Advanced Ancient Civilizations DOCUMENTARY Puzzling Archaeology Discoveries

Advanced Ancient Civilizations DOCUMENTARY Puzzling Archaeology Discoveries

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Oh. Romania. What. Do we know of this country, in. Reality, very, little, however. We've, become aware of a culture, impregnated. With surprising, traditions, and histories. We. Have in mind images, of haunted castles and vampires, but, we are far from the truth. Here, there, are numerous oral, traditions, that allude to ancient civilizations. As well as numerous archaeological. Discoveries, that seek to cover them up to. Better understand, the myths of this country we will go off the beaten track, and meet with often contested, researchers. And experts some. Of whom have dedicated their, entire lives to, bring to light these discoveries and reestablish. Truths long, since hidden. We, will reveal ancient centrioles, mysterious. Treasures and unusual. Archaeological. Objects, that can bring into question our entire, history. Have, there been previous. Civilizations. With a very advanced knowledge. Could. Humans have Co inhabited, the earth with. Giants. Our research. Will take you to out-of-the-way, places. Where. Myth and reality, cross. Paths. There. Is somewhere 1200, meters up that's, 4,000 feet a sanctuary, that attests to the presence, of an ancient civilization that, Dacians, during. The Roman occupation the, Carpathian, people withdrew there to, make their last stand. What, we have discovered there will shake up the, established, truth. Sammy's, such a Tusa known as the Romanian Stonehenge, is listed by UNESCO as, a World Heritage Site. Now. In ruins this sanctuary was once the ancient capital of the Dacians one, of the original peoples of Romania, this, military supply fortress, was comprised of five terraces, that extended, to more than 30,000. Square meters inside. A contained, living accommodation, stables. And storage, facilities all, served by a complex water supply system, the, city temples, did not survive the wars only. Fragments of andesite rock proves, their presence. Archaeological. Excavations, attest, that the inhabitants enjoyed, a high standard of living here. The buildings benefited from modern installations a long, time before the Romans interfered, with the dating culture. But. Sam is eager to sir was much more than a simple city. The. Dacians, took their knowledge from an influential, priest, to say you, initiated. In Egypt to the same degree as fails Pythagoras. And Plato, some. Credit, him with the building of the city during, the 1st century BCE. Samus's. Achutha, was also the site of an astronomical, observatory it, is said that the priests mastered, cosmology, and established, the positions, of the planets their. Science, of the stars govern, decisions, relating, to future wars the cultivation, of the land and voyages. To undertake, a, channel. Fiend own initiative a. Lot rich in Egypt under, permit monsieur de la proxy Carcano, start on a pyramidal, or de Janeiro's, ponen karelian, vatapá - a condo, suited, on stencil. F is eg medicina. Astronomia. Astrology. Ax she. Alta. Lucre, if, the significative. H, Lhasa message Atossa the sim presenter. Property. Dao, numerology. Our might. What a construct. CLA or. Insulator. A. Universally. The. Largest sanctum in the city damage is 30 metres, 98 Nahar feet in diameter and, is composed of three concentric circles, this, astronomical tempo, doubled as a calendar reputed. To have being one of the most precise, in all antiquity, with, a margin of error of one, hour 15. Minutes and 3 seconds per year. Next. To it a circular andesite, flagstone, comprised, of 10 spokes acted. As a solar dial that allowed the Dacians to predict the solstices, and equinoxes. Historians. Know very little about the Dacians and attribute, to them a very limited degree of knowledge many. Affirm that they did not possess the written word this, polemic affirmation, divides many researchers, according. To some it is impossible, for a so called primitive civilization. To have knowledge of stars and science, however.

One, Very controversial, discovery, a test, that they were not as archaic as history, states. Discovered. In 1875. Under the reign of king caliber first the, tablets of sanaya suggests, that the Dacians, did in fact possess, the written word 500. Of these tablets were found at the end of the 19th century during, the construction of the castle of palace or originally. Fashioned in gold they show three different types of writing one. Resembles, a form of ancient Greek but, the other to remain, unknown to, get the gold King, Carroll had copies of the maiden led before, melting down the originals, said. From the great concern Adama dark, alchemist exact on tablet Dooku. On palm scan metal Americana, to disable ax Keaton, wadis motion, is solicited, Osama Ziggy - sir Oprah's. Synchrony. Java present similarity, a crystal Arabic mr.. Yock, yock yock, alien, mode the personage rosa la paz y miño however. Their authenticity is, quickly contested, by historians, it is, inconceivable for them that they could assemble three different stars of writing more, so if we have not discovered similar, writings then, they had simply been invented. Todo. ESO, police element homeopathy Decatur different, neuronal. Arabic Ricardo was at t Bangladesh, relief. Egyptian. Yasha. I am Casey elevated, uh tortilla and norepinephrine. Karate. Top apart on police were low, alcohol Keisha. I'm assimilation. I buy booze mondo law D tablets, the. Verdict is without doubt they, cannot be authentic, for. Historians they, were just a joke. The. Story could have stopped right here but. In the last few years a number, of them have disappeared suddenly. Reigniting. The controversy, surrounding, their true nature. Muchacho. De toro moon dan, Romulo. Ryu. Shit i. Boxes, restored, are hollow GHSA photography, ezio, suited, Oscoda tablets even, a noona. Cuckoos vana can afford a extra dollar OG d bucharest amicus, it, Tracy. Parker. Suited. As well the tablets are desperate, for Umar Farouk achieve a sapota Sofia trois a responder, Alondra que la nación de registro de práctica. Putin caused Eric pan true Institute's Aristotle, in is no existe. Non. Primer and este, varmint. A theological, Chinna baccarat drastic reso confuses, storica, Nagin avoids the fucker suited, as for the plaque would say shirasu. Fiction sifaka change, sheetrock. Infuse a historical, data stash reprocessing is the, disappearance, of these tablets link to their containing, a message a mysterious, inscriptions. Or maybe. They, show that the Dacians, will not say primitive. But, what were they really in Romania. The day seem people speak a lot about it but, according to historians, it is as though they came from nowhere to. Understand, their origins, we, must go back to an era where, the Thracian territory, extended. East to modern-day Germany and south, to the Caspian Sea. Very. Little is known of this civilization only, that it was divided, into hundreds of tribes of which, the most important, was, the Dacians, known, as the jetty by the ancient Greeks in, modern-day Romania, the, Greeks were the first to document the exploits of the Thracians the, philosophical, texts by the likes of Herodotus and Plato are full, of praise for them. Excellent. Horsemen and remarkable. Competence, their, temperament, was a veritable asset, for the Greeks during the siege of Troy. They. Were also founded Alexander, the Great side during, his campaigns, and conquests. Far. From the derogatory cliches, the, skill of the Thracians in gold and silver demonstrates. An undeniable, artistic refinement, and invokes, an accomplished, civilization. Patinkin. Verb in desparate. Raj Corel. Motor and reverse present at a mobile. Physiology, of paparazzi Barbara. Primitive. Discovering. The fart-o cultura exceptional. Care a unanimity, moment a inference at cultura, grokken, mode majora, practic. A Tuscan. Verb in display Orfeo. Dionysus. Apollo. Artemis. Seattle. Vanitas, Sartre, DT greatest, Tremezzo Binyam catch esta was promoted. A degree. Drop, applet seal a stratagem. It. Is said that in three she mythology, Zeus. Was called as a Belize's. Artemis. Is shrouded in the trades Bendis the. Mozilla's became Dionysus. Just. As Apollo originated. His obvious got, a mythology of the art of divination each. Of the Greek and Roman gods traces. Their origins, to the Thracian, divinities, the, Greeks were inspired, by these people in their, lifestyle, and their philosophy. Spoonie, Forte Clara faculty. Meter a la Jets. You, know Dean Rena more late rejection color, turista logits, newcastle, a dial edge, chicas attract convert cemented allayi logits. Comparison. Nests for shit a plot. A poem on toothless in combination. Intertoto parlay, from Chi Minh selects, nests Punahou, mayor Alan. Casavant oh. But. This civilization. With the sin estable resources, was, to be coveted, by a Rome that was being crushed by its debts after many, wars Rome, came to destabilize, the Thracian nation and conquer.

