A Day in the Life of the Family with Six Blind Kids

A Day in the Life of the Family with Six Blind Kids

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No I'm gonna go in and wake up at up and. You. Never know what you could find it they're. All. Bed is 13. And. He's. The cutest little guy you ever. Met it's. Minty fresh. It's. Minty, fresh she like dress. Him we. Feed. Him we, bathe him. Everything. It's. Got a lot going on but, he's a very happy boy for you. Know just kind of takes everything he's, very chill fix, everything is dry. I'm. Good to go there. Come. On everybody I'm gonna wake my sister, in hell go morning. Okay. Who. Kicked. Their. Roommates, and, Abby. Although Abby can do most things herself, she does need a lot of prompting, and, you, know encouragement. Or every, step of the way first I put light on. My. Brother David taught me how to tie. Shoes and. It's, really easy now hi, I'm David and I'm the son who's away at college, what's it like to be at college um, it's pretty fun she, counts on me to do it and. I've. Been doing it for a while now who. Helps you in the morning. Um. Hey. Anna. Plus, I love her and she's my roommate. Mornings. Could. Be crazy at our house because, we're trying to. Get. Ready for school, and work. Bethany. Is 19. Years old and. She's. From Thailand, and originally, I. Get. Dressed independently. And. Brush. My teeth and, comb, my hair. Now, we're, gonna go get Jessie. Maile, that's, a good sign I. See. You smile on her face. Are. You in there. Go. Yes, II just. Turned 18. I don't get favorites but she's my baby I have to basically do everything for her also I have to get her dressed. She. She. Has it eating disorder, so she's capable of evil that she doesn't really like. To eat and. Somebody, sits down and watches this, video of a day in your family's, life what's the most important, thing for them to keep in mind - is. Someone. Of a disability but at the same time just. Look. At us as a normal, family and look, at all the things we do and. Just you. Know kind of realize, that we, do the. Same things. Just. A little differently you know hot coffee coming through, hot. Tub hot. Tub they kind of announce where they are and, what they're doing to. Each other partly, it's. The only thing it sounds polite when. They're asking, you, know that hey I'm gonna go get napkins and, you know you, can sit here or whatever, but. I think a lot of it is how they let.

Everyone Else in the house know where they are. Don't, touch, don't, move my muscles it's hot it's, hot, three. Two. One. Bingo. Delicious. We. Have the same kind, of coffee cups and the coffee cups are in the same place and the same dishes, are, stacked. Up in the same cabinet, all the time. They. Know everything about the house they know you know every room and where, the TVs are and, where the you know where everything that they need I mean just like anybody anybody. Would. Everything. Needs, to be where it belongs so, that the, kids can find it easily what, they need, do. You enjoy breakfast, together in the morning yes of course yeah. It's. Very relaxing. Actually, we. Make each other laugh all the time. What. Do you think about. Don't. You're on camera okay. He. Makes me laugh so hard that I start, now. My eyes start watering. We. All wish we could be as young as Hannah. She's. She's. 24, she. Acts younger. A lot. Younger. She. Has a spirit, and a spunk, in her and an. Energy, and a zest for life that. You. Know it's. It's it's like a teenager, and. A. Preteen, or like. Preteen, I know I'm, getting carried away. But. Come. Yes. 45. And. Time. Bus, Tom, this is your backpack okay. All. Right, dish. Came. Make. Sure you get the right one, oh I'm, quite, funny yes that is okay. Door. All. Right let's go okay. All, right. In the morning in morning. Are you excited or do you want to go back to bed Oh. Shade. It. What. Are you doing. Waiting. There. Wait. Here. Noise. Oh I. Hear. So. After everybody, gets up and eats, they go off to school and work. Oh---but. Isn't a small self-contained, class. With. Other students. Who have different. Disabilities are. You ready obeyed. What. Season is it is it summer or is it winter. Yeah. Good. Job. You found Richard Bunn, David mr. Robeson and I'm uncle, bed teacher. You. Have to work with you according to. Disability. Of. What you have to work with we, can't order from this, okay. You. Understand. What's. Going on in, the classroom, and. He's he's a very smart kid. Flammable. Our. Fire distinguisher what, did we talk about right now. Very. Good. Good. Job just, because someone's, blind they can't talk that's destined that's not that's. Not saying that they are. Stupid, they done no they are very intelligent, you. Just have to know how to deal, with it. Communicate. Jesse's. Favorite class is music, therapy and she looks forward to it every single time. Hi my name is Julia, Sullivan. I am the. Board, certified music therapist, working, with Jesse. Today. What. Is music therapy, music. Therapy, is the use of music, to, work on non, music goals, so. Music. Activities you might see in music therapy can be working on different things with. Communication. Or motor. Happy. Jessie your. Turn to drop the guitars or, reach reach. Good. I, have, seen Jessie progressed quite a bit and I know that the, previous music, therapists, working with her saw her progressed. By leaps and bounds going. From. Lying. On the floor and unwilling. To engage she's. Sitting up straight, engaging. In a full 45-minute, session. Again. See hey. Abby hey. Is. It okay if I ask a few questions on, camera yeah, yeah, um. Yeah. Do. You like making friends. Yes. Abby. Was actually, found in a trash can. She. Was screaming, her full head off, thankfully. And. The police officer, took her to the orphanage, she had. She. It's, hard for me to talk about this you know. Do, you like to be alone or do you like friends, Oh. I, mean. Like. But. The. Earth came from there are times that, a, bee will just start, wailing. And, crying. In. A very, very loud way. Doesn't. Happen very often, maybe once or twice a year even, it's not even that often, not anymore but, you know if, it wasn't for that whale, and, that scream, she. Wouldn't be alive today. When. You're around people are you happy or sad oh happy. When. You're alone are you happy or sad. She's lucky to be alive I, mean she really when I say Abby's a miracle, I mean. You. Know to to, have the, condition, that she has the. Genetic condition, that she has and to have survived that and thrived in spite, of it to. Have been left, the way she was to, be found and to. And to live, through that and and thrive, in spite. Of it and. Find. Her way home. Halfway. Across the world she's. A miracle, I'm. Mr. Rodriguez and I'm Abby's teacher what's it like to be Abby's teacher is one, of the most amazing things in the world she was. Actually the, firt, we have you, know case managers, for a special education students and when, I first started teaching she was my first, student.

