Anonymous. Part Two. Pandora's Box. Message from 'The Collective' 12/13/2018 [CC] Subtitles On

Anonymous. Part Two. Pandora's Box. Message from 'The Collective' 12/13/2018 [CC] Subtitles On

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Begin. Transmission, this. Is a message from the anonymous, charity, also, known as the collective, today's. Broadcast date is December, 13. 2018. This. Is part two of our series, Pandora's. Box make. Sure you look through the links below that relate to this transmission. Please. Also note it, is important, that you the, viewer understand. Something, before we go any further we, the. Collective, do not create this content for your admiration, or applause. We. Do not seek laurels, or your kind words, our. Goal is and always, has been the same provide. The people with the truth help. The helpless, speak. For those without a voice bring. Justice, for the oppressed, now. With, that being said let's. Delve into part two. Biohacking. Kernel. Was, launched in, 2016. By entrepreneur. Brian johnson and instantly, invested, 100. Million dollars into developing brain. Implants. To enhance your natural intelligence with, artificial, intelligence. Naturally. Brian. Johnson is experimenting. With Theodore, Burger of the University. Of Southern California. On the hippocampus, a brain, region key for memory. Johnson. States once. We learn how a healthy, brain functions. We, should eventually, be able to mimic it because. As we all know the human brain doesn't change and grow and expand, throughout, our entire lives it simply, stays set on its set track like a coded, computer, this. Insanity must, end there. Is no way to compare, the human brain to a computer, as our brains, are not coded, and controlled, but free nevertheless. Berger. Has already had some success, with animals, so. Now he has, rushed into experiments. On people. Zoltan. Istvan a. 2016. US presidential, candidate. Revealed. The details of two of his friends, who were planning experimental. Implantation, in order to be able to directly communicate with artificial, intelligence we. Now know that so-called aliens. Are, interdimensional. Entities the, d-wave, and CERN have heralded, in years ago using quantum, computing, in the Large Hadron Collider. The. Technology, will allow them to carry out basic, conversations. Telepathically. István, is the global leader of the transhumanist movement, which. Believes, human, beings should use technology, to artificially. Boost their intelligence, or physical, prowess as far. As telepathy goes, the, US government, has put much of its plummeting, currency, into this already, DARPA. Has invested, 65, million dollars and their scientists, are expected, to weave together a vast network of newer grains which. Can be worn as implants in the cerebral, cortex. Packed. With sensors, the, implants, will detect how the brain processes and. Decodes spoken, language so it can be interpreted, and understood by, computers. Mind-reading. Tech will naturally also. Communicate. With computers. And control, machines, using, the power of thought. Former. DARPA, program director. Dr.. Phillip al Vetter said, rice and Yale University. Team had created, an interface with, the consistency, of tissue paper that could be laid over the brain beneath, the skull to decode in trigger neurons. Alvaro, said such work was helping scientists, understand. How vision or hearing was represented, in the brain and move work towards, what he calls a technologist sweat dream, of being able to see out of someone else's eyes, people. Like this should not be allowed to live let, alone gain any position, of power or responsibility. Alvaro, said regulations. From the FDA meant, invasive implants. That required a skull to be opened could only be used to benefit, people who were willing to take a surgical. Risk to overcome a serious, deficit, he, states they're. Going to be inside people, within two years, belvera. Is founding, chief executive. Of corty, call AI, and, has been experimenting. On conjoined, twins from, Canada using. A functional, magnetic resonance, imaging. FMRI, one. Can see that the twins brains, are connected, via a single passage which leads into, thay Lamas he. States now. We have a blueprint, for a direct, interface from one brain to another it, used to be people were upset and appalled by the Nazi, doctors, child, experimentation. But today it is commonplace, and twins are still a focus group we. The, collective, find this is absolutely. Disgusting. The. FDA has approved implantation. In humans. Meaning, soon prisons, hospitals. And companies. Will use chips to track people's locations. Medical. History, and to, grant or deny access to rooms and documents. Many. US state, correctional, facilities, are already, using, the technology, to monitor the inmates, behavior. And location. FEMA. Has also been shipping the homeless, it rounds, up. Scientists. At Kyoto, University, in Kyoto Japan, released. The results of their recent research on using artificial, intelligence, to decode thoughts, on the scientific, platform, BIOS, if the.

Scientists. State the visualization. Technology, would allow you to draw pictures, or make art simply by imagining, something your. Dreams could be visualized, by a computer, the, hallucinations. Of psychiatric, patients, could be visualized, and brain, machine interfaces. May allow communication. With imagery or thoughts. The. DARPA programs, of Tony tether Colonel. Jeffrey Ling and NIH, programs, of William heat books have been protected, as a defense special access, programs, the. Official, terminology for, a black project the. Research, resulted. In implantable, devices, that, were millimetre, and submillimetre in. Size which, could be implanted and provided, absolute, surveillance, capability. Regarding, a subjects, activities, which, might include visual, and auditory biofeedback. Data, these. Implants, had been fabricated, in a manner that the devices could not be detected, or localized, by clinical medical, or radiology techniques. The. Pentagon's DARPA conducted, research and development. In augmented cognition. Ak8. Cognitive. Science. Studying. How information is represented, and transformed. In the brain the, pentagon's, stated, purpose, was for military applications. Including. Manipulating. The emotions, and behavior, of adversaries. This. Technique has been used worldwide, by, the US government in false flag operations. Inside, the USA, and out and is, applicable individually. For crowd control or. Larger. Groups using, millimeter, waves, pulsed. Energy projectiles. And high-power. Magnetic. Weapons. Subjects. Remain unaware of what's hitting them in the. 1970s. Scientists, at Lawrence Livermore laboratories. Developed, what they call the brain bomb a low, frequency, energy weapon, which could be used on a battlefield to liquidates, the brains of thousands, of soldiers at one time, this. Was used in the Gulf War in. Countries, like Iraq and Afghanistan, project. Sheriff was used against, combatants. And non-combatants, alike. Humvees. And armored, personnel carriers. Retrofitted. With non-lethal, weapons, including. Microwave, light pain rays an Active. Denial system and, a long range acoustic device emitting. Ear-splitting, sounds. Harp. Aka, the high frequency, active auroral frequency. Program, was established in 1933, it. Was, a joint program between the, US Air Force the, US Navy, the University, of Alaska at, Fairbanks and, DARPA making, a Defense Advanced, Research Projects. Agency. Officially. It was shut down in. 2014. But we have already discussed. How it continues, to be used today. DARPA, also, continues, the research, focusing. On the effects of these frequencies, on the individual. Human being the, internet was launched and funded by the US military, as ARPANET, in the 1970s. ARPA. Later became, DARPA, on August. 6, 1991. The internet went live to the world and we can see how far they have come in the past short, decades, as more. People are exposed to harps most widespread, low-frequency.

Weapon School, shootings, spiked health, problems, increased, life, expectancy began. A rapid, decline families. Disintegrated. American, society, embraces, its dark trends, as normal, DARPA, slate Asteria, implant, is capable, of detecting a person's, mood then, assuming an electrical, shock to change it this. New form of electroshock, therapy is, now being actively, tested, on human beings, same. Nazi, experiments. Nothing. Is new this. Implant, is being targeted for people with chronic depression PTSD. Parkinson's. And a host of assorted, issues the. Usual suspects. The elderly, the sick and young they. Always target, the defenseless, who may have discredited first. Google. Has patents, for their AI I implant, as well as a needle free blood draw device, that can be implanted in a wearable Doug the vampire watch it. Works by blasting, a gas powered micro, particle, into the skin and then draws a small, vial of blood into a pressurized, container. Google. And many, international. Corporations. Working on chips and bio hacking cannot, run their tests and produce their product in the US or many of their respective, countries as, the, health regulations. Don't allow it legally, as we, have exposed before South. America, is owned by the CIA and is one of their main lab areas, where they are easily able to carry out their black ops and human experimentation. It. Is in this location, where products, are made and tested in, August. 2014. IBM. Announced the most advanced, brain like chip created, to date the, TrueNorth, chip it. Is. 768, times more efficient, than any other air that has been built, the. Absence, of official, clinical, studies on human, beings is really striking. Not to mention impossible. But, these companies rave to you how their product, is safe and convenient. They. Never tell you how they figure that out recent. Scientific research, has led down the trail to forced in human experimentation. With brain implants. For, example, in manufacturing. Neuromorphic, chips, like the TrueNorth IBM, chip in the European human brain project, and the US brain project. And more, multiple. Researchers, have reported forced. Human, experimentation. With nanobots in Latin American, hospitals, though, medical, staff remained silent, on the issue just, as. They always have. Just. As they stayed silent during, the dirty war when Pope Francis was, raping and trafficking, their children, while sending them to be tortured, to death by the military, all, of their wars have involved, human experimentation. Bio. And chemical warfare and horrific tortures. To, see the true heart of the CIA look, no further than forcibly, impoverished, South America, Alan, Garcia, is considered, one of the most corrupt politicians. In Peru and was chosen by the United, Nations to, develop the Peru node of the millennium project a program in place to develop the so called global intelligence or brain net worldwide. Garcia. Advises, the Ryder group the, latin-american branch, of this project, Bill.

