⚙️ First Looks and Alpha Gameplay | Satisfactory [Episode 1]

⚙️ First Looks and Alpha Gameplay | Satisfactory [Episode 1]

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Hello. It is Jason train and welcome, to satisfactory. Satisfactory. Of. Factoring, games it. Just came out today. Two. Hours ago for the Alpha it. Fully comes out March 19th, I feel. Like I'm fighting with the music right now, very. Loud but. Very good. It comes out March 19th on full early-access, which. Will be exciting, it will be around $30 remember half day for lunch the link will be in the description for the actual game I'm very excited for it to be fully out the, Alpha only allows us to go up to tier 2, remember, correctly so there's three tiers you can do CR 1/2. Ton. Of fun I've, been playing it a little bit as you can see the continue button mainly because OBS. Didn't like recording, it so it took a few tries to get it to actually work and I think we're good this time I'm, beside, the point so we're gonna create, a new game. Playthrough. Out. They'll play through because. We're. Very creative, here and. Let's start the game. It. Does roll multiplayer, sessions no matter what now you can play offline once the actual game comes out in full early, access and not just now how things are so subject to change alright I'm gonna be quiet while the intro plays this is amazing. You see this is our drop pot sort of thing as well also. Look at that little thing on the left there it's. Like when your airplane they tell you to read the instruction, manual pocket oh the following, instructional, video is a summary of your impending duties, as an exoplanetary. Pioneer, for fix-it incorporated. Fix-it. Pioneers, have three psychical, assigned pillars of work to ultimately accomplish project, assembly. Use. Provided, blueprints, to build the necessary buildings. Chart, the planet and gather resources, to provide desired results, and improve your infrastructure. Make. Sure to report any unusual discoveries. To R&D, for analysis. Expand. Your factories, outposts. And pipelines, through automation and augmentation. Get to work and be effective, all. Right as you keep that was in this little thing those. Remain, seated during full procedure, first. Of all where are we gonna go. We're blanched it and it's like we're on a roller coaster. Actually. This thing reminds me if you've been to Busch Gardens Williamsburg and. Robe battle for the iron it's only about a year old now. That's. Like the exact same thing but like I love, it. And, plan a fall get fun you'll. See this planet is amazing it's a hand school to buy the level designers, it's, amazing, but you still spawn in different locations, which is even, cooler is really it's a big map too. You. See it in a moment. I love, it. I've, been following the dev logs up until release awaiting, for this game for a long time and I'm actually really excited to probably play it, see. If there is the beautiful landscape. It's. It's, breathtaking it, really is. Cuz they'd be just like music hair shears, we're. On the ground. I'm. So ready. Don't. Even know remember, efficiency, first. Godspeed. I like, the little sticker there it's cute. A nice, little touch. All right so welcome to satisfactory. It's. Beautiful, I. Don't. Know what that it's all I have to say. Official. Directory, and assistant. Such. As you in their mission you. Are the third of your sector to survive planetfall, congratulations. Can't. Like jump up on my roof of it or else I would. It's. Like action tongs. Minor. Healing, properties, further, analysis. Required, to establish object, spanner identification.

