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hi guys today from dubai today i have with me a very special guest this is jose cordeiro from spain born in venezuela a very interesting personality a very interesting biography this guy is one of the i would say uh most of the industrious futurists in the world in europe for sure jose tell us about yourself about your your projects what you what you're doing now and then we will we'll go to the topic of immortality because this is the topic that we'll be talking about today uh tell us about yourself what's your what's your life plan and what's your uh what activity right now fantastic well my name is jose i was born in venezuela and studied in the usa at mit at the massachusetts institute of technology i am an engineer and then i have been interested in all technologies of the future i worked for the first five years at singularity university in silicon valley in california talking about many future trends related to technology mostly on energy but also now i'm focusing in spain about biotechnology and the new incredible things we are going to see with the medicine of the future which is really becoming a science because medicine in the past was like an art and now it is becoming truly completely scientific thanks to the advances in biotechnology so that's my focus now because there have been so many advances and there will be even more advances because of this exponential change that uh we are going to be curing all diseases in the next few years all diseases including the mother of all diseases which is aging aging is the worst disease and the mother of all diseases is a waste of aging we will basically stop all other diseases right because most diseases they come up with with age right so if you are able somehow to keep the people at the age of 20 around the age of 20 all the time throughout their lives then you just eliminate all other diseases from almost all others absolutely the idea is to have a biological age between 20 25 or 30 this is already been experimented with animals so i mean this is not a science fiction this is science reality it's just beginning because we have found several genes that control aging and you can't reverse the effect of those genes and make the cells the organs and eventually complete organisms complete animals younger and therefore you know an age of about 20 25 30 is the biologically optimum age because your body is strong enough that you can stop most diseases like cancer we get cancer continuously since we are born but our organism is strong enough to stop cancer when we are 20 30. then our health begins declining our immunological system weakens accelerated and then we cannot control anything so when you are 80 when you are 90 years of age it is like if you already have aids so the organism is very weak the immune system is not working and any disease will kill you so the objective is to have an immunological system young and the whole body young so that you can live a longer healthy in a fantastic new future absolutely you were one of the guys who started singularity university where were you from the very beginning with peter diamandis and rayquaza yes singularity university was announced in 2008 at the time i was working in tokyo japan and when i saw this and with ray kurzweil and peter diamandis both of whom are also mit graduates older than me and then i contacted them at the other organizers and i said i want to be involved in this and i became one of the founding faculty in 2009 and it was there for the first summer programs because it began as a summer school in a way and then it grew to have executive development courses and and many other activities as well but yes the beginning was truly fantastic the first class in the summer of 2009 had only 40 students it was a trial an experiment and it was successful also it was nine weeks then the second year 2010 we had a 10 weeks one more week and then we had actually 80 students and the objective was to keep on growing but then we thought that having a small group of students like about 80 maximum 100 and sometimes is is the best for people interactions for having team relations to create a different um working together environment okay so what singularity university is about many exponential technologies so to say why did you then decided to focus on longevity and immortality why do you think this is the most important technology of our time well i actually began in the energy field and in my previous life working i was a petroleum engineer i was looking for petroleum natural gas and other fossil fuels but then at the revolution of the renewables came so it was interesting to learn about solar energy wind energy geothermal energy california has many of these and so i moved into renewables because this was also growing exponentially but i learned about about biotech which is not my main area so i thought this was fascinating and so many things were happening already by the end of last decade uh with experiments on mice mostly on mines because we share 90 percent of the genome with mice so we are relatively close biologically and if we can do experiments on minds that also have short life because mice and rats they live between two and three years and we have been able now thanks to biotechnology to extend our life up to five years that is like having a human living to 200 years so there is so much uh been discovered with animals and then they said well it is the time to begin taking these ideas into humans and um just to to make a comparison for mice we have mice that live almost 200 human years now we have mosquitoes who live about 400 human years equivalent and we have worms that live a thousand years of age equivalent compared to humans and this is incredible so we are discovering many things with different species it is important obviously mammals because we are mammals so we don't want to be like worms or like mosquitoes so so minds are a very good species to do experiments now there are also other experiments with dogs and with monkeys monkeys are very close to us biologically like chimpanzees are 99 equal to humans 99 biologically in terms of the genome in any event so this is moving very fast so fast that there are huge multi-billion dollar investments and the most