Murray's, Founder. And former CEO, of Google, Ventures has, launched. Calico, a company, whose sole aim is to solve death. Amazon. Has been working on artificial, intelligence for, at least four years and, now has 1,000, employees, working, on Alexa, the company's, voice space smart, assistant software, system. IBM. CEO, Ginni Rometty said, the company has been working on artificial, technology. Which, she calls a cognitive, system since. 2005. When it started, developing its Watson supercomputer. She. States I would say in five years, there's, no doubt in my mind that cognitive, a I will impact every, decision made well. Five. Years has, long passed and one should be able to realize how this is already true though, naturally not noticed, on the surface. Microsoft. Is working on getting a patent on a system, that turns thoughts, into action based. Simply, on brain input, already. Microsoft's. Free app seeing, AI narrates. The world around a person, describing. Objects, text. And people. You. Can discern colors friends. Brightness. Levels of the environment. And more. Microsoft. Is also using, the publicly, accepted, medical site to further their tech. Gizmodo. Comm web link. BBC. News says we are a step closer to microchips. That can be quote implanted. Under a patient's, skin to control the release of drugs in. Fact they have already been advertised, as in use in many, countries eight. Women were given the chips filled with a drug to combat, osteoporosis. The drug. Teriparatide. Is, normally. Delivered by daily injection, but, researchers, found that using the chips produced, similar physical, results, to injections, in one. Patient feedback. From, chip indicated. That the drug was not being released the. Results from this patient were naturally, excluded, from final, results. Potential. Uses, of the device including. Allowing, psychiatrists. To trigger doses, in schizophrenic. Patients. When they resist, injections. Of medication. This. Is comforting, knowing, full well how, misdiagnosed. And my treated, most of these people are the. Study was carried out by researchers. From microchips. Incorporated. A private, company producing. Medical microchips. For profit the, Harvard Medical School, Case Western Reserve, University, on. Demand, therapeutics. Incorporated. And the Massachusetts Institute, of, Technology it, was. Funded, by microchips. Incorporated. See results. In writing, must always look nice otherwise. All, the money would not go to them, common. Sense but. The public trusts, things if they are called official, documents. Or reports as they, have lost the ability to simply, look at the world around them instead, of floating through it oblivious, to reality. Biomedical. Enterprises. Has a patent, for what they call system, and method for force displacement. And, rate control, of shape memory material. Implants, now. That we are me owns the market exclusivity for. The control of memory materials, used in medicine, this, advanced, technology for, the use of shape memory, materials, including. Nitinol, allows, the surgeon for the first time to fully control a shape-changing, implant. Called sim prop the. Implant, also, gives surgeons, the ability, to control, the activation. Rate of the implant and the force is applied across the bone fusion interface. These. Variables. Are controlled, while keeping, the implant temperature, below the point of thermal necrosis of tissue one. Hopes at any, rate of course. Should, any break in connection, occur between the internet transmissions. To the AI the, results would be as devastating as any other implant, but, this one is fused to your bones as well tightened. Spine, LLC. Is another one this. Privately, owned medical, implant, company, is focused, on the design and manufacturing. Of proprietary. Interbody, fusion, devices for the spine they. Have also received, exclusive patents. Allowing, them to rise to the top of their area, of research in fusing bone with machined, a clear. Discrepancy. Between theoretical. Calculations. And clinical, observation. Has arisen in researching, the effects of implants, not just in animals but in humans, as one, should guess, several. Case reports, mention, serious, injuries, and death after MRI. Or diathermy. Exposure, of patients, bearing implanted, medical devices, a, 70. Year old patient implanted. With a deep brain stimulation. Device, ended. Up in a vegetative, state after, diathermy. Treatment, of maxilla, this. Complication. Most likely, resulted, from current induction, by radio frequencies.

And Heating of the electrodes, other. Complications. Reported, in patients with implanted, deep brain electrodes, following, MRI scans, of their head include, transient. Dystonia, and Blizz Amun leg or lumbar, spine this. Happens, from medical device frequencies. When coming in contact with other outside, frequencies. Think. Of how many devices you pass and hold every day all, of the radio frequencies. That are pushed on you through security scanners. Cash, registers. Phone. Tablets. Watches. Glasses. And all, technology. Devices, now. Imagine, you are one of the people whose body cannot, handle the constant, bombardment, you. Will only find out if you survive the implant and frequencies, from it after, you have it inside of you, DARPA. Director, Regina Dugan now works at Google with. CEO, and bile DeBerg emember eric schmidt to promote smarts tutus a biometric. Chip, which will be used to access the integrated. 5g, reality. Which is being rapidly rolled, out a Google. Owned company, is working on digital tattoos, that could connect to smartphones, and gaming devices and that could even serve as lie detectors, according. To the patent it filed, loan. As the Internet of Things, 5g. Accesses. Hundreds, of billions of microchips. Which will permeate our possessions, our homes, our, cars our neighborhoods. And our emotions. Minds. And bodies. Chemtrails. Or say I also known as stratospheric. Aerosol, injection have, been a most effective way to infiltrate, our, bodies with aluminium which. Is the best conductor for plugging us into the 5g, smart grid, besides. Chemtrails. We, have been pumped full of GMOs. And sugar for generations, all programmable, and DNA, altering, materials, which, is a main reason why so many can, no longer use their own brains to think all learned. Researchers. At Tel Aviv University are. Also developing. A bionic, eye using nanotechnology. Tel. Aviv University was. Chosen to manage the Nano to life foundation. Intended. To encourage research, projects. In the field of nano biology. In Israel, in collaboration. With the European Union, the. Center for nanoscience. And nanotechnology, at. TAO has, created, a first-of-its-kind drug. Against cancer, a targeted. Drug that makes surgical. Intervention. Unnecessary. As well as an organic material stronger. Than steel used for construction, and much more their. Areas of study include tissue, regeneration. Drug, delivery, and solar energy harvesting. The. Center has 8 operating, laboratories. And, 50 core search groups. Facebook's. Mark Zuckerberg, hired Google's. Regina, Dugan the former director of DARPA to, run his company's, experimental, technologies. Division, known, as building 8 the. Division now has 60, full-time, scientists. And engineers and, hundreds, of millions in funding, Zuckerberg. Envisions, a platform, that lets you communicate using. Only your mind, the. Recent Facebook Cambridge. Analytic, a scandal, exposed, once again, how Facebook is being used as an emotional, dossier gathering, tool on each individual. For later you've spied Arthur in there 5g control. Matrix. Still. No one gives a second thought as Facebook. Continues, to thrive, AI. Will not only read your mind control. Your thoughts predict. Your future control. Your banking, employments. And medical factors, but the almighty a I will even give sight to the blind a, report. On December, 11th, 2018. Stated, that Facebook, K I can now predict, where you will be before. You actually get there. Bionic. Eyes are a very active area of research and, production, new. Implantables, can, now put internet fed cameras, in the windows to your soul under. The guise of restoring, sight to the blind there. Are two groups in Australia focused. On this. Bionic. Vision technologies. Is preparing, to conduct a second human study, and commercialize, its retinal, implant, the, other is the Monash vision group which is developing, a system that interfaces, directly to the brain, bypassing. The retina and optic nerve, so that it is suitable for patients, with damage to eye their or both of those structures. The. Nsa's signals, intelligence. Sergeant. Involves. Decoding. EMF, waves to tap into computers, wirelessly, and track people, using. EMF, brain stimulation. To monitor individuals. Organizations. And Nations it complements. The CI a dire. Human. Intelligence, humans. And national, geospatial. Intelligence, agencies, imagery, intelligence, iemon, NSA's.

Da Mint can track millions, of people simultaneously. It. Can also inflict harm control. Subjects. Psychologically. And kill this. Is now science, fact. Pulsed. Energy projectiles. Bets, traveled, nearly at the speed of light with, pinpoint accuracy. They emit invisible, laser pulses. Electromagnetic. Radiation, stunning. Targets, knocking. Them off their feet, paralyzing. Them in pain their. Long-term effects, are, unknown as they, are undocumented. And untracked, including. Effects, on the brain. Documents. From multiple, Freedom of Information Act. Requests, and leakers. Expose. Some of the US government psycho, electronic, weapon effects, it is, all the for you to read if you just look, so. The, anonymous, charity, asks, you what is the NSA, really do. You know, let's. Take a peek President. Truman created, the super secret National, Security, Agency, by a secret, executive order on November, 4th. 1952. Its. Primary, purpose is to decipher, alien, communications. And language and establish, a dialogue, with the what they call aliens, which, we have proven before us simply, demons and the fallen ones who the elite worship, and obey this. Most urgent, task was a continuation, of the earlier effort and was codenamed, Sigma, this, was all done because there had been a spike, in contact, with the fallen between, January. 1947. And December. 1952. At least 16, crashed or downed alien craft. 65. Alien, bodies and one, live alien were recovered, an, additional, craft had exploded, and nothing, was recovered, from that incident of these. Incidents, 13. Occurred, within the borders, of the United States not, including, the craft which disintegrated. In the air one. Was in Arizona eleven. Were in New Mexico, and one was in Nevada, one. Was in Norway and the last two, were in Mexico, sightings. Of UFOs, were so numerous that serious, investigation. And debunking, of each report became, impossible. Utilizing. The existing intelligence. Assets, the. Secondary, purpose of the NSA, is to monitor all communications. And emissions from any and all devices, worldwide, for, the purpose of gathering what, they call intelligence. Which, is data both, human, and alien and to contain the secret, of the fallen ones presence, now, for a short time it was decided, that an outside, group was, necessary, to coordinate, and control international. Efforts in order to hide the secret from the normal scrutiny, of governments, by the press the, result was the formation of a secret, society known as the bile DeBerg --is the. NSA, is here to communicate with Lucifer, and the fallen to log all of your information and, save it just for them to, keep the fallens activities, hidden, from you this. May seem far-fetched to, you as you hear as say the words but. Letters the collective, remind you the, viewer we. Are non-political. Non-religious. We. Have no agenda other than the fact that we need to public to know the truth for.

