AES 2019 Overview: Perfecting Audio

AES 2019 Overview: Perfecting Audio

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Welcome. Adoramatv, here. We are in Dublin 2019. At the AES. What. Is the AES well it's the Audio, Engineering Society. And. What's that well, it's, an association. For professionals. And students, in the audio, industry they. Focus, on audio. Technology. Fabulous. So we got lots to show you and I'm dying to have a look around so come on let's go. So. Here we are na yes Dublin, we have Frank and Graham tell. Us what the is Frank. The Audio Engineering Society was, formed in 1948. This is our 71st, year we just celebrated our birthday, and we're, here in Dublin for the very first time for the one hundred and forty fifth, Audio. Engineering Society International, Convention, and, crane tell, us a bit about the AES, and what it brings to people well. This is all about engaging with, anyone, that's enthusiastic. About professional. Audio people, that want to start from students, right through to top end professionals, we try and introduce as much education as, well as chances. To meet and greet with manufacturers. With, audio, engineers, we've got here. In Ireland for example we've got terms and distributors, aligned. With some of the top manufacturers, showing everything from live consoles, through, to recording, mics through, to good old vintage, style, and analog, mixes as well so try, and cover as big, a breath as possible the AES is here to educate people, on audio but also facilitate. The sharing of. Information as, research. Has done as the. Field. Of audio is growing, and expanding and, becoming, more, sophisticated, much, of that has been introduced, at AE s the compact disc player was introduced, at an Aes convention, the. Mp3, was introduced, at an Aes convention, the, AES has been a breeding. Ground and incubator, if you will of audio. Technology, for, its entire existence so. The, leading minds in audio, engineering come, and present papers and poster. Sessions at, the AES conventions, and those, products, products. In two years will be realized. By implementing, technology. That's presented, in a theoretical way at AAS conventions, today. AAS, is also about standards, AS create standards if you've ever used an ASE, EU connector, on a. On a electronic. Device to get digital to channel audio in that's, an Aes standard, if you've you ever used Madi, that's a es10, that's an aes standard a s67. On one of our latest and hottest standards. Have come about and it's a little bit of a digital rosetta stone it's, allowing, disparate. Audio. Networking. Protocols, that, are from different manufacturers. And can't, talk to each other to share their audio data so AES and providing a bridge to allow these disparate. Groups to work together to. Allow individuals. Who are audio engineers who are using products, from different manufacturers. To, work smarter, an AAS membership. Is a nominal. Investment, to stay plugged into, the. Audio world to, stay on top of technology. But anyone who wants to join the society. As an associate, member can have access to our entire library, it. Doesn't matter if they're a working professional or, just want to be one in the future we, give you ways to come in.

And. Here we are with the O go from sound particles, this amazing, 3d audio software, for. Film or whatever sound design you want to do tell us a bit more about it hi. So some, particles, is CGI, like. Software. You. Can create 3d, environments, sound environments, using some particles, it. Uses. Visual. Microphones. And some. Sources. Imagine. That you want to create a war. Soundscape. So, what you would normally do is to create on your DAW. One. By one you, would create this soundscape, you would import. Gunshots. Explosions. Airplanes. With. Some particles, you can create a. Square. Mile of a thousand, or even millions. Of sound, particles, and each particle would. Reproduce, the sound, source so, you, just have to create this environment these, 3d. Configuration. Of particles, and then, you would import, let's. Say 200. 300, sound. Relate war-related sounds. On to some, particles, so, each sound, gets. Its own particle. And you can place that within the same exactly. Each particle, will randomly, choose one of those files, and. Then you have a virtual microphone, inside, of that scene between in, between the particles so, you can move through the same exactly. The same with you exactly, yes and you can use stereo, microphones, 5.1. Ambisonics. Dolby, Atmos so. You can create all around you affect on the fly basically. Limited, the particles, you can use yes. We have currently, we have a limitation, just, because we have to but. With. A particle, emitter you can go up to, 360. Million, particles, Wow, if. You if your computer can handle it. It's. A standalone application you would have to export the audio and, on, to your, digital. Audio workstation, yes you can bring in QuickTime. Mp4. Progress. You, can and you can watch, the video and place the particles, on top of the video even 360. Videos, yes. We also have CGI. Integration, so imagine, you are working on animation. You. Can import the the, 3d, animation. Files from my blender. And you, can important them into, some particles, and some particles would attach sounds. Onto, those objects, and maybe, you have characters walking and the sound of the characters will go with. The characters, yeah. So you overlay. Your particles, on the physical picked on the actual picture. Amazing, yeah and, then you won't take that out as a, wave, or AAF, yes I bring it into your 5.1, is art how. Far does it go up 5.1, there's. No limitation, you can create your own setups if you have a setup like. Hundred, speakers you can create it that's amazing. Alright lads do we have claude from, merging, technologies. Here with a brand, new, toys, straight out of the box tell us annapurna Claude. There's. Not much to say just look at it look, at how beautiful. The device is, and. It happens, to sound pretty, good too, great. What is it monitoring. Controller, in. Its first inception. It's, highly software based so, while, the mechanics will remain the same the electronics, as well there's. Ample, room, to, deploy. It in various. What we call missions. The. First mission is a monitor, control. And. How does that all work I mean it's not just this boxes, in, the. Box by itself does. The job to, do a nice, monitor. Mix. For stereo plus, vux, for two point one for instance, inside. The box stand-alone no network required. Just, okay. When. You wanna go further, up, the. Device is designed to, scale up in. Capacity. Not, IO because. It has its, limited, I oh sure. A to D and D to a wise we have four channel, inputs make line instruments. And four. Main, line outputs, plus. Two stereo, headphones, independent. With. Other. And. To, have more aisles, you simply, go on the network, which is Ravenna. AES, 67. Style awesome, and. On that network we. Get an additional hundred twenty eight potential. Channels, coming, in and, going out Wow.

