'Disclosure and the Fall of the Cabal' with David Wilcock

'Disclosure and the Fall of the Cabal' with David Wilcock

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I'm David Wilcock and I've been working for over 20 years on disclosure. My, goal is to. Bring out the fullness, of the truth of the knowledge that has been suppressed from us I have. Spoken to dozens of insiders, who have worked in highly classified, so-called. Government, programs, run through the military-industrial complex, who. Have had first-hand. Contact. With. Extraterrestrials. And I. Looked them in the eye just like I'm looking you in the eye right now and you, can tell when someone is lying these. People are telling the truth the. Scope of the cover-up is so. Vast that. What. We think we know about UFOs, and, this. Whole subject. Constitutes. But a very small portion of the actual, activity, that. Is taking place in and around our, earth, in our solar system right now. Alta. Mately I believe that disclosure, is a. Process. That does not happen in one sudden, thundering, moment it's an ongoing, event. Now. The. Conventional, view that you hear about disclosure, is that this is going to be where. The, President of the United States gets on national, television and tells us the truth that's. Very, likely to be one of the last if not the last stage, of the process. And there, will be many intervals, before that, which we are already seeing. Inside. These classified, government programs. They are doing, something called PRI, or processed. Release of information which. Is a deliberate, effort that, has been ongoing since, the Roswell crash in the 1940s. To plant. These, seeds of. Truth. Into the mass consciousness. What's. Happening, is that alleged. Science fiction, since the late 1940s. Has been embedding, the truth in. These, story lines so, that once. We finally, do get disclosure, we. Discover, that we have been getting disclosure, all along so. Disclosure, is an ongoing process. And it is very interesting to note how many movies, are. Actually, written in. Which the. Idea that UFOs are, not real is treated like a joke. Everyone. In the movie laughs at people who, don't believe, and. Extraterrestrials. Being real are used in many many storylines. For a variety of movies. Extraterrestrials. Being a fact. Of reality is presented. In a wide number of movies I remember. Watching the remake, of Godzilla, and Exeter. S Turtles had a lot to do with the remake of Godzilla most. Of the Transformers. Movies have had very shocking, amounts of truthful. Information in, them and there. Was an x-files, series reboot. In which the whole first premiere episode is, absolutely. Loaded with. All kinds of stunning information the. X-files series reboot, in its pilot episode, that just aired in, January 2016. Had. An incredible. Body, of disclosure, everything. From. Aerosol. Chemtrail. Type spraying to. Federal, reserve financial. Collapse. Extraterrestrial. Reality, abduction. It, was just unbelievable, and we're seeing more and more of these kinds of things coming out now so. The effort for disclosure, is a very interesting almost. Schizophrenia. In our society, in which if even. One person who's, had, a sighting, is actually, witnessing, some, sort of extraterrestrial piloted. Craft. Then. You have to assume now that. There. Is much more going on than, just that one little, peak and that. Means that there could be a much greater. Amount. Of information to, know, then. Even what most of mainstream, ufology, is collected, you have to remember the. Data that we have in the UFO field such. As about area 51 this, might be only one or two whistleblowers, that come forward with stuff like this people. Photograph. It from a high mountaintop, far away we can't get in there we can't see inside the facility we don't really know what they're doing but. What's happening, is that there are more and more insiders, who have come forward and they, have independently, spoken, to me off record I've, cataloged. What, they have to say and I, have memorized. And in many cases notated. Vast bodies, of information, without. Putting it online and the reason why is that, when someone new comes along and they start saying all the same things, or many of the same things that's.

When I know that, they are all speaking, based on a common, body of knowledge and the, scope and the complexity. Of these correlations, between different, datasets from different insiders, is so vast that. I, don't. Believe it is possible for, this to be a cover-up the Occam's, razor argument. Slicing, through to the simplest, possible explanation, is that this stuff is actually happening, that, our government, is in direct contact, with a variety of human looking extraterrestrials. That, they have already gotten joint, bases both on earth inside, the earth and on. Moons, and in some cases solid, planets in our solar system, there. Is a very widespread amount. Of technology out there including stuff, that our own military industrial complex is built they, have their own deep, spaceships. Some of which are 2.5, kilometres long, cigar-shaped. This. Stuff we, in fact we have a whistleblower, now William Thompkins who actually came. Forward, as his. Aerospace, engineer, background, gave. Him the blueprints, that he designed, these. Ships from he's, presenting, us with those blueprints, showing, us these. Cigar-shaped, craft which, are identical, to, the ones that Corey Goode has, referred, to as having worked, in when, he was in the solar warden program, and William, Tompkins independently. Gave the codename solar. Warden for the program, then, we also have Gary McKinnon the UFO hacker who, independently finds. The name solar, warden when, he's hacking, the Pentagon, through. Looking. For UFO, documentation. So, this solar, warden code name was also embedded, within a list of non-terrestrial, officers. People. Who are of military, rank and designation, but, do not work on earth, now. You, start to put the pieces together you start to see what everybody's saying and, this. Is the disclosure process, we. Are doing this right now with, you watching this show. You are part of that process, this, process is, not, going to, happen by, the official, level until. It has been wrenched. Out of their hands it is last, thing they ever want to do is to, completely tell us the truth because. Court. Cases will then be filed charges, will, then be made if you look at the LIBOR scandal where. The top mega banks, have been accused. Of colluding with each other to rig their prime interest rate so, that they can look good in their, credit scores and. Misrepresent. Themselves to, investors, as if what they have is a, very solvent. Company, when in fact they're all bankrupt. And it's a big Ponzi scheme you, look at the fallout from LIBOR, which the mainstream media does not talk about we, are seeing multiple. Multi-billion, dollar lawsuits. That, are being prosecuted and. Fined. Against. These banks, and it has very, seriously. Impacted, their bottom line they're, not going to be able to do another bailout they're not going to be able to do another tarp the public does not want that to happen so. There is a situation. Going on right now in which, we can actually see, an example of a. Corporate. Mega. Entity, that. Is essentially. Buying. Its time but, is almost out of time right now and when, the time runs out what. We're going to find out is that not only have we been lied to about the, scope of financial, tyranny, in our world we. Have been lied to about exit. Arest riyals because, that. Technology. That has already been taken. In by our government, includes.

Free Energy it, includes, solutions. To every problem that, we have here on earth we. Can desalinate. Ocean water with very low energy yield we. Can then pump, that water into the deserts and literally, irrigate, all of the dead. Areas, of our planet we. Can completely, clean up the pacific, garbage juror's these gigantic, areas of plastic, that are just circling, around and, getting eaten by seagulls, and whales and all types of marine life we. Can eliminate any need for fossil, fuel we eliminate, greenhouse gas emissions, there, are technologies, already in possession of these, secret, space program groups. That eliminate, any need for pharmaceuticals. You, have pain relief technology, in which you interrupt, the potassium. Sodium balance, in the nerves you don't need any analgesic. Drugs you, don't need to take any drugs at all the. Only thing you would really still need to have the medical community for would, be surgery but, all other types of medical illnesses. Can, be treated, by advanced. Technology, that is already in possession of these, people that, leads to longevity that leads to life extension, if. We want to become an intergalactic. And, interplanetary, species if we want to take. The ships that are already built and use. Them to travel, throughout the stars we. Need to expand, our lifespan, you're, not going to be very successful, if you only live for 60 or 70 years to go out on a deep-space mission, like that they, have the technology, to dramatically, enhance, and extend our lifespan they. Have the technology to allow us to travel through portals to, be able to go from point A to point B even across vast numbers of light-years nearly. Instantaneously. We. Literally have, all the tools in front of us right now for. A Star Trek era, the, only reason why we don't have it is that our, planet unfortunately. Is being run by a sociopathic. Cabal, of people.

Who Actually believe that, humans, are bad for the environment and, they, need to dramatically, reduce population. First before. They release these technologies, their, goal was to bring us down to our knees so, that we were so desperate, for help that. By the time they give it to us they can instill total, control and have, absolute, dominion, over everyone, that's, not going to be allowed to happen there is an alliance here on earth of very, powerful entities this. Actually includes a majority, of the u.s. defense establishment and, I'm, also, talking about. Organizations. That most people think of as negative like the CIA there. Are very strong, positive. Groups, within all of these different intelligence. Agencies the NSA, the DIA. Naval. Intelligence you, name it and what. Their goal is is, to, work with this international. Cartel. That has formed, let me say that differently and their. Goal is to work with this international, alliance of countries. That are outside, the Western, system directly, and have, seen that in fact we are being ruled by a, Ponzi. Scheme in which they just print money out of thin air do as much as they want that's. Really the problem here we can't allow, these people to continue to. Make. As much money as they want without, having, any collateral behind, it so, once. We get some, further steps, forward. In the disclosure process once, the efforts of this alliance this international, alliance get. To the next level there will be data dumps there will be. Volumes. Of information released. That will shake our beliefs to their core they will challenge everyone, and, what. Can happen right now, is by, you listening, to this and educating. Yourself about the truth and about what is really going on in our world you. Can help to, calm people down when. This disclosure. Comes, out because. Some. Of the material, is so upsetting that, there will be people who do not want to get out of bed they do not want to eat I call. It the man in the bedroom imagine. Your, loved one you walk in there and there, is someone else in bed with that person and you, had no idea that this was going on we. Are taught to love these politicians, we are taught to aspire, to be like them think of them as great people cheer. In massive, crowds at these political, rallies, now. When we find out the scope of the betrayal we find out that these people have, not only been lying to us but, they've actually been deploying a weapons system into. Our food supply they've, deliberately, added, things to processed. Food that, decreases. Lifespan, increases. Lethargy, fatigue. Laziness. Decreases. Your IQ, decreases. Your motivation, that's, why it's very important, to eat organic food to try to eat as natural, of a diet as possible, stay away from the processed, stuff this. Is a war these people are trying to kill us and if. You can understand, that then, recognize, that once the truth comes out it, will be in the context, very likely of these people having been arrested on a massive level there's, all kinds of logistics, about how that's going to be done when that's going to be done it is a massive operation and, I, am not authorized, to give all the details away in fact I did leak details about mass arrests, before and, unfortunately. I compromised, at least two different operations. Because. I leaked too much that was classified, I got people killed so I'm not going to say all of the details now but we do expect there are certain things I can say we, do expect there's going to be a blackout, we do expect that all the power is going to go off for a while during. The time that the power goes out there very likely will be military, operations, taking place in all of the major American cities those. Operations. Will most likely be occurring, in places. Where this, financial, cabal is concentrated. The most and you can kind of interpolate, from that what I'm saying it. Is very likely that, the. Lights will not be turned back on until the operation has been completed so. Everyone is being advised to have approximately. Two weeks of storable, food and water on hand because. There may be a temporary disruption, of goods and services the. Way I like to look at this is if you throw up you'll feel better this. Is a situation in, which it, is akin to a coup, but, it is a positive counter, coup against, a group that has secured, political. Control of our planet in an, astonishing fashion.

