#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

#7 Mars Defense Force feat. Randy Cramer | BREAKAWAY | Season 2

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It's. Right here on earth. You. Hello. And welcome back to, break away here, on dauntless, dialogue, this, is season two and today we're speaking with Randy, Cramer another. Self-professed whistleblower. From the secret space program. Now, Randy is a. Much. Requested guest, here on this show he. Stepped forward back in 2013. And, he. Has quite a lot of stories, to, tell us regarding. Work. In the, Mars Defence Force, as a super soldier Randy. Welcome to, dauntless, dialogue. Thanks. For having me I'm happy, to be here one. Of the things that I really like about, your. Story and the way you tell it is your, authentic. You, are open, you're transparent, you've. Even, volunteered. Yourself, to be subjected to polygraph. Tests, and unfortunately. On multiple, occasions, just to be clear on multiple. Occasions, I have said it to anybody who is offered to put. One forward I said yeah make it happen and I'll show up and up. Until now. How, noble, to make it happen we're hoping fingers crossed that there's, some people at guy TV that want to do it and want to make it happen and we'll make that happen but yeah I have offered. To do that on multiple, occasions. Let's. Go back to the beginning of your story take, us all the way back let's get in a time machine let's. Travel let's do a let's, do a 5 and back I want, you to take us back to 2013 and. Or. Wherever you think the story should begin and let's. Talk. About how you got involved in this clandestine, program. Well. I. Was. Actually engineered, from the ground up so I often. Say. Metaphorically. Speaking that, I was engineered, or born in a petri dish. Which. Is not. So far from the truth, my. DNA. Was engineered. In a laboratory and, then I was assembled. As a genetic, sample in the laboratory, and then, put together, as. In-vitro, cells into, my mother and then, born. To my mother and father to be raised as a quote/unquote, by normal, parents and a normal family. And. While, it conducted, training, sessions as a child through. My adolescent, and teenage years until, I was deployed when I was 17 years old, into. A 20 year program into the covert military space, program which 17. Of those was, in the MDF, as an infantryman, and the. Last. Lemurs, we'll call it was as a pilot aboard the EDF. SS Nautilus, which is, essentially. A. Carrier. A space carrier, which. You know has, a number of air wings on it we still call them air wings even though it's not air out there we, still call them planes, even. Airplanes. And. Piloted. A fighter, as a part of an air wing on the Nautilus, for the last part of my career. So. That's where kind of beginning, of that is like you know I was engineered, I was made I was trained I was deployed and then, spent, 20, years you. Know essentially, following with orders and doing what I was told because, that's what soldiers do. And. Then came. Back was, sent back now, but. The. Kind of the tricky part that I realized for some, people is. A bit to wrap their head around is, that I was. Technically. Sent back 15, minutes right after I left, so. I was putting back, into a younger. Body which. Is, I know it's a little weird for people too that they can extract entire, consciousness your, entire soul, and spirit energy, and put it from one vessel into another vessel. Back into a younger, body, like. Into my timeline 15, minutes after I've left and then. Woke, up, thinking. That I you, know remembering. And thinking that I'd had this dream that was like weeks, months. Ages. Long, and. Then you know as you, kind of do when you wake up and you have quote-unquote. A dream starts.

To Fade out pretty quickly I got up looked in the mirror I was like I'm 17 again and then my mind just completely, repressed. Anything, else that hadn't already been repressed, by the memory, but, that's called a memory wipe but isn't a memory wipe it's a memories impression, so that you don't want. To remember so that you can't. Remember but even though you have all these visceral. Emotions, and images. That can flood or flash through your head because it's a pretty. Traumatic, a. Couple. Of decades that you have to sort, out and. Then. Quote-unquote. Relived. My life from, 17, to 37, as. A. Civilian, trying to put my pieces back together and I have often said it was a 20-year, tour of duty and a, 20-year, healing process, that was. Spent. Years. Where. You know I didn't, want to be, social I didn't want to talk to people I didn't want to go outside I, didn't, like large crowds I didn't like loud noises you. Know I had a lot of PTSD, triggers that took a couple, of decades really to sort out the fact that I can sit here as a evening. Mostly. You know healthy, and functional, person is because it was a couple. Of decades of like. Really, seriously, intense healing, work just to get to be functional, again so. That's. The gist of it I mean welcome, to this its. Many more things about different parts of it but, the gist of it is yeah I was made from the ground up and trained. Deployed. Brought. Back, told. To forget everything and, then. Had to sort of go through a major healing, process just to feel. Okay. And then, in that process of, course remembering. Everything became part very, critical, part of being. Functional, again because there was no way that I was going to have a function, if I did. Says the traumatic memories that I was repressing. That. Is something I would like to say to anyone who's having issues. With. Repressed. Memories. You. Got to deal with them like, there's no way that you're ever gonna function again there's no way you're ever gonna be okay, there's no way you're. Never gonna be normal just give that up right now get up give it up that you're ever going to be normal, that's, what you went through you're not going to be normal but it's going to take processing. Those emotions, processing. Those thoughts processing, those experiences, out so that you can be. A whole, and balanced human being so that you can have. Some, semblance of control over your life again after, having your life completely, taken outside of your control for. Decades. Really, I. Would. Probably encourage anyone who's having those issues to like just really sort, it out and take, it seriously like, it's the only thing that you have with your license or that your, shit and get, it dealt with because otherwise you're. Just gonna end up a mess, and. I've talked, a, lot. Of people who are just a mess because they're having a hard time dealing with it yeah, Randy, what more can you tell us about the, laboratory. That you, say you were kind of build from scratch from the DNA up is was, that a government, laboratory. Military. Was it a private contractor. No. It was a United, States Marine Corps special section lab with, USMC. SS scientists. With, extraterrestrial. Scientists, and engineers who, are helping in the process, now. Since that was before I was born there's, not much that I can say about it other than what I've been told about it. Not. Just to make me but there was you know a 300. Personnel. List for the project, that I was part of when I was kid and so, they were, engineering, myself, and 299. Other. What. Would be boys and girls, to. Go into that training program at the time it was about a three. Or four year process. What. I understand, sort, of like, engineering. And building up that many different, individuals, and. You. Know inserting. Them into, mothers. And family, units, that they could then be. Raised, quote-unquote, normally, and then be. Escorted. Out from time to time I'm. Protecting purposes so let, me just get that straight so so, what do you know about the. Family you were raised with were they in the military where they were like, we're how, are they assigned their parents are, normal what I would call normal working-class, folks, who. Came. From a pretty. Standard. Kind of traditional. Religious, background. So. I got you know raised in a Christian.

Church And, taught a lot of Bible based values, and, you. Know raised to have a moral and ethical. You. Know around that sort of leave and good. And evil and to choose good over evil. And. That. Was really am I mean there was nothing. Military. Or, extraordinary in that sense about my family my. Understanding, is there. Picking. And choosing people. Based, on different. Genetic markers, from, different, ancestral, genes that. Are. Present. In that family, so, they want building, blocks from that family that they can build upon they, don't want to just take any blank slate and build up on it they want to take something that has certain. Fundamentals. That. They want to start with and then they add on to that but. That family was unaware of your background correct. I'm. Sorry again but that family that you were raised by was unaware of the. Your, background correct. Well. I mean yeah. I mean for a lot of years. When. I actually did my first interview. Back. In 2013, it wasn't long to. Do a couple months after that when I realized, I. Don't. Tell, my parents like, someone's. Gonna tell him they're gonna hear it from somebody and I'd. Rather they heard it from me so, I actually. Went. Over to see my folks and brought, my white board and my lap pen, gave them like a three-hour, briefing. On. Everything. That I conceived. Of and they. Were to. Be honest I was not expecting them, to be. As supportive as they are and as, they were at that time and continue to be I. Would. Expect them to be a little shocked and dismayed and possibly, even in, denial about the whole thing but they, were actually really wonderful, and I. Think. It, explained, a lot actually yeah, I think it actually filled in a lot of gaps for them, that. You. Know they always knew I was a special kid and always. Knew that I was a little different. In a good way it's, always super smart always super creative always, super capable, of a lot of different things and I just put a context, for them I think that helps it make sense and so they've been incredibly. Supportive and. They're. Great loving parents I love them to pieces they're, fabulous human beings I wouldn't, I wouldn't be a decent, good person, without them so I owe. My. Parents for raising me to be a decent good person okay and I just wanted to say Randy um before we got started we. Had a crystal clear connection, and your audio is a little bit muffled. Now hopefully it's just the way you're holding it I don't know if there's, interference or a bad connection, but. I just wanted to make this, one, to make you aware that so hopefully it hopefully, it records it clearly. Does. That help at all a little. Bit not, really not a whole lot. Okay. Hold on. So. Let. Me push. The story along here so okay. So so. You're you're born. And bred, in a laboratory, so to speak here you're passed off to an, adoptive, family and at. What, point are, you then, oh no but their biological, family no they're my absolute biological. Family biological, parents biological, siblings, absolutely, part of my genetic, heritage. And my, genetic. Family for sure okay, okay. I missed, that point genetic. Genetic yeah genetic aspects, from my mother genetic, aspects of my father were the building blocks to start, with so they didn't just make some, random person and give. Them to my parents and go here's a kid that you had nothing to do with no they the, building blocks to my, genetic building blocks definitely, come from my biological parents okay. And we were you recruited by the my, lab program, or some. Other program. Rick. Crude. It really gives him to write work because I was engineered from the ground up so you. Know my DNA, somewhere, has a patent, on it and it's. Technically listed, as military, hardware and, you. Know I was. Because. I was part of a United States Marine Corps special section project I've been a Marine since I was a baby, so. That's really where I started and there was really no. Like. Recruiting process or. Assimilation. Process I was in the program from you know before. I breathed air outside my mother's womb. Okay. Okay. So then let's let's. Step, forward into the, either. Your first time. Leaving. The planet or you, know at what point would you say is the most significant, first step. In this story towards, the secret space program. Aspect. Of your experience. Well I. Mean. The, the years of you, know childhood, and adolescent, training is the. Foundation, that everybody. Who's, in such a program gets. Get. A pretty. Deep foundation, mentally physically emotionally. And. Psychologically in, certain training Milton's, basic, military training to be conditioned. To. Do military things, and to, think. And to fight and to shoot and to you, know work as a team and. He. Organized, as a group, that's, all pretty straightforward. But. Really probably the most significant, beginning, to that point was my deployment, when I was seventeen which, was a. Trip. To the moon the. Tr-3b, which, is the black triangle.

