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Welcome, to the complete, 8 phase 45-day, 10k. Challenge I'm really. Excited that you are here because this really is an awesome, adventure that we're about to go on together so congrats, for click in this video what. I want to do before we get into this series. Is just give you an overview of how the whole series how, its laid out and how you can best use it to get the best results, for yourself so, first, of all my name is Benji I've, been selling on Amazon FBA for about three years now and got some great results which. We can get into a little bit later right. Now this is about you, and the journey that you're about to take with me so, what I've done for you is I've created this overarching. Organization. Board for you and. It's gonna keep us moving. Linearly, keep us taking action, and keep organized, throughout the whole 45, day challenge so, you, can see on the Left these are the eight phases, that we're gonna go through together so. We're gonna go from finding, a product making. Sure that the product has high demand, and low, competition, and, making sure there's room for you to make profit in there then I'm gonna show you exactly how to make sure you know if you're gonna be profitable, before, you spend your time and your money on your, product, once. We do that we're going to move over to face 2 so it's gonna be improving. Your product now this, is where we differ we differ in a lot of ways where s appear in a lot of ways to. All these other courses, and all these other instructors, out there but. This is one of the big ones we want to make sure that you're not selling, a generic product we want to sell something you're passionate about something that people actually love using and it's superior to anything else on the market because that's gonna that's going to drive that long term growth for. Your product so we're gonna show you exactly how to do that and the, number three in a very important, one phase. 3 will be how, do we find a supplier because, I, know when you get started with Amazon FBA that's. One of the most confusing aspects. At least for me it's like how does it go from an idea in my head into. The Amazon warehouse and, selling on Amazon it's a big question mark and a big like black, hole that I had so we're gonna make sure that you can, find the right supplier to get you a high quality product that's not, just gonna be cheap and crappy we're, gonna make sure it's the Qi talked about that we're gonna make sure it's the cheapest, price possible how, to bargain with supplier, and make sure you get a really, good deal and how to make supply's trustworthy. And what to put into place there to make sure that you can trust him and depend, on him throughout the whole lifecycle, of your product, which hopefully is many many years. We're. Then gonna show you how to create the listing and once again this is where we separate ourselves from all, the other training out there I know a lot of youtubers just brush.

Over This stuff and I know they teach the wrong stuff that actually damages, your listings, there's, big courses out there that doesn't teach what we teach we teach how, to SEO optimize, your listing so your ranking number one for, your keyword how, to literally have someone, type in the keyword of the product you're selling and you'd be the first person to pop up we, then show you how to create curiosity, in, that whether using your photos using, your title, to. Make sure that when you pop up people, are actually clicking on your listing and then thirdly we're, making sure you're, optimized. For conversion, so once people type. In the product name click, on your listing that, they get to your listing page and they're actually buying, actually, making lots of money and making Amazon, lots of money which makes them promote, your product further so. Once, we do that we're going to face five together. And. Five five is gonna be basically the heart of this content, the heart of this series and it's how to launch your product now we're teaching the, snowball, method which nobody else is teaching out there though how to build momentum behind, your product which is the one critical, thing what. Was working two three years ago and Amazon does not work anymore and people are still teaching it it's all rubbish you need to get onto these new strategies. That are actually working today, on Amazon FBA such as the snowball method and the product web method so we're gonna teach you how to take advantage of both of those and really. Just outrank, and outpace, your competitors, and be the number one selling item in your niche. We're. Then gonna go on to how to get reviews which is going to be really simple and easy and. How to do that in an ethical, way that Amazon actually like. V7. Is going to be the sales swing so this is almost like again this is unique to us we teach a second launch so it's basically have a big first launch and then you have a second, push we call the sales swing so we're going to get into that we, won't go into too much detail but it's super super effective so, get excited for when we're up to that phase and then, eight is a double down you know the reorder, the marathon, marketing, how to keep your product trending upwards, and just, keep outpacing. Your competitors, over the long term and being, a six a product that's making over 10,000 dollars of revenue every single, month on Amazon FBA so.

If That sounds excited, them to you it, definitely sounds exciting to me so I hope it does for you I'm ready to go on this adventure together, through. These 46 days I'm gonna keep coming back to this once. Again a touch to my con yeah sorry about that we're, gonna keep coming back to this cool graphic that I've made you just to keep us organized. And focus and know where we're going at each point in time and keep it linear now we're not going to go through exactly everyday, step-by-step we're gonna skip over a couple of days if you, do want all the training it's over 20 hours we have included it into the mentorship, program which. Is the link is in the description, for that if you're interested but, for. Now what we're going to do is we're gonna go over the, first four days so how to find a product because this is where most, people get stuck this is where most people get confused and overwhelmed, and, they don't know if. Their products going to be successful before, they invest money and time so I'm gonna reverse, that for, you make, sure you know that it's going to be successful make sure you have confidence in that, product and enough confidence, to take that leap of faith that, most people don't have it take so. That's, gonna be covered in this. Video I'm so we're gonna go through the first four days together how. We're gonna do that is we're gonna show you number one the, most powerful, product. Finding method, so that is, the. Method. That I've used to find dozens. Of products that are successfully, selling on Amazon FBA we're. Gonna go over that now that is a paid software, that I do use for that if you, don't, if you're on a tight budget and you don't wanna do the paid software we're also going to teach you the number one free, way free. Way the number one way that is free to, get, a product idea that is actually, a successful, winning product idea that you can sell for completely, free the. Number, one product that I've actually launched the one that's made me the most money I found, this exact, using this exact method that I'll show you today and then. I'm. Gonna go through and basically, just keep doing this over and over over so, you can see exactly my. Knowledge how my brain, works what. I'm looking at so you can take that and apply it to your own product and get winning product ideas for, yourself we're gonna find 10 winning product ideas in 30, minutes together so it's going to be exciting we're going to decide the product we're going to sell together, in this series and then in the next video I'll be showing you how we're going to improve it and differentiate, it from everybody, else so once again really. And genuinely, excited, that you are here and you are going to take this journey with me I'm gonna be keep checking in on you making sure you are. Understanding. What's going on and well, organized in this, whole, eight phase ten cake challenge because there is a lot of content to take in so I'm here to help you if you have any questions comment, them below at any time and. With without further ado let's jump in and get started do, yourself a favor and join our Amazon FBA community. Where we're here to help you grow, your product, on Amazon answer all your questions and, really connect, with others who are doing the same and even doing better you can learn from our best students our success, stories we're all here posting, their results and testimonial still inspire, and help you out so click the link in the description, to get instant, access into, this private Facebook. So. The last and probably the, most important, thing that I really want to point out and tell, you and really, have you understand, because this is the most important, thing from, you not doing anything not getting your life change having the same, financial situation. You have a year, from now and actually taking, action actually, doing what you're learning and applying that knowledge and, applying. Those skills that we are giving you the ones that are superior that everyone else is training the ones that are proven to work over and over and actually, using, that to change your life, create.

