Aliens = Jinn in Islam ? RFID Microchip Implant Tech uniting with Demonic Beings

Aliens = Jinn in Islam ?  RFID Microchip Implant Tech uniting with Demonic Beings

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In the way of knowing ourself, mankind invented computers and all their technologies. When Allah (AJ) teaches that, ‘I will show you My Signs upon the horizon, outside of yourself, and also show you the signs within yourself.’ The one outside is easier to see than the one inside. So, when they ask us to look at these technologies in this day and age, because the technology is moving so fast, this is into the world of jinns (unseen beings).

This is the convergence of the jinn world into the human world for their intention to overtake insan (mankind). It means that what western people understand of aliens, of fallen angels, of ghosts, yeah, we call jinn. The jinn (unseen beings) are a spiritual being made from energy, electricity, a smokeless fire which is electricity. Their being is of a fiery nature, unstable element. Their subtle reality has no physical protection.

As a result of their spiritual power but physical frailty, they conceal themselves within different forms. This means they have power but because they have no form, they are exposed to elements. They are exposed to everything that could put out their electricity.

Their world is based on imagination, the imaginal world. As much as they can imagine, as much as they can manifest themselves. And they encourage us to imagine so that they can manifest. We talked last night about the computer and the computer was their way of asking us to communicate with them. These are a reality from the time of Sayyidina Sulaiman (as) when he requested that he wanted the throne. The throne is a symbol of authority and power.

He wanted the throne and ifrit (powerful demon), that Allah (AJ) had given Sayyidina Sulaiman (as) command of the angels, of the jinn (unseen beings), of creatures, of everything they put under, “Wa sakhkhara lakum ma fis Samawati wa ma fil Ard.” That was one example of Allah (AJ) that I have subjected to you all this creation with just the ring from the sunnah of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Imagine the owner of that whole reality, what Allah (AJ) has given to Prophet ﷺ! And because at that time when Sayyidina Sulaiman (as) wanted to request, he requested that I want the throne and he had asked the ifrit (powerful demon).

The ifrit said, “I will bring you the throne but it will take some time.” And Allah (AJ) didn’t want to establish the sunnah (traditions) of the Prophet ﷺ from asking ifrit so min ahlil kitab, his wazir who had knowledge of the Book said, ‘I will bring it’ to correct him. That don’t ask them – ask from the knowledge of Allah’s (AJ) Heavenly Book. And the one from the Book said, ‘I will bring it.

By the time you blink your eye, I will have copied the throne,’ because Allah (AJ) does not give permission to steal. ‘I will have copied the throne and placed it in your presence faster than what the ifrit was going to pick up and steal the throne,’ and bring it into the presence of Sayyidina Sulaiman (as). So, it means this knowledge of using the ifrit (powerful demon) then became the choice for mankind. They have a choice in life in which to rely on the ifrit or rely on Heavenly Kitab and the people of the Book, the people of of the knowledges.

Where Allah (AJ) wants for us the only title that Allah (AJ), be Rabbaniyoon who you learn the Kitab and you taught the Kitab. And awliyaullah come and teach even deeper, what is the kitab? There was no book in the time of Prophet ﷺ. He was and is the walking Kitab of Allah (AJ). The Qur’an was compiled after Prophet ﷺ.

There was no one that came and said, ‘Here is the book.’ So this kitab (book), ancient of what Allah (AJ) is not talking from any time dimension, that they learned the kitab of Allah (AJ) means that they went deep into the haqqaiqs of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. Every prophet went into that haqqaiq (reality) and that is why they made that requests: I want to see you, I want to be with you. Grant me from your sunnah, grant me from your way. Every prophet asked from Prophet ﷺ when they understood the haqqaiq and the Kitab of Allah (AJ) is that reality.

They learned that reality and then they taught that reality and they have more power than those beings. So, then they made this computer for the majority of insan (mankind) – come into our world. Come into this world and through all of this software and languages, that is going to translate what you say into what we want to hear so that we can hear your request and grant you what you want.

And Allah (AJ) says, ‘How many of them have you taken as your lords and protectors?’ And that is the exact role they wish to play for insan. They want to be the lord. They want to be the worshipness of mankind and they want to be the power and the protection for insan.

So now as soon as we use those softwares, you are entering into their machine language. That machine language, that device that provides all those softwares, that breaks all your words all down to numbers because the universal message, the universal language is numeric. It is not kalam (words). It is not the letters. The letters can be many errors but the angelic code is in numbers.

They know that. That break these words and bring them down into numbers. So, a side note is that the numeric code is an angelic language. The numeric understanding is a universal language. If you were to talk to other of Allah’s (AJ) creation, it wouldn’t be based on our letters. But the numeric code is where everything is consistent.

