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Andre. You, have come to our studio again and this, time I think you have great, wonderful. News. Actually. This. Horizontal. You, have already shown your know-how. Let's, call it that way it's, a slab that goes by itself yes, this is definitely know-how. 100%. Our viewers, have been able to see twice a wonderful. Quad runner all. These vehicles are united, by one heart, the, mortar, it's a da 9s, martyr, with, Slav, Janka provided, by our partner, viktor era stuff currently. I know that you have prepared another batch of vehicles. In, the form of a husky, snowmobile, let's. Speak about it in more detail, well. I would. Not go to discuss, in the vehicle straight away in, general. All, this, appeared only thanks to combined, wounded, motors, when. We all started, openings. Moscow. Russia, and other, cities. When. We entered. No. One knew when this mortars would appear but. Everyone was waiting for them very much and, when they appeared, of course, we could not destroyed, this motors we, were interested in the production model, the first, launched, model, was da 90s. And of course i just fell in love with it all of our guys were delighted, with it the. Most powerful, thing we could do was this lap why. Because. They are happy, huge, and we. Wanted to give it the maximum load that this motor could cope with so, this is a kind of testing, yes, and we were right in this lad, relentlessly. For the whole summer but, in fact we tested, this mortar, you, know nothing. Happened to it i mean it did not heat and coke. Perfectly. Well with anna loads of. Course, this prompted, making a quad runner the. Quad runner is just a separate, story in, the summer we. Had such, a situation. I'll debate, from the, object a little and the very first tasks, when we did know how the vehicle, operates the, model was too powerful, for it, Natalya. Road in taken great Street curb and a very high speed and a, bump affected. Them water directly, the. Model itself, not. Even the covers. But. The, stator and. We. Didn't, pay attention then, the. Quad runner kept going, maybe. Watch the video, it can prove live in a three-ton tundra yes. There is a video we, will leave the link in the description, for those who have not seen it please, pay attention yes. And it's especially interesting when it goes in circles, there it's, a pure delight what, it did there still gives me goosebumps. I remember. You to go ride in it too and you liked it too but. It all became obvious now, when, we assembled, the next, model. One. Of our partners, and. Investors. Wanted. To put the martyr on. The, Huskies, snowmobile. This. Is what it's common, name is in. Fact. This. Is a minute, tractor, it. Can, fool, anything. Usually. It's used by fishermen, Honduras. Children, who, want to go up the mountain travel. Around the fields, quite. An interest in entertainment. Last. Weekend, it. Snowed, and. We. Came to Dez the Husky, and took. A quad runner with us and for. Some reason. It. Began to go slowly. Well. Somehow it's not even slow but a bit sluggish, it. Was not what it had been like in. The summer, I mean. It seemed to function, but, no longer oh yes. Well it didn't room that's right you, could ride it go anywhere, but it didn't rule anymore this, irritates. Us we, know what a d 100s, model can do Batali here with the help of a knife bayonet I don't, know I'll send you these pictures and maybe you'll use them somehow you probably see them now yes, to let people have a look at them somehow with the help of a knife bayonet he, disassembled, this model, within 5 minutes we, so that the entire winding, had burned out so these, physical, shock has damaged.

The Winding, there. Was a break, and some, micro. Closures, he. Turned out that that motor was running at half capacity as. Understand. These didn't, happen immediately I mean, some time passed after the impact yes, after the impact we. Rode it a lot, how. Long ago did it happen probably. 4 maybe, around 5, months when. We were shooting a video with you yes, something. Like that that's, true yes that's it and. Only. Now we started, to go a little slower, I'm, saying, their motors are quite reliable, right let's. Take any induction, motor damage. A single wire and it just never turned on, it'll. Never braid a. Combine. Winding, water is amazing. I would. Not be seated, here and I, would never come, to you if it wasn't for this motors, but they raise a lot of questions this. Is a complex, machine for. Me it is difficult I understand. That it's not a complex, machine for Samaj for me it is just amazing that's, why there are a lot of questions, what, is going on White is going slowly what, has happened and. What I liked most about this story is. Not only that it was riding, but, that the mortar was replaced, in 20, minutes it was in the winter, it was outside, they, took out the winding put in another winding and it rode as fast, as a rocket here, I mean we should take into consideration. That the motor wasn't replaced the, model was repaired, I mean the winding was replaced right the stator was replaced this stator was replaced for our audience to understand they, just removed the stator roughly. Speaking each can be repaired, roughly speaking the stator pack with a completed wind it was pulled out of the frame, yes and another one was installed they installed another, ready-made prayer won't stater that's it and Rove the vehicle yes I mean you understand, what respects, it halls for example, for the Armed Forces the. Armed Forces and. If we take for example even not such a complex, area although, here, I think Slovakia, due to all of its qualities has, a very good potential, but, if we take simply, household, application, let's say there are sports events, motocross, races, quad, runners are used for a lot of things i man in fact very often internal, combustion, engines do not go, they changed, right in the process of operating, and here the stator cope who installed it and kept going I think, if there is a professional, with tools not. A knife bayonet use foreign screw in and replace in the stator it will take up to five minutes tops maybe faster three, knots so. Again, if there is such a task, it. Is possible, to initially. Build in. A faster.

