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You. You. Freedom. Is a heavy load a great, strange, burden, for the spirit to undertake it. Is not easy it is not a gift given but a choice made and, the choice made may be a hard one. The. Road goes upwards, towards the light with the laden traveler may never reached the end of it. Man. Approaches. The unattainable truth, through a succession, of errors affliction. Comes to us not, to make us sad and sober not, to make us sorry but, wise. You'll, be required to do wrong no matter where you go is, the basic condition of life to be required to violate, your own identity, at. Some point every creature which lives must do so is, the ultimate shadow the, defeat of creation, this. Is the curse at work the curse that feeds on all life everywhere. In the universe. The. Gravest error a thinking person can make is to believe that one particular version, of history is absolute, fact, history. Is recorded by a series, of observers. None, of whom were impartial. It. Is changed, continuing, change inevitable. Change that is the dominant factor in society, today, no. Sensible, decision, can be made any longer, without taking into account only, the world as it is but the world as it will be the. Saddest aspect of life right now is that science gathers knowledge faster than a society, gathers wisdom, each. Generation, imagines, itself to be more intelligent than the one that went before it and wiser. Man. Is the unnatural animal, the, rebel child of nature and more and more does he turn himself against, the harsh and fitful hand that reared him, it. Doesn't matter what you do so, as long as you change something from the way it was before you touched it into, something that's like you after you take your hands away, the. Very concept, of truth is fading out of this world the, lies will pass into history. Solitude. Isolation are. Painful, things in the only human drives, for. Small creatures such as we. Oh. Plus, a glorious, Trinity bones, de philosophie but. Milk to faith which, has wise serpents, diverse, li mo, slipperiness. Yellow seed dangling, zap pass. You distinguish, none distinct, by, power love, knowledge, be give. Me such so different, instinct, of these let me element, it be. Number. Three. To. People. Two people cried. Most. People were silent. They.

Remembered, The line. From the Hindu scripture. The bhagavad-gita. Vishnu. It's trying to persuade, the. Prince that. You should do his duty. To impress him. Takes, on multi-armed. Understand. When. The Trinity nuclear test was done and Robert Oppenheimer. Said we. Have done this before he. Was speaking from an informed, perspective in. The ancient Hindu text of the bhagavad-gita there. Is a reference, to a bolt of iron charged, with the light of a thousand, suns, it, describes, radiation, sickness it, describes, an elephant's screaming. And dying. It describes, the shadows, that are left on the ground after. The blast goes off all, things, that were now very familiar, with in the nuclear age the. Same culture, that described, what appeared to be the use of a modern nuclear weapon, also. Was describing, things like anti-gravity. Craft that. Flew through the air with no sound called, Vimanas, these. Craft could pass right through a mountain and they, also used some sort of particle beam-weapons you. Have human. Looking beings that are larger than the rest of us and have blue skin like. Krishna and they also have extraordinary, abilities and in. Addition to that you, have weird, reptilian. Beings, called Roxas, who, are also codenamed. Snakes, and these. Beings, clearly, appear, to be of a reptilian nature, this, even goes to the point that you still to this day have temples, in India in, which there are people, called Nagas, who, have a human-like. Top but, then from the waist down they, literally have a snake's, body all. Of this stuff takes on a much different, investigative. Hue once. We look at the fact that the, actual, record. Of what, we now know a nuclear bomb looks and acts. Like, is. Dutifully. Recorded, in these indu scriptures, so, Oppenheimer. Was aware that this weapon, unleashed, a fury unlike, anything we'd ever seen before prior. To Hiroshima, and Nagasaki. The, scientists, were the rock stars Thomas. Edison, Alexander. Graham Bell. Marconi. Tesla. These were, the rock stars these were the people who made our lives so exciting. That, we went from essentially, a primitive, situation, where, in order to have food preserved, we have to have an, icebox, we're literally pieces of ice are covered with sawdust, too now we have electric. Refrigerators, we, have electric, lights so we can read at night we. Have thoughts being. Beamed, wirelessly. By. Radio, and then eventually even pictures. Through television, this. Was so exciting, people could travel, transcontinental, railroad all, these things were coming out that had never happened before. The private, automobile, without the need for horses, and then, all of a sudden the, nuclear, explosion, shows that, technology. Hit, a screaming, brick wall we, could not trust, any longer that. Our toys, would. Be the instruments, of our enlightenment they, could actually be the instruments, of our destruction loading. These nuclear, weapons, ended. Up basically. Acting as beacons to a number of ET races in our, general area the primary, energy. Pulse, that occurs, in. One. Of these explosions. Sends. An energy that feeds back through the fabric of space-time. All stars, all. Planets. Are connected, through, electromagnetic. Filaments. Scientists. Call, these, connections, the, cosmic web it, looks like a giant spiderweb all throughout the cosmos when. A nuclear. Explosion, occurs, it sends, a feedback, through. This. Cosmic, web this. Is a problem, because, these. Extraterrestrials. Not only communicate through. This cosmic. Web but they actually travel, through it from star to star, therefore. When. We. Detonated. These devices, we sent out a signal saying not only are we, at a certain level advancement. But we're, not at a certain level of advancement. Spiritually. Oppenheimer's. Key quotes revealed that he did not know what the effect, of the detonation, of the nuclear bomb would be when. They conducted, the Trinity test they, were unaware as, to whether or not this explosion, would. Create a chain reaction that, could actually destroy, the whole earth and yet. They proceeded, forward because, they believed, that this weapon was the only way they could end world war two and thus, the ends, justified, the means with. How potent, and how powerful, these technologies, can be we. Can never expect, to be able to handle them if we, operate them, from, a low, consciousness. When. You raise your, individual. Consciousness, when you actually make. The effort to become.

