AOPA Live This Week - April 4, 2019

AOPA Live This Week - April 4, 2019

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Coming up from the Sun and fun in Lakeland, Florida strap. In for a ride into history and hang on for a formation aerobatic. Ride something. New from Piper and, we're seeing double, AOPA. Live this week begins in just a moment. Purchasing. Your own aircraft is an exciting, experience AOPA. Finance, simplifies, the process saving. You money with lower interest rates and hassle free loans so you get into your new aircraft sooner, AOPA, financed, the right approach to buying, an aircraft. This, is AOPA, live this, week with, Tom Haines and Melissa, rüdiger. Welcome. To Sun n fun the Blue Angels, famed, c-47. That's all brother a twin mustang, or two KITT. Builds classics, next gen avionics, hey it's April it must be Sun and fun the, show is off to a great start, taking off the 2019, flying, season. Check, out the AOPA, campus, where your favorite Yellow Bird oversees, the exhibit, tent the program Pavilion is packed with great, content the, you can fly group welcomes new fliers and of course everyone, comes by to see our sweeps Super, Cub for, the first time on it's whip air amphibious. Floats and of, course there's big industry, news too, is it possible to build a less expensive certificated. Aircraft, well, Piper's found a way and it's an airplane aimed right at smaller, flight, schools, whilst. We've had a lot of success, selling. The archer TX, equipped, with the Garmin g1000. Nxi to, the professional, flight schools that are really feeding, the airlines we. Were still talking to other flight schools lower down sort, of not, just the mom-and-pop shops but smaller local, flight. Schools and they drank Lee couldn't afford to buy new airplanes, their demand for new, pilots continues. To get larger it's not shrinking, so we needed to get a suitable. Glass. Cockpit. Flight. Training aircraft into, those flight. Schools and so, the piper pilot, 104. VFR, and 100, I the. Eye is about 23%, cheaper than the Archer TX both, have a fuel-injected, continental, io 370.

Prime Engines, instead, of the traditional lycoming, z-- but. Piper found a number of ways to cut the cost we've. Eliminated, some, features, we've looked at our production manufacturing. Techniques, to the point where a lot. Of the plastic parts we're going to start printing those using. A 3d, additive manufacturing printing. Machine. A newly. Certificated, Garmin, g3x, touch instead of the g1000. Also brings down the cost no. Back windows and fewer seats our other cost, reductions, hyper pilot, 100, is actually. The next. Evolution. Of the pa-28 which, is a well known and, it's, been around since the early sixties. Durable. Flight, training aircraft so it's going to be great news for a lot of the mid-size fight schools to have an option for a new airplane that is a little more formal it's been a long time since we've had that option at least was certified it hasn't, so we'll see where it goes hopeful. Because they're controlling the number of ones, they're gonna produce, that, they'll be able to sell all the ones they can build good stay, tuned great some great news and more big news from Piper a big, order, in fact the largest order ever in, the company's history 240. Aircraft, to l-3 technologies, commercial, training solutions, right, now what we're looking at at, least from most of the studies and not just independent studies and also if you look at the Boeing study you, look at about six hundred thirty five thousand, pilots that are gonna be needed over the next ten years and especially when you start looking at I'm sorry over twenty years it's, it's a pretty it's a pretty bleak, picture because, we are definitely not replacing, enough, pilots at. This time in order to meet that demand so. The. The options are one of two is to. Change. Do, something else or we got to start making more pilots and that's why l3, needs all of those new Piper's, the first part of the order includes, seven, seminal twins and nineteen, Archer, TX singles, and Tom, the pilot shortage is very, real it, really is and it's great to see them building these airplanes and they've got a global, footprint, at l3 so, it's nice to see these american-made, airplanes, heading all over the world it's very impressive. Air. Cam announced, a new version of its distinctive twin, KITT airplane, the air cam was originally, designed for a National Geographic photography. Expedition. The. New gen 3 version adds more capability. Including a third seat and higher gross weight it is possible. Thanks to an upgrade to the Rotax engines, so, people, have been asking for a third row option. A third seat option for some time now it's, really the advent of, this big bore kit that. Has made this possible forest we've. Been watching the development, of that kit for several years it bumps the 912, ULS and, is. From 100 to 115. Horsepower the. Gen 3 air cam also has several structural. Improvements to support the extra weight AirCam, says the new kits will be available in a few months, gen three kits cost seventy thousand dollars about, five thousand, more than the standard kits Textron, aviation adds some upgrades to Cessna, singles to show off as well with, nearly every category of aircraft model on display text, on aviation presented, one of its largest displays, ever at Sun and fun many, of the upgrades are new avionics packages, with the latest and greatest from Garmin but, particularly notable is the optional, electric Kelly aerospace, air conditioning, system that can be started from outside, the airplane by line personnel, plug, in a GPU push, the button and your cabin can be cool by, the time you climb in so a cool new feature very, funny. I'm. Here all week and.

