[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 21/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 21/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

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Put all of them up there. OK. Tidy up. Right. Put a box here... OK... Make them tidy. OK. Right. Good morning. Morning.

Uncle Gan, morning. Hi, how may I help you? I'm here to see Uncle Zaam. Go ahead. Thank you. Uncle Zaam... You're here, Ka-pik? What's the matter? Uncle Zaam, I've got several checks here for your signature.

I need to deposit them before 12 noon. Please sign them for me. This is for the electricity bill this month. This is for the purchase of plastic chairs.

This one is for the stationery delivered just now. The delivery guy said the cops were giving out parking tickets outside. There wasn't enough time for me to write him a check. I gave him $40 in cash directly. So the payee of this $40 check is me.

You just sign here. OK. Thank you. Thank you, Uncle Zaam. I'll go deposit them now. Niu Ka-Pik, $400,000 Your detailed report isn't available yet But you're almost in a critical condition last night. No matter what the cause is... Answer my question. Did you give the gold bracelet to Ka-pik? What are you talking about? What gold bracelet? Don't lie to me. I saw you put it in the toolbox last time.

How will there be a gold bracelet in the toolbox? Toolbox...there are tools only inside. Here. Take a look yourself. Did you have a problem with your eyesight? I'll take you to an eye-exam tomorrow. Of course it isn't there as you've given it to her.

You still lie about it? Honey, I really didn't go to a jewelry shop to buy a gold bracelet. You're keeping all the money. How do I have spare money for that? You won't admit it, right? Call Ka-pik right away to confront her. Use your phone. You're scared? I'm honest and decent. What do I fear? Ka-pik Turn on the speaker...

This is Ka-pik. I can't answer your call right now. Please leave me a message. Make a confession honestly. Are you having an affair with Ka-pik? There's really nothing between us.

I'm not handsome or rich. Why would she fall for me? How do I know why she's fallen for you? Anyway your phone's forfeited. Don't ever think of going out tonight. Go with me early tomorrow morning to confront Ka-pik.

OK. If I find out you lied to me, you'll be dead. Sleep in the sitting room tonight.

West Kowloon Community Association Wow, the long sleeves are so beautiful... Come on, try the nice puer tea. How can we ask the chairman to make tea for us? No worries, we are neighbors. Try the tea... Sure... Hmm, it's nice. It's far from the awesome performance of Yam Kim-sun last night.

Right. He played the role of Liu Meng-mei . The performance of a top performer is really different. Right... He acted so well in the scene where Liu Meng-mei flirts with Du Li-niang.

He fixed his gaze on Du Li-niang testing her step by step... Wow, it's really so intense. Hey... What? The latest news report says people went online to order Yam Kim-sun's Cantonese opera tickets.

They've paid in full but can't get the tickets. What? I heard people talk about that too on Facebook. People today love shopping online. They will get deceived easily. We might have got deceived too if you hadn't asked Master Lung for the tickets. Right...

Of course. My son is a senior inspector of the Technology Crime Bureau. He investigates in particular online shopping scams. That's why...I'm so smart.

The son has my excellent genes. And mine as well. You two are really...

Where's Ka-pik? Where's she? Ask her to show herself. I need to ask her about something. She hasn't come in yet. By the way, she would inform me even if she's five minutes late.

It's already 9:30 a.m. now. She still hasn't come in? I've been unable to reach her since last night. Did something bad happen to her? You worry about her so much? Chung...

Son, aren't you at work? What's up? There's no activities in the Association today. Oh, I get it. You want to buy the opera tickets? They're sold out. Mr. Szeto Zaam... Shouldn't you call me pa? Mr. Szeto Zaam, I'm Senior Inspector Szeto Chung of the Cyber Security and Technology Crime Bureau. I know that. Everyone knows that.

We suspect that you're involved in an online shopping scam case. We would ask you to come in to assist in the investigation. What? Tam Sir, you want to see us? Have a seat.

