Agriculture | Fall Commencement 2019

Agriculture | Fall Commencement 2019

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In. 1867. Kansas State. University, held its first commencement. Three. Women and two men graduated. That year as. The first land grant university, in the nation this, fledgeling university. Had a vision of providing innovative. Education. To all people. That. Early vision has, continued, through to the present, with. Over 250. Majors and, a diverse student, body, including. Students, from all 50 states and more than 100 countries. Becoming. One of the nation's top 50 public research, universities. By 2025, is. Today's vision, for. Tomorrow. With. Academic, programs, among the best in the nation and professors, who, are leaders in their fields, Kansas. State University, is an international leader. In teaching learning service, and, research. Today's. Graduates, join over. 200,000. Alumni who. Are proud to call k-state their, alma mater. Congratulations. And. Thank. You to all those who have supported them, through their, undergraduate, experience at, Kansas, State University. Good. Afternoon I'm dawn Boggs associate. Dean of the College of Agriculture, and welcome, to the College of Agriculture, fall commencement, ceremony, I wish. To thank our bagpiper, Terry Ferguson, a k-state alumnus, and our organist, Rachel gross graduate, student and music for the processional, music it is, now my pleasure to introduce Savannah, Piper graduating. Senior in animal sciences, and Industry from, Shawnee Kansas, to. Sing our National, Anthem throughout. Her time at k-state Savannah, has served as a research lab assistant, in the Department of Entomology and, earned, the faculty, Excellence Award the Kansas State University, undergraduate, research symposium. She's, also spent a majority of her time volunteering with. Local, animal rescues. After. Graduation, Savannah, plans, to pursue a career in either animal science or entomology, please, stand in as Savannah, sings our National Anthem. Oh. Say. Can, you. See. By. The. Dawn's. Early. Light. What. So, proudly. We. Hailed. At. The twilight's. Last.

Gleaming. Whose. Broad stripes. And. Bright, stars. Through. The perilous. Fight. O'er. The ramparts. We. Watched. Were. So gallantly. Streaming. And. The. Rockets. Red, glare the. Bombs. Bursting. Gave. Proof. Through. The night. That. Our, flag, was. Still, there. Oh. Say, does. That. Star-spangled. For. The, love. And of, the. No. Thank. You Savannah audience. You may now be seated. Hector, Rojas graduating. Senior and animal sciences, in this industry, from Elgin South, Elgin Illinois has been selected, to share reflections, while. At k-state, Hector, served as vice president of the k-state chapter, of minorities, and agricultural, natural resources, and related sciences, president. Of the Omega Delta, Phi fraternity, member. And mentor in the Cargill. Fellows Program, a project. Impact, scholar, and a, Snider leadership, leadership legacy. Fellow he. Was also honored as a College, of Ag student. Of the month Hector. Compile completed, an internship with, Cargill turkey production LLC. Served, as a student research in the k-state College. Of Veterinary Medicine and participated. In a summer research opportunity. At the University, of Maryland College Park, Annie gained additional professional. Experience, at vets first choice Hector. Will be remained at k-state after, graduation, to pursue a master's, degree in, veterinary, biomedical. Science through, the College of Veterinary Medicine please. Join me in welcoming Hector, Rojas to the podium Hector. Thank. You dr. Boggs I first, want to say how grateful I am to have the honour to, reflect on my classes time here at Kansas State I. And I'm sure my fellow classmates are all thankful to have our close friends, family. And faculty, here supporting us today without your help we wouldn't be able to be sitting here I know, for certain that everyone in the class of fall 2019, has a unique story that allowed them to graduate my, story is going to be different from the person next to me in the person next to you and. As we sit here victoriously. From our individual, accomplishments, over the years we need to remember that we are about to enter a realm of uncertainty, that. Will also be different for everyone whether it be a job in the industry pursuing. Higher education or, return, it back to the family business. The. Next part of our lives will start after we leave this building today and that's. And there's not a concrete answer as to how it'll go for each of us. But. My goal mentioning, that isn't to scare anyone it's, to remind us that we've already proven we can accomplish the task of overcoming, the unknown I know, I can guarantee we all had one thing in common here coming to the k-state we. All faced uncertainty, coming, into our first semester at this university and while, we were happy and excited to get started as Wildcats, the truth is the. Majority of us the majority of us most likely had no idea what we were doing I for, sure didn't and by talking to my classmates, dorm, mates and fellow, students, I wasn't, alone well.

