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The. Emotions, the feeling that I felt inside, when. I first entered the craft are. Quite different from, what you'd expect it's. A very ominous feeling. A. Feeling. Is if you you, shouldn't be there I know that sounds kind of corny but that that, that is truly, truly. How I felt. After. Decades, of denying, that area 51 even exists, now. An admission, the, documents, prove it is very real area. 51. Is the then secret, base in the middle of the Nevada desert about 90 miles north of Vegas the, documents, that the CIA just, Declassified. Confirm. What many of us have known for years that the base was the site of secret, spy plane programs, those, documents, don't mention any aliens, much, to the chagrin of Mulder, and Scully. Folks. Have been speculating, about the secrets, of area 51 for decades, and plenty, more mystery, remains as Fox, reports, live tonight trace. Gallagher is live at our West Coast news hub for us this afternoon first tell us more about what this these, reports, detail. Well. They also reveal shep about the u.s. building the secret you to spy planes to spy on the Soviets, and the Chinese during. The Cold War the report is about 400, pages long and it gives very detailed, information about the planes the pilots, even the top-secret, crashes. The u2's flew, at 60,000. Feet which was much higher than any plane had ever flown so, when people saw them they thought they were seeing UFOs, listen. To Movietone. News back. In the day, they're. Seeing flying, saucers, everywhere, lots. Of fantastic discs. Flying through the air is. There something to it or is it an epidemic of people just, seeing things, tell, us what, we think we know about these sightings well, we do know that there are objects, in the sky and sometimes in the water that demonstrate. Extraordinary. Capabilities. That we but that experts say we don't have on, this planet we don't have the capability, of creating. The kind of technology, that are, apparent, technology, that's been observed by high-level, officials, for many many decades the Pentagon program is the most recent discovery, but these, things have been studied in other countries, and by our country for many years both, of us both airplanes see disturbance. In the water and a white 40, foot long, dictate tic-tac. Shaped object, just. Hovering above the water. Going forward back left right there's no rotor wash there's no wings nothing. So, as we drive around in a clockwise flow we get to about the nine o'clock position, and I said well I'm going to go down and check it out and the other jet is going to stay high so. As we go down at, when we get to the 12 o'clock position it, starts to mirror so it's in a clockwise flow and it's on the opposite side of the circle from us and, we continue this it's in a climb we're in a descent we're getting a great look at it this whole thing takes about pride, up to five minutes from the time we show up I get. Over to the eight o'clock position, it's at about the two o'clock position and I decide I'm going to go and see what it is and it's about 2,000, feet below me and I, cut across the circle and as I get within about a half mile of it it rapidly, accelerates, to the south in about two seconds and disappears, plenty to people with majestic clearance. I had. Majestic, clearance majestic, clearance was designated as. Clearance. Thirty-eight levels above Q clearance and Q clearance is the civilian top. Secret clearance. It. Probably really hit, me. When. I got inside the craft and. Looked. Around and, began. To understand, how the craft was operated, and finally, grasped. The whole project. As a whole as what, we were doing the, fact that we, weren't building, this thing we were trying to find out how it was made we were back engineering, it normally. The bus pulled around to the opposite, end of the facility which, was the main entrance and, that's, where, we went in on, this. Particular occasion, had pulled up to, one of the hangar doors which. Were normally closed, and the last one was open we came out and. I saw the disc in the hangar, upon. Seeing it it, struck, me that well this explains, all. The UFO sightings not, thinking that it was an extraterrestrial craft, that this must have been some advanced. Form, of fighter that we've been working on for years and you know people have just caught it being tested, so on and so forth and. It. Never even occurred to me even though I was looking at her next arrest real vehicle, that you know this wasn't man-made. People. Have, asserted that boy that must have been the most exciting time in your life and that's. Not the way it was when. I first got to look inside the craft the, all. I can say it's a Nam feeling, you walk in there and. It's. It. Feels as if you shouldn't be there I know that sounds kind of corny but it's real ominous.

