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#LMN | Dangerous Matrimony 2021 | New Lifetime Movies |  Based On A True Story |HD Hollywood English

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so so [Music] so [Music] [Music] so [Music] hey what's up guys hey nice car thanks man it was good for a job like this it seems like and then you can get a real car yeah i can't say i've won very many races in this car so what's your rating fairy boy in the last ring no that's the ring of kings the classic wait do you like fantasies i was basically addicted to maniquest and my parents almost sent me to rehab but uh yeah i was an artist on um elf queen are you kidding me that's the mobile game right with the woman with the giant like uh giant breasts oh my gosh that's so cool yes i drew those breasts what no way is that weird if i say i'm a huge fan of your breasts yes [Music] hey so i'm an artist too i'm just not a very good drawer but you know i have these ideas for these stories yeah like but so there's this one right like a knight and he's kind of like down on his luck he's a really good guy you know things just aren't really the only way in life when does the night drop of the urine passengers over here you guys enjoyed your ride [Music] hey um sorry about my boyfriend earlier you can be kind of yeah never mind um anyway your story sounds really awesome i think you should write it down you know make something out of it you think so absolutely and uh thank you and that is a really good book by the way 10 bucks you're not supposed to tiddle hey it's my money and i do what i want with it he's still here he's watching us he's probably just making sure that we get in okay it's wait come on my buzz is wearing off let's go open a bottle of wine or something okay hey hey zeus how you doing man hey i'm good what's going on dude how are you good you know you're in here every friday night you know i'm in here all the time what i'm getting at is um don't you like go out have fun with friends or something i do but it's just that most of my friends are in college ah your friends are children okay wow hey you know i did meet a girl tonight you did what happened would be interesting no i hope so it's just that um she's got this [ __ ] boyfriend you know boyfriend jesus you should take the first exit because the vulture game is kind of a hard road pinching knows he has cashier [Music] how did you half breakfast i did i had bundles at the gas station let me make you something i have to go to work mom you just came from work to real work all right not having these drunks around to make fun of my car i'm sorry maybe it's time i call your father what no i don't miss that [ __ ] and neither should you we need him no we don't we never needed him all right i could take care of everything let me make you an egg just one right real quick in spanish hey jesus go take the barrels out waste management will be buying an hour to pick them up miguel hey circles hey jesus huh it's a lunch room so tell me how i'm supposed to feel when my girlfriends go on dates with other guys it's a girls night with people from work if you want to sit around feeling sorry for yourself that's your fault okay maybe i should go with you and how am i supposed to explain that just send me pictures caden you can trust me why's the guy from the other night here let's just see you ride driver it's not even the same cars last night i know what the car looked like don't blame me don't you dare grab my [ __ ] hand can we pick somebody up on our way to the bar please are you okay yeah let's just get the [ __ ] out of here [Music] hey uh would you mind keeping what happened earlier just between us two hey brianna i am gonna buy you so many drinks oh god what happened you didn't get the licensing deal for courage drop the author thinks that video games are not a dignified medium for her work [ __ ] startups man this one's in your launch date well the game's ready except for that story tweaks in the new art so we have to delay the launch damn it diane you need an entire year's worth of art in a month [Music] you're gonna buy me every single drink so that's kaden he's fine we're fine let's take a selfie how's your night have any crazy passengers uh no it's been kind of quiet you know i just want to get [ __ ] up at this point okay mel's having a house party let's just go to that i'll update the route [Music] hey you you right look i'm not working sorry oh come on man give me a ride man use the app and somebody will give you a ride okay maybe you're right here man come on work we're two condensing it out okay okay i'll give you the money and you give me a ride home sorry but i'm not working come on come on come on man you know you're a [ __ ] [Music] so [Music] [Music] wow that was fast were you waiting for us no it's just a slow night it's a saturday sorry i crossed the line i just want you to be happy i am happy so [Music] are you coming what oh no no i i have to get home tonight i think it's best if you is coming with me no dan i can't just stay out all night okay you're a girl you don't have to do anything it's okay i can make sure she gets home safe he's fine okay he's he's writing a book and he's reading a book that i like and i actually think that you would look i'm not gonna [ __ ] you or anything do you ever feel like nobody wants