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[Music] by the time they leave iraq they're determined saddam and his party will have bitten the dust ladies and gentlemen where did it all go wrong oh my father where did it all go wrong [Music] the head of the u.n weapons inspectors ralph ace is in iraq today to confront the regime about the alleged manufacture of deadly germ warfare agents reported where to begin this story others would tell it very differently but for me it begins on the 28th of april 1995. it was my father's 58th birthday the iraqi government is cooperating fully with the weapons inspectors i've been married young at 15 in fact to my cousin hussein kamal he'd risen to the rank of minister for military industry conspiracy designed to perpetuate the sanctions i was proud of him and we were very happy i had a lovely home and the most beautiful children the early 90s had been difficult for us all with the americans imposing their economic sanctions it didn't necessarily feel like there was a great deal to [Music] celebrate [Music] but my father's birthday was a special occasion on that day the country would erupt into massive spontaneous celebrations he was so adored by his people it amazed me that however busy he was with a fair state he'd always insist on holding a big family party he loved a good party [Music] well what do you think our diet's going well i've lost five pounds than you two and a half i win i was his eldest daughter and everyone knew i was his favorite children come and see plans to build the biggest mosque in the world with minarets taller than the eiffel tower in france very impressive better be it's costing me a fortune people accused me of extravagance why is saddam building palaces while his people starve when nebuchadnezzar was conquering jerusalem was he bothering about how much bread his people were reading now that's right ali because a great babylonian ruler has bigger things in his mind like building a civilization the whole country referred to him as saddam our father i could see why they worshipped him so [Music] to me too he was never anything but a caring and dedicated father [Music] but it's not always easy for a child of such an extraordinary man to step out from his shadow hey what the hell are you doing there what are you doing my eldest brother uday was his son and heir he'd shown great promise academically and received a first at baghdad university he could have had a successful career as an engineer you know i am yes your excellency then you know i have to be right but he was keen to follow my father into [Laughter] to have picked me politics new suit yeah you look very smart you'll make your father proud as a child uday had been self-conscious of his speech impediment it's your father's birthday be good take these dudes it was my mother who encouraged and protected him i hate my father sometimes no you love your father i don't you must trust me i know [Music] at her urging my father had recently made him chairman of the olympic committee but uday had a lot to prove [Music] my sister rana was married to my husband's brother sadam head of my father's personal security rana was a little closer to my mother than i a little fuller in the face maybe she's happy no but you mustn't let yourself go my husband was my father's most trusted general his right-hand man after him the most powerful man in iraq come on everyone photograph not bad for a farm boy from tikrit charming not even hello how are you children tell rana to hurry up [Music] i don't want to stand next to uday you'll make me look fat and sure you look fat and short whatever my daughters are the loveliest of all my children all of them even you rana nothing is more important than family always remember that all right everyone smile we were an ideal family how could that ever in the change see once the safety's off hold it you squeeze the trigger like this what are you doing i'm just teaching the kid how to shoot well don't not at the table not nice she has to learn sometimes the son has no memory of the sweet scent of the father then somebody is taken away from the love the son has for the father when i was your age dad used to let me shoot the prisoners hmm would you like that who don't leave him alone look at him in that get up huh with that hell what does he look like his sister told you to leave our son alone good day's right we should educate the boy started him up and do him good and if a woman can't afford toothpaste or two my father always said i was the wisest of his children but i was a woman and had no place in politics positions of great responsibility were given to the men of the tribe like my father's half-brother watman he was the minister of the interior so this little tart torpedo tits and lips that could suck your manhood clean off know what i mean and crusade my younger brother he was in awe of uday he'd stand up whenever uday entered a room so that's what you were up to when the latest car bomb went off we're dealing with aldo eye excellency oh by going out whoring are you interrogating them strenuously and that's strenuously enough you don't you got nothing out of them i won't be called a donkey by you what do you know you don't even have your own ministry you do a lot of strategic thinking down at the olympic committee do you what color will our beloved national football team be wearing this season you know we already know the iranians are backing aldawar so execute them all show them iraq won't bow to this pressure i tell the americans i tell the british and now i'm telling you