[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 17/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

[Eng Sub] 迷網 On-lie Game 17/25 粵語英字 | Cyber Crime | TVB Drama 2020

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We've checked meticulously the conversation records between the deceased person June and Owen through the dating app. We found that Owen had sent an e-card to June. We checked his digital footprint online basing on this email address. We discovered that someone had used this email account to buy movie tickets twice in a cinema in Hong Kong.

We've also sent someone to contact this cinema in the hope that we can find the scammer with the aid of this clue. It's him? Pa, Sister 88, I'm home. Hey, you're home? Brother Chung. Bro, you knocked off early? Yes...Hin's here for dinner too? Hin said the movie company had paid his salary. He's bought something nice for us specifically.

I already told him that he didn't need to do so. So we asked him to stay for dinner. Uncle Zaam and Sister 88 often take good care of me. It's a petty gift only. That's the least I could do. Hin also bought a large pack of roasted peanuts. Let's grab a beer together after dinner, OK? Sure.

Wow, the roast goose today looks so nice? Hin bought that as an extra dish. Hin, you eat more. Here. Thank you, Sister 88. It seems that you're doing quite well in your new job, Hin. I don't think so. Ever since he got this new job, he's been in bad shape.

He often works till the middle of the night. He's busy whenever I ask him to play video games. It's really so tough for him. Making money is of course tough. Like you? You goof off at home asking us for money all the time. Eat the egg, Pa.

Hin, what's the name of your company? Who's your boss? Is he famous? There aren't too many movie company bosses in Hong Kong. We are a small company only. No one knows our name. We focus mainly on Mainland movies.

Wow, you will meet famous movies stars all the time then? Hey, I think the Goblin's quite handsome. Ask him to appear in your movies. Sister 88, he said Mainland movies, not Korean drama. How will there be the Goblin? Hey, who's the Goblin? How come I didn't know you're binge-watching Korean dramas? Oh, are you going to punch out earlier tomorrow? I'll go to Tsim Sha Tsui after school tomorrow to wait for you then.

What? So your company's in Tsim Sha Tsui? I will go to lunch there with a friend tomorrow. Why don't I go with Ching to visit you in your office? I want to see how a movie company is like. Right, you've told me about it for so long. But I've never been there. Why don't I come with Bro to visit you tomorrow? Oh, I almost forgot it. My boss said we're going to meet a distributor in Central tomorrow. I have to tell them the story I'm writing. I'm afraid I can't go to lunch with you two.

Thinking about that, I still need to finish a storyline. I need to go home to work on it. Otherwise my boss will yell at me for sure. I need to go now.

Hey, do you need to hurry this way? You haven't eaten yet. Finish eating first. No, I must write once I've got the inspiration. Uncle Zaam, Sister 88, thank you for dinner. I need to run. I'll see you out.

Take care. This guy Sai-hin panics once he talks about inspiration and stories. He's incorrigible. I'm a scammer online. What's the matter? You...nothing.

I want to go on a pleasure trip with you two for a couple of days only. How come it's so sudden? Is something wrong? No...Anyway, see you later. OK then. Remember to bring along your travel documents.

OK... Brother Lung... Shut up. I'll knock you out if you keep making noises. According to the victim Cheung Wai's statement, it's confirmed that both she and the female deceased person Ho Chi-yan who'd jumped off a building used the dating app Love GPS. The names of the two scammers are different online.

But the modes of operation are very similar. So we have reason to believe that it's the same person. Or perhaps it's controlled by the same deception gang. to communicate with Vincy. From the IP address we got from the dating app company, we found out that the last message from this Riding a White Horse was sent from a mobile phone that used the 4G network.

Fion and I have asked the telecommunication company for info and found the telephone number that's linked to this IP address. The registered owner is called Ho Sai-hin. He's one of the three suspects who got the web name Owen that we found earlier on the cinema's CCTV clips.

Exactly. We've also checked and verified that the time Cheung Wai's mobile phone received Riding a White Horse's message is the same as the time when a message was sent from Ho Sai-hin's mobile phone. All evidence indicates that it matches perfectly our suspicion earlier. Move. Why do you want to leave? I asked you why you want to leave? But you wouldn't listen to me? You've fallen for the girl? What's your problem? You've deceived yourself when you tried to deceive her? Is the girl really so hot? You've grown a conscience. I do worry that you'd go to the cops and tell them everything about us when you can't fall asleep.