you [Music] i'm sure people want you no they just want something funny like sex or something yeah but sex is easy yeah i can relate i mean with people using you you know both my jobs people don't even look me in the eye anymore i'm just like this donkey pulling a cart you know i love my boyfriend i just wish she was someone else sometimes i want you to do it won't just leave your boyfriend [Music] i'm tired [Music] okay i got it i got it what do you think of my friend diane i mean she's all right well she thinks you're really cute doesn't she like have a thing for you i mean she has a crush on everyone she's kind of just like in love with being in love you know i mean is that such a bad thing if you started just working around her house and driving around there i'm sure that you would pick her up sooner or later thanks but um i kind of have my heart set on someone else it's okay don't no don't worry about it it's for the ride [Music] [Music] [Music] so what are you doing here i'm just the you right driver i know who the [ __ ] you are okay look she was drunk just needed to [ __ ] her you're crazy dude i see you around here again i'll kill you [Music] [ __ ] him in there she don't [ __ ] love you so don't [ __ ] with me huh he's trying to [ __ ] touch me and take your [ __ ] life [ __ ] [ __ ] [Music] you [Music] uh hey there scarface you're looking a bit underdressed today where's your gear come on it's just one day how's it gonna look if i keep playing favors with you okay look just let me go home real quick all right or better yet look i can just borrow a vest and a hat please come on i need the hours please please please all right look uh i was gonna send you to the store anyway so take the company card go pick up the product at the store then get your [ __ ] thank you so much thank you fine all right you're not like the other guys huh hey if we have a problem i can send mr white no no look i appreciate the second chance okay thank you so much thank you hey kid there's no place in america for someone who can't take a compliment you're jumping yeah well i wasn't really expecting anyone well i think you'd want to go for a run or maybe watch a movie tired i thought that'd be your answer which is why i bought your coffee you are a beautiful man so how was last night it was good anything interesting happened no not really just too many drinks diane finally made a pass at me though he thought about it but i think we'll be okay did you not sleep in your pajamas babe i barely got out of my clothes i didn't make it to bed my head hurts let me what time did you get home i don't know like midnight maybe we're taking you right back yeah i'm sure as hell wasn't driving why no reason tired of driving your rough commute to work are you right come right to your door driven by one of our many class a class c drivers download the app and start your ride today and now a look at last night we're looking for a white chevy camaro that ran a toyota prius off the road off of mill creek and 1st street he then said the victim down and left the motive is unknown but this is the second such report we've received no further questions you okay what happened i think i'm fine i just i forgot my [ __ ] [Music] [Music] this foreign is that everything we want to send a special shout out to all the drivers out there doing uh doing the good one do we want to send out a shout out to the drivers hey drivers out there that are not here jesus michael yeah all right awesome thanks we're heading to akbar yeah you should have it on your yeah no no i cut it got it right here so we're meeting up with friends tonight or what's going on uh just yeah all right so do you like hate your life did you want to be a u ride driver nobody wants to be a uri driver stupid i don't know it seems fun so what went wrong in your life are you a virgin [Music] um are you aware there's a pipe back here [Music] thank you jesus why don't you have to make everything a fight i'm not trying to fight right now babe just i wasn't expecting you to come over today and i'm really glad that you did okay but you just need to take care of real life [ __ ] now you know so you were happy i came but now you want me to go [Music] yes caitlyn i called you right okay that's a perfectly normal thing to do no brianna you call the same guy i just pick whichever driver is closest to me okay you always get the same black prince oh okay yeah you caught me i just call the same guy every single time i wonder why a woman would continue to hire the same person that she knows isn't a murderer or a rapist instead of taking a chance with some random stranger clearly the only answer is that she wants to [ __ ] him so you want to [ __ ] him oh my god you pathetic insecure [ __ ] why won't you trust me how can i trust you all you do is lie to me i've got the cabs you said you came home at midnight i saw him leaving your place at one in the morning oh my god i was drunk okay i'm sorry i don't remember exactly what time i got home last night why was he here he wasn't even inside i know what i saw you know i would get really mad at you for spying on me again but if you were spying on me you would know what happened it's what happened nothing you are crazy please don't do this hey hey leave her alone i thought i taught you not to come around here anymore what do you think you're doing