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* "Dmitriy Gromov production" persents * * intro * - Friends, good morning! Good morning! It's Sunday morning today! 23rd of May! A week has passed since our last visit to this object! As you have seen in the last episode, we were shot at from the automatic weapon! Now we are prepared! We took sticks! Took bulletproof vests! We took Sasha! Took Sergey! Bono! Katya! We took security! As you have seen in the last episode it was really scary! I was scared at the first place! That's why we decided to secure us with such a wonderful security! With vests! Sticks! We prepared everything! And now we will go on assault! Because the last time we didn't reach our main goal! We wanted to see a real lunar rover! And now we have a route to the lunar rover! To see and film it! Becuse, as it is already known, all of this place will be demolished in a month. And nobody will ever see it! Let it be saved at least on pictures! - This very interesting, friends! We want to see ourselves all of what inside! All of those lunar rovers and different ... Radars! It is really interesting for us! We are all packed! We are prepared all needed equipment! Beads are necessary! - Beads are necessary! - To put on a facade of serious people. You'll see all of it! If those people will attack us... ... this thing works! - Have you seen the shots of what happened? What do you think about all of that bustle? - I would lose consciousness. - My blood is boiling! I don't want to talk too much. I mean... ...you'll see everything! - So friends, we are moving roundabout way. We are flanking the territory of the factory today! We move on maximum... Huh! We are moving just like we left this place the last time.

- We moved through that side, to the river. We were there and there. We had a really tricky route. It's okay. I think we'll do it! - So, Katya? How's your spirit? - I have a fighting spirit! Feels like we haven't done something previous time, and I can't live with this for the whole week! That's why I really waited for this day, to do what we had to. - And all of that shooting doesn't bother you? - It bothers me, but also motivates me, in a way. Motivates to come back, because I think that it wasn't right! I don't respect such actions! - That's right. - Just be careful, it's an acid lake! - I'm not affraid. It won't do anything to me.

- Acidic alkali. - Bono, what is your prognose? Will we make it? - It think we'll do this today! I give 90% for success. - Hush! There? Yeah? - Yes! We need to go there! - Professional criminals. - What are you looking at? What are you looking at?! - A decoy duck! Bro's checking it. - Yep, came a really suspicious guy there! - Jump on my back! - C'mon! On a back? - Jump on the back! - Just give me a hand and I'll jump of it. Done! - Sticks! Sticks! - So, friends! Everything is ready! Let's go! Follow me! Onward! - Just imagine! Guys in vests just walking here! - To tie three...

- ... three sticks into a one long! - Got it. - Two isn't enough? - I'm not sure. Better to take with a margin. - Guys where you came from? Is security tight? They shoot there? - Naaaah... - They don't screw there because of the beer? - Of course not! - And how do you think? - I'm just asking...

- Can't you see? - Just asking. - See this? - Nah, you're cool. Moved through good. - It's okay. - You moved really nice, because they screw people because of the beer there.

- Only if you'll walk right there. - We always move like this. - You are local fishers? - Nah. We are local workers. - I see... You don't fish here? - Nah. - Well, all good to you.

Good luck. - Take care! - So, friends, we are make a carcass. We won't be using these sticks for self defence. We will do from them them a special mechanism, with which help we will get into our laboratory. You'll see it right now. We have a three metre long hook.

- It's not three. It should be arounf ten! - And now the hook! Take out the hook from the plastic bag! - Are you sure it won't unbend? Yes! It's a forged hook! So, dudes, we bought in "Epicentre" a forged hook for ten hryvnias (0,30$). This is a universal solution for our situation. Cheap and rough! We will attach it with Scotch tape. You'll see! With the help of this hook we will get to there we need to. - It's the case, when you can make a bullet out of crap.

- It's not really a hook. In reality it's a fence's spike, friends. - So, Katya? - I'm looking at the height and doubt that I can climb up there. Yet, I'll have no other way, will need to climb. - It's seven people of us! We will help you! - All at once! Well, I'll do it then! - ... with effort.

