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Thank. You for having me. Look. We all recognize, the awkwardness, of. Me. Talking, about the elite charade, of changing, the world. At. Google, so. Let's just name. That upfront and. Be aware of that and be aware of our feelings complicated. Feelings, we, may have this gonna be like therapy I. Want. To start by. Laying. Out. Some, of some. Kind of, propositions. To you and I say, this in a spirit, of. Sharing. With you some of what I've. Found. As I've spent the last three years thinking, about what happens when the winners of our age. Move. With great sincerity to, try to solve some of our biggest, societal. Problems, but, also in my view end up, having an effect that they. Don't sometimes understand, which is changing. How we think about change and redefining, change, in ways. That. Makes it friendly to winners and makes. It hard to make real, change. I'm. Gonna advance some of these propositions and, then I'd really love to have a dialogue. With you because we are here in, the, belly of the beast the. First proposition is that we live in an age of extraordinary. Generosity, by. Any measure some of you may just have seen the, Bezos announcement. A couple. Hours ago, which. Only is the latest, installment. In, very. Wealthy, people who've done very well, many. Of them in the technology, realm, deciding. They want to give back deciding, they want to make a difference there's a hundred and eighty-four people have signed The Giving Pledge I think. American. Philanthropy, is now four hundred and ten billion dollars a year being, given away which, is starting to approach the level of non-military, discretionary. Spending. By the federal government. Every. Young person, and that, includes, many of you but, you got any campus, like every young person wants to change the world. Talks about making, a difference in millions of lives. Starting. A social enterprise people, tell you they've just come back from Africa where they started some. Organization, to recycle, poop into coffee or you know there's all these kinds of efforts everywhere. You look, of elites. Using their skills and talents to try to, respond, to an age of extreme inequality in the United States an age of extreme anger and do something. But. The second proposition is that we also cannot, deny that we live in an age of extraordinary. Cruelty. In the United States that. This is as unequal, as our society has been in a hundred years it's. As. Tough. A time to achieve the American dream of building a better life than your parents, as. We've, had in a hundred years, when. You look at. Economic. Growth over the last 30 or 40 years almost, all the benefits of the of growth have bypassed, the. Bottom half of Americans, about a hundred and seventeen million Americans, saw, their average income go up from sixteen thousand dollars to, sixteen thousand, two, hundred dollars in the age of Google and, the. Genetics revolution, and the, rise of India and China and automation and, everything. Else Tom Friedman writes about. All. Of that, amazing. Stuff the progress that you probably see around you every day in 50 different forms. Somehow. Miraculously. Bypassed, the. Bottom line of half, of our country. It. Actually takes a lot of Engineering. To. Achieve that outcome that is not a natural, outcome. And so. What I became very interested, is the question of how do we explain, the, extraordinary. Elite helping, of our time and the extraordinary, elite, hoarding. Of. Our time how do we understand, the two of those things together what is the relationship, between all, these elites making a difference, and all. These elites building, a winner-take-all, economy that, only generally, works for them and. One. Possible, answer is that. The, elite, helpfulness. Is, is. Trying. As hard as it can doing the most it can working as hard as it can, disrupting. Things and creating, things but, it's just not fast enough it's. Just a drop in the bucket that's one possibility, and I think that's probably the conventional, wisdom that's. Out there yeah, we live in a very unequal time but people are helping that there the. Ambulance is on the way. What. I want to argue is a more awkward. Proposition. In this space which is, I've. Come to believe and be persuaded. That a lot, of the elite helpfulness, in our, time is part, of how we maintain, the.

Hoarding. We. Do giving in ways that protect the. Opportunity, to keep taking. We. Make, a difference, in ways that protect, the, continued, opportunity, to make a killing, and. We. Seek. To change the world in ways. Carefully, chosen to, not change our world. When. You look at the ways in which the. Winners of our age give. Back help out make a difference. They. Are often designed. To. Protect the system above all that, the winners stand. On top of and. So I want to explore. What. I think of as the ideology. Behind, a, lot, of elite change making it's an ideology that will be familiar to you it's a it's an idea ideology. That has a lot of resonance in Silicon Valley. It's. Also an idea that you'll hear in Wall. Street, foundations. And. An idea you can actually hear, every, time you go to the shopping mall and. Someone. You know pitches you a red iPhone case that's gonna change the world or a tote bag that's, gonna change the world or, coffee that's, gonna change the world what's, the ideology. Something. That you. Probably have heard five times in the last week the, word win-win. How. Many of you have heard that term in the last week would, you say, how. Many of you have used that term, recently. And. What's your general impression win/win good, or bad. Good. Right posit it's got it's not just one victory, it's. Two. Right. Double. The pleasure double the fun. What. I want to suggest today, is that when win is a more sinister, and, dangerous. Ideology. Than, we, recognize, and, I know that's a little, mind-bending. Particularly. An institution, like this that has, created, some genuine, win wins for the world. But. Here's the problem, with a lot of. What. Happens when the win-win that comes our way of thinking not, about business but. About social change. When. Wind starts to mean that the only kind, of social, change that, is acceptable. With. A kind that should get the most funding, and the most attention is the kind of social change that kicks something up to the powerful. The. Only kinds of social change that are good or the kind that don't cause, problems don't. Ruffle feathers don't blame anybody don't accuse, anybody don't, have perpetrators. Just, solves. A problem in a way that is a win for the people you're helping and frankly, a win for those who aren't or helped. And. What has happened in our time I believe and I have found. Through my reporting, is that. On any number of the most fundamental. Questions. Of what ails us as a society. There. Is a real change option, out there if we think hard and study hard. But.

Often That real change option, is expensive. For. The winners of our age one way or another and, then. Miraculously. A, fake, change light. Facsimile, of change, materializes. That. Is very inexpensive. For the winners and often what happens in our culture now in a culture overrun, by win-win, thinking, in my view is that we we, go for the fake change we go for the light facsimile, of change because, that kind of change is. Free, so. I'm gonna give a couple examples, in. Theory. Everybody in this room many many people in America would. Agree that we need to do a better job of empowering, women. Particularly. Empowering women at work, and in playing their many roles in life, now. We know if. You look at most countries, that have done this better than we have. The. Reason they generally have done this better than we have is social policy, like. They actually have maternity leave in a way that we do not as. Our law they. Actually, provide, a child care tax credit that, makes. It not, punitive, ly expensive, to. Go. To work after having a child and they. Do any number of other things at the level of the system and for, everybody. Well. What's the problem with all those ideas, expensive. Those. That's real money. That. We're, talking about multi-billion, dollar kind, of money to. Fix a problem like that it's not a mystery, but. It's expensive, so. What happens, we. Get an idea like lean in. Well. Again lean in seems great good, for your back to move around. What's. The problem with lean in it. Is telling women to bear. The burden of our. Failure, to, create the kind of policies that would actually help them it is telling women to bear the burden of sexism it is telling women to bear the burden of. Their. Lack of representation, in, the halls of power. And. This is what we often do we faced. With a real change that we know would make a difference. We. Gravitate, as a culture, and not just rich people people who then follow rich people's ideas and that includes many of us we. Gravitate, to. The lean in school. Of change which. Is cheaper and easier on the winners and frankly. For, many women unfortunately becomes, fake, change let's take another issue of Education. Across. This country right. And left rural and urban many. Many Americans, would agree with a problem with education many, Americans, I think would agree that if, you want to fix many of the deeper other problems, we have from climate, change to, our political polarization, to. Our economy. Education. Would be a great single, lever to make a lot of difference on a lot of those other issues right a good bargain, do. That get, a bunch of other fixes free. But. When the winners of our age as they very often do this is one of the most popular. Issues move into making public schools better what. Is their most common approach. Charter. Schools, right. Or, other. Kinds, of programs that maybe find help, match more effective, teachers of the students in need or things, like that. You. Know what the winners of our age don't do, in. General, when they approach. The problem public education America, they. Don't actually raise, the question of how we fund public schools in America which is a barbaric. Way. Of funding public schools which is funding public schools according to the value of essentially. The homes in your parents neighborhood, now. I don't know anybody in this building or any building who, could actually, sit. And look at a six-year-old in the face and explain, why their. Education. Should. Be indexed, to the home values, in their, neighborhood, I actually. Don't think there are right-wing people who. As a matter of deep principle, believe that that is the optimal, way to. Organize, an education, system, and. I. Think there are many people on the Left who would find that really objectionable. But, frankly who do nothing to challenge, that because in the neighborhoods where the winners live in the neighborhoods where perhaps many of us live. We. Benefit from a, system that, ring fences, our own property, taxes, for. Our own schools and that. Leaves schools in other parts of this country high and dry and. So. When the winners step, into social change they change change. They're. Not just joining change, they change what. Change is how its defined how, its talked about how it gets covered in the press and. Those. Are just two examples of, how that change, in how, we think about change can, actually be devastating, it can mean that, on some of the biggest issues of our time we move from, the.

Possibility, Of doing something transformational. Bringing. Millions of women into the workforce who. Find it hard to play, their many roles to. Sort of telling, them to raise their hand more. Actually. Funding public schools equally, and for all. But. You could achieve in theory. With a single Supreme Court ruling. Holding. This system that we currently have unconstitutional. Versus. What. A lot of rich people do which is setting. Up one. Charter. School in a poor neighborhood in their City and going and being on the board and mentoring and telling all their friends at the Country Club that, they help those three minority, kids get into Yale and it's. So great, so. Great. And. I'm happy to be having this conference I'm surprised, to. Be having this conversation at, Google and I'm happy, to, be having this conversation at, Google and I applaud. Whoever. It was who. Invited. Me or did not read my book, carefully. When. They invited me. Because. I think this is ground zero for this conversation it's ground zero for the following. Reasons that are obvious one, who. Represents, the winners of our age more than this institution. Who. Represents. The. Complexity. Of, win. Win change because, this, is not like. A coke brothers Factory, this. Is a company that I think we all know does tremendous real. Good in the world that has made a lot of money, making. A lot of people's lives better the win-win is real and you guys know that and live that every day, but. This is also a company that because, of the. Very real fact of the win-win can. Perhaps in my view be blind to the ways and the places. In which that story breaks down when, that ceases to be true you, may be the last to know, precisely. Because of how. Deep the truth is. What. If I write about some of you may have known. Him what worked for them is a guy named Justin Rosenstein. Worked. At Google and Facebook invented. Some. Very important. I think. He was one of the part of the team that admitted Google Drive but some very important. Things in this, company and. What. He and I talked about the win-win and he said you know the thing about tech that is so amazing, is that in tech. Particularly. There's other industries, where it's true but in tech particularly, there really are opportunities. Where you can have your cake and eat it too you, can make. Something that makes you a lot of money that, make that makes a big company it allows you to to. Have the. Darling of Wall Street, and you can truly make the world better and, he, said actually in in our interview Google, search out. Of the many things that you all do search is like the greatest example of this of all time it's. An incredibly, lucrative, franchise. That. Has. Immeasurably. Made the world better for all kinds of people right and I, think you could argue has, particularly empowered, people with the least power if you're a you. Know if you're a doctor, at Mount. Sinai here, in the US maybe. Google search made a certain amount of difference to you if you're a doctor in a very. Rural clinic in Uganda, the, marginal, effect of Google for you is probably. Transformative. So. That's very real. But. As I was speaking to Justin, I started. To realize. Where. We diverge, and where our perspectives. Divergent, I think, all of you know that the way in which America. Thinks about Silicon Valley and thinks about these companies has evolved over the last year. Or two and you may be feeling that and I. Started to realize where, we.

Justin, And I parted, from. That initial sense that yeah you. Can in some cases have-your-cake- and-eat-it-too make the world better and and and, and, make. A great company and make a lot of money and where. We diverged, was. The. World. He was. Calling for was a world in which the. Concentration. Of wealth and power and, the. Emancipation. Of mankind, could, both keep growing, in tandem, to. Infinity. If. He is right. That. A company. Like Google or Facebook or others is able to make money in ways. That. Just empower more people and and and do more public good the more money is made play. That out what. Is 50 more years of that look like what is a hundred more years of that look like it, is a vision in which it, is possible to imagine there. Are only three companies left in the United States but. Everybody is so empowered, they're tired of being empowered. And. I. Think even those of you who are here know that there's probably, some. Kind of irreconcilable, tension. In that vision. That. Needs to be thought through and worked out. And that's. Why I think. You. Will notice all around you and I. Think we notice all around us in this society more, and more of, a. Desire to challenge the win-win story to. Challenge you all who work in Google work in tech who work among. The winners of our age, to. Push yourselves a little harder, than. To simply say whatever we do happens to be what's best for Humanity to, explore, the. Uncomfortable. Possibility, that there are places and situations, and. They, may be more of them that you then you think we're, what is good for you and what is good for the world are different, and what. Will you do when you come to those places. That. Is a very important, question and what will the society do when. We come to those places a. Lot. Of the winners of our age. When. They're thinking about getting back when they're thinking about doing CSR, when they're thinking about any number of things a lot of the winners of our age ask the, following question what can I do, what. Can I start. What. Can I create. That's. An understandable question, in the age of entrepreneurship. Right, oh. What. A lot of the winners of our age refuse, to ask is what, am I already doing how. Am I already involved, in. These problems how am i complicit. In an. Economy. And a society that has been so unkind, to so many people even, as it built, and created amazing, things. How. Am i part of the central. Drama of American life today which. Is. More. Future, raining, on America than we know what to do with but. The very few harvesting, almost. All of that rain water, how. Am i involved, in that and how, could I be part of changing that and not, just what new initiative. Could. I create. So. I want to raise with you a. Couple. Of questions that I'm sure you think about a lot I'm sure you. Explore. Within and I'm. Raising them as questions, as an outsider, the. Obvious question that. Comes. Up again and again is the, question, of should Google be broken up right, is, this, company, intrinsically. Anti-competitive, and, just the scale. That. It's got. And. That's. A hard question right I mean do we divide. The room this way or would we divide the room this way I would how would we do it it's, an awkward thing to talk about let's be honest we're all feeling awkward right now because I'm talking about breaking up Google at Google. This. Happened all the time of this like never happens, never, happens yeah I told. You they didn't read my book and. So. I'll. Give you one example of. Where this question comes up in an important way in my. In. My industry which is the media right. One. Place where the story of what's good for us is good for Humanity one place where that breaks down I think an important, place we'd all agree an important place so, recent piece in The Guardian I'm, quoting in the, nine years since Google bought, the mobile ad company AdMob annual, ad revenue, at Google and Facebook has soared to more than ninety five billion dollars in almost forty five billion dollar forty billion dollars respectively, during this period ad revenue at newspapers, fell, around, fifty billion dollars in 2005 two hundred twenty billion dollars today and you.