That I case manager I was in charge of her and making, sure she was all taken care of and I think Abby will always have a special place in my heart for that I. Like. Coffee. Period. I like. Period. Her Braille is more sight-word based I. Like. Hot. Tea. With. Sugar. Peter. You do you saw me working up for when she was reading in the book those are a list of words and pages, that she's able to read together so. She is able to read and she is able to comprehend, what. She is able to read I. Found. To music while you work, yes. Oh. Wrecking, ball oh oh. Yeah. We, day, every, day all right stay, focused work hard okay there, we day. If. We can coach you don't. Lean back your, name when. The co okay. No. Thank, you cliff Jimmy. Come when he away oh hey. Hey. Hey. So. We teach her how. To fold we teach her money skills we teach her, how. To cook sometimes, so hopefully those skills would be beneficial. For her down in the future every, day, if, we can't coach you don't lean fat in it when, they toasted, nothing. Like you, with Jimmy. Conway hey. Hey. Hey, hey hey, nothing. Like you when using me come what hey wait hey. Are. You done yes, thank. You you're. Welcome, how has the idea, of being adopted, changed. As you've gotten older, um. Uh. I, think when you're like a, little. Kid, it's. Just a thing it's like oh okay well now you're my parents so you know that's, that's. Awesome right cuz you get a home and everything, and you you know you get I think, that's. All you you, know people want is like, security. And safety but then you know as you grow older and. You. Know for me, I've. You. Know in the back of my mind I kind of you know wonder why my parents. Of course you know gave me up Bethany's a senior, in high school and, she's taking ring, reading, and English and comprehension, and. Also she's preparing to go to a, vocational Center next year I miss Kay and I, am Bethany's English, teacher the. Camel, said I am. Tall. So. It is easy. What. Is Braille. Braille. Is. Raised. Dots. The. Pig said, and I'll. And I, am, so, sure, that. Sure. I am right. Are. You happy with everything at school yes what, are you happy about. Friends. And teachers, and all the. Materials. That my. Teacher by. Me, with Anna has, a job she works five days a week in a, bakery. And coffee shop the most important, thing, is. To. Remember. Where. Everything is, in, relation, to, where. Everything, is like. Where. The, cell. And instance, this the, tool chest is right, directly. Behind me. And I can hear people, washing their dishes and. The. Sink. The. Sink Bay. It's kind, of behind, me and right. I can hear the stove in the oven. It's. My life. She. Started. At. Cameron's. Coffee and chocolates, which. Is very special place. About. A year and a half ago we're making a. Strawberry. And then I'm, using my talking scale here. Got. It Kells my. Name is Kelsey Sohail. I'm. Hanna's a job coach how do you make sure you don't they did anybody when you're walking around, so, I just, tell everybody that I'm, coming up either behind them, or next to them or. Or, in front of them he's learned so much I mean since you. Know when she first started she tried. To figure out the place and, um but, now she's able to to, do. Pretty. Much everything. I mean she just needs the verbal, prompts, really just, trail with the back of my hand like I do at home. It's. Like using. The back. Of the hand or something and. It. Like, if you're touching like, surfaces. Like other. Surfaces. It's. It doesn't get, anything dirty. Yeah. It, is David, is 19. He's. Now a, freshman. At. George, Mason University and. He. Is living on campus, this is his second semester what's, it like to be in the small little dorm room with roommates um it, can be fun, honestly. We mostly, keep to ourselves a lot of the time but, you know you, know what's great is if I ever need like help with like my. Computer, or something I can just call Matt or Eric over and they're really helpful yes to sighted. Roommates. So. He, is living the college dorm experience. As. A, as. A freshman, David, with the first person that like I've had to have like contact, with in terms of having being with a blind person's before so I mean this, was quite an interesting experience at with them what.