- Hey. Hold it! - Push on it! - Bono, our actions are crossing the law now? - Not yet. - And after? - Basically, not. - Well, I'm chill then. - Friends, we have Lebed and Shaman as our guests! And we have Bono and Katya as our security! All of us got up on Sunday morning instead of sleeping.

- Really, everybody get up today and came to the factory to help us to make... - Content! -... Katya's birthday at the first place! To get done with Katya's present. Which Susanin haven't done. Everybody is helping Susanin to get done with it. And you are getting an interesting content to watch. - Katya, how can you rate the fact that Susanin put bullet vest and helmet on himself and not on you? - Well, I think.. I don't really know what to even think.

- Sus, what's going on? - What? They will shoot at me, not at you! - Why? - Because they have no interest in you! They have interest in me! - Nobody will shoot at anyone. - And what about stray bullet? - Nah, there will be no stray bullet. - Will ricochet! - The main thing that they want to render Pubertat harmless! - Firends, we have everything ready! The construction is ready! So, let's go? - Yes, everything is ready. The construction reaches the sky... It's around 7 metres. I think it should be enough to get on the rooftop.

- So? Lead the way! - Let's go! - I wanted to add something! You look at Susanin and think: just an ordinary fat guy. - Fat guy?! - Friends, under this layer of beautiful fat - muscles! Which are used to work! Which are... How many times you pull up? Should be around 40 times? - Yes, of course! - You just look at him, and it surpises how he climbs on all of those things! - Okay, friends! Enough talking! Follow me! Hurry! Let's go! So, friends! Friends! Enough talking! Follow me! - What's going on? - Iniquity! - Pure outrage! - Nah! - Katya, people write in the comments that Kotofey looks very alike to you! - I don't know. I think, people know better if he's alike or not. But we are no relatives with, it's just a coincidence!

- By the way, hello to Kotofey. He's a very interesting young man, and we should obligatory have a talk! - Impermissible! Outrage! Complete collapse of morals! What can I say? * Wryeeeeeeeeeeeee! * * Pubertat's Vietnam flashbacks * - Sus! - Oh, I played too much! - What is this? - Dimon, it's one of my favorite games right now! "War Thunder!" This is a military online action, which has just got a new big update of this year! Now a new branch of south-african military technology is available to you! Modified heavy tanks! Fast cars with bulletproof wheels and many other! Besides, now a plane with changeable arrowside of the wing is available! War in "War Thunder" find place in all over the world and in different time! Fight at any given point of the Earth on old times machines or modern ones! Take an advantage on new locations! On an abandoned military city "Seros 12"! With soviet panel-houses and "Houses of culture". Planes, tanks, ships and helicopters are available in "War Thunder"! Combine different types of technologies in one combat! Level up and win! And, if you are lucky, you'll be able to finish a fight with nuclear explosion! Feel "War Thunder" in a new way with better graphics! With an updated effects, better skies and realistic sound! Download the game from my link in the description and get bonuses for easy wins! I'm wating for you in the game and hope that we could get into one session! - Sheesh! It's... - C'mon, Shaman! Quicker! Why are you like this? So, we are now..? - Lead the way! I've never been here! - Let's go.

- So, we are moving from buffer zone, friends. - The main thing, not meet someone on the main road. - Yes. - It's fine? - Yes. Where should we go? - We need to go right. - Right, yes? There is some kind of hole.

- We need to move really carefully! Friends, move silently! - This way? - Careful! Careful, Katerina! Spikes! Watch out for a spike! - So, how do you like the bag? - The bag shows really good results for a numerous time! And, I think, it could withstand my full weight! - Hey, where are we? Huh! It's the administration part? - Yes. - It's our thing, yes? We need to get to the first fire escape ladder. - That's it, friends, we are on the finish line! We got to the territory, where the mad man with the gun was shouting. And now we need to move 100 metres and get to the fire escape ladder. - That's it! To battle! - Turn off the phone, it's ringing! - I turned aiplane mode on.

- Someone's phone rings all the time! - My phone is left in the car. - F**k! - Turn on "the factory" mode. - Factory mode... Well, yes. - Factory mode. Today we are on a factory.