Brother Lung, I dare not do that. I dare not. Give me his phone. Big Brother. What's the PIN? The PIN. You want me to ask you again? 0524.

Look, you regret so much what you've done. I'll give you a chance to make a confession. Later you repeat verbatim what I say. You want to make a recording? You know what I want to do? You want to record what I say to mislead the cops to think that it's my dying declaration.

They will think I've killed myself out of a sense of guilt. Attaboy, you're really a scriptwriter. You know so well how the plot runs. I'm not wrong about you. I won't record it. I will never record it. You won't record it, right? Fine. Don't record it then. Fei. You won't record it?

You won't record it, right? Kei, please go to Macau later and take his parents here. No, leave them alone. You make me do that. I don't want to. No, Brother Lung, I'll record it. Leave them alone.

OK. Don't ever say I don't allow you any creative latitude. You're a scriptwriter, right? You're so good at writing stories, right? I'll give you a theme. Just write a story to say you deserve to die. Will you promise not to hurt them? You have my word.

Dad, mom, I'm sorry. I've done something very wrong. I've broken the law. I cheated people online for their money. I toyed with their feelings.

I did that all by myself. No one else is involved. I can't face you two anymore. I'll be gone now. I can't look after you two. I'm sorry. Cut. Good take. You've said your last words. You can die now.

Come here. Don't move... He's here not too long ago. Search around. Yes, Sir. Over there.

You finish a ciggy here. I'll wait for you in the car. OK. Police, stop. Save him. Stop running. Listen, we must get the most in the shortest possible time.

Brother Bong, I got wind that Brother Lung will move out, right? Even so, the debt you owe him will be assigned to someone else at a 30% discount. You think you don't need to make repayment? I didn't mean that. How come Brother Lung hasn't come in yet today though it's so late now? What's going on? Turn on the flashlights. Go outside to check it out. OK. What's going on? How come there's a power outage? Right.

I don't know. The management office didn't say there will be a power outage today. I'll call them to ask. Hurry... You're so clumsy? No, don't put pressure on me... Have you reached them? It isn't put through. What? Use your own phone. Right.

Who is it? Security. Open the door. Is there a power outage? You open the door. Me? Move... Police. Freeze. A round of applause for ourselves.

You guys have uprooted the online romance scam gang. All the computer evidence from Mikami Film that's used as a cover-up are retrieved. When Computer Forensics have got sufficient evidence, we'll formally charge them then.

Yes. Yes. It's lucky that we'd found out the GPS position of Ho Sai-hin's mobile phone. We managed to rescue him in time. Otherwise the truth will never be found out.

Ho Sai-hin isn't the mastermind of the gang. But he took part in the entire scamming act. He's committed the offence of conspiracy to defraud. If he pleads guilty and cooperates with the police, his sentence could be reduced.

I've talked to him. He's made a full confession. His only request is to see someone. Vincy. Ho Sai-hin wants to see you.

I've nothing to say to him. Just listen to what he wants to say. I think it's better that you meet him.

Perhaps he can help with your emotional problem. Don't worry. I'll be there throughout the session. Vincy, I really want to tell you in person that I'm sorry. Although the role Riding a White Horse is fake, my feelings for you... Cut it out.

You've already admitted you wanted to cheat me right from the beginning. What's the point of saying this now? I'm sorry. I didn't expect it'd end up this way. I only wanted to work as a scriptwriter. It'd never crossed my mind to deceive others. It'd never occurred to me that I'd deceive you. But you did.

You even toyed with the trust between two persons. You can't remedy it by simply saying sorry. When I felt the unhappiest, I met you. I thought God had mercy on me. He sent an angel to keep me company. I even felt so lucky.

We had never met. But we shared so many things in common. We chatted so happily. I felt so happy every time after chatting with you. I truly took you for my good friend. I told you everything no matter I felt happy or unhappy. What about you? Thank you for telling me that all these are fake.

I'm sorry. My dad was sick. I needed money urgently for his surgery. I did try to solve the problem. I went to a finance company to borrow money. But when I got there, I was beaten up. I got extorted. When my boss learned about it, he lent me money immediately. Then he made me comply by carrot and stick.

I really didn't have a choice but to do it. I know I can't use that as an excuse. But I really didn't know it'd end up this way.

