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What's up guys I'm getting started here in just a second I'm just. Sending. Out this invite, link. Okay. Awesome. Guys what's up you got some of you already on which is awesome we've. Got some pretty exciting stuff, to go through break, down and share with you all day and then also kind. Of like I did you, know it's probably about six weeks ago just did like a live. Like ask me anything so if you guys do have questions I know I, just, got access to the YouTube stories, feature I don't know if you guys have seen that so. I got, a few questions on there I've one of my stories and so be able to hit that as well but if you guys do have the questions we're jumping through all this stuff throw. Them over there in that Shack and I will be able to make, sure I answer, all of them and also, it's kind of kind of cool I just I, was, using a different software who's using Wirecast, to. Do these YouTube. Lives, what. You guys were on the last one I was having some issues actually going through and. Sharing. My screen so. Like if you guys have questions for actually me to share my screen I'm, using zoom now which, obviously. They've got the massive branding. Zoom right across the bottom there so I'm gonna try to figure out how to actually take, that off because that's kind of annoying but, anyway. So let's just jump into things guys I've. Got a few, okay. We've got Zachary, Young's got some questions, what's. Up everyone, Jamie Navarro's, on is it. Out, of Yemi, sorry. I'm terrible, with the pronunciation, there and then we got to meme i think saying. Hey what's up man okay, cool so i'm a couple, of updates here, as we're, moving into. 2019. Obviously, like right now i don't know about you but for me it's like, totally. Just like getting that mindset, ready to hit the ground running January. 2019. So, a lot of times like people start setting their goals January. 1st or whatever but. Like I like to kind of get started a little bit beforehand, so honestly a lot of my like mark being advertised, and I've slowed down for the men's month of December to, make sure just like okay hey these are the plans they won't actually implement, in my business, in 2019. And, now I'm just like going Peru shoot, a bunch of sales videos, getting, the projects, I'll settle that like all mapped out we've, got a pretty. Cool stuff coming out first quarter of 2019. So I've, kind of got so far like January, through about April, mapped. Out here, as. Far as like what we're gonna be doing with our our, business the the software side things most you guys know I run. Arsenal, mkg Arsenal marketing which is a lead, generation, software. Company. And, we. Got some cool announces some things I want to share with you guys today so. We're gonna be ruling out a mobile, app so, let me just pull this up I'm just going to show you guys so. This is gonna be pretty sweet so if you guys are real estate agent or even, if you're like a marketing agency and you're you know you help run ads for, clients you know for different real estate agents we've, got right here so. This is kind of version one it's a little beta so, we've got a few people jumping, on the beta version of the are slim kg app and then, we're gonna be doing a full on release, in January, of 2019 so, do you guys want that shoot me a message over on Facebook. Or throw a message over there in the chat drop a comment down below this video if, you're watching it after to the live but.

Basically Like if you guys can see here. It. Pulls all of your contacts, and. It's still loading right here pulls all of your contacts, over from your arsenal mkg account so, you can have them right here on your mobile app and then, we've also implemented, two-way, texting, because I, know a lot of you guys and I've known this has been a kind of a pain in the past as like we, had the automated, email and text go out but then once. The text went out there wasn't that two-way, back-and-forth. Communication which. Obviously. That's huge right so we've got the two-way texting, and, then also just like before. We would send you an e-mail or text notification, any time you got a new lead with the contact, information, now, it's gonna pull up as a notification, right. Within the mobile app and so you could be out about like at an open house showing whatever you're doing and you'll. Get a notification from, the Arsenal mobile app you, can open it up you, can text, them back right there obviously, you can still have the automated email and text going out you, can call them let's, say you you did call them and you can call like an email and text all stuff right within the mobile app then. You, can go through and have any add, notes, add appointments. All that stuff right, within the app so it's gonna be pretty legit, I think, personally. Because I know this has kind of been a big thorn. In a lot of people's side with the Arsenal system, believe. Me guys like if there's, like all these cool things we want to have happen with the Arsenal, system, and it's, just really like it's just time in development right it's just resources, we're getting there. The next thing that we're working on there's two things that were working on a quarter one of 2019. They should all be done by March. Is one. Is we're gonna be able to have multiple, leave forms so right now we have one lead form that integrates with Arsenal, because. As you guys know if you've done any leave form advertising. Once. You generate a lead it just kind of drops into a CSV, file within the Facebook Ads manager and, you, have to go check inside, the ads manager download. The file import, in your CRM just. To pain the butt and so now instead. Of just like creating, one lead form we're gonna be able to have as many, as you want so like let's say you've got ten listings, or you got a listing an open house or a buyer seller like, whatever it is they're, all gonna be able to flow, right into Arsenal, and they're.

Gonna Have their own automated. Email text marketing follow-up sequence and all. That, is gonna, obviously sync, with the mobile app so it's gonna be pretty legit, guys, another. Thing one, other thing that I'm actually, two other things they're, pretty cool one. Is we're working also on the, onboarding. Process because I'm. Probably most you guys are not in the software space but, like kind of like the biggest nono, like software, 101, is when someone signs up for a software, or like like, Facebook, or whatever it is you. Don't just grab like their count, information, and drop them onto the dashboard right, that's just like biggest nono because people like don't know what to do once they sign up and that's. Honestly, what we do right now so it's it's kind of stupid but get, this guys what we're gonna be doing is in, four, to five clicks we haven't nailed it down quite yet but, you'll have your landing, page your. Thank You page your. 10-day, or, you can even have 20 day email and text marketing follow up on your, Facebook tracking. Your, Facebook, ad all. Completely. Set up in about four to five clicks. This. Proven JIT right like so we're, gonna totally integrate, with your Facebook Ads account one. Of your biggest questions is a Jason what's the pixel like how do I set it up while my landing pages that's, gonna be automated, you doing on to mess with the pixel anymore we're, gonna create custom audiences, custom, conversions, all that, stuff on the back end so all the confusing, stuff when it comes to Facebook advertising, you. Guys are gonna have to worry about it okay so this is gonna be awesome I'm super, pumped about this and then. Last. Thing and. I see we've got a lot of a, lot. Of questions coming in so we'll get to those here in just a second and, then the other thing is for. Those of you guys that like you, like man Jason like your videos are cool they're good they they're helpful but that's. Just not my core expertise, my core expertise, is being, with clients one-on-one doing, showings open houses all that stuff we. Can go through and we'll just take care of all, of the lead generation for you which kind. Of hasn't been super new because we have a plan that we'll do like kind of an assisted thing but. Well. Actually every single time any lead comes in we'll, call all of your leads for you so you. Don't have to go spend all of your time chasing. After all these dead-end, leads or if they're a bogus, lead or anything like that and, then, at the end of the day we'll, just be able to give you a report of you hey these leads are ready, to go you need to call them right away or if like we get on the phone with somebody right then and there we, can do a live transfer, for you guys so. If you guys are interested, in any of that stuff what. I'll do actually. There's. A page. Right here just, throw this in the chat for you guys go. Wait opt-in, right there if you guys want us to like take care of everything so the. Facebook ads the landing pages the lead generation the remarketing, the tracking, what. Else the phone calls the email text marketing follow up literally, everything and then all you do is just get everything right to the mobile app on your phone and just like text, back and forth or call them when we tell you you need to call them.