All Know you read all the time the stories, that flow, from that, you. Know. Newspapers. Cutting they're laying off half their staff overnight, there's another one of those kinds of stories every day newsrooms. In America lost 40 percent of their people over the last, decade. Or two right. In my world and as a journalist, the. Professions, essentially, feels like something's been gutted. Right. They're just and. It's not the, New York Times and the post the you know that actually have some some, resources, and are gonna do okay it's. Every. State legislature, in this country that basically like doesn't have a full-time correspondent. Anymore, or sitting, there reporting. On what happens in the state there are many states in this country that basically, like. Their, legislative, process is now an unreported, thing. You might as well have the Chinese system because, what. Is done by public officials in that space is, not reported. On in a way that's presented, back to people now, did. Google go in and caused that effect, directly and mean - probably not right. But, most of the best thinking, on how. It is that in a very brief period you. Went from 50 billion dollars in ad revenue at newspapers, of 20 million billion, dollars. Involves. The rise of the online ad visits, which, is what. Powers what, you guys do but. Also and, this is not nowhere enough sour grapes it was like you. Did better than everybody else there's, the question of monopoly all. Right let's be real there's a real question of is, there the abuse of a monopolistic. Level. Of power over that online ad business that I mean does anybody really use Yahoo let's be let's be real here and. That. Creates, a condition in which. Newspapers. Could not, thrive. Even if they were. Thinking. Innovating, figuring, it out hacking, it reinventing. Themselves, that's, what monopolies means right, and I, am NOT an antitrust lawyer. And. I. Can't litigate that question, here today and I'm sure you're relieved and. But. I think it's an important, question and, certainly. In the EU you have people. Have grappled, with that question and have charged big fines to Google and have found, that there is an anti-competitive issue and that it is suffocating. To parts of the economy that we need full, of error and. The. Question is do you block that or. Do you let the public, do. What it needs to do on that score do. You obstruct, that or do you say. Okay. Here's. A place where Justin, Rosenstein theory. Cracks. A little bit here's. A place where there may be a divergence. Between what's good for me and good for the world and what, will your posture, be then if. It. Is simply to insist. On. The old story, more. Of what's good for you is more of what's good for the world, we. May live in a world in which this country doesn't have journalism, anymore that. Is not I will tell you as a working, journalist that is not a an insane. Possibility. That's. Not a remote, possibility it. May not be probable. But. In an era when the. Business is collapsing. With, the numbers I said to you and the president United States thinks. News is fake and, journalists. Are enemies of the people those are headwinds. That. May. Not be recovered, from. There's. The question also. Moving. On from the monopoly issue, there's. The question of. When.

Organizations. Like, this give back and help. What. Does that buy you in terms of influence. Right, when I say the. Winners change, change, by getting into the arena of change. There's. That whole. Controversy. That some of you may remember which, made, very big waves and was on the front page of newspapers, where. You. All had made some very well-meaning. Donations. To new America, the think tank which, does, exemplary. Work that it does work on actually. Thinking about how. Do you bring this country together how do you solutions, that are, cross. Partisan, and any, number of other, thinking. A lot of thing about democracy right now how do we protect and defend democracy right, now, but. When one of those, not. Just one person but one person plus a whole team of, thinkers. With, new America sponsorship, started to push the, question, actually I said I was moving away from monopoly it sort of related started, to push the question of what. Do we do about Google's, market power. Eric. Schmidt made his displeasure known, the. Guy was fired new. America spun off that think tank to. Itself right, and. There, was a whole discussion at new America and elsewhere about how, do we protect honest. Research and, scholarship. From. The. Winners. Of our age who have all the money now so they inevitably. Are going to end up sponsoring. Research. And. Thinking there. Are fewer, institutions, that have the kind of money to sponsor that thinking, and again. You get into this cycle of that very noble, giving. Comes. With strings attached and. It's, gonna take a lot of fortitude on your part and a lot of. Self. Protectiveness, on the part of think tanks and others. To. Take that help in ways. That don't compromise the help to. Take that help in ways that allow. Researchers. And thinkers to actually, push for real change and not be. Hobbled. By. The source of their, patronage. How. Many of you. Moving. On to a third issue how many of you. Feel. Like you have a good, sense. Of. What. Google lobbies, for in Washington. Who. It meets. What. Issues. It. Lobbies, on what, positions, it takes on those, issues who, it gives money to and in. Terms of campaign donations and how that is structured. To, kind, of deliver against those guys does, anybody here raise your hand if you think you know I. Mean. It's being done in your name. It's. Being done on behalf of your work they're, doing that to make your work to protect it to to. Allow. You to do your work but you don't really know that right and and and that's something that I've that. I've heard a lot and that. Companies. A lot. Of with a rubber, of. An, age of an extreme it quality hits the road a lot of where that happens is actually in lobbying not in the companies themselves right. Because, the companies are doing what they're doing but. In order for. That. Work to mean individual. People are at their head down at their desk doing their individual, thing it is, somewhere, else often. That. A particular policy. Is fought for. External. To you that, that that has to do with the interface, of the society, and the company, that. Is actually the place where out of your view a, certain. Policy is being fought for that would relax. The pressure on this or that would allow this or not allow this right. And. One. Of the things I've found and. I've been educated by you know going on book tour and talking to people and talking to a lot of people privately, about. Their experiences. Particularly. In Silicon Valley companies, like. Obviously, using that term broadly because we're in Boston. People. Are almost totally. Kept. In the dark about. What's. Being done with, their work and in their name and with the resources they generate, in the. Realm of politics. And. The. Reason that's important, is, I. Actually think, that. If, people in. These companies. Insisted. On the following idea I'm going to propose this idea and you guys see if you want to run with it I think. The employees of a company like this that is all about transparency, and open information you, should demand as, employees, to. Know have. An annual report not a financial, annual, report but another annual report, that is an audited, report. That discloses, to you as employees. The. Full lobbying, and political persuasion. Activities, of your company I, think. You should know those things, we. Can argue about whether I should know those things but I think you are entitled to know those things, and.

I, Think you should know if. Your, work is being. Used to spy on people in other countries I think you're a right to, know that because I think you have the right to decide whether or not you want to be part. Of that I, think. You deserve to know whether. Your. Work is being advocated for in, ways that foster. Your. Belief say in competition. Or in any, journalism. And any anything else or whether, you your work is being used. In, ways that undermine, your own values, that's. The whole point of having values, you're allowed to do you're, allowed to do you and the company is allowed to do it right. But. Often, that. Cognitive, dissonance that I actually have found as a very, deep, reality. In many many of these elite spaces, in our time my reporting, tells me there's, a huge, divergence. Between. Many, people, in the in these leading institutions, of our country there's, a huge divergence between what many workers, and executives, feel, and, the. Way their companies show up in the world and part. Of what allows that cognitive, dissonance to go on is. Not. Knowing, what. Your company actually how it fully shows up in the world not, knowing and, I, think that's something that that we could start right here at Google, with. Some of you insisting, that. You have the right to know that and you have the note give you the right to know what is being done with your work I. Think. One of the challenges of, some of these kinds, of ideas. Of looking, within, is. That. Because. There is some truth to the story that. You. Here at Google have. In. Your finger - at your fingertips, some genuine, tools of human liberation because there is truth in that story. It. Is possible, to also believe that anything that slows you down. From. Executing. On, your. Mission is. Bad. Journalists. Asking you questions bad. Regulators. Pushing back bad, courts. That want to slap fines on you slowing. You down from your mission of emancipation, and so, I think what's going to be incredibly, important, in. Phase. Two of. The, tech revolution if, we think of this backlash, that you've, been living with as a kind of pivot point I think was gonna be a real importance to be able to actually hold two. Different ideas in your head number one that, you have at your fingertips some genuine, tools of human liberation that if deployed, correctly can really make the world better number, two that there are large and, possibly. Growing, areas, of. Human. Societies, well what is good for you is different, from what is good for the world. And. Not. Just. Solving. Those problems or, Columbus, ignore way into those problems but actually first and foremost, not, being part of the obstruction, of. The. World as a world, as a society, as a nation as a city as an EU whatever, not. Being part of the obstruction, of the public solving those problems as, a public, an. Understanding. That a deeper, consequence, of. The. Kind of world you've fought to build a world that's transparent and has information and knows truth a consequence. Of that once you get big and powerful is that. Much of what that world is going to want may not benefit, you and to. Have the fortitude as I say to, to. Press on with, humility. In the face of the public's desire to solve some of its own problems, without. Your permission slip I. Think. When, you when. I was growing up I remember seeing on the news you know you'd see, news. Of some war-torn country, and you'd often. See. Like rebels, and, pickup, trucks. You. Know fighting this kind of ragtag, army fighting, an unjust King. Or fighting a. President. That was corrupt and, sometimes. The rebel army would win and, the. Guy in the back, of the pickup truck, would. End up in the palace. And. I think that's what happened to Tec this, was, in many ways an, industry, of renegades. And hackers and, tinkerers, and people, doing weird things and, I could imagine when, some, of these technology. And some of you may be old enough to remember some of these technologies were getting off the, ground I can. Imagine that, to. Be up against. General. Electric or Walmart, or IBM. You. Must have felt like rebels. Against the incredibly. Powerful. Establishment. But.

Here's The problem when, the rebel and the pickup truck ends up in the palace. You. Know you're in trouble if they keep wearing that beret. Think. Of Saddam, or Mugabe, the PD I mean the people who keep the beret on you know what happened to them they never, truly, process. Their. Own arrival. They. Actually never. Crossed. That threshold of, understanding, that I am now the establishment. That I was once fighting against I am. Now power I'm not, going. Up against power I'm not the rebel I am Goliath, now. And. There. Is a great danger in being a Goliath who. Thinks they're a David. There's. Great danger, in being an. Establishment. Figure. Who thinks, they're. A rebel, there's. Great danger in being a king. Who. Thinks they're an insurgent. And the. Danger, is a, blindness. To those spaces, where the story of what is good for me and good for the world breaks. Down I. Think. What would be really. Important, to start thinking about in this realm of tech. But. Would mark a new kind of maturity, as a. Response, to this backlash as a response, to the way in which the society seems, to be looking at you with new lenses, is. Actually, relinquishing. This. Fantasy, of the win-win. It's. A cherished fantasy. All. Of you seem to have positive. Associations. With it. But. I think maturity. Now. That you've ascended, to the palace, maturity. Means. Accepting. That. It is your job to play offense and it's. The Society's job to play defense, it's. The society's job to protect a bunch. Of things that are properly, its to protect, and. That you can't be in charge of both, you know there's that saying the best offense, the, best defense sorry, the best offense is the I'm very bad at sports the best offense, is defense, and, in. A way you. Tell us something similar. That. The best defense. Of our values and institutions as, a, society. Is letting, you play offense. Unencumbered. But. I think we have to accept that our best defense, as a society, is not, your offense. Maybe. That was true at some moment in time but I don't think, it can be true today I. Think. Those. Of you in the temples, of this new power. Need. To learn they do you and, let. Us do us. I think. You have to be learn to learn to be satisfied, with creating. And innovating, and profiting, and doing all those amazing things that you do and. Yes. By all means do, them with a view to making the world better. But. Also. Stepping. Out of the way, when. The society. Unimpeded. By you seeks, to tend, to its own welfare in. Ways that may be at your expense, that, may make it harder to build a particular business that. May mean more intrusion, into your affairs that, may mean. Less. Profitable, quarters, I. Think. If. You. If we think about what. It means for, this, industry. And spaces, like this to truly, accept. Their. Arrival to accept. Showing. Up in the palace and to take off that beret. It. Means actually it, will require. Moving. Past the win-win fantasy. Accepting. The. World's need to fight. For. Itself in ways that. May. Threaten you and. Above all actually. Because. I truly believe this. Above. All listening, more, and giving more space to. The voices of individuals, within this company and/or another and many organizations like.

It Who. I think. Privately. And they confess to me all the time and they. Did so for my book and now that I'm out in the world with the book I'm getting more and more messages every day. There. Is a quiet, rebellion. Happening, across many, of the. Victorious. Institutions, of our age. Tech. Big. Philanthropy. Any, number of big banks in Wall Street and, I get these messages every, day from people young, people often, but not only. Saying. I don't. Like. The way my institution shows up in the world I. Like. What I do. But. I can't defend what it does in, some. Bigger aggregate, way and, the. Way things are set up now people. Are sending me that in private, when. You guys probably know about it because you're at Google but in general, it's. Private to most people. And. I think what we got to think about is how do we actually. Let, those people that I'm convinced, there's a minority, of people at least of. Rank-and-file. People within some. Of the most powerful institutions, in our age who, know that, they are part of a system that they can't defend and who want it to be different but who are often isolated from, each other and don't quite know how to speak up and who sit, there calculating. In a meeting the risk of their speaking truth to power. And. I need to I think we need to think about how can. We create space for those people, because. Those people are the people who are actually. Going. To turn these ships in. Directions, they're going to make fewer people hate you and actually. May. Help. You get out of the way of. The. Society, doing what you have long been committed to doing which is changing the world for, the better thank. You very much. So. I think a lot, of the there's. An idea I think that's at the root of a lot of people not wanting to for example increase. The top marginal tax rate to fund early early. Childhood education that kind of thing is this, idea and I think it's wrong that, the government can't do anything right and I think it's because, the. Government is doing things right all the time and it's transparent and we don't notice it unless it's not there. Why. Or why isn't, changing people's minds about that that. Particular thing, sort, of the part. Of the solution where people, might stop hoarding, their money and then spending. It privately and support, higher tax rates for example I think that's a such a great question and you're absolutely right, the. Way that I tell the story in the book is, there. Was a has. Been a 30 or 40 year all-out, war. Mainly. From the political right in this country against, the very idea, of government. Against. The idea of virtually, of having a government. Government. Is the problem government is the enemy the government's taking this the government's doing that right now. I think most people here probably don't subscribe to that version of the theory. That, has, been a very successful revolution. My. Government has truly. Scaled back. That. There's a reason that that private philanthropy, giving a certain approach the. Level of. Federal. Non-military. Spending, discretionary spending. But. One, of the things I explore in the book is that, that, revolution, prosecuted. By the political right didn't end there because, often what happens when, a revolution like that succeeds, is that, it kind of changes, the cultural, atmosphere in which everybody operates, and even. Those on the other side of it end up. Playing on its field. If. You see that I mean, you, may be you, may be an an opponent, of that idea but. You're not playing that game you're forced to play that game so. It, is not an accident that after Reagan said the you know government. Is the problem. Some. Years later Bill Clinton from the other party very, different world view very, much, more favorable, view of government nonetheless. Said, the era of big government is over, right. That's what it means to be an. Opponent. Who's still fundamentally, playing on someone else's field, and. I. Fully. Fully fully agree with you that one of the most essential, things we need to do and I end the book by talking about this on a hopeful note is. We need to redeem the idea of government people's, eyes is the, government, bloated. And inefficient, and underfunded, and not good at a bunch of things yeah but, as you say. The. Government is also a miracle, all the things that go right I mean have you been to other countries where you need to. Like. Do, a lot of the homework before you eat out in public. To. Figure out make sure you know when was the last time you got sick eating in a restaurant in America what. Was the last time you put your kid in a car seat and wondered. If it had been properly tested, when. Was the last time you. Know you stayed. In a hotel room and wondered if it, was safe or been combed like, when was the last time, you. Know you think about all. The people degreed in this society I mean Wall, Street for, all that it does wrong. It is so carefully.

