#PanasonicIFA 2018 Press Conference

#PanasonicIFA 2018 Press Conference

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One minute. Ladies. And gentlemen, please welcome the CEO of Panasonic. Europe Luo Abadi. Wow. That. Was a super fast journey, from Munich to Berlin I made. It here in just 30 minutes with the Hyperloop. More. On this exciting, development, in transportation. Shortly. Good. Afternoon ladies. And gentlemen. And warm. Welcome, to, the Panasonic press, conference, here at Aoife, 2018. At. Panasonic, we are dedicated, to improving, everyone's. Existence. By developing, smart safe, and, sustainable. Ways of living and working a. Key. Part of this is through, our focus, on connectivity. By. This I, mean. Connectivity. In the wider sense whether it's connecting, people. Devices. Or places. Let's. Start by looking at connecting places and. Around. The world Panasonic, is making a significant. Contribution. Towards. The future, of mobility, and, transportation. Ranging. From technologies, from. For, cars, for. Airplanes, for. Trains and beyond. Looking. Back to my arrival, here. By alpha, loop when. This method, of transportation, becomes. A reality I could travel from Munich to Berlin in only 30 minutes, such. I per loop developments, will soon change the, way we move around, using. Near, vacuum tubes to travel at supersonic. Speed. Equally, as fast as a plane. Travel. In. Munich we. Support, the Technical, University an. Exciting. First project with the university, is Panasonic. Industries. Involvement. With, the universities, entry, in the Hyperloop, pod, competition. Which. Took place last, month. The. Support, of this team by our Panasonic industry. Colleagues demonstrate. How cooperation. Between. Academia, and industry. Can, result in major steps, forward in, creating. Safer. More, efficient, and greener, ways, of transportation. More. Days very, shortly. Another. Example of how. We are focused, on the, future, of transportation, is our. Autonomous. Car concept, we. See the autonomous, driving development. Coming in three steps the, first step is, partial. Autonomous. Driving this. Will be followed by conditional. Autonomous. Driving, before. We foresee, fully, automated, driving, becoming, a reality, from, around 2030. To. Make this happen we, can't just focus on the technology in the car it. Is critical. To establish, an organized. Road, infrastructure. Alongside. The, development of new technologies, inside. The cabin itself. Panasonic, contributes, to the evolution, of advanced. Driver, assistance systems. By combining, the, Panasonic group's extensive. Consumer. Electronic, technologies, such as displays. Image. Processing, image. Recognition and. Our. Communication. And networking. Capabilities. With. In-car, technologies. Please. Join, me in looking, at some example. Of exciting. Transportation. Projects, we are involved, with and. Working. On. Which, we, demonstrate, our vision, and plans, for mobility, and transport. Let's. Take a look. Where, is the future of mobility leading, us a greener, and safer way, of transport, one. Thing's for sure to, shape the future we, have to rethink mobility. As it is today. Connectivity. Is the key therefore. Panasonic. Is focusing, on projects, that have the ability to change the way we move with, a completely, new perspective, in April. The prime minister of avaria said they aim to introduce a Hyperloop, reference, route within the next 10 years. Panasonic. Already supports, first concept, studies the, one who wants to make the world as a place needs, to think long term what, will the future of Transportation look. Like the, train running. Through a tube at speeds, of nearly, 1,000. Kilometers per hours this, may, sound like something. Straight. Out of a, science fiction movie but. A, team of students, at the, Technical, University of. Munich have, developed. A prototype. For. Such a vehicle. Supported. By Panasonic, technology. And engineering. Know-how. Summer. Third global, Hyperloop, contest near Los Angeles proof. That the Hyperloop is not only a pipe dream. Competing. With other engineering, student teams from around the world the Munich students, won this contest twice, now. For. Some key applications, for the Hyperloop pod Panasonic. Components, have been used, Panasonic. Also brought together young minds with its skilled engineers for laser light sensors, relay, and resistor, technology. Los. Angeles USA, at. The one-mile test course the third global contest took place. Ready. To launch and dawn. This. Time it's all about speed. Within. Seconds, the Hyperloop pod accelerates.