More, Aware of an individual. That has, a mirrored effect to society, it's a law of Correspondence. As above, so below so, when you become more conscious of an individual, that makes society, itself, raised, in consciousness, and when, each, one of us every, single one of us begins. Making ourselves more, aware, society. Itself is going, to become more aware. Multiple. Insiders. With, credible. Military. And corporate backgrounds. Have, said that. Extraterrestrial. Spacecraft, have appeared, over nuclear, missile installations, and have, completely, powered, them down first, like to briefly describe the that, I experienced, in March 1967. At. That time I was a first lieutenant US, Air Force stationed at Malmstrom Air Force Base Montana I, was. Trained in assigned duties as a missile, launch officer, for the Minuteman, one intercontinental. Ballistic missile. We. Had operational, control, over ten minute, men nuclear, missiles on. The evening of March 24th, 1967. While my commander, was on a scheduled, rest break I, received. The first of two phone calls. The. First call was to report unidentified. Lighted. Objects, flying above the facility. Well. They, were, hovering. Above, the nuclear, silos, and, what. Was happening was they. Didn't attack the, nuclear silos all they did was shut down. Captain, Robert Salas had, like eight nuclear-tipped. ICBMs. And they all got. Shut down in, rapid. Succession and, these systems have triple. Redundancy, backup, systems, so. The. Guards. Of topside. Were. With, their weapons drawn with, a glowing. Red. Saucer. Above, the silo. Than the. The. UFO, then went 60, miles to the other base and shut, down their nuclear, missiles as well this. Has happened more, than once this happened, and Brent, waters in the UK as well, what. Most people haven't heard came. To me from two insiders. Bob. Dean and Pete Peterson where, both of them independently, told. Me that, in the year 1990. All, of, the, nuclear warheads. In the US and in the USSR. Completely. Melted. Down became. Radioactively. Inert and even. The missiles themselves would, just sputter around and wouldn't even fly a straight, trajectory anymore. Right, during the same time that. All of these nuclear, missiles, were literally, melted, down inside, the warhead, we. Also have, this amazing, formation. Appear, on a dry. Lakebed in Oregon. Has. A huge, mystery, on its hands and that is our top story today during, routine photo, reconnaissance missions, over Oregon our, f4, Jets spotted, and took photographs of, a huge carving, in the desert over a thousand, feet across it, has everybody talking I mean, this this is just something that well, their children, have some idealism, it's incredibly. Time-consuming a. Lot. Of expertise, involved have taken a long period of time and maybe a lot of money from. Point to point is exactly eleven and a half degrees exactly. And. In. The other ones for exactly. 23. Degrees apart, exactly. No variation, no village and there's. Something else puzzling, here something. You do not see, you. Do not see tire, tracks the, kind of tracks that might be made by a tractor, or a plow no, tire tracks and, no. Footprints, in. Oregon, I'm Walden Kirsch for NBC, News the reality, is that, this is the same type of thing that's being done with crop circle formations but, on an even more impressive scale, and that, mark was a symbolic. Statement from the ETS the, mandala, remember, is supposed to be a symbol, of the cosmic, mind a symbol. Of the Creator the, origin. Of the you know the geometric, nature of how everything unfolds so. They're giving us a message they're showing us that they will make sure that, we stay on track for, this positive, future that's been promised, to us in over, 35, different ancient. Cultures around the world ladies, and gentlemen the President, of the United States. Good. Evening my fellow Americans. In. The council's of government we, must car, guard, against the, acquisition of. Unwarranted influence, whether sought. Or unsought by. The, military-industrial. Complex. The. Potential, for the disastrous rise. Of misplaced power, exists. And will persist. We. Must never let the weight of this combination endanger, our, liberties or, democratic processes. We. Should take nothing for granted. Only. An alert and knowledgeable citizenry. Can, compel. The. Proper meshing of, the huge industrial. And military machinery. Of Defense with. Our peaceful methods. And goals, so. That security and liberty may, prosper together. So. When I really. Think about the speech from Dwight David Eisenhower his, farewell speech about the military-industrial complex it, brings up a lot of stuff for me um I was. Recruited. To go off planet in 2006, and, it. Seems to be related to the, alternative, 3 scenario. That. Relates to creating. Colonies off planet, and. The. Mars colony was, the planet that was being discussed during that time and so when, we hear about a warning like that but we don't hear, about the.

Actual Alternatives. Or, agendas. Or et, government treaties and some of the things that we're taking place what, was he really trying to say, there's. So many layers to the military-industrial complex that. We're starting to discover now and. I've been definitely. Researching, and digging real deep in order to understand, really what he meant, and as, many. Have uncovered and been a whistleblower for, and just my own experience in. That marsha crouppen we discover, a secret space program, this. Multi-level. Shadow. Government, with, compartmentalism. Things. That happen after the second world war and the infiltration coming. In from Project Paperclip to the American government, MKULTRA. Having so many branches so it's like okay here's a warning about the misplaced, power, that. Exists, and will persist if. We, as an American people don't, start to become empowered but it's basically what I got from it I could, feel a lot of pride in a lot of my family members about that speech but. I would say that I'm a family. Member that has I think recognized. Some layers that were, not brought to my attention growing, up that, I've been able to sort of share. With them and again there's compartmentalism. Then. I say sign something in 1947. That made it legal. Like, a law that you can disclose the sort of stuff without massive ramifications. And here, we are in this particular window. Without. Earth's being signed by many of us with, with more freedom of speech and more of an ability to bring. Light, to all of this and that's. Why the speech is really relevant, because it rings true to today those, warnings, are something that we're beginning to find the uncover actually. Started, back in 1955. With, the Eisenhower, administration, that. Was forced. Into. Into. A tree somewhat, of a surrender, with, a. Nazi faction, that had, been operating. The. One. Of the witnesses that was. General Brigadier, brigadier. General Stephen Lufkin who was. An Eisenhower staff who was. Aware that he, lost control to. The corporations, and. It. Would not be in the best of hands and so. Once. This. Treaty, was signed Nelson. Rockefeller, restructured.