Yourself A sustainable, appreciating. Business, and actually change your financial freedom which is what you're here for so this is the key this, one little piece of advice right here is the most important thing you can learn in this whole series and. You. Can see this picture represents it you're at a fork in the road and you're really going to be a doer or you're gonna be a dabbler, meaning you're really gonna watch. Along put, all the information into your head be like oh I can see how that works oh yeah that's really cool, and then never actually do it for yourself and the whole reason that we. Have this training the whole reason that we have this course is that you can copy what, we're doing and get the exact same results that we're getting and the results the same results as all our successful students, are getting that's, the whole reason exists. And the only way you can do that is if you take a right at this fork and. You become a doer and you actually take action and apply all this knowledge that you're learning and put it into action and you laughs so I can work for you the same way it worked for me and all of our hundreds. Of successful students, who have actually, decided, to become a doer because. Most people don't and I want to show you really quick what, happens when you do decide to become a doer so I'm going to go through a few, success, stories that here. To inspire you and help you, connect, the dots between where you are now and where you want to be because these people don't, look at them as any different to you these people came, across our YouTube channel came across our content, like, what they saw watched, along bought. A mentorship program of, course link is in description for that bought one of our other training products and. Then actually took action, and every. Step of the way. Copied. What we had done and they have got those same results that we have got and then. Our different to you I'm no different to you but just following, the formula so the key here is I, want to walk you through a few, of these before we jump into it just so you can see that this should be you there's new success. Stories coming in every single week and in. Six weeks from now there's no reason why you can't, be the next success story the, only reason that she is you not taking action so we have a less from the Czech Republic who. Made $10,000. In his first four months we have Vanessa from Spain you can see these people are all around the world make $10,000 in three months Joe, Cardillo he's from Texas, young. 22 year old who's made $10,000. Made, sixteen thousand dollars in about two months, we. Have Ryan who absolutely knocked, it out of the park and he made his first 10 G's in 14, days. Bobby. McLaughlin another one who just knocked it so far the parking Congrats to everyone who is on this this. Is you Bobby Congrats to you he made $10,000. In his first 19, days. Kevin. He lands a new one who just posted in the Facebook group I made, $10,000. I. Don't. Know exactly when it was but he's, made $10,000, within a couple of months of starting on Amazon FBA and. That's $10,000 in 30, days so that just keeps rolling on and on and on and, you can see he's getting paid out 3,000, dollars of. That John. And Jaclyn 18,000, dollars you can see we have literally hundreds, of these Jay. David Congrats to you you reached 41 thousand dollars in 30 days not 30 days from when you started but in a 30 day period he's making 40 thousand dollars thanks. To the training thanks to the mentorship program and, thanks, to these resources. That we're putting out but. More thanks to him actually taking action on them because these are not going to make you any money if. You're not becoming, a doer and taking action and I could go through these all day we literally have hundreds of these but, the point is the point I want to get across is not to keep waving. These in your faces and saying look what you're not doing it's. To. Point out that these people are no different to you this is Deepak who made ten thousand dollars in 31 days and the, training was so powerful and he loved, what we're offering so much that he literally had a newborn baby and named it after me he named his kid Benji because, he was so thankful.

About Our training and. First. Of all there's an incredible things - Thank You Deepak for that but second of all, take. Action like Deepak did his gram from Australia, his, Angus and Kathryn his John you can see we literally have hundreds of these and we have more than what, we're showing here but the point I want to get across is that these. People who took action these people took a right, at the, fork in the road the fork in the road that you out right now they took a right they took action and they have changed their lives because of it so let's, jump into the training but really, if I could offer you one piece of advice is not to watch this passively but pretty please follow along and as you take action and do. Things that you wouldn't normally do, to get results that you aren't currently getting but that you want so let's. Go ahead and jump, into the training by, the way we do awesome subscribe giveaways here on our channel so if you want winning Amazon product it is that'll make you 5km on PayPal, cash or private. Coaching session one-on-one with myself all you have to do an enter is like this video subscribe. To our Channel and comment, below where you're from and you'll be updated for all future giveaways and have a chance to win it so subscribe, now and good luck to you hey. There welcome to day two of the Amazon, FBA 10k. Challenge well, I'm gonna be finding, sourcing. And launching. A hundred cent transparently, a product, that I don't even know what I'm selling yet all the way up to ten thousand, dollars in, revenue. A month every single, month on Amazon, now the. Reason I picked ten thousand dollars is for, two reasons actually one, because it's a very very achievable number. With the sort of budget we're gonna be working with a beginner budget and I'll, be going through that in just one second and secondly. $10,000. I feel, is a great goal to have if you're trying to quit a job are you trying to avoid going to college or you're trying to get. That financial freedom and, financial independence that, you always wanted. And not. Having to be reliable. On having a boss or having a job or anyone else but you get to do what you want with your own life and, I, think $10,000. Is probably the baseline, for that at least in my thoughts or where I live so that's. Why we've chosen that number very easy to attain and very very freeing once you attain it so we're going to be showing you we're, gonna be doing it together really getting. To that $10,000. Taking that 10k train, all the way to $10,000. A month town, together, so, we are here in this pretty, expensive.

Made. Earlier, and what. We're gonna be doing is tracking our expenses, throughout the whole journey together so, we know how much it's cost us if we're under budget and how much profit, that we are making so you. Can see up here I've written the starting budget is gonna be for me between. 1,000, and $4,000. And I haven't committed to any. Figure, yet but. What I want to do is I want to keep that, budget in my mind as I'm looking for products and I recommend this. This, is probably a typical beginner, budget anywhere between one and five thousand, dollars and it's a really really good budget to have especially, if your goal is ten thousand dollars a month because, with, this four thousand dollars we, can very easily turn, that into a product that's generating ten thousand dollars of revenue, a month my. Products normally make about forty to fifty percent profit. Margin which is actually very high and. I'm gonna show you how to do the same thing 100 cent transparently, right here and that. Would be four thousand dollars a month profit. Which means we're getting a hundred percent on our return on our initial investment every. Single month and then, we can grow it from there as well so that would be a really really incredible thing, to do and that. Is what we are gonna do together so get, excited for that let's, create a short list together so I need you to create if. It's written, with paper and pen like my notes here or if it's on an excel sheet or if it's on the notes it doesn't matter write, out a 10k. Challenge short, list with. One down, to ten and what we're going to come in here and do and we're well. We're gonna cut to is, we're gonna come in it's. Tough to type and speak at the same time at least for me I don't have that skill and we're gonna put our products, that we find or the potential, products that we're gonna sell. Into. This sheet, and we're gonna make the, decision, at, the end of the final product phase which will be in about probably, about day four day five we're, gonna choose what product is so now remember this is the hardest phase so it's gonna probably be four to five days to fill this sheet up and make our decision, but. That's, gonna be the longest and the hardest phase and it's gonna be downhill from there and we're, gonna see the money start to roll in, after. The launch phase but that's going to come really quickly so this, is my short list or our short list I'm gonna share this with you of course throughout. This series and every. Product, that's profitable, or that every product that I think will, make me ten thousand dollars a month I'm. Gonna come and let's list it here with the link and the price so, that we can refer back to it all time so make yourself a shortlist okay, so now let's jump into the number one most, powerful strategy. And the strategy that, I actually use. The number one go-to strategy, if I have to find a product if I'm looking for someone else if I'm looking for myself this is the method that I actually use. And I'll. Be teaching you more methods tomorrow that I can that I sometimes use to supplement my searches, but, this is the number one go-to method and you'll see why because it's super super powerful so the method is called Jungle, Scout or the software I use is called Jungle Scout and that'll, take you to this page down here so, I use both the web app and the. Product. Database, which is so the web app will be up here I'll show you what that does in a second and I. Also use the software or the product database I, use, both them and I'll be showing you both of them today but basically, you can come down it's super super cheap we. Actually record this for the. For. Our expense calculator so let's have a look which. One's this the Chrome extension I, don't. Think, you need the full one, what.