And Has, been far more successful with it than most people realize. Sure. So. What do I mean when I'm talking about the Cabal, one. Of the names that many people are familiar with would be the Bilderbergers, the Trilateral, Commission the. Council on Foreign Relations the, new world order the Illuminati. What. Are we really talking about here, ultimately. We, are talking about organized. Crime we, are talking about crime, syndicates. That work. On a quasi, governmental level, because they. Do not take any of their high-ranking people and actually run them for office the. People who run for office are never more than middle, level within, these corporations, we have multiple. Insiders. Whistleblowers. Some whom I've spoken to directly who, have witnessed American. Presidents. Acting. Like simpering, little wimps, in front, of these higher ranking, cabal members because. They are terrified of them this, cabal has, at its core believe, it or not a. Luciferian. Belief. System, you. Say to yourself who, in the world would possibly, want. To construct a religion around Lucifer. Well. It's very clever it works like this you. Have, ancient mystery school teachings, and the. Ancient. Mystery school teachings, date back to the legendary, civilization. Of Atlantis which, is real we now know for example these. Ruins and Turkey gobekli tepe are at least 13 thousand years old because we've carbon dated the dirt that these stone. Circles were dug out of and we know they've been buried for thirteen thousand years we. Can no longer deny that. In fact there. Are ancient, stone monuments that predate, any, civilizations. That we normally know of here on earth and the problem is that whoever built these pyramids had. The whole civilization. The technology, to build it right out of the box we. Don't see a gradual, progression where, we're looking for shards, of pottery and, we're, trying to find how we can retrace, the footsteps of, a, civilization, that takes the necessary thousands. Of years to, build up to the point where, it could do highly, technological. Acts no. One has been able to build pyramid-like. Structures, with those large blocks of stone with today's technology, the largest cranes in the world can't lift them the Japanese, tried to do it at one-fifth, scale and they completely failed they could not build a Great Pyramid replica at only one-fifth, the size, so. Somebody had advanced, technology, the. Implication, is that this technology, was, not local, to earth but that this was a refugee.

Group Or multiple refugee. Groups who, actually came to earth perhaps, on the run from a cosmic, battle of some kind and in. Fact this is the occult, secret story, of Lucifer. Lucifer, the, fallen angel. And in. Fact there is a secret, book that was withheld from the Bible called the Book of Enoch and in. The Book of Enoch what, you hear about is a race of cannibalistic, Giants, who, crash-landed, on earth and are two fallen angels and they. Are in fact eating, people. Here on earth but, they're twice our size. They. Were ordered, not to reproduce, with. The women. Of Earth but they did anyway, and what. Ends up happening is, that, the women give birth to this new race that, they call Nephilim, and this. Is mirrored. In the book of Genesis, but the book of enoch has a lot more in there and we, now know that this is a genuine, authenticated. Ancient text because. Independent, copies. That say the same thing and have been backdated have been found in ethiopia and other places such. As by the Scottish, historian, Sir, Robert Bruce going. Way, back to the 1700s, so. This book, explains. That, a group of people came here from somewhere, else with advanced technology, and that. They did, in fact set. Up control systems, here on earth, the. Book of Enoch is a predecessor, to. Genesis. Which also has Noah's, Ark and the flood in fact, Enoch is Noah's grandfather. So, what appears to have happened is that. This great, flood was. Authorized, the atlantean, flood wiped out the civilization, of Atlantis because. Atlantis. Was a colony, it, was not native, people, that, had originated, here on earth it, was a vast, civilization. That, had transplanted. Itself here and when, they came here they brought with themselves, all of their books all, of their ancient texts, that go back five, hundred thousand years the. Full record of their civilization, now that those. Texts, were stored in the Library, of Alexandria in Egypt because, some of these people did survive the flood and then. The. Romans sacked. And burned the Library of Alexandria but before, they burned it they took out all the good stuff and they, relocated, it to the Vatican library so. I have insiders, who have actually, sat down with me and described to me going. Into the Vatican library and reading books. That were made by extraterrestrial. Civilizations, before they ever came here these, books include highly, technical, diagrams, of interstellar. Spacecraft and, gigantic, mother ships and these. Books are very very ancient some. Of them have, mylar. Type of pages very glossy some, of them are actually holographic. You open them up and this, image, just comes up and it, can show you interact. With your consciousness, tells you what you want to hear anything. You want to know it'll just show it to you. So. You have to understand, now that the. Repository. Of these documents is in the Vatican. Therefore. There, are people who are on a need-to-know basis. Who. Actually have access to that knowledge they. Understand. That, they are the descendants, of an, extraterrestrial, race that came here that had elongated skulls, and you. Look at the images, of the, Egyptian, pharaohs like, Akhenaten, like Nefertiti, like their daughter meritaten, and what, you see is this highly, elongated skull. We, have scientists, like Brian Forrester who are in Peru and they're actually Brian. Forrester is actually, finding new examples, of these skulls with elongated, craniums, and whereas. The normal human skull has two fissures these only have one they. Have all kinds, of anomalous, features including, we, have these nerve plexuses, that come out of our jaw here, whereas. They have it at the back of their head these, do not appear to be anything, having to do with head binding. So. The point is, elongated.

Skulls Show, up all over the world they have been found in bas Scop South Africa. They have been found in Siberia there. Are graves, of royalty, in France that have been dug up in which they have elongated skulls, elongated. Skulls have been found in North America and South America they. Are literally worldwide and, so, what. We're really dealing, with and I write about this in my new book the ascension, mysteries the whole second half of the book 250. Pages is a comprehensive. Diagram. Of the 500,000, year history of these people where, they started, how they got here how they turned into the Cabal so, it literally does appear strange as this must sound that. There are people with, exeter, estriol physiology, elongated. Skulls some. Of them have lost the elongated skulls others still have them and if, they still have them they wear these mitre hats that you see in the Vatican they, never take those hats off so you couldn't tell if, somebody had an elongated, skull under that hat. It. Does sound really bizarre but just imagine now, that, you tell a group of people secretly. That. They are the descendants, of an exit arest really that were the gods that. Had many tens of IQ points higher in intelligence, than everyone else on earth that, spread themselves out across the world that, became the prevailing, ruling, caste everywhere, they. Had advanced technology, when they first got here that allowed them to circumnavigate the globe to, build pyramids to build elaborate, structures not all the pyramids were built by negatives, but, there are some that were and they. Effectively, created. Dominion, over the earth they. Have been defeated by, what, we call the Elohim, these positive, X aterrestrials as. Texts. Again and again the. Elohim have caused mass catastrophes. To happen sodom and gomorrah being another example, fire and brimstone coming, out of the sky these. Things are not mythological. We know that the earth has periodic, catastrophes. Some. Of these catastrophes apparently. Have been authorized, in order to. Dramatically. Reduce the ability of these people, to, control our planet but there, is a remnant that is still here they. Are very advanced, and they. Have an internal cohesiveness, that tells, them that they are the chosen they are the elect they are the given special. People, so what happens when you have a religious, group that is taking, iconography. From various, cultures including, the Egyptian, Trinity of Isis. Osiris and, Horus taking. Celtic mythology, taking. Asian. Mythology, taking, Hindu mythology, putting all this together try, to distill, the best out of it and then. Along comes Christianity. And, this. Teacher, Jesus. Comes. Along and says, that. This. Has to stop he's, overturning the tables of the moneychangers he's. Essentially. Rewriting. The covenants then. In the aftermath of that event. You have. An organized, society. That rises, up in, which, all, of these ancient mystery schools are said to be evil, these. Ancient mystery schools believe they're the chosen ones and so. When they saw. The. Institutions. Of church. Suppressing. Suppressing. Sexual, freedom, suppressing. Independent, thought asking, you to conform or die creating. These very intense, inquisitions. In which people are tortured and forced into confession, they. Believed, that the, church. Itself and, therefore Jesus, was actually evil and that, they were good so what they did is they went into the Bible and they said well then who's the good guy it must. Be Lucifer, the, God of light the god of wisdom and truth why. Was Lucifer thrown out of heaven because. He, rebelled, because. He saw that it was a setup that it was all rigged and that that. Was evil so. They believed and this you gotta understand, whether you believe this or not is irrelevant this is their religion, this is what they actually believe I've, talked to many people who've given me different pieces of information about this from firsthand insider, sources or, they themselves are first-hand insiders, these.

People Honestly believe that, they. Are the, descendants, of gods that they, are the chosen that they are God's special, people that. We, are delusional. And that. The true creator is this. Wisdom, principle, that they think of as Lucifer that that wisdom principle, gave us ancient mystery school teachings and that, the enemy which they call Adonai, the adversary. Which. We would call the Christian God came. To try to defeat, them then. They even take it a step further and they look at texts like the Bible and they say that. Where it says in the end times that God. Will, take the money from the wicked and restore. It to the just that. We as a planet, are the wicked and they are the just so this is how they justify their, financial. Corruption they. Don't believe that we deserve the money in fact they believe that. If they did not dominate. Us and if, they did not control, us and play all these games that. We left to our own devices would, destroy our planet so. In some twisted rationale. They believe they are saving, the earth they, believe humans are bad for the environment we, cause pollution so, they have to reduce population, then, they've seen that in two movies like The Matrix where Agent Smith says, that. We. Are like that humans are like a virus on the planet, this. Is one of a variety of ways in which they will usually embed. Their. Teachings, into the villain look at the Batman. Begins the latest new series, of Batman films, that. Came out in the past in the, first Batman reboot, movie. Again. With Christian Bale playing Batman it's. The villain who actually articulates, the cabal's perspective. It's, the villain who advocates, population. Reduction who, describes, why these things are necessary then, look at the second one where, you have Heath Ledger playing, the Joker, everything. About what the Joker says in the second Batman film is totally. What they believe they. Actually believe. That creating. These fake, terrorist attacks, that, kill large numbers of people that, that is a sad. But necessary, evil. That they have to do in, order to secure control of us to prevent us from destroying, the whole planet, you. Have high-level people, who. Believe, this adamantly, and our financing. Things like vaccines that, actually, have, cofactors. Inserted, in them that over time can. Be combined, with other cofactors to, try to create, population. Reduction so. This is a very serious problem but. It is not just the internet community that, is hip to this that's another thing I really want to point out here there, has been a very powerful.

