Accessibility in the AI Frontier

Accessibility in the AI Frontier

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You. So, now to Brian let me let me introduce Brian so first, of all I'd like to say Brian, and I have known each other for about two years now it's a little less than two years and. We've. It. All kind of started actually when. An email that he and a colleague, of his at. Rochester. Sent an email that, said you. Know we heard about your custom speech service we're really interested, what can happen and that's where our partnership started and we've been collaborating. Regularly. Ever since on this particular project, it's, now the, service is now being used regularly at Rochester. He can talk to that so. Brian is the associate, director for the Center of access. Technology. At the National, Technical Institute for the Deaf at the Rochester, Institute of, Technology, now that's a mouthful. The. National, Technical Institute for the deaf is one of the nine colleges, at Rochester. And. He. Is involved in a number of projects, around, accessibility. Which. He will share with us today so I won't talk about those he's. Also an. Associate professor and lead faculty in the mobile application, development program. At. That. Institute, and principal. Principal investigator, on a recent, careers grant so. Brian has some incredible, stories it's, been great working with him and I hope he has a chance to share some of the stories because some of them are really powerful stories, so, Brian it's. Your, show you take it away. Thank. You very much well you saved me about five minutes. Hello, everyone. I'm. Happy, I'm honored, to be here today to talk with you. It's. Been. A cool week for me personally. The. Conference, was great and I. Have been just a, xxx. And I'm adopted. But. I can't wait, to, see. How we go with, the cutting speed Davis, and. Steve, elite and. Not. The work that, we. Are on I have done together. It's. Still a work in progress. And. I'm really looking. Forward to continued. Work. In. The future and D what. A bank okay. To, have to go on. Okay. All. Right it's, the Mike mr. Mike let's. Blame it on there, okay. When, Roy asked me to give a putting teeth down and. I, thought, long and hard about well, I'm gonna be talking to people from Microsoft. Didn't. Know stuff, about technology. But. I thought no. Don't. I'm the Associate, Director for at the technology. I thought, that accessibility, would be a good topic, obviously. Then. It's, been, know. What. At the front the. TR division keynote, this, past week and. I. Think. It's. A good opportunity to kind of like look back a little bit at. The history, of a disability especially. With the Japanese, art of hearing community. And. Steel. Coast. Then. I NTID, for, 15, years and. I've. Been through. Quite a journey. Punting, around different place teach and. A. Real lab, working. With the, stunning, out the technology because, we have opportunity. To adjust. Accessibility. As used. Within. The college and. Really. In. A Bay on ways, we can, improve asked. Us for, jump and hard of hearing student, in the classroom in. Meetings. And. Out. Where. So. When. We are explored. On the idea, or. Americanism. We. Did that because. The. Demand festivities, for, interpreting. Captain. II was, just i racketing and.

To The point where we've. Understandable. We've just couldn't meet, the needs of, student. And. That was really important, to us and. We. Started, looking into automatic, speech recognition and. It's. Not, with. The intention, of replacing people, it's. With the, intent. Of preparing. A mcNeish. Okay. Last. Bar we heard about distress, death of caste, that were not covered, and. Thought. We'd about, like a hundred, and twenty a cottage. The. Tent, dark marble, they 128, classes, and I covered that, the last and. So. We, wanted to make sure there, are student. Not, only had this dervish, but, after had the freedom to. Put. Together were other schedule, they wanted, and. That was important, too because normally. We were just assigned cottage. To. You. Know whatever. Startin, we felt with the best bet for the, student, but, they were limited to that choice only that. They wanted another teacher they. Couldn't get disturb us though. We wanted to add the, freedom, for the student, to pick whatever they wanted. I'm. Going to show you a short video. About. Kind, of the work that we've done in, the stunning nasa technology. Oh. So. That's a little bit of what we do we walk with student, and that's. The part I really like doing on. A day to day basis, we just explore, opportunities. To. Help. You, know. Build. Some, kind of functional, equivalent, and. For. Me it's kinda like a personal, journey because, I, grew. Up it he kept twisting, I was joined, up. But. Wasn't until I was the age of three, that. My parents discovered. That I was depth I mean. I had passed best. My. Parents timing, was to do but, I do understand, what, they were talking about and I just minded, my own business, and. And. They. Were really concerned about my language development, and, you. Know just the, inability to. Do. Basic. Speaking, role and. I. Just. Can't really understand, why two three, years bar, but. Then they. Thought I could hear, because, I did have some we did you are hearing and. I. Would. Respond, to annoyed each, and. When people call out if, I don't have a hearing aid I would hear a little bit I would, look, around. Right. Now. It's a lot worse but. I. Could.