Part Of its territory. The, last tribe to resist the invasion retreated, to the Carpathian, Mountains in Dacia. Tough, an immovable their, emblem was the wolf symbol. Of intelligence, liberty. And insubordination. Associated. With the snake it forms the Dacian Draco that would become renowned, seeing. That they were a minority in, the face of the Romans the, Dacians, made no compromise, they. Saw only two zalmoxis a divine, priest who, persuaded them that to die on the battlefield led. To immortality. A formidable. Belief, which, undermined, the Roman soldiers. It. Is it's a Maseca tutor that, they delivered, their final battle, The Citadel the ultimate resistance to the Roman invasion, sheltered. Disabled as' the, last king and general, of the Dacians. Despite. The competitiveness, of his army they, seeded in face of the power of the Roman Emperor Trajan and chose to die to accede to Zaman's his paradise. Lead, a soap opera buffa, seroma medulla. Papa. Second and era avro resist, EOC, Osmo anova sir Esparza, see, LOX ambled salut c'est, la vamos a despot revolta, yellow opal and revolta, la edad interasante. See Carlos come secular Wyoming Saturday's confetti, quedan. En parte, de la azotea, the. Road with my fellow, rapprochement of a clip own a porta potti APRA, don't lie beneath krishna report, la revolución, de france' on the set on earth mercy, open on dot revolution, / - da moneh Sasebo. Leaky gramophone, it's, like a book would not renew on your veritable, morning. Despite. Being victorious. And protrusion, honored the Dacians in erecting imposing, statues, in rome they. Express force bravery. A startling. Sign of recognition by, Roman, Emperor. See. On validated. Oprah's Express intercept reconnaissance, poetic. Assemble fertile, alluvial a, tremor servo menos linear, medicine, bottle avocadoes, led, by symbolism, me, cotton voir la Ronn printed on jelly dozen frantic City emphysema. Or canoe on hospice Erik Estrada, scalpel she can Prasanna, a cigar, lemare's, deluge no LF chosen for you biologists, ensemble Akito, de montreuil caricature, does Rapinoe here Susan, do after see La Palma. Being. Up to 3 meters 9, foot 10 inches tall, our, attention is drawn to the exceptional, scale of these statues. Larger. Than those erected, in memory of, Roman, warriors, naturally. The most logical explanation is, that the Emperor Trajan admired. The bravery, of this nation, however. A second. Theory has come to haunt the spirit of more, and more enthusiasts. Is, it conceivable that some, of these statues, were in fact life-size. This. Idea that crosses our mind sounds foolhardy yet, we are not the only ones to think it several, discoveries show, that some of the de chien warriors could, indeed have beat, this size. In Bucharest, the Natural History Museum harbors, an exceptional, treasure. Delicate. Gold and silver sculptures, confirm, the mastery, of these materials, that this nation possessed. Certain. Jewelry from some is a KATUSA that, almost 2,000, years later contain. Treasures that have never yet been excavated. Among.