So You can monitor right. From that box whatever. Happens, on on your entire. Work you, can monitor. And decide here I want to listen this door coming. From a Pro Tools then. I want to listen this other door. Or. Mixer. From, another. Room and you. Can instantly switch between these. Sources, in your monitor it's absolutely. Fabulous, piece here you can then output from. The, mix here which, could be a 5.1. Mix. 7.1. Mix and that mass makes, a, 22.2. Weeks, you, can then route those, two. Additional. Devices on, your network. ID. Shall D to a converters, typically to, drive other speakers, you. Can control from the local, touchscreen and the, the. Elegant. Rotary. Button here but you can also let. Me put my glasses on here. You. Have the, view of all that from. Any web. Page. On. Your iPad, on your computer. Whatever. Is connected, to your network either. Wired. Or, Wi-Fi. Will. Work is awesome, all you needs the IP so, you can also, probably. Control, it from your bedroom using, your phone, if you have the IP address, of the device, you. Can do that I gave. Of my stereo system, from, from, your mail exactly. Based, well thanks a million it's an absolutely beautiful machine. Like I. Said, enough silly things on, this first day of spring. Spring. Is from the pleasure thank. You cheers, man so gods we have Fabrice from psi, audio shown us our beautiful, beautiful, speakers. You want to tell us a bit more about them yes. So this is the a14, this is the smallest, member of the, family okay. We have many two, ways we, have, one, three-way and one new, 3y which is coming very, soon with. A new. Handmade. Meter. Plus. We have other. Speakers for mastering, and. We. Have a. Product. Which is not show shown here which, is an active base trap which, is a revolution. In the audio, domain and, it's. All. The products are full, analog including. The active, base trap in the past we built for Studer, the, manufacturer, yes so. Studio. Was mainly in, the broadcast, industry. And. Since. We launched psi, audio from. Ourselves yes. We. Tend to go more to, studios. Broadcasting. Still. Broadcasting plus. Post-production. So. You do post and music, these could be used for both yeah, so, why, should I go up on your speaker, as opposed to the competitor, I. Would. Say the best it would be to try them to compare then, you you will have the answer but. No, but. Honestly. We. Try to have a really, an, instrument rather. Than just a loudspeaker making. Sound and. Bad. Sound so. We. All. Develop, by. Ourselves we. Develop everything by ourselves it's, all handmade oh wow plus, it's it's, full analog because, we are you, are testing everything that. We can use to achieve the best product, and from. Our side analog. Remains the, best way to do, it absolutely, absolutely. And, to be honest with you guys I've just listened, to these and they were, incredible. So. Gorgeous. So. Nods we're here at the Rupert, Neve designs part. And this is the Rupert. Neve designs I, have Josh here with me and he's going to explain what he has to, show off today, Josh, hi. I'm Josh Thomas general. Manager and co-founder, of Rupert Neve designs and, this is our RMP, D, 8 which. Is a, Dante. Remote controlled, mic free you. Have two. Redundant, Dante outputs on Ethernet simultaneous. AES, outputs, an 8. Channel transformer. Rupert Neve design mic free with one DB. Control. It's, controllable. Via either Mac PC or, the yamaha CL, or QL consoles, burn and, we're, working with other partners that will come online later this year, awesome, where would people see this how will they use this what's, the best applications, that you can see for sure this was originally, designed for live sound applications we. Had a number, of major acts taking, our Mike Frese our straight analog light breeze out on the road and have, had a lot of demand the last couple, of years for. One. That would be digital.