Are They missing web app advanced integration. Don't. Need that don't. Need that don't. Need that fee, estimated you don't need that so you can grab the light one if you're on a budget or a really tight budget otherwise, grab the pro one I'm pretty sure I have, / oh yes I do I got. The pro one but you don't need all these extra things in the pro if you are on a tight budget so, I'm gonna say it's, a $77. One-time, fee. So. This. Is my expenses, so jungler, scout. Plug-in. So it's for Chrome Google Chrome it's, a $77. One-time, fee, and. That's gonna add up automatically. Over here 77 dollars out of the 4,000, so far we have spent so that's our first all the way up spent which, is awesome, I'm gonna show you what that does in just a second, the. Other expense, will be the, actual web, app so, again save 25%, using. That discount, code in the description and. Let's. Have a look start up. Yeah. You only need to start there in each hunter you don't need any chapter right now we're not gonna be using that so you need the lowest one there as well which is $29. A month we, can find a product within a month so that is only $29. There, as well so. $29. And that, is the jungle Scout web, app so, a. Total of 106 dollars spent. At about. 4,000, I out of my 4,000, a wonderful, thousand I might not spend that much. Make. Those in bold I highly. Highly recommend you get those two because this is the method I actually use, and this, is I'm about to walk you through right now how, I use, them so what this jungle. Scale database. Or web app does is it basically pulls, all the data from Amazon, and puts. It into a sorted. Order where we can apply filters, on top of it and see, what's selling really well with, low competition and we'll, be, guaranteed to make us ten thousand dollars a month so it's a very very easy way to pull, over 1, million items and sort, through them and search through them and. You can do this in different marketplaces, you can see up here on the left I will show you that in just a second, what. The. Plug-in. Does up here is for, example if we wanted to look. Into selling. Camping. Wash basin. I will go to, and, type in Camping, wash basin. And what, I want to know is that kit I can see let's. Close that one, from. Here I can see ok this one's doing, ninety-two dollars an. Estimated revenue a month but I can't see what the whole niche is doing so if I saw this buy revenue, which, is gonna be too high now because we haven't filtered it yet but basically I can see what one products doing what this, plug-in. Does though, is once you're on. Amazon. You can click that jungle Scout, plug, in the button and it's going to pull up the revenues, the, predicted, revenues which is very very accurate it guesses my products actually very accurately, based on the sales rank and it's, going to give you a opportunity score, it's gonna give you the average reviews, which is gonna be the indicator. For competition, the. Average price we want to look at a price between. 12. To $60, 12 is on the lowest side my first product however was $10 50 sale, price and I, still made $6,000. Profit a month just because I used a lot of I moved, a lot of units so once again these rules are very, flexible it tells, you how many average monthly sales this, whole niche gets and we can do that with big anisha's too so if we typed in cat. Toy. Cat. Toys with a plural we, can jungle Scout that and, you. Can see that they're doing a lot more revenue, than the other, search, their camping washbasins. So, what we want to do is we want to use this plugin to, basically analyze, all the data in any niche it's very very simple way to do it and the alternative, is to find the best seller rank, by.

Clicking On the. Listing, going. All the way down to. The best seller rank and seeing what, rank it is and if you don't you're not familiar with best seller rank you're gonna touch on that really quickly but then I'm gonna get into this jungle Scout process, because I don't, want this video to be over an hour long so. The. Best seller rank is basically Amazon, ranks, every single, product that they sell on their store against. Each other within, the category, so this is categories pet supplies and this, is number two out of the, hundreds. Of thousands, I'm guessing tens of thousands maybe of products. In pet, supplies this is the second, best selling pet supply which, is why it's making if I can jungle scan on this page a, hundred. And four thousand dollars of revenue a month so probably, about forty, to fifty thousand dollars profit a month because it's the number two selling pet supply, you. Can find, at the top hundred. By clicking on that top hundred you go back to any department and you can see all the categories so each one of these categories has a number one and the last, place ranking and they, rank against, each other within these categories they don't cross-reference, them so the higher you can rank an in category it means the more money you're making and, I'll, be showing you how to rank as high as possible making the most money possible in, the launch phase, for. Example if we went to West Toys Toys is always fun to look at toys, and games and. Ran, a jungle Scout here you'll see that these are the ranked 1 to 20, of. The, best. Selling products. In toys and games which is one of the biggest categories, and you can see they're doing three hundred thousand two hundred fifty thousand they're doing amazingly, large numbers. Because. They are ranked so well or they are ranked so well because they are selling so well at the same time so, that is what that jungle Scout plugin. Is for and it's very very crucial, in this highly, recommend if you're serious about Amazon, take. Action and actually buy this product, buy this software it's not expensive and it's, gonna make you a lot of money in the in the long run so you, can see over here we. Can start with categories, and I like to search, only one category at a time so just my mind is thinking about that category, and I'm gonna talk to you quickly about the, categories, that I would avoid. You. Can get a list of gated. Categories. Amazon. FBA, and this, will tell you I, would, avoid selling. In all these categories if this is your first product. You. Can see the list is here because you need approval. And you need to fulfill, these requirements in. Order to sell these products so I would avoid all those ones I. Like. Selling in toys and games I've sold in sports, and outdoors I've sold in really well kitchen, and kitchen. At home and home, in kitchen I sold in really. Well, pet. Supplies I heard is a good one office, products up sold in really well these, ones are very tangible, and very easy to, have a low-cost product inside. Of things, like beauty and there, may be some like appliances. We got electronics, and stuff that you have to be. Careful of making sure they work they're a lot tougher to sell on health. And household, so anything that you put in your body I don't want to sell without having like a doctor, or FDA approval, stuff so again that's gonna be tough at least for me and if it's your first product I say for you so, skip grocery and gourmet stick. To the ones like. Cell. Phones accessories, is gonna be competitive but that'd be an easy one to. Create a product in babies, a good one, automotive. I've never had experience, with crafts, and sewing would I I, would recommend that one I haven't an experience but just based on. Just. Based on that gut, instinct so don't try it if you don't want it but I think that, you could do well in arts. Crafts and sewing software. Again I would skip out of toys. And games great one video games get out of don't selling watches, that's. Basically it you can certainly kindless off you in a launch a book, I'm. Gonna start today with sports. And outdoors it's always a nice, fun one to start with, the. Price so. The, price of the product that you want to sell is going to vary, and I want to introduce you to a another, tool called the Amazon. Profit. Calculator. It's. Not called that but that's how I find it FBA. Revenue calculator, and. We'll. Use this in just a second but basically it's gonna tell you how much. Profit. You're gonna make what percentage profit you gonna make based, on how much you're gonna source your atom for it's gonna add up all those fees for you and tell you how profitable a product can be else I'll use that in a second just to demonstrate but.

