Advanced Ancient Civilization in South Africa - Hidden History and Technology - Michael Tellinger

Advanced Ancient Civilization in South Africa - Hidden History and Technology - Michael Tellinger

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Thank. You very much. All. Right I spent the last two days since I've arrived racking, my brain how to squeeze a four-hour presentation, into two hours it has, not been easy so, I'm gonna go through this at a pace not. Because, I. Want. To confuse you or myself but, I feel. Like, if I leave anything out I feel like I'm robbing, you of valuable. Content, and you, know what do you leave out of something that's a work-in-progress that, started, out you, know eight years ago with a small, little presentation, and now consists. Of volumes. And volumes of of research. And discovery, that is I for. One certainly, did not expect to happen to me so let's. Kick, off. The. History of our planet is far more mysterious and stranger, than most of us will ever realize and, just by talking to the people here it becomes very evident the, more people you talk to at this conference the, more evident it becomes and, the. Interesting. Thing is that the. More the closer you get to this beautiful, blue planet the more you realize our deeply divided we are as a species and it's that division, very. Constructively. Created. Division, that is being used against. Ourselves and, this, becomes very evident by, the end of my presentation you'll know exactly what I'm talking about. The. Great human puzzle who. Are we where do we come from why are we here everyone has asked those questions the three Holy, Trinity questions, if you can call them that that, sounds, so simple we should have all these answers, that our fingertips and yet we can't, you. Know, define. These answers. With. Any kind of confidence because every time we think we've reached some sort of answer, everything. Shifts, and changes and, sends. Out in a completely different direction and. I. Normally, have a lot more slides, here to go into much more detail but I edited those out. Sound. And resonance, seem to be the. Common denominators, of religion and creation no matter how far back you go no matter how many civilizations you, look at, eventually. If you scratch deep enough that's what you're going to find sound, resonance.

Frequency. But product promote early the, sound and, it. Also somehow. Connects, us to. Opening. Us to understanding. High levels of consciousness and that becomes very important, as we go through this presentation in. Christianity. It's the words God, said let there be light okay let's not get into the semantics, yes that we can define that in very various ways but let's, look at the basic, stuff. That we're dealing with here the, word first. There was the word in Hinduism, we got to on the primordial creative, source the Egyptians, sang, the universe integration. All comes to sound and, it. Gets more interesting, as you get to look at some of the more bizarre and ancient, cultures, and you. Can see this how these days. Of creation and the creation the sound of creation is manifested, in some, of the symbology used, in sacred geometry for, example Christianity. Can be very quickly described, with sacred geometric principles. And you realize that the, creator of the universe is not some guy with a white beard sitting on a cloud you. Know that's just complete. Fairytale stuff and very distinct, part, of the control system of humanity, that, division, principle, plays. Itself, out in that philosophy, six. Aspects, of armed will are mani padme hum you. Sounds you see sound frequencies. Related, to the creation process and, in. In. Egyptology. The six aspects, of the all-seeing eye of horus and when you see this you realize that we dealing, with sound, six, resonance, ratios. All. To do with sound frequencies, so. Sound plays a very important, role in one of the lesser-known. Statements. Of thought patterns, of nikola tesla that a lot of people seem to miss is that. Nikola. Tesla said, that the earth rings like a bell, it's. Continuously. Ringing, like a bell and if. You know how to use this primordial, sour, sauce our frequency, of Mother Earth you'll know how, to convert, it into an unlimited, source of energy and I believe that's what he really did what, he did with it up at the top of the tower remains. A mystery to most of us and we all try to emulate that but I believe that he, is talking about the sound of guy an unlimited, free. Source, of energy, and. This. Plays a very important, part in all, of creation in. All, ancient cultures and all the belief systems and, I believe Tesla, used. This to. Do whatever he did to create this free energy that we all try to emulate. But. What is sound, what.

Is Sound because we, think that sound is just something, that travels, at a finite speed. Well. That's been busted, now because in Tennessee and you studied in, Tennessee, didn't you Brooks, at, the Middle State Tennessee University, in 2005. There are three high school students and two undergraduates. That prove that sound travels beyond the speed of light I'm not gonna go into that but that's an interesting thing to contemplate that's. One of the best-kept secrets of science and physics never. Made it into the mainstream news bulletins. Sound. Boils water. This. Is a guy called Peter day via New Zealand since 1940. This guy's been boiling water it was sound sound. Frequency, it's. Not complicated because, everything has a resonance, everything, in the creation and in physical. Form has its own fundamental. Resonant, frequencies, if, we understand, the resonance and the sound behind the resonance we, can do everything because if sound created, the universe and all things in it because, that was done by God then. We should be able to use sound to, do everything else a. 92. Year old christchurch, inventor, claims to have come up with a novel way to make a cup of tea he's, invented, a contraption that he claims uses, the power of sound to boil water bitterly. Lock-out went to investigate. It. Looks like a desk lamp is cool, to the touch and appears, to be doing nothing until, it comes into contact with, water. 92. Year old former Spitfire, pilot, Peter Davy claims, his invention, uses the power of sound to boil water. Nobody. Really knows that we're here Davy believes, high-frequency, sonic, vibrations. Emit it from within the silver, bulb caused. Water to boil he, says the idea came, to him fifty years ago when, he noticed different saxophone, notes, caused different, household, items, to rattle. The. Mains-powered gizmo. Has experts, and treat. Never. Seen anything like it. Professor. Williamson has his doubts about davies, acoustic, theory yet suspects there are two simple electrodes. Inside the boiler there's, a conductivity, of the water that provides the the, path for the for the current and provides, the resistance, to give the heating. Everything. I, may, be the manufacturer that repaired the picture manager, and, if he does get it on the shelves he's already got one interest, in customer, if, I saw one in a shop I'd buy one because. I think. They're interesting, little bit of technology. However it is they work they, work but, for now Davy, is savoring, his gizmos, success, and sticking. To his own unique theory, on how it works, Beverly, Lockhart, three new and. In. There lies the problem, he's. Dead he, took his secret to his grave, we. Will never find out until we go there trying, to wrestle that wrestle it out of his family, to share the secret with the rest of the world I can't, believe that in all of the world of science and the brand, you know the amazing, laboratories.

