Accelerate your digital transformation through a modern infrastructure

Accelerate your digital transformation through a modern infrastructure

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Welcome. Everyone I'm, excited, to be back here to talk about how Google cloud is helping enterprises, complete. Their digital transformation, journey as a. Global response to cope with nineteen evolves, businesses, everywhere are adapting, to the ever-changing environment. That, forces, them to think differently and, our. Focus at Google cloud is helping you navigate the impacts of koba 19 whether. That's helping your employees work remotely or ensuring. Services, are available and. During this time our customers, have embraced the elasticity that Google cloud provides by. Either reducing, cloud spend in times of uncertainty or. Scaling up their usage to meet their digital growth and the. Backbone of this elasticity. Is our network is the. World's largest and low latency network present, in 24, regions, 73. Zones and 124. Edge locations, if. Enables, companies like Target PayPal, discovery to. Both migrate, existing enterprise, workloads quickly, to GCP and build. New transformative. Applications. In. Addition it protects google cloud against dos attacks. Larger. Than anything that has been reported to date in the industry and we're, continuing, to invest in our global network and our global reach this. Year we have already launched four new cloud regions, Salt. Lake City Seoul. Las Vegas in Turkana, and, we've announced nine upcoming, regions in places like Melvin, belli and Madrid now in. Addition to providing the scale and elasticity, for accessing, your data and running your workloads we, allow you to easily turn them into data insights, with our petabyte, scale data. Warehouse Google. Cloud bigquery, and to, leverage state-of-the-art, machine, learning through our AI services, and here. At Google cloud our goal is to make it easy for anyone to build and run software and deliver. On a global scale reliably. And securely and today, we want to talk to about three areas that are vital is the success, of running your business. First. Is our continued investment, in Google cloud compute, and storage services, from, running your top tier enterprise, workloads and migrating, them to the cloud second. Is our networking, and security enhancements. For your workloads. And third is how we are making it easy and efficient. To manage them now. I'd like to invite my colleague Jun, yang GM. Of compute to share advances, and Google cloud computing storage to, help you run your mission-critical or close Thank. You Brad, our. Vision for Cal infrastructure, is to provide planet-scale, distributed. Infrastructure, that, has security and reliability built. Into the platform many. Digital native organization, across every industry have. Turned to Google cloud to help them with the digital journey in order to get a robust set of solution, to, develop better software, and deliver, innovative, experiences. Traditional. Enterprises, across the industry are also trusting, Google cloud to, run all of their workloads, as part, of the digital transformation journey. Today. I will share several updates targeted. And migrating, and running mission critical application, on Google cloud at. The core of our infrastructure, is Google. Compute engine. With. Compute engine you, can run services, at scale without. Worrying about infrastructure. No. Reliability. Worries no, skimming issues and no one's spending time on managing OS, upgrades, and because, one size doesn't fit all we, offer you a wide range of VM families to choose from recently. We introduced efficient, VM or e2 in GA our latest, family of VMs e to, our cost optimized. General-purpose VM featuring. Dynamic, resource management, that, delivers the best total cost of ownership amongst. All of our VM family, offerings, e 2, is our fastest growing new VM family on compute engine and now, offers new machine types up to 32, V CPUs e 2, is now available, across all TCP regions our.