Ships. That we have and. Then, a processing. At, Luna Operations, Command which. Then. Turned. Into a deployment soon after that so anyone who's um she. Knows here. Anyone. Who's. Ever. Been in the military knows, that you, go to an induction Center and at, that induction Center you get a physical, you get a psych eval, you file some paperwork. You. Sign some papers you initial initial sign sign initial, initial and sign and. Then you get deployed you get put on a bus or a plane and, sent. To your duty station it's. No, different, other, than that the processing, center is on the moon and that. Instead, of putting you on a bus or a plane they, put you on a ship, on, a start space, traveling, ship with, your paperwork and then send you off your duty station that way so it's still essentially the same procedure just. Different. Technology. And you, know a little more outlandish. Locations. Are present, and that, storyline so. Spent. You know a, couple of days at, the induction Center and, then put on a pretty, large vehicle, of. Transported, I'm guessing. Based. On the number of people that were on the one floor, that I was, on and then the, approximate. Number of floors that it would have had mean maybe. Five stories tall or something like that. But there could have been anywhere. From, four. To five thousand. People. Personnel. On that vehicle that were deployed at that time I mean. I don't know I don't know if every chair, was filled, on every floor. All. I know is a bunch of people were in line to get on and a bunch of people were in line to get on and they. Took us to. Through. A jump gate, from. The lunar, orbit to the Mars orbit, and then brought, us down to the tarmac a, Erik. Ramos which is the headquarters. Military. Headquarters for the Mars Defense Force the MCC which is the Mars colony Corporation, and. Headquarters. For the colonies I've never been to people have asked about that before I've never been to the colonies I know some, information about them but, we were pretty much you, know stationed a distance, away and, told to keep. Anything, that might be coming from outside, the perimeter towards, the inside of the perimeter out to protect the colonies whether, that was really true or not is. Subjective. I suppose but. I've never been to the colonies personally, themselves, so I don't know too, much about them from a personal first-hand experience, but I was never there okay. Let me interject so, regarding. The Mars. Colony, corporation. Were. You given any history, behind it when it incorporated, when. They first touched, down. You. Know who who, was, behind it that sort of thing. Not, at the time I've been informed later that, the MCC, was formed in the early 1970s. And that the first colonies, were probably. Put. Down at, about 1975. And, that. It's essentially, a. Group. Of a combination, of finance, years, military. Contractors. And. Civilian. Administrators. Military, administrators. To, administer. The. Formation. Of colonies, which were supposed to. Have. A certain number of people. You. Know grow, and, personnel, by people having kids and raising them within the colony and, then the colonies, themselves have some, form. Of, financial. Independence. Or, stability where they're supposed to be manufacturing. Mining, or doing something. That makes them profitable, you can't have. A colony, that's you know sucking, resources, out and, going nowhere so at some point the goal is to have them be, completely. Financially, self-sufficient. Or at least to be producing. Something. So that they're able to financially fund themselves but again, those are details I'm not.

As Precise, upon because it's not my area as maybe, some other people might be but. If. You had to speculate would you say that it was like an American corporation. Um, I. Would. Say a, multinational, cooperative. Meaning, that it wasn't just Americans. It was definitely, Americans. And what, when at the time have been members. Of the Soviet Union, and, other. Major. Countries, that, were kind, of sort. Of what used to be the, old g8. Would. Be kind of the countries that I would consider where the, majority, of countries were on those lists, participating. At that time because there were the only countries. That were financially and technologically, advanced, enough to be able to do so and had personnel, who were capable. And, trained, and. Intelligent. Them to be able to serve and function, within those systems, so. It was multinational. And. What was the kind of briefing that you received if any before first. Stepping foot on lunar, Operations Command or on. Mars were, you told you were going to be taken there where he told you were going to go through a jump. Gate were you given, preparations. I know that you were trained but but, were those training, specific, or were they more general, and then, you were sort of surprised by that next step. Um. They're, very general in the sense that I wasn't surprised I I knew. To expect a deployment I knew to expect a lot of what, a quote unquote weird, shit, as, far as advanced, technology, or potential. Of presence of X, crystal. Beams work exotic. Locations. Exotic, technologies, that was all you, know in the training so I wasn't surprised, by any of that but. I was not informed at all where. We were going what we were doing in fact when I signed my paperwork, my. Contract, one of the first things that I asked, the, officer who, I was communicating with sitting. At the table with what he was presenting, the information I became initial sign was. Like well where am I going and he was like well I can't tell you that right now would you have to do is sign all of this and then you, know we'll put you put it in your packet and then, you'll be, informed of that at the right time so we, weren't even informed, when we were on the ship on. The transport, ship we weren't informed of, where we were where we had arrived at until we got on the other end of the jump, they. Were. Orbiting, a. In Mars orbit that was when the pilot of the transport.

Ships Took off into Mars and where, did you deploy from like where did you take off from on earth. Um, I. Looked. Out the window as, you. Know the ship was going from earth. To the moon and I would say was somewhere. In the, American Southwest I want, to say, you. Know Eastern, New Mexico possibly. Western Texas but. Since. I didn't really you. Know there. Are no lines on the map when you're looking down I don't. Appear and, you can't necessarily if, you're not really familiar with your geography you, might not know which state, you're actually. The. Part of so I wasn't exactly sure lil we were departing somebody looked, like somewhere, about, there and, then flew. To the base on the backside of them one other than Operations Command. Ok. And so what. Kind, of trainings, could, they have. Done, with you like you, say general, but I don't, even know what that means are you talking about like weaponry. You know marksmanship. Are you talking about like trip. Are you talking about like intuitive, empath training. Like what do you mean when you say that. Uh. So. We don't have intuitive, impacts, we have psionic, specialists. Which. Is just terminology, more than anything and everyone. In the United States Marine Corps special, section gets. What. We call a rudimentary, training in psyonix, but, if you're a psionic specialist, you get training which is much longer so you, know the. Class. That I took. To. Trained in basic, psionics, was. About, I want. To say five or six weeks maybe. But, psionic, specialists do a program that's like almost eighteen months or something like that it's almost like a year and a half program so, you're that's your specialization you're going to spend a lot more time at it then you would just in, general, if you were just getting the basic fundamental, training but, yeah I pretty much any. Military. Tactical. Training that you can think of we. Got we had so, we're pretty much trained for anything. Everything. And, trained. In scenarios, in, mock-up, scenarios, in.