Basically My, first product I sold for about $10 50 and I, did make six thousand dollars profit a month I don't know if I said that before but it was six thousand dollars profit from just a fifteen hundred dollar spend, I paid, about, seventy-five. Cents to a dollar I think for the item and I only bought five hundred of them and I put a thousand dollars of the marketing and was making six thousand dollars profit a month and that was my very first product, so you can go under thirteen if you want and you find a really good product you, can go over fifty of course but they're, gonna be more more expensive to source products, that are worth more money so I'm. Gonna cap that at fifty this. Is my key right here I put the rank at 1,500, to 2,000. Sorry. Not min/max because. That means that the, rank is the best seller rank, and. The best seller rank like we just went through is how well they are selling on Amazon so anything that has less than 2,000 rank is selling really well in. In sports, and outdoors or any of these categories it's, selling really well if. It's. Under $10, drink it's still a good product and they'll probably make you a couple thousand dollars a month so you you, can increase the rank up to ten thousand dollars I'm gonna keep mine at about two thousand up, to ten thousand up to rank ten thousand I'm, gonna keep mine in about 2000, you can fluctuate that up to a three or four thousand if you want to and they can still make you ten thousand dollars revenue a month keep that there for now and see how we go, sales. I don't. Put anything estimated, revenue reviews I don't really mind about, rating. Don't mind about listing quality score. So. I'm gonna be talking about this more in the upcoming video so basically, one. Of the strategies you can do and I won't be showing this in the series is you, can put in a lower listing quality score such as six I think, it's out, of 100 out of ten, from. 100 so the listing quality score tells. You how good a listing, is so if ice if there was a listing that was six out of ten if I get back to Amazon I. Guess. I will be showing you this strategy because it is actually powerful strategy and I go cat, toys again, now. Cat toys is a big category so they should all be pretty well optimized, I'm. Gonna pull up this jungle Scout page. Right here and you can see lqs. Is listing quality score over here and they give the listing a quality, score out of ten and I'm, sure it just translates to 100 by times you can buy it by 10 and, what. It is is basically if you can see something like this this is a 3 out of 10 it's, sold by FBA which is what we're gonna do and it's, making thirty one thousand dollars of revenue a month, it's. A really under optimized listing so it may mean it's got bad SEO, it may mean it's got bad pitches, bad dot points bad. Description, bad, reviews maybe it's, really under optimized and if you can get in if you can sell this same product the exact same thing but have a higher listing, quality score you're gonna do well so, uh it's, a way to sort of pick on a listing, if you wanted to go oh let, me see every one with less than a fifty, listing. Quality school because. I'm gonna get in there and make a better listing and steal their sales because my listings better but our products are the same so you can do that I'm. Gonna leave that off because I want to I, have so much to teach you so I'm sorry I'm giving you all this information at once what's. The video twice because there are a lot of things in here that I'm just sort of browsing, brushing. Over and their whole lectures, they, could be whole lectures in the course.

I Don't. Like to restrict, too, many requirements, he had rather manually. Restrict him with my brain, processing. Him all so, I don't want to put in like the perfect product, algorithm. And formula search, and Bing there's one product I'd rather have a pool of, well. I would like to do that but that doesn't work I'd rather have a pool of say 20,000 products that I sort through over the over, a couple of days and find. The ones myself so don't. Worry about putting too many requirements in yeah I stick. With standard, if it's your first product you can venture to over size if you, have a, little bit of courage but it's it's a lot of different a lot of different rules and fees over there don't. Worry about sell out if you wanted a search keyword so you're looking in a specific niche say you're a basketball. Basket. Ball. You could put that in there and search and only products, related to basketball, with the keyword basketball. Will. Be and then you can exclude keywords too now I always set it at 200, to pull up a list of 200 and, I'll have to do is do such and that's, gonna pull all that data from, Amazon into. This database. Okay. I'm super sorry about this, cut, right here I've actually had to record this this is my third time recording. This because, the, recording. Keeps getting corrupted so I'm really hoping this one works and, I'm. Actually glad I got corrupted because I think I did ramble. A little bit too much in the second half of that video, that got corrupted and my. Video ended up in about 50 minutes so what. I want to do here is I want to sort of show you the process that I'm gonna use with you tomorrow we're, gonna come back tomorrow and find some products but, right now I want to show you just. The overview of that process, and fingers. Crossed that doesn't corrupt again, from. Where we left off whatever added, what I changed is I, was getting a lot of these, sort of things clothes, things, that are branded, things that are doing three, hundred thousand dollars plus, a month which. You will find if you do that same search, now so, I added a cap to thirty, thousand dollars revenue a month and I pulled the total results down, to thirteen, thousand, or fourteen thousand, and, that. You can see by, scrolling down you automatically, I'll show, you in a second you we're gonna get better results, let's just do it now I don't, know what I'm waiting for, we're gonna get start to get past, these clothes and to things like this, so. To explain that process of what I'm looking for what I identify. Is I'm just looking straight at that photo, I'm. Gonna looking at photos when I scroll down because. I sorted by revenue so I know all of these are selling, what.

I Don't know is are. They gonna be easy to manufacture are they gonna be easy to ship and can. I private label or can i brand, it change the colors really easy and instantly. Here this protective. Knee pad yes it's gonna be easy to ship yes it's gonna be easy put a label on or my logo, on it's gonna be easy to change those colors this. Headband the same thing I can put the colors the it's, gonna be easy to it's gonna be cheap to buy is the other thing too like these aren't gonna cost a lot of money to buy you can see it's selling for twenty nine dollars from fifteen definitely, a lot of room for profit in there, especially, with that budget if we can spend three or four thousand dollars on sourcing, these things, so. I. Identify. By. Scrolling down again, I'm gonna go through a lot of examples with this with, you on this tomorrow but I want to keep this video under 30. 35. Minutes so let's. Have a look at the process I use so we identify, those, three things, we'll go with these knee pads because that's the one I've gone with twice so, I know the process we. Want to copy the, key word from, that title, and. We're gonna put it in and search, Amazon to, see the, next phase which is how competitive, is this is it, too competitive, or. Is it not competitive, enough or not enough, opportunity. Here so I'm gonna search, instantly. Pull-up jungle scout extension, because I don't, really actually use the Amazon interface, to to manually do it when I go Scout will do it all for you. Touching. On opportunity, score, really. Briefly I don't, use it I sorry I do use it I don't use it to make my decision, I use it to influence. My decision, I would, never make a decision based. On that but. It's always good to reference, to see if it's similar to what you're thinking, or what I'm thinking I'm, gonna sort by revenue, and, I. Can instantly see that people are making good money I know that there's 13 listings, here making over. $10,000. I counted them in the last recording, and. We. Are trying to make $10,000, a month that's, 13 people doing it we can definitely take, one of their positions, pretty, easily with. Some marketing, skills and I'll show you what I saw I instantly, saw this person selling, child. Knee pads so, I'm like okay that's interesting. Jungle. Scout web app is very good, for. Coming, out with child. Knee pad for, coming up with ideas and then you want to explore variations. Of that idea by looking at what other people are doing and instantly, I can pull up this jungle Scout screen, here for. Child. Knee pad and to, be fair this one's in all categories, so we got to go back and make this one old apartments, to directly, compare them. Refresh. That. You. Can see it's actually a five out of ten. Demand high demand with high competition it's not sure that high competition. 180, for average reviews it's very low competition. This. One is saying it's a three so instantly, with sweat found six hundred and fourteen average reviews which is quite a bit, of reviews and a little bit more than we would like although, it is a better average price do. That's having knee pads knee. Pad. The. Same child. Knee pad let's see, knee. Pad I, think. It's a little bit different and. Refresh that. See, what that pulls up but basically. This. Variation, is actually. Better than this. This one right here it's a 579, that's better so the knee pad has the same, sale. Price basically, but, more competitive, more reviews, and. This. Means, it's basically you got a you have to venture out what you see on jungle scout because you can find better niches like this one so. The next step once I find, a product like this so once you find a product like this we need to know how much we, can source, it for if, it's gonna be easy to source and how much profit we're gonna make so, we know that there is a good, opportunity here to make ten thousand dollars a month which is that goal a very good opportunity actually it's looking promising to meet and we. Found this product in less than five minutes again. You can find hundreds of ideas and, Is, not saturated, at all especially. Because this is what I want to show you that's. So by listing Quality Score this guy right here it's, a joker terrible.