This Decorative jewelry including. Brooches and necklaces, I found, some stunning bracelets, their diameters, vary between nine and thirteen centimeters three, and a half to five inches and weighing anything, from 700, grams to, more than a kilogram that's 24, to, 35 ounces, they're. Made of several loops comprising. Of snakes heads cold. Forged, from gold bars they, demonstrate, a complex, and very, elaborated, technicality. Romanian. Archeology, alleges, that these bracelets, were used for rituals or reserved, for a certain elite of Dacians but, for now it's their, size the concerns, us. Cassette. Ad bahasa dope when in Opa Opa ha estado. Normal. Mango Akemi on par or geometric, we need a trauma or dinner in. Passaic, is it a Petrova, mmmm, no Scott figure :. Since, avian effect is a debate over a la tsukimi, party developed. Reckon upon did you actually women's your head - on DOMA doterra see snip roofs according. To historians, these, bracelets were worn by the highest-ranking. Patient and without, wanting to play with words his. Highest must, have been very tall this, partially, broken helmet, has a diameter of around 30, centimeters, 12 inches almost twice the size of an ordinary head. Specialists. Allege that they were worn on top of other helmets. What. Is to be made of this ceremonial, breastplate, that no ordinary shoulder, would be able to wear and whose, length measures almost 80 centimeters, 31. And a half inches, just, below a ring, with a diameter of 3 centimeters. That's more than an inch. And, it's the same for this gold crown of unequaled finesse which, too has a very large diameter. It. Would have belonged to King suits 2/3 and came, from his tomb in Bulgaria. Bizarrely. The remains of this King have never been found. The. Giants, once, walk these lands. An. Episode, Roman. Territory. Trois motion. Existence, damn berry Dona sweet oil discipline. Maximum, taxa you haven't ID'd episode 8 do Mexico, daughter, in. 190, BCE in modern-day, Bulgaria, Roman. Soldiers met with something strange in front, of them stood, a Thracian shepherd, who, towered over them by, several, head heights this, Colossus, joined, the Roman garrison, where, he rose through the ranks to, become emperor, in, 235.

Ad Many. Think, that this description of Maxim Ennis is exaggerated. And unless, one day we find his skeleton, his, real size will, remain unknown. Set. On poor grandma satalia well. Misery good. Soldier too to see go but that member hissongk Oh Oh a pure sixty, supply put that xpt latte Oh nom the septum juke joint they were to be on, the, Sania tablets. One engraven, could confirm it it puts into evidence the scene where men came face to face with Giants, on their shield a significant. Symbol indicates, that they originated, from the legendary continent, of Hyperborea. An, ancient. Map by Jared Mercato dated, 1595. Locates, the original country of the Hyperborean, in the remote areas, of the North Pole according. To ancient texts, these lands were not at that time, covered in ice around. Laconic ancien this. Could happen a civilization. Case disappear, away, he. Permit this situation, Avada Paulo a super. Paranoia. See. There is it stable Azure or some spot like this and you don't, generally should locate. This on the, employees. Of Sanwa we include, emotions. Their lives I will caucus. Dr., nouvelle capital disappeared, behind a circle as God as a situation, caucus you know Tripathy very debate it was Ian Skelley done is a Chappell. Situation. Only would you go through Mexico, Ricky, don't necessarily, want. Homa, equally, alleged that the new Berea was situated in, Thracia and that the Hyperborea, was situated in the north of Thracia where the Dacians, used to live the, Greek legends state that the descendants, of Berea the Bereans, would join Kings measuring, more than four meters thirteen, feet in height. If. In. Those days men, of gigantic, dimensions existed. We understand, now why they fascinated, the Romans so much and inspired. The Emperor Trajan to, erect these famous statues. Official. History does not mention skeletons, of large dimensions, that would confirm this hypothesis, however, other anecdotal. Evidence does. Draw attention to it it. Is not impossible that, certain archaeological, discoveries, could have willingly been ignored, to, understand, more we have to go off the beaten track to, dig look, for more clues and go against, the tide of perceived, ideas. In. The southwest, of Bucharest, a discovery. Passed almost unnoticed, that, will undermine our, understanding. Of history. As. You play.

You. Hello. Everyone, thank. You so much for watching the first 20 minutes of the other line of the gods I am, Damian the filmmaker of this movie but I'm also known in France as a researcher. In the, alternative. Archaeology. First. Of all I must apologize. For a mistake, we committed, in the movie, it's. About the so called giant plaster ons you can observe, at, 1826. More. Is to be made of this ceremonial, breastplate, the no ordinary shoulder, would be able to wear and, whose length measures, almost 80 centimetres, thirty one and a half inches, indeed. It is in fact a jewelry, Nimbus coming from an old Romania Church this. A Nimbus was supposed, to come on a statue on the religious, icon, the Madeline child. Symbolically. Speaking the, Nimbus represents. Also the sun's and. Adding, it above this modern as a solar. Disk it, makes her as a dating. However. This mistake doesn't detract from other, pieces, and ornaments. Of this museum that many consider, very. Large, to. Have been carried. By human. Beings. Since. This last, five years I've, been traveling everywhere. Around, the world searching. For evidences. Of what I called this, unknown, civilization. She. Has been reported, from all the continents of our planet, whoever. She was and her origin, these, great civilizations left. Us a legacy, she. Left us many messages. Disseminated. Under the sacred geometry in, many, olden, holy construction. As we, have in Egypt in Peru, Mexico, India. Asia and, so on. So. Why do I mention only, one, old civilization. And a command culture it, is, because, there, are many analogies, between those ancient, edification, we. Always observe the same type of constructions. And symbols. Which, illustrate, our grid, was the knowledge of the past civilizations. Nowadays. Even if we would use our technologies. And mesh, it, would be very complicated and. Sometimes, impossible. To, replicate the. Same type of those, marvelous, edification. And. For. Mass, of its we. Still do not know how the ancient, builders were, able to lift and move on, certain, distances. I mean, sometimes a hundred miles away those. Hundred. Tons of rocks. For. Instance, in India there, is this statue which. Is 65. Feet eyes, and 26. Feet large it. Has been curved from a granite, rock estimated, to be Twitter's and 200 tons I've. Been told that this come. From Korea. Located. 186. Miles away so. Imagine basically. The original, rock was blocked and curved on top of this mountain at, an altitude of 800 meters, with sometimes, an inclination of 40 degree and, what. Is amazing is, it that, the ancient, builders did the job five times because. They failed on the, previous, attempt, how. Did they do nowadays. We, should be able, to accomplish, the same task and. It. Is the same thing for the, barabra caves they're, supposed to be the oldest Buddhist caves in India they, have been dated, between the 322. And 185. BCE they. Are located in the northeast, of India a couple hours from Diavik. On here. We have seven, caves curved. In granite, mountains, in. Some of those caves there is a polish mirror finish on which. Confer. Amazing. Acoustic. Properties. We. Still do not know how, they were able to curve the, caves which. Tool they use and what, their, measurement, what. Were the measurement, instrument, and tools to verify, the precision, of the job today. If we want to do the same job we will need diamond in text and tools and the. Ancient, builders of the, barber caves didn't. Have this material. And. What. To think about those amazing, wars. Everybody. Has seen does some name cyclopean. Walls this. Type of force was made to face and under, earthquakes. The. Block was curved in the way to ensure, a perfect. Stability. For the construction. It. Is so perfect, that, between. Some. Of these blocks it. Would be impossible, to, insert, a needle. This. Walls can be seen in, many other continent. On the planet, how. Is it possible, that this that. All of this civilization knew, the particularity of this form of layout especially. One most, of the civilization. Were, not supposed to be in contact each other. The. Researchers, and historians, as. Always. Formulated. The theory that, long time ago mankind. Was mainly. Connected, and human. Beings were able to reproduce, the same type of task in. Other, term, that's. What we caught today the hundreds monkey effect the. Scientific, terms for this, phenomena, is qualified, to be the more for genetic fields this. Theory, is based on an experience led, on a female app and Japan.