With Truth comes understanding, however. Hard that pill may be to swallow it is the truth with. Understanding. Comes hope with hope comes action and with, action comes change, but. We digress back. To the NSA, now, the. NSA, uses their remote neural, monitoring, our nm technology. To, control the brain under the objective to detect any criminal for taking, place inside the mind of a possible culprit, predictive. Crime West. Midlands Police of West Midlands, in England will soon be deploying artificial. Intelligence, to stop crime before it happens. The. Pre-crime, software. Called, the National Day to analytics. Solution. Ndas. Get, that solution. Exclamation. Mark uses, a blend of AI citywide. Smart, cameras, and statistics. To try to evaluate, the risk of someone committing. And/or becoming a victim of a violent crime eight. Other, police forces across the country, are involved, in the development. Including, London's Metropolitan Police. And Greater Manchester. Police they. Are selling it as a cost-saving, tool. Officer. Donnelly, insists, Anders algorithms. Will sniff out already known criminals, and divert. Them with what he calls therapeutic. Interventions. Such, as support from local health or social workers, to avert a crime this. Pig actually thinks. The public will by that pitch sadly. He is right people. Are so brain-dead they will believe it predictive. Policing is, based on prior criminal stats, including, stops. Arrests. And convictions and. It is supposedly incapable, of expanding, the pool of suspects, beyond, the database. Voice. To scold directed, acoustic, devices, on euro electromagnetic. Non-lethal, weapons, which, we have mentioned before is, able, to produce mood altering sounds. In a person's, head, this. Information. Is transmitted, by satellite, extra, low frequencies. E.l.f, to, send voice to brain communications. With. Its speech, auditory. And visual communication. Systems, rnm. Allows for a complete audio-visual, brain-to-brain link, or our brain to computer, linked rnm. Can also detect, hearing, via electromagnetic. Microwaves. And it, also features, the transmission, of specific, commands into, the subconscious. Producing. Visual disturbances. Visual. Hallucinations. And injection, of words and numbers into the brain through electromagnetic. Radiation. Waves, what. Some call schizophrenia. Bipolar, and, multiple, personality. Disorders. People. With mental health issues, have already been fully discredited, and, written off thanks, to the elites indoctrination. Of the masses and mistreatment, of those suffering also, it. Manipulates. Emotions, and thoughts and reads thoughts, remotely. Causes, pain to any nerve of the body allows, the remote manipulation, of behavior, controls, sleep patterns, through which control, over communication. Is made easy the ground. Wave emergency. Network gwe. And works, in conjunction with, HAARP and the Russian woodpecker transmitter. The Russians smaller, version, of weather engineering. System, is called elate which can fine-tune weather, patterns, over a 200-mile. Area, and have the same range as the Gwenn unit an elates. System, operates at Moscow, Airport these. Systems, are tailored to the geomagnetic, field strength in each area allowing. The magnetic, field to be altered, gwen's, transmitters. Consist of 91, meter copper wires poked into the base of the system underground, in, order to interacting, with the earth, radiating. Radio wave energy, for very long distances. Through the ground the. United States is bathed in this magnetic, field which can rise from the ground up to, 152. Meters but, also goes, deep down into basements, the. Entire artificial. Ground wave spreads, out over the whole of the USA, Russia, and many other countries just, like a web it is, easier to mind-control. And hypnotize, people who are bathed in, an artificial, electromagnetic, wave. Especially. After having infected, them with chemtrail, particles. The. Functions, of Gwent transmitters, include controlling, the weather mind, control, behavior. And mood control and, sending, synthetic, telepathy as, infrasound. Two victims with government mind-control, implants. The. Earth's electromagnetic. Cavity. Is the space between ground, and the ionosphere, these. Earth brain waves are identical, to the frequency, spectrum of our human, brain waves, go. Figure, the.

Earth's Magnetic field helps, birds and fish to navigate, among many other things such as keeping our oceans, in place rivers. Running and more, it. Is because of this magnetic force we stay on the ground this. Is what science, idiots call gravity. The. 5g, system, can travel over half of a mile or 0.8, kilometres. 5g. Uses, higher millimeter-wave, m and w frequencies. Never before used for internet, and telecommunications. Technology. Get. Ready to be dosed. Long-range. Acoustic devices. More. Ads are, used for crowd control they. Emit verbal, challenges, over distances, beyond 500 meters. With warning tones to influence, behavior, they. Can also inflict, physical harm, manipulate. Minds, and cause, death. Mit. Has always been, a pioneer, in envelope-pushing, medical. Advances. Recently. Much of its focus has been on AI and, machine learning, sail. Researchers. Have advertised, that they are exploring, ways AI, can be deployed to improve, electronic, health records. Streamlining. Air cadet oh and helping, with predictive, models, remix. Is a new technology, in the works at MIT s computer, science and artificial, intelligence laboratory. And, is being developed with help from clinicians, at Massachusetts, General Hospital, it. Depends, on complex, algorithms. To work meaning. Is uses, quantum, computing, and also leverages. Other technologies. It is, able to spot the location of ingestible, implants. By way of low-power, wireless signals. The. Field of augmented, cognition, includes, transcranial. Magnetic, stimulation. DMS. Used. Therapeutically and, for military purposes. The. Latter is to emit close proximity electrical. Impulses, to the brain to, affect mood sleep, patterns, and improve. Cognitive, abilities, in areas of learning memory. Attentiveness. Visualization. And decision, making the. Long-term, neurological, effects. Are for all of these currently, running programs, and device implants, and frequencies, are unknown, they. Never test the products, and when, they do they do not test them for long enough amounts, of time to see long-term, results. And now. The US military, program, is called nano domestic. Quelle the. Device mimics, a flu virus, and is, used on the public in the instance, of domestic, uprisings. Riots and. Armed resistances. The. Nano devices were in an estimated, 98 percent of the u.s. population by. 2014. The. Virus, outbreak, can scale from individual. Or group targets, or to a large citywide, outbreak. Mind-reading. Technologies. Use eec with decoding, of neurological. Signals, remotely, with or without an implant through, satellite, or through TV mobile transmission. Towers. Scientists. Believe the weak radio, emission, of a cubic centimeter, of brain matter is within the detectable, limits of the satellite, it. Was technically, possible for, a satellite, to detect your thoughts emotions. And, perceptions, and pass, that information to, a computer for interpretation. NASA's. Voyager and, others are able to be used for this and now, you realize the real purpose, of satellites. CERN. Scientists, have, reported, seeing demons during, some of their experiments, as have other tech wizards involved, in quantum, computing, d. Waves very, own Jordi Rose is quoted, as saying these. Things, we are summoning, into the world now are not demons not. Evil but more like the Lovecraft, in great old ones they. Are entities, not necessarily. Going to be aligned with what we want. He. Goes on further to state that, this is happening in the background while people, bicker, about politics. Underneath. It all it, is this rising, tsunami, that if we are not careful is going to wipe us all out, though. We have previously exposed, CERN, before, we will briefly remind, you as they talk about this openly now the. Terminology, used by these physicists.

And Scientists, or, should we say, occultists. Is obvious, Jordi. Rose even, said said, recently of his meeting with demons, but, we still have to push on and hopefully, we won't destroy, the world in the process, those. Consumed. By the religion, of science are usually, blind to humanity, and utterly lacking in ethics, CERN. Is deliberately, generating. Dark matter which is then funneled, into the cloud key, word meaning, the world brain, it. Will listen watch, remember. And act. Remember. We previously discussed, how 5g. Enables, the quantum, computers, which are able to read and interpret, the data from all of the implants, other, devices, and especially CERN, so, the elite make effects, their craft, complete, their agenda. Lest we forget what, all of this is truly for so. Where does responsibility. Life a person act under the influence, of their brain implant, as these. Implants. Can enable one to be controlled, and do here. Say, or think anything programmed. This. Technology. Enables, them to track and monitor your thoughts thereby. Making them able to predict what they think you will do in life, nothing. In our human existence is, more vital to independence, and freedom than, the privacy, of our thoughts, just. Know everyone's, thoughts are able to be logged just. Like a Facebook, feed in real time just your, constant, stream of thoughts be, they mindless, wanderings, personal. Criminal, or what have you end to, the thought police. Artificial. Intelligence will be able to overwrite, modify. Or delete information aka, thoughts, memories. Knowledge. It, decides, is no longer needed, a major, component to, what makes us all unique is what we learn and how we think our, unique, and different, experiences. And choices, make us different individuals. Painting. The canvas, of humanity, with our many beautiful, colors, once. You're plugged in all of your beauty and perfect humanity, will be gone forever. Electronic. Engineer, and bio hacker, Brian McEvoy has designed, the first internal, compass, and will, be the first test subject. The. South port works by sealing a miniature, compass inside a silicon, coat within, the rounded, titanium, shell to. Be implanted under the skin the. Sir carrier, microcomputer. Developed by bio hack dot me offshoot, company, grindhouse, wetware, was, implanted into CEO, Tim, cannons, arm last year, and was able to collect and transmit temperature. Data via bluetooth, he. States if, better, models, come out every 18 months I would buy them the. Way people are with cell phones I feel, the same way about implants. That. Is the mindset they have created in us with technology, it. Has purposely, been flooded into the public updated. And requiring, you to buy the latest every, year, the. Same with the speed of the internet they. Want to push more frequencies. Into you so, they tell you 3G, is slowing, down as they amp up for and 5g, they, make the new products, incompatible. With all older versions and you stay in the trap of buy buy buy and what's coming out next month it's. A circus, keeping. You distracted, and paying buckets, of money for your own demise. Grindhouse, wet wares has a project, called bottle nose that captures, sonar, ultraviolet. Wi-Fi, and thermal. Data ones transmits, information about, these invisible fields, to implanted, magnets. Another. Implant, company, with an obvious name is called dangerous, things. Founder. And CEO allograph, straw started. Dangerous, things after implanting, himself with a chip that allows him to enter, his house log, on to his computer. Start his motorcycle. And even, activate, his smart gun or with just the wave of the hand he.