Unto DVM family, is also, release and it's based on the m DS chipset, providing, excellent, price performance it, is public available today moving. On to storage, Google. Clouds persistent, disk offers reliable high performance block. Storage, it. Delivers industry-leading. Price, performance for both HDD, and SSD to, satisfy, your needs today, we're excited to announce an expanded, persistent, disk product, portfolio, giving. You the ability to pick the performance, that best your workloads. First. Balance, PD its. Best suited for most enterprise application, giving, you the best price for, general purpose workloads. Second. Performance. PD its suited for customers, seeking the best price per iOS for, performance, sensitive workloads, such. As databases, or, persistent, cache. Third. Extreme. PD while, student for the highest performance, workloads, such, as SCP Hana or, large, in-memory databases, our, strategy, is about tailoring your storage needs to your workloads so, that we can deliver on your price and performance needs. Continuing. With storage we, recently announced file. Store high scale a high. Performance scale out file system to, support workloads, such, as electronic, design automation, video. Processing. Genomics. And financial. Modeling with. File store high scale which, is based on in ASDA file technology, users. Can deploy, shared file system with hundreds and thousands of AI ops tens. Of gigabits of throughput and at, a scale of hundreds of terabytes, next. I'd like to talk to you about our efforts, to help you to migrate your application, to, Google cloud efficiently. So. You can take advantage of the benefits of Google cloud sooner. Everyone. Wants the migration, to be as painless and as effortless, as possible. We. Want our culture, of innovation and, partnership, to help you easily migrate your, on-prem, application. And infrastructure, and then, modernize them as appropriate to drive digital transformation, this, is particularly true for traditional, enterprises, with lots of legacy workloads. Enterprises. Like herefore or Home, Depot have, migrated, the SCP, VMware. And Windows, applications, to, Google cloud to gain agility, and reduce cost to. Make things easier for you to rapidly migrate, your application, to Google cloud I'm, excited, to introduce our ramp program ramp. Is a holistic migration, program to. Provide a clear path to success in the cloud it. Offers end-to-end migration. Guidance, to, sets training. As well. As incentive, to help you offset, a significant, portion of the migration cost. Rampe also brings together a full suite of tools for, every phase of migration, to accelerate, the migration process it. Is publicly available today. For. Many customers, your, on-prem infrastructure, may, be running on vmware to. Make your vmware migration, to google cloud easy we. Recently announced Google, Cloud VMware, engine an integrated. Cloud offering, that runs VM worse software-defined. Data center software on top, of Google, cloud infrastructure, it. Allows you to seamlessly migrate, workloads, running, on VMware infrastructure, from, untrim to, Google Cloud without.

Be Architecting, your application, we're changing the way you manage or run your workloads to learn more about this partnership let's. Hear from thomas korean google, cloud CEO, and sanjay, Poulin vmware. CEO of. Google. Cloud partner of the vmware because, we're in the business of helping, simplify. The cloud, journey for customers, customers, want to move to the cloud for scale, agility. Lowering. Their cost and developing. A whole new set of cloud native services, and apps that eliminates, the need for them to manage infrastructure, and lets. Them focus on building new solutions. For, their customers. Moreover. Once. Your application have, moved to be a more engine you, have access to Google Cloud innovation, in infrastructure, analytics. Machine, learning and AI such. As anthos bigquery, and cloud, operation, allowing, you to derive more value from your application and, existing, data to share their migration, experience, with Google Cloud let's, hear from micro gird chief. Cloud officer, from Deutsche börse a--. Deutsche. Börse group is one of the world's leading exchange, organizations, we, make trade easier, faster, and safer by using Google cloud as the Foundation's, for a scalable, resilient, and compliant, infrastructure. For, financial, markets we. Needed the public cloud to improve agility drive. Efficiency. And gain, access to cutting-edge, analytics, and AI tools by, using Google Cloud VMware, engine we were able to spin up new private, cloud in under 40 minutes with minimal, disruption scale. Our business on demand and meet, our customers, needs are, still using, VMware, tools and our existing, processes that, gives us access to innovation, while, maintaining the. Same robustness, the same tooling, as we have it today with, the benefits, and portability. And agility. Google. Cloud is so important, for our business to unlock further potential for us as, a company and for, our clients in the, future we will be able to innovate quicker. Than we have ever done before and that's great. Many. Enterprise customer, also rely on s AP application and databases, to run their businesses. Google. Cloud offer an easy path to migrate, your SDP application, with, a broad toys of compute options to run them efficiently, and to, benefit from Google clouds innovation, in analytics. And AI. Therefore. Allowing you to derive more value, out of your SDP, operational, data. We. Have many customers who are running a CP on Google cloud let's. Hear from one of them careful. California's. Focusing, on, providing, our customers the, best shopping experience I'm, must, be a high quality and also at the best price we are preparing, the future of Carnival and implemental, sa ap Google. Club will, it to innovate because, the, customer, expectation, changes, dramatically. We realized, that we have about coffees with a multiple, sellers of information, so we need a lot of flows of information between, one, application to another in, carefully Spain will have more than 150. Built, old machines 40 with, no machines are for Sahara, the, two main benefits, on, Google Cloud for careful, are flexibility. And agility we, can resize, the environment, at the same speed, of the, rollout of the brain we can switch it on and switch off we can save money we have this high ability and also we have disaster, recovery it is important, to have a wondered eccentric model in order to provide one source of the information, for any other application, this is possible in Google cloud.