Just. Anyway, opt-in right there check out we got a video kind of explain it all, and we'll, be able to dive into stuff, right there. Okay. Let's see here guys so we've, got a couple of questions let's, just jump through these and I gotta exit out this little tab cuz. It was you, know how Facebook has like a little notification thing, that this bugs, me. Okay, so let's see Zachary, Young says why aren't my videos not getting me as many leads as my pictures. Why. Are my, videos not getting me as many leads as my pictures, are. You saying you like your video like your facebook, video, ads or, are. You, talking about like your YouTube, videos. It's. Only weighs exactly just quick little follow up there and, let. Me know on that and then. We'll. Kind of continue on so I'll get back to you if you like let me know is it, YouTube videos or, whatnot. Okay. Oh so you okay said Facebook ok Facebook videos so, here's, a big thing when. It comes to advertise, on Facebook and, like. You got to be careful what you say because every, geographic, location, especially when you're marketing for local businesses, is very different. And so, you can't say like just one like one size fits all type of thing like I I, go, through and things I share my channel or on my facebook page or whatever are things that I've seen work best for most people, but. It's tough when it's like you're just saying hey there's some just like blanket, statement, right so, the biggest thing that I would do is if you're doing Facebook, videos or pictures, like. Dude just like cancel, the videos if it's not getting these many leads but, the thing you got to remember is videos, have, a lot more they're. Doing a lot more than just like generating, leads for you they're, building rapport, people. Can kind of see your personality, on video you're, able to deepen that relationship and. Also, another, huge thing if you're brand new you're, able to pixel, everyone that watches that video track, how long they've watched the video create, custom audiences, off of that those people that watch the videos so, if for those you guys are like kind, of like this is going over your head you, can track every single person that watches your video you, can track everyone that watches 50%. Or more or less or whatever your video and then, even create a look-alike audience the same like hey. It like these are other people, that are very similar, so, they have the same lie. Income, level, or online. Purchasing, behavior, and all that stuff as the. People that are watching your videos you're, able to create that audience and so your your leads are able to become, a lot higher quality okay. And I know guys I know they took away a lot of demographic targeting so, before everyone's like well Jason you can't go and target that anymore well, the truth is Facebook. Still has that data and so, they're still able to match that as, although, that like they don't allow, you to go through and do that okay. Yeah, no exactly so yeah this is for real estate yeah for sure no no it's the same thing man so, like whether you're doing, an. Image ad or video ad you still want that's still gonna be applies the same same way. Okay. Uh. Yeah. Me said hi my face guys had been converting. As before, what has changed lately my, facebook guys I'm, assuming he says haven't been converting, as before was, changed lately there's a few things guys, one. The. Biggest thing and like if you, guys have your ads of not really been converting the last like november/december. Just. So you know like all the big brands come in during, like Black Friday and. Christmastime. The holidays so, they dumped a whole bunch, of money into advertising which. Kind of pushes out the little guys because, it's, just supply and demand there's only so many advertising. Slots and, so when they come in here and they're putting like millions, of dollars like I've got a friend he, he goes anyway, I won't say him the company but he advertises. All the Facebook advertising for a very big brand that you guys all know of and their. Goal is there to spend a million dollars every single month on Facebook, Ads million. Bucks a month so that's. What happens during this time of year and so a lot of times your cost. Per lead goes up just, because it's a bidding system, so there's more people wanting to advertise, the. Same amount of spots so like obviously the cost, goes up that's, why you typically, in November in December I actually.

Minimize My advertising. Quite, a bit case, like right now I think I'm only spending, like. 200. Bucks a day or something like that whereas, like once it comes like January all up that's about 2,000, to 2,500 a day okay. So anyway that's that's, probably why I have been performing as well lately. So. Let's, see. Do. You think it's very beneficial. Do, you think it's very beneficial to have facebook optimize the offline conversions, on my landing page, things. Very beneficial that have Facebook, optimized. For. Offline, conversion on my landing page counting the appointments, you can Zak like you. Can it's not like a hundred percent. Necessary. I don't, do that but also I don't do a lot of offline stuff so. You can mess around with that and, I'll even do some like experiments, for you with some of the agents that we work with so anyway. Okay, guys really quick we've got a guest. Visitor and I. Want to introduce you guys all too so. He's gonna jump on here just one second. All. Right here, is, this. Is uh. This. Is my little guy his name is parks. Everyone. Say hi to parks he. He's. Always got this like stern face on so you gotta kind of like take. Him to make him laugh a little bit but, anyway, so parks is how, already parks he's. Like two and a half months old and. Anyway. He's born September, 29th, some, of you guys have you guys been follow me on youtube or, on Facebook or whatever you. Know that he's uh he, was just born recently but anyway. I thought I'd jump in and introduce, you guys to parks, right here he's, my little guys my buddy so. We like to hang out during the day when them we, get a little break so anyway. I'll hand it back to his mom then we'll jump back into the Q&A. All. Right, let's. See here. Yeah. Everyone. Saying wow congratulations, adorable. Awesome. Okay. Let's jump back into the good stuff here, guys. Hey. Zach did. That, does. Your okay, let me jump back up, you. Think okay. Is that at John's essence at a CRM, the Arsenal mkg software yes it's a CRM, so, it's. It's like the, idea was to create a software, that's an all-in-one software, for real estate agents right, so. The landing pages the. Email, text marketing follow-up the CRM like the leads database we, even have social automation tools that post a Facebook, Twitter Linkedin all, simultaneously. You can even opt in and just have us post for you so you don't have to think about that so. Anyway it's it's a it's a really cool platform basically. All, throw. In. All. Throw. In the links so you guys can go check out get, the free.