Have You learned living in the small little room with David um I. Guess, it's just like I always affected that I'd have to help him with a lot of things but David's, only done a lot of things on his own so, I was like he sometimes, lets go out, for likes outside lines over with Brian, and then, like, he. Says we helped him a lot but I mean I don't help him like too often he manages that do it I don't know very frequently so David gets around campus, with a variety of different kinds of technologies, he course, law he uses his white cane. Gives. Us another application, called, nearby, Explorer which is designed, for blind people he, actually can point it in the direction that, he's going the app will tell him which direction to go. Mostly. I'm just sliding it to make to, make sure there's like a shoreline. Or. Make, sure there's no obstacles, you know I basically know we're all you know math stuff is we're all Eric stuff is and I just know where, my stuff is and I try to keep my. A, little, corner of the room contained you know so, like on the, on. D hooks where we keep all our clothing and stuff. I'm. The first, one near the door and then you know it's everyone else's and then four, drawers mine is just like right beneath, my bed so it's. Pretty easy to tell where everything is. As. The only college student, of the adopted children do you feel like an outsider, in. My family yes um no, I would say um I, get along with my siblings very well I always, try to help them out as much as I can and you, know, I'm. Like not, musically, talented at all so you know sometimes I'll ask, Hannah, for, you know defer. To Hannah on like musical, things. Somebody. To. They. Do come home from school one. By one. Oh. Dang. It thank. God. They. Come in and get their snack and, just. Gonna chill out. Do. You ever wish, you could see. It's. Not my best, wish I I, live like this way yeah meet you no. Matter what problems, I'm going through I can, just, stay. Happy. Most. Of the time. What. Are Jesse's, diagnosis. Jesse. Well, of course she has a retinopathy, of prematurity and. She. Jesse. Has autism spectrum, disorder. She, has intellectual, disabilities. He. Has a musical. Repertoire that's, unbelievable. She probably knows, 50. Songs maybe, 80 songs that. Will. Just come out of her out. Of the clear blue sky. And. A doctor this year a neurologist, was talking, about that. She has some savant. You know characteristics.

And Tendencies, because, she's got her, musical, therapy which is really important, to her, can, draw you. Know into some of her, you. Know mental, capacities, that we can't, understand. How the connections, are made but the, music therapy has really helped to bring that out and. Abby. Travel independently within, the house she can yeah. All. Of our kids on except, for Obed. Hi. Chris. Hey. Abby hey. Dan. She's. Downstairs. Yeah. Since. All your siblings are blind does that mean they need help getting around the house um, no, they pretty much just, like me they've basically we've, memorized. How. To get around our house and. How. To navigate and, things like that so. At. This point we. Can basically all just, go. Wherever we want. More. Stairs. At. Dinnertime it's, kind, of it's, it's almost like an orchestra because the kids the. Kids come in they know that. You. Know there's there's, a lot of pieces and parts of. Feeding. This, number of people so Obon does not eat independently. So. There, are times that, we, get to work with him and. He'll. Try to use a fork or spoon, so. He. Kind of knows what to do but he's. Not in control of all of his muscle, reactions. Because of his cerebral palsy right, so he has spastic, motions, but, he kind of knows what to do let's try, let's. Try Obed okay, watch. Us okay, I'll. Try. Try. Okay. Go ahead see. He knows what to do good, good. Way. I. Get. My food independently, is. By. The. Format. Of where, everything is imagining. Again. O'clock, so. The. Meatloaf is between. Eleven, and twelve which, is kind. Of left. And straight up above. Then. The peas and some, at six -, but. The peas are it. But. Four. And five. And the. Mashed potatoes, I ate them all. They. Used to be in between, one. Two. And three. And. Maybe. Even four. But. I ate them all. After. Dinner everybody, heads upstairs one, by one. Big. Time comes pretty early in our house normally, on a school night you know by 7:30, you, know these kids are up and they're ready to ready, to go to bed I. Yeah. I love, you too. Good. Night I would just say I. Love. You. And I. Just finally, you, know I would start leaving off you. I. Love. And, I, would just wait and wait and I'd say it again and then I might have to finish it again and start, over and say it again and then all of a sudden one day she, said you know. Walk. In. Your. Safe bed. What. Inspired, you to adopt six children that are blind we certainly, never saw, after, adopting, a child who's blind. That, just happened, it, just happened each time it just happened, coincidentally each, time, good. Night good, night all right I'll see in the morning yeah all right. Do. You need another kiss. Ended. Up in our home you, know because, of. You. Know what our two prospective stances. Circumstances. And they, found their forever home and they, found their sort of their siblings and. You. Know they became a family they, they needed their brothers and sisters just, as much as the kids became, a family they can do together and, we, were assigned to be their parents, it. Was a long day 5:00, p.m. number, 5 a.m. to, 7:30. P.m. that's a very long day. So. We kind of drift off to sleep. What's, the last thing you think about before bed, um. The. Last thing I think about is, my. Next day and how well it's gonna go do you think the world's a good place of course yes it is why, because. In, my. World everything. Sounds, so happy. You.