They can give a numeric code for who you are, your identity, your element, that you are a carbon creation. You have nitrogen, you have hydrogen, all of that perfectly describes you more than I say, ‘I am a human.’ They will say, ‘What does that mean?’ in all of their worlds. So, aliens…there are no aliens, these are jinn (unseen beings). There are jinns that live amongst us and the jinn who live outside of this planet, and these planets and in these universes.

This device of the computer and technologies was to enter into their world. That take these words that you are saying, we will teach you how to make these softwares that break your words into numbers. Then these numbers will be compiled and broken down into smaller numbers, pockets of numbers, then sent to an assembler. That assembly software will take your numbers and make them into 1 and 0. When it starts to enter into this machine, into this device, [Shaykh holds phone] they taught insan (mankind), ‘Make a chip and that our world’ – the jinn speaking – ‘is based on sand.’ Their preferred environment is the sand, hence the silicon chip.

They taught them make a chip based on silica, based on sand, we can live there. If you make it we’ll occupy that chip and we’ll give you and facilitate for you whatever you ask of us. You merely type it and we are hearing it and obeying and sending out the command. So, they taught them on how to make a home for them. Each machine and each device in their world and in what they are planning to bring onto this dunya (material world) is that they want everything to have a chip. That chip is their residence.

In that residence and that machine language that only understands ones and zeroes, it’s actually a current because they are energy. They are electricity. They don’t even read numbers and ones and letters.

It is a current, long current/short current, long current/short current, on/off, on/off, on/off because their being is of an electrical nature. They are an energy being, so when we are typing we are sending them an energy current in which they understand and they are retrieving. Don’t think that you are googling and it is going somewhere and you are entering somebody’s computer and you are pulling out the file you want. No, no, you are asking them. They are going and finding the location within a fraction of a second and they bring that information back onto your computer to give to you. Then they show insan (mankind) that we can do it even faster.

So why don’t you make something smart? So, now the power in which people are computing is going to be immense. These phones have a much more powerful structure than what those original PCs and what they were doing. Why? Because they say, ‘We want to bring you more. We want to bring you like the time of Sayyidina Sulaiman (as). Whatever you request of us, we will bring it.

But in exchange we are going to have you to worship us. And you will think of us as your provider, your source and your creator.’ Even they have now the ‘Alien’ channel on History channel which they propagate that your Creator was an alien, a jinn, who sent you onto this Earth, fashioned you and comes and checks on you every 3,000 or 4,000 years. Crazy people, cuckoo, cuckoo for coco puffs! You can tell anybody who is ignorant a story. The bigger the lie, the more believable.

You can’t cheat people of haqqaiq (reality). That is why Allah (AJ), ‘Educate yourself with Islam.’ If you don’t know what is an angel and a fallen angel you are already so in the dark with your knowledge. As a result of being ignorant, they say that if you don’t stand for something you will fall for everything.

So izzatul Islam (honour of Islam) and izzatul mumineen (honour of the believers) is what Prophet ﷺ brought us. Oh no, this is our knowledge, this is our ancestry, this is our inheritance. Read these realities and you won’t fall for this ignorance. Their intention is to have the worshipness of mankind, to set themselves as an authority and power, that we will protect you. And they propagate the knowledges on Earth that, ‘If you don’t follow us, we will destroy you. That fear us, not Allah (AJ).’

And even when they teach in other religions, ‘Oh, the devil is going to come and get you.’ And Allah (AJ) says, ‘That devil has no power except through My Authority. There is no devil going to get you if I don’t give him permission to eat you.’ All destruction is in Allah’s (AJ) Hands. All blessing is in Allah’s (AJ) Hands.

Then Allah (AJ) says, ‘Fear nothing but Me! For if you go on the wrong side of Me, I will make all this creation to eat you. Don’t worry about devils, even the ants will come to eat you. I will give you My smallest one, not the biggest and scariest one. I send a small one.’

Little worms eat everybody. So, it means this reality that they are doing, and what they are propagating of these knowledges, this is the jinn world. That chip and machine language is a series of electrical pulses making ones and zeroes so that they communicate. What they want is your belief.

So the more we use this, now people are farther from their belief. The more that we used these devices [Shaykh holds a phone], we stopped using our spiritual ability, your heart. And if you go to people and say, ‘I have through my heart the ability to call you.’ They say, ‘This is crazy! What are you talking about, you bearded people?’ But I say, ‘This (phone) can do it you believe, but what God created can’t do it?’ [Shaykh points to heart].

So, then people became idol worshippers. These are the idols of modern time. These are the products that people worship. You can use it as your servant or you become a servant to it. That will be different.

We use it to propagate Allah (AJ), to propagate the glory of Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ. We are not slave to it, but it should be slave to us. But it’s haqqaiq and its reality is important to understand.

