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* "Dmitriy Gromov production" presents * * intro * - Now we dig a hole, a giant deep hole and throw the drone there. We were here the previous time and checked the surrounding with diving suit. And accodring to the scheme there's a giant tunnel. And there must be also a bunker under the reactor.

Yet, it's not clear what's there. So we'll check it, make a hole and throw a drone into it. ??? - Question: there's a proverb: "Don't cut the branch on which you sit". Is there a proverb: "Don't break the ice on which you stay"? - Nah, because you'll fall down. - Wait! Don't do it! Sus, wait! Don't break it here! - Let's make the place, where we'll launch it. - Don't brake it, becauase it'll get wet. - We need not to make the water muddy.

- Yes, if we will make the hole wrong, it all will be covered with ice, and it'll be very hard to work for us. The ideal launch place must be somewhere here. - Here?! - Yes, from here we can go a bit deeper.

- Maybe a bit deeper? - Maybe it's too close, maybe here. - Look, minus six. What does it mean? - It means that the whole store there is flooded. We'll launch our drone and see what's going on there.

- Here, guys. Maybe you remember, maybe not. Down there go more stairs. Here you can see the stairs. - First, and then the second. - Stairs dive down there and goes lower. And there we want to send our drone. - Ah, we can make a hole right there, near the cable. - Where? Here? - Go! Near the cable! - Near the cable.

- Gooood! How's ice? - Bad! - Good! - Done! Listen! - Opa! - What's the dep..? - Listen, it goes here. - Go away! - According to physics, if we'll make a hole, could it make a crack in our direction? - Nah, it's okay. The crack won't reach us. We're safe. You brake in the wrong place! Stop! It'll be there! - By the way, the ice is vibrating! Can you feel it? - Why did you make a hole here? How will I stand there? F**k! Look, it's breathing. Jump here! Measure it with a spot.

Done! Wow, it's... - Neck level! - ... only neck level. Damn, I thought you wanted to measure it! - I did. Five hammers deep. - Neck level. - Phaha! Five hammers! - He just threw away the hammer! - C'mon...

- Bring the drone already! - So, let's unpack it? - Okay. - Is comfortable for you down there? - Yes. - Here's the drone! It's a special underwater quadracopter. Or drone. It's used by divers. They search for corpses with it's help.

It's a very cool thing. It can go up and down. Move here and there. However you like. Now we'll attach one additional camera to it. And one more flashlight. And it'll be super good. Then we'll launch it to that same store. - Sasha, where did you get that one? - Ehm... - Made himself. Can't you see? Here's the sign. Made himself!

Mister made it himself. - Give it to me. - Kreosasha, take out the Fenix! - Let's take out Fenix and tell about it... - QUIIIICK!!! - You can just say, that you found it in the bunker. - Hidden advertisment. Have you ever seen such flashlights? It's the newest Fenix. They just hit the market.

- They just opened the market! - Very bright! - With vibration! - Yes! With vibration. With red and green light. So it's... - Have you seen that it also has red and green color?! - Look how small it is! - And blue! - Wow! "Fenix" make things! - Friends, all of our episodes we... - Don't shine! - Shut your damn mouth! - Don't shine! - We've been filming for four years with Fenix flashlights. This our main lighting and we...

- One can warm himself with it. It's so bright. - It's very bright and warms you like sun. - It's the flashlights, my friends. Our word on that. We film a lot with the help of them. And our friends are filming with them. Click on the link and order them. Ukraine and Russia, very cool flashlights. - I can see everything.

I think I've found a corpse here. Look. You ain't trimming your nose? You don't? Why ain't you trimming your nose? - Friends, if you need a flashlight for diving, for tourism, for climbing, for this and for that. It's the best flashlights for the most extreme environment. Open "Fenix", in Russia and Ukraine. Order them. And you'll have happiness, just like we do. You can climb, do sallies, travel. Can do whatever you want with them.

- So, guys, I'm very nervous for everything to work out well. We were preparing for long. Now I'll tie the camera and lights to it. I'll configure all of the equipment, so everything would work our well. And here we go! - Matches from Super Sus! It fills you with... Ah, wait.... Matches from Super Sus! Get kindled even from atomic reactors. - Wow! Cool thing. - F**k, it's...