Friends, today we are on a factory! - I! Will cover you! - So, gentlemen-viewers, this is the yard where the bustle was going on! We came back right here. And here's our fire ladder! - Some kind of bird whistles! - Aha. - Look, it's a fire ladder, but it is cut for people like us. Bono, give us the hook. That hook. - Aha.

- Put it on. Look, what we do. We put this construction on, put this thing up and hang it on the fire ladder. Bono, go first. Can you climb up first? To hang the real hook there and take the stick up? - Got it.

- It means, we can... - Pros at work! - Yes, Bono the Pro at work! - Pros and Katya. - On the second! Put it on the second, Bono! Yes! Yes! And take the stick. Take the stick up!

That's it. Move up! - C'mon! - Can you take it? - I'll take it, yes! - Let's go. - How should I climb? - From the side, a bit closer. - From the side, like this. - Could you stretch it down below? Yes? It's really fun! - C'mon! Put it here! - Like this? - C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! A bit left! Left side! A bit... F**k! S**t! I can smell f******s! It really smells like motherf******s! Motherf******s are somewhere nearby! - C'mon! Katyuha! Troeschina belives in you! - Thank you! - C'mon, boy! C'mon! - Hold it! Hold! - We are holding! - Hold it, because it spins! - We are holding you, boy! Holding! - C'mon, dear! C'mon! C'mon, dearest! C'mon, little! C'mon! C'mon! C'mon! Yes! Yes! Well done! - We got out from there, when all of the bustle began! Right from those doors! - That's it? Got up? Okay, you guys go, I'll move the last.

- Wow! Sheesh! I didn't expect that he can climb like this! Friends, we'll meet there! - Need to train! Really, I need to train! - That's it, friends! I can congratulate you with that! The most scary stage is left behind! We are on the rooftop, where we needed to be! Now we'll go fast! And dive right into the laboratory! - Roger that! Friends, thanks to everyone! I didn't think we'll make it today! Firstly, people always want to sleep on Sunday! - Well, yes! - Want to lie in the bed! It rains! Sheesh! But we make content for you, my dear subscribers! - Katya, how was the climbing? - The climbing? It was okay. I thought I wouldn't climb up. But I've climbed! I think we shouldn't be here for a ling time, because it's a military factory! - For sure. - Listen, what are these gloves? "Tomik"? - You gifted me them! - Dudes, we got here okay, considering it's 11 of us! All of the climbing took only 1,5 minutes! That's nice! We are ready! In the next episode we'll go into Pentagon! - Special forces at work! - Bono, do you know where should we go next? - Somewhere to the middle of the workshop.

- Have you been there? - No. - C'mon. For real? Why are you smiling like this? C'mon. Tell us for real.

- No, I wasn't. - But do you have a concept of where we should move? - Well, almost. - Tell us, if something.

- Okay. - So? Let's go? - When I was climbing on that ladder, I thought I was climbing on a helicopter! - Yeah! - You know? Like in action movies! Lacked only to shoot like this! You hang off this ladder! - On one hand! - Your hair is waving on the wind! It was like this! - Susanin, just don't lose anything! I want to get there. You promised the last time we'll get there, yet we didn't! Will we get there this time? - And what I have to do with this? - Will you prom... Well, you can lose the ladder!

- Ladder? We already got here! - And how can we go back? - Jump. - Jump? - Yes. - It's too high to jump. I wouldn't want to break my legs on my birthday.

- Why? - What for? I'll need them! - That's it! Let's go! - Let's go. - Is it quiet? - Yes. Completely. - Okay. Let's go. - Speed up, guys! Speed up! - I feel safety and sureness! I train my hands! To get much easier higher! - You got how it works now? - More or less. Yes. At least much than... - Easy. -... before you explained it to me. It calmes.

- For 12 years in a prison I learned only this. - What... Listen, what kind of beads are these? - These are my antique. They are very prominent for me! With them... I... was in correctional facility. This is a working variant! They are not pretty. It is visible that they are made of different materials. A part from other beads. Well, from... Different materials.