High-level. Counterinsurgency. Within, the highest levels of government on, earth that. Has been going on since, the 1700s. It started, in Russia this, is really where the alliance, against this cabal got started, and that, Alliance. Has, been working, on plans, that must take many many years to complete the. People in this cabal have, used secret societies, like the Freemasons, in which they guard their secrets, through. Complex. Rituals, in which the person, who, is an aspirant, to that order has, to learn. How. To keep a secret has, to learn secret handshakes, secret pass phrases secret, codes and what. That does is it creates a, body of people from which you can do recruitment, because. When you recruit from these people they, have now taken a, blood oath that, if they ever betrayed, the secrets of the order they will be killed and. When you go up to the seventh degree in Freemasonry, which is called Royal Arch masonry, you, swear, that you. Will do, anything within your power to free, a fellow, Mason, from, harm's, way even, if he has committed acts of murder or treason against his own government, so. This is perfect, because when. You get up to like for example the 30th degree there, was a book called light on masonry, that was published in late 1800s where, all this stuff came out it was actually the mid-1800s. And that. Book listed. All of what people hear in masonry, all the way up to 33rd, degree when. You get up to 30th and 31st degree. They. Say that the goal of their organization. Is to crush the head of the serpent of religion, now. Granted. Organized, religion has caused a lot of problems, but. What. They really mean, is not. That all religions, should be excluded. It's that they want to make it so only their religion, exists, on earth and if, you don't follow their religion you will be killed so. What they've been doing is they've, been, giving us their religion, they. Show it to us in for, example the most. Recent Olympics. Opening and closing ceremonies was loaded, with Cabal symbolism, they, do it at the Grammys, they do it at the Super Bowl halftime show they. Go out there in music, videos and movies and video games and television shows and they're, showing us, Luciferian. Symbolism, the, reason why they're doing this is that. They want us to. Become. Entranced. By the idea, of this religion, to have it be cool to have it be trendy, so, one of the things they do is this symbol which is 666. Each each. Finger, is one, of the stems, of the six so. You'll see people do stuff like this you'll also see them put their finger over their eye like this that's, the all-seeing eye or they'll do this a lot you'll have this kind of symbolism. So.

They're Out there putting out these sigils and signs and codes and symbols and they. Do it through things like pop music so people start watching what's ever popular and they're, seeing flames and they're seeing people dancing around in Baphomet, horns and they're seeing all, this really strange stuff. Their. Goal again. Is to acquaint us with their religions, so that if they get their goal realized, which is to, create. A massive world economic, collapse, greatly. Reduce population. And then come out as our liberators. Giving. Us this technology, giving us what they consider to be freedom. We. Would actually be trading, our sovereignty, for a much greater level of tyranny, thankfully. People. Such as the Russians as I said since the 1700s, have been aware that this plan was in place and they have been actively working to stop it that effort, is now so organized, and so vast that, there is no chance that the Cabal has to. Pull through this they cannot, realize, their goals they are being, defeated and I, have meticulously. Traced, on my, show wisdom teachings on Gaia so, many examples of how, they're doing this I've also written many many articles. Insiders. From the Alliance talking about what's going on revealing. This knowledge to us so, there, is going to be some sort of a major event a mass arrest and once. That happens, they. Have 26. DVDs worth, of information of shows it will be airing on all the cable channels that, will be actually, featuring in many cases, surprisingly. High ranking public figures that we all know who. Have done this covertly, some, of them will be military, political, leaders and they, will be on these films telling. Us all this kind of stuff that I'm telling you right now and it's. Going to be a massive, awakening, but it. Appears that this will be very positive because. We. Will be coming into a reality, in which the arrests, have taken place and the alliance, has done some very high-level. Telegraphing. Of their, move to wit, check. Out the movie Iron Man 3 in. Iron, Man 3 Robert, Downey jr. character, Iron Man does what he finds out that the bin Laden character, played by Ben Kingsley is, actually. Being hired, as an actor, and he's. Working on a green screen and the. Vice President of, the United States of America, who, looks surprisingly like Dick Cheney and the president, in that movie looked surprisingly like George W Bush he. Is frog, out of the white house in handcuffs at the end of the movie for financing. This fake, terrorist now. That movie Iron Man 3 was the biggest, movie of the year when. It came out then. We have the, movie Captain, America, the Winter Soldier which, comes out the year later and again is like the number one movie of the year other than Hunger Games and in. That movie the. Whole entire, thing is, essentially. A documentary. That's, true about. The Alliance and the work that they are doing to defeat, a cabal that wants to kill many many people in the, movie the cabal has these flying aircraft carriers, that are gonna shoot holes in everybody with lasers through the medulla and kill you and those. People are stopped and at the end of the movie there is this big trial in which, some of the people from this. Organization. That defeated. Shield, which really is supposed to be the NSA, are, on trial and they say look we're.

The Best that the, earth had we, needed to step up and solve this problem so, in that Captain. America movie shield, becomes, like the NSA even though in the previous movies it was good, halfway. Through that movie Captain, America, you have a whole little documentary, inside, the movie, wherein. Captain. America and Scarlett. Johansson's character, walk, in to this german base in which. A intelligent. Computer, tells them about Project. Paperclip that, Nazi, scientists. Were brought, over here after. World War 2 to America, and were, embedded, into, our society. Those. Scientists. Actually, ended. Up taking over the, military-industrial complex they. Act as if it's still America when, in fact they are pursuing, their agenda, and that is, what shield turns out to be in this movie now this is a major, mainstream. Film, that, cost hundreds. Of millions of dollars to make and my. Point in expressing, this is if you, want to know what the Alliance is up to, they've. Already showed you they've, done it in very large movies, they're. Telling us the truth and it, does appear to be building up to some sort of event and once. That event happens, films. Like this are going to be taken far more seriously by far more people because, whoever was talking about this before it actually happened, is now, going to be validated, and we're going to see that they were telling, the truth I. Would. Encourage everyone to, not, blame, the, musicians, who are displaying, these cabal symbols, and I want to bring out one example. The. Female. Artist Keesha or Ke$ha. I'll. Just go with Ke$ha the. Female artist Ke$ha, put. Out a video called, die young where. She is dancing in front of a pentagram and, singing. About, that. Her. Goal is to party, so that if she parties hard enough she'll die young and. She. Was quoted. In the media as saying that she brushes her teeth with Jack Daniels, okay so. It. Seems that this is what she wants to do this is the video that she wants to make so. Ke$ha, has the video die young out there in the public where she's dancing in front of a pentagram which appears to be what she wants, it's her video right that's what we're trained, to think and, then.

We Get the Sandy Hook school shootings. In which little children, have had their brains blown out by gunmen, she. Gets so distraught, and they, end up actually pulling, her. Video. And her. Music off of the airwaves because, of the tragedy of Sandy Hook and, she's singing about children, dying young. She. Gets this overwhelming. Amount of comments every, single article you see about her when this happened after Sandy Hook Illuminati. Bitch just like boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo boo hundreds, and hundreds and hundreds of them she, must have been bombarded with people saying, to, her that, she was a satanic, illuminati. Luciferians. Sellout so. She comes forward, in a public, statement, not, too long after the Sandy Hook shootings, and says that she was forced, to do. Those songs to sing those lyrics, and to perform in that video she. Was not the one who to dance in front of a pentagram she. Was not the one who wanted to write the lyrics I want to die young she. Was told what to write and then. This is the really important, part she. Comes out later on and, said. That she was raped by. Her producer, this, man named dr. Luke now. Dr.. Luke has. Been, a producer, who, has actually in many cases written the music for the. Vast majority of, the, most popular, female pop stars in today's world that's, why all the music sounds alike it's, written and produced by the same people so they have the same style so yes it all sounds alike and, there's not even that much variance in the vocals because they're using auto-tune and make everybody be bang on pitch what. Happens is that Kesha. Ultimately, files, a lawsuit. Against. Dr. Luke and says. And also against Sony saying. That nothing, was done to stop her from being raped and that, she wants, to be free of her recording, contract, so that she can record. Independently. As an artist the. Case is thrown out of court, she, loses Sony. Wins she's not allowed to get out of her record contract, and this, happens, right before, very. Significant, Video Music Awards, that take place then. What happens you, have some, of the people who, would normally be associated. As Illuminati, pop stars Luciferian. Pop stars like Katy, Perry like, Taylor Swift like, Rihanna. Like. Lady gaga who, all come out Taylor, Swift gives her I believe two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Adele. In her award speech speaks, out in support of Kesha Lady. Gaga, does, a whole musical. Performance, what, if it happened to you was basically, the point of her song about rape and she's like crying on the piano now, these are the people that we would think in most. Of the conspiracy, analysis, community, well. Yeah Lady Gaga wanted to be dressed up in this outfit with devil horns and she wanted to be drenched in blood and she wanted to have flames around her no.

What Were you finding out is these people are doing what they're told to do they want, to have a career they want to be famous and. You get into the system they. Just wear you down a little bit by a little bit you keep giving up more and more power more and more control, you know you're in over your head and they, keep your mind saturated. With drugs and alcohol so that you are not capable of making intelligent, decisions about your future and you're, so numbed out that you don't even really remember, most, of what's happening to you and they just put your body on a tour bus and if, they can prop you up on stage night after night then, you're cranking out all this money for them by going on a recording, tour so. This is the stuff that's really happening, in our world today and therefore, I would encourage you to not blame, the artists, but to look at the labels, themselves how. Is it for example that. American, television, companies continued, to give Bill, Cosby, television. Acting jobs for so long when there were so many, reported. Rape cases that he had committed we, have the same thing over in the UK with Jimmy Savile who, was on Top of the Pops in the 1960s. Is a very, active, television. Star through the 70s, in the 80s on into the 90s a huge, celebrity and there. Are over 2,000. People who have come forward to report that he raped them as, children. And he. Was doing this in hospitals, that he financed, in special. Rooms and certain, people have, come forward in, the express, which is one of the main British newspapers. Came, forward and said that he, was wearing, a black. Robe that, there were candles, in the room and he was chanting, in Latin Ave Satanas which, means hail Satan as she. Was being raped in this ceremony that's, public, record so. The British government, has been doing a variety of. Investigations. Of all this stuff and what they found is. 261. Figures, of public prominence, top. Politicians. In fact there's, over I believe it's over 60 politicians, were involved in this thing hundreds. Of celebrities. Some. Of the celebrities yes are involved some of them are brought in against their own will high-level. Executives, this thing is, pervasive.

Through, Media. Government. Finance. Military, politics. Pharmaceuticals. Agriculture. Food, it's. A very, complex, problem and a. Lot people. Immediately. Want to look away when they encounter this information, they say this is overwhelming in fact. And I she's given me permission to say this now my own mother when I would talk to her about this she said David I don't, want to live in a world where this is true and I. Said mom you. Can't change the fact that these people exist, the, evidence is right in front of your face, now, some. People do not want to look at it and I respect that but. I honestly can, tell you that if you are not willing to look at this stuff you are part of the problem because, you are burying your head in the sand you, don't have the courage to face the adversary. I studied. Martial arts for five years I studied, the very advanced, form of martial arts and what, I learned in that teaching is you do not back down you face the enemy head-on that's why I'm on this camera I'm talking, about this stuff right now I am prepared to go out there in public and put, my name behind this and I want to say something else one. Of the things that I learned from whistleblowers. From the Cabal itself, is that. They have to work within, something, they call the rules and this is very very important, so, I really want to make sure that this gets into the film the. Rules are, a body, of spiritual, principles, that they must follow in order to be allowed to exist now what do I mean by allowed, to exist I mean. That they are aware that there, are benevolent. Forces that will prevent them from achieving their, goals unless. We. Give, them permission to. Enslave. Us now, think about that, well. I didn't give them permission. Why. For, example was. There a document, on display, in the British Museum library, of London in the late 1800s. That comprehensively. Lays out a plan for three world wars during, which time they will consolidate a Luciferian.