Up To four hundred and sixty seven kilometers, now. This. Record also proves the excellence, of Panasonic's, technology, inside, the pod and this, is just one of the many projects, Panasonic, is working on to lead into a sustainable and safe future of mobility. Autonomous. Forms. Of transportation, are, also only, a step, ahead today. Our. Panasonic, automotive. Engineering. Teams work. On autonomous. Driving technologies. Contributing. To, increased safety. And, offering. An individual. Form of mobility. Even, for, elderly, people in western. Japan Panasonic. Started, last year testing. An autonomous, electric commuter on a road it. Uses visual and sensor detection, sources applies, recognition. And judgment, algorithms, resulting. In warning or autonomous. Action. Mobility. Is a building, block for Panasonic. For a greener safer, and, more, enjoyable future. The, key element, is connectivity. Connectivity. In, data and, transportation. Bringing. Together people, like you, and me moving, towards, a better life a better world. As. An. Electronics, manufacturer. Expertise. In, digitalization. And connectivity. Is our DNA. Thanks. To our comprehensive, sensor. Portfolio. Our experience. In visual, technology, and I will, know how in connectivity, we, are able to develop a number of new, smart, services, together with our partner, and customers. You. May remember last year at Aoife I told you about the, streetlights, which can charge electric, cars, thanks, to Panasonic's, light management, solution. This. Solution meant. That. A streetlight, could. Still provide electricity, even, when the light is switch off during, the day. We. Have now taken this solution a step forward, bringing high. Bandwidth. Connectivity, and, therefore. Smart. City services, to something, as. Omnipresent. As a streetlight, that is already spread, widely across cities, villages. And. Industrial. Areas. Let's. Take wisdom, a, tourist. Island in the Baltic Sea as our first example of, this solution in action. Here. In, the high season. Of the population, increases. By, 3, times as tourists. Flocked to the island. Anyone. Will spend time this summer on early days with teenage, children, knows. That all this does not feel like holiday. Unless there. Is an intern, connection, to keep them entertained. Visitors. To who's them used. To find that the GSM connectivity. Was rather poor. So. The mayor the. Mayor of, Harrods, Dolf one. Of the islands, tourist hotspots, turned to Panasonic to. Solve this issue using. The existing, streetlight. Structure, together with, Panasonic's. HD. Power line, communication, module. With. A Wi-Fi. Router on. Top of the, streetlights visitors. And residents. Inherent. Dorf can, enjoy a fast, internet connection. Along the beachfront. Another. City which, has created, even, more smart, city services using, our, HD. PLC. Technology, is Solingen. You. May recognize, the name zulan. From, either sharp, knives, and scissors. But. Their smart city, ideas, are even, sharper. Using. The Internet, connectivity of HD. PLC, module the, German city upgraded.

