$ETN #Electroneum OKEx - #Veruscoin Mining - Chinese Ban - Unbanked Rush

$ETN #Electroneum OKEx - #Veruscoin Mining - Chinese Ban - Unbanked Rush

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Hey. It's Tino did you spend crypto and thank. You for showing up for our feature presentation, now. A couple quick things we obviously have our telegram, channel listed, below, where. We have a mic from Varys coin and, George from, web dollar that show up there so, join. Up if you'd like ask any questions, that you want and, of. Course we have our Twitter. Account also. In the, comments, below, now, keep in mind I, am. Just, a. Guy. In a straw hat. Mumbling. At the screen, so. It's. Not financial. Advice, but. Hopefully something that you can learn and go forward from there, so let's get started, and move right along. Yeah. I. Always, loved that dig. Since. I was a kid here's my blue straw in the way yeah I hate that thing, alright let's take the quick look one thing I did want to mention was. Our. Giveaway, that we do in the after, party. Which. Happens, right after any feature. Presentation. We. Have now. 1000. Electro, Neum and due. To. Some. Of the community, from web dollar they've. Given us some web dollars to give away so we're going to give away at. 1000. Subscribers, we're going to give away 1000. Electro neum and. 1000. Web dollars it's a total of 2,000 Kryptos keep. That in mind to win you have to be part of the after, party all right let's, close. That right, up and move, right along, now. What, I wanted to also tell you was a. Couple. Of things let's. Get to some of the news, first. We have the. Ok ex exchange. Ok exchange, and I'm. Sure most of you guys know about this, and this. Allows they're, doing a vote, on telegram, make. Sure that if you participate. In telegram, that. You follow the instructions, basically you have to join. The ok, ex. Telegram. Channel and, they. Have a pin message at the top you, click on that you'll. Scroll down you'll see the. Report, of all the votes currently, you keep scrolling down and you'll see buttons gray. Buttons and then you can vote for electro. Neum that's all I got to do and, we. Can get on there now what, I have here is, a. Link to. My. Friend, over at North East.

Texas. Technologies. Let's see if we can double to drop that into the chat. Real quick and. I just posted that in the chat over, here, and. So. That you can click on that and watch. His video he'll give you a step-by-step, and, some. Details about, the, vote. Since everybody else has done that already I'll just, mention it and. Let. You guys. Take. A look at some of the great electro, Neum you tubers, to find, out how to vote, but. It's as simple as what I said don't cost you anything. Additionally. What. I'm going to do is go over to. The. Digit, spin channel, and the reason why I'm doing that real quick is, as. Follows. What. I had, did. To make things a little bit easier, you'll. See the live streams up. At the top that, we have participating. On. Friday. At, 9, o'clock p.m.. Eastern, Standard Time. Northeast. Technologies. And myself will have a live, AMA. Chat, and. We'll. Talk about mining. We'll. Talk about electron ium web dollar Bitcoin, all. Sorts of good stuff, it. Will be simulcast it on both channels, so, you can watch it on northeast. Channel. Or on digit, spin and be, able to ask. Us some questions and, we'll, have a good time, and it. Should be fun that's this, Friday at. 9 o'clock p.m.. Eastern, Standard Time now. I've also made. Some changes to. The page to make it a little bit easier for you to find things, obviously. You have your general uploads, which are in sync. Order of as, how, they have been produced. Will. Have categories. For popular, uploads which, are the ones, that have the most views. Now. All of these feature presentations. Will be listed, here, now from now on and that. List will grow along. As, it, continues. And I've, now always in this top left will tell you what type of video it is the. Special broadcasts. Are something, that is very specific. Or unique for, a particular, coin, or topic, and that's that only topic or some kind of a special event that, I'm doing and. Those. Will be under special broadcasts. All the, after parties and live broadcasts. Will, be placed here, so. You can, watch, the live shows get all the great, goodness out of each and every one of them and. There's. A lot of information, that happens in the after-party because, a lot of people ask a lot of good questions and, of, course all of the original, live shows are there that. We did together as. We went along and then, the last category. Is interviews. These are going to be interviews with people different. Coin projects. And different. Youtubers, so, obviously, the. Texas one will show up in the interviews, after. We've completed it, now. Keep in mind tomorrow. We. Were supposed to it yesterday but, we had to delay it and we've, rescheduled, for tomorrow I'm hoping that that will go through we're. Gonna be interviewing the folks from Komodo. Komodo. Coin and, the, Komodo platform. And, all. Of the amazing, tools that. The Komodo platform, offers. And that, should. Be a fun. An. Interesting. Conversation. We. Have a couple of others that we have squirreled. Away and that we're working on and I'll announce them as I get further information upon.