Islands In 1952. Scientists. Gave sweet, potatoes, to this female and then, they observed, her washing. This potatoes, in the water so. Probably. Because. The potatoes, got a better taste or certainly. Because. The female, apps worked, it to take out the salt. On. The skin, then. The scientific, as. Observed. The female monkey teaching, district. To the other, Apes, of the tribe and what. Happened next, shortly. After, all the herbs of the group were washing the potatoes, in the water but. Then the story goes very interesting, between, 1952. And 1958. Also. Scientists, on another, Japan, Islands are found the same species of monkey starting. Toward the potatoes, in the. Just. Like the other app apps, did it before them and of, course the. Herbs. From the the, two different islands never came in contact each other. So. Are, we dealing here with a kind, of. Telepathic. Phenomena, between, the same mammals. It's. The same phenomena, for our ancient, builders, it. Looks that even. If they were not supposed to be in contact each other the, human beings from, different cultures, and continents, have, acted, the same way for, building this. Cyclopean. Wars. Do, the scientists, also, think that this more. For genetic field effect, was, also the answer to the fact that many different, tribes all over the world made, in used both. What. Is interesting with the bulb is. That this ancient hunting, object, probably the oldest one in our history was, according. Myths, and legends, a whip installed, to the gods and in. Some other stories, a present, given. By the gods to the human beings, is. It, also a coincidence that. Our ancestors, were. Able to make this weapons, who, required, a specific. Ingenuity. It. Is exactly, the same phenomena, for the ROM the. ROM is a wood, instrument. And it is based on the thermal aerodynamic. Effect it. Was supposed, to be used by an ancient tribe all over the world to communicate with. Their gods the. Oldest ones has, been dated, from, 37,000, years ago this. Instrument, has been found in many continents, on our planet, America. Europe, Asia, and. Australia, and, the. Biggest one was been, discovered. Measures. More than 3 feet, we. Believe that the. Men were used this, one was, probably, very tall, with. Large. And strong body and. Here. Again we, are dealing with a tool made, and used, by civilization, which. Were not in contact, each other I mean, there were not so be supposed. To be in contact so, I can we explain this phenomena. Perhaps. We, should, think, that an ancient command. Culture has, ruled, the planet for thousands of years on every continent, teaching. And offering, their knowledge is to, the human beings. But. Let's, back to this cyclopean. Walls. Perhaps. Some of you guys never ask her to yourself the questions why, did we name this type of world this way. Cyclopean. Has, to be referred to the Greek. Mythology. To, the psycho, plane seek, revenge I ins some. Ancient writings tell us those giants were born with only one a some. Author writings, tell us that in fact they had twists but they were they, always used one because, there were giants warrior. Manipulating. Bows and it. Was this. Were more convenient for them to target. Their enemies. So. Why. The other lands of the gods when. We mean about sacred place it. Is, known in the world. As, such places Egypt, Peru or Mexico. Those. Lands were referred. To be lens, of the God but. There are so many of the countries we did not hear so much which. Have their own stories, about, powerful gods coming, on earth to, raise human, beings and. Romagna. Is one, of those countries so far, that's. The reason I named the film the other land of the God is. It conceivable, that this legendary. Giants. Have worked. On our planet, who. Are they, where, did it come from ancient. Texts related, the existence, for. Instance in the Bible's and in. The Mahabharata, the, sacred, Hindu book. Even. Ancient navigators as also reported, about Giants in Patagonia. For instance and in, many other different places and countries. Many. Researchers, and authors, as evoked, that, in, fact they could have come from the stars they. Could have been those, Anunnaki's. Come to raise human beings and got. Into rock into. After, that, it is also interesting. To consider some, local legends in Romania, who, are talking, about extraterrestrials.