Feeling. It's not an exciting feeling. It. Brings up a whole lot of questions in your mind well where did this come from and you know that they won't give you the answers to the whole story but it's a, that's. The only way I can describe it. There. Are nine and their, shapes vary I only, got to do, a close inspection on, one of them the. Others I just briefly saw and they they pretty much married I give. Everything nicknames, there the one I worked on was kind of sleek looking and I gave it the name of the sport model. There. Was one that looked like a jello, mold, there, was one that looked like a top hat. There. Was a disc that was, turned up on its side and it, had a large projectile, hole with the metal bent outwards, on it I. Can. Only surmise they, were. Testing. It to see if no, projectile, could penetrate it of course it's just a guess on my part but, for the most part they were pretty pretty, varied I only. Entered the sport model the other ones I wasn't. Allowed. To loiter. Around to, go near. Really. Even to look at I just at, one point, walking, through the hangar doors all the bay doors between all the hangars were open and I got a glimpse, all the way down the. Whole corridor but that was the only time it was ever open. The. Lower level the craft the, floor itself is hexagonal. Little. Hexagonal. Squares and the. Hatch or, if you want to call it ahead to the access, way to get in there is an, ingenious little. Assembly. It's. A. Honeycomb. Structure, and. If. You put your fingers, and went into the honeycomb and push all the honey comes will collapse in on each other making. A hole it's, kind of a neat a. Neat. Doorway something, that we could you, know use, I. Don't. Know what for but I mean it's it's something that I haven't seen before and it's kind of a novel, idea but. A very efficient, lightweight, very strong. Access. Way I. Had. To hang upside down in there to see the lower. The. Lower level essentially, and there. Were three large. Gravity. Amplifiers, these. Devices, looked like about a two foot diameter four. Foot long piece of pipe, hanging. By a smaller piece of pipe from. The level above and they can be independently. Positioned. And. That's. What what emits the gravitational. Waves that propel the craft because. This is an international story because of you both being here I looked, into the International, files not, covered by our Ministry of Defense but may be covered by yours, this, took place in Arizona, an, unidentified. Pilot, according, to the press cuttings flying, near an airport in Arizona with his son when, he spotted six, lights, in the night sky so. He called from the aeroplane air traffic control to say I'm seeing these lights here I wasn't. Expecting, any other planes, there none supposed to be on my landing, path can, you tell me what's going on they, said there are no other planes. He said I'm seeing six bright, lights, coming, towards, me mystery. Unresolved. Except. I'll, tail. Number. Four that plane was bonanza two tangos here and I was the pilot no. We're. Flying and I was flying him to go see his girlfriend and. We're. On approach and. I. Saw. Six lights, over the airport and absolute uniform in a v-shape, and I, and, Oliver said to me I was just looking at him and I was coming in we're maybe a half a mile out and Oliver said PAH, do, you what are those lights and I and I didn't, kind of like came out of my reverie. And and I said I don't know what they are I said he. Said are we okay here and I said yeah I'm gonna I'm gonna call him and I reported it and. They said we're not painting anything we don't show anything I said well okay, I'm no. Claire it's, unidentified it's flying and it's six objects.

