[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 20/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 20/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

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It's our fourth wedding anniversary in two days. I will go home to fetch you. Let's have a celebration. Let us start anew, alright? I swear I won't disappoint you again.

Give me one more chance. I do. Back then we competed to see who could find the greatest number of the biggest and the most beautiful shells. It's because I had longed for perfect and flawless love all along. Fact is, there are so many broken marriages.

It simply didn't occur to me that it'd happen to me. Have I done something wrong so that my husband wanted to make out with someone else? I don't know. So I kept to myself for some time earlier. I told myself not to talk about this incident.

But you reminded me that there're things I can't run away from. I must talk to my husband to sort it out. That day he told me I was the most important to him. He's willing to dissolve the partnership with Mary for my sake.

When he asked me in tears for forgiveness, I felt so hurt inside. I didn't want to end up with my husband this way. I thought we could start anew.

So I decided to give him a chance. But why... why did he suddenly tell me he wanted a divorce now? Why is he doing this all of a sudden? What's happened? I'll call and ask him for an explanation. Don't bother to call.

I've called him many times. He simply sent me a message. He said he didn't know what he should say now. He said he'd call me a couple of days later.

I don't know why his attitude has changed completely. But he said he'd call you a couple days later. Just listen to his explanation then. Don't get funny ideas now, OK? Can you go with me to see him? Sure. But I'm afraid I can't be of help in this matter. But I really don't know how to face him now. Please.

OK, I'll go with you. Thank you. It's said that the price of a Japanese restaurant is a bargain.

Why don't we go there tonight? I'll reserve a table. Japanese food's nice. Hey, I can't make it. I have an appointment with the coach in the gym. I can't make it either. I have to go to the computer arcade to buy something to upgrade my computer's water-cooling system.

How about you guys? I need to go home to my wife. I'm going to a gathering of the former classmates. Madam, aren't you going to dinner with your husband-to-be? What husband-to-be? Who says I must marry him? Didn't you say yes to him the other day? That night Ka-ming and I sang and danced. Everyone's elated. How come you've changed the mode completely all of a sudden? Right. Listen, you guys don't understand the psychology of women.

I've been there. Let me say something about this. Look, Madam, there are many trivial matters to take care of for a wedding. Of course you two will argue. But getting married is a happy event.

Don't harm the harmony. Just talk and sort it out. You guys won't understand it. Anyway don't talk about him anymore. Hi, Eric. Hi. Madam, you really ignore him? Madam, if you keep on ignoring him, he'll honk the horn again and again. Everyone in the police station will know our team then.

It isn't that good to keep such a high profile. Denise. Madam, your husband-to-be is so persevering. He won't leave if you don't go with him. That's right. Hey, the boss is coming. Go.

Bye...Bye, Madam. I'll tell uncle that after we're married, you will carry on working as a cop. I won't allow him to interfere with our life. Why must I need your approval? OK, I shouldn't have said so. OK?

You've driven me mad. You still yell at me? Why can't I work as a cop? You can carry on working as such for as long as you want to. I will support you. Do you understand that? Let's not talk about your uncle yet. Back then you proposed to me all because you wanted to withdraw $5 million from the Fund. You really think I'd sell you out for money's sake? I don't know. I don't know when you're telling the truth or lying.

You really don't trust me? I will tell uncle that I won't withdraw that $5 million. I won't join Wiseye as a shareholder. I want to marry you only. I don't know. I'm really sincere. Believe me. I'll show you my sincerity. Hey, what are you doing? What are you doing? You don't know how to swim. Get back here.

I really want to marry you. I have no other intention. Believe me please. I believe you. Get back here. You must forgive me. I forgive you. Get back here now. Are you crazy? You jumped into the sea though you can't swim? I wanted you to forgive me. Thank you.

You're sodden. We're in this already. You will be my other half from now on. Anyway, I won't resign. I know you value your career very much. If you want to become a shareholder, I will support you. Thank you, honey.

Why take so much trouble? You've spent $18 million to join as a shareholder. You've become the second major shareholder of the company. I do feel so happy for you.

Hey, Raymond asked us to go out. OK. I announce that from today on, CEO Ko Chun-kit will lead the company towards a new milestone. A round of applause for our new CEO Eric Ko.

Eric... Congratulations. Thank you. Look, Eric, from today on, you're a boss as well as a senior executive officer. I've assigned Joey as your personal assistant.