God's, Commoners. And in. The way to human, beings it. Is the story of the Luana goddess, that you can see in the movie the. Founding legend is about. An extraterrestrial. Being called, Luna who. Landed there and who. Taught, the people how, to live. How. To, heal. What. To eat Luana, seems to have been an extraterrestrial. Being, that, draw, kind. Of directive, that did. Not allow her. Species to land on the earth she came and she worked with the people anyway, and then the legend says that her. Own kin, came. To hunt her down and there. Was some kind of a war, the. Overall legend mentions, Chariots of Fire descending. On the region of buzu that would destroy the fortress and lawanda's, artificial, Sun, it. Speaks civil war that opposed, the gods the, repercussions, of which would, still be visible today. History. Institutions. Funded. Our chronology, based. On theories, in fact from all writing, and archaeology discoveries, for thousands of years. Some. Of those theories were, also, based on navigators, logs books, obviously. This. Institution. This. Institutions, agreed, some report, but. Not some other ones they, did accept that America, was not discovered, by Christopher Columbus who, was desperately. Searching. For India. Indeed. In the last moment of his existence, it was still convinced he was on his true path to make it one. He sailed along, the American coast. Anyway. A lot, of evidences. Has been found in the north of America, which confirmed, that the, American, continent, was explored, by the Viking, and long, time before the arrival. Of the Spanish conquistadors, a, lot. Of, their. Writing, script the, runes was. Found, in many, places, what. I'm telling you is documented, you. Can check by yourself, some. Log books who. Mentioned this writing. Findings. Also. Mentioned, strange, encounters. On some islands the. Historian. Accepted, some facts reported. But, they were puzzled when, they read in the same log book few page after that. Members. Of a, crew, faced. Giants, who miss your certain feet I the. Crew had, to run away when the Australian started to judge them and, what. Did the historian. Thought. About this report. This. Was that. It was probably a false information, because. Giants, never existed. This. Is how history decide, what, is true and what is not, Napoleon. Bonaparte, told. Something, really. Revealing. I caught. History. Is a lie, agreed by everyone, so, should. We conclude that history. Has been in some but rewriting, I believe. We should meditate. On this, so. I was, puzzled about, those stories. About Giants peoples and I, was convinced, that beyond, the mists there, were probably some, evidences. Of trust, then. After five years of. Investigation. In Peru India and Russia, I. Found. Out they. Were also in this country, stories. About Giants ha. Mankind, was. Able to create those, common and global fantasies. Anyway. I came. To the conclusions, that, those giants could, be in fact, linked, to the famous hyperborean, peoples described. By the ancient Greek philosopher as. Homer and a peridot. It. Could also explain, why we, found those, analogies, command, to those civilizations, when. I was in Russia I discovered, an ancient culture, that. Has not been listed, in the creatures known today, it's. Name is Cunha. This. Cunha, culture, has been named according, the Montaigne which, came from a lot. Of symbols, related to the Cunha culture, have, been found everywhere, in Siberia some. Of it our solar, symbols, and really. Similar to the iberian, symbols, i was. Learned, by my guide that. Speaking, of this culture, was a sensitive, subject in russia the. Russian researchers. Are not allowed in fact to speak about it, because, the cunha culture, will be secretly under, study.

Other. Fiddler. Himself. Was convinced, that the Hyperborea. Was. The primordial, civilization. That's. Why he organized, an expedition in, the north to find and meet them. According. The myth the, IP Bereans, lived. In the far distant. Of North Islands, and. The. Misses they had to leave their land after a dramatic climate, change meant they. Would have been spread all over the, world and the, funded, difference, new civilization in, in the Atlantic and the, Lemuria, I did. Some researches, about this Kuna. People and, I, found nothing except, one intriguing, culture, its. Name is a Kuna. The, Kuna people live, in Panama in Central, America. Cunha, and Kuna are very similar in the pronunciations, the, story of this Kuna people is really interesting, in, 1929. The Kuna Indians led, the revolutions, against. The Panama authorities, in the way to get their own independence. Many. People died during this, year but, finally, the Kuna Indians were. Able, to get their own independent, society, and the, name it the, independent. Republic of Chile and. Truly. In the. Myth of, Hyperborean. Was, in fact the main capital of this continent, the same, truly the nicest, were looking for it and. I. Have. Been keeping the the best part and to know, when. I was doing some researches, about this culture I was, very, surprised, by, the symbol, of the flag. So. Yes it's, the, swastika these. Symbols can be seen on the clothes and on, many of the cultural object, so. Is it another coincidence. Could. This vast acai be in fact a symbol, of the. Legendary, lost continent, of Iberia. The. Polymer Kuna ancestors, could have been, somewhat been influenced, by the IPAB, Aryans inhabitants. When, they emigrated from the north to the source it, will make sense in fact in, the. Pre and ian's culture, when. The conquistadors. Arrived in Peru they, were amazed. By, the construction, of the Tiwanaku city, shamanic. Who is situated, in Bolivia, a few miles away from the Lake Titicaca. When. The Spanish conquistadors. Asked to the Indian if they have built those constructions, themself, the, Indians and said that, those contractions. Were already there thousand. Years before they arrived here. The, region of Viracocha. Tell, us that very, tall white men with clear days blonde, and copper hair and Bab, came, from the eastern two teaches, two men how to grow crops and how to build. Then. Could. In fact those. Viracocha. People's been the, I / Berean I, believe. It is an interesting track. To follow. The. Local legends tells. About Giants white man's coming, from the oceans they. Promise to the Indians, they will come back someday. So. Would, it will it be possible for Giants. Gods to have lived on our planet i intimately. Convinced, that there, is something beyond. The legends. Romania. Might be one of this, lands of the god of course. If we trust the testimony. Of the witnesses. Who. Have, been involved in excavation. Of giant, skeleton, in this country this past century I know. What you think why. Romania. When. I first heard about Romania, it. Was related, to a story, who sounded for me as a fantasy, tell this. Incredible, story was writen by an anonymous Romanian. Author radio. Cinema, this. Man pretended, that he. Has, been involved in himself in, the discovery, of a secret underground base under the butcher he maintained. This. Book has been translated. In. English and. Bring to an international, public by Peter, moon under the title the Transylvanian.

