. Opposed. To secret societies to, secret, oaths, and a. Secret proceedings, but both in skullenbones the, secret society, is, so sick we can't talk about what does that mean for America. The. Conspiracy, theorists are gonna lie. First. Of all he's not the nominee and. That. Look. I look for the big news. Monica. Who's a beloved, colleague one. Of the premier journalists, of our time Tim Russert died, this afternoon he has been a very, familiar face on this network and throughout, the world of political journalism, as one. Of the premier political, analysts and journalists, of his time I, will. Tell you director Deutsch as a former Los Angeles police narcotics. Detective, that the agency, has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long. Director. Deutsch I will refer you to three specific agency, operations. Known as Amadeus. Pegasus. And watchtower. I have, watched our documents. Heavily redacted by the agency, I was, personally, exposed, to CIA operations. And recruited, by CIA personnel who attempted to recruit me in the, late 70s, to, become involved in protecting agency, drug operations, in this country I have, been trying to get this out for 18 years and I have the evidence my question for you is very specific, sir if. In the course of the IG s investigations. And Fred hits has work you, come across evidence of severely.

Criminal, Activity, and. It's classified, well, you use that classification. To hide the criminal activity, or will you tell the American people the truth. If. You have information. About. CIA. Illegal. Activity, in. Drugs. You. Should immediately, bring, that information, to. Wherever you want but let me suggest three place, the, Los, Angeles, Police Department. The. Los Angeles Police, Department. The Inspector, General or. Office. Of one of your Congress. Persons. From this. So. I want to thank you for coming you were at the last meeting, the. Staff probably had the spelling, of your name wrong but. We we. Would like to talk to you we. Have been looking for, a couple of days. We. Want. To make sure that. You, contact the, committee because obviously you, have some valuable, information if. You want to give it to me privately, if you want to hand it to that age where I can contact you this evening, please. Do it don't let us get away without getting, a car back for you thank. You sir stop doing now so, everyone can see that I got it that would be fine thank. You sir for the record for the record my name is mike ruppert our upp ERT I did, bring this information out 18 years ago and I got shot at and forced out of LAPD because. Of it I've been on the record for 18 years non-stop and, I'll be happy to give you congressman anything that I have. Michael. C Rupert took his own life on April 13 after closing out his last radio show the, lifeboat our, secret. Organizations. Of the world power elite are no more mercy. The Bilderberg, Group put. Their objective, the world, domination. Ladies. Never tolerate, outrageous conspiracy, theories. Do. You want to know. What. It, is. If. This drug was in fact for the AIDS virus sent, parents, a letter warning them to make sure their children are vaccinated immunization. For our children, amidst the group takes money from, industry. To. Have Radio Frequency Identification ships. Place. Inside. Their hands. You.

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U were never on the moon retards never happened

no wonder what's NASA do because American live with true lies for make them famous for nothing

so this video is saying we never went to the moon, has anyone ever really looked closely at the moon lander, it actually looks like its held together with gaffer tape and plastic, now im 100 % sure America never went to the moon, low earth orbit at best, those pesky van allen belts would have fried those astronauts in that flimsy craft. it was all propaganda. Id say that this is why niel armstrong never really gave any interviews and the couple he did he didnt look to happy, a man of honour forced to lie.

hope they got a lot a money for taking a lie to the grave.. What POS's...

Buddy you are awesome! Thank you so much for your enlightenment.

Thanks Bro

Regarding lost NASA documents: Sounds comparable to a little boy explaining his dog ate his homework. But, defending lost Apollo tech: I was a software engineer for 30 years and we'd throw out documents 2 years after they were created because software tech had advanced so quickly none were useful anymore. It is reasonable to assume old documents for the moon missions in the seventies were under that same fate. But, why lie about it?!?!

Didn't fool me!!LOL Happy Easter!!!

Tyler I'm so sorry they got to you, take of your family man..God bless

Asbestos poisoning.!!

Tyler from Secureteam wants more money making more channels...

I saw the module at the Smithsonian and it looked like some sticks covered in aluminum foil. My gut just say “No way did this make it to the moon. It couldn’t even make it to Orlando Florida. And why do most astronauts come from Ohio?

the parabolic flight only has no gravity for 30 seconds at a shot and it takes time in between no gravity to gain the altitude to do it again

The 'WAVING FLAG' is a non-starter. It only waves when the astronaut is holding (moving) it.

At 22;45 when he is talking about the Dust under the Landing Module, the camera starts to get closer to the ground to show there is no proper crater & no Dust on the landing Pad, You can see the Shadows of all the little pebbles underneath. When it got to 23:20 i clicked and paused it and grabbed a screen shot, if you look close and zoom in a bit, it looks to me as if someone spent a few minutes sweeping under it. there seems to be Brush marks, like the soft loose dirt has been swept away but the brush has still left lines in the sand, as if it was fine dry dust or sand, but a bit damp just under the surface. it looks prepared, sort of made tidy, ready for a picture.

DENNIS That footage is fake. It's a "look-alike" (who doesn't look much like Stanley). There is footage showing the director of this hoax video giving the actor detailed instructions of what to say and how to say it.

@2:20. The plan that NASA has is...... To build a studio with all your questions answered. Lmao

BigG Perfectly encompassed in a few words BigG, thank you for that post.... depressive though it was my friend.,....

@10:30 the card is NOT real. They must think we're totally stupid if they're trying it with this bs

How the fuck could NASA lose ANYTHING connected to such an important time with the Apollo missions....the level of incompetence is staggering....it literally begs belief.