Photos. Really. Low price point. Only, 170, reviews let's see how long he's been selling for this, app is called keeper, by the way I'll go through in detail in. A different video, this one's getting a little bit too long, but, basically tell me how long he's been he's, been selling for a long time and you can see he's been doing, well always since, November. And he's been doing well here so I guess I Christmas time this might, be a seasonal. Product. Which is interesting to identify, maybe. Kids get rollerblades for Christmas, time. Let's, code keeper and you can turn off all these other ones so you can just see bestseller rank stuff, those warehouse deals but. You can see he does decently, sewing two thousand, four thousand selling rink and it's not a good listing and all those photos are terrible, there's only two of those photos, they looked cheap and plastically there look he used. Three. Point nine solo reviews he has a listing quality score of four he's, doing fifteen thousand dollars of revenue a month so all we, have to do to, make out ten thousand dollars revenue, a month it's really really easy we have to come in and just beat, this guy beat, this one guy who isn't. Skilled, at all I know is not a good marketer based on their listing they don't even have, good. Dot points down yeah that's so easy to do. So, that's just that point that it's not saturated, it's gonna be easy and. I could use this product in this exam and in this series, if I wanted I'm gonna compare nine out of the products and pick the best one but, how, I also, compare them is I want to know what, profit, we can make so come, over to Le Baba calm, and. We'll. Be going through Alibaba, and the find the supplier will, be gone through everything, you need to know trusted, suppliers how, to negotiate with them how. To get them to text. You insert email which is so much more efficient and how to even get on the phone with them how to outsource that to I was teaching you all of that you, can see my, search. History here, child. Knee guards charlie, guns and child knee pads. You. Can see that I have. Been here probably about 20 minutes ago and, I thought I was here with you but apparently you dropped out but you're back now child. Knee power, wasn't, he good so what, I found was pads were sort of the baby crawling pads and then I went back to Amazon and so they're not selling too well but I did it, did spawn, another idea. Basically. Look at this this is the exact, listing, that. JBM. Where eyebrow, that's. The, one we can close now because we know this one's better stop, by revenue, JBM, these ones look at this I, have. A feeling photos, they had the whole time these ones are the exact same product and these ones too it's. Never the same sponsored, so this isn't had this is the same product you, can see that they're the exact same product as JBM sells and JB I'm selling it for 26, bucks up. To 20 to 28 dollars and you, can see you can sauce them for four dollars sixty is set it's. A four dollar 60 set plus shipping they're gonna be pretty lightweight. I'm. Gonna guess a dollar, a set i wanna i would like to ship them by ml. So we'll say five dollars 50 to make it a round number what, we do is we come to

Amazon, Profit. Calculator. You'll see a patent any time i try to type while, talking, at the same time my brain just melts. And i stare blankly at my computer well I try to remember what I was doing farming. Products in Amazon knee. Not, child knee pad child, knee pad there you go you can see I have, been down, this road before. Select, that. Amazon. Fulfillment we'll be sending it to Amazon's this where you put the item price and now I've worked this out already but just to show you how I got there. JB I'm selling for twenty three dollars up to twenty eight dollars we. Would always want to sell at least I would always want to sell a premium, version of what's already out there cheap, products, always, get bad reviews and they always sink in the long term you always want to go premium, and if you can spend two. Dollars extra to, make your product extra premium on the supplier side you can always sell it for an extra five six dollars and make triple. Your money back on that two dollars so I always like to go premium, so. I'm gonna put this at not twenty imma put this at eighteen ninety. Nine and shipped. To Amazon cost I'm gonna put that into the cost of the price or leave that, cost. Of the product was five dollars fifty including shipping per. Unit so, calculate, that so. That's six dollars and fourteen cents every, single product, that you sell is into, your pocket in profit, it's 32 percent profit. Margin which is a little bit less than ideal but let me show you why it's so exciting to do this math because, if we come back and we, can see. The. Guy. We're picking on the guy with a full listing Quality Score terrible. Photo terrible. Name you. Can see it just doesn't stack up to these great photos, with the reflections, with the shadows, you're not allowed to do this with the graphics but that still looks good I'm. Not gonna recommend you do it I don't do it personally these, ones with the accessories, it's just so inferior and it's a best seller I'm.

Guessing Cuz it's in a pink even though there's some other options but we'll break that down if we do choose to go with this product they're. Doing fourteen hundred and forty four sales every, single, month, which, is unreal. Because they're they're. Not marketers, and they don't and they're, selling so much money so it's really easy to come in and swoop this. Products. Revenue. And sale so if I'm gonna go to calculator. And I'm coming to a calculator, on Google, because. I figured. Out what crashes, my, screen. Recording our crops my screen recording, it's when I swipe. Across to my calculator, on my computer, so I'm excited about that cuz now I don't have to live. In fear that it's always gonna crash but, we'll use this calculator, it was six dollars, fourteen. Cents profit times. Fourteen. Hundred and forty four units. Every, single month is almost, nine thousand, dollars in profit, that's straight profit because remember this is your profit per. Sale, and. If you divide that by thirty let's have a look how much we will meet making a day almost. Three hundred dollars us, in, profit. Every, single day by beating. This one person, who's not very good at Amazon, really really easy to take down this product and even, once you do that then you can start targeting other people's, sales because. There's other people who are making quite. A bit of revenue here too. Like. This person doesn't again doesn't look good you can start to take those, sales as well and we. Can start to get a well, above ten thousand dollars a month I want, to keep this video as short as possible I know it's been quite long but we're gonna type in child. Knee, pads as our, first product, it's, good, there, it is it's. Good that you know the process definitely. Take action definitely, get jungle Scout don't. Mess around with manually, searching through listings if you're serious about making my own Amazon, you need those two things in. Order to make the most money possible. I'll. See you back here tomorrow we're gonna fill out this sheet together I'm glad, I figured out how to stop my recording. From, crashing and that's. Gonna be make tomorrow's. Recording much more exciting, and I'm, very excited that she move, on from phase one once we get this filled out pick, that product and then, start to improve that product and find a supplier we're gonna choose two products a plan a and a plan B if the plan eight is gonna be too hard to improve I'll find a supplier for so, stay, tuned to get that information.

Awesome. So I really hope that gave you some insight into how I personally, go, and find most the products I've sold on Amazon using, this jungle Scouts software, which really is such, a big time saver what. We're gonna jump into now into day three is, the number one free, way that, you don't need to spend any money at all to go and find these winning Amazon product ideas and fun. Fact which I think I told you in the intro is the, most profitable addemup ever sold on Amazon who was found using this exact, method so, let's jump into day three together and explore. The free method, of finding winning. Product ideas, sell on Amazon FBA so. What. Are the two, really. Really helpful. Strategies. To find winning, product ideas product it is that they're gonna make us ten thousand dollars a month on Amazon, they're, really really simple and really quite. Intuitive you'll notice yesterday that we use, the database, filter options on the jungle Scout product, database to pull all of Amazon's, data into here and then, sort it apply. A filter to it and then sort it by revenue. Which. Is the first thing we were doing is we were testing, that there is demand for that product because that's the first thing we, should do we don't want to sell a product that there's no demand for because, then we'll get no sales so the, first thing we want to do here and the. Thing that all strategies, entail was the first step is to find something that is in demand so, on, this Amazon search bar what's, that you really interesting, is if you just type a random letter like a for example it'll. Pull up a list of search. Terms that are the most searched for, search, terms the top ten in. Order so Alexa is the number one most search for search term that starts with a and all, the way down to ten and you know when they're search for their in demand and they're going to get sales so. The. Strategy is basically coming in here and typing in random letters and seeing, what people are searching for, well.