Which Sometimes. Drones. Were used as target practice sometimes. Biological. Entities. Were used as target practice which. I can't say whether those are things that were genetically engineered, of those things that we had. An agreement with or that we captured, I really couldn't say it was all very strange sometimes but. Live-fire. Exercises, in what. We call exotic, environments, or with exotic, targets, which, means you know they often don't, just have two arms two legs you know and a head sometimes they're really, different and sometimes. The locations, you. Appear. To be about as non-terrestrial, as, you could imagine them to be so, we were trained, for all. That and the reason that we're trained to hold that is. Because, there. Are two things that essentially happen when a person, is confronted. With. Actually. Being in the physical presence of an extraterrestrial being, and the, two things that happen are that your frontal lobe goes. Through a thought process of. Trying, to process what's. Happening how. Prepared are you to have that experience. Are you skeptical. Of that experience are you just going to be in denial, of that experience. Can you go oh no no I can totally accept, this experience, but, what happens, in. Fractions. Of a second faster than what your frontal lobe does is, you that has a emotional. Response a really visceral emotional, response and so without, that training, to be prepared, for just anything. Nine. Times out of ten the amygdala, is going to freak out and you're going to go into some kind of shock, or some. Kind of, psychological. Emotional, distress, panic, attack or. Something so even people and. I talk to people all the time and say I want to meet an ailing that I'm saying no you really don't. Like. You think you do and maybe. If it was an alien that looked a lot like you and me and there are they're humanoids they look nearly. Identical and, indistinguishable from, us and if, you met one of those you probably would be okay but, meeting, an extraterrestrial, being that it's. Completely. Not physically, like you you think you want to be one of those but chances, are the first time that you did your, amygdala, would just freak, out and you would go into a whole series of panic, responses, doesn't, matter how prepared you think your frontal lobe is your. Amygdala, is going to make that decision for you and your and unless you've been conditioned. For years, and years and years to again to anticipate. Exotic. Environments, exotic targets exotic, species you're. Going to freak out so the training is anything, and everything military, that you could think of, as. Well. As being trained specifically, for exotic, locations, and then exotic. Environments. So, they end up on the surface, of another world fighting, some alien species you're basically just like oh oh it's. Tuesday it would go again. Because. Right and that's one of those things that we worry from and, and, that adapting, process can be really shocking, and difficult. Well. That's one of the things that we've heard from other whistleblowers, discussing. The future of disclosure. For Earth is that. We will we, will most. Likely be. First introduced, to, those. Beings that look most like us you. Know that, have the five star pattern that, mostly. Resemble, us in terms of physical and facial features and then. It'll, sort of be a, gradual. Incremental. Process. Of. Introduction. To more. Different. Looking more perhaps, grotesque. Or perhaps scary, different types of extraterrestrials. Right. Um, depends. Depends. On how they decide to roll it out and there's sort of two.

Major. Let's. Call them theatrical, scenarios, because they are theatrical. Scenarios, they're not gonna be what. I would call an organic. Natural, scenario. So it's not gonna be because, somebody. All of a sudden shows up and lands on the front lawn you, know the white house and says take me to your leader like that's not going to happen but, if something like that does happen it's going to be a staged, event where a lot of people have talked about it beforehand, and a lot of people have decided how it's gonna go who's going to be there you. Know what's the script, that people are gonna sort of be reading from. These. Will be very you know pre-planned. Staged to do a trickle of ents in one form or another because, they'll, be. Psychologically. Targeted, they'll be they don't want just sort of random, or you know quote-unquote organic, event they want something that's psychologically. Targeted, so that people can have the greatest. Potential. To, accept it and understand, it and the. Smallest. Number of people will have the smallest chance, to just freak out and lose their shit over it. But. There's sort of two major theatrical scenarios. One of those is a peaceful, scenario, where. Some, extraterrestrials. Show up you. Know in our airspace and, we. Decide to invite them down or they come down you. Know not, so. Invited. And we end up having this you know sort of friendly conversation. Based. On that theatrical, scenario that, would be a scenario in which it would be most. Likely those, species would look very similar to us maybe a little different maybe a little gene rod and very different you know what I'm saying like you know some different. Facial features or bone, structure, issues that might you know mingle oh that's definitely not a you know a terrestrial human but they're gonna look similar. Enough to us that we wouldn't freak out about it but. Chances are they're gonna look a lot like us, other. Scenario, the theatrical, scenario is hoax invasion, which, then it's not the EPS, that look like you and I that show up first but actually something much more terrifying and frightening looking that, will show up first, in, order to shock, the. People into, just, get over it basically what we sort of call the shock and get over it message, which is instead of. Gradually. Getting people to accept it you just thrust. Them into a hoax. Invasion, of some. Sort of terrifying, monstrous, extraterrestrial. Landing. On the ground you, know across the the news bands, splattered. Across you know television computer, screens. To. Just get everybody to go oh my god like just have this complete, shock. And acceptance. Of. Being. Invaded and then having some. Friendly, ETS, again you probably look more like us show up a little bit later and say uh we, see you're being invaded here we'll help you out and then you. Know oh what. A it's really melodrama anyone who understands, what. Melodrama, it really is which is this sort of classic, black, hat white hat theatre which is you know the villain comes in whirling. His moustache you, know and the guy, and the white hat comes in with a big toothy grin and I mean that's that's you know theatrical, melodrama and it's. Going to be it would be very similar to that where you have this clear. Villain, character, who, shows up you know twirling, their quote/unquote, metaphorical, mustache you know going whoa-ho-ho, and you know creating, all kinds of havoc and mischief and problems and then, some really. Clear, you know, smiley. White tooth you know white hat figure that shows up to help save the day and then, that becomes, the narrative, in which. Be. Able to start having this discussion, that. It's not just in theory or. On. Some fringe, media sites or you. Know in some, internet. Access. Channels, where people are talking about covert. Military space, programs and extraterrestrial, being but where it's actually, on. The six o'clock news. Where. Everyone, has to deal with it and everyone has to either accept, it or decide. To. Not. Accept, it and freak out but it's likely.

To Be packaged, in such, a way that, you have the largest percentage of people who will just, accept. It in one form or another amendment, most people are gonna like it but, they will accept it because they. Just won't have a choice and an invasion is one of those things. Where. You know you don't have a choice you have to accept it because it's happening that's it's threatening it's a danger, people's lives are on the line and you don't have time, to sit back and go well, I think. It's a hoax like you know if there's you. Know. Giant, insects, on the ground blowing, up cars and, tearing down buildings. You. Know then. That. Becomes this visceral acceptance. That people have to get over any. Of the other. Doubting. You, know kind of questioning, things that can happen in their branding no that's real like if it's really you know if they're blowing shit up then. It becomes very real people, just have to accept it deal with it if you have, friendlies. Who look like us to, come. Down there can be a ton, of skepticism. A ton just like from every corner of, social. Demographics, who want, to distrust the media want to distrust the government who want to distrust what you know leadership tells us because. There's. Room for it there's plenty, of room to be disagreeable. To, question. Because it's not threatening it's not life threatening it's not endangering. And there, is something about. Experiencing. Physiological. Danger, the adrenalin, that people have to go through and how that causes, your brain to. Achieve. Greater levels of acceptance so, there is something to be said for a. Drastic. Immediate. Physical threat, that. Has the ability to get people, to. Get over any. Of the questions doubts or confusions, that they might have because. Instead. Of the frontal lobe being, able to think, about it or instead. Of the amygdala, being able to just be shocked, by it the. Reptilian. Brain goes, into survival and says we, have to deal with this you. Just have to deal with it and so the reptilian part of your brain your lower cerebellum, kicks, in and says we're, gonna deal with this we're gonna find a way to accept this we're just gonna get over it because our, survival, is at stake and so, there's. That's the two major theatrical ways, in which that could be pulled out so depending, on which, way, in which they decide to roll that out will depend on whether it's this nice Pleasant. You, know they look like us we can be friends with them or whether it starts out with. You. Know shock and awe. Wow. Okay there's, a can of worms right there and I just want to share a couple of my thoughts I do agree, that there is going to be pageantry, and theatrics. To it and a. Lot of it's gonna be pretty pre-planned. It has to and. It that's, occurring right now behind. Closed doors you, know there's pros and cons to, both sides of it on the one hand as, Ronald, Reagan once said you know it would unify, us as a species if there, was a common threat so on in that regard I think we'd let go of a lot of our. Infighting. And and. Unify on the, other hand first impressions, are very important. And if your first impression, to the. Galactic. Community is, one of threat, then. Especially, if it's like a certain, type of et like if it's insectoids. Then. The human race is probably going to have a. Thing, against insectoids, even, the benevolent, ones for, a long time because that was our first.