unless we wake up and act terrorism will be the great cancer for the next century general kamel your brother-in-law uday has paid us a visit he's taking the latest delivery all of it so the foreman says what do you want me to do for now nothing tell the foreman to stay where he is and i'll meet you there in an hour she is in the south kurds in the north sunnis in the middle tribes against tribes but one supreme leader i'm holding this country together with my fists everything okay fine just ministry business and no trouble i hope nothing i can't handle always working how's your meeting with the inspectors do they still think we have chemical weapons hidden away as you know your excellency but the americans didn't manage to bomb in 91 we have subsequently destroyed ourselves but i am not going to tell them that yet excellent meanwhile the country's being crippled if we have destroyed all our weapons why not tell the u.n now

we have a lot of enemies crusade never reveal anything you don't have to as you always say your excellency the better part of war is deception good excellency good night my boy happy birthday again happy birthday my president happy birthday bye bye good night good night you say good night father all these crooks get ministry to make a mess of everything i'm better than them when do i get my ministry when i will it hurting camille gets a huge budget and all the firepower he can lay his hands on i like him he's a man of ideas a builder like me he's firstly for power he wants what's mine but i'll fight him i will never stop of course you won't that's how i raised you boy you can't trust a man who doesn't wink or smoke it's weird there's no man i trust more well why him why not me because he's loyal he doesn't flaunt his wealth and he knows battle men respect him he built the republican guard from nothing and what's more he's given me grandchildren of course there were tensions there always are in families with so many talented and ambitious individuals but as far as i was aware there was nothing to worry about what are you going to do there's nothing i can do jordanians are expecting delivery tomorrow do you suggest i do go to the president to complain that his son stole from me the petrol i stole from him access sir how are you feeling uh i'll be okay just some bruising um there's nothing i could do oh of course not mr president's son the thing i don't understand is how he knew it was here stop i understand you wanted to please uday he can be a very persuasive man again i swear please please [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] i remember it so well my father's 58th birthday [Music] as the whole country celebrated with us i thought how lucky i was to be part of such a wonderful family i had loving brothers and sisters we'd have done anything for each other i had a caring father who was an inspiration to us all [Music] and i had a devoted husband after 15 years of marriage we were still very much in love good party of course all right little did i know that that would be the last day we'd spend together as a happy family [Music] my father had always surrounded himself with family but in the end it would be those closest to him those he trusted the most that would betray him and we'd see our world fall apart very powerful mom went off it was planted and detonated by remote control so that it destroyed one of the cars belonging to the iranian mujahideen and there were two iraqi citizens nearby who were killed armed bath party militiamen stroll around as if they own the place my father was so misunderstood [Applause] he was doing what he had to to hold the country together he faced enemies on all sides the iranians the american spies un inspectors who were trying to deprive our country of its right to defend itself the people the families we found lying all around had not been injured they'd been poisoned by chemical bombs and shells containing cyanide mustard and other nerve gases iraqi old exports used to bring in 13 billion dollars a year i know i'm the minister in charge of oil exports there was only one man he could trust with such delicate negotiations my husband you tell the americans tell them to lift the sanctions they are the ones killing iraqi children not me the u.n wants proof you now have our full and final disclosure we have no capability left can the un justify these sanctions we will take a look at these thank you my husband was not only a decorated general but a highly skilled diplomat he worked day and night for my father and iran general afternoon general good afternoon you have everything we talked about yes everything we can provide three key fuses with them and the rpg-7 it will penetrate 150 millimeter of armor plate i will also give you 50 000 aks for the price we agreed very good then for 10 million dollars you have yourselves a deal the president will be delighted excellent it is always good to do business with you as a token of my company's thanks hussein was from a humble family he wasn't born with a silver spoon in his mouth he was a respectable self-made man ukrainian vodka best in the world yes why not the ukrainian delegations just left so what did you settle on 10 000 rpgs 20 000 artillery fuses 50 anti-aircraft comes with 250 000 cartridges and they even threw in 50 000 aks as well i think you're going to be rather pleased with the price 15 million sounds like a good deal yes i thought it was something of a bargain too well done i do it all for you excellency i want you to go to a man tonight and pay that into my account of the central gulf bank i