I admit at first I treated it like a job only. I only wanted to make repayment to my boss sooner. Then I met you in Ming Chun Tong. I knew you're a very kind girl. Then I realized...

actually I had hurt you. And June too. I got her killed. Hin, you've done something wrong.

But you're so young. There's a long road ahead. I hope you will really repent after doing your time. Make good use of your talent and become a real scriptwriter. Write a good story. I will.

Vincy, will you forgive me? At this moment...I can't. Use some hot chocolate. Thank you. What's on your mind? Why was I so foolish? I trusted people so readily. I was partly responsible for this. I'm your friend.

If I had cared about you a bit more and asked how you're doing, perhaps this wouldn't have happened to you. This isn't your fault. Actually many people are so subjective. They know very well there are many fraudsters in the world.

But they don't think they will be deceived. It's like gamblers. They see many people lose money in casinos. But they still sit at the table to gamble. It's because they think they won't be the one who loses. Vincy, actually you're so smart.

You've already helped Hin and the Police a lot. Don't get silly ideas anymore. Get some good rest, OK? I can't believe Sai-hin's a scammer. By the way, he really got the edge as a scriptwriter. You're deceived by him though you're so clever. Just keep it to yourself. Don't tell anyone about it.

Of course I won't. Don't beat yourself up so hard. Men often cheat both physically and mentally.

You felt bored. You wanted to chat with someone. At most you cheated a bit mentally. You didn't do anything wrong. I didn't. It's pure friendship. We chatted only. OK...I believe you.

Still you've got some happy memories though it's deception. Besides, you must never tell Michael about this. Why? I thought I should be candid with him. Never challenge a man's bottom line. They're so small-minded. Though they say it's fine, actually they do mind it.

They will raise it again when you quarrel with them later. It's to your disadvantage. OK. I will find an appropriate moment to tell him. Suit yourself... My client will be here soon. I'll get back to work outside. OK.

Michael? When did you come back? Just arrived. What a coincidence? Vincy and I were talking about you just now. Really? What did you talk about? Nothing. I'll get back to work. You two carry on. Bye.

Why are you back all of a sudden? I hurried back to appease my wife once my job's done. I'm sorry. I was busy at work earlier. There were so many trivial matters to attend to. I was in a bad mood. My tone was rude. Never mind. I was at fault too. Michael, there's something I want to tell you.

Honey, never mind who's right or wrong earlier. Let bygones be bygones. My new company will be officially open early next month. I will be busier by then.

I want to go to France with you for a pleasure trip while I have free time now. What do you think? (Special News Report) The Police busted an international online romance scam gang earlier. The mastermind and 12 other members are arrested. All the suspects are brought to court for mention.

The Police stress that deception is a serious offence. Once the mastermind is convicted, the maximum sentence is 14-year imprisonment. One of the suspects is from Macau. Hin's such a nice boy. Why did he choose to go down that road? Sai-hin has left us some letters. This is for Pa... Sister 88.

I'll keep the letter for Bro. I'll give it to him when he comes home. Hey. Sister 88, thank you so much for letting your flat to me as such a low rent. Thank you for looking after me all along. The food you cook is so yummy. I feel the warmth of home. I'm so sorry. I've done something that makes you feel so disappointed.

I hope you will forgive me. Hey, read your letter. Uncle Zaam, did I disappoint you so much? Back then I was really so lost. I don't know why I did that. I'm really so keen on Chinese medicine. I want to write a movie about a female TCM practitioner.

Thank you so much for teaching me so many things. I'm so sorry. Why did he do that? Hin made a wrong move. His future's completely ruined. Ching, I got greedy and wanted to make quick money. I did something wrong. Don't model on me.

I'll play video games with you again when I'm discharged from prison. I will use the time here to carry on writing scripts. Perhaps someday I will become so famous because of this script.

You can make it for sure. I'm Sister 88's son. My name's Szeto Ching. You can call me Ching. Hello, I'm Sai-hin. What about you? Do you have dreams? Me? I haven't given it any thought. Ideal? My ideal is to find a job with high pay but no work, then marry a hottie as wife.

It's best to have a flat and a dog. That's it. It's a lofty ideal indeed. Go for it! You too. It isn't so high up here. You can jump though you aren't a stuntman. No, it's so high. Not at all. Take a closer look. Thank God I'm fine.