That We have, they haven't been some scientists, that have reverse engineered, this we'll figure this out can't be that difficult so, resonant harmonic, frequency of boiling water, reverse-engineer, it measure the resonant harmonic frequency of boiling water and build, the device I don't. Have the Liberty to do it but you know I've asked, so many people to go out and do it no one's done it so. But. What we learn from this experience, is we. Here at this conference talking about free energy I believe, free energy means free, to the world not. Just free, that we can suck it out of the vacuum, and then sell it to the rest of the world that's, no longer free energy I believe. It's crucial, that we start thinking about free energy as when you find it like this guy give, it to the world for free because if you don't they're gonna get to you they're gonna get rid of you and no one's gonna get it they, were waiting I can, imagine what the, they, they. Did. When, Peter, Davy died they breathed a sigh of relief sir, thank God he's gone and he, was too greedy to tell the world how the simple thing worked thank God this human greed gene is so powerful, that it prevents, people from sharing, this beautiful stuff, that's. What I have a problem with so what I urge anyone, here at this conference to do if you do find something, like this a source of free energy do not keep it to yourself do not try and gain from the rest of humanity put it on the internet make videos put it out as widely, as you can share, it for free with the world it'll come back to you in abundance. That you can't imagine. Sound. Levitates, all ancient cultures talk about levitating, things with sound not just sound but also his mind and thought now. We hear about it all the time but until you see something being levitated by sound it's difficult, to comprehend, here's a beautiful example most of the stuff exists, on YouTube but we don't go looking for it so. Notice. That you can hear the sound frequencies, because the items they're levitating a very light and, with a higher the frequency the higher the energy so, these polystyrene. Items are very light so that the. Frequency is lower frequency, that's audible, to our ears so, when you try to levitate, giant, flies you. Would need very high frequencies, that you can't hear. And then it looks like magic. Also, note that the sound source comes, from two different sound sources and it seems to levitate it at the cross point the, crossroad, of the sound frequencies, that's what the levitation effect is this is very important, later in my presentation and. The. Knowledge of the ancient cultures. Just, a slight to some variation. And the thing starts to tumble and spoon. Which starts to spin. - irritating. Noise but, you know to, put up with it. So.

Sound Levitates, it's no longer you know this in made this fairytale, thing it really happens but sound. Source is also the inspiration for, all the religions in the world the great religions and the most recognized. Religious, symbols this is from the guys that developed the cyma scope I normally, show the sama scope but lack, of time so look at this 3d, bubble, that, is created as sound remember sound is a three dimensional thing from the pop it goes in all directions there's not a wave, on a piece, of paper it's. A three dimensional effect that keeps amplifying, if something goes on and on or not just because you can't hear it anymore doesn't mean it's not necessarily there so, here's a three dimensional bubble that's created, at the sound but look, on the right-hand side at the cross-section of it what do you see you start seeing one, of the most commonly, recognized, through lidge's symbols why, did the religions choose the symbols because when you drill right into the middle of this what, seems to be at the very source, of sound the, pop or that moment incident of pop this, is what you get oh boy. Do I recognize, this, interesting. Symbol, and this, is where you realize when the ancient cultures carved, these, intricate, things into rock they weren't just imaginary, things they understood, that sound was the source and how sound can create and levitate and manifest, shape and form and that's, why they that's. Why they carved hundreds of thousands, of these crosses. In circles, and not only did, they're covered but it's also recognized, by ancient cultures in southern Africa it's known as mbuna the lord of light lord. Of light sound, and light the creator of all things the. Source of all things and you see this, shape. Repeat. Itself in some of the most popular religious, symbols like the Coptic and the pagan crosses, you see the sacred geometric patterns. Imitate. Themselves, in these, in. These symbols, it becomes, very interesting because now. You know where, they get the, symbols from it. All comes from sound what, does this have to do with ancient civilizations, and evolution. Of consciousness. Well. Everything, because the ancient cultures understood, this they understood, the process they understood, the source and they. Used, the source of sound as a source of energy and, this. Is what my discoveries, show in South Africa. The. Resonating, chambers. For, creation, of energy that's, what the pyramids were many, many, researchers, are starting to reach that conclusion that. They were actually resonating. Cavities, to create huge amounts of energy and they, would have looked something like this what's. Also clear to me the more research I do especially at the sites in South Africa, realizing. That we're dealing with sound and light that, they probably used, light, to, activate, some of these sound devices, they were actually resonating, chambers that it was activated, by light and this is why they were aligned. With solstices. And equinoxes with, specific, frequencies, and and energetic. Alignments, of the the movement of the Sun they, would activate, the these, these. Ancient, sites and then, bring them to life something, like that and if, you think that's not happening, there's an interesting photograph that is available on the internet of some strange energy forms coming out of the pyramids. Taken. With some weird lens that shows you. Energetic. Frequencies. And this. Got me very excited because this is directly connected to my discoveries.

In The stone circles, of southern Africa this. Is some interesting symmetrical. Interference, patterns that were taken at Stonehenge, which tells us that Stonehenge was not an accidental, bunch. Of you know long. Haired loincloth. You know cavemen. That built, this with ropes and pulleys and when you go to Sun and they still have that image, on the side of the of the tunnel as you walk toward sandwich they still show the guys with ropes and pulleys building, stone edge it's insane so. It's a very, very, advanced, device. Stonehenge. And what. Blew my mind is how old stone, henges. This. Is probably one of the oldest sites on earth. It's. Wave them probably more than a million years old are the energy ologists, here any, geologists, well. Most of your homemade geologists, sir you're. You're. Told that that. Stone there fell over it. Was the turn of that stone and it fell over right they, were connected at the top and it broken it fell over well there's the break okay. Now this is sarsen, stone, it's. Very very hard one of the hardest stones known to us there's, the break, does. That look like a five thousand-year-old break, and erosion, absolutely. Not we're, dealing with hundreds, thousands probably millions of, years of erosion to erode about, this far this. Is not a new, structure. People Stonehenge, is extremely. Old your, mother will lie to you your priest will lie to you but the geology, is not gonna lie to you there it is do. This what you want it, tells us we're dealing with ancient sites, and advanced knowledge of sound, frequency. Because. We see it in the patterns, that, they see that the Stonehenge, sites, still generates, today even though it is in the state of disrepair just like the stone circles in South Africa, in the, incredible. State of disrepair are still giving us insane. Amount of energy that we don't know what to do with. This. Is another example of how stalled, stone Age's that crack was clearly not there when the builders built it you, wouldn't put a lintel up with a crack in it so we have to assume the crack happened after the event and look at the erosion around the crack I mean this is insane. Amount erosion, so. Modern. Day levitator, southern. Florida this guy called Ed Leedskalnin and, the twenties bought built this amazing place called Coral Castle this. Is still a mystery to a lot of people or they don't know about it and he, single-handedly, put, these giant, blocks on top of each other carved, them sculpted, them shaped, them on his own the. Interesting thing is when when they used to bring these these, the, trucks used to deliver these rocks he would he would, offload. Them single-handedly, and nobody. Knew how he did it he always made the guys stand around the corner or something like that until, one day two young. School boys saw, him, offloading. These. Giant. Coral. Blocks. And they, came home very excited, saying hey mommy mommy we saw the guy and they. Asked how did he do it and the kid said well he did it was ice cream cones in his hands two ice cream cones and the, parents imagine our naughty, children what are you talking about you're trying to force. Us into buying your ice cream for dinner right well, that's not true and I heard that I got extremely excited, because that is consistent. With our I've been finding in southern Africa ice, cream, cones, cone-shaped. Tools and it's, our call at the ice cream cone phenomenon, and this. Has become a, very, important, part of trying to unravel the, ancient mystery how they did this stuff they. Used sound they levitated, stuff but how did they do, it and I. Find, many of these cone-shaped. Tools scattered all over Southern, Africa, among the ruins wherever. You go I was up the mountain two weeks ago again walking through areas, that I've never been before remember.