Fast Forward to today and I believe that we can say we figured it out we found, a way to conquer the exhausting challenge of earning a college degree so. Let's walk into the next chapter of our lives with, fearlessness, and confidence, that we can tackle the challenges that our industry will present to us we, demonstrated, that we can do something that seemed impossible just, think back to the times where you had to learn concepts, in class that you didn't even know existed before, that lecture, or. Those times where we had to be able to seem like what seemed like endless deadlines, couple of endless exams, at the time we might have thought how, am I going to do it but, in the end we hold our way through it now, I've talked a lot about the hard times we face but I thought I should also mention that it really wasn't all that bad in fact. There are a lot more good times than there were bad times we always for, some reason just seem to forget the good times from. Day one we've made connections and relationships, with each other our, faculty, and members, in the industry that will last a lifetime we. Make countless memories and learning experiences, from - curricular activities through student organizations. Competition. Teams and research, opportunities some. Students even had the privilege to travel and gain hands-on. Valuable, experiences, through summer internships, and even, study abroad opportunities, and it, would be a shame if I didn't mention the great science we had in cata days at Build Schneider family Stadium, or late, nights on Morris Street in, conclusion. We work tirelessly to get here today but, we also made sure to have some fun along the way today. Is another day that we can add to, the list of great memories you've had at Kansas State but. The hard work doesn't end here the. Problems of tomorrow still, have answers that have yet to be uncovered and we must figure out how to do more with less especially here in the agriculture, industry we. Need all hands on deck and I mean everyone and when I say that it, doesn't matter where you came from what. You look like or what you believe in I encourage. Everyone to continue to make impactful, connections that were ever yet and that wherever you end up to, bring an attitude that you're not showing up just to show up but to make a difference that will empower the world and I, couldn't think of a better group of students to do that than a graduating class from the Kansas State College of Agriculture, thank, you. Thank. You Hector for sharing your reflections, as we. Begin the program I will introduce the platform party I would, ask each them to stand as they introduced, please, hold your applause until all, have been introduced. Beginning, on my immediate left is dr. Ernie Minton Dean of the College of Agriculture and director, of k-state research and extension, Richard.

Myers Kansas. State University, President dr., Charles. Taber Kansas, State University, provost, and senior vice president, dr.. Christine, Wilson professor. Of agricultural, economics, dr.. Shannon Washburn, assistant, dean of the College of Agriculture, and dr.. Zeile Wylie assistant, dean in the College of Agriculture, if, you'd be seated in, the second row on my left is dr. Alan, Featherstone, head, of the department of agricultural economics dr.. Jason, Ellis head of the department, of communications. And agricultural, education dr.. Joe Horner, head of the department, of biological and, agricultural engineering. Dr.. Mickey ransom, interim, head of the Department, of agronomy, dr.. Steve Keeley, interim, head of the department, of horticulture and, Natural Resources, dr.. Marty Draper associate, dean of research and graduate programs and. Director of research at, k-state research and extension, and direct. Dr. Greg Hadley director, extension, and Applied Research. Continuing. On my immediate right sandy. Kline assistant. Dean in the College of Agriculture. Gracie. Danner, graduating. Senior in agricultural economics. Hector. Rojas graduating. Senior and animal sciences, of Industry and Servite, savannah, piper graduating. Senior in animal sciences, and industry may, be seated and in, the second row dr.. Mike day head of the department of animal sciences, and Industry dr.. Jeanette Thurston, director, of the Food Science Institute, dr.. Gordon Smith head of the department, of grain Science and Industry dr.. Brian microRNA interim, head of the department of entomology, dr.. Meghan Kennelly interim, head of the Department, of Plant Pathology and, Amy, button Renz president and, si of k-state, Alumni Association. Thank, you all for being with us today. We're. Very pleased that you're all able to join us for the fall 2019. College, of Ag commencement, today, we are assembled to honor an excellent, group of agricultural, graduates, for their many accomplishments, however. We also wish to acknowledge some, other very important, people who made it possible for, our graduates, to succeed the. Family members present, today we, have many spouses, and children parents. Siblings grandparents. And great-grandparents. With us today well, all of the family members of our graduates, please stand and let our graduates, say thank you with a big round of applause. Thank. You for being with us, at. This time we will recognize, and congratulate, those, students, who are graduating with, University academic. Honors Shannan, Washburn, assistant, dean for the College of Agriculture, will introduce our honored graduates dr. Washburn. Students. As I, read your names please stand, at your location. And remain standing until all in your group have been introduced. Students. Graduate graduating. With an overall grade point average, of 3.75. And above on at least 60, k-state. Credits, our, disick designated. Laude the. Laude graduates, are Tegan. Bowers. William. Buchanan. Mary. Connor, Anna. Haig. Jensen. Haran. Seth. Johnson. Alisa. McCormick. Zephaniah. Smith. Hannah. Taylor. Kolby. Trost. Please. Join me in congratulating our, laude graduates. You. May be seated. Graduates. Who have attained an overall, grade point average of three point eight five or above on at least 60, k-state, credits, are designated, magna. Laude our. Magna, laude graduates. Are Molly. Bert's. Nicole. Kane. Jacob. Syndrich. Jessica. Hansen. IRA. Culotte. How. Bean Lynn. Grant. Pimple. Nicole. Robin and, Molly. Tov. Please. Join me in congratulating our, magna, laude graduates. You. May be seated. Graduates. Who have attained an overall grade point average of three point nine five, or above on at least 60, k-state, credits are designated. Summa. Laude our. Summa, laude graduates. Are Jenna. Chance. Gracie. Danner.