won't give you any trouble at the border yes as a young soldier hussein had served as my father's personal bodyguard my president on one occasion he threw himself in front of an assassin's bullet to protect my father he was a man who could be trusted implicitly no woman could ask for a better husband [Music] sorry [Music] [Music] something wrong [Music] who does this belong to i have no idea it was in our car you've got some [ __ ] on the side again stop this i don't care whose daughter you are i won't be interrogated by you i have had a very busy day not so busy that you can't fit in visit your mistress i'm not a playboy like your thug brother i am working for iraq trying to keep this country together i wonder what my father would think about you humiliating me like this i won't let you do this to me again i was a child when we married i didn't know any better but i'm telling you i won't stand for it now i won't [Music] i'm sorry unfortunately not all the men of the tribe were of such high caliber the minister of the interior excellency my show and how to starve yes your excellency my president i have terrific news we liquidated the key members of the aldawar terrorist faizo my father's half-brothers in particular were a source of great frustration no interruptions not by anyone what are you playing at another underwear car bomb yesterday that's the force in as many weeks what bud eraser i'm going to show you this i want to see the president his excellency said he must not be disturbed i'm sorry sir but i've been given strict instructions don't you know who i am you will have lost this ministry of gold don't you have any [ __ ] respect there are so many lies told about the incident involving my brother and the security officer that spring give it to me the truth was that my brother knew people like what bomb were failing in their responsibilities sometimes uday's frustrations got the better of him what have you done he showed no respect respect what would you know about respect he would laugh and get made because you're a joke you've made a mockery of this family no you're an embarrassment to me yeah but you just let me explain i'm talking you think you can do what you want behave like a pig butcher my star i'm sorry it won't happen again disgust me i know what you have to lining your pockets oh what about batman huh what about you saying come out don't bring her into this but the same rules apply to her you don't know you don't know what he really gets up to in that ministry of his all that money you give him you want now i want you to clean your act up if there's another incident like this i'll have you sean please get out of my sight jealousy is the curse of tribal people there were those in our tribe who wanted to poison my father against one another my father was wise to this but when you're told something so many times you begin to wonder if there's a grain of truth in it the united nations inspectors left their base at the palestine hotel in baghdad for the last time today speaking to reporters ralph aka said monitoring systems designed to spot iraqi violations of the un's disarmament demands were quote humming along satisfactorily progress has been made it's my understanding that iraq intends to comply with the europe little one i wasn't expecting you it's something the matter can't an old man pop in on his favorite child it's like in more have you seen a doctor doctors are like wives all they do is nag ah the same excellency to what we are the honor friendly visit a social call well please sir come in do you want some tea something to eat hmm something sweet like you my little one now leave the man to talk the inspectors suspect everything that's their job but they can't prove anything good when the u.n lift the sanctions and the oil money starts flowing again i want to rebuild our strategic capabilities bigger and better than before we will be the arab superpower once again your excellency only i had more like you what's he so afraid of do you think he's in all of you excellency people with a clear conscience have nothing to be scared of do you trust your servants who say yes i've heard them for a long time doesn't mean you could trust them one of my valets with me for years was called stealing soap from one of the past bathrooms caught red-handed his mother came to plead his case tommy's children were getting ill because they couldn't keep clean eating with dirty hands blame the sanctions i said couldn't you've used water may do you can live without said itself what surely you do with him what i do with all servants who steal from me i had him hanged and made sure all the other servants watched and what really pained me was that this he wanted to see you can i write on your background dad oh you're far too big for that now oh please oh no you're not [Laughter] you know the best quality a leader can have the ability to be harsh with those closest to him those he loves the most now i really must go say good night to grandpa good night granddaddy good night excellency good night it's late that i kept you up forgive me children need their sleep it's fine it's good to see you is everything all right yep yes yes just this blasted back of mine i see my doctor in the morning don't you worry about it good night who knows what the hell is going on come on the chairman is waiting for you come on what's happening here why are you taking me [Applause] he'll be in no position to say anything i want you to do something for me or you can [ __ ] off is that any right to speak in front of your chest if you wanted to help my