At This stage I'm the only guy researching, this the, whole of southern Africa it's like I'm the only guy researching. Egypt that's. The equivalent, of that is one, guy in all of Egypt let loose to, do you know try and get some sanity out of this and. Feel. A little lonely so come, help. So. Just to, show you that these ice cream cone cone, shape tools everywhere, there are thousands, of them I've, just collected a few because you after a while you get bored you know I saw there's another one over there and, then. You get to these to the Rosicrucian Museum, in the United States and guess what I find these, cone-shaped, tools on display with, Sumerian writing. On it sumerian. Cuneiform, writing, on it commemorating. The building of the temples. In Sumer they. Were then stored in the walls and hidden in secret chambers in the walls that were retrieved. From the secret chambers in the walls now they're on display in the United States cone-shaped. Tools, commemorating. The building, over the temples in Sumer ha, the plot thickens doesn't it so. Let's go back to South Africa, southern Africa the current belief system is that southern. Africa was a sparsely, populated part. Of the world with only a few inhabitants up to about a thousand, years ago and they tell, you but maybe five thousand people maximum, of 10,000, people hunter-gatherers. Running around shooting, a buck here shooting a buck there well. They. Don't do their homework when they put this in our history books and they insult, our intelligence because. Unfortunately the. Ancient, stone ruins of southern Africa tell is a completely, different tale but, they still continue, to put in our history books still, today that these are just cattle crawl for, keeping cattle, these. Amazing. Stone structures that cover most of southern Africa but they didn't know that it covered most of southern Africa so they put these ignorant things, into our history books and then we pay lots, of money to send our children to university to regurgitate this, crap right and, it's, it's spectacular, they. Just make the stuff up put it in the history books but because they doctor this and doctor that every he just kisses their butt and nobody, questions, them, it's. Really sad but just. To show you what some of these structures look like I'll, go through these rapidly. There. Are really, remarkable, structures and the walls are not very high sometimes, they flat with the ground some places they three meters tall or two and a half meters high they. The, most important, thing that you need to notice that each one is completely unique, and different they. Are not two that are even closely, remotely. The same each, one is completely, unique now, that was a question that wasn't asked until I came along what, you also need to look look, at is the, stuff around the obvious structures. Not, the structures themselves because.

You'll See that there's a lot of stuff around the structures, that is hidden by soil it's, not visible to, you unless you up in the air like you're looking at from this vantage point otherwise you don't even know it's there you walk through the felt you have Nadia you're walking over ruins and then when you look at it on Google you say oh my goodness I was walking there and I was walking right through all these ruins and these terraces I didn't even know it while I was walking there and this, is the awakening. That happens I. Mean. Let me just go back here I mean look at this horseshoe, shaped structure here attached. In with a circle, inside with a stone right in the middle of it with this these weird to like. You. Know towers, that lead you in there and this. This, arm of this from the center goes right through the middle of this there's, some weird stuff going on here that we don't understand, look at all this stuff, hidden by soil underneath around, this, obvious, ruin here there's another horseshoe, shape ohm's shaped, structure, and what, is ohm represent in modern electronics. And electricity it's, linked to vibration. Frequency. From. The movement of current and so forth, resistance. And. There all the stuff in between covered, by soil you have no idea that there's that. There's much more of this stuff. In between connecting. This one to that one and then, they build beautiful flower shaped, stones. Structures. Because they look like pretty, flowers right except. You can only see it from the air and they're. All connected by these channels, there's a channel coming out of it and a channel running down there that's badly destroyed and these strange hexagonal. Shapes. What. Is activity all about and southern Africa. Always. About gold. Don't. You ever forget it, always. About, gold and remember it's not the obsession, of humans, with gold it's the gods obsession. With gold in Genesis. 2, when. Adam was alone on earth Eve. Had not yet been fashioned, from his regard, comes to Adam and says hey buddy there's a place called hvala it's, land full of milk, and honey the land is good the water is good and by the way buddy there's gold, what. On earth is going on here why would God, the creator of the universe and all things in it the, commander. Of consciousness, want, to tell Adam about gold, and it's. The net one defining, moment that you divide God with a big G from God with a small G huge. Huge. Division the twain shall never meet and the. Bible and ancient texts seem to be especially the Bible is constantly. Crossing those lines what. I find fascinating scholars. That have been studying the Bible for 30 years the entire life still keep crossing that line God with a big G God with a small G the Elohim, is a plural they. Allow him and the Anunnaki are the same beings, and I'll show you why we've, got conclusive. Evidence of the Anunnaki, and the Elohim were. The gods of the Bible the gods were the small G the malicious, mahlet, malevolent. Beings. That were after gold. The. Divine creator of all things does not want gold he doesn't take credit cards and he doesn't use money. And. We'll. Get to that ancient. History of southern Africa is all about gold you can't you, know the whole monomer. Top a kingdom that was attacked, by everybody from the north and they could never be overthrown, the the golden kings of Mohammed Appa, fascinating. Story not many people are even aware of it what, are other ancient cultures, or other ancient texts tell us well. The Sumerian, tablets tell us in great detail, about the Anunnaki and all. The great biblical stories, are first found in the Sumerian tablets in much greater detail, and when, they like the you know the fact the creation, of Eve from Adam's rib is reduced, to two lines in the Bible in the, Sumerian tablets there's a whole chapter on it how it happened how they put Adam into a deep sleep and blah blah blah it's like it's phenomenal, information. But. So, what, we what we do is that a lot. Of the stories in the Sumerian, tablets are translated, into the Bible much later and abused. Or used for, abused, against, humanity. Work. In the observes the constant, reference in the Sumerian, tablets herbs has been given many names but its primary objective, primary. Sort, of reference, is always linked with gold this. Is where, the gold came from and there's some great references.