i just want to go to the store don't you dare go with him god babe i think you should just go home what's that supposed to mean just don't be here when i get back [Music] [Music] sorry i had to go through that tonight [Music] well i'm sorry i dragged you through my drama so hey can i ask you a personal question why am i with that [ __ ] why are you with that [ __ ] you're right that is a personal question okay what is it what is the answer i love him i don't know oh [ __ ] what do you love about it the paranoia or the homicidal violence from the can we just not do this right now okay i've had a bad day i'm hungry and i just want to get some food so i was thinking maybe after everything tonight could be a sit-down restaurant type night i'm not dressed for it or not sit down restaurant not fast food place my treat i don't want to be a burden okay why no not a problem at all look i got this client right and she tips me really well so technically she's paying for it oh yeah why don't you tell me about this client of yours oh no no i i can't talk about that i took a sacred oath all right to never talk about my clients and to never take a tip goodbye jesus hey hey ah you forgot to tip me well i wouldn't want you to break your sacred oath more like a sacred philosophy sacred instruction manual at best okay look i know i came off kind of strong all right but i'm just trying to be funny you know get your mind off things [Music] elevate your mood a little bit where are you now like my therapist sorry i should probably get going now yeah me too [Music] uh hey so what's this not sit down not fast food please get in i'll show you what are these they're so tiny because these are authentic well that's not acceptable i mean we could just order a [ __ ] ton more now that is acceptable you know if you want large tacos tacos grande is a spot we should definitely go there sometime yeah for sure seem like you're in a better mood yeah i still have some thinking to do you know guess what i got the perfect spot for that [Music] so this is it it's my favorite spot in town oh out of town actually it's so quiet up here yeah i used to come up here in high school and then when i first got my driver's license i would just drive around just get away from my problems at home you know yeah nothing's more complicated than home [Music] i don't get it if you need space why are you still with him it's hard to explain okay i i think of love as like a contract so when you love somebody you're bound to them you know that's terrifying maybe that's the difference between you and me i take love seriously now i take love seriously no guys always think they do i should probably get going [Music] huh what the [ __ ] [Music] [Music] oh jesus usually in here for like energy drinks and [ __ ] what's with the downers they're for a party come on jesus 30 racks and cakes are for parties six packs i like to call masturbatory packs get it no can you just ring them up please you want to try that again with some manners [ __ ] i'm having a rough night okay okay that's all you had to say so is this about that girl that you've been uh vulturing around i'm not a [ __ ] vulture man all right you're right that was mean is this about that uh that girl you've been circling around waiting for her relationship to die do you ever just focus on your job this job doesn't take a lot of focus there's no one here so come on it's just that at the end of the night she got a ride home from somebody else what do you mean like her mom after our date i don't know maybe she just felt like it would be weird to hire me again you know what i mean yeah it would have been weird why didn't you just take her home for free like a gentleman [Music] ah so for this date did you ever use the word date it was a date i know i'm just saying sometimes you can be on a date and you know you think it's going well and you think you're gonna get a hand job but then she calls the cops the point is she doesn't think it's a date and i think that's your situation buddy yeah yeah saw him at the mall a couple of months ago i thought yeah jesus yes i'm fine mom or spend some time did you take anything yeah you know your mind keeps you awake when you don't have any time for yourself yes mom thank you because there anything i can do for you the one thing jesus for the love of god mom i'm fine all right just leave me alone jeez what about me [Music] hello hey jesus i was wondering if you were coming in today i called out sick yeah yeah i got that message i was wondering if you could come in anyway i'm sick it's funny you know what else is funny it's funny that i thought you needed this job so has that year's worth of art coming along on a scale of 1 to 12 i would say february at least it's not a leap year [Music] i'm sorry about what happened the other night it's cool i mean objectively it's the least shitty thing going on in my life right now so i'm not sure how i feel about that the you ride driver and cayden almost got into a fight the other night why um jesus is kind of a stalker and cadence hey this is just too nice of a guy to start a fight so what happened i don't want to hear it diane okay he's a really great guy and my father gave him his blessing to marry me why did he start the fight god i said nothing happened okay boys are just [Music] crazy you know i'm here for you if you