- And they burn under water. - Wait up. Let's warm ourselves from it! - That's pur thing. C'mon! Burn! - Do you have that super did? Did you take it with you? - No, Sasha, I didn't. - Okay, then... - Here's one tape laying around.

- Comrade took it from... - Wow! He kindled it, look at Bono. - Yes, of course.

- Boys, you know what's interesting? Our helmet is still here. He preserved itself for the whole year! - You know why it's preserved? It's because radiation level is very high here. Not stalkers, nor marauders are walking here. That's why it's clear here, and nobody's stalking here for the whole year! - There's ain't nobody. - If you want to have good balls - buy some matches, folks! Buy em! They burn bright and clean! I'm waiting for everyone! Knack-knack! - So, Bono, I'll be needing your help.

It'll be better to do it from above. The pump. The pump is not shut. Good. The main thing not to block gills, because they could block the water circulation. If we'll shut them, it won't be able to have balance. They are needed for negative water balance. It's enough. - How did it fit into your toilet? You have something like..? - I have this... How it's called..?

- Or you have a water pit? I can't get it. - It's bidet. There's a bidet inside. - F**king bidet? Sussy bidet? - A real bidet! - It's to wash underneath your a**? - Nah, I don't really know why did we install the wash bidet in the house, where I live now. - There's a toilet and bidet. I use it as a bucket, to clean up the floor. - I dill it with water and wash a rag there. - Don't you boil eggs inside of it? - What could I do here? Why do I need it? - You could make instant noodle there.

- You know why people install bidets at all? - To clean your a**. - I don't know. I don't really use it. - Nah? And I wash my a** in bidet. - Bidet? Guys, it's the final test of our underwater drone. So, heeeere we go! Ahhhh! Aghhhhh! Damn! What the hell?! It spilled all of the water out! - The big...

- It's the match burning? - Yes. - Yes! - Yes, very cool. - We kindled two matches. One and a half... - It sucks in. You can even see the rotator in the end.

- And here it blows... - And here it blows it out. Look how smart it's designed. It has two compensators here, it's to dive deeper. And here are two powerful propellers. By the way, try it with your finger. How it spins.

- Try it out. - Try. Try it. - Ah, yes. Here's an engine. - Feelling it? - Sexy? - Can you feel it? - It's pleasent, yes. Good. - Neodimic magnets. Can you feel them? - Neodimic.

- Bono, can you feel the small of crap from bidet? - Watch out! You hat can begin to burn! - It's so cold... - Elon Musk uses it on Mars? - Yes, it's innovational technologies. It came out not a long time ago. It was recently invented. For divers to search for different things. - The flashlights came out a few weeks ago! - Super-duper cool camera. - What kind? - 1080p. - What's 1080p? - Sasha! - And the main thing: there are two flashlights. But to make the light even more jet fuel we attached two Fenix's here! - They made them a week ago, and sent them to us already! - It's our braneded sponsored flashlights "Fenix"! Boys, buy "Fenix"! - They were made not a long ago? A week or so? - Yes.

- Yes. This model came out in 2022, in February. - Ah, it's... - It's written there. The model. - It came out in 2022? In February? - Yes.

- You dig? It's the freshest, guys! - The freshest gets to us. When they are made, they got sent to us at once. - Boys, hope everything will go smoothly. - So, are we connecting it? - The main thing for it not to get stuck somewhere! - Yes, by the way. One more improtant moment: we'll try to swim slowly, not to get stuck somewhere. If it gets stuck - the main thing not to get nervous. Not to shake it.

* ancient comrade language * - We need to carefully check where it got stuck and get it out. There's in the corner a box with instruments. Maybe with something else as well. We need to get to it and check. Have you even seen the video?! There are boxes and shelves there. You'll see it now! - I'd like to see the video from drone. - So our goal number one - to check that box. Goal number two - to go one store lower. On one store lower than we stand now...