From Sitchin's work. When. Where, the land must the shape of a heart was given in the lower parts thereof golden, veins from the Earth's innards, were abundant, Abzu. Of gold, the birthplace, air to the region the name gave and you know. I'd draw that comparison for, you to show what he's talking about the, Sumerian, god Enki is inextricably, linked, to southern Africa and the gold-mining, Empire and the. In my longer presentations, are going to more detail why I say this but it's, just overwhelming it, keeps coming in waves and ways how Anki is linked. To this to Southern, Africa and the gold-mining Empire that he said up there some, four. Hundred thousand, years ago now. Any key is not unknown in African history, ancient history. Created. Much WA told me that n Chi in key is known as n Chi the creator, of the human race just to, throw that at you and it gets ya it gets weirder and weirder the deeper you go into this and. Then Anki decides to create a species, because I needed help to get the gold out of the mind you can't just use machines you've. Machines, break and they you know it's, much easier to to, clone a species, and train them and let them do the stuff because if they die or get sick then you just replace them it's. Better than building machines they. Just breed on their own look what look what they done seven, billion, great. Breeders, these machines these these slaves let us create a Lulu a primitive, worker the. Arch of work to take over let the being the toil of the Anunnaki, carry on his back tells, us very clearly what these guys are up to down they're planning, to create the Adam Adamu the. Primitive, worker shall be created our command will he understand, our tools he will handle to the Anunnaki, in the absurd, relief shall come so another the Anunnaki, were in the absolute they were doing something they needed relief and for this they needed a slave and they cloned it and boy, did they do a good job. This is fantastic, reference, to inky's house his minds and his technology in the, midst of the absolute to a place of pure water zenki, batook himself in that land a place of deepness he determined, for the heroes into the Earth's bowels to descend before. They cloned the slaves or the the, array, the human race they. Refer to the Anunnaki who, are doing the gold-mining as the heroes because they were doing the hard work in the gold mines so, that, for the heroes into Earth's bowels to descend the, earth splitter, there Anke established, I'm going to show you the earth splitter because this is one of my discoveries, in South Africa, there. With in the earth a gash to make by, way of tunnels, Earth's in arts to reach the, golden veins to uncover boy, now, we found, the physical, evidence in South Africa, and Zimbabwe, mostly.

Suddenly. Sitchin's word becomes, like poetry, because we can point to what he's referring to we've, got the physical evidence for. Which. He's often undergone, a lot of criticism, you know now, he's making the stuff up well you know anyone who's still in a Serie Bachchan's work wake, up we got the physical evidence it's there and beyond, believable, abundance. Is. There. A ruin or a settlement that could be linked to Enki absolutely. And this is great zimbabwe the, greatest, ruin in southern africa it has to be the biggest right. This. Is just, a spectacular, place and just, to show you me some of the walls at ten meters high and six, meters wide, great. Zimbabwe is, a spectacular. Site and it, has got n keys energetic. Imprint all over, it any of you that do energetic, work go and look at it you're not going to believe your eyes, what. So special about the ruins in southern africa well they're very special cattle kraal for very special cattle because. This is probably where the word holy cow comes from. Because. They. Because. Most of these cattle kraal are built, aligned, to the Sun and the stars and, the equinoxes and the solstices and. And Wow, they went to a lot of trouble for these cattle didn't they and the, sacred geometry you start seeing how sacred. Geometric, principles, just, jump out of it out. Of these structures, and you realize hold on this is not just somebody building, building, things there to pass time. They were and. Really. This was, easy to these people because every single one of these runs that is measured and this is all yarn Highness original, pioneering. Work for which you'll always be remembered because. Every. Ruin that is measured so far turns. Out to have these very, intricate alignments. And, this is spectacular and you understand, why this is so spectacular when, you realize how many of these ruins they are these. You know look at this they're perfect, and you draw a circle over there which doesn't look it doesn't look like it it it's real, but when you extrapolate, that. Flat line into. The circle you get a perfect perfect hexagon when, you start joining the corners of the hexagon look, how it touches the inner circle perfectly, you, know this is not accidental people. This takes real. Exact. Science, and understanding there, you go. So. The structure, down there are not. Just simplistic. Structures they carry huge amounts of energy and. Important. To note that they no doors or entrances, this is an important thing that you find in some of the archaeological. Reports. But, and they say oh they're no doors and entrances and then they forget about it and then they tell you it was probably built by a migrating, crew group of fifteen to twenty people and they built it and he said hold on you just told me they know doors and entrances, and I, telling me that was built by people as a dwelling so what's going on here what, we're dealing with here and and. You. Don't get intelligent. Answers from the so-called authorities on this and. Agricultural. Terraces thousands. Of kilometres of agricultural. Terraces in fact, more than 450,000, square kilometers, of agricultural. Terraces in a sparsely, populated part. Of the world who. Built these terraces, what. Were they planting, in these terraces, what's. Going on here it doesn't. Fit it doesn't match. Darris. Is everywhere, when, you start looking and opening your eyes. Mountains. Are covered by these terraces this is in Botswana. This. Is in Lesotho, they. Are terraces. Up some, of the most incredible. Steep mountain. Sides. That. Don't make any sense in fact if you go onto Google Earth and you look at Lesotho, I challenge. You to find any part of Lesotho with our terraces, it's. Actually, quite incredible. They just terraces, everywhere and there's. Just been no people, down there to built these terraces so where do they come from this. Is one of the greatest examples cuz you can see that the channels, that link them the circles, and the terraces, all one.