Regulated, And hyper regulated, you can't just do crazy stuff, except. Every now and then when you can and take the world economy. But. We forget, like how much works right because we have not. Some big overbearing. Like. Evil stepdad of a government but because we have a government. That actually in all these million, done some ways tends to come welfare and I what I would say I'm not saying Google specifically, but Silicon, Valley institutions. And the complex of thinking around tech have, been part I think of. Discrediting. Government. Of. Framing. Government, as this, old. Kind. Of 1.0, thing. That. Can't, really fix things anymore and. Crediting. The, kind of innovative, sphere as being the place for a real change happens, and, I think that's very unfortunate, not. Least because the entire internet was made by the government in its origin but, also because. There's. A real reason that Silicon, Valley didn't arise in another country. Right. A lot, of the common, institutions we, share in this country the courts the boring, stuff the. Yearning realize, allows you to do what you do our. Public, things are common things the things we share in common and we need to give those things more credit otherwise, we're gonna head into a society that is, actually like many, very poor countries where there's a lot of rich people and some great companies and most people that is not part of a are, just not part of the economy are not part, of building a better world I don't think that's actually well that anybody wants to live in so. In your discussion today you've talked about some of the problems that can result from good-faith, actors, who. Maybe grow, about things in a way that's not helpful, to society how, much of the problem do you think comes from bad faith actors or like how much do they end up co-opting. Or corrupting good, faith efforts that's. A great that's a great question I mean I, focus. This book on. People. Who I think are genuine, in trying to make a difference and. To. End up upholding, the system that causes the problems but you're exactly right and, I. Think that has more to do with what I was saying a moment ago I think, when. I think about the Koch brothers I. Don't. They're not part of my story. When. I think about Fox. News, that's. Not part of my story I don't think that those are people. Chiefly. Motivated, by making the world a better place I think. Those are people who wanted to grab wealth. And power and understood, that a certain kind of influence. Campaign. And changing, people's norms, and values and. And and, and kind of tricking. Astroturfing. Issues, so that regular people supported. Things that actually benefit billionaires. That. That was a cynical. Effort. To. Achieve their own business interest at, the expense of the society, and the you know there's a very good book on that called, dark money by Jane Mayer about how that was done that's, not my story my, story is the story of how. Is it that Mark Zuckerberg. Can. Be one of the most powerful idealists. In. American, history but. Also the first person in American history to potentially. Allow. An election, to be compromised. And. And. Are those things just a coincidence, or his idealism. Part. Of why he was able to get enough power to have. The. Election be compromised, and part, of why when. Reporter. Friends of mine have tried to investigate what happened and what happened with Kim Jenna let her go they get so much pushback from.

Him And his company they could barely do their job his, his idealism and his sense of himself as a savior, part. Of what actually allows. That problem. To. Happen the way it did so. You asked the question, what. Are we already, doing, and. One answer, that comes to mind that I see. At Google, and elsewhere is the issue of, subcontracting. There's, a great New York Times article recently comparing. A janitor, at Kodak think, in the 70s and a general Apple today and back in the day the janitor at Kodak received, the same vacation and, health, benefits, as every, other Kodak, employee and now the, janitor at Apple is an. Employee of some contracting. Company and they're. Not receiving any of the same benefits. And I, my understanding, as the situation is similar. Here. And. We. See, these workers every day, can. You can, you comment at all on that particular. Situation. That's, a great, question is another story even more recently the Kodak one was amazing there's, another story a couple of days ago about. Harvard. And Harvard, the students, at Harvard. On. The exact same issue you named revolted, against the administration, and, basically. Forced, them to stop doing this thing of, subcontracting. It out to like you. Know essentially, it's like the labor version of shell companies so. That you can say uh I had, no idea they didn't provide maternity leave I'm shocked shocked, and. Harvard. Students found out about that and pushed. Larry. Summers was the president of Harvard at the time and. Harvard. Fixed it and they, you, know the probe the story was focused, on on this woman. Who. Works I forget what part of the university, she works in but, she makes machine. Her husband between them make like a low, six-figure, income both doing like working-class, jobs it's, exactly like what it used to be at Kodak, in. The past and they, make a good living they have a home they're, living in dignity, and decency and, it. Was because students, said. Don't. Clean, up after us or. Don't. Serve us food in. A way that's degrading other people and so look one, of the things that people have talked about is you all like relative, to most employees in America you have a lot of power, you. Really do. Right. The China thing the Microsoft can have like these are also like. Particularly. The people with the kind of I think coding an engineering background, like have an enormous, amount of power in these companies but, you all have a lot of power like this you're, very talented people and each of you in general with, a couple exceptions there's always a couple exceptions but each of you generally, would be a huge loss for your company right each of you. They. Don't want your talent, next. Door fighting. For someone else right, and. I think I don't think about like how do you use that how do you if you if if there were people at this company who wanted to work, on that issue i. 100%. Guarantee you, you could get that issue done in a month and. That would have a huge, effect. How. Many offices Google have around the world. But. Now. We have a huge real, effect, like, this month on a lot of people's lives on, people's kids and whether the kids can go to school or not right, like real real that's.

An Example of using that, power in, a way that feels right and I but. But that involves, a painful, conversation, about look that's gonna cost real money, that's. Gonna come at the expense of something, and. Those. Are exactly the kind of conversations, that I would encourage you to have. And I think one of the myths. One. Of the people that read. The book recently an explorer, kind of Leonard meant for her she said it's very profound thing which is this. Book has. Raised has. Made me, resist. My urge to overestimate. The. Risks. Of speaking truth to power I think. We all tend to overestimate the, risk of speaking truth to power I actually think if you raise the issue you raise I don't think anything would happen to you and. We, could all do more, on. This front so thank you for your question and good luck with your campaign, thank you. Looking. Forward to reading your book and thank you for in, your word speaking, in, the belly of the coming and speaking in the belly of the beast. My, question, is regarding. Global. Movement of capital right I mean there is absolute. Impunity. And the issue that you spoke about. Healthcare. Education all, of these are national issues. How. Without. Any democratic control over over. Movement. Of capital versus, say, movement of labor how. Are we going to make any real effective, changes, and what of, course, this is a very general question but what do. You think we, as kuku employees, can. Even, say. Or do about something that's a great question I mean I so, when I think about if. You're persuaded, by me that we need to do less of the fake change and more real change it's nothing okay what are the three or four really. Big areas. Of American, life, where. A little. Tinkering is not gonna solve it where we you. Know we need some transformational. Reform I would. Say a couple one is health. Regardless. Of what your view is on the right system, I think we can all agree like we're not UK healthy country. It's. Very cruel people, are dying of things they don't need to die of life expectancy is going down it's not supposed to move in that direction like. Health, I think, we'd all agree on education, as another in a major area major, transformational. Change required simply, to keep up with where the world is I think a third area is labor and thinking about work, and the kind of question that. Was, raised by that woman but also, questions. Around like what. Is it what does it mean to protect an uber driver from the vicissitudes, of the. Gig economy and, you know it's not the. Solutions, we have don't really fit the realities, we've created but, the fourth area that I think is a big one is when you raise which is. In. A world where money, is. Not. Necessarily a physical thing in your wallet not, just the thing in an account anymore either but, can be crypt I'm not even understand what all these things are but that you probably do you know but is virtual, and can bounce around untraced, and can be anonymized, and can be you know move through shell companies have transferred, and, turned. Into things faster, than any government, may. Ever be able to make. Sense of, what. Does it mean to tax people. Right. Like. Let's. Just face reality, many. Of the largest American corporations. Do. Not pay corporate income tax any given year, we're. Talking about big big big big companies. Companies. That make an, enormous, amount of money right. There's the double dutch with an irish sandwich i don't know if you ever eaten that but that's a tax, maneuver, that saves, you know a lot, of companies pretend, to be a lot bigger in ireland and they actually are let's put it that way. You. Got all these tax havens that kind of. Individuals, use that and others and. I think we just have to face I don't know what the answer is but. In a world in which it is as easy, as it is and, by the way all of that that I described is like without any of those crypto stuff having really affected it right we haven't even seen, like. When GE adopts, crypto, right. Like it's. Gonna be a slip and then, that becomes part of how, we have to figure out tax sake like it's gonna be a nightmare. And. We're very if, we're not careful we are heading into a world in.

Which The. Most important, pots of money to, tax to, fund a. Basic. Common existence. Are, gonna be invisible to the taxation authorities, and, so. What can you at Google do I mean your play the. Technology. And know how you have your pipe one of the few people who can actually think. About solving that issue how. Do we from the beginning, of this. Money revolution, that's happening how. Do we. Embed. In. That. Those inventions. The. Ability, to tax. People right, that may be very empty and that's antithetical to why, a lot of these people do cryptic right. But. One, of things were going to the internet that you know very well is like early, design choices matter a lot right. The. Internet was designed to. Protect, anonymity. And. That's very hard to work. Around that well the. Internet it ended, up being this like incredibly. Abusive racist, space that you know and if. Persistent. Identity had been more. Of a part of the early design of the internet maybe, the internet would be in a different way, maybe people would behave online more than way they do at cocktail parties which is like occasionally. Mean but not you know calling, people by like racist names every time they say, something that slightly offends them, these. Kind of design choices matters sorry I think it's worth thinking well how do you design money. There's new money in a way that is, not gonna lead to a world in which there is no money for the common good so I'm. Really glad you came here also I, came, to hurt your energy on Ezra Klein which I thought was great and is, he's, like one of the greatest, viewers over he's. Very good like I I was struck by like. How. How. Much. You seem to get all of it right like I don't have a lot of I, don't. See a lot of what having the big plans like but it all makes sense like you have a whole bunch of people who like there's concentrated, wealth they're, gonna give money those, people are gonna be, unintentionally. Influenced by like that that all like everything. You see made a ton of sense and. To. Your. Question, I've, actually brought stuff to an SVP so, I was one of like 5,000. Of his reports and brought, him some like you know I pushed. Him directly so, and got no retribution on. That issue or a different issue a completely, different issue but just like I. Don't. Mind. Getting, yelled at that's, an important, asset and make me change, I got. Surprisingly. Little. Pushback as it went up the chain only. Just like crisp, up your message but like. Go. For it. The. Only thing I want to push back on is like it's. It's. Not always easy to tell when, you're being the Goliath or not so. Google. Will start off as a very small company we crew we put a lot of businesses, out of business. Was. That bad which. Of those businesses do we put out a business boys. Act like, there's there's some I think trail of relatively clear-cut cases but a lot of cases like, companies. Grow, and then they get old and they become inefficient and they eventually go out of business that Google, will. Not be in business probably, 300 years from now. That's. Okay so. Like how like what what is your yeah my god a simple answer for that that's actually embedded in the law. It. Is not bad to put another company out of business when, you do so out of an abundance of competition. It. Is bad to put another company out of business when you do so because of a lack of competition, so when you guys were starting out and you were. Smarter. And nimbler, than. Competitors, and there were competitors, and and and, and people wanted to come to you instead of them I don't think anybody cries, for that except, the people who are being disrupted. As you guys say right but. I think when. You get to a state where there's like for many people, wanting to advertise, basically. Only one company, left to, do their ad buy on and, you. Then see. Like. The New York Times or. The Washington Post or actually more to the point swallow newspapers. Struggling. To. Exist. At. That point I don't think. That. Business is struggling. Because. Only. A competition. I think, if there were eight, Google's, vying for the online ad business. That. Price. Dynamics, in the market might be different. Enough that newspaper could compete. So. I think, you have to ask yourself, when is there an abundance of competition, and when have we become the thing. That. Results. In a lack of competition. Thank. You. Thank. You for embracing the awkwardness. You.

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Re: the gentleman who posed the last question: I've got a slight gripe with the tale of "businesses grow big and old and inefficient and then they die". Take a company like Uber disrupting taxi businesses that are in a regulated space, pay social benefits and maybe have a little too inefficient an administration. When Uber comes in and puts the taxi company out of business, they don't do so because they have a slightly smaller overhead, but because they don't adhere to rules which might be there for a reason. Similarly with Google: Efficiency is not always king. Many design decisions in government value fairness over efficiency. To then come in and claim "well, but we are more efficient" doesn't work. Trouble is, you have to work hard to find out whether a disruption stems from that pseudo-efficiency or "efficiency all things considered".

Surprisingly vacuous, self promoting b.s. He is right about one thing though: Whoever invited him couldn’t have known what he is going to say-and how shallow and empty it would be.

In a society where one is "an employee at will" who can be let go in a wink, some of the suggestions that employees can demand transparency in areas like corporate lobbying etc are plainly unrealistic. The right place to make that pitch is the legislature which should bring these about with laws, but then the legislating bodies work on the basis of their own "win-win" rules changing change to suit itself right?

JESUS FUCKING CHRIST you made sense man!!!!!!!!!!!!! more power to you, I generally hate equality yelling people but your points are dead right and I'm gonna read your book.

That hair is a bit much. You're not 80's Billy Idol.

I'm very proud of Google for supporting self reflection, speaking truth to power, and free speech which is not in it's favour.

In the meanwhile, the left has been captured and distracted by symbolics. "This “Socially Liberal, Fiscally Conservative” New Democrats has got to be one of the great masterpieces of political subterfuge. This slogan may be expected to work for places like the Vatican, but for countries like the United States, where all civil rights are mediated by money - Justice is mediated by money. Money gets you good lawyers. Politics is mediated by money. Money gets you favorable laws. Education is mediated by money. Donation gets you a ticket to the Ivy League. Healthcare is mediated by money. Money gets you good healthcare. … The “socially liberal, fiscally conservative” New Democrats might as well be “your civil rights for sale - to the highest bidder”. When you have less money compared with others, you have less civil rights compared with others. "

Kanye ??

I wonder why more people are not talking about this stuff.

Now all you need a podcast.

If anyone is interested in he big questions in play here, check out post development writers (start with Escobar and the making of the third world) and the move on to radical Latin American decolonial writers (e.g., Dussel, grosfoguel...). They’ll take you a lot farther...

The United Nations just came out with a video, " Humanoid Robot Sophia on her goals for the future world INVESTMENT "

Very good talk Mr. Giridhardas

google, more of *these* please...

Retarded people's Kanye. What these fucktards are unable to realize is that the place they idealize i.e. Europe never really innovates in anything. Most modern developments in technology, innovation and everything that has actually made change in people's lives, have come from outside Europe. Europe mostly sells natural resources to import technology from abroad. If it was not for the rest of the world, mostly the US, China, India etc., most of the world would mostly be ruled by few inbred families in Europe. The western world would still have slavery, no industralization, cars, no telephones, no airplanes, no computers... nothing. Horses, slaves and shit. That's what you get from European way of thinking.

People with children should pay for their education. Today, we all have to pay to educate children even if we don't have children. WTF!!!

He is only talking about money. It's stupid to talk about inequality without thinking about how real things should be distributed (work of a teacher, food etc.). In other words if you redistribute money you have to consider the rising inflation. And will the new distribution be staple or how big should the ongoing redistribution be? I think it's disappointing how superficial this talk is.

and this will cause a lot of inflation because poor people spend more of additional money than rich people and on different things. In my opinion it's way too simplified talking about redistributing money without having an idea how this will affect redistribution of goods and services. And I am really grateful to google how they changed my life with all their awesome products. Anand Giridharadas is almost as superficial as Varoufakis THANK YOU ALL PEOPLE AT GOOGLES AND PLEASE KEEP DOING YOUR AWESOME WORK!