There. We go now, it won't kill your ears nor mind. Please. Dismantle. The Dropbox the resulting, materials, will be repurposed, to construct, a habitat. And utility, base for, now I'm referring to it. So. I love that when you take it out it spins like that rubbing it disappears, such as little citation. So. We're, ready to start please. I'm sure you have your fixing, incorporated. Zeena zapper before. Leaving the drop zone yeah, I get me that according. To fix it regulations. Every pioneer, should have access to a means of defense, against, extraterrestrial. Threats. Whoops. That was mistaken. I. Guess we don't take Falls basically. Was. It her in preparation, for all future objectives uh. I. Guess we're heading this way though. Didn't. Quite mean to fall off a hill didn't. Go so well there. Got. A rock. Rocking. Out here. There's, also iron 300, meters that way but this one's closer now so why not go to this one. Oh. That. Song, that. Should be like that shit of that okay. It's. Still a beautiful game regardless of things like that ooh this two deposits, I hear to think oh. Stop. It bad dog. And. Look see this one more of them over there the remains of this creature might shed light on, how I don't have to do to add a future, whatever. Good analysis. Doesn't. Want to fight me it does. Bad. Bad. Boy I. Think. I kinda fared, okay there I think. We need these for health. All. Right. Well. We tried our hardest there. So. I guess we need to mine. So. It's like different. Levels just normal what's this this is also iron I think this is also iron this is an amazing start. All. Right let's go in - pure iron. So. One thing I do know if you mind normal it gives you less than feared us. And, there might be a lower one -. So. Cute. Spacious. Open terrain close, to the presence of iron sources. Failure. To do so will likely result, in non optimal progress. So. The computer really reminds me of Isaac, from Orville if you've seen that also, I does a rock there congratulations. You like not have that rock cut, feature manual. Crack bench top. Feature. Hubb upgrade, storage, and power knows, the, craft badge and hub terminal are essential, for progression, to the next objective. Yes. So these are unavailable, in alpha as you can see we. Can go up to phase 3. I yes. Tier. 3. Which. Is the space elevator take, the phase 1 apparently and. These unlock when we complete the hub apparently. Okay. Cool so we just have to select these milestones and we'll unlock those materials, for us that we saw there well, jump, a little there so, yeah that's how we get like to do more things so, it's really it's kind, of like Basin, jurors just released this. What's, a call, progression. System it's kind of like that in some ways but. A bit more advanced I'd say so, we're gonna create this iron I. Know. The early game a little bit now because I've had to play it a few, times because recording, has been done, it's. This, part of it is kind of tedious. Just. Crafting like that we. Have a good amount iron now so what, do we need again we need me to iron rods so. We need 10 of those. What. Does Add to list do right, button endless does. That do. That's. Cool how do I remove it from each of us ah oh. I've. Made more than I needed right that's good. Okay. The hub ah. Look. At that how, did they. Have. Unlocked new buildings new equipment and new crafting courts as well as a new resource scanner exciting. Feature. Biomass, generator, hub, feature personal, storage scanner. Feature copper. Okay. Equipment. Buildings, and blueprints, which can be found in the workshop when built build menu and craft bench respectively. Alright. So we've got our objective. We have another grade, construction know. This. Little sign. No. Buildings. Such as the smelter, require, a blueprint, to be set.

Advise, Automate. The smelting process, and use portable, miners for optimal results so. Ideally. We want a miner on one of these okay. So we, have our to-do list there on the left so, we, need to scan for copper. So. We got your body we got 100 meters away really that close Wow. That's. Iron. More. Copper yeah. This is iron nice, I'm just, and four bolts so let's go get that copper, because. I know for a fact what you need that you. Need that. Don't. Tell me it's on top of that hill that. Makes it more than 100 meters hits us, oh, that's. Annoying I'd. Also know from watching the dev vlog so you will need these leaves to power, your initial generator that. You saw there that we had on the side of the base I don't really point it out so. You just use leaves to collect them initial. Scans reveal, coloring, properties, in the flower petals. Every. Assuming. We can color things, I'm. Actually kind of curious but huh. Oh. Goodbye. It's. It's stuck down there now not. Our problem anymore. Let's. Go in mind some copper oh I. Broke it I don't. Know lose the thing okay, so apparently you can break your ore deposits, so that's something to be mindful of might, only be a thing for pure ones I don't know I, hear. One close. Hello. There's one in front of me one behind me. It. Sounds like this still one close by does, that guy over there hopefully he won't bother me uh. Such. Tone make sure that doesn't happen I got lime stone here. Kill, him I. Have. The high ground. All. Right not our problem anymore, I. Don't. Think Peter will like this game can. I eat this. Our. Plates from alien creatures I can eat this. Give. Me anything dang it okay well. We need to find a source of food then so I can heal. All. Right we, need to make the a. Smelter. Equipment, workshop and we. Don't even wanna cut. My workshop because that, will get us well. We can't afford that does, it require I'll say required steel plates iron plates. You. Would need uh it. Said six of them. Yeah. And we need one iron rod perfect, no for that. All. Right you got I couldn't workshop let's plop it down. Conveniently. Close just, step on down and we're okay, it's. Too low to step back up oh that's. Annoying okay well let's go ahead and configure in here we need a portable miner which, requires four arm plates eight copper, wire spools and four. Cables. Okay let's try it we, can make the power and gets. This. Is gonna take a while. Well. I need training to make all them so many four of these just two of those so. How. Many more it, should be good to go I. Need. One more okay. Okay. Dandy so, now we can make a portable miner you, don't have that iron plates excuse me then we made those. Well. Let's do it now yes. All. Right oh it. Takes ten hits of the thing alright so now we have a portable minor, which. Just handily enough will, mind for us fully. Automated to keep. Things going nice I'm gonna put on this one this. Way over, actually. Let's, change that, idea we're, gonna put it over here. This. Menu do. It nice and close. These. Things we'll go ahead and just in line press automatically. And. They're, like the most adorable little thing it's like look at that.

