Amazon Keyword Research With Helium 10 (Advanced Training Tutorial)

Amazon Keyword Research With Helium 10 (Advanced Training Tutorial)

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Everyone. Welcome, back to my channel, today thank, you so much for dropping by, I have, Bradley, from helium 10 he's, back with another, demo, just, for you guys today we're going to be talking about Amazon, keyword. Research we're going to dive into a. Magnet. And cerebro because I know a lot of you guys have. If, you guys have tried out helium 10 it's it's, a little overwhelming in the beginning but Bradley's, here to really break it down for you and show you all the cool things that you can do with these two, tools. Alright. So first, of all that's a very great fashion, choice do you have today you, got the memo it's a very good-looking shirt, guys, and if, you guys stay to the end we. Might have a contest where they can win you know one of these t-shirts right. Yes. So guys okay. All the way to the end so you can find out how you can get one of these uh one. Of these t-shirts and, let's. Go ahead and let me share my screen and I just want to show you guys some some, cool hacks, for, product research using helium 10 tools so let me just share my screen here. Alright. Can, you see it now yes, okay. Alright so um again, I don't want to I don't want to make it seem like this is something that's rehearsed, I mean we. Know that we didn't rehearse anything right now but, you, guys might not so let's, just come up with a couple random. Searches. Give. Me some ideas give me like two or three and I'll pick one that that sounds pretty good. Yeah. Like I mean, I'm, not collagen, peptides or tactical flashlights because we always do those or a garlic press but like, a semi, specific, product, niche that. Beach. Balls okay what else give me like two or three so I can pick a really. Let's. See we, do Jade roller Oh. What. Derma, roller I want. To do the first one you said what do you say Jade ruler. Literally. I've never heard that soul Wow look at that it comes up in auto-complete right away oh yeah I might have heard it no you know I think I do know this one yeah, you roll on your face and it's a magical thing, that's. Pretty cool I just actually came back from China I was. On the case the first time went to China without, it being business and we went to a jade uh I don't. Know if you call a factory, but yeah, maybe a factory but I learned, all about this stuff okay so wow, I didn't know this. Is pretty cool all right this is this is a great one right here okay so let's, say you've, done all of your product, research and you're, like hey Jade, Roller there's opportunity. Here I went. And I sourced, my, you. Know I sourced, I found a factory, in China or, India, or wherever your, factories, in and I know exactly, what my products thing look like I know how much it's gonna cost all, right what, are the next steps well obviously you need to start thinking about your keyword, research and, what. Keywords you're, going to want to put in your listing spill what, is my suggested. Process, well first, of all I'm just going to assume Jade, ruler might be you, know the the, most search for the most relevant search for this product okay so the first thing that I'm going to do is I'm, gonna go and magnet and I'm just gonna type that in Jade ruler. Let's. See if anybody else. This. Market, yeah. So guys when I say hey this is what I decided to do that. Doesn't mean everybody needs to go out and. Source, this but I'm just saying let's say it's not you know saturated. But. What would I do so, here. What, happens when I pull up Jade, ruler in a search in magnet it actually gave me a thousand, over a thousand, keywords where do these keywords come from well, what magnet, went and did was it you know checked some of the top sellers, in.