Their. Streetlights. To incorporate, weather, and air, pollution sensors. And, this. Is especially useful in. Time where the weather and, climate change. Results. In dramatic and very, local, weather phenomenon. Since. Diesel, gate defining. Air pollution, standards and, measuring. Threshold. For. When traffic, should be suspended drive political. Discussion, today as a, result, smart. Concepts, for measurement. Connected, with, intelligent. Traffic, management systems, are the, first step to, deal with these issues, protecting. Citizens, while. Also saving, money and, electricity. Furthermore. To add the citizen, to feel, safe in thüringen some, of the streets lights are fitted. With an SOS, button, and a, Panasonic, security, camera connected, to an emergency help. Center. And I'm blinging speedy response in case of emergency. So. Let's take look at these street lights in action. Connected. Cities they, come to life and, street, lighting is the key on average every 50, meters of street light is connected to the electricity, grid with. Panasonic's, HD power line communication module. The lamppost is upgraded, to offer a wide range of smart city services. Panasonic's. HTTP. He has now come to life in different cities it, builds the foundations for various smart cities applications. Suleiman. Is one of the two cities in Germany using, HD power line communication modules. To offer smart, services, to their citizens, this. Lamppost incorporates. A speaker, for public announcements, with. The emergency, function from, Schneider intercom, the Panasonic, security, camera and, the microphone in, the lamppost are activated, and the, image and voice call are forwarded, to our control center, connecting. The streetlight to the HD, power line enables, the lamp to send and receive data across, the respective, service network, this. Allows for air pollution sensors. To deliver data for intelligent, traffic management, the. Street light turns into a weather station through, sensors, delivering, precise and very local, weather data so, citizens can get alerts about microclimate, changes, the. HD PLC bandwidth, is up to 240. Megabits, giving the chance to react to unpredicted. Extreme, weather the. Advantages, of the solution, are obvious, first. There are no follow-up, costs, compared, to a gsm solution, second. The, exclusive, connection, guarantee the best data transfer, rates third. And encryption. Ensures the necessary, data protection, the, beautiful island of loserdom, poor. Gsm, connectivity. Led, the community of healings Dorf to upgrade, the tourist hotspot along the seafront with, HD plc, connectivity. The. Kaiser Bader on who's a dog wants to offer their guests a great holiday experience, especially, for young people this includes internet access in tourist centers that's, why we opted for an HD PLC, solution, that's, fast enough to surf the Internet at the seafront HD. PLC offers smart solutions, for a wide rightie of needs we, see that our HD, PhD technology, and able cities to realize the digital, transformation it. Gives them the foundation, for many innovative, smart services. And, connected, services for their citizens. In. Addition, to visit smart services, in religion and wisdom. As, well as our, existing, smart. Cities project in Fujisawa, and Sunnah Shima in Japan there. Is actually, one great case study, we, have not yet mentioned and, it's. Right here in this great city of Berlin as. You. Can see he here, on this picture the construction, as Progress Lee nicely, since. The groundbreaking, ceremony in. July last year. The. Houses, are now, almost ready for Panasonic, photovoltaic. H80. Panels, as well as the Panasonic, heat pumps but. This is not all. In. Future, living berlin we are working on a new software platform our, energy. Management system. Known. As. Ems, the. Kind of brain, if, you like which. Will significantly. Leverage. The way energy is, created. Managed. And used. In, apartment. Buildings, what. Is special about Panasonic's. EMS. Is the integration. Of. Electricity. And heating, into. One, energy, management, console, which. Is only possible for us to do since we own technologies. Such as saira battery. And heat pumps, we. Will start European, production, of these, air to water heat, bombs this. October, in. Our Factory in Czech Republic for, the European market. Coming. Back to the MS this. Energy, management concept, and the, self consumption, of solar power is, particularly, attractive, in Germany where. There, is a fantastic, subsidy, model called, meter, strong. This. In field incentivizes. Building, owners, and, parents like. To benefit, from the self-produced, energy. Panasonic. Will field test its management, platform, in future leaving Berlin with, the young and dynamic company.