Nathaniel. Ryan. Brynne, Swearengen. Merridy. Webber. Mackenzie. Webber. Amelia. Welter. Please. Join me in congratulating our, summa, laude graduates. Please. Be seated. We. Have four graduates, who have completed either the University, Honors Program or. The College of Agriculture, Scholars, Program, these. Graduates, have completed, a project under the supervision of a faculty member, and have completed advanced coursework, to earn the distinction, of honors, or Scholars, Program, graduate, at, this time we will recognize these students, please stand, as I read your names. Graduates. Who completed the College of Agriculture Scholars Program include, Kayla. Har. Clayton. Sardella, and Bryn. Swearengen. The. Graduate who completed the University, Honors Program is, Mara D Weber. You. May be seated. Congratulations. To all of our honors graduates, dr.. Boggs. Thank. You dr. Washburn, it. Is now my pleasure to introduce dr. Christine, Wilson as our commencement speaker, dr., Wilson. Is a professor of agricultural, economics, at Kansas State University, she. Graduated, with a Bachelor of Science degree in agribusiness, from Kansas State before, nearing, her master's of science and, Doctorate degrees, and agricultural, economics also from Kansas State, dr.. Wilson, first served as a green marketing, analyst for Koch Industries, before returning to Kansas State as an extension economist. She. Joined the faculty at Purdue University in, 2001. And transitioned. Back to k-state is the assistant dean of academics, to, the College of Ag in. 2008. Sorry about that, she, has returned now to the agricultural, economics, faculty where she serves as the undergraduate. Coordinator, her. Teaching career has included classes, in agricultural, finance, agribusiness. Risk management, small, business operations, marketing. Policy. Analysis, and more her. Research interests, focus on agricultural, finance agribusiness. And farm management issues, dr.. Wilson has been recognized, as an outstanding educator. Through numerous honors, and awards during, her career, including. The 2019. Presidential. Award for Excellence in undergraduate teaching the. 2019. College, of Ag Alumni, Board David Mugler outstanding, Teaching Award in the 2019. Agriculture. Of Applied Economics Association. Distinguished. Teaching Award we're, very pleased to welcome at this time dr. Christine, Wilson to the podium for her remarks dr. Wilson. Thank, You dr. Boggs, it's, truly, an honor to be here today to, deliver the commencement address, over. The years I've been to many commencement, ceremonies, and have heard many commencement, addresses and guess, what to. Be honest I can't remember any of them in specific detail and, many, of them were given by truly, great speakers, that I know some. Of them in the audience today I. Think. I can't remember them, because, I have been to so many and, if I'd only been to one ceremony. Maybe I would remember more details so. The challenge, today for me as I see it is to speak to the graduates, and to find, something, meaningful for, you that, you might remember past, the closing march of the stairs at the end of the ceremony today, past.

The Party, that you might be having later today and definitely. Past your first day at, your new job and so, this is what I'll try to do for you today. Commencement. Is a time of celebration and reflection as, it, should be you have, worked hard and you have completed a great and important, achievement, your, professors, have challenged, and prepared you with technical skills and knowledge in your specific agriculture. Food and natural resource. Sciences area you. Have likely been involved, in some clubs and organizations. To build your leadership and, teamwork skills and you've, had internships and jobs, to build and develop your work ethic and build, your resume so. Graduates, let, me ask you this do. You feel prepared for the next step for. The next stage are you, ready. All, right well, yes yes you are and I was watching and some, of you did finally, say yes and some. Of you said no and some, of you just did not answer, just, like in class. So. I'm going to reinforce for you today that you are ready because, we've, done our part to help get you there and you've done your part you've. Learned to think like an economist, to, think like a plant to, think like a cow or, another animal from. Several great professors, as well, as learned many other skills but. There truly is more that you need that we may not have pointed out directly, or talk, specifically, about in, labs and lectures or, advising, meetings even, though it was often there what. Is it. Well. A recent aPLU. That's the association. Of public land-grant university. Study tells, us that employers, have raising. Concerns, about new graduates, ability, to persist, in a job to, persist, in a challenging, situation as, well, as to find and use failure and challenges, as growth opportunities. And to deal with negative critiques and feedback, now, I have often thought that we learn more from the things that we don't do perfectly, or correctly, than from those that we do and from, the situations. That challenge us most, maybe, we remember, them more maybe. We are more satisfied. When we reflect and are able to appreciate the situation, and our ability, to deal with it and move beyond, it this, is what I want to talk briefly with you about today as you, move to the next exciting stage, in your life choices. Persistence. And resilience. Because. These are important, for you in your future and they, are as important. As the technical knowledge and skill that we talked openly about and taught, you in the classroom, you. Have had experience, with choices, resilience, and persistence here, in the, classroom in the temporary, jobs and in extracurricular. Activities through. The challenging, assignments. Working. With others making. Decisions, and balancing. All of your courses and other life activity. Even, if your professors, and advisors, did not directly, point them and this, out to you that. Tough homework, assignment, or exam be.