president i can keep silent no longer well go on a week ago the interior minister received an intelligence warning of yesterday's bombing in baghdad what did my brother do the minister had a lot of uh private business that day so he did nothing no nothing at all your excellency the truth is is hardly ever at the ministry but that's not all none of these intelligence reports have been acted upon you should be ashamed of yourself very disgrace to your ministry i'm sorry i'm sorry brother don't call me brother i don't expect to be forgiven after a month or two this is it you've had all your chances you'll never hold public office again you're guilty of criminal neglect total incompetence in gratitude you're lazy you don't care you drink you [ __ ] you're a disgrace to your position onto this tribe my son was right you are a donkey what am i going to do with you you worm excellency get out my father used to say that when you're training a puppy you can hit and punish it in various ways and eventually it will learn but when a dog grows big and strong you have to think twice about punishing it it might bite you good morning excellency my boy hmm i've had to reshuffle the cabinet and i have something in mind for you he was surrounded by dogs dogs that got bigger and greedier every day [Music] every year in august we celebrate the day of days this was in remembrance of our victory over iran in the eight-year war the war cost us dearly 375 000 valiant iraqi lives but it was a matter of national honor and some battles must be fought for pride's sake we have two routes for your appearance and as usual we will choose a new third route before setting off which we will change mid-journey good the next item on my agenda concerns my beloved son uday as head of the olympic committee he does not have a place at this table i have therefore decided to create a new ministry the department for military and industrial repairs i'm sure everyone will agree he has earned a post in government excuse me excellency but uh you said uday will be minister for military and industrial repairs that's right i'm sorry excellency what exactly would be the remit of this ministry he'd supervise the budgets and repair of military and industrial equipment furthermore so he would need access to accounts and inventories of other ministries yes is that a problem no no uday is uh inexperienced he'd learn on the job forgive me excellency he doesn't have thee doesn't have the water uday has not yet proven he is capable of running a football team let alone a ministry the objection has been noted minister for military industry but as far as i'm aware i'm still the president and the decision is mine are you trying to get us killed no one defies the president no one not even you listen to me if i need you will you be with me you're my brother of course i will [Music] good [Music] [Applause] as the presidential family we were guests of honor at a military banquet preparing for that evening's festivities i had no idea that my family would soon be at war again but this time with itself are you ready i'm not in the mood we have to go you want to [ __ ] with me disrespecting me to my father in front of the character go home sober up you want to go to the world with me stop it i know what you want what will i do to your husband [ __ ] you cowards looks like your little boy is more of a man than you are saying [Laughter] but you can't hide behind your wife and kids anymore [Laughter] ow i said something something i shouldn't have then bought saddam's given uday a ministry i questioned his decision why why because it will make life impossible for me you have to go to my father tell him what happened i won't do any good do you think uday will leave it like this when he hears what he's doing i'm too late for that oh they attached that i won't control uday he can't he created this monster and now it's out of his hands we have to go now i'm on for how long look just a few weeks and months nothing more are you sure we don't have any choice now all that matters is that you and the children are safe now help are you sure i'll go and get them up i have to call my brother perhaps i should have questioned my husband more closely hussein was known to be hasty and i couldn't stop him and i was scared that if hussein left on his own as circumstances became difficult for him it could have been said that i didn't stand by my own husband [Music] where are we i don't know go to sleep [Music] go to sleep yes there were differences between my husband and my father but those would pale in comparison with what was about to happen if only we'd known we could have turned back there and then [Music] you belong in the international field iraq and he's right but maybe you ever been to geneva i'd go anywhere with you [Music] [Applause] is we've met before haven't we no i don't think so we've met before haven't we yeah of course we have [Applause] hey what are you doing cut that out she's with me i saw a month ago goodnight baby who invited you anyway i came to see how you're getting on uncle how with retirement i'm not retiring you [ __ ] [Music] is that any way to talk to a government minister you [ __ ] it up just like everything else now this is a private party it's a [ __ ] off out of it come on baby he'll only disappoint you ask his wife you think your father forgive you if you kill his own brother i always knew he was just a mommy's boy [Laughter] don't worry about him the glass of champagne come on [Applause] [Music] oh [Applause] no you were tired you [ __ ] excellency how is he his pain is