famous now recently was in the 2021 when jeff vessels and some other billionaires from the west coast of the usa decided to create altos labs and altos labs because it is in los altos california is going to to be researching on rejuvenation technologies which is the important thing rejuvenation the idea is not to live uh 500 years like if you are actually 500 years old biologically crippled in a wheelchair no that's not the objective the objective is to be biologic biologically young and these technologies are being developed incredible advances and we can talk about some of those and also the discoveries about cancer because cancer really is a fantastic disease because cancer cells are mutant cells that stop aging okay this is let me discuss a little bit here because most people at that at that stage we are talking would think what the guys are talking about mortality i mean how crazy is that is it uh is it possible at all and how how do you know immortality is possible uh and i think cancer is the key somehow yes the cancer is one of the major keys because cancer cells are mutant cells that stop aging multicellular organisms like you and i and all the way from mice and rats even worms they have different cells so there are two types of cells the reproductive cells which are called germ cells and they do not age biologically they could live indefinitely the problem is that we are not just reproductive cells we are somatic cells related to the soma body and the somatic cells do age so by studying the germ cells why they don't age and cancer cells also because cancer cells are mutant cells that were aging and they decided not to die to put it that way and then they discovered how to stop aging so we have now discovered that process what cancer has done and it really is incredible one of the major lines of a research research now is to replicate what cancer does but in a good way so that you cannot live indefinitely younger with all your body cells in a good shape but additionally there are small organisms who are also biologically immortal some people might might have heard about the immortal jellyfish or hydras and medusas and these organisms also could live forever biologically immortal this is how they are called in biology biologically immortal so they could live are they any examples of really living uh organisms like that that are i don't know 500 years old thousand kills so yes can you somehow judge the age how do you how do you know how old they are yeah actually this is a good point for small organisms even though we we know they don't biologically age it is difficult to know when they were born to put it that way but for some other organisms closest they're closer to us like whales whales can live over 200 years and this has been uh measured by some harpoons that they still have from the 18th century 19th century also you can see well trees trees are actually interesting and you can see how old they are because they keep on growing and then you can if you cut the tree that you should because then it dies you can see how many different layers it has grown and you can compute the age of the tree and there are trees which are five thousand ten thousand years old but we are not trees we are more like a well and there are whales that live uh uh over 200 years also uh turtles there are turtles like in some special places like in the galapagos islands that are over 200 years old there are turtles that are alive from the time of charles darwin in the galapagos islands alive today there are also clams clams you can also mention because there are different growing layers so there are clamps that we know have lived over 500 years so many different types of species live longer and they rejuvenate another interesting example are lobsters lobsters and some other animals they fish they keep on growing and growing and growing and they do not age they die because someone eats them when they are too big or if they are changing their cover like a lobster when a lobster changes its cover it is um very easy to be attacked by other organisms so it can die but lobsters also do not biologically age and they can reproduce at age 100 150 without any problem uh which is also something we need to learn how they do it there are also fascinating organisms like planaria planaria small flat worms that you can cut up to a hundred pieces and each little piece of the planaria worm will regrow a whole planet area so we know they have incredible um regeneration capabilities and also some salamanders that people know you can cut a tail a leg and they regrow the tail and the leg we humans and mammalians also have those regenerative capabilities when we are afretus if you caught a food of a little clear tooth it will regrow it but after we are born we do not have those capabilities anymore so anyway but we are discovering how this is possible in some species and how it was possible in humans at the original state so that we can replicate and have those regenerative capabilities even when we are a hundred two hundred years old in the future coming coming back to cancer you yesterday we were talking that you know brought this uh amazing i mean uh astounding example of of this person who died of cancer in 1951 that uh tell us about that yes um yeah this is how we know that cancer that doesn't uh hold the age right yeah this is a truly fascinating story there was one woman called henrietta lags who was born in 1920 in the usa and then at age 35 she had a huge cancer a cervical cancer and so the doctors took the cancer like an apple a big huge sad cancer the problem is as people who have cancer know if you leave a few cells in the body if you don't take all the cancer cells it grows again it keeps on reproducing it grows and it doesn't age that is a problem with cancer cancer keeps on growing and it is eating it is eating the person the person is the food of the cancer in any event this cancer from henrietta lungs was studied and and the scientists in petri dish in cultivation farming this cancer so they realized that they kept on growing also outside the woman and those cells are alive today even though the woman died in 1951 which is over seven decades ago those cancer cells are alive and because she was born in 1920 that means that some of her cells