And. In mines on its own. Something, most of the things don't have an animation when you pick them up which. Does kind of suck but it's okay all. Right so now we have automated, iron kind, of next. Thing that we need to do is make a smeltery. This. Will be our first thing that we make that consumes power. Which. We produced with this guy the biomass burner. So. We're going to build a smelter I just miss collect that. Requires five, iron rods and eight, spools, we, can do that so make the two spools that we need and, let's. Make the eight iron rods I think it was. Actually. Really cheap so. They'll be more expensive. Perfect. So we're gonna put it in line with the base here as. Close as we possibly can I, ain't. Giving you Lee we, have a smelter, here. We go so. This one's small for us once we go ahead and connect. Up to the base via. Power line what, we can cable to that alright. Let's. Go ahead and make those, so. Cables work they travel the distance that, you put. Them like that and it just changes the amount of cables to me and so the, further, it is like over there it's four but here it's two like. Right. There. My new us. Depends. And it just changes depend on how far it is. Okay. Let's connect it there we go. I. Don't. Know technically, is power but not actually, because we don't have we don't have it turned on let's, grab our iron ore out of here which. We use to kind of show. It in action and we'll grab some plant, life as well from here and. We'll put it on the bio nest for her. Not. It's not what I threw it all in here didn't I yeah. I did, whoops. All. Right there, we have leaves so, now that's generating power which you can see here it's not blinking red which means it needs an action to do so. We tell it to do iron it should start blinking yellow yep. So, that means it has this action but has no resources to do it with you. Throw in our resources and it's.

Green It means it's running. Most. Of things in the game have a ladder you can climb to which is kind of gold this. Is what I've seen at least from the trailers and stuff and, from. What I've played so far like this will have a lyre soon I don't think that does. Yeah. It's her at work I'm under here I'm. On the cable. No. There's no contact with the cable all. Right what do we need to do now I think. The next goal is just to do, hub of grape to, which. By running that smelter we're getting closer and closer to. Yeah. All right let's select. That milestone, cuz I haven't done that, I'm. Gonna build a second smelter, actually. No I can't because they don't have I, do that powerful second way but I haven't unlocked, all. Right let's. Do that we. Won't I could smell some other. Stuff soon sorry. There's a lot of thinking going on. All. Right so we need 10 iron rugs 10, iron plates and 50 spools water, let's, make as much wire as we can so far. All. Right that's as many as we can make we. Can make more copper ingots, this. Is a slower than the smeltery, as much we will do the work for us great. Ross just kind of doing it on our own. All, right cool we have enough schools, and. I need 10 of these. All. Right and we need 10 of these we're. Close close, to getting upgrade to. Shoot. For a brother's doing house, grabbing these okay. And. Let's go ahead and make the iron plate BAM. Okay. And we should be able to slow. Them in and am, afraid. Step. Back BAM we have this, it's. Our first upgrade to poets guess it's our second technically. They. Were Gardens you have unlocked and scatter stone, new, buildings, and blueprints, I hate this rock you. Know. This empty bruise I've been subjected hub. Upgrade, palace, note, use, power poles to expand the power network for optimal results note. Constructors. Are capable, of constructing copious. Parts of which only one type at a time. Alright. So basically it wants us to create a constructor now which, we can use to automatically, create a resources, like iron plates or iron. Rods or. If we want something copper based as well and we, need a control, amount of iron plates to do this. Next. Milestone, so. Now we should make a constructor, to automatically, make this I didn't. Actually look at what I needed so we need three reinforced, plates and two wires two, cables we're.