Imagine That I kind of you. Know. Poured. My parents, into thinking that I could hear, but I might, have some other disability. Maybe. With attention. Or. Some. Kind of cognitive thought. That thing going on but. Much, of the relief of the, Death. Star. Obviously. By, discovering, those doubt. They. Had used to meet - what, do I do with the job kid now, back in the domine the restores to grow kind of quite. Limited. It's. Not right they heard the Internet. They had to depend on people, welcome, mining was to do with. The deaf child but. The fifth thing they did with. A stuntman, to speech, therapy and. That's. Where I had, to learn all the different sound. Of, the letters. They. Put like a wooden dick, in my mouth then, and, I time me and how to speak stop. But. I. Couldn't. Hear, every, letter. In the alphabet. Especially. Ashdown, those, the most difficult, letter. For, me to hear with, the US I mean. It wasn't until maybe about four, years ago they could finally here, the s down, believe it or not, okay. My hearing a rating, sophisticated. Enough to practice. Is down and. Can. Put it into the range where, I could hear, not. I can, hear I'm like oh that, me stench, but. I couldn't hear for a very long time, and. Become. Very difficult for me to distinguish. Words. That. Lila. And astound. I. Will. I allow and lip-reading. And. That's. Really, but. I depend, on the most town, being, added, on top of the. Judge. Hop, but. Look weeding is, it. Really, the key difference for, me. English. With, my faith language. I. Can. Learn sign, language first, I learned. English I learn. To speak English alone. To write English I, was. In an intensive. You. Know writing, program, to, cut up on my language, development. And. My. Teachers, mostly, just talk I had on a thumb stick them right here. And. You know they will have a dedicated, microphone, that. Would go disaster, into the system, that, I'm wearing. So. As I start English with my faith language, and then I was until later that I learned stern, language. Somebody. We know about the. This. Called the beginner, table, syndrome. It's. A common, occurrence you, know in the Japanese, art of hearing population. Due. To barriers and, equal. At that to communicate. Them. Especially. You. Know in childhood. So, when. We sit down I, would. Thought in my entire family, just start talking really. Thought, and. It's. A lack of language to me and. When. I was young and growing up. It. Was just very, difficult for, me in to just cut down, I would. Stir. And. I was just watch, and, sometimes. I was it way, Bush. Didn't, wait to come up and. Try. To last, time. Though. Just. Didn't. At. The dinner table. Sometimes. My, family would just laugh and. I was a day, oh you're, laughing about. Often. I will get response he died oh I. Tell you later or. They, give me dumb. Try, to reach there but, it's not funny, and. That. Was the life that I grew up in. Stop. A, certain. Point in my life I was kind of totally, awkward, because. I didn't know how to talk with people I didn't. Have that kind of development that social, development, and. It. Was a challenge. Though. If. What. Are the things I'd never really, looked forward to week in a time. But. That, should have been the time there are families. The poi to buy, and, I'm not, something. That we've. You. Know I, will. Love that one day, that. I could, be a part of something. Like. There, and. I'm. Really, enjoy, and laughed and, be. A part of conversations, I don't. Have that yesterday, I'm, hoping that someday I will. And. Because, of their I always, finished my genifique. Always. But. They never let me get. Out I've, had a stem wait those. Had ducting maybe, third. I'm. Dumb I've forgive. Metabolism. I. Grew. Up around, what. We caught nine, people. Bah we. Caught a hearing. Healing. People and, I. Had hearing French. All. My life Oh Jenna relatively. Small town, there. Were a lot of young people around and. It. Was tough. Because. Sometimes. My friend did not realize, how, death, I was I, mean, I had to learn to speak I. Tried. To speak I tried. To treat them to Stein, that. That all you speak fine I can understand, you you're fine. And. At. One time. They. Came and they whisper. Into my ear, and. I. Was, moving away and, makeup. Coming, toward me. Katrina. Whisper. I thought popped up air I was. Trying to look try, to really dropped. Come. Come toward me like. Who hunting. Down my ear. Well. Now it's happening. The. Friend, who turned, him in down his, mom start, the whole thing, say, don't do that when, he gaped he kind of really, loved.

He. Was like. But. It's funny. But. It just chose, the. Environment, I grew up in. I'm. Sure, it's. Not too much cheaper, from. Other spoon, to dip tough people it, was. I. Was. A great. Head, matter okay. You. Try to engage, me. In a competition, when I was a kid or a team I was, pretty good, okay. I watched. My dad she. Talked with other people, who were not to know. I observed, him and. I tried to mimic their and they, I could, be the same thing until of, course they, asked me a question I'm, like what, what. Did I tell you -. But. I. Realized. There. Later. In life. That. The more I taught them other people assume, that. My hearing loss isn't, so bad. And. I. Became. A little frustrated. Later. On you, know you could you become a team two hormones get out of control but, you crazy things, okay. And. I just them crazy things. Now tell you in a minute. Taub, I, got. Caught -, who. The boys did really. Learn about government. Okay. And. Didn't. Pick up. And. While. I was there. They. Had learned about the government, system, in the state, and. They. Thought you know the highest office you could run for with. Governor, I said. That's. What I'm gonna do go. To the governor could get a little. Raw you have to earn the trust of other people, or you have, to get their vote and, I said I had to get the bolt come. On just put me up there. Though. But. I was a pretty ambitious teenager, and. I. Just. Died did you do it I convinced. People I have to talk with people and try, to convince them to vote. For me so I asked, to became, the, governor, candidate, for, my own party. Okay. That's. Pretty cool until. They told me okay, now. You got to give a five-minute, speech in front, of a thousand, people and, you. Got to be part of a debate. What. And. I. Just. I. Was just shaking I was. Shaking like lady, I had, to rehearse, my. Speech. And. I, delivered my speech, and I write Wow and. Tell. Is the debate time. During. The debate that, I was answering, some of the questions I. Thought. Something, and trying to get my attention, and it's just one person, up on the front row and who's. Waving his hand, now. I was up here who. Down there and I. Could barely steer, him but. When he got my attention I, looked down. And. Punch his ear and dun. Dah. He. Couldn't hear me. That. I will just I just thought I, was. Just under my. Confident, were. Gone, that very stuck, in and. I realized, Viking. Herb the basics of communication if, I can't communicate with other people. Who. Am I kidding, that's. How I felt at that time. Though. I. Was, tend to discovery. God, and. I. Heard. What you a car culture Chuck. Though. I was. In a store, where. Most. Of the kids in my store, would have a voice stimuli, to my they. Were stained a little bit, but. When I was done to adjust or, everybody. Stained, and, really. Really, fast, and. I. Was like, what. And. This is like. A hundred miles per hour he's, telling, words and I couldn't culture then. I was a joke and, I, got picked on because I couldn't, cut. Down I got, picked on a whole year. Until. Pioneer, a new kid, came on and, they start picking on him. But. I thought. My whole ward, with. Up diagram. To. Be on it this. Is a different, law to be on it okay. Just. Your, news to people, talking and don't, get your place when nobody's, talked, everything. Quiet. May. Hear people who. Tapping, on the floor. Trying, to get attention okay. What, did yeah okay. And, they had you. Know they turn. On the light if they. Turn on and off to get the attention of everybody in the room I'm like why. Are you doing that I didn't. Extend. Though. But. I. Did. Transition. At some point and. It. Just became, one of the best years of my life I. Got. Involved in basketball, they. Saw football. Banta. I never would, have been a part of. If. I had, stayed. In a school system then. My brother went through. And. I. Ended, up being the president, of student, council. Castrated. In the. Old the most, popular, kid in school. And. But. I was a different person. I, heard. What, you a car. Adapt. Identity. What. That man is. There. A person, is nothing that there is nothing wrong with, being God I. Thought. Going. Up there, I thought the bean gap. There's. Something wrong with me. But. Being in that Lord, to. Informed. My attitude. You. Know, my. Mentality. And. Understanding. That it's, okay, that's. Not gonna stop me from. Being. Able to achieve, in. Other, areas. And. That's. Something that I would never forgive, never look, at deafness, as a negative and. Maybe. Some, of you may. Have heard. But. When, Gallaudet, University. Protected. To. Get their first job. President. Okay. Because they wanted somebody who, could, relate to them. And. When. They finally, had a deaf president she. Said I can do anything, but. Here. And. That was a powerful, statement at the time and. Uh, inspired. Generations. Of. Jap and hard-of-hearing. Know. People, to. Believe in themselves so. I. Will. Talk a little bit about the. History, of anyway stability, to the stability but. Just heard of him and. Some. Of it very interesting, for. Me some. Of her I never knew. Back. In the early 20th. Century. There's. A guy named William. Shaw, who. Had an inventor, and here we got okay. He, invented, quite. A bit of paint, he never patent.