Opart Okal Money can be exchanged for goods and services.

dude looks like an indian kanye

music like food is all taste, one mans tash....

Exactly what I was thinking lol , also Kanye's music is garbage .

“Let every dirty, lousy tramp arm himself with a revolver or a knife, and lay in wait on the steps of the palaces of the rich and stab or shoot the owners as they come out. Let us kill them without mercy, and let it be a war of extermination.” Lucy Parsons, 1885

yeah, *that* would solve things...

Big dick energy. Justified

That guy is like a very smart Kanye West. The David/Goliath analogy was brilliant though. Great point.

Maternity leave is paying a business to have their workers not work. Smart.

So, the question to solve for is: because of net positive disruption, new tech and automation, how to efficiently and effectively allocate the recently, and future accelerating, freed up human resources. I'm guessing government and business have to work on an optimal solution together. And because this is and will continue to be a bigger constraint on future productivity of the economy, because investing in and maintenance of human resources(skills, potential) of the population is obvious to the health of a society and economy, time is of the essence or at least more important than people realize, in this instance. A long term vision for the future is, I believe, appropriate and needed to signal to government, market, and students/learners where to invest their time and efforts. It's probably better to do this at multiple regional levels, then winning models can be adopted.

I watched "Dirty Work" last night. Right in your face dirty. There are a lot of Republicans with their 3rd chakra spinning backwards. Maybe if we focus our attention on the imbalance and send yellow light. We can do many things but until I am in a home of my own in North Lake Tahoe, I will continue to believe the system is broken.

You do realize that your comment deifies The Economy(tm) and misses the point that it is not an end in itself, but an - admittedly important - tool for making human societes flourish, right?

I would like to get back to Tahoe where I owned a nanny business for 17 yrs. It would be nice to afford a home and watch norman children, not just the super rich.

The problem is also likely that citizens understanding and perception of how the system works actually affects how the system works, the obvious perception of the issue is that the system is out of balance, and the easy solution to that is to put it back into balance. But because the system(economy and government) can change through citizens perception of reality of how their world works the solution to fix it isn't as clear and simple as putting it back into balance, because that balance point is obscured, how can we best predict where to apply the correct fixes to achieve balance? It is not as clear, but certainly we can keep aiming towards a better understanding of how to fix issues over time, at least better than fixating on the simple fixes through a simple understanding. With that respect, those that can still live with a doubt in their current understandings and constantly strive to understand the how the world works, will be wiser than those that are lazy and don't apply real mental effort to understanding their world. Maybe finding a scapegoat is satisfying, but more fruitful is pursuing a more fundamental understanding of how things work and happen. From more sound fundamental understandings can we find better solutions.

It is so sweet and so simple to be of service to your neighbors. The issue is with the banks and those that govern. Do they need us to pay out the nose? Could they accept that they have enough.

Bad winners take all. Good winners share it all!

Talk about the left eating its, this guy is actually trying to say its just as hard now on people in the US as it was 100 years ago??? Perhaps this hair helmet needs to travel in horse and buggy for a couple weeks then get back to us. No doubt inequities exist here and there. There is NO society EVER that doesn't have its problems. This guy comes off as an elitist, entitled fool. Google even with all its problems, especially lately, has done more good then this fool ever will.

"...has done more good than this fool ever will". Isn't this an example of "Tu quoque" or the appeal to hypocrisy logical fallacy? invisibleaznDJ, you and anyone else can have a logical argument that is valid, even if your personal actions are inconsistent with your assertion. So what if the quantitative good that Google has done is more than this speaker - we can still all have an open conversation that critically looks at Google's shortcomings.

For the observer, this is what we call a "straw man argument." invisibleaznDJ has reframed Anand's argument that "certain aspects of American society are as bad as they have been in 100 years" as "EVERYTHING in America is as bad as it was 100 years ago." The problems with this are obvious. Thanks for listening.

The most important talk of our time. Thank you for sharing, Google, Anand.

4:00 - what is that blinking shell?

35:00 the fat-hair, small-minded man can't think of *Fidel* and *Ché* , the two counterpoint revolutionary leaders who popularized that French peasant hat. Also, Gaddafi didn't customarily wear a beret... so why spend the energy to untruthfully accuse him of _that_ fashion crime when he committed _so. many. others_ ...why? So much wrong. Remind me to pirate the book. † edit added *bold* to Fidel and Ché

+Gravesaurus    Gravy, I'm not trying to convince _anyone_ not to watch — least of all your "stupid people" ... _My_ point is that it takes a great deal of willful effort and practice on his part to be as much of an *ignoramus* as he is in this particular instance — he's old enough to have lived through a lot of world events and to have experienced life, even if he isn't old enough to have naturally gray hair. Is there _anything_ in the 35:00 argument that you feel he gets right?

Holy shit, focusing on his physical characteristics and "stage performance" and nitpicking historical trivia vs any of his arguments? Probably a great way to convince stupid people not to watch... others... not so much.

41:08 ...and he's officially out of hot air. Saddest Cæsar Flickerman cosplay/impersonation I've ever seen.

Might is right :Survival of the fittest. Oldest wisdom and most consistent truth in human history.

The ability to cooperate at scale is consistently the single determining factor of success in human (and pre-human) history.

Thank you for this talk. I insist that these ideas go forward. Blessings to you and yours.

It's as though my eyes were having to *eat chalk* every time I see that Bright, White, Google Podium while viewing in 'Dark Mode'.

Let the hunger games begin!

Dead pool with beard

Weird hair, means you're smart.

John Quill Taylor it is huh? Wow. I learned something. Thanks. Now back to the TedTalk knockoff...

It's "The Bourdain" haircut ... and it's all the rage: It's to "dye" for! - j q t -

It is very ironic talking about "winners take all" at Google

+JamesBu11 still ironic

JamesBu11 — literally first 10 seconds even.

Addressed in the first minute

Awesome Man!

This talk is a great example of “philosophy for dummies”...full of vacuous memes disguised as empathetic social observations. Should any of the dummies drooling over this talk want real content, bother to look for talks by Yanis Varoukfakis

Did google actually paid to have him come preach???

There is another issue when it comes to journalism and local news. We have that issue in my town and the demise of the local "newspaper" has created a serious problem for the "commons". Local governments have caught on to the fact that they can keep people in the dark because no one is minding the store. So, suddenly our residents are finding out that high-rise condos are breaking ground literally next door to them. Trouble is, the shovels are in the ground and it is too late to make your voice heard. This single issue, combined with the fact that there is no investigative reporting has created a vipers nest of corruption that pretty much goes unchecked. Now, Google has nothing to do with local news. And Google certainly didn't intentionally damage local news organizations. However, this is the collateral damage as smaller businesses are crushed by monopolies.

I don't see how inequality in itself is a bad thing. If I live a comfortable life, free from poverty, able to work and thrive, and with enough money to be financially stable and secure, why would I care how much more others have? The real problem is that many people don't have the above. They live in poverty, or even if they don't, they still lack security and job opportunities. This, from my observation, isn't due to wealth inequality, but rather, is due to various structural problems that ultimately are caused by government coercion. On a true free market I think these problems would quickly fall away.

Yeah, racism is so bad, anti-racism measures need to be built into the core of the internet. Gimme a break.

Maybe we shouldn't encourage mothers to enter the workforce.


Arr! Pirate-approved talk!

That "someone else's child" being educated today is going to be your doctor tomorrow

god dam you now i can't see anything else

Kanye East

Naser Mubarak         TAKE IT BACK!


Yes, comrade. We can all be winners.

It would be ironic if _Google_ were complaining about "winners take all." It is not ironic to _tell_ Google that their "winners take all" strategy may not be working. Though maybe it's ironic for us to be watching this and commenting on it on YouTube.

Unapologetic Conjecture. Literally nothing he says is properly quantified, or honestly examined. He's talking as if google and facebook are actively lobbying against public schools and maternity leave. In both his examples, there is a very different definition of "winner". In the former case, anyone from the last generation that owned house in an area where prices went up is a "winner' who's content with the status quo that benefits themselves more than anything else. And I don't even know who's the "winner who took it all" in the latter case of women's at work (unless he is implying that """big business""" is lobbying against getting payed for giving maternity leave. He knows that the government pays for parental leave, right? And don't gimme the crappy excuse about taxes. A few billion dollars is nothing to the US) . There is even some paradoxical evidence about low participation rates in countries with high gender equality; very likely implying that gender roles and social norms play a significant role, even though "functionally" a level playing field exists (and that fighting social norms is by no means a trivial pursuit that the greedy win-win people pursue). He's just nitpicking cases that agree with his priors.

He also thinks like kanye with that Me Myself and I. The win/win he's ranting about is related to US and India interest against China, if win/win policies existed in the US they would have bailed out the homeowners in the financial crisis, and his Google rant is related to his career interest as Google diminished newspapers monopoly of information. This whole presentation had nothing to do with helping the little guy.

A secondary consistent truth is that "Might is right" often undermines ethics and morality. I know which side of the coin I prefer to be on.

"Press on with humility."

There will always be inequality in any society which has a goal of improving the quality of life of its members. That's not a bad thing. As you suggest, it is extreme inequality, perpetuated and exacerbated by a system fine tuned to concentrate wealth that is the problem. Unfortunately, pure capitalism does just that. As with most things, an extreme in any direction is generally unsustainable and detrimental, including, "a true free market." Pure capitalism is as doomed to failure as is pure socialism. The challenge is finding an ever shifting balance that prevents a small segment of society dominating and using the underclasses, or the letting the bulk of society stifle the reasonable concentrations of wealth and power necessary for growth and innovation. Our super power as human beings is that we can look ahead to predict the likely outcomes of our decisions, and to see that what's good for everyone long-term is often not what is good for either a few or for many, short term.

This was a presentation in front of some of the most sought-after, heavily recruited, well compensated talent in the world. As he explicitly said, companies like Google work very hard to find and to keep these employees. They really, really do not want to lose them. Demands of transparency from these people in this context are completely realistic. If even a small fraction of them put pressure on their companies, it is in the company's own best interest to accommodate their employees as much as possible.

This kind of reasoning is the result of a multiracial individualistic society. You are right. Where you are wrong is that you think this society should reform itself toward pure individualism instead of recreating a collective and homogeneous society.

I know someone who thinks that rich people deserve better public schools because they have more money and earned it... trust me they fucking exist....

that guy was interesting that you mentioned. Thanks for mentioning him. You're a fucking dick though. why not just chill out with your bullshit.

+Kjell Cates Exactly. In a well balanced system with the wealth and power we have, there should be no, "haves vs have-nots", just, "haves and have a reasonable amount more if you happen to be lucky or really bust your ass to get its." Slaves and child laborers are very clearly, "have-nots." There is no justification for having them in a modern society, or for anyone to go without basic and dignified food, shelter, education, and health care. A reasonable amount of inequality is necessary for human motivation, even if it is just inequality between yesterday and tomorrow, but the vast gulf we see in our society today is totally inexcusable.

I saw someone mention this earlier, but tell that to people who were slaves and tell that to child laborers.

+T Crichfeld haha ok sounds good dude.

+Kjell Cates this a recent experiment having women in the workplace side by side with men. The experiment doesn't appear to be working.

haha, how did you sit though this whole video with an attitude like that..

yeah that is was is so upsetting about Uber. But how do you implement those changes when an industry has safeguards. Where is the regulation for advancement.

Excellent talk!

Lovely argument I have mine so Fuck yours, a bankrupt type of thinking that plays itself out in history over and over again similar to the drug argument our kids aren't on drugs so it doesn't affect us which is what the Caucasians used to say in America now around 70,000 die every year with the majority being, I'll let you take a guess? the same philosphy can be applied to every other facet of society in the US with the 1% Bottom Feeders coming in and taking advantage, live your happy life they'll eventually come for your children. And not even your education or your status will be able to save them.

+Gcanno We're talking about the here and now, nothing Google does will change the past.

You have absolutely no context of history. Go back to sleep while your on your break!

+Gcanno Good luck. Try that with some of the classic corporations of America. Google just happens to have the right type of CEO at this time who came from a different culture and that is it.

Say that to the women that just protested at Google and got what they wanted and stated that they're not going to stop calling google out for their injustices. You see they need us more than we need them and they are much bigger cowards when you stand up to them and call them out unless you have a defeated mentality. Always remember they never make us we make them and we can stop them whenever we have the courage and fortitude.

Yeah but you don't cry when you get Social Security, roads Healthcare etc etc there more poor people that pay for services that you benefit from then rich people most people who believe that they pay their way for everything they benefit from in society have their heads so far up their asses they can't see the light and they'll never see it.

Let me offer you an analogy. Having a "true free market" is like trying to live on eating steak alone, while socialism alone may be like eating only rice. Neither work for the health of the participants. We need a bigger variety of foods and opportunities. In human history, cooperation has been far more successful than competition, even if you need a blend of both.

+T Crichfeld Well then, maybe it's time to have women in the workforce and men stay home and mind the children and do all the housework.

Maybe it depends on how you define "efficiency". Americans tend to use it to mean making the most money in the shortest time. But we could go with a "job ecology" definition and say that business is most efficient which creates the most living wage jobs, or that business is most efficient that creates the least pollution.

Clearly, a minority attitude.

Actually, it is smart. Your mind seems to be over-simplifying.

+Kim Cooper Nicely said. :)

" if google and facebook are actively lobbying against public schools and maternity leave" they lobbyy for low taxes, and pay less in taxes than a guy making 60k

Indian parents pay for their children’s education

Single payer health care certainly would be expensive for the elites who are getting rich on the present health care mess. That's why we don't have it here in the US and why therefore, great numbers of people risk bankruptcy for a serious health problem.

The global elite group runs the MNEs that pay for lobbyists to get laws in their favor, not for the American Worker's wages. They destroy the middle-class and create the working-poor, and then portray themselves as guilt-free because they're efforts at philanthropy are producing solutions to the problems they've made and preserve.

Damn. Kanye is actually pretty smart.

Democratic Socialism is what America needs and no more war.

Extraordinary generosity!!!!!! I find that hard to see. Minimum wage can't be raised. Can't provide real affordable health care, affordable quality education for our children, no pensions, no paid sick leave, no paid maternnity leave, no paid vacation, no job security, no affordable housing - extraordinary generosity, indeed.!!!

Why do people who have more than a billion dollars need more money?

its not enough to break up these big monopolies; their owners have to be broken up too, specifically the head from the torso

What is that blinking hedgehog?

This is certainly an excellent presentation that deserves to be discussed around the family table and everywhere else where honest discernment is valued.

New democrats since clinton are nothing but moderates. But libertarians have been describing themselves with that phrase since the 70s. "socially liberal, fiscal conservatives" idk what new mainstream democrat has been saying that

He's a person we should tear apart, just to make sure he's real.

Let the feast begin!!

Simple solution in the age of open knowledge. Use peer pressure. Create "Annual Giving Pledge" webpage that lists: Forbes 400 members who gave that year, how much, and what percentage of networth. Also list Forbes 400 members who gave least that year. Publicize Top winners in each category. See how fast the billionaires move to keep from winning the "Annual Giving Pledge Raspberry Award. LOL

This is what speaking truth to power looks like.