We the people should be erecting new statues ! Ruppert, Web, etc 1

I saw this on someone else's channel. This idiot who is narrarating this whole thing is a build up for his stupidity to say at the end of all this that the Earth is flat. Yes, that's right. This idiot talking throughout this video is a flat Earther. Mindless uneducated nonsense. We might not have went to the moon. Idk and don't really give a fuck. But the earth is NOT flat. That much i know for sure. Lol. The end of this video where he gets to his flat earth point is obviously cut out of this thank god.

keep it coming, best compilation so far

why do the astronauts look like they are having teeth pulled in 13.00 ? They should have been like, YAYYYY we went to the moon :):):)

Hey Nasa,I just spoke to my mom, she said that if you need some help with rebuilding the technology to return to the moon, you can come to my home, she can spare some Tin foil from the kitchen and some curtain rods to rebuild the landing module, see you soon.

if you don't have the technology to return to the moon, please ask the russians or the chinese. let me help, you got your power from 1960's car batteries, there, now, off you go, get us back to the moon

nasa boss to nasa, did anyone notice what we did with the thousands of reels of tape that records and proves our history making trip to and landing on the moon?

i have an idea, now that we have succeeded in building the technology and even traveled to the moon with the rest of the universe ahead of us, let's destroy the technology, yeah, that's it, will do that.

Hay NASSHOLES do you think were fuckin stupid!!!!We know!!!!!!9/ 11, oil, opium, black budget projects, underground bases, reverse magnetic propulsion, cold fusion technology, burning California with lasers, population control, chemtrails, fluoride, Agenda 21, HAARP weather control, MK Ultra, Project Blue Book, Majestic 12 I could go on and on and on and on and on all f****** night!!!!

It seems that every subject imaginable is shrouded in conspiracy and/or conspiracy theory. So much disinformation is spread that making rational conclusions is getting harder to do. The lies are overwhelming if we let them be. Why? What is the overall purpose for dumbing us down? Power, money, control... For whom? Those that already have power and money and control of everything except... the will of the masses. The useless eaters and cannon fodder, we the 99% majority object. JOIN A GLOBAL CONSCIOUSNESS PROJECT AND MAKE A DIFFERENCE. The platform where our 99% majority is a huge strength because we have the moral high ground. We have the right to advance spiritually and remain candidates for acceptance into the galactic community at some point. IF we can shake off the yoke of oppression that we're smothering under, have been smothering under for eons. Donate ONE HOUR a day in (meditation/prayer/conversation) reaching out to your higher power. Ask for our evil overlords to be removed so that we can blossom and humanity can reach the heights that we were destined for, before our ancestors were hijacked. ALL 99%ers need to join in the Global Consciousness Project and make a conscious effort to change the way things are. Nothing to lose, and the entire world to gain. Try the hour and if you put your heart into it, you'll KNOW that you've made a difference and you'll look forward to any time that you can help speak up for mankind, for yourself. It's an amazing feeling. Try an hour...

All of you goons show the same footage that we have all seen already. Show some new stuff or quit showing anything at all. I can scroll through this type of stuff in seconds. I have seen it all on other videos. You goons us the same crap and package it differently. Whoopie Doo!

It's really hard to accept it could be a lie. That hurts. But when I saw the satellite launch with the guys face in the background without a helmet and as big as the space shuttle itself. Plus Neil Armstrong disapproving of Elon Musk's goals..wow. I have to wonder.

Now wait just a doggone minit, here! What;s this opening statment of no longer having the technology to go to the moon in a nano second. Then this buzz-cut dude tells us how the Orion project must solve getting people through the Van Allen Belt. Now this is hilarious. Did we NOT solve that problem almost 50 years ago when we sent men to the moon?...or did we?...and if we did...was it by NASA...or by some other agency and NASA was just a "cover story?" I presume the latter. "Solar Warden" and the ET technology has been with us since the mid 1950s. But do you think the government would ever own up to the truth of our situation? No way, Jose! There is too much at stake with their precious oil monopolies and chemical plants to keep the wheels of the military industrial complex moving draining us of our mother Earth and our financial resources. We are a slave planet for sure and we believe only what the PTB tells us to believe in. Period!

you are stupid as shit

y in the fuck would you destroy technology and say you don't have it anymore and can't go back. In less you never had that technology to begin with.

looks like nasa inf;iment clear strong thin wires to me too ps wires and 000 black thread or fishing test line or clear thread to floatsmall or large objects or even humans the wires extc are on a diagonal plane thats the perfect illusion causenormal lay public audience no offense but are used to seeing thread on a steright line ideas so when hoops are passed over objects and humans there mind blown thats how the cool illusion are in the human mind ps all illusionist say its hard to fool children cause they think the easiest route as for adults they think high teck ideas strong magnet or heloum as john wane illusionist says peole guess threioies ideas

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Wow you took everyone's videos and mashed them together to make it look like you did so much hard work making a documentary....


Thanks Dennis

BULL SHIT, WE can gp to the moon when ever we want to ! The Skunk Works said we have the tech to take ET HOME!

Happy Easter in Christ

cool welcome friend in Christ always God Bless everyone:)

Happy Easter Bill :)

Is not just about lost data or files. Human can not survive through VAN ALLEN BELT, they will be dead for sure. Russian more advance then all nation about space but they dont go there, moon landing is bullshit.

Jig is up, you got them. NASA is a financial lie. Where the money is going no one really knows. Maybe deep under the earth to build safe zones in the earth.

Grow the fuck up.

how about the astronauts being actually in SPACE.

We know it's fake, but why? What motive, anyone?.. 9/11 ok get it etc. And btw don't loose hope and think to negative of the world there's hope, things are changing! And as a collective mind we can manipulate reality so stay strong. People are becoming more spiritual and l feel that truth seekers are becoming more, lies are let in the open to be seen. Lets not give up. I hope for a better world. Namaste

What about the satellite the Russians sent to orbit the moon for a closer look and the Rover's tracks are still there several years later?

needs to get these out

they found the tapes...... don't stress out.