controlled we've given him fluids and a lot of blood the left leg is the most badly damaged the muscle in the main nerve has suffered a great deal of damage the right leg has also been hit i'm very sorry excellency where we live we'll do our very best excellency find your day yes whether my husband was right or wrong i knew he had to apologize to my father [Music] where are we [Music] with the madness of baghdad behind us i thought all i needed was a few days to convince hussein to see sense [Music] i knew my sister and his brother were scared too but surely together we could make him put this right [Music] [Music] good morning i'm here to announce our intention to save iran we want to change towards democracy to allow each citizen to enjoy freedom we have become a backwards country my brother and i are part of the presidential family and we aim to serve our country and the iraqis are aware of this that is on tv leaving iraq was not a spontaneous decision it took some time and much thought and must now be accompanied by radical action we hope to change the regime whose wrong approach is leading to the collapse of iraq it seems we just defected i was formerly the minister for military industry and also in charge of five other ministries yes when was this designation due to the attitude of the current regime we could have stayed in iraq but outside of government but instead we have chosen to flee iraq with the intention when the king of jordan granted us asylum i was hoping for a period of calm but instead i found myself in the eye of an international storm we fear the outbreak of civil war with one speech hussein had made himself an enemy of the state and my father faced his worst political crisis since it kuwait clear that those powers that had tried to oust my father would take full advantage of the situation imagine the no-fly zone was designed to do one thing and one thing only to increase our capacity to monitor and to limit his ability to threaten his neighbors in light of his increased aggressiveness that's ridiculous why can't i speak with baghdad on whose instructions exactly let me speak to the head of pal security did you do this they won't put me through to baghdad would you take my guests next door i won't be a merchant what the hell is going on you told me we were lying no now you make listen to this announcement to the world that you're what that you're going to overthrow my father are you insane i couldn't tell you you never have come no you're right i wouldn't have how could you do this to him you owe my father everything saddam can't see what's going on anymore he is dragging our country back to the stone age surrounding himself with incompetence and psychopaths your brother will keep clawing more and more power and when he takes over what future does iraq instead you expect to go rolling back to baghdad triumphant the new glorious leader the republican guard of my men they'll be behind me the americans will back america iraq needs me i am the only one who can unite the tribes he'd be herding goats if it wasn't for my father you ran away from him like a coward and now you're stabbing him in the back well i want nothing to do with you do not walk away from me regardless did you forget who you mind your loyalty is to me your husband now you will stay here and you will get manicures and watch videos and give me no trouble understand i make the decisions excellency the u.n team are ready for

your debriefing i'll be there as soon as i finish my interview it is requested that you go by the back corridor so to avoid the media at the front of the palace as you wish i need to get some things from the shops we're very happy to bring you anything you need just write it down his majesty wants you to feel at home my father will think i betrayed him too don't try and make any more calls i was caught between two fires the fire of my husband and the fire of my father and which is the greater duty the loyalty of a wife or the loyalty of a daughter what i want to help someone needs to go to the king demand them back send me we need someone with authority i'm all you've got left i can do it put your faith in me no then it's time to get elias and our mageed out of retirement go go you say any word on today still missing i'm working on it google boy i need you here i understand i'm told my father refused to discuss anything but our return even while the campaign to oust him was building momentum so while you destroyed existing chemical biological and long-range weapons you retained the designs and engineering details so they can be built at a future date yes we hid the blueprints computer discs microfiches all materials that would help us restart the weapons program as soon as we could so all those months years of visits to iraq all this inspections all those meetings you were lying to the u.n no i was not lying to you saddam was i was simply following his instructions and now what a new order with you at the head yes i see you doubt the quality of the information that he has passed on does it suggest to you that maybe he was allowed to leave so that he could somehow provide disinformation to the west i don't think anyone's thinking that this was some kind of grand plot by saddam just wants it to fool us in the west he's not in a very strong position to do that anyway because he's fairly weak what can i do for you with my husband gone the shortcomings of my father's remaining lieutenants became apparent the president asked for me personally yes that is a great honor ali hassan had fallen out of favor with my father and