Just give her jobs to do. Any problem? No problem. Good. Listen up. I've booked buffet bar for lunch later. Let's congratulate Eric on his becoming a boss. I'm buying. Thank you, Raymond.

You should thank Boss Ko. Thank you, Boss Ko... Don't cut too much of the cap. Then hold the cigar at a 45-degree angle. Place the foot near the fire.

Keep on turning it so that the foot's evenly heated. When you smoke a cigar, you must look relaxed. You don't need to drag so hard. I've kept this box of cigar for more than a decade. It isn't cheap.

So it's an expensive consumption? Not at all. We've struck a deal with Boss Hon. Now you're a shareholder. The yearend bonus will be enough for a box. You can make enough for this. But you need to remember this. Building the connection is the most important in doing business. Cyber age and a capable young man...

Well, have you tried this before? I don't even smoke cigarettes. This is my first time. I'm different. I love longjing tea. Sometimes jasmine tea. Then I'll smoke a fine and smooth cigar. It feels great this way. We usually drink some whisky to refresh the taste buds. When the tongue isn't so dry, we smoke again then.

There's so much to learn? You two bosses don't need to worry about livelihood. Now you're teaching my partner to smoke a cigar, enjoy red wine and use longjing tea? You make money in order to spend it. That's quality of life. Get it? Young man, you've become a boss so soon. You will make enough for retirement soon. Right.

Miss Cheung, you're here? Have a seat please. Miss Cheung, would you like to order something to drink? No. You are? I'm Mr. Shum Chi-ho's lawyer. My last name's Chow.

Michael, why do you bring a lawyer here? You will find out very soon. You may begin. On behalf of Mr. Shum Chi-ho, I'd request Ms. Cheung Wai to file a divorce petition by consent. Wait a second. Why?

You told me earlier that you loved Vincy very much. I'm sorry. I know you're aggrieved. The other option is for you to petition for a divorce basing on my unreasonable behavior so that you can't bear living with me anymore. You may even say I've committed adultery.

You really want so much to divorce me? For Mary, you will give up our love for so many years? Yes, I realize that I can't survive without her. As to the assets, I'll give you all the money as far as possible. Please set me free. There's no point making me stay.

What's your problem? You're the one at fault. Now you sound like you're the victim? This is between my wife and me. Shut up. Vincy, let's get out of here. Hey, the divorce petition...

I'll sign it. Vincy. Regarding the distribution of assets, I've drafted... I don't want a dime. I have the duty to explain it to you. Now what? Just go ahead.

Mr. Shum, please sign here then. I'll go to the washroom. Hello, I've booked a table for tonight for two persons under the name Shum. I want to confirm if you've reserved for me the table facing the piano next to the window? Don't worry, Mr. Shum. It's reserved for you.

Thank you so much. She's got a beautiful face and a nice body figure. She's well educated. You do know how to choose.

If you don't make repayment, your wife will have jobs to do. Mr. Fok, I beg you please. Don't mess with her. I'll bear the debt. Fine. You say so. But how are you going to make repayment? You're smart. You're an expert too in investment. I'll make you a nice offer. There's a business that fits you the best.

Work with me and the debt you owe me can be deducted in due course. What business is it? Is it illegal? Do you have a choice? I'm so tired. I won't carry on struggling. Anyway you must call me if you get any ideas.

Don't keep it all to yourself, OK? I want to move somewhere else. No problem. I'll find a place for you. OK. You get some rest. I'll leave. If I ask him to sign a check when he isn't paying attention, he won't notice it for sure.

You're really so clever. I'm so smart. Is there a gift as my award? I told you I will give you a cut. That's a different matter. How can you manage the ticket scalping without my help? I don't care. So I'm so cheap to you. I'm worth $20,000 only. Don't say that please.

Come in. Raymond. Have a seat please. You want to see me urgently. What's the matter? I received Mr. Hon's phone call just now. He requested that we deliver the cyber security system to him half a month sooner. We can't rush that. I need to test the system repeatedly.

Besides, the delivery date is written clearly in the contract. Eric, I understand your difficulties. But you know Mr. Hon's so superstitious. His fortune-teller said it's a lucky date. That's why Mr. Hon insists on it.

If we cross this major client, we don't know when we can work with him again. The company's loss won't be so little then. I get that. But the system really... Eric, you're so smart. I'm sure you can get it done.