Sunny, I've read the info about the online shopping scam case. Is the suspect Szeto Zaam your father? Yes. I'll ask Ah-Den to take over the case in order to keep an arm's length. OK. No matter who the suspect is, you must deal with it impartially. Understand? Yes, sir. Don't worry, I will crack the case as soon as possible. I won't make you two feel disappointed.

Where's Chung? Szeto Sir and you are father and son. It isn't appropriate for him to work on this case. Let's start formally. OK. Mr. Szeto Zaam, we received reports that many citizens bought scalped tickets

for Yam Kim-sun's Cantonese opera from a seller through a shopping site. Scalped tickets? Some even paid triple the price to buy those scalped tickets. But after they'd made transfers through the bank, they didn't receive the tickets. So they suspected they were deceived. It's suspected that you're involved in this case. So we've asked you to come in to assist in the investigation.

Do you understand that? I do...Hey...no, I don't understand it. I didn't defraud anyone. How would I be involved? Uncle Zaam, let me explain to you then. Here, the seller registered online as winniechu616. Did you set up this account?

Hey, I don't even know how to shop online. How would I know how to set up an online account? Basing on the info provided by the victims, they deposited money into an account that belongs to West Kowloon Community Association. You are the chairman there. What's your explanation? Yes, the Association has sold 100 tickets or so. I intended to raise some money for the Association only.

I did ask someone called Niu Ka-pik to sell the tickets online. I really don't know the price she sets for the tickets and how she receives payment. Look, this is a check we obtained from the bank.

There's your signature on it. Did you sign it? When the Association needs to buy things, I will sign checks for that. Why did you write a $400,000 check to Niu Ka-pik? Are you two working together? Of course not. How would I write her a $400,000 check? Besides, the Association doesn't have so much money as $400,000. You really don't remember signing this check? This one is for the stationery delivered just now. The delivery guy said the cops were giving out parking tickets outside.

There wasn't enough time for me to write him a check. I gave him $40 in cash directly. So the payee of this $40 check is me. You just sign here. OK. Back then I was so busy. Niu Ka-pik said she needed to hurry to the bank to deposit them. She asked me to sign several checks.

But the check I signed was for $40, not $400,000. You mean Niu Ka-pik altered the check herself? It's $40 when I signed it. I don't know if she's altered it. Did anyone see you sign it? I was treating a patient back then. I don't know if he saw it.

Where's that Niu Ka-pik you're talking about? I don't know. She didn't come to work in the Association for two days. What's the situation now? What will happen to me? There's prima facie evidence. So we'll open a file formally and charge you with deception. So...I will go to jail? We'll allow you bail. But you mustn't leave the territory.

We will ask you to come in anytime to assist in the investigation. Uncle Zaam, do you understand that? I do... He's coming out... Sister 88. Pa. How did this happen? Right, Madam. How's pa's situation?

We can't disclose anything for now. We don't know till an investigation is conducted. So pa will be charged? Is it likely that he'll go to jail? Touchwood. Cut the nonsense. Madam, we know the procedure. We won't ask silly questions.

I want to see what I can do to help in the investigation. Even if pa has to go to jail, he won't be put away for so long then. Bad son, you know how to investigate? You can't help at all. Let's go home to talk about this. Don't hold them up. I'll teach you a lesson when we're home. Uncle Zaam, don't worry so much. We'll take care of this.

Right. I'll help you process for bail. This way please, Uncle Zaam. I believe all of you know that Szeto Sir won't work on this case in order to maintain an arm's length. Now I'm in charge of this case. Have you found anything? I've checked the transaction records online and of the bank. The total transaction volume is 325 tickets.

It has well exceeded the 100ish tickets Uncle Zaam talks about. It's overselling already. How about the price? From double to triple. Basically it isn't sold to the highest bidder.

No intended purchaser is refused. It's likely that the suspect noticed there's a continuous demand for the tickets. So she raised the price in order to grab more money in one go. I've talked to the neighbors in the Association and Ming Chun Tong. I've got Niu Ka-pik's photo. Take a look.