had been retired on grounds of ill health he was a difficult individual with a black history the west knew him as chemical ally his majesty regrets that he cannot return the brothers hussein and saddam come out when i heard he'd been sent to get us i admit i was scared what about the president's daughters the king wants to assure president saddam that he will keep the girls as safe as if they were his own daughters the negotiations didn't go well my brother had insisted on accompanying him i would need to ask the king and sadly that's enough i told you sir i can't divulge that information and neither of them possessed my husband's diplomatic skills the jordanians refused to hand us over rumors circulated that my father had not slept or eaten for days all government business had ground to a halt saddam won't tell me what's going on i ask him all the time i ask him where we can go runner listen to me listen to me we're not going home what's going to happen to us i don't know deb will never get over this the world for chaos is thought tonight to have presented the iraqi leadership with a stark choice abide by un resolutions and look forward to the lifting of sanctions or defy the united nations and be prepared for another military strike so far there are no clues as to whether iraq will back down and allow systematic monitoring of its military program my father had faced many difficult situations in the past the war with iran whose army outnumbered our own four to one the battle to reclaim kuwait and the shia insurgencies that followed [Music] the determination of the united states in dealing with the problem of iraq should not be underestimated once again he found himself facing impossible odds hunted alone armed only with his wits the un inspectors are demanding to be allowed back in to carry on their search if we refuse there's no telling how the international community will respond yeah what do you want me to do let them in you sure even when they won't reveal exactly how much hussein camels told them let them in okay the cameras have still got away with betraying us not yet foreign my father told us that it's only when a man faces such impossible odds that he discovers what he's really made of it's impossible that you could be so stupid as to buy this can't you see what they've done you've got to understand how it looks general kamal saddam's men led us to a farm your farm they showed us crates of documents we've been looking for for years and now they're saying none of it was officially sanctioned was all you're doing without the permission of the president of course they'd say that you know how they work this was an exhibition for the un's benefit they planted this stuff there give me one good reason why the u.n should believe you you would believe saddam over me it's your word against theirs and you've both shown you can't be trusted now i need to know if you have anything else anything else do you have anything i can take back to the u.n in new york

saddam did once talk about a plan to invade saudi arabia today president saddam hussein's government staged a comeback after the damage done by the defection of key members of the regime last [Music] and it was thought likely that after his defection he would cooperate with un inspectors and reveal all he knew but now the iraqi government alleges that general hussein kamel had been acting without authorization a spokesman announced today that general kamel had embezzled ministry funds to build up a private weapons program concealed from both un inspectors and his own president saddam hussein he said it has come as a total shock to the iraqi president who has not been seen in public since the defection of his two daughters and their husbands the president why didn't i see this coming what the americans have never understood and what my husband should have remembered is that when my father appears at his weakest that is when you should fear him the [Music] most four months after my husband was abandoned by the americans he became hugely frustrated that he could no longer help the homeland he so loved you were supposed to be here four hours ago i got held up what the [ __ ] is more important interviewing me well you can do the drink i don't drink maybe you should sit the world needs to know what is going on in iraq the corruption the mass killings anyone who opposes the government or the family is kidnapped tortured where were you when all this torture and corruption was going on right the sense i had no choice are you going to write this story or not depends what have you got i am forming a new opposition group to be called the higher council for the salvation of iraq we renounce foreign aid and after the overthrow of saddam hussein we promise elections but not federalism has got no interest in this there was a brief moment when we thought you had some credibility i can unite iraq saddam's finished if you don't understand to the sunnis you're a traitor to the kurds you're a mass murderer and to the sheers you're a heretic the man who destroyed the holiest shrine and bragged about it it's not saddam that's finished it's huge [ __ ] chaser [ __ ] [ __ ] fruit what are you thinking a [ __ ] piece of [ __ ] how dare you talk to me like that how dare you you can't behave like that are you never on my side i am on your side i'm your wife i love you do you i'm still here why i have failed you go to bed he needed me whatever the circumstances i would stand by my husband it's the same within a tribe my brother excellency if one of them makes a mistake it becomes the