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00:09 when my mum turns on the lights and opens the curtains In the morning

why are they all like this?

god I wouldn’t have sat at her table

Wait why would they need to know where the TVs are, not trying to be mean , just wondering

Love this

They look cockeyed

Why would they need to know we’re the tv is? I’m sorry I just had too

They seem so happy I love them

What an awesome couple


0:58 omg I love abi so muuuuch!

"and they became a family" ...love

Poor Abi, she said that she likes friend and feel sad when she's alone but she sat alone in the cafeteria. I would go sit with her.

Valeska Labelle I would too.

Hannah's laugh is contagious!

I've been following sbsk for a few years and sub / comment on six blind kids channel, I always try to stay positive (here and in my work life as a RN) but I'm crying watching Abi sit by herself that day at lunch - she has such a kind heart, I believe others would gain so much by having her as a friend.

Aby 14:23 min she's very lucky with handsome teacher

I love how fluffy Jesse’s hair is!

7:32 Work it boi!

*my heart..*

I love this video it gave me a big smile to see a family a little different is the same as every other family

Such a cute family.

They are so cute I love them

الحمدلله الذي عافانا اللهم صل على محمد وال محمد

I feel so bad

Tbh, I probably wouldn't notice that they were blind if i didn't read the title.

If Abi were to sing a lot and make songs, I could imagine her to sing country songs. She is so cute!

Truly a touching family my God bless these parents and each one of their wonderful children. “Everything in my world sounds so happy” that will bless your heart. Sending love and light!

Thank you for this video, it really helps people understand differences better

all of them are soooo cute !

21:11 “you going through my stuff boy?”

Maybe they should allow Jesse to try and play the piano, or at least practice it. Seems like she’s really fond of music and would be really good at it if given the chance :)

What an amazing family!

This touched my heart ❤️

23:34 that was so cute


They are capable of living better than me.

How cool obed is my age

Hannah can

It broke my heart when abi was sitting alone at lunch I’m crying these people are so amazing for excepting these kids as they are my brother is blind and people make fun of him and he comes home crying

A couple weeks ago I had a dream I met these people and they were super nice!

I want to take some time out to say thank you SBSK for making me see i’m not the only special needs kid out there. Thank you

Love them


This is what journalism is supposed to look like. Documentaries without bias.

_I love them so much!_

Hannah is amazing what a lovely beautiful girl - this makes me sad and happy at the same time! the parents amazing

hannah's laugh is so cute and heartwarming

Hot cup hot cup coming through don't move a muscle it's HOT

14:20 I thought she meant Everyday by Ariana Grande lol

Hannah I love her she is always Happ and can sing I love the others to but she is my favorite an I love Abi ❤️ and David

I forget that blind people have diffrent phisical eyes.

I do ppl very these special ed kids, just being honest but I could not take care of them

This mad me cry

Wow what a beautiful family❤

2:57 - 3:22 is so sweet and true

they seem so fun, i actually wanna meet them and have fun with them, they all look like great, amazing people. you guys are a bless family!!!

Hannah is an awesome singer

Hannah is amazing at singing

Obed hella cute tho

This is one of the purest things i've ever seen. So happy for them. I especially loved her saying "...in my world everything sounds happy...". We have a lot to learn from them

I love this family. God bless them.

I'm Hannah too!!