Trial. Here, actually. What we had to do guys this, is super lame but we had to take away the free 7-day trial lately because. The last like week we've, had all these scammers, jump into the, Arsenal software, and then. They'll blast out an email and they're. Trying to do like all this like bank fishing type thing of like get people's contact, information and, so. We had to do away with the free trial but if you guys haven't jumped on yet what, we'll do is the first 30 days it's gonna be a 30, day like. Money-back guarantee, refund, thing so it's 99 bucks a month so. We did have to do away with the free 7-day trial least for now we gotta like kind of go through and figure out how to implement that, was. Super, annoying right like, anyway. I was, just kind of annoyed when I'm like people are jumping in and abusing stuff just like that it's, not cool okay. Let's, see. Sorry. Guys I'm like jumping all around here. I'm, trying to kick off my agency, but I'm not sure which niche to go into should I sell Facebook advertising services, for e-commerce and business local gyms restaurants, to. Me so here's, my thing and like, obviously I'm, like big into real estate because that's. What, I do but I've also done like local. Advertising mark and all that stuff for a bunch of other businesses, and, the thing I would say the niche that you should pick is real. Estate okay and like honestly. Like yes you would be technically, competing, with me but honestly there's there's, enough business to go around so I don't really worry about that but. The thing is reason why I say real estate is 1 whatever. Industry you go through. And you, help out you're gonna learn a lot about that industry, and once. You go through like this is kind of like the long-term the ten-year mindset, right when. You get started you're, kind of like starting, just to make money but then, after, a year two years you actually start making money and. Then that, money that you're like stockpiling, you're wanting to invest, it so like, the thing I love like I've always wanted to get into real estate investing, the, cool thing is because I've helped a lot of real estate agents I learned a lot about the real estate market I work, with a lot of real estate investors. As well and now, it's gonna help me because I know so much more about the real estate industry even, though that's not my like core, expertise, but. I have a lot better grasp on things now that, I can invest my, money into. Real estate which, I've kind of already started to do that so. That's why I would say like real estate if you're like looking at a different, industry or whatever. Okay. This is your page one YouTube secrets still work about a couple months ago. Yes. So, I, want. Like I'm trying to remember is that like the are you talking about like the strategy of doing like the YouTube lives because.

It Will work it's just like the big thing is. Sorry. The big thing is like the keyword that you are targeting, okay, so make sure you're targeting right keywords and Zak if you are if you bought the page one YouTube secrets I actually just launched a brand new YouTube. Leash training, shoot. Me a message or drop, a comment, after this, video drop a comment down below and. And. Hook. You up with that or something like that I just it's hard to remember like where I'm most active, on hit me up on Facebook if you want I'll, get you that real. Estate is what I'm in a huge profit margins plus we do well with an agent and then brokerage might hire you totally. You're. One of the honest and good guys definitely a good couple of issues stopping me from joining Arsenal but I'm sure you'll get there soon awesome, okay, Allen what are those issues man let's let's get those nailed down and honestly guys I know, Arsenal's, on perfectly it's like there's things that we're definitely working on but, I think the mobile app is going to help out a ton with that I, think, these new updates are the onboarding, simplification. The, lead forms all that stuff is gonna be killer, okay. Lori's. Saying hi thanks for the invite what's up Lorri we, David. Your be this sounds awesome will there be an option to have multiple users that can run as an agency with it yes, that is also something that we're working on and David if you've got an agency and you wanted to go through and run that, shoot, me a message and let's let's figure something out because we're trying to like figure. Out the best way to go through and set things up for Marc agencies because there's a lot of you that are marketing. Agency owners you're looking to start marketing agency we, want to be able to help all of you as well, okay. And. Also guys if you guys have found some decent, value so far go ahead give this video a thumbs up because it helps find. Other, people find this video so I would greatly appreciate that if you guys just gave it a thumbs up, and. Let's, just continue on here. Okay. Jaime Navarro, is saying I've spent $40 to leads on Facebook, Ads okay so Jaime here's the thing like, one. Thing that, there's. Actually two things one our to kind of talk about about, how recently. With. Like the holidays, the. Big brands come in so all of your costs per lead and Facebook advertising all that stuff it goes up dramatically, okay so that's one, number. Two this. Is something I've actually been testing, more and more as, of late and something. That I I'm gonna start making all of my videos is if. You look at like my placements.

When I go through and set up my ads for, the past like two years I've always done the Facebook mobile, and desktop newsfeed. Because, that's like it's just like the best converting, one and more. People are gonna be scrolling through their news feeds for Shambo bol but. The thing is there's. More and more advertisers, and so just like I was talking about the supply and demand there's, not enough, supply and there's the demand just keeps rising rising rising, so. What you want to do is actually I'm starting to mess with all placements. And it's actually done very. Well okay. So a couple things on this when. You do all placements. Keep. In mind that, every, placement, is gonna be having, an ad that looks a little bit different so, ideally, if you have the time the, best most optimal, way to go through and set this up is. Having, a separate ad set for, case. Two things one. Mess. Around with the campaign, budget optimization. And I got new video on this for you guys because this is huge okay so this is some newer things with Facebook ads campaign. Budget optimizations. So instead of like at the ad set level saying I want to spend 50 bucks per day you. Say for the campaign, I want to spend 50, or 100 or whatever dollars per day and, then. Each ad set, you, can say I want this ad set targeting, Facebook. Feeds, or this one targeting Instagram feeds or this one targeting Instagram. Stories or Facebook stories because if you think about it every. Ad placement, is a little bit different okay and the stories, are our, big time that's a I think that's a very untapped, market, right now a lot, of people are tapping on those stories and if. You can get that which you want to film it vertically, okay, you want to have like a vertical image or a vertical video, so, that you know when you're they're actually tapping through the stories are gonna be holding their full like this and. You want to be able to get that okay, so. Anyway two things, Jami, sorry guys, I go way too in-depth, probably but I just, want to be helpful with you guys so, the one big. Brands are advertising, right now so January things, should normalize out number, two try. More, placements, okay. Aled. Sane do, you have any plans on offering a single page email sign-in, page instead the current two-step process and also facebook signup integrated, page, okay.