If You type one letter and it's. A top ten search for in that in that, letter then, it's gonna be a little bit tough to compete, with especially, if it's your first product so what we like to do I, like to teach people as you type in a couple, of other letters so let's type in pol now. Polaroid, camera, is. The number one most searched term for pol, so. It's going to have a lot less sales than something like pop. Socket, or something. Like but. IPhone, charger of course is the number one for I and. So the more, letters. Or words that you type the, less competitive, it gets so you have control it's almost like a sliding, control, over, how much competition or how much demand you, want so, let's, just do this quickly. Together I don't know if we're gonna get any ideas out of this because it's not as effective as, Jungle Scout as you can sort and sort, through a lot more products a lot quicker but. It is effective, and I have found at least one, or two products this way so let's come in here and start with be the, most, searched-for turn bluetooth, headphones bluetooth, speakers, baby toys bath bombs so baby toys is interesting because there's gonna be a lot of baby toys a lot of bath toys as well. So. The so, this can also similar. Of jungus yeah it doesn't have to be the product you don't have to find your product, in the search terms but it can born. Ideas. That, you could then sell, it can spawn other ideas, it's. A bath toys for example what sort of bath toys sell. Octopus. Bath. Pipes. Interesting. But. My circus bath toy is a pretty, main overarching, keyword, it's, Disney they're a little bit cheap let's see. Stackable. Cups. It's a fight side bath toy and then. A space. Organizer. That might be an interesting one. And. You can see how I'm just generating. Ideas from coming to Amazon and simply type in the letter B I'm now, on a bit bath toy organized I don't know how good it is we're about to tell and the way you tell is you use this little jungle Scout Pro extension again the, link is in the description, if you didn't get it yesterday make, sure you get it today you, can save $20. By using the link in the description. Now. 411. Overviews pretty, good. 6000. Sales, rank. Average. Sales rank which is pretty good well under 10000 average, price $14, 51, which, is a little, on the low end but again similar to the child, knee pads we we found yesterday so, pretty good and you can see they are making money it, would again would be really easy to customize and really easy to ship so, it actually looks like a pretty solid product, I didn't think we'd get a product idea this way, let's. See what's let's not buy revenue so again we're testing that there is demand for it is the first thing that we're looking at so fifty thousand forty four forty two twenty two nineteen all. The way down to here so there are about. 13 about twelve products, that are all selling, out goal, amount. On money so we can definitely come in here and you can see there's some for listing, qualities. Something. Like this let's have a look what you are Henrietta, hipper. All. Right Henriette let's see what you got first what. Is the reviews now reviews, are really interesting I got a awesome, awesome strategy, a really cool one coming up in the. Improved. Product, lecture. So stay, tuned for that one and, the improve product phase USA it's not a lecture and, that'll be coming up in about three days time so make sure you have subscribed and put on no post, notifications, for that. So. This seems really easy to source let's, have a look this is called keeper ke EPA, where.

Is The name doesn't, have the name on it can't. See the name but it's called keeper and you can get it by going keeper, Chrome. Extension. And. You can get it from, the chrome store over there and it's just up here and it'll, just automatically populate, I like to turn all these buttons off except for sales rank so we can see how long it's been selling 655. Days so it's not a it's. Not someone who's just launched and they've been played the best sales but, someone who has had sales. Sales. Rank under 10,000, for quite a while and. At the moment they're down under a thousand which is quite amazing and that's, why they say they are selling. 19,000, dollars a month. And, then. They have another him. He'll. Lead the hippo Henry. Henry had his brother as well and. That's been obviously this is probably when they went out of stock if we went that. Was the price I. Guess. New oh yeah you can see they, Jack their price here which means they're going out of stock and they want to slow the sales and of course their sales slow so it went up and then it looks, like they kept the same price and it went back down which is pretty cool. Normally, they'd lower it and it goes back down but it went back down pretty, organically, I wonder if that's because they're coming through. Henrietta. But you can see that both doing well they're both been selling well for a long time the. Next thing we do we. Know there's demand we know there's a little bit of competition but not too much we, know there's room to improve our product because they have four point one out of five stars and a four out of ten listing. Quality score so if we come in here with anything better than four. Out of ten listing which I'll teach you how to get a 10 out of 10 listing in. The in the listing fees which will be. Create. Listing phase four. So, what we need to do is really know how much we're gonna source is for so some of the process yesterday, Alibaba. And. I don't want to get too deep into this exact process. Because. I did show it yesterday in day two I will. Type in bath, toy. Organizer. And, remember. You. Can get ideas from here too similar to the Amazon, search bar you can get them in that Alibaba. Search bar. I said bath bath. Bombs bath tubs bath towel bar. Throw both equipment. Toy, and in space, storage. Spray. I don't know what that is basketball. Set all these the product idea is that you can then go back to Amazon and see if they're selling over there so. Houses an organizer let's. See if we can find Henrietta, or some is a panda, so that's gonna be similar to Henrietta. There's. An elephant so again, don't. Know what animal that was that's a. Polar. Bear maybe a bear. I don't know oh he's. A shark that's a cool one I like that one a fox, so they got all these animals so I'm sure they got a hippo as well but basically let's go out how much was that Fox, well. How much was this shock the shock was cool. $3.57. For just over a thousand dollars which. Plus shipping I always, like to get a ship so, then it's here within five days and, you can start selling and making money instantly instead of waiting 30 days and wasting, all your money. Okay. So they have different types too so I could, contact the supply but basically three dollars 50 you get Amazon, FBA, calculator. Revenue. Calculator, I always get the name wrong and so it's a bath. Toy, organized. Organized. Ed the US way to spell it, whereas. That girl Henrietta, so, we can actually just if, you don't find it get. The ACE in which is the unique. Number. For this and we can start choosing that. There. You are alright, so we'll, be FBA the. Item price we will sell it for how much today the 1699. I'm pretty, sure I remember. 16.99. Shipped. To amazon we're. Gonna factor, that into this price it's $3.00 50 at. The most expensive they're, gonna be quite light actually because they're just I, don't, know they're made of neoprene or something but, basically they're. Gonna be light and easy to ship so I'm gonna say four dollars to.