Policy Term and. Considers. To roll out such a solution, in, other cities in Germany. So. Now let's, take a look at Panasonic's. Energy management. Systems. Co2. Emissions, in cities are a big issue, besides. Traffic, pollution from buildings caused by heating also has to be reduced on top, of electricity. Panasonic, included, heating into the energy management for buildings, shaping. The future means, inventing. New ways of renewable, energy usage here. Panasonic. Is partnering with companies like Kailash, down Kailash. Dance core is green energy thereby. They support building owners to make best use of the meter strong law which, incentivizes, building, owners and tenants to, use energy where it's produced a. Big. Challenge is always to find partners with, deep knowledge and photovoltaic battery. And tea technology, such, as heat pumps the, one partner offices all together it, makes the management, across the three technologies much. Easier. We, work with Panasonic, in different projects, to provide the best fitting solution, to our customers, the, building owners and the tenants, a perfect. Example of this is our collaboration. In the future living, building project. Construction. Is nearly complete and key, energy technologies, from Panasonic, like solar and heat pumps are about to be installed. For. The PV power usage scientists. From the our WTHR. And University test, battery systems and the combination, with heating as the third pillar of the energy mix the. Future, of the home energy market, will be much more complex than today and Tana Sonic is challenging. This they offer, a system, which includes you photovoltaic modules. And the batteries, for, storing, electrical, energy but it also includes heat, pumps for, providing, heat to the system and. The question of the energy management system, at the end of the day is where, to put the energy to, the heat pump to the battery to the consumers. Directly or maybe feeding it into the grid together. Was Panasonic, we try to figure out how, such, a system could be used the, best possible, way. Panasonic. Has a huge know-how, in photovoltaic batteries. And heat pumps this, gives us a special opportunity to, best integrate and, control them at our European, R&D center we developed the core technology, the central, software platform, manages, the energy produced stored. And used, in residential, and apartment, houses. In. Munich. Germany green. Architecture specialists, nest have, recognized, the importance, of heating for the renewable, energy mix in their apartments. Since. Heating represents. More than 40 percent of the total energy consumption, in a house we focus not only on electricity, but especially on, heat due to our high energy, efficient, homes the tenants save around 70%, heating, costs on, top the residents, reduce another, 15% on, their energy bills thanks, to the metres tall model. Panasonic. Is the leading manufacturer, to combine all three energy, sources in one, energy, management platform. We. Have heard now about, some innovation. For the cities and for. The homes of the people. Innovation. For the homes is the key word for us and now, and over, to our new MC, Lina. So. Lina will give you a sneak, preview of what Mississauga. WA has brought, with her and Sharon. Some interesting, prediction, of how, Panasonic, will. Help change the way we live over, the next hundred years a. Very. Big thanks for your attention, and please give a warm welcome to. Lina. Yeah. Ladies and gentlemen and I join mr. Boddy in welcoming, you to the Panasonic press, conference, at this year's Aoife in the wonderful, city of Berlin. My name is Lena Z and I'm delighted to be your host, today. I'm sure, some of you when you came in noticed, that Panasonic, is, celebrating. A small anniversary. This year a hundred. Years of Panasonic. 1918. To. 2018. If you. Think of the century, and all the revolutionary. Changes this, brought to everyone's way of life I think. It's fair to say that the speed of technological. Developments, of this century are. Unprecedented. In the history of, humankind. Now. Let's, think for a moment for the next about, the next 100, years can. You even imagine how our lives will look like, based. On the technologies, that we have available today, already. I think, we.