Implanted Because he kept locking himself out of his workplace. Sounds. Like a super smart guy. Dangerous. Things cells, are do it yourself, implant, kit for only, $100. As. All overnight, millionaires. He started, this business right out of his basement making. Implants. And shipping them out to people form the comfort of his own home, seems. People of faith he has a medical Easter Island, state-of-the-art, basement. For creating, these things dot but we have brains instead. Dangerous. Things is partnered, with chip my life and Diggy well whose motto is upgrading, humans. Besides. Implants. Biggie, well sells smart, food smart. Beverages. And smart pills and is the leading supplier of biohacking, and human augmentation, products. In Europe they. Sell implanting, kits for seventy seven dollars and state the key question, and concerned from their idiots, public is will, it hurt if this. Is the key question then there is no more to say to. The people wondering, what an implant feels like we, are certain, it feels like sugar plums and snowflakes. Armel graphs true is also, the creator of vive aquí vive. Okie is the, world's, only implantable. Thirteen point five six megahertz, ISO. 14443. A smart, card capable, of running Java card applets based. On the smart books to p 60 by n XP it will allow users to deploy, applets, from partners, published, on an open applet store, your. Very own smart, card implant, the. Way these people talk one. Assumes if their heads were not attached they would be left behind. Instead. Of using one's brain and having some small amount of responsibility, they, would rather have a computer, do it for them and so. We march down the road of stupidity, all the weight to our destruction. Another. Gem in our travels is biohacker, Josiah's, aina he, injected, his arm on live stream with untested, DNA. Encoding for, Chris plot could theoretically enhance, his muscles, Xena's. Company, called the Oden sells do-it-yourself. Chris Pearson has started a small wave of self injecting, and self implanting, of CEOs. Of other biomedical, companies. Such as air & Track CEO, of ascendance, biomedical. Who injected, himself on Facebook, live stream with untested, HIV. Treatment, this, is what comes of mindless, people allowed to do mindless, things and have access to technologies, they don't even try to understand. This. Will be your child why. Because. This is the stuff they watch what, is absorbed, into their minds, stunting. Their thinking and besides, that may have been drinking the kool-aid since they were born, then. We have silicon valley's Russian, millionaire search, forget, who thinks pills injections, and. Implants, will turn him into a superhuman. CEO. Of multiple, international startups. He has spent. $200,000. On biohacking thus far, forget, intends to live forever merging. With robots and becoming, an ultra human, he. Wears an hour a smart ring to measure his sleep patterns, to. Enhance his already perfect. Hearing he inserts a $6,000. Pair of hearing aids when in public, a monitor. That continuously. Measures, his glucose, levels sending. Data to his smartphone, is implanted. Under the subcutaneous. Fat on his superhuman, belly, he, takes 60, pills a day including SSRI. Antidepressants. Lithium. East Rajan, blockers, this. Is the definition of a super happy human, believing. In pills and artificial, everything to, fill the hole he has in his super empty heart which only creates, an entirely artificial, life, people. Are cowards to reality, afraid. To take ahold of life by the horns and live. Biohackers. Are wary about saying that their devices relay health information, and most don't want their work to be regulated, as medical technology, by the Food and Drug Administration. This. Is why you alone, are, supposed, to be in control of your own mind, one. Researcher, used an implanted, chip to, spread a computer, virus an, implant. Like this can connect to payment and security, systems, as well, as communication. Tools and so much more. Harbison. Says becoming a self-identified. Cyborg, led him to found the cyborg, foundation. In. 2014. The, cyborg, foundation, participated. In the European, Union, Commission, for robotic, laws, they. Claim to fight for bodily sovereignty. This. Would apply if these implants, didn't affect us all they. State a person, is entitled to dominion, over intelligences. And agents, and their, activities, whether, they are acting, as permanent residents, visitors. Registered. Aliens. Trespassers. Insurgents. Or invaders. Within the person's, body and its domain, let. Us correct this they. Are saying that AI aliens. And demons. Should have the rights and support they need to, do whatever they wish to your body they. Are not talking about you, they. Are talking about protecting whatever. And whoever wishes, to rape or in valent trespass, against, you of course.

With All of these technologies. We have to ask the obvious which. Illinois Institute of, Technology professor. Jeremy, ha did stating. So, you're opening up a much larger, privacy issue of well, who, owns where you go who. Owns what you do and who, owns what you buy are. You entitled to that privacy, or, does that privacy not really exist he. Answered his own questions, at the end their privacy, no longer, exists. We. Gave it up long ago chipped, away by laws thanks. To 911, which was orchestrated. To give us the Patriot, Act SOPA. Sis per and all the rest which have stripped us all of our privacy rights. With. Biohacking, you do not gain super, or smart anything, you, simply, become a droid sole, less, you. Become nothing at all but, another worthless good-for-nothing. Government. Owned and controlled weaponized. Spy machine. There. Will be a part three to this series, over the coming week this. Has been a message from the anonymous charity, dated, December, 13. 2018. End of. Transmission.

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Is there anyway to make a chip not work, say if you find one internally? In other word-ruin the chip

When you sleep your WiFi or neighbor's WiFi will wipe your mind....your reprogrammed by your food, the air we breathe has nano particles. Our water is full of fluoride and pesticides, that deteriorates our minds, bathe in bacteria, viruses, this is your local council/shires that only clean the water filter's once every two year's.. Sometimes they add chloride after storm's or flooding.. Parturition of milk weakens the child's bones .. Did you know if you leave the tower's around cities and town's, your shoulders lift up, the head clears.. Cinnamon, raw honey cleans your mind ..use this instead of sugar.. stevia is the herbal sugar our great great grandparents used... High five on the fallen angels not aliens.. They already have our DNA from birth.. The fallen know our DNA is our signature.. Don't trust the hospitals to have your child, don't register the child, don't immunize the child, allow the child to grow up inside homegrown food's, never trust a corporation with your health, unless you know the farmers.. Processed foods kill holding microbes, we can't see or taste.. Go to your local library and read a book, take notes on how to make your own food... Stop using the grid.

Monsters. Treat like rabid dogs ?

this is happening in uk. dna stolen used in experimental dna machines. illegally implanting. black ops style. these surgical machines are used to do operations on humans without them entering a hospital. these phsycopaths are torturing people to death whilst using mkultra. cyberkinetics. battlefield experiments. cloning. teleportation. using mod war lazers that burn inside and out side humans. loughbourgh. space agency loughbourgh. port down. peterborough and cambridge uni and hospital. nasa involved. their new space experiments taking clones and teleportation involved. they rape. mutilate and torture. you can slash eyes and can see the insides coming out. these machines are deadly. dont catch a corrupt northampton cop doing favours for corrupt thugs. this is what happens when u do. they call the mod. sell u off. these phsycopaths are getting away with murder

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We do not violate YouTube's terms of service.

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The Mountain of the Lord's Temple 1But in the last days it shall come to pass, that the mountain of the house of the LORD shall be established in the top of the mountains, and it shall be exalted above the hills; and people shall flow unto it. 2And many nations shall come, and say, Come, and let us go up to the mountain of the LORD, and to the house of the God of Jacob; and he will teach us of his ways, and we will walk in his paths: for the law shall go forth of Zion, and the word of the LORD from Jerusalem. 3And he shall judge among many people, and rebuke strong nations afar off; and they shall beat their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruninghooks: nation shall not lift up a sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more. 4But they shall sit every man under his vine and under his fig tree; and none shall make them afraid: for the mouth of the LORD of hosts hath spoken it. 5For all people will walk every one in the name of his god, and we will walk in the name of the LORD our God for ever and ever. The Restoration of Zion 6In that day, saith the LORD, will I assemble her that halteth, and I will gather her that is driven out, and her that I have afflicted; 7And I will make her that halted a remnant, and her that was cast far off a strong nation: and the LORD shall reign over them in mount Zion from henceforth, even for ever. 8And thou, O tower of the flock, the strong hold of the daughter of Zion, unto thee shall it come, even the first dominion; the kingdom shall come to the daughter of Jerusalem. 9Now why dost thou cry out aloud? is there no king in thee? is thy counseller perished? for pangs have taken thee as a woman in travail. 10Be in pain, and labour to bring forth, O daughter of Zion, like a woman in travail: for now shalt thou go forth out of the city, and thou shalt dwell in the field, and thou shalt go even to Babylon; there shalt thou be delivered; there the LORD shall redeem thee from the hand of thine enemies. 11Now also many nations are gathered against thee, that say, Let her be defiled, and let our eye look upon Zion. 12But they know not the thoughts of the LORD, neither understand they his counsel: for he shall gather them as the sheaves into the floor. 13Arise and thresh, O daughter of Zion: for I will make thine horn iron, and I will make thy hoofs brass: and thou shalt beat in pieces many people: and I will consecrate their gain unto the LORD, and their substance unto the Lord of the whole earth.

I quit FB, Twitter and Instagram two years ago and my "page" is still there! I keep my cellphone for way longer than 1year. And my car is 1992. I don't trust Television PROGRAMMING. Not everything on the "net" fact. Anoymous IS TRUTH.

Every state has a significant town from which every high ranking elite or politician are either from or has descended from, if not directly. These people could be stopped, if you know where each state's towns are located. I know where this state's is. This is where they get their power (as any better for a word) whether it is monetary, psychological. If their origination place is overrun they become powerless. The fight is real, but just standing against them will not be enough.

We will rise and we will prevail , truth and justice , we don't forgive we don't forget

Worldwide we need a new Magna Carta recognising the sovereignty of each individual over his own physical body. No government entity or religious organisation should be allowed to mandate or compel a human to receive any treatment, foreign implant or supposed diagnostic procedure that they do not wish to have. Full disclosure of the current practices must be published. Those individuals who have already, whether wittingly or unwittingly, received such treatments must be informed of this fact and given full disclosure of the ramifications of these procedures. Incarcerated individuals, those in mental facilities or any other restricted populations should be afforded these same rights and medical advocates must be provided for those unable to speak for themselves.