Amazon, Delivered. And all ready to sell, you, see if we'd make seven, dollars and 32 cents per sale which is 43, percent profit margin so that is a great looking, product idea, I quite like Henry I quite like the shock again. Another, tip that I'll give you is you want to sell a product that you actually enjoy you, don't want to sell. You. Can you can sell things like I, forget. What this was called it's a oh. It's. For Yuto it's, when you have a growth on your toe and it goes like outwards. Like this and there's a silicon, mold you can put make your toe go back straight again I was gonna get into that early because it's actually a really good niche it has a lot of opportunity, there but I just didn't have a passion for I didn't it wasn't excited, about creating and listing about taking photos a cool, little bath toy you're gonna miss that it's much more fun at least to me I don't know whatever your. Thoughts. Are but basically find, something that you enjoy selling. So we're gonna come back to our short list we're gonna type in bath. Toy, organizer. The. U.s. way of spelling it gonna, make that nice and neat in the middle cool so we have two products, so I don't wanna make this video too long yesterday, we had a 38, minute one so I'm gonna keep this one probably under 25, so, we'll go on straight on to showing you this second, way, to source, products, using Amazon. Again. Not as powerful as the jungle Scout web app and I'm actually surprised we found a product idea that quickly using, this search bar but I'm glad we did so we could demonstrate that, I'm. Gonna go over to google. And type in best sellers. On Amazon. You can google, that I'll just. We're. Gonna do it a new link but then we'll click this. Let's. See if we can put that back here now page here we go and. I was here yesterday with you and you can see that these are the top-selling products, on Amazon because remember the first thing we want to sort by is. The. Demand, for the product so making sure the people are buying the product so you don't just put a product out there and it never gets old. You can see at the top here new releases movers, and shakers most, wishful, very very key little, categories, up here so let's have a look at the new releases these are new release things that, are selling well and again you can sort by category and, see, which new releases so new types of toys new types of items. Are selling, well movers. And shakers are great because it's basically, anything. That started, to do well recently so maybe it was sitting at 10,000. Bestseller rank and all of a sudden it jumped up to you. Can see it was. At 3,000 by seller Inc and now it's up to 210 so had a huge, jump see like what is it it's a, personal. Alarm it self-defense keychains I think it's one of those ones where you pull the thing out and it makes a ton of noise so let's have a look at it. For. Kids. Women. And elderly, I'm sure. It's for some, men too if they wanted to use it. He. Sees doing 7,500, so nothing crazy actually at that rink must be twelve. Dollars as a cheap price I'm surprised, it must be a smaller category, cuz 200, rank is very very high and in $7000, it's not very much but. You can see how you can come in here and get product ideas this way. Let's. Go on sports and outdoors I like the sports and that tours I like the toys and games like the home and kitchen you. Can see all these movers and shakers it was 252, was 442, spikeball. Great game if you guys play spike ball let me know I'd love to play with you so. Again a really cool way to search I'm going, to go back, because, what I like to do the most the most wish Falls is also cool too so people, most, want that item they've, added it to their wish list the most so you can search all of these tabs but, basically what I like to do is I go into let's, switch it up from sports and outdoors let's go into where's. That toys, toys. And games it is Christmas time but. Basically. Similar to how you go through junk out this time you want to be looking at the photos something easy to source something that's not branded, something it's gonna be cheap to buy so. It's probably not gonna be in the top 20 if they are be pretty incredible patch mozi and branded, all, these seem to be branded. Where. We got colored pencils, interesting. Well. Basketball, I hope that's an interesting one toy, Winkle. Might. Open that one I. Don't. Know why pots of paint are there kids pots and pans got ya I got. Wondering. Why they're in here I said. The Disney brand, I think.

That's Branded -. It's. Interesting one LED, light-up necklace. But for Christmas party so it's gonna be super seasonal, I, thought, you can only do the top hundred here which is why you want junk out to do the rest basically, but you can then narrow, it down by category again, so this is the top hundred, in toys and games if, you want the top hundred in. Hobbies. In toys and games you can click on this one and then. Top hundred hobbies, in toys and games would come up and you. Can go, through these and see if there's any other product ideas really. Cool way to do it again, I don't think as effective, or as quicker stronger Scout but it's good to keep an eye on the policy what the trends are and it's. It's it's worth a shot because you may come across a product idea let's have a look what we found here. Manehattan. Toy. Sensor. ET the toy so that's the keyword so we're gonna put that in it doesn't have to be in toys and games. We're. Going to take a quick look down here so ton of reviews which is a little, bit off-putting. What's. The price point on 10 13 so a little bit cheap as well, making. Good money though. 66. 28. Only. Two of them are up there 13 21, I guess there are so. High demand which is what we want of course it's high demand cuz we found it in the top, hundred and. Sixty. Three hundred sales a month that's amazing, I have. A two hundred sales day I would. Say a little bit competitive, look at these reviews average, reviews for 11, but. These ones aren't really selling much money so, I think we'll leave this one we, wouldn't put that in our list but again that is a great strateg

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Welcome to episode 1 of the Amazon FBA $10K Challenge! Here are the links and resources from the video. ► Private FBA Facebook Mastermind: ► Amazon FBA Mentorship Program: ► JungleScout Software: Looking forward to getting this Amazon FBA product to $10,000 / month with you! See you in episode 2!

This is like a webinar very saley, but still like what you are doing.

Hi Bemji, I'm Francis from Docklands Victoria Australia ;)

Looking for Amazon review/votes/ranking feedback? I can provide you USA/UK/it/fr/de review/votes/ranking. Skype : samiulnil13 Email :

Will what you show work for selling in Amazon Australia too?

Hey beniji I have a quick question, I signed up for a professional account and got charged but I haven't used my account yet and some other YouTuber said that u can get a refund if u contact Amazon support and tell them that u haven't used ur account is this true? Thanks for everything

Hey Benji, Im Harry from Gold Coast Australia

There are some steps to appeal when accidentally we have 2 accounts?

Hey Benji & Evan! I have the training, and I'm from Washington!

+Freedom Formula I have my products coming in this month on the 20th, I am so thankful for everything I have learned thus far! Thanks Freedom fam!

Awesome to hear Jmcx! Looking forward to seeing your success story on Amazon :)

Is this an old product research video?

+Freedom Formula If the opportunity score showing as high demand with high competition, Do you still recommend these products as viable? If i go with it won't i have issues competing and ranking with other listings? Thanks

Hey Maz this all up to date with everything you need to succeed in 2019 on Amazon FBA!

Liam from Surrey UK

Hey Benji, I'm Jan from Zurich

Hey Jan! Great to have you here :D

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Amazing Video! Darius from Worcestershire UK

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No this is a 45 day challenge! Watch it my man MUCH better than the episode 3 one on keeper bee wraps :)

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You're welcome! Thanks for being here :)

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Im Moritz from Germany and would be happy about the money, so I can invest it in FBA

Awesome! Amazon FBA Germany is a great opportunity too :)

Amazing Video! Are you going to upload 1 Video per Step (from the 8 steps)?

+ZzPumpking Yes exactly! And there are a LOT of courses out there that are incredibly low quality and outdated so make sure you do get into the mentorship program if you are ready to launch on Amazon FBA!

Freedom Formula Thank you very much for those episodes! There are many courses out on the internet, which cost thousands of dollars and I am not sure yet whether I should launch a product or not. This series is very good because I get a deeper look into FBA and Im considering to buy the Mentorship programm. :)

Yes exactly! There will be 8 episodes. Episode 2 will be out in 1 week from now :)

Freedom Formula hey just so you know someone was shut Down from selling lock pick sets so look into with amazon first just in case haha :)

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Hi Benji, totally off topic what are you using on Chrome for New Tabs, it's a really good looking landing page.

Freedom Formula a scholar and a gentleman you are sir!

Hey Deon! It's a Chrome extension called Momentum :)

Awesome video Benji! Is the course you're offering in this video different from the course I already purchased(Amazon Secrets 3.0)?

Heyyy, thank you! You won't need this one if you already have Amazon Secrets 3.0 :)

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+Freedom Formula that's cool mate! Actually recognised you on Survivors replay few weeks back, I could not contain myself lol. We love dockland (fisherman's bend actually, best kept secret lol) I have questions about the course, is there a way that I could private message you with?

Amazing! I'm from Port Melbourne so welcome neighbour :)

Absolutely Adele! I will be putting that into this series for you :)

+Freedom Formula thanks a lot

Hey Ebrahim! That is correct! You can reach out to them in seller support and they will refund the fees you have been charged before you start selling!

Hey Harry! Welcome mate! Great to have you here and I am looking forward to seeing your success story :)

Yes absolutely - check out egrowth partners for the best resources here!

+Maz Abdz Yes there are a lot of factors that go into the decision but high competition high demand is normally a really good thing. We break down every factor in the mentorship program if you wanted to be sure before spending you money and time on your product.

I am from Boise, Idaho! I recently graduated college and am beginning to become swallowed with student debt. I live on my own, and am having to work two jobs just to support myself. I am saving every penny that I can to get started. I know that with your help and vast amounts of knowledge, I will be able to put my strong work ethic to work and really knock it out of the park. Thank you for all that you do for us. You really do save lives.