That Alien in the space suit looks like my mother in law


when i was a boy i also saw the module, i commented that it is too small, even as a boy, it looked timy to me, no way could 3 men with all their equipment and supplies survive in there for days

1/6 of Earth Gravity

This video is mislead & misleadered (NASA) Not A Straight Answer

Couldn't of said it better myself:) I just, i worry for our Planet Earth and all it's marvel creation's it's bestowed upon it's rocky shores and sea's throughout it's time. I love astronomy but i like to think of space as a gem far to beautiful for us to seek out, so we must glance at it afar and behold it's beauty for we could not fully comprehend it's mystery's. But no matter how much i love the star's and planets, our Earth is the real Gem, most people just don't see it yet....

Lies...they never send blacks to space...not many if they do.

imagine u r in a 16% gravity ,, maybe one finger is enough to push back.. look ,, ask , make a evidence ,,, a person from nasa high profile one , maybe give him 5 million USD , he'll talk .. giv evidence maybe .. al dis is maybe too.. maybe

I found the answer to the turning helmet problem! If you watch old documentaries on YouTube, vintage around 1965, about test pilots they show video of a pilot preparing for ultra-high altitude flights and getting in his plane. In these video segments they show the same helmet, exact same odd shape shown of the helmet in your clip of the space walk. And I watched one where the pilot put the helmet on and then turned his head and the helmet swiveled at the base. Therefore, the helmet shown on the astronaut space walking is an older test pilot helmet and he is not really in space they have faked it somehow because if he was in space it would be pressurized and there would be no way it could turn, apparently they chose to save some money and use a test pilot helmet they had laying around. So put those two videos together back to back and I think you have solid proof that EVERYTHING could have easily been faked, because to fake that space walk video a lot of fakery capability is required. There is a good chance I can find which documentary that was by checking my history. If I find it I will post it here in the next day or two.

You could be right Mate, This seems like a Political Ploy. A whole load of BS.

now they cut the woman's hair so short that it will not be a dead give away of the fakery. wahahaha

If we read the Bible there is no way they are in space it doesn't exist

The Hadfield wire part of this ,attempting to be compared to the Apollo training missions looks like motion effects like again the equipment ans resistance created by the mike set . It is on radar and you can see the thing with the naked eye occaissionally from the ground. Iys like mythos though and the skeptics seem to gain the high ground It;s also a long way to go and the effort achieved great to suffer scrutiny which is probably why the longevity of the myth and a better explaination. Greater generations might choose to be entheursiastic about recreations.

There is so many wierd things and anomalies going on lately but there is too many proof and logic to think that moon landing and ISS is fake. Too many ppl saw rocket there are all those video's files photos anomalies and other wierd thiy which is too difficult and expensive to fake instead just fly there. And if u have good telescop u can see all this stuff on moon and ISS. In fact u can also see it ur own eye just download NASA/ISS and track ISS and watch in good direction and u will see it blinking. Im not sayin' that NASA don't edit photos movies so we cant see some wierd things. I 2 times myself while watching ISS live saw some UFO's flyin' and few sec later astronaut covering camera and live switch to NASA conference. There is going on many very wierd and disturbing things but those 2 are most likely not faked. We would'nt have all that data and technology if we would'nt fly there.

This is a great video. Thanks for helping to expose this farce

Thanks Frank

Hillary erased the data with everything else

Have you seen the amateur astronomers photos of the moon where you can clearly see the landing sights. Have you seen the Chinese lunar orbiters footage of the landing sight where you can see the tracks of the moon buggy. I guess you have to keep your channel going somehow.

no we didn't go to the moon, come on you sound intelligent look at your footage again

Fucking liars

THis is kinda like flat earther, to prove this one way or another, all we need to see the lander and rover left there...simple as that?

can't leave earth orbit wtf is this from present day nasa?

If you look back in history you will see drug use has been around as long as man has been around .

Arizona movie false landing. Who believe you any more?

It's not your fault that you are not privy to certain facts that the reason why we cannot leave Earth is not because the technology was lost (only a non-thinking person would believe that), but because a species of superior intelligent beings (who have a base on the moon) are the ones who created the Van Allen belt so we humans cannot take the violence these beings are witnessing into space. We are in a prison planet whether you choose to believe that or not.

I agree with you I believe we were banned from exploring space they don't want the psychopaths bringing violence Into space.

becouse they never went there

Jason Gooden ....Jason I’m old enough to remember the 1st moon landing....seeing it on t.v. live. These guys were my hero’s. I’m now on the fence.

AnthonyArteaAmerican Artea ...they said the camera was remotely controlled from earth.

Why it's it that humans lie so much. Like they get an orgasm of it is better then going to bed with jlo,, Britney Spears, Mona Lisa, Julia Roberts, and so on. The lie is a curse for dose that practice it.

So they destroyed ALL of the data tapes??? A Ton of data tapes??? Yeah right! I don't believe any US agency is that incompetant, although they did destroy three (?) Saturn V Launch vehicles (Apollo 18,19, 20), Never A Straight Answer must be the dumbest idiots on the planet. (Or think we are)

Even today there is a 2-3 second delay when reporters talk to the news anchors yet Mission Control and the astronauts on the moon had instantaneous conversations?

Good work indeed. I watched this and immediately thought of Orwell's '1984'. In essence it's managed perception, illusion and disinformation that enables the total control of huge populations by small political elites. Winston Smith working in the Ministry of Truth is Orwell working at the BBC. 'Who controls the past, controls the future'.

@ 11.33 minutes you see a ufo front of the plane.

The way Armstrong is talking just isn't natural you'd expect someone that's been to the moon to be excited wanting to tell everyone what it was like, yet he keeps stopping and startling every time he speak like he's been fed the words or something in his ear. And have you noticed you can only see one side of the head and only one ear??? And that was one of the reasons he didn't do interviews because he didn't want to lie to the public. P.S it wasn't a reporter that asked about Seeing Stars on the moon surface it was Patrick Moore he was a great British Institute, and astronomer he was one of the guys who actually mapped the moon before we went or not??? And was the hosts of the longist running TV show in television history "the sky at night" which is still going today with astronomer Dr. Phil Lynott

They don’t want high definition footage of the set in Arizona, or wherever!!.