I’m so happy they are happy

Lmfaoooo when Hannah slammed the door on the camera mans face

God bless you and your family

ill say it now if anyone has ever raped a blind person deffiantly 100% certian isnt making it through the gates how much they repent

im actually so touched by this i love all of them! hannah seems like such a good soul and a good positive person to be around

Oh my all are so talented!!! I love this!!

they're so sweet

Hannah and abi sing great

Mr. Robinson is such a good teacher to Obed. You can tell he values him and respects his ABILITIES just as he would anyone else and that makes my heart so happy.

they're all so cute! and so lucky that they have someone to take care of them. god bless.

I cant be the only one that notices they are not just... blind? Lol

when she was singing it was so good!! wow

And I just realized I didn't even answer your question,

This is such a beautiful family, inside and out. Thank you for another video! Truly a selfless and giving couple; the love is just visceral. The entire family is so positive that it's contagious!. And I'm SO happy for David off at college and in the typical dorm experience especially (a challenging thing to adjust to for everyone!). His roommate is great too! He's so right- every family is different, and we've all got our own unique dynamics. I just wanted to sincerely thank you, Chris, for this channel. There can be so much ugliness on the internet and in the world, but this channel has been incredibly important in educating people and removing stigma. Sending some love your way from Philadelphia. You're doing something mighty special.

Does this video reminds you about birdbox? Anyone?

Ooops atualy 4:30

4:38 why they need to there blind

Love this video!

Hannah sings so well better than me omlll plus their so funny and some of them doing things in a way ,are so cute XD.

They are such a beautiful family I can’t

Abi teacher tho.. fine af!!!

Wow.. Amazing. God bless you guys xx

Not all heroes wear capes.

They’re seriously so cute, I love their interactions with each other so much

I wonder if they can dream and I'm serious.

This couple is amazing..the love and support they give their children is truly beautiful.. because of them this 6 young adults have a beautiful life full of love..God Bless all of them..they are the true meaning of love..xx

All this kids seemed to have a nither disability than just being blind


was that a fart at 0:41????

I love how much joy they have naturally

why do they need the tv when they're blind?

The parents really are angels taking care of other angels.

I love them all

The parents are wonderful people and are a blessing. The wife is also a beautiful woman.

Can someone explain to me, why Abi is always shaking her head?


Hanna has such a beautiful voice! But what are Abi's diagnoses? (If it's private y'all don't have to tell me)

God bless those old rich white people.

I adore this family. They have affirmed a lot of things I’ve thought about life and family and existence

This has to me one of my favourite families! I love this family! All the best to you!

no body commenting on how amazing the parents are..

I love this video!!!

This is amazing ❤

They Need A Tv Show...

5:00 Her laugh made me smile it's so adorable

but what happened to them were they born blind? was it from cataracts or glaucoma or???? what main reasons are kids blind for ?

Those girls laughter is so infectious! Love it !! Such sweet kids

Other blind people should see this

Hanna is amazing she sings perfect i hope god blesses her snd her siblings they are good people and they are just like anyone else

Imagine suction cupping in public

did anyone else wanna just walk through the screen and sit with abi at lunch?

the person who was interviewing the kids was so sweet, really patient and didn't treat them any different then he would with people without disabilities, kudos to you

Did she just slam the door in the camera man's face

God bless this couple I wish there were more people I world like this

This makes me feel fortunate for my eye sight and will to live

I’m sorry but obed is my mood

That’s cute

Omg guys! I miss you so much! I can’t believe how long I haven’t watched you for! Trying my best to squish in the time to watch y’all. And beautiful singing Abi and great inspiration

Hannah is amazing!!

I love Jesses hair

just saying people call them cute but if they werent blind and they were normal u would call them unattractive

Abi singing holly buddy is everything

Is Hannah still single?

God bless their souls

who else would sit with abi at lunch?

Are their parents siblings?

I love Hannah’s energy

They all can sing so well !!

It’s kinda embarrassing to say ur baby was found in a trash can but that’s sad


OKAY so I’m casually watching this video and SUDDENLY Mr. Rodriguez comes on screen and before he even says his name, I’m like, “HEY THATS MY OLD FRIEND FROM GRADE SCHOOL!” What. In. The. World.

Hannah has a beautiful singing voice, I'd love to hear her sing more Queen.

These are extraordinary kids.

I love this video so much, made me smile from ear to ear

These children are so very special and amazing

wow this is such a beautiful family

Mr.Rodriguez be looking cute

Their mom is so beautiful may the universe and God bless them all beautiful family

Obed. LOL. Also, why cant he get glasses.

i had no idea how old these kids are. i had no idea hannah was 24?

God bless your family

Mr. Rodriguez can hmu tbh

this is so precious and pure! i love this talented family and i love their positivity

Hannah’s obviously gonna find somebody who will love her very strongly

Hannah is so clever like omgggg, even I ain’t as clever as she is

The most relatable thing is Jesse just saying "Go" to her mom when she wakes her up

God bless all of them!