Done, I don't. Know why maybe. He didn't know about the patent system. But. Is. He stopping, by inventing. Stuff he. Invented. An alarm, clock that. Would. You. Know shake. The, pillow. And. I. Think. That was cool, I mean, back in the early 20th century I, don't. Use a bed shaker anymore, okay. Cuz. Get. The life out of me every time. I. Do. Something more gradual. He. Also. Has. A came. Up with a Turki medication, device and I'm gonna show you in the nest died, but. He had to came up with a doorbell, lighting. Stidham, and, I. Am as chained, to. Do what we have today. Because. What he invented. If. We must. It's. Way better than what we have today what. We have today when, you ring the doorbell, the. The life blasted, white but. In my office okay, the. Only problem is that my fire alarm, autocratic. Wife -, okay. You. Can tell okay. And, they. Normally put in the wood plate in the room, okay. - way, to go we had a fire alarm in, my. Lab. Dudley. Patel, of us didn't, even see, the alarm. The. Others they, thought the doorbell, there, was just ignoring, her hoping. That Tommy after that to the door I. Won't. Tell my wife, here, I was, asking was done also there's just a note you. It. On your end, like on my end I lift up the. White the payola. It's. Horrible, that the. Chain fall. So. He. Came up with the doorbell. They had different colored, a. Color. To the punch or a color, to the bath door. They. Green. And oiled, a. Tournament. Because, in the early 1900. Why. Can't we do that today. Dirt. Was. The, first, Turkish. Telephone. System. Okay. You. Noted where he standing. What. About him is dear are these light. Bulbs, the. Marked, with the lightest. Each. Light, bulb had a letter on top of it, ABCD. And. He. Would hook up the, found. No. These telegraphed. Way back who. Took advantage of that and. Whatever. Here. The, light will come on a. B. Dogs, can be you have to look at it very fast and okay. But. He. Had there, don't. I, have. People asking, me well, why didn't they just. Deploy. That system, back there I said have you seen all, the wild. Duck. Lady I. Think. Most. Of the how did we inspired they into the boy. But. This country core he, came. Up with something, but. 14. Years later. He. Came up with what we call the. Chichi why. They. Tell, a typewriter. Device. For the gap okay. Keep. In mind that the. Phone was. Invented in, eighteen. He's ditched. Okay. Though. Idiot. Years later. We. Finally have. Something. That the jump and height of hearing people can, use to communicate with, other people. Star. Destroy. The asteroid device okay. Yeah. If we thinking that Freiburg, in is probably, very like. Big big okay. With. Tape on paper. You, have to put the phone on, the, side. Of the device. And. Of, course they. Didn't take off by the way I mean, who can really lift that thing. But. Slowly. They. Started to, ramp up but. It. Was expensive. It. Was heavy. And. I can't imagine, the maintenance of that thing. But. It just took off for. Those who could afford it. Then. Evolved. Into something. That was smaller. Personally. I heard, this and, I heard there I, didn't. Have that one, I wasn't cool enough I didn't have a mobile, phone. But. They were expensive. This. One cost attended, our least, okay. And it. Didn't go its birthdays, a human could talk doesn't, matter how fast you typed. It. Won't, go a faster, to type that, it, was out of fish speed. And. She. Imagined the line distant, least at the time how. Much he had to pay for when, I was in college I called my friend, once. A week my. Phone bill was four hundred bucks I. Was. A college student I broke. But. That. Is how we communicate at, the time. GA. Mean. Go ahead. Many, it's your turn to talk. Boy. With the Japan Lord. Coat, captains. I. Have. It boxed, okay. It's, not something it should be proud of to put on top of your TV okay.

Good, Big. And. You. Turn the channel Donna okay. And. The. Adoption of, coach after we slow. The. Coverage, with limited. And. It, would various, painted. This. Is about $800. Okay. Now it's in the stomach, can. You imagine how much they were caught today. So. If. You wanted to go to a friend's home to watch TV, and, to press yourself said, adapted to you and I think I you it didn't work. Yeah. He's right. Though. Coax. Out the name did. Grow up I wasn't enough to satisfy deaf. People. After. It was like a classic, chicken and egg problem but, you had the device. But. Who's gonna supply, the captioned. So. We had to rely on the. Network's, to. Adapt to after, a, papist. Dervish to. Caption, child. Captain. News. Whatever. The, job people needed to add touch but. Even. Though studying, the stories, they. Didn't really have poor artists until. 1996. Okay. The Telecommunications. Act of, 1996. Compelled. The knuckle to provide captaining. It. Still. A taco, sometimes. The. Mother one necklace, came out. The. Company, generally. Dirt. Though. It's. A struggle is tempted, every time. There. Is a paradigm, shift. Something. Metal, and. That. Thing is a, stat the battery oh. Okay. One. HDMI. Came, out and it. Was promoted, as the future, of digital content. There. Was one problem it. Is not the poor coach captain. In. Breva. It. Was not pastured in and the. Community we left behind while. Each EMI was gaining popularity. So. The, problem, was that the, design was flawed. Okay. Did. The lion I was supposed to carry the caption, wasn't, there in the, specs. They. Thought oh we. Thought the DVD, was responsible. To supply the caption. Meaning. They forgot. Stole, right. Now you don't have that problem, but. Again is child, and he chipped, board. We. Take two tobacco's. So. The. Wall of ass testability in the, future. We. Have to keep fighting for. But. We. Need to be more proactive in. Taking into, consideration of. Whatever. Is new. We. Need to make sure that everybody, can report. Hi, do you remember when. I mentioned that the phone was, invented, in 1830. Text. That. Same, year, a. Standard. Graham Bell, came. Up with the idea, of, what. We will call a video bomb. Okay. This. Was his idea, that. You can see this wonderful telephone. He's talking, to, okay. With, somehow, maraca, stay be connected, to some. Kind of film. Forgetting I don't. Know what who is thinking. Pre-internet. Are there. But. He. Had this vision of being able to see, other people, and. Communicate. With them and itching, thumb he's dead, okay. Though. The aspiration. Of a video phone was. There a long long time ago. Stow. The. Warfare. In. 1964. They. Had the first pick. The phone. Okay. And, it. Would transmit. And imaged, want. Every, tooth ducking. Okay. I don't. Know how I got that they would be able to communicate. They. Don't. Otherwise. But. They came out with their and. They. Wanted people to knew you this, is developed by 18 too by the way and. They. Stood up just on boost and three. Different cities. And. They. Had a line, for. People to wait, to. Make a, pista. Phone call. Okay. And. They thought oh it. Can be great technology. People, really. Want to feel like they're part of the future. But. It was incredibly, expensive. A three, minute period. From. New. York City to, Washington DT. Cost. $13. At, that, time which. Would equate, to 120. Today. For. Three minutes. Now. You can understand, why I didn't, take off. Though. They, drop. The planet, that nobody. Really wanted you know. Nobody. Wants to pay, that, much for it, did. You punch. Stole. You. Guys had this. You. Guys had this okay. And. It, was. A video pound. Those. Actually. Funded, by the Federal, Communications. Commission. And. I. We. Got Thurston, who qualified, look at it two three. And. Boy. You really took our every, just person, on the planet, really in this country, wanted. One. But. You had to have, broadband. I cook. Stumbling. Havi stumped, Jared, only, had to have a TV that. We, have both yay the qualified you, get Dutch. Food. Really caught. Dirty. Things for talking. Clear. Video. It's. Very quick, easy. To. Use with. The remote. Because. Everybody, harder we started, calling each other. Team. Alton how different a wife from typing. Something. To. Actually sting. Or Putin, for. The first time through. A car. It. Was a life changer. For. Me I made. Caught through. A relay, service. Rusty. Steer person, staining. For me, and. The. Time that it took to have a conversation with. Quark. Faster, than typing. Though. Do. You remember when Apple, came, out. With beef time. When. They announced FaceTime.