We. Have something new for you too and we think you're going to have some fun with it it's pilot passport, a new feature in the AOPA, app you, can search for new places to fly and check in at airports, and aviation, events I think, it's a neat aspect to, start checking in different airports around the country, especially. Someone new I'm just a private, pilot right now but. Especially as I start to. Do. My journey through the instrument rating I can start choosing airports, and trying. To check as many off as possible really, cool that all. Their pilots can interact with each other you, can share pictures and comments and you can earn points and badges for, bragging rights and prizes, just, download the AOPA app for Android or iOS and, start exploring and sharing. And, speaking of flying, to fun destinations, AOPA you can fly ambassador jamie beckett an aviation, event specialist Eric Webb and a lot of fun flying the sweepstakes super cub on the short hop from Winter Haven over here to Sun and fun. Off. We go. I. Actually. Have a perfect, morning it's it's relatively, complex, just. Enough to see the surfers in the water we've. Got a really. Stable air mass good. Visibility everything's. Fantastic yeah. This. Might be the best flying it's a Sun upon I've ever had you want to try all water, landing yeah that's good. That's. Why this airplane is a real treat I really, love this airplane, of all the Sweepstakes airplanes, AOPA. Has ever had this, is the one I want. Unfortunately. I can't with it was I quit, now I'm gonna say we should just go. And. If you missed the sweepstakes airplane at Sun and fun you can catch it at its last public appearance, at the Frederick fly-in on May 10th and 11th we'll, be announcing the winner shortly, thereafter but. Before we give it away there's just a little bit more we need to do like a fresh annual, and one, other change as project. Manager Alisa Cobb explains, we're, going to be putting a new propeller, on it we've been flying actually. With a loaner, all this time so, we're putting a brand, new my Carley seaplane, prop on it at the end of April, and that's, the the last modification. To, go before we give it away to the lucky winner the, best buy red this airplane, is just, honestly. The adventures you can have in it I don't think you can have a bad flight in this airplane whether. You're just going for a short. Hop you want to fly, low, over, the. Land. And look at it for a river. But. If you're flying in the mountains if you want to you. Know land on water while it's on the float or in the wintertime, excuse it's just if. You, get to go up in a Super Cub any. Day it's, gonna be a good day so, Warren, asked Alisa would. She trade her 170, for the Super Cub. She. Said she'd keep both. Yeah. Okay that's right but she's got a great one 70 that would be a hard choice, and. So one of the airplanes that's gotten a lot of attention is a rare P 40 with dual controls AOP, lives Josh Cochrane has the story about one of the pilots who spends his days giving, rides in this historic, airplane. 27. Year-old Matt Crump is living his dream flying this p40 called American, dream for warbird adventure, that. Takes passengers for, rides he gives flight instruction in the airplane sounds. A little kid it's been a dream to fly a-- you, know single-engine, fighter and, like. I said the opportunity came up and I just couldn't believe it it's still very overwhelming, still a new experience for me but I'm enjoying every, second of it. Matt. Was mentored by Tom Richard the owner of warbird adventures, we have a lot of volunteers, to show up the hangar and the you know they start sweeping the floors and they start wiping, down airplanes, and eventually start working on airplanes and they start taking lessons and. We, bring them up I can't tell you how many have gone through the hangar but it's a it's a fair few and, you. Know it's we got to pass this on and we got to keep World War 2 aviation, alive and Matt is also passionate about sharing his love of flying with others it's awesome because for most people and even myself it's just kind of a once in a life of a. Dream come true, Matt. Is flown a variety of airplanes he spends most of his time flying something much, different than a p40, I'm. A corporate, pilot out of the New York area, flying the, Gulfstream, 550, so, how does a p40, compared to a Gulfstream, nothing.