That So hopefully, this will be easier for everybody, to. Find. The, topics and the items that they're looking for, all. Right so. First. News up is, and. This is I want to talk about this and my thoughts on this and. The Chinese tech hub. Basically. In China they're starting to ban any type of crypto, promotion, so that means that they're not allowed to have any conferences. Or try, to promote. Crypto. Technologies. And. This. Is a coin desk article, and I'll put the link there go visit coin desk they, have some great articles out there but. This. Was originally, banned in gangs, Isle, City. And, in. It's starting, to spread a couple, of other areas and. They're. Citing, that. The. Reason why they're doing it is is that they, don't want to undermine, the. Currency, in. China. And. That's their their, their, their. Position, on it. They. Don't want to have obviously. With a communist, rule money. Is power and, they. Don't want to lose that power and, they're. Trying to keep, their. National, currency, their fiat. Primary. But. Additionally I think it may go deeper, and I'm, thinking about this. By. Banning, or. Trying, to discourage cryptocurrency. Yeah. It props up their currency, and I'm curious to know what you guys think on this but my thoughts, kind. Of I have a tendency to think into. The future and. Part of my job here is to find problems, before they happen and, try to head them off before they do and. One. Thing is that you know they, try to keep folks from using, crypto. Currencies or using only theirs and let. The Western. Nations. Invest. In all these crypto, currencies, now, who. Makes all of the Asics, and who. Has the majority, I noticed. They're not shutting those down right no. They're not. So. At any point here's. My thought on this at any point. By. Keeping their, citizens, away, from Bitcoin and. Other. Cryptocurrencies. They. Can cause. Havoc. Or. Destruction. Of a, financial. System in the West. By. Shutting. Down. Basics. Or shutting, down. The. Processing, of of, these. Coins, and. You. Know this could be a. Planned. Method. You. Know it's the same thing right now they hold, most of our. Of our debt and they. Use it as leverage against, us now. Let's. Say in the future we got trillions, of dollars in these crypto currencies, and they're not using them but. Yet they're, the keepers of our, crypto. Currency, by having, all of. The. Hashing, power and, the. Machines, that produce it. Never. Mind they had the back door to shut down those machines, in bit mean. They. Can use that as leverage against, the West. To. You. Know cause, havoc, I'm. Curious, to know what you think do you think it's. Planning. Because those guys are real smart and, they think years, into the future. Do. You a think. That, they're. Trying to use it to be able to keep leverage, on. The United on, the Western countries or, they just downright. Fearful. Of losing power when. They lose control of the money I am, gonna put in the, top left here a. Poll. And, that's, gonna show up click on that poll tell, me what you think when. This goes to broadcast, and place. Your vote on that and let me know what, your opinion is, or. In the comments, below on this, matter it's, one of those two things and.

It's Real really, pretty clear to me I. I. Think people, are a little, bit more devious, than then. You would think sometimes, now. Let's. Go to. Electro. Neum electro. Neum has been working really hard. To. Get. Their. Cryptocurrency, into, the hands of the unbanked, and I, noticed this article, came out on the yesterday, or. Two days ago and. It. Said the next Bitcoin, Gold Rush is brewing. And it's in the last place you might, expect. And, basically. They talk about, how. All. Of these coins. All. Of a sudden are, finding, out about the unbanked. And how, there's money, to be. Made to, be able to monetize. Bringing. Cryptocurrencies. To. Third. World areas and. This. May this is a interesting. Video, you might want to watch it I'll put the link down below it's from CNBC. But. They're. All getting on the bandwagon and, they're understanding what, electro. Neum has been talking about and, it has positioned, itself for. Going. Forward into the future, and. You, know they talk about some. Of the poorest townships, in South Africa. And why. It. Will be the epicenter for, the cryptocurrency. Revolution. All. Right and, I. Would. Tend to think that's where electro, neum has been focusing, also I. Think, it's going to come down to who gets there first and, has. A product. That's effective. Easy. To use and gets. Built. Into, their phones. If. A relationship, can be set up where when you buy the phone and it's already preloaded. Those. Are the people that are gonna make things, happen you. Know and you and I'm sure even even, in. More. Robust countries, like, South America they're. Gonna take advantage of that. Type of stuff so it's, really going to be a. Sprint. To the, finish line and I. Would. Expect electro Neum sees this, and. Is working hard to make these things happen as quick as possible so, that, they can take a leading. Role. Because. They have everything ready to go they just got to roll it out and. Definitely. Like to see them double their efforts, because. Competition. Is going to sneak up on them if. They, don't so. I. Know, that that's where they're going so. Based. On what Richard, said so let's. Let's. Congratulate. Filete Ronia for, being, ahead. Of the curve and. Knowing. Where to go on what their dude and. Let's. See some results as we go along all. Right that's my thoughts. On that matter. Now. One, last thing that I want to bring to you guys. Is. About, Webb, dollar and. There's. A second thing about. Varus coin so. Webb. Dollar and. I, can bring that up real quick, what. Dollar. Has. Announced. A few things, in. Their chat, that they were actually working on so I want to tell you first so, you know all about it right mr. bean yeah, so, mr. bean knows. Right. Absolutely. So what's. Gonna happen, here. With Webb dollar right now you. Go and you can mine your Webb dollar Webb. Dollar is going to be changing. Their. Emissions, and. They're. Looking, to do proof-of-work. Which is what you see on the screen and, they're. Gonna start adding proof of stake. So. It'll probably be, a 50/50. Split 50%. To the proof of word 50%, of the proof of stake so if you have Webb dollars you'll be able to put them in your wallet set in your mining power to zero and, you'll. Be able to earn additional Webb, dollars by just keeping Webb. Dollars in your wallet and. This. Will. Help. Prevent 51%. Attacks because, obviously. Even, if you mind all the coins are modified, or. Worked, on the blockchain that, would only get you 50% not. The 51%. And. You. Would have to have a majority, of also, of all the coins sitting, in your wallet so it ends up becoming a far more complex and expensive. Venture. To. Try to take. Over a proof-of-work, peripheral, stake environment. So. I, know, that they are working on this so. I'm giving you. News. Upfront and. Breaking, of, where, they're gonna be taking Webb dollar and I. Also, know that they are working on the web dollar exchange. I have, a, video, that we did just the other day it, was a web dollar special all, you will put the link up. Here above. Me for, the. Web dollar, show. Special if you want to know more about web, dollar and. There's. A lot of fun and excitement we gave away a whole bunch of web, dollars seven and eight hundred of them, instantly. On the show so we had a lot of fun doing that all, right.