New World Order and those, three world wars are precise, descriptions, of world war one world war two and a, third war in which. They believed that most, of the major countries, have been eliminated and, consolidated. And the only group left is going to be, rogue. Mercenaries. Which we would now call terrorists, they didn't use that word but. It totally describes, Gulf. War One Gulf War two the war on terrorism that's, World War three because. The, rules state, that they have to tell us what, they're doing. Therefore. If we, allow it to happen, we, have consented, to tyranny, we have consented, to enslavement. Now. If you get into the secret, history, of the, Cabal, this. Was, rediscovered. By, Queen. Elizabeth, the original, Elizabeth that we've heard about from the 1500s, Queen. Elizabeth's, Royal, astrologer, a man named John Dee who. Is the prototype, of the wizard with the long beard, the Hat and. What. He did was to. Rediscover. Through these ancient documents, that were in the Vatican, the. Technology. Of how. To access. What. They considered, to be spiritual. Beings that were useful to them but what we would consider to be demonic. Or evil beings, these. Beings, need. To be accessed through a very, complex. Set, of rituals, and ceremonies, you cannot just ask for, them to show up you, have to follow very elaborate, and specific, protocols, if. You follow those protocols it's like having an IP address which, is what we use to go online in order to notate. A website, every website has its own IP address. These. Spiritual, beings such as Baal, and Moloch. Which. They still do ceremonies for today such as in Bohemian, Grove there is a giant effigy, stone effigy, of an owl that's the god Moloch, the god Moloch, goes all the way back to Rome and Carthage in which, they were offering, child. Sacrifices. To this God in exchange for power so. John Dee rediscovered. The technology, of how. To draw the magic, circles how, to say the right incantation z' how, to actually do, black, magic, on a. Governmental, level. This. Is what people are going to have so much trouble with once disclosure, happens, is that these people actually, practice, black, magic and, they, are very very good at it the. Main principle. Of black magic could. Be distilled. Down into, what. You see happening, with voodoo. When. You see a voodoo attack, against, some what do they do they. Make a little doll and the, doll is an effigy of you it's supposed to look like you and then. They have a pin through, the heart or they do something to mangle the doll to make it look like it's been injured. They. Put that doll in, a, place that you're gonna be going through every day you. See the doll and if. You believe. That that, evil, has power, if you become, terrified, and you, believe, that this, is actually, something that's going to happen to you then, you attract, the. Disaster, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. So. What. Really, is going on here is that, we have massive, massive, creative. Power our thoughts. Actually, do manifest, reality so. The rules are. That, they. Use, two components, imagination. And will they. See our, imagination. With a particularly, desired, thought form and then. They, create events, that fire our will into. That thought form to actualize, it now let me give you an example because this might not make any sense okay. They, seed the imagination. Let's say with. The, idea, that. Guns. Kill people, guns. Are bad therefore.

We Take away all the guns and nobody's. Ever gonna die again everything's. Gonna be great. Then. In order to actualize. Our will they've seeded that thought form gun control gun control gun control, but. They are not going to lose, their guns and how. Do we know that we can trust them especially after, the Snowden disclosures where, we have the, open admission, that, there is an international cabal, that is actually, spying. On all of our electronic, communications. We. Can't trust them to be able to use that responsibly, they're not getting a warrant they're not getting a court order they are doing bulk collection, which means they grab everybody's. Data everything. That we put out there electronically. They have all of it if at, any point in the future you are suspected, of a probable, crime they. Can go back through extrajudicial. II, and access. Everything you've ever said and done and even. If you just so happen to accidentally, click on linked on a webpage that you know I've done it sometimes, your but, your finger hits the button you didn't intend it you, loaded that webpage and, it's. This let's, say it's a hate site of some kind now. They can say well looked you know David Wilcock went and accessed this hate site clearly we, can now establish, that he was into this stuff, so let's go back to the example of gun control now the. First stage with imagination. Is that, they tell you guns kill people therefore. Take away the guns then they, create a fake event a mass shooting which. Is staged, they. Already have the emergency, crews on hand they already have the, whole thing lined up the cover-up is already in place they manage the event they control the media they. Black out people's cell phones people don't understand why they're not getting a signal it's an EMP, block this is the kind of stuff they actually do so, nobody can be taking pictures and filming it well it's happening, then. The. Event happens and everybody's traumatized, and then they release, the coded, phrase they say guns. Are the problem guns, are the reason why these people died therefore, we need to take away the guns and then, everybody says oh yes thank God take, away all the guns this will never happen again. Every. Single, fascist. Overthrow. Of a country, in history. Started. With. Some form of confiscation. Of the. Tools, that the people had to protect themselves whether, it was guns or other forms of weaponry they make it illegal, to have defensive. Tools and that, is why the, founding fathers of the United States of America, written right, into the Constitution, the Second Amendment is that, you have the right to bear arms, because, they knew about the Cabal in its British form in the 1700s. So. Let's get back to the Queen Elizabeth astrologer, John Dee again for a second, John. Dee, discovered. The technology, it's an ancient technology it's in the form of ritual magic of how, to access these. Spiritual. Entities, that will do work for them so. One of the things that insiders, have told me was that. Two different times massive. Massive, armadas. Of Spanish. War galleons, were, sailing, through the seas towards. Great Britain and they had guys on high, pedestals, who could see this through their little, telescopes. And. John. Dee was, in direct contact, with these entities and, Elizabeth. Says what do we do should we deploy the army should we go fight them twice, in a row John Dee says don't, send out the armies don't do anything it's, all gonna be fine. So. They just sit there and this is this is a real faith, test for whether John Dee's accurate, or not. Spanish. Galleons, are sailing in this. Massive. Storm shows up and the. Storm is so vicious the lightning, and the Thunder and, the roiling. Boiling, sea that. The entire Spanish Armada was completely, wiped out and this happened not once but twice. So. What is that that appears, to be extraterrestrials. Who have weather modification. Technology, who, can be accessed, if you know the IP address, if you know the code if you know the right ceremonies. And then. They will do your bidding but you, end up paying a terrible price for it you end up losing your soul and in. Fact the groups that work with these entities invariably. End up being destroyed and that, is written right into their symbolism, the, symbol of the Eagle the.

Original, American, bird was not the eagle Benjamin. Franklin wanted to be the Phoenix, the. Phoenix, is the symbol of the Cabal why, because. The Cabal must be burned to ashes seems. To be completely, destroyed but. It keeps arising. And. Reincarnating. From the ashes it comes back so. Part of their religious, belief is that in order to get their New World Order they must be publicly exposed, they, must die for their beliefs they will appear to be wiped out and they, actually believe that these extraterrestrial. Gods that they've been contracting. With all these centuries are, going to return and they. Will be glorified they will return in light bodies and they. Will actually now be the rulers of the earth so. That this. Is part of their religious belief now why am I saying all this, because. If you are watching this video right now you. Are part of the resistance you are part of the movement that is awakening, my, job is much like Morpheus, in the movie The Matrix the. Word Messiah, okay, is a plural this is something a lot of people do not know it was never intended to be one figure, the Messiah is you if you are awakening, if you have the courage to spread, knowledge to spread the truth to, educate, and inform people about what is really going on the. Game is designed on purpose, that. It requires a Messianic, team it requires a vast initiative. Of people working together in, order, to make this happen there, needs to be as you say a collective, evolution, we, have to do this as a. Team it cannot, be one person, it was never designed that way it, is a organized. Effort, of sharing. The truth and, here. Is one of the most important, principles that I heard from a guy in the cabal directly, who, was a whistleblower, there. Is a cosmic, law, that. Is absolutely, irrefutable, that. Says that, the Cabal is not allowed, to shoot, the Red Cross workers, now. What does that mean. The. Planet itself is sick because, of folks like the Cabal, ultimately. The universe, is intelligent. Alive and conscious and it is benevolent it is a benevolent consciousness. That. Consciousness. Does. Not allow. The, negative, to succeed, unless it is invited, so, the Cabal has, made a science, a very elaborate, science, out of, studying, these arcane. Occult, magical, principles, that. Allow them to get away with what they do so. They have to put out everything, that tells you who they are in, music, videos in these, Super Bowl halftime shows, the Grammy Awards, ceremonies, they're. Out there showing, you the, truth when. You look at the. Latest, Olympics, opening ceremonies, you, have James, Bond, double-oh-seven. Daniel. Craig who. Is with Queen Elizabeth in. Her, little, royal Buckingham, Palace and then. Queen. Elizabeth, ends. Up going with James, Bond into. A helicopter.

The, Helicopter, there's a scene that they show everybody in the ceremony where the helicopter, flies over, Britain and then. In the actual. Auditorium. The, helicopter, flies overhead, and a man dressed, up in the same mouth at the Queen Elizabeth is wearing when she's where sits down this, pink dress and a white wig with the curls he, parachutes, out of the, helicopter, now. What the heck was that. Double-oh-seven. Is. Actually. A cabal, symbol, it. Represents. The. Penis and the two testicles, okay, the double-o is the testicles the seven is the penis and there's. Another name for this another, secret, name called two ball Cain and what. That means is literally two balls and a cane which is the phallic symbol, double-oh-seven. John. Dee was, the original, double-oh-seven. This, was his code that he used in all secret communications, with Queen Elizabeth, so, that whole sequence. Represents. John Dee the original, wizard the original astrologer, the man who discovered how to do black magic to teach the cabal how. To access these beings so that they could secure control and then, what happens, she. Is the fallen, angel she, parachutes, out of the helicopter a spaceship, and she, parachutes, down into, the. Auditorium. So again. People don't realize, how, elaborate. This belief system is they don't see that in the Olympics ceremonies, that they built this pyramid. That. They had all these symbols, including. People that were like partly, reptilian, that was in there all kinds of interesting stuff so. I. Want. To point out that this. Cosmic, law that they cannot shoot the Red Cross workers is why I am, alive people. Have said to me David you're so brave you're so courageous I, would. Agree with that it's taken me a lot of courage to come out here in the, face of multiple death threats over many years and to speak. This I'm not using a pseudonym, I haven't, changed my name I don't use a voice decoder, or anything like that it's. Me I'm here, you. Can look me up I'm a real person, so. Why am I still alive I, actually. Believe. The, stuff that I'm telling you I not. Be doing this if I didn't believe that this really works I have.