Replacement. Mechanism yes. It's a no-brainer it, can be fixed with the bolts but, with special mounts. I mean for, athletes, for a military man for someone else during. Ups motors this, induction, motors are, just, bud I don't. Know when. I hear this questions. Or comments, from people on the webinars, come, on these motors are nothing, special, they, have been invented hundreds, of times I don't, understand, what are you talking, about people, you have no idea, how lucky you are you, are lucky, that you quite by incident, merrily, passing, by have. Learned that there is a project here, and got acquainted, with it never. In your entire, life you will be offered a project, better than. The Savile. Maj project, I assure. You nobody. Will offer you a better project, let's. Go back to the Huskies, snowmobiles. Do. These, tractors. It's. An interesting topic in, the near future. I invite. You as, soon, as there is snow there. Should be planned of it on the ground you will be able to test this vehicle, yourself, this. Is. Such. An interesting vehicle, and. You can imagine that. When. We tested, it ad the weekend. We. Also had, a badge, Alaska, snowmobile, which, is much more powerful than this one, I mean its larger, more powerful but. First. Of all for the whole time while this tests, were conducted these. Federal, Husky was started, that is they pulled the stator it ran out of battery. Because, it failed it wouldn't, start, they took out the plugs claim, them screwed, them and after, three hours they, started, and then it up, for another hour then, they began shooting sound, beta with it in fact, it was supposed to outperform, this small husky. But. We. Put in a child. Girl. She's, a daughter of one of our designers, and. She. Overtook us easily on this electric, husky, as if, we were walking on feet it is easy to control it's a gadget it. Is so convenient, to use eat. Over two casts on the short part of the road. Where. The snow, it. Was very spectacular in fact this is a very cool vehicle, for those who like to travel around the forest for, Honduras, for fishermen, yes, and for the household, application, let's, say in the country house it will be very useful to I'm of course against, hunting animals but is great for riding in the forest or in the mountains very exciting, can you imagine places. Where there are no chairlifts. And untrodden. Plays somewhere, in Sochi everyone. Has to the chairlift, and you can easily go up and, a mountain at the same time you don't need to pull these Staters or what, is it called correctly, I understand. Unpaid rule in general you don't need to start it and worry you don't need to start it no efforts, needed in case of an oil or petrol, one you, just press the button turn. The lever you. Can go back or, forward you. Don't need all of these switches, it is so convenient, and interesting. While. We were struggling, with a badge, our. Girl, and her brother went, around all the fields, all the forests, and we. You can imagine with. These cost-efficient water did. Not just, charge the battery that. Is it is still there so you can go and take a ride right now but. It's great really in fact, I have. Experience, of riding the so-called, traditional. Huskies. Oh. You. Do, and I, know what it's like and I really liked it but generally. Speaking theoretically. With. An electric, motor this thing can be even more interesting, I think that our viewers will have a question, with a hundred percent certainty, about what, is the maximum trip distances. In the heavy load mode but there is such a thing I think you can immediately focus, attention on it on any horse care petrol tank is quite small and even if it's a batch of one and you need to take few cans or something like the head with you and this is not exactly what do you expect from such a vehicle or long distant, trips snow, cats will probably, be used or something, like this and, at least on those hot skis which I happen to write there it was necessary, to combine patch, will annoying so, this, is the story that now.