Sunrise. Reducing. Among the book pretend, that. In 1989. An American, geode is excited, it as detected, an anomaly under, the ground, of them. Thomas. Thinks of a portugee, then. An agreement would, have been signed between the American. And Romanian. Secret Service in, the, way to drill the mundanes until. This secret. Place. The. Military and scientists. Would have bumped into a huge place, made as a dome, protected. By what, they called an. Energetic. Fence. Once. They were able to dis. Activate, this, fence they. Found out giant, stable equipped, with Nala, graphic, technology, they. Would also fund another. Chamber, with the same technology, the. Chamber contained, database, information about, our solar systems, and about humans, being, species, and other. Species, from other planet, it. Was like in fact a storage, room. Information. For. The militaries, and the scientists. It, was obviously. They. Were dealing with an extraterrestrial, species, of giant. We. Do not know if this, story is real, maybe. Some part are real and some, other has been invented, it. Might come, from the. Imagination, of man's who, need to get some attention we. Do not know in fact but. This story pushed. Me to lead my own researches. In Romania tracking. This unknown, civilizations. Of giants, when. I started, to walk on the movie my, objective, was to get as much as I could information. About the stories of giants, but. In fact I ignored. That I stepped, into a bigger universe, I did. Not only discover, the story about giants people but, I also. Became acquainted. Of many. Other, ecology. Discovery. Who. Were actually keeping secret, and hiding from the public. How. Was. It possible that Romania. Are such a Navy Berggren linked to mysterious, discoveries. And we. Barely, heard. About, it. We. Are talking about all parts those. Out of place objects you know the, subject that the Easterns, and researcher, are, not able to insert, on our timeline there. Are many other missing, Romania's related to walls between, the, gods who, came from the stars we are, so talking about ancient, tablets, who could have been ordered would, be older than the, Sumerian tablets, here. Again researcher. As fun indisputable. Evidences. But, their voices never, reached the attention, of the history institutions. The. Question is why. Then. For me it was evident, to, dedicate, a movie, related to all of those discoveries. Romania. Is the country, who. Deserve to be better, known and, as. You will see in the full movie, version some, of those discoveries, good. Question our entire. History. Well. Thank. You guys for watching this video please, support, our project by watching the full documentary available. On vimeo and, enjoy. The movie don't. Forget like, Jiddu. Krishnamurti used. To say what. I'm asking, to you is not to believe but, just open, your mind thank. You. You. You. You.

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English title, but......

Fascinating. Our history has always been hidden from us. Anything that didn't fit with Christianity was deemed heresy and destroyed - whether Christians accept that or not, it is fact. Just look what they did to all the codex's in South America. Not to mention the great library of Akexandria. So much just destroyed, that we could have learned so much from. Now we suffer the arrogance of the closed minded archaeologists, who refuse to even investigate anything that falls outside their envelope.. There are things in mankind's history they simply don't want us to know - for whatever reason. Thankfully there are filmmakers like this, willing to push back boundaries, alongside the likes of Graham Hancock and Co, who go where the evidence takes them, not preconceived notions. I look forward to watching the film in its entirety. Thank you.

The guy with the beard was doing a lot of Masonic hand signals.

who speaks romanian? nope not me. thumbs down

Genesis 6

The zionist Satan worshiper evil as they are after peoples blood and money –and this time Zion US is occupying Romani it is horrible and unfair

There where giants on the earth in those days

OK - that was the best infomercial I've ever seen. Possibly the first that ever made me want to buy/watch a documentary and feel it will be worth it. Looks like years of research and old documentary knowledge all rolled into one finally advancing this great subject.

click on the button paramater, and ask english subtitles... simple.

Deï Mian if you have a tab press the 3 dots at right top of screen and press captions wait till someone is not talking English then press English.

i finally had to give up. i must have subtitles. please

Click on the button "paramater" under the video and add english subtitles... simple.

would have been better with sub titles for those who dont speak the language of those making a statement..

Deï Mian il y a 1 seconde Click on the button "paramater" under the video and add english subtitles... simple.

Badly needs Subtitles Reload hopefully

Good film but some subtitles would be in place...

Heh it wasn't there when I was watching it... Thanks :)

Awesome documentary my friend

Do not speak so fast ! When you are not good understanding's impossible to understand everything

the subtitles on this are crap.

Romanian Ripp off Ancient aliens!!! the way i did not understand shit when you speak english....and for the romanian speaking people Damn atleast put a subtitle...don't understand your horrible english or romanian...

I give this film 5 out of 5 lip smacks

Used SUB TITLES.... or be smart and dont make all the ppl u cut too speak different languages...

All that lip smacking by that pretentious non-english speaker was too just painful and too much too bear

romania has nothing to do with this ancient story. romania stolen countries with histories of stealing history. i know, because i'm hungarian. never we can't forget TRIANON! no, no never! no, no never!

The christians are hiding giants..... Where in their own book of genesis, silly arse if in doubt blame Christianity!

Very good.

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You're cruel Love you! LMAO! Lipsmaking Bahahahaha

This was good, but not as good as Lord Of The Rings. Tolkien created more convincing languages and histories in his fantasy world.

And then it turns out the tablets were stolen by a worker in the archives, some low-paid cleaner, for their scrap value. Lead is like 1$/lb. lol

what did he mean with QIN IM Sinne von Qi positive Energie oder meint er das I Qing den

hang on the Good Work lets mix all cultural Knowledge Fit it together and Build a New House !

you're fulla shit

Wow thanks for sharing

o an other thing can we get a AI in place to sort the written langue

why do we say that just because we don't find written word's in stone that they don't have written langue .so are buildings go throw test of time future people will say the same thing about us ,so?

Some videos I have watched on here have theorized that the stones were some how melted into lace to be so accurate as to not be able to fit any instrument between them. Regardless of which we do not have that technology to do such things today, nor to move those massive stones like they did in those days.

I am actually disappointed in this "documentary" because many of your so-called facts are not facts at all.

One thing you are forgetting is that the land was all one before the great flood . so it is conceivable that the information and technologies are a shared thing.

You mean Jesuits and the Vatican are hiding things guess what everything is coming to light and being exposed. it is the Christian Bible that says it will be so.

It seems i was blocked temporarily from being able to comment on your post. So much for a free America huh. Well in response to your post i would say this... the "elite" as you call them are not believers in the true God of the universe. But they are those who run the world , the Builderburgs the Illuminati, etc... They are not believers in Christ Jesus. Now I'm not religious in that I do not practice religious rites and such as many of the main stream Christians do. But I do read my Bible and many books out there regarding the history of our world. I would keep the rest of the comments to myself since the guy who posted this video seems to have a problem with some of the constructive criticism that has been shared about his video. it would be far better for him to check and recheck his sources on what he is not sure on or the things that those who say he is incorrect on, and find out where they are getting their information from. I would also suggest that Steve Quayle, Tom Horn and Trey Smith Videos be a part of the truth that is shared regarding the giants in the earth and whether they are still here or have ever existed. Now, I can also understand where you are coming from also in that you can't believe something that seems beyond belief but I can tell you that demonic spirits are real I have had my own personal encounters with them in my own life, and I also have had encounters with angelic person's as well in my own life through the years. Yes, I have been a skeptic, but I also was searching for truth on many subjects. In fact these past 5 years have been a huge time of doing research about the questions I had in my life that I had no answers for. And the answers I found, yes, they were from the Bible but I corroborated them also from other cultures and other sources and yes what I found was facts in their own historical recordings. Truth is, there is more archaeological proofs that declare the validity of the Bible than there are in almost every other culture combined. So I wanted to just say, keep studying, keep searching for answers, keep looking for truth and be careful to not discard things just because you think they are not plausible or that you may not have seen them in your life time... I have for the most part. I was looking for validity of the truth and I found what i was searching for a while back but it took me really wanting to look these past 5 years. Before i was just sort of bla about it all; not caring, feeling apathetic, but not any more. Like I said I love science and true history and i love knowing the facts on subjects. I am on fb if you want to talk more.