Giant Grid, nothing. Stands alone remember I told you look, at around the circles the, stuff hidden by the soil because. There, are no standalone, circles, they're all part of a giant grid a huge. Grid. No. Standalone all connected, by these weird channels, that, are clever. People at university call roads to drive the Catalan this. Is why these roads. Are there because they were built because the people of 200 years ago built them to drive their Catalan and that's. As far back as they go maybe 400 years ago that's it, this. Is just spectacular this is right up the road from where I live so when I leave my house and I go walking in the mountains this is what I walk in in these, places and, I you know it's rather silly so I take a lot of photographs and, and I, write a whole bunch of stuff and then I come talk to people like you and and I feel like I'm you know alone. Lost in the world. And. Your. Ancient. Roads and channels. Run for hundreds of miles notice, circle. Channel. And the, extrapolation. Or the extension of the, circle, that, looks like a giant spider's, web and it's these giant spiders web that turn into these agricultural terraces, and there's. A very specific reason. Why this is all connected which you'll understand soon look. At these archaeological drawings, from 1939, clearly showing us that there are no doors and entrances then these circles. Are all connected like a bunch of grapes and then. They don't make any more comments about it they just leave it, the. Roads link every stone circle there's a road there it's, very very badly eroded as you can see most of the times you don't even know you're walking on these on these. Ruins. Over, there, at the bottom it. Used to connect in there but that looks like water washed it away at, some stage look at this linking. Into these strange hexagonal, things there's not enough time to talk about that there's spectacular. Information, about what was going on there and. There's ruins there and there but they just covered by soil this. Is a beautiful, example of a channel running into a sewer with all the stuff around it the. Spider's, web effect I get this, now. I imagine most of southern Africa looking like this a long long time ago and. These. Are all cattle. Kraal as I said built for special cattle there. Were a lot of cattle boy just, I don't know where, the people were but there are a lot of cattle. Hey. Maybe. How. Many of these ruins are they, and this is where the penny really drops when you start figuring, out how many they were in 1891. The brilliant Theodore bent this is one of the only one of the few archaeologists, that I carry real respectful. Wrote. A brilliant, book the vanished lost. Cities of mush on our land and it's, a phenomenal, book. And in. 1891. From. Horseback, traveling. Through South Africa, Botswana Zimbabwe. He estimated about 4000 of these structures, then. By 1974. Roger summers who, had more technology, available. Calculated. About 20,000. Of these stone ruins now by now I started, getting hold on 20,000. Son ruins and a sparsely populated continent. Doesn't make any sense I got, involved in 2007. When, you're on Heine introduced, me to this and within. Six months I estimated. At least 100,000, ruins so I thought well before I released temples of the African gods I can't just thumb suck the stuff let me have some sort of at least scientific, argument, for this so I started counting I used, Google and aerial shots and and. Start. Counting you know and extrapolating. Getting, averages, per hectare, per square, kilometer per larger.

Area And I went, all over Southern Africa and found these densely. Clustered areas, and got averages. And. Some. Of the aerial photographs, looks like you know these circles. Here when you look closer at it when you study this you see how connected, they were this. Is all over southern Africa, some, of them are in, in the, Transvaal, or hang, what used to be the Transvaal, and in puma langa in Orange, Free State it's, there's some in Natal. Kaiser then I just, found some, in Kaiser in two weeks ago when I traveled to ke is it in and I hadn't found any before so, wherever you go you find more more, urns, Zimbabwe. Botswana as, I mentioned, and. This. One I'll be talking about again. This. Is near town called broncos sprite very strange-looking structures. This. Is again close to my house and. This. Is south of Johannesburg there are thousands, and thousands of the south of Johannesburg and they, think they discovered, gold there in the late 1800s. And. This, is just spectacular the, density, of these this is other side of rustenberg where I grew up near the platinum mines on. The way to Botswana this, is just this runs about five by five kilometers and it's just dense like this it's ridiculous. And. This. Is back near, where I live just to show you the circles, were the channels, connecting them and the terraces, and, by, the time I finish counting getting, all these averages, I've found out there were more than ten million of these so. Forget, four thousand, and twenty thousand, and a hundred thousand more than ten million of these in fact I cannot tell you categorically, is probably closer to twenty million of these and, and. We'll be surprised if they aren't more it's spectacular we're. Dealing with the largest and most mysterious. Ancient. Civilization. On earth that no one's paid any attention to until now what. Happened to them what. Happened to ten million stone, structures, and the, people forget. The stone structures, we've got evidence of those where, the bones where. The dead people, there's. Nothing. Not. A trace of who, occupied, these isn't. That more mysterious in itself. That, for an extended, period of I'll show you about two hundred and eighty thousand, years people, lived and worked here then. No, fossil, remains, of these people what. On earth, down here this. Is where you start listening to people like drunvalo melchizedek.