We. Have added more SCP Hana NSEP, netweaver certification, to, address the needs of large SCP, deployments. First. For, SCP Hana Ola we, have achieved SCP, certification, for six terabytes scale-up, we're. Also announcing new, SCP, netweaver certification. For our AMD. Base and two DBM shapes giving. Our customer additional, CPU choices, and better, price performance, RS. E PE called acceleration, program helps. Our partner migrate, SCP customers, to Google cloud with, migration assessments. And incentives. So. That our customers can move their ACP application, to. Google cloud without. Overlapping, on Prem and cloud, costs during the transition. We're. Adding new partners, and serving, more customers, with this program every day lastly. We offer premium support, that's, most suitable for enterprise workloads. Premium. Support combines 15, minutes response time, proactive. Operational, health reviews, case. Management integration, with, our customers, tools and access, to a product experts, to, ensure our products are backed up with support, that, our enterprise customer, expect next, moving on to Windows based workloads, Google. Cloud provides first-class, experience for. Your existing Windows server sequel, server and dotnet workloads, we. Have thousands, of customers already running Windows workloads on Google cloud it. Enables, businesses, like TELUS international, Volusion. And traffics to increase agility while, reducing their cost, google. Cloud offers a myriad of services and capabilities for. Windows application, including. Custom VM shapes bring. Your own licenses, windows. Containers, enthis, gke, manage. Sequel servers and manage Active Directory all these, options can help you to run your Windows based workloads, easier. And more cost-effectively. Many. Of you might be trying to figure out what to do with your Windows Server 2008. Instances, either, um Prem or another, clouds now. That Windows Server 2008, has reached end of support we, want to make it really easy for you to resolve that with. Migrate to, compute engine as part, of the migration process through Google cloud customers. Can now automatically, upgrade, your, windows server 2008, instances, to, Windows Server 2012. In a single step, I have. Just given you a quick tour of what's new with Google cloud compute, and storage services. And, what we're offering to help you to migrate your mission critical workloads to Google, cloud or. Humble to be able to help you in these unprecedented, times, and look. Forward to partner with you in your digital transformation. Journey, next. I like to welcome shalosh, shockula GM, of networking to, share some exciting networking, and security updates, thanks. June so. Far we've covered how we help you migrate important. Enterprise, workloads to the clock next. I'm going, to talk to you about Google clouds networking. Services, as, well as our approach to security, I am, also excited to talk about a major new partnership, with Cisco.