Toni Lopez No, I was not hurt, just confused. Why do the elite do wtf they like, whilst demanding the rest of us do as we're told? Religion demands we do as we're told. Don't rebel against our Lord and master, pay taxes, contribute to an already filthy rich church etc. Do all this and although your life will be shit, WHEN YOU DIE you will go to heaven. When I die I'm dead ffs. There is not one tiny fraction of evidence to support heaven, Jesus or God. Do the elite, who pretend to be religious ever do the right thing? No. So they know there's no judgement day. They just rely on the gullible to believe it so they're easily controlled. My mind boggles that you can't see through it. There's, no evidence for any of it, so to counter that they demand blind faith. It's ludicrous. There's, not a single word in the Bible from God. Not one. It is 100% written by men - men with an agenda to control people. Moses controlled his tribe. Strange how this so called god only appeared to him, right? How he allegedly gave him ten commandments that included 'thou shalt not kill', only to then command they slaughter every man woman and child in cities so they could steal their wealth.

I take it you were hurt tremendously by those of a religious faith or organization, I'm sorry for what you went through. But as far as what is missing from my life?... hmm... not a whole lot. I love history and science and technology and I have many different interests, but when i know certain info is not accurate i will state it as such. I am sure you are similar in that. Let's just agree to disagree here. Have a nice day.

Not so, I do not follow a religion nor am I religious. Sorry to offend you in your assumption.

Toni Lopez So was I, big deal. Luckily I saw through the entire charade of religion. A control mechanism forced upon the citizens of the Roman Empire by the sword, then indoctrination. You are a classic example of being indoctrinated. Why do you feel the need to go from one control mechanism to the other? What's missing from your life? Why do you feel I was putting you down? We disagreed, nothing more. Don't be so defensive. The Bible was compiled under orders from a Roman emperor. They decided what went in and what didn't. They made up the alleged miracles performed by Jesus, to make him into a deity. Did he not preach against worshipping anything but the sky fairy? Christians worship a man - Jesus Christ. A man you've been waiting to return for two thousand years! At what point do you finally accept it isn't happening? Look at the myriad horrendous crimes committed in his name. If he was coming back, he would've done so long ago. It's all a fairy tale. Grown adults should know better, not force the same thing upon the next generation. Catholics worship Christ. You worship Christ. The clue is in the name - Chirst-ians. You might think you're better, but you're all the same - deluded.

No they were not the only Christians back then. That is ignorance on your part to even think that. Most true believers were in hiding from persecution but they were not all a part of the Catholic organization. And I am so sorry you feel like putting me down. I have done my research and I used to be Catholic but have come out from that organization, thank the Lord.

Toni Lopez catholics were the only Christians back then. Maybe you need to get your history right. Why do you worship a man anyway? A man who there's no real evidence existed. A man who was raised to this lofty height by... YES, the Roman Church. You're far closer to the catholics than you think! You're all mentally ill.

You guys need to get your history straight. It was not Christians who ruined everything it was the Catholics who started the crusades and it was the Jesuits who were a part of the Catholic church that had their hands in everything. Any religious organization that accepts all occultic practices cannot be called a Christian organization of any sort but pantheists. To be Christian is to be Christ-like. Not one of the occultic practices that these ancient cultures did were of Christ.

jesuit indoctrination

Lol why is pinnochio in the photo !

hungarian whas not Dacians:))) so how can you say that is your contry!

Grand or Great Tartaria , Tarter Sauce anyone lol, mixer of everything.

Dangerous and irrational! Someone needs to attack the arrogance and ignorance of mainstream thinking, which is in effect the last remnant of the Enlightenment and modernity, for the sake of true enquiry, but organisations like this are looking for esoteric knowledge: a treasure trove of lost meanings or some great mentors from an advanced alien civilisation that will enrich our world with wonders beyond our dreams - fuck off and find faith in God you fools, - aliens will be just as mundane, power hungry, selfish and vain as you are, however technically advanced they may be!

This is probably a great documentary, but the english subtitles amount to complete gibberish for the Romanian speaking expert. We could not pay attention because we were laughing at the incomprehensible translations.

Its quite a well known fact that the Ancient Dacians were influenced by and employed Hellenic and later Roman engineers and architects to supervise in the building of both fortifications and drainage systems at Sarmisegetusa.

The braces that you see at 17:15 are ment by the very shape for wearing around the wrist and can not be worn around the upper arm.. So they proof the size of the wearer was very large


I appreciate the info on enabling captions...was starting to get irritated not understanding what they were going on about.

What language is the one spoken by the guy in blue shirt?

Hail to the liar. Deï Mian doesn't read info about museum's artefacts at 18:30 it isn't an armor piece but a holy marie's halo from a XVIIIth century's church.

18:35 this is not a "ceremonial breastplate", but the Halo from the overlay of an Icon representing the Virginia and the child. It is written very clearly in the museum, in Romanian, English and French. So stop saying Bullshit please.