But no one knows where she is. I want you to watch another clip. She did go to the bank to cash the $400,000 check Szeto Zaam wrote. I believe this sum is the proceeds from the tickets she had sold by deception. According to Uncle Zaam's statement, Niu Ka-pik asked him to sign this check when he's busy seeing a patient so that he wasn't aware of what's written on it. Then she made alterations to the check and obtained money from the bank successfully.

Actually I've met her before. I can't believe she's so calculating though she looks so decent. But we've got Uncle Zaam's unilateral statement only. Was he framed or set up? We can't find out till we've found Niu Ka-pik. We know the parties. It's really difficult. Is this your first day working as a cop? We must remain impartial at all times.

Sorry, Madam. Fion, go to the shops near the bank and check the CCTVs. See if you can find out where she's gone. Copy that. Ka-ming, Rocky, you two keep on checking the online records.

See if you will find other info. Besides, Niu Ka-pik is the Association's Vice-chairman Niu Kam-chiu's remote relative Go talk to him. See if there's other info. Yes, Madam. Tsim, send wanted notices to the border control points. Make sure Niu Ka-pik can't flee to Mainland China.

Yes, Madam. Move. Yes. Madam. The statements are to your disadvantage. I don't know how to deal with this.

That girl Ka-pik looks decent. She appears to be a good person. Actually she pretended only. I guess she'd planned everything in advance. She took great risk doing this. She can't get away at all.

I think she planned to do ticket scalping at first. But more and more people wanted to buy the tickets. The money kept rolling. So she decided to grab the money and flee. When did you become so smart? Sister 88 hit me just now to enlighten me. Hey, many of my classmates have fallen victims to online shopping traps.

Hey, Bro, you're home? See? You two are so gullible. If I were Ka-pik, I'd deceive you too. You still play at this juncture? Your pa will go to jail soon. I'm trying to ease the tension only. Sister 88, Pa. Chung...

Chung...how's the situation? How's the investigation? Do they know I'm innocent? You know I must keep a distance. I can't touch this case. We know that. But you must get wind.

Actually we must find Ka-pik first. Otherwise it will depend on the judge. See if he believes pa's unilateral statement. It's a slim chance then? Am I going to jail then? For how long? Don't be so pessimistic. My teammates will find Ka-pik for sure. Chung, if I become an inmate, do you still get a chance for promotion? I'll really become a liability to you. Pa, don't get silly ideas. Relax, OK?

I do lack good judgment. I even wanted you to date her. I nearly invited a rat into our home. Perhaps the rat would fall in love with the cat and repent? Bad son, you say this at this juncture? Your pa may go to jail. Why worry so soon. Let's deal with it when it comes true. Touchwood. Do you want so much your pa to go to jail?

Zaam, you can come to work? That means everything's fine. That's great. So it's a misunderstanding only, right? Not yet. It's still being investigated. They will find out what happened very soon. OK. Never mind. The cops came to talk to us. All of us supported you. Right, we all support you...

Anyway, business as usual. We will support you. We must support Uncle Zaam, right? We support you... Support Uncle Zaam... Thank you... I'll get down to business. I'll go to the market. Make repayment...

Oh, no... Make repayment... Repay your debt. It's your obligation... Make repayment...

How come? Hey, no consultation here. Go away. Hey...what are you doing? We want this scammer to make repayment today... We know you. Szeto Zaam, Chairman of West Kowloon Community Association, right? We've checked your background thoroughly. You deceived us online.

I bought 10 Yam Kim-sun's tickets. I've lost $20,000ish. You must pay us back today. You guys have got it all wrong. I didn't sell the tickets. That's right. The Police are investigating this now. My husband really has nothing to do with it.

It won't help making a scene here. Won't help? You're a registered CMP here. If you don't pay me back today, I'll come protest here every day to condemn an unscrupulous scammer like you. Scammer... Hey, if you keep on making trouble, I'll call the police. So? Do I need to fear that? I have the right to protest in Hong Kong.