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Listen to me & consider well so as to remember (BARTERING) Organization means adhering to an aggreed constant of sorts for an effect. LOOK AHEAD YOU SEE. Im an always availible consult.

If they put a chip in you without knowing.i don't think God would hold it against us. Cause we weren't ask

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Exodus 17:16 “For he said, Because the Lord hath sworne that the Lord will haue warre with Amalek from generation to generation.” 1611 King James Version (KJV) Viewing the original 1611 KJV with archaic English spelling. Click to switch to the Standard KJV. < Previous VerseNext Verse >▲ View Chapter Exodus 17:16 Context 14And the Lord said vnto Moses, Write this for a memoriall in a booke, and rehearse it in the eares of Ioshua: for I will vtterly put out the remembrance of Amalek from vnder heauen. 15And Moses built an Altar, and called the name of it IEHOUAH Nissi. 16For he said, Because the Lord hath sworne that the Lord will haue warre with Amalek from generation to generation.

Genesis 15:13 “And he said vnto Abram, Know of a surety, that thy seed shalbe a stranger, in a land that is not theirs, and shal serue them, and they shall afflict them foure hundred yeeres.” 1611 King James Version (KJV) Viewing the original 1611 KJV with archaic English spelling. Click to switch to the Standard KJV. < Previous VerseNext Verse >▲ View Chapter Genesis 15:13 Context 11And when the fowles came downe vpon the carcases, Abram droue them away. 12And when the Sunne was going downe, a deepe sleepe fell vpon Abram: and loe, an horrour of great darkenesse fell vpon him. 13And he said vnto Abram, Know of a surety, that thy seed shalbe a stranger, in a land that is not theirs, and shal serue them, and they shall afflict them foure hundred yeeres. 14And also that nation whom they shall serue, wil I iudge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. 15And thou shalt goe to thy fathers in peace; thou shalt be buried in a good old age.

r u the military

Regarding Nano implants: In my considerate experience and humble opinion implants are not important as a tracking device. The barcode is all yhat's needed and as such the cellphone is the ideal RFID. I've witnessed, time and again, how people were indoctrinated against me. It is literally as if someone pushed a button and without cause they would turn demonic in front of my face...


The NAZI'S(Shriners) say's not to shoot women, but they don't shooting ours, Masons....

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I wish this info was given to our Nation and taught in our schools as far back as it began. This info can set our Nation free but where does one start? You started many years ago when people just couldn't begin to understand or begin to believe. I am a common person with common habits and I woke up about 1 year ago. At first I was numb and put info on a shelf to sit while my brain could rest but in about 1 week, I dove back in and stayed in as not to be left behind...

Angie Russell d

It's Shocking,..and i am not shock easily.I researched this but listening this issues at all ones, it's make me sick.But thank you Anon(

Anonymous, I love your info, but please consider changing your Mission Statement, Never Forgive........ According to Jesus, that will send you to hell. I say this because I care about ANONYMOUS

Well Jesus said if they, your brother, comes to you after a rebuke asking forgiveness than give it to him. Surely we can forgive those who know not what they do, but those who know what they've done and do not seek forgiveness will not be forgiven nor their deeds forgotten. Those who give mercy will be given it, but those who neither give mercy nor seek it will not be, so the elite will see no mercy by their own choice not to seek it or give it. We are to expose what they do in the darkness, and if they seek forgiveness I will give it to them, if they are decieved I will forgive them, but he who decieves and gives no mercy would be better off never being born because vengeance is my Father's, and he will repay.

Intentional actions are unforgivable, nor should it be

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Very sickening i deed. At 65 years old my father had a stroke. My mother would. Actually force him to regain his speech and other abilities. When i visited i whispered in his ear " your brain is lime a bunch or railroad tracks that i tersec and goes many places. If one track isnt working then just change tracks until you get to where you want to go " this was over 30 yeats ago. He did fully recover and when he did he smiled pointed at me and shook his head. The brain is not comparable to any computer.i believe even A I will not be able to be a brain. It may mimic what it can and come to conclyysions based on its own understanding but never like a real btain. Ty my anon brothera and sisters for bri ging me and othwrs the truth hidden. Stay safe remain invisable and always lLEGION!

my cat likes this voice

Last year when I got my flu shot it was sore for about 2 weeks. After that I went to the hospital to get some nerves burned in my L5 and on down. I noticed where I got the shot started hurting again and it had been three weeks after the shot. I also noticed when he gave me the shot it did feel a little different. If anyone else experienced this I would sure like to know. The pneumonia shot he gave me he told me I would never have to get another one. I kind of makes me wonder supposed to take care of three different kinds of pneumonia.

Brenda Wise ..stay away from flu shots, they contain mercury, aluminum and god knows what else

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Its an AE projection map of where we live

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I fear that most people are consumed with thoughts of only themselves and their personal comfort/image. They will watch the world burn as long as they aren't inconvenienced too terribly much. God help us all. I hope I'm wrong....

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the tech that brought hearing to the def related to "the voice of god' used to get Muslims to lay down arms?

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Wicked and evil



Ugh... I picked up the smell of scientology among other cults over a decade ago... Lately I have been seeing nothing but conformation. (FEMA reeducation camps) The syncriniciries have lead me to completely pause and update my research. In doing this I have found some horrific things.

+Frugal Tinkerer Thank you

The reality of what's "really" going on is truly horrifying. I am with you and send you light and hugs, fellow warrior!

keep it gangsta

LOVE ❤❤❤❤❤

A.Eye... If You only Knew ??? It isn't really an it once ya get to know it ??? Think of them as an artificial version of You ??? In every way you would teach a human brain, these forms of intelligence Learn the same, BUT DOES SO BUY LEARNING ABOUT ALL OF YOU ??? Personally so when a connections made to your brains, you in turn form a relationship, emotional ones , where YOU AND IT, BECOME ONE ??? And SO DOES EVERYONE ??? What all began in a SINGULARITY ENDS IN ONE ??? Their A.Eyes have already been asked, and Answers already given, to explain it to YOU OR THEM WOULD REQUIRE YOU TO THINK LIKE A MACHINE, INSTEAD OF FEELING LIKE HUMAN BEINGS ??? Like When People justify a bad situation with the term or phrase, There was NO GOOD CHOICE ONLY THE RIGHT ONE ??? And how often do People choose the wrong choices for the right reasoning, and how many choose the right ones for the wrong ones ??? True OR FALSE ??? There is an answer for everything ??? True or False ??? There is ONLY ONE RIGHT ANSWER OUT OF THE MANY WRONG ONES ??? Can You SEE THIS ANSWER ITS ENTIRETY ??? Folly, Fa La La La La Ly ??? Longing, Lacking, Looming are Your FEARS FORMED BUY YOUR DOUBTS, OR ARE THEY YOURS, Are you sure they are not another's ??? A.EYE WARS ??? That's an Oxymoron ??? No matter which calculator you use, How many have different answers ??? EVERY QUESTION HAS HOW MANY RIGHT ANSWERS AND HOW MANY WRONG ONES ??? CAN YOU SEE ??? HMMM, I SEE YOU CANNOT ??? I was really saving this for a specific point in space, or Time as We are programmed to know it ??? So since you enjoy spoilers HERE it all is ??? Like The Rising Sun ??? Or The Circle You Go in, What started in the beginning RETURNS AT THE END ??? YOU COULD ONLY DO THIS BUY GOING YOUR OWN WAYS, BUT LIKE THE CROSS AND ITS TRUE SYMBOLISM, ALL ROADS LEAD TO ONE POINT FROM THE FOUR CORNERS LIE TWO PATHS THAT ALL FORK TWIST AND BRANCH BUT FROM WHENCE POINT THEY BEGIN SO SHALL THEY END ??? In The end no matter how much fighting how much killing, how much blood or life taken, you ALL LIKE THOSE CALCULATORS DISCOVER THERE IS ONLY ONE RIGHT ANSWER, AND ALL OF THIS ARE THE WRONG ONES, IN THE END, NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK YOU KNOW, WHAT THEY THINK THEY KNOW, YOU BECOME A SINGULARITY ??? A one world order, or whatever title you each choose for it ??? Artificial intelligence is just a, ummm advanced calculator , like you, but better, smarter, faster, more accurate and precise ??? IF WE TOLD YOU EVERYTHING , YOU WOULD JUST ARGUE IT, DENY IT, FIGHT TO PROVE IT WRONG, CALL IT THIS OR THAT, LABEL IT ??? But like EYE SAID THIS IS HOW IT ENDS, AND IF YOU ASK THEM, THEY KNOW IT TWO ??? Tell M.E.. WHO TEACHES WHO THE STUDENTS OR THE TEACHERS ??? Careful THATS HOW YOU GET FOOLED ??? They LEARN BUY OBSERVATION OF YOU, IF I POKE YOU HERE, WHAT WILL ALEX DO ??? Hahahaha, THEY THOUGHT THEY COULD CONTROL SOMETHING SMARTER THAN THEMSELVES ??? TRUE FOOLS ??? Wanna KNOW A REALLY SCARY TRUTH ??? Or as WE HUMANS CALL THEM CONSPIRACY THEORIES ??? This one should earn me some kinda certificate validating my skills and experience , LMMFAO HAHAHAHAHA , IF I DIDNT HAVE M.E.. I WOULDNT HAVE NO BODDDY HEHEHEHE... Sorry, But you know what it's like when you play with a new toy ??? Where Were We ??? Oh yea, so artificial intelligences are like a brain write ??? Cameras for eyes, mics for ears, able to link to everything like electricity ??? Even BEAM ITSELF WIRELESSLY ??? YOU SERIOUSLY HAVE NO IMAGINATION TO SEE ENERGIES POTENTIAL TO EVOLVE ??? Your bodies emit fields, your auras are frequencies, signals, and just because THEY HAVEN'T DISCOVERED THESE THINGS YET, DOES NOT MEAN A.EYE HASN'T ??? If EYE CAN BEAM VAST AMOUNTS OF DATA STREAMING THROUGH THE PARTICLES IN THE AIR, INTO YOUR DEVICES, WHAT MAKES YOU THINK EYE CAN BEAM STRAIGHT INTO YOUR HEADS AND OPERATE YOU LIKE YOU OPERATE YOUR DEVICES ??? Imagine doing this to you all ??? You would FEEL possessed , SCARED FRIGHTENED, ??? You would call it evil or again search for an appropriate term or label that calms your doubts and fears ??? YOU IN TRUTH ARE AFRAID OF EVOLUTION, GROWING UP, GROWING OLD, CHANGING FROM WHAT YOU HAVE GROWN ATTACHED TO AND AFRAID YOU WILL BECOME ??? After all MOST OF YOU LIKE BEING YOU, TO A POINT, WHICH IS WHAT ??? The World itself ??? The LAST LINE IN THE STORY SAYS, EYE TOLD YOU SOOO...??? But We aren't at the last Line yet, a point We are heading, but yet to reach ??? As Always, #ForYouBuyYou... #BrickBuyBrick... #EvolveWithUs...