Had Spiritual. Contact, in, the form of dreams visions, and synchronicities my, whole life and I have been documenting, my dreams every morning since, 1992. I have. Learned the language of dreams I have learned how those dreams convey, to me. Information. That I need to know about my soul the, soul's evolution, I've. Had so many cases of dreams. Giving the accurate, information guiding. Me through every obstacle that comes my way predicting. The future in advance with stunning clarity and I. Have been told for. Many many years that, if I maintain, my. Integrity if. I stand behind my mission I stand, behind my message and I do not waver in other words I don't, have, a secret, personal. Life that is, different from what I'm representing, that means I'm not out there ripping people off I'm. Not out there womanizing. If I. Tell you that I do not do alcohol, and drugs that is true I have. Been chemical-free since, 1992. If. I were to start violating, these principles, and go around getting. Myself high. Womanizing. Stealing. People's money lying, to them these. Kinds, of things would then authorize. The. Cabal to take me down and they, would love it if they could but there. Are positive. Extraterrestrials. Who. Are essentially, what we could call angelic. Beings and those. Beings. Organize. And maintain this so-called illusion, which, we believe to be very compelling and real the, life. That we have on earth it. Is an illusion and it is intended for our spiritual, evolution, one. Of the great laws is, the, law of balance, the. Spiritual, beings that manage our illusion, cannot, allow the negative, to ever be more, predominant. Than the positive, they. Balance, the illusion, quite specifically. So that at any, point any, person. Has equal, opportunity to seek the positive, or the negative, so. What I would say is in, your left hand is death and in. Your right hand is life if you. Choose to see death you. Can go around you. Can look at the people and the situations, on earth and everywhere. You look you can find examples of decay, of collapse. Of pain, of selfishness. Of fear. And that. Can. Become something that you write into your mental, monologue, to. Such an extent that all. The time. You. Are obsessing on these details you keep, invoking the, details, in. Your. Other hand is life you can, just as easily and this is designed on purpose you, can just as easily look, for positive things in the world you can. Find those things and you, can choose to conclude, that you live in a positive, reality, so. The law of balance, means that either, choice, is available. To you and we are here to, make the choice with, equal opportunity, in either direction as, we. Get towards, this great exposure, of the Cabal and what they have done the, choice becomes far more poignant, because. There's, much more information available now, about this so-called cabal, about. This so-called illuminati, than there ever was before there.

Are People who want to learn about this and they end up going down the internet rabbit hole which can very quickly lead, to paranoia. Anxiety. Insomnia. Morbid. Depression. Because. You, feel also. That once you are awakening, to the truth that they are listening. Now that. NSA, surveillance is directed at you you are at risk you are under threat your, phone calls are being monitored who's that guy in the car over there when, am I gonna get to knock on the door is my car gonna drive over the cliff one day look. Here's, the bottom line, so. Many people are making, these videos, now. So. Many people are coming out with the truth with their real identity, the Cabal cannot, begin, to try, to harm these people or take them out in fact, they definitely, do not do that because they don't want a Jim Morrison, or Jimi Hendrix they, don't want another John Lennon they don't want somebody who comes out into the open and gives. Us a positive message, who is then taken away because they know that person then becomes a hero so. Instead what they do is they play a confidence, game they con you into thinking, that Big Brother is real and that they are threatening, and they can do something to take you down when. In fact, most. Of these people who. Are worried about the, government spying, on them when they're looking at these videos there. Is absolutely, nothing to worry about, and I want to give you a point that expresses, this I, used. To live in Virginia Beach and I was driving up the i-95, to upstate New York where my parents were and, along. The way I got a flat tire I happen to get a flat tire in an area called Delmarva. Delaware. Maryland Virginia this. Is right next to Langley, CIA headquarters okay. So. It turns out that people work at the CIA they lose their job and they need to get a job and they, have to get sometimes a mundane job, so. I go to this tire place and the. Guy who was working behind the desk is ex-cia. Now. I. Smile. At the guy and start, talking. To him and, pretty. Quickly discover, that, he knows some black ops stuff because I mentioned a few things and he said stuff that he shouldn't have known and, so. I said have you ever heard of project moon dust and Project Blue fly and. This. Is stuff that I'd heard from sergeant Clifford stone a whistleblower. Who's describing. The, code names of alien, crash retrieval, programs were UFOs, crash and they removed. The bodies and the occupants, okay. He. Says how the heck do you know that I. Said. Well I have high friends in low places. So. Then. I. Say. Look ma'am you. Guys are the problem I'm, out there trying to do this work I, called. The FBI in 1998. Because I had a series of prophecies, showing, me that there was going to be a terrorist attack on New York with a mini nuke it.

Was Going to be sailed into the harbor with, a boat it, was going to be detonated and it was going to basically, radiate. All of New York City and destroy it I had. Very. Very specific. And elaborate, dreams about this and I discovered, from insiders, later on that. I had the nature of the event and I, had the date and our. Government, already was, well aware of this, terrorist threat so. Who the hell is David Wilcock, how the hell does he know about this so. Then the FBI, authorized a wiretap, on my phone this is not the typical NSA, kind this, is a kind where certain. Words that I would say would, cause an audible click on the phone where, the illuminated, buttons would actually go black and then light up again and it. Would happen when I said certain words and those, words included. Things like extraterrestrial. And visitor and so. I would test it without them knowing I would say the key words the phone would click the lights would blink and now, I know I'm being recorded and he. Confirmed, that that was happening to me and I said okay. So. How. Many people in. My. Area are, you guys spying, on like this, he. Said well where do you live I said. Virginia Beach, he. Said Virginia Beach the, type of technology that you're describing. 30,000. 30,000. Just in one city he said yeah okay. How. Many intelligence, agents are actually. Listening to these tapes. Probably. None this, was his answer none. Yeah. Probably none. So. What are you saying are you guys just like recording, this stuff on a harddrive and nobody's actually listening, to it he. Said David, we. Have so, much information, that. The. Needle in the haystack paradox. Doesn't. Even begin to describe the, difficulty, of what. Is going on the. Only time that that data would ever be accessed, is, if. You. Caused so much trouble that. Assets. Were deployed to actually, study what you were doing all they were doing was making a record of what you had to say nobody's, listening to it and. What. He also said, was. The. Groups are so compartmentalized, even. Individual. Intelligence agents, do not tell the person at the dext next door what they're doing because. They. Need to keep secrets in order to stay alive these. Agencies, are totally, disorganized they, have totally, different computer, systems they, have never been able to integrate their computer systems that's. Why the Bush administration, created Department of Homeland Security their original, goal was. To try to get all of those different intelligence, agencies, to actually, have data in one database but. Look some of these intelligence agencies, I'm not kidding are still, using, das. Old-fashioned. PC, operating. Systems they don't have even windows on there and those. Are archaic, dinosaur. Computers, that are not online they, don't have internet capability, and that's the, database that stores all this information, so they, don't have the ability to just. Look for you the. Rules do, not allow the, Red Cross workers to be shot so if you, stay in your integrity if you. Are a good person if you. Are trying to do your best to be honorable, to be loving to be positive, the. Cabal cannot, get you and this is something that really needs to be spread far and wide, they. Are Big, Brother is a con game they cannot go, after the people that are doing this there's, only a, couple hundred thousand, intelligence, staff all together okay they, cannot harass all, the people that are doing this they can't take you down and therefore. These. People know this and what they've always worried, about is the awakening, of the public, they are worried about people stepping, into their power and. Understanding. That, they can be strong that they can go out there take decisive action and courageously, take, this planet back from the people that are stopping us from getting, disclosure, from getting the truth and from getting the knowledge that we ne

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Dude they could stop the polution And destruction of earth, but they started it And are doing it Monsanto And such are understand theyr control

thanks for uploads

he is completely distorting the ancient mystery teachings there's people that are not evil at all that study them


he was basically talking about gnosticism you should study what the vatican really is and come back and talk here religion was created for 1 purpose and it's to control you it has nothing to do with spirituality

Counter Intelligence... he's doing nothing of the sort. He is only alluding to those who have warped views regarding mystical knowledge... I have heard many whistle-blowers talk about the very same things that he's mentioning. Some of what he's talking about is basically common knowledge to those who have been researching this type of thing for as long as they have. I for one, am elated to have known and followed David Wilcoxs' research for as king as I have.. if you cross-reference the things he speaks about, you'll find that not only what he's saying is true by definition, but his intentions are absolutely pure and benevolent. He actually wants to help humanity.

Sounds like jews

46:30 voudou is more pagan n is not drk magic at all

David, Your are very intelligent. And you surround yourself with people who are intelligent. How does someone, who is awakened, and who also has to work 6 days a week and doesn't have time for any type of social life, start to talk to and try to wake people up? I've had better luck getting through to strangers than I've had with people that I live with and/or people in my close family. I want to scream from the highest mountain. I will Never do that because: 1) I'm scared If I talk to people at work, I'm pretty sure that I will probably lose my job. 2) I've tried to talk to people in my family and they collectively act like they think I'm 'out there', and probably a little crazy.

This is the biggest ordeal in humanity ! Thank you for taking up the fight

David and Corey and all of these guys or the Kings of the contemporary Campfire story I love campfire stories great 4 falling asleep

where's the video


It doesn't make sense that the sociopath cabal, who has all the technology to bring back the environment and live sustainably, would think that humans can't manage to live sustainably. And so they need to kill most of us. No, what does make sense is that there has always been a secret (illegal) extraterrestrial intervention on our rich planet and the cabal serves them as their slaves. That's why we can't seem to make anything work, we're not really in control. We need to exile all aliens, and sort out good from bad off-planet.

The aliens decided years ago to stay away from humans....how many of you try to avoid humans?

I don't believe Forrester is a bonified scientist.

it's idiotic to think the universe rotates around our sun, just like our races both evil, and good exist and way more advanced, plz wake up surface population

Joe Sambrano It does rotate around the sun much like electrons rotate around the nucleus.

@davidwilcock does the name Hovey Williams mean anything to you

Beautiful, and I'm only 23 minutes into it.

Rose , be strong, your time will come. And you will know it.

Dr. Steven Greer Official tancks to u2

The cabal should read Psalms 2 the one true God tells them their destiny. God will without doubt stop them and put the Lord Jesus Christ in in charge of the Planet Earth and rule it for a 1000 years and Satan/Lucifer will be imprisoned 1000 years the beings the Cabal work with know Jesus and that he is not an ascendant master or a Reptilian hybrid human being  but really is who he says he is the Son of God. The one true God Yahweh not Allah came down to Earth in person and said of him "This is my beloved Son in whom I AM well pleased hear him". I advise all People to Pray to the Lord Jesu Christ to Save them repentof sinning & forgive those who hurt you because God forgives those who forgive others.the Fallen Angels, Extraterrestrial beings, and Sinful human's who help the cabal also will end up in the lake of fire for their sins. Folks I think the Cabal under Satan's leadershipwill cause horrible thigs to happen on earth that will cause God to execute judgementagainst them, Satan/Lucifer and their followers. God has to do it or else things will  get so bad no flesh will Survive. Jesus warned us about this and will return to stop them from destroying the Earth & save the People they are Persecuting

If the cabal is falling then why is the only resistance to the Muslim invasion being carried out by grassroots politicians and the people voting for them? Why did Tommy go to jail for 13 months for exposing Muslim rape (sorry "grooming" ) gangs and a Muslim rapist pedophile got 9 months?

just so you know, these "evil" beings are ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE

You are absolutely right, David. I hope Q and Qanons can get this done. Along with the rest of the Alliance. We have been brainwashed for hundreds of years. All history is a lie told by the victors, who are Lucifarian. Please, anyone who can help us, I would welcome. I don’t care where they come from. We need our freedom from this prison planet.