need anything [Music] wow so that's why you smell like silvester and sadness yeah i guess i'm not being that much of a man about it before i got with my girl we went through [ __ ] like that all the time i learned the key is you gotta figure out if this [ __ ] is viable if we do something stupid we went on a date how's that not a sign of viability look for me i'll try to get a good one with friends you know the friends will let you know whether you need to step down step up that's actually some good advice what do you mean actually i was hoping i'd get you one of these days yes and welcome to the front seat you don't remember me yeah you're um dying dianne yes diana's friend right i do think i know brianna maybe it's another you ride driver who stalks my friend finds her boyfriend and then takes her out for mexican food i hear that brianna yeah except i didn't find her boyfriend and i definitely don't stalk her okay she just happens to be where i drive by oh you just happened to drive by where she lives works and hangs out no it's not famous is that what she thinks of me don't worry i think it's cute like romantic comedy girl has abused a boyfriend she meets some nice guy with a humble job who does crazy things to get her attention i wish someone would the same things for me [Music] i'd self maximum food so she doesn't think it's cute selective hearing my one weakness um how about we go to mexican food too really that is a big burrito hey can i get your number yeah of course of course and that way if we want to text or hang out or whatever we don't have to use the you write up and for what it's worth i hope she chooses not [ __ ] boyfriend and picks me i wouldn't go that far i mean faint heart never won fair lady but no one likes a creeper who won't give you your space you're on a radar just let her decide to come to you hi what are you doing here i just haven't heard from you and i just wanted to see if you were okay are you crazy me crazy you're the one that's breaking up with a homicidal boyfriend and i'm the crazy one for checking to see if you're okay everything all right no babe it's fine uh somebody just lost their way yeah see you are looking for east hollyway and this is just hollyway you can break up with him look this this isn't the time and place for this conversation okay we'll talk about it later where when i don't i don't know i'll just i'll summon you okay you give him the right directions he'll figure it out um i'm gonna have to run by diane's a little bit later yeah of course whatever you want hey did your work add new levels to the game no we just had to change the look of all the old stuff since we couldn't secure the license but i have new art [Music] can i see it yeah that must be the pizza man or maybe it's your last traveler we didn't understand your directions this is my place and my area okay i'll take care of it well maybe we should both get it babe just sit down relax play the game you need to know what you think of it uh 13.52 go ahead and keep the change thanks enjoy your pizza thanks have a good night so what do you think i love it i didn't get the original this one's a lot easier for me to follow [Music] [Music] [Music] hey it's the nugget what are you doing here your mom and i are getting back together boy for now we're back together for now it's a christmas [ __ ] miracle can i talk to you for a second [Music] hey hey i thought we were going to take care of things and how well is that working out you know i checked the mileage on the previous side you're just sitting there all night lately i'm trying mom all right don't you think i'm drawing just think you're killing yourself for not very much money eric said he'll change he's not gonna change all right it takes a lot for somebody to change and he's not the type of person to put in the effort hell he's not even the type of person that thinks there's something wrong with him listen to the lawyers can give me the workers come money they know you didn't hurt yourself at work mom right they're just trying to find a way to prove it i heard it at work yeah then why aren't you wearing a sling because he did this if you have a problem with a man boy you bring it up to his face you don't go hide around the corner and complain to mommy you can't handle what i have to say exactly what you have to say to me son enough both of you this is my house things are different this time things are different this time [Music] you're right baby i'm sorry you i'm not a fraud i'm a good person catholic and your mother god you don't judge me okay look i'm sorry right i just think things are better when he's gone this house was my father's house and after the doctor's bills it was all he had to give me i'm not losing it so you can play big men take the gift go back to college i can't go back to college i already dropped online then go back next semester become someone who can take care of us then you can decide what happens in this house i'm not having my son drive an underpaid taxi and pretend he has a future [Music] [Music] i hear this is a great place to think through tough decisions yeah are you okay you're a really nice guy jesus oh god and diana's taking a liking to you and i think you guys would be really great for each other i don't want diane well i don't want you i thought we had a connection i mean if you can honestly