So, if they’ve done away with the technology how do they hope to go to Mars?? Total bollocks. Why can’t they be honest???? Twelve fakes!! Billions diverted to black projects.

Stanley Kubrick already admitted he filmed the lunar footage and it was all faked

There are a lot of clues to the faked lunar landing and his involvement in the faking of it in the movie "the shining" that he directed too. For instance Danny wearing a sweater with a rocket and the word Apollo on it among others.

Nice Point! I will expand on this topic, there is alot of info left out

I notice the van allen belt is like a magnet and does not cover the poles so why dont they launch from the Nth pole or is that what they are setting up in antartica

We are children. Sheep. Dumbed-down puppets. Bummer.

Seems to me that we need to talk to Elon Musk.

So nasa definitely....are total liars....for years

I believe in our creator our GOD.. BUT surely we're not alone in this infinite universe.. So many of us don't even know what's going on in and around them.. There's so much questions and less answers.. Keep looking up in the skies

to bad your so full of sh*t

Moon is owned by the Galactic Government. We faked going there, which should had triggered the Galactic Government and cause an invasion, but didn't. Oh and we were suppose to allow some medium of integration by making people more welcoming of different life from different worlds with our media, but we have always been feeding into xenophobia with films like Independence Day which do the complete opposite. Why weren't invaded for that violate of our treaty is also unknown. Oh and we were suppose to get rid of our nukes too, but we still have them and still no repercussions from the Galactic Government. Oh and we just made a claim of the Earth as our property by censoring footage of the Earth from space, which is against Universal Law, not just Galactic Law. No repercussions as of yet. I should just make a youtube video shaming the extraterrestrials and hyperterrestrials for being fucking ridiculous do-nothing, lazy and cowardly fucktards who seemingly allow a bunch of Butt-Monkeys called humans make a mockery of their laws and authority, while also getting away with stealing their property. FUCK THIS GALAXY AND FUCK THIS UNIVERSE AND FUCK THE ZHOR'I!

If they were going to fake the moon landings why would they not have at some point faked mars landings.

It was soooo fucking obvious Rupert was gonna get murdered by the CIA. Fucking murdering cunts. Unfortunately there was not Internet as we know it cos nowadays he could just upload everything to the net and make videos about it from further way from the US.

if thats what you call 'your own research'? then you need to go back to school kid - the Gemini space suits as shown on that space walk were equipped with helmets that could swivel (their collars had metal rings enclosing ball bearings)

What was that speech Neil Armstrong gave about unearthing "Truths protective layers"there was his admission that it never happened,end of story.

research albert pike, 33rd degree freemason and general of the CONFEDERATE army. in his letters to menzzini the leader of the italian mafia he describes the plans of freemasonry to create 3 world wars to demoralize the people so much that they denounce God and embrace luciferianism or new age beliefs. in his book morals and dogma he also states that the true god of freemasonry is lucifer so their motive is to basically wage psychological terror brainwash the goyim into believing that there is no God . oh BTW george washington 1st president of the usa was a freemason you should look up washington statue baphomet

we are on a planet of lost memories repeatedively memorywipes are happening over the centuries throwing us backwards technologically . The agenda behind is it to keep us under controle . There are Reasons for this that lie in our own inherent Races agression. Once we move away from this it might change a lot for our Species Future but only then .

Stanley Kubrick was commissioned to do a mock Lunar Landscape by NASA so that they could test vehicles prior to actually sending them dumbass

research albert pike, 33rd degree freemason and general of the CONFEDERATE army. in his letters to menzzini the leader of the italian mafia he describes the plans of freemasonry to create 3 world wars to demoralize the people so much that they denounce God and embrace luciferianism or new age beliefs. in his book morals and dogma he also states that the true god of freemasonry is lucifer so their motive is to basically wage psychological terror brainwash the goyim into believing that there is no God . oh BTW george washington 1st president of the usa is a freemason you should look up washington statue baphomet

yeah right, to make more trash & nonsense.

fuk off he's no Brit, he's American


so far the best combination of footage and narration to shut out the light on the truth! Thank you

My question why would the government go to all this trouble to fake that we go to space? What would we gain from it? We went to space and went to the moon my friends you got to realize something on the moon it's 1/3 gravity so an astronaut could bounce up and he didn't have the greatest Mobility they had to understand how to walk everybody here can have their own opinion and that's there God given right but I believe we walked on the moon the next few years coming you going to see even more amazing things in space exploration.

Thought you Americans would be proud to beat Russian in space racing.... patriotic not

I watched the first moon landing (Apollo 11) on tv when they put it on, I watched for a minute and thought ,wow that looks so fake. IMO

Wow thanks for the comment, glad you saw it live. Some people think its been visually changed to original broadcast.

It looks like he pulled the wire DOWN ! Maybe the wire keepers him from FLOATING UP .

If wires are supporting the summersauling astronaut from above , do the wires slice through his arms ?..

i like your video dude, intresting!

never went, plain and simple. and 9/11 was an inside job

2 men, the third was in the command module.

Tapes that contained a backup for the Apollo 11 TV camera were accidentally recorded over, where is the PROOF a "ton" of tapes were missing?. Do you really think NASA is going to spend billions just to haul a 4K camera (with a crew) to prove to fucking clueless morons we already went?, you fucking retards would just call it "fake" anyway. Oh, 800lbs lunar rocks/dust brought back retard.

