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Hello everyone. Welcome to our broadcast "Metaverse in Kid's Eyes". I am Oyku, responsible for corporate communication at TDG. In these broadcasts, we will talk about technology with Mr. Bulent Hasanefendioglu. He is the head of the consulting department at TDG.

Also, he is a business person with an unending passion for learning and has many years of experience in different subjects. Hi Mr. Bulent, how are you? I am ok, thank you. We see each other on a different talk show after a long time. Last year we talked about technology and M&A trends. This time we will talk about another subject.

I wish you a happy new year, first of all. Me as well. Also, I wish a healthy, happy, and peaceful new year to all our audience, our country, and the world.

I hope this year will be great for all of us. I want to start this broadcast with the quote from your previous article. You have mentioned these. While sitting in the waiting room at the hospital, you dreamt all of the desks, phones and computers had disappeared.

The employers have been conducting all the registrations and analysis results with the 5G compatible augmented reality glasses. Even a robot had served your medium sugared Turkish coffee. You had returned to the physical world when the doctor's assistant poked you. We do not know how much those processes will integrate into our life.

But it seems that there will be a lot more opportunity with the developments in metaverse subjects. It seems that none of those will be a dream anymore. We have even started to see posts on social media that make company meetings and New Year's celebrations on Metaverse. What awaits us? Let's hear from you, please. That is very interesting. We read articles and watch videos or shows about Metaverse a lot recently.

That is a very interesting subject. That day when I went to the hospital, I experienced this happening. For a moment, I thought that there were augmented reality glasses, how much the environment could change. A lot of things are disappearing, some tables, chairs, the crowd of people around, at the entrance to the hospital.

Because there are some process done during registration. The process becomes so short and spacious. Incredible. It affected me a lot. By the way, I usually drink my coffee plain, I drank it with sugar in that dream. It must be an effect of the imagination.

A metaverse is a flash event. Fifteen or twenty years ago, when artificial intelligence was first talked about, artificial intelligence was also very popular. But when it was popular, I liken it to Metaverse, it was a bit empty, actually. It was like a balloon. It was slowly filled.

It looks like it will be the same in Metaverse. It's being talked about a lot right now. Everyone states their opinions yet, it is all about estimation, a fantasy.

There are some small things are put into practice. Right now, we can only estimate 3 or 5 percent of the Metaverse. It's a different world. What kind of world? Right now, we, as humans, are transitioning to 1.0 which is the binary system. They will also digitize us through our avatars.

That is so interesting. What happens next is hard to predict. Avatar is a phrase in Indian mythology that refers to the appearance of the gods when they descended to earth. Today, it has become popular with the metaverse.

I tested something before connected to the broadcast. I thought I would surprise Ms. Öykü. I also connected from the phone at the same time. There were two images of me in the screen. I was going to ask you, which is me and which is my avatar? Anyway, since I don't have an avatar yet, I couldn't do that surprise, but it was pretty stylish on the screen. It was an interesting scene.

I think most people would have believed it. Metaverse is already in our lives. It wasn't called Metaverse back then. We have seen some popular new happenings with the Matrix movie series. Apart from that, there is the Truman show, starring Jim Carrey.

I liken that movie to a metaverse world. Because in that movie, all the characters except Jim Carrey knew each other. Only he didn't know what was going on. It was also a metaverse of a different dimension. Other than that, I remember a movie called Fairmont women.

There is also a place like a paradise, everything is perfect. In a certain place, women's types are created as their husbands' dreams. It was also a metaverse. There was also a movie by Steven Spielberg that I can't remember the name.

There was also a lot of metaverse footage in there. But it entered our lives mostly with video games. They are building a complete metaverse world especially with recent games. Apart from that, since it is very popular now -- There used to be a swindler called Sulun Osman, I don't know if you know him. He used to sell bridges etc. in Istanbul. With the Metaverse being very popular, I can say that the number of "Sulun Osman" has increased.

I saw it on the internet recently. The value of a thousand square meters of metaverse land in Antalya was 2.5 million. In Istanbul, someone parcelled out some lands, and some people bought them. Interesting. I read on the news recently.