Make repayment... King, ask them to leave. Move... Please leave. He's innocent... Go away... What repayment? Beat it...Go away. He's innocent. Go away...

Uncle Zaam, it's so chaotic here. You'd better not come in for now. Just hole up for a while... Hey, just now you said you supported my husband. You've no loyalty. You mustn't say so. You know we've nothing to do with this case. We shouldn't get involved.

What do you mean? We part ways now in face of a disaster? I took you for my good friend. Right...Zaam's innocent. We're more innocent. Are we supposed to give up business and go down with him? Hey, you...

Ming Chun Tong runs a business here. If those people come all the time to make trouble, it'll be so unfair to Boss Chow. Chow, I won't come to work for the time being. Let King ask those people to leave first before you go. Right. It's the fault of Mr. and Mrs. Niu. They referred her to us.

Otherwise how would that girl join us? Right, Mr. Niu is Ka-pik's relative. He must know where she's gone. Let's go ask him. OK. Honey, it's cup noodle every meal. When will you cook? I'll cook when you tell me honestly your relationship with Ka-pik.

I told you. We're from the same village only. You bought her a gold bracelet though she's from the same village only? Why didn't you buy gold bracelets for everyone in your village then? I didn't. I told you. your eyesight tricked you. You just don't believe me.

She's disappeared now. You can say anything. Mrs. Niu. Sister 88, Uncle Zaam? Mr. Niu, you're Ka-pik's relative. Do you know where she is? The cops asked me earlier. I really don't know. Besides, I'm not well acquainted with her.

Not well acquainted? She's a remote relative from your village. You aren't well acquainted with her? We're relatives. But we didn't keep in touch. You gave her a gold bracelet. You say you didn't keep in touch with her? I wonder if you're covering up for her... You gave a gold bracelet to Ka-pik? No, I didn't. Don't listen to her nonsense.

Mr. Niu, I'm not kidding. If this carries on, I will go to jail. Just tell me everything you know. Hey... Is it inconvenient as there are women here? Mrs. Niu, why don't I talk to Mr. Niu in private? Why? Why can't I hear it? You two want to keep things from me? Talk... Mrs. Niu, sometimes women like talking to their close lady friends only.

Same for men. That's different. Now we're talking about this bad guy who cheated but refuses to admit it.

Mrs. Niu, let them talk about it themselves. Sister 88, you are a woman too. You take side with him? He wouldn't talk though you asked him just now. Perhaps he'd talk if we adopt a different approach? Do my husband a favor please. Give me face. Come on...Let's go to your bedroom. Hey...

Come on. I'll talk to you in your bedroom. Now we're here. How do we know what they talk about outside? We won't know even if he admits it. You think I'm stupid? Listen to this.

Mrs. Niu Mr. Niu, do you actually know where Ka-pik is? Uncle Zaam, I don't know.

I felt all along that you're particularly nice to Ka-pik. How would you do that even if you're remote relatives? I asked you back then about the sale of the tickets. You told me not to worry about it. Are you two accomplices? If you don't tell me, I'll ask my son to arrest you for interrogation. I really don't know...

Mr. Niu, you're the Vice-chairman. I trusted you very much all along. Look, you referred Ka-pik to me. I allowed her to work in the Association. You said we could sell the tickets online. I trusted her completely too. But now I'm taking the fall completely. I might go to jail. It's very likely that my son will be affected too. You aren't so cold-blooded, are you? Honestly, I do have some affection for Ka-pik.

So you're her accomplice? No, I courted her only. I held her hands only. I did ticket scalping with her only. You said there's nothing between you two? Nothing? I'm sorry... Quiet. Let's deal with the issue. You took part in ticket scalping? So you took part in the deception too? No... You should be arrested...

No...I really didn't. She suggested receiving the money though there weren't tickets. I told her not to do that. But she didn't listen to me.