We. Landed. Taxi, it dropped, him off took. Off went back to LA. Never. Said a word he never said a word, I never thought of it two years later Goldie, is watching, a television show, when. I came home, and. The show is on UFOs, but. As I'm I came, oh hey honey how's it going boom and I'm kind of hearing this too the TV going like stopped and I started watching and it was on that. Event, now that was the most, that. Was the most view whoo UFO, event over 20,000, people saw that and, I'm, watching this and, I'm. Feeling like Richard. Dreyfuss hmm. In, Close. Encounters over 30 counts like why why do I know this you know what, and it's, not clear to me and. Finally. I said then. They said the pilot, reported it Oh general aviation pilot, reported on landing I had. Never thought of it since then and I said. That. Was me. I'll. Go to my logbooks, so. I went to my logbooks, and there, was the flight at that time and I didn't mention anything about the UFO the fascinating, part of that to me is that it, would just went literally, out of my head, yeah. And I Oliver, never mentioned. It and had. I not seen that show I'd have never thought of it again that. To me was the weird part. There, are several problems traveling, at the speed of light. Just. A couple of them are the, fact that as your speed increases, so does your mass proportionally. In. Other words the. More energy you put in to go faster. Begins. To slow you down by the fact that it's, converted, into mass. You. Have other problems like just traveling at such an extreme velocity. Navigational. Problems the, fact that you might run into little. Tiny micro meteorites. At. Speeds. Like this they would undoubtedly, destroy, your craft there's just a whole, host of problems. That you're gonna run into just. Attempting to do something like that aside. From the fact the amount of energy required to accelerate, to the speed of light is horrendous. Project. Sidekick, was another project going on, with. Galileo, Galileo, was the project that I was involved in psychic. Dealt with any, of the weapon potential, the craft whether or not the craft had a weapon. In it or could. It be used as a weapon but it had something as it was some sort of particle beam. Configuration. Where the gravity. Generator can be used as a lens to focus, focus. A weapon of some sort similar, to the SDI, device. We were working on in the the. 80s but with, the potential of a focusing, device using, the gravity. Generator project. Looking Glass dealt, with the distortion. The fact that there is a time distortion, essentially, looking, back in time and by that I do not mean looking. Back years. Ago to see the wagon train days they're looking for distortions, that are milliseconds, in time and what what, that was used for I I don't know but that was just observing the time that. The. Time distortion, time dilation phenomena, the craft and operation. 115. Is strictly an extraterrestrial. Material. It. Probably occurs naturally in, some. Other places, maybe. Other star systems. Some. People not familiar with science or chemistry said well that's ridiculous all the elements occur on earth you, know but. That's not true and there are elements on the periodic chart that aren't found on I believe. The heavy ion research lab in Darmstadt, Germany. Has. Reached. Element 112 recently. So. 115. Isn't isn't that far away and when, they synthesized it it's not like they're making a couple ounces of it they're talking about one or two atoms, of it to make any usable, quantity of a heavy element like that is virtually impossible. Element. 115 is. In. The top of the reactor and the. Base of the reactor, apparently. Is a. Small. Something. Similar to a cyclotron, it's, a particle accelerator. A. Particle. Is accelerated. To high speed, and then deflected, up a small tube and it's. Aimed. At the 115. This, transmutes, the 115. Similar. To the way we do, that in a normal particle, accelerator. This. Causes, a reaction. A radiation. Emission, that we, really haven't seen before. It. Produces antimatter, this.

Antimatter, Is guided. Down a tuned tube and reacts. With. A gas. When. Matter and antimatter react, they. Convert. To a hundred percent energy. This. Energy. Is converted. Heat. Energy is converted to electrical, power in the reactor itself this is done through a. Thermoelectric. Converter. And. This electrical, power is used to, power other subsystems, on the craft though there is no wiring you. Know. Also. That's. Almost a byproduct of the reactor the reactor also, sets, up a gravitational. Wave from, the 115. Being bombarded this. Gravitational, wave was present, at the top of the reactor and, it is essentially guided, in the same way microwaves, are guided through tuned, tubes and. This. Goes to their amplifying, cavities, and through the projectors, that are in the bottom of the craft there. Is. No thermal radiation while, the reactors running, the. Thermionic, generator, is a hundred percent efficient, which is in violation of the first law of thermodynamics. But. In fact, it. Works. Element. 115 is stable. And. For those familiar, with chemistry. We. Know that. Elements. With higher atomic numbers have shorter, and shorter half-lives. However. When. You reach a certain point they, call it the island of stability there, is a place and, we've. Theorized, this for a long time somewhere, around 114. To 116. There should be an area in there where. The. Nucleus, of the atom is geometrically. Stable, with protons and neutrons where. It no longer decays, it's not radioactive, 115. Is in fact this element, in fact. It does occur again somewhere, around element. 