█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Fotowoltaika - Magazyn ENERGII - przyszłość nieunikniona!!!

█▬█ █ ▀█▀ Fotowoltaika - Magazyn ENERGII - przyszłość nieunikniona!!!

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Cool movie about co magazines. Well, because it's a bit difficult. We have the same problem in our talks all the time, we are trying to tell people about warehouses and this about energy sources and electric cars. Only that it's as if we were talking about individual Buzek, as you remember the picture, what the puzzles look like, they consist, I do n't know, of several hundred or several dozen elements. Today's episode will be a little bit about everything, as usual, but today I will try to sort out that energy storage is not a standalone product, but an infrastructure element , i.e. an element that works with other parts, sometimes with your home, sometimes with your home, sometimes with your car.

Man where you got the mother from under the face. Already in the next one, everyone came, it was all over. Until today was a special day. Today we shot 4 5 episodes. Maybe you can do it without repeating, I will try to go ahead and say yes, try thank you.

In the next episodes we will talk about cosmic things, incl. about how to take your own bank to court. Okay, Marcin, I wanted to finally talk about these magazines because we started recently. People keep asking about the magazines and we didn't meet for some time. Personally, I think there is nothing sexier than energy stores.

The railway will sound because everyone has their own preferences there is a universal element, we know better sex things, but the account has a different episode. On the other hand, if we were to talk about energy storage, today it is probably a market that is just leaving us, namely we talk about energy storage that are already everywhere, you can see how we talk to such an extraordinary Kowalski and ask him how he can cope with life there and what he knows about energy storage they usually say no, I don't know it's expensive, few people will notice that energy stores are everywhere today and starting with your internal combustion car, at least two batteries, one is definitely needed for such a 12-turn there is probably about 60 hours so that you would be able to With Kulczyk, start these devices, but you also have at least one miniature battery there, which means that you do not have to teach your electronics every time, for example, I do not know music or, for example, the frequency of the Radio. There is also a lot of other things that are stored for energy today as waste paper energy everywhere, and they start with things that probably already showed.

This is a fragment of the Gulaj city leg yes. They are so applied and it is in this major art that one may be like that. On the bike, they are also similar on the bike, and through them there will be Breaking, so I can show that the headphones we use for the phone or for listening to music. So these batteries are everywhere. Your phone has no electricity.

Your phone is also actually 60 percent, its weight is actually a battery. Only later is the display. A watch is also a device that today converts a photon has electricity and then can store it quite effectively for long days. Tablets, iPads, everything we use. These are all the things that energy stores already have today. Sometimes I tell people that we are already immersed in energy storages today , but you need to move on to the next stage first, that the energy storages are a bit larger, because for our needs of such single-family houses, we simply need more energy and that they have a little more capacity you could safely stay there for 30 maybe 50 hours.

Because looking at the energy needs of the building, if we had hot water for all water pumps, for TVs, for internet power, it would be enough for us around 30-50 hours. I have an experience behind me where for seven years I have been using such a link, she is behind my back and you will probably see it in the sanctuary. And this is a magazine that is a form of post of what is already happening in Europe today, i.e. Germany, for example, who should be such a reference market for us.

They already understood today that photovoltaic is part of the solution. The next part of the solution is home energy accumulators such as ordinary small dispersed. Exactly the same as it used to be impossible for people to think that there can be scattered energy sources, so today in Poland Poles already associate these scattered energy sources, but batteries not yet, while there is an absolutely rich source of them that will explode in our hands like a problem to solve. And I always say something can be done about it.

At the end of 2021, the total production capacity of all companies that produce electric cars will exceed 2.5 million units compared to internal combustion cars, which is normally nothing. However, two and a half million electric cars will be produced in the EU. the average life in the sense of such an accident car is about ten years, which is 10 years on average. Technically, this car, even though it could continue to drive and did a great job on the road, will go out of the way and be stepped by another car in more than 10 years.

I think there is even less. I think. I think they are. These are the data that I looked at not more than two months ago, so you can safely dig how long a car lives on average in the sense of such non-technical accidents because we can see it ourselves. Older internal combustion cars in which electricians drive will live much longer than internal combustion sheep, while on average this car will be destroyed after these 10 years. And something that really means that from two and a half million pieces only in 2021, 250 thousand. of cars, for various reasons, will be withdrawn from use, of these cars, approximately 98%.

these are statistics based on Tesla roughly 98 percent. of these weight cars are withdrawn from service not because of the batteries, but only because of the built-in axle, half axle with a wheel. Large damage to the fired pillow large damage to the paint coating which disqualifies it from repair. These are the tricks of insurers and we are reaching a situation where we will have 250 a year only in 2021. Annually, in the European Union, 250,000 crashed electric cars, 98 percent of which will have operational batteries. And now, depending on what car we are talking about , we are talking about small cars such as mine, which have a capacity of 30 several hours, because the battery, up to top models that have up to 100 110 several hours in the battery, are probably some buses.

Well, yes, but these cars are and the batteries in them will survive these technical problems and what does it mean that in a moment we will have a problem what to do with these batteries because even if there are already pilot installations to process lithium- ion cells, in an industrial sense they are they will not be prepared for such a number. But I am talking about the fact that we should not deal with the leasing of these batteries, but we should think about Second Life Second Life, i.e. Imagine, for example, something happens with my Mercedes that makes it unprofitable to rebuild it or repair it, because it does not leave the floor for me. I will be the first person to say to the

insurer. Okay, then I will leave this floor on the wall at my place. Four powerful plugs, a 200-kilogram battery, simply plasma, weighs more than 400, then you have to think about some supporting structure, but violence to the wall and Kamil cable. Similar to today, I have a small battery similar to this large investor, as it causes that this energy during the day, which today accidentally adds to the attractive battery in the car, will be reworked into the same battery hanging the bicycle. And this is this revolution that I'm trying to convince people to not think in terms anymore. And these batteries are really cheap because we even have one viewer with whom we have already done the episode and he lives only about GRID and just on such a car battery and so he says that he can do it without any problems, but it does not heat up, which means for now it also depends of course, how will this energy be usable, because if it passes this energy through, for example, heat pumps, then it has three and a half times, i.e. 80 times more heat and electricity.

But I myself because I am thinking about expanding my battery sooner or later because I give a lot of this energy to the utility company and nothing comes of it. Today I have a surplus during the day. Today it will produce about 300 hours and I really should consume this energy myself or consume some of it after dark. However, it turns out that I give this energy to the network and then recovers 70 percent.

Nonsense nonsense is just a waste of my money and my energy. Therefore, I think that sooner or later we will come to the fact that car batteries that will be developed, and let me remind you that by 2021 it is only a modest start of the Automotive business in the European Union and that from year to year there will be more and more of these broken electricians, it is just.

2021-06-17 22:48

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