Hi, i am Alomgir kobir kumkum from Bangladesh. I know most of the people they dont know Bangladesh, and it is so hard to doing Amazon FBA business from this country. A lot of problem we people faced to do FBA business from Bangladesh. Mostly we dont have any access to popular international online banking service. But i am really very very interested to doing Amazon FBA business from Bangladesh. Thank you very much to freedom formula for this all information and all videos. As soon as possible i am going to Start my own fba business which i inspired by you and also try to join 10K challenge Amazon FBA mentorship program. Thank you.

Hey Alomgir! That is very awesome to hear - I can't wait to help you out and get you up to $10K a month despite the banking in Bangladesh. Looking forward to seeing your success story!

+F. SU Haha that is awesome! - YOu can ask any private questions you have for us here my man -

+Jmcx509 That is super exciting!

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Freedom Formula I definitely will! Thank you for taking the time to read and reply! It means a lot and keeps me motivated.

You sound like a hustler Jakob! Much respect brother! I am super excited to see your success story this year. Keep taking action my man.

+Freedom Formula How much do I need to start this business?

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Hi! I’m Chase from USA! Quick Question, what would you recommend as a minimum budget for beginning in Amazon FBA?

hey, first of all I would like to say you guys are very helpful in gaining information about amazon FBA. Second, I am 17 y/o and don't have a lot of money. I would really like to start this amazon journey with around $700. Is this possible??? Another question I have is if I first launch a product how am I going to be able to compete with other products in the same niche and make my way to the top product on the first page. Thanks!!

When you started your 1st product, Did you have to go get a business license and insurance first? If you answered this question already in another video. Sorry if you have to repeat yourself. I’m new here and there is so much content I haven’t gotten to yet.

No. I wish I could but I cant.

Damon O'Neil from Wollongong! Sydney Australia!!

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Thanks, man!

Welcome Chase! Great to have you bro! I personally started with $500! Within 5 months it was $37,000 in revenue - $14,000 ish profit.

when you started with $500 what was your process and where can I learn first hand your experience with Amazon FBA+Freedom Formula

Hey Vincent! I am excited to hear your success story!I personally started with $500! Within 5 months it was $37,000 in revenue - $14,000 ish profit. So it's definitely possible to be very successful with Amazon FBA with just $700!

Great questions! You can list it as a sole proprietor (just yourself) with no insurance. This will only cost you a couple of hundreds of dollars to start - All those technical details are in the course for you!

Thank you so much for such detailed instruction for online sales. I have learned a lot from your videos and I can't wait to start using all these methods to make profits. Cheers, bud.

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No worries! Make sure you're subscribed to our channel so you don't miss out on future helpful FBA videos!

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Hey hello guys thanks for making this videos for free even tho i think the course its a little bit expensive.........btw do you think viral launch is worth more than jungle scout or you think both will do the job right?

Hey Tren! We've used both for different things and both worked for us!

Thanks Dan! Looking forward to seeing your success on Amazon :)


WIll get the link fixed as soon as possible ;)

Hey Luis! Looking into that now for you...

Hi Benji and Evan, my name is Milos Djorovic and im from Novi Sad in Serbia! :)

Hey Milos! Nice to see you here all the way from Serbia! Looking forward to helping you launch your first successful FBA product!

Hi Benjie, I'm from Indonesia and i really - really pump up to be a successful person like you.

I'm Dennis from Sarasota, Florida

Is the Amazon FBA Mentorship Program the same as your Amazon Secrets 3.0 course? If there is a difference, let me know

I’m from Pittsburgh! I love all your videos and would kill to win the giveaway!

Hey Tobias! We lived in Bali for a few months and it was beautiful :) Great to hear that bro! Keep learning and take action - those are the two pieces of advice I have for you now!

Hey Harsha! The full series is in the course but we realized that yep, not everyone can get the course so we decided to put a lite version of it here so that everyone else can learn too! :)

Hello from France, enjoy your content :)


Awesome to have you here all the way from Bulgaria! Hope to see you start your own FBA business this year!

Great to have you here Dennis! Looking forward to seeing great results from ya!

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Thank you.. Great to have you here brother!

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Welcome, Mihlali! Looking forward to seeing great results from ya!

+Freedom Formula US, we deal in Handicrafts & Roman Armors

Nice!!! Amazon US or India?

+Freedom Formula Yes, i am 22 & i work with my father .We have been selling for 2 years now on Amazon :)

Thank you, Aamna! All the best to you too! Are you selling on Amazon yet?

The passcode is in the guidelines. Let me know if you need the link! :)

Freedom Formula Just getting started! Trying to come up with some money.

Welcome to our channel, JR! Hope this series inspires you to start your own FBA business if haven't done so yet! :)

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Hey Brad! There was some sort of server error for a while there, should work for you now. :) Can't wait to see you on the inside!

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Benji, dude you are awesome! And Evan too. I found your channel yesterday and have almost finished watching all your vids. Thank you for being so transparent, can see you guys are genuine.

Wow Sharon! Talk about taking action! Thank you for the kind words, hope to see you kill it on FBA! :) Make sure you join our private Facebook group too!

Can I do it if I am located in Costa Rica? Selling on the US

Yes, you can! We have students from all over the world selling on Amazon US! Looking forward to seeing you on the FBA train!

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Has anyone tried this? Like literally anyone reading this comment. I just watched the entire video. I’m really interested and i am in desperate need of money. I have taken every wrong turn in the last year. I got pregnant, the father is married to someone else (they’ve been separated for years)he’s a foreigner and cannot work. I have paid all the expenses for my baby, I bought a house that was too much for someone with my income. I chose the wrong position at the company I work with. I’m living paycheck to paycheck. I already owe the bank quite a few grand. I have dug myself into quite a hole. :(

Hi Benji! I am Priya from Ontario, Canada :)

Hey Priya! Nice to see you on our channel! Hope you learn a ton :)

Hi Daniela :) You're not the only one in your situation, there are a lot of others too who have made life mistakes and want to make things better. We've had great success with FBA and so have a ton others (here's some of them: - Amazon is still a pretty great opportunity!

@Freedom Formula US, we deal in Handicrafts & Roman Armors

@Freedom Formula Yes, i am 22 & i work with my father .We have been selling for 2 years now on Amazon :)

when you started with $500 what was your process and where can I learn first hand your experience with Amazon FBA@Freedom Formula

@F. SU Haha that is awesome! - YOu can ask any private questions you have for us here my man -

@Freedom Formula that's cool mate! Actually recognised you on Survivors replay few weeks back, I could not contain myself lol. We love dockland (fisherman's bend actually, best kept secret lol) I have questions about the course, is there a way that I could private message you with?

@Freedom Formula thanks a lot

@Jmcx509 That is super exciting!

@Freedom Formula I have my products coming in this month on the 20th, I am so thankful for everything I have learned thus far! Thanks Freedom fam!

@Maz Abdz Yes there are a lot of factors that go into the decision but high competition high demand is normally a really good thing. We break down every factor in the mentorship program if you wanted to be sure before spending you money and time on your product.

@Freedom Formula If the opportunity score showing as high demand with high competition, Do you still recommend these products as viable? If i go with it won't i have issues competing and ranking with other listings? Thanks

@Freedom Formula How much do I need to start this business?

@ZzPumpking Yes exactly! And there are a LOT of courses out there that are incredibly low quality and outdated so make sure you do get into the mentorship program if you are ready to launch on Amazon FBA!

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