They. Featured, a deaf person, in the video. They. Knew that a front-facing. Camera. On a smartphone. Would. Be very important, to just people and they were like. If. We zoom, in go with the jump and hard-of-hearing community, you, steam most of them have an iPhone. Because. They were the first to come out to, make a stimple, to. Make phone calls that's. Number one rule you gotta keep it simple. But. Because everybody had it they could just call, each other it, felt like they were making and after a phone call on a mobile phone without. Jumping, through, whoo oh I gotta open up an app do, you have an account no, yes. They. Just want to call people. They, want to feel like everybody. Else. Though. I. Hope. First on various, projects. Related. To accessibility. Number. One with, the storybook, ouch that. Was done in collaboration with, Gallaudet, University. With, the bilingual. App. The. For teach English. And Stine, language. The. Others deaf person, who comes into college, has a stubborn, grade, reading, level. Student. Grade. Though. After. To literacy. Is, P. For. Just children. And. We're. Still fighting. The good fight trying, to make sure that they, have appropriate. Access to. Education. To. Make sure that they are. You. Know, very, for, college ready, to achieve. And. If you can't give them the basics, of reading, and write. Then. What. Are we trying to do. Though. For me I thought, this is really important, for them, to read and they, weren't sure they could cook on the word and the word who come up and Stan. Language, knew. Like ah I, get. It. We. Just announced, it caught it about two. Weeks ago and. I. Took the picture, yesterday. This. Was, in. That. Glass medium. Near. The Space Needle. Corrine, and. Duty. I thought that. Stage. Enhance. Audio chore I'm. Out I, can't. Hear anything. Stow. That is it yahuwah, we, were trying to stop. By. Having, a deaf person. Scan. The code, they. Have after two, videos. In telling, what. They. Can after not. Too tough to hear people. Can listen to it as well but. We included, Stan linguist we, included, different, languages, Chinese. Japanese, Russian. We. Made a tough, for not just the deaf and hard of hearing but international. Visitors a growl. Though. Was trying to set up an example, of what it's like to build an inclusive, experience. For our people, in mediums. The. Rich showcase. Did two weeks ago I got five medium, contacting. Me just that one up in their medium. I'm. Looking for true. This. One is, a very interesting project. Alrighty. Hijack. Routing. And. We have deaf athlete, on their, team, but. The problem, is that their coach, give. Voice command. To, the team, to. Be, instinct. With. Everybody out but the ethical lot they. Go. That, just rower. Before. Job Putin, what are they gonna do they're, gonna watch with him part of them. Okay. They. Don't necessarily wise. To Putin, didn't. Right and fun is to, curtain, down, because. You have loved by love, by love fight. Stowe. Every. Stuck in count. Don't. You to post a stop you need to stop immediately, so. We. Devices. To them. Well. Newsies are localized, automatic. Speech, recognition dictum. No internet, required. And. I. Had to be less, than 30 millisecond. It. Had to be passed. We. Made it. Though. In, the. Test lab we made it but. We're after gonna put it into competition. This Dumber, gonna. Be the first time ever I'm. Really. Excited, about it, but. We didn't just put up wait. We've. Combined, it with colors. We. Combined, it with. Motion. To. Help, what. Other recurred. To give them a competitive. Advantage. Theater. Theater. Is, very, important. To the deaf and hard-of-hearing community a study. And NTID. Well. They do a, tremendous, job. Putting. Together. Performances. In. Stein, language, spoken. English. But. We're trying to figure out ways, to make him more, inclusion. And. I. Have just been astounded. Project, a few. Weeks ago and. I. Am. Looking into ways to make captaining. Appear. Ever the, person is indeed. I. Told. Them how much the car the barking, at the moment but I think we're going to do it, but. The goal is. The, people, can have access to. Wherever. This didn't. Watch. And D, captain, show up, above. A Putin, without. Having a look to. Another screen, that way, off date, and. And they. Missed the whole thing over there. That's. How they're setting, it up on Broadway. They. Have a screen, why. Off date. You. Pay good money into after performing, and all you can do it looks there to keep up. Okay. The. Death, for. Me is not acceptable I think. We can do better I know we. Can do better. And. Of course with, your work with well, and his team and.