Knee-jerk, Reaction. But. Having said that I'm, assuming. And tell, me if I'm right or wrong here I'm assuming that this. Is what you're kind of hearing because you do have your ear to the wall still, you. Are plugged in still you're not kind of rogue, I do, understand, that you you do have your connections, and you do hear. The gossip so, can, can, you confirm, or can you tell us. Who's. Pushing for, for, which narrative, is there a group, that's pushing for one and a group that's pushing for the other. That's. A very good question and, the. Best way I can answer that is to say that it's, this very, complex. Arrangement. Of. Military. Intelligence groups. State. Operators. Would. You know executive, branches. Of government of, a number of countries military. Intelligence, branches. Of a number of countries. Legislative. Bodies of a number of countries who. Are all, engaged, in this conversation about, how do we deal with this how, do we roll, out some form of disclosure because we know it has to happen we, know we can't keep it a secret forever we know that we need, like desperately, need the tools and. Technologies. That are behind, those walls of secrecy in order to survive, as a species as a civilization on planet Earth that just has to happen that's enough conversation, around the table people understand, that what. Becomes the problem is. Discussing. Exactly how that's going to happen and you. Have a lot of people who are, well. I, don't, want to do it that way if that guy's gonna get in an advantage, and we're gonna have a disadvantage. I don't. Want to do it that way I want, to have the advantage and you know screw that guy and. So you have a lot of problems. Getting people to agree to. Anyway and so, you kind of have these two major schools but which are should. We do it totally, peaceably should we do it with the shock and awe of a hoax invasion, and it's, not. Really so simple to say. Who's. On one side and who's on the other although all I can really say to that is there's. Certain. Chunk. Of representatives. From all of those different kinds of factions that I mentioned, on one, side and a, chunk on the, other and I think. It's fair, to say at the moment that we have a greater. Than 51%. Of. Those people who, are becoming more, Pro hoaxes invasion, because it just works out better. For everybody and I won when. I say everybody I mean everybody who's, at the table making those decisions so. Even. Though. You. Know we can sit around and come, up with all the positive reasons why. We. Would want to do it peaceably. It. Kinda, becomes, this, overarching. Notion. Why hoax invasion, is looking pretty good to these people is, because we have more, in fighting on this planet, than we've had in centuries. And, people. Just straight-up. Hate. Each other and I mean what the capital, H ap II hate, to the point where there are groups of people who do. Not want to live on this planet if other groups of people are living on this planet and are doing everything everything. They can to exterminate. Those groups or doing. Everything they can to, establish. An incredibly. Militaristic. Way of, existing, in order to create. Conflict. On epic scales. You. Have a number of organizations, who, believe, that. Essentially. They are ushering. In the. End times, for their particular. Religious. Belief system, and that covers, a number of religious, belief systems not just one or two who. Believe that they are ushering. In a moment, when their, particular, narrative, of what's supposed to happen at the court unquote the end of the world and, how their particular deity, or Messiah, is supposed to save them and the, people and their quote unquote true believers, of that group. And. So. That. Becomes really problematic when, trying to get those people to agree to something peaceful, because some of them simply will not, they. Will simply never, come, to the table and agree to a peaceable, understanding, with. Extraterrestrial. Species of a friendly nature because they believe a narrative, that. Is, deeply. Ingrained in their religious experience. For. In some cases you, know millennia, that, they're, not letting go of and so, kind. Of have, an agreement, of, understanding. That the only way to get the, largest, numbers of those people in those groups on the same page is to have a common enemy so. You, know you can have groups. Of people trying, to you know jab each other's eyes out because they hate each other or, you. Can have them sitting around the campfire, you. Know sharing. Food. And water. Or I'm going damn. Aliens you know I like having one person you know one group of people to hate upon and that gets everybody's, focus together which.

As. Weird, as it may sound and. I often find myself feeling. Like I'm in the strange, position. Being. Pro hoax invasion, because, it, gets, everyone's, focus, on the same page gets everyone's. Focus together, and as. Even. Though that's on a common, hate or on a common, enemy, we, really, need that we really need to get our focus together, and on the same page and that's kind of the only way it's gonna happen really, it's, just not likely that any enough. Of the social, psychological demographics. Are gonna come to an agreement if it's a. Feasible. Landing. Of species, and a ship that say take me to your leader we're here to help out like, there's just a lot of people that are going to be suspicious of that from the get-go but. If you have a situation in where you have a clear, enemy who's, clearly, the bad guy well, then when the good guy shows up it's a lot easier for people to go a the good guy just showed up because you have this binary, dichotomy. That's already been set up in the mind which is part of our human brain our part of our human consciousness of, a, villain and a hero anyway, of a good and a bad if a you know of two different sites anyway, so by creating. That villain. Side it. Means that people are really going to be more accepting of the. Quote-unquote good guys when, they show up because. It's. Gonna be very clear in their mind who the. Bad guy is and then in which is gonna set up this position in their brain for law if that's the bad guy who's, the good guy some at some point there's got to be a good guy who's gonna show up in this you know narrative, and then we can go oh yeah the good guy just showed up so. Psychologically. It's, just more likely that's the way we're gonna go because there. Just doesn't seem to be a way that we can get. Agreement. On how. To get all those other groups together on the same page without wanting to just end the world without going without, as soon as they see ETS. Landing, on the front lawn or they see them in this guy though oh that's it into the world let's all gather together in our, living. Room our church our mosque are Enclave, and we'll, just douse ourselves with, gasoline, and light ever, I'm fire. Or do, a Jim Jones moment, just drink you know cyanide laced kool-aid or something like that you. Know those. Are all very real scenarios, there's a number. Of real. Scenarios, throughout. The. 19th and 20th centuries where that's happened, where you have groups.

Of People who've decided it's the end of the world and you. Know they, got. Together in their particular. Building. Of faith. Or worship, and lock the doors and burnt. Themselves to a cinder or drink poison because. They felt that that was the only way to get through. Quote-unquote, the end times and so, we're. Very concerned about a small. Percentage, of those, let's. Just call them what they are. Mentally. And emotionally unstable, people, who. Don't, want to accept a future, just, don't want to accept a future in which their, religious, narrative is not dominant, and that's. Kind of gonna have to happen there's a lot of people who wish, their religious, narrative. To be dominant, and it's just not gonna be it's just it's gonna have to take a backseat to. Understanding. That we live in a big universe, with, a lot of species and. Your. Deity, doesn't, necessarily, have. You. Know major, priority, over every, other species in the universe it may it be something that has a priority, over you and your life your spiritual system and your people you choose to give it that but. It doesn't necessarily have any authority, with. Other species. From. Other worlds and that's that's, gonna rub some people just really the wrong way and so, if, you have a invading. Species you. Know that gives them something to focus on something to demonize, something, to vilify something, to go oh that's. The, evil. Right. There and then something else shows up they go in okay maybe that's the good guy so again it sets up the dichotomy, in the binary brain, so. That people can you, know except, one thing because. The other thing is present so they can accept the good because the evil is present but if there's not really that present, presence. Of good and evil directly, kind of defined, then. People are just going to start dividing, up on what they think is good or evil even if they're quote unquote good ETS who have arrived. Based on their own, belief. Systems of what they think should or should not be so. It's. That's the quandary that we're really dealing with is how to minimize. The impact, of mass, suicide, when, we. Have contact, because it's, not the majority of the population that, we're concerned about 85%, of the population will, I doubt in, one form or another 85% statistically.

Will Adapt, it's that 15%. That's. A little mentally and emotionally unstable, that, is just not ready to accept a reality, outside of what they deeply. Believe and that, when that happens. There's. Just this very real chance that their. Their. Reaction is going to be to self-destruct, and and, we don't want those people, setting. Off a trend. Which. Can happen social. Psychologically. Which, is to establish you, know mass suicide, trends or something like that we just don't want that to happen so we're. Trying to mitigate that in, this process and, again. Just. Psychologically. For the largest number of people, hoax. Invasion fits that model so various. Groups of people on either side of that fence is what we should or should not do about that and I just say that hoax invasion, isn't winning that argument. Because. There's just a lot of things that it fixes faster. Even. Though you have to break some things you. Know I hate I hate to. Use this phrase. Because. It's a phrase that's often justify. You, know allows people to justify, terrible things but if you want them in, economic. You got to break some eggs and so, at some point we, see this way through, this as if we want to make it happen we're, gonna have to break some eggs and we're gonna have to, you. Know blow. Some things up and some, cities will suffer, tremendous, damage of destruction. And fire and human loss of life in order, to make that happen and that's, sad that's terrible. That we're at the place without her or that we've that's, just the options that we're looking at which is to. Never. Figure, this out or. Make. It happen in such a way that you have people really divided, and again, turning on each other, because. They. Don't have a common enemy to turn on or. Give, them a common enemy, to focus, on. And it gets everybody off every but you know each other's backs and gets humans you, know stop attacking other humans, and trying to destroy other humans and annihilate ourselves and, puts. The focus on trying. To you, know keep. Everything alive, and stable on planet Earth and so it's it's. A sticky, wicket as. The saying goes and I and I just find myself in this weird position defending. Hoax invasion, like it's a good idea just because you. Know on the list of good and bad you know pros and cons on either side, it. Works out it. Works out better in a lot of ways and it, gets us down, the field as it were and faster. More. Efficiently, than some other things but again it's not my call as how that's gonna happen so, there's no way that I can. Say. This is how it's gonna happen this is how it's not gonna happen I can, tell you based on the conversations. What the trend, in those conversations is, and where, people are tend to lean right now in that conversation, but. When it comes right down to how it gets decided that's not my call so I have I can't say exactly how, it's gonna go I can only tell you what the, gist of the conversations. And what the majority of people are you.