247. Of. Course we're, nowhere near synthesizing. That we can only you. Know predict, things like that but that's. That's. Where 115, whether or not it was given to us I can't. Answer, that question however. I was told that. We. Have, 500. Pounds by one of my coworkers. How, was obtained and you know where exactly it came from I don't know whether it came in one of the crafts or. You. Know with separate cargoes somewhere you know anyone can speculate but I was I was told that was the the figure. The. Test flights I saw off the base actually the the best test flight was witnessed, by my friends who I had brought out there at the, exact. Moment the craft was hopping, around to doing some really impressive maneuvers I had turned around and I think, was looking. For the video camera or something, to that effect but, I missed some of the most impressive. Maneuvers, but, the craft was similar. To what was done before that I had seen close up other than the fact that it went above, the mountain range. Moved. A much. Greater distance at a much higher rate of speed. The. Test flight schedules, were told to me, specifically. Because I, was, probably going to have to be present during those, times and at, that time the, test flights were taking place on Wednesday, nights and from. What they said that was because that was. Statistically. The least amount of traffic in the area and, that's all that they were concerned about. There. Was a high voltage discharge, on the bottom of the craft but as far as there being an exhaust there wasn't it, well. That's kind of the same reason why on neon light or a fluorescent light lights up what, you're dealing was where there's a high energy source, in, essentially. A gas, atmosphere, oxygen nitrogen and. When. You apply enough, energy, to a gas molecule, they. Emit photons they, emit light and, I. Don't think it's anything it's a really a byproduct to how the craft operates, when it's a admitting that much energy, the. Gas surrounding, the craft emits, light the same reason why lightning, is visible you have a huge electrical, discharge. And the, gas emits light in the form of lightning bolt if. You were going to see one of these crafts at night operating, it would appear really. Is a glowing, ball or, just, a bright light in the sky from a distance. Even. Close up you'd. See a glowing. Halo around, it. This. Is typically what you'd see in your normal UFO, sighting, when, I was leaving the. Area. 51 facility, heading down to s4 that was a tremendous. Roar. And I, have. Described it as the. Sound like the sky was tearing, and. I. Couldn't. See out the, windows of the bus all I can see out was the very, front and as we came, by I asked, Dennis who was my supervisor and on the bus at that time what that was he said it was an Aurora a high. Altitude research plane, and. It. Was a large craft, and the. One glimpse. I got of it was, from the rear and it, had two, huge. Square. Exhaust, with vanes in them and. It. Was just it. Sounds more like a rocket, than a jet I don't. Know I even. Think he did mention that it was liquid methane powered, but.

There. Again you. Know working on the dis technology I really, could care less what, was rolling around at area 51 but it, did, catch my eye, one. Day when I was getting on. Interstate. 15. Driving. Down Charleston, Boulevard, a car. Came up alongside of me and I. Thought he was just trying to race me to get on the freeway, this. Was after I had, left the project. It, was a white, boxy, looking car exactly what making model I don't know but. I, accelerated. To. Get on the freeway to go fast and there. Was a gunshot and, the. Back. Of the car was hit and I skidded, off into. The, median. And I. Stopped and, I was frightened. And I just stood there because, I thought the guy was gonna be alongside of me and just shoot me I had nothing to do I was essentially paralyzed, with with. Fear and I waited there and then nothing. Else happened, wasn't. It I mean it was an attempt on my life but by who specifically, I don't know wasn't. It I mean it was an attempt on my life but by who specifically, I don't know though I was threatened. Before. I had left and they threatened my wife's life in my life so I can only put two and two together and say that they were kind, of pissed at me after. We. Were caught. Out. When I had the test flight scheduled, and I. Brought, some friends out to show. Him the disc test, we. Got caught out there and. The. Following day I was debriefed down at Indian Springs Air, Force Base and. I. Was. In the room with the security, guards that caught, us my, supervisor, and, some other people and some. Of the security personnel. Yeah. They were essentially. Grilling me about security, and, you know how could I possibly bring, people out there and I. Guess. I wasn't as responsive. As they, would like and they got in my face and when I pulled a side, arm out, you. Know just for, study for a very brief time, after. I left Dennis, who is my supervisor, did try and make contact with me at the the. Meeting place was the Union Plaza