24:08 Abi looked so done with her

I literally just watched the movie Bohemian Rhapsody the Queen documentary and now in about 3- 3 1/2 hours I’ve seen/heard SOOOOOO MANY things related to Queen!!!!!!!

i want to be abi's friend so badly

It hurt me when ever she said abi was found in a thrash can and when ever Chris said do u like being alone or have friends and she sat by herself and she also said that it makes her sad

Guys Abi has friends she sits with! I saw in a reply because of the lunch and filming schedule she couldn't sit with them.

This made me so happy

Hannah is so smart! And she can sing, I wanna be her friend

I would love to be friends with Hannah

I really hope for them to see one day

This made me cry I just love this family so much❤️

This is one of the purest videos on YouTube

I love this video like actually they act normal and they should they are they just do things a little differently but theyre so funny and happy and I love it!! keep being happy, everyone! everyone is different! I love their personalities as well

What a beautiful family! We all can learn a lot from these people.

I see many comments about how amazing the children are.. And while they are.. I cannot even begin to express how inspired I am by their parents. What absolutely selfless and amazing people!

her laugh is so contagious it's literally pure happiness i found myself giggling along with her

Damn... didn't know your channel before this video.. but man did I watch it all ❤

31:26 love her

The look on the parents face when they talk about their children is so loving and beautiful

this makes my cry

make a PART 2!!!!!!!!!

This is absolutely beautiful,, I love this video so much

What a beautiful family ❤️

Hannah is sooooo good at singing !

Wow! What talented, kind and independent kids! Any family would be lucky to have one child so skilled, but all 6 are blossoming into functioning adults who contribute to the world around them and that's amazing! I'm disabled and came from great disadvantages as well, and I love this story because it proves that no matter your circumstances or struggles, we are all capable of greatness. The real limits we face is from society and people's expectations, not our disability. I hope you guys are able to listen to the comment section (I use screen reading and OCR software too) and hear this comment too, because I'm sending you all loads of love from Australia!

Their such kind people. ( the parents)

I love the color of blind people's eyes, their just such a pretty blue

I want meet them

Do more A Day In The Life !

What a beautiful family. I can see the love and how they light up your lives. God bless you all. Keep doing this beautiful thing. We need more like you two in the world.

1 of trillion parents the rarest type in universe

I thought abi said I like tea with sugar PERIODT

My man obed is so energetic, I love it , at 24:11 he was slumped, I love this family so much

I love them

I like hot tea with sugar PERIODT

Mr. Rodriguez can be my teacher any day

God I hope Abi gets a friend.

This touched my heart bless this family ❤️

I definitely cried. This video taught me so many things.

Hannah has the cutest laugh ever

this couple that adopted these kids are blessed and they should be proud of themselves that are giving their love and parent figure to kids with disabilties that other parent gave them away!

If you ever say you wished you had a diff color eye don't say that other kids don't even have eyes be lucky


Can like someone take me to America or where ever they live so I can be their friend.

When you realize that none of these kids know what their parents or each other look like. There were times when their expressions would just be so open that I had to pause for a second.

I love this family! It’s so beautiful and optimistic. They are a perfectly normal family. They all have skin,hair,and feelings so what’s the difference between them and others? This family should be under the protection of angels...

Aww when I saw abi sitting alone talking about how she’s sad being alone I started crying

Shame on the people who disliked this video.

Lol I don’t know where tha numbers of the clock are and she does she’s probably smarter than me


Nice family. People with disabilities and those who believe in helping them are living as should be. Lots of kindness and they grow.

I love how they are so smart

I cried this is so wholesome

They are soooo happy

I’m amazed, truly inspired. Always keep in mind to be grateful and appreciate everything in life no matter how hard it gets don’t give up! ♥️


Why do blind people's eyes sometimes go up into there heads?

Wow, what a great way to look at that. "If it wasn't for that wail or cry, she wouldn't be alive today."

The parents are so strong and so awesome! I‘ve so much respect for them❤️

When Abby was sitting alone on the table I couldn’t stop crying

I’m from thailand

im so glad their happy :) their so funny and cute >.

I love love love this family!

Great people

*Ahh delicious*

Abi couldn’t even say “friends” plural, all she wants is one friend. Just one.

abi has great music taste!!!!! love her energy

hannah is SO hilarious!

They are so intelligent! More than some kids at my school... Oof

All of these children, are very, very, very special. God bless them indeed, and God bless these wonderful parents. Amen.

This makes my heart up

Holy Storms !

I want to be besties with abi

Abi suction cupping is so funny but I think what really made me laugh is Hannah laughing so hard

i love them all so much

Dude they’re amazing

These people should've been in that netflix movie "bird box".