Then you missed the whole appoint of his book and this talk.

Yeah, I think the opening post is guilty of nitpicking couched as insightful critique. He complains about conjecture, and fills in with his own partisan take.

You critique but give no specificity. Isn't that the definition of shallow and vacuous?

Activision has no vision


I can't have this conversation. Too much anger and animosity. We need to see more of the people who can.

Great message! I walked out of a safe position in a solid government job because I was tired of being a whistleblower. Anand, you are right! I fought until I lost my health and visits to see my child. The sacrifice to fight for justice was taxing but worth it. The government is a miracle but we must reform government.

what supreme court?

My moto

Let us all die so you can A eat each other alive B become communists

Competition will lead right back to where we started

How many algorithms were "tweaked" since this video came out to silence conservative voices. Fuck Google. How many times have they themselves violated the Constitution? How many of their employees have hatred for America in their hearts? Infuriating!

Google is riddled with socialist commie scum. Just had to say that too. I hope most of the people who work at Google crash and burn. Had to say that too. Losers.

I'm sure Google passed out cotton balls for people to stuff in their ears before the lecture started, spoiled brats of all industries and political leanings...simply don't give a F$CK. Me us and mine is their mantra. One of the best G-Talks ever!

The ruling ideas of each age have ever been the ideas of its ruling class

Spare us.

Don't be evil Google. The eyes are on you.

It's funny that he claims Bezos decided to give back. He decided to give back after Bernie Sanders introduced the Stop Bezos Act.

yup. and give you an education too.

fuckoff left/right bipedal symmetry bound primate.

Ya cause the Republicans aren't corrupt at all.

proff wolff - new york university.

Another similar looking celebrity is Adam Goldberg (actor).

Reagan is a traitor and needs to be recorded in history as such for the record. Sub contracting yep. That’s correct it’s dire for them. They do that down south at all companies. No one gets benefits or full employment or vacation. None. My dumbass government in TN tells us we should feel fortunate. That’s the message. It’s fucking disgraceful. No taxes payed wow the destruction they have caused. Delaware. We are there now. I agree.

Great points. We need to force some change. No charity. The ‘no military’ slogan from Google was the biggest charade of BS I’ve ever seen. Google is building our own prison. They are the obstruction still. Yeh. You are on top of it. I’d give a little power back or there will be no choice. They are a tool used for great evil. It effects them too. Yes Reagan was the Typhoid Mary of treasonous ideology of destruction of ourselves.

This guy has big brass ones. Good for him. And good for Google for even allowing these ideas within their walls to be heard.

Fuck the awkwardness. It’s got to be done. Unnatural yes. Yeh. Yep. Yes. It’s pretty clear.

Great talk and ideas


Looks like we need to get Bernie to introduce more bills, then.

+T Crichfeld Alot is not working but it certainly isn't due to that. The idea that society is better off with only half its talented harvested is an embarrassing suggestion. I am embarrassed for you...

+S DTV Self reflection is a step in the right direction even if it does not result in action. For example, a person may actively think about being overweight and the negative health issues that go with it. Even if the person does not take any significant action towards solving the problem, at least they are aware of the issue. The old saying, the first step in solving a problem is admitting that you have one. The chances that an overweight person eventually takes action is going to be much higher if the person realizes and accepts he has a problem, then someone who thinks nothing of the matter or actually believes that being overweight is perfectly healthy. Of course, in the end, all the reflection in the world with no action, is still just no action.

Self reflection with inaction is even more problematic

Tons talking about this stuff. You just have to look outside corporate cable news. Shocker...

Naser Mubarak Indian Seinfeld.

my plan was to go off grid, take a small job in the middle of no where. live the rest of my days in solitude with my dog and sex robot manufactured by google or darpa, or some chinese company. and forget about humanity and its governments

thanks for entering the belly of the beast, you are so correct. seen 1%ers up close in their domicile..meanwhile our common domicile, Mother earth dies because of capitalism.

The people responsible for assigning poverty wages should be skinned alive in public.

So, did Google hire him in the end? I thought they’re looking for diversity and people who think out of their box. And if they tried, did he accept?

"... Africa recycling poop into coffee"... Thank you for talking like a real Asshole Elite. Mr wierd hair guy

they accept evil now, few months ago they removed that mission statement....then back to accommodating China

He doesn’t really believe Bezos “gave back,” he’s just tailoring his message to his his audience: a room full of elites

+T Crichfeld Use whatever word you want. We live in a society where work is necessary, there's now way around it. People need to do it. Women should be allowed to decide to do it or not do it without any social scorn either way. It's only been good, not bad. The only bad from it are the responses of weak insecure men who are threatened by the power structure of making money and acquiring status/influence not being reserved solely for them.

+T Crichfeld Great, then you're a classical feminist. Feminists don't say women can't be housewives. They just say things like just because a women wants to work, doesn't mean assholes should assume they were brainwashed to do it and can't think for themselves. Know any assholes like that?

I'll add I never said discourage or stop.

I'll say it a more politically correct way. I don't think we should brain wash young girls into taking jobs they don't want and I don't think we should shame women for being house wives. Both of which I've experienced.

+Steve Crane do you hear yourself "harvested"?

More or less like a "recycled poop into coffee from Africa"

It's funny how this might is right bullshit is always espoused by basement dwelling losers who wouldn't last two seconds in the wilderness.

I don’t think you watched the whole speech. He actually critiqued Google in some part of his presentation for being part of the problem.

The Coasters are too insulated to understand what's going on in America.

We Collectively Accept our fascist Neoliberal status quo. The superwealthy are the biggest freeloaders in our society. We need to Collectively force our currency issuing federal government to Balance our economy up front with dollars, targeting the federal budget to the bottom with a FEDERALLY GUARANTEED LIVING WAGE JOB PROGRAM to rebuild AMERICA and meet needs with essential public goods and services. The Parasites at the top come off as philanthropic when they are actually nothing of the sort. Great video

Started off sounding good but turned into another tax and spend diatribe. I finally bailed.

52:34-57:25: [...{Systemic} transformational reforms are needed in 1) Health, 2) Education, 3) Labor & work, and 4) Money & Taxation.] "I don't know what the answer is, but in a world in which it is as easy as it is... if we're not careful, we are heading into a world in which the most important "pots of money" to tax (to fund a basic common existence are going to be invisible to the taxation authorities. [...I.e. crypto currencies] ... From the beginning of this money revolution that's happening, how do we embed in those inventions the ability to tax people? That's antithetical to why a lot of these people do crypto, right, but one of the things we learned with the Internet that you know very well is [that] early design choices matter a lot. Right? The Internet was designed to protect anonymity, and that's very hard to work around that. [...] If persistent identity had been more of a part of the early design of the Internet, maybe the Internet would be in a different way. [less racist and offensive...] These kind of design choices matter, so I think it's important thinking about. How do you design [new money] in a way that is not going to lead to a world in which there is no money for the common good?" -Anand Giridharadas

We need more thoughful people like him. We are at a pivot point in history. Things will be changing a lot, for the better, soon. Government has been sabotaged by the right. Millenials and gen Z will fix our country. The Trump's and his toadies such as McConnell will be brought down.

Silicon Valley is so arrogant that they don't see how much they are destabilizing society. Making online services and social media as addictive as possible without any regard for what that may do to our level of narcissism, materialism, and destruction of privacy... it also spreads misinformation faster than it can spread the correction of that misinformation. SV is slightly better than the antichrist, but they think they are capable of saving the world.

Yes, but how slowly?

+L P True, however a new power structure will quickly arise in the vacuum left by a failed state, putting constraints and restrictions on the market. Those constraints and restrictions inevitably tend to favor those in power, while also making collective actions beneficial to the community as a whole much more effective than would be possible otherwise. The trick is in finding a reasonable balance. It's the extremes that lead to states failing in the first place.

If you want an example of a true free market, look at any failed state and see how the people there create transactions of goods and labor.

Maybe we should be looking at universal basic income or universal complimentary income as an option to allow mothers to stay home again, as well.

Uber didn't disrupt taxis, but taxes.

Sending our prayers. Bless your heart.

Well truthfully. Our education and grads in America are abysmal. Our younger generations aren't being educated adequately enough to even be conscience of these issues.

Bezos gives money away, does he get to claim a lot of that on tax. Is philanthropy just another way for the rich to decide who gets the tax dollars?

Well, this guy is a hero in my book.

HEY, the Govt should outsource tax collection to Google THEN you’d see the most ingenious algorithms to assess and collect tax revenues.. would you call that a “win win” ?

That podium looks like a clunky low tech piece of junk from an Apollo museum - go Google!!

I’m Aussie, not familiar with your “lean in” womens policy

41:07 Golf clap of the oligarchs.

Anyone lecturing the 1% while sitting in a mainstream media/tech/political studio is classic literary Irony and Tragedy. Outrage drives clicks, ads, and the looping of the music, and Profits trend proportionally!! The media/politicians/tech companies ARE THE ONE PERCENT!!

Facebook did not compromise anything. The alleged Russian ad spend was so tiny as to be non-existent. Worse, this diverts attention from what really compromises elections: Gerrymandering; voter suppression; the two party oligarchy; corporatism/fascism; apathy; not being Able to find Wisconsin on a map.

Fantastic talk.

just because you got rich off being "smart" doesn't mean you know shit all about fixing everyone's problems, and it's pretty disgusting to step forward with money and "solutions" just to give yourself the saintly veneer of a benefactor. perhaps the elites need to sit down, shut up and simply allow everyone to come up with solutions democratically, as much as they might feel that have all of this handled because they managed to do the right thing at the right time in a niche market taking advantage of a political, social and economic climate and momentum that they didn't create and probably don't understand very well. there was a famous technologist a few years ago who basically spoke and wrote about this issue (and i'm blanking on his name right now). he basically said that tech programmers and analysts have particular skills for a particular field, but do not have the broad based knowledge to solve society's problems, and shouldn't think that they do. they actually tend to ruin those things when they meddle in them. unfortunately, because they are the Flavor of the MOment and the "smartest guys in the room", they are the ones least likely to understand their own blind spots. and their blind spots are MANY. there is some literature in the conflict resolution space on "Heirarchy of Oppression" that also touches on this. it observes that those with the most status, money, power etc get involved with issues of the downtrodden, and the hijack them to benefit THEMselves. it's not even necessarily conscious. it's just what people do. they are given more latitude, and more voice, and therefore they are the ones who are heard and their viewpoints are addressed, while the downtrodden are usually not benefitted in the main. only those who match the profile of the status holders that became speakers FOR the movements gain. i think this gentleman is touching upon this very thing.

Like the fact that income inequality, poverty unemployment war etc all the things Eugene Debs warned us of a century ago have arrived. A good number of my Republican friends are now supporting medicare for all, unions and cooperatives. Unfortunately, these converts only came to these conclusions after job loss (and Healthcare loss too).


You're right, I forgot Bernie's announcement!

Inequality tends to worsen as time goes on because wealth accumulates. People with money are able to go to better schools, buy homes closer to work, networking, etc. The reason we have government intervention on the market is because market outcomes aren’t necessarily good for human society, take for example child labour. We have labour laws and the means to enforce them. Why should you care about inequality? It WILL affect you regardless. People are poorer- they buy less because they want to save money-businesses close because they aren’t making money. Inequality is inevitable yeah, but trending inequality is unsustainable.

One of the most profound and important speakers I've ever heard.

He still so timid. Show the power the system has in the microcosm of a small room of the establishment. When someone comes along and is ruthless in their views on these lines - it will be over.

Amazing talk! Thanks to Anand and the audience/participants! 1. That joke shortly after 39:58

That dude's hair is cooler than most people

Incredible that he said what he said AT Google. I felt awkward for the Google staff listening to this!

lol, they know how iq works (only need to check avg searches)...the mass never watched this speach be sure of this :P

There wasn't much awareness of it. But things started to turn since the last two years. It's enormously complex actually.

That was my favorite part too!

It would be ironic if _Google_ were complaining about "winners take all." It is not ironic to _tell_ Google that they have a problematic "winners take all" strategy. (If anything, it's ironic for _us_ to be watching this and commenting on it on YouTube.)

Why am I listening to a guy talking about inequality in an expansive suit making this speech at google? I smell another huckster! Not buying the act. Let's just finally start making the wealthy feel pain any way we can. You see someone walking around in a suit like this guy...go up to them and make them feel pain. Lets transfer the pain first and then the wealth.

"The solutions we have don't really fit the realities we have created." @ 54:17

Use the AntiTrust Laws to break GOOGLE up.

The dawning fact here is that we are moving into the War of Independence from Corporations. Until truth becomes our world currency we will not move on.

This poop coffee guy does not understand the role of US intelligence services in the success and growth of social media. It is the 3 letter agencies that have their hand controlling the puppet that is google, facebook, twitter et al. He is either stupid or part of the charade.

hello everyone this is your early morning reality alarm. your singularity and all its techno-utopian fantasy offspring have been cancelled.

quiet room

Right. But remember the "No Evil in Google" slogan? Oh thats right.. they don't use that much anymore. Yeah, theres nothing corporations will not lie about.

Don't be too effusive with your google praise, since in an interview he did with The RSA, which you can see, he mentioned that talk and that Google wanted to "kill the talk" but that he and his team threatened them and they put it online.

Apparently, they weren't posting the video for a while. He had to reach out to them to ask what's going on. They held onto it for a month.

Kristopher agreed. They’re so clueless. Hahah

LOL! How much do you think that hair cut cost him? How much do you think he pays to maintain it? What about the suit? This guy is a huckster looking to make his fame off our backs. I say throw him onto the pyre and lets get this shit started for real!

Maybe you should kill yourself

I think taxis is a bad example because in some cities it was already a corrupt, insider network. In some cities, you literally have to spend in the neighborhood of a million dollars for a "license" to run a cab. Those aren't little guys getting shut out of the economy. Those are monied interests who are upset that someone is disrupting their racket.

Gag me. They wanted to kill this talk and had to be arm twisted by the threat of embarrassment to actually allow it to be posted.

Remember "Do no evil"? Where did that go? It seems to have disappeared with the arrival of the so-called "Adult in the room" Eric Schmitt.

I like this Kanye

Lean In is bullsh*t... the minute I heard this, I felt sick to my stomach.

Thank you

Good for taking the piss out of Google within googles own HQ. Master stroke.

Society's best defense is a political party representing the interests of the multiracial working class. We need to fight on our own behalf for the things we need, things like good-paying jobs for all, with benefits like high-quality single-payer healthcare; high-quality public education for all to the highest levels, with stipends for those who need them; high-quality housing for all. The working class also needs to actively oppose all of the racial oppression inherent in U.S. capitalism and its military adventures. That's just a quick overview of the main points, but they’re things that are in the main counterposed to the interests of the billionaires. That will create a far more creative, innovative society, not to mention more just.

+Mister Methuselah You'll be the first to go cum rag,

So can't substantively argue against his point, so you attack how he dresses. He isn't anti-capitalism, he's just anti-perverse capitalism. Btw, he isn't the only one saying this. Something perverse has taken over capitalism in the past 40 years and is very different than what was practiced from the 1930s - 1970s. It deserves a further examination because there is certain feeling among most people that it's true. Empirical evidence tends to support what he says.