I will comment when it's over.

mais quel mais quel abruti ce mec

You have to be careful watching this, as you, english viewers might not know that Deïmian is well known in France to be a notorious scammer, blatantly enforcing lies wherever it fills his mercantile needs. At 18:35 this is not a "ceremonial breastplate" but the halo from the overlay of an religious icon representing the Virginia and the child. Hence why it is put on display in a manner that would oddly be upside down has it been a breastplate. This however instantly kill the giant theory which doesn't really serve the purpose of Deïmian. It was proven and later discovered, while watching Deïmian documentary, when someone found an hires picture (taken prior Deïmian documentary was shoot) on Google Image of the display in the museum. Zooming in revealed that the information note was written not only in english but also in french and that it clearly stated those were parts of an icon representing the Virginia and the Child. The scam lies in the fact that when someone told Deïmian that those were parts of a religious icon without talking about the information note, Deïmian replied that the information note was not there this day he was shooting (why so??) and that he couldn't know. However, at around 23:33, you can clearly see the information note is there right under his nose... What does it tells us? he knew RIGHT FROM THE START and all along that this item wasn't a breastplate AT ALL. He just COULD NOT ignore it, it was even written in his own native language. Ergo, he is blatantly lying and makes up proof whenever it serves his purpose. That is called a scam. Plain and simple

they were in contact with each other cause we all came from mt Ararat and had the knowladge from the preflood world. and there were giants in the land.

For all we know it could have been a menu for a restaurant and wasn't important to them at all

Gaston Coma... it's Romanian language

Regarding "Kunya/Kounia" people of old east Europe : Kounia is the arab word for elder, like elder brother. It is also a town in Turkey (Konya, but pronounced with o like in orb or joy). It also means druid or priest in old irish (either celtic or gaelic irish). In old norse and early gothic languages of north Europe there are similar words meaning to curse, to cast a spell, to bewitch.

when the french guy here says "kouna" about the people in central America, having adopted the name from alleged whiter ancients there, he probably misreads spanish spelling that has a small wave over the n, meaning it is nj /ni/ny.

Old irish texts are found in for example "The secret languages of Ireland", a book. With texts. In those it is spelled Kunya. Whether it was pronounced könya /kønya/kænya, or kounija is hard to tell :)

Not a full video BEWARE only an introduction

There was also a ring and a helmet. Yes some guys seem to be eager to sell books. Mostly americans, russians, french, british take advantage of this. They might have an interest in the subject of history but can mix it up a little too much with beliefs, sensationalism and money motives. However neither giants nor ancient "OK developed" cultures of ice age or right after, or even martian cultures attending Earth, would really be so sensational.

There are many evidences of giants, and tallest humans today are over 2,50 m. So tall people of the past can be a genetic variation that have taken place. However 4 meters etc sounds silly. Shortest average jungle tribe people in the world today are around 150 cm (men) /138 cm(women) ,and tallest are in parts of Africa easily over 2 meters (men). Tallest women mostly in Lithuania, Netherlands nowadays. Some of the skeptics tend to be like the theology dictatorships of the middle ages and early renaissance in their tendency to put a lid on all new content or suppressed content of research. A problem not found so much in other sciences, like evolution and physics, where the age of something is usually now an extreme number of years widely accepted (going to before the bible limit etc is not a problem, but still a problem for archeology mainstream)

It is better to not speak english if not being able to master it.

That normally does not work well in youtube. A kind of crappy automation so many words are then wrongly subtitled. In some cases slow down to 0,75. And even french, romanian language ,and french accent of english,will be possible to understand some parts of ,for many people.

Thank you for the information, and the clarification on the Breastplate/Halo. As you can see, not just a couple of the people from differing parts of the world, have commented on the honesty of the filmmaker. Anyone can be wrong on any given subject at any given time. That said, the evidence of prehistoric civilizations existing around the world are now becoming legion. Too many of the proto-cuneiform writings and unexplainable artifacts are becoming known throughout the worlds of academia. We humans did not just pop out of an egg 5,000 years ago. There are vids and books to the moon and back, literally, about the unexplainable that we live with every day. One really good site for this information is NewEarth, but I warn you that the narrator is difficult to understand sometimes and she loves to insult people that have learned other things. And not all of the vids actually show what they advertised. However, sort through and you find some pretty interesting stuff. Man-made breakwaters on the northern coast of Alaska, trenching to pinpoint accuracy in Florida, St. Petersburg, Russia. As well as grids formed into forests of Syberia, the deserts of Lybia. Lots of good examples of OOPARTs, if you sort through the angry lady insulting everyone in the world, you will find lots to think on. Good luck.

People now days destroy everything.

The so called superior racists can't figure it out controlled by their satanic small hat masters

wow. vexing

Shut up EGO!!!!

Even in the king James Bible it says , In those days their were Giants! Why would our ancestors lie? It is the global ruling elites and Churches that don't want modern people to know the truths! Power, Control and Greed, or is it something else? The fact that ancient knowledge is used to manipulate people today or perhaps the truth may be too terrifying for the public to know? either way, I think its wrong for the powers that be to keep the truth from us! they have no exclusive rights to knowledge and all knowledge should be shared! I can only assume the motives of people in high places motives are sinister and the average person should be concerned. I know what I'm looking at when I look at evidence from the ancient past! We are being lied to big time!

Where tf are the subtitles i dont know what tf they are saying why would you do this to us you need go home and reevaluate your life decision......................!

p.s. i like the video

Well All those acient tribes were Acient SERBIAN TRIBES.

They r Not Unnown letters but Old Serbian Letters

The types of walls talked about around 28:00 have been proven to be that shape as they were originally sandbags that turned into stone over time. Hence why they appear all over the world and seem so intricately joined. You can also see modern examples around the world, with walls and bridges made from sandbags during the world wars already turned to stone. No secret technology, no aliens, no worldwide consciousness. Sandbags.

You don't need clickbait

Between the masonic hand signals and the fact that this channel has the word Zohar in it, I cant trust any on the information here.

Fantastic! It's about time that the truth was revealed! Thank you for all your hard work and for bring this to the world

Max Mars ancient*

Good god people are stupid.

It is the atlanteans ..Vikings The whitening is old Friesies. On the 2 missing gold tablet's They where 3.6-4 meter tall

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