responsibility of all of them the doctor says your operation went well the fourth one yes he thinks i'll need further surgery did you punish your deuce it was an accident he spread the whole room with bullets are you saying it was a murder attempt what would you call it i'd call it an accident he tried to kill me a terrible accident if it was anything else that wouldn't be very bad very bad indeed perhaps you're right stupid excellent family is very dear to me and in these travel times must all stick together who say you're a piece of [ __ ] [ __ ] you have got your head so far off this [ __ ] arm day my boy it's good that you've come to see him at last what do you think what one's very upset he feels you owe him reparation revelation give him the gun and let him shoot you in the leg for you shot him but do it eye for an eye now jay no please hey uncle an eye for a knife no no no no it was an accident a terrible accident it will soon good now come with me where are we going you'll see [Music] please it's okay what's going on look at me [Music] look at me it's time to grow up and be a man my father loved his children we heard that he was putting his house in order that uday had finally been spoken to eventually he reached out to us too [Music] and sent word that he forgave us [Music] when did this come this morning i told you i knew dad wouldn't desert us now we can go back has sustained seen this yes he thinks we should go something's not right why would dad just let us go back like this you know how much he values family he will never forgive hussein for this your husband knew what the plan was when we left iraq he's part of this too saddam will never leave jordan now hussein won't go back without him i need your help with this ron we are choking here every day the children ask us when will we see grandpa again the journalist is pressing charges hussein could go to prison i give you my word that you have my complete forgiveness and that will not be persecuted when you return i don't know can you be certain yes [Music] so how are you finding your new accommodation is it to your liking it is completely inadequate the rooms are far too small unfortunately your previous apartment is due for essential maintenance it's a temporary measure i want to see the king now i'm very sorry his majesty can't see you the king feels it would be inappropriate to see you before your forthcoming trial this is an outrage that man insulted me yes that says maybe but here in jordan we have a rule of law and the law must run its course excuse me sir the minister will see you straight away ah if you'll excuse me i'll arrange a car for you it's unbelievable unbelievable we have to go home i know my father better than anyone he won't break his word to me yes i know your father too and it would be suicide i told you he wants us back he would never harm his own flesh and blood oh come on she's right there's nothing for us here yeah i think perhaps he does need me he needs me of course he needs me my husband's defection had almost brought down the government i knew he and his brother would be stripped of all position and would have to regain my father's [Music] trust [Music] but at least we'd all be together again what are we doing we're going back to oman we can use the other car you go to baghdad if you want better to die in iraq than rotting a jordanian jam none of this was anything to do with me this was all of you we are brothers my fate is yours you want to see our papers no jen carry on welcome back my husband had not just betrayed my father he had also disgraced the tribe and would have to answer to them [Music] but my father loved hussein like a son he would protect him [Music] so [Music] yes [Music] welcome home what are you doing here the president gave us his word then you've got nothing to worry about have you this army women and children are coming with us you and your brother are staying here [Applause] [Music] consider yourselves under household you make sure they don't lift the room [Applause] why have they got my husband welcome back answer me you look exhausted calm sit down i don't want to sit down i want you to answer me what what day and ali hassan doing waiting for us at the house ali hassan is the head of the kimmel's tribe but you gave your word in writing you said they wouldn't be harmed the tribe must decide his fate you can't let those butchers kill my husband this is tribal justice the president is above such things you can still save him tell them one word from you and they'll stop you're going to let them murder him if only he had come to me all those months ago no no please he had a choice he had no choice can't you see this is why we ran it was you who started this madness everything i have done i have done for my family no you pitted your family against each other and you're surprised when they start tearing each other apart yeah but please what's this your divorce papers you'd have those little ones grow up the children of a traitor i won't sign them you choose that man over me i love him you'll do your duty and sign these papers you do it for me you do for your country and you'll do it for your children laughs good girl i see now who you really are i'm your father we're carved from the same stone i'm nothing like you i'm empty is it really possible that my father who loved his daughter so would turn them both into widows in one day what kind of love would that be according to what i have heard none of the tribal elders agreed with what ali hassan did you have company the date was february the 23 1996 you spare my