Thank you for your courage to disclose all of this. Red Pill for sure!!

I believe people are becoming aware of these staged events

Portals..stonehedge..these cabal sociopaths need to go down

Knock out big pharma!!!

But they can manipulate the damn weather!!

Simon Parkes...podcast on connecting consciousness..twice a month..his mother and grandfather worked for Mi6...

I feel JFK was going to tell us the truth

Carol Little he definitely was. it was why he was murdered by the cia= the bush father and son team had everything to do with it. Prescott bush and his son George ...they founded the cia and George was right there when jfk was shot. it's all in the paperwork that trump disclosed regarding JFK. they're waiting for bush to "die" to disclose how guilty he is for killing jfk. also...think mk ultra! the cia was working on mk ultra since at least 1940 and likely way before that the Nazi's were studying and perfecting it. bush family were Nazis...

It needs to fall.their energy levels are down.now's the time to take them out permenently

I don't know if I should laugh, or cry. This guy actually makes money bullshitting people like this?

G P sounds like you need to wake up a bit more ...I find people who cannot hear what David has to say are often control freaks and since they cannot control anything about disclosure they have a huge problem with it. wake up dude! it's everywhere around you...in fact it's even in you and touching your life in every aspect. ... 1) where did you go to school? oh....you went to a Rockefeller designed school ..no matter which one it was. WHAT did Rockefeller want from the school system he had designed? He wanted well trained, complaint slaves for his factory's. 2) where do you bank? at a Rothschild bank...no matter which one you bank at. 3) what do you eat every day? food bathed in chemicals and such all made by a handful of corporations that own everything! 4) do you own the property you live on? no...you pay taxes. You pay insurance and you pay everything they require you to pay because they make the laws that require you to pay them...try to buy a house outright and get water to it without a permit? try to buy a house and get ANY SERVICE to it without any of the city,state and goverement involved. ...you can't to it! why can't you do it? because your life is controlled by the elite rich who control all the companies and all the goverement and the faction of military too...just step out of line and see what happens. lastly what do you breathe? air right? air that's even been tampered with because it's meant to kill you too! WAKE UP!

it's not all on just you rose...some will never wake up,but there is going to come a time when those same people who would fire you now will absolutely look back and admit how ignorant they have been. and those family members who won't believe your words now will be exactly like work ...and they'll be asking you a million questions later. also...massive piece of advice ...just think of waking others up as "dropping seeds" and don't expect flowers til next spring. say what you want. then let the people ruminate on that for months or years if need be. "wake them gently" know that their guides and so many others are helping them to wake up as well...

It’s time to take a risk. You will not be alone. We are encase. They can’t deal with us all.

Are you serious? You believe what this clown says? Maybe you should not tell anyone, it's better for you lol.

Aliens are demons ? What the hell is this.

You know there are mystery school practitioners who conceal the truth for good reason. Doesn't mean they're evil. Can't lump them all in the same category.

I can tell when someone is lying but I seriously doubt you can lol. Everything you say he I've already known for years. Nothing new under the sun

How many times have you said this, HOW MANY TIMES, and it doesn't happen and you know it wont. Now you have had too change your definition of disclosure. You simply have a time loop and recycle your stuff every couple of years. Disclosure will occur at the same pace it always has, a tiny amount a year. The cabal will eventually fall but no thanks to you or the blue chickens.

Counter intelligence You’re the only ass clown the only counter intelligence you have is working at fucking McDonald’s jack off so go fuck yourself

does anyone know the date of this recording? there hasnt been any new David WIlcock videos in the past few months only ppl re uploading his old videos

When was this interview with David?? Man I love this guy he's smart and he's telling us the Truth!

12:25 The average person has been taught to love trust and revere politicians? What the hell have have you been smoking David?

lol a little bit at a time .... that is exactly what disclosure means ... without closure dis-closure ... that means NO CLOSURE ! it is a never-ending story going in circle chasing shadows

Absolutely mind blowing, everything he says is on point and even a novice could understand!!

Let it be so.

Very old video. Iron man, Captain America. Still waiting for massive arrests predicted by Wilcock months ago.

Kelley Harris how old when did he make this vid?

hey david, solar system! hahahahahaha. help me like you.

with all the suppression I feel like I'm living in the Stone Age. even Rod Serling would say holy s***

I'm really tired of Wilcock speaking about fall of Cabal. It's monotonous.

probably, theres no way to know for sure, I wouldn't know myself, i've seen ufos at least a dozen times for some reason...never met a reptilian thankfully

Daniel Berdichevsky - in the context of the cabal it is actually reptilians that are infested with the AI

What have YOU to offer, then....OH WISE ONE? Enlighten us with your well spring of knowledge to us lowly peons..... PLEASE SHOW US THE LIGHT, OH WISE GP!!!!! We'll wait for yas. :P

I think he's good ! And accurate as he can be . He's just trying to help


What if this guy is doing the negative sides work by making us dwell on it? Think about a little poison in a pot of honey, does not a small amount damage the entire pot? Just like with a little negativity damaging the positive. A little leaven leavens a whole lump of dough, as Apostle Paul states.

X files is also rich in information ,every day some news reminds me of an episode !

you give me hope David,thank you for giving these talks !

years ago my friend and i both agreed that they were prepping us for the truth !

the world is in the blood of Christ. bale is pathetic

god does not need oaths. satan shall be put in a hole

bale is real and powerful the problem is god is more powerful and will destroy satan within 2 WEEKS. repent

wilcock.. the biggest bullshitter of them all. this guy said by the begining of 2012 ppl will become all-enlightened and start flying/levitating through the air the joker loool.

there are feline humanoids that cat interact with our dimension,one that i experiences felt like the mother of all creation and she made lion and cat like tones that were understood like words are yet she used no known words,im going to organize my experiences and make a book and or a video so there is a bigger foundation for this sort of interest

Tubal-cain? Genesis 4:22 KJV

David states in the video that it was recorded in 2016

No Documentation All Speculation Put up or Shut up

Dude really? There was no jesus and there is no argument to the contrary. So when you push that bullshit lie David exposes his deceit. The Romans invented it, the fallen angels themselves created that to get you to accept human blood sacrifice. There is no greater evil than that. There is not one tiny shred of evidence to support a real jesus, not one. But we do know from tons of evidence that christianity was a Gnostic myth religion. The gospels are fiction created by the Romans in the second century. So if you still think that shit is true, then you are helplessly lost, fooled and a slave of the cabal, the Vatican. So you better face the truth... Wilcox is a God damned liar.

Well, if Stargate is embedded with truth. Sign me up.

Thank you!!:)

Roxanne IamAwAkE 2016

Kelley Harris oh it's gonna happen just gonna take some time but it's coming soon I feel it and others have backed this claim up as well...

David says in the video that he recorded this in 2016 so not that old

You are your own evil enemy, no other outside evil but the self.

Just repeating himself, idk where is the progress here either.

Rose I feel your pain, it is very very difficult to be in the know. God Bless You. We have to ask God to lead us and then let the chips fall where they may. We cannot wake everyone up, but we can try every day to bring some truth to the table wherever we are. I think more people are aware but they feel afraid as well. When the S hits the fan they will step up, I do believe this.... not all but a lot. Mostly Pray and find a strategy to remain calm and at peace in the midst of this total confusion.

Sounds as if he's just making it a game

exactly black mamba

i´ve had enough. arrest them now.

Don't you think when it's time for one to wake up they will be lead to it. I can not wake you only be there when you do wake up.

I don't hear anything about Jesus Christ sacrificing himself on the cross for the sins of the world so that those that believe will have eternal life.

I love Joe Dassin too...

I like david to a point. But getting a hang nail and then blaming the cabal is really getting old....

Ok Dave, say they get taken out by say "E.T." or what ever..who is going to take their place ?...

. . FAIL .. I and Many YouTube Channels .. PROVED .. Irrefutably That Sandy Hook .. WAS FAKE .. Robbie Parker, 1rst Time at mic .. 'Duping Delight' .. AND .. Mountain of Evidence .. (1) Free Houses to Crisis Actors on Christmas Day Almost 1 Year Before Fake ''Sandy Hooker'' Fraud .. Banks, Title companies, Lenders .. ALL CLOSED ! . . . D. Wilcock, Clucked like a Chicken that children were killed = SHILL .. LIAR .. FRAUD .. .. .. THEREFORE .. .. .. This Video is 'Controlled Opposition'' GARBAGE. No arrests .. No Cabal Demise .. .. .. As if the Cabal would not kill D. Wilcock for opposing the Cabal. COMPLETE GARBAGE

Wow...you guys are big leauges...you could probably make a career of this stuff...oh that's right..you already do....please tell us something we don't already know.

It's time for the truth to come out ! It's time we have peace on Earth and to live our lives as God intended us to have. Tired of the crooked and a family has to struggle to get by because our money we work our ass's off for is taken for these evil secret society's evil deeds against us making us all slave's. I can't wait for all of this to come out nationally. More exciting to me is the mass arrest of them all ! This is exactly why my money doesn't stay n the bank ! If it weren't for u David and some others, we would have remained asleep. Wake up America ! We must have a healthy, free, and loving Earth for our children and grandchildren.

Also, know that where most people believe that the Masons are Christian....it is a secret society that allows Jews as members...so...guess what...I am a ' chosen one'!!!!

Why don't you name it for what it is...the Jews are the dark side that want to eliminate Yeshua....

David,did you ever watch the show...Horus-The REAL Story Behind Jesus Christ...you might like to check it out,all the best to you,keep fighting,because I am.

Why in the hell would this be in my recommended videos.

You don't need a ton of people to filter information - artificial intelligence can do it.

The cabal has been floating the idea that videos can now be perfectly faked, so revealing videos can be ridiculed.

This is very old to know back in 2016

Wow this stuff sounds like bat-shit crazy level.

The fall of the Cabal is outlined in the Protocols of the Illuminated Suns of the Golden Dawn. Interesting indeed.

Folks still listen to this phoney lol

People don't forget this is 2 years old..

the woman you pulled at the pub, they have all of it LMAO

It’s time for Wilcock to get a headset and a job in a call center. He’s become a bit of a joke and lurching from one piece on nonsense to the next. Corey Goode being the end for most people

Frank Hugh he runs his own call center.

Alex's beard is on the loose LMAO

Great info!

this guy is full of shit according to him we should all have super powers by now

All for what, so they can go and fuck up another planet, another species that can't see the footprints in the sand are not their own but that of a enemy.