Know On the side that they're sitting. Right now which is. Here. Are a few of my thoughts in, no, specific order so. Yes. There's going to be mass hysteria, either, way. Having. Said that there, currently, is mass hysteria already. The. Military-industrial. Complex. Needs. To be prepared from it's like if I can if I can interrupt broke wickley what a place to be prepared from right well we're already facing, just, chaos, and disaster at, all these other points in our reality, what. Why is that not the most perfect stage, for the next step in something which is like oh and, there's aliens - okay. Whatever. Like, it also I think is part of the stage setting of that, event that we're in chaos because if everything was calm they. Would throw things into even, greater chaos but the fact that we're already in chaos means. That there's a chance for people again to adapt. My. Interruption, no no it's it's all good um. You know who's to say that these military-industrial complex types. Who are sitting around the roundtable planning. All of this are, even. In control I mean I know they certainly fancy themselves in control but a group could come down as you said and land on the White House front lawn and reveal. Themselves or, you. Know it could be the anshar, from Inner Earth it could be anybody, really. Who says you know what you've the, clock has run out you've, had your chance we're, gonna kind of take it from here. Having, said that here's. My personal take, on all of it if I had to cast, you know my, vote one way or the other is I. Kind. Of reject the whole false. Dichotomy, to begin with because I think that there's. A third option here you know yes we are going to project our, conceptions. Of good versus evil and a lot of the religious. Dogma on to the such a. Situation. But, I do think, that there. Already is a, nemesis. On this planet and I think that if we could reveal the, various. Dark, forces that have been committing, systemic, pedophilia, and genocide, and depopulation, and. Social. Engineering, and false Flags and if we could really. Stratton the spotlight on them we. Could unify the human race around, a common, enemy without, having to look elsewhere. I I. Won't, disagree with that I will say that, in, fact. There's. Some interesting rumors. That. That's. Also on the table, of options and. And. I. You. Know there's, something or just gonna have to wait and see how they work out because I. Hear. Discussions, about, again. The pros and cons for how to get that done what the obstacles, are getting, that done, and, whether, or not certain. People think that that's just, really. Gonna work not, not that it's a good idea or a bad idea that's, irrelevant, to the conversation, mm-hmm. It's more relevant to the conversation whether it will work so. Bad. But I've. Heard. Some things recently. Which. Are. You. Know. Pointing. That as a real possibility and, I and I'm just holding. My breaths like everybody. Else. When Billy okay well let's let's see how that works out so I've. Been told. That if if. Something. Like that is gonna happen we, might, actually see. Something. Going, down within. A matter of weeks, from. Here from today we might actually see something happening within a matter of weeks but I can't. Say. Whether that's how it's gonna go down or whether that's what's happening all I can say is I've. Heard some, interesting rumors, you, know like plenty of other people probably I'm sure sorry, regarding. The 52,000, indictments, and directly I was gonna work out. Well. Listen a captain I mean you have my phone number so if you want to put me in touch with the powers. That be I can certainly give, them my take on on how it should go down and I'm sure they'll listen. Sorry. Say that again there's a little bit of feedback. There's. Some feedback, you're. Breaking up at the moment can you say that last part again. A. Little. Bit of a laugh sorry. Oh. Man. There's definitely. Some feedback, on the line security, clearance and so, that just kind of puts you in that civilian what those security clearance why should we listen to that guy but, I. Respect. The public opinion. Randy. I think we've lost you are you still there. Can. You hear us. Okay. All. Right well maybe that's a sign that we've. Reached the end of our interview we actually ran a little bit late here, captain, I want to thank you so much for coming on the show I look forward to exploring your. Story in greater, detail in the upcoming episodes. Here I know our audience is very eager you have been highly, requested on this show today. We did a little bit of politicking.

And Speculating. About the the. Nuances, of the unfolding of disclosure, but. I'm sure that our audience appreciates. Your take on everything as I think we're all asking ourselves the, same question is, yeah, sure this is great but how is it going to happen and when so. I want, to thank you again for coming on the show. My. Pleasure thank you for having me I always, do my best to just tell, it like I understand, it and be, as forthcoming as I know how to be and trying. To give people information that, will be useful for them down the road so, do. My best well thank you so much join us next week and break, away here on dauntless dialogue as we, speak with captain Randy Cramer more, about the layers of secrecy. That. Are entailed. To compartmentalize, and to keep all of this under wraps and how. That layer, of secrecy, is starting to be peeled back how, the secrecy, is eroding, and we're starting to actually see some. Push. From, behind the scenes to actually declassify. A lot of this stuff and make. It go mainstream so, we're, looking forward to that and we'll see you next, week. You.

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Come on! He asked u WHAT DID THE REPTILIANS LOOK LIKE and u answer by describing their weapons? We dont give a crap what their weapons looked like! Here are the RELEVANT questions: 1) Who gave humans the approval to go to another planet and start killing off the indiginous beings there, reptilian or not? 2) Who gave humans the approval to go to another inhabited planet and start mining it? 3) How do u blindly follow orders that may one day cause huge repercussions on your fellow man back on

How can u live 20 yrs somewhere and then be age reversed and time traveled back? I don’t care how many make this claim. They’re lying or insane. The guy is selling books, has a GoFundMe a/c, and “works” for the Marines but has no paycheck? I’m not sure which is crazier. Who works for free? Only the crazy.

It took about 3 minutes for my lie detector to switch on. He doesn't say this or that happened to ME, no it is always 3rd person or second person. Same as when Armstrong was questioned about his Moon Walk. It is like he is speaking from a text book. Also I noticed he was getting tired at the end of his monologue. It is tiring to lie for over half an hour. People are so gullible ! The only question in my mind is what is his motive ?

Old news. Not enough of his personal experiences. I guess he reads and views the same info I do.

Wow. Hope it turns out good.

Makes a huge difference that his parents supported him after he told them his story. Very good loving parents. His survival rate will skyrocket with loving support.

The attackin AND defendng et actors should be a mix of different looking off worlders so humans can understand that there a various factions within ALL races. some humans are just soooo thick. truely fustrating and exhausting

honestly 15% cannot hold back the rest this planet and all living this are dependent on this moving forward so we can clean the environment and ourselves from all the poisons with new technology. too many suffering right now. just get it done. so sick of waiting

The secret space programs need to go viral and mainstream. This is really the biggest news of the century, ETs and the military working together for decades and keeping it all a secret!

It's not feedback. Randy was being jammed.

This one really bothers me. So many of us believe in ET’s that doing a hoax invasion will create another point where we further turn on our government and leaders. This is not a new theory we have been warned for many years a hoax is possible. What are they thinking. The truth always comes out. When it does there will be needless deaths on their hands and no forgiveness for the loss of loved ones. Anyone in the know will be crucified and murdered for the horror we would have endured. People are still going to harm each other or kill themselves either alternative. I say it is more likely if there is an invasion. They will figure they are a dead man walking anyways and want to go out with their family. The trauma on the collective will be enormous with an invasion. Never trusting any ET race period. We would always feel they were lying or manipulating us. Where are we as a society that trusts no one and no ET’s. We have had needless trauma inflicted on the us for years at the hands of those in power. It is time to change it. Put a stop to this negative way of doing things once and for all. Anyone listening with the power to stop this needs to realize we are not the same naive public anymore and we trust nothing we can’t find proof and back up. We are using our own inner knowing to discern truth vs lies. It will not fair well for anyone involved or who the public believes is involved. We will already blame u when it happens. The warnings have been out there for years. Don’t expect us to believe u. We are now awake and searching the truth out on our own. The manipulation is over. It is time for those responsible for the crimes against our people to be brought out. The light of truth shone down to heal the public. In truth we find a way to manage. In lies we create more anger and killing. Haven’t you all learned by now. You caused this now you need to pay for it. The only way forward is to reveal the true monsters that used this knowledge to enslave us. Only then will peace be possible. Only then will forgiveness and healing begin. The biggest problem is the people deciding our fate are those responsible for the situation we are now in. They don’t want to face judgement for their actions so they want to cause more negativity and trauma. It ends now. We opt out of your game. We will bring the truth out one by one. The puppets have cut their strings. Do the right thing or face the consequences. Do no harm!