Compares To this and. That encourages, others who dream of having a career like his to, go for it, shake. As many hands as possible don't. Be afraid to get dirty and volunteer because I literally started off as a volunteer, at, this facility to not know anybody there beforehand, I just showed up and this. Is what I'm doing now don't, be afraid to get your hands dirty. Josh. Cochran AOPA. Live so. What a great story of a young guy making, it happen it is it doesn't hurt to ask does it it does not hurt to ask good for him and we, come back a milestone for mr., Mustang and seeing. Double AOPA, live this week from Sun and fun continues, in a moment. Purchasing. Your own aircraft is an exciting, experience, AOPA. Finance, simplifies, the process saving. You money with lower interest rates and hassle-free loans, so you get into your new aircraft sooner, AOPA, financed the right approach to buying, an aircraft welcome back to a Opia live at Sun and fun part. Of the fun of course is seeing the warbirds fly a crowd, favorite, the p-51, Mustang and one. Pilot is particularly, identified with the Mustang so much so they call him mr. Mustang, and this, week he's marking a major milestone, Lee. Lauderback is flying at 10 his 10,000th. Hour in, the p-51, Mustang in front of the Sun and fun crowds AOP, lives paul Harrop caught up with him during the celebration. He's. The, man the, one you go see if you want a PhD. In Mustang. This. Week he's crossed 10,000. Hours in the type but, we Louderback says it's not about him it's really a privilege and, honored. To get to fly the airplane is, marching if you think about it this is it's. About the guys that flew these in combat, much of these time has been training others in the Mustang from, one-off demo rides to stallion 51s flagship, mustang, check out course I hope. That we made a difference in the safety record, of the high-performance, propeller-driven, airplanes, like the Mustang, and we, now have completed.

195. Graduates, of our program. It's a very intense syllabus, held to a high standard but. All that training, is not without its costs, ten thousand hours that's hard on these machines I can't imagine the maintenance that goes into them oh gosh you know if you look at you. Know the time I've gotten the airplane it's only because of the maintenance support and in, a humorous way I've. Broken the Mustang ten thousand, times but, I've got two twin brothers Peter. And Richard lauterback that have fixed it ten thousand, at one time and, the Louderback sharing at a moment of celebration with, the champagne, toast at, the Mustang, Corral on the Sun and fun flight line each, playing, their role in keeping, them fly. It's. Like taking a national treasure out for a fly paul, europe AOPA, live. Congrats. Li if, you want to learn more about the stallion 51, our cameras, were there went for their 30th anniversary in 2017. Find. Some more awesome air to air with the mustangs on our youtube page just, search stallion. 51, and the AOPA you can fly programs celebrated, a milestone here at Sun n fun the, 100th, new flying club that you can fly has helped get started the, boss presented, an award commemorating. That to the Midway flying club out of Midway, Regional, Airport in Texas and this, club got started, at a you can fly rusty, pilot seminar so I went to the, rusty. Pilot seminar to get back into flying and Pat. Brown had in that afternoon, a flying club seminar, the, minimum. Cost max fun and. Event he. Put me in touch with a couple of pilots who had thousands. Of hours warm together because of Pat Brown and got. The, resources, there helped us get the club formed and all those type of things that was a lot of fun we, have a whole bunch of resources, for flying clubs on our website including a flying club locator, if you want to join one and information. On how to start a club of your own that, pilot, town meeting was also an opportunity to update pilots, on AOP A's push for FBO fee transparency. And the, good news is that many FBOs, are signing on to the know before you go best, practices, and posting, fees online, the. Freedom from pain from unwanted services, is really important, to us to represent the. Pilot community the user community but, we've engaged, in, a panel, of experts, that are FBO, operators, and making sure that we understand their needs their. Abilities their, capacities. And their, business models so we can help represent, those. Views and working with NATA as well know before you go as a campaign and it's a minimum expectation. To, have, this on board, so. What is our industry doing about it nata, so. We, have as, as has been mentioned earlier a white paper come out that encourages. The FBO industry, to do this to put their fees online to get them posted many FBOs, are now posting, fees in AOP A's Airport directory, online so.

