Что такое adblue и зачем оно нужно?

Что такое adblue и зачем оно нужно?

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Weather forecast... We have these decorations and we are filming here almost like in television. We are growing thanks to cooperations like these. I hope you will enjoy this video format that we are presenting to you - an introductory and educational video.

- Hello! - Hi! - I will repeat myself – this is Richard, I would say the Greenest Man in Latvia. - Let it be like that. - The man who produces AdBlue. Drivers face it every day and they are unfamiliar with it. - And they are afraid of sometimes. - Well I will try to explain some things to you and also divert fear by telling you some basic ideas how to not ruin our lifes.

- We are located in Olaine, Latvia, the place we produce AdBlue. - I will tell you right away that I was very surprised when I found out that AdBlue is produced in Latvia and it is 100% Latvian business. - Yes, 100%. - And you operate in 16 countries already? - Since 2007 CrossChem has been present in 15 countries. The enterpise was founded here in 2007 and now it operates at full capacity. We are exporting to more than 50 countries.

- This is an answer to the question about the possibilities in Latvia. Because only few people believe that it is possible to build something in Latvia and even less people do it. So right now we are here with this kind of person who works on a global scale while living in not the biggest country.

- In 2007 the company was founded and began to develop. and in 2009 the production started. The main AdBlue feature is... figuratively speaking.

So for those who do not understand. - Like me, for example... - We have a motor that requires a source of energy like diesel, gasoline, gas, electricity. It does not matter as long as it is moving something forward. So if we are using diesel or gasoline engines, it produces exhaust.

The gas engines as well. There are different hazardous exhaust like CO2, Nox, carbon dioxide, etc. So we have to reduce the hazardous emissions in order to comply with EU air quality standards. At the moment we have alternatives to use electricity or gas but still we have diesel engines in freight or special transports So this relatively simple product has been invented in 1970s to reduce the carbon dioxide level in large metal factories. The most valuable ingredient of AdBlue is Ammonia reaching 15.6%. So at the moment when exhaust system reaches specific temperature and the exhaust gases are generated, AdBlue is added to considerably reduce emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) up to 98%.

- You are talking about diesel vehicles, right? - Yes. - Raw material for the production of AdBlue. The so called carbamide. - So these ar the main ingredients that are filled in trucks? - Yes, yes. Adblue is well known as mixture of carbamide known as well as urea. Let’s say that farmers use it as a fertilizer. - You will ask why is it called AdBlue? There are very strict regulations and high quality and purity standards for AdBlue product.

It is because of the SCR catalyst that filters exhaust gases is very fine so it is required that AdBlue is high- purity so the equipment last longer. As soon as any dirt enters, the nozzles begin to clog and diesel pumps fail. So at the end the repair costs are very hight. - How much product can you make from one bag like this? - It takes aproximately five tons of carbomide to produce 14 m3 of AdBlue. - The product gets tested in laboratory and when test results are received only afterwards the product reaches the final consumer.

- The engine of the vehicle is designed so the catalyst converters would put an extra pressure to the engine to expel the exhaust gases through the pipes. It also means that the engine runs in accelerated mode and consumes more fuel. - The SCR system consist of the pipe and very simple filter, and AdBlue should be injected there. It facilitates engine operation and fuel consumtion significantly decreses for 5-7%. So this difference has to be compensated with AdBlue and now it is the question of the price.

We all know the diesel price but how much does AdBlue cost? The prices can differ between customers but in average it costs 20 -25 cents per liter. - This is a miniature factory model. Model of a real plant. So to understand the height - here is around 8 meters and here is a proportionally sized real person. In average 2 meters tall – the real person who is in charge of this facility. Our technology permits to produce around 1,5 million liters during one shift. - So it means you add the water somewhere here? - We have a borehole of 150 meters here to supply the water and it gets complitely purified.

It gets so clean that it is even dangerous to drink it as it cleanses the human body too excessively. And such pure water does not conduct electricity. We can call it also a “dead water”. A specific chemical mixture is added to this water which forms AdBlue under certain conditions and temperatures.

Once the specific product volumes are produced in one batch, the test samples are taken and sent to the laboratory where 19 chemical parameters are tested. The analysis is very scrupulous and the measurements are determined with four decimal places. When a quality certificate for a particular batch is obtained, the product is packed starting from small containers to large tanks and gets delivered to the final customer.

- We are located in our manufacturing plant and this is the place where the magic happens and carbamide turns into AdBlue. The manufacturing process is fully automated and it is supervised by one person. And even given the constantly growing demand we are able to produce the required quantity. - The chemicals of the white package are poured into the reactor, completely demineralised and purified water is added.

The substance is mixed and a chemical reaction takes place and in the end we get a finished product of AdBlue. The product is filled in containers and a specific production batch is assembled. It gets tested in laboratory and when the test results are received the product is ready. Afterwards the product is packed in different package types like IBC tank or sometimes it not specifically packaged if the customer has his own storage and filling tanks. - In containers as well? - Yes. Sometimes customers even buy the tanks from us.

We install our AdBlue barrels and our staff just refills them. We deliver different volumes starting from 1 liter bottles up to bulk containers of 23 m3. - This is the only manufacturing plant in Latvia, right? - Yes, but we do have other plants in other countries. - It sounds very easy. - Yes, it looks easy but it is very important to comply with production measures and meet the product quality. AdBlue has to be really clean.