You know, there is a rivalry between Fenerbahçe and Trabzonspor. A Fenerbahçe fan bought the Trabzonspor stadium in metaverse. He planted the Fenerbahçe flag there. Such bizarre things happen. So we are seeing very little of it right now. Looking forward to the future, real human, digital human - At the moment, it feels like there is a separate world, the real physical world, on social media.

But for some, the two worlds are starting to blend. That's how it will be in the Metaverse. It will be great.

I wore this sweater today. This may be my first costume in my avatar. Because you know, fashion companies are also starting to take their place in the metaverse. There is also the possibility of dressing up avatars. It will create a large business volume.

It's a different world. I think what we've seen so far is the introduction. There is something like this, Matryoshka, Metaverse is the same as this; it will go open. Yes. You mentioned games.

We are already familiar with this Metaverse. Creating a virtual world, managing our avatar in a virtual world, these are the things we know from games or movies, as you mentioned. By the way, I hope those parcels are not sold while we are inside the house.

So we have a property, in the other world. They can knock on the door. It is frequently mentioned now, the Secondlife game released in 2002 is seen as a building block to the Metaverse.

There is a Fortnite game nowadays, kids are playing more. It's also seen as something similar to the metaverse universe. Well, the metaverse in kid's eyes, which is also the title of our webcast. What is that? How do they see it? Let me add one more thing before I go to that. You did well saying the games.

I did some research on recent games. I don't play games that much. I play sudoku mostly. They are building new cities.

Cities like Los Angeles. There are awesome things. We can probably say that these games are the engine of the metaverse world. Other things will come from after the imagination of games. Let me add one more thing.

The Metaverse world also creates its own economy. How? Cryptocurrencies as a instrument of payment are currently so popular. You will see, with the metaverse world, cryptocurrencies will be used much more widely. I think its use in the physical world will also increase and it will be made compulsory. If we look at the world of the metaverse in kid's eyes. I watched a video recently.

This is the video of Keanu Reeves starring in the matrix movie. There Keanu is visiting a director friend. The director has three children between the ages of ten to fifteen. They haven't watched The Matrix before, they don't know. The director asks Keanu to describe The Matrix.

Keanu describes the battle, the struggle parts. Concluding his speech, he says we fought there, we were victorious, but what it will actually be is not clear with new developments. He says it's my biggest fear. Then one of the children says what is there to be afraid of. When I watched the video, I thought of this, perception of the reality. We are already mixing up our physical lives and virtual lives through social media.

In addition, games make changes in the minds of people, especially children, to disrupt the perception of reality. The child says, what is there to be afraid of? This development seems normal to children. The child doesn't care that our physical assets may be taken under control in the future when we move to the 1.0 digital state. Why, because he's already playing his game and it's affecting his physical life.

It seems like normal life to him. That's why it feels like normal life to them and will probably continue to be so. When the Metaverse economy grows a lot in the future - there are perception and time operations aimed not only at children but also adults on social media right now. People spend an average of 3-5 hours on social media.

Not only is it time-consuming, but also perception problems begin to emerge. We are aware of this as adults, yet we use it, allowing our perception to be affected. But the kids don't care.

This is a huge danger. I wanted to draw attention to this. Of course, this is the pessimistic side of the matter. On the optimistic side, children are our future. They will build this metaverse world. I hope they build it with pure feelings inside themselves.

Sure they will build. But how far will we be disconnected from the world, what will be the real, what will be virtual? Digital us, our digital identity, different concepts will emerge. Those will be mixed. There will be different job descriptions. Which is already out.

There are job descriptions of psychologists here and psychologists in the metaverse. Exactly. SAAS (Software as a service) software service is offered as a cloud. I saw this recently, DHAS.

In other words, some companies offer digital human as a service. I even have a table about it. A friend sent it. It has an incredible economy.

So many companies are starting to be established and started to operate that are related to these issues. Looks like it's going to be a total blast. Yes, exactly. But in fact, new questions, or new problems will arise.