Can Expect that our homes will soon be fully. Connected, and intelligent. Already. Now I can, control quite a few devices in my house just, by using my voice and I. Think soon I'll, be able to come back from a long day at work sit. Back and say, hey. Google. Time. To relax and then. The lights dim and, the. Air conditioned blows a cool breeze my way and perhaps in, the background, my. Favorite piece from the Berlin Philharmonic will, start to play I. Think. You can see that I'm already quite excited, about the future and I can't wait to see how these, technologies, will, change, our lives and will make them easier, and more, comfortable. And our. Next speaker in fact is. Going to show us that this dream is not, too. Far from, becoming a reality. Mischa, Cole Ogawa, is not only vice president, but also chief, technology. Officer, and in charge of design at Panasonic's, appliance company, the, heart of, Panasonic's, consumer, business. Now ladies and gentlemen please, welcome to. The stage miss, Ogawa. Thank. You Elena and good, afternoon everyone, my name, is Michiko. Ogawa. As. 2018. Is the 100th. Anniversary, of the founding, of a Panasonic, today. I want, to talk to you about the, past and also, about, of a vision, for Panasonic. Consumer, products, of the future. Panasonic. Was founded. In, 1918. Meaning, that Panasonic, has now been making. Products, which, and reach. Your homes for exactly. 100. Years. The. Tone for the next century was, set by our very, first, product, a double. Light socket. In. Those days houses. While only really, set up to allow the use, of electricity. For lighting. There. Were no wall, plugs, just. The hanging, light sockets, so. If for, example you. Wanted to use, one of the new electric. Ions, which, were just becoming, a popular then. You needed to and school, your, light and, instead. Screw, your iron, to the light socket, and, then. I am, in the dark. Panasonic's. Double, socket, allowed people, to, iron, the, clothes and an. Electric. Light for the first time, and, in. So doing. Contributed. To the revolution. Of using, electricity. For, a wide, variety, of products. In our homes as, I. Said. That. First product, a device. To make, our homes more. Convenient. Set. The tone for the next century. Through. Continually. Trying, to, understand. And then. Solve people's. Real-life. Problems. Panasonic. Went. To become one, of the largest, manufacturers. Of, electrical. Appliances. In the world and, those. Electric. Appliances. Changing. The world. Radial. And the TVs, allowed, us to hear, and see, the world. Brought. Us news, and entertainment and. Made, the globe a smaller place for. Example, panasonic. Fast radio they. All thirty-one. Drove. The radio, industry's. Growth while, our first, monochrome. TV redefined. Picture. Quality, and mainstream. Design. Introducing. The rectangular. TV, screens, we, still, see today. Microwave. Ovens, have, helped, to cut the amount of time necessary, to, cook. Nutritious, meals. And. Revolutionized. The, way people cook. From. Steaming grilling. And baking. Nutritious. Meals. Panasonic. Has transformed. Microwave. Ovens, to become, multi-purpose. Cooking, appliances. Air. Conditioners. Have, contributed. Greatly, to. Making. A living in hotter. Parts, of the globe more, comfortable. And. 60. Years ago. Panasonic. Was too fast in the industry. To bring a window, type compact. And lightweight. Air-conditioner. To the home, over. The years panasonic. Has manufactured. Millions. Of these and, other devices, and, we, are proud of the, contribution. We have made to, improving. People's. Lives. That's. The past. Four. Of the future. Technological. Balance. Are, changing. The way we live, and how we interact. With, each other in. Society. Our. Homes. And the, product, inside them. Becoming, integrated. Into. The communities. Around us, like, never, before. Accordingly. From, now on, instead. Of focusing, on, individual. Products, it, will be necessary to, coordinate.

Between Multiple. Devices to, provide. Solutions, and. Experiences. Suited. To each lifestyle. And residential. Spaces and to. The wider community. Accordingly. Panasonic. Believes, that the movement, towards. The old devices, being, connected, to, an Internet. Of Things will. Potentially. Deliver. Equally. Profound, changes. To our society. Every. Year the number of our products, which are IOT. Compatible. Are expanding. Owner. Booths. We, are displaying, a wide variety, of Panasonic. Products, from. Smart, speakers, to -, audio from, Ultra, HD blu-ray players, to, TVs, which. Work with the Google assistant. And Amazon. Alexa. However. Panasonic. Is also, working to, straight, the boundaries, of. What. The Internet, of Things makes, possible. As. Mr.. Every mentioned. Area, a concrete. Example can. Be seen here, in future. Living building. Based. On our advanced, technology. Panasonic. Is the first TV, manufacturer. To, integrate. Its Smart, TVs, into. The selected, home automation. Platform. Digital. Strong. Furthermore. We. Will also integrate. Of a