The Whole CIA mj-12. Operations. So, now our legal, government is no longer, in. The loop they also, replace. The complete, mj-12, group, that was originally, set up by President Truman with. Allen. Dulles as, mj1. Or ahead of the mj-12 operations. Of. All people who was highly, instrumental. In Nazi infiltration. What. Happened, was when. This happened, all of the reverse engineering operations. That were right Patterson, Air. Force Base in Ohio were, moved to area, 51, and s4, where. Eisenhower. Realized, that he, had lost control when. He attempted. To look into it he was denied access. Here. Of you know five-star, general was really pissed so he, he. Threatened to invade area, 51, were the first Army out of Colorado. They. Until they allowed two, agents, to give a report of what's going on over there and what they found was, that, several. Crafts were being reverse-engineered, that were extraterrestrial. And, German. Origin, one, of the ways that the Nazis obtained, their advanced technology before. World War two was through the use of a. Channeler. Called maria orsic, maria. Orsic was channelling telepathic. Messages, from, extraterrestrials. That were offering, her plans. And, schematics, to actually create. Anti-gravity. Craft maria. Orsic channeled, this information, for the occult, thrill society, in, Germany this, information, was later used by these German secret societies, to build, out many, of their crafts because. They were focused more on the qualitative. Superiority rather. Than the quantitative, they were more focused on having more advanced, technology, rather, than more tanks and boots on the ground they. Were losing, the ground war in Europe, but, they were obtaining. The more advanced technology, and to save that technology, they took it down to Antarctica, pre. And during, World War two in. The late 1930s, the. Nazis. Had, an expeditionary. Group. Go down to Antarctica and. They. Found, some, very interesting things they. Found a region. Under, the ice that, was, created, by geothermal, heat, from. Volcanoes. And there. Would be three, miles of ice and, a. Few, thousand feet above ground. Level would. Have been melted by. The. Geothermal. Heat and the. Rest of the ice acts as an insulator, causing. It sort of like an igloo effect, and, the. Dome would, grow, from. The heat, the. Geothermal heat and it would melt and, run. Under the ice and that was some of what was he pertaining to ice and causing. But. Underneath. These areas, they were finding. Perfect. Areas to build, submarine. Bases, so. Not only did the Nazis build out. Submarine. Bases as they. Developed, more and more of their space program they, developed out a massive. Spaceport. After. These space ports were developed, and. The. Nazis, had handed, it over to basically. The Americans, the, Americans. Began to. Develop. More and more research, and development, bases in Antarctica, in the. Late 1950s, a treaty was signed that, stated that Antarctica, was only to be used for, peaceful. Research. While. We, were. Basically. Arriving. And. Digging. Giant, holes under the ice and in various areas and building. Out these giant, complexes, much, like I think. It was called project Iceland, back in the 1960s, we're in. Greenland. The. United States Army. Corps of Engineers was building. Out an, ICBM. Base, hidden, under the ice and. It, was very sophisticated. I'm told. That they were very, similar. And, when, they were built and how they were built to the. Buildings that were built in this program and. Companies. That, were. Given. Access to these R&D. Bases began. To develop, NB. C testing they called it nuclear, biological chemical, testing. Which. In the program's usually translates, into them, working with clone E's working, with different. Chemical. Compounds to affect, how. People develop. Psychologically. Or. Physiologically. So. A lot of very very dark scientific, programs, began. To be. Developed down in Antarctica and indeed, are going on to this very day the. One. Of the biggest things that the, Cabal does not want, us to know about are the existence, of these R&D bases and the. All. Of the horrible crimes. Against humanity, that are occurring on these, R&D, bases. On. December. 9th 2015. William, Tompkins, released, his epic, book selected. By extraterrestrials. I became. Aware of it early in 2016, but. It wasn't until he had conducted several, interviews, that, he and I became friends and began speaking regularly. The. Story of William Tompkins, is quite amazing here's a man who's 93. Years old and he, gets hired right.

As He begins his military career, in the Navy working. In a highly, classified program. For. The United States government, at the highest levels, where, he was personally, responsible for. Getting information from 23. Different American. Spies who. Were embedded, in the German secret space program, which, apparently included, bases, in Antarctica. A single. Navy. Operative. Went. Into, Germany. This. Is like. 1939. He. Didn't believe this, but. There was very strange. Organizations. And. Different. Research. Groups all. Over. Not. Just Germany. But. In the occupied. Countries too. And. Strangely. Enough. Germany. Was. Putting, in production. Fantastic. Vehicles. They. Didn't have wings on these aircraft they, didn't have em panache or tail, we. Had landing, years some. Of them were triangular. Shape. Some. Were, rectangular. Shape, some. Were round. Shaped, like a saucer, and. So. He being. Being. As a spy. For. The Navy found. Out all of these fantastic. Situations. That were going on inside, of Germany, and this. Is an inspired, important. Point. Instead. Of him going, to his loss coming, back to the United States he. Went directly. To. The Secretary. Of the Navy, Forrestal. Forrestal. Gets. Tapped on the shoulder. He. Gets told. Don't. Select. A. Navy. Officer. To. Head of these. Operatives. What. He's. Told to, select, somebody, who, had never been, in, Annapolis. Now. Almost. Every, Navy, officer. Whether, they're of one-star, or. Lieutenant. Commander. They've, all been through Annapolis. To learn how, to be a Navy, officer. It. Turns out. Forestalled. Is told, that. Every. Book. Every. Book in the library's. Every. Book in the colleges, every. Book in the universities. Every, book. On this planet. Is. Misinformation. It's. Miss, information. So. Which. Is initiated. By the, Draco reptilians. As far back as. 6,000. Years ago the. Reptilians. Really, came, into control, and started. To. Be. Able to manipulate what was going on on the face of the planet about six, to seven thousand. It is true that they have different masking technologies, to be able to be in a room and look like a human, but, usually they're in underground, bases in, various. Places, on the globe as well, as in a huge, area, in Antarctica. The. Southeast. Region, has a, large. Number. Underground. Caverns. That are kept extremely, warm, too warm for humans, by, geothermal, heat. It's. A perfect, place all. Of these elements that. The, reptilians. Have they're basically cities huge, cities, with millions of them, so. The. Secretary of the Navy selects. Rick. Obama he's. Not even, an American, he. Comes over here with his family, he goes to school here, he, goes. To the second, year. In high, school he. Leaves. School, he. Joins, the Navy as. A three, as, a third class seaman, works. His way up, in the Navy now he's. The commander. Okay. That. Commander. Is selected. By. The Secretary. Of the Navy to. Head up all, of. These operatives. To. Go back into Germany and find. Out what's going on, because. That. Individual. Had, never had misinformation. Given. To him about. Every. Technical, field on, the planet everything. We learn in, the establishment, control, education systems, is, specifically. Designed to. Program. Our minds. Away from the truth. Physics. Is wrong medicine. Is, wrong, history. Is wrong. Everything. We, are taught in, textbooks. Is. Mainly. Wrong. And this is done purposefully. So. We don't understand. How, to move, our bodies how to feed, our bodies what really happened, in the past what.

Technology. Can really do, these, days all of these things if we. Learn them would help us empower, ourselves would, help us actually understand, what's. Really going on with our, reality now if, you were to go to San, Diego and look over at North Island you're gonna see a tall building like, this there's. A small, office, in the top of that building which. Is a secret, office for the animal. This. Is where the operatives, come to, so. The. Admirals, aide. Comes. To my barracks, taps, me on the shoulder and, he, only says one word he's, here. We. Drive over to that building we get up to the top we go into this conference, room a small. Room that mallika, father sits here I sit. Here and one, of three other bosses. That I have are all captive so now I have. Three. Captains, as bosses and, now. A 2-star animal, he just got another race, Wow. He. Just came back from lucky he, just came back from. Scripps. Institute. He just came back from, all the aircraft company. Wow. Now. He's got these operatives, coming, in so the operatives, that's on the other side of the table he. Discloses. To, us these. Fantastic. Things that Germany. Is doing that make no sense. Now. I have eight girls and three, PhDs. As, a group, we. Put together a, package from what the operative, brings back some. Of it is photographs, once, in a while it's manual. Hardly. Any manual, a couple. Of manuals, were not even, in English. German. Or any, other language they. Were, extraterrestrial. Hieroglyphics. You. See, all of this stuff you hear, it you understand. What, the Germans, are doing they. They. Didn't just, get. Documents. From, the extraterrestrials. They. Got brand. Spankin. New, space. Vehicles. Here's. One here's. Another one here's, they. Brought these they. Take you inside, they show you how to drive it, so. They put me in a secret. Laboratory. Which. Is designing. Not. Flying wings, like north of dust okay. These. Are just a few slice, with, no wings of no tail. Half, airplane. Half. Spaceships. This. Is what northen, was designing, our. First, space, ships. Our US. Navy a attack. Class. Submarines. We put together programs. That. Point all the way out into the galaxy not just this, galaxy, the, military, industrial complex back, when they were testing.