I really didn't... Can you find her? I've asked the friends in the home village. They will inform me once they've got news about Ka-pik. But they haven't called me yet. You must testify for Uncle Zaam... OK...

Right, you can help prove my innocence then. It can only prove that Ka-pik planned the deception. It can't prove my husband didn't take part in any conspiracy. Hey, hubby, don't worry. We'll tell Madam everything. Perhaps it will help break the case.

What do you mean sorry? I'll cook for you every day... Hot lemon water and iced tea with milk for now please. Well, how's Uncle Zaam? More or less the same. Very upset. I told him not to worry that much.

He's so honest. Suddenly people call him a criminal. He must feel so unhappy. You must spend more time with him. Will do. Thank you. But if you go visit him, he'll feel happier.

Later. Right, I've got a gift for you. What is it? CDs for ukulele. I'll leave for Beijing next week. There are too many CDs at home. I can't bring all of them. I'll give you some. I'll keep them for you for now. You may ask them back anytime.

OK. Well, there's smog all the time in Beijing. The air quality isn't that good. You've got asthma and allergic rhinitis. You must take care. I'm much better now. There won't be a problem. No, you used to live in Europe. It's very different from the lifestyle in Mainland China.

There won't be any adjustment problem. Stay there for some time. Then you'll adjust to it. I want a different environment and a different mood only. Thank you....

Later my colleague will get married. I want to take her to your office to take a look. OK. Congratulate them for me please. OK. I may not be able to follow their case. I will ask Brenda to work conscientiously on it.

I understand that. Thank you. Anything else you want to order? I'm good. I'll get the bill then. OK.

Check please. OK. Did you drive? No. You're off today. Did you come on your motorbike? Yes. I haven't ridden on a motorbike for a long time. A ride? Of course. Many things have happened lately.

I feel so tired. It's been a long time since I stopped and pondered like what I'm doing now. Just now I suddenly recalled how I was like back then. So life could be so easy and happy.

If you like this, you can still do so now. What did you say just now? I said... going for a ride sometimes... is quite happy. It's really raining. Let's go. You will fall sick standing in the rain like this. Rainbow! The rain has stopped now.

Good morning. Morning, Mr. Ko. Morning. Mr. Ko, morning. Boss Ko, are you ready? Can't be beat. We are ready pending your order.

Guys, I know we don't have much time. But I believe nothing's too difficult for you. It's because all of you are elites. Let's win this battle together, OK? Sure... Let's do it, everyone. Good...Yeah...Let's go.

Let's start. OK. This is the layout of our cyber security system. OK.

What's going on? Everything's fine... See? It's fine... Let me fix this... Everything's fine.

There's bound to be accidents during tests...It'll be fine very soon. Mr. Hon, I'm really sorry. Perhaps there's a minor accident. So... I'll come again when you guys have fixed it, OK? Mr. Hon...

Wait... How did you do your job? Hey, you're still here, Eric? Didn't you find it funny? There wasn't any problem when we ran the system earlier. But it's a total disaster today? It's hard to say about systems. It crashed suddenly. No one wanted that to happen.

Could there be a problem with the new employees? I don't think so. I interviewed most of them. I hired them personally. Some even worked for me before. All of them are our own people. It's impossible that this would happen. Hey, what are you doing? Eric, I've known you for so long. I know your character well.

I know you want so much to find out what happened. But it's already happened. There's no point to pursue that further. Just hope Raymond could appease that Taiwanese guy. Have I got everyone in trouble? Don't think that way. We'll face the consequences together. Don't think about it anymore. I'm out of here. Goodnight. I've amended the invitation according to Miss Ho's idea.

Which one's better? Miss Ho loves romantic things. I guess she will like this one better. Enlarge the font size a bit, OK? OK. I'll ask the designer to modify it. OK...Sunny will bring his friend over later.

They don't have too many ideas about wedding. Get some packages ready for their reference. OK.

Sunny's quite nice. He knows you're going to leave. He still refers business to you. We're friends. We help each other out only.