from 1920 which is over a hundred years ago are alive and not only are they alive they are highly reproductive and they are um like teenager cells very active today yourself so we know that cancer cells stop aging and are biologically immortal and i repeat there are these famous cells that today they are called hela in her honor from henrietta lacks hella cells and um over 100 years of age totally brand new teenagers having sex and reproducing and growing okay that sounds incredible um you were telling about um yeah so what would be what what do you think what what's the time perspective uh to the immortality or to [Music] what is the difference between let's say longevity and immortality and what do you think when can we achieve that as a humanity well the idea is healthy lifespan we don't want to be indefinitely old we want to be indefinitely young for as long as you want immortality can never be guaranteed because there might be a comet that crashes against earth like accident or there are also sadly homicides and suicides so we might not live forever but we might live for as long as we can or we should uh at a young age which is the important thing so so we talk about radical lifespans uh not truly immortality also because immortality is a word that has been hijacked by religions religions are the ones that talk about immortality after life and all of that in terms of the timelines with my friend ray kurzweil he has been predicting technologies for over three decades and he is about 80 wrong on the timing and actually when he's wrong right i mean 80 right and when he's wrong actually he's wrong because it has happened earlier than expected earlier like he predicted that a computer uh would be a human for chess by the year 1999 and it actually happened in 1997 it happened two years earlier and the same with other things happening now that are moving so fast because the changes are exponential so anyway according to uh the founder of singularity university rayquil and his other friend peter diamandis they use the date 2045 to have rejuvenation technologies available basically for everybody and probably for free because this 2025 no 45 45 but there will be another date before which is also very important which is 2029 2030 we will reach longevity escape philosophy okay let's come back to rejuvenation technologies uh rejuvenation technologies they are not just keeping your age it's like reversing your age reversing age yes and let me give some background because this was impossible 20 years ago but the nobel prize in medicine 10 years ago was for a scientist a japanese scientist who discovered that there are genes that control aging and you can accelerate aging you can stop aging or better you can reverse aging so dr shinjia yamanaka at the kyoto university in 2005 and 2006 with other scientists in kyoto they discovered these four genes now we are discovering more and different genes in different species but we know there are genes that control aging and he got the nobel prize in 2012 for what is called today cell rejuvenation or self reprogramming we can reprogram the cells scientists taking these ideas have been doing experiments now in organs because he did this at the cell level he used cells from the skin of mice and he took old cells and made them young now other scientists including him of course in japan and in the usa and other countries they are working on organ rejuvenation and a very famous biologist at harvard university david sinclair he was able to rejuvenate the eyes of mice he took mice that were about 80 human years equivalent which is like two years for a mouse and they were blind and through this gene therapy uh because of the age right it's uh yes yeah mine is yeah live very short lives and two years is close to 80 human years and they were blind and and so through this cell rejuvenation treatment they were given their sight back so we know we can rejuvenate different organs and so scientists are working on rejuvenating different types of organs because it was so simple and the eyes are relatively small contained and easy to treat also from the outside that shinja yamanaka is doing now human trials he's trying to give vision back to humans in old age people who are with a macular degeneration for example which is a very common way of becoming blind when you are old so i think in this year next year we will give site back to older people in japan humans not anymore minds humans so other organs are being experimented on now with mice and dogs so we will probably be able to rejuvenate kidneys lungs hearts livers in the next five to ten years but the objective is to rejuvenate the whole organism and to see if it is possible just one gene therapy that will rejuvenate the whole body at the same time so it is a matter of time until we discover this and i think it is possible because we know there are immortal cells we know there are immortal organisms and we know even better how to reverse aging so this is not science fiction this is real science and it is a matter of time because nature does it and the example cancer if cancer is discovered how to become immortal and cancer didn't go to university and cancer didn't spend one dollar or one euro so this is to show how cheap it will be because cancer didn't put any money to become immortal you know so i think these treatments will be once we understand what cancer does and other longevity techniques we will do this very cheaply for everybody and the target date going back to the dates 2029 to 2030 we will reach longevity escape velocity which is sometimes called the methuselah which is the singularity of methuselah because methuselah supposedly in the bible he lived a thousand years so we want humans who are able to live at least a thousand years to begin with and but explain to to the viewers what is uh the aging uh escape velocity how did you call it exactly longevity escape velocity longevity escape velocity or the methyl solarity means that because life expectancy keeps on increasing continuously average and also in healthy format today in the advanced world it is about 80 years average life expectancy at the beginning of um in the 20th century it was only 14 average life expectancy and at the time of the roman empire it was only 20. so i could be there