The. Search results, for Jade ruler and it's giving me a whole bunch of keywords that are, very, highly, related, to that product and now this is cool guys because, the difference between this and other, tools is sometimes. Um you might have one software tool which, gives, you only words where Jade, or roller, or Jade, roller is like part of that keyword and there's nothing wrong with that you know that's a very valuable list of keywords but as you can see here, there's. Words that come up that don't have, that. That don't necessarily have, those in here like, let's, see skin. Jim why in the heck is skin Jim code I don't know what that means but somehow, that's related right you know um I. Don't know what this is this might be a brand name or it might just be a you know function here um. What. Other words come. Up. Drain. Drainage. I don't. Know a drainage, means but you're gonna come up with all kinds of keywords and especially, if you're not if you're like me and have no idea, about this category at all almost, everything. Here is kind of like education. For you to, learn what some of the most searched-for. Terms. That potentially. Your competitors, are converting. For what, kind of keywords there are here now. One thing you're gonna see in a lot of searches, for. A. Keyword. And this is especially for those of you who, might be in Canada or might, be in different countries and don't understand, the demographics, too much in the USA, is, that there's actually a big population, of people who are searching in Amazon USA in the Spanish language so. I guarantee. You somewhere, in this list of eleven hundred and forty four keywords you're. Gonna find whatever, the Spanish word for Jade roller is or whatever people, who speak Spanish are searching, for sometimes, is what we call Spanglish, oh you. Know that means you know Spanish. In English in like one like it'll, be like let's say Jade is say it hotter or something you'll be hi there roller, para women, you know Jade roller four and then the word English and women there's literal, type people, who search, for that and those, keywords, are gonna come up here and bang it so you. What you would do is you would just do all you. Know you would study this whole list of eleven hundred keywords and start picking out ones that, you think are gonna be um you know important, for you but. The, number one way to find out which keywords are super, hyper relevant, to your listening is finding. Out what, the top sellers, of this. Product, who, look exactly, like your product or really, close to it what. Are they showing, up on page one four because. If they're on page one um. How. Did they get - how did they get to page one you know maybe they did PPC, right or. Maybe they did a launch, or a giveaway but, what's the only way to really stay on page one if they've been on page one organically, what does that mean.

With. You so the velocity. Yeah they're. Converting, they're converting, with a good sales velocity, just like she said for. That keyword all right otherwise they're gonna drop, right off of page one right so I'm looking for what they're on page one for in other words what are they actually converting, for what keywords are relevant so let's take a look here I'm, gonna open up cerebro, now. If you have your product already you already started off you could put that right here as your baseline product, but, if not you could just put any random product right here as like the baseline, okay. This, is the field that I'm concerned about so what I'm going to do is I'm gonna run Chrome extension, and x-ray. And this, is going to show me kind of like estimated. Sales amounts for everybody, who's here on the page one of the search, results, and this, is super important guys so I'm gonna, go ahead and once, it finishes loading they're still loading this page there's a lot of listings. On here once. It's finished loading I am going to sort it by the number of sales right here I'm gonna hit sales. Okay. Now. I'm going to mouse over these one by one now what I am NOT going to pick I'm, not gonna pick big brand names because, it's really hard to compare apples to apples when, you're a private label seller and then there's a brand name now Jade roller I don't even know if those are such thing as a brand name Jade roller you. Know if this was shoes then obviously what I mean is I would not pick like your adidas or something, like that, so. I'm, gonna take a look and let's just say I already determined, my. Product. Looks. Like this, okay, let's just say this is like wow this is almost, exactly like my product it has looks. Like a roller on two sides maybe a box so I'm looking for products that are selling well that, look like this because that means that. A potential. Customer of mine is a. Customer, that these guys have already had all right so let's look this, yep, this is selling holy, cow this is selling a quarter of a million dollars a month and it semi, looks like the, kind of product I already determined, I already saw so I'm gonna copy that Aysen I'm gonna, put it here and I press spacebar, now. I'm gonna keep looking here here's, another one this looks almost identical and they're, selling 5,000, units I definitely, want to know what. Keywords are relevant to them. Paste. And spacebar. Next, one ah okay so so, this one this is a good example. Yes. This is a Jade ruler but you know what this is like a pink one so. Potentially. If mine is emerald, or green right, um I, am, NOT a hundred, percent sure that's. Somebody, who's searching for, or somebody who would buy a pink one wouldn't necessarily, consider mine, okay, cuz it looks kind of different so it could very well be that somebody already, comes in with, a preconceived notion I'm looking, for a pink Jade ruler alright so to, me this might not be my competitor because that's.