They are... They give you confidence. And they brighten your loneliness, when you sit in a pit. When it's boring, sad, you are alone. - You served time with them? - Yes. And it happened that I'm not intentionally took them with me. They just got out there unexpectedly. And till this time. How much? They are with me for 10 years! These ones. I lost them many times, and they still come back to me! For real. I didn't make it up. It's just a trinket, you can put anywhere and it can get lost. But they are always visible! Always! - It's like your talisman. - Yes.

It's not a talisman, it's my precious! -... about camp, what's going on on the terri... - Friends let's go, seek adventures! Because I get frozen! I want to move! - Clean. - This one? - No-no-no. It's... Look, what's going on! It's like after nuclear bombardment! Holes in the roof! - Careful. - F*****g s**t! F**k! It's okay. - Just look how he grouped himself! Like a cat! - Сentrifugal fan.

- Here's GRM. Look! You can... - B***h, how it smells! - Guys, we found an open window! Let's check it! Something tells us that we are on the right way! - That's it? - Here! Look! Wow! Someone's holes! Yes, that's it! All good, dive in! Don't step on boards, because it's just a cloth. We need to move only on these concrete routes. - Friends, all of those boards will crumble under your feet. Step only on concrete! - Yes-yes! - Private Shaman! Arrived? - Yes, sir! - Look, the lab is right beneath us! And there is a tricky mouse hole, which is unknown who made by. - An unknown good person. - We'll be coming in right now! No, it's not that. Move further. We need to check it, because... So, we need to tie the ladder here and drop it down, then...

Bono, from where are such holes appear in factories? - From diggers. - It's other explorers roam here? - Yes. Such holes live for tens of years. People climb inside, make photos. - To climb up? - I dunno... I wan't wo tell you... - What? -... it should be... - The height of it is around 8 metres. - 80 metres.

- But there are giant metal constructions, which will help us. We will climb on them and go down from them, most likely. What? What's there, Bono? - Beautiful. Radars. Some kind of interesting equipment. - Are there mars-rovers? - Yes. Something like this. - Listen, can you go down there first? Check what's there? Good. - Will go first to check how you tied the knots.

- Wait, listen! You want to go like this? - I was about to... - It's sh***y! - So, who knows how to tie knots? Because I see that Bono... - I know. Let's go! What kind of knot do you need? - So it wouldn't...

- Just an ordinary... Look! So, there is a rule, if you don't know how to tie a knot, just tie ten normal knots! - Let me show you! - I just can't get how... - Right it here! Tie it too...

- Right here? This thing tie to this one? Okay, got it. - Okay. - I don't know how to do it. It's just too high! You don't know it, it's really high! - Mars-rover! Little one! Daddy is here! I'm the real martian! I will...

- Done? You go? - Yes. Checking. - That's it. Let's go. - Dear Lord! - That's it. I tied the crooked knots. Now I will check them! How secure they are. Generally... Will do. - For rope not to fray we should've put something underneath, guys.

- It wont fray! It's okay. And from there, in concept, you should be able to come down these constructions! - So... Here it's possible to come down the constructions! - Can you see the mars-rover? Is it there? - Yes. - Cool! - Bono, I wanted to tell, to fixate the ladder. So it wouldn't fidget! Yes. I think, it would be easier to climb.

- Katya, can you do it? - I don't know. Someone will go there, I will try to the same, yet it's pretty tough! - So, Seryoga, will you go? - Yes. - C'mon. - Me... You know... It's my childhood dream. Me and the mars-rover!

- Careful, don't put too much pressure on boards, Seryoga! - Faster! Shaman, faster! Cops are following us! - It's your Vietnam flashbacks, huh? - It's a bit scarry. Wow! F**k! Quiet! Wow! - Hold! - Sheesh! I'm scared! Very scared! But I can see the mars-rover! And it's cool! - And this platform down there is just a middle of the lab! - The last time we were walking, and I had to go to the birthday with my closest ones. And i asked Dima: "Dima, how much will we crawl there? Will I get dirty?" Dima said that there will be just a little dust. And here's the dust! You can see it by yourself! - Here we are in the bulletproof capsule. The bullet vest isn't needed here. I'll put it on, when we'll go out. Yes? - Yes! - That's it. The last spurt! - Sheesh, guys. I can say, it's a really scary thing!