smart, speaker, the g8n. This. In neighboring, for, example. Personalized. The entertainment. And comfort. Scenarios. As well as making, the home more, secure. Another. Example, of how. Panasonic, is leading. A more, towards. The next stage of the Internet, of Things is. Our, support, for, low-power. Wide-area. Or. LP, double-a, technology. This. Technology allows. For appliances. To, ship with the LP, double a modem, already. Installed. In each device, which. Can connect, the seamlessly. With the local, cellular, network, straight, out of the box, allowing. For two-way low. Bandwidth. Communications. This. Eliminates. The need for time. Consuming. And sometimes, complicated. Wi-Fi. Pairing. In. Japan. Panasonic. Has already. Announced, that. It will conduct. A pilot with, one of Japan's, leading mobile. Operators. To. Utilize. Low-power. Wide-area. Technology. To, connect, large numbers, of Panasonic. Appliances. Today. I am pleased to announce that Panasonic. Will also, be expanding. These, initiatives. To Europe, in. Partnership. With Europe's, largest, cellular. Network. Vodafone. We. Will be rolling out Europe's. Leading. N B IOT, trials, with, Panasonic. Consumer, products. Starting. From air conditioners. To. Tell you more about it, I am, delighted to welcome to. The stage mr.. Eric. Baroness. CEO. Of, Vodafone. Global, enterprise. Thank. You very much and hello. Let. Me tell you that, this, is a super exciting time to be involved, in the Internet of Things with. The adoption of the, technology. At an all-time high, everybody's. Talking about IOT, at, the moment I personally. Believe that narrowband. IOT, or short, n B IOT, is, going to open up a lot of new opportunities for companies like Panasonic to. Help create a more connected, Society, this. Stinnett technology. Which, Vodafone, helped develop, is now a recognized. Industry standard. And it means that companies can. Start to build connected. Appliances, that, can work in the field for, 10 years, on a single battery charge it. Can connect as far as 10 kilometers, and it. Allows, about 10,000. Divided devices. To be connected to just one single cell cell. And all, of this at a lower cost than, is currently available in, the market. Vodafone. Already, today is the recognized, market, leader in Internet, of Things and, we have more than 74. Million, International. Irt connections, from. Connected, cars connected. Cows all kinds, of other stuff, building. On that success we've. Already launched. This new technology, in nine countries and. It's currently being used for. Lots of things such, as smart, meters, pet, trackers, medical. Monitors, smart. Parking applications. And a lot more. Finally. We, really, welcome the, chance to deepen, our relationship. With Panasonic, and we, are super excited to. Be working with Panasonic. Here, in Europe to, explore, how, together we, can help to bring Panasonic.

Even, Closer to its customers, thank. You. Thank. You very much, Eric. Staying. On the theme, of the future I'd like to discuss, design. There. Is a saying in Japan to, see 10 years into the future visit. Tokyo to. See 100. Years, into the future, visit. Kyoto and. So. It is with the future, in mind that. We panasonic, have decided, to, formally. Concentrate. Our consumer. Product design, functions, in, Kyoto. Why. Kyoto. It's. The cultural. Capital, of Japan and, with, over, 2,000, years of history is renowned. As representing. The very best of a traditional. Japanese, craftsmanship. And artistry. Indeed. Thanks. To a thriving and, diverse, population. Including. A large number of university. Students, the. Traditional. Skills, crafts. And know-how. Which, Kyoto is famous, for are being kept. Alive to this day, from. This new, base in kurtal, we, intend, to continue drawing, from, and learning. From this rich, tradition of, Japanese, aesthetics. Whilst. Merging. It with what we ourselves have. Learned about our customers, needs over. The last 100. Years and, the, advanced. Technologies. We have. In. This way we, plan to design a, future where. Technology. Is ambient. And melt, into the background and. Only. Become, apparent, as, it, anticipates. And, supports. Our knees. Complexity. Should really. Be concealed. Behind, a, simplicity. And. Intuitiveness. Which. Encourages. Us to control, it effortlessly. To. Demonstrate, this philosophy. On our, booths we. Have put, together a, special, exhibition. Incorporating. Vortex, IOT. And, artificial. Intelligence, which. Dramatizes. How. Panasonic seeds. How, design. And, technology. Will, transform our, homes, of the future, so. Please do pay it a visit a. Final. Example, of the caliber, of the Panasonic. Designers, we, have