A Different demographic so, I'm gonna skip that one, I'm. Gonna go to this this. Looks like my product and they're selling like twelve, or two thousand units I'm gonna filly want to see what they're doing and let me find just one more or two more here's. Another one looks like my product, selling. Seventeen, hundred about a month and, let's do one more I, actually. Never, put, a few, products, in so when I use cerebro, Alli is like I'm so used to just putting in one. And. This this is let. Me explain that's I'm glad I'm. Glad you mentioned that because I totally forgot to explain why I'm doing this yeah. There's. Nothing wrong with just searching for one product all right that's great if you're doing that good but here's what happens is let's, say you're doing a Jade rule and then you come here and you see this Rosalind boutiques are selling. 12800. Month you're like this is the number one guy I'm, gonna run this in cerebro, and I want to see they're importing keywords and then, I'm gonna copy their strategy, right now here's the danger of using just one acing, to compare yourself to even though they're killing it right let's. Say this Jade ruler was, on The Oprah Winfrey Show or on dr., oz or dr. Phil right and they, came up with some like catch phrase on that show right like Oprah, came up with the, Jade Roller. That. Changes, your life or, whatever. Right they came up with a catchphrase and then what happens is all of a sudden that's what everybody relates this product and now that's how they're searching, for it on Amazon, Jade. Ruler that, changes your life right and then. Now. All of a sudden there's a lot of search volume for that keyword they're, gaining sales they're like one position one for that Jade Roller that changed your life and so you you're doing your keyword research you're, like wow this. Is a super, important, keyword and there's like no competition. For this keyword there's only a few listings that even have it and this guy is obviously getting sales I need to focus on this keyword I'm gonna put a whole bunch of money in PPC I'm going. To go ahead and and. Do. A launch and, give away 500. Of these products and then yeah you get to page one and then you get no sales why. Because. That keyword, is not relevant to you it was relevant to your competitor, right, but, not to you because you had no idea that there was this Oprah thing that is there's, this whole backstory behind that makes sense right. Yeah so now you see where I'm going with this right by, comparing, myself to four or five then, that, takes away that possibility, because, now I'm gonna find keywords that are relevant to all the, bestsellers, then. I know it's not one that's what was only relevant to one okay so. That's. A really good explanation yeah, I always suggest to members.

You Know it's you should compare with fortified. Listings, like I mean five products, to really see what's going on in the back end okay. I. Percent. Agree guys thousand, percent agree and the reason why we're. Saying this because we've heard of sellers that, have not done that and they, end up you know paying for it once, they're listing bombs or something right so guys they do their keyword, research after that, their inventories, been in the warehouse you're like oh, you know. No. Bueno good. Alright so this, came up with 7,000 keywords now this is a valuable set of keywords list you know you you might want to save this full, keywords just like it is basically. What this is um and. It's funny we. Have different. Tiers of members in helium 10 like there are some people who, are big-time sellers, and they're actually paying $200. A month for the diamond, plan of helium 10 and so, I had a workshop with him 25, of them this morning and I asked them guys, do, you know what this is results even you would think that these are our top members they know not one person got what I'm about to tell you guys they did not get it right all right I'm. Not gonna put you on the spot to ask you but let. Me just tell you guys what this is these, seven thousand keywords is any. Keyword, phrase that, any one. Of these, products. Including the seed product is ranking, for in, the. Top 306, positions, that, means the top 306. Search results right so. Any one of them so now again there. Could very well be a keyword here that's only relevant to one because of the Oprah Winfrey Show or whatever right so, I want, to immediately. Make this list more relevant, to my listing I already said my listing, looks like this I know, these these, guys have keywords that are important but I want to know what's, across, the board relevant, so I'm gonna put here minimum. Five that, means that's a minimum of five ranking, competitors, right and then, I'm gonna say hey let. Me just do this first I'll always go ahead and do this it takes it from 7,000, whoa, it takes it all the way down to 344, so, there's only, 344. Keywords that all five. Of them are ranking for so for example Himalayan. Face for this, guy is ranking top 306, this guy this guy this guy this guy etc right but, now I'm like hey all I care about what are they converting for and again what we said how do we know what they're converting for what, are they like on page one so I'm gonna say hey show me if, you take the average rank. Of all five, of these sellers, or these products, that, they're all kind of on page one between one and twenty let's. See how that whittles it down now. Now. That takes it down to a hundred, and thirty two keywords. So now this is super, hyper. Relevant. Keywords, to, your listing, and now, you can start diving deep and say look at this Jade, ruler for face all. My, competitors are, average. Of five point four and why if you mouse over here you, see one is number one one, is number three one is for one is five one is 14, so, that obviously. Is, a keyword, that you've got to make a thousand, percent sure that, you are gonna have in your listing because I guarantee. With, this many searches, you know if thousands. Of people are searching for this keyword and these.