It's coming but the EU will force it, not 'Murica.

It's another massive public subsidy to the rich, and they still control what happens to the money, that Anand argues (& I agree), supporting them keeping the status quo of the "change."

Search YT, tons of videos on it.

+A B I stopped utilizing MSM since 2008. There are other better and qualified sources for real information. I never quote Taking Heads from MSM.

Mister Methuselah keep in mind I think it’s pretty obvious by now that Trump is comprised by a variety of countries including Russia, Israel and Saudi Arabia. This still doesn’t mean FB compromised our elections in a significant way.

Mister Methuselah I don’t care what the MSM or what “people” are saying. Trump gets away with “people” are sayin way too much.

+A B Not ludicrous. It's not only him that said that about FB. I don't do social media, however it would be foolish to dismiss such claims.

Mister Methuselah I really like Anand btw. At the same time, him saying that FB is so effective as to swing an election is just ludicrous given all the other contributing factors. His focus on these d bag billionaires is both good and bad in that way. The coming or present technocracy will not save us but rather enslave us.

+Mister Methuselah No doubt

+A B Hillary needs to just go away. She is part of the problem as well.

+A B Yeah, I know Walker is gone but you know he will pop up on some corporate board or lobbyist group. I agree with what you stated, but all these things, including what Anand addresses, are part of the solution and exposes the problems.

Hillary still doesnt=0)

+Mister Methuselah Walker is gone bro. And yes, he is an idiot. The older folks in the Midwest, WI, OH, MI, barely use computers much less FB. Trump got over a $billion in free ads from the MSM. Focus on what matters and we'll get President Bone Spurs out of office soon.

+A B You mean where I get my cheese from? Home of that idiot Scott Walker?

+Mister Methuselah Do you know where Wisconsin is?

The Russians only spent approximately $5 Million USD. Their ROI was significant and shows what dupes people are. Incidentally, 'Murican politicians are also cheap to buy. Analysis has shown corporations giving them thousands of dollars, reap billions of dollars in favorable legislation. Occams Razor

Social Democracy, but the wrong one (democratic socialism) has been used for to long now in the States so I guess they're interchangable. (European here)

What town are you in? This is happening all over USA probably. Especially in NYC

I love the opening statement I was thinking the exact thing lmao

I think he is more fighting for his media companies, than for the people. Ads revenues are running low for newspapers, I think there is this drive from his end to rally people in thinking he is fighting for them. Once Google and their media companies reach an agreement people like Anand won't go out of this way into the belly of the beast.

If Republicans fought against slavery and political righ, as he says ran a successful campaign to reduce government power. Then what the heck Dems do, just sexual policies? Geez

lol speaking about elites in google xD

The solution is simple tax employees and self employed less % than business owners and investers.


*Bernie Sanders 2020* *Elizabeth Warren 2020* _or bust._


YES.... if they didn't also do it destroy education, it would be a given. If something isn't universal and public, it has an alternate purpose and cannot succeed anyway. Just the way that any journalism that is not critical is PR. Be careful before suggesting such things. I agree on how immoral poverty wages but don't promote the idea of killing someone on a public forum. You could get reported and have legal trouble. You should probably delete your comment.

Google is so powerful that they don't give a F

It's "Do the right thing" . That is their motto now. Do the right thing about their company only I guess

family and more importantly in city based groups But billionaires are busy making it race issue in western world and europe to divert issues .

They are too engrossed in left and right, women's March and feminist shyt. These activities keep people busy so they don't talk about what Anand is speaking.

Hi Anand and Google and You all, We can either complain about everything that we do not agree with, like I could say here that Anand, whom I like a lot, starts the talk about changing the "world's" politics and then immediately from the next phrase speak only about USA and Americans, well, that says a lot to me where this talk will end and that is jst the first 2 minutes. Where's the need of this GLOBAL talk to take that sneer turn I do not know. I could also add; The “elite” is all around the world and made of/by individuals but as soon as you generalize like this it will not lead to anything new. -- To instead, get the “elite of yellows” attention (and to have them get in touch with you), you would need to include the USA in the rest of the world, not exclude the world from USA and define USA as "The world". As I said, one could easily choose to do that and start putting people down that we see are living differently or we can give good example by cheering on those few that we believe are living according to values that we also would like to live by...(someday). -- Some of us see and some of us still don’t, we can always try to “talk open” anyone’s eyes or deepen their view and try widening their perspective talking a bit more, but we can also be very effective awaken them simply by just BEING living examples of how life could be also for them. That is risky I know. A person who does that, risk being an outsider so how can we change that? -- Let me give a quick example, you, Anand speak of empowering women, and yes, we need to empower women and also the feminine within the man, and the way to go about it is easier than one would think and can be done rather simply. How? Well simply by only standing by and cheering ON those few women who are already taking full responsibility for their life. I am talking also about women in our surroundings, not necessarily famous ones. Remember, in order to change the world we need to see individuals, not “generalizations of people”. -- Openly show your strong appreciation for those few that do not lean on any man nor on any other women, not on any other person other than themselves, nor do they lean on a dad or parent or society at all, but they DO whatever they do, by themselves and they survive and sometimes they thrive and sometimes they don’t, but they still go on strong on their path of independence, teaching their values to theirs sons and daughters... -- Stand by and cheer those women who choose to NOT throw themselves into a man’s life just so that she can be “taken care of” economically. Cheer those single moms that does not compromise their life to have economic benefits from anyone. They might be the ones that does NOT dress the best or have the newest things, but they will always have the greatest and warmest smile for you – they are free you see. Free to love anyone that is worthy of their attention. That is why they love their children so much. -- Cheer those that celebrate their own integrity and motherhood, do THAT instead of putting single, strong, and intelligent women down and automatically you will HAVE already, a society that is running after, and trying to simulate to be like, THOSE women. -- Show appreciation for THAT mind set instead of bringing down single girls and single moms and grand moms, but most and foremost; absolutely do not cheer on women that does the opposite or you, as a man, WILL be surrounded by women that only wants, and are after, your money. Not because they are evil, but simply because they do not know they are enough, they do not truly believe that they will be happier keeping their integrity and leaving the comfort and the money behind. --So, now, do you or don’t you, know any single self-sufficient beautiful woman? C’mon then and cheer her on instead of wondering WHY a beautiful girl or woman like that is single…now you know why. --Cheer her on, weather she’s poor or rich it shouldn’t matter to you as long she is getting by all by herself...she would never ever want you to pay for her living anyway. --->To anyone else: Don’t look for economic comfort in everything you do, it will not bring any “win-win” to anyone and it will absolutely not raise your awareness. --->To Anand: Keep on going strong! ---->To Google: Google could do a LOT to empower simple women with strong integrity and values, the choice is yours. In Italy they have a saying, it goes "Ci sei o ci fai" it kind of means "is all this just a charade - or..." do you REALLY want to change something for better values to be spread. :) = Make a change to go for a better world. Ciao from a swede in Italy

The bourgeoisie can't be trusted to make the changes necessary to make society a better place.

This speaker is naive. THe rulers dont give up their beret is because it's to protect their nations from western economic hitmen.

I agree with everything except the issue with newspapers... First of all, more competition in the online add market would drive prices for advertisers down even further, thus newspapers would make even less of advertising. And secondly, if he would like to change the world, he should think of other ways to finance journalism. Beeing dependend on advertisers certainly does not put them in a position of speaking truth to power.

Human waste into coffee that's just poop water my friend

I agree with the working class part, however fuck the multiratial narrative we are all equal plz don't focus on muh diversity sjw bullshit It sounds better and more simple working class than muh multiratial working class

Yes you are right although we all ought to take proper responsibility for ourselves, they are not our big Daddy

Excellently put!

Steve Crane Yes I am impressed too. I watched a talk also the other month were the "speaker" talked really badly about is nice to see they are stout :) I like it.

+21gramsofsoul hahaha you are not completely wrong you know, but that sounds rather violent and he can maybe reach a group of people that need to hear these things...probably no one is 100% pure thought and action but we can have the best intentions all the same :)

Peter J Sullivan That's my thought too, actually it will be around our lunch-table already :)

shabaash Yes that is really and truly terrible. Why do US-taxpayers even pay their taxes I cannot know you have a power to just stop doing that right? If you all unite.

Namen3 Amen to that! :)

I love many things that he says but I believe he gives the wealthy too much of a free pass. They know exactly what they are doing.. Change threatens their very hedonistic lifestyle and by change they also will be equal to others.,that is unacceptable to them. They wealthy are sociopaths. Serial killers murder a handful of people and people cry out for justice. The wealthy with their policies kill millions yet they are not only idolized but used as examples as to how we all should aspire to. One final note "wall street highly regulated" by whom the banks??????

It’s so crazy that the Slim Jim guy went into politics


Tough crowd. 40:00 was a legit funny joke.

As if going through a susceptibility to manipulation test. As if watching Hypocrisy and Schizophrenia wedded. All beautifully sounding, a mix of everything facts and fiction. Can someone paid by the institutions he is critiquing be telling the truth? Unlikely but ...possible? Surely confusing. In the unfairness of it all, luckily, not everything depends on money.

Kudos to Larry & Sergey for having this guy speak. Self-reflection is good.

He really has fabulous hair. That is all I took away from this.

His argument is not well worked through. There were really a lot of situations in history where some resource got commodified, and sure it meant some professions went away, but it usually opened up many more opportunities. E.g., on Napoleon's court, they used aluminium utensils. They were more expensive than gold. There is plenty of aluminium in the world, but turns out very little pure, it just likes to bond with other atoms. The discovery of electrolysis changed that and all the people that had those rare pure aluminium mines went broke. But now obviously we can have effective protections against mind reading. So you can extrapolate things into abundance, and we find things to do. It is not inherently evil. So if e.g., NYT is going to be fine, and I find a lot of their reporting seriously sub par, then maybe we really had overcapacity of journalism, and people should find something else useful to do. So it is very simplistic to say Google, ad monopoly, thus they killed newspapers. Neither they are dead, nor google has monopoly on ads, google and facebook may just pay better if you use their ad systems, and finally didn't we already blame Craig for that?

Oh, also Mark Zuckerberg - the first person that compromised election in USA? That is really bold. How long have we had democracy in USA? 200 years? Really, and who voted then? When did the women get allowed to vote? When did the slaves? Are the descendants from slaves allowed to vote today, or are there still organized efforts to prevent them? But Mark Zuckerberg is the first person that compromised an election? Right...

Big brass ones is what everyone should have to change the condition/oligarcky we are now facing.

Don't kid yourself....Google tried to censor this video by not publishing it on "Talks at Google" until word got out and pressure was put on them to release it.

Google does not pay any tax at all in Turkey although it earns huge amount of revenue from the advertisers in Turkey. Because Google resists to set up a branch in Turkey and force all the advertisers to make the transactions over Google Ireland branch where it pays 2-3% tax. The Silicon Valley companies who claims that "we are making the world better place to live" and at the same time do everything to avoid paying taxes, then name themselves as philanthropists are trying to deceive the community. First fulfill your duty to the community, PAY YOUR TAX FROM EARNINGS, DO NOT FIND WAYS TO AVOID TAXES and then we will believe that these companies are sincere.

jho low, arguably the author of one of the biggest kleptocracy schemes to date , donated a lot to cancer research (up to 100mil) :) :)

Most people live in a social matrix, where more powerful people tell them what to do, what is right and wrong. If they would leave this matrix they would be shocked to experience what we do to people, animals, plants and the world in general. They would be also shocked to see what is done to them. There are plenty of ways to live on this planet. This is the one we choose right now as a collective. Start to take the ones in pain serious and you will see the world with other eyes. Startto listen to the poor. Start to watch the nature. Start to be soft and feel what is going on inside of you. Be brave enough to be weak in the right moment and strong in the other.

Google does not pay any tax at all in Turkey although it earns huge amount of revenue from the advertisers located in Turkey. Google resists and reject to set up a branch in Turkey and force all the advertisers in Turkey to make the transactions over Google Ireland branch where it pays 2-3% tax. If Google would have a branch office in Turkey, it would pay 18% VAT and 20% income tax at the end of the fiscal year. But it pays NOTHING. The Silicon Valley companies who claims that "we are making the world better place to live" and at the same time do everything to avoid paying taxes, then name themselves as philanthropists are trying to deceive the community. First fulfill your duty to the community, PAY YOUR TAX FROM EARNINGS, DO NOT FIND WAYS TO AVOID TAXES and then we will believe that these companies are sincere as Giridharadas emphasizes.

To those at Google watching this who don't know the story: Google initially decided, for the first time in its history, to not publish this video to its Talks at Google site here on YouTube after it was recorded. This presentation was given on the second week of September, note the publishing time lag. Giridharadas contacted Google to ask why, and his contact said "I'm not on that team anymore" and was blown off. He then leaked the story to a leading tech journalist, who started calling Google for comment because she was working on a story about why, for the first time ever, a Talks at Google video was not published. They published it the same week -- obviously reluctantly and under pressure. The only reason you're seeing this guys is because power is doing damage control. Wake the fuck up.

I’m really surprised they let him in at Google. I bet it was pretty uncomfortable for a lot of the audience.

+C I G Transcriber - Trans-Creator - Translator Fine I'll settle for kicking his teeth in and them making him swallow them one by one while I crush his balls in my fist. Better?

Brandon S. And they paid him to do it

The speaker seems to display very binary thinking.... his argument revolves around the idea that you can either be helping a society, or keeping them from growth. Why can't there be a third option though? Or fourth, fith, sixth, seventh, or infinitely more? When having the mindset that "if you're rich & powerful, you're automatically an enemy" you automatically shun, taboo, and sabotage the opportunity of people who mean well to seek that wealth and strength. You also create an imaginary social construct (or an internal social bias) that anyone who is rich & powerful, is only there to oppress you. That's the same mindset that is responsible for people blaming the Govt. for everything is/might go wrong, without giving credit for its accomplishments. I agree with some of his arguments (that the strong need to recognize, and see that something that might be beneficial for the society might not *initially* seem good for them). I also disagree with that mindset, because helping the society should ultimately help the company in the long run. I agree that there needs to be balance so that companies don't get too far ahead of themselves, but also that they don't stop being strong because the they ls the edge & strength to be able to defend, innovate for, and contribute to said society. If the brain requires too much blood from the heart, the heart might overtask itself. Causing damage to itself, blood vessels, and the body, and the brain itself.... but if he brain & hearts don't receive enough blood themselves, then the rest of the body would die along with them as well. Organizations, Companies, The govt. all of them are organs & systems that societies need. Perhaps google's growth & stability could also mean that it should be the a model business that other businesses should strive to imitate/achieve? So if his argument is only seen as black & white, then i call it: a load of bullshit.

So thoroughly enjoyed the probing questions and positions put forward by Anand that I've bought the book! Firm believer that we should always question things,  challenge norms.

2 case for Joke crime and one for an offence to religious emotion... I'm not sure I like where we are heading.