Having Digital outputs, on it once. We came out with this for live sound we found, a great, deal of interest from both broadcasters. Studios. And, I even have a couple mastering, engineers that are using this as their main converter, now awesome. Awesome. It's. Certainly a beautiful machine listen, thanks a million Josh thanks, for coming back and. Here we are with John Willa tell us about these new beautiful microphones, you got here yes. The new microphone, is the GAF L M 102, a lot. Of people have said that in the past that, the GAF, lm22. One microphone, was the nicest Omni around and that, uses, a half inch measurement, capsule, and in fact that same measurement capsule. It's used by Josephson, as an OEM in one of their microphones, and the, unique, thing about it it's a little diaphragm that it's actually grown in place so, it's actually grown, to be physically, a part of the the. Capsule itself rather than making the diaphragm is sticking it on how, do you see the best good. Omnidirectional is, often used in organ recording, and piano recording because, an omnidirectional microphone. Has. No proximity, effect and it goes very low so he goes, load about ten or five Hertz very low frequency. Response so therefore pianos, and organs and things like that they. Are absolutely perfect, what. Happened with the new 102, was, that a, university. In Germany, we're. Doing a study for. Three-dimensional. Sound and they, came up with a rig that used five microphones. In a like, a 5.1. Array down. The bottom and. About, a meter above it were four microphones and what they did they used the half, inch two. To one in the upper level and they used the one-inch 1:02, for, the lower level because. That the 102 one, inch measurement. Capsule, worked so well for recording, as well as a half inch that. Kerfell, have decided to release that as a recording, mic in its own right as well so, the 102 is the first time, it's been shown in Ireland and it's only. Coming. Out now it shown their. 90th, anniversary last. Year in, Germany, awesome. Sounds. Beautiful to. Understand us a little bit more about the commentator, microphones well it's, actually what I've got here actually our codex, this. Is made by ie2. Audio, french, company, and. They are making codecs, for. Track for broadcast. Transmission. The. Commentator, Kodak, which is the scoop team is, very, very popular at the moment one international, broadcast, was just ordered about 80 of the things and they standardized, on that. The. Reason why there's a few things that you a to do which are unique, firstly. They were an audio company before they were a kodak company so. The audio is very good very, often you find especially in commentating. Their commentating, on a football match and suddenly, the. Commentator, go go or must start screaming, at the top of his voice what.

You Find with most codecs, the, audio will saturate and, start distorting as suddenly you've got a massive great uplift of sound because. The. Audio isn't very good in the ATAR it. Can take a much higher level before it saturates so very often it will not saturate, with this suddenly shouting, of goal so. The sound is, coming out very better, also. Again. Uniquely I think you can have full control remote, you have an option, of remote access so. You can have a commentator, who may be absolutely, useless technically. But, a brilliant commentator. So as long as he knows how to plug it in back, in the studio they, can remote accessing to control everything, remotely from the studio so you don't have to have an engineer, on site and, no, other codec as far as I know does that okay. Guys we have Jack here from solar sachs and he's brought these beautiful. Machines what. Are they all about this. Is the, Essex, FRS, the. Most compact, sort complex. Portable, recorder, yes it's all around 1 kilo and, is. A 16. Track. Recorder. Well, it's. Including. The time code on all facilities. For. Synchronization, and, for movies and. Like. This it's, for. Microphone. Inputs 2. 9 inputs, and. On, the side. Is also the is input. Maybe. For wireless. Microphone. Effects yes and. The. Companion, it. It, can be attached. Together. The. S6 88. It's. Adding. 8 microphone. Inputs. Well then. The complete set like. This is 12 microphone. Input right, yep. And, all the 16, tracks. And. What such a heavy machine is a heavy at all no it's the complete called, the complete package around 2.5. You, know Wow, with the battery which would be perfect for all the field ads yes, it is they'd be much happier to see that coming along yes yes, but people's, chests. And customers. Changed, it because they like, the way no they say they save the back perfect. Perfect and, you have a new thing for this, year's show yes. Pasta then we show for the first time the. Hc8. It's, just, controls. Your face to. Control, the. Settings, of the. Father-creator. Is very easy to go on. The. Shoulder. With this and, just, if he has a place no, place to walk he can attach this uncomfortable. With. The faders perfect. So if complete control over your whole machine because. You know how it is on the field some days, yeah these bits can get a bit it is you're tired, it's also depending, the job in some job is better to have all like. This yes if, you are maybe. It's fiction. If many. People's do. Part. Of the sound in the car yes, Francis is much, better to have the, more, compact. Compact. Possible, just. Beautiful and, Jack if another bit of equipment you want to show us new, to the show just, now today yes, this. Is the new s6. M2d, - it's. A very small, compact. Battery-powered. Microphone. Amplifier, it's. Two. Channels, analog. In suit it's. One is. Input. Then. It. Can work with to another, microphone, on one is, microphone. And, we. Can even mix together. On, this small box. Recorder. This. Box includes. Analog. Output, yes. Digital, is output. And also. USB. Out oh wow and the, USB, can. Be connected to. Macintosh. As, iPhone. Or Android Wow. Yes do we need any external drivers, nothing, it's just floating passing, exact, yes awesome, with, Windows, we don't know we don't, finish the test we don't know. With, Windows but actually. Like, this is working fantastic, with, iPhone. So ultimately you have your super, microphones. Yep, put, that in your pocket and straight, onto your iPhone exactly. Also. This include, our. Famous dual. Are the technology, yes, like the a6 f4 and we have a dynamic dynamic, range of a hundred thirty six, degrees well, yes. All. Of this is powered, with. This. Battery. And. The. Travel. Yes and, this is also the most common battery. In the world. If. You are in trouble just. Stole. A Tesla, car it's around 10,000 units of this in the best lab, that's. More easy if. You have, problem, with the battery you can go to a vape, shop yes, and this, is used to. Electronic. Cigarette. But. We don't need to only test later on this piece of kit yes if you did only one. It's. Beautiful, well done jack thank you very very much, you're Devon. From Lavo how's it going to want to tell us a bit about what you're showing to us yeah we've got our flagship. Console, the e mc-squared 96. On show at the AES here in Dublin, we're. Very proud to show it off with. The Lavo, limited. Office, which is the. New. Office servicing, UK, and Ireland is now open, well the MC squared 96, it is our large. Formats, production, console, mainly. Seen. And used in, broadcast, and sports, broadcast productions, but it also has, applications. In theatres in music production and yeah. It is. It's very it. Is a lovely, consult. Is you know a very versatile setup is it's a lot. Of a, lot, of great access points on that it's, very it's very functional. For a wide variety of applications and, you know with with the Heritage and broadcast, it applies, in. So. Many other operations, because, of things like built-in power redundancy, built in signal path redundancy.