Gee, The earth sure looks flat to me!!! Fuck outta here stupid ass flat earthers!!!

that thumbnail is great

She sped up a 10 fps video 6x's, that means they'd have to shoot it at 60 fps which wasn't around. Also, I'm sure they need harness systems in the ISS. Lastly, the ISS is not in deep space but in the low Earth orbit so they could still see stars.

hahah destroyed technology.. what fucking bullshit !

why does this video go off the rails for the last 7 or 8 minutes on some tangent about the CIA? interesting but nothing to do ith apollo 11 conspiracy...poorly edited...otherwise pretty informative...

if you look when they are landing neil says were picking up some dust and you can clearly see it. now what i think happen, they went but they didnt show us the trip, they made a trip on a studio as a back up in case something went wrong. which did, because what they found, they were told to shut up..see shutting up the astraunauts, and facking the landing pissed them off, because they wanted to tell the public hey this is what we did and this is what we found. NOPE, NASA SAID THIS IS WHAT YOUR GOING TO SAY, THESE GUYS HAVE TO WALK AROUND ALL THEIRE LIVES TELLING A LIE, BECAUSE THEY CANT SAY THE TRUTH..THATS THE SAME WITH THE ALIENS...

you can clearly see in their faces, that what ever there going to say, they were told to say it, the face expresion when some one says your going to say this. the person says it, but you can see that he is trying to tell you, i'm lying to you american public, the great astronaut ..in other videos they give out hints in their speeches..you can see they are desapointed of what they going to reveal to the public. folks they want to share with us, but they cant, their life is on stake and their families...watch them body sighns, face expresions, is all there.

30 years before a man put a foot on the Moon. We had horses and gas light in many towns. As a way of life. No computers, no tech. These men were like small children discovering walking for the first time. Of course there disruptions are inconsistent. Then you claim 1000s of NASA employees have covered up going into Space for 50 years. Your insane. What's the motive??? People who work for NASA are passionate about Space. And the final missing part of your evidence. Which you have left out. Who put the tyre tracks on the Moon that can be seen. And how did the Space junk get there. There motive for lying? None! Your motive for lying is vandalism of the truth. To try and turn the people against there government. The US government are quite open. It's the childish men in basements on computers that are lying to the people of America.

Could that Soviet transmission of the Female Soviet Cosmonaut saying that she was getting hotter and burning alive, the one where the title was, "Soviet Cosmonaut burns up in re-entry to atmosphere", have been burning up in the Radiation Belts, the Soviets thinking that if our Astronauts were ok in such of an unprotected module, then they would be ok in a similar module? But of course they were not ok, because we never went through the belts or to the moon.

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U know why it looks unnatural because the moon has less gravity dip shit

Very cool video... Thanks BRO...

UFOrbs I had too watch it again... Lol Very well done Put together very seamlessly... Again GREAT WORK BRO ***

Thanks Bro :)

Apollo was a hoax. There’s no doubt. NASA is a fraud.

I wanna know how they packed that Big, Clumsey Dune buggy on that little capsule. ???

Buzz already admitted that NASA is full of beens, he says they never went to the moon. They keep on lying.

che truffa colossale......che continua fino ad'oggi

and yet a few of their Paid retired trolls kissing some asses of the frauds at NASA


One -the race for space with Russia and the Sputnik made the first run into space  The US and it's Bullshit "Exceptionalism"  a  false paradigm for losersas well we had to continue the illusion and make the people around the perimeter continue backing this freaking waste and making a fortune in Real Estate - LAND DEVELOPMENT AS WELL AS Disney and Carnival and the Restaurant and hotel industry , in General they had the State Government I their hip pocket -Look at all the Bullshit space industry crap it created?

Just the little ISS footage I've seen has tons of UFOs in it

It's not lost...the tapes have so much alien shit on it they couldn't show it

youtoo Uforbs friend in Christ and everyone in stealthy lerk mode also:) learn that stealth lerk mode from Christian church member illusionist bob scofield

Hehe! That alien in the thumbnail looks like a cute little grumpy old man! I just wanna wrap him up in a blanket and feed him apple sauce, he’s so cute.

Look retard, we know it's all in done on a pool. qwertyou make me Sick. Even though the earth. 4

im waiting for the first porn video made on the moon in 4k

This will never happne because we never went to the moon

jip nasa and the USA if full of shit hahaha.never trust a politician.

Wow. Beautiful video and channel my friend. Like 1000000. Thanks

This guy looks like the “SMOKING MAN” from TV caricature! That dude was a nutcase!

That's so fake you can see the wires on them

I’m watching the moon out of my window having a hard time believing we been there

On dirait,mon encien patron

dess Duvont then check Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter photos there is direct evidence that moon landing wasnt faked xD in fact all evidence suggesting that CIA have secret space program and they on fucking Mars since 60' XDD bro just understand that earth is not flat moon landing wasnt faked satelites exist and why u even consider that we are something special in Universe and its not just that fucking simple XDD human mind can even understand 0,000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000001% of that shit xD

Szymonb2000 your talking crap you cant see shit on the moon it was all fake wake up

They might have lost it in a 7-11 while buying donuts. What bullshit.

Where did you get that info from? Can you reply with any links please?

The most important thing a man or woman can do at this point and they just crap out. Brain washed screen memory's something is very wrong. love light knowledge


They never went to the moon lol ! What a bunch of shit

I have seen every video that you shown and do not see any thing that proves your claims that every thing is fake and also I have been around the world and it is round and not flat sorry just don't see it

Ah, the swivel helmet, you gotta love it

We went to moon In tin foil

And none of the astronauts suffered from any radiation problems

So why study Van Allen, we already went with aluminum foil

Nobody ever landed on the moon dooofus.