Real Progress is. It's great to see some of the FBO stepping up and putting their fees online we've welcome to put them on our airport directory online and, we, make it really easy for yes just go to the website it's really helpful tool for pilots, when they do that I want. The big drawers to sign and fun is the airshow and one of the crowd pleasers, is the Phillips sixty-six Aerostars. Aerobatic, team the OPA web editor Jim Moore had a chance to fly along with them on a flights. I'm. Jim Moore I've, done four years of IAC competition. In the super decathlon, and I have flown in an extra before but this is my first time flying an extra information. That, was, pretty incredible a formation loop, I mean you're the, airplanes, are so close together that your mind cries out that there's something wrong but these are very professional, pilots, and it was a wonderful experience so. Flying aerobatics and then, flying aerobatic, information, we won a test they. Make in the game they make it look easy this. Year marks the 75th, anniversary, of d-day a squadron of c-47s. Is preparing, to go over, to Normandy to recreate, the event among. Them the airplane that led the invasion 75, years ago the. Commemorative Air Forces that's all brother our cameras, took a ride on the historic, aircraft, the. Flight times will be about 30 minutes. Could. You imagine being an 18 year old kid. The. Full garb and the packs they wore. Knowing. That. You're. Gonna hook up to that and. Jump out and land. Under, fire. Well, it's such an honor to be allowed. To fly, that's all brother with the history of its being, the lead airplane during the d-day mission and to, be one of the few pilots, that actually get to get, to share this story with everybody, in the world. We. Got, a quick. Hop in a amazing. Airplane that. Is rich in history and. It. Was, amazing just to think about what, they must have been going through you, fly a lot of cool stuff tell me about this place yeah the c-47. Was pretty, awesome to sit back here and see, what it would be like you know the paratroopers, back and over - like what kind of get the feel of what they were feeling it was a lot of fun the. D-day squadron, could use your help to pay for the trip to Normandy find out how to donate on their website, you can also see several of the airplanes, at a opa s fly into frederick maryland on may 10th, and 11th. That's. Gonna be really neat to see them come to our fly-in I mean what a special occasion our 80th anniversary and, getting, to have those airplanes there before they head across the ocean absolutely, I'm not really excited we're gonna have period, parachute, jumps out of those c-47s. And I'm in a memorial, flight down over DC it's, gonna be gonna be great, so, according, the show together we got word of the arrival, of a unique aircraft the xp-80, two twin, mustang, we hope to have more on that next week but that leads us to, this it's. Got to be the best way to get around Sun and fun we've seen yet we ran into a grandfather, who, went above and beyond for his grandkids, building, what has to be the, coolest stroller ever. It's. A. F82. Twin, mustang, they, were built back in 45, and. They. Were primarily. Escorts. For the, Bombers. My son has two. Grandsons he, asked if I would take a Pietenpol, that, I had built for them. Pedal, plane and cut at the tail off and make a, air. Camper, out of it a two hole er and I, could but I decided. That this, was more practical and. Something. Different and so. It's. Motorized. The. Tiller. That's, connected. To the tail when. You pull that back, it. Brings the airplane up to level flight it has, nav lights and has flaps, okay. The paint scheme is, Air, National Guard.

Paint. Scheme and. For. Alaska, the boys have a lot of fun with it they love it matter of fact when we, get ready to come out on the field, they. Can't wait to get in it and, they've. Got the air show wave down and everything, you know so and, the. Thumbs up you, know they. Love it they love the attention, what. A cool creative granddaughter it is I was here when he brought it by it's got it's got working nav lights and propellers. That that. Spins. Oh yeah we're. Out in the grandfather lottery very clever good on him, and. That's it for this year from the Sun and fun thanks so much for watching as always we, like to hear from you our email is AOP alive at AOPA dot org and we hope to see you next Thursday for another edition, of a-okay live. You.

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