Also you don’t join the cosmic neighborhood through hate. You have to be able to prove yourself capable of understanding and love not hating the right people. That’s dumb. Good guy bs bad guy is way too naive. You learn to understand each other here on earth first before well even be allowed to go deal with other groups. That’s why the Germans aren’t even allowed on most areas of the galaxy. The solar event will cause enough of a problem that we will need to come together to survive and that will be the “bad guy”. Unity will be the “good guy”. We will still stay tribal and has smaller communities but that won’t be based on hate. Then we can start working together. I also believe the fake invasion wether they use real PLFs and ships to wreak havoc and then the cabal steps in and says “we’ll protect you don’t worry. Just give us all your power and freedom in w change for our safety and security”. Like they do on many planets across the galaxy in order to game the system and create a loophole in the system where the benevolent ETs won’t step in and stop them. Evil needs authorization. Even if not fully informed or a hazy omission of truth. By coopting the leaders of the communities and planets they skirt the rules and let them take most of the karma. The same plan has already been used here for thousands of years but the fake invasion won’t work here and now because were already so far behind on schedule to move into 4th density and the plans to help us has already been decided and the early stages instituted so they won’t allow that to happen anymore than a short quick thing that totally fails and shows them to be the decrepit crazy frail old man hiding behind the curtain pretending to be the all powerful wizard. It will just expose them and help to wake everyone up as well as be a form of disclosure after showing all that tech everyone will know our true capabilities. So yeah I’m not too worried about the fake invasion. We also can’t just blame everything on all the factions of the cabal or the Germans cuz we let it happen and we’re perfectly happy to let them take the reigns and control our destiny wether through laziness or complacency or just plain dumb naïveté. We need to wake up to our own issues and do the shadow work to understand the same negative aspects of ourselves. Our own greed, avarice, envy, intellectual laziness and lack of Wisdom or interest in the important things in life. We have all been guilty of just coasting along through life worried only about ourselves and not caring about other people or how we act and our effect upon other people and the earth. So it’s time to first understand these issue then we can work to forgive ourselves and others and learn from the evils of the cabal, the greatest villain and catalyst for change in our species history. The hero needs a a villain to make the journey. The protagonist needs an antagonist. The hero’s journey is what we all embark upon once we start to wake from the dream. But it’s a long process and technically never ends but this first and most vital quest or fractal iteration is what we need to prevail over. Then we can start the next larger cycle. But for now let’s just focus on getting free from this greatest control structure. The archonic system that is draining us of our energy and labor and resources by keeping us in this false reality they created. Break the mind control first and free the mind and soul and the body will follow.

Lots of good questions are being ask about Randy's career, Mars, his parents etc. I highly encourage anyone seeking more info to listen to Randy's interviews with Doc Salla and others. The level of detail of his parents, child hood, military training, combat experience, PTSD, fight to get his military records, his wife, life after returning to earth are remarkable. Great interview Adam!!

Randy’s great and all but all he has to do is let go of the cord and his sound should be fine. The fact that he’s holding it away from his body is the problem. Let it hang up against your neck and it will pick up the vibrations and sound right through your neck/ throat.

Do the colonists of Mars believe that the Earth has been destroyed by nuclear war? How poetic if the Earthlings think Martians don't exist and Martians think Earthlings don't exist.

He sounds like he's remembering a clone's memories. The recovered clone memory theory is the best one, imho, it is better than the time travel theory.

Interesting interview, thanks! I would like to hear Cap. Cramer talk about his experiences in Mars.

I agree with you Adam but if they do that, they'll have to stop poisoning us - they don't want that!!!

it's really too bad people can't just be HONEST

please give people more credit than that ...

things are very different today - with everything happening, nothing surprises me anymore & i dont know ANYONE that would react that way ... just another excuse I think ... ?

I'm confused, if they are his biological parents how did they not know what was going on with him. I mean did his mother have IVF, did they know he was being trained, did they consent or work with the military? How could all this occur without their consent and participation?

U ask good questions bro #Subscribed

I could see a War of the Worlds scenario work where we never actually see the ETs just their ships or vehicles. And they could use scanning tech to blow up vehicles and buildings without anyone inside. Lots of flash with minimal casualties that way. Have it go on for a few hours or a few days with lots of news coverage before the good guys show up. They could even target military bases that have been largely evacuated. That actually may work really well because it would reduce the hysteria a bit if “the bad guys” are just targeting the military. Then “the good guys” show up in their ships and protect civilian cities.

How was his mother impregnated? Did she know ?

I've been into Randy's info for years and his stuff is simply amazing great vid

Very first question that needs to be asked is about what genetic markers they are looking for and that would make things clear... all other is any other fiction

No way are humans going to be able to all unite, unfortunately.

Why would you TRUST GAIA TV? THERE TOTALLY LUCIFERIN. THATS WHY David Wilcock Left them! They have been sold out awhile.

@Dauntless Dialogue - Why do you keep mispronouncing the SSP? It's Sociopathic Space Pirates, NOT Secret Space Program.

What would it take to get a big enough quantum potential bomb to end this universe and all within? Everything is too hopelessly evil and corrupt to ever be made better, much less made right.

~40:00 ~ 43:00 There are no "good guys" out there. Anything other than immediate full disclosure of all is inherently corrupt, and completely unacceptable. Sad to see Cramer willingly continues to be part of the problem.

Before you think it is too crazy consider this. A world enslaved, deceived by all, exploited by all, or so it seems. What few supposed benevolent powers out there, refuse to do what is necessary to end this eternal hell. Why should we suffer forever for their convenience? They are corrupt, their inaction complicity.

I Did not get an alert for this video even though I am subscribed and have the bell checked.

Where did Arthur go? No one seems to be able to get this moved to military tribunals. Starting to sound like bullshit.

Ask capt. Randy what he thinks they're going to do about those of us that are expecting the false flag invasion. I for one will try to inform people. Does the issue that so many people know be a problem for the narrative?

Randy makes great pros/cons for disclosure scenerios , I wouldn't have thought the same about the fake invasion option

Awesome I know where to spend my next hour

God bless everyone here. Learn the truth of the matrix we are in, but most importantly....WHY..... (THESE LINKS DO NOT LINK TO “SERMONS”) https://youtu.be/g1Bp_5W69Kc https://youtu.be/YBfZNpmyY84 https://youtu.be/7v554QtlGKs Maranatha!

You want to unify the human race get rid of the fucking democrats!


So they want just continue the lies. That is stupid. Hurt people to tell them what WE ALREADY KNOW????

What do you already know?.. People are being hurt everyday anyway

Dear host, Do you realize that your guest is describing the book of Revelations.... Alien Invasion = The demonic forces arrive and attack mankind... Their sting will be a thousand times that of a Scorpion, etc, etc... Friendly Aliens Arrive = Christ returns to save mankind, etc, etc... Its all just a bit too convenient don't you think ???

Adams back!! Sad it was not a Arthur update though

The invasion option is bull. If you've been paying any attention at all to the ascension path to 5D Gaia then you'd immediately see why that isn't going to happen.

Don't assume you know everything or what can happen

Got any evidence??? Of course not.

well, there is SOME evidence, but these things are primarily just introductions to evidence that MAY appear in the future. He is claiming to be a United States Marine and it is against the law to do so. The govt has not stepped forward to prosecute him and he's been at this for years. They will prosecute the guy at walmart who hangs around trying to get a military discount on body lube but not the guy who tells this story for years on the internet. That counts for something.

What kind of evidence are you looking for?

Enjoyed the video but I hope Randy can use a better mic if he has anymore videos!

Me too. The people who can't handle it in either case are gonna be there in both situations

I'd rather see a peaceful disclosure!

What's your take on this? Where is your opinion ?

MK Ultra is real. The Earth is enclosed, flat and domed. I believe the military can make these people think these things happened. Like it or not, we're all stuck here unless we get the best advocate to take our case.

Hypnosis is a way of mind control and every planet is round WE are more advanced then people know about. I know our military has been studying the brain for years. I seen videos where they put people in a machine where they were spun real fast and what it does to the brain or they would stimutalte apart of the brain and people would tell stories of thoughts they were having and feeling Some said how they felt God.

@AnnieO100 - Livestream your suicide in front of the CIA HQ you dirty spook. Nice touch mixing flat-tardism with known mind control, though.

Earth is not flat for Christmas sake

I dont get it.. how can his parents not know he was genetically modified and a space soldier. His story has holes but would make a great movie.

Do sum homework ,..it makes perfect sence

Missed your videos! Your hair looks great!

Please have Tony on more please

Adam: Where on your website can we see some of the sketches/pictures Tony refers to? He says in different interviews "I will send you a drawing".

bhakta peter Don’t worry, Tony has several more interviews lined up with me!

try to interview META

What ever happened to Arthur



How bout our real MSM do interviews with some nice alien groups to get us use to different species

Please have Randy on often. He's great! One of the best on the subject.

There are people in mad houses for less than this guy claims. Makes me sick listening to this guy's absolute bullshit. He's so ill, clearly seriously delusional psychosis. Believes his training is worth 20 million?! Too much TV, dude.