...and check if there's a door like here. And to see what's there in general. To see if there's a store lower than that. To see if there's any other passages. And only then we'll dive in. - Kreosan, maybe there are animals living underground? - Yes, by the way. We...*coughs*... checked it previous time. And there was... There was some kind of leech... There was some kind of leech at the bottom. - Disgusting? - Big! Big! This big! It was moving there, looked like a mutant. - F**king animal! F**king animal! F**king animal! - With a shell.

- More stubborn than that... - Guys, and this is Wi-Fi buoy. Very important thing. What's wrong? - What have you heard? - Wi-Fi d**k! - This is crap-in-tha-mouth.

- You made it yourself? - This... *coughs* What the hell?! - You drank too much from bidet. - This bouy...

Damn... - Wi-Fi bouy! This bouy should be firmly hold in hands and not let fall into the water. If it's fallen - copter is dead. It could be carried away by fish. One man will be holding this bouy and bit-by-bit unfold this cable.

I'll tie copter to it, so we won't miss it. - The cable is for security, or it's transfers the signals? - Both. - How long it is? 100 meters? - Yes, will be enough for us. It won't be 100, but it'll be enough for us. So, we're tying it up? Look, it has a special connector here. Right in the butt. - Where?! - Look! I plug in.

- Opa! And it's happy! - And now we spin. - So, if we are ready to launch, we need to check the cable, if it's not tangled. It's not, yes? - Ehhhhhhm... So, guys? - So, guys, here we go! I need four people. - It's seven of us. - Bot could be launched with the help of four. I need a help of Bono.

- And me?! - Bono you have the most important task - to hold the buoy. Not just hold, but... ... you'll need to hold this cable and make loose bit by bit, so it won't tangle. Okay? - Have you ever holded a buoy? - Bouy? - Yep. - It's a Wi-Fi bouy! - Were you ever in charge of bouy? - Of only mine. - Sasha, tell me: am I a responsible person? Can I hold the bouy? - You'll have another task. I don't know if it's okay... You need to get below that ladder and... ??? Nah, wait up... And you'll have to shine everything through with powerful Fenix flashlight.

- I listen and obey, my master. - Right from there. Just don't fall through it. - It's your breathing pipe! - You got tangled in pipe? - I'll launch the copter already.

- Give a flashlight to Sus. - Wow! A sausage! - Ah! It's mine! - Do you have a flashlight? - Nope. - Okay, I'll give you my. Yet, it's... - Okay, I have one! - Sus, what's going on? - Comrade, take it out.

- Do it yourself. - "Fenix" as well? - Yes-yes. - Yes, you dig? It's "Fenix". We use only fenix's, guys. Great flashlights! - The place for cameraman. - This is a lifehack, guys. For those, who didn't know. You take such bottle, squize the spout in and have a very great chair!

And sit on the bottle! But it could explode. It's okay, now. Let's go! We activate the thing, for this we plug the cable in! Opa! Checked the engine. Everything's fine.

- Checked the engine? - Yes, and now the most important and responsible task. For it not to lag. We have a connection! Got a picture! - Wooow! Cool! - Wait up, I turn the record on it. - We save it on the camera, yes? - I'll save it on the phone at the same time.

Where's it? Do you see, where to record it? - How much does it cost? Around 5000$, Sanya? - Yes, it's unfortunately pretty expensive, so... - We'll have to dive for it, what else to do? - We can't lose it... So, we look. - Sasha is doing great, I see...

- Guys, today I want to tell you about a very cool device. It's heaphones "CG pods", from "Case Guru" company. They got into top 5 best heaphones of CIS. You can buy "CG pods" headphones at 4 times lower price than these show-off AirPods.

And there are much more functions than Apple has. The main thing is the protection from wet. You can wash them, swim and even take a shower with them! It's important that the sound of them is not worse than the one in AipPods, and they work for 20 hours! There's a talk, that girls love with their ears. If so - you need "CG pods lite"! They have the smallest in the world anti-stress case! It's like a box for a ring: girls are crazy about it and it clicks so damn well! Brutal "CGpods 5.0", in case made of innovational aluminium. It could bear 220kg. It's the most reliable device for active way of life!