So , let’s cut to the Chase . NASA has got to learn how to get through the van Alan belt . Mmmm . They would know , how they did it the 1st time . Maybe , them astronauts wore tin foil hats . NASA had a saying in the moon days . Fake it to you make it . We know the soviet union was never had plans to put men 1st but robots like pathfinder but the earlier kind . Who’s to say NASA didn’t do the same to set up the gear for the atomic clocks . As the astronaut sailed around in orbit . Seems more true . I just wonder , who will be the 1st man on the moon . I know if I had been the 2nd buzz . I’d have placed my hand on a bible & said yeah . Other wise I like the idea of Capricorn one . Funny China didn’t send a man , since we have been doing laps of the moon in the 60’s . I wonder why ? I think to get through the radiation belt the power to weight ratio is not possible then . But NASA had poor imagination , just jumping to a nazis vision & a poor one at that . That the shape of flight on earth is the same in space . What bullshit . Von Braun . A nazis has his name connected to all the men nail Armstrong . That’s funny . Now NASA acts like fascists now days . Mmm . Space is for the betterment of mankind not the Control of mankind . Let alone for privatisation .

They cant go back to the moon because Stanley Kubrick is dead and they dont have the knowledge and technology to fake it like he did for them . Lol

“Here’s an image of a command module taking off from the moon” actually it’s the lunar excursion module ascent stage taking off, the command module orbited the moon while the L.E.M. Descended. This is all theoretical of course, I was not there so I can’t say what did or did not happen. But if you are going to take all of this time to make a documentary video, the terminology is important.

Why take human there. Will u go if u r not sure where the moon is.. website from nasa . Listen 12 times. In writing top seal case. Movie time

lol true

this was good

Really? You believe in aliens but you don't think we could have made it to the moon? I tell you, I regret the day the word "truther" 1st dawned on someone because it gave Cro-Mags a veneer of respectability to the need to fight off the intrusions of reality. #oy

The other day I found an old NASA clip that said that the test pilots suits stopped their blood from boiling at maximum altitude if cockpit pressure was lost by wrapping tightly over their wrists and arms by releasing flattened coil springs in their pilot suits. Of course, this would probably only work for a few seconds until they ejected and dropped to lower altitude as nitrogen in the blood is the most important thing to avoid, so I don't think this would be nearly good enough for space. I remember one of the first space walks was supposed to be for around 2 hours and they said the astronaut nearly froze to death, sounds like a tall tail.

Put your p900's down and buy an expensive telescope

What's curious is the same ppl who don't believe we've been to the moon,also take them on their word that all data was destroyed,of course they made a fake film,you were never suppose to see what is really on the moon van Allen himself had no problems with ppl getting through the radiation belts and was a big supporter of planetary exploration

It's a need to know thing and the public don't need to know.

The thing that worries me is what are the people who have the information scared of. What would make you take a lie with you that would change man kind. Two things i can think of. They dont want the burden of it causing more harm then help.Or they are told death or not we will cause harm to the people closest to you.

good observation UFOrbs, with all the billion's of dollars NASA supposedly has they can't develop the tech to reach space...what a fucking scam by our governments....

Paranoia strikes deep; into your life it will creep... Sometimes not EVERYTHING is a conspiracy. Signed, a crippled old fart who lived through that era, and watched on live TV while sitting in "the chair" at the dentist's office as the FIRST moon shot crashed into the lunar surface. Oh, right, THAT was faked too, I suppose? Just between you and me... do you believe the world is flat?

But it wasnt live... lol

we all surely know that aliens exist we cant be trusted with that info it would blow some of our minds ,it would merely confirm what ive thought for decades .

we destroyed the technology what utter rubbish ! van allen belt says it all if they had of gone to the moon none of the astronauts that we know went would not have survived very long if at all !.

BS humans in space, is old news, it should be a crime to continue lying to the general public, that man has not ventured to other planets, and made bases and homes. Anyone can start seeing truth beyond common sense, once they studied ALTERNATIVE-1-2 and 3.

The lost technology is called  " a great Disney/Kubrick" production -they were all scale sets

don't forget Disney, he was a big player in that fucking fraud

Folks....let me just say this.......I live 16 miles from NASA in Florida. I have friends who work there, and I've talked to the astronauts. The technology that used to be used in the Saturn V rockets, which this man talks about right off as being destroyed, was decommissioned due to the fact that the technology was outdated and obsolete. What could be used was used in the building of the Space Shuttle. The rest of it was scrapped because it was so behind the times in technology that it would cost three times more to maintain, and refit, the rockets than we could really afford. See....during the Apollo program, on our quest to beat the Russians to the Moon, we had 10% of the National Annual budget to put to the space program. Once we had beaten them, interest by the public was largely lost. And demand to cut funding was rampant. Today NASA has only 4% of the National Annual Budget. And from this they must pay for satellite programs, probes, and various other programs. During the Space Shuttle program the shuttles paid a great deal of their own expenses by taking satellite payloads up. But as the fleet aged it was taking more and more to update and refit them for each mission. The cost was astronomical, and soon became untenable. This is why the space shuttle program was discontinued. I still miss them blasting off and landing here. I watched them from 83 on. On this...there was nothing hidden. The evidence of this exists in the personal photos taken by the astronauts themselves. They had their own still cameras, and they took many rolls of film. No matter how much of the video seems to have been lost the stills still exist. ::shaking head:: What is is. Trying to maintain that there was some sort of conspiracy happening is nothing more than pure imagination and supposition by everyone here.

Its well known there's no moon footage. Nothing but static from the radiation destroying the pics. Eed went to the moon. But all the footage was faked as we have no recordings. Too much radiation.

Perhaps the reason you can hear Neil Armstrong speak clearly with no engine sound, is because there is no atmosphere on the moon. Sound waves are heard in atmosphere.

Bullshit story

I believe this is all old news. We have been on the moon since the 70's we just have not been told about it. The secret space program has put us on mars already and probably beyond that !

Silverss....were you born an idiot, or did you just decide to be one to annoy us?

Great video..This is the best channel on YouTube! Thank you for all your hard work if your videos help wake up just one person you are helping to make a change.