So If you have any plans offering, a single page email sign up okay, I see, what you're talking about there so yes the single page we actually already can do that so. What, I could do is we could just like have our dev team go through and throw one of those in there that's, like super simple, that's already we're, already capable of doing that honestly. Like. In my tests it hasn't made a huge difference in conversions, but if that's what you want we can go through and implement that and, then also the Facebook signup integrated, page instead. Of doing that what we're gonna do is mess. Around with the lead forms because we've actually seen a lot better results with lead forms as opposed to the one-click, Facebook. Integrated. Landing. Page I know there's some other companies that do that I don't, know if it's curator, or I don't, know some, other company does that and it's cool it definitely is but like I'm, more into like what works as opposed like what's cool and solely, forms actually work better that that's the direction we're heading down. Okay good daily budgets start off with for website conversion, for a local business I. Would, recommend 10 to 20 bucks a day really. Just kind of pens on your budget there Troy. Okay. Zachary, young hey Jamie hit me up if you need Lee's let me know man I got you okay cool, Zack, and Jamie just having a little combo there. Johnson. Did your software, work as a CRM you have an affiliate system so, yes does we're gonna CRM the affiliate. Stuff is kind of like that. Just takes a lot of dev work it's good not quite there, yet on the dev side as, far as like our trainings, yes we do as, far as the software goes we, don't fully, have that yet so, that's. Part of the 2019, plans though so, hopefully we'll get that put, together soon. Okay. People the baby comments. If. You guys are jumping on you are on a little late I have, my little guy jump, on here. Jurek. Meant page posts and then promoting it as manager doing traffic objective. So. You can still do traffic objective. With. The the, page posts. So. Just. So we're clear on that like so, there's, two things if you if you create the Facebook, posts on your, Facebook page and then, promote it you can promote it for website. Conversions, for traffic, for anything, but. If you create the ad inside, of ads manager it's what's called a blind ad or a blind post so it won't show up on your Facebook page and. Which one I recommend, honestly. It really depends, like if it's something that you want to be seen by everyone then, put on your your, actual page but, sometimes with like retargeting, ads I want, to make it inside the ads manager because I don't want everyone to see it because it, doesn't really like. It's, not for everyone like if I everybody doing retargeting, ads say hey, I just thought you were on our webinar and wanted to let you know about Blake, like. I wouldn't put that on my page just because, not, everyone had just been on my webinar but if it's something that's like for everyone broad market I probably spent on my page. Okay. Tomas. Rosario. Hey, Jason what do you advise for someone trying to get their first social marking client Tomas. I've got a video that, I just did like a week or two ago and it's. About like it's, called like zero to seven-figure social, media marketing agency in 2019. Go, check out that video I break down like how, to get your first couple of clients and then once you have your first couple of clients how to scale to get that next amount and then how to scale up beyond, that okay so like if you're like completely sorry from zero show, you how to get started then, how to get to 10 grand a month hundred, grand a month and then, beyond. That okay. Um. Alaa, exactly, usually do my okay, you guys just talk with each other Tamim, alright awesome thanks bro really appreciate it David yer B so. Yes that I was looking for Alec. I just hit you up by messenger or youtube regarding a couple of issues yeah. Honestly, like I'm most. Active, on the YouTube comments, so if you guys want to get ahold of me like, facebook Messenger honestly, I'm like rarely, like, although, I do Facebook advertising, a lot like. I don't have facebook on my phone I don't have Instagram I don't have any social media on my phone and then, like when I get onto Facebook I don't have my newsfeed you guys have probably seen and then.

I. Just. Go straight to ads manager so YouTube, comments, section is usually, the, best spot, okay. Um. What. Up Adam I don't know if he's still on but let's, call me slacker then you get back to work. Alan, don't be jealous out. So. Alison do you do page posts always not always I'm, kind, of like the retargeting, method. I was talking about there. What. Would you say is the best way to prospect. Clients, and the, most effect if I tried door-to-door and coke on cold emailing just, can't get the owner on the phone what would you recommend so, to me so I would recommend Facebook. Ads obviously like that's what I preached that's what I know that's, what I do and, so. I want, it necessarily, I. Don't. Know I hate, cold calling I've, done door-to-door, sales literally, like if I, could talk about some like the worst time my life there's door-to-door sales because I'm not really an extrovert. That's, uh that, was like not my favorite cold emailing I think is a total waste of time if, you can outsource that maybe. That could work but honestly if you just invest, into, Facebook. Ads that's honestly, going to be your best bet okay. Is, it uh sure saying why I really need to answer to that question, Thanks. To, answer it already. Uh sure, I don't know if I answered your question already. Anyway. I hope I did if I didn't just go calm, it down in that section over there. Facebook. Guys for school as for Legion for property listings. So for, property, listings, Facebook. Ads crush. Okay. And those you guys have already run Facebook. Ads for listing you know that they crush Facebook. Guys and Instagram ads because, you can actually show the picture, of the. Listing, and somebody was asking me on my story earlier, I think it was like yesterday or today they're. Asking about like seller, League campaigns as far. As Solis go I would probably recommend. Google. For, seller elites because when someone types in like Salt. Lake City Utah, real estate agent, they're, looking for a real estate agent probably because they're looking to sell their home okay, so like Google, I would probably recommend for some of these but if you're doing property listings like you're asking there it was uh sure a. Hundred. Percent Facebook, and Instagram ads just it kills it.