That this device from the jinn (unseen beings) world, this device from their world is the intention of coming into our world. That we want to give you from our powers, we want to give you from our abilities; that as you stare and you look at it, the energy emanating from it has already grabbed your face. Because we don’t understand that we are energy beings. You know this physical beatific face that you see, there is a light shining out. It is not just this.

It’s not just flesh; there is energy emanating out. What they want is that put your energy towards us and we are going to absorb everything from you. We want to feed off of what God has given to you and not given to us. We want all your focus, we want your belief, and we want to take away your belief in Allah (AJ). And that’s exactly what has happened now. People have lost their humanity, lost their understanding of communication.

Nobody even has the ability to communicate anymore. Five people sit down on a table, five people take out a phone and they are not even looking at the human interaction and that is all that shaitan (satan) wanted, ‘Don’t look at each other. Look at me, look at me. What do you want? I’ll send it to you. What do you want? I’ll bring it to you.’ Now with this company, unless they are not going to pay an advertising fee, but they will send it the next day.

You don’t even have to move where ultimately you become the matrix. That you sit on a couch wired up and you just want to eat something? It comes to your door. You want to drink something? It comes to your door, don’t move, don’t move.

You saw that movie where the guy was just sitting like this (stretched) and he became like 500 pounds, eating and drinking and don’t move, play a game, we will make an avatar of you and put it in the game. You want packages from stores? Don’t go to the store, we will send it to your door. It means don’t move, just come into our world. You become the battery.

You become the source of power and they become like the vampire, that they pull out all the energy of insan (mankind). And they are vampiring insan’s energy and that is all they wanted. Now they say the next generation that is coming out with these smartphones very soon will be integrated with your thought. They say the power of this phone is only as good as the speed of your fingers and the jinns (unseen beings) say, ‘We don’t want that. We want to fully integrate with your brain where we overtake even your thinking process, not where we wait for your command.’ They want the moment of what they think machines are singularity.

It’s not singularity with a machine, it is a singularity with the jinn world. That you are the chosen creation of God, we are much more powerful than you. We are going to overtake you because our leader is coming – the Dajjal (man of deceit) is coming. So they are preparing the way for their leader where they immediately overtake that insan with all their technologies. The technology coming out on the next generation smartphone will be integrated with your thought. It will read what you are thinking and bring your engines and search engines.

What is it that you want? As soon as you think it, it’ll bring it from every direction into your presence. They are trying even to make their instant printing, replicate. You want the throne? We will replicate it…trrrrr…and instantly print it in front of you. All of those technologies – everything that they brought was to get the worshipness of mankind.

Those were the ifrit (powerful demon). Now they understood. They have what’s called a quantum computer coming. The speed in which that device calculates, they tried to explain it as it is in multiple universes, parallel universes. It is calculating and bringing.

We just described these (phones) are small ifrits. What they are making contracts with are demons. They are beyond ifrit, but the big shayateen (devils) that want to come to destroy insan (mankind) and destroy this world.

As soon as those devices are moving, they are making requests from demons. And those requests will begin a power that they cannot control. And when they described it, they showed it. They are going from dimensions coming into this world. We said if that house of the ifrit (powerful demon), the house of those quantum computing is the house of the shayateen, big shayateen (devils)! That they want to come and facilitate under the disguise of helping and that’s the understanding that we wanted to convey of these technologies, that don’t be a servant to it.

Understand what shaitan (satan) is trying to do with it. He is trying to take the worshipness of insan and mankind, trying to facilitate their favours – what is it that you want? What is it that you desire? I will bring it for you. As long as we understand that concept, then you are continuously battling that desire, continually battling what this phone is trying to show me, what this phone is trying to lock onto me. And don’t underestimate it. It is reading your heart. You want to see pictures of women? It is starting to send you pictures of women.

It is starting to put bad characteristics into your heart and you begin to make requests from people. Who do you think is doing that? It is the device. You want to do things that are not halal (permissible). You want to eat things that are not correct. Every vice, its source of reasoning and energy is that device.

Because before you had to provide an action and go somewhere to do something bad. Now its saying, ‘You sit where you are, we will inspire every badness to come to you.’ Imagine now all these devices what it has done to this entire population. And that is all they wanted. Go up, the reverse is then towards the Heavenly Kingdom.

When we go towards the Heavenly Kingdom, that reality of binary code which is the reality what the shayateen (devils) are trying to copy with their pulses of energy making ones and zeros, its reality was from paradise. Its reality is the machine language of the heavens, what we talked last night. If you think dunya (material world) has a complicated system to talk with the lower world of shayateen and ifrit (powerful demons), imagine trying to communicate with angels and the Heavenly Kingdom.