When. He says that you, know human, populations. Have been evacuated and, moved from one planet to another you, go well hold on you know suddenly, that makes a little bit more sense than anything else because. We should have found bones you know there's been a lot of digging mining and there should be bones everywhere, farmers, building, houses. So. What happened to them. This. Is where the, Sumerian, tablets become, very important, and the. King's List I'm gonna come back to this because in this in these two kings lists that give us exactly the same story they give us the names of eight Kings that ruled. For, about two hundred between, 220 and 241. Thousand years the names of the Kings are the same the places they rule do exactly the same the dates vary a little bit so you've got to allow some, you know mistakes, in translation, but, the names and places remain, the same this, is very very interesting, but what the Sumerian, what this tells us is two, very important things that I'm going to come back to later and this, is a repetitive theme, in the Sumerian, texts is after, the kingship descended, from heaven to earth after, kingship. Was lowered to earth from heaven okay. To us it doesn't make any sense oh we think it's some crap. Made up by the ancient people because they were all stupid right and and. Then it tells us who, these kings were and how long they lived and you can really see that they weren't human because they look they lived and ruled for 36,000. Years 64, thousand years 28, thousand years and then, a very important, thing that it tells us a very important statement from these two kings lists and then, the flood swept over so, two very, important, things three three important things that kingship. Was lowered to earth from heaven somebody. Up there decided. That they were going to point some Kings on earth some priests Kings. That. Change all changes all of human history it tells us that they ruled for extended, period of time and then the flood came so, we seem to have a history a chronology, of human history until the, flood, prior. To this well until now we know very little about what happened before the flood and this. Is very important so I believe that when they say the flood came that's what destroyed, these, ruins some. 12 to 13 thousand years ago the circled great flood that there's not much argument about in geologic. And archaeological, circles and you, can see the sediment that's why most of these ruins are not visible most, of them are covered by soil they're hidden from us. And. Wherever they stone circles, they're gold mines you can't get away from it more, than 75 thousand gold mines have been found between 2005. And 2010. In a Geological, Survey just, around the little town of Leiden burg in the Mpumalanga, province, 75,000, gold mines in. The. 30s are got two distinct, separate. Reports. From two separate miners, that mined in the province of Limpopo northern South Africa that found mysterious, mine shafts tunnels. Like this at about a hundred feet down while, they were mined mining, gold. Remain. Unexplained, tools. And artifacts were confiscated, by the authorities, never, to be returned in, the, 1990s, De Beers found a mine shaft 22,000. Feet deep that. Scared them, that. They they, said was cut with absolute, precision indicated. Some advanced laser technology that they do not possess. Anglo-american. Arno has a secret file that they keep for, covering up ancient mines and shafts any time they come up across come, across an ancient shaft or a mine they, cover it up and move, on they, don't even discuss it but they have a specific file for that and I was told this by the chief geologist the Anglo American while we're having a beer at, a pub, he. Just volunteered this information, to me I was amazed but, then he didn't know who I was or what I was doing. Sneaky. Bastard. What. Karna Stern are we dealing with here it's. A very special kind of son it's known as horn fells and it's. Known by geologists. As ring stone and I, was the first person I mean I'm astounded a first person to ask what kind of stone was used to build these runs they, just you know don't go there and, it's. Metamorphosized. Quartzite it's incredibly, hard you can't break it people you, have tried to break some of these this, is this sliver is a break I keep in my museum that this, happens as a result of heat you expose it to fire it. Breaks up so clearly, they didn't use fire in any of these runs otherwise. There'd be none left as you, can see it's black on the inside very hard and then it's got the stuff called patina, the. Skin like a skin, that grows it's a oxidization. And classification. Process it grows incredibly slowly. On this. Specific. Rock and what. Is fascinating about, this Cajon fel stone is that it, conducts, sound, incredibly, well and rings, like bell and light.

There's. Some more, examples, that are found that are keeping the museum and. More. Spectacular. Examples, and just to show you, was, a little. Facts that I've collected. This. Particular stone in my hand here this, beautiful, stone age club hope looks like something, out of Flintstones. And. - I'm gonna show you how they ring like bells. Because. I can't carry these with me all over the world it's, a quick, demonstration, how. These stones ring like bells I just, discovered that in, geological. Terms these stones, this particular stone the horn fast in South Africa is also known as ring stone for, that very specific, reason and to, ring these I'm going to use my brand new tool that I've just collected about a month a week ago this, phenomenal. Absolutely. Phenomenal, artifact. And. I'm, gonna use this to ring. These stones, this, looks so we always judge when I found this that this looks like a a stone edge guitar and it's, pretty much like that you know I'm gonna hang on and I'm. Gonna show you that it is very closely related to the musical instrument, in, ancient times were very specific reasons that you might think that the, stone shape is just, accidental. And that it broke off or something you'd be mistaken because I've collected probably, about four, or five stones. At a very. Very similar in shape very. Similar. Scoring. Structure, there's broad-based here and then down to a narrow tip and somebody, removed this particular piece. Of the stone over there for, specific reasons as you are here. Which. Are ring a little bit more they. Ring like bars but. It's, also important, to note that you cannot carve, or chip the stone it will, splinter, and fragment, and it will not be chipped, or carved, okay. So these, these, shapes, that we see here must have been molded. In some way and. Molded. For specific, acoustic. Properties and, this, is why, you've. Got a hold it a very specific way to make us the little contact, as possible to. Get it to ring and resonate, and its, optimum, now remember it's also covered in patina, the, skin of their office brown reddish color that covers, the rock that. Is no longer the, original, black, or charcoal, color the, original color of the the. Metamorphosized. Quartzite. That's underneath. And. That's hard rings I. Can. Actually feel my fingers underneath are deadening. The. Ringing because I'm holding it that's deadening, some of the effect. There. We go that's. Better. That's. What you want you, realize that this thing really rings like a bell ended verb. Rates for quite a long time. All. Right and now to show you this is not the only one here's the other one. The. Stone-age Club, and. I. Drove. Over this to myself a few times driving, up the mountain, on. The forest road and eventually I stopped and picked it up because I realized this is one of the most remarkable tools, that. You will ever find and thank God I did. And, it is very heavy, I'm. Out of breath because I'm holding my breath so, to make him the voice and this, thing weighs probably about 15. Kilos sir. And. There you go, demonstration. How these stones. Ring, like bells and they, were used in all kinds of ways and fashions just like that um to. Create specific vibrational. Frequencies, and specific. Notes to. Use as a form, and a source of energy. And. Just to remind you metamorphosize. Sports site is full of what. And. What are these ancient sites contain, how. Much information is actually stored, in these ancient sites yes. Yes. We did, we measure they, were not not those - I haven't tested those - but, I was somebody, emailed me I get thousands, of emails somebody emailed me saying that's a b-flat I think and. That. Is very important, but it's, just not enough time to go through all the stuff sorry and, then. The, oldies anomalous tools are being collecting, and finding strange tools once again some of them are these cone-shaped, tools always - these points and then. This stone phallus stone phalluses, seem to be very. Popular in these ancient times. What's, important to note see how the patina, has covered all of them remember somebody. Must have carved them or shaved them at some stage and they all covered in this brown patina okay, keep that the back of your mind this. Is a top of the big run on top of the mountain there that's spectacular. Whatever, that is a bird. Shape stone or there's, a whole nother link to the Zimbabwe Birds that is in, here but we.