Okay, Jaimé, say, okay's, oh yes get that second, and say what's your best way for so leads on Facebook, so. It's zak-man, so, these are tough I'll, be honest so these are really pretty tough there's. A lot of rapport, building that needs to happen before you can successfully generate, some, leads so, tech. When. I'm like start with the new agent that's never done Facebook advertising, never done any of that before the first thing I tell them is to, you. Like to go through and market one of their listings. On Facebook, or Instagram okay cuz like I was saying like, leads for two to three dollars per lead crushes, it's awesome if they don't have a listing step, number two I say hey go find someone in your office as a listing, the, reason why is because those listing, campaigns, on Facebook and Instagram crush. It guys they crush it so, and. Then the third one is, then. I say hey go for the Byerly's campaign, with no listings, just because, like there's. No sense of like beating. Your head against a wall when, there's this low-hanging, fruit that you can you can capture and, a lot of times a buyer leave someone, looking for like it's a listing, lead or a buyer lead they're. Looking to sell their home too and so you can kind of double up like we like some of our best seller leads have come from, a listing Lee's campaign, or a buyer leads campaign, okay, and then if you're looking for just straight-up seller leads there's, a lot of branding a half to go through and happen. With with videos and, it's. Just a lot more of a rapport, building, type, of thing so with. That I would probably like more focus on the Google out side of things which, guys quarter. 1 of 2019. Also so, quarter 1 first 3 months or so, I'm. Gonna be doing a lot of, testing. On Google Ads I've got a few agents that I'm working with on that and then, we'll, release some trainings I've been doing some Google Ads some video YouTube, ads and stuff like that for my business and it's. Worked really well getting, like less, than sub, $1.00 leads right now and so, I'll share with you guys what I'm doing there but. Will also release some more trainings, and also have some videos. Here on YouTube with this stuff. Ok. Crucible, saying we're crushing listening as you upgrade how about least for mortgage brokers any, good tips yeah. So mortgage, broker is kind of like the Byerly side of things and honestly Adam, who. Is on there a little bit earlier go, check out his channel so let, me just throw in. Let. Me just find this fee really quick. Crucible. Not, sure if that's your actual name but. This. Sir, Jason Wardrop, mortgage. Leads, okay. Here's a video that, I have it's how to get two to five leads per day, for. Mortgage. I was. Paste this into the chat right there so, you guys go watch that video right there. Okay. Okay so. Yeah crucible. Go, check out that video and, then also Adam. Middles worth on our team, go. Check out his channel, or. Actually. Go, through and you can schedule a call with him at that link right there and he. Can help you get set, up crushing, it with mortgage. League campaigns, and. He. Anyway, he crushes it with that stuff. Okay. Let's. See how do you do so leads on Facebook, okay, I think we hit that Zachary any other questions on the Saladin side things like. I mean I tried to be as transparent as possible with, that. But. Yeah okay. Tomas you met Alex Becker I what's, your thoughts on him and are you guys planning something yeah, man yeah, so we I'm actually been I've been in Alex Becker's like he's got this like black card mastermind, thing, and. I've been in it's pretty much he formed it back in July and so. We. Have mastermind, events every couple of months this, past one was this last weekend, in Dallas so, yeah I went to his house saw his office you guys probably saw him I pick with his.

Lambo And all that stuff no, we're not like working on some combo projects, just kind of like a match for my thing and, pretty. Awesome stuff yeah i think i think alex becker he's, he's got awesome stuff, if you're into like digital marketing go check out his channel he, actually like cancelled. YouTube like legitimately. He's. Got like three hundred and something, thousand, subscribers, but. He's he's, got some bigger goals guys he's got bigger stuff that he's working on he's. Got market hero his email marketing platform. They're. Doing some cool stuff there so he's a he, stopped making the YouTube videos where like, I don't, know I like making YouTube videos I think it's hope for you guys so, hopefully, it helps, you guys a little bit there. Um. Zak annyeong but I get so many Byerly's, well if you're working with a seller, only agent. Man. I would, exact, I would try Google. Ads honestly. That's where like most people that I'm working with are getting their best subtly since Google Ads so. When like they're typing, in like in the search having. That ad pop up boom, that's the best way based. On your data with Realtors for, masley, Jen with a fifty dollar daily budget very general action plan to get lots of leads single, property Reynolds it's a non target audience size so. Alan junior. Okay. So $50 daily budget, very general action plan to get lots of it so basically you're asking how to get like the most leads what's the action plan so. I would do, because. It's not always about just like how many leads you get right like I went and I did, this past year back from like 8 for March I was doing a lot of testing, on YouTube, ads now. I was getting leads flight, super. Cheap and I, would go through and I would like okay I'm gonna do a YouTube only webinar, and, I got like 15, - mm, leads sign up for this webinar I got, like four or five sales which with, that amount with Facebook. Traffic I would get like 30 to 40 and, so is just like it's, not always about like the mass amount of leads it's about the quality but here's, a strategy and. It really depends on geographic, location, about how like what your cost per lead actually is going to be but. I would go through and I would upload a list of all of your past leads or past clients or anything like that into Facebook, so, and then I would have like maybe five, to ten bucks of that fifty dollar daily budget, targeting. Those people for a listing. Lead. AB campaign, and then. I'd had the other forty to forty five dollars going. Towards I would create a one percent look like audience of all of your past clients, okay, or if you don't have a hundred plus past clients, than all of your all. Of your leads right. A 1%, look like audience and then I'd had the other forty to forty five dollars targeting, that audience, and then I would narrow it down for, your geographic, location within. Ten to 20 miles of however or, out you want to go and that's what I would do. Okay. Let's, see to. Me the same for realistic clients should I put them on a monthly retainer or a commission based payout what do you think would be better honestly. Man it's it's up to you like. If. You're if you're like running your business, as a marketing agency which sounds like you are the. Monthly retainer is, a little, bit more secure, on your end you're, gonna be able to get more clients in the Commission, based payout, my, only hesitancy, about that is is very hard to track okay. So you've got to make sure you've got like a really good relationship with the agent so if they, do close a deal from your leads that, you're. Able to get credit from that you know because like if you don't have a good relationship or like if they're you. It could very easily close, the deal and be like oh no that was like a referral, from somewhere else right, like that's just kind, of messed up but that's that's true okay. So I would I would recommend, a monthly retainer and. Typically. What I would do is say because, with real estate obviously, like to get, someone to buy or sell a home, it's, not like a quick. Like for, someone to buy like. Like. A digital, product or buy like a software, some like that the turnaround time like the cycle is actually pretty quick, where's. With like buying or selling a home, we're. Talking, you. Know we're talking weeks or months, so I would get them on like a 90 day retainer. Because. After, 90 days you should be able to get some stuff going whereas in the first 30 days sometimes. It's. A little bit it was a little bit hairy sometimes you can get stuff going on in like first week or two but. Not everywhere, cuz there's some markets are a little bit more competitive so I would I would get like a 90 day retainer.