Huh? Didn't get it. - I said, be careful! Don't knock! - It's easy for you, down there! I don't know... So, three fulcrums. One. Two. Three. - Yes. - That's that! I see, now... What awaits me. Okay, guys. I'll see you down there! Friends, don't do it! Don't do it at all! Pros are at work! - Okay.

- It's okay? - Yes. - It pumps me up! Very hard! When everybody breathes so hard, holds so tight! - It's from happiness! It's breath of joy! - Okay. - How's it going, guys? - The way is open! Let's go! - C'mon! - Nah, I don't know. Maybe it'll be easier for me. I'm smaller... - Everything will be okay! - So...

- No, how are you climbing? You should hold that thing with your hands. And put your legs then. The main fulcrum of yours are legs! - Damn. It's so scary! Friends, ain't there any ladder? - No, it's nothing there. The height is 13 metres! There is no such ladder! - So... Scary!

- Grab me by my hood! Damn... I dunno... - Susanin, your main fulcrum are your legs! - All the time? - All the time! Your hands are like small tentacles, which hold you a little. Slowly and firmly make steps with your legs! Leg! Leg! Leg! Leg! - From the one side, yes? - However you like. - Friends, hold the ladder, please! It's really scary! - Doing good? - Hush, Dima. Damn.

- Step with your legs! Leg! Leg! Leg! Leg! - Damn. - Don't hurry, Sus. All's good. That's it! You got to the first beam! - Can I step on it? - Yes. - For sure? - You can do it carefully. - You can do it, just be careful! It's not thick.

- So, how's it going, daddy? - Wait up! Wait up, Dima! It's really scary! I'll come down, wait a sec. Okay? Okay, the part of the route I have crossed! Dmitriy, I'm sorry. Panicked a bit, haven't climbed for a long time! That's it! I'm half the way down! - Rest a bit, Susanin! - Phew! Mr. Dmitriy! I climbed down! - You'll manage? - Will do! Thank you! - Grab the ladder like this, so it wouldn't push you... - I will climb down without it! - No, it's... - To hell this ladder! I hate them! - Okay? - I can see... Yes!

- Stay there and meet Katya! - Let's go. - Let's stratch it really good. - Just, Dima. Don't flash in the face! - Gentlemen, Katerina goes down! So, I wish you courage, confidance and sureness! - Highlight this area, so I could... So...

It's so... Yet, it seems... - The main thing is to hold with your legs! - May I leave my bag here? - Yes. Okay. - Can you take it? - Yes. - Drop it to me after... It's just... - Put it on the boards. I'll get it.

- It clings to everything! So, I need to turn on my flashlight. - Your main fulcrum are your legs! - Flashlight... Here. I'll grab here. No, I need to put this hand... Somewhere here?

Hair! Another one? - Step in the beam! - I see. Like this? Wait. Let me check. - How's it better for you? - Let's go! We stretch it! - How should I climb? Here? - Yes. - Okay, the part of the route I have crossed! Dmitriy, I'm sorry. Panicked a bit, haven't climbed for a long time! - Well done! Rest a bit, Susanin! - Now we do like this, Sus. So it wouldn't push on you. - I won't use it! - What is stuck, Sus? Check! The hood. - C'mon! C'mon! - Just a little! Push your foot a little futher! Bacasuse you are staying on your toes! It could slip! - C'mon.

- Here it's not scary. - That's it. C'mon. C'mon. - This stupid hair! - Bono, you climbed down on constructions or down the ladder? - That's it. - Down the ladder. - It's much easier to go down the constructions, Sus.

- Thank you! - C'mon, Sus! Don't be like... - That's it. Nice. I'm sorry. - Give me the bag. - Cool! You were a bit nervous! He's hung with bags! Delivery! "Glovo" here! * Someone is walksing through the workshop * - Sit down! Turn off the light! - Hush, everyone! Not a word! Hush! - We are waiting for the security down there to walk away to move forward. Because the situation doesn't not allow us to make noise or move through the area! That's why we'll wait a bit and then go and look at the mars-rover. I wait for so much, but everything against it! - At least with one eye! - A little bit...

- The mars-rover! - Yes! * The next episode is soon! * * outro *

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