First. Some, key product announcements, and updates as part. Of continuing to enhance application. Performance, and flexibility, I am happy. To report that Google, cloud CDN, now. Supports, serving content from on Prem data centers or even other clubs, for. Customers, with hybrid or multi cloud deployments, this, provides more flexibility, in content. And application, delivery anyway. We. Are also enabling, you to take an application centric. Rather, than an infrastructure, centric, approach to. Connecting to services, we. Have two exciting, new capabilities, to help you make that vision real first. Private. Service connect lets. Your businesses, connect effortlessly, to Google cloud services or, third-party. SAS applications. Like Salesforce, and snowflake. While, keeping network traffic private, and secure, on Google's, level. Once. You have connected to these services service. Directory, provides, a single pane of glass to, publish discover. And connect, services. Simplifying. The management, of hybrid, and multi, cloud services, xscape. Moreover. We, are pleased to see how quickly the industry is adapting, a hybrid. And open approach. Cisco, is a key partner for Google cloud and previously. We announced our plans to develop hybrid cloud networking, together, we. Are now excited, to announce an expanded, partnership to. Bring the best of both Cisco and Google, cloud technologies, together with, a new turnkey, networking, solution. Cisco. SD, man cloud hub with google chrome let's. Learn more about. The. Network is the foundation, of hybrid and multi cloud business transformation. You need a turnkey, solution to securely bridge applications, to networks across multiple clouds modernize. Your enterprise, and reduce networking, complexity, with the best of Cisco, and Google cloud our joint solution, will automatically, provision, a reliable, global network, that grows with your needs experience, simple, and flexible customer, network access publish. All of your services, in one place and seamlessly, extend intent to enterprise, applications, deliver, context-aware, and identity based security management, realize. A fully, software-defined, end-to-end, network get. To know cisco SD when cloud hub with google cloud. I had. A chance to connect with moon in the zombie VP. Products management at Cisco Enterprise about this partnership let's. Hear what he had to say hi. Manila welcome. I have. A couple of questions for you first. How. Does this joint solution, help our customers, succeed, in their hybrid and multi-cloud, transformation. Nice. Question shalosh through. This solution these are two leading companies Cisco, and Google there are joining forces to launch a solution that can help accelerate, our customers. Cloud first journey we. Focused on three value propositions, it always starts, improving user. Experience, through, s demand policy, automation based, on application. Metadata, and telemetry. Data exchange, between Cisco, Estevan and Google, Cloud a customers. Are also expecting, lower operational expenses, they, want to be able to improve availability. And increase, bandwidth, and we, are able to do this by automating. Cisco HD van connectivity. Through. The Google Cloud backbone, through applications. That are deployed in any cloud. We. Also want to be able to reduce risk and increase, compliance, with. End-to-end policy. Based access and enhanced, segmentation. Fabulous. Thank you monitor so. What makes the Cisco SD band cloud hub with Google cloud solution, unique. Now. Shelli's you and me we both are really excited about what we are launching here I mean, this is industry's, first, fully automated, solution, that. Intelligently. And securely, bridges. Enterprise, networks, to any workload, across, any cloud, our.

Joint Customers can. Now insure their applications, and networks. Are sharing. Service, level agreement, settings, security. Policies, and compliance. Data to. Provide a predictable application. Performance, and consistent. User experience and we. Have to do this through automation we. Are automating, the Cisco SD when connectivity, to, Google Cloud hosted. Applications, from, a wide variety of users or devices and we all know how, much IOT, devices are growing in the enterprise in. Order to provide a policy. Enforcement, that ensures end-to-end, compliance, in any, cloud. That's, fantastic, thank, you one in there joining us today we, are really excited to bring this joint solution, to the market Thank, You Julie. Security. Is Google's, top priority, and our. Infrastructure, is designed built. And operated, with. End-to-end security, as a core design principle, for. Customers, in highly regulated environments. We, provide required third party audits and, certifications. Documentation. And legal, commitments, today. I'd, like to talk to you about new Google Cloud capabilities. For, securing, your compute resources your. Network and your, connections, to multi cloud services. First. I am, excited, to announce hierarchical. Firewall, this. Is a new product that simplifies, how you manage, firewall, policies, in, large and complex environments. It. Does that by allowing firewall, policy, control at the all and folder. Level which, provides consistent, protection, across, the entire organization. While. Safely, delegating, final, granularity. Control to, project owners every. Second. Last, fall at next UK we, announced packet mirroring a service. That allows you to collect and inspect, network, traffic across, all machine, types and regions with, no overhead. Packet. Mirroring integrates, with third-party tools to. Help you proactively detect, security, threats and other, potential issues it, is now generally available to. Complement, our encryption, in transit, and at rest, Google. Cloud will now offer the ability to, encrypt data in use ie, while. It's being processed, this. Is called confidential. Computing, and the, first product in our Google Cloud confidential, computing portfolio. Confidential. VMs, is now in beta. Confidential. Computing, can unlock computing, scenarios, which, previously have not been possible. Organizations. Will be able to collaborate all the, while preserving, the confidentiality, of their, data, we. Are excited to offer this, level of security and isolation while, giving customers, is simple, easy, to use option, that, doesn't compromise on performance. Further. In, the area of network and application, security, workloads. On GCP are protected, against web application, layer and planet-scale. Videos attacks automatically. With. Cloud armor you, can configure policies, with, geo based access controls. Pre-configured. RAF application, protection, rules and the custom rules language, to create custom, layer, 3 layer 4, and, layer, 7 filtering, policies, today. We are announcing the beta availability. Of cloud, armor managed protection, which, offers several service tiers including. An optional, alternative. Subscription, based pricing model, with. Cloud armor manage protection, you, get enterprise grade DDoS protection on Prem or in the cloud with. Multiple service tiers as, you. Extend your workloads, from on Prem to, cloud to multi cloud it, is imperative that networking, availability. Bandwidth. And security, have, to be in place to keep everything run to. That end you need, to have visibility into, your network and quickly.