We need to protect our digital identity in the real world. In the metaverse, we will need to protect the digital identity of our digital identity there. It will become even more important for both individuals and companies. In the real world - I don't know how accurate the phrase of the real world though. I think that issues such as protecting our digital identity and cyber security will become crucial. So, what other negativities can we encounter? What awaits us, what should we be prepared for? I agree with you on the real world phrase.

Can it be called the real world? I prefer to call it a hybrid world. Now the world will be hybridized. Some things will start to get mixed up.

The issue you brought up is very important. It's a vital issue. Cyber security is always in the top 3 in digital matters. And cyber threats are increasing day by day. It is somehow prevented, opposed software are being made.

But after that, new types of attacks appear. And if we think about it now in the Metaverse world, in a completely digitized world, it will be a full playground for hackers. There's a major risk about it. I think like this.

I am both optimistic and pessimistic about it. I am pessimistic because until now, the management of processes related to digitalization has never been like this: There have been no secure infrastructures, conscious or company-specific designs. I am pessimistic about it. However, if we look at the metaverse; there is Web 3.0. This strengthens my optimistic side. 25-30 years ago when the internet first came out; We were typing and entering the website there, it was Web 1.0 at that time.

When we clicked on their website, information about a company was coming out. Then Yahoo came out. Later on, with platforms like Twitter, Instagram etc., we switched to Web 2.0. They are also products of Web 2.0. I don't want to give too much detail.

These are separate topics of conversation. I explain more schematically. On the other hand, Web 3.0 will have a completely different structure. Therefore, if these decision makers want the metaverse to be a reliable environment, they must have implemented the principles of web 3.0. What is the first feature of Web 3.0?

Based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology is one of the technologies that can be considered revolutionary in the world. In Web 1.0 and Web 2.0 before,

some people or institutions were connected from certain places. But there was a centralized system. Therefore, everything was running through that center, both in Web 1.0 and Web 2.0.

Twitter and Facebook are intermediary platforms, allowing to communicate with other people there. With blockchain technology, which I think will be on the agenda in Web 3.0, the concept of centralization will be removed. A reliable infrastructure will be established. This infrastructure will be based on a semantic structure.

Apart from that, it will become very important that the communication is verifiable. It will be fair, it will be consistent, it will be a holistic form of conception. If we look at it from this perspective and adapt this structure to the metaverse, I don't think there will be a big problem with cyber security. But that's the ideal. In fact, eighty to ninety percent of cybersecurity attacks can be prevented.

We always approach it like this: When we are sick, let's take a pill and get well. We are considering similar solutions to cyber security. It is necessary to think holistically and specifically to the institution. Metaverse has this chance. It's a completely different digital world.

There are many talented people in the digital world. I think they can make it a fair, trustworthy environment. Therefore, there may not be a cyber security problem.

Or it will be minimal. Yes. I hope it will be like this. Yes, I wish that too.

I see little chance, but I wish. Well, as you said right now, security measures - for example, as a user, I look at it as a bank. Or I consider the fact that I'm doing everything from my phone. We need 2 or 3 step verifications in daily life.

On the digital side, if we think we're going to have a digital identity, which we already have. If we will have a digital identity in the Metaverse universe, different security measures will have to be taken for that place. If Blockchain is implemented throughout the Metaverse, security measures will already be taken. Since there is no centralized system, a security infrastructure will be formed at different levels, as you said. I think it will resolve itself.

Alright. Is there anything you want to add? We talked about the metaverse world, how the metaverse is from a child's perspective, and lastly, we talked about cyber security. My wish is, we are building a digital world from scratch.

And this digital world will mix with our physical world when we look far ahead. When chips start to enter our structure, we will start to become 1.0 in our physical world. We will go digital. I imagine that those avatars and our physical appearances will merge somewhere. That's why I'm wearing this sweater today - George Orwell had a book called Animal Farm, one of the books that impressed me a lot. It says there, all animals are equal, some more equal than others.

As a final word, I hope there are no more equal ones in the Metaverse. I hope everyone is equal. Everyone takes a respectful, fair, honest, and humane approach to each other.

I hope there will be love and peace. That is what I dream of. You said great. Truly. Then, we wish our audience good days, digital days both in this universe and in metaverse.

Goodbye. Thanks a lot.

2022-02-12 21:40

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