Can't Go there, these, strange tools and artifacts that are just spectacular, that make no sense to us today because it's not part. Of normal, archaeological, you, know and stuff, that they exhibit. And, the most spectacular. Mystery. In all of archaeology. The sacred stones the. Special, sacred stones hundreds. Of thousands, have been found in southern Africa. Now. Because we had a breakthrough, energy, conference you'll, automatically. Notice that they resemble, a torus. Shape so. I'm giving you a little hint as to what, these are for but, in, South Africa, the. Archaeological. Society has. It as a logo, and they will still teach you that these are weights for digging sticks, that. The people made them in the. Hundreds of thousands, when there were only a few thousand, hunter-gatherers. Because this is from the Stone Age right so there were no metal tools they, made this with other stones because. They needed waits for their digging sticks when they were digging for roots in, the felt I, can't. Think of anything more insane these, people should be locked up. Where's. The flash of among all these ruins and this. Is where we get to the very important, Adams calendar, it, was rediscovered in 2003. By an Heine and he'll always be remembered for that because. This is one of the most spectacular discoveries. In all of human archaeological. History there's. Of the two central calendar, stones. Baba, crater mutrah the, preeminent, african shaman told. Me when i saw him there you can see Adams calendar my other book lying on the desk when I showed him this book he, burst into tears and, took. Quite a while to to. Calm himself down he said he never thought he'd see that sacred, place again, he, was initiated, that this place in 1937. As a young shaman and he, calls it ins Alayah Lanka or birthplace, of the Sun. Specifically. The s om, not s UN, because, it is believed by, the shaman that this, is where the gods created humanity. Birthplace. Of the Sun. That's. What it looks like from a helicopter, circular. Structure, that is north that, is South not the trees the stones under the trees. They're. The two central calendar, stones and over. There you see a wooden pole that's where the stone man used to stand and right from the sternum and across there across the. Horus bird lying there which you'll see we, looking, east exactly. The rise of the Sun on the edge of this cliff which is known as a transfer I'll escarpment, there's looking North exactly north, between, the two stones you can see north-south, line goes right between the two central calendar stones and, why. Is it a calendar. This. Is jaan Hina showing, me from our very first visit there why, it's a calendar and he, did all the original calculations, when he rediscovered it this Setting Sun cast, the shadow this, rock cast a shadow on this one and you can tell every day of the year from. The summer solstice on this side until. The winter solstice on that side and that comes back so. It's still an accurate calendar and one, of the few that I know I can't. Think of any others that do this, monolithic. Calendars or. Stone Age calendars, this. Is a 3d, reconstruction that, we did. Putting. The stone man back in his place who was removed in 1994. By the Ministry, of Environmental. Affairs. To. Put a block on it to. Commemorate the opening of the blue swallow Nature Reserve isn't that ironic. Desecrating. One of the oldest sites on earth and, then. They try and prevent us going there because we're bringing tourists there and we'd be desecrating, the place, and. There. You have looking. Out east from, the stone man across the calendar, stones very distinct. Horace stone. Looking, at what three. Stones that seem to align with those pyramidal, structures over there that are aligned with the rise of Orion over. There but you'll see more, about. That now how do we date the stones we look at everything I'll. Look at anything because you can't date stones so you got to look at everything use, your you know do what the guys in CSI do follow the clues and the evidence and what. Makes most sense you have to go with that so first. Of all this, is every, stone there is known as dollar right it doesn't belong there it, is now, categorically. Proven, and shown from, geological. Studies that those stones do not belong there they were brought there by somebody to, build the calendar site that's the edge of the Transvaal escarpment, it's known as black reef quartzite, and it's full of, gold.

There's. A gold mine underneath that Ridge actually, an ancient gold mine, the erosion that piece they broke off there. That's the erosion, on the tip of that on the break, most. Geologists, have asked suggested. To me pick, a number about 50000. Years for the amount of erosion that happened there so fifty, thousand years ago that piece broke off and landed there all, right so now we starting to get to the ancient, age of this but, this is one, of my best is the patina growth because I've told you already that these these, tools have, been molded, and shaped and, the patina has grown back that's, what it looks like when the patina is gone black and then the patina grows back this, is a great example of a monolith in one of the stone walls that at some point broke, and this tip broke off look at the patina that's grown back at the bridge there's about two millimeters of patina growth we're, dealing with something this patina is known to, grow at about 1 mm. One. 1,000. Years per microscopic, layer, 1,000. Years microscopic, layer so for a millimeter, or two millimeters of patina we dealing with something it's a hundred two hundred three hundred thousand years old we. Don't really have a measure for it but it's extremely, old and. We. Know that this is not normal, archaeology. Look at this beautiful carving, of one of the stone structures, so not only did they build the stone circles but they first carved them into Europe this is another interesting part of this presentation, that are normally going to a lot more detail but look at after they carved this this crack appeared through the rock this. Horn fell on. Fall stone you should see the black of the horn fell on the, crack on a fresh crack you'll see the black of the horn fast but, it's so old that the patina has grown into the crack and completely. Covered up the, black color so this shows us how old this carving is so, he dealing with probably fifty to hundred thousand, years old at this carving is so, these are the kind of indicators. That we have to use when you deal with us with, this kind of evidence, because you can't follow the normal archaeological. Routes they just don't, have the tools to do that but, this our friends, is by far the most important, discovery, I believe if. You look at the circular, you can see the whole atoms. Counted as a circular structure north-south. But, the first thing that you notice is that it's not a twelve o'clock it's not true north it's, slightly left of center so. Jana. And I had it measured and we found out that is a three three. Degrees 17, minutes and 42 and deviation anti-clockwise. Now, that's not possible because we're not dealing with magnetic north we're dealing with true north and at. First we thought that this had something to do with the processional, wobbles I spend a lot of months trying to analyze and speak to experts and processional, counting, and all that and I realized hold on I'm not barking up the wrong tree this, is true north, where. They are in the processional, wobble through North stays at true north right, so what's going on here this, is three and a quarter degrees deviation.