Just, So you can like have time to actually get. That snowball, going okay, cuz all this stuff guys all this digital market everything I talk about YouTube Facebook whatever, it is it's, a snowball right like, you're gonna go through like I'm not I'm not advertising, a Loch lomon not advertising my business a lot in, november/december. And I, know because I'm not it's gonna have an effect on revenue, in January, but, then I'm gonna go pump in a ton of money in January, and that's, not only gonna affect January's. Revenue but, I'm thinking, hey, this is March revenue, right, like March is gonna be huge because I know I'm pumping in a ton of money in January, and so. That's, like the mindset no matter what business you're in that you've got to have it's got to be like that three four months out like, the money you put in today it's not for like that quick turnaround. A quick fix it's, for the three to four months out and as, you stay consistent with it six. 12, 18 months, out it's, pretty killer. Okay. I, watched. Your video where you explained how to capture leave by Friday minimal information I'm doing full video walkthroughs, I'm confused as to whether I should hold back those long videos so. Uh sure here's what I do man if you look sounds like you're in a like digital marketing space you have like mark an agency I would, have like a, landing. Page and opt-in so, look at this. Let. Me share my screen because I actually can, now with uh. With. Zoom. Let's, see if it actually works. Okay. Right, there boom. Okay. So right here this. Is exactly what I would do was, uh sure I think was saying this so, you have a page just like this very simple doesn't, need to be fancy it's like plain white it loads fast it's it's ideal and, then you've got a free, case study okay, so like hey free case study so we come in here how top agents are adding thirty thirty-five new qualified prospects, they, come in here put in their email address, that's. The opt in opt in and then, you've got like a 15, to 20 minute value video breaking, down, exactly. What like like your your services, that you provide okay. So that's that's, basically it that's like literally thing and then after. Like I don't, know 7 to 10 minutes or something like that there's gonna be a button that pops up here that, allows them to go through and schedule a call with a. Member, of our team so that's literally it like that's, simple often, coming. Here watch the value video give them some like good stuff and then, have them go through click schedule, a call with memory, team obviously if, they're interested guess, if your market agency that's what I would do that they're. Okay. When. I sign up this weekend do I get to speak to Adam or you for onboarding, so. Right. Now everything's, going through Adam and, I'm. Not sure are. You talking about signing, up like on our we've. Got a few packages, a couple plans if, you go through and you like, if. You. Let's. See this URL right there if, you if you've opted into that URL right there that I just put in the chat that's. Gonna go through and talk to Adam, okay. And then, there's other people will talk to Denise so there's a lot there's a number of people on our team that people, will talk to you so. If you want to talk to me specifically, I guess. You can like ask Lauren or Denise or Adam or Taylor. Whoever and I can, jump, on. Zach. Saying sorry for you Irish rain awesome. Yeah. Tomas alex is awesome isn't me if. I sign up can I apply to, also be a beta for your AdWords testing I paid for the ads. So. Aleena will have to talk about that we've. All like right now I'm working with two people that I've worked with in the past very closely the, reason why I'm talking I'm working with them is because, I know they had like a salt I know that, their follow up is just rock solid so. Even, if the leads are like so I'll be able to tell like how qualified. And how good the leads are so, anyway I'm Lena let's talk let's, figure out what your follow up looks like if. You want to be that beta part of that beta, go. In and maybe. Schedule call with Adam. Down there at that link I just threw in that. That, is more for like and. Part of this beta though like they're. They're paying for our. Team to actually call all the leads as well okay. Cuz I like you guys don't have time every day to go through and call the leads I get that so just keep, that in mind there. And. That's as, nice you're, a gift to all ages in need of helping, so much awesome. Okay yeah Zach call I'll hit you up man. Blaze. Hey. Man I own an agency have a large base only. Doing engagement, strategies, we are now doing ads what are the main points I should be saying, during, the selling, process.

So. Blaze, as, far as like k4 like the Marquis Xie's stuff and, something like sorry guys like some of these questions are like a lot of like Realtors are on which the marketing stuff doesn't really apply to the. Realtors but then the Realtors doesn't apply to mark well I guess the realtor stuff does apply the marking agencies because you're running ads for Realty Realtors, then it helps but. As far as going through it like what, you say on the sales call it's, really like it's not like. I'm terrible, at sales I'll be completely honest I feel like I'm the terrible salesman, but, like I just know, my stuff really well and that's what sells people right like, so you want to get a good understanding it. Is more like a discovery, call right you're not like selling, them hard but, you, you find out where they're at like. Hey you, know what are you doing as far as lead generation goes what. Is your marketing budget with lead generation, how. Much what, was it cost per lead how, many of those leads if you have 100 leads how many of those leads are you actually closing, what's your fault process, look like so, you go through and like you discover, where they're at and usually, by discovering, where someone's, at it. Causes. And creates a lot of pain, in in. There and their mind because they know. They're not where, they, need to be and where they want to be and so. Then. If you feel like you can help them and that's key guys if you feel like you can help them because there's so many people nowadays are like oh yeah, I can I can go figure this out what's like like, you got a if. You haven't figured it out don't be charging people go through and off for like free trials and stuff make, sure you guys can get some good results and testimonials. Because, yes my stuff works but like there's, some people have never set up an ad before and so they go through and set it up and then they fail and it's like, you. Know like you got to have a little bit of experience, there anyway. Still like you go through you find out do a lot of discovery questions find out where they are that, typically, causes pain because it's usually not where they want to be and then. You say okay well we're, like your idea where would you like to be in six to twelve months from now, like, how many leads would you like how many deals would you like be closing like you find out how much money they're making currently versus, how much money they want to make in 12 months from now and, that you've created this gap right, like, where they're at here, right now and they, want to get to here and what. Is the solution, to this gap, hopefully. You're that solution, and that you can bridge, that gap and take them to this, promised, land of where they want to get to and, then. That's like basically, like so that you find out where they're at where, they want to go okay. Great that's awesome I could definitely help out with that here's the basically the action plan we're gonna go set up Facebook ad campaigns, and Facebook. Ads are great but it's really key to get a good follow-up in place so we're gonna set up email and text marketing follow-up for you also you might even throw in some facebook Messenger bots with, that we'll also do some Facebook retargeting so. Any whether this is your website we. Can target those people specifically, and, go. On from there right. So. Anyway I I, can't, open to that pretty deep there and. And. Zach I wouldn't necessarily like if you're doing like if you're like running a bar Casey I wouldn't necessarily do like money-back, guarantee I would you more of a free trial.