Ur dumb

If I was truly on the moon I could jump up 18 feet, they just hope around look like idiots. bs all.

obviously ou do know know can effet once in a lesser gravity systeme ,than again they ask if they seen the star in the moon sky yet i will make you remember you they where on the side of the moon that faces the sun so they cannot see it,all tha your video show to me is you lack of knowleg it sad in a way cause some believe in your lies cause of thier lackof education

hahahaha "it looks odd & weird to me - so conspiracy hahaha *argument* *from* *ignorance*

Try it, might surprise you...

Anything that comes from "A funny thing happened on the way to the moon" I have trouble with.



Ce serais bien que le texte soit traduit....quelques Français sont interressés...! par ce qui est dit.!

makita underground alien war, aliens under mars, mining on the moon, etc

no, too much bull shit

your retarded. its 2018 and you dont know the readiliy available answers to your "mysteries". first, the flag is foil, it only appears to be waving when the pole is moved. notice how it stops when the hamdling of the pole stops. two, it does not appear the astronaut grabbed a wire but went to grab his buddie before he was out of reach. three, it appears as should when the astronauts on moon push themselves up then swing their legs forward beneath them to stand upright. (why do u see this any other way?) everything in this video is produced from your delusion. WOW, you dd not think this through and if you did, then you on soeed, geeked out and thinking way too hard into this. get some rest, weary!

people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones ?

What.... We can't go farther than earth orbit? Something is terribly flawed.


LOOK at the paper behind and above that pile of shits head blowing around from a fan that would not happen in zero gravity they think we are stupid morons

fucked up stupid.  this video sucks bad.

( Lost )the trueth you's are lost my GOD they are lost, they give tham nothing but lies

We are going to Mars buddy just about 7 more years

What he meant to say, is we never went to the moon because N.A.S.A. never had the technology to either go to the moon, let alone land on it. Because we sure thought we pulled it off in the July of 1969 ! WE LOST THE TEKNOLOGI MY ASS ! INSTEAD OF ONE GREAT ADVENTURE. HE WANTED TO SAY. ON GREAT DISASTER ! Look at there faces. Do they look happy to have landed on the moon, or brainwashed to say what they've been told to say. OR ELSE ! It looked like he kicked him under the table when asked about seeing any star's. Hell there were only 3 stars we were able to see, & your looking at US at the table ! You cant see stars in the black void. But we saw Elvis Presley flying by singing "IT'S NOW OR NEVER", WE TELL THE REAL TRUTH TO THE WORLD !

Bubbles going in different directions is not possible underwater dumbasses.........

UFOrbs I believe UFOs are real because how did we get here on Earth magically pop here out of thin air but that's not my point my point is You Don't Know Jack crap about anything because why they can't go to the Moon they don't have the money because the prices of the rare earth materials that they need go up. In the technology that we had 50 years ago its way outdated because the radiation that the astronauts got hit by was a cute radiation which ends up as a little cold or fever but the thing is NASA if you watch Science Channel NASA Channel that harness is to help astronauts to keep for bone strength as it is on Earth so their bones don't travel up and act like spaghetti noodles when they come back to earth they won't collapse. The other thing is when that guy that says we destroyed technology that can get us onto the moon in a nanosecond he's bee sting off of his dumbass off of a science fiction movie and it was only one person that missed waste the film and data they found the film but the data is somewhere out there in the world on the black market. So if you even did know what you're talking about you're just a dumbass rambling about something that you don't even know! So you can go back and lose your mind about something that's never going to happen and stop talking about NASA's trying to hide stuff let's a UFO interrupts the NASA recording that's due to interference with the radio antenna so it's NASA not purposefully cutting off the video that's just the interference in the radio signal. And the thing about the astronaut that looks like he's getting pulled by cables on the moon if you're Blinder than a bat you can't see astronaut pushing down on the other astronauts shoulder away from the camera. And the other thing is the flag the flag was condensed so it can fit in the module when it was unfolded it was all wavy and the gravity on the moon is only 17% of Earth gravity so it pulls down on the flag than the solar winds are blowing on the flag. So you can shut about stuff that you don't even know about and if you want to ramble about something know what you're talking about and don't ramble about something that you think is done Anna movie set. And the other thing is that little string on the astronaut that was on the interview with on her astronaut pulled it down that is so astronauts don't float away during the interview!

Alain Michael Hahahaha And they had COPERNICUS on the payroll 300 yrs BEFORE they were created ! Hahahaha

nasa propaganda and all fake of them found the trouth in this video...!!! Bravo...!!!

The Answers to the Test; Astronaut helmet turning sideways= Glenn's "lucky" helmet. Never put in the log books for obvious fifties mentalitiy. Somersault Astronaut= Well timed optical Illusion. Dude stabilized himself back into frame as his buddy was reaching for him but too late already back in frame so he grabs AIR, NOT a string but makes contact enough for somersault astronaut to look for a second. "Tethered" Astronaut in background= A black multi-tool clasped to back of said astronaut that just happened to be at that perfect angle for another great optical illusion. "Corrected moon astronauts"= Bouncy moon, less gravity means less effort to pull oneself back up. Magic Doll in Space=Obvious CGI effects done...in space...heh heh...for a kids TV show in Europe. Blue screen Astronaut=Another obvious CGI effects done...in space...in the space station, thats why they look identical... And then it takes a weird turn at the end about drugs and rock and roll in high places.

It’s normal not to see stars, unless there is something blocking the sun, the human eye has a wider dynamic range than camera film, for example, but it’s not unlimited. And there was no technical way for the networks to take a live video feed, the camera was digital, and even NASA did not have the technological at the time to convert a digital video signal to analog video.

What a bunch of crap


so we never went to the moon

Maybe, Maybe not...

Thought you guys already went to the moon?

Another retarded video for the retarded masses.