Hotel, and I. Took a friend, of mine Jean Huff down there and another friend, a former, colleague and scientist from Los Alamos, and we. Did. We. Saw him but I also did recognize, some security, personnel, walking, around there from s Forest whether or not it was a setup or what, was going on or we was trying to talk to me we. Never found, out and we let it just was a real, strange situation, I never heard from him since, well. If. You want to wear the question. How. Are my opinions, changed, I would. Say considerably. Before. I was at s4 I was. More or less one of the one. Of the guys that thought. You. Know all these government conspiracy. And UFO, buffs and things like that were complete lunatics. I. Even. Remembered before I was involved there a friend showed me a little newspaper clipping, and said John. Lear was giving a lecture who, was touting. That aliens. From another world came, to earth and there's 70 different species and I remember laughing on the phone that, this guy had lost his mind, and I. Was. Also under the impression that you know why the government's, all for the people and they you know, you. Know they're out here to protect us and all that it you know after the experiences. I had there. Everything. Is completely, turned around you, know the government, is, doing. Everything. But. Looking. Out for us I mean the only thing they're looking at is for themselves you, know. Obviously. The, et crafts do exist. Something. Had to build them so there must be aliens, and. Since. There are in the crafter there there must be some, sort of factory and, an. Entire civilization, somewhere. And if, in fact that is true and it apparently is then. There must be, others. Actual. Crafts and technology, from another world. And. That's. Probably the most important, manifest. It kind of moved from science fiction, into. Reality in. My mind I, really, just I guess opened my eyes, the. Big thing is whether or not we. Can duplicate, it and if, we can understand, what. A. Device, is or how something operates, or what its physical, makeup is that's great, but if we can't duplicate, it it's useless to us so. There's. Really two phases, to the project going on there it's understanding, what we're looking at and then once we understand, it is can, we, duplicate. It with earthly materials, in earthly technology. And you know unless we've got a handle on both of them all, that technology, is useless, to us and. If. It turns out we can't do that all we have is one single prized. Possession. That. We have to take care of and. That's. It, after. All I would, probably, have, played, along. For. A longer time I. Would. Like to have known a little bit more about the technology and. Probably. Kept quiet if, I could have. And. Possibly. Never have said anything yeah. I. Almost. Wish I had done that you know it's, uh. It's. Really only caused headaches, and problems but, I. Believe. If I was given the opportunity again, to go back in time and redo it I think, I pretty much would have just shut up and gone, along with the program I would.

Have Much preferred that. Instead, of the. Navy or whoever, it was that, hand-picked, a few renegade. Scientists. Here and there that. They turn it over. To. Some more qualified, people obviously, I was not the most qualified person on a propulsion or field propulsion or anything of that sort I was just some guy I mean they could have picked I could have named ten or twelve other guys that were more qualified than me but. You. Know if they turned it over to the scientific community and not just a couple guys, here. In the United States I mean you. Need a large group of people in a large lab to research what's going on they're not, a little quiet installation, it's the it's the security. Itself. That. Prevents. Them from getting anywhere I mean it they, never do work hand in hand you can't have a military. Mind. Science. Itself, must. Communicate. You have to have a free. Exchange of ideas that's, how things progress and, when you clamp down on. A. Security. System like that where you work. In. Isolated. Groups and ideas. Cannot be exchanged, you don't get anywhere and that's that's the problem they have well. I'm not really involved in any of that stuff anymore that's kind of put behind me I have. My own businesses, that I work at, some. Computer. Graphics, some. Consultation. Other. Technical, jobs radiation. Detectors, and a few, other things like that. So. Really I just go about my life and that's you know something had happened that was fantastic, and and it's over but it's, kind of hard to shake it loose but. Eventually. I will and that'll be that I think. All the surveillance and, everything, stopped, I don't think anyone's bothering, to monitor me I've said, everything that I know it's. Been all over the place so it's kind. Of a done deal as, far as whether or not there are any craft out there I believe, they. Were out and gone in. Probably. The late, 89 early 90 and the, only thing people see now out there with. Flares or planes coming into land but. That's. About it I was. Never interested in flying saucers as a child science, fiction you know I watched Star Trek I guess with, everyone else back then but for, the. Most part you. Know I didn't even believe in flying saucers up until I was employed at s4. You.

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