+Matthew Doan

+Matthew Doan Canada. Suggesting someone should be killed could be interpreted as hate speech. If your really unlucky someone could make a complaint to Human right tribunal. I not saying support or not such action. I only say that some have people have been prosecuted for less. Such laws have been adopted by a lot of the European Union. I will post a few links to show you I'm not kidding.

+Simon Cote Legal trouble for a Youtube comment?? What country are _you_ from?

motive is to selectively and with complete control produce educated and controlled beings to use, while making sure rest of population remains ignorant and self destructive.

Wow, the balls on that guy.

There's like 5 people in the audience, and even they look uncomfortable hahaha

The fact that the inequality in the US is being actively talked about is a sign of change. The wealthy will either have to accept moderate change or greed will be their destruction.

that itself is generous on Bezos part. not personality wise. just the influence causing the action compared to other most billionaires. no other major global corps have minimum 15 dollar wage despite years of demand (sure now they say will commit to in future). times are changing now. thats why Im grateful that Trump is president, otherwise stupid core liberals and even many on the fringes of the left would've never bothered to step on Bernies platform and ideology if Hillary was elected. wouldve stayed the Obama era mindset.

+Andrei Sopon Dude you must not live here because our country has never been any type of book defined socialism. Counting in racism towards blacks and other people of color, America is just as bad as ANY other country the has a failing government and financial system. People LOVE pointing out Venezuela and I LOVE pointing out Americas white flight cities and urban areas of color. Damn near the same or worse then some counties. America is half a third world country because of the greed and construct white people created and it's sad.

i just discovered this man and i love his lucidity and eloquence and fairness and magnificent silver hair.

Disagree on the point of Wall Street being heavily regulated. They frequently do crazy stuff and have worked aggressively to manipulate the very core of the monetary system for their betterment. The SEC is a joke, Wall Street firms frequently do exceedingly shady and felonious trades. They've essentially turned the market into a massive algo-driven gambling casino with very little price discovery which serves to funnel more money into their pockets, create unsustainable bubbles, and assisted in creating the greatest debt bubble the world has ever seen. I feel like Anand's statement may have been more lip service than anything but still, Wall Street is a major part of the problem and in it for wealth and power in the worst possible way.

Break up google, at google

Faith in Humanity: 10% closer to being restored...

this guy has the most magnificent silver hair+stubble combo ever.

Hey Kinn..... I just stated ten facts. Please tell me how any one of those facts are wrong, one at a time. I'm open to new information. Please, do feel free to refute what I said. So far, you absolutely haven't.

A month later deosn't seem so bad. Maybe they just had stress, someone went into holidays or took another job and things got lost in the process. Not everything is a conspiracy ^^

Overpopulation and therefor the excessive use of ressoruces aswell unregulated capitalism where ressources are wasted or poluted. Capitalism is just the latest evolution of our societies operating system. There has been trade as old as human kind and the question of redistribution as well.

+kinn grimm I've been powerless my entire life. Yes things could be worse. However comparing my responsibly of the world's current situation to that of even an average citizin is ludicrous. The rich have the power. The rich are responsible.

+Natasha Upchurch and how much do those have to pay who also want that paycheck and therefor were complacent over the past decades silently accepting the establisment? Have you challenged it, your parrents? It is easy to say that one dude needs to hang, let the mob decide. Taking persona lresponsible in saying i myself may have been part of the problems seems more difficult and yet most dont even though we all are.

+kinn grimm someone in xyz Corp decides "we have this much for the ceo, and this much for the actual human beings" when that person participates in that decision in a manner that leaves some rich and some poor after comparable effort.. that person needs to pay.

+Simon Cote lol what are they going to do sue me for my 80k in debt. I HAVE NOTHING.

Starting with consumers or perhaps the workers in the companies or is the voter and the legislative branch they voted for? Is it the current adminsitration even if the problem maybe from a former administration? Is it the lobbyists or those who got persuaded by them? Is it the shareholder who does not participate in any process in the company other than profiting from the earnings? Is it really only the dude in HR who as a budget as a limit to use for the workforce he needs to get the jobs done? It is like saying people responsible for microplastic in the ocean need to be skinned alife. Get a knife and start while standing in front of the mirrow.

google with their power and money could have for instance local news correspondents for local coverage and centralize medical information to help organized the factured us medical system to start. for all their disruption, what are they willing to do to continue more positive and possibly less profitable disruption?

1) ten facts? i wont count what hasnt been counted before so do that for me before you send me on a wild goose chase. 2) It is uploaded now and can be watched. I don't care much about the circumstances around it. 3) Sure i did refuted, by relativating your interpretations 4) Has google put out an explanation for the delay? If yes, why is that not equaly put into perspective?

+Natasha Upchurch If you haven't found him yet, i suggest watching and reading material from Noam Chomsky, especially where it comes to empowering yourself. I have to admit i am weak as i see clearly that i and most of us have the ability to change things, we just dont. If you state you are powerless, then that is mostly by choice. Maybe you are an exception, but mostly people are not. They come to believe it through different circumstances, but Chomsky has better ways to explain these things and what can be done.

+Natasha Upchurch and how much do those have to pay who also want that paycheck and therefor were complacent over the past decades silently accepting the establishment? Have you challenged it, did your parrents? It is easy to say that one dude needs to hang, letting the mob decide. Taking personal responsibility in saying i myself may have been part of the problems seems more difficult and yet most dont even concider it, though we all are. edit:spelling

Well, not explains, but posits that his theory is such, and then spends the next hour explaining said theory; to be more precise.

If you make it to the 5 minute mark, he explains how that "generosity" is actually the problem that is perpetuating this inequal system...

Koch-funded research into what inspires people's trust in government showed that it derives most from essentially three services: healthcare, education, and old-age security. According to Professor Nancy MacLean's book, "Democracy in Chains," that's why the Koch-funded Republicans attack those three government services so relentlessly.

Great talk and TRUE. Googles decor shows: Google disregards this and in doing so shows to be an unhealty power. Google is becoming EVIL?

+Mister Methuselah Ah intimating that I am a mentally ill homosexual in order to discredit what I have to say. You've revealed exactly who you are, and why you defend this piece of shit.

+21gramsofsoul You forgot to take your lithium today ladyboy.

+Sandy Bayes Sandy I would ask that you re-read that bungling mishmash of contradicting shite you wrote, and get back to me when you have come to the realization that the problem is inordinate wealth for a few which is created by capitalism. This guy is a fucking huckster who is trying to make a buck off the pain of billions by telling them the billionaries are your friends.

He doesn’t seem to be against wealth just perverse wealth that not only perpetuates itself at the expense of others but also in the end ultimately destroys all including itself.

When you understand Money = Power this makes sense. Greedy people should be called out publicly!

Inviting that guy to give that speech at Google was the equivalent to when Will Smith docked with the mothership and uploaded the trojan horse in Independence Day. BOOM

I hear a lot of conflict in this voice. You're not living but your words, are you, man?

apparently google actually didn't want to put this talk up until anand intervened. says alot. (he reveals this in his world's affairs talk)

Is he standing behind a washing machine?

So glad, Anand, that you are going into Google with these thoughts.

In light of this appearance, this story is really interesting.

Sometimes, the rebels win and the guy at the back of the pickup truck would end up in the palace. That's what happened to Tech. - Anand Giridharadas

Giridharadas is a fuckwit.

Oh,please,he's just going to use his leftist philosphies to write some more books,advance his career and make a lot of money.He knows fully well that America is not going to be refashioned in the image he suggests and he certainly is not going to use his substantial earnings to advance the cause.He just likes to talk about redistributon of wealth of people who have more money than him.It sounds good for the business he's in and it fits in with current populist doctrine.

In light of this appearance, the linked story is really interesting.

Not a single original idea in this man's talk. The elites are rich, and bad, and greedy. It's all been said a billion times. Blah blah blah.

The speaker seems to display very binary thinking.... his argument revolves around the idea that you can either be helping a society, or keeping them from growth. Why can't there be a third option though? Or fourth, fith, sixth, seventh, or infinitely more? When having the mindset that "if you're rich & powerful, you're automatically an enemy" you automatically shun, taboo, and sabotage the opportunity of people who mean well to seek that wealth and strength. You also create an imaginary social construct (or an internal social bias) that anyone who is rich & powerful, is only there to oppress you. That's the same mindset that is responsible for people blaming the Govt. for everything is/might go wrong, without giving credit for its accomplishments. I agree with some of his arguments (that the strong need to recognize, and see that something that might be beneficial for the society might not *initially* seem good for them). I also disagree with that mindset, because helping the society should ultimately help the company in the long run. I agree that there needs to be balance so that companies don't get too far ahead of themselves, but also that they don't stop being strong because they need that edge & strength to be able to defend, innovate for, and contribute to said society. If the brain requires too much blood from the heart, the heart might overtask itself. Causing damage to itself, blood vessels, and the body, and the brain itself. If the body overtasks the heart, then it could cause an internal rupture or collapse... And if the brain & hearts don't receive enough blood themselves, then the rest of the body would die along with them as well. Organizations, Companies, The govt. all of them are organs & systems that societies (the body) need. Perhaps google's growth & stability could also mean that it should be the a model business that other businesses should strive to imitate/achieve? So if his argument is only seen as black & white, then i call it: a load of bullshit.

this guy wants to change a system built on consensual transactions. go to Scandinavia bro. Let us innovate.

Eat the rich.

Doo-doo nugget!

S4njuro Your loss

online ads & newspapers - thats a whip & buggy argument there. look at all the whip makers that are out of work because of the iron horse technology hahaaaaa....newspapers suck. I am happy google put them out of business. lets create a subsidy so you can save journalists jobs....guess what, those journalists are replaced by Vloggers and bloggers who give it to us straight, without the editor, that guy that tells you what you could write & how it should come across.

this guy talks a sweet game.....there shouldn't be any billionaires, the poor, tax the rich. it sounds very seductive & nice. the truth is, he has not created any jobs. he is walking on the capes of great men, imperfect men, who have created businesses & jobs and are builders. this type of logic doesn't get us anywhere. if anything, you want to attract more billionaires to USA. Our system is imperfect. the middle class does need help. rich people in general have made sacrifices and different choices to get where they are. delayed gratification, hard work, etc...higher wages, shorter work week, mortgage forgiveness, longer maternity leave, longer paternity leave, there are alot of ways to give some relief to the middle class. less wars would be great too btw. what is he comparing to as far as social justice based system. on the question of education. This is a very important thing he is talking about. again, it sounds really fantastic to create the best schools for everyone. yes, agreed. lets give everyone the best schools possible. Now, I know growing up, there were a few highly studious kids, many normal & above average kids, and the kids who were not interested in schooling and did not cherish the value of the education and studying hard to get good grades. Not only were they not interested, and this is from personal experience, but they often behaved in a way that was disruptive to others who were trying to study. choices. these are the choices that have led us to the current system. It is akin to leading a horse to water, but not being able to make it drink. Where does good parenting fit in. there are many poor children who study hard and make it. there are many rich kids who do not study hard and become involved in negative activities. In general, it's nice to have socialism and safety nets and equalizers. but in the end, hard work, delayed gratification, and good decisions seem to win out where ever you live. Maybe AI & automation will throw off enough efficiency to give birth to Free - free healthcare, free need to work if you dont want to, etc.

The speaker seems to display very binary thinking.... his argument revolves around the idea that you can either be helping a society, or keeping them from growth. Why can't there be a third option though? Or fourth, fith, sixth, seventh, or infinitely more? When having the mindset that "if you're rich & powerful, you're automatically an enemy" you automatically shun, taboo, and sabotage the opportunity of people who mean well to seek that wealth and strength. You also create an imaginary social construct (or an internal social bias) that anyone who is rich & powerful, is only there to oppress you. That's the same mindset that is responsible for people blaming the Govt for anything wrong, without giving credit for its accomplishments. I agree with some of his arguments (that the strong need to recognize, and see that something that might be beneficial for the society might not *initially* seem good for them). I also disagree with that mindset, because helping the society should ultimately help the company in the long run. I agree that there needs to be balance so that companies don't get too far ahead of themselves, but also that they don't stop being strong because they need that edge & strength to be able to defend, innovate for, and contribute to said society. If the brain requires too much blood from the heart, the heart might overtask itself. Causing damage to itself, blood vessels, and the body, and the brain itself. If the body overtasks the heart, then it could cause an internal rupture or collapse... And if the brain & hearts don't receive enough blood themselves, then the rest of the body would die along with them as well. Organizations, Companies, The govt. all of them are organs & systems that societies (the body) need. Perhaps google's growth & stability could also mean that it should be the a model business that other businesses should strive to imitate/achieve? So if his argument is only seen as black & white, then i call it: a load of bullshit.

+Bryce Brogan I specified "reported" and/or "have legal trouble". I also mentioned that it could be interpreted as speech but did not say that it was "hate speech" or that it would fall under the legal definition of hate speech. Rich people have been discriminated before (Communism, French Revolution, Anarchist movement... They literally had their head cut off, forced to work to death and assassinated on the street and in their home) rich people are probably one of the most hated groups in the world and are easily identifiable; you can find a list of them on the internet. But primarily my point was, be careful before publicly call for the killing of a group of people.

​+Simon Cote Such a statement is a hate crime if and only if it is directed at members of an *identifiable* group. The definition of "identifiable group" under section 319 (Public Incitement of Hatred) is as follows: "identifiable group" means any section of the public distinguished by colour, race, religion, ethnic origin or sexual orientation. This act is meant to protect those groups who have been subject to systemic disciminaion in the past. This does not apply to the billionaire class.

Wealth distribution naturally trends towards a Pareto 80/20 distribution, NOT an equal distribution. When this guy says the wealth inequality in America isn't natural and has to be artificially engineered, hes either lying or ignorant.

The purpose of taxation in a sovereign fiat currency is not to fund things as public spending creates new net financial assets and taxation destroys them. The govt is the monopoly issuer of net financial assets and it can therefore afford to buy anything available for sale in its own currency - not that it always should but it can #StephanieKelton. The actual purposes of taxation are 1) to enable the transfer of goods/services from the private to the public sector so that govt can operate; 2) to create demand for the currency, as you need it to pay your taxes; 3) to reduce aggregate demand and thereby reduce inflationary pressures within the economy by destroying some of the currency; 4) to enable govt to encourage wanted and discourage unwanted behaviours ie reliefs for good and costs for unwanted behaviour such as smoking; 5) to reduce inequality by reducing the differentials between top and bottom but not reallocating funds from one to the other. We have for far too long allowed Neoliberal economists and politicians to convince us that taxation is the only source of funds for central government when it is clear from the above that this is not the case and it has stopped us doing so many things that would have benefitted people and planet. If you would like to learn more on this please see Ellis Winningham's Economics 101 at and for more depth I would recommend

Totally concise and penetrating!

I actually think things have never been more egalitarian. We live in a time where education is free or very cheap. You don't need to go to expensive universities or training schools to get the education or skill to improve your life. Also we have a lot more exchange of ideas than we ever had before. Also nothing is preventing employees at Google becoming shareholders.

This video was banned by google originally ..

I was lucky enough to see Anand's RSA Talk first, then his Aspen Institute "wilting world" speech. I came here to hear his anti-trust comment about Google being re-formed into 2 companies: Goo & Gle. I guess it must've been edited out before google relinquished and FINALLY posted it for "public consumption".