Not Having an answer keep posted, that. Group assignment. That. Deadline, those. Were there not only to develop your knowledge but, to also help, you develop your decision-making your. Persistence. And your resilience. Other, skills, that your future employer, requires. In, you. Choices. And persistence. And resilience as an. Economist, I often, comment, that everything, is about choices, about trade-offs. Costs. And benefits, decisions. The choices you, make those, of you have been in one of my courses know, this right. Who. Here is heard or read Robert, Fulghum book, all I really, need to know I learned in kindergarten. Some. Of the gems are aces, about, choices in that book, are, share. Wash. Your hands, put. Things back, clean. Up your own mess. Say. You are sorry etc. These. Are important, acts to remember, throughout life as you, make choices now. Another profound, resource, on choice, persistence. And resilience, quite, possibly, might be something, we might call teachings. We've learned from, country, music songs. Life's. A dance you, learn as you go. You've. Got to have an ace in the hole, god. Is great, beers. Good. People. Are crazy. Get. Along, call. Your mom. Make. A friend. Get. Along and, finally. An old classic that, the graduates, may not relate to but I bet your parents some of your parents do. Every. Gambler knows the secret to surviving, is knowing what to throw away and, knowing what to keep because. Every. Hands a winner and every. Hands a loser. Graduates. Every situation. You are presented, with as you move into the rest of your life is an, opportunity, for you, it, will require choices. And decisions, and some, persistence, and resilience, will. You always have a hand like a royal flush or a straight flush, or four of a kind. Probably. Not those, are easier, hands to play and easier, choices, but. How are you gonna respond, when you're dealt something, like a to seven off suit which is the worst starting, hand or something, in between that probably. Requires, harder, choices, and more. Work, that. Is persistence, and resilience, this. Is what employers are looking for and this is what you need to be able to do both, in the professional. And personal aspects. Of your life every. Hands, a winner and every. Hands a loser it's, what you choose to do with it that matters not. What you start with not. What not where you start but. What you choose to do with it the choices, you make the, persistence. And resilience, that you choose to show now. Do we have any sports, fans here today. Alright. I was pretty sure we would you. All know even, champions, don't start out as champions, and they, don't always win it's, what they learn and do with the losses and the poor shots or the poor performance or, the non perfect situations. That move them forward and make, them successful in their own realm choices. And decisions. Persistence. And resilience now. Do we have any NFL, football, fans here today. What. About Chiefs, fans. All. Right now keep in mind I'm, a Chiefs fan as I tell you this next story Chiefs. Fan. You. Probably know this Tom. Brady was, a six round draft pick there, are only seven, rounds, he, was the 100th. And 99th, overall, pick with, six quarterbacks, taken before, him in the 2000. Draft again. I'm not a Patriots, fan nor a Tom Brady fan Peyton, Manning Drew, Brees and of course Patrick, mahomes, are the, quarterbacks. That I would choose but. I, do, very much respect, what Tom Brady has done and think, it is a great example. He, wasn't anyone's, first choice the. Expectations. For him were not great and were not much but. He chose to work hard and prepare. Persistence. And resilience, and a strong work ethic and when, presented, with the opportunity mr.. Brady made the most of it he, had worked and he, had have prepared, every. Hand is an opportunity, it's, what you choose to do with it that matters now. One of my former professors, and mentors often, said, never. Underestimate. How much you can compensate for your inadequacies, with. Hard work, choices. Persistence. And resilience these, are factors, and qualities, that will benefit you in life and help you to be successful these. Are important, for your future employer, you. Came to college with a growth mindset, that. You are going to learn and further develop, your knowledge and skills to, prepare you for your career, now. Is your opportunity to, move to the next stage how. Will you go there I, encourage. You to go now also with a growth mindset, make.