Gonna Want to go get more copper. Soon, so. Now let's just have this automatically making iron, ingots. Okay. So. Let's go make many two spools of wire, cable. Switch. Musing a few more covering this. You. See we've unlocked way more here we've unlocked biomass, which is really helpful, and. We. Need three reinforced, iron plates, these, guys require. Four iron plates and 24 screws so. We've, had to get those iron plates out of the way and. The. Screws they only require one rod, and I could do six of them which is awesome so I'm, gonna need four rods I think yeah. And. That gives us one plate. It's. Not even that much. So. We'll do this a few times so. Eight. Of that she's just exactly how many we need. But. We need a few more iron plates we need eight more. Perfect. Okay, so, now we should have enough to, make the constructor, we, do, I'm. Gonna put it in line with this guy, just, a bit down right. There. Could, have put more space between them but it's fine, and. I don't know but I think these should be staff cool I don't know how pretty cool they are so, now you can't, that's, one of a second back you, can't connect this to this or you can't connect it to there you need to create a power. Pole one, of these guys so. You can, they're, basically a splitting point for power. Because. Everything only has one a. Point. Where power can connect, so. We're gonna need to disconnect to this I'm. Gonna actually take out the resources. It has for fuel we're. Going to take a part of that power line up there. New. Power line perfect. So. We, need to put one of these but, we're missing the resources we need concrete. And an iron rod. Yeah. We go in here see, concrete requires three limestone but we don't have that yet but. We can make an iron rod just. Yeah. 23. Limestone, so if we go ahead and switch the limestone there BAM. Just, some right there I saw earlier I just didn't say anything. So. We're. Gonna grab, that and head back to the that, thing the. Hub oh. That's. Not right yeah impure. Though so we're not gonna get much out of it take. A lot, any. Like normal. Part of it nope, it's all pretty bad, that's. Not like an animal who is this limestone. Are. You. Yeah. Its limestone, no. I wasn't showing up okay, let's get him out there no. Any much. Ideally. We're gonna want to go ahead and make a, second. Portable miner just take up on that copper up there, just. So we can get that going. All. Right what was I do I've already forgotten oh I remember now we're making a concrete I, mean, if you wrist, makes more cables uh-oh I shouldn't have done that should I, let's. Make some copper ingot this. Week and make another wire okay. So. We needed one of these powerful. I'm. The city here. Wait, I'm pressing all the wrong buttons I wanted, to rotate it a bit like that. And. Now we can run power, lines from, the base to that pole so, we'd. Actually. Just need to connect it all. Right. From. There to, the power pole also. This tool will be able to place a power line if. You needed to all right let's put the power back onto that first. And. We'll, go ahead you get some, more. Cable, and. We'll run it from there to there so you, can see there's actually cables down but these only have four connection points you can see it up there so you can want to build another power pole once, we need, it we, don't need it quite yet so now, we want to make a biomass. Which. Will make things. A little bit easier they'll, makes, the leaves last much longer I do remember this from earlier it doesn't tell us to do that yeah it will tell us to do that later all. Right let's just stick this in here and. Let. There be power. Now. These are hard at work I'm, gonna set this to making iron plates. And. We can go and throw, our iron and gets in there at the whopping one an ingot the head will, also throw these in.