A Lot of the technology, that they had received from. The Nazis, after World War two as well, as from ETS, when. They were tested, doing proof-of-concept testing. They had attached this technology, to. Of regular. Submarine, and, then they flew it out of our atmosphere. That. Was the first time that they were. Really, able to fly a vessel, out of our atmosphere using. Electromagnetic. Technology, the. Reason that they used a submarine, was of course because they were self-enclosed. They. The. Crews that served on them were used to serving six months or more away from home having all of their supplies with them and, they. Had the psychology, of being able to handle. Those type quarters for. Such a long time. The. Technology. Developed to a point to where they, and, they. Developed, the, finances. This, financial, schemes to, begin to build out fleets. Of these, long cigar-shaped, craft. Some. Of them were kilometer. Long are long and they. Could make. Them longer by putting in sections. And, the. Sections, were module just like in modern, submarines. They. Could take apart the fuselage. And pull, out sections, it, could a. One. Of these modules. Could be. Set. For like three or four months as a. Laboratory, for a bunch of different. Scientific. Programs. And. Then at its next time at port. The. Modules, are swapped out and it's a hospital ship, the, modules swapped out the next time and it's a troop transport or. It's. Just, a long-haul freighter. So. These ships are very modular. And, in. The beginning they were using. Power. Systems, that were nuclear. Then. They move to thorium. Type, of electrical, generation and, then. They move to some, sort, of e zero. Point. Electrical. Generation. And, that is, what they currently use. This. Is totally. Unreal, that. This happened, like in, 1942. On, this planet. Extraterrestrial. Come from, who. Knows where out, in the galaxy. Germany. Gets, to be the country, that these Draco, reptilians. Pick, out to. Do, two. Types of missions, one. To. Remove, all, of the people that Hitler, didn't want in his country, and, every. One of them around the planet. Two. To. Take every, man, woman, and child on. This. Planet and, put. Them in slave, factories. Men, women, and children, to. Come. To, build. And construct, always. Different, types of Draco, Navy. Space.

Battle. Group ships this. May sound like, insanity. This. Is what happened, he. Had concluded from, what these insiders, were telling him that. The Germans, had actually, made treaties, with, a highly, aggressive and, highly negative. Reptilian. Humanoid. Race that. They've called the saurians, or the, Draco, this. Treaty, involved. The Nazis, actually. Being given workable. Technology, that, is built with our own kin, national systems, they, use a sort of mercury, turbine, of type of mercury called red mercury and then. They are actually able to leave the earth they. Had a settlement, on the moon they had a settlement on Mars and they. Were doing this stuff as early, as 1939. Even, before World War two actually. Started, as you, can imagine everybody, was thinking, he was crazy but. Yet these insiders. Were reporting, literally, standing, there in which, you have eight foot tall even, twelve to fourteen foot tall, reptilian. Extraterrestrials. Terrifying. An appearance, they smell bad, actually. Advising, the, Germans, on how, to build this stuff in, these various, bases including, that in Antarctica. Operation. Highjump was an operation, commissioned, in 1947. That was led by Admiral, Richard Byrd and, on, the public level it was said that this was a scientific. Exploration. But what happened was that this, operation. Was commissioned, with 33. Ships 13. Aircraft and, 5000. Men now. This was not a scientific. Exploration. With that many men and that many ships what, operation, Highjump actually. Was commissioned, for was, to go down to Antarctica and, basically. Root out the, Nazi, installations. That they had built. Pre. And during, World War two the, DC flyover, was an event that occurred over successive, weekends. In July, of 1952. In Washington, DC and, what, had happened was that there was a mass sighting right over the Capitol building in, Washington, DC there was many lights in the sky, now many people believe. This was a UFO. Or an extraterrestrial, incident. But in fact it was not it, was German. Saucers, German crafts that were flying over, the Capitol, building and essentially. Forcing. The hand of the Americans, to accept many of these Nazi scientists, into, their control structures, when, many of these Nazi scientists came into America after, World War two in Operation, Paperclip. They infiltrated, into basically, every, power structure, in the. United States government. Media, medical. Systems basically everything. After. World War two James, Forrestal, went to Germany, to, tour, many, of the research, facilities, that the Germans had over, in Europe and John, F Kennedy actually, accompanied. Him on those, tours some, believed that Kennedy was actually given information, by Forrestal, about, secret, space programs, and the UFO phenomenon, and, near the end of James Forrestal, career. He. Was also embroiled. In many policy, struggles within the United States government, he wanted, to disclose.

The. UFO, phenomenon. And the technologies, associated, with it it. Was said that he committed suicide by jumping out, of a. High-rise, hospital, that he was staying in at the time of his death but of, course many people are, also believing, that he, was actually pushed out of the window and in fact assassinated. To prevent, him from working, to disclose, these technologies, and UFO projects, they had a really troubled, Eisenhower, that. Passed. Over, the. The, torch over to Kennedy. You, know before leaving his, famous, speech of you know. Beware. Of misplaced powers, when the industrial, military complex and. Only. An alert knowledgeable, citizenry can protect, our future liberties, and freedoms. Kennedy. With, his background in office, and naval intelligence. Documents. Show that he was aware all the way back to 1942. Of. Operations. Happening. Kennedy. Had. Allan dulles as CIA, director. Finding. The nefarious, activities. That allan dulles was doing he eventually fired Dallas, in his place with John McCone, because. Kennedy, was trying to look into these activities. Allen. Dulles set up an assassination. Directive, that was revealed in what was called the burn memo one of James. Jesus Angleton's. Memos. That they were attempting, to try to destroy, all one intelligence, operative, was able to pull, it basically. Saying that. Lancer. Or the, code word for JFK, has been looking into our activities this. We must not allow this. Group was working. With the group that was with the Treaty of 1955. So. When. Kennedy. Put. Forth a top-secret, document, to the CIA director looking. Into the mj-12 and. CIA. Operations. With the extra-terrestrial. He. Was silenced. With. A with, an assassination. Ten days later. Years. Went by. By. The way the Warren, Commission, which you know Kennedy's famous piece of. Infiltrated. Monolithic. Conspiracy. And beware, of the, dangers of secrecy, in secret societies. Ironically. The. Warren Commission, who said, you know we have a lone gunman that did this was. All made up of 33rd, degree Freemasons. Afterward. The, CI put, out a memorandum. To its operatives to use the term conspiracy. Theorists, for anybody questioning, and it's, used today as a common, ploy to discredit people who are questioning, the, situation.