Implementing. Speech. Recognition, and the classroom. We. Started, off with five catties Akbar. Now. We, just finished it the matter with, the nine cottage. We. Anticipate. Path. 3:20, not, fall are. You ready for twenty. Okay. But. The. The, buy-in is there the. Student, wanted. But. They can have both interpreting. And captaining. They, want a fault. Normally. The. Parity. Stitched, you. Can have thought. Because. Of these dosage. But. Because we have. The. Machines. They're. Willing to give them both. Though. It's. Changing. I. Still. Talking. About the law of a testability, in, AR, though. Artificial. Intelligence. Should. Have some kind of law when. It come to accessibility. As. You study I get a demonstration with. Harry Shum at the build conference, I was, really really nervous. Because. Of the complexity. Of the system. The. Echo, in the room, it. Was, I. Was. It I was just really like. But. I got up on stage and. Harry. Started speaking, in Chinese. Everybody. Retired, whoo you. Know just say tell everything. Wow they. Really loved, what, they stopped. Though. Here, I went back and forth and. It. Was pretty cool, Hey. Hideaway. Making. You feel a home, winger. Antiqued. Okay. But. Being. Able to communicate with him. That. I couldn't, do otherwise. He's. A medium. That's. The power of artificial, intelligence we're, just starting. It's. Gonna get better. Despite. What this child, I know this, is gonna be better in five years, or. Who, knows but it will get better. But. I think we have the ability to, practice. Data. That, all around us. What. We see, and. What we hear, for. Me I can't, hear much at. Some time my. Wife, when. It's dark that night she, said I hear something I'm like I, can't. Help you okay. I, would, love to be able to help her identify, what. She here. But I can't. And. I. Hope that someday. Artificial. Intelligent, will. Help with that. Though. Artificial, intelligent, iced tea. He's. Having multiple, world in, the. Future one. Talked about a mere, intelligence. Okay. Right. Now the. A, a, chip to. People, wanting. To help something, at a to I guess in their. Own home. Maybe. They're, maybe. They're lonely maybe, they want somebody talk to you maybe they. Don't know how to turn on the light I don't know. Justin. Getting more complexed. But. This. One here. Hey. Zero. Accessibility. Value for, CH we. Talked to her and.

I Talked back, what. It is stake I don't, know. Okay. Though. This is another example of, us being. Locked out how, can we be a part of this. Just. The Amazon. Released. The echo show I have, one in my house, okay I, will admit that I. Told. Could recall they. Understood. Me about eighty percent of the time, was. He not. Bad. But. The cool thing is, what, is showed on the screen I. Can. Steal, what. Is telling, me. Okay. I do. Have katana, in my house to their in bulk. She, understand, me a little, bit better. But. I can't understand. Her half, the time because. She taught back. She, had no sling. The. Screen is, a huge. Dipper, maker, I will, tell you there vitamist, are without. A screen. I can't, benefit, them. The. Author helped. To. Know what my kids are asking. Really. Does that. The. A thing you know a lot. Or whatever, and. I. Want to steam what are you reacting, make. Sure they're good. Dump. Now. Hurted, thing I. Call. An email, from Amazon. Just. Yesterday I, don't know what the current it into now but, they asked me to be on the accessibility, council, but. This I. Don't. Know yeah but. This town really study I, wanted. To be accessible. There's. No way to. Type. Or. Whatever. Just boiled, command only maybe, that's the point, but. People did you get voice command. I'm. Sure we. Would love to have stain language recognition. System. Gay. But. Determine, the screen charge make a difference. We. Need to start thinking about having accessibility. Intelligent. And. That's. Something now I feel. It's very very, important. When. I first, osteen, AI I. Truly. Am age know. How. It could enhance, the accessibility for. Buying person. Around. Him. To. Be able to describe, in detail, of, what, they learned was. Astounding. I was, thinking it, would be cool to describe, in detail, what. The world means. You. Know what, sounded, around me you. Know something's. Beeping, and I don't know about it I wanted. To tell me don't. Take people, over there or. Is the laundry machine. Though. Come. Back to my. Talk about captioned, have, you noticed, dent we'd had, captioned, nothing. Really changed. With captioned. We. Still have white letters, and black. Box, well. Yeah. You can, customize, with blue yellow but.

It's Disdain. It's. Just raw, text. Words. Are the other information. About our. Key, crypto. Why. Don't they make the letter smaller. Of. He's angry. Make. A bigger. Was. Change the colors. Or. Sure. That. We, know that this person is joking. Deaf. People have a hard time tongue of a person he's joking or now. Sometimes. I have a hard time. And. I. Record. They're a, different. Kind of cap capturing. 2.08 something, but. We can use the artificial, intelligent. To. Help us our. Sustainer. Quietly. Or. He's dangerous. It's angry. That. Will really make a difference. Also. One. Thing that bothered means a lot, is, when I'm flying. Go. To the airport. There's. A lot of talking I have. No idea what the thing, faced, delayed. I've. No idea change, the gay to, be fixed. You. Know all. The information I'm just still in there. Happening. While, I'm in the plane and, the. Pilot may, take something, though I. Had. No idea I get, up oh, I. Posted, a seeded. Boy. We don't have after today I was just gonna fail and just blew. The. Turner were. Out watching on, this night monitor. They, and they. Had a blue line it, the PA enough. Me. What. The. Whole day with black I'm. Like. I'm. Just waiting for some, kind of captain, to appear. Nothing. Just. The PA you know, he's. Tartar tartar or a minute or two I have no idea luckily I have my wife with me by. Kilkanin, who've, been with me I had a good thing at the time. So. Nothing, because, they. Can be tagged, flying. And. It's. Not a time that I feel. Like I'm laughing at, the time where I'm right I feel like I'm in a hurry I wanna go in the flight and get, going. Augmented. Intelligent. If. You look at that 15 yes that's my wife right there. But. We, have experimented. Having. Interpreters. Remotely. In. The, classroom. So. Chickity, everything. That I'm looking at and. Well. The t2 is writing, I missed a lot of time he tell all this. Protocol, this. The, was. Death, what's, that I don't, know what it is, the, cool thing was that she could interact with him and. That he's dead. This. Is yeah and. I can move it anywhere that I want. Is, it cool okay. I, think. The tides. Tremendous. Value. To. Giving. Me after, to think about it the pose I'm taking, nuclear, Pinkett oh. I. Know nothing, about there but, I wanna have like the best into prep a stable, the. Toilet find one but, there's an interpreter, 2,000 miles away, I want. That interpreter, in my carton. To. Help me to. Learn the best that I could. Give. Me in the back. Though. Augmented. Intelligent. I want. To have the ability to. Look. At will and, Steve. Will, he stain I. Want. The computer to be intelligent. Enough to know that I'm looking at evil, I want. To see what he's talking about, nothing. Them look up what he's talking, about. They. Stay evil. That. Lazy consistent. Okay. The world Boyd. Inclusive. Design, must, stop on the beginning and, ending. Claudia. Sometime. You have the great idea and like what a mood, but. After stop how can you include. Others. How. Can you make your, idea, be, more accessible. We. Will. Disability. Stimulator. Meaning. Pretending. To be deaf, pretending. To be blind, pretending. That you. Are in a wheelchair. I. Appreciate. When people do there because, they wants to know more. But. You. Can't really have the, full experience, of, what, it's like to be a deaf person, all, the adjustment. I had to go through life, the. Things that I have to put up with. Remember. I talked about deaf identity. You. Know a person, who were stimulated. Up person. With the. Oh I. Understand. What he's gonna do I feel, so bad, deaf person said I'm okay I, can. Do it I just, care hear it. Give me asked it to hear I'm okay. No. I made, a different and. I. Went. To a class where. The teacher was, describing, how, to do. Disability. Stimulating. I didn't. Know, no, don't. Do the work. With, us, include. Us. We. Can give you the, best feedback, possible. That. You have ideas, to progress and you. Want to get feedback from deaf, and hard of hearing person include.