Helping each other out or making an excuse to see you some more times before you leave? What are you talking about, nosy girl? Look, Sunny is tall and strong. He gives people a sense of security as he's a cop. He's thoughtful too. He's a perfect boyfriend. You're single now. Why not consider him?

We're friends only. Later when he's here, you mustn't talk nonsense. Honestly, how would a man care about a girl so much if he's got no feelings for her? You think everyone's like you? You have romance only in your head. I'll go to work in Beijing soon. I won't think of other things for now. Hey... Szeto Sir, why aren't we going in? Let's go in.

Vincy... You're here? This is my colleague Denise... This is Vincy.

Hi, we met last time in the police station. Right. Let me introduce. This is my colleague Brenda. Hi. She will be fully in charge of your wedding. Don't worry. She's very experienced.

She will make your wedding so grand and pleasant for sure. Thank you so much. I'm doing my job only. Is your fiance here yet?

He said he got something to do. He'd come a bit late... Denise. Why are you so late? Let me introduce. This is my fiance Eric. Hi... Ah-Den said you don't work in that company anymore. You're a boss now. Are you very busy?

A bit. Now the two protagonists are here. I'll hand them over to you guys. No problem.

Thank you. You're both a boss and a groom. It must be tough. How can you talk this way? Bye... I've prepared some basic packages for you two. You can feel the type of wedding you want. Follow me please.

What's the matter? Nothing. Let's go. Just now when Vincy was talking about the wedding gowns, you looked distracted. Something's bothering you? No. I can't believe this? Do they know how to park a car? It's so close. How can I pull out? I'm sorry...I'm leaving... Why are you so touchy? What's happened? I told you earlier I got a deal from a Taiwanese client.

Now there's a problem with the project. I've lost the deal. I may be sued for breach of contract too. How come this happened all of a sudden? The system was running well all along. I don't know why it screwed up on the day it's supposed to be delivered. I knew the project's so important. I don't understand why I didn't work on it more conscientiously.

Don't be like this. You've done your best already. Why don't you figure out a solution? Raymond has gone to see the Taiwanese client in the hope that he'd give us a chance. It'll be fine. He can fix it for sure. I should trust him, right? Yes. He's so resourceful. He can fix it.

I'm sorry. I was bothered by that all along. So I didn't have the mood. Never mind. It's OK. Everything will be fine. Let's go home. OK. Did Mr. Hon say anything? Is it fixed? That Taiwanese guy lost his temper. He refused to see me. I received a letter from his lawyer just now.

He wants to sue us for damages. How much? Not a small sum. The biggest problem is there isn't enough cash flow in the company to pay him damages. There's no way out? I've talked to our lawyer. Back then when we signed the contract with Mr. Hon,

it written clearly there that if we failed to deliver on time, we must pay double the liquidated damages. So there's no certainty on our part for winning if we take the case to court against Mr. Hon. But he suddenly requested early delivery. Too bad we agreed. If we didn't deliver sooner, we'd lose this deal. If in the end we really can't pay damages, the company will go into liquidation then.

Liquidation? Back then to handle Mr. Hon's deal, the company hired many people and bought lots of equipment. I borrowed a huge sum too from the bank under my own name. I think no bank will lend to us now. Eric, do you have a solution? Think about it. OK...I'll find a solution.

I won't allow the company to go into liquidation. How are you doing lately? Actually I asked to meet as I wanted to discuss something with you. Is there a problem with the company? We secured a big deal recently. But there are some minor problems.

I need cash for turning around. How much? $20 million. So much? You joined as a shareholder only a short while ago.

How come it's so serious? Perhaps the company just started. It isn't working well yet. But there won't be any problem later. Listen Eric, I don't know how you look at this. Perhaps you don't care about $20 million as you see there's so much money in the Fund. But all the money there was earned by your father with blood and sweat.

Back then your father and mother set up the Fund and asked us your uncles to administer it for you as they're afraid that you might throw away all the money easily.

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