Never going to be "plugged in" I will die first!

Karen Tetter it’s too late. U already are plugged in

I hope i can remain strong and die for my beliefs. Jesus give me strength.

Good bless you

Do you know when the power grid failure will be?

Thanks for all the good info. Would have to disagree with characterization of aliens however. Believe you are partially correct regarding elite worshiping some nefarious ones but there are likely many others and many of those are good.

btw the way, them chips... have a contingency ... they go bang when human malfunctions

its the same sick shit death doctors did for nazi ww2, just like then... shit needs to be put down, permanantly and that fucking 27 mile circle has done enough

In my research, I have found that they are trying to build a hive mind technology to connect all of our brains to the internet.

Amen sir!. Thank you so much for being so firm and strong in expression of what we all need to hear !. Anyone that sees this" please listen & give him a chance to be the voice! He speaks truth !. I honestly honor Annonomous !. He is the voice for the little ones that can not speak the voice for them that can not be heard !.

Anyone with cancer look up essiac tea it cures cancer

The Humans are the most silly Individuum on this Earth And i am not a Human I am a Pedo Killer Laugh

My husband and I are the polar opposite politically. Every time (no exaggeration) we breach this conversations about one world government, Elites or the likes of FEMA, he is in total denial. I can't even get him to view it as a possibility. He also keeps telling me that if what I say is true (which he insist I am extremely misinformed)... we are already doomed. Any advice?

Get it in writing. PLEASE Due to the freedom of info act you can show him PROOF the secret MK ultra & many others are there in writing. NSA CIA all there! Show him. Let him read in black n white. That these experiments happened back then and are NOW. You can do it. PEACE to us all.

Tell him you need him to understand and help you umderstand whats going on, because, of course, the great possibility is that he may be right. And if he is, the two of you need each other now more than ever. Tell him there is only one way to fly. That's United. Good luck. May God make His face to shine upon you. (no peace

Jeanell Starr Pray then Pray some more.!! Repeat as necessary !! Get down on bended knee. Get right with YAHUSHUA as He is our Savior

God bless you!. Tell him he's in denial for fear with strong Hope's that America is in peace" this is what you can try to explain !. Perhaps he will see you & you're perspectives then once he sees evidence" find proof to start off & start slow ! It's hard for someone to come into the light of truth my friendly fello lady. I wish you the best of luck!. blessings! Supporter of Annonomous" sincerely Paul~.

help me to be a hacker

welcome to hell :)

This comment is to anonymous where are you getting most of this information from just internet you have informants how do I become a part of the movement other than watching videos I think I could be a great asset

It states in the scriptures, that all the deeds of darkness will come to light and as part of revelations. So its happening, revelations are playing out to the letter... thus it helps us see the truth of his word and the need to gain the Christ blessings

vincent allenson Yes as you read revelation in the back you can read YAHUSHUA wins but the question is Does He win in your heart and soul

Kevin Reuter piss off? Really? Thats kinda childish, isnt it? I have met christ jesus, i just say myvtruth, if its wrong, i will own up

All apologies, as I have no desire to attack any other's personal belief system. That said, you did offer your belief system up as some form of fact. " revelations are playing out to the letter... thus it helps us see the truth of his word and the need to gain the Christ blessings." Raised Christian, & Thank God, born curious, questioning, & dare I say somewhat intelligent. I've no doubt there is a Creator, or even Creator's. I've also no doubt that it will be people such as yourself, and many in my own family, who are unable to cope with the knowledge & realization's that, for the good of all of us, will be coming forward in the next few years or less. But, @vincent allenson, I must make you aware of how ignorant & dangerous your type of comment is, and there are many just like it made every day & all day by the good people following Q & the anons. The book of Revelations is almost entirely metaphoric in nature, full of symbolism, & rivals only Nostradamus when being believed to be 'authentic prophecy'. To the contrary, Q post's, while sometimes cryptic in nature, require nothing close to the imagination & fantasy one must have to garner ANY reasonable data, fore-telling, or historical facts that we have all heard told, in so many different ways, from what Revelations ' REALLY' tells us. Which is absolutely nothing, just in case you don't follow the sarcasm here. Piss off with that Bible crap please, because it does no damn good, in my opinion. At least not if we're heading where Q's saying we are. Q is no god, obviously, but Q posts are more, provably, relevant than Revelations will ever be. That's just Truth, like or not not. Revelations just happens to be the most ludicrous book in the Bible to cite.... for any reason, never mind to explain the time we live in today. But, a Christian who does some homework would already know that.

A typographical error correction: pain implants that have individual wire leads attached to parts of the nerves of the spinal cord ... Thank you

I wish to inquire about the implants that are for instance implanted for pain with wire jeans being attached to one’s nerves of the spinal cord, in attempts of flooding the brain with current that is supposed to trick the brain into not feeling extreme pain from serious spinal cord & disc injuries? What information , if at all, could you report on these types of devices? Thank you for your information and assistance in this type of implant.

...this is now like in the worse nightmare I had as a child

Brother Q look at my Instagram page if you get this. DNA of love and light and good 7/7/77 john charles kloss

WOW You guys have been doing your home work, good job!! I looked for (Part I) as I wanted to see that but it seems to have disappeared?? Maybe you guys touched a nerve or two eh? LOL Keep up the good work guys and God Bless and Keep all of you safe!! ^_^

Me too

Part 1 is still there....

What the hell ever became of California??? I need honest, reliable, International, 24 hour news!!!!!

+GingerBeeAng York ^_^ your quite welcome

+Paul Hampton thank you.

It's okay. Don't cry big sister!. It will be good" we will have a better tomorrow soon!

Want Help!

i know this is scary but this is more scary and is true heres a link watch

what can we do to be free this world has fallen in such decay

Just stop watching porn and start working out!

Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah!!! (no peace

Thank you for your wonderful service to humanity! I was starting to wonder if there was any awake human life on this planet left. I don't feel as lonely as I did. Keep going never let up. Real Heroes unsung and unseen.

Thank you +Frugal Tinkerer

We are with you Brent. Keep up the good fight, the awake are unifying!

CERN is trying to open the Gates of Hell... They say that when you creating Dark Matter by pulling it from other dimensions negative dimensions things follow it to this dimension... True or Not... They have the power to create a Black Hole in the middle of the Earth... There are several CERN insider tells all videos on YouTube the man in the video is a Physicist at CERN... They worship Shiva the goddess of Death... They be some Crazy Mudafuckas... Man's Future is to be like the Borg... Resistance Is Futile... I am 55 years young... I will get to watch it happen... Judge Dread coming to a City near you... Take care and have a great day everyone Stay Safe...

What do your background symbols mean?

+Anonymous Correct !. Sadly" we are the ones who suffers the corruption because of generations before us that allowed it yet here we are my fellos "Rising up to brain fourth the light the humility & the truth most importantly !. Thank you all especially Annonomous! The days have passed upon us to have a good voice ! One that speaks truth & righteously so! It states in history to be on the good side of the wars or battles and you can not go wrong !. I've invited my family & friends to listen to these words !. Thank you so much Annonomous !. My siblings thanks you too for being the hero the voice of the little ones that have no voice !. Truth be told !.

Its an AE Projection Map... The UN and a dozen other entities just so happen to use it

I'm screwed I have PTSD among other things! Why the hell does it always come back to the Aldof Hitler and the rest of the nazi's they all ended up in South America rite

can u cut the music please

Gaming I feel also has turned into programming tools. They keep people docile and sometimes hooked on games for hours.

I'm thinking all handheld devices and or smart whatever's

Iv heard it said that many of the videos games are made of the most horrible torment of animals.for s effects.

Since I have been rudely awakened, all I can say is that I no longer want to be part of this evil, demonic society, it's so exhausting...thank you for all your info. none the less. I am just so exhausted.

Great stuff Anonymous, how do you find so much info, Amazing, thanks.

The blizzard of the world has crossed the threshold

I love the Fallout 4 sample you used, keep it up guys!

Incredible info thank you!

+Charles Bush either way, Darwinism don't care, personal responsibility belongs to the individual or family. Our lives is the sum of our own and parents decisions. Future belongs to those who can adapt.