The. Closest we ever came to having, technologies. And, the existence, of nonterrestrials, go, public was. Actually in 1962. 63 I. Am. Told through, Alliance sources that President, Kennedy was. Indeed going to make some announcements and, also. Make, announcements, that, he was going to. Take. Drastic steps against. Some of these secret societies that, were running the planet, therefore. They. Worked through the CIA to. Have him eliminated, when. He, was eliminated in a very public way. The. Cabal, came into power in a very public way they. Had been, controlling. Things very covertly, up into that point and, since then they, have overtly, controlled. The destiny of the United States. The. Very word secrecy is, repugnant in, a, free and open, society and, we. Are as a people inherently. And, historically. Opposed. To secret societies to. Secret, oaths, and to secret. Proceedings. We. Decided, long ago that, the. Dangers of, excessive and, unwarranted concealment, of, pertinent. Facts. Far outweighed. The, dangers which. Are cited to, justify it. Even. Today, there. Is little value in opposing the, threat of a closed society, by. Imitating its, arbitrary restrictions. And. There. Is very grave danger that, an. Announced need for increased, security. Will. Be seized upon by those anxious to. Expand, its meaning to. The very limits of, official censorship and. Concealment. That. I do not intend, to permit to the extent that it's in my control. You. Were both in skullenbones the, secret society. It's. So sick where we can't talk about what does that mean for America. The. Conspiracy, theorists are going to go. Number. Three to two. Oh. Yale. University is 300, years old this year and were you to visit its campus you would see that it still has exotic, clubhouses which. Looked like tombs, where, Yale's, legendary. Secret, societies. Meet. The. Videotape provides a grainy glimpse, into what appear to be the initiation, rituals, of a secret society that's, been around since, 1832. We've members have gone on to be leaders of Wall Street and the White House the, Senate and the Supreme Court what. They captured, they say was, initiates, known as neophytes. Being, forced to kiss a skull. Then. Members performing, a mock killing. Still. Rosenbaum, says the tape is a valuable, artifact. An extremely. Rare view into the secret society, that groomed, the American, ruling, class for.

Generations. Dan, Harris ABC, News New, York. We. See the remains of humans, elongated. Skulls all over, the world when. You look at Egypt, there are countless depictions, of, the, Pharaohs having. These weirdly, elongated. Skulls this, includes, Akhenaten. And Nefertiti and. Their daughter. Mary Todd in. The case of meritaten, there are multiple, granite, busts, that, you can see that were carved of her in, which she clearly has no hair and has, this freakishly, elongated. Skull and, remember this is a culture, that, was apparently building, pyramids at, the time that these sculptures were made the. People of the elongated skulls had apparently been keeping, their lineage secret. And hidden in, the Egyptian priesthood, but, then remember that Egypt became weak and it was conquered by Rome what. Happened when the Romans got in there is that they made a secret, agreement with. These people in Egyptian priesthood, who still had the elongated skulls and. They craved the safe haven, for them in, the Vatican, City the Library, of Alexandria, was. Burned. Down but, only with a false flag were they burned tax, documents, and cents documents, they, took all the good stuff that included, books, from before, they came to earth and, relocated. That to the, Vatican, Library, then. You go across to the other side of the Atlantic Ocean and once. Again you have a pyramid, building, culture, in Mesoamerica. With. People, depicted, in their inscriptions who have elongated. Skulls and, unlike. The case of Egypt with. Mesoamerica. We now have the added benefit, that there are multiple. Elongated. Skulls, that have been dug up and were, not censored, but, are actually on display, in museums in, places. Like Bolivia we. Have the researcher, Brien, Foerster who. Is bringing out new examples. Of elongated. Skulls and they, are being genetically, tested, they're, being analyzed, and they have clear. Physiological. Differences, from. The skulls that the rest of us have these. People have very large, brains. Discover. Magazine in, the year 2009. Came. Out with an article called what, happened, to the hominids, who were smarter, than us and it, describes, how in the early 20th century, elongated. Skulls were found in Bosca. South Africa, thus, earning them the name the BAS Cobb skulls and they, were given ceremonial. Burials apparently, these people were revered, in their society, but. The article, claims that. The brain volume, is almost twice what ours would be and thus, the average person, in their society, would have an IQ of 150. And some, of them could have an IQ that goes up to 300, these. Weird elongated skulls, were also, found in a, dig in Siberia, in a town called Tomsk and the, men who dug them up were so afraid that, many of them actually started, crying and, left their jobs and refused. To come back. We furthermore, see in the case of the Mongolian, conquerors, that, there were reports of them having weird elongated skulls, and most. Recently, even. In Europe we, have found tombs of the. Nobility the wealthy, people who preserved their bloodlines, such as in France and they. Also have, this. Bizarre elongated skull. Feature. Wasn't. Until insider, started, talking to me that I thought about the fact that in the Vatican, you, see people wearing these mitre hats and, those hats would very nicely conceal. An elongated, skull these. People with elongated, skulls would look like us in their faces and the, Hat would conceal, the only thing that would make them appear to be different my. Research also turned, up data on, an Italian noble, family, from the 14th, century known. As the deist, clan and the, deist clan had very close ties to the, Vatican what's. So bizarre is, when you look at a painting. Of prints, Leonel ods and someone. Who is either his, sister, or his wife the scholars don't really know we, usually call her princess deist they. Both have, freakishly. Elongated. Skulls in this painting the. Story gets even more interesting, when you trace the descendants, of the DST. And lineage, that they left behind for, what you find is that, King George the first who began ruling in 1714. Was, a direct, bloodline, descendant. Of these, people who obviously had, the elongated, skulls in the 1400s. And then you find out that a variety of earlier, British consorts. Meaning. Nobility, also. Were direct descendants, of the desk lamp then. It gets even more outrageous, when you discover, that the royal families, of Norway, Sweden. Spain. And, Denmark are. All. Descendants. Of the same elongated. Skull deist. Clan and, let's not forget that only recently, we, found royal, tombs in France and other countries in Europe in. Which the nobility again, had these elongated. Skulls, and. If. You think this only has to do with Divine Right of Kings and, European, nobility it, would be wrong in.