But. You could do money-back guarantee I guess if. Yet. That works, late. Butler what's up man. Risk. Is I have no experience running ads and don't know my conversion rates yeah bleh so so here's the deal if, you don't know your conversion rates just do a free trial like do a three seven-day trials and that'd be long and really, don't have to spend a lot of time it's like three to four hours to get something set up max. Oh I, should saying I have my own digital marketing agency an amount agent awesome, Layton. Is saying that's exactly what I've I've. Scaled my agency to multiply six figures awesome. Killing. It man. Okay, I just like my, chat just jumped, and now I don't know where I'm at. Okay, Oh. Crucibles. Say nice funnel hey thanks man uses. Some fun like that can. I redirect people to my EDX page after a simple one-page email, opt-in yeah for sure easy. So like you could do that in arsenal, you. Just go through and. Here. I'll just I, won't. Show everyone so this can take a little bit of time but basically, on Arsenal like most of my ops in you can have a redirect, to your idx page or have, them just go to the normal Arsenal Thank You page and then. On there you can make the button say hey view my website goes here idx and then even have a link. To your website in the follow-up email. Okay. If you have any plans I'm throwing in or discounting, the chat, bots. Yes. Alan. The. What. We're gonna be doing is throwing in the chat bot to this we're. Calling arsenal, premier, so. It's like our top level plan that we're launching January, which, we are taking calls for already, we've. Got a few people jumping, on and getting, on board with that which. We've already been working with some and we've, been having great results with this but. Basically. It's it's where we'll take care of all your Facebook ad setup will, do the facebook messenger box the tracking will. Call all of your leads for you cuz I know that's a pain the but, we'll. Email text, them all you'll, get access to mobile app just everything. So. Anyway so that that's where it's gonna be as, far as like a discount ago I don't I don't think we're really gonna discount that but, we'll, throw that in in stat that high, tier package what. Do you think about paying traffic, to scale my YouTube to Adsense level as fast as possible. Late. How many how many subs you have man. My. My. Strategy. As far as YouTube goes here all I'm going to show you guys this. Let. Me share my screen I just. Started doing this just the other day and it's actually kind of crash. Okay, guys are you seeing this right here so. If you come to my AdWords. This. Is. If. You're looking to really scale YouTube. Will. Say last 14, days. Okay. So. Last 14, days you can see this Facebook, Ads like, this is just like a quick youtube video and. It's. Targeting, everyone that's you some of you guys probably already saw it's. Targeting, anyone who's already washed my my, YouTube video okay so they already know who I am it's not like a complete stranger they've spent some time with me or whatever and. You. Can see like I scaled up the budget here I think it was like spending like five. Six hundred bucks a day right here and then, I kind of like scaled, it back down over here bilious, so, spent over lasts like two weeks like twenty-five twenty-six hundred dollars getting leads for a dollar 20 to generate. Over 2,000, leads, so. Layton. What I would do right here is, instead. Of like going and pushing videos I'm doing some push testing. Right here but, you can see I'm getting like seven, cent average, cost. Per view which. I should probably actually just kill this right now just, pretty high. But, what I would do is like go through retarget. All the people ready wash your videos, have. Them opt-in to your. Your. Email list and then, through the email follow-up invite, them to subscribe, to. Your YouTube channel maybe offer like a little free bonus, or something like that to, up the, the number of subscribers right, and it's key like get them to subscribe. And, hit, that notification bell which, if you guys are not subscribed to my channel yet make sure you guys subscribe and hit that notification bell so.

Anyway That, is a little key strategy. I would. Recommend. Doing. Okay. Wow guys we've almost already. Almost been a full. Hour. Okay. Allen of course it the okay, my concern with the real estate nation is the only there's, the people only buy homes from people they know in real life and it's such an expensive purchase I think hard to get clients results Lots I. Haven't. Seen that Tomas like. We've seen some pretty good results with. With. With the, I mean I've been doing it for two. Little. Over two years now and we've. Been we've been seeing really good results there. Okay. I should say my biggest problem sometimes is people comment. On Facebook ads and then they ask question, but I want to measure them directly if a semester is bad at getting, in touch what's. The solution there my biggest problem is. Just. Follow up with a comment on your Facebook ad like. That's the best way to do it and then it shows that like you're actually engaging with the ad and people like to see that they don't like to see like I, kind. Of I'm coming, victim of it I kind of do this now where like I don't respond. To questions and, then other, people jump in and like kind of give crap on the ad or whatever so I anyway. Okay. Like my, chat keeps jumping. Okay. Okay. Alan is asking any plans on adding voicemail, drop so guys. We've. Only got only, got like 42 on right now just cuz we're forever, but I'll I'll finish up these questions and we'll wrap up here in just a minute I want. To hear you guys his thoughts on voicemail drops, over in the chat I absolutely, hate him I don't want to add them to our software because I think that they're they're. Useless, I think. That they're annoying, like. Anytime I get a voicemail drop, like I'm just like Kay you are a spammer, I hate, you I'm never gonna call it like maybe, I'm just like you know. Maybe. I'm pessimistic about the whole thing but what do you guys think about voicemail drops I don't want to do them I would, rather have someone, like an ISA actually call the lead and then, if they don't get in touch with that lead have. Voicemail, there maybe okay cuz, like honestly like there's a lot of times I'm on my phone my phone soon right here and then, all of a sudden buzzes, for like half second and then a voicemail drop. Like. And I actually I don't have my voicemail box set, up or it's full I can't remember so. I don't do voicemails, but. Like I think it is I think. It's the worst so. Like. I know is probably like some, agents want that but. I like I'm all about things that actually get results and, that. Convert better and. I just don't believe that that's the case with that but if you guys. You. Guys say otherwise let, me know. Okay. Allen, Singh linked to the premiere yeah so I throw it in there a few times it's just that your social system com4 slash value, - video so.