Model 5.0 has sensor AUI and mechanical buttons of control. There are 11 commands available, and because of the great construction - headphones sit in the ears just well! You can buy them only online with the most fair price, without any overprice from marketing giants! Developer gives one year guarantee, and if something wrong - they'll exchange them for new ones! Use the link in the description to get to the store of the developer. There you'll get a gift from me: with promocode "SUS" you'll get 200rub discount for any headphones! Wooooow! - That's it. The last seconds of the copter. Hope it'll be able to get out from that scary dungeon.

- We checked the engines. - We checked the engines! - We cleaned the camera. - And now we need... who checked the engines? - Who will launch it? - That's it. It's the last seconds of the copter. Hope we'll get alive from this terrifying basement. We're cleaning it again. - Checking the engines.

- Checked the engines. - We checked the engines. - We cleaned the camera.

- Who checked the engines? - Who will launch it?! - So, guys... We... - The most important moment for it not to get stuck anywhere. - We need to get under the ice, at first.

- Go-Pro is working? - We need to get under the ice, at first. So, guys? Let's go! Damn it! Ice blocks the way! - End it! - Put it there! Op! - I'll try to launch it. - Move it down. F**king down. - Maybe the sponge on the camera is blocking it? Nah? - It went down! Wait up. - Wait-wait-wait! Look here! - Here it is, beneath us! - Film it! Film! I can't get what's wrong with it. You made the cable... Wow! Here it is! Near the weight! Could you make cable a bit loose, cause it doesn't move.

- Sasha, it's the most dangerous spot, because it's this steel handle here! Idealy we need to go along the wall left and more left to Sus. - Something is going on with it. It turns around. - Because... - Wait up! Where's it? Can you see it? - It's below us. - Why it's moving? I don't do anything! What's going on? - Here! - Here it goes! Into the emptiness! - Bono! - So, I move to your direction, right? - Yes, enter me! - That's it! Here's the copter! - Here it is! It's moving below Dimon! - Wow! - Enter me! - Look, here! Here it moves! - You give directions if something's wrong! - F**k! Sus! Not Sus! Sasha! Left! To the left! - Left. - Left! Left! Wait! Go on! Ehm... Nah, Sasha. Move maximally forward!

Till the end. And now left! Left! - Left, okay. - Left! - Rigth! Right! To the right! - I think to the right as well. - The handle is to the right. It'll get stuck there. - I'll come close to the wall.

- Here! Sus, shine! Shine on it! Shine on! Here it goes! - Don't move the flashlight! - Here goes the electronics. - Move a bit more. - The problem is... Oh! I can see the box! Here it is! Here it is! The wonder box! - Damn! What's that?! - Ain't it a...? - What's that? - It's synchrophasotron! - Clear me out what's that, Comrade! - It's a device for... - Look at this thing!!! - It's a welding device.

- You think so? - Yes, it has handles. - Look at this stuff! Shesh! - How cool it is! - The picture us great! A very hard task awaits us on. - Yes! We need to go down the stairs right now! - Yes, let me slowly turn it and move down the stairs. The main thing not to get disoriented, guys. It's very important to see everything clear. Here! Here are the stairs! Damn, too low. Need to move a bit above. We'll get now to the secret room. To the room, where we couldn't get before.

- It's that room. Need to orient myself, to see where it has the exit on. - Here! Here is this door! Yes! - Here it is! Door! Door! - It's that floor! - So we move into the door? Let's go slowly. Let me turn it a bit first. Let's look more precise down, and check what's there. Yes, it's the door. The door. It's hanging something from above. Please, shine on it from above. There's a crack there. Wow! Here it is! Film it! Film! The record didn't stop, I just stopped the preview.

Take it out. Go-Pro is on it? Yes, guys, everything's okay. - The fish of my dream! - Let the water to come down a bit. We will unattach the Go-Pro, because there's a possibilty that it has interferences because of it.

My opinion, is that it's not because of Go-Pro, but because... Damn, ice got into the engine! - Look at the Kreosan's boiler. It's a takeaway accumulator. It's enough to boil 6 teapots like this. - Even more. - More than 6 teapots! Can you believe in it? A takeaway accumulator.