You're good, Hin. I've known Yin-ching for so long. She's never sent me any smiling emoji before. Girls love chatting. But you must say something she likes. Say something she's interested in.

Hey, why don't you ask her out for me, OK? Will that be too aggressive? Not at all. It isn't too aggressive... Hey, it's your turn. Are you so tired? Are you sick? Or you worry about your dad's surgery costs? The surgery costs are taken care of. My boss has lent me money. Good, he's compassionate. People dealing with arts are usually kind-hearted. You're lucky as you can work for him.

Too bad I have to do the things I don't want to. Internet crime is one of the greatest threats all enterprises and companies must face today. Maintaining effective information security management is the greatest challenge for all walks of life. The service of our company provides instant monitoring and protection. The internet security system will collect records of all internet incidents. The monitoring center will run continuous analyzes and conduct related searches.

When a problem has occurred, the monitoring personnel will find out the incident's extent of repercussion and the state of the matter. They will then report back to the clients and make suggestions. Clients don't need to worry about their web security problems then.

Mr. Hon, you may focus on your video game business then. Mr. Hon, Eric's elaborated on the security system. What do you think? I'm very happy with your security system.

When I've returned to Taiwan, I'll talk to the shareholders. Then I'll give you a reply. Good. Thank you, Mr. Hon.

You are welcome. We've got some other things to attend to. We have to leave now. OK. See you. We're looking forward to hearing good news from you.

Bye. Samuel, please see Mr. Hon out. No problem. Mr. Hon, this way please. Mr. Hon appears to have great confidence in your presentation. Keep up the good work. OK.

Later I'll nominate you for the Asia Technology Elite Grand Award. Do I qualify? Sure. Why not? My judgment won't be wrong. You can win that for sure. When you get the award, it won't be your personal honor only.

It will be of tremendous help to the future development of our company. Thank you, Raymond. I'll get back to work. Tell you a piece of good news. The Taiwan client Mr. Hon has agreed to sign a contract with us.

I've hit the target in one go. So smart? I told you. You're good. You couldn't excel earlier all because Martin was putting constraints on you. I say a good horse needs someone who knows he's good so as to complete the course. Use the soup. Thank you, uncle...

Sit down. Dig in. Uncle, you're so quiet the whole night. Are you OK? The eyes still hurt? My eyes are fine. But my judgment's poor. I overlooked something. I shouldn't have trusted that insurance agent.

What happened? You can't claim reimbursement for the cataract surgery? I spent $30,000ish for the surgery. But I've managed to get back $10,000ish only. It's less than half of the sum. How come? He said the surgery lasted just a few hours. I wasn't hospitalized. So I couldn't claim expenses for hospitalization. That's why the reimbursement's so meagre.

I should have listened to the doctor and spent a night in hospital. Why spend a night in hospital if it isn't necessary? How about this, daddy? I'll pay the balance for you. That won't be necessary. It's my own fault.

I didn't listen carefully when I took out the insurance cover. I feel ripped off. When I came up here just now, I saw some notices. It's said that the building needs maintenance. Is that a huge sum?

Several tens of thousands of dollars for each flat. This building is almost 40 years old. Much repair and maintenance are required. There aren't many flats here. It isn't an excessive sum. Uncle, I can help.

That won't be necessary. I just grumbled a bit. Come on. Use the soup. I'll get soup for you. Thank you.

(Cosmo Bank) Principal Siu. Good morning. The buns are fresh from the oven. Thank you. You want to invest in funds? I haven't made up my mind yet.

You know the risk must be high when the return's high. But if I let my money sit idly in the bank, my net worth will shrink automatically. That's true. Look at the past ten years. The prices of buns have gone up five times.

The increase in salary can't catch up with inflation at all. Exactly. Why are you so worried? You have a lot for retirement pension. You're so frugal. You don't spend much.

Besides, Ah-Den's income is quite stable now. You guys receive salaries every month. You won't understand how retired people like us think. At present, every household in the building I live in must chip in for external wall repair and maintenance.

How much? $300,000. I already spent $30,000 earlier for the cataract surgery. Then a former colleague got some chronic diseases. I lent him $100,000.

He asked to borrow from me. Was I supposed to say no to him? No wonder you feel so worried. You've spent so much within a short time. Ah-Den will form her own family sooner or later. I don't want to burden her that much.

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