It's A bird separate. Well maybe the model such is different no the bedroom orders are also modded, basically. If I'm a knave the bed retains, the charge well first. Of all what kind of matter is it well the bed raised a separate. Topic will not cover it understand. The business secret, no it's not a business acreage, as the battery it's not our topic our topic is the motors I understand, and you know I would, have never got engaged in bad well motors I would, not have got engaged in technology at all of this motorist, had not appeared so Dunas motors appeared, and that was it for me there are no other motors, anymore, I understand. That there are Pedro motors, someone, will argue, with me they. Are wonderful. And let, them be with us for many years and thank, God would have them in our lives. But. You, see this. Is exactly Slav. Janka eat. Opens, up wider. Prospects. For. All of us soon. Everyone will know about it let's. Imagine. Phone. Appears right, well, it's great for anyone let's, say it's clearest, some say the. Phone is the sole it, benefits. Them the. Same situation, here and your, water has appeared, it will bring huge benefits, to the country, and above all it, will bring benefits, because it saves up to 30%, of, electrical, energy, people. Don't even realize that instead of building power plants to, burn coal and. Oil. And, pollute, our environment you. Can simply change the motors in the production facilities, to slavi on cow and that's, it and, nuclear. Power plants, will not need to be put into operation and. This. Is, amazing. Indeed. Of course you need to make specific, calculations. If you do certain things but, the perspective. Is the savings, that you can get again, it is necessary, to take into account the fact that as far as I know out, of four standard, motors as a result of processing the material, reusing. It you can make the, opposite, mistake, it here out of three, standard motors you can make force Le'Veon come orders and it saves a lot but, in order to get electricity, quite. A bit in minute more forces take place these, has a detrimental, effect, on the College of our planet and at the same time the resources are used for this purpose again. Energies, can seem to in order to produce energy, well, it's such a vicious circle and here we have much more opportunities, all the figures sure, yes, let's not dwell into this figures, these topics, we, came here today to ask another, bunch of questions, too. Eager, Kharkov, Dmitry, Aleksandrovich do. It off, again. Today, Viktor. Era stuff has arrived and, we. Have just. Bombarded. Him with questions, because we, use his models, I'm. In the mortar that is mass produced, in way high here. We have a few Commons, requests. To. Change, little it. Will be more convenient for us to produce, the vehicles, which. Will plant. Continue. Making so. Major. Aleksandrovich, once sad that, we. Are a. Tuning. Company, but. We. Would not be this tuning, company. If. We didn't have this, mortar. Generally. Of. Course. We would be engaged in doing something, but. This is what makes us move forward, today. So. We are really passionate. But. It's wonderful, but if you say that there is a passion first. Of all we, always, hear the word yes which, means it's not just one person, probably, some group of people maybe a small one but. The point is that you, probably have, some company, you, somehow work, not on your own and you have some, plans thank. You I didn't, want to promote anything, but thank you let's, sort of bring it out because our viewers will have questions, yes. We. Have appealed to, openings. For support, since, there is a government, of way high and there is a government, of audience and it, is, quite possible, that we will be supported, in our endeavors well, everything. Is headed in this direction but. Since there is a company's, team and a, team of engineers and, workers, who. Create, vehicles, I mean. The first, models, we're. Now looking at what will be promising. So, currently you're still working on creating, prototypes as, far as I understand yes, but. Then again you said that this is a tuning. Company I mean you take some already existing, equipment on the market and adapt, it to be used with Slovakia so. Far yes so, far our capacity, is not enough we have a lot of ideas you can imagine we have a huge, number of ideas that require, serious investment.

In Order, to produce absolutely. Original equipment which. Doesn't exist on the market yet but. We can't afford it right now so. We. Take prototypes, of baltimore's. And some other company. Styles. And try. To adapt, them in, the future it will be original equipment well. Currently one of our viewers is interested, in a husky maybe. A quad runner or a sled, is. It possible, to contact, you and order. Such a beacon this. Is what we're working for this. Is what we're working for of course, we understand, that vehicles, with, doing UPS motors will. Be in high demand this, is for sure. It. Will be very popular. Because. It. Is reliable. So. Yes, we can already discuss, something we. Can already make, something, and moreover, we. Will be really glad to do it. In. This case we. Will now provide your, contact, details, so. That everyone is able to contact, you directly, ask. Questions. About. Purchasing. A particular. Regal. Yes. Alexander thank, you very much. Thank. You very much for. Informing. Us a little bit on. Your. Channel, and, your. Viewers there, is a huge favor to ask, from you don't, distract, the company's, employees with. The non related, questions, if, you have particular. Intentions. Please, contact us communicate, but. Please spare the time of all, the busy. People, thank. You thank. You all, Andrey. Tell, me currently you have three, projects, yes. That is the quad runner. Electric. Sled and, of, course the. Husky, are, you planning something new in terms of the products, in near future or we should talk about this later, you, know I'm tempted, to tell you about everything, we are planning one. Of the companies contacted. Us I'm. Not going to share all the details and. Asked. To make an aircraft. Together. With, Victor, era stuff we. Have discussed, the delivery, of the, 112. Model, for testing, so in, the near future, we. Will connect, it directly to. This crew. So. It's something like gyrocopter. Yes, it's something like that it's a steam aircraft, we. Will try connected. Connect. A dynamometer. Of some kind. And. Simply. Measure. The. Thrust, power. Interesting. If it works then yes soon, you will see a steam, aircraft, with doing of smaller. Going. Up. But. Everything related, to the air here, has. A lot of restrictions. And difficulties. There. Are restrictions concerning. Weight. And of. Course here, are motors. Which. Work in wide operational. Range are. Good. On, the, one hand but. On the other hand it's not clear what it will be like in there. So. It should be tested but. There is such an idea, again, the controller, is use there as far as I understand, so probably, something somehow, and somewhere needs to be improved the question, is certainly not, to me now we, have an engineer, who answers this questions, a designer. But this will be possible in the near future there, now busy, with car Hoff I think, we will not manage to get them here that's okay save tomorrow for tomorrow I think we will be able to speak about it in more detail too at the end of the day we are sad to invitation.

We, Will come to you when the weather is good and when you ask us to come as, soon, as it snows yes I am. Asking, you to come and see. How our vehicles, with grownups motors, locket. But. Therefore, dear viewers, if you don't mind we. Will definitely, do it with, you. Thanks. Thank, you come. To us again see. You again, absolutely.

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