Let's. Get to my last piece, and we'll close it up for the day my last piece is real simple, the. Other day I, did. An interview you, will find it on. The main page of digit spin crypto, down. Below under, the interviews, category. You'll see the various, coin, it, was it's an interesting project, and I, wish them a lot of luck, with it, they. Do, have some, uniqueness. Which, is. Important. Today, because if you have no need you know specific. Uniqueness, I can't. See how you will survive, the, onslaught, of coins that are gonna be, out there and. Their. Robustness. In the, stability. Of their environment. Their their network, is proof water proof of stake and delayed. Proof, of work. Along. With the ability to know. Arise. The. Comodo chain and, into the Bitcoin network allows. For backup. It's. A robust, robust, chain, and, we'll. See if they come out with the applications. That they say they are to. Put on there we interviewed Michael and. That. Was an awesome interview. If you, want, to know more about varus, take a look at that two-part. Interview reason. Why I'm bringing it up is, in that interview, I said that I would. Mine. A couple of coins just to see a. Couple. Of machines just to see, in. That video I put the Genesis. Mining. Pool. There's. Four of them out there and just. Just to see how it would work I threw five. Risin, fives, on. The. Environment, and yes, sure, as sugar. You. Know my, my. CPU. Because this is a CPU, based my CPUs, were pulling a 140. 160, mega, hash each. Which. Is. Significant. The ASIC section, of the processor. So, it's, performing. As an ASIC as the guy said and it is pulling. Significant. Hash power and. Which. Will allow a CPU, to compete even, if they built an ASIC it would be the same speed. It's, just that the you would have a whole bunch of Asics instead of just the one but, it. Would all be the same speed, so this. This could actually. Be. A nice stability factor, and it. Uses a heck of a lot less electricity, to do this. I've. Let them run for what three days, three. It to get three or four days I think, it's been, three. Days I got it up and running and, so far I made fifty six verus. Coins. The. Genesis. Genesis. Mining is probably, one of the lower mining, pools. There's. Only 50. 50. People on there and, and, each. One has a few minors. So it's it's not a big pool in the grand scheme of things it, only hits two or three times a day but. When. I do hit obviously I get a lot more coins, than then. Mining in a pool that is, just jam-packed with, people and machines. But. The moral the story is is that you. Know it's making some coins we'll let it run for a few more days see how it turns out, and I'll, squirrel, them away. For. The future and if. Everything. Goes well with. Various coin who knows so we'll see what they turn into but, I promised, you that feedback it. Does work now the one good thing here is that. Genesis. Already, has a executable. Yeah. You just go to the website. Download. The file and you run, it put, your wallet. Address in there and it just kind of runs it's not even like a standard, where, you get all the text and everything it's a little GUI interface. They, did a nice job putting, it together and. It's. The simplest. Miner. That. I've come across. That. Uses a GTO, that that, that. Uses the CPU, as a standalone. Application. It's, a simplest and standalone, application, I've seen so. That. Works out really well one, feedback. That I would give these guys is that you can set the hash power to twenty five fifty or, a hundred percent, I wish they had a 90. Percent button, because. I had a hundred percent you're maxing, everything out but. It. Works. So. That's the great feedback for today and. We've. Hit everything that I wanted to talk about, so. I want, to thank you for visiting, digit, spin crypto and. We'll, see on our next special feature everybody, that. Wants to participate in the after power party, I'll, start that up in five minutes and.

We'll. Be able to chat and ask, me lots of questions and I have some other things we'll go over and we'll have a little bit fun and we'll have our crypto giveaway, which we give away 50, to 100, web dollars or electro. Neum each, time. We do an after party so, I'll see you there, and thank, you.

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