family they are innocent do what you want with me me none of you are innocent the extent of the brutality of the regime of saddam hussein seems to know no bounds i think that the brutality of this and the whole way that they were welcomed and pardoned and murdered shows i think a great deal about the way saddam hussein believes that he deals with people ali hassan al-majid announced today that the al-majid tribe had rid itself of the traitors hussein and saddam carmel it is wrong for a person who has given his life and his youth in the service of his country in so many many ways to be described as a traitor had a cancer which had to be cut out with the death of the traitors the tribe has restored its honor that is all i will say it is wrong and will never forgive those who betray [Music] him there are many lies told about that time after our husbands died that we were hidden away that no one wanted to see us because we were daughters who had disgraced their father of course this is untrue there were many who wanted to see us but not out of sympathy some wanted to gloat for others it was simple curiosity how could these girls carry on with their lives after what had happened to them we didn't want to see anyone it was our decision mom i know your aunt ron is coming i told you to get ready i am ready well go and wash your face but mum is granddad coming no don't wash your face and tell the others to get ready i knew my father was waiting for me to reach out to him i wasn't ready to do so do [Music] you must never ever try and do something like that again i don't know what i have left to live for your children that's what if only we'd stayed in iraq none of this would have happened right now not this again the most important thing now is the children we must protect them [Music] protect them how can we protect them from our family with my husband gone my father turned to those he felt he could trust the most my brothers crusade rose up the ranks of the special security office uday was made minister for youth so boys this dear ferrari records refusing to have anything to do with it her husband was taken from her such things are not easily forgiven it's an important day for little ali the tribe must be allowed to make reparations for his father's death she won't want me then don't worry about i'll see to the arrangements good boy my father always said that his regime was not a monarchy but we all understood that uday was his heir apparent and my son the next in line today you get to sit on a throne and wear the robes of the tribe all the men of the tribe will give you money you're the head of the family now come on let's go i told you i didn't want this dear it's for ali not you come on us you must eat something i really don't want to you must excuse me my son no longer mentioned his father ali had to learn what it meant to be born into iraq's first family my father used to say to us you are iraqis whatever happens to the country should happen to you too since you have benefited from being in power so must you endure both sides of the situation [Music] and if the iraqi people are suffering why should you not suffer too [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] so you want pistachio right some of them [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] yes [Music] [Applause] [Music] my [Music] i'm so sorry excellency can you save him although his left leg has been very badly damaged the main area of concern is the pelvis can you save him i hope so but it will require a highly skilled surgeon i know someone in paris i'll get him my friends it's the will of god my brother never fully recovered from his injuries neither did my father the last time i saw my father was five days before the american invasion i noticed that he was watching me he was filling his eyes with his daughter thank you you take care of your mother i'll try you have always been the wisest of my [Music] children we would never see each other again don't be sad today is a great day as the first bombs fell i fled baghdad with my sister rana and our children we barely escaped with our lives people said that i celebrated the night my brothers were killed nothing could be further from the truth i comforted my children through their nightmares for eight months we had no word of our father but then on december the 13th 2003 we finally heard ladies and gentlemen we got them this is a great day in iraq's history for decades hundreds of thousands of you suffered at the hands of this cruel man for decades saddam hussein divided you citizens against each other for decades he threatened and attacked your neighbors those days are over forever medical examination proved that they talked about him as though he were a monster but all i saw was my father looking old and alone [Music] [Music] follow my [Music] good morning are you i'm your lawyer i don't have a lawyer you do know your excellency as appointed by your daughter raghav she'll be coordinating your defense [Music] the americans haven't given us much time first i need to cover any complaints you have about food and accommodation then on to our preparations for the trial [Music] i'm afraid they have not been forthcoming many people are surprised that i stood up for my father that i chose to defend him now they call me little saddam but i am my father's daughter and that's all the world will ever let me be and now that he is gone i can only console myself with the knowledge that as he went to his death he knew that i forgave him [Music] [Music] you

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