#Emerging Technologies Courses in English | Spanish | Arabic #Data Science #Cyber Security # linux

#Emerging Technologies Courses in English | Spanish | Arabic #Data Science  #Cyber Security # linux

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so part two so part two important is presentation halal source of income important just content delivery content delivery join our world class on and almost percentage now keep in mind sales big data colour track almost whatever the case is. Internal sales officer minimum sales minimum sales target reach officers internal sales right? Internal sales benefit university right? So, that's what we wanted to discuss with you. Halal so worldly gain Support structure level or support support so on and so forth. Ah please. Facebook is not the

medium to ah ask for support. Facebook medium support. Facebook support seven zero. Click the Arabs like from the Middle Eastern region. They are the

most technically challenged, right? And there is there are many reasons for that, because, you know, you know, we are busy, the, the Middle Easterns are busy in playing football. Football soccer and the Asians are busy Bangladesh, Pakistani and and Indians are busy in playing cricket. So, cricket ah it's very very ah right? on and so forth, right? Again, ticket support description username password username separate. Separate. Now, keep in mind common issues disabled. Office ah O ticket generate ah these tickets are generated but not access to minimal apps again.

Confusion access foreign automatically website monthly and we will contact each and every user. Each and every user delay You will be given a grace period as per the delay. Delay don't worry about it. We will give you each and every access. We will give you all of those things. Unified experience open

VPNC connects practice art of because GCP machines ah payment issues payment discuss Pakistan internet different right so we will give you all of those things or we will give you access to all of those things as and when the time permits access so on and so on right ah Mr. M. Mohammed Bilal as I said, just wait until that time and things will stream out. Ticketing system ticket close feedback resolution Pakistan submission website fee submit Kerala. say. Controls design file sharing policies secured sir Abhita password password password and security or system maintain office three sixty-five in battery so Microsof ah office 365 or GCP compare GCP Google Cloud.

User the and technically challenge Linux system Amen. proxy bed. Again, it doesn't matter proxy server network fireball proxy server connection inspect systems access GTP or A so systems redhead virtualization brother actually supervisor or diploma diploma instrumentation and controls experience and maintenance bachelor bachelor in ITF second semester so in future get going engineers network with growth right? Yes sir. Company Jesus growth ah actually sir company cyber security, GRC and big data Multiply everyone.

typical Skada network important citations and sorry have a defined zone in context, yes. Safety instrumentation guidance HMI, PLC safety instrumentation a comment. IOT the because going to pick a again. Okay. Take care. Or a care food processing right? chemistry biology, physics classes in Mohammed facility food and agriculture. Sixty-one

percent. Breakdowns of vulnerabilities. Hackers industries Food and is not exempt from attacks. Industries nuclear reactors material dams, emergency services, IT communication, chemical, co industry, cover seventy disciplines and in management technical management compliance to be part like ah while you are working in the governing system compliance you have to communicate with the within the organisation. You know what are the key key threats and vectors that they have to mitigate. How

they can ah resolve and address these risks. So on and so forth right? So accountants English language all of these people they can easily work in there. degrees IBM Commodore sixty-four first time accountant accountancy by chartered accountants, security, chartered accountancy.

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