1988. An article, in The New York Times traced. Fully, 13. Out of, all of the 40 US presidents, at the time as having. A direct, bloodline. Connection. To, European, nobility in 2012. A twelve-year-old, girl named, bridge and Avignon, actually. Did a much more complex. Genealogical. Study of the u.s. presidents, using. The power of the internet and computers on. The school watch tonight the story of a seventh grader from Salinas, who claims to have made a major discovery, about President, Obama, she, and her grandfather say that President Obama is related, to all but one US, president, and she, found that 42. Out, of 43. US. Presidents, all, had, a common, ancestor in. King. John the first from England and this, is not just any old king this, is the guy who actually chartered. The Magna Carta which, became, the defining element. That turned into the British Constitution. Devin. Yost says she spent countless hours, on the internet over the summer researching. The lineage of our presidents, a project. That started with her trying, to trace her own family, tree. I'm the first, historian. To do all the presidents, so. That's, almost all, of the US presidents, that we've ever had the, bottom line is these people, are tracking. Their lineage they're, tracking their bloodline, and they're, making sure that their own people, get. Steered into the positions, of the highest power and influence worldwide. Including. The United States of America, within, secret, societies, there can be both, good and, bad people white. Hats and black, hats so, many of these secret societies of course involved in very dark. Practices. But, there are also secret, societies, out there that are harboring. Knowledge, and information and, technology. To, keep it out of the hands, of the deep state or the black hats for the people that would do detriment. With these technologies, some of the I guess very, well known. Names. I won't mention but, around. The, front loads at most watching this, video. Are. Highly. Involved not only in, some, of the slave trade aspects. But, are also involved, in dealing with nonterrestrials. And, dealing. With. Organized-crime, down. Here on earth and how it's related to his program I will tell you director Deutsch as a former Los Angeles police, narcotics. Detective, that the agency, has dealt drugs throughout this country for a long. Deutsch. I will refer you to three specific agency, operations. Known as Amadeus. Pegasus. And watchtower. I have, watched our documents. Heavily redacted by the agency, I was, personally, exposed, to CIA operations. And recruited, by CIA personnel who attempted to recruit me in the, late 70s, to, become involved in protecting agency drug operations, in this country for the record my name is mike ruppert our upp ERT i did, bring this information out 18 years ago and i got shot at and forced out of LAPD because. For. 18 years non-stop and i'll be happy to give you congressmen anything that i have a lot. Of these elite are running, a lot, of. Financial. Scams. Drug. Programs. To raise money for these, secret. Programs that, they have going on and. They. Take. Full advantage, of this. Access. They. Probably don't age anymore. It would you know one-percenter you don't know who they are do you know what they look like you know you know their name they, could go down in be at a 7-eleven you wouldn't even know it so. They. Could not age and you wouldn't know it never. Get sick. All. Springs, would be born they'd be super smart, super strong, just. Quality. Of life improved, in every direction and. I'm. I'm sure that one percenters are enjoying it while, the rest of us are dying with diseases and. Malformities. And Seth they're walking around you, know body beautiful, so. That's just. Just a medical area, then. And think, about other things, transportation. The. Vehicles, they travel, around. Home. Security. All the stuff you, know be like somebody. A modernist of suburbia, looking at a man in cave. We're. The men in the cave what. Very often occurs is that an, elite. Will, get to, a very old ripe, age or, they will and died or. They, will die in some sort of an accident. Publicly. Privately. They. Are taken, and. Depending. On their level they are either aged regressed or they, have their consciousness, basically, downloaded. Into a. Clone, that. Is, an exact, exact. Duplicate, of them. They. Then disappear, from. The public eye forever, and to go into these programs or, go into retirement this, is something, that pops. Up a lot of the programs and everyone. That has served deeply, knows, that, the elite have access, and many, of them never really. Do what. The deep state or the Cabal or the New World Order, is is a small.

Group Of very. Powerful, but, very psychopathic. Individuals, that have acquired, a lot of money a lot of technology and a lot of information. Over, the course of centuries. Definitely. Your politicians. The. Older, ones one. That our chair, people a command. A power. One. Percenters. Chairman. Of the boards that. Those. People, that's they, that's. Ones we never know their names don't know their faces and. They control all the power the. More you get involved in these societies the, deeper and deeper you go the more, compromised. You become you. Start to learn more, and more of the secret teachings you have to work really hard for the knowledge it can take years of time you, keep accessing, higher. And higher levels, of rank and they. Keep dropping, these little seeds in as you go on seeds. That start to blossom in your mind and make you think differently. Ultimately. If you go far enough down this road you. Will be invited, to participate in, things, like pedophilia. And human, sacrifice and, if, you don't do it it's the offer you can't refuse they. May actually even, kill you once. You partake, in these activities whether, you like them or not, they. Now have leverage, they can use against, you if you ever dare to speak out against this group they. Have photographs, they have films, they, have the footage that can absolutely, ruin, your life, they, shamanic. Based upon other. Luciferians. Cloth, and. Canadian, Sharia law without it hope started, all over starting now for, dementia, vs divided, and, the barricade, and in, deduce its own store flux 19. De not signed on the Lucifer. And. A. Qualm. Does open dickering. Elena. Cluster, the Romans very for my own clumsy, had, to see chromium but, snow the shadows carroca translated, revenue, of Saturn, is more yeah okay, Vikram do see shadows, care come an equal, share, my up Jota if lungs a beauty, and diverse Donald up lamenting hail Commission, and I had a short mission that was my blow to our and the truncated, Nick. Form Tulane maloca a. Castlevania. Her faith love and who love of across. An allegation of doubt that super health on the world person's trust. Me as House bill yeah. Exact. Amount the doctor, and thus left height and the deep to their farm sit in the mid-south. Copal, dirt on it so. My. Oak dickering forget, in occlusion that that. Have. Set my leg. From time of alok all, the bloody flour and our dignity, see their spell them was, trial even. My. The vakama moment, to. Vantage, ultra north down. Fidelity, talk from. Mate, random. Offers. That's, what should break that. Kinder. Yeah, accommodate. The. Reason that these elite, dark, occult societies. Sacrifice. And traffic. Children. First and foremost is the energy, associated, with it so, when, a human, is in the state of fear and trauma. They, release, a, energy. And this, energy can. Be picked up by. Essentially. Negative extra, strobe beings negative, are conic influences. And they feed off that they literally feed off the energetic, release of fear and trauma. When. These dark, groups use children. Because. A child is not mentally, programmed. Yet as an, adult is they are much more innocent, they're much more connected. Into their higher selves, or into their divine, if you will the, trauma that they release, is much, more potent, than using. Adults, during, these ritualistic. Practices, that the elite participate, in one. Of the, compounds. That is released in the children's, body during, torture. During trauma, is a compound, called adrenochrome. It's. Released out of the adrenal, gland, during, highly, traumatized. Incidents. And this. Adrenochrome, acts, as, essentially. A drug, these. Secret societies that, make up the deep state are nothing new this actually spans back thousands. And thousands, of years and they have always. Occulted. This. Information. For themselves we. Need to understand, what occult it actually means McCulloch just simply means hidden in Latin, it doesn't necessarily, mean good, or bad it just, so. These, secret. Society, groups have, hidden, or occulted this information, for thousands, and thousands, of years they've kept it to themselves, and they haven't shared it with anybody, outside of, their inner circles, the. Secret societies, are really more of a front organization. That they use to recruit people and they, will gradually. Over time find, out exactly, how ruthless. And bloodthirsty you. Are it. Is only as you go farther, and farther into this you, become embedded, with your brothers in a brotherhood, you become, more and more involved, you get deeper, and deeper in that then.