Them, Include. Them from the beginning. The. Turd was, drag your neck. But. Yours if you're nervous about what he could have done coming. To your idea. So. When, you design for. Disability. The. Austin. Park, innovation. That, you never thought before. Think. About it you're, posting you talk to think harder. You. Think how can I better, include. Those. People that I want, to. Be involved, with it was, challenge, you to think harder, and to. Be more clear on the intent, of what. You are pursuing. Of. What you're designing. So. I wrote, something that, journey. Stated, in an article this, morning I got it that is really dying for a person, with disability. You. Create, better stop, for. Everybody, and. That's. 102. And. This is very important. It. Is not an obligation. It. Is a mission. And. To steer that way, you. Steer is something, that you really like. You're still passionate about you. Want to accomplish this. When. I was at the conference I. Star. There and a lot of people of Micra talk nice. Really. I, noticed. A difference people. Really. Won, in my opinion, and thought that. We really value it and that's. Something that I. Didn't. Think would. Ever happen at a company like this. But. The attitude, does. Chucked. Very. Healthy. And. Something, that I truly, appreciated. And I. Can't hold anything back. And. They. Took it that, we, want more we want you to be part of our group. So, I got put. Into three, groups which, is fine. But. That's. Very. Inspiring. To deal with. Reaching to, the next one that, attitude is, everything. It. Doesn't, matter what you're doing. The. Jump and hard of hearing community. Know. Right. At the bear if. You guys think deer or not. Okay. Look pretty good I'm reading. Your page. We're. Pretty good at reading your body language. Because. I can't. I can't. Tell by, your voice I, can. Tell by the language. But. The energy, the. Vibe. Well. I thought, all the good things, at. The conference. And that's. Very important. Because. When. Well responded. To the third email. My. Team. NTID. Were, like he. Responded. Within 24, hours. Okay. We. Had worked with IBM. We, had worked with Google. It's. Like pouring, tea. But. Well and his team have. Been very, responsive. We, saw the energy, the. Passion. The. Drive. To. Make this happen I. Know. This he screwed, up today. But. I'm not afraid to try. If. I'm afraid to try. Then. This. Would never have happened. I, want. A beta, I, want. The chance to stick them to be better I. Want. You guys to three, years down the road just didn't day Wow. Progress. Had been made. And. I. Could have just stopped, this, immediately. After. I father would not. But. I don't want to be that kid. At. The Hoosier boy state, well. I just thought, you played him I'm, not gonna feel that way anymore but. Okay I have a deaf boys that. Okay. I'm. Proud, to be done. Deuteronomy. Children take god. But. I never, thought, I had to work on a chart, with. We all and his team. Never. Once thought that way I thought. That way with IBM. Okay. They, thought they were perfect. How. Little they know. But. Needless. To say we, didn't continued, our relationship we. Wanted, somebody. Who would work with us who. Wasn't afraid to, get. Our feedback. And. Well. You got plenty. But. In, the, end who are good. And. For. Us to be able to put it in nine different Cathy's. This, past the matter. It's. A testament, to the. Upper of your team and, that. The. Power of having the, right attitude. And the. Last slide I want to bring up that you are now a very. He. Does. I, thought. It would be a fitting end to the present eat them. I've. Heard this double-timed. During. The conference the. The. Microscope. Employees, did they want to empower as we put them and.

I. Was. It just, imposed by how many stuttered. But. How they believed you. Today. I'm honored to, be in a place. That. Had propane, this, mission. Instead. Every, person and I include. Person. Like me. Everybody. In this room I. I. Just, cannot wait to keep, to. Continue, the work with. Microsoft. Purdue, to a stronger. Collaboration. With. The company I. Think. That were and his team are lucky to collaborate, with us too at, the Rochester, Institute of, Technology. Because. We have. 1250. Deaf, and hard of hearing student. With. 15,000. Hearing student. There's. No better place on earth. To. Find ways to, bridge, the gap. Between the. Two communities. And. Hoping. That translator. Would, be one of those delusioned. Though. Because, together. We. Can empower everyone. Right. Thank. You. Well. I would be better if, you talked into a phone because the captions will come up on the screen. Do, reasonably, well for your voice for whatever reason we were really struggling with Brian's. Voice today I just want to point out that. Brian is actually using, this in the class so you're seeing this in like wa-hah this is even usable, but, if you go and listen to what he's teaching in the classroom, he's. Using this and it's transcribing, fairly, accurately we're getting around an. Error rate of around 19%, on. Classroom. Content, and, 19%. Is usable my voice is around 15%. To. Your size so it's approximating, quite like this. How do you handle multiple, people. In. One. Meeting. Repeat. The question. How. Do you handle multiple people, in the same meeting. I'm, never gonna have my wife interpret, for me so. As you can see here on this screen you. Can control. So. If you want finance participation. You. Can put. Unmute, and. You. Can unmute the audience so, that people are able to participate, so. If. One person tries, talking, and another, tries to join in you'll see it underneath. Each other and the color changes, you can see it, says Brian it's my phone that she's using right now and, then I can talk at the same time so I can follow up and you'll see that it should. Show my, captions, showing that as well and, then we can actually go back and forth so you get the captions from other countries it's. Not as cool. As what was shown on Monday, and built with the Princeton device which i think is. Very. Interesting. Because you can have multiple people speaking at the same time using the same microphone, array here, we're simulating that with, phones. Okay. I'll just let you just cut enforcer Easton sorry but you can watch you can talk into this. This. Is the microphone, openness, you. Can, try talking into intent. All. Right let's see how this, does with, my voice now. Try. Pushing the button. Pushing. The button. Yeah. So the training process our training for different voices. So. What, didn't come out in the talk today, so. At. Rochester. One of the things they're doing is. Teaching fairly technical classes, that have complex, vocabulary, so. One of the, fundamental. Parts of the. PowerPoint. Adding, the presentation, translator, is the adaptation, to the vocabulary of the slide deck so that's one of the reasons it's so popular, and so well used is because all the technical words are coming up that's.