- I guess the most important process takes place in this reactor which cannot be even seen. - Yes, we can say so. - For me as a customer and consumer of AdBlue it is important that it fulfills its functions in a long term. Problems arise when the customer receives a good and pure Adblue product and he begins to think on how to..

- How to ruin it? - Yes, it can be said so. Sometimes the problems arise due to canisters. It may look like they are all the same but it happens that one of them contained a fuel few days ago. Of course, canister was washed with a water, but as soon as AdBlue from such container is filled in a truck tank, fuel micro-particles clog the rubber parts which begin to swell on contact with any oily substance. And this means visiting the truck service and paying expensive bills. Following there are barrels of different sizes and there are are special equipment like pumps and dispensing nozzles.

And one of the problem we have observed is that the nozzle is placed in a dirt. After it is placed in a filling tank and all the dirt now gets into the tank. And again the next service station bills follow to repair injectors, so it is better to avoid it. So the solution would be monitoring the sterile environment.

Our product consists of purified water and very fine chemical composition so using dirty containers may ruin the product. We have our own truck fleet working already for 7-9 years and there have never been any issues. - What happens if AdBlue is poured in diesel tank? - First of all, AdBlue liquid is heavier than diesel so it will descend right to the bottom of the tank and will get into the engine. So just think what happens if the water gets into the engine? Simple situation - super expensive service costs. - For example - I'm going on a trip. And I have a canister of AdBlue with me. - Yes.

- How to refill AdBlue in my truck? - There should be an integrated sterile spout in every AdBlue canister. Install it. Open an AdBlue tank cap on your truck. There should always be a sterile rubber ring as well. Fill it into your truck and that's it.

In case you use less concentrated product it will run out faster. It means that you will drive less kilometers. We have our AdBlue filling station network. You can obtain our client card

and purchace AdBlue for the producer prices. A lot of our customers use this opportunity. It's important to know that the product needs sterile environment. Secondly, a truck is made to work with a sterile product as well. Not with just a water for example. - I have heard stories that water was used instead of AdBlue.

I don't know about the consequences though. - There was a case in Australia when client filled AdBlue in his truck's radiator. The service rapair costs were 35 000$. The situations can be different. - What are these barrels used for? - We have different barrel types of various sizes and for different use.

These specificaly we are offering to our customers for refilling their vehicles. These are our diesel stations we sell, install and adjust to customer needs. This is your personal fuel station so you can just refill it by ordering fuel delivery when needed. There are different systems and this is one of the simpliest ones. We have also more digitalized systems with remote drivers control and assigned drivers chips. So we can install such devices for you. - So if the companies are willing to get a fuel discount for buying in bulk, they can set up a refillable barrel like this in their territory.

-It is in accordance with Latvian legislation, you can registrate it and start to use it. - How many cubic meters are there? - Here are 9 m3, but these are smaller barrels of 5m3. Here are also 5 m3, but it is a different barrel. - How much do they cost in average? - Depending on equipment.

Starting from 1500 EUR up to 10 000 – 12 000 EUR. - I guess the fleet should consist of 10 or 15 vehicles to keep it relevant. - Yes, it’s relevant for bigger transport fleet. For smaller fleets we can offer more mobile solutions of 1,5 - 2 m3 barrels. - Really? - Yes, it can be installed on a pickup truck. - I guess this solution is actual for farmers as well? - Yes, it is very easy for them to refill the combine by simply bringing the fuel in a pickup truck.

- We have a hand book available as well and we are glad to share it with our customers to educate how to work safely with AdBlue. The technical solutions nowadays are advanced. And vehicle's exhaust system first of all is clean.

And really you can safely be next to the truck exhaust pipe and nothing bad is gonna happen. This really means something. And how much does it cost? How much do the milage cost? We can think about replacing it with electricity but if we look closer to the numbers the diesel will definitely win. - What would be important for you as a business owner? What will be the price per kilometer, right? - Yes, it is important. - Ecology is also important. And if we look to all the factors

infrastructure is also important for easy refuelling. The diesel and Adblue is a very effective solution. Just don’t damage it and you will avoid any repair costs. These are the things and information we can share with you so we will be happy to answer all the questions if there will be any. - Thanks to Richard, Victor and Pavel. But we are moving to

more pleasant part – Contract signing with company CrossChem as we are planning to use AdBlue for our trucks as well. We are meeting Victoria here to know more what is needed from us. - During one month you can refill the trucks in our stations and once in a month you will receive the invoice according to our agreement.

You will receive the invoice on the first days of the month. The invoice will be sent electronically to the email address mentioned here and it is valid without signature. - What is an average credit limit approved for the companies you are working with? - It depends of the company and it is considered separately. - Each agreement contains contact information about the manager – the phone number and email.

So if you will have any questions, you can always reach out to him and discuss any matter. - So if we sign the contract now we obtain the AdBlue refill cards, right? - Yes, we will issue the refill cards for you. - Here you go. - So this card is used only for AdBlue refilling or something else as well? I guess we didn’t explained but CrossChem is producing not only AdBlue but also other products like antifreeze etc.

Is it possible to refill it as well by using this card? - No. This card allows you to refill the trucks in our filling stations. But if you would like to purchase any other products, you can always do it according to your agreement. You can discuss the product range and the price list with the responsible manager. There will be also a map attached so you can easily find our filling station locations not only in Riga but also outside the city.

- Thank you very much Victoria. We agree to sign the contract and we look forward to cooperate with you not only by refilling AdBlue but also in logistics by transporting it maybe. Thank you! - Good bye! Good luck! Today is September 28th, right?

2021-10-20 07:01

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