They Start hitting you with the really heavy stuff until, we, face as a society, that these things are actually happening, and. That there is a centralized. Control. Group that is responsible, for this we. Will be doomed for these people, to continue to exert their control over us if. We don't learn how to respect, each other then, we're never going to make any progress we. Need to learn from the me2 movement, and understand. That, there is corruption, there, is rape, there, is pedophilia. There, is child trafficking, there, is human sacrifice, there is cannibalism. And all. Of these things are happening. Because. There, is a hidden elite, that, actually, uses. These behaviors, as part of their religious, sacrament, it. Actually, doesn't matter whether, you believe that, these people exist, or not the. Bottom line is that, they are actually. Advertising. Themselves constantly. They, do it in movies there's, a whole set of symbols, that you can look for in movies that, show their influence, they, do it in video games they, do it in television, shows they. Do it in music videos, like crazy they do it in awards, ceremonies. And, it's. Always in, your face now. Is the time for us to get our heads out of the sand and, understand, that, even if these things do seem unthinkable to. Us there. Are people, today who are actively, practicing. This the, evidence is voluminous and really. What it boils down to is that people don't want to look at the evidence because. It is so upsetting. In. Our obsession, with antagonisms at. The moment, we. Often forget how much unites, all the. Members of humanity. Perhaps. We need some outside. Universal. Threat to. Make us recognize, this common bound I. Occasionally. Think how quickly our. Differences. Worldwide would, vanish. If, we. Were facing an, alien threat from outside. This, world, and. Yet. I ask you is not. An alien force already among us. Solar. Warden, went. Active. 1980-1981. It. Was funded in large part, by, SDI. From. President Reagan though. That, money was funneled off in many different programs. Solar. Warden was, developed, to do. Exactly what it's name safety says to, police, our. A solar system. This. We were now able we had the technology to prevent, these. Interloper. Races. From coming into our solar system grabbing. Our people to leave we could now stop them. So. Solar. Warden was developed, and began. To do its job of the police and the solar system at, the same time we had in, the interplanetary corporate. Conglomerate, which was made up of all of these military. Industrial complex corporations. We. Have all these other programs that, are, developing. Technology, at the same time and are developing much much more advanced technologies. So, advanced, in fact that there, are eg races that come here to trade, or. Our technology. Corey. Goode is the one insider, I found, whose, testimony, ties all of these different, threads together I've, heard Corey have knowledge, of something, that each of the different other insiders, I've spoken to had, said to me in the past nobody.

Else Had ever done that before and that was fascinating because, I had not put this information, online the. Information, was proprietary it, was, things that I'd heard over the course of conversations. That could have gone on for many many. Dozens of hours over time spreading. Across about 20 years worth of my own past history, I think they chose children. For, these MyLab programs, in several, different ways, they had to profile, them they, definitely, use standardized, testing, and a few other ways to identify whether. They, have. Talent. That they needed then. They, would check. Out their family life they. Referred, children. From broken homes or. From. Homes that, were. Not. Harmonious. Because, the. Children are used to getting smacked around they're, used to stressful environments and. And. The parents, were not always, as attentive as, other. Parents. Therefore. The children were, able to handle. A lot more stress and, the. Parents, may. Notice. Well. I guess you would say a typical day if, there is a typical day in the life of a my lab would. Be your. Parents dropping, you off at school just like any other day and. Except. That day you're pulled aside and told you're going to go on a field, trip you're. In a special education class or. Accelerated. Learning class or special. You're. Being. Taken off campus to go you, know look at dinosaurs, well. You. Are taken. Put, in a van usually. A person is driving that, is, military. Looking sometimes, in uniform, they. Would then drive us for a little, over an hour to. Carswell Air Force Base we parked inside this. Hangar, that was a motor pool and we, walked to the back and there. Was a elevator and, the. Elevator went, down quite, a ways and, when we came out we were underground, in a. Cold, war-era type. Bunker. That. Would. Then lead us to another set of elevators that would take us down where. We would get on underground. Trams that would there. Were trains that would take us over 500. Miles per hour anywhere. In the world, when. We were sent to one of these locations through. One of these shuttles we would then go, through sometimes, because. Of travel, time we would only get 45. Minutes of training in sometimes, 2-3 hours of training in then, we would go back be. Debriefed, and they. Would give us a chemical. Through, a shot and they. Would sit us in a chair in front of the movie screen and. Basically. Hypnotize, us and give, us a screen memory of going. To, a museum, and looking at dinosaurs, they. Would then put us in the same van drive. Us back to school let, us out and as. Our parents picked us up we would tell them all about looking at dinosaurs. MKULTRA. Was a program, done by the CIA, in, the 1950s. And 60s and, within MKULTRA. They, experimented. With trauma-based. Mind control, through. The use of electroshock. Therapy through. The use of mind-altering. Drugs, through, the use of even, hypnotic, regression, and many other techniques, to, figure out how to control. And program human. Beings, there. Were there was programming, at. Bases. They. Use military, bases. Because. They. Won't have any interference. When, they have someone, on a military base, and, a. Lot of my programming, took, place on. Military. Bases, I, would, like to talk about the. Fact. That, there are rituals. Done. At. The military, bases also, and that. Rituals. Are not a cover. The. People that do. The. Mind control. Are. Involved. And very. Rituals. Are very much a part, of how they, do things. For. Example. Naval. Intelligence. Members. Or people. That are in naval intelligence. Are. Usually. Very involved, with Ordo, Templi Orientis. And. That. Doesn't mean that everyone, in, naval intelligence is. Involved, in that but. Naval intelligence is. Responsible. For, a lot of overseeing. Of. Ritual. Activity. In this country, and. They. Are. Responsible. For a, lot of this going on, there. Are other organizations, other. Agencies. Involved but naval intelligence is. Very, involved. We. Were taken to some, kind of facility out, on the Nevada desert and it. For a long time I thought it was area 51, but.