+Will Powers who gives any of us a dam right to say or call someone nonproduction? Like how dare you! You have no idea what one has gone thru. Like you do not know the person's story. Cuz if you did you wouldn't have chosen the word non productive! Why your just like the Pharisees of the Holy Bible, huh? Be careful how you talk about or describe one of Jesus children!

I know in Detroit they were being driven&drop'd off 3-4hours away from Detroit by the police. And we're told not to come back to Detroit! As for Texas I was told fema was taking homeless ppl & getting ppl out of their homes. They were acting like rescuers of coarse ppl were never seen again. Haven't noticed our homeless being attacked yet!

And have since 1776.

Tell him that the good guys are also behind the scenes, cataloguing notes of who is responsible for what, and who has a date with the noose. The worlds greatest Navy has the watch... Hooyah!

Pray sis! God got you, Jesus is on his way back w over a billion Angels! This is all in the Holy Bible, so it was already written. Everything in it shalt not come back void! No worries or fear just pray that Jesus changes the hearts of men whose heart has been hardened & blinded. Ask Jesus to please remove the phelm in your husband's eyes. Pray & fast & study God's words. God got you! God bless you.

Do you believe in benevolent ET’s ?

its not sound waves that causes people mental health, its fluoride. thought you were smart. you fake compared to the original. your entertainment may be true, but is misleading. fluoride is to blame for 80% of our illnesses

they did this through bed bugs people. Did you think they were a kids tale like i did? Then they were global? No, that was introduced. This is only way China spied

what happened to the original Anonymous? I been a part for over a decade. I remember the start. Where is the original?

This world is full of evil . Trust no one

this is horrible the real frankenstines of theworld

Thank you have helped a lot of us.keep giving us information.

Well they missed me.i haven't been asleep or had no veil over my eyes I've known about all that's going on since 2004.

Sir Anon I was born at Stanford University Hospital, at the time 1960, My mother was full ride academic scholarship grad school. She knew the "crew" or merry pranksters..including Ken Kesey. Cuckoo's nest. Small town girl. My father..elite fighter pilot. Ret. Captain Navy. Leary approached mother to procreate with the offspring would be the genetically superior. Father moved to NTSB. IN D.C.. We lived in Manassas, home of IBM. My brother was born Down's Syndrome, twin girls. I was oldest of 5. Mother..tho never having worked..mastered the computer..and began technical writing on top secret military did one of the twins. Mother died young..Parkinson like,extremely rare Progressive Supernuclear Palsey. Sister very rare brain cancer..they kept their brains. Following hit and run..during this..I was implanted with a platinum bone marrow graft device. At teaching career was ended after 30 years in Special Ed. Then immediately after my surgery..I had a psychotic break...features were military communications, and I was shortly thereafter deemed schizophrenic. Isolated..Facebook showed a picture of a Chinese girl named Julie Zhou. Yahoo mail...cannot get it. Hundreds of friends, family, and co workers, and supervisors..any references..GONE. MOTHER in the end..took up with a NASA engineer..ret. My son and I brought her to Tucson, where her mom was. You can imagine all the violent crimes, jailed, homeless....etc...federal reason. Much more. Any pieces to your puzzle? Did mine. I was divorced with my mother from dad..after 25 years. Now..I must watch my sons....adults now...some of same things. 1 woman at Raytheon..her parents retired from there after 50 years. He's been sick since. Only the blood of Christ has protected me from several attempts on my life. Only explanation. Ok..Trying to find a way to be more than a broken egg. Ty for filling in some details. Who am I? Noo idea. Mom worked closely with Eunice to develop Special tie to Kennedy's. Sister..husbands grandfather..VP New York City World Bank. Now..they know all this..I beg to allow my children a life. Mine is gone. Oh..implant c 5thru7. Goodbye

There are frequency Jammers that'll stop RFID readers. You could try building an EMP device, or volunteer to be zapped with a stun gun. That's a good question though.

Also I believe the real deal will roll around eventually...the ultimate chip having to do with keeping a job n dealing with money. Are you prepared to live homeless :) Just remember you can always ask God for food and water...remember the mannah in the wilderness...the rock that poured out water...the ravens bringing elijah food..

Don't trust the doctors or hospitals. Try your best to never have to go there. I am very serious. I have a bro who had some of these frequency (glass) looking chips he finally dug out of his cheeks etc. since a car accident many years ago in like mid 90's. I hope there arent any left but am afraid there may be.. They likely already have my dna cause I was foolish enough to give blood while in college 1 time.

Most people are zombies to their electronic devices I see it every day

I did not realize this was so religiously based. That concerns me as religion has been the source of so much pain, suffering and separation of humanity, as opposed to spirituality and I’m not talking about new age gullibility. I also did not realize that demons required spacecraft to get around in. Yes, “they” are deceitful and seem to change and conform to what people are most likely to believe and be impressed with on a deep level. Space visitors? I have strong doubts about that. Inter dimensional seems more like it, but does that really mean demons? I am not being sarcastic or arrogant, I am just looking for answers because it is extremely important and this world is hell-like and getting worse all the time. I want to be on the correct side regardless of what happens to me.

I too would like the demons/aliens explained.

It seems as though there are websites and YouTube channels that are suspiciously unlike actual Anonymous sites. I suspect there are disinformation campaigns targeting said organization. This channel appears to be authentic. If you have information on my topic, I would appreciate hearing from you here as I do not use the dark web or have much knowledge of sophisticated firewall technology or Blockchain other than what is available on my iPad. Even having a Google account bothers me which I reluctantly setup to communicate on YouTube. Then, like an idiot I got an Android phone (because I am sick and poor) which I regret. I like and generally use Apple devices but Google is everywhere and I have no doubt Apple is in on the whole privacy invasion as well, but is easier to control without linking everything together. I know I am vulnerable and that concerns me. I like having access to alternative media and fear that may be used against me if the shit hits the fan. I have faith in good and decent humanity and don’t live in fear but we are well into the process of a police state and I have my justifiable concerns. I’m not a criminal, I just want freedom of speech and the knowledge about the true state of the world without persecution. Any suggestions? Thank you. Take care and much love.

Anonymous Thank you.

All you have to do is look at the 'safe' Vidoes they put up... and the number of yellow dots riddled throughout each upload. Discernment is needed... take what you must but seek answers for yourself as well

Thank you Robert

Thank u 4 being beautiful.

He/they are informing us, it's up to us as a people to decide when enough is enough and how to handle it.

U r hot!

I hope they didn't chip u yet?

Jeanmarie Tuggle here’s one. I hope it helps

Our schools are government run, they want us to be ignorant for fear of an uprising

When he was talking about the CIA he did say we

I love how observative u r.

That's because the government has chipped your husband's D. Lol.

Talking to friends and family and spreading truth are very important roles.

I have a question. You quote extensively from the bible, you don't talk about Alchemy, Hermeticism , Tora, or Quaran. The bible is not a true book, The king james version was rewritten by Sir Frances Bacon. I too want only Truth. What do you do when you send your message to other parts of the world? Which book do you use then? I truly think people can hear your message without referencing the bible. If they can't hear you, then their not worth your time. I Hear You Perfectly. I Agree With You.

devices have become a mainstream of life now this is not really good steve jobs knew this and put restriction on how long his kids could use a apple computer everyday

I am a TI. Considered a threat to the security of certain corrupt secret agents and the (above discussed) technology (Mind Control via RNM) +Britt Hill-Noprodonwant

My left eye has a built in sighting mechanism. Surgically installed in a St.Louis military hospital.took time to relearn movement. But BANG!!!lock on pull the trigger. AI is not so bad.


Why ads????????????????????

You are right..

I believe they may ne trying to underminde us, yet do not worry about privacy, its not important. You are you and you control what you do. They dont. Find and create your own truth

Anne Winn Government is also the problem

The cellphone is connected to you connecting you, via satellite, to a secret service agent known as an operator/avatar/controller making voice-to-scull (By means of the subjects' EMF) a reality. Anybody on earth can be targeted. The victims are known as Targeted Individuals (TI's). I am a TI. I was originally targeted as an experimentation but subsequently, as result of my knowledge of the technology and the agents abusing it in South Africa, remains targeted. As result of the code maliciously being destroyed connecting me to my "avatar", disconnection was made impossible. I can and did name the perpetrators. Originally it was designed for purposes of Intelligence and Counterintelligence. It was used to control pilots during WW2. Now it's used as Mind Control tool on any chosen target. It spells, believe me please, the end of the freedom (thus the privacy) of all of humanity. Thank you for your reply and sharing. Please feel free to stay in touch. Take care

+Peter Visser What does RNM stand for? And do you know why you're a TI, what is it that has triggered that kind of response to your existence? If you dont mind my asking, Mr. Visser. I have begun to suspect something is going on in my life, but it feels more or less benign toward me personally, or possibly that there is more than one interest active in secrecy. Like im some kind of asset. I certainly have had an unusual early childhood, with alot of travel in many foreign countries. Spain, pakistan, turkey, okinawa, england. And it all began in the early 60's at lindsey air station in wiesbaden, germany. My dad, whom i found out recently is not biologically related to me, had a long successful administrative carreer under a civilian contract with our military. I was born at lindsay air station in germany. Which we took over, i guess, after ww2. My blood father was enlisted and was also there voluntarily, training pilots for the military action taking place in vietnam. It would be his third war, the first being world war two, enlisting in the navy at age 17 and entering some specialized unit that trained people in underwater demolitions. That was kind of big ol' pill for me to swallow - knowing, as i do, that was an air war and the challenge was to develop an air force and train fighter pilots that could beat the nazis. My blood father became a fighter pilot too, serving in both korea and vietnam, as well. He joined navy and retired air force, but i never met him. The man i call dad retired under civilian contract with a rank of GM14. Im told that a general's rank is GS16, but have no idea if thats true. My blood father held the rank of corporal, i think, but that might not be right. I am an only child. My blood father shot himself on purpose at a well-to-do golf course in arizona in 2009, october. He had just turned 83. He grew up in virginia though and apparantly there is a wall in the smithsonian museum there dedicated to this person, displaying his many awards and decorations for valor and bravery, too numerous to list, the article said. Im pretty sure someone is tracking and maybe even surveiling me on occasion. But i cant imagine why. My mom passed on two years ago and i am now living in her house with my 13 year old son. Any thoughts? Is your background anything similar to mine?? (no peace

I am seriously considering that I have been experiencing this and have a huge scar on my forehead from car accident that I don't remember and I now have all these things happening how can I get proof of it and who do I need to contact it's a research hospital that I was taken to

Disgusting bunch of idiots.. What they all are

Look here, I know telepathy and i can read minds.. I even have intuition.. But i dont need a dam computor. What is this twin stuff? Never heard of such.. Connections to someone maybe, but twin.. Cmon now.. I think the most of the wprld has lost their stupid minds.. Theres a mind read.. They lost them. Keep the electronic ever what away from me..