At most I'll ask Samuel to assist you. You two work together. You will make it for sure. No problem, boss...I will do my best. Eric, I'll give you a hand. There won't be a problem. How about Shum Chi-ho's case? The things there are almost all set up. He's quite cooperative.

Go ahead then as planned. When I've finished this job on hand, I'll pick you your case then. Yes, Mr. Fok. If there's nothing further, I'm out of here.

Mr. Hon. Mr. Fok. Have a seat. Mr. Hon, this is for you. Thank you. Want to buy a new car again? Just taking a look. You bought a new car less than half a year ago. Men love novelties.

Hey, I know someone who can give you a discount. If you really buy it, I'll have the hi-fi system replaced for you. Thank you, Raymond.

You too. You make money in order to spend. You need to look the coolest. Thank you. Your office in Taiwan is well run. Now that fool believes it completely. Anyway we shall make money together in future. That fool fretted a lot just now. He panicked.

Let that fool play a bit during these two weeks. But it's tough for you as you have to work with him. It isn't tough at all.

Cheers... Cheers... Is it enough for you eating salad only? I'm not that hungry. Still feel upset about Michael? Men aren't trustworthy. Better find out how bad he is sooner. Don't worry. You're still hot in the market.

Brenda. OK. Don't talk about unhappy matters. To your becoming single again. I want to focus at work only at this moment.

I don't want to think about anything else. It's good to devote all your attention to work. But don't do that for so long. Women need love as a lubricant. Otherwise your life will dry up. You get energy only when you go dating.

How come there's love only in your brain? It's true. But I'm quite responsible too at work. I become absent-minded sometimes only because I'm out of love. But many a time I got set up by Ada only. If she hadn't struck up a relationship with Counsel Hui, how would she have got a chance to talk so much? Everyone has her own choice. She's unscrupulous for achieving her ends. There will be karma for her sooner or later.

Wow, my friend sent me a clip. She said Ada got beaten up. You mess with my husband? No... It serves her right... Mrs. Hui has found out at last their affair. This is karma for her. I've got the appetite to eat now.

Come in. Mrs. Au. I'm here to talk about Ada. She has tendered her resignation just now.

I wanted to fire her even if she didn't resign. Vincy, I'm so sorry for what happened earlier. I admit I handled the matter poorly. It's over now.

Vincy... Mrs. Au, actually I want to tell you something too. I want to resign too.

Is it because of Michael? Yes, I hired you back then only because of Michael. But that's irrelevant now. I trust you. I know you can help me.

So I've asked you to manage the shop for me. Even though you two are divorced now... Thank you for thinking so highly of me.

But I've already decided. I want to go somewhere else. Actually I deem you one of my own. If you don't mind it, I can make you another offer. Mr. Szeto, Mrs. Szeto, feel free to take a look inside.

Vincent, we are friends only. Oh...I'm so sorry. Look, this flat has sea view in front and mountain view at the back.

It's quiet and fully equipped. There's even a club house. There are few flats for sale in this housing estate. We're the exclusive agent.

Vincy, the open kitchen you love. I think you can put a nice set of Hi-Fi system here to listen to ukulele. It'll be perfect. Why don't we take a look inside? Sure. Come on. This way please. You've viewed the entire flat. What do you think? Do you like this flat?

Never mind if you don't like it. There are two other flats I can show you. No, thanks. I don't want to view any for now. Oh, never mind then. If you two want to view any flats, call me anytime.

Well...I'll close the windows. Thank you. No worries. Never mind. We'll view again next time. I've decided to leave Hong Kong. So sudden? At first I wanted to resign and go somewhere. But Mrs. Au made me an offer. She will transfer me to work in Beijing.

Leaving Hong Kong...isn't a bad idea. Pa. How are you? Something's bothering you? No. Don't lie to me. You look like this whenever you can't figure out something. How do I look like? You frown.

Brenda came for a checkup. She told me everything. She said Vincy had already signed the divorce papers. She will leave Hong Kong and work in Beijing. There's really no secret in the world. Hey, you want to woo her again? She just got a divorce. Will it be too soon?

Soon? She's leaving for Beijing soon. Perhaps it's a good idea that she leaves. If so, you won't look this way then.

Son, you've missed it once already. You want to screw up again? In fact, I think all along that you and Vincy are a perfect pair.

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