Love the channel

duality and freeing self-aware beings is not a new concept in the universe. Us dummies on earth took way longer for disclosure cuz of the 22 genetic groups that control us

CNN told me it was swamp gas

Great interview!

why do rich ppl eat and drink the blood of the youth? lol

lol youre making stuff up in your head to try to not accept a truth your mind cant comprehend..its called cognitive dissonance

thats pretty much how it goes

Omg that was crazy! Thank you!

I’m liking the new direction of the channel but if your plan on continuing phone interviews, the mic situation has to be fixed because the prior season was bad too. It makes the videos unbearable to watch and I haven’t made it through one yet to the end

All that info is well and good but I care more about the tech, aliens, and outer space then the guys personal life.

Elaborate please Kaneda.

hopfully we can do a podcast together soon

Happy to see a new video with Randy. By the way the "Woo-hoo"

Yes, and how was he separated from his family. Was it like Tony Rodrigues' experience, waking up to aliens?

An invasion scenario is utterly ludicrous and tells a lot about the people that Randy is working with. Sorry Randy. I like you but think that this is the most idiotic thing that has come out of your mouth. First, no good ET's will want to participate on anything that creates the slightest fear on people. Fear is a negative energy that would just perpetuate the Draco influence on our planet. We need to end their legacy immediately. Next, the argument that we need to stop people who will commit suicide as soon as they find out about ET's ignores the universal right to freewill. We can't interfere with freewill. Yes, some people will end their lives as soon as their religious beliefs are mangled. But this is no reason to create fear among the rest of humanity. Many souls incarnate precisely to experience failure in the form of suicide. These souls would have known that the opportunity could come as disclosure took place well before they incarnated in this life. Who are we to stop this? Finally, a co-created message of love by those of us who are awake will go a long way helping others cope. Let's remember that we create our future and not the military. If we get together with the intent of a positive reception by the fragile ones to the bad news, our time line will be a happy one. This is the number one message from ascension. We are not just material beings as we were in third density. Now that earth has shifted to fifth density, we are supposed to understand that we are conscious energy that creates it's destiny through freewill. It's time to understand that there are no outside savors. We are our own savors. Those that miss this point will find themselves in a different reality where their planet is in third density and I am nowhere to be found. I for sure prefer to experience what I have been waiting for and move up in density. I am moving on and helping all others around me through love. Let's not get influenced by the few Cabal-traumatized military people. They are the ones who, based on what Randy is saying, don't know any different. Besides, many of them still fear that we will want them in prison for aiding and abiding the Cabal's slavery practices for decades. I don't know about you, but I surely and lovely forgive and pardon all military people who take our side and who help us get access to our clean earth, effective health, free energy technologies and allows us to take our galactic seat at the table. Let's end the four thousand years of hate and revenge. Let's take our place within our intergalactic family by taking a positive first step rather than a negative one.

Dear Bogus Hype, Please read my comment above. Like you, I want to get involved doing the right thing. But promoting fear will result in the invasion scenario because fear is negative energy. As ascending beings hoping to reach earth's new fifth density, we are supposed to learn that we, not others, create our own future through our freewill. Let's stay on a positive message and the best outcomes will happen on our timeline.

hard to get pass the audio. Tacoma Washington

Richard Hammonds Im not hating anybody. Im just sick of all the lies. Nevermind the polygragh test - let me see your PAYCHECKS & PENSION. If u cant (or won’t!,) then there’s my answer. NOBODY works without getting paid. He cant get it because he doesnt work for them.

Becky Weaver how do we know. that you are not loco. stop hating

denise ludick please with the clean the environment shit.

Noetic333 what lovetard

+Richard Hammonds Livestream your suicide in front of the CIA Langley HQ you filthy spook.

ahmataevo start with you ending yourself first

Acton Treadway Cheers for reply, My biggest concern is that the powers that be put people out there to deliberately mislead us that’s all. Who really knows?

Johnnys List do you have evidence is not moron

+Johnnys List I think it's a legitimate concern but since there is nothing to be gained from watching this anyway, the stakes are pretty low. What if you made it to the end of your life and you mistakenly believed there was a base on Mars? How regretful would you really need to be? Not very.

How about a life regression session  for Randy and many other whistleblowers coming upfront with their stories ?  There are many doctors who  do a professional job when working with a patient.  The session can be recorded  and released to public.   While in hypnosis the liminal threshold  is eliminated since the patient's brain  can be in theta or even delta state. Proper questioning can reveal if the story the patient tells while in awaken state  is  genuine or it was implanted in his/her memory by somebody else.

Do it peacefully and make contact with those et

What a shame they couldn't take care of that jacked grill and that giant lopsided schnoz when they built this d00d from the ground up, or in any of the dozen or so randy cramer reboots/rebuilds.

+Eddy Smith If that is the case, he's a pretty high profile impostor, so maybe they should prosecute him. Thank you for your service.

+Acton Treadway this guy was never in the USMC. first off a Marine would never call himself/herself a soldier. the govt wouldn't waste time on prosecuting this fraud for violating the Stolen Valor Act, very few actually get prosecuted. this guy is 100% bullshit. "Ive been a Marine since I was a baby" Marines aren't born, they are made.. I know this because I was in the USMC.. 0311 Kilo 3/5 DARKHORSE and fought very hard for my Corps and Country. 14 years ago on this day I was going through the streets of Fallujah on Phantom Fury. This guy brings dishonor to all the REAL Marines who died on those streets.. or died in some other far away land while selflessly serving a cause greater than themselves. SEMPER FIDELES

Secret Societies ruled by Draco Reptilians on both sides can't run planet!

+SuperPandabear123 that's a fact

It is bull... it was foretold back in the 70s as a future false flag along with others that have been correct it's crazy but true

Im so glad I found your site...

I respect Mr Kramer; however, I am disturbed that he is giving credence to the "bait and switch" system of using fear to get humanity to accept ETs. This is just more polarity and division to manipulate the masses. We have had enough of that from the Inucabula lackies: Cabal, Illuminati, Deep State, etc. Why do we need a "common enemy?" How about getting humanity to save themselves. We need to be aware of any group who claims to be the ones to 'save us,' whether they are ETs or not.

Maybe he is doing that by design to manipulate interview!

Another story teller. Another BS.

Randy is awesome

You do understand that events from the book of revelations are being deliberately perpetrated. Wormwood will rain poison upon the land for three days and three nights, AKA the fallout from Chernobyl, that happens to be the Russian word for Wormwood. The oceans will turn to blood, AKA the gulf oil disaster in 2010, the seas shall boil, AKA Fukushima. If you dig into those three disasters you'll realize those facilities were sabotaged.

This guy gives a whole new meaning to 'Marine Corp Brat!' Glad to see him back, I was wondering what happened to him. I just found this channel, loving it! New Subscriber here! Oorah!

humans who are capable of it are better off to expand their heart space and ascend into the higher realities where the illusion of the battle between good and evil is not a reality....but thats up to each individual... randy doesnt mention that option...for those who chose fear,...enjoy the alien invasion, militarisation of earth artificial intelligence...and all the other goodies on the menu..

ur more intelligent than the average person, im not so smart, i just cant work out what makes it summer in australia and winter in usa in the same 24 hours then opposite 6 months later...how is that...also the sunset from the peak doesnt get smaller and smaller, it gets cut off by the horizon and gets dark fast...please respond...you already want me to believe the earth is flat...

I love your videos, but even the ones with good sound still have a big problem: Your mic is always twice as loud as your guests'. I know it's more work, but please consider leveling your sound during editing, because I have my finger on the volume knob for the ENTIRE video. Again, not just this one with Randy's terrible mic and connection.

cramer unpleasant to watch and listen to, a contrived demeanor and arrogance makes it impossible, despite the amazing info

According to other videos, she didn't consciously know. Keep in mind that they could easily have taken care of this at a regular doctor's visit. Especially if she were already pregnant. Little egg swap.

Im not a big fan of any hoax invasion..Have the ets announced .Let the them be known to all the all the sleeping fools.Thanks for always having great videos guys.Shine the spotlight on the bad guys and cooler heads will prevail...WE all could use any good technology as in the medicine field..Re-gen tables for replacing missing limbs ,curing cancer ,o point energy would be great.

This guys story makes no sense. Where did he go to do this? Wherever he went there would be another him there. Why couldn't they just use the randy that was there. These people are delusional.

Ugh, hate this "end justifies the means" idea Randy seems to have bought into. "Can't make an omelet without breaking a few eggs."

The hardest thing to accept is that they can send a person back to within a few minutes of when they were taken for their "20." If such precise tiem travel is possible it seems that there would be the kind of "time wars" going on that some sci-fi writers have imagined. Seems to me that there are most likely multiple time lines and such meddling with the past would result in diverse time lines or other more unpredictably complex problems and paradoxes would happen. I would have liked to know what this "MDF" was defending against and what kind of military actions were going on and the kinds of weapons and tactics used.