say that you didn't feel anything then i'll leave right now i love caden okay it's not love stockholm syndrome love is serious for me it's not just something i'm gonna throw away because some cute guy happens to come along with a little bit less damage hayden's not damaged he's wrecked well you know what maybe i am too then and what about your kids what are they going to do huh when he gets out of control you know what that's not your problem you can't control him i'm sorry jesus but i've made my decision you still want to ride sure what are you doing here i'm here at superhero we're hanging out i'm gonna talk to her later are you sure just leave okay are you [ __ ] up you know that right i didn't come here and see if she was here came here to see if you'd laugh or and since you did but she's doing something she's not supposed to probably without you right driver i don't know what she's doing but i lie to you because you're an abusive prick who doesn't deserve to be with brianna oh please you just hate me because you're in love with her and she's done [ __ ] you and if i were abusive she would have left me get out before you call the cops the cops go ahead didn't think so [Music] i just don't understand right i've lost everything all right my mom kicked my dad out for abusing her all right her work knows that she's committing fraud and they cut off her checks and then i had to move back home or else the bills wouldn't get paid that all really sucks okay i i get it and you're a great guy for coming back to help your mom so then why you picking an [ __ ] instead of me this [ __ ] cliche not every guy that i meet is just automatically thrown into some competition with the guy that i've been dating for the past four years okay somebody that i said i love you too that's a real promise yeah she's a [ __ ] christ it's not a wedding vow well you know what for me it basically is okay i know that my relationship is broken right now but i am trying to fix it i'm not just gonna throw away all those years that time has to mean something you're just gonna give more of your life to misery by trying to fix the unfixable all right the only way to deal with abusive men is to kick them out of your life and i'm sorry but you didn't love your dad enough to try and help [ __ ] christ you are really making me want to leave my boyfriend for you right now look you said you were unhappy and it's only going to get worse you said make this time matter well i've spent the last few months of my life trying to free my mom from my dad and now he's back all right so everything that i sacrificed was for nothing except i got to meet you no no no look the only way that this time is going to be meaningful is if we end up together i mean think about it it's it's it's our destiny it's our favorite i am sorry that you didn't noble deed for no reward but as the random woman whom you barely know and happen to have feelings for i am not obligated to compensate you on behalf of the [ __ ] universe okay no [ __ ] this it's just [ __ ] nothing's coming out right okay just give me just give me a minute no no take me home now no no i'll take you home as soon as i can prove to you why you're making mistakes staying with kaden let me out or i'm getting out can you honestly say that you feel safer jumping out right here than just staying in this car and talking with me this is kidnapping [Music] no no i i'm not going anywhere with you okay are going to have to stop at a light eventually and i am getting the [ __ ] out of this car if you want me to run off these lights i will you win i'll just be here good little captive they're not a captive any available units near district 14 be advised of a drop called near 2753 big leaf parkway hey that's not far from here you want to check it out why not uh it's detected from the four twenties close to the location we can check that out for you guys ten four and a four pop the lights let's [Music] go [Music] hey jesus it's diane a brienne isn't answering kevin just came to my place with this piper masculine [ __ ] looking for brianna he says he's been tracking her phone he says picture together but you cannot it cannot be found together i don't know i have this feeling that something that's gonna happen to brianna you know i don't know i guess i'm saying look out for my friend okay so what are you gonna do to me we're just gonna talk look i know what i did earlier it was crazy but we're gonna laugh about it when we're done okay [Music] why won't you let me save you look at me jesus look at the situation okay what makes you think that you're the knight not the [ __ ] dragon kaden is dangerous you think that you can save me from my boyfriend by beating me with a [ __ ] lead pipe go on hit me then daddy's boy give in to your [ __ ] feelings [Music] did you see how i took control of that situation half your size no weapon and yet you're the one who got hurt i don't need saving please don't do this you are going to jail you don't treat women that way not only could you not save your mom but when she finds out that you're on a sexual predator list it's probably going to kill her [ __ ] ah she's fine everything's fine we're fine that was a nice swing slugger what are you doing here well your mom sent me outside to see what all the noise was we're lucky she didn't come out herself no usable fingerprints