Everything, An opportunity. Set. Goals, handle. Any setbacks. As opportunities. Have. A good work ethic, consider. Your choices and, find, your resilience, and your persistence, after all, your. Ace in the hole is that, you already made one great choice and that you, are not just any wildcat, but. You are a k-state, College of Agriculture. Wildcat, and. And. So. You truly, do have tremendous. Opportunities, available. To you and you, can do anything, you choose to do so. Graduates, one. Last time let, me ask you this and I want to hear your answer are. You, ready. Yes. Yes. You are so, go make us proud, congratulations. And best wishes. Thank. You dr. Wilson see. Now why she wins lots of teaching awards don't you, Gracie. Danner a graduating, senior from West Liberty Iowa has been selected, to deliver the graduate address Gracie. Will graduate, with a major in agricultural, economics and a minor in international, agriculture, during. Her time at k-state she, served as a College of Agricultural ambassador, Sigma. Alpha professional, agricultural, sorority philanthropy, chair. Academic. Kim mentor for the Staley school of leadership studies a hands-on. K-state, mobile, food pantry volunteer. And an Ag policy fellow she's. Also been a member of the Kansas corn Collegiate, Academy the. Agricultural, economics, and Business Club in collegiate, cattle Woman's Club she. Participated, in an international study, tour of Ecuador was, a National, FFA Organization, American. Star finalist, and beef proficiency. Award finalist, and was, recently awarded the CoBank outstanding. Senior award Gracie. Has completed two internships, with John Deere and has, also gained professional, experience, with the Kansas State University Foundation. Next. Gracie will begin John Deere's marketing, and customer support, development, program, on a customer. And product support, path please, join me in welcoming Gracie, Danner to the podium for the graduate address Gracie. Good. Afternoon graduates, faculty. Family. And friends, to. My fellow graduates, the day that it seemed may never arrive is upon, us our. Graduation, is a momentous, occasion for each of us today. We celebrate, our accomplishments. Perseverance. And the embarkment. Of a new journey, this. Day is certainly. A moment, for celebration. Reflection. And appreciation. There. Were many individuals, who, helped us reach this milestone in. Our lives many. Of them are here today to celebrate, with us and many, are not, seek. Out those individuals, those. Who impacted us encouraged. Us consoled. Us and pushed, us beyond our own comforts. And developed. Us into, the people we are today there. Are professors. Advisers. Family. Friends. And mentors and, we owe each of them our deepest, gratitude. Today. Marks a beginning of sorts the, day we have been dreaming of and reading, for years from. This juncture, each of us will form our own path but we will share our time in the Kansas State University College of, Agriculture, as the. Very first land-grant, institution. Created a bitter under, the Morrill Act of 1862. Kansas. State University, was charged, with, a distinct, focus on science, research. And extension, services, all, with a unique emphasis, on agriculture. This. Cohort of graduates, in front of me is presented. With the opportunity, to serve our communities. State, and nation, with, the skills and knowledge we, have developed, and our time in the Kansas State College, of Agriculture. Although. Today seems, like the ultimate, finish line our. Greatest obstacles, still, lie ahead. Graduates. I challenge. You to not take this moment, to rest upon our laurels and fall into a routine of comfort. And in, action, we. Live in a world of instant gratification. We. Get a notification on, our phones the second our exam is graded we. Click one button and, a package from Amazon shows, up on our doorstep within, two days we. Can text our friends and have plans assembled, for the night within a matter of minutes it is. Uncomfortable, for, us to wait and see, the products, of our labour, but. The challenging, issues that this group of individuals in front of me is task, to tackle, will not be solved, in an instant an hour, a day a, month, or, even a year as, graduates. Of the College of Agriculture we will face challenges, in managing. Depleting, resources. Nourishing. A growing. Population and, middle class. Promoting. Cooperation and. Compromise, within.