Guys Are all on page one you know they're converting, for, this like in the hundreds you know these guys are selling hundreds, of units a month for, this keyword so unless you get on this keyword are results. You. Are not going, to. You're, missing out on a lot of sales so guys this is super important this is my, number, one favorite, thing actually about helium 10 is doing this cerebro, compared, Aysen, search, because it's the only way, to find you keywords, that, are super, hyper relevant, to your potential, buyers I really. Like that you know it's another thing that I've been suggesting to, members with helium 10 cerebro do, a when. Is sometimes because I get questions and people are like you know I don't know where I'm ranked like you know where it can rank higher for whatever do, a cerebro. Out reverse Aysen look upon yourself and, see, where you're right absolutely yeah absolutely, yeah. That's great because you might yeah cuz Amazon, doesn't, tell you where your sales are coming from you know like PPC, if you do PPC, yeah you know what search term resolves, it but right you know probably. 70, 50 to 75, or more percent, of your sales are just coming from organic searches and you have no idea where you come from but as, we, all know people. Don't buy, things on, page 8 and page 9 yeah like how many people are that patients, actually scratch to. Write. Page. To maybe just like you said right yeah hates, you maybe so, then that's, a best way to say where are people even see my listing from you, run cerebro, and I guarantee. You're gonna find keywords, that you didn't even realize. You. Know your anymore, right. And so a better, idea and then you see those if you're converting for it maybe, you even want to go. A little bit more like maybe you're on the bottom of page 1 for some keywords you never even realized so like yeah shoot. I'm gonna throw this in a manual campaign, in my PPC, and see if I can move that rank up that's, exactly. How, I've been doing it and those are those are the easiest, keywords, you can just bring up even higher you, know like I'd really like that one yeah, yep absolutely, any, questions about what I did on, this or either. Bang it or cerebral, um no what one question, though what is um maybe. You can ask a dive. A little deeper into the magnet. IQ, score that's something I don't really, pay attention to a lot because maybe. I don't know the importance, of it or you know how important is it to really pay attention and IQ, score yeah. Absolutely absolutely as a great question, all right so the, UH magnet. IQ, score and cerebro IQ score are the same thing okay it's. Basically the IQ score and you can mouse over here and see what it says it says it's an AI internal, score we, give two key words to show the ratio between search, volume, and competition, a higher, score means that there's a good ratio of low competition, a high search volume the. More competition, there is for this keyword phrase the lower the score so again, first of all this score does not mean that it's good or bad or, like that you should do something or not do something we. Just put this here so that you don't have to go and do a calculation so, a lot of people said hey I like. To find words that are searched for a lot but. Not many people have it in their listing so, this is a really high score because, this, one at the time that we check this when. Amazon was giving this data it, said that there are 16,000. People searching for this a month yet. There, are only 1000. People who had this in their listing right, um what's, something that has a low, score let me see here. Here's. Something that's a low score, Beauty. Roller Jade, the reason why this has a low score is because only 17. People a month are searching for it more or less but, more than 1000 people is your competition for this keyword more than 1000, people have it indexed so it's just kind of like an indicator like, maybe you're just scrolling, you know really fast and then you see whoa, look at this score why is this have a high score well, look how many people are searching for this and yet, um there's.

Only 2000 people who have it in there and they're listing so it's a good ratio so that's, just how that's used okay. Makes sense yeah I mean most of the times I've been ignoring I think for myself I look, at these numbers every day so it's like okay yeah I know what it means right but, for you new users, who are using helium, 10, this. Saves you so, much time, like. Literally, so, much, time. Absolutely. Not. Technique, that I just showed you guys before. You. Know like like, she said it's not uh this. Wasn't always the case you we only had this single search for cerebral before, so, I would actually use this method in my in my consulting businesses. Summers and I would. Do. A single, cerebral search on like, five or six asons, right I would, export, it all to excel then, I would have to make pivot tables and try and see if I can find the keywords that all of them I mean it was crazy it would take me hour what I just showed, you in ten minutes it would take me three or four hours to the exact same thing using using. The old way so like that's the reason why you use tools whether you're using helium. Ten or another another. You know tool. It's so important, because it takes it, takes jobs, that either would be impossible to do you know that there's no like there's no way that you can figure out what, all the keywords that a certain, one is ranking for I mean literally impossible yeah. No. I know some of you guys are still manually. Checking, what page you're on and, you're like oh you, know don't, do that you guys don't do that honestly. It with every business you need tools, to run your business and with, helium. Ten you just, see. It saves so much time and saves my life so, make. Sure you give it a try because I do have, a, new. Coat for you guys if you guys are you know still on the fence or, you know I know a lot of you guys are on the free plan but you know the free plan can only do so much so, if you do want to give helium can a try even for one month where you can have access to you, know the. Platinum, plan F be a winner, is 50 I'm going to leave that code, below 50%. Off, the first month I think that comes down to like forty. Five four. Dollars or something it's totally. Worth it and I suggest, getting, this and just giving it a try, yeah. If you guys are serious about your Amazon business I mean these, you know tools are are essential, I mean this is just two out of the 22 tools that, you would get you know with that platinum plan you, we've had everything from profits, you know that that's what tells you how much profit you're making it each day your, ROI.