even though he was just touching it well now that happened that's my girlfriend's phone wasting time she's in danger we have people looking for her but how did you know the phone was here at a tracker and stuff did you install american sent yeah i should tell you that but do you have consent to search your phone an unlocked phone is an open phone that doesn't seem legal sir do you have a problem with us finding your girlfriend no why did she have a tracker on her phone was she concerned something like this might happen yeah there was this creepy uri driver he's been harassing her the past several days we installed it for safety i don't see a track in it it's him look she makes video games she didn't want anyone at the office thinking something weird was going on and you said it was a uri driver yes ma'am is this him yes you find him you find brianna oh that is good throw that rag on the ground and spread the dna everywhere are you gonna help me or not now you want my help what do you want a simple exchange you don't ruin my life and i won't ruin yours stop trying to get me kicked out of the house let your mom's crooked lawyers lead her workman's comp trying above all else stop telling her that there's a world outside that she could survive in without me i'm not selling you my mom [ __ ] that it's more like you're leasing her to me and you did just club a girl in the head with a pipe i wouldn't exactly say you're a third wave feminist so what's it gonna be are you gonna get to live life like a man who's never kidnapped and murdered a woman ain't murder you're gonna have to if you catch a tiger by the toe there's no letting it go just stop talking dead every single family has a curse this violence and rage that's ours justice fairness goodness those are all social constructs man selfishness is the way of nature [Music] i'm still a good person no you're not and neither am i but all you have is your life are you gonna let this girl put your entire universe behind a prison cell for the rest of your existence he's lying this girl regularly used this as zeus she liked him or at least felt safe with him this [ __ ] story doesn't pan out doesn't that white camaro match the description of the vehicle from the road rage incident a few days ago the victim's car was a dark toyota priest yeah so am i under arrest or can i go should you be under arrest caden it's all circumstantial we're not enough to keep them one part of the story does hold that the uri driver was one of the last people to see brianna you're free to go but don't leave town what are you doing you need to leave some water in the barrel for what i could drown this puppy like the [ __ ] that she is i'm not killing her fine i'll do it no if you leave a girl alive long enough in a barrel the first thing she's going to do when she wakes up is scream like a banshee i'm not drowning her i've been calling and texting i got your voice you talked to brianna she's with you what happened she called me to pick her up from a spot that i showed her she said she wanted to talk what did she want to talk about um she said she wanted to leave caden and then he made her fear for his life then what happened and then he showed up oh god are you okay i don't know how he found us until i got your voicemail he said that i was sleeping with her and then he wanted to kill her for being a [ __ ] well that sounds like hayden and then i told him to get back in his little pony car and get out of here you just let her go jesus are you there somebody's here if it's a cop send him to my place if you did anything to her i wouldn't be the one to make him pay yeah i gotta go i gotta go hi zeus yes i'm detective clarkson this is my partner detective new four do you mind if we ask you some questions sure do you work as a uri driver yes do anything interesting happen to you tonight what do you mean for instance where'd you get that black guy yeah that's a mean shiner passenger's boyfriend hit me and why would he do that because he's a psychopath i'm sorry it's getting a little cold out here do you mind if we continue this inside yeah come on you got a bathroom sit down son nice place you got here you live with your mom and dad i live here with my mom you know we can all save people whether it's a missing person or someone running priestess i just need someone heroic enough to tell us what they know there's a nice young girl out there that needs saving i know certain people might feel threatened but you can talk to me so come on there must be something you can tell me [Music] okay if it'll help brianna she snuck out to a spot that we'd been to before she said that she wanted to be with me but she was afraid of what her boyfriend might do i told her i understood you threatened me before told me that if i came around there again he'd kill me he stepped out screaming [ __ ] [ __ ] [ __ ] i'll kill you he brushed us and punched me in the jaw i don't know how he found us in the end she chose to go with her boyfriend what could i do i had to respect her wishes you confront him you know he threatened you faint heart never one fair lady so between the threats reckless driving and physical assault you never thought to report any of this to the police certain people don't like to talk to the cops you want to check on your partner she's been gone a while sorry about that i'm