This is so sweet!

10:52 seeing abi sitting by herself breaks my heart

There all so cute

What a great family. I wish them all the luck in the future!

"Because... In my world, everything sounds happy." ;)

Hannah is so funny and cheerful I wish I could be her friend

God bless this beautiful children

I went to the high school that she goes to and graduated in 2017. All the special ed kids generally sat together. I think it’s probably due to the filming that she’s sitting alone.

Heart broke seeing abi sitting alone

She likes Buddy Holly, so, clearly she’s a smart girl. I would’ve sat with her, and sung along too. “Love like yours will, surely come my way.”

This family warms my heart !!!

When I saw Abi sitting alone at lunch, I just wanted to go through the screen and sit right next to her and hug her.. that hurt me to see, especially saying she doesn't like to be alone.

I just had to love Hannah when she was singing!! She sang much better than I ever will and I continue to applaud her without a doubt!!

Incredible. Parents with so much compassion.

4:30 they know where the TVs are, how do they watch TV

It is not just that they are all blind but that they are have developmental challenges as well. Damn that must be difficult.

Do they all have mental disabilities?

Hannah has such a beautiful voice

They have heart

I wanna Hannah to become a singer because that was AMAZING


this is the sweetest thing ever

Amazing!!! Thank you all for aharinf your life with me.

Awe wow this is amazing❤️

I cried when Abi was alone eating and when the mom said she was found in a TrashCAN??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is so cute

what an adorable family ❤️❤️❤️

It was so hard to look at it its soo sad Ughhhhhh SO HARDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD

i literally wanna hug all of them

those parents are so beautiful inside and out oml.

I think Hannah carries a coffee cup better than me

In conclusion, blind people seem to be the kindest most normalest people on earth. Us seeing people are wack. I wanna be their friends so bad lol

I started crying when I saw abi sitting alone at lunch

I want to be friends with Abi so bad. She seems like the funniest person ever. And she’s so sweet.

Abi is so cuteeeee

This honestly made me sad to see abi eating alone, I would try my very best to speak to her. At our school we have a girl who is also blind but she has many friends, I don’t have any classes with her so sometimes it’s hard for me to speak to her.

They’re almost to 10,000 subscribers!! @sixblindkids subscribe!!

0:58----1:06 SO CUTE XDDDDD

I kind of thought that everyone’s house had a place for each item in the kitchen like the plates. I don’t think that’s a special thing for people who are blind. Hannah is pretty vocal. I am visually impaired and I kind of think I would’ve just told her to just find her chair. We all got the point you have a hot cup.

23:34 What I do to my brother lol

Cool. That’s a lot of work to have a lot of kids with more than just blindness but some of them.

What school is oed In cuz it looks like mine pfft

Zuli Dude I can tell Abi’s is James Madison high school in Fairfax County. So probably another school in FCPS

These are beautiful wonder kids I ever seen

Hannah is my favorite

Am I the only one that loves Hannah’s laugh

Parents gifted by god to take care them ❤

Wow Chris thank u so much for bring us this beautiful ppl throght ur channel. U are amazing and pure like all this kids and grown ups

Oh my gosh im in love with Musical Hannah i would listen to all her songs

They love to life

I am so thankful to God for making without disabilities And I am sorry if this comment seems rude

they are cuter than me

more please!

*down syndrom

can u do "A day in the life" from the autism family?


I saw your videos today, oh boy. About some lovely people that made the grade. And though their conditions were rather sad, well I just had to laugh. I saw their happy smiles.

why is noone talking about how good of an employer are those who hired hannah

awwww got blessed this people I´m pray for them now

2:07 old man: bethany is 19 years old old lady: good (you finally remembers the script)

This is soo depressing

I need moreee

What an amazing couple

A which the parents were a bit younger to stay with these guys for a little longer.

The parents are too aggressive

How heart warming

Hannah’s laugh is something to be protected

So cute , they all have their own personalities and get along

I was into it that I didn't even realize that the video was 32 mints I have a sister who have some mental problem and sometimes i feel that it's too much coz my mom Have to go through lots and we went many places in regard to cure her but it's all the same and I ask God why why why But now I just gotto say thank you God and nothing more than that God bless all those who spared their time to read this God bless us all

Woah Hannah is actually really good at singing. If she had a little more practice not much though I think she could go to a singing competition or something. Maybe even AGT.

I love this family so much they're all so pure and I want to meet them

What is suction cupping?

So the dude David is asian. Hannah asian asian etc abi Indian and the obed is black there parents gave them up yet the white parents Adopted them regardless of race and taking care and raising them.. blessings to the adoptive parents

Hannah is a jem

Jesus that communicate thingy speaks really dang fast

I almost cried when she said "she likes friends" but she was sitting by her self

They are inspiration to show people even with a disability you can still do things in life never give up.....wish with technology they could get the chance to all see. Wow she can sing too. And very nice to the parent good heart's being there for the children look like some are Adopted really nice of the parents..