Policy And, creating. The newest technologies, to foster efficiency in our industry, our. Patience. And perseverance. Now, will, pay dividends, in the future as we, seek to solutions. To these nuanced dilemmas. Each. Person, who has walked the halls of this university, especially. In those of the College of Ag knows. That there is something remarkably. Special. About. This place it. Is truly an indescribable, feeling, one. That I couldn't describe in the confines of our time here today or even, come close to doing justice, even with infinite time, but. A few words come to mind home. Family. Belonging. Compassion. A sense. Of welcome, and support, radiates. From, the people here, graduates. You all know that feeling that I'm talking about. It's. The feeling that made us choose k-state. Find. Our home and find our people here and made. A so fond of our dear alma mater, I implore. Each of you to grasp that feeling, hold, on to it and spread. It wherever, you may go and. Whichever, towns and, cities you end up in the. People you meet along your journey. And in every single one of your words and, interactions. Show. The world a piece of the power and kindness, of this, place and know. That you will always have your colleagues, from the Kansas State University College of, Agriculture, in your, circle. Congratulations. Class of 2018, I'm so. Excited to see what this group of graduates, accomplishes. Together. She's. Not that tall she's got heels like that on its own. Thank. You Gracie before. We proceed to the degree ceremony, we are pleased to have Amy button Renz president and, CEO of the k-state Alumni Association. Bring, special greetings, on behalf of the k-state Alumni Association, Amy. Good. Afternoon I'm, excited, to join you today with, the honor being the first person to welcome you into the alumni family of Kansas State University, and the k-state Alumni Association, we. Are excited to celebrate with you and those who have supported you, along this journey as an. Alumnus, you. Now join a k-state network, of more than, 280,000, graduates and Friends the, Alumni Association will, be your link to your on Oklahoma mater for life our, mission. At the Alumni Association, is, to lead and inspire lifelong, involvement that. Will benefit Kansas State University, and all, members of our Wildcat community. Our core. Values guide us in our mission to keep you connected with, k-state, our. Most important, value is link the, Alumni Association provides, the lifelong link, that, alumni depend, on to remain connected you. Can stay in touch through hundreds. Of alumni activities held, on, campus around, the country and internationally, we. Want to keep in touch with you and be of service to. You no matter where you live another. Value is tradition you. Will likely celebrate a few traditions this, weekend as you, sing the alma mater or take, KSU, photos at, your favorite spot on campus, you, may also have fond memories of doing the Wabash at a K State sports event, are rubbing the nose of the bronze Wildcat statue at the Alumni Center for, good luck on a test or to insure a wildcat, victory, as the. Keepers of tradition, we also hope you will have a chance to visit the Alumni Center to, see the memorabilia, of many k-state, traditions, that we have on display the. Final value I'd like to talk about today is purple, for, k-staters, it's more than a color it's, a symbol of pride, connection. And family, when you see someone in purple wearing, a k-state class ring or, with a power cat license, plate on the back of their vehicle you, will feel that same sense of family and recognition. Of your graduation the. College of Agriculture, and the k-state Alumni Association are, providing you with a complimentary one-year, membership, to the Alumni Association, we. Hope you will enjoy the membership, benefits, and continue to be an active member after. Your first year your. Membership is important, to us in your University. K-state. Alumni, are among the most loyal in the nation in fact, our membership ranks number one in the big 12 for, the percentage of graduates who are members that, loyalty. Is shared by generations, of k-staters who, have the same passion for k-state that, you feel today as, you receive your degree from, one of the finest universities in the nation the. Alumni Association is, also pleased to present you today with. An exclusive alumni business card holder as you, go through life and your titles and, addresses, change please be, sure to keep us updated we want to make sure you're, always connected to your k-state family.