like over three times in the roman empire because i'm close to 60 but i'm not dead and even better i don't plan to die and even even better i plan to be rejuvenated with these technologies by 2045 anyway longevity escape velocity means that for every year we survive we gain an extra year of life expectancy because this uh yeah because the uh it's i actually accelerates i mean the uh the progress in uh in medicine right so our life expectancy gets longer and longer and this actually accelerates right yes at some point it will uh uh accelerate with uh with the speed of one year per year that's right so we estimate well so every year we will gain one more year or year or even more of our life so to say right yes additional life that is the concept of longevity sky velocity adding over one year for every year you survive but the bad part is that we are still aging so longevity escape velocity will let you live indefinitely but still aging while these rejuvenation technologies are being fully developed but if you make it to 2029 2030 you will probably become immortal if you want because you will have lived long enough to live forever in the sense that you are gaining one more year per year that you survive and then this um rejuvenation technologies will be ready at the latest um and they say this at the latest because we think this will happen before the year 2045 but to be conservative we need to give this this day which is what ray kurzweil does now there are some so many people realizing that this is true that this is happening that they are investing heavily and that is why jeff vessels put another billionaires three billion dollars in alto slums and the kingdom of saudi arabia created a foundation which is called evolution foundation also for rejuvenation so this is happening everywhere not just in the usa or japan even in saudi arabia the kingdom it's a royal foundation that will invest billions of dollars on rejuvenation technology but not only saudi arabia also in the united arab emirates there are many people interested in rejuvenation technologies because this is no longer science fiction we know aging can be reversed and it is possible to be younger in the future okay so it's like incredible you are saying uh generally in seven to eight years you are becoming mortal right but still aging yes and of course of all and second of all you say now we have the inflection point similar to what bitcoin let's say has in 2014-15 when the venture capital started really heavily spending on blockchain technologies the same we observe right now in this longevity and let's say immortality research right in projects yes uh in fact i like to say that in 10 years the biggest industry in the world will be the longevity industry rejuvenation industry so i don't know what you personally do and i don't care but you need to move into rejuvenation technologies this will be the biggest thing in the world and let me put it in a historical perspective in the year 2000 the biggest companies in the planet were energy companies it was uh exxon shell bp etc etc etc energy companies now the biggest companies are information technology companies amazon google facebook in china baidu et cetera et cetera and now the new industry growing is biotechnology rejuvenation technologies so much that uh tim cook the ceo of apple he has said something incredible a couple of years ago or three years ago he said that apple will be remembered in the future for what they will do in health so they haven't even done much but they will be remembered he thinks this would be the biggest thing that apple has ever done to work on health and medicine but it is again not just apple as i mentioned jeff bezos from amazon or the google guys sergey brin and larry page they also created um about 10 years ago another company called calico california life company that is doing incredible research on longevity and um mark zuckerberg the co-founder of facebook he has announced that he will donate all his fortune or well 99 of his fortune to cure all diseases including aging and when his first daughter was born max priscilla chen his wife and mark zuckerberg declared that his daughter their daughter would not die of aging because by the time that she is maybe 30 we will have cured aging all diseases but also aging yeah i i'm always saying you know imagine what how which the companies got who invented a vaccine for just one uh one disease that discovered right and they got crazy uh rich so to say they made tons of money and now compared to that uh if a company who brings to uh you know to humanity immortality generally i mean how much money there is in this market i mean how much how much is everybody willing to pay for not for not aging and not dying i think this is a good point to wrap up the interview so the clue is this future is coming we are seven eight years away from longevity escape velocity meaning generally becoming immortal but still aging and then another 15 years from staying young forever and we have reached the inflection point where it is wise to invest in the technology to get involved in you if you're in business or you want to go into business this is one of the if not the industry to get involved into you jose you said you uh commit yourself completely completely and and not only that i don't plan to die and i say it publicly and why i don't plan to die because i think i should be able to make it uh to 2029 to 2030 and then wait until 2045 to be rejuvenated so in the future i actually plan to be much younger than today and in the year 2045 i want to remember this time and how primitive we were today that we let people age and we let people die that will be barbaric in the future in 2045.

so don't die hold the light stay with us and let's be immortal it with young forever together yes and let's see you in 2045 and uh in the meantime rita the death of death in polish in german whatever language you want absolutely that's it from dubai today if you like that video give us a thumb up because of course thumb down subscribe if you haven't shared this video with your loved ones with your friends one day they will thank you for that i wish you a fantastic day today let's do something extraordinary today thank you

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