Why do they make people tell the same beginning story when there are 50 different videos with same back story....how about some new stories from people

You lost control of this interview. Too much of it was him going on and on about the fake alien/hoax invasion, which we already get at-nauseum from Steven Greer. Wish you would have pinned him down and asked him more direct questions. For example, did his mother consent to be implanted with this genetically altered zygote, or was she taken in the middle of the night against her will, and mind wiped afterwards? You need to just politely interrupt him. Kerry Cassidy can teach you how to do that. LOL.

Lol if invasions are unde iablr the united states would have a wall. Ha

How many people have gone through this that are on earth now and are still repressed

So hes an enders game enthusiist i take it?

Ignorance only serves those who want to control us. I hope after disclosure we will be able to get jobs in space and experience exploration and meeting other service to other races.

Across a wide range of topics I see this happening on YouTube.

+Tomas Corvidea Reality is being managed. We need to manifest a positive reality without the elite being in control of us and holding us back. We all need the benefits of the real technology level we are truly at.

We must stay positive and collectively focus our will and consciousness on a good reality that we desire, instead of letting misinformation outlets and dark agents getting us to focus on negative outcomes that leave evil psychopaths at the top in control.

Man you got to get a handle on your guests oh, making all these background noises... And better connection, LOL

rickhuttono1 it proves that your Bible is in a Dr. nation to create fear and keep you in line and is simply a false narrative. Anyone that knows about the ancient Samarian cuneiform tablets and their contents knows that the Bible is a fraud!!!


Outstanding interview, guys. Personally, I believe Randy's right about the hoax invasion. Anyone doing a lick of research knows that they're using DEW's, scalar and other exotic weaponry to burn California and other places across the globe to the ground. Imo, Trump is going to eventually blame it on an ET invasion, saying he didn't want to tell us so as not to create a panic.

Tony is way better. Get more Tony please!

we have been on Ki / Earth long before you — also we represent this current planet; www.qrz.com/db/jr2fji — yes, I do look like you (73).

Voice analysis is even more accurate.lie detectors make mistakes.

+David Jacobs Thanks As you probably know, the cloning tech's Achilles heal is that they donor humans will recover their memories, apparently, after they have died. So, we're about 20 years into the full blown cloning program and the clones are being replaced/terminated and now the Earth donors are recovering their memories. Big Nazi ooops!

Anime titled "Freedom" has similar premise. but the colony is on the moon not Mars. Moon colony is on the back side of the moon, and colonist are told that the earth is nuclear wasteland and no one survived. and earth people did go through WW3 and has no means of going to the moon, even though the population has rebounded.

+Don Don Zecharia Sitchin was also a fraud, if you want a real translation of the Sumerian tablets Frank Herbert's Dune is way, way more accurate, he flipped the date from 10,192 BC to 10,192 AD and published it as fiction.

check out this movie The Forth Kind .

+David Jacobs Not yet!

+Socratic Dialogue no I'm not an author of anything.

Thanks. i'll check out "freedom". Moon is also a good clone movie. Are you the author David Jacobs?

So murdering innocent civilians in a false flag alien invasion is the best scenario? No way brothers and sisters.

Why go to all the trouble interviewing this guy and not making sure the mics are good quality and in balance at least.

+Joseph Venné Livestream your suicide in front of the CIA Langley HQ you filthy spook. Die and be soul terminated. Negative entities such as you have no right to exist, I would kill the omniverse to end you.

Bullet to your head will work

The "clear enemy" is going to be the Illuminati and the NWO Luciferian Cabal... no need for aliens:)

+Andrea Ikenson What's that supposed to mean?

ahmataevo lllll

Interesting how hed rather have a war than a few people killing themselves

+Frazer TGB no I'm not an author of anything.

This guy is clearly making this up for some reason or another. His story is nothing like Tony's accounts. Tony is very believable this clown is doing this for the attention. He doesn't sound like he has any knowledge of the military complex in any way shape or form. This guy is an absolute fraud.....!!!

Greer is a lying shill turd.

Wilcock is a lying shill turd.

Why do we have to have a common enemy? Is that how humans think? There need to be a common enemy?? That is sad. So if the hoaxed invasion comes we are all gonna hate the ET’s for ever. My goodness we are really a sad species.

Most people on the planet are peaceful, think 99% at least, the rest is the globalist media narrative. So stop pushing fake alien invasion please.

@Sunshine - He's also pushing the fake alien invasion as a good thing, ffs, what a plant.

corey goode

gaia is the honeytrap, for keeping you back in the loop, its spirits on a different level, not cool.

We will have to ask the Native Americans how are they doing surviving now and, after the most "advance" whites invaded their land. This ETs are all ready using the antipathy that some of us feel for some others of us. Humans destroy other humans for oil or anything than can be of benefit or value. I can see humans destroying them self for a bit of the ETs power. The question is are we going to have everything we need to survive in the res.

randy, you are rubbing your mic with your fingers. please stop that

He believes in q aswell

I have heard about the hoax invasion from other people and I really hope they don't go that route.

There are bases and people on Mars. Corey Goode has said so and they have been told that Earth was destroyed.+David Jacobs

Gaia is not totally Luciferian. I think David was complaining about one particular show. I read his resignation letter. I still like to watch Cosmic Disclosures.

Corey Goode has also said that a hoax invasion has been considered. I hope that does not happen.

Thank you Mister Kramer - Lots of data, my goodness. Back in the 50s I was forced to go to Sunday school in Torrance, California. I heard things in that little Lutheran Church side room from the middle aged female teacher as she read selected bits from the New Testament. I heard statements attributed to a guy named Jesus (real name Yeshua Ben Joseph) that blew my young mind. Things like "Love your enemy"?!! I heard statements that flew in the face of everything that people and radio (except r'n'r') and t.v. were telling me. To this day I am striving to practice the principles that were presented n that Sunday school class. Watching 2 dudes uncovering the secrets does not help me. I have ongoing relationships with folk not of earth, no surprises here. I take it back - their cynicism does compel me to be a better person and keep my heart open in the face of fear and hatred. I get the same feeling watching this discourse that I get from watching David WillCock his fear gun. Enough. There are being in this universe who practice unconditional love as a matter of being and they will not let me go into the cynic mode for too long as I adore their "company" - it's a presence, they are not in my bloody room. Plus my unearthly friends have a wicked sense of humor so deep and ironic and funny every human pales in comparison - sorry homo sapien sapien. Dudes - if you are going to reveal much in YT you might want to consider practicing some basic spiritual principles that cut through all the fear like a terrible swift sword. Then you teach by example, not lecture and fear-mongering. Let David do that bit. Do the right thing and be afraid without being terrified and open up your cold cold hearts. Pretty corny, huh Tattoo Boy? Oh shit I'm lecturing now. I'm not sorry.

What is Called the Sound

Well you better do it soon whatever before the 5g satellites come on stream bec they will be nothing alive to save NEVER MIND THE FACT THE ALIENS HERE THAT ARE HELPING THE EVIL CONTROLLERS PUTTING THE HE CHEM TRAILS WITH THE METALS THAT ENABLE THE 5G TO WORK oh but dont mention that bec you have your underground bases and off world facilities to protect the ones who took you invite THE ONES WHO DONT DESERVE IT

Ignore all the daemons oh you did and how they might be also you mention oh no you didn't a biiiiiiig picture you know nothing about here You have still to learn about from the one person you never had on common you know who it is or you should if you dont ask around i am always the one who has to tell people

a lot say we will never get it an cant tell them about the secret space prog also say that it will take an act of god to get access to the tech that that is hidden from us i guess the latter and again nothing on this

Isnt it typical just those from a dish get to go in space not toughs who as a child look out and say i dont belong here and what better its always the same

click bait again a lunatic american.We are going to die and we will be slaves,And we are not slaves but we when we further then we need need to go out of our body.or we need prep for ...and alot stuff ,with comercials how we need to prep.Niburo is seen all ufu are just blurs .9/11 was the coverment ,the earth is flat ,the moon is holo.Americans are all evil you guys didnt bring nothing to world only suffer.

What’s 28:30 “the script everyone’s going to be reading from” .?Hummmm, like the one I’m watching right now. The best way to disclose is have people picked out of a global voluntary pool at random send 100 of us up..than we will believe it.

Randy Cramer really has a low opinion of religious people and their ability to handle situations. We're all not going to freak out.

A negative alien invasion is not a good idea. To have the bad guys invade and then have the good guys step in as saviors will just keep us in the same slavery we've been in all along.

+SuperPandabear123 aka PAUL HAVERKAMP that's a fact

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