Allen I just threw that in there again. Okay. Let's. See what's your process when a campaign for a listing you. Have a script when calling your leaves journey through the seven tips Oh Jamie, sorry man did. I miss that I saw you asked that earlier I'm, so like honestly I don't literally have okay, actually we do I need, to get that out to you guys um. Denise. On my team she shared this with me just the other day let, me try to pull it up for you guys really quick. The he's asking about the the script for like the seller leads I'll try to get that our. Our. Phone, sales scripts okay. Let's see right here really quick what's your process when it campaign for listing that you have is not getting good results or not working at all, I tried. Testing, out different audiences. Or try testing, video. Versus, image ads or I try mixing, up like the images, image ads I'm using kind of try to like test out some different things there. Okay. Let me just pull up this. Copy. Link, boom. Hey. I just threw in the link that's a Google Doc let. Me just make sure it's shared with everyone. It's. A Google Doc with like our phone sales scripts. Make. Sure it's opened up to everyone. Anyone. With the link can view. Yep. Perfect yeah, you guys should be able to jump in there and get. Access to that. Okay. Retarget, people watched your videos previously bingo, yeah definitely. I. Could. Do that on IG as well and these stories are super cheap yeah for sure dude late now you think you talk about your YouTube stuff that. That kills, it man you're, gonna email only or email Plus phone number on a squeeze page so if you're a real estate I recommend, email and phone okay. Like if you're in my business which. Isn't as, like. I'm not my business is heavily, relied on to actually phone calls and texts and all that stuff so I don't always get, a phone number and if I do it's like an optional, but. I'm big into email marketing whereas like if I'm a realtor I'd be getting a phone number every, single, time okay, even though it's gonna decrease. Your, conversions, just a little bit I'd make sure that you're getting it. Plus. You're saying where do I sign up awesome, man, let, me throw in I'll throw in a link to our, Arsenal, platform. Here. Boom. So. That's just our basic plan it's ninety-nine a month as I mentioned earlier we. Did have a free 7-day trial and all these scammers, came in or trying to like blast out emails, to get people's bank info so. We had to shut them down they kept like reset for accounts and. Anyway. So it's not it's not a free 7-day trial anymore but. It's, a we'll make the first 30 days money-back. Guarantees, that just happened like a couple days ago so we. Need to figure out a strategy to. Work, around that there. Okay. Expert on voice mail drops built, my own platform, two servers at Rackspace, spent a lot so. Krupa what do you think man do, you think. Voice. Mail drops are those worth it. Layton. Butler saying I hate them is super invasive I definitely would only stick with text that's what works best for my clients yeah that's that's what kind of where I'm at Crystal's, saying that's called a partial ring, in the BM drop role I've, seen some providers ring the phone four or five times before drop, not good, yeah.

Man I like there's this one group, and. I don't know what the voicemail, is but I know it's the same company, but man, they hit me up like four to five times a week super. Annoying and it's like from a it's. Like a block call or an unknown number so I can't block the call anyway. My. Opinion, is no bueno guys I want to do it. So. Allen you're saying I agree 100 percent with the uninvited spares but they just sign up for lead they actually like it I don't know if they actually like it I think I would still. I still. Go with a text. Just. Because like even, now it is like I for. Me I would much rather text, someone if somebody like that's why I like my voicemail, inbox is, full and I don't empty, it because I, don't, want to listen any voicemails, like. I like, if somebody text me that's, fine but like, anyway. You get it was. Your average day like from morning tonight would also love tips to improve your day and what you found makes your days better awesome I'll shoot a video on that I'll. Just give a quick rundown though. So. My. My, day has, dramatically, changed, because obviously, you, guys saw my new, little baby boy stays, parks he's two months old now and so. That's that's changed things up a little bit but typically. How my day works, is. I wake up 5:30. 5:45, in the morning I'm, like I'm like one of those early birds you know you had those tests or like you had like the early bird the night owls I'm, an early bird so if you are a night owl just, like keep that in mind like not. Every like successful. Code like person, needs to wake up early a lot of people like I know that are successful, work. Very late and they sleep in and. So I wake up at 5:30 5:40. Five and then. Usually I come down and I've, got actually, right behind this computer, I've got to massage chairs and my, back I guy was in a couple ski wrecks a couple years ago that were, not that great so I, go, loosen up my back sit massage chair I read kind of do a little bit of meditation. Planning, like kind of like mentally. Map, out the day and then. I come, over to my desk maybe like right down like what I'm gonna be doing that day so I just have a clear plan that, I can focus on and, then, usually, around like six six ish I'll go, over I'll like, if my little boys crying I'll go up I'll grab him is my wife can get like extra hours sleep or so and then. At. 7:00, I'll pass them back off to her and then, I'll usually hit the gym at that point which I'm kind of like thinking, of maybe hitting the gym later, like in the afternoon, because. My most productive time is firstly in the morning but usually, it's like 7:00 7:30 I hit the gym, home. By like 8:30 and I, do intermittent, fasting or at least I try, to mostly do that most days so I don't need to like 11:00, 11:30, and, I, just do it so like breakfast, and lunch you just do one big meal and then I dinner so usually like two meals a day which.

Is, Convenient, because it's just like saves a lot of time I think and then. So. Anyway when I get back from the gym then, I'll dive it like a usually shower real quick just so I feel fresh ready to go for the day and then. Dive. Into stuff each day is a little bit different Fridays, are more of my youtube dig I shoe. Well. Normally. I shoot like three videos today I kind of slacked I just did one so I was doing a sales video now I'm doing the YouTube live. But. Anyway as, I'm probably more than you guys wanted to know but I'll have to do a video on that or like kind of like my daily routine if you guys want that. Um crucibles, say voice, drops we, sent 33,000. For clients last month if done right works well we have one client we brought the, 406. Leads they closed 100, them ice, as. Was out 25%. They. Made over dang, us that's killer, okay, crucible, hit me up man let's, check. That. That's pretty that's pretty awesome. Okay. Crucible tips for success fee drops do it to warm list use email text, and mix and be drops very strategically, example. If they open an email ten minutes ago also, it's getting more regulated get opt-in first cool. Okay. Awesome guys we're. Gonna wrap it up we've been on for like over, an hour now sixty, three minutes you guys found this video helpful give it a thumbs up I would, greatly appreciate that. Share. It if you guys I don't know maybe you don't want to share this one because this is kind of like random, but. Will do will do these lives ask me anything from time to time you, guys are brand new here make sure you guys subscribe, hit. That notification, bell, so that we can like you guys can get you, guys could be the first ones to jump in and like and comment all that

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