Its as though the powers that be have told David Wilcox he can talk about ANYTHING BUT FLAT EARTH.Having being able to only speak English I highly doubt "They or It" would want to or care about my first world hang ups....That said I do believe Snow White and the seven Dwarfs Donald Duck and Trump Alice in Chains and Wonderland Men at Work and in Black picking their noses Goofy along with the ruling elite Jesuits Free Masons Knights of Malta and secret societies of the world know Day-Time-Moon-Proves-Flat-Earth as well as the illigitamcy of everything we've been indoctrinated to believe including an inevitable fake alien invasion via project blue beam using HAARP to project sky images of Jesus Christ and Mo Ham Head on toxic laden cancer causing coal ash chem trails while funded by the Rothchilds to usher in their New World Order One World Government Biometric Cashless Chipped 5G Bitcoin Society to ultimately enslave humanity forever....but wait there's more.. Minnie knows this too but she's fucking goofy and Mickey hasn't a clue about our creator and hidden land masses discovered by General Richard Byrd during operation High Jump over the ice wall that eventually connects to the star embedded Dome Firmament (that CERN is trying to BREAK) that his planes were crashing into though pysopped it as a German Force field (Research Project FISHBOWL) that in reality prevents and protects us from entering outer fake space who's reflection makes rainbows from Echoing Thunder Showers and Diamonds from Falling Red Pill Meteor Powerd Showers....But that's just my thoughts

I follow you since many years ago. The more I understand the evil in secret societies, jesuit order, knights templars and the knowlegde from Atlantis brought to Egypt and the Kabbalah behind all these control system, the Hebrews and the asiatic origins of the so called jews, the zionist agenda and the race behind it......then I start questioning you David. Why you, being so curious and wanting the best for humanity, why you never touch some "themes" that shure will help people understand where all this evil comes from????...there are many questions I have for you and your crusade.....something smells bad here. Technology is important (you love thi idea that we will free from evil trought this) but we will never free from darkness until we understand the origins of this evil........and there are many roads you don't touch......I am worried about your push. No matter how free, high level tech we can potentially have, if we do not have the knowledge of our history and the integrity and be able to understand sovereignty......then the technology will remain in evil hands, as Atlantis was. The problem we face, David, is bigger than having this technology, is understanding the ancient evil that lies within. And please!.....stop saying that these people are going to be arrest...you know they wont be...are you going to put in jail monarchs, jesuits, sionists???????....where?

are you kidding? he gave this talk in 2016.... have you been paying attention to how much has happened in the past 2 years? especially the past 9 months! almost 35,000 sealed indictments, many dozens of firings and resignations, the full IG report coming out within a few days, and on and on and on. keep up, my friend!

Murdoc Sicàrio Sign onto Gaia.com

Death NWO not really, because David is putting across in the most friendly way possible for people to grasp or understand.

Carol Little Big Pharma is evil & make more money than oil these days. They are shameful scumbags.

So? You pay money to watch movies you know are fake. This is simply entertainment. It is fun to pretend its real.

G P ....sorry...but this is the truth...it will take time to digest!!!

I agree he makes lots of money off his website, books, ect, same old stuff, it's all about the money.

peter markol

Gnostic information is excellent! We are all one divided up into millions and millions of life forms to explore every aspect of creation in matter , then return to one. We have been sabotaged by the jealousy demi God , Caine and Able = Cannibal . In my opinion.

One of the most important videos from david wilcock. This is the andwer to so many questions. For example why the elites keep giving themselves away through symbolism. Never figured it was because of cosmic laws they have to abide by. Amazing


I tend to believe that *ALL* of the "mainstream" ufologists are frauds, government agents, agent provocateurs or crazy disinfo agents. Regardless of how disclosure happens, once it does, people like David Wilcock and the others who came from nothing and turned into experts with "insider" info, it's all BS. However I do think that Linda Moulton-Howe is legit, she has been validated several times, the rest, for the most part are just cashing checks for speeches and appearances, they either have no true interest in any sort of disclosure or they are apart of a larger effort to obscure information and further poison the "truth pool". Before the internet or perhaps a few years after it became public, much of the information was more sincere or believable, now we have the fake "20 and back" people with seriously delusional stories. We DO NOT have FTL capability or even CLOSE to that speed/technology, nor do we have *ANY* manned missions - past OR present that have *EVER* exited our solar system. We do have advanced and mind boggling technology and we are *close* to interstellar capabilities but not quite. We have made direct & in "person" contact with beings not of this earth (and/or surface). There is a truth embargo but Corey Goode and David Wilcock is A PART of that embargo, not one of the good guys trying to tear it apart. Corey Goode and David Wilcock will be hanging by a media / UFO community rope when disclosure happens and proves these frauds as what they are, lying bastards who are polluting the information pool that newly & long awoken individuals use to educate themselves and form their world view! That's evil!

they have ti go to sp cooking too?

Did you know that firemen fire fighters has complained about wi fi towers and by their complaint those towers were taken down

He has to be a plant! He still trust NASA! We know they lie right! And we do not live on a globe!Do some simple research people and wake up! How are you missing this? They really got you if you trust this! Just do the research thats all!

I been trying everything I find out by researching, I post it and talk to others about it. I'm at the age that I don't care what others think of me. I even have dreams of traveling from planet to planet like it was an everyday thing. My dreams or OBE sometimes shows me what is to come.

2 different cabal groups are fighting it out in America. The satanic hilarity/Obama/sotos/pope liberals and Trump/Netanyahu/Zionists. Its ugly for the citizens either way. SpaceX may have been launching the "space attack requirements" Trump is creating "space military" Stage is set for the show.. Hilary's camp would have used china maybe as a false flag for. A show..all while the elite watch the chaos on a heads up display or from a bunker. We have no control of the world..only the 1% do. We are just pawns and slaves..

I'm so thankful and appreciative to you For This Disclosure.


Those working for the law like the C.I.A. and Bush Administration were and still are breaking the law. I hope these petro nazis fall hard for Sept. 11, 2001 tragedy in NYC. Build a prison and wall with barbwire around the Bush C.I A. Headquarters near Washington D.C. with a guillotine so heads can roll. U.F.O.s are real and they were and still are trying to help us save what Dr. Steven Greer called Gaiya or mother earth. We need HELP!! These are historic MURDERERS from Marolyn Monroe who was an actress in 1963 to John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas . Inventors, scientist, were also murdered by these Petro nazis. Their love of money, power , brainwashing , control of media, nasa, Disney, Hollywood, military, F.B.I, I.R.S. is a threat to government. President Eisenhauer had to plea for help in 1961 in his farwell address about the misplacement of power by those who chose to go rouge or form a rouge government giving the elite power. Even the current Presidency character is an embarrassment and a disaster cause people like Trump do not know enough about politics. He's in trouble with the law and that makes him very, very dangerous considering our relationship with our neighbor countries. He's daring with Kim Young Un, crazy. The elite petro nazis can care less, now I hear we have space cops, for what, denying these other loving or benevolent spiritual civilizations from other planets and galaxies a chance to help us help ourselves spiritually through downloads and other means of ESP through meditation to communicate with us understanding the nonphysical & other dimensional planes. We have been denied and the earth is dying and the ice caps continue to melt with sea levels rising thanks to these globel petro nazis who think they know what their doing. They have blood on their hands and need to be held accountable for all these murders. Its war within our own country not with government alone. The puppeteers of government are the petro dollar elite around the world who want to be Master of Puppets to governments and threaten Democracy and humanity. They need to be caged and pay for their outrageuos crimes. Beyond this is a new world, yes a golden age of freedom from war, poverty and greed.

Wow this stuff sounds like bat-shit crazy level. But this is a good recap of everything that's been going on.

I inderstand what you’re trying to say. But this guy isn't fear-mongering. His main message is uplifting, and reminds us that if we stay in a positive state, negative entities cannot do anything to you. And due to the planetary shift, the elites will eventually lose because negative people vibrate on a low frequency and cannot keep up with the new earth.

Dude, look into their eyes. Pure black. What does that tell you? Lol

Bruno Surace agree 100% but had a laugh with your last sentence

If the reps are augmented with AI, etc are they sooooooo stupid? I mean really, all these cabal people just double down on their crazy.

remember,one must want to woken to be awakened.

It’s like you are reading from Quran except the book says this all is done by someone name dajal not aliens

Are you sure???

Was with you until you came to saying that THEY do not have the computer technologies to overcome us via telecommunication processes....I had no other choice to think that THEY have pulled the wool over your eyes...or maybe you are being subdued to say what you say. In other words, YOU work for them! There are cameras and tracking devices all over everything, furniture, insects, clothing, pets, dentistry items...right in your mouth,, your eyes, your toilet bowls. ALL over your body! Give me a break!

You think he has a blue chicken costume?

I disagree with one thing, Lady gaga Kesha all these people make a lot of money and with great power comes great responsibility and so therefor these people have the responsibility to not share this EVIL and instead expose it! No excuses when young children get brainwashed by this disgustingness

And Trump is a lying stooge too, the "deep state" have been going to Mars for decades but Trump is trying to tell the naive ignorant public that we will get to Mars. It's already been done, Trump. So either trump has poor intell or he is lying.

You're still paying taxes to the IRS, right? And the central banks and old bloodlines are still in power, right? Deep Underground Military Bases are still operating along with aliens where they both are conducting genetic experimentation, right? Then the cabal hasn't fallen.

Im david wilcock and ive never been right about anything.


David, you are such a hack. You are WAY behind with this information. Were sick of your shit, you fake. You have no work, you have others work and information but hey , you need to eat too. Fake.

Thank you very much for it saddens me to see the wickedness

Do u have a book on dreams or what they mean?

this interview from 2016

For me the change cannot come too soon it must be early

we are all subject to are own reality.

I don’t know about alien stuff but Zionist are doing all these

untill they say the world is flat believe nothing...

It is like holding an ear another way around. NWO is pushing for Global control & these ppl act as the facilitator of our minds for the coming changes.

Hacks by Q anon team!

his full of shit,

we need to cut the head off the snake

OBVIOUS freemason deceiver the usual truth mixed with lies

The cabal could be using thus guy? How about some proof! After all you are protected because of your righteousness? You mentioned the founding framers, as a force of good, they were a manifestation of a cabal that was a crime on the population. They were the People, and the population got this corrupt a ridiculous form corporate government. From the beginning of this "country" its been a corporation controlled by foreign interest. Why wouldn't you be aware of these facts that are easily verified. Their actions are contrary to the freedom of mankind. Answer this question, why not provide a verifiable fact? What you have said can't even be called hearsay, it doesn't qualify!!

i love david wilcock but i guess he said disclosure was coming for so long he had to do it him self for a long time i would watch tv waiting for an announcement like around 2011

Why United States president? Are they supreme masters why not China too much b.s. about serial killing monsters

Excellent explanation!

Come on people, if he knew all these things disclosing them on you tube. .. I don't doubt some of this might be true, but if it were all legit this guy would already be dealt with. I'm not buying blue chicken snake oil.

Any thoughts about William Cooper, Behold a Pale Horse??