There must be a firewall. There must be a protection. So, it means all this language that is necessary to take the wants and desires of insan (mankind) and present them towards the heavens.

And as they are moving towards the heavens, the prayers and the wants and desires of people, must be clean, must be washed. And at each level brought up, brought up, brought up until the machine language of the paradises and the heavens is La ilaha illAllah Muhammadun Rasulullah ﷺ. La ilaha illallah is the One, is the energy ‘on.’

Muhammadun Rasulullah ﷺ teaches us, be nothing, turn yourself ‘off’, is the nuqt (dot). The ‘1’ and the ‘0’ of Paradise was Allah (AJ) and Prophet ﷺ and taught for us the machine language. ‘I have a language, a face in which I speak to creation and I speak to the Creator.’ And awliyaullah (saints) understood that that binary code is a lower level than what the Prophet ﷺ is describing. He is describing, ‘I have one face to Creation, and my reality of my nuqt I have one face to the Creator.’ It means that – and Ayatul Kursi comes to describe this tremendous reality.

Ayatul Kursi is ayat al Kareem for power. Kursi symbolizes a power. Allah (AJ) is describing the authority of His Heavens that neither sleep nor slumber overtakes this authority and that this authority sees and is vigilant over everything.

It is not only a description of Allah (AJ). Allah (AJ) is describing that reality. That this is beyond the binary code, this reality of Nabi Ahmad ﷺ where Allah (AJ) gave His Divinely Alif onto the hamd, made it Ahmad ﷺ. It is both ‘on and off’ at the same time. That at every moment, Prophet ﷺ is ‘off’ facing Allah (AJ) and ‘on’ facing creation. That his duality of being on and off at the same time is that Prophet ﷺ is teaching that the Heavenly Code is at 19.

1 and 9 and it is ‘on’ all the time. It is not at 1 and 0. 1 and 0 was sent for a lower level of the understanding of binary code, that the shayateen (devils) took that. Their quantum computing, the real Divinely quantum computing is based on the reality of 19, based on Huwal Awwal is one, and Huwal Akhir and the reality of Khatamun Nubuwwah, that the Seal of Prophecy, the reality of the 9 that Allah (AJ) gave to Prophet ﷺ. The 9 being the most powerful ‘on’ and the 9 also representing the nuqt (dot) of submission. And we taught about the reality of numbers.

9 is the most powerful number because it is only 1 through 9. 10 is one and a nuqt. But 9, it is so powerful that it also knows how to annihilate itself, to be nothing, that the nine’s dual state is both ‘on’ as the most powerful number, and both ‘off’ as just a nuqt. When it becomes a nuqt, it is in the presence of the One. So, every time he is manifesting, he is continuously manifesting. At the same duality he becomes a nuqt and is in the presence of the One.

Our life was to copy that reality of Prophet ﷺ, to reach to its haqqaiq (reality) of sirr Lam Jalala. Lam alif is the reality of that relationship. This lam and this alif is continuously changing.

That when Prophet ﷺ is ‘off’, Allah (AJ) is present. When Prophet ﷺ is ‘on’, then we are moving towards that reality. We pray that Allah (AJ) grant us an understanding of the heavenly technologies. The reality of what these physical technologies are trying to do on this dunya (material world), and how they are trying to occupy the hearts and the minds of insan (mankind). And awliyaullah (saints) are busy trying to get us to connect back to the Divinely Presence, that put the faith back towards Sayyidina Muhammad ﷺ.

Put the love and the emotions back towards Prophet ﷺ to be dressed with the real binary code, the real quantum computing. Quantum computing from the Heavens, “Qul in kuntum tuhibbon Allaha fattabi’oni.” The real kuntum, not the quantum of what these people are trying to do.

The kuntum of what Allah (AJ) says, ‘If they love Me and want Me, follow you (Prophet) fatabioni, yuhibukumullah. If they follow you truly to your reality, My Divinely Love will be dressing them.’ That is why every month, they teach a power of 9 because these are the ships that are moving in that reality of 9. They are all from the 9 and they are taking everyone back to the 9. Anything that reaches the fana and the annihilation of 9 becomes a 9. If you are 2, 3, 25, whatever you are, whatever you multiply, multiplication is a reality of fana.

When you are a 2 and you multiply with Prophet ﷺ, even if you are 18, you are really a 9. So whatever you manifest at, if it is fused with Prophet ﷺ, you become from the reality and that is why Allah (AJ) described feekum, that Prophet’s ﷺ light is amongst you. Those whom are fusing in that reality, they are being dressed by that reality and being blessed by that reality. Subhaana rabbika rabbil izzati amma yasifoon wa salaamun alal mursaleen wal hamdulillahi rabbil alameen. Wa bi sirri Muhammad al Mustafa wa bi sirri surat al Fatiha.

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