+kinn grimm OR, it is and you just failed to self inform. Probably good idea to watch Anand's RSA Talk and the speech that pretty much got him dismissed from The Aspen Institute; "the Thriving World, the Wilting World and You"

I guess his truth to power comment has been edited out. Eg. Google & the Anti-trust laws, google should be split into 2 companies: "Goo & Gle"

+mark1952able Brass is a soft metal. To confront this world they need to be chrome plated steel!

Private corporations are not much different than the previous monarchy dictatorships.

This is a really special talk - it's exactly the right person talking to the right people about the right things in the right way - something you so rarely see. And notice how you can taste the discomfort, you can feel what the google people are feeling - it's such a beautiful demonstration of how we do not seek challenge - this talk is beautiful because it's an anomaly, it's the exception, when what needs to be said gets said to those who need to hear it.

​+kinn grimm Um, no. You're a massive, massive Fail, here. (Also, that's some pretty awful English there. "Relativating his interpretations"? Really? Jesus.)

+kinn grimm Kinn - do you realise the amount of time, costs, branding and effort goes into each of the google talk videos and do you not see anything wrong when with all that is invested in these video - in a multi-billion dollar company - only one guy responds after all the effort has been spent and effectively says (to paraphrase) 'Sorry mate no longer on that team, and there's no one else to take my place who can provide you any information on this very significant piece of work we have just completed...that happens to criticise my company - all the best' Really Kinn -_-

+Don Santiago Ramon Cajal Are you just here to insult people about their personal shortcomings or is there anything relavent you have to say. So far i haven't seen anything. @Passer Bby If there would not have been a video posted, as i mentioned before, then you all would have had a point in my view. Yet google posted it, even so a little late. I don't know why and i haven't seen anyone posting anything sofar convincing me otherwise. @Wuggy I wouldn't mind google being split into multiple companies. Tbh i wouldn't mind if every country on earth would have a maximum size limit on different aspects of company and when reached they would have to be splitt up. Companies and their owners have taken over the roles monarchs, kings and Tyrants. Maybe not always as obvious, but sometimes quite as bad. I don't accept how anyone could be ruled by someone who is not voted for. Monachies are at best a waste of money and at worst the same as dictators, absolute rulers with often no concideration for the people other then to serve them. The way wealth is being horded by 1% of the worlds population is a new safer form of ruling people without often even having to take responsibility for the mistakes made by the companies owners have shares of.

while I like the message because it's grounded in truth , the real problem escapes him or he is afraid to say it . He brings you right up to the edge and fails to deliver the cause , and has no remedy . The need for real change is obvious and the people that are most responsible are not mentioned at all , and nothing will change until the people are identified and what they are doing is exposed , the problem is people are still too comfortable and don't want to hear the inconvenient truth because it would put their financial security in jeopardy , it's the stockholm syndrome .

Fantastic truth sayer . He speaks wisdom with simplicity .

Thank you for this video. He is not only brilliant but also fiercely courageous to deliver this what could have been very ineffective speech due to its circumstance still powerfully. We need more intellects like him!

Listen to his other talks - is just an example. He is more informal there and is generally more critical. I think he dialed it back a bit for Google.

Yes, agreed. He's giving Zuch too much credit. That guy is a lizard brain.

I’m not okay living in a society and an economic system that allows private corporations and the wealthy to buy off our media, our government, and our politicians

I love the belief of the wealthy that economic adversity, "builds character." So what does having it rigged from before birth build?

What he's saying here can be applied to charities. Charities are a business who make money to throw it at the problem that will perpetually exist because they can't put enough money that would be sustainable in order to eliminate the problem. That's why we need Universal Basic Income.

A handful of very wealthy and powerful individuals will go to great lengths to justify and defend their ecological footprint. They live a lifestyle that they have become accustomed to and every now and then they'll throw out a few breadcrumbs to deflect attention away from themselves.

"The employees have the right to know what the company is doing at lobbying policy. " It is a suggestion that brings democracy into the companies, institutes. After all, people spend more than half of their time in the company business. If a company is allowed to attend political activities. The employees and employers have to carry out those activities in a democratic way.

Do THE RIGHT THING, do the right thing; Do it all the time, do it all the time!

Don McLean American Pie

A million dreams...

A PENNY taxed off the elite wealthy class is expensive for them... There is nothing cheap or fair or ‘not expensive’ to INSATIABLE GREED. Ppl who do not share and properly distribute their own profits w/their own family (their workers/employees) would not consider any amount off their bloated fortune as anything other than expensive. How many immoral decisions and boundaries have they already stepped over and erased from their conscience to get to that point that got them their golden throne on top of their mountain? The world is blazing the alarms of economic collapse, of our democracy crumbling, of authoritarian rule, of mass oppression and suffering, of degradation of education, of WWIII, NUCLEAR/biological warfare, of climate change and devastating irreversible effects of it... (the ultimate destruction of the protection from the Sun’s killer radiation that our delicate ozone layer provides; the delicate oxygen cycle and production that’s literally a global effort for our Earth to produce, etc.) Alarms are ringing out all over the world. If the elite class doesn’t get it together and do THE RIGHT THING or forced to contribute to society... IF the ppl are not protected and uplifted from all this corruption and oppression... IF we do not take immediate action to address climate change... there will be NO FUTURE to look forward to. There will be no exponential collective brain power to solve problems and innovate ideas. We either walk TOGETHER into the future towards utopia or we shall all perish together in dystopia... until all life on this planet cease to be.

Excellent talk. I would love to see an annual report of what positions my country has taken on my behalf this year, as well as making a look at how prior actions on my behalf have worked out. At a minimum.

13:05 San Antonio Independent School District v. Rodriguez, 411 U.S. 1 (1973) the Supreme Court already ruled on this. They decided that an education was not a constitutional right.

google is evil

Just discover this guy. What zoom of super fresh air. L

I am from a poor country ... I got everything Anand wants to make us believe, government can´t be absent , can´t overlook its social responsabilities, but years of powerfull governments brought us lots of corruption and incompetence. Probably overthere you guys need a strong government but here is dangeous and there´s the socialism fear and the radical left. Sorry its not that easy.

Anand + GaryVee = motivational and intellectual phenomena

After JFK, killing the working class one term at a time. Oh, our Great Leaders who represent the ones with the most.

Thanks for sharing - this is helpful context.

It's quite simple, capitalism incentivises contempt for those without wealth, sociopathy to protect wealth and greed to make it grow. The problem, is capitalism itself, which no amount of regulation will ever be able to bend it into compliance with democracy with any permanence. It is a failed system, which is also incompatible with solving the greatest problem it has created, climate change. As for philanthropy, that is simply a rich persons method for soothing their conscience while reducing their tax bill. Google should be democratised at best, and at least, broken up, the same for apple, amazon and many others.

If you like Anand talking points and views then you might like Andrew Yang’s mindset and policies. #YANG2020

We need to seriously start looking at extreme wealth and greed as a mental illness. They behave like addicts that will destroy anything for more. They obviously won't stop until the planet is dead, they have to be stopped by the will of the people.

Thank you very much for speaking truth. Humanity over reputation. Doing the greatest good.

Thank you so much for speaking truth. Humanity over reputation. The greatest good!

+Latioswar showdown It's a fact, and I want it to be explicit that class is the important division of society. At the same time, it's in the working class's interest to oppose all the oppression built in to capitalism. In the U.S., the main expression of that is the oppression of black people. If the working class wants to win, we need to oppose every manifestation of oppression while fighting for the things we all need.

I could see him running for office some day

We see 3 white guys as the Google audience.... Yup.

Anand Giridharadas had me until he stated that Wall Street was hyper-regulated. They are severely underregulated and one of the primary causes of the economic crisis of 2008.

So sad to see google with their algorithm silencing progressive voices , This video should have so many more views RIP democracy

By any financial measure Google is a big success. It's an essential element of capitalism that that would result in competitors. Given the scale of Google's success (speaking here of the search/advertising business), lots of them. Yet there are very few. Either capitalist theory is wrong or Google does have monopolistic power.

The person who brought him to Google ain't doing her job. Which is a good thing Haha!

Thank you for sharing this information. I just found the guy.

This entire series is a proven social engineering project. The only reason it exists is to give useful idiots excuses that protect the .001% from real change. "Of course they care about the 99.99% b/c they run a lecture series where speakers give a talk to 20 entry level employees who have no power just like the rest of the 320 million people in the USA who have no power. " Do u see how crazy this is ?!

+kinn grimm You *don't care* why it wasn't published before? You mean, you don't care that Google wanted to silence this guy?

How are you saying this at GOOGLE?, Isn't Sergey Brin one of those fake "philanthropists"?

He agrees that sometimes their horribly greedy actions with terrible, tangible human impacts are carried out knowingly, read his book. But in most cases the point he makes is that even when these ultra-rich 'creators' or 'builders' or whatever they want to be called THINK that they are doing a good thing, they are effectively not, because their 'good thing' is from their skewed ultra-wealthy, typically privileged position of power. He's not talking about what they do to stop change, but what they actually attempt to change that skews the playing field, and even the perception of what a particular problem is. Yes, there a shit-ton of laws that control wall street...

noam chomsky hit him where it hurts sometime in his career.

i’m blown away

this reminds me of labor union movements haha.

I'm surprised google allowed comments on this video

The problem is that he’s preaching to the slave class at Google. To think that all programmers are billionaires is to not really understand the world we live in.. unfortunately Anand doesn’t actually understand the world because he’s just a journalist - he never really has worked in the system, he only worked outside of the system as a journalist.. every profession has all the classes attributed: slave class of workers who do the work, then the merchant class of sales people who establish connections and extend the reach of the company, and then you have owners, investors and managers - who are the bullshit class of ideologues, spin doctors and brain-washers who pocket the profit and bullshit others for saying they do a lot of work and take a lot of risk.. Anand is a fool, it’s good that he’s trying to do a good, but unfortunately most problems in the world come from people who have no understanding or experience but think they have knowledge who think they know what needs to be done to make a positive change for someone else. The answer is not in pumping more money via taxes into government, the real answer is creating regulation which deals with the monopoly of ownership of companies which is actually at the core of resource distribution failure of our age.

M. lol they are miles apart though in their thinking though

He looks a bit like Kanye Lol

Here from the RSA interview. This man gives me hope.

Going into the areas of generational poverty as a student, scientist or savior does not help the people in need. Writing papers, and then getting grants to write more papers is great for the student -- the people in poverty? Nothing changes. As a scientist doing a study...same thing. Does not help. As a savior? Well... it depends. One fantastic attempt to actually create jobs and security while giving hope through tangible investments is happening with a new grocery store [The Market @ 25th] in an impoverished area in Richmond, VA. A local philanthropist who has given so much to nonprofits and arts organizations in the past hasmade an about face. Instead, he made a huge financial commitment to creating a hub -- including a grocery store for the community IN the community [it is a food desert]. He hired my husband, an executive from the local food bank with 20+ years in food banking and 20+ years in grocery experience. He, in turn, listened to the local community - food justice, faith and school organizations...local citizens and elected officials. He made sure to hire from the area -- 90 individuals with no job skills -- and trained them over a 8 week period, paying a living wage. He brought in over 65 local vendors, a local, minority, woman-owned independent pharmacist, a local, minority-owned bank. No grocery, pharmacy or bank chain will go into this neighborhood. All this and more: outreach agency, a culinary school, medical and learning center -- in one area is going to make a huge difference in many, many lives -- more than throwing cash at an nonprofit, institution or top-heavy bureaucracy. A store in a food desert will provide, fresh affordable food to the neighborhood for the first time in years, hiring local will be turning people into taxpayers instead of tax burdens for the first time in their lives. Opening next month, keep an eye on Richmond.

@mrzack888 and then they become the economic hitmen of their countries.

So when talking about public schools, Anand brought up not once 1) unions 2) endless highly-paid bureaucracy 3) bankrupt pensions. But he brought up taxes and the "evil rich property holders" first. Google has not necessarily made lives better for free given the insidious evil that has come out their censorship, filtering and thought control. Definitely appreciate asking tough pointed questions in the belly of the evil beast. And asking about lobbying but please! you could've done all this without partisanship.

You are SO good!

This American Life has a really good episode about Wall Street _"REGULATING"_ itself, #536: The Secret Recordings of Carmen Segarra.

bezo's ... if you want to do something amazing ... buy out the other investors in amazon and then up the pay of ever worker everywhere in the world to like 100k or how have much you can before you reach the break end point ... i can guaranty you that will immensely help millions if not billions of people thru the flow on effects...

Break them up. That's not a bad thing for them. The separate companies will carry on just fine.

its strange google tried to suppress this, the audience, while silent, did seem receptive.

@48:40 Company benefits? No man!!! That just exacerbates inequality. It means more corporate control over people. Besides which, Google employee benefits will far outshine the benefits afforded to employees of your local farmer coop, the local building coop, or dentist, or bakery, or coffee shop. You simply MUST provide social services through government universal programmes, funded by the federal deficit, that's how you put money fairly and equitably into the economy. The janitor and the Google techie should have the same single payer healthcare, the same well-resourced schools, the same quality roads and at least neither should be living in sub-standard housing, or wanting for basic nutrition, or needing to "save for retirement". Saving for retirement ---- the most insidious morally corrupt idea capitalism probably gave us, other than "profit motive" and "financial instruments".

Breaking Google up is f__king retarded. You break up monopolies to allow small competitors to flourish. But you *want* monopolies when you can fairly regulate them, because in actual fact monopolies tend to have an effect of lowering costs & lowering prices (economies of scale, no rivals to worry about, etc.) So it is far to simplistic to reach for the antitrust stick. Antitrust has specific purposes, to stop any one company stifling innovation or engage in price gouging. Google can hardly be accused of any such shit, because their revenue is mostly advertising, and they publish a fair amount of open source software. The proper 1st reform Google needs is workplace democracy, all Google employees should have as much a say as Larry, Sergey, Pichai and Schmidt, and as many shares. The 2nd reform is one applied to all businesses that hoard profits, they need to be taxed like shit on any rentier activity (non-productive purely financial asset investments, and capital assets like share earnings). Google should survive that, because they invest in engineering R&D, not just real estate and financial derivatives.

Good stories. But "win--win" is a caricature for something profound (market capital hegemony) with a relatively simple solution. The power relations need upending. No more working for a "boss" who takes most of the profit of your labour. We need worker cooperatives which give workers equal say and equal shares of profits. I bet Google engineers have collectively much brighter ideas than Sergey and Larry, so why do the founders take away the lions share of Google's profits in their share options? All Google employees should have roughly equal shares, and they can agree democratically to grant the founders a few more, but democratically, as part of the deal to sign up to work for the company.

+kinn grimm +MikePetersen did not claim there as a conspiracy. He just said Google seemed to try to shut down this video in a lazy way. The fact Giridharadas had to leak this is sufficient reason to think Google Inc. were not happy with how they were portrayed. The mad thing is, why? Ghiridharadas gave the company plenty of props. Do Google think they are somehow hallowed by St Ingucius and holier than thou? Seems so!

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