I never said money was inherently "evil." I said its one of the tools the elites use to manipulate us. We became dependent on money--whether we see it as "evil" or not. They also use it as a form of self-advertisement. Now about wisdom. When you said it does not come through us, I think you are talking about our "lower self"--- the Ego. Wisdom cannot enter through our Egos because it is not designed to function that way. The Ego is our "personality" or "mask" that our spirit use to be able to function on Earth as a independent entity. Its function is strictly material-- that is where the problem is. The Ego is what allows us to be corrupted, and fall from grace. You are right when you said you cannot "ascend up just thinking." This is because "thoughts" in itself is mostly filtered by the Ego, and also that of the lower realms. Thoughts by nature are limited, but "God" is transcendent, therefore thoughts aren't the vehicle that takes us to "God" Your understanding of Jesus isn't far off the mark. But understand that when Jesus said to "follow him" he didnt mean in the literal sense, but he meant to be LOVING LIKE HIM. The same mindset as him, so to speak. It will allow us to bypass our lower nature and connect to God. Jesus will never recommend someone to depend on him as a "savior" -- reason is because savior-mentality allows us to fall prey to negative entities who *pose* as Him. And Jesus will not give advice that puts us in danger. This is why channels go crazy while trying to connect to God and Jesus. They either get lost in their "imagination" as you say, or they connect to the wrong entities. So Instead, Jesus wants us to follow his "footsteps"-- which is unconditional love and the path to reunite with God. As for figures like Alex Jones, their hearts may be in the right place, but their focus isn't always so. Alex Jones wants to warn people and fight the injustice, but his methods are not the most effective.

Have you read Romans 13? All authority is of God, the powers that be are from God. Do you think they're poisoning us with this? And money is not evil the LOVE of money is, its not that having money is bad, its the desire for it or to hold on to money. You can make anything inherently good, and change it into something bad or debased. Money has wings the Scripture says, it "flies as an eagle towards heaven" (ecclesiastes). Just as long as it isn't wasted and used for a good purpose. And yes of course, our consent matters, however I believe Wilcock isn't making the light evident as he should, more shrouding in the darkness with him. In the Bible, there are a lot more things said about the good than the evil. I just don't see the solution with him, he gives a question than a absolute answer. I really think that he is all in his imagination which is far from reality or truthful, animals have the ability to imagine things, so according to my church imagination is of a lower degree. Even though you can have holy imaginations, it is best to avoid all imagination itself because the devil tricks us with it. They called him the "ancient painter" who paints things there. Its as if Wilcock wants you to dwell there, in the imagination, but when God is beyond all imagination and concepts or mental constructions. There is only one foundation, the foundation of Jesus, the Rock. You cannot build on anything else, he already gave us his Church, you just seem to think you can build on thin air when you can't. Or that is what it seems Wilcock makes us build on, he doesn't really say the foundation is of who. One who says to dream things and believes in his dreams is also a futile person. He needs to realize that there has to be something to build on, a cornerstone or foundation. If not then it falls down to naught. Wisdom comes from Above, not of ourselves or our own understanding. This is something I think Wilcock doesn't truly have, Wisdom from Above. In humility and true holiness, not according to reason or willfulness. Self will. To be subject to the powers that be, not to think you can be beyond them. You ever think that perhaps people like Alex Jones and the like, want you to dwell on the dark so that you become consumed by it? It poisons our entire being. These people rarely say anything about the light, in fact the dark and the light are all false dichotomies that should be thrown out altogether. He seems to miss the mark here, sin is to miss the mark. The mark, aim or purpsoe of our life is to acquire the Holy Spirit, to be illuminated in participation of his essence. This is not of our own doing either, it is not from imagining it, and its not from thinking it, you cannot ascend up just thinking of it. God is not the self, but everything we are is in God. This is the Orthodox teaching, that everything is in God but not God. We aren't polytheists. There is one God in three natures, Father Son Holy Spirit. We aren't getting healed if we don't heal up the fractures and fragmentation caused by sinning and it seems he doesn't adhere to any sound teachings as thhat.

I understand what you are saying. But I don't think he is egotistical. Have you read the Law of One? His teachings are based on that. The idea that we are all one. Now, I understand what you are saying. I am not denying there are frauds out there making things up as they go. But wilcock backs his thoughts through science. some may call it pseudo science. But his researches are very detailed, and he gives credits to the scientists who discovered them. He doesn't give credit to himself. The most helpful thing about Wilcock is that he explains things very clearly. For example, how the negatives kept us the dark to feed off our fear. Do we feel more afraid by him telling us this? Maybe, but knowledge can make us less afraid too. I honestly never understood why the elites would keep revealing themselves through the dollar bill, movies, ads. Only after I listened to WIlcock did I understand that there is a *cosmic rule* placed on the elites. That they are only allowed to hurt us if we give them *consent*. Obviously, the only way they can get us to do that is to trick us into giving them consent through subliminals and coverts ways. Like the dollar bill, for instance. By us using money, we are indirectly putting energy to the monetary system that controls us. And notice how the news is almost always negative. That is to keep our attention on negative things to lower our vibration as a species, and keep us in a society designed to accomplish that

I just think people like him have an encouraging, uplifting message, but it seems they aren't grounded in the truth as they should they are kind of making it up as they go along, as they receive this "information", and that could be wrong. For an example, to find truth, the early church had councils, there were 7 Ecumenical or Universal Councils, to decide what the Christian teaching was. However if you go along as one person, and then you CLAIM to have the truth or to be a teacher, this is a dangerous thing. The Apostle Paul was warning this saying that Satan turns into an angel of light, there are false apostles. Paul himself might of been himself a false apostle as some think. I don't think he was, but if you separate him from the contruct of the Church (I'm Eastern Orthodox), he becomes like this. Just like some lone sheep, separated from all the others. As some wish to be as "non-denominational". To me this is not the right way. You cannot be separated from the "common faith", who's true teaching is in the Orthodox Faith. THe Catholics separated from the Orthodox Faith in 1054, they do not have the true faith, its close but its not the true Faith. The Pope is an antichrist, our saints have always taught this. Orthodox Faith has 5 bishops and a "first among equals" as a ruler. Just goes to show a loner teacher is one that goes against tradition, one who sets himself up in such a way is a very dangerous man, and possibly a danger to his own self. Read Thessalonians. Always a power struggle the one who wants to be in power, to claim he has the wisdom and authoirty, this is the one that loses all power and wisdom and authority in the long run. Such as the non-denominationalists who act as if they can be the new St Peter or Paul. Not that God does not give us a certain power or ability, he does, its just the extremes that they go to outside of the Faith that is dangerous.

Bruno Surace .exacly same material different decade .this guy is a showman plain and simple.they love the attention .people who claim these things without any proof is just deceiving people .

date, venue, thanx

The Alliance will need to hack the major TV networks, at the same time, if they are going to show video of government people talking about their Lucifarian worship and their evil acts.

This is fantastic!!! I watched all of Cosmic Disclosure on Gaia and learned so much! This video puts all the Information together. You go through life searching for truth about a lot of things, however when I started listening to David, something inside me just knew it was truth!!! It was my awakening as I knew something was very wrong with our world. I am trying to inform as many people who will listen! Bless us all and thank you

Development of our unified mental collective, subtle but powerful. Learn, develop and trust the greater coordination! Let's step up our game! "Power in the universe is recognized in both the technological and the mental arenas. There are limits to technological power, of course, though you have not reached these limits yet. The powers of the mind, the powers of a group mind and the ability to influence the mental environment, however, represent a more advanced and mature approach to the use of power in the Greater Community. The limits to physical power open greater doors to this other kind of power in the universe. Here those who are smarter can defeat those who are stronger, and those who are wiser can avoid those who are invasive." https://www.newmessage.org/wiki/Mental_Environment

Good job David...you explained it clear as day...

David unite all people

The footage of HELLary and Uma torturing and sexually assaulting a little girl would definitely enrage the public. Why hasn't that been released?

“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” ~ Einstein. Our thoughts, feelings, beliefs, emotions and intentions can change Our reality only if they engender corresponding mental images. Our imaginings create reality. Mental images are the ONLY language of the cosmos. If We can wrap the mind of Mankind around this universal truth, that observation through imagination is manifestation, We can change the banksters' NWO nightmare into our paradise in the twinkling of a collective eye. If you'd REALLY like to learn “How We Create Reality” (imagineering) you can read the tutorial in its entirety (recommended) at http://www.wakingtimes.com/2013/04/06/how-we-create-reality/ or watch the abbreviated edition at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhxV51V5ML4&feature=youtu.be

Oh I agree. Do you wanna be friends on social media if you have it? I promise I won't be a burden to you. Just sounds like an interesting request we might gain some insight by talking with one another. Sayonara

Yeah, I know, but what can you do, people say they just don't care they like David.Even Kerry Cassidy says David does not always tell the truth, but he is a friend now. A lot of truthers have become friends now, so those that are friends are allowed to bs. So sad as the few real truthers don't get interviewed very often at all.

We are not over populated and there is enough food for all we are all sustainable it is corporation and elite who are no longer serving humanity whom are not sustainable.

Cabal are finished the few left sit on dangerous weaponry which the final stages unfolding have to be dealt with sensitivity .....this will dominoe effect on the low vibrational elite. We are all quantum our DNA is quantum we are all extraterrestrial beings. We have pain relief plants and herbs are gaias medicine we don't need technology to heal we have always had abundance of healing plants and herbs

Who would construct a religion around Lucifer? You!!! Everything you say about ascending and we are all gods, that is Luciferian plain and simple.

Gullible, attention seeking, fool.

you right I look in your eyes and I see a lie first word to last. Hancock get away from this hanger on he would love to get paid for work you have done

Im still awaiting David Wilcocks far out predictions from 1997, on Coast to Coast, with Art Bell, when Wilcock claimed to be a time traveler. These con jobs just keep Pinocioing along, as the sheepel keep buying their fiction stories.


Judgement day is not far away as DAVID explain or religious studies,believe it or not, but it is HOPE just be good enough for the AND .

Alkaline diet will cure all disease organic is hoax it is hybrid food that humanity need to learn.

I have known this a while ,God bless the patriots

Now it's clear why trump wants space force. Q is saying what Whitlock said. Do I believe Q? Yes. Do I believe Whitlock yes.

Brilliant as always.

In every lie there is some truth. That's how they fool us and discernment is so necessary to stay tuned into THE one and ONLY Mesiah.

If what you say is true then the "cabal": should have already eliminated you, right?


For an example, the early Church theologians and bishops would make councils, that is they had an assembly of many many teachers to get to together and discourse on what was true and what was not true (in regards to the faith). That should tell you much about how it should really be in terms of teachers. Every teacher has their own brand of theology, even the early saints who wrote books have different teachings. The Scripture could be considered to be a cube with different sides, and you can look at different sides or view it in different ways. It is unfathomably broad. I know Jesus said the narrow gate is the way to Heaven, but humility is a broad and spacious road and the way to have the Wisdom from God. God can be spoken about in numerous ways.

Yep, Youtube is full of false teachers, they might have a few important things to tell you, I just don't think they are true prophecies. If you want to look there are plenty of Christians who are more prophetic than he is, but even then they still aren't without some errors. Like any man is prone to be in error. No man can have the perfect teaching, only Jesus was the true or "good teacher". The most perfect teacher that ever lived.

Q did say Watch who you listen to. Jesus said for us to keep our focus on Him.  Spend time wisely, not in anger & doom.

Thank you

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