I wanna visit this family. I already love them

Hannah is so funny

I think ive been taking my sight for granted

I would love to give abi a hug she’s so beautiful and adorable :((

So beautiful, that is one amazing family. I wish I could meet them, they could offer us all some great lessons.

Respect ✊

When I heard Mr.Rodriguez I was like “heyyy,that’s my cousin(he’s not actually)” my last name is Rodriguez so

Omg, I love the girls. They are so adorable and funny

Beautiful journalism. Beautiful family.

Bless them

Who decides to adopt 6 blind kids...

normal life hot coffee coming through hot coffee hot coffee

This makes me happy that I have colored fully opened and functional eyes how much I neglected my eyes

We take everything for granted

Us Hannah's are the BEST ❤❤

God Bless them

This is so wholesome and the kids are so sweet!

It’s admirable, sometimes life can turn tough or heavy, but these dudes are so brave! They can shut whatever mouth because they are a great example of “don’t give up.”

23:33 the door

hannah is so utterly precious... awesome personality

very big heart peaple they do care for others children, very roar,god bless them. they are like angel on earth.

Oh my goodness! Hannah is such a good singer omg

23:33 lmao

It's hilarious how Abi gets Hannah dying from laughter with the suction cup noises! Hannah's laugh is awesome and got me laughing too! What an incredible family!

Just casually watching the video and when abi was getting on the bus I realized ITS THE SAME SCHOOL COUNTY I GO TO and I was thoroughly shocked

Such a beautiful and amazing family.

I wanna cry this is the most sweetest family I've seen this year

Hannah and Abi make me Soooooo happy!!!!!

Poor children I cried

Y'all are saints. May you be blessed in every aspect of your life.

Omg I love all of them already

Obed knows how to move. Like damn boy you got them MOVEEEEESS

God bless these people for helping them out ...

8:02 lmao Obed raising the roof

I love that laugh

They're all so cute awwww

if anyone knows those two amazing parents or the positive children who do have obstacles makes me realize how lucky i am and i want to become parents like them someday. So if any of you guys know them please tell them how inspiring they are and to keep being happy and being amazing people.

Abi is the type of girl that I would be best friends with. She seems so much fun but when she likes to have friends and when no one sat next to her during lunch it broke my heart.

I love this!!

Jessie is so cute but someone needs to braid her hair out of her face.

A blind kid made it into college and I can’t even keep good grades smh

I loved to the kids at school having fun with the teachers a lot of teachers don’t know how to teach disabled kids that well

This just melts my heart ❤️ obed is so cute

Bless the parents I give it to them taking care of 6 blind children bless them

Abi Has 569K People Who Now Sit At That Table With Her and Her and Her Siblings Happiness Means The World To Them If There's Nothing Else To Give

These People Deserve To Go To Heaven And Its So Touching Since I Used To Have a Blind Classmate (Lulu is What we Called her) and There's a Blind Person in My School

Hannah and abi make me laugh so much

Precious children ❤️

Ik this is the wrong times and place but Abis teacher is hot asf

IF ANYONE LEFT A COMMENT BEING RUDE .. u have no good heart they r the same as us

Who else reply likes obed

This is the kind of family that is normal they don’t fight they talk to each other’s and all theme happy

Well done YouTube! I actually enjoyed this recommendation!! It definitely make me re think what I complain about in life.

I’m so jealous of Abi’s eyes!!

My name is bethany to :)

The clock thing with the dinner plate is really creative.

Lot of respect for this couple for their compassions, selfless love , and faith for the kids with special needs!

I love this!! Hannah I absolutely love you!

so cool

They’re all so precious

I swear I couldn’t stop crying

Could anybody tell me what to look up for the reason why there eyes are different colors? Like why Abi’s eyes are white/gray

"I like coffee *PERIOD* " GG Abbie--abby(idk)

Hannah’s singing was beautiful she should do more Queen covers

When Hannah started singing I was like yessss queen

I wonder what made them all blind. This interesting. I like it.

ima need you to look at the camera ma’am

I gotta say this I'm lucky to be alive happy and just be me these blind lovely people are just so kind and though they are blind they are so happy it makes my heart flutter

I so badly wanted to sit across from Abi while she was at lunch. She seems so sweet.

I wanna be their friends!!!

What an amazing couple, it's so amazing to see them adopting all these amazing kids!!

My name is Jessi but my nickname that my family members call me is abi, spelled the same way...

It makes me happy to see them being so happy

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