Congratulations. And go cats. Thank. You Amy, graduates. And attendees, we have a few additional announcements, for the degrees ceremony, the. College of Agriculture. Is pleased to provide a complimentary 5x7. Professional. Photograph, of your graduation, one. Photo will be taken on the stage and the second photo will be taken by the backdrop, at the rear of the seating area please, pause and turn toward the camera to make sure you're ready for your photo, family. Members if, you want to take pictures you meet do so from behind the roped areas, around the edge of the floor seating please. Refer, to the commencement program on, pages 42, to port 43, for. The order in which the graduates, will be recognized. Graduates. Majoring, in agribusiness, through wildlife, and outdoor Enterprise, Management are seated on the west side of then will cross from the stage from west to east the, remaining graduates, are seated on the east side will, cross the stage from east to west please. Prepare for your photo just before your graduate, approaches, the stage and then return to your seat so, others can access the area it. Is now my pleasure to introduce dr. Ernie, Minton Dean of the College of Agriculture, and director of k-state research and extension and, invite him to the podium for the conferral, of degrees dean, Minton. Thank. You dr. Boggs. Will. All graduates, now please rise for the conferral, of degrees. By. The authority, of the people of Kansas and the Kansas Board, of Regents and upon recommendation. By. The faculty. And upon, completion of all degree requirements, I, am. Pleased to confer upon you your respective, degrees you. Have earned at Kansas. State University. Graduates. Please move, your tassels to, the left side of your mortar board. You, may now be seated. At. This time college, administration. Will prepare, for diploma, cover presentations. The. Department, heads will present diploma covers, to each graduate, as they cross the stage I, also. Now and by k-state, president Richard Myers and, provost Charles. Taber to join me in congratulation. Congratulating. The graduates, as they cross the stage. Thank. You Dean Minton I will. Now introduce the, graduates, for individual, recognition on the stage and presentation, of diploma covers, we, will proceed in order by major is listed in your program on pages 42, and 43 as dr. Boggs indicated. I would. Like to thank our faculty marshals. Doctors, Elizabeth's, Yeager Anita. Dilly Chad. Miller Dave. Nichols, hooyah, Dohan and Randy. Phoebus who will assist in directing, you to and from the stage, it. Is now my privilege to introduce dr. Alan, Featherstone, head of the department of agricultural, economics who, will present diploma, covers, to the graduates, receiving, The Bachelor of, Science in agribusiness, and the Bachelor of Science and agriculture, with a major in agricultural, economics. Adam. Ray, Barbie. Jenner. Lane, birch. Jenna. Marie, Crampton. Riley. Douglas, ech. Sidney. K Hedrick. Brock. David, Hewitt. Blake. Jeffrey, Holmes. Jacob. Hunter Hazleton. Reginald. Jameson. Coke. Kyle. Thomas, Kramer. Michael. David, lemak. Mark. Clinton. Lampley. How. Bean Lynn. Derrick. McClure. Caleb. Andrew, machine, ski. Tristan. David, parks. Blake. Sanford, rich Mayer. Kyler. Johnson. Sager. Skylar. Anthony. Stevens. Joshua. Allen Sookie. Cody. Dylan, Walters. We. Will now recognize graduates, with, a student, with a DIN, agricultural, economics. William. Daniel, Buchanan. Jacqueline. Nicole, Clausen. Gracie. Ellen. Danner. Christian. Douglas, Fischer. Bryn. Lenoir, Swearengen. Hannah. Marie, Taylor, I. Am. Pleased to introduce dr. jason. Ellis head of the department of communications, and agricultural, education who. Will present diploma, covers, to the graduates, receiving, the bachelor of science and agriculture, with, majors, and agricultural, communications, and journalism and, agricultural. Education. Graduates. With a major in agricultural. Communications. And journalism include. Molly. Elizabeth, Burt's. Kaitlin. Cooper vicar. Receiving. A Bachelor of Science in agriculture, with a major in agricultural, education. Nicole, Leanna Kane. Now. I would like to introduce dr. Joe, Horner, head of the department, of biological and, agricultural engineering. Who, will present two graduates, receiving, the bachelor of science and agriculture, with, a major in agricultural. Technology, management. Cade. Douglas. Ames. Bryce. Robert, Brummett. Matthew. Bryan, Loomis. Gage. Truman. Mortimer. Evan. Michael, Ray. Clayton. Dean schroer. Brett. John, Siler. Chandler. Travis, is all tanco. Next. Dr. Mickey ransom, interim, head of the Department, of agronomy will, present, to the graduates, receiving, The Bachelor of Science in agriculture with, a major in agronomy. Nicholas. Christopher, deters. Brenton. Robert, Edwards. Mikayla. Lauren, Faulk. Paul. Glover. Bryce. Joseph. Cook. Connor. William.

Pierce. Tyler. Alan Pope Elka. Emma. Kate. Purvis. Nathaniel. Walter, Ryan. Daniel. Lee stitch. Colby. Conrad, roast. Megan. Elizabeth workman. Rebecca. Zack. Next. Dr. Steve Keeley interim, head of the department, of horticulture and, natural resources, will, present two graduates, receiving, The Bachelor of Science degree in agriculture. With, majors in horticulture, park. Management and conservation and. Wildlife. And outdoor Enterprise, Management. Receiving. The bachelor of science and agriculture. Mary. Alice Connor. Landon. For ki. Curtis. Lee, Hill. Marcus. Tayler, Hill. Kenneth. Coleman, mulch. Chez. Alta Arlene, not. Megan. Schroeder. Robert. Steven, Selman. Tyler. Stelter. Samuel. Stephen, Sumter. Receiving. The bachelor of science and agriculture, with a major in park management and conservation. Robert. Francis Kia. Tristan. Michael, lorac. Jacob. Robert, lenders. Savannah. Grace, Noble. Receiving. A Bachelor of Science and wildlife, and outdoor Enterprise, Management. Anna. Rose. Hague. Isaac. Douglas, Harvey. Derek. Scott, McKeever. James. Lightin Noreen. Jared. Michael, Peterson. Zachary. Wolfington. Porterfield. Mason. Sheets. Jordan. Alisa Wooderson. We. Will now pause to change sides and introduce the remaining, graduates, starting, with