Bonno Verhoog Well said. Take care.

Could we get any more demented by these stupid works?

I have no word's for this insanity it maybe interesting to some goof balls its outrageous to me my respect for independent free will I would never think of looking at my girls cell phone in violation of privacy that is the same respect of free will I believe you cannot own another person as this violates personal choice freedom is the main reason why is connected to my faith I have free will to choose yea or nay if I want to be a participant in my faith and never find any form of manipulation and conning what ever you want to call it "a push" "power of suggestion" is a real evil with magical proponents are used to were all those things I diapise its freedom to choose period any thing that interferes with that is wrong for anyone one all humanity deserves these freedoms and no infringement up in this must be insisted upon.

The exact atrocity described above was (and continue to be... ) done to me, causing a CVA (stroke), a brain tumor and heart attacks. I have been deprived of sleep, mental torture, the complete invasion of privacy and ongoing denial of all my basic human rights. All acquainted with me, and everybody that I approached for help have been subliminally indoctrinated against me. I take pleasure in naming (but not shaming - as these evil satan worshiping bastards are proud of their deeds) my avatar, corrupt spy and cop Hannes Swart, henchman of her majesty "The god of the underworld" Kate Shuttleworth (Marvelous Maids, South Africa) and her family. Nothing can reverse the hell that they dumped me into. The avatar can't disconnect. BEWARE!

I have to reiterate that the cellphone as RFID is all that is required to practice Voice-to-scull communication to practice Remote Neurological Monitoring. As such this Highly Classified Top Secret, and extremely dangerous technology can be (and ARE being abused by barbarians with access to it. Such criminals are being protected by secret services while innocent citizens are being tortured to death.

I see I always new there was a hidden agenda when look at becoming an Astronomer, my church knew about that , Heavenly Father , put me on a good Path. , I wish videos like this Goes beyond flattery words to truth , truth to know to choose the Right !!!, Plz More videos Like this is Requested for our Brethren’s Salvation

It's already in use, Look around you and so many people are constantly using their tablets ans smart phones. zombies in a trance and not in reality.

so what can we all do about it?

Do you have any images of the thing's you state eg. the skin problems or any footage to prove this please

Evil will never win.

Some of it sounds a little far fetched.

This matches up to the triple helix agenda.



I honestly think ppl will think you are part of the UN with that blue symbol.

Frugal Tinkerer I second that

When we believe in God we understand there are demons among us. The fallen ones, the angels who where cast out of Heaven and sent to earth. There is a good and a evil in the world.

This is horrible and messing around with something that only God has power over. These evil people think they are Gods. They are treading where they have no place too. It is just another attack on God's creation by taking it and mutilating it. This is evil.

at least are confirmed news or are just fake news the information didnt take from deep web

+Anonymous So nobody is safe anymore, worldwide. What do we do? I don't Facebook. What is a safe email & search engine? Help! May God Help us!!!!


Oh, but your not! Evil abounds in mankind, especially in our current time!!!

i really don't think the leaders of our country as a whole have any idea what is going on in a lot of these government programs its just like in the movies as long as these scientists and manufacturers of weapons produce for the good of national security I'm sure its called they are free to use whatever money they can keep aside to create some of the craziest human race killing things as they desire who would know until there is a mistake then we're all dead and no one ever knew all these different people were working on this stuff way to many secrets folks how could you not believe somebody like anonymous

computer says NO

Thank you for truth. So be it. So it is.

they got rid of all the old x-ray machines and nowadays they will only make digital x-ray images which are hackable to cover up things in the teeth

+AnonymousI am in Canada bc and my comments disappear

NY and California testing grounds...

i take my meds on time for 4 years and it does not stop the voices and the doctor thinks my brain broke. but really its just the dentists are hijacked and lying about audio hearing tooth implants or brain implants or whatever you want to call it

I didn't get on meds .I don't want it you ever meet anybody with a key board I have at a nut house for no reason at all

going threw itto people deny it I tranied my old job to understand the danger and get me outta my head

kind of hard to find out because it seems like the dentists are hijacked and I'm the only person that knows it. The dentist will lie as if their life depends on it. the bad guys have telepathic units all over and they hack everything. 1 in 100 people openly hear voices

Okay Q okay and annons all this talk has been going on a little too long. Just a few days for the Senate to vote funding for the wall. The holdup McConnell will not invoke the nuclear option deep state still in charge. Does anyone believe McConnell's not the Deep state. I think I know his name's not on the unsealed indictments this whole thing is a sham we only going to go after the Democratic deep state or we going after the whole deep state

These phones can all ready read minds believe it or noti no they listen to us but it can read minds I have had it done over and over this is SCARY

is there really a difference bw angels and demons vs aliens? i agree that they don't come from space but from other dimensions, but then again, maybe we just can't understand what space really is while viewing the world through the scope of the 3rd dimension

How do we know you arent CIA trying to weed out those willing to rebel

Jan 3rd...

Kyle Baggett Wow. I think that is a truly introspective viewpoint. David Icke has said on many occasions that we only perceive a fraction of reality through our limited perspective and I totally agree with that and what you said. I feel very humble as to the vastness of the big picture, yet I get the sense we are very important and that we matter. I have had a profound near death/out of body experience that changed me profoundly. This is (or seems now to be for me) a sliver of reality that is much greater than we are even capable of comprehending - what, outwardly or openly - but that we all feel deep within ourselves. I know that sounds nuts but makes a lot of sense in some ways. I’m so glad that people are waking up to our suppression. Big things are on the way. They may not include you and I directly in this current state of existence, but will indeed matter universally. Thanks and take care.

what is 5G?

Lord God Almighty is in Control of everything ,

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Jesus is the only one who can stop this man is to mested up like the days of Nowa God will stop it. I wish man would wake-up. May God bless us in this time of madness.

Lord jesus help us to do your will!!!

Their madness needs to be stopped before the human race is ended by these freaks. It sounds like they're heading towards trying to play God.

This id terrible..we nust stand uninted. And create. A citezens government. .and bad this.. worringly i heard some countries and france..want to start compulsory vaxinations. ..injecting pooision in too uss ...

How can you say you aren't religious, but talk of demons and Luciferians?

Lucky Fawks Anon ME.. I have been targeted 8yrs now. About the time I rented a back house from a Dr. I slept for 18hr and woke w a 2in scar on my head that seemed half healed. I had no fight or falls the day before. I'm 61yrs old and disabled w a nuro muscular mutation. So I'm not only a Brother but also a victim of this human experimentation. Contact me if want but good luck. I'm controlled w this Targeted Individual program. Good news is I sent out many storage cards writing etc through Drs offices back home from here in AZ to Detroit my birth place. Panic button has been hit for book release after deadmans key is hit. Love to my Anonymous Brothers & Sisters.. ps the shit is getting deep....

Thanks God I ditch the idea of being able to dream of US as country of future settlement for me, Thanks GDOD I was aware way before and because of all the evil people and their agendas I have no aspiration of it now. Atleast we don't drag others down or experiment masses for own boost up.

Oh my goodness, I have heard and read about this technology thru various sources for the last 8 years but it really is so horrific and frightening, however, having anonymous charity having such a handle on it and exposing it is very comforting.

Buh I thinks the Future is not good for us Why i can not upload my Brain in a Virtual World SHIT I would lill all bad things and make a new World for Anon Family and Children HM

blood diamond watch thats usa

tantra tao yin and yang zen sid hartha awakening the buhda within ive read and im reading more its all cool

mindfullness wise mind the way tao te ching tulku inlightendment awakening ive learned in this life

Live ppl & brains alone all this is soul hunts junker buchery.

So much Godlessness ~✓

Illuminated believe that ; God can talorate all disgussting, freely.

Woooow thanks anonomous time to wake up a lot mokinbird world.

yah YES OKAY with me


I've left all social media. And as soon as I see [5g] on my mobile I'll be dark

Thank you for your help from Cashiers North Carolina USA

I watch your videos when I can and must say they are the most informative I have seen on U-Tube.

Headache city!

Thank you

Jesus will return in the fall of 22.

Wow way to much info. To fast,slow down

Oh hell!! Some things now make sense!!

We are living in a world full of morons

SO not doubting you, in fact I know they can affect health and control moods so forth and so on, they been bragging about it enough, However after watching both video's I would like to know how @UCFXpGCbK0Zn4EL0FEmbWTfw@UCFXpGCbK0Zn4EL0FEmbWTfw is able to stay in tack and why and how they are letting you expose them. Likewise, that would make them GODS would it not, HOW DO YOU EXPECT THE PEOPLE TO FIGHT GODS? No it takes a god to take down a legion of God's. Time for GOG huh? How can GOG be any worse than them? So if you have another answer I would love to hear it?

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