Done Automatically, through power play the, acoustic adaptation. That's adapted, to Brian's voice which. Again didn't seem to work very well today. Uses. A different model, we have to basically train, it on. Transcribed. Content. Of his voice, so. He did two things to. Help, us prep this model number one he, was teaching classes, and. We. Transcribed, that content, so it's about an hour and a half of that content, and then. We, also. About. Well, I guess there's about an hour of the class content and, about an hour and a half of him reading. Documentation. On programming, languages, which is what he teaches so it, was it, was in the right domain and, then we trained them all on that so, far the reasons that meant this may work well in the classroom too is because what. He's teaching in the class we've, actually adapted, the model now on to his voice but, to the clocked entity teachers. In, fact you can do it yourself by, going to Z our Ras My Luck right thanks, for saying that like I should have mentioned that. Entities. Your, habits make sense I. Have. A question more about, the. Interpersonal. Side. Of teaching. You. Mentioned, something. That you really care about is not just making sure your deaf students, have, accommodations. And what they need but then kind of also bridging the gap between students. Who are deaf and students, who are hearing, do. You do, any of the training for that like what is that process like because I'm sure some of the students, have, never interacted. With someone who's deaf before. Okay. Yeah that's a great question. We. Do have some training that happens in the classroom. They. Give. Students, but it really is just a couple of minutes of training but. What they try to do at RIT if the teachers will explain, how. The system works like the. Teacher puts on a headset, and, they. Encourage, the students, to do a little bit of practice. They'll. Do like you. Can talk into, it like what we're doing now or you can even type in questions so I. Was, there I went into one of the first classes and it was really cool it was the class with 230, kids, and it's like an auditorium, and.

It. Was pretty cool to see a lot of students joining in and what they were texting and you can see it come up on the screen and when, the funny thing is that, they were I'm using pseudo names. So. It's kind of hard to tell like who, is saying what feeling. Big feet, but. The teacher was. Using, that for participation, so Shira does good question, and she. Would undo the audience, and then the answers would start rolling in and. She, can't, tell who really is it's, saying, anything but the responses. Were coming in on the screen. So. That's what we have so far now. This coming fall we're hoping to we'll be. Doing a training with. All freshman students, who come to the RIT campus so. They can learn more about how to use the translator, and. That. Would be part of their like New Student Orientation. So. We're hopeful, that we can set something up like a small activity, where, they would have one deaf person in each group and then. They, would take turns like talking. Having a group conversation so. That's one of my goals of. Having this transform, the community, and. I'm. Passionate to, see more, of those opportunity, to, reverse. Name. What. Was that I, just that does. Is curious the world, with your voice can. It's. An interpretive, voice yes, its wife. I. Noticed. That sometimes they, there. Is a lag. So. I. Was just curious. Is. It more can you tell me more about that. There's. Two, reasons sometimes there's Network issues and stuff like that, part. Of it is actually, programmatic. They. As. You are. Recognizing. Speech there's, multiple, hypotheses, that are active, and, you can't you don't want to distill one right away so if there's a little bit of a lag of like one or two seconds, while it's kind of creating. That hypothesis, then it gets more set but, we still we have there multiple levels to there's I think this notion of a partial, transcript, it'll show you'll, see sometimes it will rewrite, and then, it would be fixed then, it's set in stone. So. What's. It okay, so could the phone oh yeah. That's a good let, me let me just uh there, was another comment, that Chris made we, could show the hypotheses, as they're active, so you'd have a jumble, of stuff happening on the screen as it's, changing, and setting but it would be too jarring and too confusing, that. So, it was really a programmatic, decision, and.

Then, Usability. We found that this was not accepted, or iterators. Exactly. Uh. Okay. So I, was. Also thinking of. Well. You mentioned, something about that, sometimes the you might have the, phone might have network problems. Or other issues. So. Is, the, lag. I'm. Sorry in the front end or the back end oh, is. It on the front end or the Brooke NAT sound. So. Involving. How, often, will you see that type, of problem, on the front, end while you're using it, you. Mean while you're on the phone, that. Gets the phone better then say, a PC I guess. It depends on what's going on in the back end like. Will said you know it's working to try to put things together. There's. A long list work the hardware has to do I. Was. Long as a signal guest to the service it's going to be pretty much the same amount of time but, obviously you, can't control network issues right, now I'm on my you, know data plan for my phone this. Phone well, that's your phone right and so you're on a data plan as well one, of the phones is on the same Wi-Fi is this so, I mean, we have different and this is corporate so I'm pretty sure this is fast, so. It really, a lot of it is is, decision-making. About not. Wanting to confuse, the users with, having too much jumbled text showing up as. I'm speaking or as a person at speaker. Is. It possible, to run. The model locally. On the other phone what if what, point will processors, get to where the, mall, can be locally, won't have to go do a network hop and, what's the Delta, in. Speech, recognition can, be run locally, it. Isn't, just more accurate when it's in the cloud or, is, there a reason that it just can't always be locally. It's, a very resource-intensive process. And we're, running neural models that's part of the problem so you need to optimize, the neuro models to run on a CPU, that's. Part of the difficulty we've done that with machine translation so the. Machine translation models. That I've downloaded locally, to this phone are in fact neural, models running on this phone but, that's a recent advancement. And that has not been applied to speech, recognition, I, should. Say yes. And. We're another working on truth X on the phone either. Yeah. That's. True yeah, that's, true yeah. So that would, be a proper really good point one, of the things you're seeing here is a technology, that, breaks, the text into kind of readable chunks, to, make it a little more caption, like especially. After it's done and that's actually really, important. It's actually one of the reasons that Rochester. Went with us was, because of the caption like output, it wasn't, just a stream of text it. Was something that was readable that technology. Would also have to be put into speech recognition, on the phone too. Especially. When people speak, for Toomey's without stopping like. Hey. That's. Me I just talk and talk and talk. Readability. Is very, important. For us and. Something, that we did evaluate, with the other companies I mentioned it, was more of raw data that they were giving us it was really hard to follow really, hard to read like, sometimes the numbers that you think said the year 1965. It, would be written, out. 1965. Instead. Of the numeric, value so you know it's really hard to read something like that your eyes start to just drew, after a while but, impossible, to keep up with that if the, postage, is something that's easy to read, so, if. Also if you're doing a search through. The transcript, it becomes, equally. Important, to be able to find, information, because some students might gonna go away remember the teacher mentioned something about 1965. So, if they're searching for the year and it's filled out it's almost impossible to find anything the readability was really hard - it's really hard for recollection. So, have you tested it here. At. Microsoft yes. Oh yeah, like for, example. I'd. Like to test it out. He's. Fun interesting. There was a conversation, between Katie and Ted and me today in fact about.