Puer tea in there. A few tablets. The Kreosan's boiler. It's a takeaway accumulator and it's enough to make 7 teapots. - You were carrying it for 50km through the forrest? - And all of this just to drink Puer on the fifth reactor. - Friends, we've brought the accumulator not only to drink tea. Underwater drone loses all of his battery in cold very fast. We left it to charge and went in search of the active zone of the atomic reactor. Look at this, viewers! Barbarians were moving the stolen metal down the stairs, and concrete has crashed into rubble! Just look! What shoud've been dragged here? What kind of batteries? They are completely destroyed! - So, guys, we are entering the roof. We found an exit from this reactor. We'll show the view on the 4th power unit.

And see what's there at all. - While the underwater drone is charging, we'll show the hot zone here. Sasha, could you explain to us what is active hot zone? Active zone it is where the actual atomic reaction found place. It's very close, it's right above the reactor. You'll see it yourself. There's cool thermic protection still left on the walls.

There are still some ballons left. The place, where it's the most radiation. We are moving there right now. - It's more dangerous than bidet! - Don't mess around. - Bidet. He-he. - Friends, we are moving to the most active and central spot, the center of the atomic reactor, where all of the processes took place. Yes, Sasha. Do I get right?

- Very dangerous place, guys. - So, let's go? ??? - Who said that? - Nah... Do you want me to go first? - Is it cool there? - It's magnificent.

- To get on the roof... - It's really cool. - The main thing for roof not to fall down. - No, it won't.

- Winter Exclusion Zone is something incredible. Just look at this beauty! It costed every... every struggle. The temperature is minus, so... - Wow! - Wow! - Will you swing? - Yes. - What's wrong? - It's for lips not dry... - Ain't it a gay thing? - Dunno.

- What's this? - Might be. - It's a thing with double use? - Damn, guys! What a place! We got into winter. From an atomic reactor into some kind of snow waste! - Daaamn! - We need to stay low, because... * advertisement * - It's barely hanging. - Guys, is it legal, the stuff we are doing? - Bono, be careful for crane not to fall.

- Sus, do you know? Is it legal? - Here we go. Make the momentum. - What he's doing?! Look! - He's crazy! - Bono, what are you doing? - Swinging. - Okaay. - Bono, here. Film yourself.

- Push me a little, then. - Move away, boys! Move! Move! - Winter exclusion zone is something incredible! We're swingning on the crane and looking at all of this beauty. Wow! Guys, it's something incredible! It costs every moment of struggle we had! Wow! It's just incredible! - Bono, pay 5 hrn. - Thanks! - Bono! Hold! Hold on to it! - Take the hit, boy! - Oooop.

- Hold on tight, cause you can meet something. - Look how cool! Look! Wow! - Wow! I can't hold my emotions. Christmas tree grew on the roof. Energy distribution unit of the atomic station is buzzing. Here's NBK. The bigest in the world movable arc. Here are 3rd and 4th energy units of energy stations.

And here's winter exclusion zone. I'm here for the first time in winter, and I want to visit this place one more time in winter. - Boys, it's very cold. Really. February cold came to Pripyat and to Kyiv. Such cold is not normal for out region. We need to move and make actions fast. Because hands are getting frozen in a minute! It's one of our harshest expeditions. - Try to get on it.

- What's that? - Huh? - What's that? - It's for lips, not get cracked. - Why is it so thick? - Dunno. Was given to me like this. - Professional? - I was told, it's for real men. - For a thick throat. - Comrade, catch me! - Nah, it's really a big caliber. - Normally they are small.

- Dimon, make a photo of us one more time. - Wow! Contacts! You know why they were smashed? These are contacts. They connect cables, and they had a small pieces of silver on the end of the cables. There was a lot of silver. Maybe a whole bucket. And then they took it out. Radioactive silver.

- How expensive the silver is? 400 hrn pro gram (13$)? - Around 400. I don't know. - 10 000 for a kilo. - For a kilo. Well, there could be a kilo, because in those soviet connectors a lot of silver were used. Because silver transfers electricity and doesn't get oxided.

- It means that radioactive silver went to some kyiv's women? - They made a jewelry out of it. Could you imagine? - Or they sold to some kind of illegal workshop, where they take out this wire and make jewelry out of it. - And they get breast cancer afterwards. - Can you imagine how radioactive is this? For silver they are ready for everything. Convicts are working here.