Troubleshoot Issues, that. Span across these environments. In. Order to achieve this we recently introduced, Network. Intelligence, Center it, provides. Unmatched visibility. Into your network along. With proactive, network verification. And security. Recommendations. Centralized. Monitoring, reduces. Troubleshooting. Time. And effort, increases, network security and improves. The overall user, experience. Today. We, are announcing two, new modules, in this platform first. Firewall. Insights which. Brings intelligence. And proactive, management to network security. Second. Performance. Dashboard, that, offers real-time network, performance visibility. Into, packet, loss and latency. At a per project layer as. You. Can see we, are helping you migrate your workloads successfully. And connect. You to your secure, and global network to take you farther than ever before. Now. I've done it back over to Mike the lead back holder you can do. Thanks. For leash the, services, June and Chili's described, are built on our core infrastructure, that provides the highest levels of security reliability. And scale. In. Addition, we want to make it easy for you to use google cloud efficiently, so, you can maximize value, for your business. Towards. This we recently announced active assist our new, solution that uses ml automation. And intelligence, to, make cloud administration. Easier and smarter, this. Helps you and your teams identify. The cause of issues, quickly easily. Troubleshoot. Those issues prevent. Mistakes from happening with intelligent, analysis, and provide. Proactive recommendations. To optimize, your usage of Google cloud. And. Go cloud is the first cut provider to provide this level of intelligence, in a simple structure to help you manage and secure your applications, and another. Area we are providing assistance in is in patch management. This. Is to help protect your, running VMs against, defects and vulnerabilities. With. Patch compliance, reporting you'll see proactive. Insights on the patch status, of your VM instances, across Windows. Linux and hybrid, clouds, with. Patch deployment, you can automate, the operating system and software patch update process, reducing. The time you spend on these tasks, this. Means you can now easily maintain, compliance, across, operating, system environments, and automate. Guest OS patch deployments, to keep them compliant, so. In wrapping up we are excited to have you leverage our new capabilities, for your. Digital transformation, journey to. Summarize the main announcements, from today for. Migration, we have solutions, to make sure you can seamlessly migrate your, workloads to Google cloud and we're, excited to introduce Google, cloud VMware engine to, provide faster, and easier migration, of VMware workloads, for enterprise. Applications, we have new VM families, and new capabilities for s AP and Windows based for clothes from. Networking and security we're, introducing, confidential. VMs, and enhancements. To cloud armor to, make sure your workloads are secured on Google cloud and, finally. To make it easy and efficient for you to manage, application, we're.

Introducing, Active assist network. Intelligence Center and patch management. Thank. You for your time today and I look forward to making you successful on your journey to our fountain thank, you.

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