This It's like why, aren't why, aren't more people using this at Microsoft, I think there are people using it so you'd be like the education, team for instance just about every, demo. They give every, customer, and kind of the gift they use this Jenny's. Team the accessibility, team generally, that's, this is one of their hero apps they talk about this they show this every time they go out to a customer location, but, internally, I think we should be using it more, one. Of the things that we do pretty, regularly with Ted for instance or 10 and I work very closely together, I. Can. Now say I actually, sign a little bit but, a month, ago. But. For. The most part its unusable so the problem, is communicating, with Ted when we go out to do something so our. Team goes the likes to go to boardwalk to have a beer on Friday evenings. Teddy. Goes, with us now because we all bring our phones and we do exactly what I'm doing right now all of us are sitting around the table and we just do this and. He has his phone he can follow along a conversation. You. Should be using this everywhere, I mean, anyone that needs this because you're not gonna have an interpreter, in every, single, situation you're, not gonna have an interpreter, when, a workman, comes to your house and knocks on the door and things like this having. This technology, at your disposal, when, you need it or what do you want it is nice to have but. I mean no it's more than nice to have I mean Ted you, can ask that about it it's it's permeated, in his entire life he uses it everywhere. To. Come back to your question but way more Microsoft. One. Of the issue you have seen was at the beginning. Where. You. See how long it took to make it work and usability. Adapting. To particular scenarios. That's. Gonna be very important. And we. PowerPoint, with the huge step for the presentations, in Iowa stills for. Instance if you connect it to an. Audio system still, imperfect, so. The UX path is, going to be super important, that's. Why we, try to get into ready in. To inspire and all the Microsoft conferences. And has. Been super hot. Yeah. I also wanna add something else that's pretty important, as a deaf person you. May be more interested in more being like hey why isn't everybody using, this you. Know and that's how I am too but. To be honestly, if. I wasn't a part. Of this this wouldn't be having an RIT either because. I am there I want to see this happen I want to see things change I'm. Taking, steps to make sure that happens so, that's part of my role and and. One. Of the things I have to tell you is when will came to Rochester. We. Had three deaf people and will, and. Guess what the interpreter, did not show up they, went to the wrong place and we're like oh my god what are we gonna do should we like, this is supposed to be a dinner should we just eat real, quick and then leave you, know. Three. Hours and we, all talked around. The table because we were using translator, so. That, is one, of the essential ways that this can be, use so tell your colleagues like hey here's, this app let's try using it, so. I can remember. I. Don't. Know about will I was a little bit concerned about trying, this out and I just said you know what if, I, want, to. Convince, people to, use. It I have to be willing to eat like eat on my eat my own dog food. So. I would suggest go, ahead just don't try it, look.

That's, Why I was so curious about. Understanding. How. You're drawing. The bridge between you know students who have, experience, with this who you know are deaf. Themselves and, understand. What it's like to live life with, certain barriers and then, for the other students who have no idea what, these barriers, are because. I myself, I have no disability, and I work on accessibility and, the first couple of months was just building empathy, because I'm minute you get it you understand, the importance, of it you understand, that closed captioning, is not merely a convenience. But very. Important. Thing, Oh. Continues. Now I'm, pressing on me oh okay, it it. It glitch. Well. Anyways. My so, my question is like I I really am interested in seeing, where the training Nets, out because once you're able to, once. You're able to move the needle emotionally. Like there's. No argument, needed for it oh you should do this for X Y & Z reasons, people just get it and I, guess, I'm more interested about that especially as a product, marketer. Mmm. That's a great question. You. Know a lot of the students who pick RIT, do. It because, they. Like that there's that community, there even though they may have never been exposed to it they think it's fascinating and interesting and. We. Need to be able to recruit those students, to be. Almost. Like some kind of ambassadors, to. Disseminate, this app and this. Idea so we haven't really tested it with small team meetings yet. Or. Even with one-on-one mostly, it's been use in the classroom, so. It's been a little bit I guess passively. Used, to. Date but. I am interested, in, exposing, it to all the incoming freshmen, because. We gotta start somewhere and I think that they, are a great group it's, a great opportunity because they're all coming to campus for the first time you. Know they already have an orientation program why not just add this in there and remind. Them like, while you're here on campus you know you're gonna see deaf people and it's. Gonna start to build the empathy, starting. Freshman year is what I want to see you, know that you can communicate, with other students. And here, is one of the apps one, of the ways you can do it you know some people say oh I wish I had learned sign language you, know I hear that all the time you don't have to parent no silent which there are other ways to communicate and, using the app as one of that. Question. I think, we're kind of running low on time up actually. I think we're running way over on honey table I did want to say one thing that's kind of fallen just one follow-up about the inclusive, design issues. And all that we're kind of seeing this in miniature, at Rochester. Also, so, in one of the classes, this, is evolutionary, biology, last fall. Which. Is very technical, class you needed the technical, vocabulary adaptation. Otherwise it would have just been a total fail there. Was one student had requested access so they had an interpreter, there and they were using the caption so they had both longed for that one student in. The second week that student, dropped the class so. You had 25, other students in this class all hearing and. The. Captions, there's like what the professor's like well I'm just I'm, just gonna turn this off now because the student that wanted this isn't here anymore and she, nearly had a riot it, was like no don't, turn it off we are using, this leave it on and they left it on for the rest of the term for, an entirely hearing, class so. What. The. President. The. National Technical Institute for the Deaf wants to do I mean, based partly on this data this one data point is. Have it on in all of the classes, so. That any person, anywhere, on campus hearing. Or deaf it doesn't matter can, walk into any class, they want to if someone recommends, go to this lecture go, to this class what have you it's on. Everyone. Benefits. They, can even follow another class by being. Teaching. We. Should end it there they all go ahead Ted had a question sorry. Talking. About a new teaching, yeah. There. Is that aspect you yeah. So. We're, gonna end it here because we're way over time I want to thank Brian again for coming all the way from Rochester to. Seattle, to see us and, and you, were great at build that was awesome, to see your demo and, really good to see you again right thank.

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