now working. In kyoto is the. Success, of our installations. At the Milano's, Saloni the. World's. Largest and, most prestigious. Design. Exhibition. It. Avoids, just, six million, design Awards. Annually, and we, are proud to have now won, one, of these in, both. 2017. And, 2018. Two. Years, on the run, this. Year we actually want. The best technology. Award, for. A comprehensive. Installation. Called, air. Inventions. Which, combined, a wide, range, of Panasonic's. Unique, technologies. In, air, conditioning. Audio-visual. And lighting. To design, air. Yes. Air. The. Installation. Was an excellent. Example above. A new and, emerging, approach. To, designing, not, only, the best products, but in creating. Experiences. Enhancing. Well-being, and, designing. For the whole culture. Of people's. Lives. Next. I want to move on to another Panasonic. Venture, which, has deep roots in, Japanese. Culture. Our. Experience. Fresh kitchen. Appliances. Experience. Fresh is of a premium, kitchen, brand which, synthesizes. Japanese. Traditional. Techniques, and know-how. For, cooking fresh food with. Precision. Technologies. And the European. Trainer for fresh food. As. You, may know, Japanese. People, enjoy, a life expectancy. Longer. Than almost anywhere, else in the world together, with, some of the lowest rates, of obesity. For, both men, and women, a large. Portion of this is down, to what, we eat but. We also believe, that traditional. Japanese, cooking, methods, handed. Down from, generation. To generation, are, also very. Important. As they, help to preserve, the. Healthy, nutrients. And other, goodness. Inside, the food. Accordingly. In, our, experience. Fresh products, our aim, is to use the. Latest, technology. To, deliver these, traditional. Healthy, cooking, methods, to, our kitchens. Around, the world. For. Example, methods. Of cooking such, as steaming. Preserves. Nutrients. And prevents. The oxidization. Of food. The. Blaze we, use in a blenders, are, informed. By centuries. All, the Japanese. Blacksmithing. Techniques. Meaning, that they cut cleaner, so, as to not damage, the. Nutritious. Goodness, within, foods. One. Of our other key. Technologies. Temperature. Control, is used. In our next, latest. European, experience. Fresh, product, our. Colas, Tina had, pressed, bread maker. Designed. For and in Europe. Christina. Uses, two, unique, temperature. Sensors, working. In unison, to ensure, the, dow rises. Consistently. During, fermentation. To. Deliver. Authentic. Oval-shaped. Crispy. Crusted. Bread as if, fresh from, the local, bakery. Furthermore. They. Optimized. Reading blade holes, and stretches. The Dow whilst. It catches, against, the inbuilt, ribs to, achieve, consistent. Results, that, emitted, the even, kneading of skilled, artisans. Creating. Crisp, crunchy. Crust. Christina. Will, go and sell here, in Europe, next. Month. Next. I would like to speak about TV. And every. Products. Exactly. This time last year together. With 20th. Century Fox and Samsung, Panasonic, announced.

That, We would a jointly, be developing. An improved. HDR. Format which, uses, dynamic, metadata. Called. HD, alt empress. HD. Alton, plus automatically. Optimizes. Brightness. Color and, contrast. For, each scene, delivering. Impressive. Picture, quality. Improvements. Several. Months ago the three, founding. Companies. Have, a finalized. The, specifications. Of this, new, technology, and. Started. The, license, problem, now. HD. Alt empress. Is available. A century. Free, of church for, everyone. To use. So. Far reactions. From the industry. Are very, promising, and, I, strongly, believe, HD. All templars, will be widely, adopted. HDL. Templars has also put, in place a certification, process with HD, all templars logo, now. Consumers. Will be able to easily recognize, which. Tvs and the altar HD, blu-ray players, have. Been certified, to deliver, the, very best. Performances. And. I, am happy to announce that, the devices, you, can see on the screen behind me, are, now, all official. HD all tempura, certified. Furthermore. Yesterday. We, issued a firmware, update for. 2018. Panasonic. 4k TV, models, from, FX. 600. And, ababa. Which, brings h del temperance, compatibility. To DS tvs. In. Terms of HDL, team press content. 20th, Century, Fox have said that, they, are exploring, several, upcoming. Releases and plans. To announce, availability. Of HDL, temp rest titles, in the coming, weeks. One. Of brothers film, studio, has, already, announced, that, the day will release, their industry-leading. Lively. Of 4k. Titles, in HD. All 10 plus later, this, year as they. Are committed, to more, accurately. Bring. The filmmakers. The vision of their, titles, to, consumers. In the home. Finally. Amazon. Prime a video, was, the first streaming, service, to launch, a Deltan, Plus content, in December. 