graduates, and animal sciences, and Industry. It is now my privilege to introduce dr. Mike, day head of the department, of animal sciences, and Industry who. Will present two graduates, receiving, the bachelor of science and agriculture, with, majors in animal, sciences, and Industry and, veterinary, medicine. Bailey. Joe Allen. Colton. Wyatt Abba Sean. Kiana. Beret. Ariadna. Jacqueline, Balthazar. Nicole. Christine. Vanek. Teagan. Will Bauer's. Kelsey. Lynne Bradford. Anna. Linnea column, you know. Jenna. Austin chance. Hanna. Tsing Yi Chu. Shelby. Lin Crampton. Kara, Michelle, cutshall. Justyna. Elizabeth. Davis. Devon. Deters. Sam. William. Dickinson. Kaitlyn, and Elizabeth, dinkle. Melissa. Shannon. At lush. Aaron. Mackenzie, flea hive. Bailey. Murray Fletcher. Michaela. Lynn Freeman. Hannah. Murray, fro, bows. Chandler. Elizabeth, Hanson. Jessica. Marie Hansen. Robert. Karl Harrell. Kayla. Marie har. Shannon. Nicole Heisler. Caroline. And Henry. Jensen. Taylor, Heron. Katherine. Lynn whore, lien. Megan. Lee Yurok. Seth. Henry, Johnson. Kayla. Michael. Crow paw. Trey. Aaron, Ling Bart. Erin. Nicole manse. Perla. Marquez. Alyssa, K McCormick. Brooke. Italy, McNichol. Robert. James Mullen. Arthur. Robert, Murray the fourth. Grant. Leon, pimple. Savannah. Noel, Piper. Hector. Anthony, Rojas. Amanda. Murray wrote. Corey. Garrard, Olson. Kylie. Perez. Clayton. Adam, Sardella. Grace. Catherine, Schneider. Haley. May sharp. And. Alicia. Joe Swanson. Molly. Margaret. Toth. Dianna. Valero. Kayla. The coal Volkmann. Annalee. Widom. Carly. Joy Williams. Jase. Robert. Sight. Next. Dr. Jeanette Thurston, director, of the Food Science, Institute will. Present to the graduates, receiving The Bachelor of, Science in Food Science and Industry. Bonanni, codes, Oh aha. Cooper. Joseph, Bethel. Jacob. Anthony, sin rich. Savannah. Sue cook. Jason. Eric, clam. Reba. Kate Crider. Erica. Sharon, kinguin. Jamie. Murray, Peterson. Gentry. Clare Shearer. Joshua. Adam smothers. Marady. And Webber. Wonky. Way. Amelia. And welter. Next. Dr. Gordon Smith head of the Department of green Science and Industry will. Present, to graduates, receiving Bachelor, of Science, degrees in bakery, science, and management feed. Science, and management and, milling, science, and management we'll. Begin with our students, in bakery science, and management. KC. Annette Campbell. Taylor. Lynn cotton. Sara. Janae Matic. Emily. And sting, goal. McKenzie, Lee Weber. Next. Are graduates, in feed science, and management. Avery. Anna Heinz. Andriana. Morgan, Ogle's. Next. Our graduates, in milling science, and management. Donald. Francis, Jacobsen. David. Joseph, Kaufman. Kyle. Thomas, Kimmie. Christine. Elizabeth. Odom. Jacob. Tyler, Ramsey. Dr.. Boggs that concludes our diploma presentations. Let's, give it up for our 2019. Fall graduates. Graduates. I want to remind you commencement. Is not about the end but rather the, beginning the. Beginning, of new careers, for, some of you new families, and for all of you a new stage in your lives you can, be proud to be a graduate of Kansas State the first land-grant University, in the nation but. We do have a few expectations, yet, for you as a k-state AG alum, first. We expect, you to capitalize on your education, and the training you have received to make valuable contributions. And your careers, and to, your professions, as well as to continue your professional development as, a lifelong, learner. Secondly. We expect, you to continue, the, outstanding record, of citizenship, philanthropy.

And Service that you have established at, k-state by, becoming outstanding. Members of the communities to which you relocate to, either start your careers or to continue your schooling get, involved, and be engaged in community activities they. Need your talents, and they need your leadership skills. Finally. What. Truly makes k-state, College of Ag great is the involvement, and expectations. Of our alumni, thus. We expect, you to keep bleeding purple to. Stay involved with k-state and to continue to challenge us to be the best we can be I'm confident. That I speak for all of the faculty, staff and administrators, when I say that has truly been our privilege, to contribute. To your education be. A part of your lives these last few years we're, very proud of you and, we wish you the very best, everyone, please once again help me congratulate, our to 2,000 fault 19 fall graduates. Thanks. To all of you for participating in, this very special, occasion for our graduates, we, ask that you please remain, seated for the formal recessional, the, graduates, will follow the stage party, to the rear of the floor seating area, and up the far north stairs to the concourse, we. Ask that families then exit immediately behind, your section, and meet the new graduates upstairs. On the concourse, this, will help us clear the floor for the next ceremony that follows thank, you once again to our musicians, for sharing, your musical talents to hector rojas dr., Christine Wilson and Gracie Danner for speaking at our ceremony today again. Congratulations. And best wishes to the graduates, for, our adjournment, whatever one please rise and join in join, in as Savannah Piper leads us in singing the k-state alma mater Savannah. Oh. Long. May they call, this fall. To. The. Children. Was.

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