here did you hear any of that yeah i overheard bits after fair lady where did this woman live around hollywood where the road rage incidents have been and he ran your throne so good evening officers what did my son do nothing as far as i can tell you said he ran you off the road yes there's no mudder dirt waiting to literally run me off the road it's just a figure of speech it just stopped his car in front of me okay what's that supposed to mean okay means okay don't mind sherlock you're not under suspicion at the moment what's in the back of the car it's a barrel i work in a warehouse right and you ride just my side job and they use me as a gopher sometimes we are looking for a missing young woman and you happen to have a young woman-sized container in the back of your car okay you guys can't come in here without a warrant and start throwing accusations at my son especially when he has done nothing but cooperate with both of you in fact hey zeus don't answer any more of their questions if you're concerned with warrants then we can get you a warrant get a warrant if you're not the owner of the car then you do not have a saying whether or not we can search it hey zeus can we search your car i'm not gonna fight it it's heavy did you not drain the water so we could drown this puppy like the [ __ ] that she is um i'm sorry to bother you folks let us know if there's anything else well her friend diane said that she was confronted by her boyfriend as well i can give you her address okay also i had to show brianna something in the you ride app so i had to touch her phone and do it you want to give us that number [Music] [Music] hmm what the [ __ ] did you do to her did you [ __ ] kill her absolutely not and shut the [ __ ] up oh goddamn neighbor is gonna hear you i would have killed her but you decided to let the police without even asking for a [ __ ] warning [ __ ] you all right i'm done i just saved you from the electrical chair and you want to still act like you're better than me do it yourself [Music] [Music] [Music] i'm telling you caden had guilty written over his face i don't think he's as innocent as he says but his place for us to help him seem real you know you don't have [ __ ] look a bad thinly veiled story about a love triangle the woman rejects the hero and doesn't even seem like he realizes it when we were leaving jesus offered us an alibi for his fingerprints yeah fingerprints that weren't even there because kaden kidnapped brianna then he went back and messed with the evidence aka the phone you got hoof prints try looking for horses before unicorns can anyone hear me [Music] free [Music] [Music] calm down brianna just calm down [Music] [Music] [Music] help help me silver [ __ ] where's brianna i'm in here hold on come on [Music] jesus i'm i'm sorry i'm sorry so [Music] uh [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] hi i spoke with detective clarkson about the man that was running priuses off the road you come in contact with the suspect yeah he followed me to my work where do you work sir i work at the warehouse off temple street is anyone injured yeah he he came at me he attacked me and i had to defend myself sir can you just please get down here i think his girlfriend's in danger officers are on their way [Music] so yeah well if you're gonna do it you better do it now [Music] faster [Music] [Music] one day he shows up early too you know this wouldn't happen if i was here no one messed with my employees yeah except for an effort step back [Music] well not the bad guy you mean we're going to book hazards too why in the hell are you still chasing unicorns all of the evidence points to an honor killing style homicide it's just that kaden trips my lie detector you just have your own bias against the nice guy that we'll go back to the station review their surveillance tape and we'll show you how i'm right i hope so otherwise hazards just use the law as a weapon [Music] so [Music] the king will answer and say to them to the extent i really appreciate you coming that you did it for your fellow man you did it to me i shouldn't be here as long as she had gone to our church brianna had cared for the needs of others taking care of her father who was also taken from us too soon though she had lost god she shall find him in his kingdom [Music] amen i'd like to ask rihanna's friend diana come please say a few words i love brianna i can't bring myself to say it in the past tense to know brianna is to have an understanding friend a forgiving friend [Music] she saw past people's faults and loved everyone wholeheartedly i can't give everyone here consolation for their grief what i can offer you is a certainty of justice the man who did this is gone there's nothing in this tape [ __ ] he will rot in prison not because we are cool people but because there is one basic rule to a safe society a civilization is where the biggest psychopath doesn't get to win we are only as safe as long as evil deeds have consequences [Music] it is our responsibility to not play along with evil enable evil or join evil or let it tempt us with our desire if we can still pick what is right for others over what we want for ourselves [Music] then there is still hope [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] [Music] so [Music] [Music] you

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