- What do you think, were people killed here for metal? - It could be anything. Many scary things find place in the Zone. Normally convicts work here, people that served time in prison They do such things here, it's better for you not to know it. - Yes? - Yes. - What things? - People get lost here sometimes. - Wow! What's that rot? - It's there, near that rail, where we were diving. Where we launched the drone. - Where we need to? - Here, to Bono.

- We need to go there? - Is it safe to walk here? - Bono, were you walking here? - Yes. - It's crazy. If one would fall, he'd fall for a pretty long time. - Look, boys. - This is the situation... Damn, my pants got unzipped.

- Here's the situation in the 5th power unit. And here god know's where it goes to. - We were down there, it seems. - I don't oriente. You can... - ... and there they turn off the electricity. - Come on in. - What's wrong? - Come on in quick.

- Look... - Wow, what the hell! - F**k! - Dima! - Thanks! - Why all of you are... - Turn on the powerful flashlight. - Just don't enter the... - F**k! It's flooded! What an echo! Look! Look up! It's endless! I can't see the ceiling.

- What's that? An active zone? - No, it's not an active zone. Wow! How did he get there? - Sus! - I we need to attach it, and then we can... Are you ready? - Yes.

- I film you like that, and you film it outside. Let's go! - Have you seen it? It didn't break the ice! How?! - Ice there must be around 30cm. - Friends, we throw it not for fun, but for a science experiment. - How was it? - Ice there must be around 30cm.

- Does it crack? - Jump on it! - Huh? - Look for it, it's deep. - That thick. - Wow! - It's mega strong. - Is there radiation beneath it? - Have you seen it? There are balks there. Something is flooded there. Sheesh, and Susanin is walking there. It's okay. Ice will protect us from radiation.

- What's that? - There was a hermetical door, and on those things elevator was moving up and down. And bars were moved with the help of it. - You think so? - It was moving here, yes. And now it's stuck like this and doesn't move. - For real like that? - I don't believe in it. Want to check it. - Look at that pit.

- And there's one more like that. There are birds inside. I doubt it, to be honest. But things could happen in this atomic reactor. - What could happen? Scared, ain't ya? - Absolutely not. Let's go, quickly go there! - Okay, let's go. - This is how stalkers through the insides of the unfinishedd reactor of the atomic power station. Here you can see frames, like from the fame Metro 2022.

It's very beautiful and atmospheric. It's a shame, that all of this was abandoned. - What's that?! Do you film me? - Yep. - We need to go there? - Ain't there a normal way? Sus? Sus, how should I move here? We should've find other way. - Shieeet. - Wow! It's electricity transformator! Where did you find it?! - It's for the rods? - No, it's for the cables. One cable gets inside of it, and one could measure the voltage.

A thing for this. - Can one measure radiation level with it? - No, it's only for the cables. There's copper inside, by the way. They didn't even break it. Look there are even cables. - And how much copper is inside of each of them. - And we'll wrap this thing around any cables, you could recieve energy from it. Yet, you won't be able to wrap it. - How much copper is inside? - It's 10x bigger.

- Sasha, how much copper? - 100 kilo. - How much. - Nah, it's a bit of metal inside... I think... - Guys there's so much money in here! Look! Everything was robbed. Only Elon Musk and Soviet Union could be something like this throught the history. And now that's it. Even Stalin couldn't allow himself to build something like this. Everything's robbed. Look!

- Friends, we're having fun. It's really cool here. Hope that Comrade will tear this thing off the wall, and it'll end him. - Friends, snow has fallen, and now we can see the 4th reactor very good. That famous reactor! The confangen arc! Here it is! - Confangen arc! - You think that the flooded tunnel leads beneath it? - Yes. We can already see it. There are some communications, and we can see them from here already.

From here it goes to the OR. Opened power unit. Here, we can see it a little bit to the left. And from there it goes right beneath the 4th power unit. There were special cables, with no voltage. Yet, it's a bit flooded. - Sasha, you have snot over here. - Where? C'mon?! Don't pay attention to it, guys. It's radiation coming out.

- It's okay, you moved it away. Nah, you didn't. A bit more. - Damn! That's okay now. - Nah, it's not. It's got dried.