There Was also another, underground. Facility. At Tonopah, so. Either area, 51, or the Tonopah facility. Was. Taken to. Medical. Dispensary type, of place and I. Was sat down in, a waiting room with. Lights off, everything. They did seemed, to be to cover memory, to. Make sure that if anybody did remember anything, being. In a room with the lights off you wouldn't be able to see the people clearly things. Like that I was, given fatigues to wear that night. With. No rank insignia no, name tags no identifying, marks of any kind was. Forbidden, to speak to the other people that I was out there with. Beyond. What was necessary to run the tests so, the. Situation, they put us in was very isolating. And very, frightening. Terrifying. Actually, and. So. We got to this facility we, sat down in this waiting room with the lights off and I, still see it really clearly I could draw a picture and. One. By one we had to go off to the side in, this little room. Finally. They called my name and I went into the little room and it was a small room there was a security. Guard in there and. Desert. Camo fatigues, wearing a sidearm he, was standing at parade rest and. And. I, was told to lay down on this stainless steel examining, table that, looked old like it was maybe from the 40s, or 50s and. I. Laid. Down on there fully clothed I don't have to take anything off and. I. Waited for a long time with that security guard watching me and, finally some guy in a white lab coat came in the same door I had gone in to. The room in and he, said stay calm three times and this really deadpan, monotone, voice and. He. Walks past the security guard up the right side of the table got up to the right side of my head and. Then. He. Had a hypodermic needle hidden, in the sleeve of his lab coat and he injected me in the side of the neck right here and. Whatever the chemical was went straight to my brain. So. I'm kind. Of in shock from, whatever this injection, is doing to me because it went straight to the brain and I was like you. Know in shock. Suddenly, there's two guys on either side of that table pulling, me up by the arms, and. Dragging. Me off the table and down this through, this doorway where there was a long flight of stairs going down for. Some reason I remember it as one long flight going down not switchbacks, like, a lot of store cases or it was just straight.

Down They. Have carried me half dragged me down those stairs. And. At the bottom of the stairs there was like this little room. That. Had a. One-way. Mirror in it and. And. I went through the effects of that injection, in that room. And. I. Felt like. I've. Described. It so many ways down through the years. It. Was kind of like feeling like your body's turning to soda pop fizz or beer foam it's just. Like. You know when your leg goes to sleep and it comes back and there's all the pins and needles and tingling and everything else, like that it was like that was happening, to my whole body. But. But, super, duper intense, pins, and needles and, and. I just curled, up on the floor and just screamed because it was just. Doing. This number on me you know and. And. I. Felt like I was coming apart somehow I don't know why or, how I thought that but that's how my body felt it felt like it was just gonna come apart and. Run. Down a drain, in the floor and. I had a feeling that because the, that. Mirrored. Thing on the wall I think it was a one-way mirror and they were looking at me through the mirror to watch me go through the effects of this and. I racked my brain to try to come up with some idea of what this injection, was and what it was for and, the only thing I've been able to come up with is, maybe, they. Were trying to create a chemical. Version. Of. One. Of the technologies, that I was exposed to all in the my lab programs, were the, chemical cocktails they would use on us they. Would use them to enhance us, in. Many different ways some of the ways that we would be enhanced, would be if, they. Discovered, we had an intuitive empath ability, there. Was a cocktail that they would give us that would, enhance, it make it many-fold, stronger. They. Would also give cocktails. To people that, would, they. Would be goth hormones at home that would make them stronger faster, and think. Quicker major. Part of the program, was. That. When. You started, they were not quite sure where. They, would send you a lot of the kids that were in these programs, anything that different, syndicates, here on the earth working for the Cabal and a small percentage, very small we need to end up going into secret. Space program, suddenly, children were picked who, had set in DNA and. I. Was. Connected, with that and what. What. They did was when, we were like five and six years old they, took us there and. They. Trained, us and we. Did. We. Learned and we trained and we did all sorts of operations when we were there now when I was five years old my parents moved, to Los Angeles at. The time out. Of the blue out of the blue and I lived on sigh I was living on Sepulveda, Boulevard and. The. Mars jump, room for, children were, on.

Nine-nine Sepulveda. Boulevard. I now. Know so. And, along, and I didn't know I had these memories, before I, I knew, that this particular information, about, these Marjan rooms on Sepulveda Boulevard. It was a lot of trends so so say from five years old to twenty. Five years old was, spent there, and I know. Some. Of the people some of the. Some. Of the people now who are back here but what they did then at the end of, the. Mars. At, the end of that thing is they used age regression. Technology. Brought, us back to five, years old and then placed us exactly, back to where we were the reason, so few, went, into, the. Secret, space program, was, that most. Of the participants, almost. All of the, participants, are pulled, from various. Military, branches, they. Bring. People in to them to the military send. Them through training, testing. Find, out where. Their skills lean, and if. They have the fortitude for this type of mission. And then they're invited, in or drafted, in and they'll serve a 20 year, term. And, this. Is referred to as a 25, and, after. That 20 years they, are actually, aged regressed, and, regressed back in time using, the technology, that was handed to us by nonterrestrials, and then. They were buttoned. Up in time in, place back in their life and then we finish out the rest of the military term. And then, return to civilian life having, no memory of surgeon. In the civil space program, the, whole point of regressing. People, back, in time after serving, in the twenty and back and wiping. Their memory has, to do with a deal that was made with, an extraterrestrial group. That, gave, us that technology. There's. There's a Nordic group that, are, engaged, in a time and space. Battle. With, a reptilian group. This, battles gone on for, many thousands, of years when. Delving into this research some, people formulate, ideas that, there's only good extraterrestrials. Here or there's only bad extraterrestrials. Here but we need to understand, that the law of polarity is, universal. There's, both good, or benevolent. Extraterrestrials. Here to help us and there's, negative, X terrestrials, here to essentially. Feed off of us and traumatize. Us into a state of fear. These. Negative X terrestrial, species involve. Some. Gray species, they also involve, many. Reptilian. Species and, many. Non-physical. Are chronic, entities, that can also, remotely. Influence. And utilize. Much of that fear. Energy, and traumatized, energy that Burmese towards. The end of my training it's starting to become pretty, clear, that I, had. Done, very well in the intuitive, empath training, I've done, very well and, the rest, of the, general training that I was given and I. Was starting to be, introduced. To non terrestrial news. So. It became very obvious that, I was going to be, interacting. With nonterrestrials. And I, assumed. It was going to be an, awkward. Little. Did I know that. I was going to be drafted and, this. Program, when. I was 16 years old and it. Was during my Christmas, break. Between, the age of 16, and 17 years old I turned 17 in February, I was. Taken. From my room, I was. Then, taken to Carswell. Air Force Base, I was. Then transported. To the moon. Where. I sat and signed a bunch, of papers. That were. Non-disclosures. Were. Just, a big stack of papers signing, my life away. And I wasn't even 17, years old the lunar, operations command. Is a moon base and it. Was built out originally, by the Germans, in the, late 1930s, early, 1946. While. They were building this. Complex. They, had utilized an ancient. Alien. Building. That. Was. Not, too terribly far away. They. Had found a bunch of these buildings of. And they, found one of the buildings that they were able to patch up with, some of the concrete they made from.

They. Then were able to pressurize, it and use. It as a base. Of operations, while they built out the num

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