Alright, Let's see what else do we need to make this next upgrade so, we need to, reinforced, here we need three five iron plates it's a lot and we need ten concrete just. Like this milestone and they think what we're gonna do instead is we're gonna make another minor another. Portable minor like this just. We need to get some copper make sure you have plenty of that, this. Should actually should be running to the end of its mining design so we'll make it our arm it's. Fine. It. Just takes some energy to get, through all of it because it require so, much work. There. We go yeah. I'm using you for plates which we can steal from here because. It's quite literally it's its job to make us plates and then we have a portable miner once we make it that's. Helped a little okay, so. Now if we run off up here I don't, feel safe so I'm just gonna take this, out instead. Just. Do. Things Peter doesn't like to. The animal. Or. Actually really enjoys. Doesn't, you know it's therapy to me and right now. Okay. Where am i stay on leaves. I'm. Grabbing as many of them as we can as we go just, so we can reap our everything. Okay. Cool. No. Case ticket our portable. Miner here. What's. That noise. Whoa. You. You got a little thing so exciting, you. So. Cool. All. Right this is hard at work for us I'll snag the copper before we go I. Want. To take the. Savvy. Thingy back out well. You superbee is this like actually starting to look like a thing now I think. We chose a good location it's very flat around here. What. Did I green glow anything is I, don't. I'm. Just tagging as much as I can all. Right so. Now. What. Do we want to do I forgot, let's, take. Out of the iron minor because that was empty that was full I know. What no it's empty, we'll, stick this in the iron Factory iron, smelter. No, stuck these and. Here. And then we'll make us plates which. Mean you a lot of a lot, more that we have, messed. Up okay so, now if we go here we can throw in what we have so far, before. Concrete. We, need to make some cables. Make. A ton of wire does. Basically use all the coppers. We're labeling to use for cabling. We. Need a ton of these. Yep. That was good guess, alright, and we, need to grab more limestone which is right. Over there okay so. I'm back I broke the limestone deposit, but we got a few out of it I got 82. How. To make all that into concrete or, at least ten concrete's, and. We'll. Submit, that in as well alright, we also need these reinforced. Iron plates, which. Are screws, I should, grab some iron out the fat right here and make those.

Take These iron plates out. All, right so we needed a how many of them -. Okay. So reinforced iron plates that is a, few. Of these. To. Be exact. Which. Is eight of them which. Is forty eight of those which. Has been two of these very. Descriptive here. And. There we go we got our reinforced. Iron plates I'm. Gonna make more biomass that. Those. Leaves because. It's, power powers, power. I should, take these out thank, you let's, take them in here and I'll, get us more iron plates. Eventually. Down the line we're gonna actually set up a proper factory. I was watching, Jase. Play the demo it's. Amazing. Like a few it was like maybe a month ago I remember it was he was showing off of errors and there's compares splitters. We should be really handy to us. Because. We can have just one of these going and it goes into two constructors. And it's like really cool and I'm, excited okay, so I just got the final iron plates and. Now, if we same here I also combined our iron copper, under copper ingots just any things easier we can now type grid the hub messed. Up to the side see what happens in there we are we have our next up hub oh great we got new building has been craftable parts and a player upgrade. Powerful. We ever had that we. Got conveyors upgrade. Additional. Power advice. When. Finding the construction, of buildings note, the placement of dozen foundation, stuff I want to try this stuff out I never got to play with us overloading. The power network guarantees, suboptimal, performance we, got walls. Okay. So, on that note I'm, gonna call this episode here. Thanks for watching. Stay. Tuned for episode 2 comes out soon ok, you. Want I am pretty happy about this game let me know what you think down below they'll. Be a link as well to the game you. Can pre-order it it, comes out March 19th. Later.

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Let me know what you think: Should I add music in the background of the video?

dude i actually watched the whole vid and really liked it, thinkin about getting this game now, thanks :)

Thanks! It is a really awesome game tbh and I'm having a lot of fun playing it, I 100% recommend. I'll be releasing videos on it all the way up to release (and after too of course) too!

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