- It's radiation coming out. - Okay, gimme your hand. Hey, activate yourself, or I'll make your days count! We need to get to the active zone! Then we'll get to dive into the active zones! - Everything's fine. We'll activate the zone now!

Let's go! - Activate yourself! Recollect yourself, Comrade! With your pants down! You lost your conscience! Where are you?! It's radiation! Shut your pants! - Oh! Nice! - Now... Now we're safe. - I'll shut you now! - Relax! - I'll tie you up! - Chil! - I answer for you! Have you seen how much radiation in here?! - 130. - 132! - Fool. Stop it! Stop it! Stop! - What are you doing?! The reactor is nearby! - So, are you done? - I'll lead you! C'mon! Fast! - Here's how the Aunty Laziness looks like! Sharko! What's that snout! I've told you there are convicts, who worked here! Damn! Where we... - It's the real clothing of firefighter? - Of those, who worked here. Maybe not firefighters. - Boys, it's the real clothing of people, who worked here and maintained this place.

- It's black! Walls are black! Everything's black! Look! Damn! What are you doing?! Let's move quicker! - Scared, when it's scary?! - I am! Let's go! - And I'm not! - Your wonker won't be standing! - I don't f**king need it anyway. - We're close! Let's go! Fast! - Comrade! Take out the skin! - I've measured it, guys. Take out the counter and put it on alpha. - Let's go, I'll show you the place, where they were burning it.

- Everything's black here, because they were burning the cables here? - Yes. I'll show you, where they were burning it. Follow me. - Can you imagine the flames? We are walking for seven stores, and all of it is still black! - Here's the bed, where they were doing it. Move the counter to it..! Damn! Closer, move it right to the ashes! - How much is that? It went beyond showable? - 37 000. - Wow! - 170 000.

- Sheesh... - You've switched the sign? - Yes. - Damn. It's really a lot. - Some kind of bastards, were burning cables to get copper wire here? - It were those swines, who cut the metal here.

- For how long could they live after that? Five days? - I think not more than 5 days. - ... here they are! - Boys, there's so much dust! Close your mouth, at least.

- Measure it here. It's cables. - Measure and let's go. You can't really be near them. Measure them and let's go. I don't know radiation level here, but it must be very big. - Stolen copper cables right from under the reactor! - How much is here? 32 000? - 32 000?! - It's crazy, guys. Just crazy.

- Sasha, look watch your step. - They must've took cables from that tunnel. *cough* Dunno what was that powering. We need to get going. Let's go.

- Let's get going. - Is this that place, what we thought about? - Where we came through. - Let's get out from here! Go on..! - Comrade, what can you say about the people, who did that stuff? - They're idiots. To do it for a few cents... Let's hit the road. I'll give you an interview outside. They're suiciders! Let's go! - Here should've been the reactor. There was a launch pad. And here were slots for pipes to power the reactor.

If we'll see from upside down, the height of the reactor must be around 30-40 meters. And it goes like a square well, here should've been the reactor. Above was the cover of the reactor: those squares. These were squares with different colors. They were regulating everything. All of that was above. And there should've been the lid. Oh, Sus! You are right in the middle, where the reactor should've been.

- Wow! Stroke! - It's Comrade! Leha! - What the hell, you motherf**ker?! Come out! Quick! To film there is... - Are you crazy?! It's radiation..! - Enough of sleeping! - Let's... Let's go and film some content. - Go away. - This is the hermetic door. There are not so many doors like in Kyiv... Comrade, come here, I'll brake your testicles with it!

- Do it yourself. - Ain't spinning? - It's rusty and... ...cool! - Why such a thick door, for such a small frame? What could there be? - Aha! Glass wool! - Yes, the temperature was very high! There was reactor behind that door! - Ew! Who f**king farted?! - Phew! - We move on to breach the basement. We are using some equipment now. - Alexey, your welcome! - That's it. I'm ready. - Also... Also...

The best way to go through the basements of Chernobyl. * To be continued... * * In the next episode: * Bono! Bono! Careful! So, boys, you know how scary it is. Here are my feet... Bono, you can... No! No! Go back! * outro *

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