I Believe. That the man that holds all the information is, Charles, Hapgood who's been trying to teach teachers about crustal, displacement, and crustal. Shift, I believe, that Adams calendar, is a real, geophysical. Example, that crustal, shift displacement, did happen because these guys did not make, mistakes, they, would not have accidentally, built a three and a quarter degrees out of alignment it's, not going to happen, so. We. Know that crustal, displacement, happened we, just don't know when but. Here we have physical geophysical. Evidence, that, it did occur and. Then obviously the Iran connection, you can't get away from the Orion connection, all ancient cultures do it I've mentioned it already those three there's your Horus stone and very, look at that distinctly carved, rock there those three if you lift them up they're aligned precisely with the rise of Orion's belt when it was flat on the horizon, I've had two separate calculations, done by two separate, astronomers. Both, of those will be wrong because not none of them took into account that three and a quarter degree. Misalignment. So but it just shows you that they their calculations, are really really old that's, really interesting I didn't cross-examine on them and just. To show you these this beautiful, Horus stone I discovered that one morning when I went there with. Another guy they were very very early when I started doing this exploration and, that stone was covered by soil so, we couldn't see I didn't know that it was actually a Horus or a bird shape stone but then we when I moved, the soil. Away from about there suddenly, this beautiful head and nose appeared, it, doesn't look like much from here but there's nothing to stand on to take photographs you know if I sit take one step backwards that way I'll fall, off the edge of the cliff so. And. There you go it's about three and a half meters tall there's a fat belly there that you can't see on this angle and the, nose is broken off it's probably maybe another foot day they would have extended, if you lift it up there, you got ad Ricans, at Adams calendar, when. I called it Adams calendar I had no idea our close to the truth it was this, is where humanity, was created according to ancient, African. Culture where, the Anunnaki. Artificially. Genetically. Created, the Adamu, the. Human species that, we all belong to in, various. Forms and shapes and. Then. We. Get to the discovering, of the pyramids to mystery, just yeah, gets better. And better look at that. This. Is one of the first pictures taking of your hand in 2003. When he started measuring the calendar, and finding, out all these mysteries one, of the best pictures because you have been there thousands of times and you, just don't get good pictures of the, pyramidal structures there's a third one a little one over there just sticking its head out I've.

Been Told through various means that there's about 30 meters of sedimentation, down there so we're only probably seeing half of those pyramidal, structures and, because, of the flood remember the flood that destroyed all the stuff that, would have covered all of it why, are they pyramids, do I why am I so convinced they pyramids further ate various reasons first of all when you go into Adam's calendar, moment you cross the circle because there's no obvious circle, it's an imaginary circle moment. You cross that circle with your GPS you lose signal, okay. It works this it works here moment, you walk in there your signal is gone and I, love the macho guys they just love it yeah my GPS, will work you'll see I'll show you how my GPS works. And. They go in there. It's. Fantastic, watching them and just see that ego dropped very quickly. And. Then when you take the same GPS down to the pyramids there, were four of us I will. Forever, regret, not taking a photograph of it because there were four of us standing with GPS it's like this and. Every. GPS gave you a completely different reading not, just slightly. Off but miles off you, were like you know and in another province it. Was insane right between the two pyramids not. Only that but, all. These ancient cultures built, things according, to the sacred geometric, principles, so I thought hold, on this, will tell me if it's linked or not let me draw a golden mean spiral from Adams calendar, and see where it lands, well. You. Know I didn't, have to guess. So. Here we can do a beautiful. Twist, on those that want to stick to mainstream, science and we, can argue. The. Argument, of probability. Which, is one of the most commonly argued arguments. In science, isn't it probability. So. The probability. Factor that the, golden means spiral accidentally. Ends between the pyramids it's, so completely, out of killed that it has to be linked you. Dealing with several million several, billion, odds. To one that it's you know an accident, so. The probability factor plays a very important, role here we're dealing with something it's connected, and. Also. Through channelings and other psychic revelations, I've been told in no uncertain terms that we're dealing with some very advanced stuff here and then. When you connect, atoms pyramids. Through. Great Zimbabwe Enki's, house. It. Lands right in the great Prairie Giza and. All. Along the 31, degrees east longitude aligned, the nile otic meridian, right. Which is also linked to the white lines of timba Vaati the sacred white lines of africa they start seeing all this connection, it's. Just beautiful, it just unravels, more and more and. Then. My beautiful friend Valen de swert who's decoded, the numeric, system and the secret numbers of God made. It very clear to me that, the. Name, Elohim, is equates. To the number 31, ll. Ahem 31. Degrees east longitudinal, line so this gives us indication that the Annunaki and elohim are the same group of beings I just, recently did an interview with George Noory the very last caller that called and told me he was abducted by the Anunnaki, twelve years ago before he knew any of the stuff we're talking about here they, told him they were tall about nine feet tall blond, blue-eyed individuals. I told him they were the Anunnaki, and they also told him they're often referred to as el Elohim, that was, very interesting and then the, show ended so, I need to talk to him more so what all these stone, circles for, millions. And millions of stone structures, all connected, each one is completely unique, different, build with stones that ring like bells what's going on here archaeological. Drawings show us that they know doors and entrances and some of them are concentric, circles, like. Expansion. Amplification. Chambers, or something to that extent right, so. Are these connectors, these channels actually like wires.

Absolutely. So let's go back to what Nikola, Tesla said he said the earth rings like a balanced and inexhaustible source, of energy if you know how to use the sound frequency of Gaia and I, believe that this is what it is the, cymatic, patterns remind. Us of what. We're looking at the, shape of um this. Is the shape of our. Sand. On a metal plate that's what you'll find so. What we're looking at here is cymatic, patterns from, Earth, each. One of these stone circles just simply represents, the somatic, freak, or the shape of the sound of Gaia at that particular point, and. This. Is why they connected, so. They created, one huge, energetic, field there's. One, example this is Hans Jenny's photograph, the circle in the middle and the the, spider's web effect art words the circle in the middle spider's. Web effect outwards except, these were connected, so they could share the energy they, suck out of Mother Earth and. But. How much energy could be structures. Create, for, this we gotta go to 1944. And Japan when, they were developing, the death ray with, which they're going to smite the allied army but. Unfortunately, they got nuked, so they never got to use the death ray but one of the things that I found, out is that at the at the core of this death ray was a thing. That they used called a magnetron a. Resonant. Cavity. Magnetron. Well. This, is you, know you start frequency, in the middle you amplified on these resonant cavities, until. You decide when you want to take it out of the wires and that magnetron, is used in laser beams it's used in microwaves, so it's a it's a technological, tool used in many, applications, this has got a little magnetron, in it or a klystron, I think it's called in this and and. Then it goes through what it goes through a crystal, to focus the light right. So if you're working with light you need to use crystal because it lets the light go through it right. So I believe. That this magnetron, was. Used. There. You go if a. Magnetron, a few centimeters. In diameter could, blast fry, the air I'd allied army how, much energy can a magnetron, 22 meters in diameter create. Huge. Amounts of energy in fact I was, made. Aware that it's this structure that was probably responsible for the destruction of atlantis because. They didn't quite know how to use it and that got out of control. So. I believe when you

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