Awesome. Interfacing. If I had one plug in my guitar well, you know. We. Are. Work. With the heavily. Based and standards, and Madi and Ravenna, are the, paths, of inputs. For the, for. The core. Aes3. As, well but we, have a selection, of stage boxes, and they could be interfaced, by a Madi. They could be interfaced by Ravenna they, could be interfaced. With the. AES. 77021. 10-30. Standards. As well so in the center section we yeah we did the center section screen, there. Right, above the center section of the console which is really the access point for any of your focus, channel areas so whether you need to be able to access your eq's, your dynamics. Delays, your. Artillery. Sends, they're all it from the center all. Of the screens are also you, know are touch sensitive, and so you could be using them to be able to set up your your your, somehing, outputs, your. Groupings. Set. Up auto mix channels. You, can have big wide you, know metering. Or a big tall metering, or, you, can have a lot, more. Showing. They on different layers underneath because you can get multiple layers on the console, as well. Thank. You very much everyone knows Jenna like everyone loves Jenna, like so what does general not gonna give towards this year ooh we. Have a new, one new product I mean the or the most recent, new product, is the S 360. That. We have in the, okay, well is this a studio, monitor this, this is a studio, monitor but. Designed. More, for immersive. Audio applications. For high power applications. And for long distant, applications. Oh because, in immersive, audio I mean you often find yourself in, a pretty big room and. When the room gets big the distances, gets bigger and then you need more power to fulfill for, example, they'd all be specifications. For sound pressure level five, less immersive, audio amazing. Now not all of us have that space in our bedrooms. So. What, could you talk to us about the, ones here yeah, we have the ones which. Is the, three-way, system, a coaxial, system, and we, have three different models after, which this one that we look at here is, the biggest one and then we have two smaller in size and. The smallest in size is, called the eighty three thirty one and that, would be perfect, for your bedroom I can tell you okay, I have one myself. This. Is the biggest this, is the biggest. Yeah. I mean it's used for I mean I the near-field. Monitoring. Or in surround, sound breaks, or, in, stereo, or any, kind, of format these, are also DSP. Based, so. We have a. Computer. Program called GLM, that, controls, the, actual DSP, inside, the speaker and you. Can have up to 30, speakers, on the network, and, you can, do calibrations. Of the speaker's you calibrate, frequency. Response you calibrate. Level. Distance. And, phase the. Connections, are plentiful. For. Audio that is both analog, and there is a es-tu. Can, endure connecting, directly and yes and it looks absolutely maze and you have a connection. On the cat5 cables, as well for the user network brilliant. I would. Invite everyone to come and join us at AES New York in 2019.

That's, In October. It's co-located. With the NAB, Show New York. I. Hope, so - you're invited, Thanks, I, know something I'll get you in.

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