By. The way you know you I, can, say this because I know you're not gonna release this video. Instantaneously. But as. Of tomorrow. Profits. Is now gonna be available for the Canadian marketplace so we, didn't have that so that's brand new information you heard it here first and also, an all the European market places but yeah you have access, to your profits, you. What your inventory, is we, have a refund, genie that's one. Of the top tools that people use because, have. You have you run refund genie I think you might have yes. I have my, money back right I right, when I got helium 10 and it's it's it's, really awesome, another, thing about helium 10 you guys if, you guys have any questions or problems or whatever there's, a little like video, on, the top right where you can get, tutorials. On how to understand, how to use each tool awesome. Also. Another really. Awesome thing about helium 10 is customer. Service because some. Other tools I've used like you email them and you're like hey like I don't know how to use this or you know what's going on with this helium. 10 like, they were they, respond, to and literally, like minutes like, I remember it was like I need help and there's that little chat, icon on the bottom right hit, it and they answer everything, so. Yep. So yeah well because we're here for you guys if we if we didn't give you guys support then you'd. Be frustrated, with the tools and the whole reason why many coats made the suite of tools was you know before when you know when he was Amazon, seller he, just wanted things to be easier he's like wow I want to share I want to share this with other people and help. People you know he he used these tools to help him grow to a seven-figure, business and that's. Like the greatest feeling where and you you know exactly what I'm talking about because, you do coaching and courses, and things like when, you're able to help someone you see somebody come from nowhere and then all of a sudden now they have a successful business that you played a role and it's like the greatest you, know Billy in the world right, especially. When they helped me save the time I'm. Going to get to the good stuff you guys so I know we're we're wearing helium, 10 swag today and I, really encourage you guys to get on them monthly, just. A 50%, off plan for the first month see how you like it i know christmas. Is coming up so i'm going to pick, a winner. To, ship off this, t-shirt, to, this. T-shirt i have a medium and size large all, you guys have to do oh and I'm also giving, away a 30, minute, free call to help me get started with this tool because I know, everything. Bradley, just taught may seem super easy um. But, you know it just think some time getting used to some new tools and whatnot so I'm going to give a a free, teacher and a, free 30-minute. Call, all you have to do is comment, how, to sell on Amazon, in the comments, below and I'll be picking a lucky. Winner shipping, out the t-shirt to you and helping you get started with this cool, awesome.

Awesome Awesome guys hang and once you whoever, does win that t-shirt and then I want you to do this to post. A picture of like in a unique place I just, I don't know if you saw the one I did on our helium tents agree I was in China and I was on the Great Wall of China and I took a picture and somebody. Else just took a picture he was actually scuba, diving and he had the helium 10 t-shirt on but, take a really, cool picture of yourself. Wearing the shirt in, some unique place and then upload, it to Instagram and tag us and we'll go ahead and feature you guys on our Instagram as well no I gotta start doing that now I want to be featured with my swag and also anyways. Guys be sure to, participate and, I really want to get you guys started it's. Almost new year new year new goals new business, new everything. Alright, thank you thank you for having me and. Let. Her know and I'll come back again and do another you know maybe a Q&A, session you, know if you get a more helium 10 users and you guys have a bunch of questions. About how to use it I'll come, on we can do a YouTube. Live or something like that um. Thank. You so much free time Bradley thank. You.

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