2017. And made. The entire prime. Video, HD, all library, available. In HD, all temptress. That's. A bearable right now for owners, of the Panasonic. TVs I, showed you area. For. Panasonic, everything. We do HDL. Tempura included, is always. About making sure we, deliver the. Filmmakers. Vision, with, the highest, possible level of a fidelity, to our viewers. For. This reason, we, regularly. Work with, not only 20th. Century Fox but, also other, studios. And Colour lists to, ensure, that we, are delivering, the most authentic. Experiences. In. Fact, the. Outstanding, accuracy. Of, our OLED, TVs, was, recently. Testified, to. At a shoot are hosted, by the highly, respected. HDTV. Test, review site, the. Shootout, featured. The flagship, TVs, from, all four, major brands, and based. On, boats. By over, 30 experts. Panasonic's. OLED Oh what's. Recognized, as delivering, the most accurate, color, contrast. And, uniformity. When. Viewing, films. And crowned. The, best 2tb, for, the second, year in a row, for. Us, Hollywood. - your home is not just, a marketing, slogan. Finally. I'd like to turn to techniques. One. Of the most symbolic, technics. Products, are our. Uncompromising. Turntables. And since. Bringing, back techniques, we, have been, working, hard to redefine. The, contemporary. Turntable. Through, combining. Modern, cutting-edge, digital, and, traditional. Analog. Audio technology. With, precision. Engineering. Accordingly. Both our si 1200. G Series and, SL. 1000. All turntables. Have received, many. Fantastic. Reviews. Thank. You all very much. Today. However, I want to talk about another, symbol. Of the new technics all. Your products. Purposely. Developed, for the modern, era and in, particular our, premium. Class products, at last. Year's high-end, audio show in Munich we. Announce the hugely, successful.

Techniques. Premium, class at our SCC. 70. Which we call the author before, tech. Techniques. Premium, class systems, are designed for, music, lovers and taken. All in one form, factor, i caching. Design, and connectivity. Options which. Match the dye bath means, of modern lifestyles. Following. In the footsteps of, the Forte at this. Year's high-end, Oriole show. We announced, the Oh Taba s, SCC. 50, it. Looks, stunning, right. That's. Why the, L stands. For style. However. It looks, a secondly. To its superb, all your performance. It. Incorporates. Techniques, unique, digital and, acoustic. Technologies. To deliver an, incredible. Music, moment. Furthermore. As. Befits. Our modern, era it, supports. A huge, amount, of connectivity, options that. Are available today. Such. As Bluetooth a, free chromecast. Built-in, Spotify. Title, Deezer, internet. Radio and, DLNA. - it. Will be going on sale in Europe very, very, soon, and you can also find, it on our technics, boost so. Please, pay a visit to find your style, I. Would. Like to finish with, a few, words about, how. Important. The European. Market, is to, Panasonic. In. Just, the last year we. Have further, strengthened. Both, our European. Lifestyle. Research, facility. And our. Product, design, presence. Here, in Europe, both. Moves, are to, ensure, that. The products. And services. Which, Panasonic. Offers fully. Meets, the, needs and expectations, of. European. Consumers. Among. The most discerning. In the world. We. Believe that in order to ensure, that panasonic, is around, for, another. 100. Years then. We need to keep on being strong here, in Europe, and, that's. What. We intend, to do, thank. You very much. Thank. You Miss Ogawa, yeah. Ladies and gentlemen as you can see Panasonic. Played a huge, part in, forming, and transforming. People's, lives and, homes over, this past century. And I'm fairly certain that, it will continue to, do so in the, years to, come I hope. You enjoyed the presentation and. We gave you little glimpse, into, the future and since we are already living in a fairly connected, world we are giving you the option to download the most important, information and, backgrounds. To this press conference using, the URL, link behind, me on the screen and now, I see, you can't wait to go and test, and discover. The products of Panasonic, yourself, please, do so we invite you to come and discover our booth and if you do have any further questions. Or need any information, please don't hesitate to ask, our specialists, for help thank, you for your attention and enjoy, your, stay at Aoife.

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