That journalist died just because he went too far and ask the president some things that he couldn't lie about put him on the spot President bush and the clintons are the only presidential parties that's been in there and had people assassinated for going against them and finding the truth and nothing can ever be done and it will not

They never went to the Moon they lied to the whole world because they want it to be the first they're like little children they have to lie I was there first.! We were there first we were there first.! When Neil Armstrong said the engines are down there was no difference in the sound I didn't hear no engine shut down and I didn't hear one running. In fact when the space shuttle came in for a landing if you look at the back to Rockets They look fake they don't look like jet engines inside the black

Tyler’s a dick head

Hollywood, NASA, americans... what do liars have in common? They are acting dumb because they are being paid for it. The only fool here is you who think that your leaders are fools. Your leaders really do want to kill you by making you rot to death nice and slow. And you are definitely not smart, you cannot solve any world problem. Smart people were in majority several millenniums ago. Nowadays all that's left is side product of prostitution; unplanned births.

David King by V6

Bullshit, your a moron

You know, he sounds like a little kid when he says they lost d technology to go to D moon! WDF? He says it like if he's talking of a frikin Mom & Pop candy store! "Oh we lost d ca we'll get some more"! WhoDFk's gonna believe that shit! He doesn't even sound believable to himself, much less to us! Whatta burn, & insulting our intelligence to boot! N they keep on stickin it to us on that dam moon trip hu? Reminds me of when I did drugs, N went to by some, N they sold me soap instead of a cocaine rock, almost probably D same dudes w/a different job now!

"he shot himself" what a bunch of lies by the greatest drug dealer, the CIA

don pettit and mike massimino, don't have a clue , so they lie about what you can see so they just quickly name stuff , yet all the others say they couldn't see stars just like the apollo astronauts say

What the hell is with this or any of the conspiracy theory dies first talked about like when you go to move on but no sound like hiding something about aliens if there's aliens out there and also don't want him to know and then you know they talk about how they think the moon landing and then they talk about on the Dark Side of the Moon days are alien base I want to watch what the hell am I make your mind up I mean come on really!!!!!! WTF

NASA is fill of it who ever didn't like this video doesn't know how to spot a liar. Thanks for putting this vid together.

If you walked into a cop shop with incontrovertible proof that the CIA were dealing drugs do you think you would walk out of that shop?

they have not lost any tapes by the way or tech , top secret thats all . no point in going if you don't study it, and space suits were full of moon dust (HOW !) why would they share billions of dollars worth of information for free with their main compition or enemies Also they did go to moon and there is low gravity so people float a bit durrr

that photo is hilarious a grey in an astro suit they must exist that photo proves it ha ha ha ha ha

Yeah. The Rooskies are OK with being permanent LOSERS of the 'Space Race'. They don't need to send landers back to our Apollo 11 site every year to show how the U.S. 'footprint' isn't there. They're quite content to be 'SECOND' CLASS.

im using chaos magick app too!

Youtube is full of things.. A group say earth is flat, fish eye lens, dome, no man beyond earth orbit, sun and moon closer than they are .. other groups say, we went to moon, UFO watching, aliens driven us away, others who say we even went to Jupiter and Alpha centauri .. Aliens are right among us.. show the structures in mars and moon .. I think we are free to take sides and we find reasons making us argue we are right.. but what the heck is the truth.. each group say .. there are real ..


Neil and his buddies don't look over the moon during their intrerview.lol

At the very end of this video there is a clip from snow what and the seven dwarfs (29:25 Onwards) where you hear the queen says "MIRROR, MIRROR on the wall"? Since when? Mandela effect? Apparently it never was this? Is this audio a edit?

its simple they never went to the damnn moon and the reason they deleted and erased the files was bcuz all the apollo missions were fake footage

Something doesn't seem right with NASA's story.

Someone is lying. They supposed to do it years ago and now they can't do it for the raditation belt????????? Don't make sense except we were lied to very very much.

just watched MASTERS OF DECEPTION | The Strange Truth. Full Conspiracy Documentary 2018 - HD. comments were disabled, just like to say you had a lot of interesting theories but you screwed up with flat earth and scripture sorry man have to leave you with the other non-scientists...

I got a question if the moon has no gravitational pull then how does it have enough gravitational pull to make the oceans move according to what we were taught. What do you think the gravitational pull on the moon would be greater then the gravitational pull on the earth if it causes the oceans to move supposedly

Contradiction? Or ?

First of all you used a lot of SecureTeam10's video footage including Tyler's audio commentary in this video which I don't have a problem with, but don't you want to mention SecureTeam10 or give them credit in the description at least? Now to the subjects at hand Nasa lied about why we went to the moon, what we discovered, and how we got there. They faked a lot of the footage to hide real footage. We made it through the Van Allen belt with the help of ET (for lack of a better term for this particular audience). There were more ET's on the moon, as well as Structures like buildings and so forth. They weren't going to share this with you. People think that the reason why we can't see unedited real time footage of the earth from say a satellite or space station is because they're hiding the shape of the earth. Flat Earthers use this to claim as evidence that the earth is flat, nonsense. If the earth didn't have at least some curvature common sense the sun wouldn't go down, it would simply move further away until out of view. What they're hiding isn't the shape of the earth, but rather all the ships around the planet.

The Earth is flat

Despite the lies... the moon still remains a stretch for man kind. The Chinese will likely get there first, the Russians were duped and gave up.

Oh no, someone opened up another comments section for idiots and conspiracy theorists. Coz, you know, "That just doesn't look right". LOL

USA has become a country with lack justice, full immorality , and profoundly criminal.

One of the best videos on this topic. great stuff

not only are the astronauts falling forward, but they are so top heavy and leaning forward, they should literally be falling on there face continuously. But somehow they are staying up, via strings or whatever??

Everything in here looks like it was done in orbit or on the moon. I see no hoax.

You MUST get in contact with Tyler from SecureTeam because you two are made from the same ilk.

I think all the lost tape are in Buzz's basement.

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